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Rating: SFW (Comfort) 

Pairings: Izuku Midoriya (Deku) x Child Free Y/N 

Warnings: None :0 

A/N: Hi! How is your day/night going? If you want to talk about it, feel free to message me about it! Today’s request is a little different and it goes like this: 

Can I have maybe a fic with Deku where the reader knows that she doesn’t want to have kids like at all ever(no adoptions either) and she’s nervous to tell him because she thinks he’s going to break up with her lots of comfort and fluff pllsssss

This request is so cute to me! I love it so much thank you anon for the request!. Always remember to take care of yourselves, be kind to yourselves and remember that you are worth it and you are loved (I love you too!) and you are extremely special and completely priceless. Now let’s get onto the show! 

“They’re so cute, puppy. Just imagine, we might have a kid of our own soon!” 

You held Deku’s hand as the two of you walked past the park back to your shared house. Izuku loved to hear all the laughing kids, some of them would even come up to him since he was a pro hero now. They’d want hugs, autographs, or just to babble about something. 

And that’s what happened here. A giant group of kids came up to Izuku and he obliged all of them in what they might’ve wanted. The left as the two of you walked away after Izuku finished with all the kids. 

You looked at the group, not wanting to openly say how much you disagreed with his earlier statement. Ever since you and Pro Hero Deku got married you wanted to tell him how much you didn’t want kids. You just didn’t know how. 

What if it upset him? 

What if he didn’t understand? 

What if he left? 

What if- 


You looked up. You’d stopped walking on the driveway to your house, Izuku stood by the front door a bit confused. Izuku walked over to you and grabbed your hand, gently leading you to the house. “Are you tired, puppy? That’s fine, we can go make food and cuddle okay!” he reassured you, his smile bright as he walked with you inside the house. He helped you out of your jacket and neatened your shoes on the floor as you moved to the couch. 

Izuku ran to the coat closet grabbing a plush blanket and walked over to you. He sat on the opposite end of the couch before reaching forward to pull you close to him. He rested your head on his chest and threw the blanket over the two of you. His hands moved right to your hair, moving his fingers softly through your hair. Your mind was racing, you should just tell him. 

“Have any ideas for dinner, puppy?” he asked softly, his voice sweet. You shook your head slightly before turning to look up at him. “Izu-” you said softly, your voice a bit shaky. Izuku loved looking at your eyes, a bit of concern filled him as he looked at your worried face. “What’s wrong puppy?” he asked, his hands pulling you closer.

You sighed before asking him, “Do you really want kids?” 

Izuku looked at you smiling but slightly confused. “Of course I do puppy. It makes me so happy thinking about the little you’s and the little me’s that’d be running around. They’d be so cute. They might have my eyes, or yours maybe. Oh and your hair!” he said, beginning to ramble, becoming excited. He could go on, seeming to talk forever. You clamped your hand over his mouth before spurting out “I don’t want kids.” 

Izuku fell silent and you sat up, moving off the other couch and away from him. You felt your eyes begin to water with tears. Izuku’s face was a mixture of sadness and shock. “Puppy…” he murmured softly. 

You paced the floor, hearing his once excited voice turn sad. You buried your face in his hands, your legs wanting to give out. There was silence until you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist, Izuku’s head resting on your shoulder as he hugged you from behind. “Puppy, I don’t mind if we don’t have kids.” 

Your head popped up, slightly surprised. 

“I’m just sad that you didn’t think you could tell me.” he added, turning you around to face him. “I want you to be happy, and I only need you. You are the most important thing. Not to mention think of all the free time we’ll have to ourselves!” he added, his tone optimistic and reassuring. You smiled a little, this was going better than you planned. 

Izuku lowered his head, his nose lightly on yours as he closed his eyes, still holding on tightly to your waist. “You are my one and only puppy. I love you so much. Don’t ever think anything would come between that, okay.” he cooed softly. You hugged him back  

“I just want you.” 

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I can never get over teenage or child superheros/sidekicks/vigilantes

Like these villian are fine just like stabbing A 12 YEAR OLD


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some dekus

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I don’t know what other people are calling Inko but I’ve been calling her Madame Midoriya in my head. 🌟

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Damn I never make a post on here myself I just reboot bjt I’m looking for MHA. Haikyu people who have iPhones that wanna start texting or make a group chat as the characters! If anyone is interested HMJ

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Dragon AU! Midoriya.

I’m just heavily inspired with ‘What If Older Izuku is Very Hot and Smexy’ thought.

Any thoughts?

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there is a zombie apocalypse BKDK zine accepting art, writing, AND merch apps rn. please i need zomb content and i don’t have the talent

over @ @bkdkzombiezine pls check this shit out i will die 

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“Aw c’mon, Kacchan! Smile for the camera! We just brought home another championship.”


Behold! Another Quirkless!High school!BNHA AU !

listen. i seriously LOVE the team captain and head cheerleader au thing i did yesterday (inspired by the fic F.U. by warschach on ao3). I will be doing more of this au 100% likely because I LOVE IT SO GD MUCH!! so have some sassy cheerleader deku, tired-as-hell jock bakugou, and a bunch of other 1A characters as members of the UA varsity/cheerleading squad!

ill eventually place this piece on my redbubble, so watch out for that!! Reminder to REBLOG, because likes dont do much for us artists. dont repost or trace :)


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Sure, I can definitely do a bunny quirk reader with Deku. I don’t usually enjoy writing for Izuku, but writing for mafia Izuku was kinda fun, especially when I was originally going to do headcanons.

I don’t like to write scenarios that have the exact same set-up as another request. So in the future, I won’t accept requests that ask for different characters but the exact same set-up as a previous request, it’s frustrating and kinda hard to write for.

Luckily for you, mid-way through the headcanons, I had a fun idea I wanted to try out with Mafia boss Izuku. So, enjoy? Definitely let me know what you think of the scenario!

🥃 AO3 🥃 || ✉️My Askbox✉️ || 💬Discord💬

Cheeky Kitsune 🦊💋



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Iceman Wolverine Nightcrawler Quicksilver Power deku

Iceman Wolverine Nightcrawler Quicksilver Power deku


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Eri grows up within the UA and by her third year in highschool she is in the top 3 of the school. She interns with the No.1 hero, Deku, who doesn’t take interns but made an exception of her. 

She is now an expert at controlling her quirk since she was taught by the current No. 4 hero, Lemillion. 

She smiles often now, and no longer wakes up from nightmares in cold sweat. The only thing on her mind now, her sole objective, is finding the whereabouts of her parents.

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