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Tom had surprised you with a big party, your friends and family were all there, and you swore your heart skipped a beat. Your kids were there, waiting for you with a huge poster made by them, your parents and sister were there, all your old friends were there. It was going to be awesome.

The whole party became even better when Sam proposed to his girl, making the crowd go crazy. Then Theo decided to make your birthday epic when he ran to his dad on his own.

“Look at you, Theo!” You squealed, pulling him in your arms with a huge smile. He giggled as soon as you started to attack him with kisses, leaving lipstick stains all over his cheek. “Such a cutie,”

“Jesus, what a party!” Tom chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist as he looked at the girls playing around. “The kids are staying with my parents tonight,”

“Oh, really?” You said, biting your lips as you took a look at your smirking husband.

“Yup,” he mumbled, kissing your cheek softly before whispering in your ear. “Maybe we could try again for baby number five,”

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I found a broken butterfly on the side of the road yesturday and he hasn’t left my side since. His name is George and he has turned me so fucking soft.

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