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#demon culture was weird isnt it
technothefruit · 5 months ago
Can I ask you what happened in the "dear technoblade... (an open letter)" video? I legit can’t watch it but I’m curious on what it was about/said?
Yea no worries! This may be a kinda Scuffed summary cuz its been a bit. But i wanted a Blank no thoughts or feelings summary n went back thru it a Bit. So heres an Attempted Synopsis of a Letter to Technoblade:
The op starts by saying theyre a fan, that they enjoy his content, that techno has said things in the past which have made people uncomfortable.
Continues that the video isnt an attempt to 'cancel' him, but is to make things right with the people hurt. Also says that much of the minecraft community 'trust that [he's] changed as a person since then', but acknowledging his past remarks is a means of 'proving that to us'.
Immediately after op plugs their channel saying somethin like 'i dont need subscribers, but im a youtuber'. Also to share the vid, like n comment to 'get it in the algorithm'. Not to put my own Thoughts in that but thats jus tasteless n weird as fuck askin for subs on a supposedly 'serious' video
First brings up older tweets: 'again, i'm aware that youve probably changed as a person since these tweets were made, but im also aware of my friends who are jewish, lesbians, or black who are hurt by these tweets and were hurt by jokes like these before.'
First tweet:
Tumblr media
Op says that they understand absurdist humour. But there is a Connection between hitler and lesbians in that lesbians was a group targeted by nazi germany for their sexual orientation (they say it more. Like. Specifically but i wont cuz its too Harsh in my mouth)
'Comparing hitler to lesbians contributes to demonizing lesbians and making light of the struggles of jewish people'
Other tweets noted, saying that it makes light of the horrors commited by nazis
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes they dont think hes a 'flaming nazi or antisemite' but such jokes makes it easier for such ppl to get away w this and 'normalizes the idea that the holocaust wasnt that bad'
'Even if you werent aware of the impacts of those jokes back then and you know better now, addressing these outright and apologizing to the jewish people that youve hurt would help make things right'
The next tweets mentioned are here. Potentional context like the tweet he replied to arent given or mentioned
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
'I understand that jokes like that were considered normal during that period of time... but that doesnt mean they were okay back then, or that they shouldnt be addressed now'
Next: shows more recent clips; first one is from tommy's perspective when they were trying to take tubbo 'hostage' and have him work in pogtopia with antfrost. Tommy spells slave wrong, spelling slav. Techno says 'a russian?... you spelled SLAV'. tommy spells it as 'slave' then the clip ends
Next clip; taken from 'skyblock: the great potato war.' Its short and only shows techno saying 'if skyblock has taught me anything, its that if you have a problem, the answer is slavory.'
Op continues to say that these may be jokes not intended to be taken seriously, but that 'joking about this... as a white person, comes eith a whole set of problems given the historical context of slavory in the united states.'
In regards to the skyblock clip: 'techno, you know better than this! ... given that white people were the ones who genuinely viewed the answers to their problems as slavory hundreds of years ago, and that you are white, its really unsettling to hear you joke about this'
They say it minimizes the impact slavory has had and treats it like a joke
Last clip: taken from a skeppy video titled 'when skeppy, technoblade, and badboyhalo get in a call...' with techno saying 'what i was thinking like, horrific racism aside, think about how powerful it must be to be an asian right now...' then making up a scenario where an asian person is getting bullied and protends to be sick to get them to leave.
