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#demiurge headcanon
the-blind-geisha · 28 days ago
Do you ever think demiurge would lose control of himself and accidentally knot inside an omega mc, maybe even on their first meeting ? I don’t know if it’s just me but I always assumed knotting was a more intimate thing since you technically have to sit there for a while after to let it go down and I thought that would be awkward for a first meet lol
And I hope your internet problems are over! :)
I would say that if he knew the MC was meant to be his mate and he's not just 'playing with his food' so to speak, he would indeed knot in her. It would be intentional as, yes, I can certainly see where knotting is an intimate thing between an alpha/omega. ♥
But doing so? I do wager he's stuck like that for at least an hour.
He's not going to mind, though. It would give him a moment to cuddle with her. I imagine he'd be stroking her head, softly moaning to himself in enjoying in the aftermath of their intimacy. He'd kiss about her face, down her neck and to her shoulders while his tail slides over her legs to keep her comforted. He wouldn't mind resting there in silence or talking to her a bit till he can pull out.
And even if he was playing with his 'food'--a person he sees beneath him--he might do it to be spiteful and keep them locked with him for a time. He's so touch starved and thirsty for this sort of interaction, he isn't above making someone be with him for at least an hour longer to give him the love he wants.
And thank you~. As far as I can tell it's been working. *Knocks on wood to make sure she doesn't jinx herself* lol
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the-blind-geisha · 10 days ago
Do you think Demi would go to a school with or without uniforms irl? If not, what do you think he’d wear? I feell like he’d be stylish haha This is probs a weirdly specific question lol I just wanted to know what you thought?
I think in the irl world that I'm plotting, I've thought of him being without a uniform. Keep in mind: where I'm from, uniform schools are more Christian school based, so that's where my thought process is coming from. Public schools, you didn't need a uniform and could wear whatever you so wished. ♥
So I wager, Demiurge would be happy to wear whatever he wanted in a public school.
As for his style... Let's see...
Tumblr media
I honestly think something along those lines when he got older (mid teens or so), and when he was a bit younger, he no doubt wore suspenders and a bowtie. (Because, ya know, his mom wanted him to be a handsome, fancy young man).
I am certain Demiurge's closet, however, has many things he wouldn't outright wear to school as he worried he'd be teased. Things such as torn jeans, plaid shirts, and a few nerd shirts that express his favorite things. He no doubt had a wallet chain too at some point.
All around, I just see him as trying to dress casually as he grows up.
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the-blind-geisha · 28 days ago
What do you think demi would do if the mc had depression and coped using bad habits, self harm/drugs/alcohol?
Tumblr media
With self-harm? Demiurge would find out about it and be upset and concerned. When he is told its a form of self-loathing, he would hold the part of her that she's been cutting and kiss over the marks she's made and remind her that—yes, he knows the world is unfair and hard on her, but she shouldn't take it out on herself. He would do his best to be there for her, hoping to take away the other blade she's using to release the pain and feel she has some form of control over herself. If she wants to break down and cry and try to reach for the blade again or whatever she can get her hands on? He'll stop her and just tell her to hold onto him if she needs to in order to get it out of her system.
When it comes to the drugs? It would depend the drug. If she actually needs it, he would possibly keep it under lock and key and monitor her closely when she takes them. If they're nothing she truly requires, he would throw them out to prevent her from leaning on them too much. I think this would scare him beyond measure as there's no way she couldn't just 'accidentally' overdose and have her heart stop in a second. It would be the firm grab of the upper shoulders, trying to shake some sense into her—telling her that she's worth it and that he loves her. He would no doubt bring her close to kiss her upon her head to hopefully make the dark voices leave her be.
Even if Demiurge enjoys drinking, he can spot alcoholism when he sees it. He would note the bottles and how she just prefers to get wasted every second she can get. When it comes to this? He would lock the liquor bottles up and (again) watch her closely to make sure she never over does it.
