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Ganache Parfums - Delectation

“brown sugar, butter, vanilla, rum accord, caramel accord , warm pastry accord, sea salt, sandalwood”

This little indie house is shutting down temporarily/semi permanently. He does delicious straightforward unapologetic gourmands so if you are into that his entire stock is drastically reduced prices and BOGO. I’m trying to decide how many I’m going to get. I already had three I loved and I just bought this one, I’m contemplating getting a backup of Arroz con Leche and can’t decide between Lemon Eclair (which I have sampled and really like), Lemon Pop, and When Life Hands You Lemons. Also contemplating getting Milkshake for my banana obsessed son who thinks it’s wildly unfair that he doesn’t have any perfume when he is almost as obsessed with smelling things as I am, and if I do that I have to get my daughter something too, and…

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Germaine Greer
In modern consumer society, the attack on mother-child eroticism took its total form; breastfeeding was proscribed and the breasts reserved for the husband’s fetishistic delectation. At the same time, babies were segregated, put into cold beds alone and not picked up if they cried.
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How could one possibly tolerate the writer capable of a phrase like “lactational delectation”? Is not it something you would normally be repulsed by to the core of your much-suffering soul? Is not it a perfect example of “poshlost’”?

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noun: delectation

1. pleasure and delight.

“a box of chocolates for their delectation

synonyms:enjoymentgratificationdelightpleasuresatisfactionrelish; entertainmentamusement, titillation

“they had all manner of goodies for our delectation”


late Middle English: via Old French from Latin delectatio(n-), from delectare ‘to charm’ 

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