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#deku midoriya

✓Synopsis: Izuku and dating a crackhead.

ღPairings: Izuku Midoriya x reader, Katsuki Bakugou x reader

✘Warnings: insecurities, swearing because it’s me and Bakugou,

@karnationkilledit Asks: Hehehehehe- can I request headcanons for Bakugou and Izuku (separately) dating a crackhead? UwU I need this for self confidence purposes-

➤Star note: I wrote Izuku’s part in the car while listening to blackpink.


Izuku Midoriya

  • Tbh, Izuku finds you funny.
  • He like, Jokingly questions the weird ass pics you send him at 3Am-
  • Because of how much Izuku hangs around you, he starts to kinda become a crackhead.
  • Not alot, he just randomly starts saying things you’d say.
  • Boy, if Izuku notices you feel insecure about being a crackhead, he will feel so bad.
  • Like, did he do it? Did you feel insecure because of his jokes? Was Jokingly questioning you too much?
  • Either way, Izuku will sit you down somewhere quiet and let you know he loves you.
  • He doesn’t care how you act or if you’re a bit more different than everyone else, he would love you in any way you came.
  • He still adores you and loves you, he’ll help you realize being a crackhead isn’t a bad thing<3

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bruh
  • How’d you two end up together-
  • You and Mina were probably friends and she introduced you to the Bakusquad.
  • Ngl, Bakugou wouldn’t pay that much attention to you.
  • He thinks you’re just like every idiot in his “Squad”
  • But you actually managed to make Bakugou laugh at something-
  • You were just going on about something and idk, something you said Bakugou laughing-
  • The first time Bakugou realizes “oh shit, I think I’m in love with her” was when you did the same face Todoroki did.
  • Like wait, you’re actually really fucking attractive-
  • When you guys started dating, Bakugou didn’t mind you being a crackhead.
  • But he notices how you try to conceal that part of you, trying to refrain from sending him stupid funny pictures at random times and trying to act more “mature”
  • Y'know that part in the training camp Arc were Bakugou was looking confused as shit when the guys were ignoring him? Yeah, that’s the face he pulls trying to figure out why you stopped.
  • Then he remembers how he use to act so annoyed by your jokes and let me tell you, guilt hit him like a fucking train.
  • He traps you in a closet and talks to you about it.
  • He was an asshole, he knows that, he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. He didn’t mean to make you try to change, he likes you just the way you are.
  • Oops, got carried away-
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Chapter Three 

It was strange that Aizawa wasn’t even answering after the hour she was texting him. Usually he responded immediately, which at times she was annoyed by but now she wished he did so. 

And the fact that she knew because the League of Villains were there now only made things worse. 

She was in costume, white mask and hood and all, and her legs pounded against the floor as she ran towards USJ, eyes darting around rapidly as she arrived. 

The door was shut tightly and once she managed to get it open is when she saw it. 

Aizawa was laying on the floor, blood surrounding him. 

The smell of the blood hit her once she saw it, her eyes widening as she saw All Might fighting some bird creature. 

Deku was standing near her, watching the two fight. 

“Hey!” She whisper yelled, easily getting his attention. 

“Dulce Conejita!” He exclaimed, catching the attention of a few villains. 

Well shit. 

A girl that resembled a frog and a short kid with purple hair were carrying Aizawa away and she found herself exclaiming, “Run! Take him, I’ll cover you. Whatever you do, don’t engage in battle!" 

A few seconds pass as she let’s them get a headstart, silently taunting the villains to get closer while positioning herself to fight. 

Do they actually think they look threatening?

"Come here, Cottontail!” One of them exclaims before five of his friends joined him, running towards her. In a second, her whip is out and she flicks it as hard as she can, smacking the five quickly and making them scream at the burning feeling.

Their friends, enraged, begin speeding to her, all activating their quirks. 

“You’ll pay for that!” The one that had called her out in the beginning exclaimed, joining the others. 

Geez.. it’s almost as if they want me to smack them and beat them up.. She thought, her leg muscles tensing as she squat down. Just as the first one reached for her, she let all the tension out and was springing into the air. 

Okay.. concentrate.. Her eyes shut as she felt her ears graze the ceiling, concentrating. 

She felt a tingle going throughout her body, before she felt a cold feeling wash over her and she was falling.

“What the hell?! She isn’t the only Dulce!" 

Landing on her knees, she looked around and saw that there were twenty or so different versions of her. 

They would be considered identical except for the fact that each one had different ear colors. 

Snapping her whip, the clones of herself immediately began to fight one on one with each villain, leaving her to go help a few kids. 

First thing first.. Bakugo and Todoroki are fine, they are strong as hell. Deku is with the others.. Gaby.. Gaby!? Oh god she must be here somewhere! Once she thought that thought, there was a flash of white, further proving her point, and she began to sprint to it. 

God.. I hope I’m not too late.. 

