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#deku my hero academia

I drew Deku in pastels. Don’t think it’s good but I’ll say not too bad. Could have made the hair better tho. Anyway tada hope you like it. Meanwhile ima go catch up with the episodes I missed. Stay peached and Plus Ultra.

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A little #myheroacademia #dekuizukumidoriya sketch chibi fanart. And I was going over one piece manga the other day on my YouTube that I ended up drawing some Tony Tony chopper fanart using the manga as reference; Chopper is one of my favourite Deer 🦌 characters his story is like Rudolph only his bulling isn’t treated as ok and the straw hats Luffy didn’t want to him join his crew just because he was useful he truly liked and wanted to befriend this cute deer ((also with one piece I love how we’re all get a chance through out the manga and anime to learn about every straw hat pirate that shows up in the anime and manga each and every one gets limelight on them and they all get character development as the story goes on; yes one piece is a very long series but it’s gone on for so long because there’s so much story that needs to be told and each character we come to learn about has so much to tell and show us about them just when we think we know everything about the one piece characters and it’s world we get surprised and new plot twists you always want to come back to find out what the straw hat pirates are up against next or if there’s gonna be new cremates to the crew; I believe it’s part of why this anime & manga has lasted as long as it’s has and I HIGHLY recommend you all give the manga (and check the uncut one piece anime) a go you will not regret it ✏️🐾💕

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Can i request Midoriya with a mommy kink where he accidentally calls his Girlfriend mommy in public

Originally posted by uraochakos

A/N: You guys can’t tell me that Midoriya doesn’t have a mommy kink because he totally does. 

Warnings: Mommy Kink 

You threw your head back as a moan escaped from your parted lips as you sunk yourself down on your boyfriend’s dick. Midoriya was a painting, whimpering mess underneath you and you smirked at the fact that you guys hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet and he was already this much of a mess from your soaking center. You refused to move, loving the way that Midoriya bucked his hips up in order to get some friction from your tight walls that were squeezing him. 

“(Y/N)…please,” Midoriya whimpered out, his voice strained as he tried to grab at you but you stopped him. His eyes were pleading as you smirked down at him and you giggled. 

“First, you have to say what I like to hear, baby.” You whispered out and Midoryia quickly said what you wanted to hear the most. 

“Mommy, please. I need you to move. Please mommy, I need-.” His voice died in his throat as you started moving, your walls clenching around his aching cock as you finally started to give him some relief. He groaned as he tried his best not to touch you even though he was dying to. His fingers gripped the sheets and he moaned as he realized he wasn’t going to last much longer. You picked up the pace and felt as the coil inside you snapped as you came around Midoryia’s cock before his hot cum spilled inside you. You laid against his chest, your fingers in his hair as his cock twitched inside you. 

“You do so good, baby. You know exactly what I like,” you muttered out as you gave him a kiss on his nose, a blush dusting his cheeks. 

Midoriya was always eager to please you. It didn’t matter what it was, he always loved to see a smile on your face knowing that he was the one who made it happen. He knew you loved when he called you that special name, and you did. Even when he let it slip once in public. 

You guys were out shopping with Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki. Midoriya looked so cute as he was looking excitedly at all of the new All Might stuff that they had put in stock at the store in the mall. He picked up a plushie and looked at you with bright eyes. 

“Mommy, can I pretty please get this?” He questioned before he realized what he had said and a furious blush appeared on his face. Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki stared with wide eyes and you smiled a bit. 

“Of course, baby boy. Anything for you,” you said with a smile. You kissed his cheek which only caused him to blush even more, if that was even possible.

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