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Jikook ship is sailing~ Credits to the owner #Parkjimin #Jimin #Jeonjungkook #Jungkook #Kook #Kookie #Jikook #kookmin #serendipity #lie #filter #promise #begin #euphoria #mytime #delcacomania #BTS #bangtan #bangtansonyeondan #btsship #tiktok https://www.instagram.com/p/B-tnEvnJfPE/?igshid=rz7gbonatv1z
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Not this shit again sis, move on leave them to the kraken
Tumblr media
People will always find something to hate on and complain about such is life. Care less about such people they can rub off on you.
Tae and JK are actually very good friends with a history. They may not be lovers but the bond was there. Tae knows what makes JK tick just as much as JM or anyone else. Is he as willing to tolerate certain things? Not quite. I mean Hobi had to throw them bananas at him and Hobi is a hufflepuff. Tolerance makes friendships and those two don't take criticisms well from eachother- used to not take criticisms well in my opinion.
There's a lot of entitlement that comes with being an idol. You get used to getting your way among other things especially if you are a Jeon Jungkook the Maknae.
You know how JM was disappointed when Tae couldn't come to him to tell him he was blocking his shine on stage but rather wrote it anonymously? That's one guy open to critiques and who takes criticisms well.
Some people would have construed Tae's complaints to mean he envied them or was jealous Jimin commanded such attention on stage. Such is life.
Forget them let's concentrate on stanning our Vminkook.
On the other topic, it just sounds ridiculous to me because they act like if BTS made a song today there won't be this exact debacle over it. I had my ears full of BTS making English songs blah blah blah IT NEVER STOPS GEEZ!
I'd rather BTS took their sweet sweet time and birthed yet another timeless Album. Im not in a hurry at all. I love permission to dance but if they release yet another song like that I'll pull my spleen out my butt with my bare hands- just saying.
I wish I can relate with all these people complaining bout- what even are they complaining about? I lost track. Too much merch, not enough merch? expensive merch, new music? All of the above?
Who says they will like the new songs BTS about to make even hm? What's the guarantee yall will like it? People shit on blackswan when it came out.
Just because BTS makes something don't mean we will automatically like it or enjoy it- case in point, this whole debacle about the commercialization of BTS. Some are for it some not so much. It's a vicious cycle.
BTS created something. If it had been for free the focus would have been on that. They make run episodes free for everyone and no one complains.
I already got in trouble discussing this with my friends and I don't want to talk about it anymore really. It's only on SNS that when you voice your opinion you are picking a fight but when they do same they are exressing themselves.
Tumblr media
Oh wait I have a meme for that
Tumblr media
It's the gaslighting in there for me.
Personally, I'm down for a rant. I find them funny seeing how passionate people get over trivial issues and I don't go with a mind set of contributing a different perspective that may assuage them and disabuse them of their thoughts.
Outside rants I assume when anyone comes to me with anything they come to be talked off a ledge. People suck and this is why I prefer to be in my one corner shipping my ship and akekeking to my self.
Ah and no. I'm not really concerned bout the jikook ig saga. Jimin has a habit of commenting and cheering JK on under his posts. Jungkook tell the truth you are not human- yes he's not. He's a beom🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sorry. Lol
He even commented on Tae's post didn't he?
He will comment on JK's if he wants to.
He can and he will- if he wants to.
Jk equally seem like he is putting in effort to mingle and be interactive out there. When he's open and being not only receptive but reciprocal like this it's usually a sign... I might be missing good in there some where 🤣💀
The baits and the thirst traps he sets for Jimin- he's so predictable chilee
Next we know he will be posting and deleting DELCACOMANIA randomly🤕
Jk if you need something from my bias just master the courage and ask him🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emotional vulnerability isn't his strong suit.
I'm not buying all this I'm living my best life ain't bothered a certain hyung isn't all over my IG attitude from him.
That said if JM caves and gets all over his Ig first I'll kick his ass. It's 2022 we loving and respecting ourselves.
