darktwinteekoart · 5 months ago
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Bunch of drawings of my firecracker Spamton.
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lawldog · 6 days ago
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YFM !!!!
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tdotndot · 20 days ago
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kittycole · 5 days ago
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Your Favorite Martian is back!!
( I never expect them to be back! I'm having a horrible flashback artist thing for this fandom. I hope I draw them better now, and I changes so much from my drawing. So anyway, I saw their new look and I can't look them in eyes even Axel. I prefer their hair cover more than showing their eyes. But I understand what he was drawing that for but can you at least change axel at least. So yeah, here drawing I did of them in my versions hope you like it. I even try to draw their eyes, Axel eyes I was trying to have his more like punk styles.)
Reblog to let everyone see!! Thank you very much!!
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s1eepyfr0g · 2 months ago
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Axel thinks Deejay is so cool (because he is)
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pawpadding · 5 days ago
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dee jay stimboard for felix
x | 🎵 | x
x | 🎧 | x
x | 🎶 | x
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cutesycadaver · 6 months ago
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YFM Pride Edits
Deejay’s is so generic cuz I didn’t know what to call him :P
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radiochuu · 4 months ago
Booty store with Deejay.
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m00nsickness · a year ago
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todayinhiphophistory · 3 months ago
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Today in Hip Hop History:
DJ Premier was born March 21, 1966
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darktwinteekoart · 6 months ago
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Some past drawings of @monochromemedic ‘s Spamton EX.
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pawprntz · 5 days ago
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your favorite martian stimboard !!
🎶 | 🎵 | 🎧
🎤 | 💙 | 💀
⭐️ |🎸|🎹
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zerosenpie · 4 months ago
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DeeJay by Me
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fivepercentgodsandearths · 6 months ago
Share and Support....
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imshawtyyandyy · 8 months ago
sup guys imma write yfm x reader send in rq's <3
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michaelfirman · a year ago
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radiochuu · 9 months ago
.•°¤*ᗪUMᗷ ᑭỖƤ𝕊𝓉𝐚𝔯ᔕ *¤°•.
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There ain't no way puff did not have a crush on Deejay, THERE AIN'T NO WAY
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deeenvious · 5 months ago
Okay, so I don't really know how to use Tumblr still but I have very complex thoughts about food colors and I have organize them into a tier list immediately. Literally don't know where else to put this. (NOT COUNTING DESSERTS!!!!) (spoilers for real life)
Okay so S tier:
Red food!!!!! All red food is good. Tomatoes are huge. Red meat is the best meat probably. Does red meat count as red when it's cooked??? It's kinda more born. Don't care it's staying. Red peppers can be good. Apples are a good fruit. Just overall high quality every time really give it up for red.
A tier!!! 1!
Green food!! Almost S tier but then I thought about it and I don't like pears or green beans that much, which are two strikes against it. Green foods are like basically just vegetables. Pickles are good, salad is good. I'm pretty sure everyone likes a good handful of vegetables out of stockholm syndrome. A lot of food is green so overall I think it does a pretty good job. Also it's a popular garnish color I guess.
White food!!!!,!! White rice is a huge boon. Access to dairy like yogurt and white cheeses really bolster up its roster. However I had to put it under green simply because white bread kinda sucks. Really dropped the ball on that one. At least you have chicken.
Brown food!,.! It just has better bread than white. Also potatoes. A very hearty food color.
B tier:
Orange food - Mostly autumn squash and stuff like that. Sweet potato is alright. Pumpkin is big. Very seasonal color. I can dig it.
B- tier:
Yellow food - Originally I was going to put this above orange but while doing my very serious research I've discovered that yellow just seems to be a different color for other foods. Exclusive foods are lemons, corn, bananas, and that's mostly it. Non exclusive stuff is watermelon, peppers, beets, kiwis, figs. Those are all solid foods but those are also foods that are in colors in higher tiers do better. Yellow disappoints me.
C tier:
Blue foods...??? It's just blueberries. That's it. Look up "blue foods" into Google and you will find blue berries and regular food that's dyed blue. What the hell. Blueberries are dope though so I can't deny the technical 100 percent track record.
D tier:
Purple foods................. Wow. A let down. Grapes and plums?? This is just blue foods all over again but you only get a 50 percent grade. That's failing. Get out of here.
F tier:
Black foods just don't exist and when they do its because you burned it and it sucks now. Sorry!
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deejaymarko · 6 days ago
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darktwinteekoart · 7 months ago
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Recently hit 3000 followers on Twitter and I’ve met some really cool artists as well as having a blast with the Deltarune fandom. All thanks to this Big Shot 👑
Art © ZombiDJ
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