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#demo thots.......
adamsdimplesa month ago
I'm setting up a double boiler to melt chocolate so, N Sewell, if you'd like me throw a half bag of blood on, it's no problem 馃グ
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writer-isha month ago
TODAY IS THE DAY I am making a new hard ass jerk of a detective who will be romancing cinnamon roll Nate against her will.
Wish me luck 鉁ㄢ湪鉁
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crimson-violets6 months ago
Tumblr media
*When you hear someone cough-insult you*
Hannah may take shit on the outside but inside she鈥檚 a force to be reckoned with 馃枻 馃槇
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edgeworthlez7 months ago
hhhdksk my mom literally hid my switch. not unexpected but I think somewhat unecessary and a little vindictive if I do say so myself
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ohimtherebabeya year ago
the attic demos are endearingly bad. like. gerard鈥檚 voice isn鈥檛 quite right and the mixing is kind of shit but you cant help getting into it. you can tell that there鈥檚 definitely the capability of greatness just under the surface. you can feel that my chemical romance has the potential to be amazing if they just fine-tune a few things. i understand why my chemical romance was frank鈥檚 favorite band back in the attic demo days. theyre kind of bad but they have so much potential to be amazing
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bodycountgame18 days ago
Just read the demo and it was soo fun! Really enjoying all the character interactions and can鈥檛 wait to stress over whether to be a thot or get attached lol. Also, understandable if that would be too much coding, but just just wondering if there will be any poly options and/or which chars might be open to it.
Eeeeee thanks anon! I'm glad you've enjoyed the demo so far :)
I don't want to promise any poly options at this stage because I don't know which characters are going to make it to the end! There might be some characters that would be open to it, though.
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dreamaredev21 days ago
(different anon) personally i like the name, i don't think you have to change it bc of that!
Thank you. I like the name too, feels "threatening" even if cliche.
But being a horror game I'm just developing I am a little bit worried of, Thot jokes starting now and being impossible to get rid of later on.
I guess I'll just chew on this and see what I do before the demo comes out!
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wayhavna month ago
DO we think we're gonna get a du mortain smooch by the end of book 3. i remember seeing posts after the first demo that were like NO!!!!! but given how things have Progressed in demos 2 and 3. what're our thots.
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heleneplaysa month ago
it's exam week for me! here are some songs. a monday jam: monday, you're not so bad by jeremy messersmith. a song about getting gay married (happy lesbian visibility day to us!): city hall by vienna teng. a song that's been stuck in my head: ahay by of monsters and men.
me 馃馃徎 you
hi i am also in week 2 of our midterms since our professors are administering tests out of the official schedule so BIG mood right there!
AND HAPPY LESBIAN DAY OF VISIBILITY TO YOU 鈾♀櫋鈾 i think we should b able to commit one (1) crime with no repercussions on this day,,, me thinks 鈾
AND HEY!!!! i see monsters and men and our tastes are alligning 鈾♀櫋鈾 i'm looking v respectfully and currently abt to search for these!
like usual, thots & links underneath the cut 鈾
Song 1: Monday, you're not so bad by Jeremy Messersmith
My Thoughts: firstly, WHACK ! for the first time i can safely agree it's not so bad; it's lesbian day of visibility, our lovely moon goddess said gay rights by giving us a pink supermoon, and one (1) author came and choked us with new Relics 2 demo chapter; which is. really iconic!!! it's actually tuesday in my end already so honk honk 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
Okay am listening now and??? ASFHFKLDL honk honk i'm clowning 鈾♀櫋鈾 sorry monday i still do not like u but you're a queen still. BUT ALSO! the tunes. the bkg. the vocals are overwhelmingly positive i am feeling ENERGIZED and maybe ready to do some work. overall 9/10!!! and OOOO their other music is also super good!!! I'm gonna listen to everything later but UGH a girl, a boy, and a graveyard my beloved
Song 2: City Hall by Vienna Teng
My Thoughts: HEWwo the lyrics are SO soft i love it here!!!! REALLY ICONIC OF U TO SEND THIS TODAY 鈾♀櫋鈾 my lesbian heart and gay ass is so soft and tender, im sending u a soft forehead kiss if thats okay rn 馃懎馃徑
but ALSO ugh. wish that was also like that here,,, i want to experience the highs and the lows and the softness of just going somewhere with my partner and. get married like a whole fucking goofball but first we have to kick off the homophobes in our government before we can get legislations to back up on :)
AnYwaYS 1000/10!!! Superb & Stupendous thank u for this one in particular 馃挅
Song 3: Ahay by Monsters and Men
My Thoughts: LXJXKXKXLXKZ hello favorite band my beloved,,, this song now lives in my mind rent free 馃槼馃挄 it's got. a lot of potential for angst but UGH it's also. got that big mar铆a/mc vibes YET again bc once again i'm back on my bullshit of finding meanings in the barest of hints asdfghjkl
okay but really! it's beautiful and i love it, a solid 10/10 for me 鈾
also uwu personally my fave song from of monsters and men is I, of the Storm! the music, the vibes, the lyrics!!! they're just so beautiful and haunting and it hurts me bc i really fell into them around 2016/17, and i was going thru a lot of things and i just??? really felt things with them.
anyways. i really think they're super neat, thanks for bringing me back to them!