Once she found her in the Downpour zone, by herself, with many villains surrounding her yet each on the ground. 

The rain that apparently was coming down over the zone hit the ground rapidly and she found her ears getting soaked in water. 


"Uh.. what happened here?” She whispered, not meeting Gaby’s eyes and hoping the brunette doesn’t notice it’s her. 

Roxy took in her ‘hero’ costume, noticing that it was pretty similar to her own. 

A tight green bodysuit with a hoodie and green knee length boots. There was a small black fanny pack tied around her hips, and she was wearing a pastel green mask. 

“They attacked me and I made a scary illusion for them.” 

So that’s her quirk, huh? Illusion 

One of the men began to get up, growling about how he was going to kill her before some scary monster appeared in front of the man and he began to scream. 

Then he passed out.

Her eyes widened and she found herself gaping at the younger brunette.

Gaby was simply staring at her with a smug look, mouth pulled back into a smirk.

Opening her mouth to respond, Roxy suddenly heard Izuku yell. 

“Well, that’s my cue kiddo! I’ll be back!” She exclaimed before turning and sprinting in the direction of where she last saw the kid. 

All Might had steam flowing from his body, his smile no longer looking like a smile but a grimace. 

Without thinking, she snapped her whip and caught the attention of the two villains. 

One of which had a costume that consisted of hands all over him and the other was the bird thing. 

She couldn’t care less as the bird thing turned to her, the male behind him staring into her soul. 

“So.. The vermin hero has arrived..” the man said, making her ears twitch and her lips pull back into a scowl. 

“Is that Dulce Conejita?” She heard Shoto’s cool voice say, followed by gasps and cheers. 

“Not vermin, hon.” She muttered to herself, snapping her whip again. After a second, the twenty clones of herself launched themselves at the bird creature. 

“Nemu, get rid of the vermin." 

So it’s called Nemu, huh? 

The twenty clones threw punches and clawed at it, the thing returning the punches twice or three times harder, every time he killed one they would disappear in a puff of smoke. 

Eventually, she was the last Dulce standing and she found her ear twitching in irritation. 

Well shit. 

Snapping her whip at the ground, she flicked her wrist in his direction and managed to wrap it around its throat before pulling extremely hard. 

Hard enough to break someone’s neck. 

She was so sure it was dead, eyes going monotonous as she thought she ended a life.

Seconds passed, her eyes widening a bit as she realized it was still staring at her. 

"Wait, Dulce, it’s genetically modified to face All Might-” Izuku began to call out to her, sprinting in her direction. 

He couldn’t manage to finish his sentence when 'Nemu’ jerked in her direction. 

“Wh-.. what the fuck!?” She yelped, just as the creature grabbed at her whip and yanked her in its direction. 

It was running towards her at full speed and she found herself looking for a way out. 

She had to release her whip, and she couldn’t use her quirk anymore as much as she wished she could. 

So there was only one option left. 

Facing the creature that was still running towards her, she found herself running towards it as well, legs building up tension as she ran. Once she had enough, and it was reaching for her, she ducked under its arms and sprung up. 

She was literally bouncing off the walls, hitting Nemu repeatedly without pause. 

For a second, she was sure it was about to collapse. 

After a few more kicks and punches, it suddenly reached a hand out and wrapped it around her ears. 

“Dulce!” All Might exclaimed, her eyes widening as her body went stiff and motionless. 

Can’t move! 

She hated that about her quirk, the fact that if something grabbed her ears then she was paralyzed. 

Her eyes were wide, her body twitching as she kicked out every once in a while. 

She thought it would have just dropped her to the ground or would have kept holding her. 

But it didn’t, instead swinging her around before throwing her to the floor, big, heavy leg colliding with her back, followed by a loud SNAP

There was an earsplitting scream coming from her before she realized that it had dislocated her shoulder. 

Quickly before she could move away from it, the creature grabbed her face and began throwing punch after punch. 

The taste of blood was the only thing Roxy could taste once he grabbed the arm that was absolutely destroyed and he swung her around and let go. 

She felt her body hit someone else, the person letting out a quiet “Oof,” before they gripped under her shoulders and dragged her away. 

Her vision was blurry, mouth full of blood as she tried speaking. 

“Roxy?” She heard the familiar voice that belonged to the girl from before say, her eyes closing as she tried to get words out. 

It was so hard to breathe, why can’t she breathe!? 

The voice that belonged to a familiar green haired boy made her force herself to stay awake. She needed to know what he was saying, but the pain was so bad. 

“Is she okay!?" 

What’s going on? 

"Deku, go away! Her suit is broken and showing her chest!” Gaby shrieked at said boy, quickly holding the other female to her own chest to hide her face. 

She was lying about her chest, but Gaby knew that Roxy didn’t want anyone finding out that she was the number five pro hero Dulce Conejita.

My shoulder hurts so much! Why can’t I move?

