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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#deku art

FFFINISHED! Ah, I wasn’t sure how would this turn out in the end. I like it, though! I think I’ll try to redraw it in the future though! 

It took longer than expected and..probably longer that it looks..but itS ALRIGHT! 

Have a good day, everyone! /(^^)v

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dodgerthetoon submitted: Ah hey so uh i’m here with another drawing, hope ya like it ^^

what a cutie pie!!!! i’m being 100% honest when i say my heart jumped a lil bit when i saw this sweet boy in my inbox. you’re very talented, thank you again for sharing 💚 

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Day two of #everydaypost!

More of my Hero Apocalypse au!

Group 2! Aoyama, Midoriya, Hagakure, and Inko!

  • Aoyama was found by a group of hero haters when the event first happened. It’s why he looks so beat up. He doesn’t have his belt anymore.
  • Mama Midoriya found out about the storming of UA and was one of the lucky parents who made it in time to retrieve Deku. Him and her now live in their apartment and pretend Deku never got into UA when people ask.
  • Not many people live in that apartment anymore but those who do remember that Deku was quirkless so it wasn’t that hard to cover his hero life up. He doesn’t leave the house though.
  • Inko goes out for supplies always. She has no trouble getting them due to people feeling kind of bad for her. (“She’s alone with hero poor quirkless child! Poor thing!”)
  • Inko found both Aoyama and Hagakure. She adopted them on the spot.
  • Hagakure and Deku both go out and save people as hero’s even though Inko told them not to. Aoyama’s too scarred (and for good reason!)
  • Inko would absolutely kill for any of her children lol
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