But I'm pretty sure they are aware people gone roll their eyes and cuss them out for bringing the gay to IG🤣
Gotta pace themselves before they pick up being the bane in people's existence.
Jk out here saying he misses people chilee 🤣🤣🤣
Please I'm enjoying all of this. BEST SHOW EVER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Cuando veo tu sonrisa en la pantalla
Eres bueno en tido
Eres simplemente perfecto
Se siente como si nunca hubiera sido tu
¿Al menos me ves?
¿Sabes quién soy?
¿O como me veo ahora?
No te gusto asi
Ven y dime algo, hermoso corazón
Voy a escucharte
Por favor
Todos los números son grandes
No puedo sacarte de tu juego
Quiero pintarlo como tú
Por favor
Quiero ser tu delcacomania
I want you
Quiero, Te quiero
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Goldy, have you seen this? 😭
This tew much😭😭😭😭🤭
Tumblr media
Jimin didn't have to do me like this😭😭😭
Look at his eyes. The actual gay in his eyes😭
Tumblr media
Brings out the seasoned delulu in my eyes!😭
Where do we go from here Jimin? 😭😭😭
He looks like he wanted to crawl inside Jk😏
Like he's just descending from kissing him or hugging him🤔
It says gay and back off all at the same time. It says mine and horny at the same damn time😢
Jimin please when we say, you are me I am you, the two shall become one we don't mean gobble him down your belly pls😪
This pose says gay lust matter🌈
It says I want to do him but I already did him not too long ago and now he's doing me but I'm in charge of all this meat so I'm doing him right back right here right now. Y'all feel free to watch😏
It says stop shipping me with various men I don't want cos I want this man right here and he wants me and we are gay and we are doing the gay, been doing the gay but you not hearing it cos yall homophobic but you can read the room so read it and if you still think we are straight then you are WRONG.
It's a vibe and it's a statement.
Tumblr media
From afar it doesn't look dangerous...
Tumblr media
Zoom in and that's when you see the gay lust craziness in his eyes😭😭😭😭😭
I can't with his ass. I just can't😭
Jimin is a sexy man. He is. Sometimes he don't be trying to look sexy around people. It happens by accident but you can tell he put his whole back into this one FOR US🤣
He tapped into something primal, the very spirit of Delilah herself and channeled all that desperate simping filter DELCACOMANIA gay energy into this pose.
And right when I thought my heart was gonna explode from all this boldness and lack of personal space-
here comes the brain deadry
Tumblr media
Imagine that! Imagine the ghetto of this all!
The assholery and actual loose brain spirit of convulated desperation of this all😭😭
Free Tae and Yoongi from these shippers they are embarrassing them😭😭😭
Also something else I wanna talk about...
Y'all know where it would be.
This comeback gonna be lit!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jungkook came to represent 🏳️‍🌈
Get a room but let me be a fly on the wall😏
Also, my favorite movie of all time is call me by your name.
My favorite book of all time is call me by your name.
My favorite word is Jiminah saranghae
My favorite song is/ are Crystal snow, Serendipity, DELCACOMANIA, Pied Piper, my time, Sweet night, sweet creature, moon, any song by Micheal Jackson, Rihanna and BTS. I actually have a lot so I don't know how to answer this.
Current reads; A court of thorn and Roses, lord of the flies, Waiting for Goddot- a play actually, Gellert's new job (I love this. It's a short story by this gay author I love. It's about a trans autistic man who gets fired at his job and gets employed by a rival company. My gf actually recommended it to me. I really love it.)
What else did you ask? Will update this later I'm going to bed.
If you wanna get me a gift I want the book call me by your name and
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ANON: Hey Goldy, so I want to ask, what makes you look at one moment and decide the tension in there is nothing but then in another moment you claim Jikook are having issues? I ask because of the conclusions you drew on the photoshoot video when you said they were fighting but in two other instances where we can all clearly see that the mood between Jikook is tense like Jimin's mood in the Be Concept Clip and the other interview you have said it's nothing. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, I just want to understand your thought process if you can walk me through it. It's ok if you don't respond. I love your posts regardless. Keep it up.
