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Deku is the worst person to hold one for all that we know about. Heres my reasoning, the two other holders of one for all, All Might, and Shimura Nana had these giant ideals for what a hero needed to be and how they should behave to best bennefit the people. Nana started the concept of smiling no matter what because she believed that people who were being saved physically also needed their hearts to be saved, they were scared and she believed that a giant smile would help mitigate that fear, she was said to have been unorthodox, that her ideals were beyond what she could accheive. All Might, was quirkless and he took a look at the world around them and he realized why the world was failing, why the crime rates were so high, he realized that the world needed a symbol, a symbol of peace, something that they could look at and know that everything would be okay, a smiling diety. Both of these people had such lofty goals that centered around the people, they wanted to create a better world for the people around them, a purely unselfish goal, thats what made them strive to be heroes. It worked too, hawks is saying that they need a new diety, someone who the citizens can look at their back and feel safe, he aknowledges that it isn’t him and does what he can while supporting who he thinks it is, those two shaped the world in such a big way. Deku doesn’t have that, he doesn’t have a new ideal, a goal to help the people, the premise for his hero story is that he wants to be the number 1 hero and be just like All Might, and while being like All Might inherently means caring about the people, he isn’t becoming a hero for the people, he is becoming a hero for selfish reasons, simply because he wants to, and I’m not saying thats a bad thing, doing things because you want to is fine, but the quirk One for All is meant to be for the people. He also simply wants to fill a hole where All Might left, he doesn’t seem to want to leave his own mark. He doesn’t have ideals to leave behind, he’s not going to change the world or bring a whole new society like All Might did, because although he has a self sacrificing nature and is loyal and stubborn as hell, he doesn’t have the Ideals to bring a new world. 

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please come scream with me in the chats. idk what theyre called but just please use them.

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Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’ll be an artist for Birdbones: A Tokoyami/Deku fanzine. I’m using my artist/writer name iffondrel for it. I’m really excited to be a part of it, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted about it!

You can follow the Zine’s progress on Twitter

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