“Alcohol isn't going to make the world stop hurting you, that's what I'm here for. Use me for whatever you need.” - Demiurge
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
What do you think Demiurge would do in order to attract the person he wants as a mate?
I guess that depends on a variety of things, but I guess to simplify it:
He is a demon, so he would try to prove he can protect and is worthy of a mate to begin with. He wants to impress her if she's at par or near his power.
Maybe this is just me, but whenever I see him at times, he'll always have his wings out and spread in certain situations (even in one opening), and it leads me to believe that his wingspan might be a way to impress certain mates. He might use his wings to spread them widely to entice some ladies.
Tumblr media
If that mate is underneath him, well—again—he's a demon, so he's going to just take her one way or the other. He'll bind her in chains (whether a collar or otherwise), and take her to where he wishes to keep her.
Once there, he will again show off his strength to intimidate her in staying with him. He'll make her believe she wishes to be with him one way or another through manipulation.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
Nonsexual things an mc can do that could cause Demiurge to get a stiffy?
Depends if she's in heat or not. If she's in heat? MC could just breathe and he'd get an arousal.
If she's not? I am sure her bending over to grab something or what have you he would see as sexy. The way she fights on the battlefield would instantly get him excited as he loves to watch her work. (He thinks it's poetry in motion).
Is she a dancer? A singer? Probably any of those things might encourage him a bit just watching her in her element.
The sound of her voice? It's the most erotic thing to him.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
Does Fem Dem also want lots of demonic spawn?
You know she would.
And I've made this no secret of mine, but given how Demiurge runs experiments, she would be able to take what she needs from the MC and herself to create their own babies with their conjoined DNA.
A lot of test tube babies. She'd be happy.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
Do you have head-cannons for Demiurge and mc at the cinema? Maybe they went to see a horror movie he was interested in?
Sure, I can think of some!
While Demiurge is more of a stay at home type, the movies are the one thing that can get him out of the house. (That, and maybe shopping with you if we're not talking about work.)
Horror movies and a bit of fantasy are his favorites—but horror it's his go to.
You are a little bit reluctant. You love horror movies. But you're always worried that one scene will haunt you for a bit, making nights restless or you'll scream so loudly in the theater that you'll bring attention to yourself.
But Demiurge, he's so excited. You rarely get to see this side of him where he's almost like a kid again.
He pays for everything, even if there might be a time you insist otherwise. He gets whatever you want at the concession stand.
All during the time waiting, you just talk and he shows you funny things he thinks you might like on his phone.
The moment the movie's previews start, he jots down some he'd love to see and others he'd be happier without knowing they were in production.
When the movie starts on that foreboding high note, Demiurge looks over and can sense you are a bit tense.
He places his hand on your arm, trying to comfort you. The moment you move your hand over and open it, he takes your hand and holds it tightly.
Leaning over, he kisses the side of your head and whispers that he's there and it'll be okay.
Anytime there's a big frightening moment? He might jump a bit depending what happens, but he doesn't screech like you do. He's so hard to frighten, it seems.
Burying your face into his upper arm during certain scenes, Demiurge moves his arm and brings you close to comfort you.
You're enjoying it, but some scenes scare you witless to where you cannot be bothered to look at the screen.
Anytime something becomes too much, he always asks if you're okay and enjoying yourself. He may love the movie, but he doesn't want you to suffer through it for him.
When it's over, he asks what you thought about it.
He also asks if you'd like to have dinner either at a diner or at his place.
Regardless of what you choose dinner wise, the two of you talk in the car ride there and even all through dinner about what you liked, didn't like, and so on about the movie.
You admit you're a little rattled though. As good as the movie was, it certainly did scare you a bit.
Demiurge offers for you to stay at his house. He wouldn't mind keeping you company and protecting you through the night.
He doesn't go to bed at the hour you do. He has work about the farm he has to complete, animals he needs to check, and then he can finally take his shower and go to bed.
