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I’ve been pretty absent on tumblr recently (I’m only on for like ten minutes per day) bc I started back up at work and I’m so busy :( Like aside from my 40 hr work week, I spend so much of my free time off the clock doing work stuff too :/ I hate that I’m not as active on here anymore but all I ask is that all of you are patient with me! I will definitely be more active once the summer program ends and we’re back to the regular school year! But hopefully I’ll be more active in these summer months too once I find a better balance between work and free time.

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These two made me cry… I thought it was a happy game, not a sad one with depressing stories ;;;;;; Aaah, they deserve so much love T.T

I thought it was kind of Verine to take his time to talk with her and tell her it’s okay to feel sad because she was lonely and all 🥺

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I feel like im pathetic for having Obey Me as my go to comfort thing, and for being so invested in it that I can barely go a few days without playing it

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one thing i’ve noticed about the tumblr desktop update is that i have it open and have a few unread messages, then refresh the dashboard a few times by clicking the home icon, it will like mark the messages as read/get rid of the notifications which is ????

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Supernatural’s done a fairly good job wrapping up loose ends that have bothered fans (mainly I’m thinking Adam’s return from the cage), but I just want to know what happened to Jesse Turner. The literal Anti-Christ just fucked off to Australia and he was literally never mentioned ever again in the entire show

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I am almost done with the first drawing for the Yatori week but I’m stuck. Why did the theme have to be “hands” ashdgajak ;; v ;;

They are so hard, imma send 5yen to Yato and wish he can draw them for me, I’m sure he’ll love to draw some fanart about himself with hiyori xD

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Decided against the Kickstarter for my pins tbh!!! I think I’m just gonna go ahead and get that first one made, plus some kipo stuff, so I can open a store by the end of the month on Etsy!

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I am tired.

Tired of being too tall, too big, too obnoxious.

Not thin enough, not short enough, not good enough.

I am never enough.

I am so exhausted, so frustrated and angry, so mad at everything.

Mad at me for not seeing what everyone claims to see.

Why can I not be enough?

I just want to stop felling inadequate all the fucking time.

Always. Never. Stop. Let me live.

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