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mha boys react to you wearing their hoodie
midoriya would just be so happy. he loves seeing you in his hoodie, anything of his is now yours. he doesn’t mind if you randomly steal something from his closet, he’s just beaming at you like the little cinnamon roll he is.
bakugo would pretend to get all pissed, but he’s blushing like crazy on the inside. you’ll randomly find his clothes all neat and tucked into your drawer for you to wear, but if you ask him, he’ll deny it. secretly super proud of his baby.
todoroki is confused at first, asking why you were stealing his hoodies. he might think you have nothing to wear, so he’ll buy you whatever you want with endeavors his credit card. but when you keep stealing his clothes, he’ll just let you. you can see a faint smile on his face as you wear his hoodies in class.
if you wear any of kirishima’s clothes, he’ll give you a huge toothy grin and will just be in a good mood for the rest of the day. he will tell you that you can take whatever you want, and as he sees you squeal, kirishima will pick you up as you press a kiss to his lips.
kaminari just buzzes with excitement as he spots you in his hoodie. he compliments you and shows you off to the entire class, he will brag about you for the entire day. he really is whipped for you, and will make sure everybody knows.
shinsou spots you in his missing hoodie, picking you up as you blush, the entire class watching you two. he kisses you gently as your face heats up. you try to apologize for stealing his clothes, but he shuts you up with another heated kiss. “my kitty looks so good, but naughty kitties get punished~”
tamaki’s face turns the color of kirishima’s hair when he spots you. you’re wearing his clothes. you wave, running to him as you wrap your arms around him and inhale his scent. you’re so cozy, the warmth making you both sleepy. it makes him forget about the outside world, you look so cute in his hoodie.
dabi smirks as he sees you talking with toga in his hoodie. he likes seeing you in his clothes, he’s very attached, it’s almost possessive. later, he’ll throw his clothes at you to wear without saying anything.
grinning hawks runs up to you as he sweeps you off your feet. he doesn’t mind if you take his clothes, after you wear it, he’ll wear it too because it has your scent. if he goes on a mission, he’ll leave you with a couple hoodies to remind you of him.
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Yandere Izuku has multiple notebooks dedicated to his darling
He'd write daily logs of how their day went and anything new he notices about them. He'll decorate it with doodles of reader and draw hearts on the pages. A d of course he'll snap photos of reader to add to it writing little comments like, "Their hair looks so good" or "They wore a new perfume today, I wonder what it is, I have to find it"
My asks are open to yandere thoughts, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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Marriage Alphabet
A-bout, what about you made them want to marry you?
Izuku loves just about everything about you. Your smile, hair, "flaws", there is not one thing about you that he could not bring himself to love because its you and he loved you. But more than just the physical things, he just adores your character. You are so kind, always looking after him and caring for him. You encouraged him and lifted him up when he needed it the most. You are always the shoulder he knows he can cry on and he can't imagine that with anyone else.
B-aby, would they want kids with you as soon as possible?
Depending on when you get together will determine when you will be ready to have kids. If you are together further along in his career when he has more stability and funds (maybe around 23-25) he will be ready whenever you are. However, if it is earlier in his career (just out of U.A or early teen years) it would not happen on purpose. He wants to ensure that he can support and protect you and his potential children before he has them if it is up to him.
C-elebration, how would they celebrate your anniversaries?
On your anniversary he will pull out all of the stops. Five-star restaurants, exotic vacations, new jewelry, breakfast in bed, etc. He wants to make sure that you never fall out of love with him and never forget about his love for you. Although he does get busy (he is a pro hero after all) he always wants to make sure you never doubt his love for you.
D-ivorce, how would they handle it if you wanted a divorce?
If you divorced him, he would be absolutely devastated, He would be unable to move on to other women and would eventually have to take a hiatus from hero work until he was better. After being unable to get out of bed and function for months, eventually he would get up and try to go back to normal. Even though his life will never be the same again.
E-arnest, are they serious about your marriage?
Izuku is very serious about your marriage. He would never let anything or anyone get in between it. He would never take for granted how lucky he is to be the guy to call you his wife.
F-avorite what was his favorite things about you before and after you got married?
His absolute favorite things about you before marriage was your carefree attitude. Of course, you would care about serious matters. But other than that, you would try not to worry too much over things you have no control over and just try to live your life. This trait helped him relax so much since he already has the whole world resting on his shoulders. After marriage he loves how you were more loving towards him since there is that bond that wasn't as strong before.
G-iving, do they spoil you?
Of course he spoils you. He buys you whatever you want and how much you want of it. Clothes, food, vacations, covers bills and so on and so fourth. Just him looking at you is enough for him to already be swiping his card to pay for whatever it is you want.
H-oneymoon, what did you two do for your honeymoon
Your honeymoon will probably be spent wherever you want it to be. It could be at the beach, in the city, or out in the countryside of Japan. He is very flexible and just wants you to be happy. He will be sure to buy you a bunch of souvenirs, be intimate with you, and take hundreds of pictures of you and you guys together so he can add them to the album and hang them up in his office.
I-nvest, how much do they contribute to your marriage?
Izuku contributes his all to your marriage. If you tell him that he isn't or he is away too much he will take time off so he can spend more time investing into your marriage and you. If there is someone around him that you feel is a bad influence on him or has a crush on him he will limit his time with them. If he is doing something that is just a pet peeve for you he will immediately stop doing whatever it is. Anything that will make your marriage thriving and surviving he will do.
J-ealous, do they still get jealous even though you're completely yours?
Jealousy is one of those feelings that you will always have to work with him on. He gets jealous not even just from you being with or around other men but also from just not paying attention to him. If you are playing video games or watching Tik Toks for hours instead of spending time with him he will get jealous of whatever it is that is taking your attention away from him. But he will not express this type of jealousy to you since he knows its his fault and not yours. However, if there is another man looking at you or trying to talk to you than he will express that jealousy and make it very clear to the guys in various ways that you are taken and (hopefully) have no interest in him. You are HIS and no one else's.
K-iss, how often would you two kiss? Do you still have that spark?
You two kiss all the time. before he goes to work, after he comes home, in bed, on the couch before after and sometimes during dinner. He just can't get enough of you and your lips. The spark is definitely still there, and he will put in his best effort to make sure it never dies out.
L-ive, where would you two settle down at?
You would settle down at a decent distance away from his agency. Not too close where there might be a chance of someone harming you and there could be a violation of privacy. But also, not so far away that you would not be protected, and it would take too long to get to you at home if anything ever happened to you.
M-ake, do you still make your heart flutter after years of marriage?
After marriage, he still makes you have butterflies in your stomach. He is so cute. he does things that he knows you want to do but are too tired to. He remembers all your special days and always wants to know how your day is going and how you feel. If you aren't having a good day or just aren't feeling good then he will comfort you the best way he can. Giving you a bath, making you dinner, cleaning up the place a little, offering some kind words and giving you your space when you need it. You don't know how you got so lucky.
N-ever, what is something they would never do?
Izuku would NEVER EVER cheat on you EVER. It doesn't matter if he is drunk, you are away on a trip or you guys got into an argument. He would never cheat on you. He would also never betray your trust in any other way. If you told him something secret, something no one else knows he would never tell ANYONE that no matter what. You trusted him with your deepest thoughts and secrets and he would never betray that trust.
O-pportunity, do you still get the opportunity to be initmate with each other?
Although with his hero schedule it may be tricky, he will always make time for you. As I mentioned before if you ever feel neglected he will always drop everything to give you more attention. You two probably get intimate every other day. If he is away on a mission, he will make it work. but you will get time to be intimate since it is an important part of his marriage, his bond with you.
P-et names, what pet names do you two give each other?
He would call you babe or baby. Pretty basic names. You would call him baby all the time because he is just so cute. As well as Zuku.
Q-uiet, do you two keep quiet about your marriage? Or do you always brag about one another?
He initially tries to be quiet about it. He doesn't want any of his enemies or villains to get a hold of you. But he just loves you and wants to talk to everyone about you since you are on his mind all of the time to his sidekicks and fellow heros. So, he tries to keep quiet for your safter but after a while he lets the cat out of the bag.
R-omance, how do you two keep your romance alive?
You two keep your romance alive by going on a date AT LEAST every two weeks. You guys try to spice things up by going new places and trying new things together. Sometimes after work you guts will go out on a walk after deku comes back from work and maybe try out a new café. Or maybe plan a small weekend vacation to a place in Japan the two of you have never been before. He will put in the effort and you will as well to keeping the romance there and as strong as it was when you guys first got together.
S-elfie, would they take multiple pictures of you? Would they save them on their phone?
e will take so many pictures of you it is an obsession. He will take pictures of you without you knowing. Pictures of you eating, drinking, sleeping, and watching TV. Of course, those pictures are only for him and he won't share them with anyone. Only putting it into his secret folder. He will look at this folder when he is bored or missing you at work. But pictures that you actually posed for like during your honeymoon, vacations , or events he would post those and hang them up around his office. With your consent of course.
T-eenagers, do you still act like teens when you're older?
In some ways yes and in other ways no. He will be a lot more careful about things and himself than he was when he was a teenager. But he still loves to do the things he used to do with you that you did when he was a teenager.
U-nrelenting, what hasn't stopped since you two got married?
Since you guys have gotten married, he still loves to just hang out with you. Not going to expensive restaurant or an extravagant vacation. He just wants to watch TV with you and just enjoy your presence. Although he loves to do things with you that he can now afford to do so. Sometimes he just wants to be around you and enjoy your company doing regular things. Even just going to the grocery store with you bring him joy.
V-alentine's Day, what plans to you two make?
In the morning he brings you breakfast in bed, after you're done eating you guys cuddle be intimate. Then for a coupe hours you guys just lazy around the house until evening time when you both are getting dressed for dinner. He takes you to that new restaurant everyone is talking about and lets you order whatever you want. Later on, he carries you to the car since your feet hurt in those heels he warned you about then you guys have some intimate times back home.
W-edding, what was your wedding like?
Your wedding was magical. It was in a beautiful country part of Japan with a cottage and wide-open fields far away from your busy city life. it was intimate with only a few close friends and family members there. However, there was the photographer sent from the agency to document the event and release the photos later to the public. He cried, the cake was beautiful, and it was a day that you two would never forget
X-ray, can you two see through each other? Can you see when you're lying or not?
You can tell if Izuku is sad or just hiding something from you. It is very hard for him to hide his emotions and it doesn't take a lot for him to tell you what was bothering him and why he is acting the way he is. Izuku is also a terrible liar who just can't keep anything from you for long. Izuku knows you better than you know yourself and is able to detect when something just isn't right and can somehow ALWAYS get it out of you no matter how hard you try to keep things to yourself.
Y-early tradition, what do you two do every year for your wedding anniversary?
Every year on your wedding anniversary you guys always go to the park that he proposed to you in and have a picnic near the tree. It is always so romantic to reminisce on the say that changed everything.
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Tumblr media
characters: midoriya izuku, katsuki bakugou, shoto todoroki, eijiro kirishima.
synopsis: bnha boys being pervs.
cw: everyone is over 18. dark content. objectification. usage of toys. non con pictures. male masturbation. slut shaming. phone sex. kinda.
an: minors dni. I overwrote a lil in bakugous part lol.
Tumblr media
Midoriya is filthy. You’re the only one he thinks of when he’s stroking his cock late at night. He wishes you were here to watch him hump his hand like a dog in heat—what would you say? You’d surely think he was fuckin’ gross, right? Poor guy can’t help it. You always look at him with such warmth and amenity, it drives him crazy—it makes his cock throb. Right now, he’s disgusted with himself but he can’t stop, it’s a constant cycle. Precum oozes out his slit and his breathing becomes heavy, he wonders how your hand would feel in contrast to his—Yours would be much softer, smaller. He’d like to pin the blame on you for making him feel this way but he knows it isn’t your fault. It’s his own fault for having such lewd thoughts about his sweet, fellow colleague. His cock twitches in his hand and his balls tighten, ropes and ropes of cum spurt all over his abs n chest. He slowly exhales the breath he has been absentmindedly holding in.
Bakugou is slick, sly. He always has that “Fuck off” attitude around you, he shows no soft spot—he treats you like the rest of his colleagues, in his eyes, you’re another extra—as he has stated multiple times over and over and over again, you foolishly believe it all. You’re inclined to believe it. It’s all an act though, behind that gruff and nonchalant persona is a total pervert. You make everything so easy, it’s like you’re trying to let him catch a sneak peek of your panties. Why else would you go up the narrow stairs before him?? short pleated skirt swaying with each movement of your hips, pink panties on display for him to see. He hastily pulls out his phone—god he’s shameless, is it really his fault though? He snaps a blurry picture, quickly, before you can realize it. He makes good use of that picture when he gets home. He boldly thrusts his leaking cock into the tight fleshlight, his cock is wet n’ sticky n’ it’s all your fault. Despite how badly the picture was taken he can clearly see the outline of your pussy—it drives him nuts. He wants nothing more than to have you sprawled out on his bed as he rapidly thrusts his cock into your pretty lil’ cunt.
Much like bakugou, shoto doesn’t particularly pay much attention to you, he tries to keep his distance. He tries but sometimes he slips. You often catch him staring at your exposed legs or whenever you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, his eyes are almost, always glued to your tits. Shoto tries to do it discreetly, but you always notice—you don’t really mind, it’s cute to watch his bulge strain against the rough fabric of his jeans and watch the heat rush to his face after being called out. He doesn’t know if he should be ashamed for looking or be ashamed because he got caught—Either way he has a clear picture of your breasts deep in the back of his mind. Whenever he’s alone, they’re the first things that come to mind—honestly the thought of your breasts—alone, gets him hard in seconds. He imagines his cock in between them, gettin’ them all wet and sticky with his cum. He imagines his slim fingers playing with your pretty, hard nipples, it’s embarrassing how fast he cums all over his hand. You get him so hard, you should take responsibility for it, right?
Kirishima doesn’t pay any attention to what you’re blabbering on about, he’s simply nodding to your soft-spoken words with a grin and hazed eyes as his hand laps over his length. You’re so pretty, so soft-spoken—you get his cock incredibly hard. He’d never admit it out loud but you’re all he thinks about, day and night. His large, calloused hand strokes his cock, slowly. Kirishima is quiet—he bites his lip to prevent any moan from slipping out. You notice but don’t say anything. His hips thrust up into his hand, the vein running on the underside of his cock, throbs. Would you ever forgive him if you found out? His fingers graze against his leaky tip, it’s almost enough to push him over the edge of heaven. His jaw clenches and his balls tighten, thrills ripple inside his stomach like harsh waves hitting the beach on a sunny day. With a muffled groan, cum sprays all over his hand. he only sighs before turning his attention over to you.
Tumblr media
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oh-katsuki · 2 months ago
listening to boyfriend by dove cameron and god... gritting my teeth thinking about izuku finally snapping. 
cw: MINORS DNI, breeding, jealousy, possessiveness, dumbification 
there’s something that grates on izuku’s nerves about the way you behave around bakugou katsuki. the way you twirl your hair, the big doe eyes you give him. you get so vapid, so glassy-eyed whenever you look at him. 
it’s not like izuku doesn’t get it. it’s not like he can’t tell that bakugou katsuki is carved from stone, built with proportions akin to michelangelo’s david. but he’s stringing you along. izuku can see the way katsuki is playing, keeping you on a wire, and it winds the coil in his stomach so tight, threatens to have izuku spilling over. you deserve better. you deserve to look at someone like that whose gonna treat you well, not some guy with a temper and a nasty attitude. but maybe that’s what you like. 
maybe you like that katsuki’s mean. maybe you just have a thing for blondes, whereas izuku has tufts of curly dark hair. regardless, he sees it all. izuku has watched you fumble and fawn over bakugou katsuki for as long as he can remember. quite frankly, he’s tired of remembering—of seeing. 
he should have expected that you’d invite katsuki to join you both at your house after you and izuku ran into him after dinner. you both go out quite frequently, always as friends, never anything more. but izuku wants more. no, he needs it. so it reasonably pisses him off when you give katsuki that wide-eyed look and invite him with you both. it reasonably ticks something off inside of him when katsuki turns you down and you sigh dreamily... like an idiot.
izuku really doesn’t think before he does it. he doesn’t really consider what he’s doing. 
he grabs your wrist and pushes you against the wall of the alley you’re in. izuku drags you sideways and pins you, chest heaving. 
“i could be a better boyfriend than him.” he says, tilting his head down to look at you. izuku uses his size, the muscles he’s accumulated since high school, as a trump card. proof that he can be just as big and bad if that’s what you like. 
“...what?” you gape. there’s the look. wide-eyed, glassy, so fucking dumb. god, izuku’s knees are weak. 
“what’s so good about him?” he asks, staring down at you. “he’s big? mean? I can do those things too.” 
“w-what are you talk-” you’re staring at him, shocked. izuku can read it on your face. the way your preconceived notions of him are melting away. he can feel how tight his grip on your wrist is. what’s better is the way you don’t squirm, the way you’re leaning into it. “izu... i have no-”
“you’re dumb now? thought you only saved that for katsuki.” izuku snaps, spitting the words at you. it’s too much. he’s too jealous. look at me. look at me. 
and you are. you’re staring really, maybe drooling. izuku can see the way the wheels in your head are grinding to a halt, he can feel the way your pulse picks up under the heavy thumb on your wrist. 
you mumble something. 
“what’s that?” he asks, teasing mostly. 
“what are you trying to do right now?” you don’t meet his eyes. instead, yours stay glued to where his feet encroach on your personal space. 
“isn’t that obvious?” he tilts your chin up so you’re looking at him. “i can do shit he’d never do. all you have to do is ask.” 
your breath catches in your throat. the swear is so unexpected, so out of character from someone you thought was gentle. izuku is salivating now. you’re giving him the look he’s wanted for so long, begging for it. fucking finally. 
“ask,” izuku says your name. “ask me for it, _____, or i’ll stop.” 
“.... me...” 
“fuck me, izuku.” 
he really doesn’t need to hear anymore. in fact, his cock has been throbbing in his pants since he first pinned you. izuku’s so jealous. he’s a jealous being, so he presses his lips to yours hungrily. they’re so greedy and full, dipping his tongue into your mouth and swallowing the moan you give him. 
izuku drags you back to his flat, your hand firmly in his. you watch him the whole way, glassy-eyed. then he fucks you stupid, fills you with the heavy press of his cock. 
you’re so fucking tight, so sweet as you moan his name. his. izuku. you’re chanting it like a mantra as he fills you up, as he plugs you with the swell of him. 
izuku holds his hand to your forehead in missionary. he likes the inimacy of it, likes that he can feel your nails down his back, watch the way your face contorts into something indescribably erotic. you cum once, then twice, and a third time on his tongue as he eats himself out of you. 
and he’s mean to you, just like you like, aggressive. izuku cages you in and swallows you whole because if he doesn’t, his jealousy will do the same to him. so he treats you how you think katsuki would treat you, but he does it better. izuku knows he does. because he is better. izuku could be a better boyfriend. he’ll prove it now by breeding your tight cunt and then again the next time you see katsuki. 
except this time, you won’t be giving katsuki that pretty little stare, or twirling your hair around your finger. you’ll be in izuku’s lap, right where the blonde can see, and he’ll have you grind on it later for good measure. make you cum across his thigh just to remind you. 
