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#deku x reader
kingkatsuki · 2 days ago
Humiliation | Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 - 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Part two to this post. It might be worth reading first but you probably don’t have to! Midoriya walks in on you and Bakugou having sex in his office and Bakugou decides to teach him a lesson.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, dubcon, coercion, humiliation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, degredation (mostly to Deku), possessive Bakugou, cum eating, blowjobs, cunnilingus.
Word Count: 2.7k.
Tumblr media
“Take your clothes off.” Bakugou’s voice was blunt as Midoriya fidgeted on the other side of the room, green eyes diverted away from your naked form.
“Did I fuckin’ stutter?” Bakugou rasped, watching Midoriya’s eyes snap up glance at you, eyes flickering down to your exposed chest before you to your glowing irises. 
Obeying Bakugou’s orders as hands reached down to pull his shirt up and over his head, letting the fabric drop to the floor. Stepping inside the room as he shut the door behind him, lingering in position.
“Yeah, and the rest—“ Bakugou coaxed as you watched Midoriya drop his pants to the floor. His cock hidden by a small pair of briefs as you noticed his length straining against the fabric as his pre left a darkened stain against it, “Hurry the fuck up.”
Midoriya paused for a moment before complying, tugging his boxers down as you watched his cock spring to attention. Nowhere near as big as Bakugou but he was thick, a glob of pre-cum glistening at the tip as he stood in all his naked glory. 
“Tch, you really think you’re gonna pleasure her with that, Deku?” Bakugou scoffed, “No wonder you’re out there listening. How many times you jerked off to the thought of her, hah?” 
Midoriya didn’t answer, but the darkness on his cheekbones may have been an indication. Eyes looking down at the ground as he tried to stop himself from looking at your naked body.
“Well, don’t just stand there. Come over here.”
You gasp in surprise as Midoriya took a step closer, Bakugou. Wordlessly dropping to his knees in front of you and Bakugou as he looked at where your bodies were connected. Creamy rings of your slick circling around the base of Bakugou’s thick cock as he tightened his grip against your legs, pulling them back further against your chest so he could get a better look at his old rival kneeling between your thighs. 
“She’s so fuckin’ pretty, ain’t she?” Bakugou grinned smugly as he watched the way that Midoriya looked at your messy pussy, thick fingers sliding around your thighs as he pressed his palm against the top of your pelvis. Spreading your folds with his fingers so Midoriya could get a better look at your slit. His middle finger tapping against your puffy clit as he pulled the hood of it back, feeling the way you writhed against him from the overstimulation as he smirked against your cheek, “Real sensitive.”
You whined as Bakugou continued tapping against your clit, occasionally stopping to rub teasing circles around it as you felt Midoriya’s eyes focused intently on it, “You ever seen a pussy this close, Deku?”
Midoriya shook his head as Bakugou let out a smug laugh, “Course you fuckin’ haven’t. Have you even seen a pair of tits?”
Bakugou moved his hands up to fondle your breasts for emphasis, large palms covering the soft mounds comfortably as he began to tease them under his touch. Your nipples pebbling against his skin as you arched your back into his touch, whimpering as he pinched the stiffening peaks. 
“You wanna touch her tits? Perfect aren’t they?“ You watched as Midoriya nodded his head while Bakugou scoffed, “Yeah? You better earn it then-“
Bakugou pressed a soft kiss against the side of your face, giving you the quickest glance as though to check that you were still doing okay. You knew that with even the slightest hint that you were uncomfortable he would tell Midoriya to piss off and call the entire thing off, but he knew that wasn’t the case. He could feel the way your walls clenched around his cock when you realised that Midoriya was in the room, the way your body came undone in half the time as it heightened your senses. Bakugou knew you were getting off on this just as much as he was, the power and control a huge boost to his ego. 
“At least you’ll have somethin’ to think about when you jack off at night, hah?” Bakugou moved his hand from your slit, silvery strings of your slick connecting your bodies before snapping off against your skin as he carded those same covered fingers through Midoriya’s messy green hair, tightening his grip as he tugged at the root. Not caring that your essence was now streamed through his locks as Bakugou pushed his face towards where your bodies were connected. 
“Shit,” Bakugou grunted, feeling Midoriya’s tongue slide along the underside of his cock, “You nasty fuck.”
You felt the pad of Midoriya’s tongue swipe against your slit as you gasped in surprise, the action not going unnoticed by Bakugou who growled low in his chest. Large palms moving to your hips to lift you up and off of his cock, moving you to sit on one of his thick thighs as your legs remained spread wide. Bakugou’s cock now unsheathed from your cunt as gravity made the heavy meat of it flop forward, the underside slapping against Midoriya’s face with a wet thud. The movement catching him by surprise as he looked up at you both with wide eyes, a mixture of yours and Bakugou’s release now lined on his freckles as he sat between Bakugou’s thighs obediently. 
“Holy shit, Princess. You’re so fuckin’ messy.” Bakugou curled two fingers inside your entrance as he moved to collect his cum from your throbbing cunt, scooping the creamy moisture as he held it out to Midoriya. The man immediately opened his lips to allow Bakugou to push his fingers inside, watching as he wrapped his lips around them and began to clean them off. Bakugou deliberately pressed the pad of his fingers down against the back of Midoriya’s throat as he heard him gag, pearly tears clinging to his dark lashes as he tried to remember to breathe through his nose.
“That fuckin’ desperate for a taste of my girl?” Bakugou smirked as Midoriya moaned around his fingers, drool beginning to dribble down the corners of his lips, “Bet you fuckin’ are, that why you were watchin’ us?”
You watched as Bakugou pulled his fingers from Midoriya’s mouth, moving to wrap them around the base of his still-hard cock as he offered it out to him. Gasping in surprise at just how eager he was as pink lips wrapped around the head of your boyfriends cock. 
“Shit, you really are fuckin’ desperate.” Bakugou groaned as Midoriya began to bob his head up and down along his length, jaw aching as he tried to adjust to Bakugou’s girth. 
“Am I gonna have to have my girl show you how to suck cock, properly? Jesus-” Bakugou grunted, moving his palm to the back of his head as he forced him down in his cock. The tip hitting the back of Midoriya’s throat as he began to gag and splutter around his length, tears welling in his eyes as Bakugou held him steady, limiting his breathing before letting him pull back. 
Midoriya raised his head off Bakugou’s cock as his chest heaved, strings of spit connecting their bodies before he moved forward again. Taking your boyfriends cock back into his mouth as he set a steady pace, hollowing his cheeks around his thick girth. 
“Well, how does she taste?” Bakugou smirked, turning your head to the side as he pressed his lips against yours, running his tongue along your bottom lip as you parted them for him. Capturing his moans inside your mouth as he rut his hips against Midoriya’s face, making the man beneath him gag on his cock.
“Look how desperate he is for you, Princess.” Bakugou groaned against your lips, “Suckin’ my cock for the mere chance at a taste of you.”
The idea alone had your overstimulated cunt clenching around nothing as you looked down at the man between your thighs that was currently sucking your boyfriends cock.
“You really would do anything wouldn’t you, Deku?” Bakugou goaded, chest heaving as he continued rolling his hips against Midoriya’s face, his tip hitting the back of his throat with each thrust, “Yeah? You like that.” 
The crude sounds of Midoriya gagging around your boyfriends cock filled the room as you tried to stop yourself from reaching down to spin quick circles against your clit, eyes focused on how alluring the scene was in front of you. 
Bakugou made you gasp in surprise as he leaned back, your body following his as you felt unsteady on his lap, muttering out an “I gotcha, Princess. Don’t worry—“ as he reached for his cell phone. Setting it onto record as he began filming Midoriya on his knees between his thighs. 
“How’s it feel suckin’ my cock, Deku?” Bakugou’s eyes gleamed at the screen as he watched Midoriya gaze up into the lens with hazy eyes, mumbling as the words were drowned out around his cock, “Look at the things he’ll do for a taste of my girl's pussy.”
You watched intently as Bakugou continued to degrade Midoriya from his position on the floor, the words sending jolts to your cunt even though they weren’t even aimed at you. 
“Look at his tiny cock weepin’ for you, Princess.” Bakugou smirked, angling the camera to show Midoriya’s naked body. Continuing to thrust his cock inside his mouth as you felt him begin to tremble, biting down on his bottom lip as he let out a dull groan. 
“Gonna fuckin’ cum—“ Bakugou grunts, his teeth latching onto the curve of your neck as he let out a crude hiss, a pleasurable pain coursing through you as you watch your boyfriend come undone. Cheeks flushed and sweat beading against his brow as he shoots hot spurts of cum into Midoriya’s mouth. The green-haired man pulling back with a splutter as the tip of his cock hit the back of his throat. The final drops of cum that shot from Bakugou’s dick landing against his mouth, his tongue eagerly slipping out to lap them away. 
Bakugou kept the camera focused on Midoriya, bringing it closer to catch the shiny droplets of his cum that glistened against his skin before saving the recording and tossing his phone to the side.
“God, you really are fuckin’ desperate, hah?” Bakugou groaned, his chest heaving as he moved his hands back to your thighs, palms squeezing the supple skin as he pressed a kiss against the bite mark he left against your shoulder, “What do you think, baby. Think Deku can make you cum?” 
“I dunno,” You replied, feeling lightheaded as Bakugou shifted you on his lap.
“Oh?” You felt his lips curl into a smirk against your ear, his warm breath fanning your face, “You think he could, let’s see—“
You shifted against Bakugou’s lap at the way Midoriya was staring at your pussy, green eyes so intense it felt like he was almost looking through you. A certain kind of mystification in his eyes that seemed to allude to a mixture of awe and the fact this was his first time seeing a woman naked in real life. You were suddenly curious if he ever got himself off or watched porn, a question you’d have to save for later. 
“Beg me.” Bakugou snarled, “Beg me to eat her pussy.”
Midoriya’s tongue slipped out to wet his lips, focused on your glistening folds as he spoke so softly, “Please, Kacchan. Please let me-“
“Let you what?” Bakugou goaded.
“Let me eat her pussy.” His eyes flashed up at you with those words.
“You should try fuckin’ harder if you want a taste of her.” 
“Please, Kacchan. I want to taste her so bad, I need it. Please, let me— please.”
His words had your cunt clenching hard, your head resting against Bakugou’s shoulder as you hoped he would agree, your resolve wavering as you had to stop yourself from touching your neglected cunt.
“Eat up, Deku.” Bakugou smirked, palms splayed on your thighs to keep them spread as you watched Midoriya’s green irises move to glance up at you, a silent question on whether it was okay as you noticed how blown his pupils were, “You never know, if you make her cum I might let you fuck ‘er.”
Those words seemingly igniting something from deep within as he surged forward, his nose bumping your clit as he salved his tongue along your folds, dipping it between your labia as he feasted on your cunt. Eating like a man starved as you felt the tip of his tongue prodding against your leaking sex. Completely unbothered that some dregs of Bakugou’s release still remained inside you, slurping up the moisture as crude sounds began to fill the room. 
“How does she taste?” Bakugou smirked at the sight of Midoriya eating you out, the knowledge safe inside him that you belonged to him and this was merely a lewd act of possession over you. 
The green-haired male responded with a groan, sending pleasurable vibrations against your slit as he continued to dip his tongue inside you and prod it against your inner walls. 
“Yeah? You like it, Princess?” Bakugou murmured in your ear, his hands reaching up to tweak your nipples, making you grind against his lap as you felt his cock begin to harden again behind you. His skilled fingers tugging the stiff peaks before letting them drop as your breasts bounced from the motion, “You like shitty Deku eating your sloppy pussy while I watch?” 
Bakugou knew exactly what he was doing to you, increasing the tension inside your abdomen without even touching you. His words were enough to set a fire ablaze inside, sending you closer and closer to your release. 
“Come on, dumbass.” Bakugou grunted, pushing Deku’s face harder into your cunt, making you gasp as his nose nudged your clit. Involuntarily grinding yourself against his face to try and recreate the same sensation, “Can’t believe you put more effort into sucking my dick than you are her. Have you fuckin’ seen her?” 
You heard Midoriya groan at the suggestion, dragging his tongue along your folds before the flat of it pressed against your clit. Closing his lips around it as he began to suckle it harshly, making your hips jerk as he pushed two fingers inside you. 
“You should be grateful I’m even letting you touch her after we caught you being a fuckin’ perv.” Bakugou continued, watching the way Midoriya wrapped his lips around your puffy folds. 
“Fuck,” You whined, feeling his fingers dragging against the same spongy spot inside you as you felt yourself teetering on the cusp of your climax. 
“You gonna cum, Princess?” Bakugou murmured, brushing his lips against your cheek as he moved his palm to press against your pelvis, “Can you feel it?”
“Yes,” You whined, nodding your head as Midoriya continued slobber against your clit. His drool trickling along your slit until it hit his fingers, dipping them in and out of your tight walls as crude squelching filled the room, “Shit, I’m gonna cum—“
“Oh, fuck yeah.” Bakugou grunted as he watched you come undone, the coil inside you breaking as your orgasm flowed through you in harsh waves, “Keep fuckin’ going, Deku. Don’t stop—“ 
Bakugou pressed his palm to the back of Midoriya’s head as you continued to cum, your thighs shaking as Midoriya continued to suck your clit. His soft moans vibrating against the sensitive nub as you began to thrash against him. The motion forcing Bakugou to move his hand from the back of his head to your quivering body as you rode out your intense orgasm. 
“Oh? You didn’t think we were going to let you cum, did you?” Bakugou scoffed, letting out a dark chuckle as he positioned you in his lap. Your legs on either side of his thighs as he raised you up until the tip of his cock brushed against your quivering hole. Slowly lowering you down on his length as your eyes began to roll from the intense pleasure. 
Bakugou’s hand gentle on your spine as he pushed you forward, your breasts hanging in Midoriya’s face as you braced yourself on Bakugou’s knees for leverage. 
“You’re going to sit there and watch me fuck her pretty little pussy like you were before.” Bakugou smirked, giving an experimental thrust into your tight heat as you cried out for him, “And if you even think about touching yourself, that video will be viral by morning.”
