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(Shoto Todoroki x Kurumi Okami AU)


-First Chapter - Last Chapter-

A few weeks have passed and things have definitely changed in a short amount of time. Due to some weather predictions in the sea, the Kigiku crew decided to stay for a little longer to stay safe- especially since repairs were taking longer than they hoped.

So at night, Kurumi would sneak out of the inn and go to the dock to see Shoto. The two have gotten closer in the short span of time that they’ve been hanging out. They would talk until Kurumi got tired, or someone was walking near the area.

During the day, she’d help Momo or any of the other crew members with tasks or cargo. On this particular day, Kurumi was out with Nagisa in the shop to buy fruits for the crew.

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Preorders for Behind the Scenes, the BNHA zine about the popular actor AU, end June 9th! We’ve got some serious talent in here and couldn’t be prouder and more thankful for our contributors and everyone’s support. Remember, all six merch stretch goals have been unlocked for every physical order, so that’s SIX pieces of merch included for FREE!

Special shout outs in the preview: @whalesharkollie, @sinfulhime, Keiid, @meru90, @goombac, motime_art, @kingbunbuns, superevey, and SPINE.

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(I’m leaving Mineta out of this, hope you don’t mind. I don’t think he eats human food. Pretty sure he only eats dirt)

From most to least likely to put Skittles and M&Ms together:

- Kaminari

- Kirishima

- Present Mic

- Todoroki (Don’t @ me on this one)

- Sero

- Sato

- Aoyama

- All Might

- Izuku

- Tsuyu

- Ochako

- Hagakure

- Mina

- Tokoyami

- Koda

- Ojiro

- Shoji

- Momo

And the absolute least likely to put them together…

- Bakugo (will blow up the bowl and doesn’t let his boyfriend buy the candy for movie nights)

- Jirou (frequently asks her boyfriend why he enjoys it so much and is thoroughly digusted)

- Aizawa. Do. Not. Eat. This. Around. Him. Seeing his best friend like it is bad enough, and he can only deal with Mic’s bullshit so much. But this? This is on a whole other level

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Cover I did for Little Brother of Mine. A BNHA fic, Dad for One. Tomura is raised knowing about Izuku but doesn’t meet him until the USJ incident, where Izuku is not supposed to be.

Full of humor, Tomura is extremely protective, Dad for One, Dad Might, Dadzawa. Everyone loves their kids and the kids are oblivious.

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Can we talk about the FACT that Midoriya thinks that Bakugou is the image of victory, and for that, he followed him all those years???? And that he never said that to Kacchan because he thinks that it could be gross to tell him?? LIKE????

 And the few times that Kacchan really exposed how he felt about everything was in front of Deku?? His frustrations and fears??? And don’t make me talk about how Kacchan is honest about himself only in front of Deku. He doesn’t hide anything from him. 

The poor boy just wanted to be like his hero, his role model, and all the people around him ALL HIS LIFE told him that he could be better. Imagine how that affected him when that power is given to someone that all his life he’s been told is less than him. When all that time he’s been told that only he deserved that kind of things?

I completely understand him, he is just a poor boy that was raised to be the one leading, not the one that stays behind. It’s just a matter of time for him to realize the great people that admires and cares for him, like Deku and Kirishima.

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*Mutter* A human? Looks like hedgehog fish… Nice skin.


Oh, no! He is waking up!


I am so sorry! I accidentally cut you…


*Mutter* Such a small cut is not very dangerous. However, I don’t have any healing seaweed to treat it… Oh! I know!


*Magic healing kiss*

*Just like Recovery little mermaid did*

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