Note: i am not sure the time of that video/clip, but i think i recall it from last march so a year ago
Op continues after to say 'i understand that you were joking, i do not care if that was your intent... jokes like these have undoubtedly contributed to the rise in hate crimes against asian americans' and that it can lead to people blaming asians for the pandemic
They talk about hate crimes that Have happened within america and how asian businesses have suffered hugely
Also specifically goes into detail about the atlanta shooting
Explains that they Obviously dont think techno is Responsible for every single hate crime against asian americans, but they 'being up these hate crimes to try and point out their connections to jokes like yours'
They say again that 'although this video will get called 'spreading hate' or cancel culture', they dont want to minimize the weight of racial microaggressions to 'twitter stans being out of control'
They end the video saying its them 'reaching out on behalf of all the people hurt by these jokes' and that he should acknowledge these things which hurt people
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owlf45 · 3 months ago
I am very curious of your book recommendations, could you share some with us, please? 👀
iwfewj okay!! uhm i havent done as much reading as id have liked as of recent so a chunk of my recommendations are going to be from when i was younger and, yknow, nostalgia and all, just to be warned
The Invisible Library: its a series of four books, they're pretty fun and i ate them up. they're not perfect, there are times where it drags; but if youre not too critical a reader you probably wouldnt notice it. basically there's this huge interdimensional library where 'librarians' cross through worlds, and irene, a librarian, is assigned a newbie (read: dragon fellow) in industrial revolution era london, where she has to protect something or another. smart dialogue, interesting systems and fight scenes and mysteries. characters are fleshed out enough, though sometimes come across as too sexy-brilliant-perfection. you get one talk about how irene is plain bc she's got brown hair but she's a pretty strong female character, and it's not all too bad a scene when she's comparing herself to a literal dude with dragon blood. ending of the last book was kinda weird but the books are very addictive reads
Ender's Game: author's an asshole, the book is incredible. sci-fi, child soldiers preparing for space battle, im sure youve heard of it, just give it a read. i literally read it in like, a day or two. its fascinating, and horribly, horribly, amazing. writing style is impeccable. didn't read the sequel but the first book ends just fine on its own. (just pirate a copy if possible so you dont give the author more money than he deserves)
The Tales of Desperaux: a classic. absolutely adore the book. the writing is pretty digestible. it gets pretty fuckin dark for a kids book, and in recollection its actually pretty haunting at times and it creeps me out thinking about it. but i still love it to death. great book, great story, love the themes. very emotional for Little Me(tm)
Theodosia: it's another series of four books. tbh i dont remember much about this but i just remember reading all four of the books in the span of a few weeks. very fun, i think its aimed at younger children but its still a good read. its basically about this young girl (id say nine ish?) who studies Egyptian mythology and is fine-tuned to mysteries surrounding artifacts and their hidden languages. her parents are archeologists and she sleeps in a sarcophagus in her family's museum and guards all the mummies. i love her, honestly. she has this seemingly-magical cat that follows her around and she doesnt take no for an answer, literally outsmarting/beating up grown men with an arm popped out of her socket as a preteen. she doesnt suffer so much from 'trying to make girl character Strong And Capable And Sexy Because Feminism" like the invis. library sometimes is guilty of
Serafina: another more childish series, but i loved it. its basically about this girl who's part human and part something else cat-like, and she lives in the basement of the rockerfeller mansion because her father works with the boilers to hide her from harm. she ends up in a kidnapping mystery and becomes friends with the rich owners' son. their friendship was adorable. very fun. loved the first book. the second one was alright though i dont really remember much of it; the third one was an addictive read but tbh i think the first one is the most worthwhile read. apparently there's a fourth book, though i havent read it yet.
Master and the Margarita: i was hesitant to suggest this book because there are times where it drags out so much and it got boring for me at occasions, but its also so fuckin nonsensical and hilarious at times. there's an incredible audiobook for free on youtube. the voice acting is great. basically it looks into an atheistic russia after the revolution during times where much of literature is censored. it sort of guides the author's themes in his book. basically, satan appears in moscow along with his little demon fellows and they get up to no good, fool around and cause a lot of shit to happen. oh, and also, there are two lovers named master and margarita, and they manage to reunite them.
Dracula: another so-called classic; it dragged on at times but i think overall it was a pretty interesting read. i think for anyone interested in vampirism it's cool to see how cultural phenomena have adapted and shifted what vampires actually mean and what their powers are. stoker's dracula was pretty intimidating, though his female characters were lackluster and blatantly misogynistic at times. this one also has an audiobook but it isnt as good.