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ihatebnha · 2 days ago
I am officially on vacation, but have some airport headcanons of baku/deku/todo/kiri…
Katsuki Bakugo
Airport Dad™
Wakes up at 5 am for a 3 pm flight and makes you get you to the airport AT LEAST 3 hours early
Walks extremely fast for no reason
Insists that he holds ALL of the documents/paperwork because he “can’t trust you…”
(Same excuse when he takes your bag from you, too)
Though he doesn’t let either of you have more than one carry-on because he doesn’t want to pay for anything unnecessary
Packs your own food and snacks and chastises you for even LOOKING at the “shitty and overpriced” airport food
Probably grumbles if you just get a coffee or something…
And vehemently refuses the airplane meals… even if he has nothing else to eat
(Does like the complimentary drinks, though)
Straight up acts like he’s going to DIE if he doesn’t get an aisle seat
Listens to an audiobook
Grumpily offers to you his hand during takeoff so you “don’t start crying for it like a little baby and embarrass him” (as if he’s not the one squeezing it during turbulence)
Izuku Midoriya
Always tries to leave for the airport early but ends up being late instead
And somehow always manages to make the metal detector go off and has to be searched TSA, too??? Even if he follows all protocols properly
T-shirt and khaki shorts combo
Literal KING of overpacking, though he always forgets something and has to go buy it at the airport store
Spends like 15 minutes helping everyone put their bags in the overhead bins
“All active heroes and servicemen are welcome to board” except it’s “I don’t count…” because he feels bad about it
“Hold my hand so we don’t get separated”
Window seat boy🥺
Brings his own snacks but is willing to buy a couple things, too (even if he probably just chooses nuts or raisins)
Absolutely eats the airplane meal and regrets it almost immediately
Holds your hand during takeoff
And bounces his leg the entire flight, too (which is funny because he doesn’t on work trips)
Plays Candy Crush or writes/draws in his notebook the entire flight
Falls asleep with his head on top of yours
Shoto Todoroki
Leaves late and still gets to the airport exactly on time???
Somehow always has TSA pre-check and gets to skip the line
And then wanders off while you’re waiting to board
Has no qualms about buying $30 worth of drinks and snacks beforehand, too
(And doesn’t mind shopping at Duty Free, either😈)
Doesn’t mind helping with bags but only does so of his own account for you and old ladies
Earplugs during takeoff
“Oh, I can’t sleep on flights” except literally three seconds into it he’s dead asleep WITH a neck pillow, shoes off and the eye mask on
Uses the shitty provided headphones without complaint and asks you to figure out the TV for him
Genuinely studies the safety brochure and points things out to you alongside the safety demonstration
Enjoys the snack peanuts handed out by the flight attendants (and weirdly doesn’t mine the meals, too… he’s thinks they’re “fine.”)
Hand on your thigh during takeoff
Eijiro Kirishima
He’s not the best at being on time, but you DO make it to the airport with enough time to spare
Has pretty good luck with TSA, too… and carries ALL your bags with no problem
(He’s another guy who spends way too much time helping people with the overhead bins… and he blushes getting compliments from people about it)
Relies on you entirely for snacks and drinks… so it’s your choice if you make things in advance or spend
Also does not fit in the airplane seat, so he ends up being squished into you the entire time (which is actually fine because he’s great to sleep on and he likes it when you do)
Yes, he bumps his head every time he gets up
Prefers the aisle seat but is okay with the window if necessary
Probably makes friends with a baby at some point, too
Uses the airplane bathroom like twice an hour… probably just because he’s antsy
Shares headphones with you at some point so you can watch a movie with him or play a phone game
Takeoff and any other turbulence makes him a little queasy so he ends up burping kind of a lot
Holds your hand whenever he can the entire trip… takeoff, turbulence, landing, it’s yours.
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shotorozu · 2 days ago
how they look at you
Tumblr media
— ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦ 5k followers milestone
character(s) : multiple characters (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] gender neutral, quirk’s specifics not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff. really fluffy. (x reader)
note(s) : this is part one of my 5k followers celebration! will be posting more later :)) i am finally relieved from my projects, so i can go back to my regular posting schedule 🤩 also i was going to put in mirio and monoma, but it just didn’t work 😨 (but i might add them in a second part who really knows)
mha manga spoilers for those who don’t know dabi’s government name (if it wasn’t obvious already 💀💀)
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
↛ hard, rough edges are immediately softened, relaxed. and at first, katsuki was not at all aware on how his face would visibly— yet subtly change when his vermillion eyes are affixed on you. beats himself over it, and damns himself for allowing himself to be like this, and tries to have it under wraps, because there’d be ‘no going back after this’. contrary to popular belief, he can’t seem to care in the moment, even though he probably wanted to care, when he watches you pin colorful hair barrettes in his wild, ash blonde hair. when you laugh at his scowling reactions, when you straighten out his messy collar, and when you’re just thinking your head off— staring into who knows what. he swears that his face doesn’t actually change, and katsuki’s just partially right. everything does look the same for some people, but his eyes, everyone. his eyes look so relaxed, like he’s not forcing them into a squinting scowl, a seemingly permanent glare. yet, it appears on his face so subtly. but that’s the thing, every single change in his face is super noticeable, it sends everyone that cares enough into heavy debate (verbally, or non-verbally)
todoroki shouto
↛ he looks at you like you’re his safe haven. when he looks at you, his eyes soften, and he looks at you with such interest— for a moment, he forgets all the things that happened to him. all of the times he had to train at such a young age, and all of the times he slept tensely in his bed. his shoulders stop tensing as much, and it feels like he can truly relax— even if it’s just at the sight of you. shouto’s strong, yes, and he’d like to protect those dear to him, but sometimes he forgets he needs to be protected too. so with you, he looks at you to remember, to reassure himself that he’s safe, and he’ll always have the safe space he loves so much, as long as he spends the rest of his days with you. though he’s aware he should be working on himself more than anyone present in that room, you unknowingly help him, and he’ll thank you for it over and over again, even if you don’t get why he’s doing so, and even if you think he doesn’t need to be thanking you. people will point his blatant favoritism out, on how “you actually look invested when Y/N talks to you” and he can’t say he denies it. why wouldn’t he want to treat the person he loves like royalty?
midoriya izuku
↛ with hopeful eyes, he scans you with learning intent. as if multiple pages in his notebook aren’t dedicated to you. if it was impossible to learn even more about you, then izuku proved you wrong— because it is possible. when he was younger, his observant habits were always poked fun at. classmates would always shoot him disapproving looks whenever he’d get too observant about something— so from that point on, he tried keeping it down. however, you encouraged him of these habits, and listened. and with that, he can’t seem to stop. with emerald eyes, izuku stares at you with a gleam of hope, like there’s another hidden detail about you that he could familiarize with, and then engrave it in his mind, and notebook of course. he feels utterly blessed to have someone like you, and to show his gratitude, he wants, hopes and needs to learn more stuff about you. izuku wants to know what makes you sad and down in the moment, he wants to know your favorite shows, and the things you’ll absolutely criticize because of your own personal opinions. you would feel awkward, being observed like this, but with that gleam in his eyes? you can’t find yourself complaining.
kirishima eijirou
↛ his breathing is calm, eyes trained on you with a certain glint— a respectful one. if you thought his words were enough to display the amount of respect, and admiration he has for you— then you are certainly wrong. the ‘so manly!’ and ‘awesome!’ comments was definitely the obvious display of respect, but his stare? it says thousands of words without actually saying anything. sure, the starry eyed look he’d give you’s also pleasant, the one everyone’s used to seeing, but this hits differently. his vermillion eyes stare at you, with an unforeseen amount of calmness, and respect. there’s proof of respect in his stare— like how he tries not to stare at you for too long, as he’d beat himself up for staring at you for even just a second too long. though he’d like to stare at all of you for as much as he liked, he’d really only stare at your eyes, and the occasional lips when he gets too absorbed. yet, he immediately snaps out of it, when eijirou realizes how not so manly it probably looks— as he’s aware of how some people can get rather uneasy with unwarranted staring. but, is it really unwarranted— when he stares at you so respectfully, just like ‘the boy next door’ trope? you should definitely tell him that he doesn’t need permission to stare at you.
shinsou hitoshi
↛ through tired eyes, hitoshi stares with amusement. you’d think that amusement would be something he wouldn’t feel that often, as his top priority was getting into the hero course, but you couldn’t be more incorrect. he’s only ever amused when he sees something particularly ridiculous, or his friends being goofy, or when they’re GENUINELY in awe due to the nature of his quirk— that’s what hitoshi assumed anyway, up until he encountered you. it’s natural to be interested in someone that just crashed into your life, and changed your perception on some things, and made you feel new things. with a insomniac gaze locked in, he stares at you in amusement whenever you get excited over your favorite animal, whether it’s a cute little cat, or something much more bizarre than that. when you encourage him to send that cute cat picture to his mentor with enthusiasm, and most especially— when you’re subtly, not so subtly reach for his hand, that’s only inches away from yours, or when you attempt to use those cheesy pickup lines on him. his amusement may not be inherently obvious to everyone around, but the people he keeps in close range definitely know, and they would’ve guessed that he didn’t take you seriously, if they didn’t know who hitoshi shinsou is as a person. it’s solid that he takes you seriously— but man, you’re hypnotic. it’d be hard not to stare at you like that.
kaminari denki
↛ absolutely dumbfounded, and with eccentric, “stupidly in love” eyes. you know that one interview with jhené aiko— the one where she practically hypnotized the interviewer? yeah. that’s you and denki. (she made him stutter but you get what i mean) not a single thought flies through his head when you’re around— and you simply thought it would go away, or at least meddle down the minute you guys reach your 10 month anniversary, but you are incorrect! unlike three of the characters mentioned before him, everyone can tell when denki decides to stare at you. from the way his jaw slightly drops open, and how it looks like there’s not a single thought that runs through his head. especially when you run a hand through his hair, when you feed into his antics, and sometimes— when you’re just across the room, there by yourself. he stares at you with semi glossy, lidded eyes— and only idly nods when someone tries to draw his gaze away from you. he’ll follow your every move, it means he could still dumbly admire your existence. oh, and also— denki kaminari stares at you like how he breathes in air supply (very factual), and he’s very grateful to be literally blessed by you. and, someone please close this man’s jaw, because it might attract some flies 😭 /j
amajiki tamaki
↛ a sigh of relief escapes his lips, as he stares at you. despite the shyness, he’s relieved. arguably similar to shouto’s— but they’re quite different. it’s a given that the suneater doesn’t make a lot of eye contact with other people that often, and you know what? you won’t pressure him to do so, even though you’d like to make eye contact with him, considering how special he is. tamaki’s stare is quite progressive— as he went from shying away from you out of fear of doing something wrong, to looking at you without hesitation or doubt. when tamaki finds himself staring at you, it finally feels like he can breathe normally without tensing up, because you’re there— you’re still here, safe and well, and that his ‘incompetence’ or ‘hesitation’ didn’t cost him your safety (you tell him that he’s never incompetent, and everyone hesitates every once in a while.) nonetheless, he’s still shy. choosing to stare at you when everyone’s distracted, or when no one’s watching— because it’d be difficult to explain why he exactly looked like that. his friends find it all sweet, and they honestly encourage him to stare at you more. no matter how many times your friends, or even you tell tamaki, he still thinks it would be incriminating, or just flat out rude if he did that out of the blue. you just hope that one day, tamaki realizes that it’s the exact opposite. you too, are relieved— when you catch tamaki staring at you like that.
aizawa shouta — eraserhead
↛ a feeling of rest that was once a rarity, slowly dissipated into something regular whenever he looked at you. it’s pretty factual that aizawa shouta is a workaholic. at this point— he’s practically a father of 22 children at 31 years old, and to add onto that, he’s still balancing his own personal problems. basically, he’s in a seemingly never-ending, constant state of fatigue, and can anyone really blame him for not wanting to step into the dating realm? it’d tire him out more, and he’d never give his partner the proper attention needed in a relationship. to shorten it, shouta was fine with being alone romantically— since it’d fatigue him and his partner more, until he met you. the pro hero didn’t think it was possible to have the fatigue sucked away from him just by staring at someone, even if there was a quirk that did exactly that— it felt as if he was just born tired. however, you just seemed to prove him incorrect. oh, he needs to grade the electric kid from class 1-A’s essay, but he’s tired? he’s gonna take a look of you passed out on your desk, for motivation and because you look cute but he’s not going to say a thing. oh, he had to stop midoriya from his self destructive tendencies for the umpteenth time, is honestly growing tired of it? one look, and he could go on for just a bit longer. he tries not to stare at you like a smitten highschooler due to the need of professionalism though he feels like one, but even aizawa shouta himself lets his guard down sometimes. shouta thought the feeling was all a placebo effect at first, but he grew to realize that the sudden lack of fatigue’s definitely real.
takami keigo — hawks
↛ it’s seemingly in his character that he stares at you proudly. he tries not to mention his relationship alot, because i don’t think keigo’s always this constantly cocky and charismatic guy,, but that’s how the public views him anyway. regardless— even if his demeanor’s authenticity is debatable, the fulfilling feeling that grows in his chest is definitely not fabricated. a part of him wants to show you off and brag about your existence, until he physically cannot— but that’d make you vulnerable to the wrong people. so, he’ll just have to stick with vague answers and small smiles. even if he can’t openly brag about you, the way he looks at you speaks volumes instead. doesn’t mention you too much, but when someone asks about you, his lovely partner, he can’t help but feel and look proud— almost smug. whether it be of you, because of how far you’ve progressed, or himself because he managed to have someone like you in his imperfect life. or, let’s just say you’re coincidentally on tv with keigo for whatever reason— whenever you speak and keigo so happens to be in the same frame— he just nods, and stares at you with this heart throbbing smile, utterly proud. sometimes, he can be seen looking all giddy, while he’s up in the air— but that’s because he’s looking at a picture of you. this has caused keigo to be in one of those youtube videos that are titled “hawks admiring this mysterious but attractive person for 6 minutes straight” 💀 he thinks he’s being subtle, and he kind of is, but the fans know
↛ revolted, and repulsed upfront— but really stares like there’s everything, and nothing to lose. he didn’t know what you were doing to him— after all, he’s just looking at you, and he’s feeling like,, this. it honestly repulsed him. dabi concludes that he’s getting side tracked from his true intentions and goals, and he’d like to burn you out of his life, shut you out— he’s familiar with it after all. he’s really just selfish like that. but, is this selfishness coming from his hidden desire of you? or is it coming from the selfishness of achieving revenge? maybe both. nonetheless, he doesn’t actually do anything to you, because no matter how many times he’ll lift his palm up to release the flames, he can’t find it in himself to do it. if he did, how else was he going to catch glimpses of you around the hideout, or in his trench coat, that has honestly seen better days— if he had done exactly that? dabi, a villain way beyond repair to most, stores his vulnerability behind a heated look, which you honestly can’t seem to decipher, because it looks like he’s about to engulf your entire body in flames at any moment— but, when you’re asleep, in the depths of slumber, that’s when his true stare that’s reserved for you crawls out, the vulnerability. dabi concludes he never really had anything to lose, but suddenly— there is everything to lose, all because of you. it’s sickening. he only decides to look at you like this, when you’re not conscious to see it, but maybe someday— he’ll show you, and reveal even just a tiny speck of that different stare of his.
