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blitzy-blitzwing 14 days ago
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Finally, I have the whole set. 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
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hunter-the-sad-skeleton 17 days ago
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Okay, hear me out: I think he鈥檚 neat. (Reblogs appreciated!)
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Demon Blitzwing idea by @blitzy-blitzwing, I hope I did him justice! :D
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amiination 2 months ago
Astrotrain's trains
Inspired by Aimkid's animation for this song
This took a while. It may have just been two days but I spent that entire two days working on this non-stop so
I've almost never drawn astrotrain so this was a bit of the challenge. His design may be inconsistent/wrong
This was full of experimentation...you can kinda figure it which parts I was lazy and which parts I struggled the most :p
Oh yeah and he has sharp teeth. Cuz it looks cool.
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cybernetic-oreos a year ago
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More demonformer asks.
Originally uploaded on Shapeofmetal now posted here for archival purposes.
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lunarfeat21 a year ago
New canon:
Blitzwing is Monster
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Change my mind
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queen-of-heretics a year ago
Maybe drawing While sleep deprived锟, isn鈥檛 the best idea
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hardly-artsy 8 days ago
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hhhggh idk. i like the idea of them being small demons but i feel like 1a is the easiest since they work the same except i don鈥檛 have to draw robots. feedback is appreciated. au by @blitzy-blitzwing鈥
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nightmareflame 13 days ago
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I LOVE @blitzy-blitzwing 麓s Hazbin demon Starscream design so much, so I decided to try and make my take on him. 鉁
There are few changes I decided to add: I updated the clothes a little, gave him chest fluff (like some bats have) and decided to upgrade his wings! :D I tried to make them as anatomically accurate as I could so he is able to fly!!! 馃
Also he drinks blood! Sometimes. Only Vampire bats drink blood (bats mostly eat bugs), but I don麓t care. He would probably drink it like a wine 馃槍馃嵎鉁
Anyway, I hope you like him 鉂わ笍
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scentedcandlecryptid 9 days ago
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Lanterns! they鈥檙e kinda like- portable lamps!
Incredible demon Blitzwing design is by @blitzy-blitzwing鈥 ! I鈥檝e really been enjoying their crossover designs and story, so you should definitely check them out!
(click for better quality <3)
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thewiglesswonder 2 months ago
Bombarding you, hope that鈥檚 chill: Hunter, Collector, Bel, Caleb, TFA!Starscream and Blitz. Unload that over-full brain of yours.
From you, my friend, an artillery attack would be welcomed.
Hunter: This is more of a 鈥淕rimwalkers as a whole鈥 headcanon, but still. His eyes don鈥檛 quite glow in the dark, it鈥檚 more that they鈥檙e faintly luminous and seem to have a peculiar shine to them. If Grimwalkers, before they officially went extinct, were well known enough to warrant having legends about them, I鈥檇 wager them to be analogous to changelings or something similar in the Demon Realm. One of the telltale signs of a Grimwalker in your house in myth was the shine of their eyes in the dark. When he鈥檚 getting food from the fridge at 3 AM, the effect can be anything from a soul-haunting reminder of your past sins and your constant failure to make up for them (Belos) or the affectionate emotion of seeing a raccoon rummaging through a dumpster (Luz).
Collector: He doesn鈥檛 need to eat, and finds the whole concept of food very amusing. Like, you guys really need to do that?? And there鈥檚 so much of it too! He鈥檇 be the kind of kid to make snack food monstrosities of pepperoni slices, peanut butter, and a pretzel, and call it the new Best Food Ever. Conversely, he does need to sleep. So much playing is amazing, but he gets tired sometimes, so it鈥檚 only right that he have a self-inflicted nap once in a while. He鈥檒l belly flop on the nearest soft surface and soon he鈥檚 out like a light.
Belos: While Caleb took on an apprenticeship under a carpenter, given his skill for woodcarving demonstrated at an early age, Philip was actually on track to become a bookbinder. The first book bound in the American colonies was printed in 1640, so it roughly fits into the time period if we assume the boys were grown by the mid-late 1600s. This would explain his knack for machinery (artificial staff, portal outfittings), his personalized journal (as he would have had the means by which to make it) and his clothes appearing a bit fancier in everyday life than Caleb鈥檚.
