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#demisexual aroace culture
ace-culture-is · 26 days ago
Demisexual aroace culture is wondering how two characters in fiction can romantically/sexually love each other despite just meeting. Like bro you've known each other for like two days
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arostellar · 4 months ago
i want to see more representation of aromantic, asexual and aspec women in the media.
i think up to this point, it's already a taboo. always, ALWAYS on tv shows, women's goals are to have a partner, have children and why?
why are men's goals to save the world? and no matter if they have or are looking for a partner or not, they're always going to be the superhero !!
and women always need the power of love to be at least "good"
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Demiromantic-demisexual culture is thinking you are aroace for months at a time, then your brain suddenly screaming JK YOU ARE IN LOVE NOW
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anniesafangirl · 3 months ago
So my cousin got married and we didn't get invited to the wedding and my dad was like "WELL we won't invite her either when you guys don't get married. See how she likes it"
My brother automatically went "but neither of us plans to get ma- ohhhhhhhh"
We almost died laughing and my dad is ridiculously proud of his dad-of-aspec-kids Dad Joke
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acelor · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And some other looks...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖤💜🤍 this is acelor where we document every time Taylor has looked like the asexual flag (black, grey, white, and purple stripes) or aromantic flag (green, black, grey, white) 🤍💚🖤
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walkinginquiry · a month ago
I'm really happy about my aspec (I'm aroace, but no matter where you fall on the aspec, you are completely valid and deserve to call yourself aspec) and I genuinely enjoy it, it is freeing to find a label that doesn't require me to be sexualized to be relevant or have to be in a romantic relationship, so of course I want to share it. People will accept aspecs, but at the same time they ask why we need representation, and like yes, we need representation so things like when I told my dad I was asexual, he doesn't say 'like an earthworm?' as a reply, but can't we also just want representation because our identities make us happy? We want to help make as many aspecs feel happy because after the acceptance of your sexuality, it is definitely a part of who you are and to feel the genuine understanding between people who are similar means you can be happy together, that just because it may only be 'relevant' to any potential romantic or sexual partners, we can also want it represented so we can happily talk about it without being shut down, that we can be happy together? I get that we need representation because we're discriminated against and so young aspecs don't think they're broken, but like, can't it also be just as valid of a reason because this part of ourselves make us genuinely happy and we don't see enough media focused on people being genuinely happy with aspec identities rather than constantly having woe is me moments. I feel like once you get past that initial stage of "oh no, I'm aspec, what does this mean for my life? Will not wanting this or that make my parents upset? Will people find it weird?" It becomes a lot more manageable as something that you can think about without freaking out and every time you see so much as the word, you get a smile and you feel your heart swell because oh my god, I've found my people and I love it
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communistaro · 3 months ago
fav aspec term tag
reblog with your favorite aspec terms that your 2016 discourse sullied brain would have cringed at and why you like it!
I’ll go first! I’m mika, I’m aromantic heterosexual and these are my favorite words: 
- alterous attraction! I love being able to describe my attraction in a way that isn’t attached to the traditional romantic and platonic split
- queerplatonic relationship/partner! having a word like this makes me feel comfortable talking about my partner in a way that doesn’t immediately bring the romantic connotation  
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aro-aro-aro-ace-ace-ace · 3 months ago
me: oh that person seems nice! as an aroace person i am here to fully appreciate people platonically, or even from a distance, really there's no need to even talk to them most of the ti-
the little voice at the back of my brain: you want to DATE THEM DON'T YOU
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elinneai · 5 months ago
Me finding a person I think is cool and finds platonically attractive and want to show my friends.
Proceeds to find a picture of them that I think would look the most attractive to an allo person and failing miserably (:
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jedflah · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Image description: a 3x3 alignment chart with the columns labeled as ace, demi, aro and the rows labeled as dragon trainer, astronaut, baker
Acephobes and exclusionists do NOT interact. I made this for fun mmkay?
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arostellar · 3 months ago
i don't know if i've said it before but it's important for people to know that asexual people don't lack anything.
usually people see us with pity or think we are childish or too innocent and believe that all that would be solved with sex because we need it but, we really lack something we never had and never wanted?
and i think it's a problem that exists a lot in society because sex is linked to love when it's not?
you don't need to prove your love to anyone through sex, there must be so many displays of love but why does it all fall to sex, uh?
society teaches that there can be sex without love but never that there can be love without sex, and like why? why one is right and one wrong, when both should be okay?
sex without love and love without sex are two sentences that can coexist perfectly well.
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acelor · 3 months ago
An incredible 1989 ace flag-evoking polaroid! What a find!! 💜 I'm finding a bunch on Pinterest but I wonder if there's a complete collection somewhere?? ♠️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖤💜🤍 this is acelor where we document every time Taylor has looked like the asexual flag (black, grey, white, and purple stripes)
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ambidextrousace · 3 years ago
Me and my pan-Demi friend at a party
So, being the introvert that I am, I just wanted to get out for a moment, and when we are outside, there is this guy changing his shirt.
He starts talking to us casually about who he is, and how he knows the girl whose party it is. I simply enjoy the conversations and am proud of myself that I talk to someone I did not know before. At one point my pan-demi friend mentions her ‘it’s complicated’ girlfriend.
Other guys come by and go back inside and we go back inside at one point.
When he’s gone, my friend says to me: “The next time someone is flirting which you, just mention you’re gay.”
To which I answer: “wait what, was he flirting??? I thought he just wanted to know more about the university friends of his high school friend.”
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yeehaww-sims · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More Pride Flags
When this flag was originally added, they only gave us 19 swatches, which for me wasn’t enough, and a lot of the recolours I found for it were few and far between in quality and quantity.  So I’ve recoloured it and it now has 89 swatches, including the original swatches redone, with labeled thumbnails. The grommet textures can look a little crusty sometimes, especially when the flags are sized up but it’s far too late to fix that now so!
89 swatches, including remakes and variations/alternatives
This is NOT an override, it’s a separate object
100 Simoleons, in the Wall Decorations Category
Don’t claim as your own, and feel free to tag me if you use them!
Most textures were from Pride-Flags Deviant art, LGBTA Wiki, Tumblr, or google search. Special/specific flags will be linked.
Don’t touch this if you’re a TERF/SWERF/LGBTQphobe or anything like that, I am stronger than you.
[ @maxismatchccworld @ts4pride​ ]
Below is a list of every flag I’ve included, as well as the download link, just in case it needs to be edited/updated in the future. UPDATE: I’ve added a recolour file!
See also: Flag .PSD [SFS] | [MF] More Pride Flags UPDATE [Here]
Please let me know if any culture-specific flags are wrong! And if you would like a flag added:
How to request a flag
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🏳‍🌈 Rainbow | Original Gilbert Baker | Philly Pride | Progress Pride | QPOC | Gay Anarchy | Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism
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Achillean | Agender | Androgynous | Aromantic | AroAce | Asexual | Aspec [Asexual/Aromantic Spectrum]
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Two-Spirit [Trans Flag] | Two-Spirit [Nonbinary Flag] | Venusic | Viramoric | Xenogender 
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This culture blog is for trans AND aro/ace people!
Asks and submission ideas:
genderfluid aroace culture is ...
agender aroflux culture is ....
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demineutral demiromantic asexual culture is ....
disabled trans aroace culture is ....
Then add in either a trait of yours, a situation you've been in specifically related to these labels (or not) or something you like! Have fun!!
About me: Hi I'm Rhys, I use they/them and the/the's pronouns! I'm an aegosexual and aroflux nonbinary.
other labels and pronouns:
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