assassyart · a day ago
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no one is allowed to talk bad about kacchan, not even kacchan. you have @deadwriter16 to thank for this x
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baku-bombshell · 2 days ago
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psychomurderz · 20 hours ago
Once again, here are the Kamino Notes!
Suddenly a crazy thought occurred to me about what happened in Kamino.
We all remember perfectly the moment when the children, namely Izuku, first heard and then saw Afo himself. And we all know what happened next, the heat of the moment, the tremendous battle.
Tumblr media
But what if ... at that moment, Izuku ... recognized that voice? And knew exactly who was in front of him? All For One is his father.
Why have I come to this conclusion? Because:
1. The parents' profiles began to be published with the Midoriya family: right after the end of Afo's monologue, when he was brought to his cell in Tartarus.
Tumblr media
2. Izuku came home, and the expression on his face can literally read “if you knew, Mom, what really happened, you wouldn't be so relatively calm.”
Tumblr media
3. Toshinori and Izuku's meeting at Takoba Beach. Izuku clearly wanted to say something after All Might’s hit, but he just wasn't allowed to finish. Furthermore... as sincere and vivid a fan of All Might as Izuku is, but... don't you think his emotion in this moment is too deep... I mean the depth of grief that can be felt in this moment.
Tumblr media
It was this moment that made me feel as if Izuku wanted to tell All Might about a very important detail, but just... couldn't do it, so he just sobbed through all his feelings in the arms of his idol and mentor, clinging to him as if it were the only thing that could save him now.
I would also like to make a few other points.
In the OFA’s memoir, Izuku notes that he would never forget that voice. He recognized it immediately. And I want to point out that for a teenage kid who has heard Villain's voice once in his life, and in an extremely stressful situation. A voice that was muffled by the helmet. A voice that mingled with explosions, with alarms, with the screams of random victims, with the anger of heroes and villains. A phenomenal memory, considering that after the Kamino incident, Izuku also had several big stressful and exciting situations: the provisional license exam, the internship, the battle with Chisaki, the death of Night Eye, the Cultural Festival, the battle with Gentle and La Brava.
Tumblr media
Also worth noting is the moment of training after Black Whip's awakening, when Kacchan compared Izuku to Afo. In doing so, All Might admitted that he was afraid of these thoughts, which Katsuki voiced. And Izuku... Izuku just:
Tumblr media
Another great moment that definitely doesn't leave anyone who knows Izuku as a polite and kind boy unaffected. Here he directly tells Afo to shut up.
Tumblr media
A bit cheeky of him, isn't it? He's only been that impertinent when it comes to Katsuki. Because Katsuki is his friend, the one who caused him a lot of pain in his time.
And Afo... what did he do to deserve such personal insolence? This anger... no, this resentment. Is it only by provoking impulsive words and the wounds of All Might? I think there is much more personal than that. Because after the battle of Jaku, in the vigilante Deku arc, after returning to the Academia UA, we haven't seen Izuku's personal thoughts on what's going on. We don't know what he was thinking all that time.
But once he told his fear to his friends as he fought them.
Tumblr media
It sounds as if he, a child, was given toys for good behavior and then taken away as punishment. Don't you think so? To take someone or something away, but not to kill.
Well, that would be an interesting turn of events. Especially if Afo tried to act out the famous scene from Star Wars.
“Midoriya Izuku, I am your father!”
“… Oh, I know.”
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deepherofanaticism · 2 days ago
The biggest indicator that Izuku is a protagonist, actually, is that people just keep on telling him things he has no business knowing.
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graphitedemon · a day ago
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[Originally posted on Twitter on November 15, 2020]
I did say I had a matching Mocchan for the Moku I drew.
I think they're pretty cute. :>
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smallmightsupremacy · 2 days ago
Kidnapper: I have your partner.
Deku: What? I don't have a partner...
Kidnapper: Then who just called me a lowlife bitch and spat in my face?
Deku: Oh my god, you have Kacchan
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veestrikesback · a day ago
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one of the pages i did for the seven deadly sins zine !!!
we are having leftover sales !