Caleb: When he was alive, he could pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love with his wife. It wasn鈥檛 upon first meeting her (that was when he fell in love with the Isles), it was in an awe-induced stupor as he watched her win the Bonesborough Brawl. He saw this woman, surrounded by spell circles, light in her eyes as she takes this victory that never could have belonged to anyone but her鈥 let鈥檚 just say Hunter gets it from somewhere.
Starscream: Is working extremely hard to repress how shaken he is by the whole Allspark-immortality deal. Like, he died. Spark鈥檚 gone and everything. It鈥檚 a very unique emotion to look into the place where your very soul is supposed to be and see absolutely nothing. If Skywarp represents everything he fights through to act as confident as he does, you could make a whole new clone out of the repressed fear and dread that he refuses to feel.
Blitzwing: You know that one episode with Master Disaster and the Allspark-powered remote, where Sari gets a hold of it and tries to help Bee out? She turns it on Blitzwing midair, forcing him to spin out of control (鈥淒izzy! Not liking the dizzy!鈥) while her, Fanzone, Bee, and Blurr speed along. The reason for that comment on Blitz鈥檚 end is because this is one of the few times he鈥檚 actually ever been dizzy. Seekers have crazy high coordination among the frametypes, born of necessity from so much tight, fast flying. Can鈥檛 afford to have your spin maneuver discombobulate you for a few extra seconds in a high-speed fight. Muddle this up with a bunch of grounder coding from the triple-changer procedure, you get to experience dizziness for the first time! Yay (not yay)!
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blitzy-blitzwing 15 days ago
how would these guys react if they met someone whose demon form is fully robotic, despite being a human in life? I can鈥檛 imagine that going over well with anyone missing their mech form ahaha
Tumblr media
I imagine that it would go poorly for the guy. 馃槵馃槵
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multifandom-x-reader a year ago
How Blitzwing reacts to he and S/Os sparkling
This idea was brought to me by a roleplay I had on guilded. Link will be dropped soon. So here it is.
Sparkling Eating
Icy -
He knows that sparklings have to eat in order for them to stay alive.
He loves feeding the sparkling
He finds the sparkling cute and tries to stay longer in front to see more of the sparkling.
Hothead -
At first he's angry because the sparkling won鈥檛 stop crying.聽
He finally feeds it.
Random -
He was shocked that they eat
He responded by saying聽鈥淚T EATS?!鈥澛
He then tried to make the sparkling dance
You tell him no since he just ate.聽
He was upset
Sparkling Crying In The Middle Of The Night.
Icy -
He immediately wakes up to tend to the little demon.聽
He does whatever he needs to make them stop
He finally gets them back to sleep聽
Hothead -聽
He wakes up and is angry. (He probably is)聽
He goes up to the child, and ask聽鈥淰UT?!?!?!鈥澛
He eventually takes care of the sparkling
He doesn鈥檛 know what to do
He tried feeding him
changing him聽
and even making silly faces (But that only scares him to death)
finally he gives up and lets Icy take care of him
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transfemstarscream a year ago
animated blackarachnia is one of, if not the only decepticon to have an actual backstory; explaining her 鈥榙emise鈥 and just how traumatized she was due to optimus and sentinel leaving her behind (to which she had no actual way of knowing that they didn鈥檛 want to) and angry that the two were so quick to presume her dead and then leave her for dead.
she was one of the only decepticons to have motives beyond wanting to gain power and/or conquer cybertron; unable to cope with her techno-organic form, the only thing she found worth fighting for was the ability to rid of it, even if it caused her massive pain as a result of her efforts. while the other decepticons were loyal to megatron in some way, or using him as a means to get power themselves鈥 blackarachnia was part of the decepticons for neither, only using them as a way to get by and leaving with no hesitation when she got the chance to.
and she鈥檚 not a good person, mind you鈥 she is a villain and her methods of getting by are very blatant examples of that. except for the fact her anger is justified; she has every right to be upset and heartbroken that her presumed friends left her behind to die. she has every right to not want to reunite with either of the two, because to her, they鈥檙e the ones who caused this, they鈥檙e the ones who left her, and they鈥檙e the ones who never bothered to ever check up on her again.
her personality isn鈥檛 even inherently evil. a flirt? yes. does she use that to her advantage? yes. but she barely does anything to 鈥渆xcite鈥 the bots she enchants; all it took to get the dinobots on her side was a few chin rubs and a line of praise. she didn鈥檛 鈥渂reak鈥 dinobot鈥檚 heart, because she made it pretty clear that she had no interest in him from the get-go. do you also harp on shockwave for breaking blurr鈥檚 trust? or is that suddenly different, because your fanfic explains that shockwave actually cared about him, unlike nasty cruel blackarachnia?