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sokkisky · 2 months ago
he doesn’t mean too! you just feel so good the way your walls pull him in, suffocating his cock as he plunges it deeper into you. his hips stammer as he whimpers a bit, moans slipping from his lips as white lines of cum shoot from his cockhead, splurting into you as he noisy finishes. 
and he is so embarrassed because of it. 
he pulls his cock out, face red as his freckles contrast against his skin. “oh-oh baby i-” he doesn’t want to stop. he knows you’re not done yet and he’s silently cursing himself for being so sensitive. he moves, quickly sinking his fingers into your messy cunt, curling them as he expertly finds that sweet spot inside of you. his body gets hot as you moan out, and he moves fast keeping the same pace he was fucking you with as he breathes out small apologies, promising you he’ll make you cum a million times more. 
his pretty cock doesn’t take long to get hard again, feeling how you clench around his soaked fingers, his cockhead throbbing in want for your warm pretty pussy again. he waits just a bit longer before sinking his cock into and giving you the best strokes you’ve ever taken
watching you cum on his cock is the best sight to him, his cock fucking you down from your high. he’ll only cum again if you let him, but be prepared for him to want even more to make sure you cum three times more than him. 
he’s so needy for you, but he’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. every. single. time. 
(send me some of your headcannons)
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thotty-tatertot1 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: you were an exhausted, young professional and he was the hot delivery man who you hoped could give you more than a few packages. things don’t all work out that easy for you though.
characters: deliveryman!izuku x reader
cw: no quirks, cumplay, oral (f!recieving), mutual masturbation, izuku is 25, booty smacks, lil bit of pervy!deku, reader gets lifted but zuzu got muscles, creampie, use of pet names, pining before the nasty wasty, fem!reader, size kink, text bubbles not an indication of angst, she rlly is kinda stupid, reader is thirsty asf but pls don’t act like this wouldn’t be u if ur delivery man looked like this lmao (1st)
wc: 7k
❥ samii says: repost! and was watching mystic pop up bar and thinking of a meme i saw once so this monstrosity that i spent a week on is what i came up with >.> sort of kind of a valentine’s day post? i uH made the border a festive pink, so......
Tumblr media
The subdued sound of yelling pulled you from your hazy dream into a waking awareness. Shit… what time was it? Your eyes shuttered and squeezed as a sliver of light peeking through your blinds warmed your face and briefly blinded your vision white. This was supposed to be your day off, twenty-four whole hours of reprieve that the fast life of a young professional infrequently allowed; a day where you could—were supposed to enjoy the simple pleasure of sleeping in past an absurd amount of time. You groaned as your ears picked up another muffled shout. Your body shifted to roll over and press your face into the plush fabric of your pillow, hoping that if you suffocated yourself enough you’d pass out into a deep, soothing slee—another loud yelp and the sound of toppling items greeted your ears. 
The sound of a familiar voice was what made you groan one last time before you were slowly crawling out of bed, vaguely aware that as you dragged yourself to your bedroom door your crumpled sheets followed. As you moved closer to the front door, the voices became increasingly audible. One, a man…? You foggily wondered, though it was kinda hard to tell from the girlish squeaks and squawks that broke through the yelling. The secondary, more familiar voice however, you had recognized.
Mrs. Kimura: the general consensus around the complex was that the older woman was no nonsense—tough, firm, a little violent. And if you could help it, to steer clear of her presence. You'd been one of the fortunate ones to evade her wrath, being one of the very few young professionals on her floor whilst the rest of the surrounding apartments were filled with middle-aged to senior residents who she dubbed were, “pussies and morons who were better off croaking than living on her floor.” A sentiment she shared with you some time ago whilst forcing a ceramic baking dish in your hands, still warm and steaming—an offering of sorts, her little way of saying she didn’t hate you. And for that, you were lucky.
“Ahck! Miss—I’m so sorry!!”
Couldn’t say the same for this other person though.
When you pulled your door open, the sight that greeted you both startled and confused you. Sure enough, it was Mrs. Kimura from down the hall. Her grouching around and shouting at others wasn't what surprised you. No, it was the fact that she was violently beating down a rolled up magazine on the head of some poor man—the deliveryman it seemed, when you tiredly registered the boxes scattered on the ground. You briefly watched his large figure use his arms to both cower and shield himself from the short woman. The resounding crack of a “thwip!” from her magazine made you flinch and scrunch your face in pity. She was really putting her back into it, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy.
Yet, you didn't have the chance to process much past tall and green, your vision bleary and still trying to clear the last vestiges of drowsiness as you fumbled to slip on some mismatched slippers sitting by your door. In your haste, you rushed forward to slot yourself in between your neighbor and her victim.
“M-Mrs. Kimura!” you yelped, eyes wide as you tried to dodge her hand. She didn’t answer you, too deep in her tirade and her voice overpowering your’s as she spat a venomous: “Moron, don't you know how to be more careful?!”
“P-please-” thwap! “-stop—ouch! Hitting me!” he pleaded still. Despite your heroic act of attempting to shield his hulking mass, your body didn't really do much against her quick and nimble fingers.
Still, you flinch as she gets a hit on you too. Why the fuck was she using such a thick edition??
“Shit! Mrs. Kimura!” you enunciated with a raised voice. “What on earth is going on right now?!” Chest heaving, you took note of her halting movements as she finally noticed that you were standing in front of her target, but her deceptively frail hands were quick to get some taps in. You immediately pouted and furrowed your brow in disapproval, her name leaving your mouth in admonition.
She drew back and huffed, the wrinkle around her eyes creasing as she focused her glare on the whimpering man behind you. “I just watched this fool stumble around and drop my priceless family heirlooms! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for my son to send me these?!” She gesticulated harshly with her weapon, swinging her arms up in a huff and making you both cringe.
"You should’ve seen ‘em, fumbling around like an idiot. I want the old one back!”
It was way too early for this.
From your peripherals you noted the few bodies that tried to sneak silently past. You should've expect it, but you were still a little astounded at the other residents who scrutinized the scene, side-eying you and immediately deciding it wasn't worth getting hit in the face for as they tip-toed away and clicked their doors shut with a quickness. Fuckers… now with zero backup, the thoughts of how you could end this as quickly as possible passed through your mind.
“I—well, Mrs. Kimura if he’s new, maybe we should cut him some slack.”
“New? If the delivery boy can’t even so much as hold the damn packages, then it sounds like he shouldn’t have a job!”
Then he decided to speak. “M-Mrs. Kimura, right? I really am so, so sorry, I—” You elbowed him hard, colliding into his surprisingly solid person. It’s your silent plea for him to shut it and take the hint so she could leave the scene, peacefully.
You quickly bended down to pick up her packages and placed it gently in her hands. You noticed she hadn't once taken her scathing glare off the poor man, a scowl curled firm on her lip as she stared him down. It was only when you opened your mouth, did she reluctantly set her eyes on you.
“Look, you’re right,” you affirmed with a nod. "He shouldn’t have mishandled the packages. I saw it with my own two eyes!” you testified. You didn’t. And started to sweat a little as you wondered if she saw you earlier because she was looking at you real hard.
“D-Don’t worry Mrs. Kimura, I’ll handle it!” She raised a grey brow at you, umber eyes scanning you.
“R-really,” you insisted. "I’ll make sure this never happens again, okay? Let’s make a solution out of this. Use words instead of… that.” You gestured towards the thick roll in her clutches and you were silently hoping your negotiation skills were doing something because she continued to keep her face scrunched in scrutiny.
“I’ll give ‘em a firm talking to, promise! Will call management and everything!” Her arms finally—finally retreated and she huffed, clutching at her packages. With one last withering glare at the man over your shoulder, she slammed her door. It was only when you heard her shuffling steps move from the door and the distant grumble of “want the purple-haired kid back, less fuckin’ stupid.” Did your shoulders finally drop. You let out a breath you didn't even realize you'd been holding.
There was a brief silence before delivery boy decided to speak. “I—t-thank you, so much,” came the nervous exhale of the man you’d saved.
You finally turned around to speak but paused when you stood face to broad chest. Your eyes traveled upwards, neck stretching as you were greeted by a pair of emerald eyes first and an attractive face that touted an olive skin tone second—likely darkened by his activities outside and littered with freckles that spread generously across his cheeks. They dispersed in other areas like the strong bend of his jaw and down the dip of his neck. Forest green curls laid atop his head tussled, giving some of his hard features a softer look. You noted the tapered hair and the fade he sported in the back before eyeing the soft curve of his mouth.
God, seeing him now you kinda wished you’d taken the time to get the crust out your eye.
You cleared your throat when you met his eyes again, his cheeks were a little darker this time. And in an effort to distract him from the fact that you were one-hundred percent checking this man out, you pointed at the pink welts on his face and arms—arms that sported long, jagged scars and thick fingers, shit—
“Damn, she got you good,” you quickly quipped, eyes darting in every area but his face and adding extra movement to your body as you pretended to squint obnoxiously at welts that weren’t even there.
He gave you a sheepish grin, green irises averting his gaze as he absently brought a scarred hand to his cheek. “Ah, you think so?” he inquired. “I um, think it looks worse than it actually feels.”
Even as he sheepishly scratched his neck and averted his gaze, your sight automatically focused on the way the sleeves of his black shirt rose to reveal the toned muscle of his arm, bicep twitching as a rough palm scrubbed over his nape.
When his eyes found yours, you shot to the trolley that laid toppled on its side and attempted to make yourself look busy as you looked at the names of the fallen boxes. As you sorted through boxes you were pretty sure you’d already looked at, you sourly asked yourself what you did to deserve this, face subtly wincing at your dry legs and mismatched socks and slides. Wondering why this day of all days, had to be the one where you met the hottest guy you think you’d ever seen while looking all out of bounds—what with your hot ass breath, the sleep lines scattered on face, and crust firmly in eye.
You heard two heavy footsteps before the warmth of his body was pressed beside you, gently grasping a box from your hands. “You don’t have to do that, really,” he insisted with an awkward laugh. "I think I’ve caused you enough trouble coming out here.” His mouth pulled into a guilty smile, green eyes looking apologetic.
You sent him a small smile at the sincerity of the statement before you reached for another package and scanned the label. “You're sweet.” You missed how his ears turned pink. “But if I don’t help you, I think I’ll end up having to save your ass again,” you tell him.
"Mrs. Kimura’s a worst case scenario, but the people on this floor are very particular about what they like. The other guy spoiled them."
“Ah,” he sounded with a nod. The look he gave you was amused, if not a little exasperated. “Sounds like I’ve got big shoes to fill.”
“You do,” you affirmed, brow quirking in a teasing manner. “They loved the other guy,” you quipped with a playful smile.
You both made quick work of getting the trolley back up and placing the packages in their rightful spots. It was a little annoying how often he would insist that he take all the heavier packages, stealing them from you as soon as your sight set on them; though it gave you time to eye his tall, muscular build, his back flexing as he dropped them in the cart. By the time you finished giving him some dirt and helpful anecdotes on residents in the building, the low whir of his phone cut through the lull in conversation. 
A soft curse left his lips as he eyed the device and examined the blinking text. He knew that he was already way behind schedule and was probably going to be hearing an earful about this from his superiors. Green eyes flickered back to you for a second and he noticed you stepping back to head to your apartment.
His hand reached out to motion for you. “W-wait!” he blurted. "I never got your name! W-which, ordinarily I would know—not in a creepy way—it’s just because I’ll be coming here often and since you’ve been such a big help—” You cut his nervous spiel off before he could continue, finding it endearing, but the sensation of wanting to go nap had began to creep in so you told him your name.
He stopped, mouth parting to roll it on his tongue. Dark eyes trailed to give you a slow once over and your face prickled in heat before his eyes were darting to your door. He hummed thoughtfully and nodded, tongue peaking to wet his lip before giving you a soft smile. … Why was he so hot? Who was your carrier again? You just wanted to thank them—
“Huh.” Oh, he was talking.
“My name,” he repeats with a short laugh. “It’s Midoriya Izuku.”
“O-oh! Right, that’s nice—it’s nice to meet you.” You paused, your fingers played with hem of your shirt as you eyed your grumpy neighbor’s door. “You know, despite the circumstances.” 
His smile cracked and cheeks turned rosy again, embarrassed expression returning. “Um, yeah… b-but I’m grateful you were here,” he said, adding in a grumble, “Didn't know I was gonna need some saving from a beat down by an old lady today, but…” A short laugh sounded from you and he smiled, lingering for a moment before lifting an arm to grab the trolley you both organized. 
You took that as your cue to move toward your door and turned to say your goodbyes. Your eyebrow quirked when you thought you caught his eyes staring at your ass with lidded eyes before his gaze snapped quickly to the rapidly beeping phone in his hand.
“Oh,” you add, taking care to lower your voice. “And you don’t have to worry about me telling management about how you, you know... got jumped by old Mrs. Kimura.”
A genuine laugh cut through the air and green eyes shimmered again as he regarded you. “I’m glad.” He sent you a wave as he jogged hurriedly down the hall. “Thanks, Y/N.”
Visits after that, were what you’d call pleasant.
You’d both send each other smiles when he’d catch you leaving for work, exchanging your “hello’s” and “good morning’s.” When you had your days off, on the chance you'd catch sight of each other, he’d send you a soft smile and politely inquire about your day. Emerald eyes would watch you intently as he nodded at your every word. It wasn’t long before you could both be found chuckling quietly as you joked about the residents in the building and the crazy stories about what he’d seen for the day.
Izuku wasn’t afraid to admit that you were the pleasant part of his route. He would linger when he was delivering to your floor, knocking on your door first to leave your package there. It was in the hopes that he could see you poke your head out and catch eyes as he slowly left parcels for the other residents.
On your end, if you knew you had a delivery, you’d open the door embarrassingly fast, startling him as you’d catch him snatching his hand from his curls that he’d been smoothing.
Then, there were the other days where you’d spy him hauling large containers, lugging them from the elevator and dragging it down the hall. So what if you sometimes watched from the peephole as his scarred, thick arms would strain or his cheeks would start to have that sensual, ruddied look? You were just trying to see if he had any packages for you, you mused as you stared at the “package” in question, eyes locked on his crotch.
It was those times that you would so conveniently have extra water bottles to spare, poking your head out to offer him one. He’d give you a grateful smile, cracking the cap open to throw his head back and take a long sip. It gave you time to ogle his tall frame before his eyes were looking down on you again, huffing harshly and swiping a large hand across the curve of his mouth as he would say his thanks. You’d nod, a shy and wobbly “no problem” leaving your lips.
And you knew you probably shouldn’t, knew your finger should not have been hovering over that “Buy Now” button for that completely unnecessary purchase you definitely saw in the store down the block, but, and you tried to reason this with yourself—the price did say half off, and it was raining that day (it was a light drizzle). Yeah, you thought as you added four more things to the digital cart, this was fine.
And for the times when the phone would read “delivered”, you’d happily yank open the door, smile falling into a pout as you were met with someone who wasn’t your green-haired deliveryman— their expression startled and hand poised in the air ready to knock. You'd awkwardly take your package from the other deliveryman, trying to ignore the funny look he was definitely giving you and try to sign off as quickly as possible.
For Izuku, the budding crush he had on you was not lost on him—his eyes brightening whenever he would catch sight of you evidence enough. Though he found himself anxious at the thought of ruining your dynamic and making everything awkward by confessing. Still, he would do his best to drop hints about what days he didn’t work, his route plans, and times in the small hope you would want to see him. You did.
And knowing this worked out great until it didn’t. Until the fateful day.
The site SAID discreet packaging, it PROMISED you that. That’s what it said. So why, oh GOD why was your delivery man holding a very large phallic object covered by very thin, black cellophane that outlined what so obviously was a giant cock in his hands. Izuku, the poor man, stood there awkwardly, grasping the thing by its tip and balls with tanned cheeks and ears that were stained a deep cherry color. You watched in horror as he opened his mouth to stutter something you couldn't even register with all the blood rushing through your ears. Staring wide-eyed as he awkwardly pushed his arms out to bestow to you the ridiculously detailed item. Your eyes flickered to the “bag” in question and you felt like fuming. The damn thing was so tight that they may as well have wrapped it in fucking saran wrap!
Your mouth flapped open to give a response. You wished you could explain all this. Could cry about how you had the life of being a young, ambitious professional to blame. You barely had the time to spare for yourself—the days were long and arduous and you finished off the nights barely flicking on your lights before you were dragging your feet straight to bed to flop yourself upon it. Rising the next day only to rinse and repeat.
Dates weren’t even a question. And when they were, it was a complete waste of time. The person across from you giving you nothing; providing conversation you could've had with yourself or a friend, or done with five minutes and a vibe. In fact, you and your bedside drawer were best friends. Always there, always containing the right remedy. Be it a vibrator for the night or a creatively designed dildo—whatever it was, you used it often. So often in fact, that you recalled a week prior to this fateful, awful day:
You sat cross legged in bed, lower half bare as you'd shucked your panties off somewhere in your room. Your brow twitched in annoyance and you sucked your teeth when you noticed a large tear on one of your silicone toys. As you examined it, your cheeks heated in shame, your mind trying to recall a time where you'd used the thing so hard that it warranted such a tear like that. Trying not to dwell on it, you threw it in the trash and went hunting. You took special, special care to make sure you chose the day it would be delivered, checked specifically for the blank packaging that most websites like those ensured. But it was all for naught. And if you had known it was going to be like this, you would’ve never gotten the "Crystal Jelly Super Suction 8-inch Monster Cock" with customizable ribbing.
You could feel the hot crocodile tears ready to burst from your lids and felt your hands practically shaking. Had too much silence passed? Could you tell him that it was for Mr. and Mrs. Shikanawa next door? No, the name on the label quite clearly indicated that it was for you—all for you. And all you felt like doing was slamming the door in his face, stomping back to your room, and hiding under your covers forever. Because of-fucking-course it had to be Izuku! The hot ass delivery man!! It wasn’t enough that he smelled your hot breath the first time, but this is what it had come down to? You took the care to order it on a day you knew—knew he wouldn’t be at the building. You did all the right things—took all the right steps, so why again did fate have to backhand you like this? Why was this bitch so spiteful??
Even so, you knew it wouldn’t be right to slam the door in his face, leaving him there to hold a giant plastic penis in his hands in your very public hallway. So you gingerly grasped the bag that was supposed to be a box, cursing as it slipped from your fingers and bounced around on the floor with a dramatic shake and wiggle.
You wished 2012 was real and a tsunami would come sweep you away.
With the speed of lightning, you quickly snatched it from the floor and squeaked a high pitched and garbled, “thank you!!!” before you backed away to slap your palm to the door hard, desperate to slam it shut. When you didn’t hear the tell-tale click of the lock, you watched the door in confusion. Your eyes traveled down the length of the wood, brows shooting up and dreading having another package when you saw a booted foot and hand lodge its way into the crack. The door slowly opened and you watched frozen as you saw a green tuft of curls peak past the lip of the door followed by a face.
Izuku stood there, scarred fingers twitching on the wood, face still red hot, but a determined look swathed over his features. His next words had your grip slacking on the bag.
“I can… I can help. I-If you want.”
