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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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Apologizes for the promo on this blog right now. This is just because I love me some TPoH and the creator, Modmad, has a kickstarter, so hey, support! Poggers! Also, I’m participating in an event, so ain’t that great fun! Will eventually post the final art piece after the even is over, but join the chaos!

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So I’m going to bed i saw someone ppst about wanting letters or something but idk if i know them well enough so i don’t wanna say anything but like if you see this i like sending letters so um yea… goodnight

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Hey guys, just a heads up that I’m quite sick (it’s almost certainly a cold but it’s bad enough that I did get a covid test today) and haven’t been able to focus well enough to add to the queue. I’ve slowed down the posting rate in the hopes I’ll feel well enough before it empties but just in case, I wanted yall to be aware, and to apologize for the relative lack of content. I’ll get things back up to normal as soon as I can. (tomorrow? Maybe? Hopefully?)

This applies to @tgcfartreblogs and @svsssartreblogs; I haven’t updated mdzsartreblogs queue either but that one was full so I still have a few days before my inability might negatively impact that blog.

Thanks for understanding!


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I wrote a little something today! Not what I was talking about earlier tho.

No names are stated but it’s like a non-canon lil thing that could have happened to Cherry. No Del here. It’s a bit long so I’m putting it under read more. No drawings either.

I also love listening to music as I write and I think this specifically fits well!

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