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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#demon bear

It’s the corrupted form of the Apaches’ animal spirits, who had were driven mad by Eli Bard. It’s a very dangerous entity.


It’s very powerful and it can mess with people’s heads too, by creating nightmares and fear. I hope I’ll never have to face something as twisted as that.

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Oh god, i haven’t been posting here have i? ffffFFFF-

Anyway, here’s a really weird demon oc i made sum days ago called Behemoth. He’s a bit of a wip so i don’t have as much information of him other than he’s one of the head guards for the 5th king/satan of hell in one of my AUs -<-

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The onikuma, or demon bear, is a yōkai from Japanese folklore. Like many other yōkai, it comes from a mundane bear who has lived for many years. It lives in the mountains, but will sneak into human settlements on its hind legs late at night to steal away livestock, which it will subsequently eat.

The onikuma is most well known around the Nagano Prefecture’s Kiso Valley. It is incredibly strong, able to hurl stones ten feet in diameter from the mountains at people it sees below.

Image source.

Monster master list.

Suggest a spook.

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So the majority of this book is devoted to Danni as she is wracked with nightmares about the bear that killed her parents, but for so long she thought it was nothing more than that, a nightmare. Turns out that it was very much real, however, and she goes out to confront it. 

Also, this is a great example of Bill Sienkiewicz’s style and what I love most about him. 

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