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#deltarune addisons
kitkat1003 · 16 hours ago
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@upperstories  said that Spamton can turn to NEO when he’s distressed and I was like “Well this can become a self destructive tendency”
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addisonlover · 22 hours ago
ooga booga hi can u write anything abt spamton/spamton neo being protective of someone he cares abt (can be the addisons or the reader, or both!! i dont mind cjdnsjs) - ♠️
A/N: yes yes ofc!!!!1! i haven't written for Neo before so it took me a little longer to get to this (i dont see many differences between them lol)
Spamton/Spamton NEO protective headcannons
Spamton with the Addisons:
He's small and ferocious! Watch your ankles! Seriously. He'll fuck you up like a small, angry dog.
Doesn't get outwardly mad or protective very often, has to be really pushed to the edge
Fully believes that even if he is the little brother, he should keep an eye on his brothers, just in case
Watches out for everyone but Blue, he knows that they can take care of themself
Has gotten physical with a few customers because they were being especially rude with his siblings
Doesn't immediately jump to violence, Blue and Orange don't like it when he does
Violence is usually a last resort option or a second resort if they get him especially mad
Uses short people fighting techniques to his full potential
NEO with the Addisons:
Absolutely hold the fact that he's huge over their heads
They're all happy to see him again but Yellow is especially excited, they're already thinking of stupid new games to play
He definitely gets very protective of his siblings, even more so then he was before
His siblings have sacrificed a lot in life and did their best in trying to raise him and he is eternally grateful for them
It doesn't matter how much he wants to try and convince himself and others that he's a [[BIGSHOT]] who's going to ascend past everyone else, he'll never be able to harm them
Imagine a giant, creepy Spamton standing behind a vivirokun, saying "WHAT THE [Fifty Percent Off!] DID YOU DO TO MY [[FAMILY]]." and everyone in the vicinity running for their lives
Picks up his siblings like how they used to pick him up when he was (even) smaller
Spamton with the Reader
He's gonna protect you just as ferociously as he does with his siblings
Always offers to bring you along during his jobs so he can keep an eye on you
Violence might not be the first option with people bothering his siblings but it is absolutely the first option with anyone bothering you
Is always near you somehow, glaring at people that may be looking at you in...certain ways
Spamton backpack mode engaged; it's nice for both you and him, plus he can make sure that you're doing okay
He's absolutely going to constantly pester you about if there's anyone bothering you lately that he hasn't seen, he can be with you always
"Jokingly" says he'll beat up whoever you want him to. Just assume everything this simp says is true because by god he would do almost whatever you asked
NEO with the Reader
Seeing you so small, something he can truly protect now just makes his heart swell a bit
Absolutely backs off if you ask him to, he can get almost territorial very quickly
Starts slightly freaking out when you're not around him, tends to worry a lot
He's essentially a bigger, more puppy-like Spamton
When he hasn't seen you all day, he always gets an even bigger smile on his face once he sees you
Picks you up and checks you all over for any possible injuries, asks you a million and one questions about your day
You're gonna get a lot closer to his siblings because he likes to keep you grouped up around him if y'all have nowhere to be
Insists you two sleep in the same bed, just let him, he gets nightmares a lot. And he likes to cuddle up to you like a teddy bear
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cawigosto · a day ago
OBSESSED with how you draw the addisons. Can we please get some of your takes about them? I love them!
HI YOU HAVE ACTIVATED Loves To Write The Most Awful Siblings BRAIN. referring 2 them as their colors tho bc 4 some reason i am embarrassed that i named them </3
Tumblr media
putting this under a read more because it got. very long.
THE PINK ONE. i think i think. she and spamton got along very well and also got into a LOT of fights at the same time. she shared a lot of her interests w spamton (they both have vehicles + robotics special interest so much.) and similar senses of humor (would watch ytps and tf2 sfm videos if those existed in. pre-1997) and as long as they didnt bring up Work or Sales or Advertising or Jobs or Anything Like That they would not get into any big fights !!!!
however she is very work oriented </3 firm believer in It's not that hard, you can do it if you just Try. and also the most likely to hold a grudge and judge other people for being Too Sensitive and thinks handouts/help is demeaning. one of those bastards who doesnt sleep and only eats sugar + caffeinated beverages and brags about it and how much work she gets done all the time. she used to lock spamton in the pantry as a joke and still doesnt get why he's upset about that.
