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arepacuacamilo 23 hours ago
Attractive duo
Tumblr media
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moobaggg 2 days ago
"He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and someday be mine" 馃 "You just seem like your life's been a dream since the moment you opened your eyes"
They're literally the same tune and I love it
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spookys-diary 2 days ago
My headcanons as to what specifically each member of the family feels pressured by
(I could probably phrase that better but shhhh)
Pepa, kind of like Isabella, feels pressured to be perfect all the time, however, unlike isabella, she feels her moods have to be perfect instead of just being perfect in general. She has to be happy ALL the time (unless shes watering some flowers or something). And while thats enough pressure as it is she also has to live with the constant fear that she鈥檒l end up causing a natural disaster that affects the whole town. Usually her emotions affect just herself, but during her wedding, for example, she caused a rainstorm that affected the whole town (in We Dont Talk About Bruno she says 鈥渋n doing so, he floods my brain鈥 so we can assume that it was her that caused the rain). And while that may have been a one time thing (where her gift affected all the weather instead of just the weather surrounding herself) she still fears that if she looses control too much the entire town will be subjected to a storm because of her. Yes, she may have been exaggerating in the song, but still i think its a somewhat natural fear when you control the weather, especially when that control is controlled by something as temperamental as emotions.
She has to make food ALL the time. This is incredibly time consuming and uses a lot of energy. She already had a line of people waiting for her food in The Madrigals song, imagine if something bad happens and a ton people get hurt, more people than she can comfortably feed. Also shes probably pressured into making perfect food every time she makes food. This probably isnt as prevalent in her older age, but imagine when she was younger and just got her gift. She would be expected to make good food all the time because thats her gift, but her gift is to make food that heals not to make delicious food. Also since that town has literal healing magic they probably arent too concerned with trying to stay safe. How many people have been faced with a dangerous situation and didnt even try to not get hurt because 鈥渏ulietta will just make food and i鈥檒l be better鈥?
I think something that doesnt get talked about enough is how incredibly overwhelming it would be to hear that much all the time. Like im pretty sure she can tune into certain things (because at the end of the movie she tells mariano all the things she hears about him) but still how specifically can she tune in? Because even if she gets the general area she鈥檒l still hear all the little noises that goes unheard/unnoticed by most people (such as sounds of footsteps, little vibrations, people/animals eating, etc.). And she might not even be able to tune her hearing and that would mean shes hearing the entire town all at once. I imagine her to have sensory issues in regards to her hearing which she has to suppress all the time. And since her hearing is so good her other senses are probably not good which can be under stimulating.
Camilo has identity crises Often. People in the town sometimes ask him to be them for hours to days at a time, and every time he spends too long as someone else he cant remember who he really is. He cant remember what he looks like and has to look at pictures of himself to remember and he cant remember his name until someone says it to him. He feels he has no real personality because he spends long periods of time as other people, he feels that any part of his personality is just something he took from someone else. He can never truly be himself in his mind. And sometimes when this happens he fears that he will never be able to shift back to be him. All of this has to be private of course. Hes caught looking at pictures of himself and his siblings joke about him being conceited, he keeps quiet because he doesnt want to be seen as weird or have his family pity him.
Antonio is obviously too young to feel pressure from his gift since he just got it not very long before the family reunited. Plus he was the first to get his gift after mirabels 鈥渇ailure鈥 so he was treated as a miracle. However he can see how the others gifts affect them. Young children are super observant and he will be able to pick up on when the others are feeling pressured or in some way expressing hate for their gift (although its not really theyre gifts its the pressure that comes along with it but he cant tell the difference). Especially mirabel since they shared a room for his entire life. In the movie he tells mirabel that he wishes she had her own room, not her own gift. He is probably thinking that the gifts arent all theyre cracked up to be. Of course he still loves his gift and all the gifts of the rest of his family members but he also somewhat blames the gifts for the stuff his family is going through. He wants the gift because he doesnt want to be treated like mirabel but he also doesnt want it because he can see the pressures that come along with it. He did end up being super happy with his gift though.
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hi-human-have-a-potato a day ago
Encanto headcanon!!
Teen Pepa and Teen Julieta used to ask Bruno to see when their periods were, and after Abuela explained to him what periods were and how bad they were, he was more than happy to help them out anytime, so much so that they used to depend on him every month. Bruno was delighted to be able to help out his sisters, seeing into the future and telling them what date they鈥檇 get their periods exactly before they even mentioned it. And after he left, well, Pepa and Julieta had to adjust.
Then a bit after he returned, Pepa was telling Delores about it while helping her get through some cramps. And Delores was like,聽鈥淒鈥檡ou think he鈥檇 do it for me too if I asked?鈥澛
Spoiler: He was more than happy to do so. And then word got around the Madrigal cousins and sisters, and Bruno was soon happily seeing into the future for 6 girls.聽
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g-e-r-a-s-k-i-e-r 2 days ago
Encanto headcanon
The first night he spends in the walls with nothing but his ruana to keep him warm, Bruno cries himself to sleep at the loss of his family and the shock of his argument with Abuela.
Eleven year old Delores hears his distress and finds him in a dusty corridor, shivering in the cold.