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
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th0tfairy · a day ago
bnha boys when they nht in your eye 👩🏽‍🦯
Deku: apologizing profusely like “I’m so sorry dkdkkf did that hurt?? 😭” and forgets to clean it
Bakugou: takes a pic 📸
Shouto: doesn’t even realize bc he’s already falling asleep
Kirishima: takes you to the bathroom and gently washes your face
Kaminari: licks your whole face clean
Sero: thumbs the cum off your eye and makes u give him a butterfly kiss 🦋
Shinsou: cleans your eye and offers u some visine
Hawks: laughing his ass off, tries to help u clean it off but he kinda wants to keep it there
Dabi: milks his dick for a final drop and uses it to smear cum into your other eye
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poutsies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
CRAVING | izuku midoriya
“cant wait ‘til i get home so you can see.”
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, fem!reader, lots of praise, slight breeding, squirting, dacryphilia, oral sex (f!receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, some laughter during sex, kitchen counter sex, izu’ calls reader ‘pretty girl,’ ‘baby,’ and ‘bunny’ a lot
word count: 4k
a/n: this was originally supposed to take a whole different route with some arguing then make up sex? but i couldn’t do it, izu’s too sweet ): this + the title (obviously) was inspired by this song, however, during the sex scene, i had this song on repeat and i really dunno why. it just fit to me for some reason so, lol, yeah. enjoy! feedback appreciated. minors do not interact!
Tumblr media
the sudden thud of the front door closing makes your shoulders jump up to your ears in a flinch. there’s a heavy sigh following it and a thrash of keys hitting the key tray before lumbering footsteps start to make their way for where you stand inside the kitchen, lower back pressed into the granite counter in front of the sink where you had only been washing the dishes a few moments ago. izuku appears in the threshold and stops there for a moment to give you an apologetic smile — worn-out and weary around the edges. his green curls are more disheveled than how they were prior to him bolting up from the dining room table two hours ago to make a break for a sudden assignment he got called in on and leaving you alone. you had finished the entire bottle of wine sitting on the table between the two plates of seared steak and roasted vegetables before you blew out the candles and grabbed the porcelain to dump clean and wash.
and now he’s back, and you . . you are standing before one another, you, still dressed in your white, long sleeved, cowl neck dress and favorite, nude rene caovilla, high heeled sandals, no longer feeling the same rush of excitement you were two hours ago to celebrate the milepost of your seven-year anniversary.
“i’m sorry.”
the words come out of his mouth soft and discordant, like he was exhausted inward and out and you can only stare. stare at how anguish and heartache lade inside the dark greens of his eyes as his shoulders slump with his dejection of knowing you were disappointed with him. “i’m sorry,” he repeats again when you don’t answer, this time a little firmer while taking a step towards you. “i keep doing this, i know. i, i’m sorry—“
“—it’s fine,” you turn to grab a napkin and rip it off the roll to dry your damp hands. “it’s fine, izuku. really, baby – it is.” you can’t express how much you mean it because it truly is okay. you’ve known since the both of you were sixteen years old that izuku would amount to great things — that he’d be a great, no, a phenomenal, extraordinary hero. it’d be selfish of you to want your fiancé here with you when out in the real world there are people who need saving, right? it’d be greedy . . and stingy . . and just downright mean to want your fiancé all to yourself for a day or two instead of just a couple hours when he’s back from work, tuckered out, sore, and spent, only bent on a hot shower and sleep, right?
you feel his arms wrap around your waist, strong and firm, nothing but sinewy muscle under scarred skin and — you can’t help it, you sigh in sweet content and tilt your head against the muscle of his pec, allowing him to kiss the area just underneath your jawline near your ear. “you can be angry with me, y’know?” he mutters into the skin. “don’t think you have to hold it all in. i know you’ve been planning today for weeks, baby.”
you smile at his gentle sentiments and flutter your eyes open, which you hadn’t even known you closed, to turn around in his grasp and look up into his, “i’m serious. it’s fine, you’re a . .” your tiny hands slide up the stretched denim material of his hero ensemble to his shoulders to grip. “you’re a hero, izu’. you have priorities and responsibilities and, i understand. i don’t think i could ever be angry at you – especially over a situation like this.”
he’s staring at you for a long while, face unchanging aside from his eyes that are looking between yours, flicking between each iris as if he were trying to read something inside of them. and you let him; but you know he isn’t going to find anything you didn’t express palpably because your words are honest. there isn’t an angry bone in your body when it comes to dealing with the man in front of you. “why are you so perfect, hm?” his calloused palm cups the side of your face and, instinctively, your tinier one comes up to wrap around his wrist as you nuzzle into his clutch like a keening kit. “so sweet — too sweet . . why are you . . .?”
he stares again, this time with his lips turning down at the corners into a little frown. he looks . . angry almost and it makes your eyebrows dip in concern before you feel the sudden push of his lips into yours. he’s kissing you like you’re a breath of fresh air after he’s been underwater for too long — deep and only immersed in you, you, you. it makes you hiccup and stand on your tip toes with initial surprise before one of your hands is sliding across the broad expanse of his shoulders to tangle your fingers into the mess of curls that sit at the nape of his neck. “hm,” he huffs out through his nose and anchors your hips firmly between his hands to pull your pelvis into his. “so fuckin’ . . patient and understanding and . .” he makes another little sound of frustration before he’s turning on the balls of his feet to spin you back into the island that sits in the middle of the kitchen and lifts you onto it.
his words make you giggle. “isn’t that,” you’re out of breath already. “i-isn’t that a good thing, izuku?”
“ ‘s an amazing thing,” his hands cup the back of your knees to push your legs up. it’s so sudden that your hands slam on the granite behind you to catch yourself as you choke on a gasp and your ass ends up halfway hanging off of the edge. “makes me feel like i don’t deserve you.”
your bottom lip juts out in a precious pout at his words – they make your brain go a little fuzzy around the edges, too before you’re recognizing the slight tickle of his fingernails dragging up the sensitive skin of your inner thigh. “perfect, lil’ housewife, too. always makin’ sure ‘m safe and careful when i leave for work,” his eyes are going a little hazy and you can admit that you’re familiar with the look he’s giving you right now. “so perfect f’me.”
he drops to his knee, all while tearing off the sheer, pine-green thong you wore to toss to the floor and spread you open wide. the action has your smooth, puffy lips gapping apart in the slightest to reveal your swollen clit peeking out from between them, neglected and needy. a pool of saliva gathers on the pad of the hero’s tongue in longing before he’s inching in close to press sweet kisses along the apex of your thigh, blinking his eyes open and up to gauge the dreamy expression laid over your face. lips parted, eyes glassy, and eyebrows cut close as if you could already feel his tongue where you needed him most.
usually he likes teasing you, likes blowing a puff of air on that swollen bud to watch you clench and whine in vexation, likes kitten licking your entrance with a smile on his face to make you sniffle and cry when you get upset with him . .
but today, he thinks you deserve every and anything you want — you always do. “want my tongue, pretty girl?” he hums his question just to be sure while his thumbs spread your thick lips farther apart to display the bale of satiny pink behind them. “hm?”
you nod and nibble on the plush, glossed skin of your bottom lip, always so shy and timid with your words. ninety percent of the time, izuku has to coax them out of you because you never sounded sweeter than when you were shyly vocalizing what you wanted him to do to you. “tell me,” he coo’d softly. “tell me what you want me to do, bunny.”
you whine and frown, wiggling your hips impatiently. “i want . . i want your tongue, izu’. want it on my clit.”
there’s heat buried in the cool greens of his eyes that stare up into yours through short, webbed lashes. heat so scalding that it makes your body buzz in longing before it’s dampening with the wide brush of his tongue from your hole up to your clit. izuku feels a shudder run up from the soles of his feet to the curls that flop atop his head at the tart, saltish taste of your sweet slick. it’s thick and drips down into the back of his throat like syrup with each lap and swallow. “izu’,” you gasp and fist the frizzy coils of his hair, holding on tight when he suctions his lips around your throbbing clit.
he’s right there.
he’s itching that itch that’s been vibrating inside the blood running through your veins for months now. your needy pussy is pulsing out pools and pools of your nectar that drips over onto his awaiting tongue and across the freckles that dot his cheeks. he looks so . . shameless, so lewd with his face between your legs, looking up at you as if he is saying ‘this is where i want to live out the rest of my days – where i truly belong,’ that it makes your slam your eyes closed in fear of cumming too fast.
“no. look at me.”
you gasp when he slides his tongue past your oozing hole to push it as far as it can go then pulls it back out. “look at me, bunny.” he does it again and you flit your heavy eyes open, whimpering at the picture he makes. you watch his thick, long tongue trace the letters of his name on the puffed pink of your clit . . over and over and over, claiming you as his forever and always. god, it’s so much. the visual, the sounds, how it feels. you throw your head back with your toes curling inside your heels, abdomen rolling and tensing with your breaths as you fight the screw hitching inside your core. “doin’ so good f’me,” he pulls his mouth away to ease his middle finger inside your cunt to the knuckle, watching your walls constrict around it as it already stretches you out. his ring finger isn’t far off and he lets them sit there for a second, let’s his palm touch your clit as his fingers curl up and down, brushing against a bundle of skin angled near the roof of your pussy that was textured and swelled.
your g spot is sensitive — a little more sensitive than average. him touching it always manages to make you squeak out a curse and fight to snap your trembling legs closed, whimpering, “wait, wait, w-wait,”
izuku kisses his teeth and pushes one of your thighs back open firmly and keeps it there, picking up a quick rhythm of pushing his fingers in and out while his tongue snakes along your clit again, dragging zigzags and swirls before he suckles it. and it’s an overwhelming mix. izuku has you right where he wants you, pinned to the granite by the simple weight of his tongue, fingers, and hand, yet you feel like the top of your head has been screwed off to allow your mind to float off into space. withal the shaking and crying and whimpering and pleads, he doesn’t allow you to move a muscle and with one last push of his fingers against your g-spot and his tongue on your clit, your cum is spraying out of you in pulsing shots, surprising you both.
“o-oh . . . god!” you fall onto the weight of your forearm with your opposite hand squeezing the strands of his curls. it’s so much . . and he’s lapping it all up, groaning low inside the back of his throat at how good you taste. “n-n’more,” you’re sniffling, a lone, inky-black tear falling off the mascara-coated lashes lining your bottom lash line. “no more, izu’, please.”
that’s when he pulls his fingers out and his face back to slowly stand and smile. “no more?” his hands press into the counter beside your body as he looms above you, wide, big, and strong, caging you in with no where to go. “you sure? i wanted to make my bunny feel good s’more.” a drop of your slick falls off of his chin and down to your moving chest as you blink up into his eyes, staring up into dilated pupils and sweet smile with something much more hungry laying beneath them both. “you’re not gonna let me do that?”
you feel his finger touch your slit with a feather light skim, but it still makes you twitch as if you had been shocked. you wanted to say something — anything, but it’s like each time you had parted your lips to say something, your brain couldn’t think of a word aside from, “pl . . please?”
izuku’s smile seems to widen. “please.” he softly repeats underneath his breath as his coarse palm wraps around the length of your throat to push your chin up and force you to meet his eyes again. “how sweet — say it for me one more time?”
you swallow and he feels it. you watch his smile fall just the tiniest bit as his grip tightens in the slightest. “. . please, izu’?”
izuku weakly whispers something like ‘my fuckin’ god,’ prior to smashing his lips into yours again as his hands pull down the shoulders of your dress to force your arms out of it and allow the mounds of your breasts to spill out. he’s peppering firm, wet kisses down the length of your neck, leaving your eyes rolling back into your skull as you hold onto the fabric of his costume, allowing him to pull away just a bit to angle his head down and take one, sensitive nipple into his mouth. he pushes both of your tits close together to trade between them both when he wants and nips, bites, and sucks, permitting you to mewl and take it. “so perfect f’me,” the thick leather of his holster wrapped around his waist drops to the floor with a loud clatter after he unbuckles it. “always so pretty and sweet and . . — god, ‘m in love with you.”
he says this while he has his hips nestled between your legs, costume pulled down halfway to his thighs to allow enough room for him to give his aching cock the freedom to spring up into the air conditioned draft floating within your home. you go heart eyed at the view of him — thick, hard, and uncut. “c-can i . . .?” you never finish your question because your hand is slithering between your bodies to use your thumb to pull the soft skin back and rub it over his weepy tip. you gather just enough of his precum to coat the pad of your thumb before you’re bringing it up to your lips and laying it over your tongue, laving up the salty tang you consider yourself obsessed with for years now. “oh god.”
you hadn’t even known you closed your eyes while savoring the taste until you bat them open again and take in izuku’s slack mouthed stare. he doesn’t think he can hold himself back anymore because he’s crowding over you again while wrapping an arm around your lower back to pull your chest against his. at that point, he grabs the base of his cock to tap against your fat, messy pussy, adoring the wet clicks it makes with each one. his veins are thrumming with rushing blood, making his tip much more red and sensitive that normal. he’s already moaning while circling it around your little hole, still wet and messy from your cum and his saliva. “open just a little wider f’me — there you go.” he’s popping the head of his dick pass that first band of muscle and you’re already keening and sinking your acrylic nails into the meat of his biceps. “ouu, good girl.”
he shushes you and pushes in an added inch ahead of pulling his hips back and working in another. it’s a process that gets your walls loosening and welcoming all eight inches of him happily only seconds later. and when his balls are pressed against the soft skin of your puckered taint, he holds the bottom of your jaw in his hand again to slant your pretty face back up to his and kiss the pout off of your lips.
with a distraction set in place, he picks up a slow rhythm . . pulling out carefully and rolling his hips back in. it makes you gasp into the warmth of his mouth, feeling your body melt with each thrust he gives you as your pussy clamps down on him, “ ‘s . . it’s big, izuku,” you whimper, looking up at him underneath your lashes.
