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Any ITZY’s fans around here? :3

On the 12th of July, Ryujin shared this recipe on Vlive and many MIDZYs said that Ryujin’s cookies look like chicken skin which made me very curious about it, so I’ve tried making it as soon as possible =))))

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P/s: Ryujin’s favorite food is Mocha Bread so if you want me to try making it remember to give many likes, comments and shares~

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Does anyone love the cheese sauce which comes with the baked lobster that serves with bread? :3

Because of the Corona Virus, we can’t eat out so today I’m gonna show you how to make that delicious and non-expensive cheese sauce :3

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Thank you very much <3

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Hi, I’m Momo :3

Today I’m gonna combine 2 of my favorite starch and protein – Potato and Pork Cartilage Stew :3

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Thank you very much <3

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Today I introduce to everyone how to make cheese sticks with only 2 ingredients :3
Super fast, super simple and super delicious: 3
No spice is needed :3
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Love you all <3

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i just finished the lie tree and i cannot stop thinking about it. it was captivating and i keep thinking about faith and agatha and myrtle and i keep turning over certain lines in my head and just fall more deeply in love with it. the kind of book where after reading you have to sit and pause and ruminate and take everything in and think it over and bask in all of it. you’ve got to savor the ending and hold the words close like a candy in your mouth

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some casual intimacy headcanons for our number one (1) soft boy francisco “frankie” morales, with doses of touch-starved hcs

warning** tiny whispers of tender & playful smut

  • to get into a relationship frankie needs outward gestures and demonstrations of affection or he’s always going to be hesitant. subtle flirting won’t cut it; he won’t make the first move. he’ll just sit in the corner consumed by yearning and lust and longing.
  • if this is a friendship evolving into something more, he’ll be especially paralyzed because what if he’s misunderstanding you, what if it’s just him pining this hard? is it just him that feels an electric spark whenever his hand grazes against yours????
  • this boy needs and deserves to have someone grab his little face, dig their fingers underneath the baseball cap on his head, and scream “ON PURPOSE, I AM GOING TO CARE ABOUT YOU ON PURPOSE”
  • “catfish”? who is that?? we don’t know her. personally can’t see frankie asking you to use his call sign, nickname whatever it is. a fundamental of your intimacy together is the sense of safety he gets from it, a sense of renewal at least if not redemption.
  • for some reason he doesn’t even comprehend, he introduced himself to you as francisco so that’s just what you call him. you didn’t think to call him anything else, except frankie, until you met all his friends.
  • soon after you learn almost everyone calls him catfish, you firmly tell him point blank: you’re not calling him that. calling the guy you love you’re intimate with CATFISH is just too fucking absurd. for his own reasons, he doesn’t argue.
  • francisco is who he was in his early life. that’s the name his family called him. frankie came from friends in high school and college and he’s good with it….but having you call him francisco, it’s like he’s returning to a part of himself that is his core self. no one’s called him francisco for a very long time until you did.
  • he wants the past to be the past; he isn’t reinventing himself with you, but he’s moving forward into new beginnings. he just wants to be frankie, or even better, francisco.
  • when you call him francisco during sex it thrills him, his whole body shudders. hearing you moan it softly, as you undulate your hips on top of him, his hands tangled in your hair or cupping your breasts, he just feels a clench in his ribs he loves you so deeply.
  • touch, touch, touch TOUCH this touch-starved boy is all about touching you. once he’s certain he’s yours and you’re his, his hands are all over you. all the time.
  • casual intimacies in public: tucking your hair behind your ear; his arm slung across your shoulders, with his hand resting at the back of your neck, the slightest, gentlest possible grip on it.
  • holding your hand is like, the simplest most basic casual intimacy but there’s something about it that is OUTRAGEOUS to him. like you’re walking together and you hold onto each other just because you like being close???? the tenderness!!!!
  • at home, in private: HOOO BOY, the touching, it is non-stop.
  • gently pressing his head against your back as you cut vegetables.
  • giving little pecks as you both putter around the kitchen getting everything ready, each of you talking about your day.
  • forehead kiss……..nose kiss……cheek kiss……kiss on your bare shoulders…..lip kiss….. he give you kiss….all the kiss
  • when those little kisses get more intense, you just grab at each other bc you literally CANNOT get any closer but you are both compelled to try.
  • if he comes home to you lounging on the sofa, he will fling his cap off his head, just flop down and press himself onto you until every part of your bodies are in contact. his head laying on your chest, your legs entwined, his arms encircling you. he’s nuzzling his head into your chest, tucking it underneath your chin, and mumbling how much he missed you. you’ll grumble that he’s heavy as fuck, ugh frankie get offffff, but your hands running through his hair say different. you love it. until you really can’t breathe so please francisco get OFF.
  • when he’s relaxed and happy frankie can kind of be a little shit.
  • so he’ll probably ignore you and press himself into you further if that is even possible. he relaxes and melts until his body is pure dead weight. you give him a sharp nip on the ear to get his attention, trying to disentangle your legs from his.
  • he inhales deeply at that and lets out a huff of breath, but he only tightens his arms around you. despite your squirming he drags your body further under his until his mouth suddenly grips onto the juncture between your shoulder and neck. your skin gently gripped between his teeth, muttering “so that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? alright then.”

