#deltarune spamton
miizozi · 2 days ago
hot cocoa ☕️
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full doodle page:
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hollowsart · 13 hours ago
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Spamton EX: Shock Illusionist/Magician!
Spamton embracing the oddity that he is and the wonderfully strange things his magic and attacks can do. Having someone to stick with him even despite all he’d done he goes on to reconcile and seek further help from his old Addison buddies. The Addisons working together with extra outside help to create a new and better body for Spamton to inhabit.
He couldn’t be happier or more thankful for a second chance!
My man, SpamEX 💕
Extra info under the cut:
- Puts on performances as a means to attract potential customers for himself and the Addisons that he occasionally promotes as a huge thanks for all the help they’ve done.
- Making and creating illusions to surprise and shock the audience, he uses fake blood to push that illusion even further.
- He is 7′3″ in height compared to his 4′5″ regular small doll body. Still tall, but not as absurdly tall as his NEO form (9′6″).
- He still has his old body lying around safely. he keeps it around just in case, as well as to reminisce about his past. It may not be a fond memory, but it’s a memory of where he once was.
- He may not be a big shot anymore, but he’s actually quite content on being a small name/no name in Cyber City again.
- Can remove his head for specific acts, has a few spare heads in his stage room that he can connect with. The heads have different capabilities; exploding, “bleeding”, glitching.
- Still having bouts of anger, Spamton had his heads tweaked by the Addisons to help with that. He pops his head off during a show when glitching out in a rage and tosses it into the audience. The head “explodes” with confetti and colorful smoke. This makes it less dangerous for everyone when Spamton gets like that during a show.
- His glitches and speech quirks aren’t as harsh as they once were. He is doing a lot healthier mentally and all.
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spamtongspamton · a day ago
My brain: Does it have to be this character?
Me: Yes. He’s good, I can tell
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mephoj · 2 days ago
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i think theywould be silly and cauze problemz together
(rbz > likez)
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cozyhoodies · a day ago
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spamton transformice
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cat-fish-creature · 2 days ago
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They paint each others nails
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what-stasis · 2 days ago
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omg fnaf spamton real
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vannessa010 · 7 hours ago
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YOU HAVE [[9̶͙̟͊̓͌͠9̴͎̉̄9̵̛̘̭͐̿9̶̺̦̜̼̥͍́̓͌̕ͅ9̸̲͂̔͘9̵̦̄̾͆́̅̀͒̓̌͘̕͠9̸̧̹͎̰͕͈̺͖̟̠̓9̶̛̦̻̹̹̣͓̰͌̓̈́̍́́͛͂̊̄̈́͑̒͗́̕ͅ9̶̧̲̲̫̻͕̺̤̭͇͛̑̽̀]] MISSED CALLS 
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quupysora · 2 days ago
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Sketch doodle
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rainbowlilyartist · 17 hours ago
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Made some bracelets today.
I just wanted to do something relaxing and deltarune related today. Oh yeah and a mad mew mew themed bracelet as well.
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splitchii · 21 hours ago
just spamton
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pomidorek · a day ago
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i'm about to evaporate
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swapder · 2 days ago
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Apparently I do have a yellow pen
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spamtongspamton · 19 hours ago
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A few of the different ways I’ve been drawing Spamton
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the-1-bigshot · 2 days ago
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Hung this up in the little crevice under the stairs where me and my friends reside in
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Also this on the notice board, but it got taken down, sad
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spamtonheaven · 2 days ago
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[Image ID: a tiny baby spamlet is happily sitting on a table as a purple person blow dries him with a hair dryer. The hair dryer is so strong it blows back his hair as the purple person smiles and says "pretty cozy huh little guy?" They're both happy and warm. End ID]
he likes to be pampered a lil more than some of th others, he wont sit on the heat vent like the rest--he complains till i bring him up to sit on my lap or till i break out the hair dryer.
friendly reminder to bring your spamtons in out of the cold of the recycle bin! some of these lil email guys get chilly pretty fast, but theyll warm up easy with a good cuddle!