“Oh god, I’m sorry!” He shrieked and Roxy imagined him turning the other direction with a bright red face, “You should take her with the others to Recovery Girl so they can begin to heal!" 

Why is the taste of blood in my mouth? Is All Might okay? Shit what happened!?

The voices continued speaking but it was hard for her to keep listening to them. 

Eventually she found herself falling into pitch darkness. 

Roxy let out a shriek as she jolted up, eyes darting around as she took in everything. 

Keigo sat at the foot of her bed, fast asleep, and Gabriela was standing against the far wall, going through her phone. 

Slowly, the rabbit eared girl sat up and noticed the many bandages around her body. As well as the soreness in her shoulder. 

"What happened?” She whispered, catching the attention of her coworker. 

“Uh.. Nemu and you fought, he beat your ass, and All Might went full on rage mode and yeeted him to space." 

"Well shit.. I’m assuming you know?”

“Yep.” Gaby exclaimed, popping the 'p’, “I had a hunch that you were either a hero or a villain. You never seemed very villainous to me." 

Giggling, Roxy found herself grinning from ear to ear. Seconds later, her phone buzzed and she found herself glancing at her phone’s screen to see that both Aizawa and All Might were texting her. 

"You’re alive!” The male in the room screeched suddenly, making her jump five feet into the air.

The two others noticed her heart beat rapidly for a second before it began to slow down once again. 

“What the fuck!?” She screeched back, lifting a leg up and kicking him in the face. Not hard enough to break his jaw but it still hurt. 

Now he was glaring at her, pissed off as he began to rant.

“I’m sorry! It’s not like I got a phone call in the middle of an important meeting saying you were on the verge of death and your identity had almost been revealed to the whole League of Villains!” He yelled, making her brows furrow as she glared back. 

“Oh, so you expected me to let All Might die and let a bunch of Villains kill some students!? What about Eraserhead? The two are practically my parents and you expected me to let them die just like my biological ones!? Were you even there, huh!?” Tears streamed down her face as she glared at him, fists clenched around the small blanket they gave her. 

Neither said anything else but he did stand up, turning before stomping out the door in anger. 


"It’s okay, Gabs. Just.. pretend that never happened.” She muttered, coughing a bit. A nurse ran in, holding a glass of water for her. 

Gently, Roxy wiped her tears away. With her hand.

Opening her mouth, the brunette attempted to say something but it came out raspy and distorted. 

“Oh, it’s alright!” The nurse said when she panicked, “We figured you’d lose your voice. The villain you fought hurt your throat so it’s most likely going to last two days with you not being able to speak." 

Nodding, Roxy laid back down and glared up at the ceiling. 

"Roxy, I’ve got to go back to the dorms now since it’s getting dark. Get better, okay?" 

Nodding, Roxy waved her off and just kept staring up.

Listening to the other girl’s retreating footsteps. 

I’m sorry, Keigo.. 

She sighed, glancing down at her phone and reading the text messages that she got.



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If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I’d take back those words that hurt you
And you’d stay…


I’m nearing 1K followers and I felt the need to celebrate? Sort of? XD And I wanted to wrap up May and begin June with something sweet~!

Amy and Izuku, in my head, have had a pretty… rocky relationship/friendship, unstable at times even, but that doesn’t mean it’s incapable of being fixed! Izuku’s a kind soul, he’ll forgive anyone he sees as a friend for anything bad they did to him, and Amy is… not so kind… she CAN be, she can be the sweetest girl in the world, but she can also be the cruelest bitch in the world too. 

And to Izuku, she’s been both, started off sweet and loving him, and then she slowly became cruel and began hating him, not in your traditional love-hate sense though where it’s played for laughs, no the love and hate was real and borderline unhealthy. But even unhealthy things can detox, and it took a while, but they did it!

At the end of the day, Amy can’t TRULY hate Izuku, that’s impossible… she WAS mad at him for a long time, refused to forgive him for a while, but she came around because deep down she wanted to. Thankfully a dear friend of hers (Ashlen~) inspired her, and it encouraged Amy to finally forgive him, and after some gory and supernatural horror-based missions in America (American Horror Story style) she does it! She forgives him! Even goes back to calling him “Greenie” her affectionate nickname instead of Deku or Midoriya. Finally at Robichaux, she tops it off with a celebratory dance between Robichaux and UA~.

With bright lights and rainbows and all~ It wouldn’t be a dance without magical lights~. Deadpool style!

In most cases it’s the guy who dips the girl, but no, that’s way too traditional XD This time it’s the girl who dips the guy, because it’s funner and cuter! I’ve seen it done in many cartoons and I fucking live for it XD And not only that but given Amy’s outgoing personality and Izuku’s timid one, it makes sense… Sweetheart was so happy and excited… But also nervous as hell because Izuku will never not be nervous when he’s so close to a girl and especially when he’s dancing with one and she’s the one dipping him when it’s usually the other way around…

P.S: Bakugo was NOT happy.


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