Thanks for your question.
I think I try my best as much as possible to share my thought process on why I reach certain conclusions and in instances where I do not have much time to delve deeper into a conversation I state an NB indicating I would be talking further about that particular topic later on?
I think the first thing I can point out to you right off the bat in regards to your question is that we may most likely be having different understandings of tension as pertains to shipping simply because we ship Jikook in different ways.
Again, I do not mean to say my perspective is superior or that someone else's is inferior. I'm just saying we may be having different views on the topic based on the differences in our shipping styles.
To me tension is not just a sense or feeling or mood. It is one of the metrics I employ in assessing whether or not a ship is real- stay with me.
In my experience, while people may be good at hiding a relationship, they can never hide the intimacy of the relationship or the stress of keeping that relationship a secret. Secrets are stressful to keep and they leave stress trails in their wake. It's as simple as that. If any ship is real in BTS you will see its stress marks.
It's not easy standing there, watching your man's nipples being played with, or having another man grope your intimate partner for entertainment purposes while you stand there smiling for the cameras- you can smile, but it's going to be fake.
It's not easy hearing how your man sneaks into another man's shower to watch him bathe and compliment the size of his dick.
It's not easy hearing how you can't stand next to your man in a line up while another person takes that position even if it's just for work.
It's not easy pretending not to love your man, while watching everyone else love on him. It's not easy being told what you can do and not do with your partner much less by your own peers.
It's not easy hiding your love and affection for the person you love, holding yourself back from kissing them, or hugging them or doing any of the intimate stuff you are so used to doing with them- not when you have to be around them all the time.
It's not easy having cameras shoved in your face during your alone, private time with your man, when you are watching them on giant screens and they are right there next to you but you can't hold them- please listen to JK's demo Delcacomania which he released on his birthday last year and you will understand why he cried when JM flew from Paris to see him on his birthday. I cried too.
My point is, it's really not easy keeping a relationship a secret within the same work space as your partner. It's not as easy as other shippers make it seem. That shit is stressful and stress begets tensions and tensions begets conflicts- especially if there are other people attached to the parties in the relationship.
A secret gets heavy before it gets easy but you can never erase the stress that comes with hiding that secret especially not in a group as diverse in personalities as BTS. There are bound to be clashes, there are bound to be slip ups- moments where the fourth wall is breached and many others.
Stress is usually one of the first indicators of people keeping anything a secret. I've been called toxic for this, but I pay a lot of attention to conflicts and tensions within the group dynamics regardless of the degree of that tension because that conflict to me is a sign of stress.
I can tell you for a fact, any ship that is kumbaya in BTS is not real. Any ship whose existence doesn't stress out the group dynamics is a ship made in Disney heading for Never-land. Conflict and tension is a sign of stress and stress is a sign of keeping secrets.
That's not to say every single tension within the group, between Jikook or any other ship is as a result of them keeping that ship a secret. I think we can rule out all forms of contrived tensions at this point- you know which ones I'm talking about. Ain't no damn person up in there tryna steal nobody's man in BTS. The fuck?! Lmho.
Then there are those tensions that are as a result of mood swings, bad hair days, a call being delayed, a missed period- what? some of them have girlfriends, cough cough. Yea, Don't mind me.
Tension could be caused by anything really and so I think it's not enough to point out tensions but you have to try and ascertain the cause and effect of that tension to see if that tension is as a result of the stress that comes with keeping Jikook a secret or whether it is rather causing stress or going to cause a stress in their relationship dynamics-
C'mon, now y'all know if Jimin should thirst over another man that that is going cause a lot of stress not just for JK but the group as well because Jikook's mood affects them too.
Jimlous and Jeonlous are also signs of the stress that comes with keeping Jikook's relationship a secret. Let's be honest, if they were out all of those wouldn't be happening. People wouldn't cross their boundaries as much as they do.
