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#delete later
zoe-oneesama14 hours ago
Are we going to see Marc in season 4? I mean, I love their early debut in riposte, but I wanna see more of them 馃挅
PD: Do you have ideas for gis akuma outfit?
Marc is in Season 4, yes lol. And no I come up with akuma outfits when I get to the episode.
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sterek22 hours ago
sterek going up 5 places in the 2021 year in review is absolutely fantastic considering how many people like to tell themselves we鈥檙e going extinct lmao
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warmsola day ago
Tumblr media
i just needed you to see elia in this dress聽
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random fact of the day: xkit guy(s) were homestucks. Probably
Source: (5.5)
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just-imagine-your-ocsa day ago
Hello, I know I haven't been updating at all, but please bear with me. I'm a junior in college and the semester is about to end in 2 weeks.
That being said, I would really like if yall could take a 10-15 minute survey for my one of my Linguistics courses. The only requirement is that you be part of Gen Z (born 1996 or after) and sign into google. Your individual information will not be shared with anyone else and the data will be collective. If you do take it, please consider answering all long questions about the subject. And please be serious, as it is for a reaserch paper and will be graded.
You can take the survey here.
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moemoemammona day ago
You mentioned you had a hiatus because of health issues? If it's okay to ask what the health issues are? I hope your doing okay!!
Obvious tw for med stuff
So we're not sure why yet, but my body isn't really able to keep up with my very physical hospital job anymore. It's quite literally wearing me down, so now my right hip is fucked up and I'm gonna need physical therapy for that soon. We've been scheduling other stuff and talking pain management, because since my body isn't recovering how it should be, my body usually hurts.
AND to top it off I've got old man hand disease so my digits are hurting if I do anything for a long time. Right arm is worse off though. But ya know, at least I'm alive and kicking! I'm hanging in here, so don't worry about me 鉁岋笍
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my professor, calling on me out of the blue: what do you think??
what I said: I don鈥檛 know
what I wish I said: I am visibly experiencing antidepressant withdrawal because I ran out of meds, and I don鈥檛 know this yet but I will throw up in a few hours, and the reason I did not have my hand up is specifically because I did not know. why the fuck did you call on me.
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chandelyer19 hours ago
@people with a mood disorder, do you too feel the need to periodically cut people out of your life and completely destroy your relationship with them? Please let me know.
I do it with friends all the time :( there are only 3 or 4 friends in my life that I truly love and I know I will be friends with forever. The rest is just people I meet and become friends for months or a year or so, then I completely get sick of them and cut them out entirely. And I don't feel anything, they are just gone. I go from loving them dearly to despising them...I know this is related to me being bipolar, and it's insane if I'm honest
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nekomortiz2 days ago
Not gonna respond to it publicly, but i just got an anon ask saying basically "Macaque isnt real and u act like he does"
Like?? Anon??? Do you not know what a Comfort Character is?
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confusedbabyslut2 days ago
abt to leave for the groceey store 馃グ馃グ if this gets 20 notes before i get there ill make my lock screen a pic of my spread p*ssy until i get home 馃檲馃檲鉁ㄢ湪
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cherry-bomb-shipsa day ago
Hey everyone. This is very out of nowhere but I think me and my irl boyfriend just broke up. It wasn't bitter or anything, we talked it out and it was mutual, but we're both pretty torn up....
I'm sorry, I just think I need a break from love stuff for a while. The queue is already full for the next two days so it'll post until then, but after that, idk....
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