She wakes him as she gently covers him with her blanket. He offers her a small, sad smile as she sits down next to him and lays her head on his arm. Through his broken tears, he hears a little voice.
鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 lost me, T铆o鈥 she whispers.
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burnmyself 2 days ago
in we dont talk about bruno delores keeps dragging mirabel and making sure pays attention because bruno was out (bopping to the song) and she didnt want mirabel to find him out. so she simply went 鈥榤ight as well say some positive things about him both as information and distraction鈥 and i-
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enchanted-encanto 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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belleski 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉁╤ot and cold鉁
Part 2 (the triplets)聽
backgrounds under the cut because i鈥檓 really proud of how they turned out
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a-tin-of-crisco 28 days ago
every family should include鈥
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philomoarts 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
mirabel still dancing despite being utterly confused and slightly terrified is such a mood
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lonely-ghost-daddy a month ago
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homosexual-having-tea 16 days ago
The best thing to come out of the Encanto fandom is that we all agree Dolores listens in on the Rat Telenovellas and is very invested in them
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tora-the-cat 16 days ago
Top five encanto things I'm emo over:
5. Pepa not being allowed to feel anything ever on pain of scolding. She is FIFTY I can't IMAGINE poor baby Pepa's emotions being treated with the same annoyance ='(
4. Alma was a traumatically widowed single mother of THREE shoved into the position of default authority in a community she felt a responsibility to like give the woman a nap no wonder she's wound tighter then a spring FIFTY YEARS LATER she hasn't taken a breath in decades
3. 'Give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would have pulled you under' HELLO??
2. Dolores...when they're looking for mirabel after looking her powers....and she puts her hand to her ear to listen for her....and her face crumpled like wet paper aaaahh
1. Bruno's plate drawn onto that slab of wood....sorry I'm basic this broke me
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mirabels-miracle 21 days ago
Not that the ending of Encanto is untouchable in terms of criticism, but the specific criticism that them getting their magic back at the end of the movie takes away from the main point of the movie kind of irks me. It鈥檚 like鈥 what do YOU think the main point of the movie is? Because this in no way took a water from the main point.
I think a lot of you took 鈥渕agic bad鈥 instead of 鈥渢he generational trauma is bad.鈥 The magic showed how their generational trauma created certain pressures around them, and the magic also represented their family. Once their were cracks in the family, there were cracks in the magic. When they rebuilt the house, and reinstated the magic, it represented the bond of the family being fixed.
Also, it literally makes no sense to take away from the magic when some of these characters journeys are about discovering themselves with their magic- a huge example of this being Isabela.
Like I get that some of you just don鈥檛 want fantasies to stay fantasies, but to say that the ending missed the point shows me that you don鈥檛 actually know what the point is.
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rat-breath a month ago
Does The Madrigal Family Swear??
Alma: Absolutely not. It鈥檚 not professional.
Julieta: Only when something she鈥檚 cooking is burning or if she hurt herself in the kitchen. Strongly discourages everyone from swearing tho.
Pepa: 鈥淲ho the FUCK taught Camilo swears???鈥 She swears all the time, but discourages it like Julieta.
Bruno: He would swear and then curse himself for swearing AND THEN curse himself for swearing while cursing himself for swearing. It鈥檚 a vicious cycle.
Augst铆n: 鈥淒o as I say, not as I do鈥 type of father. This man is so accident prone it鈥檚 unrealistic that he wouldn鈥檛 swear being hurt.
F茅lix: Balances out his family by never swearing. The only good influence in his cuss-ridden family.
Isabela: She didn鈥檛 before, but she does now. She deserves to say fuck.
Delores: Tiniest little 鈥渙h fuck!!鈥 You鈥檝e ever heard. She doesn鈥檛 like to swear, but she is still Pepa鈥檚 child.
Luisa: Would never. Idk why but I can never see her swearing. The image is foreign.
Camilo: Awful little child would swear constantly. They would give parents heart attacks by shifting into their children and swearing. Their first word was probably a swear.
Mirabel: Does in fact swear, but apologizes for it like Bruno does. When she鈥檚 real pissed tho, she鈥檒l cuss like crazy with no remorse (until later ofc).
Antonio: Absolutely fucking not. Camilo taught him to say fuck once and everyone simultaneously had heart attacks. Pepa fainted.
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caramella116 29 days ago
Tumblr media
No sleep just them. I can't... they are so cute
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trashcannotcan 28 days ago
My favourite encanto moments as gifs so spoilers! Pt.2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bruno-madrigals-wife 16 days ago
Camilo: *Gently taps table* Bruno: *Taps back* Mirabel: What are they doing? Delores: Morse code. Camilo: *Aggressively taps table* Bruno: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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bitsy83 a month ago
Tumblr media
WE HAVE BEEN SUMMONED!!!! Write letters to your hearts content my Bruno fanatics!!!
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th3b4dk1dzz 24 days ago
Pepa: So I can either bake these cookies for 10 minutes at 400 degrees or for 1 minute at 4000 degrees
Julieta: That's not how how you bake cookies
Pepa: Floor it?
Bruno: PEPA NO!
Pepa: How about 4000,000 degrees for 1 second
Abuela: Pepa, you are going to burn down the casita!
Delores: Mam谩 please
Camilo: Yes mam谩
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