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sleights-of-hand · a day ago
Hello all! In a surprise twist of fate two of my best friends are coming to stay with me this holiday, so I will be taking the last week of December and first week of January off from updating so I can spend time with them. The last December update will be on 12/22/21, and the first January Update will be 01/10/22
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gxkv · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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desperately-hopeful · a year ago
Delete your ex's nudes.
Delete anyone's nudes that doesn't fuck with you anymore.
Its creepy as hell to keep nude/lewd photos of someone who has CUT OFF that kind of connection to you.
Delete them.
Be a fucking adult.
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wuvbuggy · a month ago
i wont rb that penis blessing post from my mutuals bc its like what if they dont want my penis blessing
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delilahhyuuga · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 16 of @deathnotetober : Delete
"... What am I doing here ...?"
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imposterogers · 8 months ago
ian mckellan & patrick stewart magneto & prof x: chess at two where we speak exclusively in riddles revealing no weakness, war crimes against each other at three. packed schedule today!
james mcavoy & michael fass prof x and magneto: is world domination truly worth it if we can’t be together </3 one of us is probably going to cry
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dysfunctional-dad · 3 months ago
!!Please read!!
Blog contains a lot of themes that are unsuitable for minors, the faint of heart and the immature. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.
Underage/minors interacting in any capacity = block.
Blank blogs = block.
Soft kinks : DDLG, sensual dominance, orgasm control, edging, tease & denial, choking, impact play, breeding, lactation, watersports and dad jokes.
!! Trigger warning !!
Hard kinks : CNC, R@pe themes/play, age play, sexu@l @buse & trauma ,somonophilia, degradation, humiliation, bimbofication, objectification, forced impregnation, knives, blood, gore, s4lf h@rm.
About me: BDSM enthusiast with 10+ years in the lifestyle in various forms and capacity. Sadistic & Sweet with mommy issues. CSA survivor, sapio-hedonistic perv. Single, poly and master to a very submissive"friend". Not really looking for anything, if it happens it happens.
POC & Grade-A dad bod.
I love a good conversation, be respectful and I will reciprocate. Noods are cool but let's talk about your experiences and life instead.
Part fantasy, part reality, ALL CONSENSUAL.
Absolutely no kink shaming and racism will be tolerated.
🖤 BLM 🖤 | LGBTQ+ supporter | Pro-choice | Pro-Science | Pro-Love
We've all been through our own unique journeys that have shaped our lives and all one can do is understand and empathize, if possible enjoy and thrive.
The fuck off list 🖕🏿:
Homophobes & Transphobes
Kink shamers
People who condone actual abuse
NEW BLOG, Old blog (@darkest-kink) was terminated at 35k followers
I'll add more to the note as I go along, hoping to reconnect with lost mutuals.
Yes, dp is actually me, do NOT reblog this note
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Astrology observation ♉♏
Y'all are always talking about how all scorpios are revenge oriented but have you ever pissed off a Taurus? I feel like we hold grudges the longest but we are too lazy to invest energy into getting back at people so we just block and move on
Like good luck getting a Taurus Dom to change their mind about you 🙃
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neet-chan · 2 months ago
am i abt to buy $100 cookie pillows.... yes... i am doing it..
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malefactus · a month ago
carnage roaring the “let there be carnage” line so loud that my eardrums had a hard time handling it really got me going ngl
also carnage shoving its tongue down that one guard’s throat? wish that were me
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gxkv · 10 days ago
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warakami-vaporwave · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I did an update on Instagram but forgot to post one here. Due to a family emergency I’ve had to take a couple weeks off from posting new art. I’ll try to get back to it sometime soon.
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amphibianaday · 2 months ago
Asks and submissions are open again!
I can't promise to do all of them, but I'm taking new requests :D
Also, send some spooky requests for october!! I love halloween so I'm gonna do mostly spooky drawings for the whole month >:}
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dusty-monkey · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just start full of shit without finishing anything
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i-wanna-b-yours · 3 months ago
Are you even desi if you don't have at least one parental issue?
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suncaptor · 2 months ago
the problem with healthy communication is it kind of has to come from the assumption your perspective+feelings are valuable+valued.
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