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afterdarkrelease · 2 days ago
I’m just a set of holes that deserves and wants to get raped
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cncbaby19 · 2 days ago
sometimes i just wanna be grabbed by the face bent over and fucked with a loaded gun to my head.
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pupparts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
new ring light ♥
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patheticdesperation · 6 months ago
“stop being so mean to me” partner x “aw baby i’d take you more seriously if you weren’t dripping wet” partner
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droolkink · 5 months ago
my tits are a free use stress ball/stim toy! if you need to fidget with your hands just grope me and pinch and twist my nipples! don’t even bother asking, i’m such a slut that i’ll just pant and drool and thank you
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shy---kitten · 7 months ago
The feminine urge to be kidnapped and fucked senseless everyday until I become a broken toy begging to be used and abused
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controversiallycallie · 7 months ago
I absolutely love public teasing. Sitting in a restaurant, running fingers up your partners thighs and watching them automatically readjust how they sit. Sliding your hand under the waistband of their panties, and hearing that little gasp as they struggle to collect themselves.
Sneaking off to the bathroom to have sex, fear pushing adrenaline, but only needing one stroke for that fear to dissipate.
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luvii · 8 months ago
♡ mm, but the idea of getting fucked in the mirror
♡ imagine having your legs spread as they fuck you from behind. You can see a little ring of cream around your hole
♡ having them whisper degrading praises in your ear, saying you’re the best whore they’ve ever had while they grind deeper into you.
♡ fav is playing with your nipples, and you’re pressing your back into their chest. Part of you wants to shy away from the touch, but you’re just s too cockdrunk to think correctly
♡ when you start crying over how good it feels, you try to cover your eyes, but fav is having none of that shit- grabbing your arms and forcing them behind your back, so you face straight into the mirror
♡ look at yourself- so cute and depraved, realizing that you’ve been the one grinding your hips down on their cock. They had stopped thrusting minutes ago
♡ the smug look on their face when your eyes turn wide, but not giving you enough time to be embarrassed- just going back to slamming into you
♡ they’re playing with you- a stupid slut moaning and trying to escape their grasp from all the stimulation, but they just grab your jaw, spit in your mouth, and tell you to stick your tongue out and watch yourself get fucked stupid on their cock
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doe-eyed-love · 3 months ago
I just think that mocking/being condescending to your sub is a very good concept, like "p-p-please what, baby? I can't hear you, you gotta beg nicer than that if you want me to touch you" or "There you go, pretty. Say thank you" or "Aww sweetheart, it hurts? I don't care"...
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honeycombcorin · 6 months ago
Like just manipulate and gas light me into being your cum pet. Drug me, hypnotize me , anything just to turn me into a dumb obedient pet. Unable to read, write , or speak aside from noises of whatever animal you choose. Turn me into a dumb animal in heat my pussy just waiting to get filled anytime by anyone you want.
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droolkink · 5 months ago
the submissive urge to dress inappropriately for the weather so my holes and tits are available and easy to access
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luvii · 9 months ago
♡ but imagine getting overstimulated to the point of crying
♡ they step away to get a better look at you and you’re getting so teary-eyed at the idea of them leaving, you start grinding down onto bed like a sweet little slut bouncing on nothing
♡ it’s been god knows how long of you trying to do that and your hole feels so wet and empty and it’s begging for something to fill it
♡ you start crawling over to them and begging them to let you suck their cock and it works, but they expect you to keep bouncing
♡ they just love watching the way the bedsheets get slick with your juices and the fact that their little bitch is so fucking broken while wishing there was a cock inside them
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