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I had a really good morning. So here’s what went down. Last night I was supposed to be getting pipe but there was a citywide curfew. So I couldn’t go into the part of the city where he lived. So I went to sleep last night naked as usual and started having these dreams about boyfriend #2 and stuff. This morning boyfriend #2 texted me some freak shit. And the rest was exactly what this picture looks like. And I lived happily ever after…

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Taylor Swift mobile gif headers + Delicate vertical video (requested by anonymous)

  • three headers, 640x360
  • click to load full size
  • to save gifs in high quality, right/control click and open the gif in a new tab or window, go to the end of the web URL and change the “.gifv” extension to “.gif” and refresh the page, then save
  • set your mobile background to white
  • please like and reblog if using or saving
  • please do not re-edit, repost, or claim as your own
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What D.I.D. feels like for us.

Trying hard not to judge everyone’s work, since I know they all tried their hardest. I guess, including myself too -Devier


Learning to communicate in a poly-fragmented system is tough, but it is truly worth while.

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