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This is the second part of this request made by @dabisburntnut​ Enjoy!

Pairing: Richard Armitage x reader

Warning: little angst, fluff, doting RA


Part 1  Part 2

Richard was in a foul mood when Saturday came, although he was busy playing his role doctor Astrov, you prancing around some guy while he was working was getting to his nerves. Even Toby and Ciaran could see he wasn´t himself deciding to talk with the Brit.

“Is there something on your mind?” Toby asked casually sitting next to him taking a sip from his water bottle.

“Why do you ask?” Richard glanced at the fellow actor noticing Toby´s knowing gaze.

“Let´s skip this part where you delay the answer as long as possible and just tell us what´s bugging you,” Ciaran sat down on Richard´s left side crossing his arms.

Sighing Richard knew he was being pushed into a corner and the only way out was to tell them what was eating him.

Toby and Ciaran stared at him a long time before toby leaned forward wiping his face looking Richard straight in the eyes.

“You do realize you haven´t told her how you feel, all she could think, you´re just overly friendly toward her,”

“Yes, in her point of view, your reaction is somewhat unreasonable,” Ciaran said gazing at Richard with a tilt of his head.

Richard groaned leaning back on his chair.

“I know that! But I couldn´t stop myself in time and the damage was already done before I had the change to pull my head out of my ass,”

“Well, you can apologize to her when she comes back from her date night, and talk about it like adults, now that your head is out of your ass,” Toby pointed at him earning Richard to roll his eyes but couldn´t argue.

“Yeah you´re right,” he muttered when they heard the call to go on stage, the play was about to start, it was nearly 8 pm.


You were soaking wet, miserable and crying while standing on the side of the road wondering how it did go so wrong. Your date wasn´t what you had expected, he wore expensive-looking clothes, he liked talking about himself, ignoring your attempts to change the subject more than once. And that smug greasy grin on his face made your stomach coil, but you didn´t want to escape from the situation as it was already too late.

When you took a look at the menu, you were worried about the prices but he just told the staff to put it on his tap, no need to worry about the prices. You were skeptical about it, but how he was dressed, you assumed, money wasn´t an issue for him. As he loved showing off how rich he was. Another thing you hated in the guy.

Throughout the entire dinner, you gritted your teeth, hoping the night would end soon. When that time finally came, you quietly praised the gods, as you could already see how you were curled up under your fluffy blanket with ice cream and Netflix.

Suddenly after drinking his coffee, your date got up excusing himself into the men´s restroom, leaving you heaving a relieved sigh for a moment but when you weren´t looking, he left the restaurant.

The waitress came to you after the time had passed nearly thirty minutes, telling you the man who you had been with, left without paying the tap, forcing you to deal with the bill, which was way too much for your budget but you didn´t want to make a scene, so you paid it.

You escaped the restaurant tears dwelling in your eyes. Now you had to walk back to the hotel because you didn´t have enough money to pay for the cab and the last bus had left an hour ago.

Halfway there, it started raining and you grumbled down, the whole evening was a disaster, plain and simple. Taking your phone out you looked at the time, almost midnight. Sniffing you selected Richard´s number and let it ring for a long time, hoping, Richard wasn´t gone to bed yet.


His smooth, deep voice caressed your ears earning a sad smile on your face.

“Hi, it´s me…I hope I didn´t wake you up?” you spoke your voice lightly trembling.

“No, I was just reading, what´s going on?” Richard could hear you weren´t alright the way your voice hitched as if you were fighting off the tears.

Lifting himself straight on his bed he was getting worried, you didn´t sound like yourself.

“Ummm, co-could you pick me up?” you stuttered biting your lower lip shaking from the coldness praying Richard wasn´t still mad at you.

“Are you alright? What is going on? I can hear in your voice you´re crying, what happened? Where are you?” Richard bombarded you with questions, jumping up from his bed cursing in his mind if your date had left you in the middle of the night somewhere you couldn´t get home by yourself. Taking out of his closet pair of jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, sneakers, and his leather jacket, he concentrated on your uneven breathing. No, you were far from alright.

“I don’t wanna talk about it now, can you pick me up?” you sniffed, wiping your eyes looking around feeling a little scared.

“I´m on my way kitten, text me the location where you at right now,” Richard´s calming voice came from the other side of the line, making you feel better.

Ending the call, you text him the exact location and wrapping the coat tightly around you, you settled to wait for him under a bus stop.


What felt like an eternity, you finally saw the headlights of Richard´s car when it got closer.  Pulling over Richard took in your appearance, his temper rising again but because of different reasons.

Quickly he got out of the car coming closer to you, seeing you were soaked, trembling mess, eyes red and a little buffed because of the constant crying. Richard didn´t say anything, merely wrapped his arms around you hiding you into his protective frame, engulfing you in his warmth.

Sucking in air, you pressed your face to his chest, embracing the feeling he was giving you at that moment, safety and warmth.

“Let´s go home,” he finally whispered gently kissing the top of your head guiding you to his car, opening the door and waiting until you were sitting on the front seat. Closing the door Richard walked around the car getting behind the wheel, turning the car around starting driving back to his apartment.

Once in awhile, he glanced at your shivering figure next to him, his mind fuming what on earth had happened.

Once at his parking lot, he shut down the engine and helped you out of the car, noticing you were freezing and stiff, barely able to move as you were shaking too violently. The coldness had reached into your core.

“Come on, put your arms around my neck,” Richard instructed you when you two were inside the building, making you glanced at him. But you had no energy to argue back so you did what he told you and yelped when he lifted you carrying you into the elevator, pushing the button to his floor.

On the way to his apartment, you kept your face hidden on the crook of his neck, trying not to shake so much but failing at it. Every time the shivers took hold of your body, Richard pressed a tender kiss to your forehead promising you would get warm soon enough.


Once Richard managed to unlock his door, he stepped inside, letting you down and closing the door behind him Richard ushered you to take a hot shower while he would prepare for you a warming drink.

“You know, this is the first time a man carried me over the threshold,” you chuckled, making Richard grin, glad to notice your sense of humor was still there spite the situation you had been.

Thankful for his help, you thanked him, giving him an awkward, nearly shy smile and wobbled into the bathroom heaving a sigh when you felt finally safe.

Stripping your wet clothes you discarded them on the floor and turned on the shower pulling the curtain, a pleased hum leaving you when the warm water ran over your body. Your fingers were tingling as they were getting warm again, so did your toes. You took your time in the shower, as your body was coming back to life.

A door suddenly opening made you freeze for a moment, heart pounding in your chest.

“Don´t worry, I won´t peek, just leaving fresh clothes on the chair for you,” Richard replied sensing your sudden mood, leaving the folded clothes on the chair. Retrieving he closed the door, walking back to his living room and thanking Gloria for bringing your clothes so fast from your apartment across the street, as hse had a spare key into it, in emergency cases, like this one.

“No problem, just let me know if she needs anything else, Gloria, the elderly lady smiled at him, patting him on the shoulder and leaving you two alone.

Richard smiled watching her walking out and turning around he went to his kitchen starting to make you a hot drink that would make your blood flow again.

At the same time, you turned off the shower, took a towel drying yourself and taking a look at the clothes Richard had left for you. T-shirt, underwear, woolly, leggings and fluffy socks. Putting the clothes on, you felt like human again stepping out fo the bathroom, walking in the living room where Richard was sitting streaming his netflix account. When he sensed your presence, he looked over his shoulder breaking into soft smile taking in how you looked.