There was a silence as you looked between the cock in your hands and the beautiful man propositioning you. If this was supposed to be the silver lining, you were gonna take it. Anything to get past this. Barely a second passed before you flung the accursed item behind you and yanked Izuku in by his collar. A yelp left his throat as you dragged him into your home and pressed a hot kiss to his surprisingly soft lips. 
The door swung shut behind the both of you and his head spun with how fast everything seemed to be moving, yet he got over it in no time. His eyes lowered, half lidded with desire as his mouth dropped down to let out a moan, his wet tongue moving to trace yours. You whined when you felt the warmth of two rough, large hands settle themselves at your waist and pull you up against his hard body. Your mind shot straight to the thought of how his palms would feel running up your legs, tracing your neck, pressing into your skin as he flipped you around, made you arch your back… The fleshy spot of heat between your thighs throbbed and you shifted away from his kiss to shove your fingers into the hem of your shorts and drop them. 
Izuku absently bit his lip as he gazed at you with foggy emerald eyes, hands flying to his belt to fumble and do the same. He barely registered the constant buzzing in his pocket, the device crying for him to stay on task, but how could he when the woman he’d been pining after was leaning her back against the wall, seductively lifting the bottom of her shirt to expose her pussy, her tits, and playing with herself as she moaned for him to put his cock between her legs?
“F-fuck…” Izuku watched as you traced delicate fingers down to the dip in between your pussy lips, middle finger gently pressing at the puffy wet nub and dragging it back to circle and tease at your slick little hole. You lifted the hand between your faces to spread your fingers, showing him the creamy mess of strings snapping and sticking to your digits. As you looked up into Izuku’s face, you didn’t think you could see the color of his eyes anymore, pupils blown wide as he breathed harshly. 
You gasped when your wrist was roughly snatched in his grip. Fuck, he was strong… Your lids fluttered as you let him pull your wrist to his mouth. He slowly sucked at your fingers, tongue lazily scooping the white off each digit and pulling away with a pop and a ragged hum. You felt your cunt clench; it almost hurt with how tight it pulsed at nothing, begging to be played with, and the feeling of his tongue swirling around your fingers only made you wonder if he’d do the same with his face between your thighs.
“S-shit, Y/N...” Izuku groaned, his tongue peaking out to lick any sticky excess at the corner of his mouth. He gave you a hungry look before he deeply uttered, “Wondered for so long, about how sweet your pussy would taste…” Your ears burned at his dirty confession, eyes averting as you suddenly became shy at the intense gaze he bestowed upon you. 
His grip on your wrist softened and he let it fall to your side. With his pants already shifted down his legs, his dark briefs were left, clinging tightly to his thighs that sported more pale marks and a thick bulge your eyes immediately fixated on.
“Thought about you and… ” His fingers hooked into the wide band of material, moving to pull them down. He hissed as the meat of his length dropped out of its confines with a heavy smack to his thigh, downcast as the fat and girth of his cock weighed it down. Your eyes trailed down his hard shaft down to his glossy, dark pink tip. It pulsed and his slit spurted long, sticky pre the longer he watched you stare at his dick. The soft, unconscious gasp you released and the way your doe eyes widened made him lick his lips. He wanted to see you make that face when he put it in.
“Would jerk this cock to you after every shift. Now you’re gonna take it…” A shuttered groan left his lips as he slowly pumped his cock, hips lurching as he played with his tip and slid a fist down his shaft to coat the rest of his dick. The wet schlick of his hand echoed loudly as his fist smacked against his base, jostling heavy and sensitive balls that were aching to fill your little cunt to the brim. 
He wanted you to watch him play with himself before he slipped into your heat, wanted you to watch what the mere sight of you made him do. Izuku's thoughts flickered through the memories he had of himself tugging his cock after he’d make rounds on your floor. He’d gulp as you’d open the door in what could barely be considered nightwear, whispering in his ear when you had a secret about a resident to tell him, your soft lips brushing past his cheek, looking up at him like a sweetheart as you’d tell him about your day. It was difficult being near you. His cock practically fought past the fabric of his pants as soon as he stepped foot on your floor.
And you weren’t fairing any better as you gazed hungrily at the sight, savoring the show he put up for you as you tugged your bottom lip in between your teeth and absently pressed your thighs together. Your palm moved to your chest to squeeze your breast, needing something to hold as you watched him groan your name. You couldn’t believe that the silicone lying idly on the floor was what had you leaping excitedly out of bed today.
“I-Izu…” He groaned at the sound of his name whimpering past your lips. “P-please, need you inside me,” you begged desperately and so, so sweetly.
Scarred fingers immediately released his length and Izuku found himself taking a step forward to cage you into the wall, body towering over yours. You bit your lip as you glanced up at him, reaching to gently grip and pump at his length that pressed against your belly. He hissed and his hips jerked as he stared down at you playing with his fat cock in your soft hand. Shit, he needed to feel you. Now.
His warm palm slid down the right side of your body, squeezing at your ass before he grasped at the underside of your knee. He lifted your leg to his hip, eyes focused on the way your folds spread open for him. Izuku took hold of his aching cock and wrapped a fist around his girth to give himself a teasing pump before he rubbed the leaking tip against your clit. You both jolted at the contact as moans slipped breathily from the two of you. He slid his length one last time through your dripping slit, smearing your creamy essence down his cock before he halted to circle the thick tip against your twitching hole. At the feeling of his fat head, your brows suddenly furrowed and you whined. How was he planning on fitting that inside of you?
Having caught your apprehensive look, Izuku's eyes softened and the smile he sent you was reassuring. He lowered himself to press a kiss to your neck and gave it a slow suck. His curls brushed lightly against your skin and his breath fanned gently across your neck as he cooed an alluring, “I’ll make it fit angel, make you feel really good, promise…"
He swirled a thumb around your puffy clit before he pressed the thick head against your entrance. You whimpered at the intensity the pleasured pain of the stretch bought as he carefully tried to inch inside your creamy tightness.
“Mm, fu—Y-Y/N...” he hissed. Izuku threw his head back and his neck strained as he briefly looked up at the ceiling, the intense feeling of you clamping down on him causing his breath to hitch. You were so soft, so wet… fuck, it was better than he imagined, better than the mock tightness of his fist trying to imitate this very instance. There was no way he was letting you get away without making you his first. His calloused palm moved to squeeze at your trembling thigh and emerald eyes met your glossy ones as he lifted the warm palm of his other hand to cover your neck, thumb tenderly brushing at your wobbly lip.
“S’okay baby,” he uttered. “You’re doing so well for me, gonna—fuck, get your reward, and... fuck this pussy real nice f’ you. Make you feel good, okay?”
His eyes focused on the way your soaking cunt winked and milked at his flushed tip and he grunted as he canted his hips to stuff his cock to the hilt. His eyes darkened when he watched the hairs at the base of his cock press snugly against your mound. A stuttered gasp left your lips and you whined, fingers digging into his shirt and lower belly humming—you swear you’d never felt so full. Izuku paused to allow you to adjust, grunting as he felt the velvet walls of your pussy throb tightly around him.
His pace started off long and deep before it melted into an unyielding, rigorous pace. Izuku’s restraint having thinned significantly as he sank into your cunt. His eyes fluttered as he felt your pussy leak around his cock and drip white down his balls.
“Mm, Izu…” you whined, brows furrowed. “F-feels so good…” Your lids fluttered as he repeatedly hammered the spongy spot inside of you with scary accuracy, moans slipping unconsciously past your lips.
Watching the bliss that settled over your features, Izuku moved forward to bite teasingly at your ear. “Yeah? You like that, sweet girl? Feel good?”
“Y-Yeah, I-Izu, so go-od,” you sobbed. A breathy groan left his throat as you said his name. You were so cute like this— needy, wanting, crying as he fucked you like you deserved.
The nasty squelch, clap, and smacking of your slick played like a symphony between the two of you and you bit your lip at the sound, aroused and bashful at how wet your pussy was. You couldn’t recall ever being soaked like this—not with your hand, not your toys. Your escapades were always quick and to the point, lacking the anticipation and presence of another person to give you what you need. And boy was he really giving it to you. You felt your lashes flutter as Izuku landed a firm smack against your ass, and you keened into his touch right as he drove his hips madly into your creamy cunt. Your head lolled across the wall as you practically melted, his deep grunts and groans setting your skin ablaze.
Izuku's cock was so deep, it felt so perfect. He was perfect, the way his length slid and pressed against every raised ridge of your slippery pussy, stamping a thick white of stringy cream to the hairs at the base of his cock. Mm, it was so good you wanted him to fuck you forever, you dreamily thought.
Izuku’s train of thought followed your’s, his muscles tensing as your cervix pressed sweet kisses to his swollen head.
“S-so good,” he slurred, pressing sloppy kisses to your neck before quickly pulling away to watch how his cock split the petals of your lips apart. He licked his lips as he watched your cream splash up his dick, eyeing the deep pink of you.
“Y’r pussy’s so pretty, bunny...” he absently murmured. “S-so pretty taking this cock, f-fuck… nice and hah, messy for me...” A groan reverberated deeply in his chest as your pussy pulled him at his praise. He wasn’t gonna last like this.
“W-wanna see how it looks with my cum inside,” he breathlessly confessed. He cupped your cheek in his hand, eyes desperately searching yours. “Will you let me?” he asked. "Want this pussy filled, sweetheart? You want me to make you cum?"
You nodded, tears jostling free from your waterline as you shook your head. He groaned, your glassy eyes and teary face making his cock throb. His other hand dropped to grasp your other thigh and you gasped as he raised you up against the wall and settled you on his waist like it was nothing.
Then, he dropped you down on his dick.
“Fuck!!” A sharp gasp left your lips and a shrill cry immediately after. “O-oh, hhh, Izuku p-please, please!!” The overwhelming sensation of him bouncing you on his cock had your lower belly twisting and fluttering. A new wave of tears filled and blurred your vision as your nails bit into the freckled skin of his twitching bicep.
“I-Izuu,” you keened an octave higher, a warning edge to your words.
Green eyes followed the way your breasts moved in his face and a debauched groan left his mouth as he shifted forward to finally suckle at your tits. Tits he’d try to peek at when you’d happily greet him, gulping as he spied your nipples that looked pebbled from the cold air in the building. He pulled away with a pop and left a kiss on the puffy nub before his mouth moved to messily engulf the opposite one.
The prickling sensation of him sucking noisily at your tit paired with the way his swollen cock slid deliciously against the ridges of your walls threw you head first into your orgasm. Your belly flipped as your pussy clenched hard, stuttering inconsistently along his cock as pleasure shot up your weakened limbs.
Green eyes gazed at you, looking as if you’d hung the moon and stars. Your tit slipped from his drooling mouth as he moved forward to press three soft kisses on your lips, muffling your cries as his hips continued to madly thrust into you. He reveled at the sound of the wet smack of your ass jiggling against his thighs, speaking into your plush lips with a sigh, “Such a good girl letting me use you like this… cry so pretty for me, bunny…"
Unable to continue withstanding the way your soaking walls fluttered around him, his sack twitched, preparing to empty itself. Izuku’s hips stuttered and his eyes rolled.
“Fuck, Y/N…” He grunted as his cock flexed and jerked inside you, an abundance of cum spurting from his tip and splashing against your bruised cervix. Your body hummed happily in response and your breath hitched as you felt his sticky load filling you up, walls greedily milking his length for more.
“S-so much, Izu,” you whined, moaning at the feeling of his thick cum slipping between the seam of your cunt and his cock. His fingers sunk into your hips with a bruise as he bounced you on his length to fuck you through both your orgasms before he slowed to a stop to savor the way your walls convulsed weakly around his base.
You were both left panting, skin glistening with a sweaty sheen. You gazed at Izuku’s blushing face with lidded eyes before you raised your hands to cup his jaw, bringing him in to press your lips to his. His mouth parted and his tongue messily caressed yours until the two of you registered the rapid, violent buzzing sound from below you. Looking over, you both saw his phone a short distance from you, having probably slipped from his pocket in his rush to touch you.
You watched as his hazy, lidded eyes comically flew open as he saw the name of his boss flashing across the screen. Actually, from the looks of it, it appeared as if they'd called him more than a dozen times. Shit, that’s never happened before.
Izuku turned to face you as he started sputtering out apologizes. “Y/N, I am so, so sorry I have to leave you like this I—” His eyes fluttered and he groaned as he slipped out of your tight heat, but he sheepishly cleared his throat and was back to his apologies as he gently let your feet touch the floor.
Your voice cracked as you regarded him with a shaky breath and held yourself up against the wall. Your shirt fluttered down to cover you once again. “I-It’s okay, Izuku. I don’t want you to get in any more t-trouble.”
He stumbled through the motions of pulling up his pants and tried fixing himself the best he could. He swiped his phone off the floor and groaned as he scrolled through the device. His boss’ name appeared more than once under his missed calls, probably to grill him for why his location was still indicating he was in one spot and his app notifying him in glaring red how many deliveries he’s delayed. Green eyes slid to take a peak at your fucked out form and he bit his lip before he quickly pocketed his device and reached out for you.
You were confused when Izuku was in front of you again. “Wha—huh?”
He lowered himself to his knees and you yelped when he threw your thigh over his broad shoulder.
“Wanna have you in my mouth for the rest of the day before I go...” His eyes practically glittered as he took his thumbs to part your puffy lips. He watched your hole, now stretched to the shape of him, ooze out white, thick globs of his cum. A soft “fuck” left his mouth before he dove in with a squelch. Your hips jerked as his tongue lapped languidly at your puffy clit and slid into your aching hole, his lewd actions making your cunt convulse into a weak orgasm. You heard him groan softly as yours and his cream dribbled down his chin and he messily slurped at your cunt. When he pulled away, you were sure you looked like a fucking wreck.
He licked his lips and your vision shifted as you felt him carry you to place you on your couch nearby. When he pulled away, a shy smile appeared on his face before he averted his eyes, looking all timid like he didn’t just fuck you two ways into next week.
“I’ll come back for your number, okay?” He pressed one last kiss to your swollen lips before he was out your door, shutting it gently behind him.
You were left there panting in a daze, in disbelief how Izuku—your delivery man Izuku really just wrecked your insides the way he did. You glanced at your legs, knowing you'd have to clean the streaky mess trailing down your thighs. You casted a glance toward the black bag laying innocently in your hallway as if it wasn’t the culprit in all this, but as you pushed yourself off the couch and made a wobbly beeline for the bathroom, you briefly wondered if this was why the site's satisfaction rates were so high. 
Huh, guess you’d never know.
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non sexual boob touching with the 1A boys :( (P2)
izuku coming home after training, exhausted, achy and creaky, and resting his entire big boy weight on ur body. you wheeze but don’t tell him to get off, instead u stroke his hair and continue scroll on ur little tink tonk app while he puts his face immediately between your boobs. even grabs em and smushes them into his face. makes a little groaning sound, he is so tired and ur boobs are the only thing that can fix it.
“u alright there izuku?”u ask when he doesn’t move for a couple minutes. he just makes a dismissing grunt and peaks up from ur chest, “i love ur boobs.”
you can’t help but laugh and play with hair some more, finally adjusting to his bulk on top of u. he will stay there until ur going to pee urself or the sun explodes, which ever comes first.
shoto will always cop a feel in his sleep. dead of fuckinh night you wake up to this dudes cold ass fingers squeezing that shit like there’s no tomorrow. the first few times u push his arm away but eventually u get used to it and sleep thru, and then u wake up with the birds chirping and the sun shining and his freezing cold hand still on ur titty. at first u though maybe he was being slick and “doing it in his sleep”, but c’mon, if shoto wanted to he would, call him what you want but he is an honest man above all. when he wakes up, he gives it an experimental squig-squig. he looks to the side and oh, that’s what that was. he gives it another squig-squig and makes a sleepy little laugh, like a mangy teen boy thag just searched ‘naked girls’ for the first time,
“nice,” he will murmur.
dirty little man.
katsuki is a guarded little guy, until it comes to you. your presence is just about the only place he isn’t embarrassed to be silly or affectionate or care to much. he doesn’t have to worry about his image with you, because he’s already let you in, and you already love him, so there’s no pretending to do. so, when you say some dumb shit, he doesn’t stop to berate you like he would with other people. which is why he does pretty much anything you tell him to. one day, you were hanging out with each other in your room. he was lying on the bed, reading a book, and you were looking at yourself in the mirror.
“katsuki, i think my boobs are getting smaller.”
“oh yeah?” he didn’t even look up as he answered.
“yeah, can u come check?”
without a second thought, he sets his book down and gets to his feet, meandering behind you.
“hold em and make sure”
and without a single thought bouncing around in his skull, he puts his big man hands on your titties. he cups them and shakes them a little, giving them a little squeeze.
“well, they feel the same to me.”
“ok, that’s good. thank you.”
“you can lie back down now.”
he starts like you just slapped him and scrambles away, letting go of ur boobies and throwing himself back onto bed.
how embarrassing. he is worried he will die.
reblogs appreciated! masterlist
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httptouya · 4 months ago
“ attractive things they do ” [ bnha ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-> pairing: separate, bakugou, deku, kiri, shouto, denki, tamaki, hawks, dabi x gn!reader
-> a/n: mentions of food/eating, part of hawks' eludes to reader having longish hair- but that should be it !