From my perspective, both of Jikook are constantly reacting, poorly might I add, to their relationship being a secret. It seems to me they both hate what they have to do to keep eachother a secret within the group.
Jimin keeps JK a secret by acting as if he is available and JK keeps Jimin a secret by acting as if he doesn't want him- cold, nonchalant, and the way I see them I think it drives them both crazy. Lol.
Jimin doesn't want to come out but he doesn't want to be kept a secret either. He just wants to be in that glass closet whereas JK seems to want to be out or completely hidden- he is not about that middle ground life, I feel. But that doesn't mean he doesn't make compromises especially where Jm is concerned.
Jimin is very conscious and highly judgmental of himself and I think he projects a bit of that into their relationship dynamics. As such he is constantly worrying about feedback, about how their relationship is affecting the group's dynamics.
You see this in the way he runs to JK upon the least complaints by any member about JK. Like when Jin complained about JK not choosing his bag over JM's, or when RM complained about JK buying a birthday present for only JM and not the others.
Or when RM complained about JK showing a song he had written to JM first before showing it to him in a VLive- now they didn't mention who they were talking about exactly but I knew from the moment JM started reciting Jikook's go to response for whenever they are called out for constantly being together, the whole 'we just so happened to be together in that moment,' that they were talking about JK. I don't know, I could be wrong.
JM is constantly trying to mitigate Jungkook's tendencies for exclusivity in their relationship especially where it conflicts with the groups interest even though that exclusivity and preferential treatment feeds directly into his love language.
It's that kumbaya in him I keep talking about. He would sacrifice their happiness for the groups. In my opinion.
But JK aint about that life. His entire philosophy is to pursue personal happiness first. So often, you would see him weaponizing their relationship secret against JM- trying to out him and shit. which in turn, ends up causing their relationship a ton of stress.
The best illustration I can give for this is when JK posted Ending Scene in early parts of 2019 and people started speculating Jikook had broken up because it was a break up song. JM immediately responded to that post with two posts, one about the Calico cat or something and the other pointing out how that song was just a cover. Jimin hates it when JK does something to create the impression that they are not together especially when they are together.
But at the same time, he would take a step back from their relationship, ask for space to try and nurture his other relationships with friends and family when he feels JK coming on too strong on him- like Jimin what do you actually want! You drive me nuts!
What I'm trying to say is that when you point out that JM looks tensed, you should be able to explain why you think he looks tensed.
And if you think his tension goes to the root of their relationship, then you should be able to predict the consequences of that tension too. Lol.
For me, I filter their tensions through their established patterns of behavior, their personalities and the actions that arise from their personalities- listen, the Maknae line can be very melancholic for no reason sometimes. Not sure what goes on but boy can they brood!
You have to consider all these things.
Tensions are obvious, obviously. Or maybe not. Most of them are quite easy to spot. Some not so much. They do go undetected if you are not hyper focused on them in certain moments when they happen or aren't aware of the context or subtext behind such moments.
Perspective is everything. We all don't have the same perspective. But no one holds the truth when it comes to Jikook. We can only speculate in a way that holds meaning to us.
Take for example Jimin and Jin's call during Jimin's VLive in March this year. There are a fraction of shippers who do not believe that that call was intercepted by JK at all simply because they do not see the subtext of that moment. Why would JK do that and not just reveal his identity, they ask. A valid point.
Then there are those who see JK interrupting that call as plausible because they believe they can differentiate between JK and Jin's call voice. Equally valid point.
Then there's me, who think yes that was JK's voice but goes further to try and anwer the questions raised by the first group as that, JK was pushing the boundaries both with JM and Bighit for barring him from doing a live with JM.
As such, I believe that call was an act of rebellion on his part to be allowed to Jikook with his man on the VApp. All that protest would then lead to a pivotal moment of him and JM having their VLive but under heavy surveillance. Lol.