Tuesdays at the Castle: another book aimed towards younger audiences. i think this is a series of five books, and the latter two books weren't my favorite. BUT they were all very very very fun reads. i think i read most of them within a day. the first book is basically about how celie, the youngest princess of the royal family, is the favorite of the castle—and that's meant literally. the castle is magical and moves its corridors and rooms around and locks people in places when theyre distrustful and does all this crazy shit. after celie's parents die, a group of people eyeing the throne try to take it from celie's older brother, roland, through complex politics and taking advantage of the siblings' young ages. celie and roland (and the older sister who i dont remember the name of bc she was obnoxious) basically go through tons of terrible shit, and its power of family. i love it dearly. the second book was also good, it included griffins, which, what's not to like about that?? those two were my favorites in the series of 5
Wings of Fire: *slaps* READ IT! the first five books surrounds the group of five main dragons, each of the main type, who were prophesized to take down something something the sand queen and decide among the three sisters who would get to rule the kingdom of the sandy-dragon type whatever (since war broke out among all the dragons after that question of succession arose), and its just great. dragons. very much fleshed out characters. lots of fun worldbuilding. highly entertaining. there's tons of books after and i don't know exactly where the plot goes after the first five books but everyone i know says its good. so. there you have it. its one of my favorites.
The Cinder Series: great sci-fi series, though the author more considers themselves a romance writer (which is quite obvious in their writing). clever writing, neat style, and very interesting stories. each of the four books takes from the perspective of a very distant version of different princesses/girls (cinderella, red riding hood, rapunzel, snow white) and very cleverly references them throughout the story. the stakes are pretty high, the overarching themes and plot are decent enough. they make for pretty good reads, though there are some cultural inaccuracies that have been criticized. sometimes the romance was a little much for me, but yknow. im obviously not one to talk. but the characters i loved. especially cinder and red.
Illuminae: LOVED this fucking series to death. god. it was incredible. i cried like a bajillion times. like the cinder series, its sci-fi and romance, but this series leans more heavily into the sci-fi elements. you got corrupt corporations attacking small populations on illegal planets, you got crazy bioengineered diseases that create monsters out of people, you got glitching AI systems who qualify the issues of human morality and go off the fuckin rails, you got crazy parasitic eels the size of people, you got warped time space continuity, you got incredible characterization and realistic looks at human integrity and truth, its just batshit. the writing is phenomenal. what i wouldnt do to experience it again. the best part is that the entire series is written in nothing but documentation and drawings and logs and ugh it is so good. they made diagrams and floorplans for all the ships and you just get pages of faces and names of people who'd died in x, y, z; it's haunting. i literally cried over a dude when i was literally begging for him to die ten pages earlier because i hated him so much. the romance cliches sometimes get a little under the skin but overall its such a good series. i dont think a single sentence is wasted in those books. that whole series is so fundamental to my writing style i literally cannot recommend (at the very least the first book) enough.
The Poisoner's Handbook: i'm actually working on this book right now. its nonfiction but its very entertaining (and take that from someone who hates nonfiction for the most part). each chapter discusses a different type of poison and how it's involved in different New York murders/killings in early 1900s, all the while interweaving the stories and backgrounds of Charles Norris and Alexander Gettler as they pioneered the institutionalization of forensic chemistry. the two are hilarious and charismatic characters, and, combined with the mystery of each murder case (and also a background of the effects and history of each poison), it makes for a pretty fascinating read. it also goes a little into the corruption and conditions of the medical systems during this time period, as well as how legislature (such as Prohibition) affected how poisons became popularized or more prevalent. it might be a bit difficult to understand if you dont have any chemistry or biology knowledge, but the book does a pretty good job of trying to explain all the information you need. i particularly like the book because it does a good job of keeping my attention; it hops around from case to case to subject and doesn't drag on for too long.
The Last Lecture: a bit of a turn but it's basically about a professor who's dying from severe cancer, and the book takes a more in-depth look into what he called 'his last lecture'; basically, it answered the question, "what would you do if you knew you could only lecture one last time before you died, and what advice would you give?" it was pretty emotional, a very short and good read. if you don't want to read the book id probably watch the lecture itself, its only an hour or two and i think its on youtube. but the advice he gives, i thought at least, was solid and rang pretty true for me
Outliers - The Story for Success: to be honest, this dragged on for me, but i think it had a lot of good points and i think if i read it now compared to two years ago id have a better tolerance for 'boring' nonfiction. it has a lot of interesting analysis on what makes success, who has a predisposition to success, and how opportunity in the framework of our institutions often snowball from small changes to large effects—resulting in 'geniuses' or large figures who are 'outliers' of their generation when in reality, its opportunity which drives their path to success
Confessions of an Opium Eater: its pretty short, only 80 or so pages, but the man's cracked. Very intelligent. I don't understand half of what he's saying at times because he's so well read that he references some obscure shit every other sentence but he's got an incredible writing style and a very,, 'incredible' lifestyle, so to speak. it makes for a very uhhh rhythmic writing style, very fascinating to read and something i want to tinker with myself. gives it a bit of a whimsical vibe. anyway, its basically 'confessions' from the author who talks about all sorts of shit and about his life as an opioid addict, which is one of the first written accounts in british literature. quite scandalous, very popular. tbh i havent finished it yet but i think reading some of his passages are informative and inspiring.
