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#demeter cats
scorpiofangirl1109 · 3 hours ago
Hello everyone! I just posted past 78 of my kiki series so go check it out (link- I f you haven’t already. But I want to come on and say that I will be writing another mini series. This will be a human AU mini series! I don’t want to give away too much. But it will involve Kiki, Demeter, Munkustrap, demestrap fluff and wedding bells. I am working on it still so keep your eyes peel for it!
Tumblr media
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bomba-is-the-real-hero · 13 hours ago
favorite chorus cat and favorite principal cat?
well my favorite chorus cat would be bombalurina. a least predictable answer. would be demeter
my favorite principal charachter is either tugger or jenny
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can look for him in the basement You can look for him in the attic But I tell you once again (that) Macavity is long gone!
Warsaw Bombalurina mirroring Demeter in the shadows in “Macavity the Mystery Cat”
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munku-collar · 15 hours ago
Rum Tum Tugger: So what's everyone's favorite spot in the Junkyard?
Munkustrap: Demeter's lap
Bombalurina: Demeter's lap
Mungojerrie: Demeter's lap
Rum Tum Tugger: Are you serious? You can't all think that.
Mungojerrie: Buddy, have you ever laid your head in her lap? Has she ever scratched your ear and rubbed your shoulder?
Bombalurina: Naps in Deme's lap are godlike. She's so warm and soft. There's a reason I'm always in her den, Tugger.
Munkustrap: [to Bomba] You frequently cut into my lap time, but yes, I wholeheartedly agree.
Rum Tum Tugger: Are you serious??
Everyone: Yes!
Rum Tum Tugger: ....Well shit.
Rum Tum Tugger: [Yells] Hey Demeter????
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Tumblr media
He breaks every human law And gravity is nothing to him He knows the art of levitation A trick worthy of a fakir
Warsaw Demeter in “Macavity The Mystery Cat” for @rice-pudding-slaps
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munku-collar · 16 hours ago
He’s the only one she’ll look in the eyes. 
It’s one of the first things he notices, when they get closer, start spending time alone together. He’s the only one she’ll look in the eyes for more than a few seconds. Some others are provided the privilege in short bursts, but no one as long as Munkustrap. Demeter always looks deep and long into his eyes, searching for what she already knows is there: his love and trust. They’re never hidden, from anyone, but especially not from her. He wouldn’t be able to hide his affection even if he tried. It’s palpable, whenever she looks at him when they’re talking, or dancing, or lying together. 
But the best part of this honor is that every time she looks at him, he gets to look back. He gets to drown in the warmth of her eyes, can see a lifetime of hardship and pain, but also beauty and hope and affection. He can see her confidence in him, the safety he exudes projected back at him, and the intensity of her gaze always sends little chills up his spine. Her love, her trust, means more than he can put into words. It’s special. It makes him feel seen, in a way no one else can. She sees him for who he is, at his core, without false expectations, without distortion, and she loves him, as much as he loves her. 
Her gaze is piercing like that, unclouded, for everyone. Sometimes he thinks others wouldn’t even be able to handle it, if she truly regarded them as she does him. It can be overwhelming at times, quietly thrilling. Her perception is so...clear. It’s beautiful. He feels a warm sense of pride, thinking on it, and experiencing it. Whenever they sit together, a few moments to themselves, and she looks at him, sees him, truly, everything is right in the world. 
Munkustrap asks her about it, once. It’s late. She’s warm and pliable beneath his grasp, and everything is quiet. He hesitates to ask it, but he’s been thinking about it for a while. Why does he have that honor? What makes him different?
“...Why don’t you look them in the eyes?”
She stiffens a little at the question, and he almost regrets bringing it up, but if she doesn’t want to talk about it, she’ll tell him. He waits patiently for an answer, as he always does.
“Because I’m afraid,” she answers after a moment, maybe of thought, maybe of preparation. Her arms tighten around his waist a little. “I’m...I’m afraid of seeing my reflection in them.” 
He doesn’t understand, really. Why would someone as wonderful as her be afraid of her reflection? He doesn’t understand, and how could he? They’ve led different lives before finding each other and coming together. She has seen things he’s only heard of, and visa versa. She sees herself one way, and he another. That much was clear from their first meeting.
He strokes her shoulder, gently, encouraging her to go on. He wants to understand. 
Demeter sighs, not exactly keen on the conversation topic, but indulges him. There’s never a reason to hide something from him, even if it’s difficult to talk about.