He's old fashioned in some places of his life. Very old fashioned. While there is working electricity in the house, he sometimes carries around an old oil lamp and or a burning candle to see when it's dark. This was from a time the house used to be so far off the grid that a proper electrician couldn't get to them to rewire the place till he was maybe ten or so.
Sneaking into the bedroom, he dims the oil lamp and puts it off to the side on the nightstand.
“A little nightlight, perhaps,” he says as a small joke with a kiss to your forehead before joining you.
He holds you tightly, kissing the back of your head several times to remind you he's there.
Easily, you sleep at peace through the night.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
What kinds of video games do you think a teenaged Demi would like?
He would love any that really tested his mind. You know those old puzzle solving, point and click adventure games? (This is me showing my age...but here we are). I am sure he would love those.
Myst series? Oh yeah. A top fave of his for sure.
He would refuse walkthroughs for this game unless he's really stuck.
He would love MMORPGs just because I wager he has a nerdy side to him. He just pretends he doesn't. I can easily see him setting up raids to go on and or being a GM in his own guild.
Dungeons & Dragons allows him to play out his own fantasies with friends in closer proximity. ♥ It's the one tabletop game he would enjoy. He would make snacks and everything early with the help of his mother as she loves to cook with him.
I don't see him really loving shooters or anything. He might not mind RPGs but he is very persnickety about which ones.
Platformers he might not mind but if they have a collect-a-thon sort of thing to them, he's going to try and 100% the game, because that's the only challenge to him.
Souls series? He loves those just because nothing is straightforward and you really have to try and beat the enemies with what you have.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
What do you think would be demiurges reaction to mc if she had a daddy kink? Do you think demiurge would also be into that? (Some people feel weird about this I know, so feel free to skip this ask!)
Oh, uh... I know I deleted a lot of my AC: S stuff because of fandom trauma, but I accidentally made the daddy kink a huge thing with older Jacob Frye way back when. XD So, nope, I'm not against this. It's just been a few years since I wrote to it, to be honest.
But honestly, which one are you looking for?
Modern day Demiurge? He's going to be fine to be the 'daddy' in her life. He'll be calling her 'his princess' a lot, I am sure, demand she take care of his needs when he so asks. Spanking kink in this role? It's... very high.
In the anime/LN version of Demiurge? He's going to be confused. He'd need to understand why this is so popular for her before trying to take on the role to make her aroused. He'd probably need direction first before stepping into the shoes of it just fine.
When it comes to either version? He'd do anything to make her happy, I wager. I do think the modern day version of Demiurge would love it more than the other.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
Demi demanding the shy mc give him a lap dance head-cannons?
A/N: Oh my, lap dancing for the devil? Sounds divine. ♥
Tumblr media
He understands you're shy, but he wants to enjoy you.
Demiurge would encourage you over to where he's sitting on a throne he himself crafted, telling you to just do your best.
He would let you start off slow and steady as he holds your hand while you try to seductively dance before him.
When you slowly become more comfortable, he will release your hand and let you do as you so please.
His own hands are going to wander over your hips and thighs. He is enticed.
The moment he thinks you've done well enough? He pulls back a small curtain in the room to reveal a pole you can continue your dancing on.
You do simple movements about it at first—just swinging from side to side and rubbing your body against it.
When you feel comfortable enough, you'll slide it between your legs and try to be a bit more acrobatic.
Demiurge slips his finger into your g-string and pulls you closer to him. He wants you to feel every bit of that fabric against your body.
“You only give me the best dances, mm?” He wants to feel special. He wants to know you love and crave only him.
He offers a bit of wine to encourage you onward.
The better you do, the more he urges you to drink (even if you don't want to)
Eventually, you're such a drunken mess it doesn't matter what you say or do. It just feels natural.
He would grin widely getting you to this point, asking you to take your dancing to a whole new level with him.
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