“Feeling better?” he purred patting the spot next to him on the couch. Smiling you sat down beside him, folding your legs under you settling on the couch.

“Much, thank you,”

“Don´t mention it, least I can do after behaving like a jerk,” Richard was embarrassed how he had acted around you the other day, but you shook your head.

“Let´s forget about that, you made a mense, that enough for me,”

Richard handed you a glass filled with something hot, earning a frown from you.

“It will warm you up,” Richard chuckled at your suspicious expression.

“What is it?”

“Irish Coffee,”

Lifting your brows taking a sip, you were pleasantly surprised how smooth it tasted like.

“Now…” Richard´s tone of voice turned serious and you knew the subject you had been avoiding wasn´t avoidable anymore.

“It just was a disaster, the guy was selfish, wanting to show off taking me into this fancy restaurant, but obviously, I thought he would pay the bill. He was talking about himself all the time, ignoring me half the time, but the worse part, he escaped the restaurant to avoid paying the tap he had on in that restaurant!!” you told him, your voice hitching again when you were forced to remember the evening.

Richard blinked, he had troubles understand what he was hearing. Turning sideways, bending his left foot under him leaning against the backrest of the couch he wetted his lips, gathering his thoughts.

“He…escaped the restaurant?”

“Yes! Can you believe that?!” you cried out frustration building up again. you were afraid to look at your account, how much money you had left.

“No, I can´t …who in their right mind do that? If he asked you for dinner and opened the tap in his name, it would have been obvious he was paying the bill,” Richard wiped his beard, his left arm resting on the backrest.

Nipping your lower lip you stared at the screen of the big tv, tears filling your eyes again.

“So you paid the bill? How much was it?” Richard asked gently, fearing the answer since he knew how little you had money at the moment.

“Too much…” you whined avoiding his soft gaze.

“Tell me,”

“Nearly 500£…” you swallowed, looking at how Richard´s face fell hearing the amount of the bill.


Richard nearly shouted, shocked how could anyone do that to someone.


Breaking down you covered your face with your hands sobbing turning into crying. Richard stared you disbelief on his face, his anger building up but it wasn´t targeted at you. Silently he heaved himself closer to you, pulling you into his arms letting you cry against his chest.

In his mind, he formed a plan to help you, thinking about how he would track down this excuse of a man who dared to do this to you.  

“I tell you what, you ´ll stay with me for now, until you get your budget back on track. We´ll see after that how things are going,” Richard whispered to your ear, stroking your hair, feeling how the tension slowly left your body.

“I can´t just…”

“Yes, you can. I´ll talk to your landlord, don´t worry about anything right now. Let me take care of you for a change,” Richard cut you off, his voice so gentle and smooth, it made you wanna cry harder.

Only able to nod, you thought how on earth you had deserved such a man like Richard into your life. He was your employer, but now, who knew what he would be in the future.


Originally posted by riepu10

Forever taglist: @fizzyxcustard @shikin83 @amyf20 @c-s-stars @theincaprincess @xxbyimm @evyiione @abiwim @catthefearless @tomssweetbouquet @calicoskatts @raindrops-on-roses142​ @nellindreams @imgoldielikehawn @disneymarina@starlightintherain89 @wilhelmyna @captain-almighty​ @gypsytraveler86 @sdavid09 @thorinanddwalinsdwarrowdam​ @serpensortia06 @carenakchoate @blankdblank @wittysunflower​ @sunnysidesidra @emrfangirl @rachel1959 @legolaslovely​ @thophil2941btw @tigereyesf  @patanghill17@peneigh-dzredfohl@savvy-the-human@soradragon

Richard Armitage taglist: @inhabitant-of-the-void​ @c-s-stars @sherala007@nowiloveandwilllove@thestorybookmistress

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This was requested by darling @dabisburntnut​ and I had fun writing this! I hope you enjoy it! I had to split this into 2 parts as turned out pretty long xD

Request/summary:  May I pls request a Richard Armitage x Female! Reader where the reader is very much younger than him and is an assistant for him? He kind of dotes on her and is protective of her cause she is young, and he gets a bit overbearing when he finds out she is going on a date? Maybe lots of physical affection too. 

Pairing: Richard Armitage x reader

Warning: little angst, fluff, doting RA


Part 1

Scratching your head you kept your gaze on the papers in front of you trying to figure out how in the world you could solve this mess.

“What the fuck…” you mouthed almost whining out loud.

The man sitting across the room concentrating on his script glanced up, amusement dancing all over his face. He had been subtly eyeing you from the corner of his eye ever since he heard your deep growl he never in a million years would have thought a young woman like yourself could produce.

“Something the matter?” his baritone, quiet purr made you pause and lifting your eyes on the man you saw he was looking at you intently.

“You don´t wanna know, Richard,” you muttered deep frown forming on your face.

“I do, that´s why I asked,” Richard chuckled wetting his lips while studying your agonizing expression.

“It can´t be that bad?” he smiled placing the script on the table next to him focusing on you.

“That bad? THAT BAD?! You have no idea!” you nearly screamed out of frustration throwing your hands up in the air almost startling Richard.

Richard raised his brow one-sided smirk forming on his face, that very same smirk you hated and loved at the same time.

Crossing his arms on his belly, Richard stretched his long legs in front of him humming pleased. His azure blue eyes focused on you for a moment.

You were his fifth assistant, youngest of them all and Richard doubted if you were cut out for this job when he saw you the first time, because he traveled a lot, meaning you would be away from home half the year. But as time went on, he quickly noticed you weren´t bothered by being away from home. In your own words, there was no one waiting for you, your father traveled also a lot, your mother and grandparents were dead, so nothing was holding you back. So when you heard there was an opening for hire to be his assistant, you seized the opportunity.

Richard was impressed with how quickly you learned everything, how adaptable you were when situations changed rapidly and headstrong standing your ground when needed. But there were still times when Richard felt protective over you. In his eyes, you were so young, way younger than him. There were moments when he tried to resist the urge to pull you away under his arm from situations that escalated fast when someone didn´t respect his personal space demanding to get closer making you step between the two of them. Richard hated those moments, he had his bodyguard with him too, but sometimes you were quicker to react than the bodyguard.

Richard had given a few lectures to you being reckless but you only brushed it off with a cute smile and patting eyelashes, earning a frustrated groan from the man.

“So what is the problem?” Richard asked, tilting his head lightly keeping his amused gaze on you nearly chuckling when he heard you huff.


“Your agent is the problem,”


“Don´t give me that oh, I know that oh, your oh means you think this is funny,” you snapped rolling your eyes.

Richard´s shoulders started shaking as he tried not to laugh but your murderous glare was his downfall and he burst into full-hearted laughing doubling over in his armchair.

“It´s not funny!!” you cried out loud while looking at the laughing man in front of you.

“I´m sorry but the way you try to glare at me puffing your cheeks it is too darn adorable…I can´t take you seriously right now. You are like a kitten trying to be intimidating,” Richard giggled wiping his eyes nearly losing it again when you inhaled sharply pulling your shoulders back getting ready to explode.

“Richard…” your voice dropped low as you growled at him your warning.