Actions have consequences whether good or bad. Whether positive or negative. It's the cause and effect principle. Every effect has a predictable cause and every action has a specific and predictable effect.
If a moment of tension is created between them that is substantial, it is going to produce a subsequent substantial reaction. Law of Newton- I can't make this shit up. Lmho.
Another moment of this nature for me would be the VMin's unit interview filmed in February/March and released in June during Festa.
Now, if you were following the tensions between V and JK around that period, the context and subtext of that Interview would be easily apparent to you- V was just shading JK left right left. Bless him.
All that random flirting with Jimin- JM lost his Mochi cheeks, his pinky has grown were just code for JM is a grown ass man now so stop being possessive over him.
I have said Jikook have been asserting themselves against eachother this year following the lows of late 2019 and especially around that time period.
For Jimin, that self assertion takes the form of checking JK's over possessiveness over him as that is a huge cause of tensions within the group throughout the years and something that I feel really bothered JM in the later half of 2019 and early half of 2020.
Why does it bother him when he used to be the one enabling that shit in JK? The members, keep up. Lol but not just the members. Remember I said earlier how, Jikook had come under heavy scrutiny with May 2019 to June this year. JM I feel wanted to keep things really on the low but JK- sigh.
Believe it or not, JK dumb whipped ass exposes Jikook more than JM does in their relationship. In the very least his possessiveness and chest puffing when anyone breathes near JM is one of the biggest tells.
We all know Tae is one of the members that have openly pointed out his displeasure with JK keeping JM to himself, cutting him off from his friends and all. Now we all know also that Jimin's pinky is a huge deal to JK. The moment he saw VMin comparing pinkies that's when he began screwing with us for real! Lmho.
JK made a big deal about JM's pinky and also seemed to have a thing for JM's Mochi cheeks too, calling him his Mochi and shit right in front of Tae's salad. Listen, TAE KNOWS. He knows!
So I found it interesting, how those parts of JM were specifically the things that V felt had changed about Jimin- I mean go back and look at Tae's facial expressions and smirk when he started talking about that. Lmho.
Then Jimin clapped back with that whole pinky line from their song Friends, pointing out how contradictory Tae was being. Lol.
To me that has always been one aspect of Tae and JK's ship dynamics that I enjoy so much. Tae is constantly teasing and shading JK and it's so subtle yet passive aggressive sometimes. you might miss it if you don't understand the context of him saying certain things in certain moments.
He don't spare JM sometimes either. Chileee. You never know with this man. Lol.
I mean did y'all catch his jab at JK during Festa when JK brought up the rain fight and he said, yea but that was a long time ago though- give it a rest. When I tell you, this man knew JK was trying to one up him over the whole dumpling fight thingy he had with JM. Lmho.
Then in that dynamite MV reaction VLive when JK and JM tried to eye fuck through the viewfinder? Let's not look into the camera he says so eloquently then side eyes JK- I LOVE THIS MAN!!! Please stay on their necks for me. They play too much! Lmho.
JK's possessiveness over JM is one of the causes of tension within the group I feel and JK have said his hyungs try to teach him not to be so possessive. Tae, RM and Suga to me are those hyungs who keep him in check the most, most times.
All that being said, just because there is tension present between them in a given moment doesn't necessarily mean it's as a result of a conflict between them as I have explained in past posts.
The inverse of this is similarly true. Truth is we can never know these things for sure. We can only speculate.
And personally, as I keep pointing out I have my own metrics for assessing these kinds of things. I get it wrong sometimes and when I do, I simply adjust my metrics and keep it pushing.
It's my own customized metrics, the lens through which I filter their interactions and make sense of their moments and It works for me. Isn't that what having an opinion is about?
I find, some of their interactions or moments follow an established pattern of behavior from their past moments and so it's much easier to call those.