“shh, i know, baby, i know – just gotta relax. you gotta open u-up for izu’,” he licks his thumb and presses it against your clit to rub it in steady circles.
you’ve never been one to hold in your moans. you welcome the two, contrasting feelings of the pain and pleasure of his cock bullying it’s way deeper and deeper inside your tiny cunt and the swirls bore down on your bud with cute hiccups and moans of his name, leaning back onto one of your palms to give him more room to work with.
izuku’s dazed off of you — eyes half lidded, lips parted to emit heavy breaths, and sculpted abdomen tensing when he starts to pick up a quicker pace. “there you go,” he groans and looks down to watch your walls drag against the shaft of his dick each time he pulled out like you didn’t want to let him go. “f-fuck, you feel . . so fuckin’ good.”
there’s loud squelches mingling in with the thick clapping of skin booming off the walls inside the kitchen. your tits bounce with the hard pounds he’s pressing into your body and you can’t help but fall back on your forearm, legs lifting higher as you do. “d-deeper, izu’, deeper,”
“deeper?” he gathers the back of your thighs inside of his large hands to bend and press them against your chest, angling his body slightly over yours to push his cock faster and further into the tight cove of your cunt with his full, heavy balls slugging and pounding into the furrow of your asshole now. you’re incapable of words, just pathetic sounds of ‘ngh, hng, ah, o-oh god.’ you wrap your own arms around the back of your thighs to keep them in place and hold still while his tip starts to dig into that pretty, little burrow inside you that makes spit gather inside your mouth and drive your brain empty.
izuku notices this. he smiles above you again, curls bouncing on his forehead and voice breathless when he asks, “mm, right there, pretty girl? want izu’ right there?”
there’s a halo of cream gathering at the foundation of his cock that smears and laminates the rest of the skin an angelic, pearly white. you nod, looking up at him with the dearest expression on your face — eyes wide and glassed over with your cute, little mouth open. he can’t help but push your legs out of the way to kiss you again, dipping his tongue inside to rub it over the roof of your mouth and taste the cloyingly sweet moans of his name pushing from it. “pussy’s s-so fuckin’ good,” he whines with you, having to lay one of his arms above your head to keep you from sliding up the counter with the sweat that’s starting to glisten on your lower back. “doin’ so well f’me, makin’ . . makin’ me feel so good, baby. thank you, thank you,”
“hngg — w-want . . want babies, want your babies, izu’,” you babble with him on half a mind. all you know is that you want it deeper and harder and faster and more, more, more.
something inside of izuku seems to ignite at your words, even so. makes him slide you further up just so that he can place one knee on the counter beside your hip and fuck you at a pace that has you knowing that for the next few days, you were going to need a pack of frozen peas icing your bruised pussy.
you’re aware that there’s tears trickling down your temples as you’re forced to keep still and take each thrust. izuku’s huffing into the crook of your neck. “gonna give you them, g-give you anythin’ you want, bunny,” he whines. “how many, hm? tell me.”
through your haze, you manage to smile and find a little humor in the question, “w-want four,” you giggle weakly which makes him huff a little laugh, too. “four?” he croons in a soft tone while thinking. “g-gonna give you six.”
“izuuuu’,” you have to hold onto his shoulders again when his pace picks up once more and his index and middle finger join the mix to draw clumsy circles on the buzzing surface of your clit. you hear him mumbling faintly about how you’re going to look so pretty walking down in aisle to him come eight more months, how cute you’re going to be swollen with his kids as his darling, little housewife, how he was going to make you his and his only.
you cum with his promises being sweetly murmured into your ear — creamy-white, watery pulsating squirts that gushes from your pussy at the speed of a jet. “don’t stop, don’t stop, izu’ . .” you’re sobbing and bubbling his name through a coarse throat. “oh g-god, fuck,”
he’s moaning with you, dropping his hips faster and faster while driving you into overstimulation. with each splash that pushes out of you, your cunt spasms and squeezes him just the tiniest bit tighter to let it all out. he focuses on that, along with your hiccuped breaths drafting over the shell of his ear and your soft hands sliding up his back to rub through his hair. “cum f’me, izu’,” you’re whispering and it’s . . . immediate.
his eyes roll into the back of his head when the first spout of his cum rushes out from the head of his cock and inside of your womb. there’s more following — shot after shot after shot and it’s so much. there’s some already leaking from around his shaft as he shivers and keeps still, not making a move to pull out until you’re whining with the weight of him pushing your thighs right up against your ribcage. “izuku.”
he hums and manages to settle down and regain his composure about a minute later to take in your current position then blushes, “oh . . ‘m sorry, baby,” he unravels your legs to let them fall around his waist and lays his chest against yours.
you gather his face in your hands and make him look up at you, “you okay?”
he nods and kisses your lips, taking in the ruined mascara smeared along your eyes, cheeks, and temples, the messy hair, and small, wine colored bruises already starting to bloom along your neck and tits. “. . are you okay?”
the way he asks the question makes you fluster because you know you look a mess with all the crying you were doing. you smack his shoulder and huff with faux irritation, making him chuckle and kiss you once more. “so . .” he utters on the soft skin. “four kids, huh? we never talked about that.”
“six?” you roll your eyes while grinning. “please, izuku. four is the max, okay?”
he smirks, something playfully devious shining beneath those pretty, green eyes of his that makes your own squint in slight suspicion. “sure. whatever you want.”
you decide to press him for the details of his surely ‘diabolical plan’ another day. right now all you want is, “bath, dinner, and cuddles, please?”
once again, he offers you whatever your precious heart desires.
Tumblr media
© COPYRIGHT. all content belongs to POUTSIES! 🔗 do not modify, claim, share or repost on other platforms.
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sanophiliac · a day ago
one for the road. // izuku midoriya.
Tumblr media
drabble. short ‘n sweet.
synopsis. it’s been a long time since you last saw izuku.
cw. car sex. cream pie. light angst(?). izuku midoriya (27) pro hero. fem reader.
a/n. this is so fucking messy i had no clear actual direction with this i just wanted to write deku again because it’s been actual months like .. idk this is trash tbh 😭☹️ i couldn’t remember the characterization i had for him so i did it a lil different idk how i feel he deserves better. as always 18+, minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
izuku’s eyes roll back whenever he bottoms out in your pillowy cunt.
it’s been years. years since you two broke up, years since he last had you in this position. years since he last felt this, and the sensation has his toes curling against the carpeted floor, his mouth falling open instinctively, his big hands digging into the supple mounds of your ass.
“oh shit,” he gasps out, thick lashes fluttering in shock. “oh shit, i’ve missed that feeling.”
his head rolls back when he hears your sounds.
your voice registers first. the way it’s gone up so many octaves to the point where your sputters come out in squeaks in between short gasps of breath. and then you mewl, and it’s long, drawn out, and sweet. he can taste your voice on his tongue, it’s just as sweet as your dripping cunt that he found himself buried in a few minutes prior. your taste envelopes him, your sounds make him shiver, and the feeling of your doughy walls fluttering and struggling to take his thickness in makes him moan again.
he loses himself the second he starts to move in you.
for a second he forgets why you two broke up in the first place. did you two grow apart? he couldn’t remember. he couldn’t think of a thing, any semblance of a thoughts promptly dragged away with every drill of his cock into you, any notion to be had melting when he pulls his hips back and your pussy grips at him like it didn’t want him to leave. was it because of work? he starts to whimper when the feeling of your cum draining down his cock registers. distantly he can take in the sound of your hands scrambling, one planting it’s palm on his broad, tattooed shoulder, the other bracing itself on the glass of his window. one of his hands move to your waist, green irises rolling forward to take in the sight of your pretty tits knocking against each other, bouncing in his face. his hips still as he moves your body, bouncing you on his cock manually. and then those glossed over folds of plush lips open and suddenly he remembers why he tore himself away from you.
“izuku! izu- i love you! i love you!”
he didn’t have time for you.
he was at the start of his hero career, swept up by the fame and the call of his job. he worked endlessly and tirelessly and while he was happy, you suffered for it. you ate dinners alone and carried yourself home after missed dates. you stomached missed phone calls and rain checks. you dealt with greedy, spiteful, jealous fans and being told you ‘weren’t good enough’. you dealt with him being there for everyone but himself.
suddenly izuku grows desperate.
your flipped onto your back faster than you can comprehend, dizziness from the sudden movement lost when his hips piston into yours quick and deep. he’s fumbling to push your trembling legs back, shaking his head whenever you breathe out to slow down despite your cunt squeezing and gripping him, begging to go faster. there’s a different look in his eyes when you catch them again and it renders you quiet, unable to do anything but look up at him and take what he intends to give you.
“i love you.” he says. theres convinction in his words, raw, desperate truth that bleeds out and drips onto you, sending shivers down your spine. wet, sticky sounds of skin smacking against skin fill the silence between you as his declaration settles in. “only you. always you.”
“izu-“ you choke out and he shushes you. he can feel your highs building, your pussy pulsing now, his stomach threatening to tighten up as his tip fucks against your sweet spot. he leans forward until his curls brush against your forehead, the sweat from the tip of his nose dripping onto yours. both your mouths hang open, lips brushing against each other.
he’s raw with you. he always has been, but the nakedness in his eyes brings tears to yours, your heart speeding up from the implications and it’s truth. he loves you. it quells all doubt and speculation that’s accumulated over the years, chasing away any insecurities, dispelling any rumor. he loves you. he loves you. he loves you.
your body exclaims it’s joy before your mouth does. the tears in your eyes well until they spill over, and when they do, your high takes over you. it floods over, drenches you completely from head to toe. izuku’s hips drag inside you and each stroke sounds louder, sloppier, messier than the last as your cream coats over his big cock. your eyes never leave his and his never leave yours, his high chasing after, thick, warm seed spilling into and pumping you full. you can feel it, hot inside your cunt and hot when it spills out in between the cant of his hips until he finally slows down, grinding into you slowly, your bodies pressed up against each other. he rocks into you, fat balls weighty against your ass, his scarred hands moving from twitching legs to caress your face.
“i love you.” he chimes again, and like clockwork you find your tongue, tingling body moving on its own.
“i love you too.”
izuku’s eyes roll back as he finally presses his mouth onto your pillowy lips.
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 17 hours ago
𝖙𝖊𝖆𝖈𝖍 𝖒𝖊 | kinktober special.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. virgin bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. loss of virginity, fem reader, makeouts, dry humping, moaning, overstimulation, handjobs, first times, fingering, afab reader.
𝖘𝖈𝖊𝖓𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖘. 730 words.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. another kinktober surprise, hehe <3
kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
𖤐 Bakugou hasn’t even had his first kiss yet but he likes to pretend that he knows what he’s doing. His kisses are rough and sloppy, the aggressiveness of his usual actions also translating into them as he pins you against the wall, his hands shaking as he harshly grips your wrists trying to hide his embarrassment while his cock painfully throbs in his pants, rock hard from just a simple kiss. He tries to fight his urges and ignore his need for release but no matter how hard he tries to resist he just can’t fight the way his hips miserably rut against the soft plush of your thighs, his groans are muffled against your lips while his movements get faster, desperate whimpers escaping him as he indulges himself in the pleasurable feeling of getting lost in you—your touch, your taste, and before you know it a strangled groan is forced out of his throat as he finishes in his boxers. A huge blush on his cheeks as he hides his face in the crook of your neck, his shaky breaths and pants filling the silence in the room as his embarrassment surfaces. His body still betraying him as his cum-stained pants continue grinding against you, milking him for all that he’s worth.
𖤐 Izuku is painfully loud, unable to control the moans and whines escaping him while your hand is loosely wrapped around his cock, and you love every second of it. You love the way his hips jerk up to meet your strokes, his quivering thighs as he tries to keep himself from finishing too fast. His face is flushed, a light blush covering his freckled cheeks while sweat drips down his forehead as his entire body quivers from your just touch. Every single brush of your skin against his sending him hurling straight into his orgasm even as he desperately grips the arm of the chair and bites his lower lip it does nothing to stop a loud cry of your name from escaping him as he cums all over himself, making a mess on his torso and all over your hand while his sensitive cock twitches from the overwhelming feeling of your hands still pumping him through it. He squirms underneath you, tears welling up in his eyes as the intense painful pleasure leaves his mind blank, unable to decide if he’s begging you for more of the ecstasy you’re offering him or for you to stop your skillful movements on his already drained cock.
𖤐 Todoroki wasn’t exactly clueless, he had some idea of what to do but he loved it when you were in charge. Telling him exactly what you wanted from him as you guided his hands to your dripping hole. He’d often forget about his own pleasure as he got lost in your intoxicating expressions, loving the way your eyes would flutter shut as his fingers slipped into your pussy. He groans at the way your warm walls clamped down on them, wondering what they would feel like once they were finally wrapped around his aching cock but that could wait. He loved the hushed whispers of his name that fell from your lips as he repeatedly brushed against all of your sensitive spots, your back arching from the direct stimulation. He was proud at the way he seemed to know your body better than you did, knowing exactly where to curl his fingers and what spots to hit to have you begging for more and he couldn’t deny the satisfaction he felt when you came all over his fingers. Your arousal dripping down them as he pumped them in and out of your entrance, helping you ride out your orgasm before you greedily crawled into his lap and returned the favour.