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The last person anyone would expect to launch themselves at Wild while he was cooking with no apparent reason would be Hyrule. And Hyrule is aware of this fact. Deadly so. But here Hyrule is, catching sight of Wild happily humming to himself as he drops in a handful blue-tinted flower petals into a pot of boiling water. He said he was going to make tea, even though it’s hot outside, but he insists that he’s found a plant called “Cool Safflina” that’s supposed to have cooling effects.

Hyrule doesn’t know what a Cool Safflina is, but he does know what a Plague Flower is, and that it’s effects are anything but cooling.

Hyrule doesn’t even think, his heart beating wildly in his chest as Wild dips a spoon into the boiling liquid to take a test sip, and he hurtles himself forward—over the log Sky is carving symbols into with a dagger, under Warriors’ raised arms as he holds a map out in front of him, though the pile of supplies and bags that everyone have deposited for the break—eventually ramming his shoulder right into Wild’s gut, knocking them both over.

Wild grunts with surprise, shock, and—to Hyrule’s great shame—pain, and they eventually land on top of each other in a tangle of limbs. Something hot splashes at the back of Hyrule’s neck, causing him to bite back a yelp and wind his fingers into Wild’s tunic in pain. Wild must have dropped the spoon in the fall, allowing the deadly tea to splash onto Hyrule’s exposed skin.

There are startled calls from behind them, and Hyrule barely has enough time to do anything before Wild is trying to shove him off and Legends hands are wrapping around Hyrule’s upper arms to assist dragging him off. Next thing he knows, he’s standing in Legend’s grasp and resisting the urge to nurse his new burn at the back of his neck as Wild scrambles up to his feet, eyes wide with a mixture of emotions that Hyrule can’t pick apart.

“What’s gotten into you?!” Warriors demands, striding forward with his map abandoned on the ground. Hyrule opens his mouth to try an explain, shoving the pain of the back of his neck away, but Wild takes a step back towards the boiling pot of Plague Flower and Hyrule rushes forwards again; right out of Legends grasp. He grabs the sleeve of Wild’s tunic with his fingertips and tugs Wild away from the pot.

“Don’t go near that!” Hyrule yells, the ferociousness and steel to his tone startling even him. Wild stops in his tracks and turns so he’s looking right at Hyrule, and through all the confusion and shock Hyrule is almost positive he can see a bit of trust in his friends gaze, so he swallows and forces his voice to work, as it seems it really wants to knot up in his throat now.

“The stem is more teal than green, and the petals are round and in clumps of five, going inwards just a little at the top to make a vague heart shape-” he rambles off the identification of the flower like it’s second nature. He’s run into it many times in his travels, as it’s easily confused with a different kind of flower that can be crushed to make a sore throat tonic. Everyone is staring at him like he had a third eyeball and he takes a gasp, “I don’t know what your Cool Safflina looks like, but in my kingdom, this flower is poisonous and has no cure, it will kill you slowly over the span of two weeks, and it’s said to be a more painful death than being torn apart by moblins.”

Wild’s eyes go impossibly wide and he tears himself away from Hyrule before grabbing at the flower stem he’s been pulling petals off from.

He stares at the flower and gently sets it down, face pale.

“Safflina has pointed petals in clumps of four and leaves like sawteeth. I almost- they look so similar-”

Hyrule breaths a sigh of relief and his knees go weak. The back of his neck is twinging angrily, and he allows himself a moment to be thankful that skin contact from the flower doesn’t do anything.

“It’s a good thing the traveler noticed it in time,” Time says, his hand falling on Hyrule’s shoulder and squeezing. “Once again, we are lucky to have you here.”

Hyrule swallows and nods, not having the breath anymore to reply, the adrenaline falling down and blood rushing to his cheeks in embarrassment.

“Wild, get rid of the tea,” Twilight says before bringing his eyes over too meet Hyrule’s. “And let’s get you patched up.”

Hyrule let’s himself be sat down on the log with a sigh and allows Four to apply a cold mixture at the back of his neck to ease the pain of the burn.

Later that night finds Hyrule and Wild sitting side by side on the thick branch of a tree, Wild with a bundle of flora he’s been secretly collecting through their travels.

“Show me which ones I need to get rid of,” he asked.

And while Hyrule didn’t know all the flora Wild had, he was still happy to show exactly what ones he did know and what ones were safe to keep.

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