For instance, you don't need a six foot page analysis to identify Jimlous or Jeonlous when you see it. You don't need a crystal ball to tell you when JK nibbles on Jimin's ear that Jimin is nervous. They did that in 2018, they did that in 2019, they've done that in 2020- to me that's become a pattern and when I see JK anywhere near Jimin's ear depending on the setting I will conclude JM is nervous and JK is trying to comfort him.
All that would be left for me to determine then is why Jimin is nervous at all in that moment and if I find he has no reason to be nervous in that instant my next assumption then would be that Jeon Jungkook is horny. I'm not kidding. Jk scares me. Lol.
Don't mind me.
He could be horny or he could be touchy, or he could be just expressing his affections through skinship. All of that is valid so I would employ an elimination approach?
I would rule out Jikook sexual foreplay in instances like that based on whether or not JK's gesture was a mission given to him by the staff based on Jimin's reaction to that gesture- He seemed pretty disappointed when he learned that JK bopping his nose was just a mission.
At times too I test out theories.
Yes, Jimin is an extrovert but does he freeze out JK when he is being an extrovert? He doesn't. We have seen him grabbing the Jeon titties in behind the scenes photoshoot, we have seen JK shove his butt in JM's dick face, we have seen 50 shades of JK grab JM's neck and dip his hand down his neck into his chest region to warm himself up. We have seen Jikook at behind the scenes photo shoots countless times. They gravitate towards eachother.
So if he is being his extrovert self with every body but JK, and JK is orbiting him but not interacting with him as they have done in the past then honestly I don't need my crystal ball to assume something is up between them. Why? Because Jikook's interactions behind the scenes aren't susceptible to false conditionings as compared to the intentional, exaggerated versions of their interactions on camera which sometimes can be laced with fanservice.
Jikook is not fanservice. Most of their behind cameras are moments of them breaching the forth wall. Like JM walking into JK's room without noticing there were cameras in the room. Their mood in there was not a performance and wasn't intended for the cameras and yet they were still close. Them taking a picture at the back of the track was equally that- unintended for the cameras.
What I'm saying is, we have seen Jikook when they are working on camera and when they are not working on camera and that mood in that behind the scenes photoshoot video doesn't fit either description of Jikook in those settings to me regardless of whether I know them personally or not.
What that moment fits into for me is a pattern of behavior that has been consistent with Jikook over the years. And I know people box JM into this whole extrovert personality but as I've said I don't believe anyone is completely extroverted or introverted.
JM to me has a certain degree of introvertedness in him and I've talked about this. He seems to have a bit of an avoidant personality too where he recoils into himself or shut people out in certain moments like how he says he drinks alone and becomes much quieter when he feels stressed out.
He doesn't open up as much about his problems it seems, he bottles it all up untill it eats him up- I'm glad he says when gets like that JK notices his mood and often comes around to do something that makes him laugh. Jimin does same for JK when he is feeling anxious- Please, Jikook is real ok?
So stop telling lies. Lol.
I think this avoidant personality becomes more prominent in moments when he fights or argues with people.
In Manila it was that moment where he noticed JK staring at him and so be moved his seat back to avoid JK's gaze. In VMin dumpling fight, it was him going out to drink with Suga after the fight- classic avoidant behavior. In Yoonmin it was him asking Suga not to touch him when Suga put his hand on his back even though Suga was sat right next to him.
In 2017- was it the behind scenes photoshoot for the billiard pool games? We saw JM literally running away from JK. Lol. He literally side-eyed the fuck out of JK, yeeted himself away from JK the moment he finished posing for the cameras. In that OT7 footage where V was playing with JK's hair, again, he yeeted himself out of there real quick at the end of filming- dude literally said deuces bitches. Lol.
And in the Jin birthday VLive 2019, he pulled away instinctively when JK's knee touched his. In all these instances, JM was keeping up the facade. Smiling and interacting like his normal slytherin/ honorary hufflepuff self but his instinctual reactions is what gave him away. In my opinion.
To me that is a pattern of behavior on JM's part. When he is angry or mad st someone- he avoids them. And it's harder if he has to be within the same space with such person.... I'll circle back to this.