“Alright, alright, kitten,” Richard took a calming breathe lifting his hands in surrender.

“Men,” you mumbled shifting your concentration back to your papers, taking your phone with an aggravated sigh, you hated this part, having to sort the schedule and tell people Richard would not be able to come because someone agreed to send him to in two events at the same time. The biggest problem with it was, one fo the events was in London, the other in Berlin.

Tapping your index finger on the table´s surface, you bit your lower lip waiting for someone to answer.


Meanwhile, Richard had got up walking into the kitchen to make some tea when he heard you introduce yourself and start to explain why you called. Listening Richard closed his eyes pinching the bridge of his nose. How that kind of mistake was even possible? But he was glad you had noticed it, he would hate disappointing his fans because of error someone else had done.

“Sorted,” you flopped on your seat when Richard came back giving you a cup of steaming cranberry tea you loved.

“I´m glad to hear it,” Richard smiled warmly, as his fingers brushed yours when you took the cup from him. Smiling shyly back you ignored the tingling feeling in your fingers, taking a careful sip focusing on your papers missing the look Richard gave you.


On the way to one of his interviews, you were sitting next to him in the car, scrolling down your phone when you felt someone touching your arm gently.

Turning your head looking up you locked eyes with Richard who was smiling while looking at you.

“Mind putting down the phone? You don´t have to work all the time, I know where we are going, I know the schedule and, who I´m going to meet…relax kitten,” Richard purred looking knowingly at you smirking when he saw that timid lip biting as you were debating if you should do what he told you.

“Fine,” you sighed putting the phone in your bag earning a smug grin from Richard who patted your tight, keeping the hand there a little longer than was necessary, the warmth emanating from it spread across your leg, making you swallow.

Trying to concentrate on something else rather than the big warm hand on your tight, you gazed outside the window watching the buildings passing by as the car was approaching the location where you were heading.

Richard patted your leg before lifting his hand off of your thigh shifting his gaze outside of the car window.

He didn´t remember when exactly he had started showing you affection through physical contact but you weren´t pushing him away saying it wasn´t allowed so he kept doing so. Kissing was where Richard drew the line but light nose kiss or goodbye kiss to the cheek was something he loved to do and he loved to watch how you twisted your nose when his beard tickled you.

Somewhere on the line, the mere “good mornings” with a nod had changed into warm hugs and he was delighted to see that you had started expecting them by opening your arms with a big smile on your face when you two saw in the mornings. You certainly had the funny side and the serious side and Richard loved both, it had been too long since he had an assistant who made him feel relax.

The black car turned off the main road when the familiar building came into view, heading near the back door of the studio, Richard was about to enter.

“Here we go,” you chuckled opening the door getting out when the car stopped. Richard merely hummed at the acknowledgment of your reply stepping out of the car himself.

Walking around the car, Richard placed his hand at the small of your back, guiding you through the door when it was opened occasionally slipping his hand on your waist making sure you were close to him. You were too busy listening to the other person telling you the schedule of how the interview was going to go, you didn´t pay attention to where Richard was keeping his hand.

“Did you get that?” you turned to look up at Richard who was minding his own business, smiling at the people working at back at the studio.


He looked down at your face noticing your stern expression, you were on the work mode again.

“You didn´t…” you sighed at his hmm, earning a sheepish smile from him raking through his semi-long hair that was required in his newest stage role, Doctor Astrov.

“Sorry,” he muttered quietly offering you an apologetic smile.

Shaking your head you unattached yourself from his side making Richard shiver from the coldness that you left behind. Walking in the dressing room where the make up artist was already waiting Richard was already missing the warmth you provided as he sat down in the chair but shook the idea from his head, you were working for him nothing more. Maybe you were considered as a friend too, but nothing more than that.

“Yeah, big boy, you keep telling yourself that,” Richard thought to himself as he watched you through the mirror in front of him.  

“I know Lorraine has interviewed you before so I won´t offer any guidance, just be yourself,” you grinned looking at Richard through the mirror, almost blushing when he returned the gaze that was so intense you were wondering what was going on in his head but then, as quickly the mysterious look was formed on his face, it was gone replaced by a warm, fond smile and twinkling eyes he usually gave you when you addressed him.

A sound of a notification from your phone got your attention and fishing it out, you turned your back on the man walking little further away to the side starting to type an answer to whoever had messaged you.

Sighing Richard shifted his gaze on the table staring blankly ahead waiting for the makeup artist to do her job before he was requested on stage to be interviewed by Lorraine Kelly. But his gaze kept searching for you through the mirror, a deep frown forming on his forehead when he saw your giddy expression, biting your thumbnail your eyes shining.

What kind of message did you receive to make you behave like that?

“Mr. Armitage, please lose the frown,”

The whine next to him caused Richard to snap his gaze on the woman who stared at him frustrated. Wetting his lips, Richard forced himself to relax his face so she could do her job but the nagging feeling crept into the back of his mind, not leaving him alone.


Even when he sat down on the couch listening to Lorraine speaking to him, Richard couldn´t help but think about the way you were behaving.

“…and he wants to know what on earth is going on with my life, I thought everything was okay…” Lorraine´s Glaswegian accent broke through Richard´s mind and with an almost inaudible gasp he ripped himself from the plaguing thoughts of your happy expression focusing on the woman before him.

“..yeah…in Harlan´s book, it was very much like that, it´s a real page-turner,” Richard replied with a smile scolding himself letting his mind drifting away in the middle of the interview.

“I love working from books because a writer gives you so much psychology, but I do filling the caps and I write a biography and I did the same with this character and used a  bit of my own life which the writer then took it and kind of wove into the script and when I read it I was like oh this feels familiar,” Richard explained, chuckling a little, relaxing in his seat now that he was telling how he liked to work with a new character.

“Right now you are on stage,” Lorraine smiled excitement bubbling from her as watched Richard´s smile growing bigger at the mention of his ongoing play.

“Yes, I am, Uncle Vanya at the Harold Pinter Theatre,”

“That´s a very grown-up,”

“It is, very intellectual…ummm, Toby Jones is playing Uncle Vanya,”

“Wow,” Lorraine´s voice melted down at hearing Toby´s name mentioned earning Richard to smile at her.

“We´re on the early state but it´s lovely, it´s nice to be on stage every night,”



You were standing at the back, watching Richard´s interaction with Lorraine, seeing him so relaxed and laughing made you smile as well when your phone vibrated again tearing your eyes from the British actor and unlocking the phone you saw another text from the person you were in contact.

You were so occupied by it, you failed to notice when the interview was over and Richard walked toward you halting beside you watching your fingers typing yet another message.

“Hey, kitten, you ready?”

His baritone voice rumbled next to your ear, nearly startling you and jerking your head up Richard´s frown deepened at your expression.

“I didn´t mean to startle you, what keeps you so focused on your phone? Please don´t tell me it´s work,” Richard tapped the tip of your nose making you turn it up crossing your eyes looking at the spot where Richard had touched you.

Chuckling Richard placed his hand on your shoulder gently turning you around pushing you forward.

“No, not work,” you answered but something in your tone made Richard gaze at you suspiciously pulling you closer to him when a few people tried to pass you two in the narrow corridor on your way out.

“Friend?” he lowly asked although he knew it was none of his business to know with whom you were texting.