“I-I’m afraid of the parts of myself I can’t change: The things I’ve done or said or thought that I shouldn’t, and still do. The bits about me that don’t belong to me, that are damaged, or put there by someone else or that I can’t control or take away or even hide. I’m scared of those, when I look at others, and they look at me. I’m scared of me. But...most of all, I’m scared of what they think,” she admits, quietly, and it makes Munk’s heart squeeze in his chest. 
“I’m scared of what they think of me, when they look at me. I’m scared that they can see those bits, that they hate them, or are disgusted or even frightened by them, even if they try to hide it from me. But... when you look at me, when I see my reflection in your eyes, I can feel how you see me. I can feel that all the bad, everything that’s wrong about me doesn’t matter to you. You see the good, in everyone, but especially in me, and it... Everlasting, Munkustrap, it’s a relief. It’s such a relief.” 
Her voice is soft, but passionate, and a little wavering. He can feel her sincerity, how much it means to her, how hard it was to admit. And it means so much to him too, to hear these words, to know her secrets. He won’t share them with anyone, never does. He guards her words, keeps them close to his heart. 
She tilts her head up to look at him now, and he’s enraptured by her eyes, because he can see it now, what she means. It’s not all that different from what he finds in her gaze too. He’s more of a stranger than her to hatred and suffering, has never been pushed away or hurt like she has, but the fear of being known, perceived, is familiar to him too. 
His next breath comes out a little shakier, floored by her words. Once again, he’s left speechless. She seems to be the only one able to do that to him.
“Loving you is a relief,” she adds too before he can get his mouth to work, to say something to reassure or thank her. She buries her face in the crook of his neck, presses herself closer. “I love you.”
There’s nothing much left to say after that. He kisses her forehead, squeezes her in a hug that’s just as much a sign of thanks as a sign of whole-bodied affection. His tail sweeps across hers, and they intertwine automatically. “I love you, Demeter, more than I can say,” he says, and it’s true.
She believes him.
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demeter, to jemima: i knew this girl who had a huge crazy freakout because she took too many behavioral meds at once. she took off all her clothes and jumped into the fountain at the mall and was like, "blahhhh!!! i'm a kraken from the sea!!!"
bombalurina: that was you
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ive seen a bunch of posts abt electra being bomba's daughter through macavity and ofc im like hell yeah???
but combine that with jemima also being his daughter through demeter. ofc theres so many possibilites w that. but. i cant help focusing on the mental image of munkustrap and tugger suddenly like "oh shit we have kids now"
like tug and bomba arent dating anymore, but ofc he helps her raise electra platonically. he calls electra his daughter and ofc misto helps out, too! ("wow, electra, your mom let's you have two dads!" - etcetera)
(not to mention the angst of both girls being their brother's daughters like. imagine the discussions between the two brothers??)
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munku-collar · 21 hours ago
Human AU Demeter has to wear lip stains instead of lipsticks because Munk has a habit of kissing it off. Whenever she puts on chapstick she has to do it twice because he likes to taste it on her lips
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Bombalurina: "Delighted to inform you all that I have always been hot."
Munkustrap: "Thank you for your contribution, but this is a business meeting."
Demeter: "No no, let her continue."
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the night is quiet and munkustrap and demeter tell each other secrets without speaking at all. he traces his love for her into the lines of her palm and she bites back a smile. of all the secrets to share, he chooses one she hears everyday. his fingers ghost up and up until they meet her own. what sort of stories do two hands pressed together tell? something that cannot be said aloud. the night is quiet and munkustrap and demeter listen to a silent story. their love for each other whispers into the space between their palms, the curves of their fingers. they bite back a smile. of all the stories to tell, this is one they will never tire of hearing. 
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munku-collar · a day ago
Demeter, grooming Mungo’s fur: So how did you and Rumpleteazer meet? When did she know she liked you?
Mungojerrie, laying in her lap: Well, I fell face first into her jumping off of a brick wall, an’ we tumbled down the street, and then we introduced ourselves. She said “I’m Rumpleteazer,” and I said “Tease her? I barely know her!” and that’s how she fell in love with me.
Demeter, shaking her head: It was that easy, huh?
Mungojerrie: Well first she watched me shake the fleas out of me tail and give her a ‘lil bow.
Demeter [fondly]: The very picture of charm.
Mungojerrie, beaming: One of my many talents!
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Tumblr media
Demeter, Bombalurina, Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer, Quasi, Hestia, Sekhmet, Ares: *exists*
The Jellicles: *instant urge to swaddle them with blankets and hide them away*
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munku-collar · a day ago
“Let me kiss you,” he says.
