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I’ve been kinda absent, but I’m still drawing! ^^

I’ll come back with more soon!!! :D

Suss Uhr - 2021

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Walking dead man

Author’s note: Excerpt from my urban fantasy novel coming out later this year. Alex is a should’ve-been-dead-girl, junkie witch (Watcher) and bartender who’s going straight to Hell. Sathariel’s the demon soul reaper who’s been sent to take her there.

Only problem is, this Bad Witch refuses to die until she resolves some unfinished business involving Heaven, Hell and a generational curse.

In this scene Sathariel has to fix his fuck up and send a damned man who escaped Hell back to the underworld.

Image credit: Pinterest


Before the dead man reached Apartment 107, Sathariel shoved his way between Reece and the front door of the accountant’s former home.

“You can’t go in there,” he hissed. He hesitated then blurted, “You- your funeral was last week. Mina watched your burial. She got the nice casket, remember? The mahogany one with the real silk lining.”

“Enough,” Reece spat, fumbling for his keys. “You’ve had your fun now. You got me. Now get outta here.”

“Reece, please-“

“Where the Hell are they?” the accountant muttered, still groping in his jacket pockets.

Sathariel sighed and kneaded his eyes hard with his palms. “You don’t have them anymore,” he mumbled, leaning against the door. “They took them off you at the mortuary.”

“Fuck off,” Reece snarled. “Before I call the cops.”

Before he could stop him the dead man lunged over his shoulder and pounded on the door of Apartment 107. Sathariel bit his tongue.

“Please,” he whispered. “Please, don’t do this. Just come back with me. You’re gonna-“

He stumbled backwards as the door swung open. A gaunt, hollow-eyed woman swayed in the doorway, clutching her pale pink robe close to her chest.

“Mina,” Reece hissed, shoving his way past her. “Call the police. This man’s stalking me.”

Sathariel caught the door before he could shut it on him, brushing past the pale-faced widow who slumped against the door.

When she said nothing Reece snapped, “Call them. Now.”

For a moment Sathariel let himself look back at the silent woman, still shrinking in the foyer. Her face was twisted into a frozen mask of terror, mouth agape.

“Oh. Oh, god,” she whimpered at last. Her knees trembled and threatened to buckle. She seized the brass doorknob to catch herself.

Sathariel could feel it. The chaotic rage swelling from the collision of the mortal world and underworld. He heard the drumroll of the woman’s heart as she stared at the husband she’d buried last week. He choked back the hot bile surging up his throat with the rising confusion and rage of the lost damned dead man.

“What the Hell is going on?” Reece uttered hoarsely.

The List in his pocket seared into Sathariel’s thigh, hissing, Now. Now. Sucking in a sharp breath he withdrew the knife from his belt and flicked it open. The soul blade flashed dully under the cool fluorescent lights.

“Admin,” he mumbled. “I’m ready. Do it. Now.”

A thin crack of light shattered the space between the marble foyer and the bland, minimalist living room. The living and the dead gasped as the rift grew into an endlessly black gap tearing apart the fabric of reality until it became human-sized. Dead accountant-sized, actually.

Sathariel plunged the blade into Reece’s chest and forced him back towards the gaping maw of darkness.

“I’m sorry,” he mouthed over his shoulder at the mute woman now slumped on the marble floor.

Then he shoved the damned man’s soul through the door to Hell and slammed it shut.

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This one was a part of a #secretsanta event in #deviantart - for Demonmongrel (and their #character) And once again I had fun even if this is quite far out my usual themes. Tried out a new rougher #watercolourpaper

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i always draw lyric as a fluffy monster but i wanted to nail down what the like, muscle underneath look like. he is upset to be nakey

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Trying to do something different in terms of stylization and using Kieran as my subject to do so. Def enjoying the grunge feel and want to do more. Even made it my new avy lol

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Demon!He Tian.

Can’t decide for one so I posted all.

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Originally uploaded on Shapeofmetal now posted here for archival purposes.

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Demon’s sleeping.

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Saved the most dramatic for last, of course. Lucifer, Avatar of Pride. With some of the other brothers I had to debate what pose to draw them in, but for Luci I immediately knew I wanted legs crossed with a smirk. And decided to place the text over the top since he’s the center of attention. ;)
While originally not one of my favorites, he’s grown on me a lot as the story progressed. In real life I’m sure he’d terrify me but at least in a safely 2D format I can say he cares a lot for his brothers. It’s a yes from me.

If you’d be interested in me doing another series of fanart drawings with the side characters in Obey Me (Simeon, Luke, Solomon, Diavolo and Barbatos) let me know in the comments!

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When Arthur wants some attention ^^
Damien’s enjoying a book, but, he’s happy to pamper his boyfriend! :D

Damien belongs to @kaizuart! <3

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