Tumblr media
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maixcore · 2 days ago
— insecurities. ( bnha )
Tumblr media
genre : reverse comfort, gn! reader warnings : insecurities (body image, social image) ft : deku, denki, shinsou a/n : i have a lot in store for u guys 😋
Tumblr media
✧ : MIDORIYA IZUKU. ⤷ he feels bad about the massive scars on his arms. but you don't mind them. in fact, you’re proud of him. proud of how far he’s come. and you want him to know that you always will be. so one day, when he's standing in front of the mirror, looking at his scarred body, you make your way to him, circling your arms around his waist. he caresses your arms, but the look of insecurity doesn’t leave his face. unsatisfied, his arms are pulled down to his side, by yours. “baby,” a soft peck is felt on the top of his back, “you’re strong. and i’m,” one more, then another, and it trails down his back, “so, so, proud of you, m’kay?” a shiver goes down his spine as he feels you caress his arms with your hands, placing another chaste kiss on the back of his neck. “don’t forget that, okay?” a smile makes its way onto his face, and he turns around to give you a hug. “yes, baby. i won't.”
✧ : KAMINARI DENKI. ⤷ is he too loud? too annoying? are you tired of him? he couldn’t stop thinking of it. suddenly, the thought of him being too talkative, too loud, too much for you was all that filled his head. “kami?” your voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “you ok? you’ve been a little quiet lately.” you were now in front of him, holding his hand, looking at him with concern. a breathy sigh escaped his lips, and he gave your hand a light squeeze. “do you think i’m… too loud?” hm. that was the last thing yo were expecting him to say. “RAH!” he jolted in surprise, not anticipating the.. scream you gave in response. “sorry, hehe. just wanted to make sure you weren’t being, mind controlled or anything.” denki chuckled, already slightly comforted, even if you hadn’t said anything yet. “and no, i don’t think you’re loud.” you pulled away, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “if anything, i’d give anything to hear your voice.”
✧ : SHINSOU HITOSHI. ⤷ the eyebags surrounding his eyes were starting to get to him. his physical physique was no doubt, admirable. his quirk? powerful. so why is he focusing on his eyebags, his features, and how he looks? the one thing he didn’t like about to himself. “tooooooooooshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” he dismissed the negative thoughts in his mind, standing up to walk to were you were. you were laying on your back on the couch, head hanging on the arm chair, with one, huge grin plastered on your face. he couldn’t help but smile too, when you were looking at him like that. “hm? what’s up, pretty?” his big hands cupped the sides of your face, and his lips planted a kiss on your forehead, nose, then lips. “you’re so pretty, y’know that? you’re such a pretty, pretty boy.” his insecurities? whoosh, gone. just like that. shinso sat down on the couch, pulling you up to place you on his lap. “and i’m who’s pretty boy?” you giggle, and press your forehead to his. “my pretty boy.”
Tumblr media
taglist (open) : @uxavity @bubble-bootie @escapenightmare @uravichii @perqabeth @therealcozyy @dai-tsukki-desu
© maixcore : all rights reserved. do not edit, modify, repost, or claim my works as your own.
Tumblr media
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billiethepumpkin · a day ago
MHA Blowjobs: Part 1
Featuring: Izuku Midoriya. Shoto Todoroki. Tenya Iida. Togata Mirio. Hitoshi Shinsou.
Warnings: My blog is 18+. Minors, do not interact. Male anatomy. Oral sex (giving). Dom/sub themes. Dacryphilia. Language.
A/N: These characters are all aged up because I'm an old fuck :)
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya
He’s a total simp for his love in the first place.
So when you start going down on him, doing your best to take his fat cock all the way into your pretty little mouth…
He can’t help but mewl and moan for you.
Izuku sat up against the headboard, just after you had pulled his pants all the way to his feet and threw them off the side of the bed. He knew what was coming. His eyes were trained on your mouth, the way your tongue peaked out and swirled around the head of his cock. His head fell back against the headboard with a gentle thud, and he did his best to keep watching as you peaked up at him through your lashes.
He lifted his head back up, forcing himself to keep looking at you. The sight of you on your hands and knees on the bed, teasing him like this, had him pinching his brows together, twitching and aching for more of you. “You look so gorgeous like this,” he groaned. “Absolutely perfect.” You created a line of kisses, all the way down his cock and all the way back to the tip. You watched every single motion he made in response, and Deku made sure to keep eye contact no matter what you did to him.
You took the head into your mouth. The skin was soft when you swirled your tongue over it. The feeling of you forced a sensual sigh from Midoriya’s lungs. His small noise egged you on, wanting you to keep going. And you did, taking him further into your mouth. “Fuuuck,” he whined when the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat. “So good, baby. You feel so good.”
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki
He doesn’t expect you to enjoy giving head.
But when you do it? He gets addicted.
He loves guiding you and instructing you through it all.
He’s turned on by the idea that he’s corrupting you, controlling you, even if you were experienced beforehand.
You were on your knees in front of him, fresh out of the shower the two of you had shared. You stared up at him with his dick in your hand and his balls in your mouth. “Look at you,” he mewled, looking right into your wide eyes as you pleased him. With the tip of your tongue, you licked a straight line from the base all the way to the tip. “Take it in your mouth, baby,” he mewled. But you were already doing it, taking the tip between your lips and suckling at the precum leaking out.
As you started to bob your head, Shoto’s fingers combed through your hair and guided you further onto his cock. You stared up at him through your eyelashes. “Deeper, baby,” he beckoned. “Take my whole cock. I know you can.” He couldn’t help but thrust into you until the tip met the back of your throat. When he felt your throat clench as you gagged, he let out a long groan. “Doing so good for me, love.”
Tumblr media
Tenya Iida
He didn’t expect you to be so good at it.
But he loves the idea of you being naughty enough to suck his cock.
He loves the thought that you can’t take him all into your mouth.
He towered over you as you kneeled on the floor in front of him, bobbing your head on Iida’s length. He was so thick that you could barely fit your mouth around him. He was loving every second, watching you gag when he wasn’t even ¾ of the way in your mouth. “Such a good little love,” he praised, watching you do your best, even as you gagged for the fiftieth time on him, making him groan and throw his head back. “You can take more than that, can’t you?” he teased, looking you in the eyes through your lashes.
You took him out of your mouth and shook your head, a silver string of drool dangling between your mouth and the tip of his cock. “Can’t Tenya,” you whined, “‘s too big.” You took him back between your lips again, daring to try and suck him even further into your throat.
He knew he wouldn’t fit in your mouth completely. He could feel the back of your throat pressed against the tip of his cock with each bob of your head. But he couldn’t help but thrust even further, just to have the idea solidified once more.
Tumblr media
Togata Mirio
Usually, Mirio is fixated on pleasing you, making you cum over and over and over.
So you giving him all this love and attention is a little bit foreign to him.
But when he sees how eagerly you suck him off, he knows that you're enjoying it just as much as he is.
You and Mirio had been sitting on the couch in your pajamas, watching TV. The show you were watching was long forgotten, as you rested on your knees between his thighs, his pajama pants discarded on the floor next to you. “What are you doing?” he stammered. It was pretty hard to make Mirio blush, but you felt accomplished when you saw his face and ears glow pink.
You took him into your mouth, just the tip at first. He gasped at the feeling of your tongue lapping at his precum. “Shit,” he whispered under his breath, trying to hold in all his pleasure noises. That was, until he felt the tip of his cock make contact with the back of your throat. Then, a sigh was pulled from his lungs at the sensation. “You love that cock in your throat, yeah?” he asked, his hand resting on the back of his head as you continued your ministrations. You didn’t have to respond with words. The feeling of you gagging on his length was answer enough.
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinsou
He was most often the one in control when you were giving him head.
He loved to fuck your face.
And he demanded that you keep looking at him the entire time.
Hitoshi laid on the bed, watching your every move as your lips slid up and down his shaft. Your eyes were locked on his, just as he had commanded. “So good for me,” he said, slightly thrusting up into you with his hand resting on the back of your head. His thrusting became harsher, making you gag and close your eyes for a moment. “What did I say about that?” he asked harshly, the thrusting stopping. Your eyes snapped back to him in a millisecond, knowing exactly what you did wrong. “That’s better,” he said.
He made a mental note that he would have to reward you later for doing this so well. He laced his fingers into your hair, just tight enough to keep your head in place as he continued thrusting up into your throat, making you gag over and over, enough that tears welled up in the corners of your eyes and spilled over your cheeks. This was the sight Shinsou had been waiting for.
Tumblr media
These characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and the creators of My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia.
The writing is a product of Abigail Rothenberger, also known as BillieThePumpkin. Please do not copy or alter this work on Tumblr or any other platform.
Donate to my Ko-fi!
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yeageristics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⩩﹕🧷 ៹࣪
cw — minors dni, n*pple play, unprotected s*x, facials, creampie, c*m play, mentions of breeding, blow jobs, fem! reader
featuring — izuku midoriya, katsuki bakugo, shoto todoroki, eijiro kirishima, denki kaminari
more — back to the masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your cunt. He can't control it when he's balls deep inside you and you're squeezing him so sweetly — every last bit of self control left in his grasp dissipates into nothing. He's drunk off your cunt, babbling between spit coated lips 'pussy feels s-so good' and 's my cunt to fuck, to breed, y-yeah?'. He did promise you he'd pull out but in the heat of the moment and the feeling of your gummy walls creaming around him he can't help but spill inside you, trembling above you as he tries to hold himself up with scarred arms, tripping over apologies because he knew you'd scold him for cumming in you, yet he continues to fuck his load as deep as possible with short little ruts, whining your name under his breath.
Your tits. It's filthy, exactly why he loves it. There's nothing that turns him on more than seeing your chest covered with his cum, like a stake he's pinned on you, a marking to show everyone who you belong to. Katsuki knows how much you'll nag about cleanup, but it doesn't stop him from rutting into you with a few more hard pumps of his cock before sliding it from your cunt, shushing the whines you give him and filling you up with his fingers while he jerks himself off. There's nothing he loves more than watching the embarrassment and lust clouding those eyes of yours, patting the sticky tip of his dick against your pert nipples and chuckling lowly when you twitch. "Such a sensitive little thing," he gives you a toothy grin. "I'm not done with you yet."
Your tummy. It had been by chance that you found out that one faithful day exactly what was going on in Shoto's mind as he fucked you. He had your legs dangling from his shoulders, rolling his hips into you at an agonizing pace, driving his cock as deep as possible until you could feel everytime he throbbed. His skin was flushed, peppered with marks from your lips and tongue as he panted against the skin of your neck. You have to strain to hear him through his groans, "Gonna f-fuck you over and over again till you can't take my cum anymore, till you're full of me." He knows it's too risky at the moment which is why he instead meets his release on your tummy, painting it white before leaning down to lick it all up, never breaking his heated gaze from your own.
Your back. There's nothing that gets Kirishima off quicker than fucking you dumb doggy style. The sight of your ass alone can get him hard. Every thrust he gives you threatens to let you slip from his grasp but his firm hands keep you in place as he drives his cock in and out of your fluttering cunt, admiring the way your thighs shake with an effort to keep yourself upright. Your skin is littered with love bites and pretty bruises, his marks for you to wear. "Shit, stop tightening round me," he hisses amd digs his fingers into the fat of your ass, pulling and pushing you off his length. "Gonna make me cum." And so he does, slipping his cock from your gummy walls just in time to spill across your back, relishing the way you shiver at the sticky feeling before promising with a kiss to your cheek that he'd wash it all off you later.
Your face. Denki had a lot dirtier mind than what you knew about. Needy and high strung from being teased the whole day he swore he could've cum right then and there when you offered to suck him off to release some of the tension he held. Denki trembles where he's perched on the edge of his bed with each swipe of your tongue across his tip, his head tilted back, exposing his adam's apple that bobs every now and then, high pitched whines bubbling in his throat. Just as he nears the edge of his orgasm he pulls you off his cock, a shaky hand wrapping around his length as he pleads you to open your mouth, only to cum moments later. The sticky, milky substance paints your face as he rides through his high, shooting you a lobsided grin before collecting some of it on his thumb and demanding softly, "Suck for me, baby."
Tumblr media
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wooobuddyletsgetnasty · 19 hours ago
kinktober 2021 👻
DAY 15:
⚠️: prohero! Deku.. Reader decides to spar with the soon to be number one, and Deku is not one to go easy on you.
p.s. this one is my fav so far an i got carried away. oops.
Tumblr media
izuku’s smile is still as bright as it was when you first started, and you swore it didn’t even look like he had broken a sweat from your attempts to knock him to the ground. you huffed, pulling your sore body up, your smile morphing brighter to match his, before nodding in affirmation, “again.”
you took your stance— watching the look in his eyes morph from kind, to accepting of the challenge you posed for him. this time— a bellowing cry ripped from your lips, and you stepped into his larger frame, grabbing at any part of him you could reach— trying to throw him off balance.
it didn’t work.
it never worked, and you weren’t sure why you even tried this tactic anymore.
this time is different though— you can feel it. izuku moves to toss you back onto your ass, but somehow, you manage to bring him with you.
it doesn’t end how you expect, and somehow, this man— this large man, and his full weight comes crashing down. you land face first into the training matt— a tangle of limbs and sweat, but you did it— he’s down. you almost cry in triumph, until you realize he’s going to pin you.
you wiggle against his mass— hips bucking backwards in an attempt to throw him off from where he’d rolled to straddle you, but you’re too slow. it takes seconds, one large hand capturing both of your wrists behind your back squeezing until you winced— the other hand pressing your face further into the cushion of plastic rougher than necessary, but you aren’t one to complain.
rage blooms bright in your throat— until you realize he’s uncharacteristically quiet. all you hear is his breathing— and you begin to rock back against him again, trying to throw your ass back against his pelvis with enough force to throw him off of you— to dislodge his center of gravity, and somehow gain the upper hand.
your brain screeches to a halt at the sound of a shuddering gasp pulling deep from in his chest— and you think you’ve manage to injure him somehow— until you shift your weight so you’re able to look over your shoulder, and you see the flush rising on his cheeks— but not from exertion of grappling with you, no— this is from something else.
you realize he’s not looking at you— he’s looking at where your body is meeting his— where you’re pressing against him, and something in his eyes, lust— longing, maybe. you aren’t sure, but it makes your cheeks flush in the same way as his.
the first drag of his hips against yours— the feeling of him dragging his half hard cock against your ass sends you slumping into the matt in self proclaimed defeat— your hips thrust back against his again, this time not in an attempt to throw him off— you don’t want him off of you anymore, you decide. your eyes roll back into your skull from relief at the first full meeting your hips together— his cock now at full mast, and your arousal blooms low in your belly until it almost hurts.
you slur his name out in desperation, your frustration of not being able to beat him long forgotten.
maybe being pinned wasn’t so bad.