“Of a sort,” your cautious reply made Richard stop in the middle of his steps letting go of your shoulder turning to look at you solemnly.

“What are you not telling me, kitten?”

Biting your lower lip you were reluctant to tell him but the way he kept staring at you, made you yield.

“It´s a guy I´m having a date with this weekend,”

A date. That word hit him like a bowling ball in the stomach, knocking all air from his lungs, which didn´t make sense to him but there he was, looking at you trying to comprehend what you just said.

“What?” was all he managed to squeeze out of him dubiously staring at you.

“Yeah, I have been in contact with this guy for a couple of weeks and I`m seeing him on Saturday,”

Good, that´s good, I´m happy for you. That Richard knew he was supposed to say but he didn´t. He didn´t say anything, only nodded squeezing a forced smile on his face and then turning on his heels and walked toward the door. His posture was stiff and you blinked gazing at his back wondering what was going on.


“It couldn´t be….” you muttered frowning a little before heading out trying to catch the man.

“Hey wait up grumpy!” you shouted mixed with laughter jogging next to him seeing he glanced down at you but turned his head almost immediately looking forward.

“You are…not jealous, now are you Richard?” you asked placing your hands behind your back while walking beside him.


“Right, something tells me otherwise,” you chuckled jumping giddily in front of him before he could open the car door and slip inside, forcing him to look at you.

Gazing curiously into his eyes, you saw the dark shadow looming there, just underneath that cool appearance. Richard clenched his jaw, his gaze changing little darker, warningly glaring at you not to poke it any further.

“Drop it,” his growl made you shiver but your brows shot straight up and your expression brightened immediately.

“You are!” you giggled but Richard wasn´t amused.

“Don´t push the boundary missy, I can replace you faster than you can say, boyfriend,” Richard´s glare flashed in a way you knew he wasn´t fooling around.

Not in a million years you would have thought Richard Armitage, your employer fancied you that way. Now you were inflicted, it was flattering but also, you weren´t sure if it was proper.

Proper, you nearly snorted, heck, the hugs, nose kisses, the way he touched you…you two were way past proper, so it shouldn´t come as a surprise when you told him you were going on a date, he wouldn´t exactly jump up and down for joy.

“Okay,” you said holding up your hands in a peace offering watching as Richard huffed circling the car getting in.

“This is going to be fun…” you mumbled rubbing your face and finally getting in yourself.

The trip back to his place was silent, the air between you two tense you felt your hair back in your neck rising. Glancing subtly from the corner of your eye you saw Richard resting his chin on his palm, elbow firmly on the edge of the window.

You had never seen this side of Richard and it was a little intimidating. Licking your lips you thought what to say to break the ice that had formed between you two. But you didn´t get the change when the car pulled over and Richard was out before you could even blink.

“She is staying at the hotel, here´s the address, Gloria will get her stuff there later this evening,”

You heard Richard speaking to the driver. You were stunned. Hearing the tension in his voice, like he was holding back his growing irritation Richard didn´t even look at you when he turned away walking inside the building.

The driver, Jason, shifted his gaze to the mirror looking puzzled.

“What did you do to make his so upset?” he asked making you shrink on your seat.

“I told him I have a date on Saturday….I missed the signs that he has feelings for me,” you whined sighing in defeat.

Jason gave you a look making you twist your face miserably.

“You give him time, he´ll get over it. He needs to brood it away,” Jason chuckled turning the car back on the main road driving toward the hotel.

“I guess….talking about real-life moody Thorin Oakenshield,”

Jason burst into laughter hearing that earning a smile from you. All you needed to do was getting ready for the date and leave Mr. Moody Pants to his own company for now, as there were no extra events for the rest of the week, Richard could concentrate on his role on stage.


Forever taglist: @fizzyxcustard @shikin83 @amyf20 @c-s-stars @theincaprincess @xxbyimm @evyiione @abiwim @catthefearless @tomssweetbouquet @calicoskatts @raindrops-on-roses142​ @nellindreams @imgoldielikehawn @disneymarina@starlightintherain89 @wilhelmyna @captain-almighty​ @gypsytraveler86 @sdavid09 @thorinanddwalinsdwarrowdam​ @serpensortia06 @carenakchoate @blankdblank @wittysunflower​ @sunnysidesidra @emrfangirl @rachel1959 @legolaslovely​ @thophil2941btw @tigereyesf  @patanghill17@peneigh-dzredfohl@savvy-the-human@soradragon

Richard Armitage taglist: @inhabitant-of-the-void​ @c-s-stars @sherala007@nowiloveandwilllove@thestorybookmistress

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In quarantine with Thorin, oh I would loooove to read it, if you decide to write it 😘 who wouldn't want to be locked in with Thorin?

I’ll definitely look to writing it in the next few days, hun! :-)

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Finally! Next chapter of this story! Enjoy!

Pairing: Thorin x Jinia ( wolf skin-changer )

Warning: little angst


Series masterlist 

Part 1  Part2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9


Ib-Bitish kund ugrafu nelkhel  = The Ancient Silver wolf, a worshiper of moon of all moons. 

Thorin walked with slow pace Jinia by his side through Erebor telling her about its history, how she was there to help the dwarves to reclaim Erebor from Smaug and fought by their side in the great battle. Jinia was in awe as she listened to Thorin´s storytelling their life together after the battle was over. But when Thorin remembered what had happened with Navubela and her family, he was reluctant to continue.

Jinia glanced down at the dwarf sensing Thorin´s mood changing giving him a small huff couraging him to continue. Thorin wet his lips looking up at her frowning lightly and clearing his throat Thorin opened his mouth but paused.

“I am not sure if I should tell you about this part…”

Jinia growled frustrated if they wanted her memories to come back, she needed to hear everything. For a moment she wondered why exactly she had chosen this stubborn dwarf to be her partner. As they walked further ahead aimlessly while Thorin told her about Navubela Jinia suddenly halted staring at the entry of one of the abandoned mine tunnel. A flash of her walking through it someone following her invaded her mind briefly making her hair rise.

“What is it?” Thorin asked worriedly watching her stiff posture.

Keeping quiet she merely stepped forward toward the tunnel, lowering her head and walking in, Thorin staying in his spot looking puzzled before deciding to follow her.

The air was damp, smelling earthy and feeling heavy in their lungs the deeper they walked. Thorin was quiet, only taking hold of her tail when it began to be too dark, although his eyes would make out the liner of the tunnel and her figure.

Jinia´s nails scraping the rocky floor echoed through the tunnel mixed with the sound of Thorin´s heavy boots and drops of water falling from the ceiling into the formed puddles.

After walking down the tunnel in total darkness, the was a dim light up ahead earning Thorin to take a peek behind her, frowning. He didn´t know there was a large cave in here. Jinia stepped out of the tunnel halting in the middle of her steps.

The cave was relatively big, a small pool formed over time in the middle of it because of the water dripping down, slowly carving the stone. The water was blueish, illuminating the whole space with eery blue light.

“Where are we?” Thorin muttered to himself letting go of her tail looking around walking further in while Jinia lowered her head sniffing the floor walking near the pool, behind one of the small boulders that seemed to crash down centuries ago, was a cloth of some sort.


Originally posted by thorinds

It was a mucky and wet, clear sign it had been there quite some time, but what caught Jinia´s eye was the embroidery barely visible from under all that dirt. Tilting her head she let out a whine, it looked vaguely familiar but couldn´t put her mind to it, why.