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addisonlover · 11 hours ago
Hello! Can I request where Addisons have s/o who is very serious and cold in public. But behind closed doors, they are ready to show all their love to them by kissing their face, hands and etc. and saying affectionate words. Thank you!
A/N: i wasnt quite sure how to write this one so i hope you like it anon!!
Addisons with a s/o who's cold in public
Pink Addison
They're your complete and total opposite and that's part of what attracted them to you
Yes, Pink likes people who can match their energy, but they also really like people who are the complete opposite of them and can help bring them to earth
They're so into PDA it's unreal so figuring out that PDA wasn't your thing was heartbreaking
But finding out that you're wayyyyyyy more affectionate in private? Everything wrong in the world has healed
They make up for it tenfold in private. They're even touchier than they are in any other relationship and that's saying a lot
They honestly really like how serious you are, they don't like people who are super childish (to an extent)
Tries flirting with you in public to see your deadpanned look at their bs (it cracks them up every time)
Blue Addison
They're (almost) the same! Blue outside of work and home is a usually very serious person so them seeing someone else who's so serious was a breath of fresh air
The surprise they got when your whole demeanor changed when you two hung out somewhere private like one of your homes
That surprise was what kickstarted them into falling head over heels for you
They're also not a huge fan of PDA so they're happier that you also prefer to keep it behind closed doors
Just. Let's you love all over them while you two are together at home, whether they have something to do or not does not matter
They absolutely get teased by their siblings for you two clinging to each other at home
Orange Addison
They're not super into PDA either but that's because they're a nervous wreck everywhere but work and home
Was nervous to first approach you because of your almost intimidating nature but god are they glad they did
They're also very surprised when you finally show what you're like in private (in a good way)
Whenever you two are together at home they're going to have a permanent blush covering their face, any type of affection makes them melt
Likes to just sit next to you and let you love on them. Hugging, kissing, holding, playing with their hair, they let you do pretty much whatever you want as long as you're giving them affection
Whenever you have to leave to do something expect a barrage of puppydog eyes begging you to stay and keep loving on them
Orange voice I miss my wife, Blue. I miss them a lot. I'll be back.
Yellow Addison
They're probably a little less attracted to it and more so see your cold seriousness as a challenge
A challenge to see if they can finally get you to crack in public
However, all their plans fall apart when you two hang out at your place and your demeanor instantly changes to be more open
Oh they're never leaving your side, they have now decided you two are best buds eternally
They are not going to change how they normally act in private than they do in public, they like PDA immensely
If you really don't like PDA then they'll back off immediately but don't think that just because they can't kiss you or hold your hand doesn't mean they're doing to stop flirting
You two can be in a relationship for literal years and they're never going to stop flirting with you in public
(someone) Hey Yellow don't you think it's finally time you gave up on them? You've been trying to woo them for 3 years now.
(Yellow) We've been dating for 3 years,,,,,
He doesn't know if he likes or dislikes how serious you are in public
Someone quiet and responsible? Great! Amazing!
But does he want to make you crack and do something other than glare or stare blankly at someone? Absolutely! He's a lil shit
He hesitates a lot before deciding to talk to you for the first time, just to get a feel of what you're like
One conversation turns into two into three and so on so forth and you two are nearly inseparable
Your first hangout is at Spamton's house, his siblings do something stupid and he finally get's to hear you really laugh at something
Heart-eyes INSTANTLY he's in love and he's planning on how to merge your two lives completely already
PLEASE keep doting on him and kissing him all over his face he loves it so so much
You're getting back just as much affection as you give from this guy, all kisses and touches will be paid back in full
Tries to initiate small bits of PDA in public because he gets anxious sometimes
Just little things like linking pinkies together or sitting close to each other on a seat so your thighs are touching, small things
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mysticaltreepersona · 20 hours ago
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mischief7x · a day ago
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Big shot Spamton
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randomness-user · a day ago
Bald spamton
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