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Thought I’d give a bit of an introduction as to who I am/what I study seeing as I’m new.

I’m in my 2nd year of undergrad studying a BSc Honours geography degree (both human and physical, but only like 10% human). When I finalise my thesis I’ll update this post to add it in - it’s been a work in progress since February. My current plan is to continue on to do a Masters degree and then a PhD. As it stands, I have no career plan, just figuring it out as I go along. I’m in my final semester of 2nd year (online taught) and then have 2 summer courses to complete at MIT and Harvard. 

I study in the UK, but New Zealand is my second home (and once my education is done I aim to get back there). I love reading, art, poetry and being outdoors. A large amount of my spare time is usually spent training (student athlete problems). My dream internship is with mental health non-profit TWLOHA as it’s a cause very close to my heart, but I can’t get the time currently to spend a semester in Florida USA.

I think that’s most relevant things covered. I can also be found at @blank-page which is my personal blog. 

Please feel free to recommend more studyblrs to follow as I’m new to all of this! 

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The final deadline stretch is driving me INSANE. I’m never touching economics again as long as I live- sort of glad I dabbled with it, though! Now I know Never. To. Again.

Been coping with the quarantine with a lot of coffee, a lot of reading, a lot of new music, a lot of facetime, and a lot of exercise.

How are you guys coping/ not coping? Hope you’re all keeping safe and well in Dese Strange Fuckin Times.

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All you need is PIZZA. 

So, today I have relaxed a little bit, that’s why now I’m going to draw. But this day was productive because I made some tasks for German class. Also, I have read some information about admissions in some Canadian universities as I want to find master’s programs that I can apply. 

Which universities would you like to recommend in your country? Write below, please. 

And thank you for being here with me. xoxo

p.s. going to write a post about process of my application for undergraduate studies in my country. Are you waiting for it?

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30.03.2020 [Day 39/100)

I know my posts have been intermittent as of late but that’s because I have been doing some 14.5 hour shifts and there has been so much going on for me as well as the pandemic that I lost motivation in posting. I’ve still be working most days (the exception being when I start work at 7:30am and leave at 10pm).

I’ve been practicing some self care with decaf fruit teas and sitting in my window seat because this is the closest I can be to going outside unless I am going to work. It’s helping my anxiety a little bit. I’ve also been making sure I do smaller chunks of work (no more than two hours at a time) however I am struggling at the moment to bring myself back once I’ve had a break.

How are you doing?

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Enjoy a terribly filmed flip thru of my theories of empire notebook- don’t mind my scrawl, I gave up with nice notes midway through the first year of my degree 😄. Now doing my research for my summative piece! Really enjoyed this course, even tho I feel like a whole lot of it went over my head. Today I had a phone call consultation about my final essay for my History and Memory unit, which was super helpful and got me into Degree Mode early in the morning. I’ve got a 2 hr online seminar 4-6 and a lot of Essay Research™️ to do! How are you guys doing?? Hop you’re staying safe, active and busy!!!

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• 25.03.20 •

I had my first online lecture today. It was definitely interesting, but overall it was pretty much the same. The platform is designed pretty well that we can talk too if we want to, or just make it clear using reactions etc if we’re getting it or if we’re confused. The lecture itself was a pretty tricky one (as evidenced by my ruined nails from anxious habits), but really it could have gone a lot worse. We’ll see how this goes for the next few weeks at least!

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21.03.2020 [day 30/100]

Just now getting notes done at 11pm because today has been wild.

Learnt to do my own injection this morning

Then slept due to being ill

Been so weak and neausous I’m unable to eat

But I have managed to get some notes done so at least being stuck in bed has been productive.

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20.03.2020 [day 29/100]

I know I didn’t post yesterday but that’s because I had training and then was taken to hospital please forgive me.

Nothing too serious we now know what’s wrong with me (yay).

Today I had mentoring and massively edited my essay, rewriting a third of it. Not going to lie it was stressful but I did it and I am very pleased with myself.

Tomorrow I will focus on one of my lab reports

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