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politijohn · 19 hours ago
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Those centrist House Dems are:
Scott Peters (D-CA) who has taken $860k from the pharma and health care industry
Kurt Schrader (D-OR) who has taken $615k from the pharma and health care industry
Kathleen Rice (D-NY) who campaigned on lowering prescription drug prices
Note that over 90% of people in their districts support allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices 
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n-e-w--y-0-r-k · 2 days ago
Wanna know how I know the recall election of Gavin Newsom in California was rigged?
… Gavin Newsom is still governor, that is how
Am I talking shit? No… I am stating a fact
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wintertidewater · 2 days ago
If you see a message you like and don’t want to participate in the build up of our old clothes in other countries (see: textile piles in India) you can easily take your old t-shirt and write on it with bleach. You could get a fabric marker for $3 to write or draw on your hoodies (and yes they stand up to the washing machine perfectly well). You could sew the message yourself. And you can donate the money you saved, if you wish, to the campaign you want to support still. All while generating less waste.
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thedailyrepublic · a day ago
Why it matters: The AUKUS partnership. . . would help Australia build nuclear-powered submarines with American technology.
Innocent dogs were killed to keep you home.
Man jailed for months for having people work on his home.
Man arrested and strip searched for going for a walk.
Citizens banned from leaving the country.
Police confiscating alcohol from private homes.
Police prevent people from watching a funeral from THEIR CARS.
Police given power to monitor and take over private social media.
You'd be forgiven for thinking these headlines were ripped out of Hitler's nazi Germany, Kim Jong-il's North Korea, Stalinist Russia, or Maoist or Jinping's China. But no, welcome to Australian fascism folks.
This signing of the security agreement was the perfect opportunity for American politicians to address the fascism and incredible human rights violations happening in Australia.
That democrats were silent isn't a surprise. They're busy planting fascism here at home. Republican's refusal to grind the process to a halt or raise objections in the name of protecting and defending freedom and liberty isn't surprising anymore either, but it's incredibly disappointing.
Countering the spread of communism and bringing communist bastards to heel is long overdue. Making deals with fascists devils is probably not the best way to get us there.
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vikkidc92 · 2 days ago
AOC is not "the rich". The problem with this dress is the problem with the Democratic party as a whole.They sit up here and co-opt these movements and messages, but do NOTHING to implement actual change!
Tumblr media
Ask yourselves, who was the message for? It couldn't be for the rich because they don't care. It couldn't be for the poor because they don't have control over who's taxed, that would be the MF in charge and last I checked the Democrats are in charge so whatever changes they claim they want to see then they should be implementing those MF changes like the people who voted for them elected their asses to do! She wore this dress not to send a message to the upper class at the met gala, she wore this to send a message to voters to let them know "Hey! I'm one of the cool ones!" That's what makes this so performative.
AOC is a politician in an active position, she doesn't need to send a message to those in power because SHE'S ONE OF THE MF IN POWER! SHE DOESN'T NEED TO WEAR THIS STUPID DRESS SHE NEEDS TO ENACT POLICIES THAT WILL CARRY OUT THE MESSAGE SHE IS WEARING FOR WOKE BROWNIE POINTS! If she wants to just go to an event for fun where her dress and ticket have been paid for then fine! However, she chose to turn it into a "message".
That's the problem with the Democratic party, they keep regurgitating the "Fight The Power" message of the people FORGETTING THAT THEY ARE THE ONES IN POWER! They keep acting like they have no control over what's going on and all of the horrible things happening when they do!
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mysharona1987 · 15 hours ago
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Gop literally killing off their base.
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simplyivanka · 22 hours ago
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chris-evans · 10 months ago
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Please remember to VOTE tomorrow! 
You can register to vote on Election Day in the following states:
Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.!
Vote like this country depends on it, because it does!
source: @votesaveamerica
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wallisninety-six · 7 months ago
Amidst discussion about wealth inequality and race issues, I really wanna hammer into younger Gen Zers minds about how awful Ronald Reagan was I feel like we all got propaganda’d in school on how great he was just because of basic charisma and for the fact that he made some dopey speech at the berlin wall, but looking back he was just pure fucking evil: He caused so many problems that we’re all dealing with today- and problems that made Zoomers become “Doomers”:
He made explicit pleas to segregationists and klansmen when talking about states rights, endangering the lives of POC in the process
he KILLED unions, working class people lost bargaining power against the rich and lost livable wages, starting the end of the middle class, we never recovered
His trickle down economics killed any chance of real progressive tax on the rich & ensured that trillions would go to the rich for *generations*
He demonized the shit out of black people, he literally never saw them as human, especially those that were homeless and struggling with addictions (a problem he made much, much worse)
He *knew* about the AIDS crisis and for the longest time, did *nothing*, he sat by and intentionally let so many Black, Hispanic, Indigenous & Queer people die horrible deaths, with no remorse. The community is still grappling with the effect of that to this very day
All of us are angry about how Rich people are putting down poor people during this Gamestop-Robinhood fiasco, it’s good to remember when that started to get real popular...when people say “Ronald Reagan was the devil”, they’re not fucking around.
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