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#deep in the meadow
historianadora · 7 days ago
deep in the meadow - chapter 8 (hunger games au)
you can read it here! (tw for: death, vomit and fire)
snippet under the cut↴
Only when the sun was beginning to set did they start getting ready. They’d spent the rest of the afternoon watching the clouds and eating the small amount of food Adora still had on her. The warmth of the day was steadily receding, leaving a harsh breeze in its wake. As Adora pulled on her fleece, she glanced up the hill to the Cornucopia. They weren’t that far, but with the rapid pace the sun was setting, Rogelio and Octavia were already shadows against the orange sky.
A gust of wind whipped Adora’s hair into her face and sent a shiver down her back. She grit her teeth and clipped her sheath back around her waist. There wasn’t any point in complaining, the Gamemakers wouldn’t change anything because she was cold. In fact, they would probably make it even colder just to spite her.
They made their way back in a comfortable silence. Even though the walk from the lake to the Cornucopia was short, Adora kept one hand on the hilt of her sword. She didn’t think anyone would try and attack her in the open like that, but the Games always made people act strangely so Adora wouldn’t put it past someone.
Halfway back, just as the sun dipped below the horizon, the emblem appeared in the sky. Theys stopped walking, but their break was short. Only one face flashed in the sky, the girl from Six, the girl Adam had killed. They stood still for a few seconds before walking again.
Adora tried not to think about the girl. Her family would probably hate her, she hadn’t stopped Adam. In fact she’d told him to do it. Her death was Adora’s fault, she might not have thrown the knife, but that wouldn’t matter. She’d let Adam kill that girl. She had taken someone’s daughter from them.
When they got to the Cornucopia, stars were starting to appear in the sky. She didn’t go to sit down by the fire because she could tell Octavia would have something to say. Instead she opted to find her spot for the night. Adora knew it would be cold, the sun had only just set and her teeth were beginning to chatter, but she didn’t want to stray too far from the mouth. If her prediction was correct, something would happen and she wanted to be the first to notice it.
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historianadora · 7 days ago
the gamemakers seeing catra and adora being nice to each other
Tumblr media
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historianadora · 14 days ago
Just wanted to let you know I really love your stories, I’m reading the Hunger Games AU and it’s so good ❤️
anon!!! sorry this is so late ahdgvnsdga
thank you so much, i’m really glad you’re enjoying it!!!
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historianadora · 15 days ago
deep in the meadow - chapter 7 (hunger games au)
read it here! (tw for: death and blood)
snippet under cut↴
They’d been walking through the forest for about five hours and Adora’s feet hurt. Annoyingly, they hadn’t come across another Tribute and Octavia was starting to get antsy. It seemed Rogelio was too because he just kept throwing punches at the air. Every so often, one of them would turn to glare at Adora for suggesting the walk and honestly, Adora didn’t blame them. The academies practically promised them a lot of deaths and fights, but so far they’d only experienced the bloodbath (which Adora was trying extremely hard to forget) and she could tell that the bloodthirst was setting in.
Her sword bumped against her leg as they stepped over roots and ducked under branches. Her hand was constantly hovering over the hilt and she was on high alert for any sound. The longer they walked, the more the constant bumping got on her nerves and she was getting closer to just ripping the whole thing off. But they were in the Games and she couldn’t let her guard down because of a stupid sword. So she just added it to the pile of things she was going to ignore.
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historianadora · 26 days ago
not me wanting to re-do my hg au already 😭😭😭 im only like 6 chapters out of the planned 20 but im rlly starting to hate it?? thinking if I do rewrite it, I'll take out the whole fake romance side plot and maybe work on world building better... but also I don't wanna rewrite 85 pages of work..
maybe I'll just rewrite 1,2,5 and 6 and see how it goes 🤷‍♀️
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historianadora · 28 days ago
deep in the meadow - chapter 6 (hunger games au)
you can read it here! (tw: blood, death and a small panic attack)
tagging: @starstaiined and @moon-lit-willow
snippet under cut ↴
The corridor was darker than Adora remembered. At least there was a dim glow of the fire exit lights. Squinting, Adora ran a hand along a wall as she stumbled down the dark hall. About halfway down, she kicked something soft. Jumping back, she let out a strangled scream. In a flash, someone had a hand over her mouth and was pulling her to the floor. Adora flailed and licked the hand over her mouth. The person holding her groaned and pulled away. “Adora, what the fuck was that?” Catra growled, wiping her hand on Adora’s shoulder.
“You attacked me!” Adora cried, spinning around to glare at Catra.
“Because you kicked me!” Catra shot back.
“I can’t see in this light, I didn’t see you down there!” She grumbled, crossing her arms.
Catra huffed and Adora heard her drop to the floor. “Maybe you’re just blind.”
Adora hummed and felt around for Catra. A second later, she felt Catra’s head underneath her hand and smiled, sitting down. “Or maybe you just have night vision.”
“So, what did you want to talk about?” Catra asked, pushing Adora’s hand off her head.
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historianadora · 28 days ago
yes i have maths homework, no i won't do it because i'm close to finishing the chapter
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historianadora · 29 days ago
me 🤝 adora
having messy rooms
“It took me a while to find, your room really was a state.”
“It’s an organised mess.” Adora flushed, looking away. It was the same excuse she used whenever Mara or Razz would complain about how messy her work station was at the bakery or the state her room was in.
“If that’s what you want to call it.” Perfuma shrugged and pocketed the pin. “I’ll keep it, so you don’t lose it again.” She said with a small smile when Adora reached for it.
“That’s probably a smart idea.” Adora mumbled and sat back.
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historianadora · a month ago
me: I'm gonna go to bed at a normal time
also me: *stays up for an few hours making picrews for ditm*
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