“You already have,” she laughs softly, but stands on her toes a little higher, letting their lips meet once more. He smiles into this kiss, and it’s short and sweet, his palms framing the small of her back. When she lets her heels settle on the ground again he tips forward, chasing her mouth. 
“How can I settle for just two?” Munkustrap protests, and he earns another kiss, softer, slower. He only breaks it to emphasize his point. “How can I be satisfied with any amount?” he mutters against her lips, all the devotion in his soul pouring out in his tone. He loves her more than anything.
Demeter hums a little at his words, his voice, soft and smooth, and deep fondness surges up in her heart all over again, fills her with a rapture that’s almost palpable. 
“I could ask you the same,” she replies earnestly, sighing softly when he draws back a fraction, because any inch lost is a great loss in her eyes too. “How do I ever stop myself from standing here and kissing you all day?” she wonders.
His eyes sparkle with joy at that, and a smile breaks out onto his face all over again. “Your incredible self-restraint, and a little of mine too,” he says. 
She nods a little in agreement, takes in his handsome face for a moment. God, she loves him so much. “To hell with self-restraint,” she replies with a dazzling smile, giddy eagerness sweeping over her once again. 
Munkustrap wastes no time when permission is given. He cups her cheek, laughing softly, and leans down to kiss her again. Demeter rests a paw on his shoulder, the other on his chest, relishes the beating of his heart under her palm, and their lips meet. 
They’re slower to stop this time, making it last. It feels better than it has any right to, really, and always does. He never gets enough of the taste of her, the sound of her gentle sigh, and his touch is enough to drive away even the worst of her thoughts, to soothe any ache. It’s special. It’s wonderful. 
The love in her eyes when he finally draws back sends Munk’s heart fluttering up to the Heaviside Layer. He strokes her cheek softly, melts entirely under her warm gaze. 
“One more?” he asks, hopes.
“One more,” she agrees, knowing it still won’t be the last, and tugs him down by the ring of his collar.   
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Cats Ships Restaurant AU
i was watching bob's burgers so now here we are
Demestrap: Bakery They own a small bakery. It's very peaceful and quiet inside, which is a good environment for Demeter's anxiety and Munkustrap's stress. They don't have many customers, but the people who go there absolutely love it. Their customers often read there while enjoying the baked goods.
MungoTeazer: Food truck I feel like this matches their chaotic vibe. The food they serve is also chaotic- messy, cheap, & tastes great. The truck is a little worn down, but it works just fine. And they can drive wherever they want to serve food.
Tuggoffelees: Cafe They primarily serve coffee and tea, but they also serve sandwiches and things. It's also a safe space for LGBTQ+ people, with a little rainbow flag in the window to signal this. It's a very polished, clean place, but also has a homey, comforting vibe. It's very popular with students and lgbtq+ people. And they have free wifi.
These are the only ones I immediately came up with ideas for, but I want to figure out some more, its fun.
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so here is a idea for cats 2019
ok so this will have my head canons for 2019bombalurina which are
she a fomer member of the junkyard tribe
she  is mistoffelees older sister
she have magic
she was munk and demeters fomer mate and cassandra’s fomer friend
also mungo and teazer are not part of the tribe and everyone knows they work for macavity
ok right on we go
after victoria got stuck mungojerrie and rumpleteazer don’t leave her but try to free her
just when the dog run in the room bombalurina find them and use her magic to scare the dog away and free victoria
bomba, mungo and teazer take victoria with them and get to know her better
bomba tell victoria how she left her old tribe after they falsely accuse her brother of hurting his ex boyfriend
they are found by cassandra and demeter who go form snarking at her for getting lost to jumping protective before her when they see who is with her.
victoria find out that her three new friends work for macavity and that the junkyard tribe is bombalurina’s old tribe.
after some tense moments and harse words between cassandra, demeter and bombalurina victoria leave with demeter and cassandra
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a-cat-is-not-a-dog · a day ago
Chapters 18 & 19 Update!!!!
Hello! It's been a hot minute, since I’ve updated, hasn't it? I must confess, this past month has been very hard for me. I've had to deal with a lot of personal issues, and motivation really hasn't been present at all. But now I'm here, and am very happy to announce that this story is completely finished! Editing and all. From now on, I'll be updating more frequently, so stay tuned for that! Also, I would just like to thank those of you who have sent me kind messages. I haven't had much energy to respond to all of them, but I can assure you that they mean more to me than words can describe. Now, I'll stop rambling, and let you read the chapter. Since this one is quite short, I’ve uplodaed two today. Do enjoy!<3
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theimpossiblescheme · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Francisca Tapia as Demeter, Santiago 2014
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