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#deep thinking

She told me all the secrets to the world. She was the lover you dreamt of but could never possess. She was calm and tranquil like the wind in chicago wrapping around the city’s buildings and the people’s necks. But she seemed almost like she wasnt real, similar to the feeling of a dream where you know that you’re dreaming. Even when I was close to her, I never felt close to her. She was enigmatic but spoke with a reassurance of herself that I could never find in anyone else.

How did she make the ground look unstabled compared to the grace she walked with? How did she make the human existence appear as the greatest star in a galaxy filled with so many? I had to question her and her beauty. And when I finally did, she pretended to mind but her body language showed she was flattered . She brushed up against my cheek and didnt hesitate to let me peek into the window of her soul. She spoke to me while she played with the hair behind my ear. She made a subtle whisper into my ear, as she leaned close enough for me to smell her tropical strawberry perfume. She inched a little bit closer causing to me feel bashful. She then spoke to me with ease as uttered the word pain.

After she spoke she leaned away. Her eyes smiled at me as if they has told me the words I had just heard her lips say. I asked what did she mean, but she refused to stay. She never refused to stay. Anyway, how can pain make a person so beautiful in this way… in any way? But I believed her when she said it. Maybe somethings need to be experienced and aren’t meant to be explained. But the words she spoke to me still ring in my head till this day.

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The saddest kind of sad is when your tears can’t even drop and you feel nothing. It’s like the world has just ended. You don’t cry. you don’t hear. You don’t see. You just stay there. And for a second. The heart dies.
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When I see her angelic smile and the innocence in her eyes,

I cant help but to want her to feel safe,

I wanna wrap you so tight in my arms

I wanna kiss the pain away

Touch your heart but not hurt it

Her heart has been torn multiple times,

She got a heart like an abandoned jigsaw puzzle

Im standing here holding the pieces

Fixing them together

Some parts are missing

But It doesnt matter

I can still see the picture

Even without the pieces

And trust me

Its beautiful

c.wright 💕

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