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Bois-des-esprits, Winnipeg, Canada

Title: Bois-des-esprits

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Date: 2016-2017

Camera: Nikon D600 / D750

Lenses: Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 / Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8

Focal Lengths: 105-250 mm

Apertures: f/8-f/16

Exposures: 1/100 – 1/640

ISOs: 200-500

NB: Also known as Virginia deer, white-tailed deer are found across the American continent, including the United States, Canada, Mexico,…


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I’m ready now Mr Landseer by noelholland

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Creative “deer + house” logo concept

You want a unique and creative logo design for your business? PM us for details 💌

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Drew my fave deer girl from league, she’s my main and I will never change, if you wanna play I’m @vocagirlaria on there

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Sil grins wider “We found a diamond in the rough! Aha!”

Sil reaches behind him and grabs the large object he dropped earlier, hoisting it into the light.

“We found a deer! We haven’t seen any of these guys for months! Well nothing big like them anyways. Shiv first caught scent of this guy weeks ago and we’ve been trying to track the little bugger ever since” Shiver sits with his head high in pride.

Sil ruffles Shiver’s head fur “Yes, yes you were amazing ya big lug.” Shiver barks. “We’re gonna feast tonight!! And possibly the next few days.” Sil announces excitedly

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Fanart of Stedilniks little Deer Prince in his newest 1920´s incarnation. Looks like you just walked in on him while he was getting dressed.
I just love this sweet, adorable fellow. I don´t know if he has an actual name, but I alwas call him Prince Bambi.

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Bhrett, my husband, saw deer in the back yard!

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