Tumblr media
katsuki has such attractive hands- all large and warm. he wears rings whenever he’s not working, usually silver. he rests a hand on your thigh anytime he’s sitting next to you. it’s become second nature to him, cupping the flesh and rubbing lazy circles with his thumb. he definitely grips the back of your headrest while he reverses and grips your thigh with his free hand. smirks at you all the time, without any real reason- flashing perfect white teeth and sharpened canines. When he laughs, a real laugh, around you he always throws his head back and exposes his throat. if it’s cold outside he layers his clothes onto you, throwing his worn-warmed jacket over your shoulders and winding his scarf around your neck. his fingers always brush against your throat as he ties a knot.
izuku stretches all the time and he makes such soft sighs, face all scrunched and revealing his abs. he bites the inside of his cheek and kisses his teeth when he’s annoyed, which shows off how sharp and strong his jaw is. he always opens doors for you, like the gentleman he was raised to be, guiding you over the thresholds by the small of your waist and pressing a kiss to your temple. he wears headbands or hair clips to move his bangs out of his face, displaying the freckles that splatter the entirety of his features. If he ever sees something off about your appearance, no matter how small, he fixes it. whether that be to straighten your necklace, smoothing flyaways, or removing extra lipstick; mindlessly running his fingers down your hair, straightening the charm against your collarbones, or running his thumb under your bottom lip.
eijirou is just so casual in his affection. he’s always pulling you into him, hugging you tight and long, presses both greeting and departure kisses to your face and tosses a heavy arm across your shoulders- pulling you into his side. he loves comparing hand sizes, always intertwines your fingers together and pulls you into his chest by them. kiri wears really tight shirts, both the dress and casual variety, they stretch taught over his broad shoulders and cling to every muscle. you will never carry anything as long as he’s in a five-mile radius of you, no matter how heavy it is, he is carrying it. insists with an easy smile and laugh on doing it himself, still managing to keep a hand empty so he can hold yours. he’ll also carry you around. if he thinks you’re tired, he’s turned his back to you and offered to carry you. hoists you up so easily and keeps steady hands on the underside of your thighs- grip a little high and firm.
shouto always greets you with a kiss. he’ll softly cup the side of your face, content and attractive smile on his lips, “hello, my love.” he also expects you to return the gesture, tilting his head towards you subconsciously so you can litter kisses wherever you please. he always gives you so much of his attention when you talk, head tilted to the side, eyebrows furrowed, eyes locked on your own- he wanted you to be able to tell that he’s listening to you. whenever you’re walking next to each other, he always makes sure to have a hand on you, either on your waist ot intertwined with your own. he helps you undress and dress, wrapping a soft scarf tightly around your neck and letting you lean against his shoulder as he takes off your shoes.
denki really likes wearing jewellery and he’s nearly always wearing at least one piece of it- layered chain necklaces, sterling silver rings, and studded earrings. he has a little dangly earring with your first initial on it which he wears all the time, no matter if it goes with the rest of his outfit or not. he stretches every time he gets up, lifting the shirt he’s wearing up to show off sharp hipbones and his muscled stomach. denki winks at you all the time and he makes a little clicking noise when he does it. anytime you pass by him while he’s sitting down, he will pull you onto his lap, hands slipping up your shirt and grinning against your neck.
tamaki leans against you all the time, his head pressed into the curve of your neck or his chin resting on your shoulder as he looks up at you, watching the way your lips move around words. when you’re in public and he needs to tell you something, he leans down to whisper in your ear- lips brushing the back of your ear. he hums into every form of affection- sighing into kisses and tight hugs and moaning as your fingers comb through his hair. anytime he’s eating something and you want to try it, he hand feeds you a piece, using his thumb to wipe your bottom lip clean.
keigo makes very intense and purposeful eye contant whenever you talk to him, you can always see his eyes moving between yours as he leans closer to you. He also takes a lock of your hair and twirls it onto his index finger while you tell him a story, winding it and unwinding it around his fingers. he’s very casual in the way he touches you all the time- an arm on your shoulder, hand on your waist, brushing hair away from your face. he has to constantly be touching or holding onto the small of your waist. he keeps a palm firmly planted there no matter what, people can walk around you.
touya’s eyes always flick between your eyes and your lips when you talk to him, he nods slowly so you know that he is listening. even if he gets a little sidetracked. he tilts your head up with a crooked finger when he wants to kiss you, staring you down for a second before finally pulling you up to meet him. he has a permanent smirk and hooded eyes- he always looks bored and hot. If he ever sees you anywhere near a wall, you will be pinned against it- at least twice a day. he smirks down at you if you get flustered, running his thumb over your bottom lip. if he’s even a centimetre taller than you, he’ll use you as an armrest just to see you huff and punch his shoulder.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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escapenightmare · 5 months ago
when you catch them staring at you.
Tumblr media
izuku flushes a bright red, a shaky smile adorning his face. he lifts the hand that wasn't holding his pencil up and gives you a small wave despite the fact that his hand itself was shaking due to his nervousness. he wants you to forget all about it, because god that was embarrassing.
shoto feels his heterochromatic eyes go wide, and then blinks to cover it up. the tips of his ears are a slight pink out of embarassment, but he still gives you a small smile before going back to paying attention to the lesson that was being taught.
bakugou had an unreadable look on his face but as soon as you notice, a red spreads across his face. he looks away with his eyes wide, looking as if he'd seen something he shouldn't have. doesn't look your way again and will instinctively deny if you ever call him out on it.
denki grins in spite of his entire face being red. he looks around to see if anyone's paying attention to him before bringing his hand up to wave at you, then he points at the clock in front of the classroom, looking back at you with bright eyes filled with excitement. he's embarassed, but he knows how to cover it up.
kirishima gives you a toothy smile, feeling a little embarrassed and shy since he got caught staring at you with literal heart eyes, he averts his attention back to class when you wave at him and he waves back, his smile becoming even brighter.
sero sits up straight when you turn your head and catch him in the act of staring at you like a lovesick idiot. he forces out a smile — mentally bashing himself as he thought you would think he's a weirdo now. but when you return it, a genuinely grin replaces the fake smile before he goes back to taking notes.
tamaki who thinks he might just pass out or wishes he could just slink back and disappear under the earth. his eyes are wide like saucers, he feels like his heart just stopped. but then you smile, and he blushes, giving a painfully obvious shaky smile before he turns around and looks down at his completed notes in embarassment.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 9 days ago
i-izuku getting pent up ‘cause he hasn’t had time to jerk off lately. gets distracted so easily when you come around, barely heard a word you say he’s so deep in thought about taking you on his desk, in the agency showers, on his bed, on his floor. maybe he’s even a little rowdier. a little meaner to his hero partner (katsuki) n’ maybe even you if you push his buttons enough.
it all comes to a head when he gets caught up in some sex pollen explosion and you’re so pushy about helping him. he’s not gonna be nice about it, he can’t be.
+ warnings: afab!reader, rough!deku, he’s so mean :(, size-kink, some dub-con i think </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“open the fuck up,” deku grunts, sweat dripping down his brow— teeth gritted and forming a snarl that not even bakugou could rival. his dick hurts, it fucking aches as if he’s going to cum any second, as if all those weeks of not being able to tug one out between meetings and paperwork is finally going to come to fruition. all thanks to that stupid fucking quirk. “i said,” he repeats, tongue pushing into his cheek at the same time his hips jump forward and thick fingers dig into the doughy flesh of your thighs. “open the fuck up. let me in, sweetheart—“
“‘m tryin’—!” you hiccup, pretty eyes usually so full of admiration now teary and red— and you are, trying so hard to stop your tiny little cunt from squeezing down on your sex-crazed boss. you wanted to help but he’s being so mean :( and you can’t tell if it’s the fat and flushed tip of his cock thats making you cry or the menacing way he looks down at you while folding you in half— knees to your shoulders, puffy pussy lips on display all for him. “s’too big!”
“nothings too big, you’ll learn how to take it. you’re good right? then fuuck— take it.” izuku let’s out a feral moan, pushing all his weight down onto you— pushing his leaky tip deeper into your squishy walls with a sigh of relief. almost there, you’re almost all his. he’ll finally get to cum soon. “stop y’cryin,” he slurs over the saliva in his mouth, chest hot and heaving against your own as izuku slings your fleshy thighs over his broad shoulders— spreading that angel cunt over his veiny dick. “please, baby,” deku adds gently...he doesn’t really mean it when he says it, seeing stars every time you sniff and accidentally clamp down like you’re trying to trap him inside. pussy so good izuku feels like he might die before he gets to cream it. “what’re you crying for, honey? if only this pussy—“ he pulls out, slapping the length of his cock against your silky folds as you cream pearly white beads. “cried as much as you did, maybe then you’d be able to fit my cock inside ‘n make me fuckin’ cum.” there’s a teasing lilt to his voice but it’s still so mean that it makes your face scrunch up.
slap. slap. slap. “you said you wanted to help, why won’t you open up baby?” it’s almost cruel how he speaks to you, down on you as if you’re nothing but a cocksleeve for his pretty dick to mess up and cum all over.
“izuku! please!” you sniffle, delirious with ecstasy and a fizzy brain to the point where you can’t even think. “‘m tryin’— oh god... i-i really am,” drooling against yourself you try to push your hips up to take him deeper and there’s a satisfying pop as izuku’s cock dives deep into your sweet pussy, brushing up against your sensitive walls until he hits your womb. you both groan deep— bodies hot and sweaty and stuck together while you grind and bump.
the pro hero’s mop of green locks pulls from your neck, a smirk painted across his usually smiling and gentle lips. “there you go angel, in it goes,” deku whispers, taunts you as he pulls his hips back to watch you squirm and claw at him for more— eventually slamming back into you so that you’re nice and full. “maybe this pussy isn’t so pathetic after all.” you jolt up the bed, whole body trembling as you nod your head desperate for more of izuku, desperate to cum.
you did say you would deku help after all— even if that meant helping yourself to some pleasure too.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sunascumdoll · 12 days ago
ᴍʜᴀ ᴠɪꜱᴜᴀʟ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ
Tumblr media
ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴍʏ ᴛɪᴍᴇ. ᴀᴅᴍɪʀᴇ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ ɪɴᴄʜ ᴀɴᴅ ᴄᴜʀᴠᴇ ᴏꜰ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙᴏᴅʏ.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
description: this is just a masterlist of twt videos that remind me of mha boys. all videos will have the kinks/triggers listed.
a/n: big big BIG help to @nekomamiiz​ for helping me sort some of these videos and come up with titles! thank you so much ily baby mwah.
Tumblr media
ᴊᴊᴋ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ || ʜQ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ || ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏʀᴇᴠ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍʜᴀ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ | ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
      ☆ in your arms. - izuku holding you as close as possible. cw // kissing, riding
      ☆ pretty hands. - izuku fucking into your hand. cw // light bondage, kissing, handjobs
      ☆ midnight cuddles. - izuku putting you to sleep the best way he knows how. cw // kisses, v slow and passionate, cumming on your sex.
      ☆ just a taste. - izuku eating you out. cw // oral f!receiving
      ☆ spread ‘em. - bakugou holding your legs open and playing with your pussy. cw // fingering
      ☆ fill me up. - bakugou doing exactly what’s asked of him: breeding his baby. cw // breeding/creampie, pregnancy mentions, bit of male overstimulation, kissing.
      ☆ swallow it all. - bakugou using your throat. cw // bj, some gags, some spit.
      ☆ taste of your own medicine. - riding bakugou. cw / mutual face slapping
      ☆ sculpted for me. - kirishima thoroughly enjoying your pussy. cw // creampie
      ☆ one more time. - kirishima overstimulating you. cw // squirting, vibrator, bondage.
      ☆ golden hour. - kirishima basking in the sunlight and feasting on you. cw // 69, riding
      ☆ the roll of your hips. - riding kirishima. cw // riding, titty sucking
      ☆ coolness in my touch. - shoto using his quirk to satisfy. cw // nipple play, ice play, collar & leash.
      ☆ have a seat. - bouncing on shoto’s shaft. cw // riding, kisses, creampie.
      ☆ so pretty. - shoto fucking you in your new outfit. cw // doggy
      ☆ squished together - shoto ruining your clothes. cw // thigh fucking, cummin ing your clothes.
      ☆ face down, ass up. - dabi taking you from behind. cw // just doggy !
      ☆ multitasking. - dabi fucking your throat while playing video games. cw // deepthroating, gagging.
      ☆ handmade necklace. - dabi choking you. cw // short clip of someone’s hand on your throat, collar
      ☆ watch it, brat. - dabi fucking his little brat. cw // doggy, dirty talk, throat fucking, gagging
Tumblr media
taglist (bold can’t be tagged): @laudthingcat @booksweet @shalnarkswhoree @ushijimasslut @gwynsapphire @namjoonswifeyy @shotosphere @kawaiikooki @yaqueerqueen @undefined—person @SATISFYINGLYBLUE @crapimahuman @tirzamisu @booksweet @kisseswithkai @itsmeteiiteii @slxttygoddess @random-734 @bakugobaki @Tithesandofferings @eternallyvenus @devilgirlcrybabiey @seraphqueen @cheryly @babydai @wydks-blog @honeymilkpup @xxrwzy @bbytamaki @xo-lynx @annHONK @strawberyyydreamz @sunascockslut @jahnvi-d @chloee0x0 @nexety @keismind @keisurou @izanaswife @strwbrrymilkbunny @suga_tofu @levylovegood @dear-jaems 
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sightoru · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐟 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐍𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐀 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞, 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐁𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐰 𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐎𝐟 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➳ pairing: Izuku Midoriya x Fem!Reader 
➳ genre: hurt/comfort, smut
➳ word count: 12.8k
➳ tags: mutual pining, idiots in love, food as a love language, florist!au, farm au.
➳ synopsis: izuku offers for you to work with him at his greenhouse for the summer. feelings happen. takes place in the same world as hold my hand (so i don’t get lost)
➳ warnings: size kink (slight), deku does not choke reader but holds her throat at one point, body worship, virginity loss, unprotected sex, fem!receiving oral, fingering, possessive sex, praise kink, reader is called “baby” and “my girl”, 
➳ author’s note: for my dear sweet friend @/hawnks. happy late birthday my love. thanks for being my friend. shoutout to @/jirou-s , @/katsupeach ,and @/kodzucafe​ for beta reading this for me :’) some lines were inspired by endgame by samuel beckett. this takes place in the same world as Hold My Hand (So I Don’t Get Lost) No need to read it to understand! 
➳ title credit: Lonely Eyes by The Front Bottoms. poems quoted are the orange by wendy cope and our beautiful life when it’s filled with shrieks by christopher citro.
➳ excerpt:
Izuku is staring at you when he gets in the car, thinking to himself that there is not a single thing about you he’ll ever forget. He could never see you again, but he’d remember you as you are every Saturday morning when he sees you: eyes bright, smile lopsided with your laugh ringing out like a church bell as if you’re some sort of sanctuary that reminds him it’s time to worship, but he’s never stopped since last Saturday.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You like summer and everything that comes with it. You like the feeling of the sun on your skin and how lemonade and ice cream and fruit just tend to taste better. You like sundresses and sandals and long days. You don’t even mind the sweat that rests on your brows or the way everything sticks together. But out of all of the things you like about summer, what you love most is the farmers market in the next town over.
It’s a massive space, taking place in a barn surrounded by cornfields and wildflowers. The fruit here is the best: a girl with long black hair sells peaches so juicy it dribbles down your chin and oranges unlike any other; a blonde man with fiery eyes sells corn that ruins everyone else’s for you; a girl with brown hair who tells you on the side of the milk carton you bought which cow it came from. Everyone here is kind. Thin lipped, polite smiles are given every time you walk past them; thank you’s uttered with every exchange of money; doors held open and samples offered with hands insistently outstretched.
Your favorite merchant has flowers that smell better than you ever thought they could. Begonias and dahlias and roses and sunflowers in colors brighter than you ever believed possible. Vibrant shades of blues and purples and pinks that remind you of sunsets. They’re all stunning, soft and subtle petals that you love to run your fingers over with an awestruck expression. If anyone asked for your personal definition of beauty, you would reply with a smile softer than the petals of flowers, “Midoriya’s flowers on a Saturday afternoon.”
The same man sells them every week out of a navy blue, rusted pickup truck and often by himself. He’s handsome; a smattering of freckles across a tanned face. Sharp and defined jawline with cheekbones that look like they were sculpted from marble. Striking viridescent eyes and curly green hair that always looks perfectly wind-blown. He greets you with a smile, frayed straw hat sitting on his head and a flannel shirt rolled up to his elbows. You’ve been a regular here since it opened the first week of May, and now—mid June—Saturdays just aren’t complete without bringing home whatever colorful arrangement Midoriya picks for you.
“Oh, hey there!” He chirps to you from his stand; sitting on the beat up wooden chair behind a plastic table, chin resting in his calloused hands and a smile making the dimples on his cheeks appear. His grin seems to grow wider when you smile back at him. He tilts his head at you, his eyes crinkling around the edges with the brightness of his happiness. “Nice to see you!”
You smile at him, kind and bright. “Nice to see you too, Midoriya.” You watch him falter at the use of his name—mouth falling open slightly and red dusting his cheeks before he’s smiling so widely his eyes look like crinkled, crescent moons—before regaining his composure with a laugh accented by dimpled cheeks and freckles moving back to their original placement. You shift a bag of fruit that's hanging off your shoulder, fumbling with something else to hide the awkwardness you feel. “So, what do you have for me this week?”
“No lilies, right?”
His question makes you pause, because he always remembers these small things about you; that you don’t bring home lilies because of your cat. “No lilies,” you confirm for him, shifting on your feet. You think his hyperawareness is something to be admired; you like talking to someone that only has to be told something one time.
“Got any ideas?” he asks, laying out a turquoise sheet of tissue paper down on the table. He gestures at the loose buckets of flowers around his stand; bright greens and oranges and pinks. “I brought quite a few varieties today.”
“Hmmm,” you tilt your head at him, making a show of tapping your cheek as if you’re lost in thought.
“I can decide for you,” he offers, and you can’t help but think that it’s so… typical of him—and not in a bad way. Midoriya is ever the helpful type, and he has been since you’ve known him. He makes you think of those old romance movies—when the man lays his coat over a puddle so the woman can step over it without getting her shoes wet. You think Midoriya would do that unironically. “What about something summery?”
“Yeah..” the word trails off as you say it, wondering if it’s what you really want or if you just want to make Midoriya feel useful, but a summer arrangement sounds perfect, and you can’t deny that he just seems to know what's best as far as flowers are concerned. You look at him with eyes bright with eagerness, nodding your head at him. “Yeah, that sounds perfect actually.” You smile at him. “Thanks, Midoriya.”
“Yeah of course.” You watch him grab some flowers. Pink roses, blue hydrangeas, purple jasmine flowers, and something green you don’t recognize. He notices the question in your eyes before you even have to ask. “Viburnum,” he tells you, “used to be part of the honeysuckle family before they recategorized it.”
“That’s really cool,” you respond.
You hope it doesn’t sound patronizing with the way you say it. You’re just never sure what to say to him. Never want to make him feel that the things he says are worthless. Everything about him is interesting to you, but you often find yourself gaping at him and grasping at words when it comes down to responding to the idiosyncrasies of Midoriya Izuku. You watch him work: tongue sticking out slightly as thick fingers carefully arrange the flowers into place.
He wraps it up for you gently with a white ribbon keeping the tissue paper around it. He’s fast, has to be when he’s working like this, but wishes he could take his time. Wishes he could spend an entire Saturday afternoon showing you every flower there is and making you bouquets that make you smile so wide your cheeks hurt with the effort of it.
“Here ya go,” he grins at you, a blush creeping over his cheeks when fingers brush over yours.
“See you next week!” You call out to him, cradling the bouquet of flowers as if it’s a small child, close to your chest as if it needs protecting.
He brings up a hand scarred and calloused by years of lawn work, waves it at your fading figure gently. “Yeah,” he sighs as soft as dandelions moving in the breeze, “I’ll see you next week.”
Midoriya Izuku thinks the world of you, though he doesn’t have the courage to actually tell you that. Can’t really stand to look at you for longer than a few moments until he starts feeling his face heat up—red dusting his cheeks and nose. There’s just something about you, he can’t quite put his finger on it. Doesn’t really know the right words to describe it, but you give him the feeling he had as a child when he swallowed too many of those popping candies after Kacchan dared him to.
He remembers the second time he saw you. He wanted to tell you that you make his days brighter—but that would be cheesy, and he’s sure he would’ve lost you as a customer. He wanted to compliment your blouse—he thought the green color of it against your skin was wonderful—but he also thought it might come off as creepy, so he stayed silent as he shoved white dahlia’s in your arms.
The thing about Midoriya Izuku is that he notices everything about everyone, but has to hold the information back before he blurts it out at people. He’s often scared people with the endless knowledge he’s stored about them, so he’s since learned to keep that information close to his chest—tucking it next to his heart while he presses his lips together and smiles as people share bits of their life; nodding his head as he pretends he’s never heard this before, or caught on before they’ve decided to share.