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paperd0llz · 8 hours ago
[insert fave character] loves when they get a whiff of your perfume while interacting with you and goes crazy on the inside/outside when they realize your scent rubbed off their clothes, proudly goes on their day with their heads up high because they keep on remembering you. the lingering smell is a remainder who their hearts belong to.
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arlerted · 2 days ago
this is a bit unpolished but... i like it and i hope you do too :))
wc: 1.8k
tw: character death, slight rumination, kind of obsessive behaviors but not really..., angst
Tumblr media
The internet is a graveyard. It’s a fact that everyone knows. Sooner or later, someone posts for the very last time. 
It’s a Tuesday. Like any other Tuesday, you return home from a bustling workday to an empty apartment, lived in by you and your cat, and make some dinner for yourself before opening the laptop on your bed. It’s like a routine, sifting through Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr on a mindless rotation. 
You think it’s fun to keep up with Pro-Heroes, go through and relive their feats through posts on Tumblr belonging to their respective fan groups. You like to watch the way people celebrate with them and mourn their losses with them, despite never having come face to face. Larger-than-life heroes running their own blogs, fan accounts dedicated to people with incredible quirks, pages and pages of quirk analysis. 
That’s how you found his account, Izuku Midoriya, otherwise known as the Pro-Hero Deku. It started with a little dive into modern quirks, researching quirk theory, and falling down a rabbit hole of posts. It’s easy to do that on the internet. You start one place and end up in another until you’re somewhere unrecognizable. 
Honestly, you liked him from the get-go. It really isn’t often that you find yourself growing so attached to celebrities this quickly, but something about the way he posts makes you feel like it’s for you. Maybe it’s his smile or the way his Tumblr account is dominated by sloppy shots of his co-workers and detailed fanboy analyses of their abilities. It’s endearing, and you’re all too drawn to the broad green-haired man. 
He’s got an incredible quirk, and sifting through his posts, you can tell he’s a famous hero. You’ll look him up after, let yourself take your time “getting to know” Pro-Hero Deku.
So you spend the next week taking your time going through his posts. You get to know his life through them, his hardships and his struggles, finding yourself growing more attached by the moment. It’s not as if you loved him, but you think if you knew him, you might. You can’t help but feel that he’d like you. Something about the way he smiles in photos, makes you believe that he was just one of those people. 
It’s obvious to you the way he clicks with those around him. Even the most stubborn seeming and frowning heroes look at ease beside him, a broad grin stretched across his face and freckled cheeks dusted with a blush. 
He’s pretty, really pretty. Deku just has an air about him and you can see the way he brings up the people around him. On Friday, after a night out with your friends, you find yourself pausing on a photo of him with a group of people. He’s got his arms strung over two men, grinning despite how bruised and beaten he looks. The blonde beside him stands stone-faced, grenade-shaped gauntlets secured to his wrists. On his other side, is a huge man with long red hair, hero costume exposing his chest and his fists pushed together in a triumphant pose. He grins like Midoriya, wide and happy. Around them are many other heroes, a woman with a pink costume and round cheeks, a man with engines for calves, a woman with an obvious frog quirk, and a man with a black lightning bolt in his hair. Is that natural? No, it must be a spray-on color. The caption under it reads: 
“Not the best circumstances for a reunion but… when it Rome, right?” 
You can’t help but feel envious of the way they seem to adore him. So this was his high school class? No wonder, UA is a school full of great potential heroes, of course they’d run into each other. They all seem really comfortable with each other, even the spikey-haired blonde. Your heart clenches in your chest, happy for the connections Deku found. 
Come to think of it, you’d seen most of them before. They’re top heroes, the kind that specials are run about on evening television. There was a time when you were younger that you’d wanted to be a Pro Hero, but you quickly found out that your quirk wasn’t suited for it and instead you settled for the basic, beaten path. It’s right about now that you’re regretting it. Maybe if you’d worked a little harder, you could have known him. 
Never mind any of that, you continue scrolling. Man, he shitposts a lot, huh? Posts about fucking up in the grocery store. A picture of a lone melon on the floor with the caption: “ :/ ”. A post breaking down the quirks of heroes working at Endeavor’s agency. A photo of him smiling with a really mean-looking dog, followed by one of said dog tackling him to the floor. You can’t help but smile. 
You’re turning into your average, everyday fangirl by the day, growing overly attached to someone you’ve never met. You’d feel silly if you weren’t so casual about it, simply enjoying this connection and relatability you’d found with someone miles out of your league. It’s nice, like a break from a bleak reality you can’t shake. You feel proud when he does, feel sad when he does, scrolling through his Tumblr account that seems to stretch back about five years. 
Still, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a fan connection. Instead, it’s like something to lean on, a reminder that there are people who work hard and play hard, who succeed and fail as you do and get back up at the end of the day. It’s a bit like looking through an old friend’s account and being glad to see how they’ve grown.
It’s the following Tuesday when you finally hit the end of his account, the first post a picture of him smiling broadly as he holds a packaged degree. His high school graduation? When was this posted? Seven years ago. Ah, he’s a bit younger than you are. If you’d gone to school with him, you’d have been his upperclassman. Something about that makes you giddy. 
You sigh, resting your head on your pillow as you hastily refresh the page, eager to finally see any new posts he’d put up in the week you’d spent stalking him. When the page reloads, you see the same photo you started with. Weird, maybe your internet is glitching. You refresh it again with no change. 
It’s a picture of him in his hero suit, green adorning his body. The camera is angled upwards and he’s looking to it with a smile, throwing up a peace sign. The caption reads: 
“Mission time! See you all in a week! Don’t forget about me!”
Oh, a week? That makes sense. After all, you only found his account about that time ago. You check the date posted and your heart drops into your stomach. Two years ago. Two… years ago? Maybe he abandoned the account. Maybe he forgot about it. 
You heave a sigh, ignoring the unease rising in your chest. Tumblr always has been on the downfall, he probably moved over to Instagram. When you find his handle, you see the same picture and when you dig a little further, you find that it seems for him… time stopped. 
His bio still says “Pro Hero”. 
It isn’t until you look up “Pro Hero Deku” on Google that you realize what you stumbled upon last week, the magnitude of the loss experienced only two short years ago. The first news article to come up sends your heart to your throat. 
“Up-and-Coming Pro Hero Killed In The Line Of Duty.” 
The picture in the article is full of people you recognize from his socials. They stand in a circle, heads bowed and mouths open in what looks like painful sobs. The round-faced woman kneels on the floor, hands outstretched towards something — someone — we can’t see, the woman with the frog quirk stands beside her, eyes welled up and a hand on her shoulder. Then the red-haired man with his arms thrown over the spiky-haired blonde’s — who you’d come to know as Dynamight — and electric heroes’ shoulders. He’s looking to the floor, lips curled in a cry and the smaller blonde beside him has his face in his free hand. Dynamight’s face is twisted into a grimace like he’s witnessed something awful, and down his cheeks, you can see where tears have torn their way through a layer of soot and grime. 
“Pro Hero Deku was killed last night in a valiant fight to quell an attack in downtown Mustafu. Apparently, agencies had known of the planned attack, preparing an elite squad to handle and be ready for the situation. With tensions rising, the elite team of heroes was sent to handle a routine mission, walking into a trap. Of the six heroes who walked in, only five walked out.
‘It’s because of him we’re alive right now,’ said Chargebolt at the scene, clearly still in shock. ‘I don’t think any of us expected the building to come down. He did and he got us out.’ 
Apparently, the young hero rushed back into the building in an attempt to save a civilian. Both of their bodies were found in the rubble soon after it collapsed.” 
The internet is a graveyard. That’s when you remembered it. You wonder why you hadn’t checked the dates of the posts, why you hadn’t just searched him up before diving headlong into his life through a camera lens. You could have spared yourself… whatever this is. This deep, aching wound opening in your chest for the loss, the realization that this is a person who isn’t here anymore. 
You think back to his posts, the way he smiled, how triumphant he looked in after-mission photos. That’s why it looked like time had stopped for him… because it had. For Pro Hero Deku, his momentum ended at 23 years old.
You sift through comments, news stories of the accident, photos posted by friends and families of the loss. This was a huge event. His loss… left an impression. So why hadn’t you known? Why had you never heard of him? Why did you know nothing about who he was until it was too late? 
“Don’t forget about me!” 
The caption haunts you. Had they forgotten? Everyone who was there when he was alive. When his account wasn’t just a headstone? 
You scroll to find Dynamight’s account, clicking on it, and looking at the most recent post. It’s a picture of Izuku in a middle school uniform looking more nervous than happy to be smiling next to the domineering blonde. He didn’t have the bulk yet or the muscles he’d grown into in adulthood. Instead, he’s scrawny, a nervous and shaky smile plastered on his face. The caption reads: “We miss you, Izuku. Hope you’re watching.” 
Posted a week ago today. Tuesday.
Tumblr media
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bakumu · 4 hours ago
whatever she wants
Tumblr media
kinktober 2021 day 16 - threesome
kirishima x fem!reader x deku
wc: 3k
summary: your boyfriend brings home a surprise, another man that youve been dreaming of fucking since he introduced the two of you. will these two hunks totally destroy you?
cw: SMUT (threesome, double penetration, breeding kink, praise, degradation, use of pet name puppy, unprotected sex, creampies, oral (ftm, mtf), squirting, a few ass spanks), porn without plot, reader is picked up, possessive boyfriend kirishima, they are both at least a foot taller than you (so if your 6’ they are 7’ if not taller)
a/n: happy very very very late birthday to @eijirosriot ... cant believe that you made me write deku... anyways, i hope i made him hot enough. theres a part in this that i like more than i care to admit. also happy birthday kiri :)
<< back to my kinktober masterlist
minors do not interact. this work contains mature themes and if you continue reading you have agreed you are willing to see such content
Tumblr media
The door to your apartment opens, bringing with it not just one, but two voices. You knew Kirishima was coming home early today, which is why you decided to surprise him in the red lingerie set you know he likes. But now that he's not alone, shit.
You frantically scramble to wrap yourself in the blanket lying across the back of the sofa before whoever Kirishima has brought over gets close enough to see you.
Kirishima eyes you struggling to wrap yourself with your back to him and makes his way over to you, hugging you from behind and giving your cheek a kiss.
“Hi, babe,” he purrs into your ear, “what are you doing with this blanket?”
He tugs at the corner of the fluff surrounding you, causing you to grip it tighter. You haven't turned around yet to look at the visitor, worried it might be someone you really don't want seeing you this exposed.
“Ei, please don't pull. I'm just gonna go to the bedroom,” you plead, hoping that you can save yourself any more embarrassment.
“But you haven't even said hello to our guest!” he says with a smile, but the dark undertone you're sure no one else would notice doesn't escape you. His voice sends a small spark shooting between your legs and you know there is no way you're getting out of this.
His grasp on you and the blanket tightens before he's spinning you both to face the visitor.
As soon as you see his green hair, your body freezes and you let out a small squeak. Of course it has to be him. Izuku Midoriya is standing in your living room. The prohero you have developed a small crush on.
“Hi, Y/N,” is all the prohero says, giving you one of his signature smiles.
“I see the way you look at him, and I wanted to surprise you,” Kirishima whispers.
“I don't— What do you mean?” you stammer out. Surely he hasn't caught on to the way your eye linger on the other prohero’s muscles when he's in your line of sight. This cannot be happening to you right now.
“Come on babe, I know that you want him,” Eijiro soothes into your ear. “I know that you fantasize about the two of us.”
His hands pull the blanket away from your body as both men ravage you with their eyes. The red of the lingerie a sharp contrast to your skin causing both of them to moan.
Eijiros snakes a hand into your lace underwear as he continues to purr. “Just tell me you want us both and we’re yours.”
Is this real? Is your boyfriend really giving you the choice to have sex with another man? This has to be a joke, is it April Fools? And now Ei’s hand is circling your clit, making your mind hazy.
“Eiji, are you sure?” you ask, the question coming out no louder than a mouse.
“Yes, my girl gets whatever she wants.”
You can't lie and say that you've never thought about what it would be like to have the two of them between your legs, and the fact that this is all happening is blowing your mind. If you're dreaming, you hope to never wake up.
Kiri slips one finger into your tight cunt and your legs almost give out. The pure fire running through your body ignites as you see Izuku walk over towards you.
His voice is gruff as his green eyes shine under the light, “So what's your answer, pretty girl?”
“Yes, plea—,” you try to beg, but as soon as Izuku hears you say yes, he's grabbing you by the ass and hoisting you up, carrying you towards your bedroom with Ei close behind him. If the smiles on their faces are anything to go by, they have been planning this out for awhile and you suddenly feel very small under their control.
Izuku tosses you onto the bed, making you land with a bounce before the both of them are climbing in on either side. They hover above you, taking turns running their hands all over your lace-covered body and discarding their clothes.
Your breathing slows as you are suddenly tossed into the reality of the situation. Two muscular men are naked beside you. You're used to seeing Kiri’s girthy cock, surrounded by a cushion of fluffy dark pubes, so you aren't really prepared when you see Midoriya's cock, hanging heavy with a nice trimmed bush. Oh god, you're going to be taking both of these cocks, how are they going to fit inside you?
The two of them share a glance at seeing the stunned realization on your face before Kiri moves between your legs, pulling them apart and slowly moving his head down closer to your cunt. He licks the wet spot on your panties before pulling them aside entirely and plunging his tongue into your hole. His hands run along your thighs to calm you down as he sucks and slurps at your sex.
Seeing his friend taking care of you, Deku can't pass up his chance to have your mouth on him. He moves up to your head, kissing you passionately before whispering in your ear, “Now, suck my cock while Ei sucks your clit.”
