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“If you steal the blankets, I am going to put my cold feet on you.” Michael/Lou Ellen

Just a few more steps. Michael had made it up the fire escape stairs without making them creak, gotten through the window without knocking over a single succulent, and had navigated the entire apartment to their bedroom without stubbing their toe once. The door had mercy on them and refrained from squeaking for the first time in a year. Then Lou Ellen wrecked their dreams of sneaking into bed at two am a step away from the finish line.

“If you steal the blankets, I’m putting my cold feet on you.”

They gulped, “I didn’t think you would be awake..”

She lifted the comforter and motioned for them to get into bed, “Hurry up, I’m getting cold.”

They sighed softly in relief and crawled onto the mattress next to Lou. Michael wrapped their arms around her and snuggled close and Lou dropped the blankets over their face. They huffed against her neck but obviously had no plans on moving anytime soon, and if anything hugged her tighter.

“Where were you,” she grumbled, “It got cold without you.”

Michael winced, “Sorry. Lee called.”

“Is he ok?”

“He had a few too many at a gig and needed me to get him home.”

She ran her fingers through their hair and pressed her freezing toes against their shins. Then she frowned and kicked him.

“Get the hell out of bed and take your pants off.”

Michael smirked, “Isn’t it a little late for make up sex?”

Lou groaned, “Get your damn jeans off, stupid, or I’ll make you sleep on the couch!”

“You gonna make me?”

Lou Ellen pushed at their shoulder then turned away onto her other side.

“No, come back!”

“Take your pants off, I refuse to cuddle with your jeans chafing my thighs.”

Michael poked at her mid back several times, she continued to ignore them. They pressed their forehead against her shoulder and attempted the kiss her. She scooted away, “Nope, not happening.”

“But it’s cold,” they whined.

“It’s what you get for sneaking out and scaring the shit out of me.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Lou shrugged, “Well, you weren’t cheating on me-”

“I would never!”

“I know, Mike. And you’re safe, and you’re not drunk, so..”

Lou Ellen stayed on a silent pause for an agonizing long time. Finally, Michael nudged her shoulder and broke the silence, “So?”

“Take off the jeans and I’ll forgive you.”

Michael did not hesitate to roll out of bed and peel their pants off. By the time they were crawling back under the covers, Lou Ellen was waiting on them with her arms sleepily held out. They dozed off as soon as they were curled around each other.

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I swear everyone should go follow “demigodsanswer” they’re friken hilarious!! If their posts don;t make any sense to you at all go read (in this order)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

1) The Lightning Thief
2) The Sea of Monsters
3) The Titans Curse
4) The Battle of the Labyrinth
5) The Last Olympian

The Heroes of Olympus series

1) The Lost Hero
2) The Son Of Neptune
3) The Mark of Athena

All novels are written by Rick Riordan (AKA the best author ever!)

Even if you’ve seen “The Lightning Thief” movie, the book IS SO MUCH BETTER!!

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"I kind of want to make a whole series of percico and/or leson ficlets based on this chart" pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!

Lol. I’m thinkin about it. I’m super busy at the moment with work and school and student teaching. But next time I find myself with a little time, I’ll try. 

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I swear to god, I'm pretty sure we're long lost siblings. English Major? In 2 years I will be. Hufflepuff? I wore my scarf proudly through HP world in 90 degree weather. Apollo Cabin? Not a doubt in my mind. Slash? Yes. HP yes. LotR? Reading it now. PJ? This takes up most of my time if you can't tell by my blog. Sherlock? Obsessed. DW? Even more obsessed. Glee? From the very 1st episode. This probably sounded creepy but I don't care.

XDDDDD That’s awesome. 

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"I don’t think Ask the Demigods has been done either." I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!" No, I'm totally kidding. But yeah, it exists. In the words of Whoville "We are here!"

I meant demigods like Jason and Theseus and the like, not PJO-verse.


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