Music aside I wish u a lot of LUCK in ur tests!!!! I hope you pass all of them with flying colors & that u stay well rested & hydrated, okay? take care 鈾
personally i'm just. rolling over when it comes to my midterms bc it's just a lot of memorization so far and brain said no, but yes 鈾; but i'm instilling confidence in myself bc i KNOW i can AND will pass!
Anyways thanks for dropping by today for your recs, here's a cat in return 鈾
Tumblr media
she's not mine but she's baby and loves to get ear scritches whenever i go out the front 鈾
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danniburgha month ago
mouthymandalorian鈥檚 pussy spank demo anon over here: 馃挏 holy hell thank you for that perfect description, new thot UNLOCKED over here byyyye 馃憢馃お yummy for damn sure
jslfjslfkskfjsjs IT IS YUMMY hope you get yours (if you have one) spanked soon or get to spank one as well ;) ;)
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astral-glass3 months ago
What are all the tf2 ships you ship and how much do you like each one? (Also, which ones do you hate?)
Aight Happy Valentine鈥檚 everyone! I鈥檒l give ya my Thots ps: I鈥檓 not really a multishipper but I enjoy most of them neutrally :) Ships I actually ship:聽 - Heavy/medic:聽鈥極TP鈥, the go-to, the og. While I don鈥檛 draw it much, it鈥檚 definitely the pairing I feel the most, and is just perfect. I mean, they鈥檙e quite literally built around one another as characters. They鈥檙e love is genuine I feel it in my bones. Big tough exterior soft interior smart bear meets his chaotic dom wolf of a bitch who needs bear for impulse control <333 Fave ship - Engie/spy: More of a recent love of mine BUT AHH I鈥檓 so deep. They have such a fun and sassy dynamic, and I love opposites attract pfff. The idea of a stuck up Frenchman falling for an American Texan is just gold material all around. They鈥檙e both dads too, who are witty and have vastly different styles and even personalities, but man do they mesh well. 2nd Fave ship - Demo/sniper: Swordvan is just...good. Kind of a comfort ship really. Both characters have way more in common than people think, and I love the dynamic they鈥檝e had in the comics! Just let the adopted traumatized nerds have fun and have some laughs with one another! If not romantic, I LOOVE them as buddies too!
- Target Practice: My own ship ofc! I won鈥檛 go in depth here since I鈥檝e been posting art everyday, but seeker and sniper have a super tight friendship and their dynamic just....ah. Tis good. Two bisexual idiots explore the world together <333 Ships I like but don鈥檛 necessarily ship:
- Soldier/Spy: The funniest shit ever, and also surprisingly cute
- Engie/Sniper: Also quite cute, drinking buddies gone romantic! Really like them more as friends tho
- Sniper/Spy: I know it鈥檚 a fandom fave but I just like them as rivals with benefits or just friends. Lots of good content for pair tho
- Soldier/Engie: Helmet party is also cute, but I don鈥檛 really see the romantic appeal personally! As always, I love them as friends
- Soldier/Demo: I like these two as best friends so much, that personally I think shipping them kinda takes away from it tbh? Boots n Bombs is valid but these bros are just the best homies.
Ships I hate/just don鈥檛 like:
- Sniper/Sc.out: Nothing against ppl who like this ship, I just personally can鈥檛 stand it. Lots of bad experiences with it, and I just despise it lol. Won鈥檛 go into detail for politeness sake, but yeah miss me with this one, let them just be friends. - Spy/Scout: fuck you
- Scout/Me.dic: Not like...illegal but the difference in powers (and age) just really rubs me the wrong way. Feels predatory, and is often portrayed as such. Same for Scout/heavy or soldier or whatever. He鈥檚 baby
- Actually just scout x anyone other than ocs: He鈥檚 baby he鈥檚 team son I just like him to stay that way : )
- Pyro/anyone: Don鈥檛 hate these ships at all, but I see Pyro as aromantic/asexual, and someone who could care less about romance and more about fire :) texas toast is the cuter one tho
- Miss Pauling/ Any Man: Please let her be a lesbian stop erasing her lesbian identity I鈥檓 so tired guys.
Everything not mentioned I鈥檓 entirely neutral on :))))
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