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#deep poetry
unheardhearts · 5 minutes ago
Oh love ,
Hear my voice in the shallow nights
Slowly hold on to me cause I might break
Finish your every sentence with my name
Soon I'll be in love with you
And as I close my eyes I see your face
Only if I could touch it
Things wouldn't feel that hard to believe.
Why are you so far away
Take a night off from your daydreaming and fix your aching heart
I too can feel your pain
Why can't it be easier to say
I miss you
than I don't care
Got too much pride
Look now I'm all In pain
No one to hail for help
And only your thoughts haunting me all day
Im still in love
Not with you
But the idea of you
There are things that I wish these lips could impart
Where I'm no longer myself but someone else's part
A life where you could be
A part of me
And I a part of you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some people try to take it all. Do they think we are bottomless pits, that they can replenish their needs with, and dispose of, when they’ve had their fill? But, shallow hearts cannot sustain the kind of love, and depth, a pure heart gives. They will, ultimately, always end up empty.
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cuddlymashmallow · 8 hours ago
'Nothing ever ends poetically.
It ends and we turn it into poetry.
All that blood was never once beautiful.
It was just red.'
—Kait Rokowski.
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terminallyinferiorpoet · 8 hours ago
In my dreams, I apologize to everyone I meet. Instead of introducing myself, I apologize for not knowing why I am alive. I am sorry. I am sorry. I apologize. In real life, oddly enough, when I am fully awake and out and about, if I catch someone's eye, I quickly look away. Perhaps this too is a form of apology.
Claudia Rankine
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thatdesibooknerd · 10 hours ago
He can feel his body crawling from under , he can almost foresee a scream as loud as thunder, escape his lips. He can see his arms taking ahold of anything nearby and crushing it to pieces .
She wasn't playing the piano, she played his emotions.
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fims999 · 11 hours ago
You know you’re maturing when you can look back at previous situations and admit your mistakes, your downfalls, your shortcomings, & your toxicity.
To let go of your ego and completely crush it, is a hard thing to do as humans. We never want to admit our wrongs, and instead point fingers at others.
However, acknowledging your mistakes, is the best thing you can do for yourself as it will help you evolve and prepare you for future relationships and experiences.
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fims999 · 11 hours ago
i wish i had never told you to leave me alone.
i wish i had never told you to never speak to me again.
i wish i never begged you to go away & never contact me again.
because you did.
you left me alone.
you never spoke to me again.
you never contacted me again.
what a fool of me to think, that you would do the opposite, and stay. fight for us. fight for what we had. fight for me.
you respected my wishes and never looked back, not once, not ever.
all i wanted was for you to fight for me. to show an ounce of love, and empathy. to say to me, “i love you, let’s not bicker and put this argument to rest”
but, unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world and can’t always get the people we want.
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