her only real 鈥渃ompletely evil鈥 doing is what she did to waspinator, taking advantage of the fact he alone and had nowhere safe to go. but even then鈥 you鈥檙e going to harp on her for that, while you let your male faces get away with worse? while you make excuses for your male villain faves and hyperanalyze one frame where they鈥檙e smiling about causing pain towards others, yet disregard blackarachnia鈥檚 entire character because she, a villain, actually did something very evil now?
blackarachnia is one of the only decepticons with a fully-fledged backstory, understandable motives, a fleshed out story and memorable personality鈥 and this was all done in a singular episode! 鈥渁long came a spider鈥 is one of animated鈥檚 best examples of tragic storytelling and a sympathetic villain done right. she鈥檚 one of animated鈥檚 best written villains, and although i dislike the plans season 4 had for her, the fact her story holds so much weight and heartache because you wish things could鈥檝e been better is such good writing. you wish there was a possibility for her to have a happy ending.
so yes, i do think it鈥檚 frustrating when people who have completely infantilized their male faves (megatron, shockwave, blitzwing, etc.) into unrecognizable soft boys who 鈥渢ruly didn鈥檛 mean all the harm they did!鈥 make a plethora of excuses for every single bad thing they鈥檝e done, overanalyze singular frames of them smiling and saying it鈥檚 proof that they鈥檙e 鈥渘ot as emotionless/evil as they seem鈥 when they have done nothing to earn it and are so blatantly evil and manipulative that the show is literally banging you on the head saying they aren鈥檛 good people. i do think it鈥檚 frustrating that these are also the ones who furiously demonize blackarachnia, pulling the 鈥渉er trauma doesn鈥檛 justify her actions!鈥 while doing nothing to analyze her from different perspectives, harp on her for every single unconventional thing she鈥檚 done, and make such awful takes and essays on how she鈥檚 truly the most evil decepticon in the show, when she isn鈥檛 and is so much more than just that.
blackarachnia deserves better.
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spark-gem 2 months ago
Character List of Acceptable Characters
If you have a question on a character for a request, message me.
*Because LL comics has so many characters I will accept them on a request by request process. If you have questions on me writing a character for you, please message me.
Class 1-A UA Teachers Hitoshi Shinsuo LOV members Pro Heros(Miriko, Hawks, Fat Gum, Ms.Joke, Ingenium, Wild Wild Pussycats)
Black Clover
Julius Novocrono Yami Sukehiro Nozel Silva and Silva Siblings Fuegoleon Vermillion and Vermillion Siblings William Vangence Charlotte Roselei Dorothy Unsworth Rill Boismortier Jack The Ripper Asta and the Black Bulls members Yuno and Golden Dawn members Elves (Licht, Patri, Veto, Rhya, and Fana)
Demon Slayer
Kagaya Ubuyashiki Giyuu Tomioka Shinobu Kocho Kyojuro Rengoku Uzui Tengen Mitsuri Kanroji Obani Iguro Sanemi and Genya Shinazugawa Gyomei Himejima Muichiro Tokito Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado Zenitzu Agatsuma Inosuke Hashibira Akaza Douma Kokushibo Muzan Kibutsuji
Optimus Ratchet Arcee Bulkhead Bumblebee Ultra Magnus Wheeljack TFP Smokescreen TFA/RID15 Grimlock TFA Prowl TFA Dinobots TFA Jazz RID15 Fixit RID15 Sideswipe RID15 Strongarm Optimus Primal Cheetor Rattrap Rhinox Tigertron Airazor Silverbolt Tigerhawk Dinobot
Megatron Starscream Soundwave TFP Knockout TFP Breakdown Shockwave TFP Predaking TFA/ BW Blackarachbia TFA Blitzwing TFA Starscream鈥檚 clones RID15 Steeljaw RID15 Fracture RID15 Thunderhoof BW Terrorsaur BW Inferno BW Tarantulas BW Waspinator BW Scorponok BW Quickstrike
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littlemisstfp a year ago
Transformers Animated: The Ensemble Darkhorse of The Transformers Franchise
Tumblr media
Every generation of Transformers fans have their own G1s. The 80s kids got the original Transformers, the 90s kids got Beast Wars, the 2010 kids got Transformers Prime, and the 2020 kids now got Transformers Cyberverse. Me? I'm in the 2000s kids cesspool and we got Transformers Animated. To anyone who followed me recently, you may ask:
"What's so special about TFA?"