He runs the tip of his cock along your bottom lip, waiting for you to open your mouth before he slowly slides into your mouth. You close your lips around his girth and flick the tip of your tongue around the head of his cock until he slowly begins to thrust into your mouth.
You taste his precum on your tongue and the mix of it and his sweat is intoxicating.
The two of them work your body in tandem: Kiri sucking and lapping at your clit and pushing his fingers into your cunt, scissoring them to stretch you; while Izuku sings you praises, telling you how good it feels to have his cock down your throat. It all makes your head spin and before you know it, you feel yourself gush around Ei’s fingers; your cunt pulsing as your back arches and you try to squirm away from Ei’s mouth.
Midoriya pulls out of your mouth as you come down from your high and you can vaguely make out the words they are saying to each other.
“Let me fuck her first,” Izuku demands. “You get her pussy all the time and I want to feel her stretch around me.”
Kirishima mulls it over before he responds with a possessive growl, “Fine, but don’t come inside her. That’s only for me.”
Deku pulls your body up towards him as he nods, kissing you while Kirishima gets comfortable leaning against the headboard. Both of them help you position yourself with your back against Kirishima’s chest, your legs thrown over his and held wide by Izuku.
Kirishima kisses your neck as Izuku’s hands roam your body. His eyes take you in as if he's seeing you for the first time, hungry and full of need. He's mapping out your body in his head, remembering this moment forever.
Izuku shuffles closer to your body, until his achingly hard cock is brushing against your clit and you let out a low whine as you clench around nothing. You feel Kirishima’s chest rise and fall rapidly behind you as he watches Deku push the head of his cock into your cunt.
You feel so full as his cock glides into you. The stretch is unbearable and delicious at the same time, and you moan with every inch that he drives into you.
You're almost on the verge of another orgasm when he fully rests inside you. The velvety head of his cock brushes right against your cervix with his every breath.
He lets out a small groan above you, savoring the feeling of your soaking walls surrounding him. He can’t believe that he’s really here between your thighs fucking you against your boyfriend. If he thinks about it too hard, he could cum right now. But he won't. He won't waste this opportunity.
He starts the slow drag of his cock out of you before thrusting in again, slamming your body back against Kirishima's chest over and over again.
Eijiro’s lips kiss and suck at your neck, pulling and kissing at any flesh he can while his hands keep your legs held open as Izuku powerfully thrusts into you. His strong palms splay over your skin and dig into your flesh so deliciously.
Izuku’s hip movements are calculated; each of his trusts are perfectly angled to hit that spongy spot inside you. You watch as his abs work overtime as he shows you just how much control he has over his body. Keeping a brutal pace without faltering, his body rolls above you, overwhelming your senses.
Deku moans above you and you feel Ei’s grip tighten on your thighs as his dick twitches against your back, enjoying the show as much as you are.
You watch breathlessly as Izuku leans in closer, moving his face until his lips are just a breath away. His tongue darks out to lick your bottom lip as he continues thrusting into you, until you can't stand it any more. You push yourself up just enough to close the distance. Moving your mouth against his, your tongues brush against each other. You deepen the kiss with a tilt of your head until you are both gasping for breath.
Izuku pulls away from you and he sees the fire in Kirishima's eyes. He looks needy and breathless and Izuku can't help himself as he grabs Eijiro by the back of the head and pulls him into a hard kiss.
Your cunt clenches when you see Eijiro’s tongue swipe against Izuku’s lips and your whole body shudders between them, mesmerized by the way their lips move together.
Deku pulls back from Kirishima slightly and moans into the small space between their mouths. “Oh she fucking liked that Ei,” he says with a brutal thrust. “Fucking kiss me again.”
Their mouths clash together and it's all too much. Too much of them. Too much off Ei’s hands still grabbing at you, his own hips rutting against your back searching for any type of friction, his lips moving against lips that aren't your own, his moans mixing with yours as one of his best friends fucks into you without abandon and with stamina that seems to be never ending. Too much of the way Izuku’s hand holds your boyfriend in place, gripping into his hair just the way Kiri likes it.
You watch as they part, a small string of drool connecting them as they look over at you with hooded eyes until they start kissing again.
Your mind hurtles over the edge before your body suddenly follows. Your whole body clenches as you feel the build of something inside you, overpowering everything you know to be real as you are confronted with the feelings in your chest. Stars shoot through your brain and swirl in a mix of colors as your cunt clenches and holds Izuku’s cock firmly in place.
That won't stop him though. He moans into Eijiro’s mouth, “Ah-h. Fuck, youre gonna make me cum if you keep squeezing me like that.”
For the first time that night, you can see the cracks in Izuku’s fasade. His hips stutter before he collects himself with a few deep breaths and continues ramming into you. Abandoning Kirishima, he pulls himself up so that he's hovering over you. His hand pulls your legs up away from Kirishima's grasp and pushes them so your ankles are near your head.
He growls as he continues his punishing pace, reaching deeper inside you and pulling more moans from you. Your body still feels like a live wire from your orgasm but you can't ask him to stop. It feels too good as the coil inside you starts to build again.
His voice is accentuated with each thrust as he growls, “You want me to come inside you?”
Your fucked state slurs your mind, but you want him, all of him. You want his cum so bad. You need it.
“Want me to make you my little breeding bitch?” he snarls, as his hips stutter again.
You nod and try to respond best you can. “Please, need it s’much,” you slur.
Your tongue lolls out of your mouth and you can hear your boyfriend try to object, “Don’t you fucking dare—" his voice deep and threatening until Izuku grabs Eijiro’s head, kissing him to shut him up.
You watch Izuku’s lips twitch into a snarl as his hips stutter again until he buries himself in your heavenly cunt one more time and you feel warmth flooding your insides, throwing you into another orgasm. Body rocking against them, you ride it out, clenching around his cock while both of you are left panting.
With a snarl, Kirishima kicks Deku off of you and towards the edge of the bed.
“What the fuck,” he growls before using all of his strength to push your body off his and bends you over on your knees. His chest presses against your back and you can feel the angry head of his cock brush against your thigh.
You clech at his commanding tone, feeling Izuku’s hot cum leaking out of you and dripping onto the sheets below.
Izuku looks just as shocked as you feel; his body splayed on the end of the bed and he’s looking at Kirishima’s strong muscular body caging you in. It shocks him to see this side of Kirishima, the side that is usually only reserved for you in the bedroom.
“Did you forget who you belong to, puppy? Hmm?” Kirishima’s voice is deeper, and you can tell that there is a boiling rage rumbling just under his skin.
He grabs a handful of your ass before he lands a harsh smack against your flesh. Your whimpers sound pathetic, but it's all you can manage as you try to shake your head no.
“Use your fucking words,” he commands, yanking you up and snarling directly into your ear.
“I-I belong to you. I b-belong to Red Riot!” you scream.
“That's my girl,” he praises before he slams his cock inside your still quivering walls.
The stretch of his cock and the hard pace that he sets has your eyes rolling into the back of your head. Nothing compares to the way Ei fucks you. The way his hips piston into you with love and rage is unmatched.
Izuku sits with his eyes solely on you, watching the way that Kirishima has your body completely under his control, and fuck, it’s getting his dick hard again. The way you groan from each thrust, how your body thrusts forward with each slam of his hips: it’s so hot. His hand slowly moves to fist his cock.
You can't hold yourself up with the pace that Kiri’s set behind you, and you fall down to your elbows and let your head hang.
It’s so much, too much: the draw of his hips slamming against you, his balls slapping against your clit with each thrust. You reach your arm back to him, your body trying to slow him down as your head swims in pleasure.
Your fingers brush against his abs and Eijiro almost laughs at your feeble attempt to slow him, grabbing onto your arms, holding them behind your back. His grip tightens as he pulls you up, holding your body up and allowing himself to hit new angles inside you.
He pounds into your cunt even harder and you didn't think that was possible. The sound of your moans, your boyfriends grunts, and the squelching of your cunt are the only things you hear as his cock slams into you without mercy.
You close your eyes from the immense pleasure coursing through you and only open them when you feel something soft brush against your lips. Your eyes fly open and you see Izuku kneeling in front of you, his thumb brushing against your lips.
“You look so pretty like this, all fucked out just for us.”
One of Midoriya’s hands traces down your body, tugging at your nipples before moving lower to play with your clit while his other hand keeps a steady pace over his cock.
The two of them work in tandem, toying with your body. Their touches blur together as you get lost in the pleasure. Hands roam your body, lips drag across your skin, snarls and moans flow freely and you can't tell where you end and where they begin.
Your brain is clouded over and all you can feel is pressure, pressure on your skin, pressure in your core. It’s building, building into something you can't even describe.
“Ei, I’m gonna—”
“I know, I know. I feel it, pretty girl. Come for me. Come on my cock. Show him who you belong to,” Kirishima says between thrusts.
Words babble out of your mouth and you lose all sense of self as you feel your body start to thrash in their grasp. Your mind clouds with white as your orgasm hits you harder than you've ever had before and you can feel your juices squirt out onto Eijiro’s thighs with each thrust of his throbbing cock inside you.
Kirishima comes as soon as you squirt for him, his cock throbbing inside of you as he paints your walls white with his cum.
Midoriya pulls his hand away from your throbbing clit, licking your slick off his fingers before he rubs his hands reassuringly down your sides, comforting you and slowly bringing you down from your high.
You can see more of his own cum covering his hands and you faintly wonder when he came again but your mind is too foggy to care, taking in the comfort he's providing instead.
Eijiro slowly eases out of your spent cunt and rests your body down onto the bed, before laying down next to you and wrapping you in his arms. Izuku follows his example, laying on your other side and nuzzling his head on your shoulder.
“You were so good for us. Such a good girl,” your boyfriend says lovingly into your ear, before giving you a kiss on the cheek.
You give him a small smile, your brain still trying to process the fact that you just fucked two proheros and then squirted on your boyfriend cock.
“Fuck, that was fun.”
Deku laughs at your confession before sighing, “We have to do this again.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @mossygreys @thathoneybee3 @hornime @luna-rin @tehehebri @lilyshadows15-blog @shittywomann @ebiharachan @bisexualtragedy @01-20-1992 @lunastellanova @jardiindexeliin
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th0tfairy · 21 hours ago
How would the bnha guys react to u going to a Halloween with a sexy costume?
I feel like most of them won’t even let u out the door😒❤️ like damn let me be great 🙄
Ugh this is great ty for asking
Deku: begs you to change into something else. Even takes his own bunny costume off so you can wear it instead 🐰
Bakugou: mean mugs any guy that looks at u for more than half a second 🤬
Shouto: keeps turning the temperature in the room down with his quirk so you’re forced to cover up 🙄
Kiri: he doesn’t like it but he won’t say anything, just stays by your side and keeps his arm around you trying to cover u up like that
Kami: asks u to show a lil more 🤪
Sero: this is one of the few times he actually gets mad and refuses to let u go out looking like that, and when u go anyway, he stays home 😐
Shinso: makes some….. modifications to ur costume. By modifications I mean throwing his hoodie over your costume and daring u to take it off
Hawks: goes in a sexier costume 😈
Dabi: says “you’re going like that?” Then proceeds to talk to every other girl at the party and ignore u
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itadores · 2 days ago
➼ word count: 746
➼ warnings: gn!reader
Tumblr media
Prohero Deku is the sort of lover that haunts you after you split up. 
He’s inescapable. 
His smiling visage is plastered on billboards and advertisements all over the city. You catch pieces and fragments of conversations detailing how cool and powerful Deku is when you pass by adoring fans of his on the street. Your lips curl into a slight frown when the topic shifts to how handsome the green-haired prohero is. The kiosks at the mall you frequent are overflooding with his merchandise. (You didn’t realize that they had kitchenware- of all things- inspired by the number one hero until you saw it featured in a store window.) 
Everywhere you turn, he’s there. Deku is a constant you cannot seem to shake no matter where you travel in Japan. Even in the countryside, the people talk of him. When you stopped by a convenience store during your overnight trip, you overheard a heated debate between a few employees on whether Deku would keep his place as the number one hero or Dynamight dethrone him at the upcoming hero award ceremony. (You were confident that Deku would stay number one.) You didn’t stick around long enough to hear what they ended up deciding on. You chose to ignore the strange look the cashier gave you for the urgency in your behavior.
Your own home isn’t even safe from Deku’s reach. 
On more than one occasion, you’ve stepped through the door of your apartment- exhausted and tired- following a long day of work thinking you heard the distinct sound of Deku softly mumbling to himself in the kitchen. It’s only when you round the corner that your weary smile drops. Pressing your palms deep into your eye sockets, you realize you were imagining it all.
Clips of his most recent fight appear on the news whenever you settle down on your couch and flip your television on. When you click the tv remote to change the channel, a recording of his latest interview plays across the screen before you change it again.
Apparitions of him appear in the dark of night. When you’re in the state between consciousness and unconsciousness- on the verge of falling asleep- a familiar head of green hair will flash in the corner of your vision. The sight always jolts you awake, but when you scan the area of your bedroom, there’s nothing to be seen. After assuring yourself you’re not going mad, you drift off into a dreamless slumber, in a bed that’s much too big for one.
Remnants of him reside in every corner of your apartment. Clothing that you stole from him so long ago that they eventually just became yours still sit in the back of your closet, neatly folded and slowly gathering dust. Little mementos and gifts he bought for you that you can’t bring yourself to throw away for the sake of sentimentality rest in closed drawers- hidden and untouched. His favorite mug, a vintage All Might one with a small chip on the handle, stares at you whenever you open your kitchen cabinet to grab a glass.
In every inch of your home, memories of Deku stubbornly linger. 
It makes you want to resent him. In a way, you sort of do. Just a little bit. How are you possibly supposed to move on from Deku when he is everywhere you look? 
But, your short-lived resentment quickly fizzles out, giving way to bone-deep exhaustion. It is tiring to try to force yourself to hate someone you still love and care for. You could never hold any real animosity for Deku, but you think it would be easier if you could.
The two of you didn’t split because of a loss of love. You still love Deku so much and you know he feels the same for you, but you couldn’t stay in a relationship where you were second to the rest of Japan.