Thorin was caressing the damp stone wall little further away, letting his gaze wander up toward the ceiling when he heard Jinia´s stressed sound, making him glance over his shoulder.

“What is it, ?” he asked softly watching her gaze shifting from the floor to his face before lowering her gaze back down. The tip of her tongue peeked between her lips, ears nearly flopping as if she was lost and confused.

“Jinia…” Thorin whispered, his heart aching seeing her so anxious, not all like the wolf he remembered her to be.

“Ib-Bitish kund ugrafu nelkhel….” voice deep and soothing, the bass of his voice resonated through his chest as Thorin approached the wolf earning her attention. She couldn´t understand the language, but the depth of his voice calmed her down.

But when Thorin stepped around the pool coming in front of her, he saw the cloth on the ground between her paws. A deep frown formed on his face and reaching down Thorin picked it up wiping the dirt with his hand exposing the embroidery. When his eyes landed on it, Thorin froze completely staring at it while holding the cloth his hands shaking.  

Jinia sensed the change in Thorin´s demeanor taking a few uncertain steps backward, her ears going flat against her neck. She didn´t like it and letting out a growl Thorin snapped his intense gaze on her seeing the rapid change on her.

“Why did you come here? Have you been here before?” Thorin´s voice was trembling. The piece of cloth had belonged to Navubela´s gown she had worn two years ago before Thorin had exiled her and her entire family from Erebor. Thorin recognized the embroidery, mainly because of the seamstress in Dale used it a lot on noble dwarven families’ clothes.

Jinia couldn´t understand his sudden change from gentle to accusing tone, growling backing away from him keeping her golden narrowed eyes fixed upon Thorin´s contorted face she started to regret trusting him.

Thorin watched as she flashed her teeth at him, letting out a deep warning growl glaring at him while slowly backing away. She should have known better than trust this dwarf who seemed hostile toward her when they saw the first time.

Quickly raising his hands realizing his mistake Thorin cursed himself allowing his mind to go back in that time when everything was still relatively alright. He for a moment forgot the Jinia before him now, wasn´t the Jinia he remembered.

“Forgive me, I didn´t mean to accuse you…it´s just…that cloth belonged to the dam I told you about, Navubela,” Thorin spoke his tone soft, and quiet, hoping it would soothe her.

Licking her lips while showing her teeth, Jinia battled wanting to flee from here back to her territory and wanting to believe this person in front of her. Glancing at the cloth on the floor where Thorin had tossed it in anger, she pondered the options what to do.


It wasn´t more than a whisper but Jinia could hear it her ears moving back, a confusion flickering on her face because Thorin didn´t hear anything, as far as Jinia could tell from his posture.

“Aren´t you curious?”

“About the past…about the secrets of this mountain….every queen need to know,”

Those words suddenly invaded her mind like a fog, coyly wrapping around her mind causing her almost to panic and Jinia turned her head to look over her shoulder toward the tunnel´s exit whining anxiously.


Originally posted by fearless-man

“What a foolish creature…”

“To think you were so easily lured in here…”

“What a stupid girl you are…” 

That near demonic voice and those words haunted her like a ghost from the past she couldn´t recognize as she gazed at the dark tunnel before her, shaking her head, Jinia´s whole body trembling.

A figure emerged from the darkness making Jinia freeze on her spot. Who was this person? A long silvery hair flowing down on the figure’s chest, black trousers, high heel boots and greyish tunic buckled with a black belt the person´s image mirrored in her golden eyes as Jinia kept staring ahead.

Whoever this person was, she didn´t recognize her but the expression on the person´s face was wicked as it came closer to her. A growl escaped from Jinia´s throat earning a concerned look from Thorin. He was watching her odd behavior, perplexed what she was staring at so intently.

“What´s wrong? Do you sense something I don´t?” Thorin´s baritone voice penetrated Jinia´s panicked state and turning to look at him, she saw Thorin´s expression, sincere and worried.

“He doesn´t see it…” Jinia thought frowning turning back to look at the figure but it had vanished. Whining she lowered her head closing her eyes. Was she going crazy? Whatever happened in this cave, it had something to do with that mysterious figure and this dwarrowdam called Navubela but how she was involved in all of this. Because what Thorin said to her earlier, suggested she was here but she couldn´t remember.

Frustrated and scared Jinia leaped forward dashing out of the cave leaving Thorin alone, shouting after her in vain.


Thorin took a few hasty steps but realized he would never catch her. Sighing he rubbed his neck shifting his gaze onto the cloth laying on the ground, mocking him. Just what happened here two years ago?


Originally posted by svlmsss

Jinia ran as fast as she could out of the tunnel rapidly turning to her left running aimlessly through the dark corridors, tears rolling down her eyes. Was she losing her mind? Regretting ever to lay paw in this mountain, Jinia headed toward the main gates when white-haired dwarf came into her view in the middle of the staircase forcing her to halt.

Balin was climbing the stairs up when he heard footsteps rapidly approaching and lifting his gaze he came face to face with Jinia, who was panting heavily standing a few steps above him looking down on him.

“Jinia, what are you doing up so late? You look like you have been chased by trolls,” Balin chuckled but noticing the glistening tears in her eyes, Balin´s smile dropped placed with a worried expression.

“Has something happened with Thorin?” Balin asked solemnly watching as her head lowered down a quiet whine leaving her.

Sighing heavily Balin shook his head stroking his beard. That stubborn dwarf called king would make even Mahal leave this mountain if given the chance.

“You don´t mind giving an old dwarf some company, would you lass?” Balin then hummed taking a couple of steps up waiting for her response to his request.

Jinia sniffed tilting her head but allowed Balin to pat her on the head before walking past her.

“Come on, I might have some stories to tell you, Thorin necessarily doesn´t know about. Maybe it will help you with whatever is going on,”

Looking at him as Balin stopped glancing over his shoulder, giving her reassuring smile, Jinia thought what she had to lose at this point and turned around following the elderly dwarf back up toward the royal wing.

“You and Thorin has a rich history most people would be envious about. It tells a story of love, loyalty, survival, battles, heartbreaking loses and seconds chances,”

Jinia walked silently next to Balin, keenly listening to his speech while approaching Balin´s chambers. Chuckling Balin halted in front of the door that was adorned by runes Jinia didn´t know how to read. Unlocking the door Balin opened it letting Jinia step further in before stepping inside himself closing the door behind him.

Looking around, Jinia noticed Balin´s chamber wasn´t as glamourous as Fili´s chambers, but that might have something do with Fili being royalty and Balin was their advisor. But it was still beautifully decorated. Tapestries hanging on the wall telling the history of Erebor, grand fireplace dominating the living quarter, sofa, armchairs, table and what piqued her interest was a huge green plant with small leaves in the corner of the room near the window.

Grunting Jinia tilted her head glancing at Balin who chucked when he saw her puzzled look.


“That was a present form, late queen of Erebor, Thorin´s mother, I managed to save some its seeds when the dragon attacked and it grew quite large during our staying in Ered Luin,” Balin explained walking beside her scratching her behind the ear, earning a low rumble of content from her.