To that I say, TFA might be the most experimental of the Transformers franchise. It's the core reason why this show has been an integral part of my blog for 6 years now. It not only defied expectations of the usual Transformers formula, but it shaped and redefined the franchise forever. Sure, it got its flaws that are acceptable to criticize as well as astounding elements. Said elements helps the show become more relevant more than ever.
Today, in honor of the first episode's airing, let's go over what age well and what did not age well in this hidden gem.
3, 2, 1, Prowl.
Tumblr media
50 shades of Wreck Gar:
Tumblr media
Some of the character designs are huge fucking yikes for me, fam.
Honestly, Blackarachnia's storyline is revolved around man pain and it always annoyed me. It feels like the piece of the puzzle is missing and she is not given enough time to be capable of redemption and self love. If a potential Season 4 comes around, I really want the showrunners to fix her character and motivations. She deserves a way better story than just the Lost Lenore of an incel and Optiboyo.
There is only one character I absolutely hate more than SDMI Velma and Pax. Sentinel. I fucking hate him so much. That's all I have to say, almost everyone in the fandom hates his guts. Next.
While they're excellent villains in their own right, Lugnut and Blitzwing are kind of there most of the time. Don't worry, they make up for it by being genuinely funny and entertaining thanks to David Kaye and Bumper Robinson bouncing off of each other.
Except for Meltdown (due to how genuinely terrifying), the human villains make me want to die horribly.
Some storylines are never resolved, though I can't really blame the crew since CNN and Hasbro tried to kill it. Stuff like Sari's origins, the possibility of Blurr living, Waspinator's fate, nd Magnus getting yeeted into the Killed Off trope might never be resolved because TFA was never given a chance.
When there's no action, the animation is a bit stiff and clunky at times.
Thankfully, that's all I have and feel free to make your own criticism in the weblogs or comments. Now let's move onto the good stuff...
Tumblr media
The main reason why I absolutely love about TFA is that our main Autoboyos are loveable and likeable as heck. Optimus is best boyo, I have so many posts about him that I recommend checking out under the #little miss talks tag. He's such a great character, I can literally write essays about him! :D Bumblebee is funny, spunky, goofy, quotable, and just so adorable. He's easily the most memeable of the bots. Bulkhead is also a character I adore so much. He's such a sweetheart, he has feewings and thoughts that express who he is, and has an amazing friend dynamic with Bumblebee. Bulkhead is so wholesome. :D Like Bumblebee, Sari is likeable, funny, quick witted, and memeable too. I really like how they made her a girl of color, which is very cool representation even to this day. And oh boy...they didn't have to slap hard with that upgrade and the biggest twist that changed the context of the story. Honestly, she also deserves better in terms of her story needing an ending. We also have Ratchet aka the best fucking character in the show. He's easily entertaining thanks to his grumpy quips, his hidden soft side, his story arc of learning to trust others, and has the funniest line deliveries out of any character in this show. I wish I can be as savage as him when I'm as bitter and old as him. Then, we have the guy who arguably has the best character arc out of anyone in the cast. A character that blossomed beautifully and manage to subvert expectations.
Tumblr media
Prowl is the first character to come into my mind if I'm asked who has the best story and character development. Not only he is a good example of how to defy the Cool Loner archetype, but he has the best story line. He was a hippie who tried to dodge the war in his youth, but was caught for being a naughty boyo. Then, Master Yoketron takes him in out of the kindness of his spark and helped shape Prowl into becoming a good person even before being a loner. When his teacher died, he became consumed with grief and exiled himself out of shame. Honestly, when Team Prime picked him up from that asteroid, they helped him heal from his pain. Over time, he grew fond of them, develop meaningful relationships with Optimus, Bee, and Bulkhead, and became invested in Earth's own natural beauty. At the same time, he developed his skills and managed to improve in time for when Lockdown came into the picture. He lost his arrogance and move on from the grief and pain that consumed him for presumably many years. Up to the end, he grew to love his teammates as a family and is will to ride and die for them. Honestly, he is the single best Autobot character of TFA without question.