Tumblr media
BLUE blue is really nice and friendly and loves to take care of their family except also. they completely and fullheartedly believed that spamton was not going to end up with any success at all. and spent most of their time trying to "soften the blow". they obsessively avoid all conflict and tension and end up not letting anything Happen or Get Done in order to avoid an argument. they generally get along with everyone but its almost impossible to have a serious conversation with them about anything.
they're the least likely to outright lie but. they'd still try to guilt you into buying a stick they picked up off the ground.
Tumblr media
i do not have much 2 say about the yellow one because i think. personality-wise he is similar to pink (thinks spamton isn't trying hard enough + very work focused) but, way less friendly w the other addisons. they are just not Around a lot and don't really know how to talk to the other addisons without being very detached + customer service-y.
Tumblr media
orange just likes to lie to people. he thinks it's REALLY funny that you can say anything entirely untrue anytime you want. will not hesitate to scam or make that fine print REALLY small and vague. pink + yellow think he is barely trying. they are not wrong. he's the only one that views spamton w. actual respect. and not as Aw Weird Baby Salesman Who Can't/Won't Do His Fucking Job
spamton tried to pick up sewing when orange did but he never got the hang of it the way orange did
was the only one actually Initially Proud of spamton instead of Shocked and Confused and A Little Jealous <3
pink + yellow + blue get along with each other fairly well, they all see each other on the same level, but pink + yellow tend to argue a lot (both are just Like That) and blue does NOT fucking care for it. pink thinks arguments are fun. yellow is just sort of bad at having relationships with people.
blue + pink also both view spamton as being on their side, blue views pink as being too Rough on orange + spam, pink sees blue as being incredibly babying and overly sensitive.
subconsciously pink + blue + yellow see orange on a more similar level to them because he just happened to act/look more like them.
every single one of them are incapable of asking for help and expressing sincerity and vulnerability <3
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yourlocalloser · a day ago
Spamton: YEAH I FELL [in love] WITH MY BROTHERS [[flamboyantly gay!!]] ROOMMATE. WHAT ABOUT YOU???
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philophobic-paracosm · 3 days ago
Came up with the headcanon today that Addisons are soft n fuzzy but they're like moths and all their fur/hair is actually long, thin scales
Spamton used to be soft n fuzzy as well but only his hair survived the acid bc 1. The hair dye was hydrophobic and helped shield it some and 2. The scales are more durable in places where they group together (he has a small patch of softness on his chest still bc Addisons got fluffy chests I finally accept it)
Also they have skin it's just kinda really thin and has the consistency of a fat caterpillar (the ones that don't have fuzz but are still rlly soft)
It's not really important for anything, I just think it's cool
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pinksnow · 2 days ago
do the gaming arguments get ten times worse when all of then have weapons
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Yeah, yea they do.
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rotshop · a day ago
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just a littol warmup ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tehe ,,,,,,,,,,
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finnieforkys · 22 hours ago
List of UT/DR characters who canonically fucked now include Blue Addison
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cinnamoonscircus · a day ago
Ashton feelin kinda swervy-
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Magenta leave him alone he's drunk, depressed, and is in dire need of any amount of attention 🙄🙄
Anyways, skrunkly art :) I need to draw more ship art smh they are so in love, your honor. 😶🙏
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determunition · 24 days ago
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at first i was on team “spamton dies after the neo fight” but i cannot deny the comedic possibilities that come with him sticking around as a glasses ghost
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ser-i-vant · a month ago
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i’ve always liked neon signs. i also like the addisons. why not combine the two? (please click for better quality)
...though i don’t think spamton would’ve been able to reap the full benefits of being able to glow on command
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cupcakeshakesnake · 11 days ago
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Just one more silly bird doodle and then I’ll go back to what I’m supposed to do
- Me, two days ago
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