“In the summertime, it grows a beautiful, small white flower that smells sweet, like honey. I never got the chance of asking her where did she find such a plant or what it´s called, but I named it Labam thatru zabdûna,”

Jinia gave a small huff earning Balin to smile remembering Jinia didn´t speak khuzdul.

“It means white star of the queen,”

Jinia barked quietly lightly wagging her tail, telling him she liked the name shifting her eyes back to the plant. Humming Balin turned on his heels walking to the little library he had built in his chambers, where he kept his most valued, important books and scrolls.

“I have written down your story in here so future generations can read it, but I guess you could use the information too,” Balin explained when Jinia whined watching from the doorway what he was up to.

“Wanna hear a story of the silver-white wolf and dwarf king?”

Jinia barked excitedly earning a peal of hearty laughter from Balin and taking the thick book from the shelf he then walked back to the living chamber, sitting down by the fire while Jinia laid down little further away ears perked and eager to hear her own story. Maybe she would find answers from it she desperately wanted.

Balin and Jinia got cozy, fire cracking in the fireplace but in the meanwhile, another story was been told in a kingdom little further away.


Dain stared at Kili and Ori who had told him the basics of what had happened two years ago and why they were in Iron Hills.

“Are you two joking?” Dain asked blinking at them but the pained expression on Ori´s face told him, they were far from joking.

“No, we have every reason to believe Nori and Dori are here, why they didn´t come back to Erebor, if they survived the fall, is something we need to know, what he needs to know,” Kili spoke after taking a long drink from his ale nodding toward Ori who was sitting next to him, looking like a lost puppy.

“Oh laddie, cheer up if they are here my men will find them in no time! And besides, according to you, they are alive, another reason to cheer up,” Dain laughed hitting Ori in the back causing him to hit his forehead onto the table with a yelp.

“Ouch! That hurt!” Ori whined rubbing his head but Dain merely laughed it off.

“Dain, does the name Khurrin Stonefoot say anything to you?” Kili asked suddenly earning a  deep frown to form on Dain´s features.

“How do you know that name?” Dain grunted making Kili wonder did he just poke the sleeping bear.

“We came across it on our way here,” Kili answered warily deciding not to say anything about the coin or the letter.

“Aye, I know the name, every Durin in these lands knows the name,”

“Except I and my brother,” Kili muttered glancing at his goblet, the bottom nearly showing. Mahal, he had a feeling he would need more ale for this.

Sudden thud startled him when Dain put down his goblet with little more forcefully than would be needed but it earned both Kili´s and Ori´s attention.

“You two boys want to hear it?”

Ori and Kili glanced each other and nodded looking back at Dain who merely huffed.

“Alright, but I am going to need something in return,”

“What?” Kili asked.

“I wanna know exactly how did you come across this name,”

Biting his lower lip, Kili pondered the pros and cons of the situation deciding if he wanted to learn the history of the dwarf crossing paths with Jinia and Thorin, he didn´t have a choice.

“Alright…” Kili promised, earning a dark grin from Dain who motioned his servants to fetch more ale.

This night was going to be a long one.


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I wanna hear whatever you wanna talk about deary! ⭐️

Oooh let’s talk about Jinia, grand silver-white wolf skin changer and Thorin’s One who fell into the gulley after getting arrows to her chest while attacking Navubela.

To say she has been through a lot is understatement, rescuing Thorin and his men countless times, almost getting herself killed in the process. And when finally Erebor is theirs and life is getting good, Mahal decides to mess with them once again, in a form of Navubela and her family, but she showed them didn’t she?

But for Jinia, life has always been full of battles, ever since she was a juvenile. Her mother had four children, Jinia was the youngest, scrawniest one and had to fight for her food, place to sleep against her bigger siblings.

As a teenager she fled, thinking better be alone than living in fear when her family finally would kill her. She found Beorn who taught her how to be a skin changer, how to live like a wolf, how to be a part of the world.

When her and Thorin’s paths finally meet, Jinia has been living by herself for decades. Hers and Thorin’s lives hasn’t been exactly easy, or peaceful, constant challenges lurking around the corner and that final challenge caused her her life, or that everyone assumed.

She showed everyone she is a survivor, climbing up from the gulley and traveling to find a new territory for her. And yet, after losing her memories she chooses to trust Fili when he came to bring her back to Erebor.

Thorin and Jinia is facing another challenge as they want to restore her lost memories and that is one hell of a journey.

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how to call someone dear in Khuzdûl? it is good to be here again, eager to read your new stories. Thanks.

Hi, and welcome back.

There´s no direct word for “dear” but here are a few endearments dwarves use regarding their beloved or their children:

Dear/ lovable idiot


Awww ( expression of endearment, response to compliment )


Golden one


My love


My gem


little one


my jewel of (all) jewels


my (true) love


my treasures of (all) treasures (for example children)


my tiny treasure


little dove


star of all stars


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This was requested by anonymous, I got some serious inspiration for writing this one, it turned a long one, I have to split this into two parts. Enjoy!

Request/summary: Can I have a request? A Fili x Suicidal Fem!Reader. It’s kinda personal and shit, it’s sorta my way of coping, you know? By reading. You don’t have to do this request if you don’t want to, I just thought I’d ask. If you do, can it be a modern reader into Middle Earth?

Warning: mention of depression, self-harming, suicide, if any of this feels triggering something bad, please be advised not to read this, it is going to be rather dark fiction.

Pairing: Fili x reader


Part 1

You had never felt like you could be yourself among people, always pretending to be someone else was the best way to cope keeping protective walls high up around you, so you wouldn´t get hurt. It had begun when you were young, your mother wanted the best for you, to have an interest in things her friend’s daughters had. But you didn´t. To go play the violin, piano or dancing ballet wasn´t your thing but she didn´t listen, she didn´t want to listen.

You saw the frustration in her eyes every time you came back from school when your teacher had called her and tell her you had run out of the classroom. Outside your room, you kept that perfect big bright smile on your face, but the minute the door closed behind you, that smile dropped and tears started burning behind your eyes. Hiding under your blanket, you cried your pain silently until you fell asleep.

It went on for years, the storm inside of you growing bigger each passing day, the fights were ferocious between you and your mother and it felt like you couldn´t breathe, you were suffocating, like a trapped wild bird in a cage. In a very fancy, huge cage, but in a cage nevertheless.


Your family was one of the wealthiest in the country and it wasn´t exactly a secret, your mother loved to spend money to make sure everyone knew how rich she and her husband were. But to you, living in a rich family was a curse. That kind of lifestyle had expectations of how people should behave, live, socialize and how to look.

“You have born into a privileged lifestyle, start acting like it. Why can´t you be more grateful for what I and your father try to do?!” your mother had screamed at your face one night after coming back from ballet performance you didn´t like and had escaped after first performance leaving your parents seething with anger.

“I never asked for any of it! I just want to find what I wanna do on my own! Why is it so hard for you to understand that??!” you yelled back angry, hurt that your mother wanted you to be this princess-like girl that fit in the mold perfectly and she could show you off in beauty contests, concerts and parties her family friends threw out twice a year.

Before your mother could answer you twirled around on your heels rushing into your room slamming the door shut behind you.

You were done, so done with everything. Throwing yourself on your bed you screamed against the pillow that muffled your voice.


It was dark when you groggily lifted your head from the pillow that was still damp from the crying.