He’s full of a strange, lovesick desire every time he sees you; rosebud colored fingertips itching to reach out and touch the softness of your cheeks. He wants to tell you he notices the way you purse your lips in thought before you decide what flowers you want; that you pop your knuckles when you’re nervous. That your head always tilts the direction of the wind as it blows.
You make him feel like he’s dressed in warm clothes on a cold day; you give him the strange sense of longing humans tend to be filled with as they stare at the stars. But every time he tries to build the courage to ask you out, he realizes his resolve is as flimsy as flower petals and ends up swallowing the question. He tries to hide how he’s really feeling, but love drips from his eyes every time he sees you, and he often ends up staring at his shoes—hoping you don’t notice the way it leaks.
Saturdays to Izuku are like Sundays for Catholics: he wakes up every Saturday morning to see what he can worship about you today. You’re the stained glass window the sun rises behind, as far as Izuku is concerned, and he eagerly awaits for you to come around and shine on him.
He’s so lost in his own head he doesn’t realize you’re standing in front of him until you wave your hand in his face; delicate fingers twirling around as if you could physically grab his attention; the loose ribbons of his mind that never quite seem to turn into solid thoughts.
“Earth to Midoriya,” you laugh, bending over slightly to meet his eyes from where he’s sitting at the table. “Anyone in there?”
He stands up so quickly he topples his chair over and almost knocks the table down along with it. You’re wearing a sundress—one of those long ones that brush up against the tops of your feet— in a dusty shade of pink. There’s a sunhat on your head—frayed around the edges. Just like mine, he thinks to himself.
“Sorry!” He smiles, rubbing the back of his head. “I just got lost in my own head I do that sometimes, since I was a kid actually but its—”
“Midoriya,” you laugh gently. “It’s okay. We all get lost in our own heads sometimes.”
He chuckles nervously. “Y-yeah, I supposed we all do.” He fumbles with the hem of his shirt, before clearing his throat, “So, what are you looking for today?”
“Something bright,” you respond after a moment of thought, adjusting the bag on your shoulder. “You can take the lead. I trust you.”
He hums, grabbing flowers out of white buckets and laying them on tissue paper, trying to ignore the way I trust you makes his heart feel like a hummingbird's wings. He can feel your eyes on him, the slightly awestruck way you watch him. “So what do you do? For a living I mean.”
“I’m a grad student,” you inform him. “For creative writing.”
“Oh, that’s cool,” he tries to sound casual, tries to sound like he’s not storing all this information in the notebook of his mind. “At the local university?”
“Yup.” You smile. “I’ve been writing stories since I was a little kid. I always knew this was what I wanted to be.”
“My mom gardened growing up,” he adds some Queen Anne’s lace to the pile of flowers he’s arranging. He thinks the light color of it will make the pinks and reds of the dahlias and orchids stand out more. “I always liked helping her.”
“That's sweet,” you tell him. You say it so earnestly, like you’re genuinely happy he’s shared a part of himself with you.
“What have you been up to this summer?” he asks, trying to keep the small talk going as he wraps the flowers carefully in tissue paper.
You decide to be truthful with him—usually, you keep your woes to yourself. But with Izuku, you think you can be honest; there’s something about the way he looks at you—like you hung the moon in the sky with your own hands—that makes you feel like he wouldn’t pity you. “I’m on summer break and trying to find a job. It’s a bit hard to be honest, this town is small and there isn’t much around.”
“I can use some extra help,” he blurts before thinking. “I mean I can’t really pay you much, and the work’s kinda dirty, and you’ll have to be over early, and I’m not really sure if you know me well enough to be comfortable coming to my place, but I can assure you I’m not a serial killer—”
“Midoriya,” you interrupt calmly, placing a hand over your mouth to suppress a laugh. “I trust you. When do you want me there?”
“Tomorrow.” He swallows thickly. “6am?”
“Sounds good to me, I can do that.” You scribble your phone number down for him, handing it to him and hoping he doesn’t notice the way your hands shake.
“Oh, and can you call me Izuku?”
It’s been forever since he’s had someone call him by his last name—he practically begged Shouto to call him by his first name. He wants to be close to you. Wants to know what it would be like to share the intimacy of a first name basis with you.
“Yeah,” you laugh. “I can do that, too.”
The coffee hasn’t quite kicked in when you pull into Izuku’s driveway. You find yourself still rubbing sleep from your exhausted eyes, thinking about how this is the earliest you’ve been awake in months, and you’re doing it all for minimum wage and a morning with the green haired man that makes your stomach squeeze.
Izuku’s house is quaint, simple. It’s a single story yellow house with white shutters. The greenhouse next to it is bigger than the house itself, with glass walls and a tall ceiling. Steel beams that run up the sides of it. His porch is small and modest. There’s one rocking chair just outside the front door, and the thought makes you pause. You didn’t realize Izuku lives alone. You wonder if he’s lonely; Izuku seems to be such a social person that it’s strange for you to think of him spending his days sitting in silence.
“Hey there,” Izuku calls out to you from his front door, his smile bright despite how early in the morning it is.
“How are you smiling?” You ask him groggily. “It’s too early.”
He checks his watch. “It’s 6am. I’ve been up since 4am.”
You groan, take another sip of your coffee. “That’s disgusting.”
He says nothing, just laughs and motions with his head for you to follow him, and you find that you have to jog slightly to catch up with his long strides. You never realized that he’s that much taller than you, now that he’s no longer sitting behind a table. One stride for him is two for you, and you’re slightly breathless by the time he’s proudly staring at rows and rows of organized raised beds, hands on his hips and a cheeky grin on his face.
The site, even though your lungs are as tired as the rest of your body, makes your heart beat out of your chest. The fog rolls over the raised beds, making everything look slightly yellow as the sun starts to rise. You follow Izuku through the rows, listening to him point out different flowers.
Your gaze follows his hand as he points at a flower; a small pink cluster with delicate petals, “Rhododendron,” he tells you with a smile. “Rhododendron indicum, they’re actually related to azaleas—fun fact, they are poisonous to humans and animals because of the chemical they secrete to protect themselves from insects. Two hikers once got trapped in what they said was an impenetrable forest because they were surrounded by them.”
You hum, try to look interested in what he says, before you point at another flower. “What’s this one?”
“Peony.” He crouches down next to them. You follow behind, sitting on your haunches next to him as he brushes his fingers over the petals. “Paeonia lactiflora is the scientific name for them. For years people have used them to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and muscle cramping.” He gestures over to a smaller cluster across from it; with white and red stripes. “These are camellias.” He smiles at you again. He looks so bright, so eager. Like he could go on and on forever about all the things that fill his garden. “Camellia japonica. I’ll have to move this one soon because they can grow to be quite big. Probably will end up moving it to the side of the house that doesn’t get much sun since they only need partial light. Maybe next to the wisteria plant…” he starts muttering something under his breath before you touch him gently and snap him out of it.
“What kinda flower is that?” you ask. It’s pretty, with small white bulbs hanging off of it. They look like little bells, you think.
“Lily of the valley,” he responds, barely looking at the flower before he’s fixing forest colored eyes back on you. “The scientific name for it is Convallaria majalis. It’s incredibly poisonous, but people ask for it in wedding bouquets all the time, and honestly I think that’s really ironic.”
“What if I ate it?”
He turns and looks at you, mouth falling open and then closing, before he narrows his eyes at you. “Do not do that.This plant can kill a small child are you—”
“Izuku,” you laugh, holding your arms out to stop his tirade of information. “I’m kidding.”
You can almost see the lightbulb of understanding glow above his head, wiping the shock off his face before he decides to keep going. “I don’t trust you,” he tells you with mock finality. “Stay away from it.”
“Are we going to be tending all of these beds together?”
“No,” he says after a moment as he scratches the back of his neck, “Ah… I just wanted to show you these. This is my personal garden, nothing here gets sold. I haven’t had anyone out here in a while to tell all this to.”
“I like it,” you tell him. “It’s nice out here, and I can tell you put a lot of work into it.”
He smiles at you, red dusting his cheeks. “Thank you. I suppose um…. I should show you the greenhouse.”
“Lead the way,” you tell him.
The coffee is finally hitting you, just as the sun begins to glare against the windows of the greenhouse. He opens the door for you, and you step inside. There’s plants everywhere: viney ones hanging from the ceiling, walls lined with tables full of potted flowers and vegetables. A long table full of flowers runs down the middle of the space. It’s slightly humid, the air around you feels wet already despite the fact that it’s not even 8am yet.
“So,” he tells you, “now that it’s gettin’ to July and the hottest times of the year, I usually have to add shade cloths to the plants so they don’t burn in the sun. There’s fans too that we’ll turn on to keep it cool in here not only for us but for the planets.” He watches you walk around the greenhouse; looking carefully at all the flowers. “There’s an irrigation system in here too that I regularly check and make sure it’s working. It’d be an awful thing to learn that it broke by the time things are dyin’.”
“What are we doin today?” you ask.
“Nothing,” he chirps brightly. “I actually did it all.”
“Oh,” you say dumbly, staring at your hands.
“I’m sorry,” he rushes out. “I should’ve just waited to show you everything by doing it, but I guess I didn’t really think about that, and to be honest you’re the first person I’ve ever had work here with me, so I think I just got excited and wanted you to see what everything looks like when it’s done—”
You interrupt his tirade, grasping at the first thing that comes to mind. “Are you hungry?” you ask him.
“Uh.” He blinks at you owlishly, tilting his head slightly in thought before he gives a breathy laugh and nods. “Yeah I could eat.”
“Let me cook you breakfast.” You smile at him. “At least let me do something, ya know?”
He looks at you strangely then, and you watch some sort of internal debate go on in his head before he’s relenting, scratching the back of his head while his other hand gestures towards the exit of the greenhouse.
“Alright,” he sighs. “Lets go.”
You follow him outside, walking up the gravel driveway and to the entrance of his house. He looks slightly sheepish as he lets you in. You place your shoes next to his—a beat-up pair of red sneakers and his work boots—then look around.The living room has an antique red couch that sits in front of a modest TV with a small oakwood coffee table in between. The kitchen is also modest, and you notice there’s no dining table. Just an island with tall chairs pulled up to it.
“You live by yourself?” you ask him, meandering into the kitchen and digging through his cupboards for food.
“Y-yeah,” he responds, clearing his throat. You hear and chair drag out of place behind you, followed by the creaking of his weight being put on it. “I like it though, even if it is a bit lonely sometimes.”
“Mmm,” you hum, pulling out flour and baking powder from his cabinets.
 “Pancakes sound good?” You turn and look at him, a tilt in your head.
He brightens, impossibly so. “Yeah, actually,” he tells you, eagerly. “Pancakes sound great.”
“Eggs too?” You offer, turning the heat on for the griddle.
“Yeah,” he says again, nodding his head. You watch his hands fiddle idly as you sift flour, picking at the skin of his cuticles before he finds a crumpled up piece of paper to fidget with. You wonder if he’s always this nervous. If he’s always finding something for his hands to occupy, before he speaks up. “Ah, can I get them scrambled?”
“Scrambled?” you ask him incredulously, “When sunny side up is better?”
He pouts slightly, the sight is comical to you, his bottom lip jutting out ever so slightly with his eyes narrowed. “Don’t like the runny yolk.”
“I’m picking on you,” you laugh, waving the whisk covered in pancake batter at him. “Yeah I can do scrambled, but only for you.”
He turns a furious shade of red at your words before going back to fiddling with his fingers with a nervous laugh. “So uh… you’re in school for creative writing? Do you know what you wanna write? Like… What interests you?”
You nod as you ladle a spoonful of batter onto the griddle, listening to the way it hisses and fizzles. You turn the heat down, before moving on to cracking eggs in a bowl and adding a splash of milk.
“I like romance,” you tell him. “I’m most interested in writing that. Poetry is nice too but I think I’ll stick to romance. I’m a sucker for a cliche. I love the whole ‘You make me want to be better’ and 'it was always you’ and so on.”
He hums and starts playing with the keys on the kitchen island. “That’s really cool,” he tells you earnestly. “Do you have much longer left?”
“Nope.” You flip a pancake. “Just a year and I’m done, thank god.”
“You don’t like school?”
You turn to him and he’s staring at you intently, his head propped in his hands. You think for a moment before you finally speak, “I think… I think I just want to get on with my life already.”
He hums, “I think that’s a valid reason.”
You dig through his cupboards. Everything he has is mismatched, different colored shapes and plates with strange designs on it. Coffee mugs with different designs in shapes. Some in pristine condition, some chipped around the edges. All of them are incredibly loved though. You can tell by the faded colors of them all. 
You hand him a plate with pancakes and scrambled eggs on it, “Eat up,” you tell him, handing him a mug of coffee along with sugar and creamer. “Hope it's good.”
“How’d you get the eggs so fluffy?” He asks, dumping cream and sugar into his coffee by the spoonful.
“Cook them on low heat…” you look over at him. “You like your coffee sweet.”
“Yeah I can’t stand the bitter taste, but I need the energy. Really? That’s how you do it?” He says, shoving another fork full in his mouth. He swallows, chases it down with overly sweetened coffee. “I cook everything on high.”
You pause, “Why?”
“It’s faster…” he ponders for a moment. “Though I do end up having a lot of things burnt because of it.”
You snort, “Are you really the person that leaves everything on high and just walks away from the stove?”
“Maybe.” He looks bashful, but unoffended.
You laugh, genuinely. “Oh my god, Izuku you can’t do that.”
“I always wait to eat until I’m too hungry to be patient.” He persists. “I still end up eating it.”
“Okay,” you sigh, sitting down next to him and filling your own mug with coffee. “How about after work every day I come in and cook breakfast too?”
“That’s not what I’m paying you for.”
“I’m not asking to be paid,” you chide. “I’m offering. Besides, the work seems easy enough. I don't mind adding this to it.”
“Are you sure?’ He asks, head tilting at you.
You shrug, “I wouldn’t offer it if I wasn’t.”
He laughs quietly, pushing a slice of pancake around before he looks over at you. “Thank you,” he says softly. You smile back at him, giving him a nod as you sip on your mug of coffee. You both eat in silence together, save for the soft music playing on the radio in one of his shelves and the clink of silverware against your plates. Izuku asks for seconds, and you happily oblige him. You forgot how much you loved having someone eat your food.
It’s only mid June and you’re already thinking about how this will end. That Izuku only needs help until August and the thought is making you sad despite how premature the worry is. You push the thought away in your mind, reminding yourself that there is here and now and the rest will come later. August can wait.
He walks you out to your car at noon, his hands in his pockets as he kicks the rocks in his driveway nervously. You get the feeling he doesn’t want you to leave, but you have people to call and things to do. You like his company, you think, so you smile and tell him, “See you tomorrow!”
He likes yours too, so he gives you an eager nod and says, “I’ll be here!”
Izuku is staring at a flower pot when you come in today—his head tilted to the side and his eyes narrowed—holding it in his hands, perplexed. Muttering something under his breath that you can’t quite make out.
“What’s up?”
“There’s a violet growing with this petunia.”
“Okay,” you say slowly. “And?”
“It’s cool, don’t you think?” He looks over you, eyes practically twinkling with unbridled excitement. “To land somewhere you’re not supposed to be? But thrive anyways?” He sighs softly, looks at the little flower poking through the dirt with something close to affection. “It’s wonderful. Makes it look so easy.”
You tug slightly on Izuku’s arm, motioning for him to lower it so you can see the pot better. Sure enough, there’s a small violet blooming on the other end of the pot, only a few inches away from the white color of the petunia. The contract is nice, you think. The white of the petunia is not too far away from the purple of the violet.
“Are you gonna replant the violet?” you ask.
“Not sure,” he muses. “I kinda like the symbolism of it.”
“You’re getting philosophical over flowers?” you snicker.
“Flourishing where you’re not planted,” he says again, looking down at you with verdant eyes. “It’s nice.”
You think of grad school, about being so far away from family. The bustle of the city. It’s a different kind of loneliness to be around so many people and still feel isolated. You think of the friends you’ve connected with, the memories you’ve made, and the students you’ve taught. Professors and their kind words and the high praise they’ve given you.
“Maybe you should keep it there then,” you tell him quietly, your eyes still focused on the plant in the pot. “I like it.”
“You think so?”
“It would be a good children's story,” you tell him.
“Are you making fun of me?”
“No,” you tell him earnestly, your eyes lifting to meet his. “Think of it, a little flower in the garden trying to find where they belong, but it turns out they never needed to be in a specific spot. They’re gonna be fine wherever they decide to bloom.”
Izuku is silent for a moment staring at you with a strange look on his face. For a moment you think he’s gonna laugh, think he’s gonna look at you and tell you it’s strange to be able to make a story out of anything you hear. But he doesn’t. He just smiles at you in that quiet and reserved way he often does; something unsure and searching before he flicks his eyes over across the greenhouse.
“It’s gonna be hot today,” he says to you, clearing his throat and looking down at you through thick lashes. “Remind me to make sure I turn the fans on today.”
“Of course.” You smile.
He wants to tell you that you look brighter today; almost blinding. He can tell you’re getting used to working before the sun even rises, but all that comes out is, “Thank you.”
When you arrive at Izuku's house today, he’s already standing outside, leaning against his faded blue pick up truck, and scrolling through his phone. Today is going to be different. You know this before he tells you, because he looks at you almost excitedly—like he’s bursting at the seams.
“We gotta go into town today,” he chirps, crossing his arms over his broad chest and looking down at you through thick lashes. “I need some soil and some groceries, and Kacchan has some corn for me to grab. To be honest, I should’ve just told you to stay behind, so I’m really sorry about that, but I didn’t remember until late last night, and I was sure you’d be in bed by then but I can reimburse you for gas if—”
“Izuku,” you cut him off gently. Laughing softly at him. “I don’t mind at all.”
“I can at least pay you for the day,” he offers.
“No need,” you shrug. “I’m already out here.”
“I am so—”
“Stop apologizing,” you insist, laughing again. “It’s really not a big deal, and I like hanging out with you anyways.”
“Oh,” he breathes, then straightens up and blinks owlishly at you—like he finally absorbs what you said. “Oh! Well, o-okay then.”
He opens his passenger door for you, waits for you to sit down in the seat before he’s gently closing the door and runs to the driver's side. The truck rocks with the weight of him practically throwing himself into it, and he looks over at you as he buckles his seatbelt like he never expected you to stay. Like he can’t believe you’re actually here, in his truck, agreeing to run some mundane errands with him before the sun has fully risen.
You hold your warm mug of coffee in between your hands, feel the way the heat of it crawls across your palms and makes your own bones feel warm. The liquid sloshes around as Izuku pulls out of his gravel driveway. You watch him as he does: the way he places a large hand on the back of your headrest and turns his body to get a better view out of the back window. When his eyes meet yours, he gives you a small smile, then moves his hand and shifts the car into drive, pulling out of the driveway and heading to town.
You’ve never really looked at the area Izuku lives in. This early in the morning you’re usually more focused on keeping your eyes open than taking in the scenery. It’s beautiful here, you think, much prettier than the city—despite it only being an hour and a half away by train, it feels like you’re in a different world.
The countryside is nice: rolling hills littered with trees, grass the same shade as Izuku’s eyes, and wildflowers as bright as the ones he sells from his greenhouse. You lay your head against the window, listening to the sounds of Izuku fumbling with the knob of the radio in an attempt to get anything but static.
