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MCU characters as The Virus Within quotes:

  • Carol: My counsellor said I had a unique way of lighting up the room. Apparently it was called arson and he was called witness
  • Carol: My mood swings are not weird. They are limited edition
  • Shuri: I don’t make the same mistake twice. I make it at least five or six times to make sure its actually a mistake
  • Tony: Sometimes I question my own sanity. Occasionally it even replies
  • Peter: Some people ride the crazy train but I built the thing. Oh, and I’m the Captain of it too.
    Fury: I though Captains sailed ships and conductors ran trains?
    Peter: Both are on board and are having a hell of a party together!
  • Bucky: Come on, they were exaggerating. I did not chase them with a prybar.
    Steve: Of course
    Bucky: Those guys really need to learn the names of their tools. It was actually a tire-iron
  • Deke: I am crazy because I don’t take my medication!
    Fitz: You don’t take medication and haven’t since I first met you
    Deke: Well that explains what happened then!
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So, the new season of Agents of Shield takes place in 1931. In New York. This means Bucky (born 1917) is about 14 years old and Steve (born 1918) must be 13. I want a scene where we see them. I need a scene where we see them. Imagine watching an episode of the new season and seeing a little blog get beat up and his best friend (or boyfriend) arrives and hits his attackers. And then the best friend says “ seriously Steve? Again ? ” and Steve is like “ Sorry Bucky ” and after that we see the heads of the team members and they’re all like “ That’s Captain America ?” except Coulson who’s starting to fangirl and says that’s the best days of his life

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Oh my friend! I am a huge fan of almost all of Eden Finley’s books! And the Fake Boyfriend Series? Well that’s one of my favorite tropes, so you bet your butt I’ve read them all. 

 I’m assuming you mean Oliver and Lennon right?! 

Have I mentioned i also love the “Dude accidentally spills his secrets to a reporter and now the reporter has to decide what to share for his big break” trope as well? Life is good in that book haha

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Deke was feeling happy and secure. He wasn’t under constant threat of death from Kree overlords. His grandparents were young and alive and relatively happy. 

Then the monsters from his childhood nightmares reappear in his present life.

And just like before, he found a safe place to hide because what else could he do? There is absolutely no chance that Deke didn’t hide in that vent as a child and then as a teen when he had to survive and needed a safe space most people wouldn’t think to look.

Time on a loop. Same fear. New face.

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Full name: Deacon
: Deke
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity : Caucasian 
Date of Birth: January 1st
: Capricorn
Age: Thirty

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