“I must have fallen asleep,” muttering to yourself getting up and walking to look out the window. A small note on your desk caught your eye making you frown. Walking up to the table you picked it up reading what was written on it. It was from your mother, stating it was high time for you to start dating Joshua, the little brat you hated the most, because uniting two most powerful families in this city was the best deal you could get, and maybe it would teach you how to behave.

Joshua Hanover, the only living son of Brandon and Stephanie Hanover, and heir to his family business, hotel corporation. He was arrogant, narcissistic asshole you couldn´t stand and your parents wanted you to date him, possibly even marry? Sure, he was handsome, even you couldn´t deny that. With his black jet longish hair, shining pale purple eyes and muscular, tall body, he was a looker alright, but his personality was pure venom. And the way he dressed, always in leather and jeans, not necessarily shirt under the jacket and jewelry of some sort on his neck. The mere thought of him made you wanna throw up.


The desperation and anger inside of you reached its peak as you tore the paper in pieces. Leaning over the table you stared at the wall tears rolling down your cheeks. That was it. Your life had been chosen for you and you didn´t have any saying in it. Gripping so hard on the edges of the table your knuckles turned white while you clenched your jaw, closing your eyes.

It felt like hours as you stood unmoved on your spot but then suddenly lifting your teary, red eyes staring at the window on your left. There was one thing in your life you still could control and you would see it done tonight. You were so tired of this life, so done, you just wanted to find some peace and only thing could provide that.


The whole house was quiet when you carefully opened the door of your room, grimacing when the hinges made a whining sound. Sneaking out through the long aisle, down the grand twin butterfly staircase, glancing up you saw the pride of your mother´s choosing; crystal floating castle chandelier hanging from the ceiling, huffing you descended the stairs stepping in the huge hallway that had a marble flooring, black and white coloring had always felt so cold to you and you were glad to get away from this mansion that didn´t have any life in it. Halting in front of tall glass double doors.


Taking off the alarm, you unlocked the door and turned the knob slowly as if you were afraid your parents would hear you from the lobby to the third floor where their master bedroom was located in this massive mansion.

You opened the door just enough so you could squeeze yourself through the crack. The cold air hit your face when you stepped outside. Inhaling deeply dashed into a sprint, not bothering of closing the door behind you. What did you care anymore about their money?

Running across the big backyard, you avoided the cameras that were surveying the area 24/7, you knew their blindspots so it was easy. Coming to hedgerow you kneeled and crawled under it, knowing there were narrow tunnel foxes and raccoons used.

Once on the esplanade, you glanced around before running into the night.

You jogged as long as you could until a familiar lightened bridge crossing a wide, raging river came into your view. Slowing down you walked across it until you stopped midway turning to gaze down from the rail. The drop from the rail into the river was nearly 20 meters.

The night wind howled around you tossing your long hair in every direction. But you didn´t notice. You just kept staring down at the surging river below as if it was daring you, speaking to you. Just one leap. That was all it would take. Just climb up and step into the dark void, all pain and suffering would be then over. Looking up there were no stars above, no moon to comfort you and a single tear rolled down your cheek.

In trance you hoisted yourself to sit on the rail, positioning yourself as you stood up gazing calmly ahead noises of the river, the wind, crows shouting at you from the trees little further down the path of the riverbank, faded away.

Taking a slow, deep inhale closing your eyes you let gravity take hold of you as you leaned forward. You welcomed the coming death like a lover coming home from a long journey, embracing it, just waiting for your body to hit the water and claiming your life.

But it never came. The water, the pain. Any of it. It felt like you were falling eternity in the darkness until you lost consciousness.


Originally posted by ozalar

 “Is she alright?”

“Who is she anyway?”

“Look at those odd-looking clothes, she must be a witch or something,”

“Shut it! All of you!”

Mumbling, hushed voices gradually pushed through the darkness, earning you to frown slightly as you tempted to open your eyes, but your eyelids seemed to weigh almost a ton because it was such a struggle to open them halfway.

Peeking through your long black eyelashes you saw shady figures standing above you, their voices deep, little gruff, voices you hadn´t heard ever before waking you up slowly from your slumber.

“Shhh, you lot! She´s waking up,”

Opening your eyes fully and focusing your gaze, you started making out the figures hovering over you. Inhaling strongly your eyes go wide, panic creeping in your mind. You stared at six, robust, hairy, old and quite scary looking men as they returned the gaze at you.

Wanting to scream and call for help was first thing in your mind but before you could do that, a young friendly-looking man with golden hair, a braided mustache, and twinkling blue eyes came into your view hands raised.

“No, please, don´t scream. We don´t mean any harm, we found you unconscious outside of our gates and brought you here,” the voice was soothing, gentle almost pleading as the young man looked into your eyes giving you a small smile.


“Wha-why-….where am I?!” you nearly cried lifting yourself to sit and that was when you discovered you were half-naked. With a yelp, you pulled the furs up to your chin blushing like crazy.

“You have to forgive me, my lady, but I had to strip your wet clothes from you, otherwise you could have died from the coldness. You see, it´s middle of the winter,” the elderly, gray-haired man spoke to you looking apologetic while you swallowed pulling the fur tightly around you.

“For the question where are you, you are in Erebor, at the kingdom of Thorin Oakenshield,” another younger-looking man said with pride in his voice. Turning to look at him, he had no beard, his hair was dark and wild and his eyes shone brightly, a spark of mischief in them.

“E-Erebor…?” you parroted back, voice small and slightly high pitched.

“Aye, lassie, you were lucky you passed out at our gates. Thorin doesn´t turn down aid from someone who needs it,” white-haired, with a kind voice and fond smile man, approached your bed and that was the first time you looked at the men before you. Only, they weren´t men. Frowning your mind scrambled to get all the information in order, as you tried to remember why the name Erebor and Thorin was so familiar.

Then it hit you. Middle-Earth, J.J.R Tolkien, The Hobbit. You were in bloody Middle-Earth!

Your face went white as a sheet earning concerned glances at your way while you whined quietly hiding your head behind the fur. How this was even possible? Middle-Earth was a fictional world, it was not real! And yet there you were, sitting at the bed, surrounded by dwarves from Thorin´s company looking at you worriedly.

“What is your name sweetheart?” Balin asked sitting at the edge of the bed gently guiding you out of your hiding.

Carefully lowering the fur down from your face, glancing at the dwarves you mumbled the answer.


When they heard your name, everyone´s face lid up because they knew what it meant. Fili particularly smiled broadly gazing at you intently. He knew there was something about you that drew him closer to you and the name alone, proved him right.

“What unique name for such a lovely lady,” Balin hummed standing up taking a bow.

“My name is Balin, at your service,”



“At your service,” brothers introduced themselves to you in sync bowing at the same time causing a giggle escaping from you, as you recognized the scene from the movie. It was unreal.


“Dwalin, at your service,” Dwalin bowed lightly keeping his eyes on you, his raspy voice causing your skin to go into goosebumps. In the films, he was intimidating enough but now that you looked at him for real, it was beyond intimidating, it was downright scary.




They introduced themselves one by one and you noticed, not everyone from the company was here.

“Let´s give her time to rest, lads. Oin will stay with you for the time being, ask him if there´s anything you need,” Balin said coaching everyone out the infirmary earning whines and protests from Durin brothers.

Biting your lower lip you watched as they stepped out and the door closed behind them. Sighing you slumped back staring at the ceiling confused, why and how did you end up here.

