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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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“HEY NERD DOCTOR!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH FLUFF PLEASE HELP OH MY G-” Morpho yelled, panicked at his friend’s condition.

“Morpho calm down! What’s wrong?”


“Oh that’s indeed a problem, okay bring her in quickly.”

Morpho hastily brought her to Pavo, shaking. Pavo checked Hope’s pulse, her reflexes and breathing.


“Pardon..? N-no Morpho she’s breathing and her heart is healthy” Pavo replied, perplexed that Morpho couldn’t pick up on something as simple as a rising chest. “I can’t concentrate with you shouting at me so please lower your voice. The last thing she needs is stress.”

“Okay I’ll just…sit here then…” he whispered, tapping his hooves together impatiently. Pavo sighed now that Morpho finally agreed be quiet.
He placed his hoof over her forehead to check her temperature, only to realise that she was burning up.

“Did she spend most of the day in direct sunlight?” Pavo enquired.

“Probably?! I don’t know!? I found her like this!? IS SHE OKAY?!?”

“Morpho shush! Alright I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s suffering from a sunstroke.”

“Sun- what?”

“Stroke. As a result of being out in the sun for too long. Take this pot and go to the river to fill it up with water, quick.”

“You got it, nerd!” he said before darting out to fetch water. Pavo took a few deep breaths to recollect himself from the stressful situation and looked at his patient.
“I should have been more vigilant instead burying my head in books all day” he thought to himself. “And now I have a headache; great job Pavo, you’ve overworked yourself for the billionth time. You’re tired, you’re dissatisfied and the one deer who always makes it bearable, is sick. Jeez, what would Orion think of me now?”
Pavo’s inner monologue was cut off as he saw Hope’ eyes flutter a bit; not a lot but it was enough for him notice.

“You’ll be okay, Hope. You’ll be okay”.

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i know those videos and pictures of japanese cities with tame deer are cute and all, but let me tell you something,  i was at one of those places once and one of those fuckers came up behind me and took a sipp of my juice. like i had only taken two sips and now i dont want it anymore. the audacity

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“To reverse the effects of civilization would destroy the dreams of a lot of people. There’s no way around it. We can talk all we want about sustainability, but there’s a sense in which it doesn’t matter that these people’s dreams are based on, embedded in, intertwined with, and formed by an inherently destructive economic and social system. Their dreams are still their dreams. What right do I – or does anyone else – have to destroy them.

At the same time, what right do they have to destroy the world?”

Derrick Jensen, Endgame, Vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization

Distant Cry of Deer by Masayuki Koga

(Curator: I heard this album many years ago at a cabin 8 miles up a mountain away from had a huge impact on my life..thought I would share it today..<3)

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