All the times since 2015 when he's been 'mad' at JK he's done just that- Akekeking with everyone else, amplifying his extrovertedness, latching on to his 'clutches' within the group, all the while keeping JK at bay while stealing glances at him to see his reaction at the same time.
And when he notices how that's affecting JK- he literally smirks in satisfaction. Meet evil chim everyone- And I say this with love, he is vindictive as fuck. I mean this is the same person who didnt hesitate to kill Army in a game just for disobeying him- allegedly. Same person who said he would whoop his bandmates except of course for JK and force them to bow at his feet if he was ruler. Did y'all see Tae turning to check JM's reaction when JK made fun of his singing in run? Did you see his passive aggressive reaction to JK after that clowning?
Listen, we all should be scared of Park Jimin. He is sweet and all but fuck with him... I dare you. PJMs are gonna revoke my PJM membership are they not? Oh God! Lol
JK is similar to JM in this regard. He avoids when he is angry or edgy. Try touching him in that state and he is pulling away. He did it with Tae in the Dynamite MV behind scenes where Tae tried to touch him and he pulled away and the whole not wanting to hold hands with Tae at the KBS interview thingy- it actually broke my heart watching that bit. JK. Sigh. Will post and delete the Taekook video I am talking about as soon as I post this- out of respect for their shippers.
JK does the same to JM too sometimes when JM irritates him. Manila and also around On promo when they had that Alex Almanto whatever unit shoot- they were all having fun, there's a cut and suddenly he is pulling away when JM holds him, does the lip thingy, and glares at JM. He turns away to look at Hobi, which I just think he was trying to hide his expression from the camera lol- JM almost burst out into laughter and I nearly peed myself watching that bit- JK can be very petty sometimes. Lmho
He did the same in this controversial photoshoot. He was mad at both JM and Namjoon which explains the part he was dragging his feet when he was walking away from JM. It wasn't because he was waiting for Jimin. He was avoiding Namjoon who was walking ahead of him. In my opinion. And the part he stood with Jin and RM- JM did something hilarious JK giggled a little but turned immediately to Namjoon and when he noticed RM laughing too he stopped laughing. Then he did that thing were he put the fear of God in RM when RM stood close to JM. JK was so angry he forgot his manners when he bumped into Jin in that moment and again, like always. He looked away to avoid the scenery.
Now I don't know what had gone on there but I'm still trying to reconstruct that moment to figure it out. All I know is something went on involving those three and may be Tae too as I have pointed out in previous posts.
JM was mad at JK, JK was mildly mad at JM but heavily mad at RM.
All these things I've mentioned are patterns of behavior that have repeated over the years from my delusional point of view of Jikook's interactions and of their interactions as against the group dynamics.
Circling back to the Be concept clip and JM's mood in there, I gotta ask. Do you think Jimin's mood was as a result of the stress of keeping their relationship a secret in that moment?
It wasn't to me. Even after looking away from JK he went back to looking at JK again. When their eyes met he smiled a little. Whatever was going on with him had nothing to do with JK or their relationship. If it did, he would have been much more hostile than that and frankly JK wouldn't be sat there cheesing the way he was doing in that instance. His butt would have been on fire.
JM seemed- serene and peaceful to me. I actually enjoy him most in his moments of quiet like these.
RM's reaction to that Jikook moment however is an indication of stress to me. He seemed excited, probably wanted to play with his Jiminie but when he noticed JM had looked away his instincts was to check JK's reaction. Not anybody else, JK.
When he noticed JK was smiling at JM he dropped his hands and seemed a bit deflated. That deflation right there is one of the signs of the stress I'm talking about.
RM isn't just the leader he is their friend. Like V his bond with JM suffers from time to time due to our elephant in the room. I am often fascinated by RM and JM's friendship dynamics and would definitely love to have conversation about their dynamics.
I hope this answers your question?
Please keep supporting Jikook. Jikool is real.
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