“You’re tired,” he muses. You almost didn’t hear it—probably wouldn’t have at all if the radio would work.
“Stayed up a bit too late last night reading,” you tell him, turning your head from the window to look at him. The sun is starting to peak over the hills, and it highlights the freckles across his tanned skin. You stretch, feeling your back pop. “It was worth it, though.”
“Was it good?”
“Yeah,” you hum. “Poetry collection from one of my favorite authors, Mary Oliver.”
He hisses between his teeth, shakes his head slightly. “She’s good,” he tells you. “I like Bukowski more, however.”
You snort, “You’re entitled to your opinion.”
He says nothing after that, just laughs lightly. You watch him adjust in his seat; leaning back to get more comfortable. One hand hangs from the top of the steering wheel while he uses the other to rest his chin. You think it’s nice like this, sitting in companionable silence together. You don’t feel the need to fill the empty space with words or conversation. It’s a wonderful thing, you think, to sit and enjoy someone’s company.
It’s not long before Izuku makes it into town. Most of the buildings are old, only a few stories tall with brick exteriors. Businesses are starting to come to life. People are switching on their open signs and opening their doors to let the summer breeze in. You glance over at Izuku. Both of his hands are on the steering wheel now, and he’s chewing his bottom lip as he moves through traffic. There’s plenty of people on the sidewalks—plenty of people cutting across streets that make Izuku hit his breaks just a touch too hard. This town isn’t as sleepy as you thought it would be. It’s not as busy as a city, but there’s more of a scattering of people than you expected. You suppose most people are awake early here; eager to begin working in the fields before the sun starts to beat down.
He pulls into a parking lot, turns his truck off with a shaky hand and looks over at you with a huff. “I hate driving in town. People don’t know where to walk.” You laugh at him quietly, snorting into your hand. It’s strange to see a look of genuine irritation on his face. “What’re you laughing at?”
“Nothing,” you giggle again. “You’re just funny.”
“Let me open the door for you,” he tells you as he unbuckles his seatbelt. “The passenger side door doesn’t open from the inside.” He looks away from you as he says it, his own hand fumbling with his door before he’s opening it and running over to open yours.
“Thank you,” you tell him brightly.
You watch red creep up his neck and cover his cheeks. “Yeah,” he mutters. “Of course. We ah… we gotta stop at the gardening store for soil.”
“Is that all?”
“And Kacchan’s house for corn…” he hums, rubbing his face in thought, “...maybe stop at the grocery store too. D’ya need anything?”
You click your tongue, shake your head slightly. “I’m just along for the ride, Izuku.”
He laughs and you follow him down the sidewalk, almost bumping into him when he stops at the crosswalk.
You never realize how big Izuku is until you stand next to him. He’s easily twice your weight and towers over you by a foot. You watch him press the button at the crosswalk, staring straight ahead for the moment the red hand turns into a white walking sign that allows you two to safely cross.
By some sort of instinct he grabs your hand, leading you across the street when the sign turns white and signals for you both to cross. The action is so simple to you, and he doesn’t even look phased by the feeling of it. Just grips your much smaller hand in his large one and leads you safely across the street.
He lets go of your hand as if suddenly realizing what he’s done. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he laughs, looking away from you. “I shouldn’t have done that! I didn’t even think about it, it really was a mindless gesture of me is it possible that we can just—”
“It’s okay,” You interrupt, your hand feeling strangely small without his fingers wrapped around it. You smile at him and bring it to your eyes as a shield so you can look at him better. The sun is cascading a light around his head; almost making it look like he has a halo. “I liked it,” you tell him truthfully.
He looks at you then, gives you one of those smiles that makes your heart squeeze in your chest. “My mom used to hold my hand when we crossed the street together,” he tells you quietly. “It always made me feel safe.”
Why do you stay with me? he wants to ask.
A different question burns in your mind at the same time, Why do you want to keep me?
You walk the rest of the way to the nursery in silence, your hand feeling strangely empty without his. You stare at the spaces between your fingers, thinking how nice it felt to have him fill the empty spaces. He opens the door to the shop for you, lets you step in before he’s following behind. You notice he has to duck his head under the awning of the shop. You step aside, letting Izuku lead the way into the shop.
“Hi, Fuyumi!” he grins at a girl behind the counter.
She’s pretty, mostly white hair with red streaks and tanned skin; there's a round wire framed set of glasses on her nose.Something about her radiates kindness, the gentle way she smiles at Izuku and how she clasps her hands together with joy when she sees him.
“Izuku!” she laughs. “How are you?”
“M’good. I’m just here for a few bags of soil.”
She looks over at you after she nods at Izuku. “Hi.” She grins. “I’m Todoroki Fuyumi!”
“Oh I’m so sorry,” he breathes thentells Fuyumi your name, and she smiles, complimenting how well it suits you. “She’s my assistant for the summer. She’s been a real big help, honestly I’m lucky to have her, she’s really good—” you touch his shoulder gently, hear him squeak before he gives you a breathy laugh. “Oh, I’m rambling again, aren’t I?” You say nothing, just nod your head gently at him while he turns a bright shade of red. He looks over at Fuyumi again with a chuckle. “I’m gonna be getting two bags of soil today.”
“Just two?” she confirms, typing into the old fashioned cash register on the counter.
“Yeah, just two.” He calls back to her, “It’s only for some mums.”
You stand there awkwardly, waiting for Izuku to come back.
“How long have you and Izuku been together?”
“Ah….” You think for a moment. “Since the end of June, so about two months now.”
“Oh.” She smiles knowingly. “So you’re still in the honeymoon phase?”
You choke slightly, “What? No I don’t—we’re not…” You shake your head. “We’re not together, we just work together.”
You laugh awkwardly. Fuyumi just hums, a knowing look flashing in her steel colored eyes. She opens her mouth to say something but is cut off when Izuku materializes next to you; red dusting his cheeks as he clears his throat.
“How much is that for today, Fuyumi?” he asks.
She brushes him off. “Don’t worry about it. You helped Shouto the other day with the calves, and he told me he’ll cover whatever you need the next time you come in.”
“Are you sure?”
She gives him a warning look, but there’s no venom to it. “You know how my brother can be. If I were you, I’d just let it happen.”
He chuckles nervously, scratches the back of his neck. “Yeah, you’re right. Well thank you, Fuyumi. I’ll see ya later.” You wave goodbye to her, following behind Izuku back outside into the warmth.
He lugs both of the bags of soil over one shoulder; a strong arm wrapping around them. He looks both ways before crossing the street, holding your hand the entire way.
He gives your hand a squeeze before letting go, “When we step into the store I only need some sausages and milk,” he tells you. “I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing, but can you stick by me when we get to the store? The owner’s a nice guy n’ all but… he tends to lay it on thick with the women, if you know what I mean.”
“Jealous, are we?” you tease.
He looks over at you, unamused, and sucks on his teeth. “You’ll ah… you’ll see what I mean.”
You don't have time to ask him to elaborate before he opens the door to the grocery store. You shiver when you get inside, the shock of the cold compared to the warmth of outside causing goosebumps to pebble on your skin. A blonde man peeks out from one of the aisles. He grins when he sees Izuku and grins even wider when he sees you trailing behind him. You watch the hand that he has around the soil tighten for a brief moment before he gives the blonde a smile.
“Hi Keigo,” he says. “We’re just here for a few things.”
The man—Keigo—returns the smile, all teeth and sharp canines as he comes out from between the aisles. He’s of average height and build, blond locks that look perfectly windblown and a handsome, tanned face.
“Well hi there, Izuku and friend.”
You wave nervously at him, while one of Izuku’s palms finds its way to the small of your back, ushering you in the direction of the meat fridge.
“We’re in a bit of a hurry today, Kei,” he calls over his shoulder. “We’re just here for some sausages and milk.” He sounds a bit strained as he says it, and you find yourself slightly fascinated by the sight of Izuku who actually looks slightly irritated. It’s something you never thought you’d see.
“That’s all?” Keigo chuckles, suddenly right next to you. You gasp slightly, not expecting to see him there. “Sorry, dove.” His eyes are honey yellow. They remind you of the old, peeling paintings of the museum you like to visit when you’re in school. “I’m a bit too fast for m’own good.”
“It's fine,” you chirp, not sure why you’re accepting an apology that doesn’t even seem to be needed.
Izuku jerks his head towards the milk he wants, and you open the fridge to grab it, taking the packs of sausage out of his hands to free him up. Keigo follows behind you two quietly, following you to the front counter where he rings you both out.
“What are you guys up to today?” he asks.
“A little of this, a little of that,” Izuku responds, pulling his wallet out of his back pocket and handing Keigo crisp bills. Keigo places the food in paper bags, scoots it across the counter where you pick it up gingerly. “We’re heading home now.”
“Hope to be seeing the both of you soon!” Keigo calls out while you two leave, you turn and smile at him but notice he’s only looking at you.
“See what I mean?” Izuku asks wryly, pressing the button at the crosswalk.
“Yes,” you giggle.
Izuku carries the soil, while you cradle the groceries. Since both of you have occupied hands, he can’t hold yours as you cross the street. The thought makes you feel a bit sad, but you’re hoping for other opportunities despite yourself.
Izuku throws the bags of soil into the bed of the truck, before taking the groceries out of your arms and placing them there too. You stretch your arms, listening to your elbows pop at the relief as you open the door to the truck.
“You’re old,” he teases, tongue poking out of his mouth slightly.
“You're two years older than me, Izuku.”
You laugh as you buckle your seatbelt. You like the way he smiles at you, and you like the way he waits for you to be buckled in before he moves the truck.
“Fair enough,” he says, putting the car in drive and pulling out of the parking lot. “Can’t wait to get out of here. Hate driving in town.”
“Mmm.” You nod. “You’ve made that known.”
He visibly relaxes when he exits the town's limits, one hand hanging off the steering wheel as he turns on cruise control and stretches his legs. He never found anything to play on the radio, so the truck is filled with silence. It’s nice however, quiet and companionable and somehow warm between you two.
Izuku pulls into the driveway of a home after some time. It’s simple, quaint. A white two story house with blue shutters. A blonde man sits on a porch swing with a woman. She’s pretty from what you can see, short brown hair and a round face. Petite and small next to the blonde's long and lithe figure.
“Kacchan,” Izuku calls out to him after opening the door for you. The man takes the stairs two at a time, hands in his pockets as he strides towards him. Izuku smiles at him, warm and bright while the stranger just glares at Izuku with garnet colored eyes. “We’re here for corn!” Izuku introduces you to him, tells you his name is Bakugou Katsuki, but it’s fine to call him Kacchan.
“Don’t call me Kacchan,” he mutters, rolling his eyes.
“I won’t.” You smile at him. “Nice to meet you, Katsuki. I think I’ve seen you at the farmers market.”
He hums in his chest, nodding. “M’usually there on Saturdays.” He juts his head towards Izuku. “A couple of booths down from this nerd.” Instinctually you brace yourself, not used to the idea of Izuku being talked to unkindly, but he just laughs. “M’gonna go grab corn for Deku, honey,” he calls to the woman on the porch. She looks up at him and smiles, waving delicate fingers at him. “Don’t you dare finish my crossword puzzle, though,” he barks, to which she responds with ringing laughter and a snort.
Izuku grabs your hand. It’s probably pure instinct at this point, but you don’t pull away—just interlace your fingers with his and follow behind. Katsuki looks over at you both, notices your hands interlocked together, but he doesn’t say anything. When he leads you both to the field, he falls into pace next to Izuku, and you hear quiet bickering. Teasing between friends. Katsuki only looks an inch or so taller next to Izuku, but their builds are different. Katsuki is lean and built like a cat: all taught muscle underneath a well fitted t-shirt. But Izuku is beefier, with thick muscles and rippling veins with thighs bigger than Katsuki’s waist.
He looks back at you, warm and bright as you both step into the cornfield. “Keep a hold of my hand, ‘kay?” He grins, tilting his head, and you watch green curls fall to one side. “Don't wanna lose you.”
You watch Katsuki twist and pull corn off the stalks, insisting that he’s the one that does it. “You’ll probably fuck it up,” he bites at Izuku, but there’s no venom to it as his tone turns teasing. “And your little hand looks occupied at the moment.”
“Kacchan,” Izuku squeaks, tone chastising as his face turns a deep shade of red. He doesn’t let go of your hand despite Katsuki’s remark, just grips it tighter.
Katsuki laughs at him, tearing corn off stalks and cradling them in his arms, “How many ya want? 10?”
Izuku nods. “10 is good. Do you want any?”
You shake your head. “No, thank you.”
Katsuki grunts in acknowledgement, layering ears of corn into his arms. You wonder how long he’s been on a farm, if he always knew he wanted to do this. The sun is high in the sky now, and you bring your other hand up to shield your eyes as you stare at the horizon—focusing your attention on white clouds that move lazily across a blue sky.
“Let’s go,” Katsuki says, leading you both out of the field without so much as a glance back towards the two of you.
Katsuki’s wife is still sitting on the porch when you get back, flipping through what looks like a well-loved book with tender fingers.
“M’gonna go and say hello to Kacchan’s wife okay?” he tells you. “She’s sweet, I sold her some flowers for the garden he has around back a year ago.”
He bounds up the stairs to her, plopping next to her on the swing. He watches him laugh with her, his hands gesturing excitedly as he talks animatedly to her.
Katsuki looks over at you, balancing back and forth on his shoes before he’s sighing through his nose. “He’s head over heels for ya, ya know that, right?”
His bluntness takes you by surprise, but you don’t flinch from it, just level him with your own gaze. “What makes you say that?”
He shrugs. “Known him all my life, so I can just tell. He’s excited around you—”
“He’s an excitable person,” you counter.
He sucks his teeth, “Not like this, though. This is different.”
You don’t know what to say, so you say nothing. You don’t know how to feel about the idea of Izuku loving you, but the thought makes you feel strangely warm. You look over at Katsuki, watch the way the sun reflects against his blonde hair. You wonder if falling in love was something he thought was hard to do, too; if the thought scared him as much as it scares you.
Izuku comes bounding over to you, telling Katsuki’s wife he’ll see her later. She laughs, says something along the lines of I know, to which he responds with a cheeky grin.
“Are you ready to go?” he asks you, taking the corn from Katsuki’s arms.
You smile at him. “Ready when you are.”
“Bye Kacchan!” Izuku waves at him, laughing at the way Katsuki brushes him off and walks away. You don’t have the stomach to look Katsuki in the eyes as you mutter goodbye, and the knowing look he gives you makes your gut feel strange.
Izuku is staring at you when he gets in the car, thinking to himself that there is not a single thing about you he’ll ever forget. He could never see you again, but he’d remember you as you are every Saturday morning when he sees you: eyes bright, smile lopsided with your laugh ringing out like a church bell as if you’re some sort of sanctuary that reminds him it’s time to worship, but he’s never stopped since last Saturday. Your face changes as he looks at you—like a cloud that moves and covers the sun. You’re clearly thinking about something: your eyebrows are pinched, and your lips are twisting together.
“What are you thinking about?” He asks, interrupting your thoughts.
“Nothing,” you tell him.
“Hmmm,” he hums and looks over at you. “That’s not true.”
“Izuku, what—”
“When you’re thinking really hard about something” —his finger reaches out towards you and pokes the space between your eyebrows, laughing slightly as he does a small circular motion there—“you get this little crinkle right there.”
A smile breaks across your face as you gently push his hand away, eyes bright until your thoughts catch back up to you again.
“Are you gonna tell me what’s bothering you?” he asks again, quieter this time. Almost begging you. He’s so close to you now, so close you can see the flecks of hazel around his eyes, feel the warmth of his breath on your cheeks.
“It’s for me,” you mutter, tearing your gaze away from him. You ignore the heat that rises to your face. Your thoughts are your own. You’re not ready to share.
“Keep your secrets,” he mutters at you. You’ll tell him when you’re ready, he thinks.
You turn away from him completely—try to ignore that it might hurt his feelings—but you can’t stand to look at him. You think if you keep looking at him the truth of your own feelings will leak from your eyes like clouds too full of rain. Everything feels too much. Too complicated. You’re thinking strange thoughts you’ve never thought before. Like what it would be like to wake up next to him. How well his fingers fit into the empty spaces between yours. It’s odd, you think, to constantly feel like you’re drinking sunlight when you’re around him. You are overflowing with his rays. You think that if you look in the mirror you’ll be glowing too.
“I know we’ve had a busy day,” he starts. He sounds so shy, like a kid asking for candy when they’re half sure they’re going to be told no. “Do you still plan on coming in tomorrow? I was gonna say to take the day off, but I could use some help tomorrow. Which isn’t to say I’m helpless without you—”
“Yeah.” You smile. “I’m still coming in.”
Izuku smiles even brighter than you thought possible; eyes turning once again into tiny crescent moons, dimples showing. His foot taps the entire drive back to his place, unbridled excitement manifesting in the way he drums his fingers against the steering wheel.
It’s only a few minutes before he’s pulling back into the driveway. Instinctively, you reach for the door handle and open it, confused at the way it opens for you. You look over at Izuku, tilting your head at him in question.
“I thought it was broken?”
He looks embarrassed for a moment, his face is the same shade of red as strawberries. “I-I just wanted to open the door for you.”
“You could’ve just said that,” you laugh and watch him turn redder—something you didn’t even know was possible.
“You’re right,” he mutters, scratching at the back of his head. “But would you have let me?”
You smile at him, shutting the door to make a point. “Anything for your hero heart.”
He grins at you, cheeky and bright. Like he’s won some sort of prize. He’s rushing out of the truck and running over to you, practically bouncing on his feet when he opens the door and lets you out. His smile is so infectious—one of the things you’ve always liked about him—that it has you grinning too, and though your cheeks are hurting with it, you couldn’t possibly care less.
You want to tell him that he makes you feel warm and safe, but the only thing that comes out is, “Same time tomorrow?”
He swallows, wanting to tell you that he feels the same way you do, but the only thing he says is, “Yup! See you then!”
The end of summer means the end of the farmers market. And the end of the farmers market means you’re not helping Izuku anymore. This thought makes you sad, fills you with a strange feeling you can’t quite place. You’ve never liked the end of things, even having gone as far as leaving books and movies and tv shows unfinished just to avoid the feeling.
Work was easy today, but if you really want to be truthful, the last few months have hardly felt like work at all. But today—the last day of spending hours with Izuku in the sun as he tells you about flowers and their meanings while you admire the way the colors of them look against the green of his hair—fills you with some strange sense of finality that you’re too scared to bring up.
Can I come back, you want to ask, even though winter will come and dry up all the flowers?
Can I come back? Even though the frost that comes will surely be the one that ends the season?
Can I stay? Even though there’s no work to do? We can just sit on the porch and watch the leaves fall for all I care. I can tell you about the book I’m writing. You can tell me about the butterflies you saw in the garden today.
You’re sitting next to Izuku on the steps to his front porch, chin resting on your knees and arms around your calves. The wind feels nice against your warm skin, and you can see it rustling through the trees in Izuku’s yard.
He’s skilled with the knife; you’re sure you’d cut yourself if you were doing what he was with it. His thumb pushes against the blade effortlessly as he cuts off the tops of strawberries. He hands you one delicately, holding his hand flat with the berry in the center of his palm.