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1-ncorrect · 2 days ago
Bakugo, awkwardly patting his shoulder: uh, cool, emotions and stuff, let it out or whatever
Bakugo, sick of his shit: JUST ASK HIM OIT ALREADY, DAMN IT!!!
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soulscamper · 2 days ago
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Kamino ward: gays flying
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bakugoukatsuki-rising · 2 days ago
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Apparently some folks on Twitter, wouldn't personally know since I left and am seeing from 3rd parties, are saying the bkdk apology catch and this moment between Dabi and Shou are proof bkdk are brother coded
The difference being, the "catch" with Dabi and Shou isn't a catch at all, it was Shou attacking, which is very different from Bakugo simply catching Deku who was unconscious and going to fall to the ground; he wasn't hurting him, they weren't fighting.
One is a tense moment, the other is a relieving one.
They aren't similar in any other way aside from the way they look, and it doesn't insinuate anything about bkdk's relationship.
The people who take things at face value to fit their agenda and make bkdk seem impossible because "omg they have to be brothers cause of this, aren't they so brotherly!?" are just ignorant on purpose because they can't stand the idea of Bakugo and Deku being seen romantically together.
Now I don't mind people who genuinely see their relationship as more brotherly, you're totally free to interpret them any way you see fit, but we all know that 9 times out of 10, people don't actually see them that way, and it's just being used as a way to stop them from being shipped romantically.
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daily-izuku · 2 days ago
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baku-bombshell · a day ago
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psychomurderz · 2 days ago
We don't know what Nana's husband looks like, so we have many theories about who he really is. And there are even theories that her husband is Afo himself!
However, we know something that quite refutes this theory:
1) Nana's husband died, probably killed by some villain - maybe even by Afo to get Nana to give the OFA to him;
2) Gran Torino knew Nana's husband for sure, since he and Nana are great friends and comrades (maybe someone was even in love with someone), so Gran Torino would definitely have said something particularly caustic and nasty to Afo at the Battle of Kamino;
3) if Afo, who is obsessed with the concept of family, was Nana's husband, then first, he wouldn't have killed her and would definitely have broken her will; second, he, as Kotarou's possible father, would have sought him out after the battle with Nana; third, he wouldn't have so disfigured his personality and used Tenko as a possible grandchild.
But! Let's see something funny that perhaps echoes DFO’s and Shimura Inko's theories!
Tumblr media
Kotarou's hair structure is not like Nana's: slightly curly hair vs. smooth straight hair. However, he has inherited the shape and color of his eyes from his mother. Tenko also has curly hair at first glance, but if you look closely and compare, Tenko's hair is closer to Nao's hair structure - slightly curly wavy hair, while Hana has inherited Nana's hair structure - smooth straight hair. Tenko and Hana also inherited Nana's eye shape (Tenko also has a mole under his lip and Hana has Nao’s eye color).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From this we can conclude that Kotarou's hair structure was derived from his father. Nana's husband has curly and unruly hair. But the only mystery now is the color of the hair.
Now back to the connections with the other theories! If Inko is Nana's daughter, she definitely got her straight, smooth hair structure from her mother. From her father, however, Inko clearly could have inherited the color and shape of her eyes, as well as the color of her hair. It turns out, then, that her father and presumably Nana's husband - in addition to his curly hair, his hair color and eyes, which are more round, are green. And perhaps his height is not above average either.
Tumblr media
The main character of the “My Hero” oneshot, Jack Midoriya, comes to mind! Funny, if with such a friend and comrade as Gran Torino, Nana married an ordinary clerk of not outstanding appearance.
Tumblr media
But you might ask, what does the DFO theory have to do with it, too? Given that Izuku, if he is also Nana's grandson, might have inherited some characteristics from his grandfather. However! One note here - Gran Torino didn't assess Izuku as someone familiar to him, only Toshinori noted that Inko is similar to Nana. Which means that after all, Izuku was able to inherit most of his external characteristics from his father, but with the obvious influence of his mother's genes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Izuku has rounded eyes, while Yoichi, the supposed uncle, and Afo, the supposed father, have sharp outer corners. Maybe as Izuku gets older, his eyes will change slightly from being so childishly large and round, especially since we can already quite easily see in some of the shots lately that his eyes are starting to get a sharp outer corner as well.