“Alright, young Terra. This is medician for you to help you sleep. I´ll summon a servant to fetch you something to eat later. but now, you need to take it easy, you´re still shivering from the cold,” Oin instructed you. You didn´t have strength in you to argue back, so you nestled under the fur after taking the bitter-tasting medicine which made you grimace but Oin merely hummed pleased about your cooperation.

You slowly fell asleep feeling relaxed for the first time, in a long time.


Fili was deep in thought while walking through the corridor toward the royal wing when Kili opened his mouth, clearly concerned about the same thing he was thinking.

“Did you noticed the scars on her wrists?”

“Yes, I did,” Fili muttered keeping his eyes fixed on the floor while walking forward.

“Wherever she has come from, the life there must have been agonizing if a tempt to take her own life seemed to be her only option left,” Kili whispered earning a single nod from his brother.

“Well, let´s make sure, her life here isn´t going to be anything like that,” Fili looked at Kili who gave him an eager smile in return.

But they both knew they would have o convince Thorin to let her stay in Erebor. It was one thing to come aid when she was nearly knocking the death´s door, but entirely another matter to let her stay in here. But Fili was determined to talk to Thorin until his uncle would agree to allow you to stay as long as you wanted. And as Balin had said, they would need to find out how you end up here, since it was clear from the way you dressed, how you behaved and talked, you weren´t around here but they would need Gandalf´s help to solve this mystery.

Meanwhile, Fili wanted to do everything in his power to make you feel welcomed and wanted, why he felt this way, was puzzling him but he ignored it for the time being.

“Go see Bombur, I´m sure she is feeling hungry when she wakes up. I´ll go talk to Thorin about this,” Fili said halting at the end of the stairs that led straight to Thorin´s chambers.

“Right, I´ll join you in a bit,” Kili nodded turning on his heels nearly jogging another staircase down toward the royal kitchens.

Fili sighed rubbing his face, this wasn´t going to be easy. Thorin was already dealing with his council´s demands he should find himself a queen. The kingdom needed an heir, apparently, Fili and Kili weren´t enough.

Climbing the stairs up, he could already hear his uncle´s furious voice booming across the hall making him winced. This wasn´t going to be easy at all. But the image of you lying in the snow, half-dead, face starting to turn blue made his resolve even harder to crack.

“No, he is not sending her back there, freezing to death, not if I have something to say about it,” Fili muttered striding his way toward the lion´s den fisting his hands, eyes set on the double doors that loomed ahead.

Taking a calming breath, Fili grabbed the doorknob, knocking on it waiting for permission to enter. When Thorin merely barked his reply for whoever was on the other side of the door, Fili opened it stepping inside and locked his steady gaze with Thorin who turned to look who was disturbing him this time.


“Uncle. Can I have a word with you?”


“Terra, the girl we rescued from freezing to death,” Fili replied closing the door behind him, seeing Thorin´s expression turned from annoyance to mild curiosity.


“Yes, that is her name,”

Humming Thorin turned his back on Fili taking a sip from his goblet motioning hs adviser to leave the chambers who had been trembling this whole time parchments in his hands. Fili could see he was relieved to be excused from the chamber.

Chuckling Fili approached Thorin who sat on the armchair in front of his desk. Watching Fili sitting down next to him, Thorin waited for Fili to make the first move on this oncoming discussion that was clearly important to him, the way Fili was behaving. It was a little amusing for Thorin to see his older nephew acted nervously but he didn´t comment on it.

“I wanted to know if you would approve her to move in Erebor, permanently,”

That wasn´t something Thorin was expecting to hear, his attempt to take another sip was halted midway as his crystal blue eyes shifted on Fili´s face.

This was going to be a long discussion and Thorin wasn’t sure if he liked the subject. But he didn´t have a choice, so he lowered the goblet crossing his arms on his lap waiting for the argument why on Durin´s name he should allow it.

What Fili said next, threw him off balance entirely.

“I think she is my One,”


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Thranduil receiving an anonymous handmade gift


Originally posted by neverseenaspaceshipbefore

So, the idea came from @lilith15000 she sent as an ask to @legolaslovely​ and since Thranduil is hard elf to figure out, @legolaslovely​ tagged me in it, if I had any ideas how it would turn out. 

This is what I came up with:

He is confused when he finds the gift from his desk, asking the guard who put it there. Even the guards don´t know, making the king puzzled but curious about what was it.

Thranduil opens it slowly, skeptical what it is but seeing it is a handmade gift, he is astounded by how well it is made, clearly made with dedication and time-consuming. 

He spends hours just staring at it, admiring its beauty, deep in thought who was the person who gifted him such a delicate piece of art. Finally, he orders guards to find out who is this mysterious person and not coming back until they had the answer.

The whole kingdom is turned upside down to find the person, making the king agitated and making his nerves calmer he would drink more wine. 

When the guards finally find out who it was and go tell their king about it, Thranduil isn´t pleased about it, for two reasons, first, it is a servant of his, two, she ran away to Rivendell. 

Angry Thranduil throws a scene even the guards flee from it, leaving the raged king to blow up some steam. Legolas comes to see what all this ruckus is about finding his father sitting on his throne, hair messy papers all over the floor, even the wine carafe mashed on the floor in pieces. 

When he asks about it, Thranduil just waves his hand, huffing, not caring to explain, so Legolas leaves his father sulking in his own company. 

After hours of seething with anger, Thranduil decides to go to Rivendell and get some answers. Legolas is determined to go with him, as in his state of mind, it´s well known what Thranduil would say or even do if things wouldn’t go as he likes them to go. 

Elrond is a little surprised to see both Legolas and Thranduil suddenly appearing to his gates but welcomes them regardless. When asked, Thranduil gives Elrond the reply that he is hiding one of his servants in his kingdom which makes Elrond even more confused, it is not known behavior for Thranduil to go and fetch his servant back if they run away. 

At the dinner table, Thranduil sees the servant sitting a little far away on another table with elven maidens giddily chatting with them but goes horrified when she sees Thranduil staring at her with piercing blue eyes.

Standing up, Thranduil walks up to her demanding to have a word with her turning on his heels walking outside hoping, cool night air calms him down.

Once alone with him, she is trembling, thinking all possible punishment Thranduil is about to give her when he turns and asks quietly why did she leave the gift anonymously and ran away.

She is unsure if she should tell him why but the look on his face tells her, it´s best not to lie and telling the king how much she admires him, even loves him, made her realize they could never be together, as she is a mere servant and he is the king, so she decided to give him something that he would know he is loved. But she couldn’t no more live in the Woodland Realm near him, it would have broken her heart so she left.

Thranduil is perplexed by the reasons pondering the outcome of what would happen if he decided to take things upper level with her. But even he knew a king and a servant can´t be married, it was the rules if a king should take a wife, it had to be from noble bloodline and even Thranduil couldn´t disobey them. 

So he bows to her, taking her hand giving her a kiss, thanking for the gift he would cherish for the rest of his life knowing someone loved him as deeply as she did. Thranduil wishes her all the best, hoping he would be allowed to visit her once in a while in Rivendell where she now wanted to live.

They part in friendship, they both learn to cherish over time, she becomes his confidant, and Thranduil seeks her advice when he doubts his own mind. 


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