You don’t hold it against Deku. Really, you don’t. You understand his dedication to heroism and commitment to protecting the people of Japan. It’s admirable how he will always be there to help a person in need without fail. The thought makes your chest burst with pride. He is one of the greatest people you know, the epitome of what it means to be a true hero. You think you will always harbor so much love for Deku, no matter what.
You only wish the ghost of him would stop following you everywhere.
Tumblr media
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freckledoriya · 23 hours ago
Hey can you for fluff Friday do a request for Deku x bakugos sister. I can’t find this enough anywhere tbh so I’m hoping you can be the first! Thanks luv you!
it was always you.
you, standing in the background, yelling at kacchan to knock it off when he was relentlessly teasing him.
you, coming up to him afterwards to help him up off the ground, making sure that he was okay.
you, always cheering him on, despite your brother's misgivings.
izuku midoriya knew that it was wrong to like you. but that never stopped his growing fondness for you.
he truly and absolutely adored you. and when he ended up tearfully confessing his feelings to you that one late night, he was surprised to learn that you felt similarly.
"of course i feel the same, midoriya," you said with an easy smile. "how could i not?"
this began some of the happiest yet most stressful moment of izuku's life. happiest, because he was dating you. stressful, because you both agreed to keep the secret from bakugou.
it was for the best. you both knew and agreed on it.
hushed compliments, secret rendezvous... it was hard. hard because izuku loved you so much and wanted to scream it from the rooftops... and he was notoriously a bad liar. especially when it came to lying to kacchan.
but he did it for you. he did it because he was willing to risk it all just to be by your side, just to feel your hand touching his.
you were worth it.
it’s fluff friday!
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ihatebnha · 2 hours ago
i think u should write mean!izuku porn but that’s just me, y’know
Mean!Izuku who spreads your legs, plays with your pretty little clit... but doesn't let you cum? Doesn't even let you move? Tremble?
He's all slow and loose rubs to tease you, head resting on your thigh to hold you down, and his eyes anywhere but your face.
Mean!Izuku who sits you on his cock, pulls out your tits... and then just leaves himself there? Brushes his middle finger over your clit between swipes on his phone as if to tease you, shifts his hips in any direction except up, says, “what was that?” when you coo and “something wrong?” when you cry... 
Mean!Izuku who also always somehow manages to stretch your ankles over your shoulders, spit on your pussy… but not actually fuck you?
Instead wasting time rubbing his dick between the soft and sweet folds of your pussy like he doesn’t know anything else? Like the flushed head of his cock doesn’t knock against your clit with each stroke, and like he definitely doesn’t have you arching your back and singing him more praise than a nasty guy like him deserves?
He loves you, he does… but that just means that when he finally fucks you, softly cooing as his fat cock stretches you out and ruins you for anyone and everyone else, that he also gets to take pictures of you with runny mascara all over your cheeks and his spend all over your thighs…
And whenever you’re being bratty, trying to give him a taste of his own medicine… Mean!Izuku brings up these pictures, and threatens to send them to all his friends… Todoroki, whom you usually adore… Kirishima, with his coke can cock... and your least favorite of all, Kacchan, whom you know would ravish you if he were ever had the chance…
"Wouldn't want them to see, would you? Baby?"
Because even though Mean!Izuku would never let them have you, of course (he doesn't like to share)... he always threatens to whore you out anyway, all because he thinks you look so pretty when you cry and when you call out his name.
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shigarakisbabyy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Deku x FtM reader fic! No nsfw! Y/n replaces Mineta in this. Reader has hanahaki, and in this universe it can affect people who’s love is unreciprocated or if the victim is convinced that the other doesn’t feel the same. This is honestly a LOT angstier than I intended it to be, I am so sorry lmfao.
Word count: 2232
Warnings: hanahaki, internalized transphobia, self-deprecating thoughts, angst, detailed descriptions of vomiting, mentions of death, snapped ribs
Content: coming out, mentions of bullying and transphobia, hanahaki disease, angst with a happy ending, kissing
Tumblr media
You had known you were trans for a while now, a couple years almost. When you came to UA, you had specifically requested to be put into the system as male, and for only the principal and a select few teacher to be made aware of your identity. You figured this was the best way to protect yourself, as the students in your last school had bullied you relentlessly when they found out. It was better this way, now you could live as male and no one would see you any differently.
Slowly, you began to develop a crush on the cute green haired boy in your class. You found yourself growing to want to spend as much time as possible with him, and staring at him in class and while he trained. It came off as a bit creepy, but you couldn’t help but stare at the pretty boy.
Somehow, you had convinced yourself that he would never like you back. The times you two did talk, he was very brief and seemed to want to get away as quickly as possible. Maybe it was because of your staring and he had noticed, maybe he had somehow found out you were trans. Either way, you felt like shit about it.
It had been 2 months when the petals started showing. Bright yellow sunflower petals spilled out of your lungs, pouring into the toilet you vomited into.
“Crap…” you muttered, staring at them as they floated in the water. You coughed again, a small stem shooting out.
You flushed and straightened your clothes and wiped your mouth. You knew what this meant. Get the surgery, or die. The chance that you had only convinced yourself that Izuku didn’t like you back was highly unlikely, his behavior had already showed that. He couldn’t maintain eye contact with you, couldn’t speak more than a sentence or two before he hurriedly left. He didn’t like you.
You walked back to class, nervously playing with your fingers when you took your seat. How long did you have left? You had had a crush on him for a while now, surely not long. The embarrassment of telling someone about it and admitting you would need the surgery was too much to bear. You’d rather die. What if they thought that your love was unreciprocated because you were trans, and no one could ever love someone like you?
You sat at your desk and tried to pay attention, but the tears started to roll. Of course this would happen to you. Of course it would. It as just your luck, wasn’t it? You stared at your lap, gripping your pant legs and trying to focus on your breathing, anything to stop crying.
Later, in your dorm and trying to sleep, you cried yourself to your dreams.
Life went on like this for about 3 months, the petals coming more and more often. You could see the toll it was taking on you. Your eye bags, your hollowed cheeks. Your ribs poking out through your skin. Your hip bones that jutted out far more than they should. You looked like you were dying, and you were. You coughed up whole flowers now, stem and all. With just your luck, it had to be giant sunflowers, making it a very tedious chore.
You sat in class again, trying to focus on your work. Not like it mattered, you’d be dead soon anyway. You glanced over at Izuku, smiling as he jotted things down in his notebook. He still took your breath away when you looked at him. How could he be so pretty, so kind? So loving and self-sacrificing? You told yourself that you deserved your disease, he was so caring to the rest of your class and so distant and cold to you, surely you had done something wrong. Maybe this was your punishment.
It wasn’t like you just admired him for his looks. You loved how amazing he was at battle strategy. How willing he was to save people, even if it lent sacrificing himself. His useless information of all things related to All Might. How he always tried to hard at school. How he’d help his classmates study and would let them vent to him about anything that troubled them. He truly was one of the best people alive, and you could die happy knowing you loved him.
He came up to you after class one day, noting your sickly appearance.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” He asked, his eyes showing worry and fear. You noted that his eyes looked sunken in, and his cheekbones were more defined. He hadn’t looked like that last week.
You were shocked, this was the first time he had come up to you to say something. Most of the time you had to initiate the “conversation”.
“Y-yes, thank you Midoriya. I’m alright.” You answered, hoping your lie was convincing. You coughed, a petal falling past your lips. You quickly flew your hand up to your mouth and crumpled it into your hand.
“Alright…” He said, furrowing his brow and walking away.
You rushed to the bathroom, another flower fit was starting. You flew down the hallway, tore open a stall, locked it, and kneeled down in front of the toilet. Almost immediately you felt the bud of a sunflower sliding up your throat and suffocating you, and forcing your mouth to open from your gag reflex. You coughed, grabbing the flower and tugging the rest of it out, the stem making you gag and screw your eyes shut in pain as you felt it slide up your throat. Why, oh why did it have to be sunflowers?
You coughed up a few more petals, and quickly snapped the sunflower in half so you could flush it down the toilet. You felt another flower coming, and you readied yourself to do the process over again.
5 times. That’s how many whole sunflowers you coughed up. Surely that mustn’t be good, you thought. You were going to die soon. But at least you would die loving the selfless green haired hero who loved anyone and everyone, besides you.
You fell asleep that night wondering what death would feel like.
It was Aizawa who noticed your decreasing health and asked you about it the next day.
“Y/n, you do not look well. Your cheeks are sunken in, you’ve lost all of your muscle mass, and your eye bags almost droop down to the floor. What’s wrong?” He asked, the expression of a worried father on his face.
“Nothing at all, I’ve just been off lately.” You answered, but it was obvious you were lying.
“Don’t lie to me, Y/N.” He scolded, “Whats’s wrong?”
You considered telling him the truth. He couldn’t be too upset, right?
“I- I have hanahaki.” You answered, staring at the floor.
“How long?”
“3 months.”
You heard him mutter a curse under his breath. It had been far too long of you suffering in silence.
“I need to know who it is, Y/N.” He asked, leaning back on his desk.
“I can’t say.” You immediately answered. You didn’t want to admit that the boy who loved everyone didn’t love you.
“I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”
“Then you can’t help me.” You stated, turning around and rushing out of the classroom.
You knew you didn’t have much time left. If you pushed on your stomach, you could feel the outline of the flowers that awaited to be evicted. You sighed and tugged your shirt down, breathing hard to resist the compression of your binder. Your frail body has such a hard time with it now, it has already snapped a few of your ribs. You stared at your reflection in the boy’s bathroom mirror. You looked dreadful.
You sighed and turned to leave, noticing a familiar green haired boy staring at you with his gorgeous eyes from the entry way. He looked to be in a hurry. You panicked, but then looked at him more closely. We’re those… eye bags? And hollow cheeks? Surely he didn’t have hanahaki, who wouldn’t love him? It had to be something else.
“What we’re you doing?” He asked, stepping further into the bathroom.
You stepped back, “Nothing,” You said all too quickly. It was obvious you were up to something.
“I saw… I saw a flower through your stomach. What’s wrong?” He asked, stepping closer. His eyebrows were furrowed together and he clenched his fists beside him.
“I think you already know what’s wrong.” You whispered. He was close now, you were only a couple inches apart. It was the closest you had been to him ever.
You stared at him, his features. He was definitely skinnier. His shoulders weren’t as broad, his arms were thinner, his face lost its charming chisel. He was weakening.
“You have hanahaki.” He stated, in disbelief.
“I know.” You whispered back. You couldn’t bring your eyes to move their gaze from his, it was the first time he made eye contact with you. He has such lovely green eyes. You wanted those to be the last things you saw when you died.
“Who is it?” He asked, whispering like you were. You noticed his eyes start to well up with tears. Why?
You didn’t answer. You didn’t want him to feel guilt-tripped into loving you. You wanted to die without the most perfect boy feeling like he was responsible. Or maybe he wouldn’t care, and life would go on as normal for him. Either outcome pained your heart.
“Who is it?!” He asked, louder now. He put his hands on your bony shoulders and held on tightly. His eyes were wide with fear, an expression so deep, an expression you never wanted to see on his face. Your heart struck with pain.
“It’s you.” You whispered.
He was taken aback. His hands fell off your shoulder and instead to his sides.
“It’s you.” You whispered again. If he really wanted to know, you’d tell him. You’d do just about anything he asked you to.
He stared at your for a moment, then his face broke out in a huge, flattery grin. Maybe he was glad you were dying.
He grabbed you in his arms and hugged you, his body still warm and nourished unlike yours. You widened your eyes in shock. What was this?
“W-what?” You asked, pushing yourself away from him with all of your remaining strength.
“I- I have hanahaki too.” He admitted, your heart sinking in your chest.
“I’ve had it for a little bit. Maybe a month. All Might told me to confess to you, so I was looking for you.” He sheepishly smiled.
You stepped back, shocked. Confess to you?
“W-what? Confess to me?”
“I like you, Y/n. And up until now, I thought you didn’t either.”
Your heart raced and pounded against your frail ribs, butterflies shooting through your stomach. Was this even real? The most perfect boy in the world liked you?
“Can I kiss you?” He asked, smiling and antsy. He set his hands on your shoulders and leaned in.
“W-wait!” You exclaimed, putting your hands on his chest to stop him, “I need to tell you something.”
He stepped back, staring at you and beginning to listen intently.
“I-I’m transgender. FtM. I’m a boy now, but I haven’t always been a boy? That’s a terrible way of wording it, but I’m a boy with a girls body,” You explained, “I-I understand if this changes things, it’s okay if you feel differently now.”
“It doesn’t change a thing.” He whispered, leaning back in.
When he finally kissed you, it was like everything else fell away. All that mattered was the heat of his lips against your own, the way he held you in his arms. You felt the weight of the sunflowers vanish from your stomach and lungs, and all of your previous muscle and body fat be restored. Your heart soared in your chest, begging and aching for this moment to never stop. Your lips matched perfectly, like two halves of a puzzle piece. This is what you had been missing your entire life. His hand reached up and rested gently at the nape of your neck, gently pressing your head closer to his. You wrapped your arms around his waist, tugging him closer to you. You felt his previous body mass be restored, like it had never been gone at all. He was so warm, so perfect. Everywhere he touched you sent shooting stars of excitement through you, resting in your heart. You loved what he did to you.
Eventually the kiss has to end, as you both needed air. He pulled away, holding onto your neck and pushing your foreheads together. You both smiled, giggling excitedly.
“What flower did you cough up?” He asked quietly.
“Sunflowers.” You answered.
“Thats my favorite flower.” He smiled.
“I coughed up hibiscus.”
“Thats my favorite flower.”
He smiled, and gave you a quick kiss that only made you wish for more.
“You wanna come hang out in my dorm?” He asked in a whisper.
You nodded, unable to hide the grin that refused to leave your face. How could you stop it? After all, the most perfect boy in the world loved you back.
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almondkatsuki · 3 hours ago
hc/drabble: how the BNHA boys would react to the “spare change” trend from tiktok being texted to them as a prank pt. 2
okay so here is part 2! this should be fun ehehehe
pairings: shoto todoroki x reader, izuku midoriya x reader, keigo takami x reader, dabi x reader
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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