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Befriend a trick-or-treater with a suspiciously good costume

all songs can be found on my autumn playlist here

The young boy you swear is partially see-through adorned in victorian ruffles: ‘ghosts’ by Eliza McLamb

welcomes you a cheery wave and empty eyes, clutches a nondescript bucket contrastingly empty compared to the other children, when asked what his costume is swears he isn’t dressed up, you’re unsure if it’s a very good act, grips onto your hand with surprisingly desperate when you turn to leave

The enthusiastic teenager who drenches the street in the sound of laughter: ‘Bottom of the River’ by Delta Rae

takes a keen liking to the curious boys who turn to jelly under her bonfire-lit eyes, winks at your watchful eye, fills your senses with the scent of burnt ember and hay, strolls the cobbled streets with a trial of vulnerable hearts behind her, and somehow you can’t help but smile 

The sweet girl who spends her evening not leaving the graveyard: ‘Out Like a Light’ by The Honeysticks

coloured in only with soft shades of monochrome reflective of a spider web, sits quietly as though waiting for something, or someone, blinks with wide eyes when you try to introduce yourself, she simply rolls hers and looks away, your stomach is filled with uncontrollable sadness 

The suspiciously handsome stranger in a soaking wet suit: ‘Stranger Things’ by Survival Kit

has an enticing sparkle in your eye that sets your spine on edge, blows slightly trembling kisses at the old ladies who follow his damp footsteps, attempts to cover his shaking leg by unbuttoning a couple of opal buttons, you swear his skin is tinged with a soft shade of pond water blue

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Drawlloween2020 Day 21 - Yokai Nekomata… Very late with my prompts, was ‘under the weather’ those last days… Gonna try to do more :)
#mabsdrawlloweenclub #mabsdrawlloweenclub2020
#mabsdrawlloween #mabsdrawlloween2020 #drawlloween #drawlloween2020
#mabgraves #yokai #demon #nekomata #mabgravesdrawlloweenclub #mabsdrawingclub #werble #werbleapp

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