The Things They Carried: again, kinda dragged on at points, so its not my favorite but i still enjoyed it and i probably wouldve liked it more if i wasnt being forced to read it. basically a slightly fictitious-based-on-author's-real-time-in-war story that bounces from topic to topic about what happens in and out of war. like confessions ^, i mostly really like it for its style as a writer myself. the topics and themes and emotional weight was palpable, and it also had a lot of influence on my writing style (a lot of safe space and frame of reference emulates this writing). the book itself was also alright, interesting enough, but it was particularly the style that really hit it home for me. it really captured the art of human suffering long after the events have occurred.
Other obvious ones like The Book Thief, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Outsiders, and a few other series like The Beastly Dreadfuls, Dragon Slippers, The Land of Stories, Magnus Chase, A Series of Unfortunate Events; they're all pretty good too
Unfortunately I haven't been reading as many of the really good series that ive been hearing about for ages. this summer ill be reading Dune, Eragon, Shadow and Bone, Shatter Me, Mistborn, The Way of Kings, Red Rising—all those good series that are 'hot shit' right now. ill let you know how i feel about all those series when im done with them lol
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Tim and Damian Bond, and Jason Hates it
Random Kinda Fanfic of Damian and Tim Bonding. It’s OOC and awful but no ones gonna probably see it so 🤷
{Part one} WARNING ⚠️ A lot of cussing
“What are you doing” Damian scoffed, leaning closer to Tim to look at the elder boy’s phone.
Everyone was out for the day, so he was stuck babysitting a very bored Demon on the first day of summer vacation. If he had company it wouldn’t be so bad, but literally, everyone had vanished. Bruce and Dick were doing weird outdoor bonding in the woods, Tim hopes they haven’t killed each other. Duke and Cas were out with Stephanie at the Arcade, probably playing DDR and trying to somehow beat Cas. Even Alfred was gone, he’d gone with Jason to a farmers market two whole hours outside of Gotham proper. He was the only one not busy since Bruce had banned him from Wayne Corp for an entire month, a forced sick leave. Apparently, Tim was working himself to the bone or something. He was only allowed to do two hours of virtual work a day. An injustice.
He and Damian have been watching trashy television for the past two hours. The brat was grounded from his phone, something about plotting to steal a farm with Jon? Either way the kid was stuck watching TV. Tim would have got up and left the brat to his own devices, but he didn’t trust him not to go off into Gotham and break his bones. Or well, most likely other people’s bones. So yeah Tim was stuck with only Damian, the tv, and his phone.
Someone kill him now.
Tim Drake sighed, pausing his song and taking out his headphones. Sincerely wishing to the Gods that Damian would stop hovering like their cities gargoyles.
“Listening to music you pint-sized devil, why?”
“I’m almost as tall as you, you duck bastard-” Damian snapped, his cheeks puffing up in what normal people would claim as a pout. On Damian, it looked more like murder.
Duck?? What the fuck? Is that because his name is Drake?
“-so shut the hell up. I was wondering because you have the volume up so high on your headphones, that I’m half certain your Kidneys can hear the damn noise”
“If it’s so loud my kidneys can hear it, then how do you not know what im listening to?”
“Im blessed to not be connected to you”
“You little shit-”
“Just tell me what the fuck you’re watching Drake!’
Tim glared at him and weighed his options. On one hand, he could say no and keep his pride intact. But that would probably devolve into a screaming match. Someone would break the table, and blood would be shed on Alfred’s spotless Peruvian rug. Then they would both die a painful death and be buried underneath Alfred’s Peonies.
On the other hand, he could shove the headphones on Damian’s bored little head, get him to shut up for three minutes, and possibly disgust him enough with Tim’s music choices that he’d not ask anymore.
“Drake. What. Are. You. Doing.”
Option two was obvious.