“Kacchan sells them down the road,” he informs you. “Grows ‘em himself with his wife. I think it was her idea, strawberries seem to be her favorite.” You hum in response as you pop it into your mouth, savoring the sweetness of it. You didn’t know Katsuki sold anything else besides corn. “She’s real good to him. He’s lucky to have her. I never thought he’d let anyone in until he met her.”
“What do you mean?” you ask.
We can sit on the couch, you think to yourself as you chew, I’ll show you the candles I bought and make you smell all of them. You’ll crinkle your nose at some, but that’s okay. I’ll just light those ones when you’re not around.
He shrugs, and looks away from you; pursing his lips in thought before speaking. “Ah... I mean, it does get lonely out here to be honest. Livin’ in the middle of nowhere. You saw it the other day. I mean, Kacchan’s just down the road, but he’s still 15 minutes away. You’ve noticed that, haven’t ya? That there’s not much around here?”
You could teach me how to make eggs, he thinks, they probably wouldn’t be good the first few times, but you’d smile at me all happy because I tried for you.
“I thought it was nice,” you answer simply. He hands you another strawberry. “I think this is nice.”
He tilts his head, curls falling over to one side. “What is?”
What is Heaven, he thinks, besides spending a Saturday afternoon with you?
You gesture vaguely, his eyes fall towards the open space of his front yard. The vacant road. “This.” You say more forcefully, hoping it’ll help him understand.
There’s something altogether beautiful and whimsical about quiet places; about the countryside and the quiet way it has of putting people together. There’s something beautiful about sitting in silence so deafening all the thoughts you’ve tried to keep at bay rear their head.
He says nothing, just nods like he understands then hands you another strawberry. “This reminds me of a poem I read a while ago,” he says quietly. “It’s about this person who splits an orange with their friends and how they romanticize the little things in their life and how much joy it brought to them.” You stay silent, listening to him speak. You turn the strawberry over in your palm, inspecting the color of it. He’s sitting closer to you now. You don’t remember when he got so close to you; his thigh is almost touching yours and you can feel heat coming off his body in waves. He smells like dirt and clean clothes and mint and you think to yourself that you really like it. He turns his body so that he’s facing you and rests his forehead against yours. He swallows thickly before speaking again. “Last lines are my favorite: I love you. I’m glad I exist.”
Your voice is barely louder than the wind that moves through the tall grass at the edge of his property. “Is that a confession?” you ask.
“Maybe,” he responds softly.
You put the strawberry that’s in your hand and place it in his; take his calloused fingers and wrap them around it. “Reminds me of another poem I read.” You watch his eyes snap to meet yours. “My favorite line is ‘I love you. I want us both to eat well.’”
It’s his turn to ask. “Is that a confession?” His voice is as soft as the skin of peaches.
You answer as softly as he had answered you, “Maybe.”
He looks at you strangely then; eyes full of curiosity and confusion and something else you can’t quite place. Then, he’s reaching his hand out to you, and you’re taking it eagerly. Part of you knows where he’s leading you, but the other part of you doesn’t care. You will follow Izuku anywhere, because you know he’d never lead you to harm.
He’s not in any rush when he leads you to his bedroom—just like how he’s never in a rush for you to leave at the end of the day. The space is nice. Clean and organized. Green eyes meet yours in a silent way of asking for consent. You nod ever so slightly, trying to swallow your nerves. You think of your classmates for a moment—all of you sitting together in a room writing symbols on your palms and pretending to swallow the words whole.
Can you write love on your palm? Swallow it whole to keep it from wracking your nerves? You’ve never done this before, but for some reason doing it with Izuku feels right. Feels like exactly where you’re supposed to be.
When he kisses you it doesn’t really feel like a kiss. More of him just pressing his lips against yours. It’s gentle. Innocent by nature. But then he keeps going, keeps planting soft kisses against your face until they grow into something more needy and fervent; each one lasting longer than the last. Pushing the boundaries Izuku has created in his mind, but truthfully you want to make yourself so entangled with his soul you can’t tell where he begins and you end.
He nips gently at your lower lip; tugs slightly at it before his tongue’s working into your mouth. Tentative and exploring. He takes his time with you; knowing you’re not going anywhere. Knowing you’re his to take from. Your heart is a meal he’s wanted to dine on since he first saw you. There’s no real art to it—no intent behind the way his tongue explores the cavern of your mouth—but he’s everywhere. Taking and taking and taking and your toes are curling against the carpet of his floor at the thought of finally being able to give to him.
“Stay,” he whimpers into your hair as his fingers dig into the meat of your thighs. “Please stay,” he asks more forcefully this time—practically begging— pulling away and cupping your face.
You look away from him for a moment and stare at your hands. There’s dirt under your fingernails and all you can think is that all of it—from visiting Izuku every Saturday, to working early mornings with him to running errands with him while your bones are still heavy with sleep—has been a labor of love. The dirt under your nails is just another way to say I love you, teaching him how to make scrambled eggs perfectly is another way of saying I want you to eat well, that bothering to learn the way he likes his coffee is another way of saying I want to know everything about you. He is the first thing you think of when your head raises from your pillow and that he is the only thought that plagues your mind before you toss and turn in your sleep.
You look at him then, look at his eyes that are lined with unshed tears and glossy with desperation. Pupils so blown out with love and adoration for you that all you can see is a thin ring of color. You twist a curl in your fingers before brushing it back. He leans into your touch; noses your palm before planting a kiss there. Your thumbs brush over his cheeks before moving to the bridge of his nose. He whines quietly—desperate and needy—catching your fingertips with his lips and placing kisses on them.
“Stay?” he asks again, more broken this time. Crystal tears threaten to leak from his eyes. You nod at him, eager and sure, not trusting your own voice.
He looks like the sun in that moment; a smile breaking across his face with a gentle laugh. He lays you down on the bed; his weight hovering over you as he begins kissing you again. There’s more purpose this time. He kisses you like he knows what he wants; kisses you like he’s not afraid you’re going to disappear right out from underneath him.
His hands are everywhere now: sliding up your shirt and grasping at your breasts; tweaking and tugging gently at your nipples while he mouths at your neck. His hands are tugging at your clothing, eager to shed the barriers that separate you two. Your fingers are in his hair, wanting him as close as possible and unable to let him go; you wish you could bottle the sounds he makes. The little gasps and broken thank you’s that escape from his lips. The way it sounds altogether broken and breaking. Healed and healing.
It’s a new experience to be naked in front of someone and still comfortable. You don’t wish to hide your body from him. The awestruck way he looks at you doesn’t make you want to curl in a hole in the ground. It just makes you all that eager to pull the cotton t-shirt over his head as his hands fumble with his belt. You place your fingers over his when you notice the way they shake and his eyes snap towards yours again. His own silent way of asking if you’re still okay to keep going. You nod again at him, subtlety, knowing he’s watching you closely. That he watches everything about you the way people hold fragile things: carefully.
Rough hands pry your legs apart, and you shiver at the feeling of calloused fingers rubbing small circles on the insides of your thighs. His other hand moves up your body; cupping your sex before he caresses the curve of your waist and then your breast. You gasp slightly as his hand moves to your neck, not choking you but holding you. He touches you like he has all the time in the world. Moves his hand from your neck to your shoulder blade. Trails the tips of his fingers down the knobs of your spine before it settles on the small of your back.
“Izuku, please,” you rasp, writhing against the sheets impatiently.
His eyes snap to yours, as if you broke him out of a trance. “Can you say it?”
You don’t even have to ask him what it is, and for a moment you wonder when you two became so close that words aren’t necessary.
“M’ yours, Izuku,” you whisper into the quiet of the room.
You feel him shudder against you as he moves thumb across your bottom lip, watch his eyes grow wide with shock as if he didn’t expect you to actually say it.
Something changes in him then, ever so slightly. Something that you think no one except you would notice. The subtle way his pupils constrict and then dilate. It’s like something just fell into place between you two. He’s pressing his lips against yours again, chaste and quick and moving lower down your body. Kissing your collarbones and chest and breasts and whispering mine into your skin. He settles between your legs after a moment, verdant eyes meeting yours in a silent request. You nod your head at him, fist the sheets with your hands at the feeling of hot breath on your pussy.
He’s tentative as he parts your folds; presses a kiss to your clit before he’s licking and sucking at it. Running tight and small circles around it. His hands have a bruising grasp on your waist, keeping you from wiggling away from the sensation of his wet muscle moving across your heat. There’s a strange heat building in your core; a coil that gets tighter and tighter with every swipe of his tongue. The feeling has you gripping the sheets underneath you; has your toes curling and your heels digging into the mattress. He plunges two fingers deep inside of you, coaxing a moan from your lips that makes the blood rush straight to his cock; makes him rut his hips desperately against the mattress. He could be forever intoxicated by the tears of pleasure that leak from the galaxies of your eyes. There is an entire universe behind your pupils and God does he want to be the one to discover all the stars that live there. When you cum undone for him it’s like the angels are singing; sweet moans escaping your lips that sound more beautiful than anything he’s ever heard.
He rides your high out perfectly, not stopping until the shocks of your orgasm slowed and you’re whining at the feeling of overstimulation. He kisses you again then, not giving you a moment to breathe. It's so strange to taste yourself on someone else's lips, but it’s not an experience you hate. It’s hot, you think: the way Izuku’s tongue is coated in your essence as it moves around your mouth. The way you can feel his cock eagerly humping into you, the thick head of it catching ever so slightly at your entrance.
“Please, Izuku,” you whine, wrapping your legs around his waist. “Need you.”
“Yeah,” he coos gently, pumping his cock with his fist and lining it up with your entrance. “S’okay baby. I got ya.”
He sinks into you with a hiss, goosebumps pebbling up his skin as he buries himself to the hilt in your cunt. You whimper into the space where his neck meets his shoulder, your fingernails digging into the back and leaving crescent moons behind. He gives you a moment to adjust, every one of his muscles on edge and bristling as he forces himself to stay still. It doesn’t hurt, not like you thought it would. Just feels like something is there, when there usually isn’t something there. You shift your hips ever so slightly, let him know it’s okay to start moving.
“Good girl,” he purrs, chest rumbling with approval. “Such a good girl f’me, yeah?”
You nod into his neck again, holding him impossibly close as he drags his cock against your walls, hitting your g-spot perfectly every time until you’re seeing stars.
“Y-you’re so big,” you whine, panting into his skin until it feels damp.
“I know,” he responds, thrusting into you again and watching the way your eyes screw together in pleasure. “S’okay, you’re my good girl. You can—ah, shit—take me. You’re doin’ so well f’me, baby. That’s my girl.” You feel his pace quicken, feel his hands grip you tighter. Pull you closer to him as if he’s trying to melt your body with his. “So pretty,” he whimpers into your hair, before he gently bites your earlobe. “All soft and—fuck—mine.”
You keen at his words, back arching off the mattress at his possessiveness. He brings a hand between your bodies, rubs carefully around the sensitive bundle of nerves until you’re pushed over the cliff of your orgasm. Your climax brings him closer to the edge, his thrusts getting harder and sloppier, whining louder and louder into your ear.
“Gonna—ngh, fuck—cum,” he gasps. “Is that okay?” You nod weakly, and he whines. “Baby,” he pants in your ear, listening to the way it sounds so thick in his mouth. “Feel so soft around me. So good.” He presses a kiss to your lips again, “Mine,” he says half forceful, half awestruck. “Mine, mine, mine.”
“Yours,” you whisper, confirming what he says.
Intertwining your fingers with his. He cums a few thrusts after; hot ropes of sticky cum lining your insides. He looks mesmerized for a moment, staring at the parts of your bodies still connected; watches the white ring of his cum around his dick as he thrusts in and out of you slowly, before he lowers his body on yours as if he’s a shield. As if he can protect you from anything the world might throw at you.
He pulls out of you after you both catch your breaths. Pats your head with a silent request to stay put before he’s ducking out of the room. He comes back with a glass of water and the remaining strawberries. There’s a towel over his shoulder, and you noticed he found a pair of boxers to put on. You sit up when he plops next to you on the bed, hugging your knees to your chest. Small hands reach out for the glass of water, but Izuku doesn’t let you grab it. Just holds it to your lips and tilts it gently. You attempt to reach for the glass when you’re done, but he pulls it away from you before you can.
“You like to take care of things,” you say quietly.
He doesn’t stutter or turn a furious shade of red at your observation. You think it’s because something fundamental has changed between you two. You think it’s because you both know you love each other. You both know you’ll be here in the morning. He takes the leaves off a strawberry and hands it to you.
“I take care of things I love. That’s how they last.” He reaches a thumb out and rubs excess strawberry off the corner of your lip. “Don’t you know that?”
“You’ll have to show me,” you tease.
He leans back on the bed, holds his arms out to you. “C’mere.”
You fold your body against his, tuck your head underneath his chin and lay there. He rubs circles into your back as he hums into your hair. Somewhere, deep in your mind, you recognize the song. You’re not sure where it’s from but it makes you feel warm. It’s nice. Comforting. Makes your eyes heavy against him.
Midoriya Izuku, however, holds you in his arms and thinks about how long he’s waited for this moment. He supposes this was always meant to be—why else would your body feel so nice against his?
Loving you feels as natural as breathing. Feels like something he was always meant to do. Everything was always meant to end up like this. He’s the moon, and you’re the sun: he was only ever made to reflect your light. You just wanted flowers to brighten up a room, and he just wanted to brighten someone's life just by being in it.
He sits up suddenly, remembering something. “There’s a frost tonight,” he curses under his breath, standing abruptly from the bed and grabbing his clothes off the floor. “I forgot to cover the plants in the garden. Will you—” He runs his fingers through his hair. “Will you still be here when I get back?” He knows you will be. Shouldn’t really have to ask these questions, but he can’t help that he wants to hear you say it.
“Don’t worry about it,” you respond, grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of discarded sweats. “I’m coming with you, anyways.”
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oh-katsuki · 2 months ago
goodddd tutor!izuku n chubby!reader….
cw: fingering, slight dumbification
he’s a little nervous the first time you ask him to come over and give you a lesson. honestly, he said yes because you pouted at him so sweetly and he considers himself a nice person. even if nice people don’t usually have sex dreams about the girl they’re meant to help pass her classes.
still, he’s nervous. even though he long grew out of the scrawny frame he had before high school and now stands nearly a foot taller and broader in college, the part of him that was bullied has trouble wrapping his head around the fact that someone as pretty as you wants him here. izuku has trouble wrapping his head around the fact that you’re definitely flirting with him right now because he can definitely feel the plush of your thigh pressed against his and your cleavage is so delightfully distracting.
“‘zu, what’d you get for number 4?” you ask, eyebrows pulled together in slight worry as you gaze up at him.
“uhm, 24.6…” he stammers. izuku can feel the way his cheeks are growing pink.
he tries to push away the thoughts of bending you over, he really does, but the next thing he knows, izuku’s hand is shaking up your skirt. it’s really more natural than it should be. he’s not a virgin by any means but the way you gasp and part your legs when his fingers hit the noticeably damp center of your panties makes him feel like he could lose his mind.
really, who could blame him for bending you over your work and finger fucking you. i mean, you’re just not getting the material. izuku’s gotta ingrain it in you. so he pets that sweet spot inside of you, fingers smushed between the fat of your thighs, while he coos in your ear about minding the material. is this helping? you feel like you’re learning? and all you can do is nod your sweet head because izuku, still bullied in his mind, has thick fingers and a knack for finding your g-spot.
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cellotonins · 4 months ago
☆ pics they have of you in their camera roll | bnha ☆
Tumblr media
⤷ feat: bakugou katsuki, kaminari denki, kirishima eijirou, midoriya izuku, sero hanta, & todoroki shouto
tags/warnings: fluff, gn!reader
Tumblr media
✧ BAKUGOU doesn’t come across as the type of person to have a lot of pictures of his s/o, but he has entire folders dedicated to solo pictures of you. almost all of them are candid shots of you going about your day (because he’d never hear the end of your teasing if you were to catch him in the act). one folder has photos of you engaged in some activity because he likes the faces you make when your concentration is focused on one thing. you have a tendency to stick out your tongue a bit or nibble at your lower lip, and he can’t help but find it rather cute. in another folder are pictures of you sleeping, whether passed out on the couch or curled up against his chest. but bakugou’s all-time favorites are the photos he took of you while you’re eating, capturing the satisfied expression on your face as you dig into the food he made. nothing gives him nearly as much validation as seeing you enjoy his cooking like it’s the best thing you’ve had.
✧ KAMINARI has quite the interesting camera roll, a bit unorganized at best and outright chaotic at worst. in the midst of all the memes you send to each other are the dozens of selfies you took together while messing around with snapchat filters. most of them are the silly filters, captured just as you burst into laughter. he also has a bunch of the more classic “instagram-worthy” pictures, like mirror selfies and kisses on the cheek, because he’ll be damned if he has a s/o like you and doesn’t brag about it every chance he gets (with the way he talks about you, don’t be surprised if his friends know you like the back of their hand before you even meet them). looking at his favorites, though, you’ll find the pictures you took of yourself whenever you steal his phone. it’s become so routine that he’ll intentionally leave his camera open for you when he leaves it unattended, knowing that he’ll return to at least ten new pictures in his gallery.
✧ KIRISHIMA loves doing anything and everything with you, and his camera roll is the perfect place for proof. in the current majority are the photos of you both at the gym, capturing your attempts to lift his weights, finally mastering a stretch, or an obligatory post-workout mirror selfie. he also has several other pictures of the two of you going on cute dates, showing off your lunch to the camera or getting attacked by a beach wave that you had insisted you were tall enough to withstand. there’s also some more chaotic photos of diys gone wrong, his favorite of which being the first time you helped him recolor his hair (the dye spilled and got everywhere, turning the bathroom into the perfect fake crime scene). but if there’s one photo that he always has to revisit, it’s the one of you bundled up in his sweats on the couch because you were “too lazy to get your own”. it was the first time he truly understood how it felt to see his s/o in his own clothes, and he still gets the same butterflies in his stomach every time he looks at it.
✧ MIDORIYA’S gallery doesn’t have a single picture of you where you’re not smiling at least a little. the closest thing he has to it is a picture of you making a pitiful attempt to keep your lips from curling upward after he made an incredibly cheesy remark (you failed miserably, by the way, and if you swipe to the left you’ll see where he finally catches you laughing). among the pictures he’s taken himself, he also saves the photos that you send to him in their own separate folder, whether you’re showing him your outfit, giving him a good luck selfie before he goes on a mission, or convincing him to come home a little earlier from work that day. if he had to pick a favorite, it would be the picture taken when he had finally reached #1 in the hero rankings. the photo is a bit blurry because his hand was shaky from all the excitement, but he can clearly make out the bright smile on your face, one that not even a low-quality photo could ruin.
✧ SERO is absolutely ruthless when it comes to the pictures of you he has in his gallery. one glance at his recents is enough to recognize the ongoing competition to see who can take the worst photos of each other. he has pictures of you mid-sneeze, yawning with half-lidded eyes, stuck in a sweater that was just a little too small for you, and more, all saved in a folder called “stinky <3”. he even has a picture that he got of you trying to get a picture of him (both of you now have it as matching lockscreens because they came out surprisingly well). despite the hilarious, unflattering photos, sero’s camera roll also has some of the best pictures of you, such as matching outfits and going out on casual dates. these are the ones that you’d think belong on pinterest because of their aesthetic appeal. above all else, though, is the one he took of you surrounded by his family, the brightest smile on your face as his relatives take you in as if you were their own. nothing makes him happier than knowing that his family absolutely adores you, almost as much as he does.