Tumblr media
As for height - assuming that Afo is 225 cm tall (and if that's not the work of quirk), and Yoichi was not much shorter than his brother during the quirk era, then Izuku, who is taller than his mom after all, may still be taller. Just the growth spurt at his age may be contributing to this (moreover, we haven't had any new information about his height yet, that personal height information dates back to his admission to the Academia UA, the boy could have grown up in a year).
Tumblr media
And now the structure and the color of his hair. Izuku has rather unruly curly hair, and the dark part of his hair, which many people mistake for his second hair color, is still a shadow that shows the thickness of that hair. Izuku's hair color is lighter than Inko's, and has a shade closer to turquoise, which can be obtained by mixing the colors: white (silver) and green.
And if Nana's husband had green curly hair, it would be more manageable, like Kotarou's, and probably also trimmed short - a typical office worker. And that's probably why Gran Torino didn't recognize his friend's grandson in Izuku yet - the hair color and texture + other differences in appearance inherited from his father could confuse the pattern of recognition. And vice versa - Gran Torino could not recognize a familiar villain in the person of Izuku because of the influence of genes on the boy's mother's side.
Tumblr media
But we will only be able to speak more accurately and boldly about all this when the meeting between Inko and Gran Torino takes place. And it's too bad that, for now, the paths of these two still haven't crossed. After all, Gran Torino would have known for sure if Nana had had another child or not.
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Toga: I don’t know if they’ll notice, but I slipped a little note in each of my friend’s bags to let them know that I love them.
Deku, pulling out a 100 page letter out of his bag: What the—
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smallmightsupremacy · 11 hours ago
Todoroki: How does one turn their emotions off?
Deku: Okay, so first go to settings
Deku: I'm an idiot, I thought that said emojis at first
Todoroki: No, I'm still willing to try this, go ahead. I'm at settings, what do I do next?
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haleigh-sloth · a day ago
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Because why not
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ihatebnha · a day ago
omg omg could u elaborate on bkdk being annoying talking shit about you?
LMFAOOO based on that post, I was just thinking like...
You can't spend every waking moment as a group of three, right? So everything you do they're reporting to each other, whether it's just what you had for lunch, if you kissed both of them good morning before you left... and (most importantly) if + when you start bratting around with them.
It's not so much like, talking shit as it is just them... discussing what it all meant. I feel like poly!bkdk is veryyy much about communication and kindness, so when you're sassy, rude, needy, or ANYTHING really... they're gonna talk about it with each other like a two person football team in a huddle.
It's just:
"Did you hear that? They told me to shut up?" + "To shut up??? Wtf, didn't you buy them a coffee and shit earlier?" + "YEAH and they didn't even finish it. What's going on???"
"did y/n kiss u earlier?" + "no why?" + "k good." + "why?" "WHY?" "WHY??????"
"why was y/n in a Red Riot sweatshirt?" + "THEY WERE? WHEN???"
But anyway, this probably happens ALL the time. It's all really well meaning because if it's just steam you're looking to expel (and you just like... want attention), they're really understanding and absolutely the right guys to help... but at the same time, you also can't get away with a lot without them figuring out what it all means before you even get a chance to explain.
You get home from a long and hard day and before you can even put down your bag, they're ON you like flies and you just know they had a lil gossip session about your attitude from earlier... but LOL pros and cons, you know?
(And they definitely gossip to you when they have shit to say about the other, too. You are NOT left out of the fun even if it does mean listening to a 15 minute rant about how Deku ate all the ice cream Bakugo was saving LOOOL)
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graphitedemon · 16 hours ago
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[Orignally posted on Twitter on November 22, 2020]
This is a redraw of a REALLY old piece that I'm not even sure is on this blog.
There are some things I don't vibe with anymore in this drawing, like Katsuki's hair. But I still like it overall!
I think I drew this before chapter 322 dropped.
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bakugoukatsuki-rising · 2 days ago
Stop because I absolutely adore how Hori has kept that fanboy side of him despite everything thats happened and how he's changed as time has gone on.
The fact he still has this sort of childish side is so endearing and genuinely makes him really relatable as a character!
He's such a good boy 😭
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daily-izuku · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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