Tim quickly drew his hands back from where he had put the headphones on Damian’s head, avoiding a swat and a hiss. Jesus Damian spent way too much time with his cats.
“Don’t take em off, Im just showing you the song,” Tim told Damian, as he drags the time mark back to 0.00. “It’s only three minutes or something, you can handle that can’t you?”
Damian’s chest puffed up at the slight insult, just like Tim thought he would. Damian’s a Robin like him, and birds are prideful so he’ll take the bet and not try and maim Tim for three minutes.
“Tt, of course, I can. Play the song Drake”
See? Tim called it, he’s practically a bird whisperer at this point. Not to be confused with a bird tamer, aka Dick Grayson. He’s the only one who knows how to calm down violent Robins, and the occasional bird of prey.
He should probably press play instead of imagining Dick interrupting an argument with falcon gloves on.
Tim nodded to Damian, as he pressed play on ‘I Think I’m OKAY.’
‘Watch me, take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night
Catch me, I'm the one on the run away from the headlights
No sleep, up all week wasting time with people I don't like
I think something's fucking wrong with me
Tim watched Damian’s face throughout the song, prepared for either disgust or just plain disinterest. Probably both, if Tim’s being honest. But….Damian’s face shifted from bored to assessing to straight-up approval in literally one minute. Then the shock of all shocks, he started looking pleased.
Damian was slightly bobbing his head up and down, he looked like he was actually liking the god damn song? What the fuck, what the actual- doesn’t he listen to Mozart 24/7?! What is this?
‘Roll me up and smoke me, love
And we can fly into the night
You take drugs (take drugs) to let go (let go)
And figure it all out on your own
Take drugs (take drugs) on gravestones (gravestones)’
Damian’s smiling, it’s the smile Jason usually has when he’s doing 120 on the highway but he’s smiling. That means Damian likes the song. Only Tim and Stephanie like this song, the others just don’t- oh my god does he, Steph, and Damian have the same taste in music? Is it the Gen Z in Damian finally surfacing after years of Talia’s classics-only music regime?
Inside my mind, tryna get things right (something's fucking wrong with me)
They want to keep you calling
So you don't wake in the morning (something's fucking wrong with me)
Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight, yeah
Find me alone at midnight (goodnight)
Inside my mind, tryna get things right (goodnight)
They want to keep you calling (goodnight)
So you don't wake in the morning (goodnight)’
Tim watched the song end and Damian take one headphone of his right ear, in numb hope. They may have an actual common interest, a fucking safe spot in the middle of a bomb field.
Damian turned to him with a small glint in his green eyes, his smirk sharp as busted stained glass windows.
“It’s better than I thought Drake. Do you have anything else, or is this the only good song you know?”
Tim can tell when someone is using his own tricks against him, a slight insult meant to make him do something out of spite, but frankly, right now he didn’t give a damn. Cause this?
This is gonna be fun
Tim mirrored Damian’s smirk, turning the volume all the way up as he cast his phone to the Tv.
“We could take over Hell, easy”
“Okay just because it’s true doesn’t mean iT ISN’T BLASPHEMY DAMIAN
“I have more questions than I have answers”
“.....I hate you”
“I Knew you’d like it!”
“I’m concerned that your favorite Get Scared song is Sarcasm”
“Mind your business Drake”
“Where did you learn that?!”
“You let me read through the YouTube comment sections, you reap what you sow.”
“Why are we switching to musicals?”
“Because you haven’t watched any recent ones and that is a crime.”
“How good can they be-“
“I would trade three of my monster songs for the entire Beetlejuice musical soundtrack”
“......Pull it up”
“Oh, this is how you felt earlier.”
“Would it be insensitive of me to say, God I wish that were me?”
“Knowing your Mother personally, no. No it is not- also how many memes have you absorbed already?!”
“I know what memes are Drake, Brown made sure of that- is she planning to murder her father?”
“You’ll have to wait and see, but you’re getting the right vibes”
“Ah, murder suicide”
“Somehow your theories are getting both colder and hotter, bravo”
“She pushed him off the roof”
“Well he was already dead”
“For all she knows ghosts can die again and go to mega afterlife, and she’s now a ghost Murderer”
“Fair, but it’s not like she killed Casper. He’s a demon”
“Are you trying to say it’s murder but not a crime Drake? Really?”