The Decepticons are fucking amazing! 馃挏 Watch TFA on Tubi to see what I'm talking about, I could gush about them for HOURS. >:D
The robot side characters such as Jazz, Arcee, and the Jet twins are phenomenal. Fanzone and Sumdac are likeable and hilarious in their own quirky ways. The setting and the use of Detroit as a futuristic city just screams peak creativity in a Transformers show. The designs for the main robot characters are very memorable even to this day.
The soundtrack and animation is the second component that helped with the world building and how grand it seems for a little show like TFA. Like...holy shit, they did not have to go that hard on the theme song and some of the background music. They're just amazing to hear as background music for homework and stuff like that. 鉂
The themes aged well. Honestly, the ideas and commentary is what we desperately needed in 2020. Police brutality, the injustices in the justice system, fascist Sentinel and totalitarian dictatorships, terrorist Megatron, the demonization of and discrimination against ethnic groups, found families, the pros and cons of technology, self discovery and identity crises, rising up against corrupt systems, and mob mentality. The fact that so much mature themes slip under the TV radar just shows how well TFA stand the test of time. Seriously, go watch this show. The amount of layers upon rewatch after rewatch is truly something to behold.
Conclusion: TFA's future
Tumblr media
Considering how the #revivetfa tag me and @allabouttransformers started just one year ago, it's astounding. It's astounding that this obscure show from the 2000s is becoming the beloved cult classic today. Slowly by slowly, it seems that Hasbro is acknowledging how much of a dedicated fanbase TFA got. First we got a comic detailing an alternate ending to TFA, then an official reading of the original plans for Season 4....with ALL of the original crew and voice actors behind the loveable Autoboyo and Decepticon himbos we adore. That absolutely screams, in Hasbro's mind, "Maybe...maybe TFA wasn't a complete failure after all."
While Marty Isenberg said that while it's highly unlikely that TFA would return to television considering the legal challenges and how it's been treated as a toy commercial, a comic continuation is highly possible. Possible as if Hasbro sees the fan devotion and adoration of Transformers Animated.
Hell, just even mentioning the tag here is enough to show how TFA went from a passing fad into a cultural phenomenon in the fandom. Every day, I see new fans and old fans coming together and it gives me hope for the future of TFA.
We need a proper ending, because Transformers Animated is a show that is more than meets the eye. 鉂
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eve-of-halloween 7 months ago
I can only guess Blitzwing inherited his sire's mindset and ultimately blamed himself for Tripwire leaving?
He blamed alot of things for his sire leaving but as a child placed alot of his anger and resentment at his younger brither thinking it was because they were week and couldn't fight very well when she left, that weakness is what drove her away when they needed her most.
Its why Blitzwing really destested weakness. He blames being week for loosing his sire. Taking her words about not being able to protect them. Or believing if she stayed they would die, to spark and got it in his head if he and Deadstick were stronger she would gave stayed.
Its what lead him down the path of becoming a triple changer. After loosing Deadstick and spending years labled a freak it took blitzwing becoming a oarent for him to revisit his old demons. And realizing it wasnt his or Deadsticks fault, but it was far too late to undo what he did.
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glitchkilldelphinixdj a year ago
Transformers Animated X Friday Night Funkin AU (As I would pretty much think in general)
Blitzwing as the Boyfriend/Keith
Bumblebee as the Girlfriend
Megatron as the Dad (Well because his voice indeed is deep and raspy so that works.)
Starscream as the Mother (In the series, his voice is high-pitched and it perfectly fits! LOL!!!馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槅馃槅馃槅)
The Constructicons or Dinobots as the Spookeez (I would pretty much think the Constructicons a bit more for that.)
Swindle or Prowl as Pico (I am still in between those two, since Swindle is an arms dealer in the series and Prowl does have a mild affection for Bumblebee in the series canonically, just in reminder.)
Blackarachnia, Shockwave, Lugnut, and Soundwave as the four demons dancing on the car in the background of the Friday Night Funkin AU Starscream's level.
Blurr or Wasp as the Senpai Dude (Yanno, I am still in between these two.)
For the Santa in the Christmas week level, I think either Op/Optimus Prime or Sen/Sentinel Prime in general, cos why not?
I thought Wreck-Gar or Jazz riding the train in the Pico level, where either Prowl or Swindle be placed.
I don't know who should be the Lemon Demon.
For the Whitty Mod, I would think Lockdown as Whitty.
(This is all I can think of to be honest actually though.)
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