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#defo like this angle more than fandom
meet-the-girl-who-can · a year ago
Fanfic asks 1-15
Oh my goodness, thank you my love!! (I’m kinda hiding from uni work rn so this is a BLESSING)
1. things that inspire you
History is a huge influence on me, the fact that it’s TRUE, that these wonderful or terrible or strange things actually happened, that I can see them in my mind’s eye and playing with characters in these settings is such fun I can’t resist it. How would these characters react? How would they talk to Kings and Queens and the peasants in the streets? What would the morals of the day do to their personalities and relationships?
Also, inverting concepts, playing with angles is something I find fun - whether its a meme or a conversation from another fandom or dynamics and prompts and asking myself what scene I see these characters in and writing it. Moodboards or photo prompts are also something I find crazy inspiring. Songs, movies anything and everything. 
2. things that motivate you
Questions! I want answers to everything, all the time. I want to know stuff so I research the fuck out of it and it bleeds into my writing, I love making people laugh and making myself laugh. There are scenes I want to see and they won’t go away till I write them, and then of course I have to bracket them with a beginning and an end somewhere so writing those to get to the scenes or the lines of a dialogue really help push me onward
3. name three favorite writers
uh, uh, @je-suis-em-jee  @thetourguidebarbie and a lady called sarahyyy on AO3
4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why
Um, I genuinely don’t know. I suppose Phillip Pullman, Deborah Harkness and Rick Riordan. Lyra Silvertongue was all I wanted to be as a child. I wanted to travel the multiverse, I wanted to be brave even when I was scared, I wanted my daemon and what form it would be. But at the same time, the way he writes, the way it wasn’t in first person when so many children and young adult books are, the way it didn’t hide what other characters were thinking or feeling because we’re not seeing the world from their view usually. He tells you what Lee Scoresby and Iorek and Mrs Coulter are thinking, and yes its only in that scene, maybe passingly,  but I was like, shit we can do that? The way he described places, the lighting, the furniture, the background. I wasn’t sitting reading a book, I was there in Jordan College, in Cittagazze or the barges or the underworld. And then I would have to stop and look up and I’d be in a car, or on my bed and the air kinda got sucked of my lungs a little bit because it wasn’t real and it broke my heart. 
Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson. We can be sarcastic as fuck and emotional and characters can not know what the hell they’re doing and admit to it, all the time, all the way through. We can have snappy chapter titles and outrage and take the Greek Myths, my beloved myths and rip them apart and that’s okay? You can take another angle on someone’s story and that’s okay? I always thought that was some kind of plagiarism when I was a kid, I didn’t realise not everything had to be Original Thought. Because the way we, as storytellers, tell it, that’s original. 
Deborah Harkness - I can write what I know but also twist it and have it be as mad and self fulfilling as I want and it can be utter brilliance?!
5.  how long have you written for?
Since I understood that I could. There are half finished scraps in every schoolbook and notepad I’ve ever had. In terms of fanfiction, cripes it must have been 2008/9 I think that I first started using but now I’m defo an A03 girl
6. how did writing change you?
Writing gives me confidence and an outlet I don’t really find anywhere else. It lets me say what I want to say, exactly how I want to say it. It lets me go places I can’t otherwise. I’m not an angry person, I don’t get angry nor do I like confrontation. But my characters do. Writing a scene where characters get angry is freeing because it’s not real. Or writing scenes where people come into their power, where they exercise their agency because I never have the confidence to do that myself. But I can push that desire into a scene. 
It also helped me realise that I’m funny, if I can write snappy dialogue surely I can say funny and intelligent things?
7. early influences on your writing
Mythology, history (no changes there), adventure and daring do and travelling worlds away. I don’t really read contemporary things unless there’s a twist like Good Omens, A Discovery of Witches, Molly Moon, Charlie Bone, Percy Jackson, The Time Travellers Wife unless there’s magic or something strange going on. Setting things inside the ordinary modern world and its ordinary modern rules held no interest for me. That’s no longer the case but I HATED it as a child. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, I just wanted to escape. 
8. what time are you most productive?
The witching hour. I can write a full chapter after midnight, or sometimes on a random afternoon after 2pm if I’m lucky
9. do you set yourself deadlines?
Nope. Hate the fuckers. I can write to deadlines but that’s strictly for school. I can say I want to finish a scene, but if I force it, if I say I’m posting something come hell or highwater, odds are its not the kind of quality I’m happy with 
10. how do you do your research?
I write what I do know, and then what I think would happen and then check how accurate that is in terms of whatever I’m talking about and put that in 
11. do you listen to music when writing?
Pretty much constantly. Music plays a huge part in helping me write the right mood or scenes and sometimes I can be sitting on my laptop and a song will come on and I’ll just go ‘HOLY SHIT I NEED TO WRITE A FIC BASED ON THIS RN’  and then listen to it ad nausem till I finish
12. favorite place to write
Sitting on my bed, headphones on 
13. hardest character to write
Elena. In relation to Klaroline, she’s whiny and unsympathetic and I hate writing that, nor do I understand that level of judgement so she has strictly bit parts and is more mentioned in passing than anything else. Writing her otherwise in interactions not pertaining to Klaus and Caroline is not something I’ve done regularly so that makes it doubly hard
14.easiest character to write
Surprisingly, Klaus. I was scared to write his POV initally, but then I realised I get to make as many historical references as I want because feasibly he could have been there and also its not exactly hard to rhapsodize about Caroline, plus I get to use English slang. I have to consciously remember to have American characters say Mom for example or spell things the American way, because that’s not something I do in everyday life, but its right for the character so I should do it. 
15. hardest verse to write
Actually Sacred and Profane has been hard because I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO GO BUT WE HAVE TO GET THERE
I love that fic. I only want to write my absolute best with it, so that’s why there’s huge gaps because my creative process doesn’t go there very often and I have to be patient BUT THE STRUGGLE IS REAL
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