✧ TODOROKI’S camera roll could trick someone into thinking that he’s your professional photographer. more than everything else combined, his gallery is filled with photos of you trying on new outfits and showing them off to him. most of them are clothes that he bought for you himself after seeing you ogle at them online or at the mall (and in case you were wondering, todoroki still steals his father’s credit card at his big age because he thinks it’s absolutely hilarious). every few photos or so, he also has some mirror selfies of the two of you wearing matching outfits that he saves in his favorites. but no picture of you will top the one that he has as his lockscreen, the one of you wearing his newly released merch. it’s become a mini tradition ever since his hero merch made its first debut, but he never gets tired of it. it’s his way of covertly showing you off, reminding everyone that you’re his.
Tumblr media
reblogs and feedback will always be appreciated !! <3
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veenxys · 5 months ago
「BNHA Boys pulling you in their lap」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou sometimes he does this unconsciously; he sees you passing by and gently takes your hand, pulling you into his lap. he brushes your hair off your neck and spreads soft kisses over your neck and shoulder before wrapping his arms around you, bringing you even closer to him - if that's even possible.
⤷ Deku he does that when he misses you. sometimes he keeps busy all day with work or school and unconsciously ends up leaving you out; so at the end of the day he just pulls you gently into his lap, wrapping his arms around you as he leaves soft kisses on your shoulder, neck and cheek. he thinks this is such an intimate and unique act and he never gets tired of having you so close to him.
⤷ Kirishima
he does this after bickering. you’re ready to stand up and walk away from him but he simply seizes you before you’re out of reach and pulls you in. holds you even closer and tighter if you protest, this will most likely turn into a play-fighting, both trying to keep serious faces but failing to prevent yourselves from grinning and laughing. kisses your cheek and says, “truce?”
⤷ Todoroki
he just loves having you on his lap so he will do it all the time. no matter what he's doing, he'll pull you into his lap and rest his chin on your shoulder, continuing what he was doing before.
⤷ Denki
he does this when he wants something from you, like begging you to try out the new restaurant with him this friday although you want to go to your usual place. basically encircles your waist and traps you in his arms. doesn’t let you go until you relent. “yes? okay? promise?” gives you a sweet peck and a beaming smile before releasing his tight hold on you.
⤷ Tamaki
he does this casually. most of the time he looks uninterested as he scrolls through his phone and when you pass by, he reaches out to grab you and pulls you into his lap without sparing you a glance. looks at you after a while and gives you a smile and says a simple ‘hi’ before peppering your face with quick kisses. shows you whatever he’s looking at or watching on his phone. this usually turns into lazy, cozy cuddling.
⤷ Shinsou
he does this when he’s doing something but also wants to show you affection. distractedly says ‘come here, baby’ with his arms outstretched and pulls you to sit on his lap while he’s playing games or watching movies. looks at you briefly with a small smirk and a raised brow before he continues with whatever he’s doing. rests his chin on your shoulder sometimes or gives you distracted, lingering kisses on your neck and shoulders although his eyes stay fixed on the screen.
⤷ Hawks
he does this out of habit. he’s talking to someone but when he notices you pass by or feels you near him, he takes your hand and gently pulls you to him, letting you sit on his lap, all the while continuing to talk with someone else. mindlessly traces little patterns on your back or thigh. this only happens around people you’re both comfortable with and he does this so often that it doesn’t even bother the other persons anymore.
⤷ Dabi
he does this to mess around. he hides himself in the shadows or in the corners of the house and steps out when you walk by, grabbing your waist with both hands and pulling you flush against his chest. this entails a lot of playful shoving from your side after recovering from your shock, and he laughs, refusing to budge and wrapping his arm around you.
⤷ Shigaraki
he does this out of nowhere, especially when he’s bored and wants to cuddle. he watches you intently and adoringly while you’re doing your own thing. and when you pass by him, he grabs your wrist and pulls you gently towards him. hugs you from behind while you’re seated on his lap and always leaves a trail of feathery kisses on your shoulder and back of your neck and wordlessly holds you close, resting the side of his face on your back.
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saintomura · a month ago
imagine, pro hero izuku being whipped for you<3
cw: smut, pro-hero izuku (all characters depicted here are all aged up and over 18), overstimulation, manhandling, husband!izuku, squirting, slight humiliation, cum-play.
Note - This is a repost.
Tumblr media
god, it's unfair.
you're all fucked out, drooling over white sheets as your legs wrap around izuku's torso as he pulls you by your hips and thrusts into you.
through broken moans and cries, you tell him you're 'too full, too full, 'zuku!' and how you can 'feel you in my tummy, baby...no more!' but he doesn't stop.
no, it's been a week of nonstop patrolling and apprehending criminals and he's way too touch deprived to let go of his lovely wife. you thrash around as you feel it build up - another orgasm that will surely leave you sore and overstimulated.
you beg him to let you go but that only forces him to grab your hands as he pushes his cock into you once more and feels the way you squirt all over him as you finally come on his cock.
you mewl softly as he rubs off your clit for you, flicking his fingers off so your juices land up on your thighs and tummy.
'ah, ah...puppy, open up for me, will ya?" he asks and you comply silently, sucking onto his fingers so desperately that he picks up his pace, hitting all of your sweet spots again.
your whines are muffled by his fingers and he's more than happy to coo at your pathetic state. hips stuttering, he announces he's close and you clench harder around him but you shake your head as you come close to another orgasm too.
he asks you to behave and give him his reward for being such a lovely husband - a dutiful hero who not only takes care of civilians but also of his slutty wife too.
and you should humor your hero.....afterall, hasn't he been good for you, huh?
Tumblr media
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call-me-ko · a month ago
BNHA boys as subtle boyfriend things
And maybe some not so subtle things too
Tumblr media
Feat. Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, Kirishima, Denki, Shinsou, Hawks, Dabi
▷ Midoriya remembers every date that is important to you. He has everything written down (in multiple places) anything from your birthday, to your family member’s birthdays; from your monthly anniversaries, to the day you got your first job. He’s very observant, taking note of the storefront items that catch your eye so that he can come back and buy it when you’re not looking. He has a collection of cute trinkets that remind him of you so that for every special day (and sometimes, days without particular significance) he has something to give you that he knows you’ll love. You’re also occasionally surprised by subtle romantic gestures such as flowers or your favorite treat sent to your door, “just because.” He may or may not have an entire page of random notes dedicated to you in his phone, bulleted lists recording your favorite songs, the brands of clothes you like, the pet peeve you complained about last week. He’s your biggest fan, regardless of what you accomplish. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a little extra something to get you through the week, dating Izuku is all about the small things that make your heart turn and keep you feeling supported every day.
▷ Bakugou keeps his apartment stocked with things he thinks will make you feel comfortable. Though he claims to not be affectionate or romantic, he always just happens to already have the things you need and like. Forgot some comfy sleeping clothes at your place? He already has a cute little set stowed away in the corner of his closet (and of course it’s your size). Feeling stressed? His kitchen is full of your favorite comfort foods and beverages. And as soon as he gets the chance to find out what shampoo you use, don’t be surprised when you see it in his bathroom. You start noticing this a few months into dating, and the more you think about it, there’s no way it’s all coincidental. When you point it out, he has all sorts of excuses– he’s tired of you stealing his clothes (he’s not, he loves the way his shirt is too big on you), he likes that kind of food too (he wouldn’t have ever bought that much for himself though), and the shampoo was on sale (it wasn’t). He’d never explicitly tell you, but Katsuki wants to make you feel at home, no, make you a home with him, because slowly but surely, you might be becoming his.
▷ Todoroki is comfortable to be around. No matter what the day looks like, he listens to what you have to say and tries his best to offer you advice (though it’s not always insightful). He’s reliable, always there for you even before you reach out, prepared for when you want to take his hand or need a shoulder to cry on. Silence has never been awkward with Shoto, you can both be in the same room doing entirely different things and still feel exceedingly close to each other. His presence brings you indescribable peace, whether you’re telling him about your day, wordlessly holding his hand while watching TV, or clinging to him after waking from a nightmare, just being with him helps you calm down. Though he brings a lot of stability to your life, he thinks that you’re actually the one that makes it so easy– social skills aren’t exactly his strong point, but you’ve never once made him feel uncomfortable or unwanted. A slow dance in the living room, a note left on the refrigerator door, a kiss shared in private– A relationship with Shoto feels healthy and unforced, a natural, easygoing love packed full of peaceful yet fiction worthy moments.
▷ Kirishima gives you the cutest nicknames. What’s more, he’s not afraid to use them– it doesn’t matter who is around, whether it be his friends, family members, or complete strangers, Eijirou is so proud to call you his and doesn’t think twice about it until you whisper to him during a heavily publicized gala that it might upset some fans if he keeps doting on you so openly in front of the camera. He doesn’t stick to just one nickname either, testing every name he can think of until he finds one that suits you (and preferably makes you a little flustered). He makes sure to treat you with the utmost respect though, ensuring that anything he calls you gets your seal of approval before he starts using it fondly. Eijirou also loves subtle PDA, casual touching is his love language. It’s a hand on your back as he gently passes by you, fingers entwined while out on dates, a brief hug from behind as you push the grocery cart. Consciously or not, he glows knowing that you are his (and that he is yours) and wants the world to see how much he loves you.
▷ Denki is all contagious laughter and big, infatuated grins, sending memes and positive energy to you every single day. He never fails to uplift you, willingly putting down everything just to make you smile; this man would attempt to control a storm if seeing sunshine would make you happy. Sparks fly (both literally and figuratively) when he’s with you, he’s not just your boyfriend, he’s your best friend. Inside jokes are your secret language, but there’s something really special about being able to communicate with someone using words nobody else understands. His phone is filled with playlists he shares with you, and as your relationship with him evolves you might notice that the songs change too (and if you look even closer, there might even be a consistent message he’s trying to get across through the lyrics). He’s not one to have difficulty expressing himself, so you never have to wonder how much he cares about you when he makes himself so known. Denki has a difficult time being anything but easygoing, humor being a key point of his personality and his way of life, but if there’s one thing he’s serious about, it’s you.
▷ Shinsou shares his streaming subscriptions with you. He views this as a huge step in your relationship, and though he would be annoyed if anyone else was using his accounts, he can’t help but admit he likes seeing what you’ve been watching so he has something to talk about with you later. Of course, this also leads to many movie nights, and more often than not, staying up until past 2 in the morning to binge watch a new show. Late nights are the love language of this relationship, he can’t sleep well and you don’t mind staying up if it’s to spend time with him, and aren’t the best conversations usually held after midnight anyway? On the plus side, if you ever can’t sleep, you’re always welcome to hang out with him no matter the hour. It’s not uncommon for you to fall asleep in the middle of watching something, sometimes even drifting off in the middle of an ambling conversation, but he doesn’t mind at all. Nights don’t feel so lonely when you’re there to tell him about the stars outside his window.
▷ Hawks lavishes you with expensive shopping trips and fancy, rooftop dinners. There’s never been a boring date with him, and you never do the same thing twice. Any given dinner date with him would be considered extravagant by normal standards, but he has no reason not to go all out when impressing you is the prize. There’s nothing more rewarding to him than seeing your face light up with excitement when he shows you the prettiest view of the skyline he can find. A relationship with Hawks also includes spontaneous meetups, and though it surprised you the first time he called unannounced, you enjoy the way he keeps you on your toes. On chilly days, he casually pulls you closer to him, wings shielding you from the wind. He loves the way you wrinkle your nose when a feather tickles around your face, and you love the flirtatious grin he gives you as he tucks you further into his wing. You’re protected and beloved in his embrace, and he’s always willing to invest more into his relationship with you.
▷ Dabi takes you on destinationless late night drives. Call it a date, or just something to pass the time when you’re restless, but he looks so attractive under the cool light of the city and it’s never been about the destination, just the journey. He makes dark roads and blinking street lights feel like the most romantic atmosphere as you watch it all blur by through rolled-down windows, a cool breeze whipping your hair around your face. He’s not usually a distracted driver, but when you look that beautiful he can’t help but stare. That is, until you’re scolding him, “eyes on the road, Touya!,” when you catch him, but he still sneaks side-eyed glances now and then. Occasionally, he removes a scarred hand from the wheel to rest it on your thigh, warmth radiating from his palm. You never remove it. The radio is blaring, it’s empty roads and open skies and going at least ten over the speed limit, but for all it matters to you, you’re the only two people in the world.
Date posted: March 29, 2022
©call-me-ko 2022
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escapenightmare · a month ago
Tumblr media
— izuku, bakugou, denki x gn!reader
cw. mild violence and blood, cursing note. read a genshin version of this n got inspo
Tumblr media
— izuku didn't know what came over him, but all he remembers is getting really, really angry when this random dude at school spoke ill about you. before he knew what he was doing, he was punching the guy, making him fall to the floor. everything was silent for a few seconds before izuku's classmates were pulling him off of the covering guy.
that was a few hours ago, now izuku was standing in front of you while you examined him for injuries. your hands were on both his cheeks and you gently tilted his head up, trying to figure out if he was hurt somewhere.
“does it hurt anywhere?” you asked.
izuku shook his head, making his green hair messier than it already was, “no.”
“okay, good.” you take a seat next to him and take his hand in yours, “so, what happened? what did that guy say to you to make you so angry you threw hands?”
suddenly, izuku was looking anywhere but at you, avoiding your gaze in the most obvious way possible. “um,” he fiddles with your hand, “he was talking bad about you.”
“oh,” you fall silent for a little before you laugh. “'zuku, you didn't have to fight him because of that!” you squeeze his hand, “there's some people that don't like other people, it's natural and it's their opinion— you don't have to beat them up because of that, you know?”
“i'm sorry,” he unconsciously pouts, staring at his feet.
“don't apologize,” you brush his sorry away. “honestly, i'm just surprised you were actually in a fight, it's so unlike you.”
“maybe kacchan is being a bad influence.”
Tumblr media
— bakugou saw red. he was ticked off already, but then this guy had to drag you into it, and bakugou went on fight mode. he'd been trying to stop lashing out at people and getting annoyed easily, and it had been going good so far, only, this random dude he knew from school had decided to put an end to it.
he had been on his way to your house, and after dealing with the guy, he continued on his way but now he had bruised knuckles and a scrape on his cheek from the stray gravel that had hit him during the encounter.
that's how he ended up sitting on the bathroom counter while you patched him up and bandaged his hands. he wasn't new to the ointment you applied and the white bandages you carefully wrapped around his hand.
“what was the fight about?” you ask him while applying ointment on his cheek, one hand holding onto his chin.
“i don't know, this random guy just annoyed me,” he started, but stopped when you gave him a knowing look.
“c'mon kats, we both know you don't fight people just because they annoy you anymore,” you let go of his chin and move away from him to get a plaster from the first aid box.
bakugou has to physically hold himself back from reaching towards you.
“okay fine!” he rolls his eyes, “it was because he shit talked you.”
“no way,” you fake surprise while placing the pink plaster on his cheek, leaning in to give him a quick kiss afterwards. “are you turning soft, bakugou?”
“shut up, dumbass.”
Tumblr media
— denki was one of the last people someone would expect to start a fight. maybe a playful fight between his friends but with some stranger? hell no. honestly, it would've made sense to anyone if denki had been dragged into a fight because he was just passing by. but no, he had been the one to throw the first punch, and had been repeatedly punching the guy while his friends tried to pull him off of the guy.
even denki didn't know what had come over him at that moment.
his friends had dragged him all the way over to you, and had left him there telling you to “take care of this idiot while we check on the other guy.”
taking one look at denki, you quickly sit him down and ask, “what the hell happened to you? you look like someone beat the shit out of you.”
he cracks a smile, although it's forced, “you should've seen the other guy.”
“did you get dragged into a fight?” you take a tissue out of your bag and press it to the cut on his lip, trying to stop the bleeding.
“i kinda,” he looks away with a bashful expression. “i kinda started the fight.”
you visibly recoil, “you started a fight?”
“babe,” he whines, “don't be so rude!”
“i'm sorry,” you say even though you weren't sorry at all, “i'm just surprised. i mean, denki kaminari starting a fight instead of getting dragged into one is just, shocking.”
“it should be on the news,” he suggests weakly, brushing away your hand and leaning against you, resting his head on your shoulder and burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“the dude i punched was talking shit about you, i couldn't just stand by and listen to him,” denki mumbles.
you don't reply for a few seconds but pull back and press your hands to his cheeks, “don't get into fights because of me, okay? let them trash talk me all they want, see if i give a fuck.”
“but i do,” he pouts.
“don't fight anyone though,” you state, taking another tissue to wipe away the blood that was still seeping through the cut. “now shut up, you're making your cut worse.”
Tumblr media
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igumie · a month ago
Random fluffy bnha bf hcs
Tumblr media
a/n : these are way too fun to make
find other versions : [Tokyo revengers] [haikyuu] [obey me] [genshin]
Tumblr media
Shoto who knows you’re ‘it’ when he sees you smiling and laughing with his mother. To see the two most important people in his life getting along so well fills him with an indescribable happiness he never knew he’d feel.
Katsuki who won’t admit that he hugs the hoodie you stole from him at night because it now smells like you and gives him reassurance.
Izuku who unconsciously grabs your hand whenever you’re near him. It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing, the second you‘re next to him, his hand is automatically finding yours.
Denki who tries to keep the little doodles you drew on his hands as long as possible. Yes, he’ll get tease by Sero and Mina for being a simp. But these little drawings you made of him and you kissing are just too damn adorable to want to wash off.
Kirishima who simply knows he can’t find better than you when he sees you asleep on him, oh so peaceful and calm, and damn, so beautiful. He’s whipped and he isn't ashamed to admit it. He’ll scream it to the world if he has to.
Tamaki who just loves to hug you from behind. All of his worries somehow wash away the second his nose gets buried in the crook of your neck and he seriously hopes that he‘ll get to keep experiencing that for the rest of his life.
Aizawa who lets you braid his hair and pretends to be annoyed yet he refuses to take them off when he has to go to work and will snap at anyone who makes a comment about them.
Shinso who loves to sleep on your lap, especially after a long and tiring day of doing all of these hero stuff he needs to do. He instantly buries his face in your stomach and closes his eyes, before drifting into a deep and peaceful slumber, knowing he’s safe in your embrace.
Dabi who wears the bracelet you made him when you first started dating every day because it gives him the reminder that he managed to find someone who loves him for who he is and always will.
Hawks who gave you one of his feathers so that you always have a part of him with you. He’s a busy man, after all, he is the number two hero. So he hopes that with this gesture, that may be small but that means so much to him, you’ll never forget that he’s here with you no matter what.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @hajiluvr ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @kanatakyoya ; @cosmonettica ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @kodzukoi ; @boo-kugo ; @silkylious ; @deeplyinlovewithriri ; @neermozhi ; @hirugummies ; @kiyunas ; @lilacveiledsea
guests : @soukiyo @katsdni
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