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aszmxm · 4 months ago
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We are filled with flaws…
It is only Allah who veils them.
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theislamicpearls · 16 days ago
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"My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need."
Al Quran 28:24
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jannaahh · a month ago
Ya Rabb, save me from fall into those sins which I remind others not to do, أمين
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laraibbukhari · a month ago
A powerful du'a to recite in every situation:
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haha yeah
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Full art for Deen - Bladed Sandstorm!
Deen will be our Tempest Trial unit and eventually available through grails!
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suhyla · 9 days ago
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Here are some reflections on Surah Yusuf after reading When The Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Maté 🤍
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islamicrays · 2 months ago
❝Don't worry about du'as being answered, as long as Allah gives you the ability to make dua, it's a sign of His mercy.❞
— Umar ibn Al-Khattāb ( رضي الله عنه)
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naderdawah · 3 months ago
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اللهم امين
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alhamdulillah10 · a year ago
Words that will help you to understand Arabic when memorised:
1. The. (Al) أل
2. Of. (Min) من
3. To. (Ilah). إلي
4. And. (Wa) و
5. In. (Fee) في
6. it (Huwa/hiya) هو/ هي لغير عاقل
7. You (anta). أنت
8. That. (Dzaka). ذاك
9. He. (Huwa). هو
10. She. ( Hiya). هي
11. For. (Lee) لي
12. On. (Alah) علي
13. With. (Ma'a) مع
14. As. (Ka). گ
15. I. (Anaa). أنا
16. They. (Hum). هم
17. Be. (Kun). كن
18. At ( fee/alah). في علي
19. Have. (Lahu). له
20. This. (Hadza) هذا
21. From. (Min). من
22. Or. (Au); أو
23. Had. (Lahu). له
24. By. (Bawaasidatu) بواسطة
25. Hot (haarun saakin) حارساكن
26.but. (Lakin). لكن
27. Some. (Ba'adu). بعض
28. What. (Maadzaa). ماذا
29. There (hunaaka) هناك
30. We. (Nahnu). نحن
31. Can. (Yastadee'u) يستطيع
32. Other. (AkhAr). أخر
33. Out. (Khaarijan). خارجا
34. Where. (Aina). أين
35. All. (Kullu). كل
36. When. (Mataa) متي
37. Up. (Aaliyan) عاليا
38. Down. (Sufliyyu). سفلي
39. Use. (Isti'imal). إستعمل
40. Word. (Kalimatu). كلمة
41. How (kaifa). كيف
42. Said. (Qaala). قال
43. Each. (Kullu waahidu). كل واحد
44. Which. (Ayyi). أي
45. Do. (Adhaa). أدي
46. Their. (Lahum) لهم
47.time. ( waqtu). وقت
48. If. (Idzan). إذا
49. Will. (Saufa). سوف
50. Way (dariqatu). طريقة
51. About (taqriban). تقريبا
52. Many. (Kaseeran). كثيرا
53. Then. (Ba'ada dzalik). بعدذالك
54. Would. (Saufa). سوف
55. Write (kataba). كتب
56. Them. (Him). هم
57. Like (hubbu). حب
58. So. (Hakadzaa). هكذا
59. These. (Haa'ulaa'i). هؤلاء
60. Long. (Daweelun). طويل
61. Make. (Ja'ala). جعل
62. Made. (Ma'amuulun). معمول
63. Thing. (Shai'un). شيع
64. See. (Unzur). أنظر
65.him. (Huwa). هو
66. Himself. (Nafsahu). نفسه
67. Herself. (Nafsaha) نفسها
68. Myself. (Nafsee). نفسي
69. Yours (laka/lakum/lakuma). لك/لكم/لكما
70. Yourself (nafsaka/nafsaki). نفسك
71. Themselves (Nafsakum). نفسكم
72. Has. (Lahu). له
73. Look. (Nazru). نظر
74. More. (AksAr). أكثر
75. Day. (Alyaum); اليوم
76. Go. (Dzahaba). ذهب
77. Come. (Ta'al). تعل
78. My (Lee). لي
79. Sound. (Sautu) صوت
80. No. (Laa). لا
81. Most (bidharajatu kabeer) بدرجةكبير
82. Number. (Adad). عدد
83. Who. (Man) من
84. Over. (Zaa'ida). زاءد
85. Know. ( arif). عرف
86.water. (maa'u). ماء
87. Than. (MinA). من
88. Call. (Yad'u). يدعو
89 first. (Auwalan). أولا
90. Last. (Akhiran). أخرا
91. People. (Alnaasu); الناس
92. Side. (Naahiyatu). ناحية
93. Been. (Kaana) كان
94. Now. (Al'An). الآن
95. Find. ( Aujad) أوجد
96.any. (Ayyi). أي
97. New. (Jadeed). جديد
98. Work. (amalu) عمل
99. Part. (Juz'u). جزء
100. Take. (Khudz). خذ
101. Get. (Sal) صل
102. Place. (Makaan). مكان
103. Live. (Ish). عش
104. After. (Feema ba'ad). فيمابعد
📩Please forward to all. Jazakumullahu khaiyran
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aszmxm · 2 months ago
Ya Allah, occupy my time with your remembrance for only that can bring my heart peace.
يا الله اشغل وقتي بذكرك لأن هذا فقط يمكن أن يجلب لقلبي السلام .
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theislamicpearls · 16 days ago
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 "Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us." 
Al Quran 9:40
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jannaahh · 6 months ago
"My Lord, put my heart at peace for me.
Surah Taha [20:25]
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laraibbukhari · 15 days ago
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mindofserenity · 3 months ago
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عندما تسمح لنفسك أن تنمو
When you allow yourself to grow,
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سوف تجد الحرية هو مكان جميل ليكون
you will find that freedom is a beautiful place to be.
~ 𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑜𝑓𝑠𝑒𝑟𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑡𝑦
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be-a-muslim-1st · 2 months ago
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saeedislamicart · 2 months ago
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كان خلقه القرآن صل الله وسلم على حبيبنا محمد
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suhyla · 6 months ago
A Muslim sister enters a taxi and sits in the front passenger seat, despite the back seats being vacant.  A Muslim brother walks past the Masjid while the call to prayer is being made and he doesn't enter it to pray. Another man is greeted with,  "Assalamu alaykum" and he doesn't return the greeting. As for the sister, she got into the passenger seat of her husband's taxi.  As for the brother passing by the Masjid, he had prayed at another nearby Masjid.  As for the one who did not reply to the salam, he was a deaf man.  Don’t believe everything your brain tells you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. One of the righteous of the past said, "If I saw an alcohol beverage dripping from a Muslim's beard, I would assume it was poured on him.  And if I heard a man on the top of a mountain saying, 'I am your Lord, the Most High,' I would say he is reciting a verse from the Qur’an." The great scholar Ibn Alqayyim said, "It's difficult to determine one's own intentions, let alone the intentions of others." Perhaps it's time to change the lens you are looking at others with.
Bilal Dannoun
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