“Tell me you meant to make that reference, please tell me you did”
“Cell Block Tango. Is. Up. Next. Or. I’ll. Scream.”
“Holy shit you actually sang along-“
“Hey Brats!! You alive?”
“Master Jason”
Jason yelled as he cut through to the kitchen, depositing their numerous bags of produce on the marble countertop. One of Alfred’s favorite honey suppliers had set up a booth so they ended up staying at the market for a longer time than they meant to. Jason hadn’t minded, he loved spending time with Alfie. Plus he got some ingredients to take back to his own apartment as well.
He’ll probably wait till morning to go back though, it’s late. And for once Bruce ISNT home, so he and Alfred can chill out. Maybe make some food for the demon children.
Speaking of, where are the goblins? Usually if Damian and Tim were left alone, one of them would walk in, declare “Finally! Freedom” and run upstairs.
Are they dead? Have they legitimately offed each other, in a blaze of glory? Well no, probably not. Otherwise that ugly fucking Vase in the hallway would have been put out of its misery too.
“Alfie it is suspiciously quiet ”
Alfred paused putting away the fresh squash. The older man tilted his head slightly, listening.
“Yes indeed it is. Do you think the young masters are alright?”
“I’m about to find out, if you hear me shout God Damnit!.....then they’re probably dead”
“Master Jason!”
“Sorry, Alfie! It’s possible though“ Jason chuckled as he he crossed into the living room.
Only to stop dead in his tracks
“What. The. Fuck” Jason whispered, looking at the couch much like one would look at a car crash. Too horrifying to look away.
Okay so the kids aren’t dead, there is a possibility they have been replaced with pod people though.
Pod people is the only explanation for why THEY ARE NAPPING ON THE COUCH TOGETHER.
Replacement was huddled up armadillo style, with his kness pressed to his chest. The idiots probably gonna wake up with sore legs and a kink in his neck. Ya know since his kness were receding into his body like an owl, oh and BECAUSE HIS HEAD IS LEANING ON TOP OF DAMIAN’S.
Merciful Mary, Mother of God.
Jason spluttered, air leaving his lungs like an eviction notice had been served. Is this real? It can’t be, he must have walked into the damn twilight zone somewhere between the kitchen and living room.
“Master Jason, are you alrig- Oh! Oh my goodness” Alfred gasped slightly as he stopped at the doorway. Shock melted away to grandfatherly fondness. “How on earth did that happen?”
Jason shook his head back and forth silently, he honestly didn’t know either.
“ I simply must get a photo of this”
Jason nodded, absentmindedly pulling out his phone and taking a picture for Alfred. His arms machanically handing his phone to Alfred afterwards.
“Oh thank you Jason, I shall send this to myself and the printers immediately”
“You might need to send it to Barbara too. Cause if they find out we have a picture they’re gonna try and delete them”
“Ah yes, I suppose I should send it to Ms.Gordon as well”
Alfred nodded, taking the phone and himself back into the kitchen. Radiating a soft happiness as he went.
Leaving Jason to silently try and decide if he should leave them like this, and let the others find them. Steph would probably wake them up with “Awwwing” and camera flashes. Cassandra would probably send a picture to Bruce, and Duke would send one to Dick. Meaning they’d probably come back from camping early. Utterly unacceptable, Jason has been looking forward to Bruce fucking off into the woods for months.
Another option is he could also wake them up and watch their reactions as they realize they fell asleep together. That might be fun.
Or he could pick up Tim and haul his skinny ass up to his room. This would release Damian from his squished position of burrowing into Tim’s ribs. Like a fucking meerkat child.
Seriously though, Damian barely tolerates being tackle hugged by Dick how the hell is he okay with this?! Sure it’s true that Demon Brat and Replacement don’t hate each other anymore, but they still annoy the fuck out of each other. They also have the Robin Sibling rivalry that him and Dick had seemingly passed onto them.
Is Jason a little jealous that apparently Damian liked Tim more than him? Him, the guy who may or may not have (he definitely did) killed 17 men in Madagascar cause they tried to kidnap Damian as a toddler?! No, no he is not jealous at all whatsoever. He is fine. This is fine.
Damian snored lightly, and shifted even closer into Tim’s side. Replacement jostled for a second, before moving his right arm to curl slightly around Damian.
Damian actually likes Tim more than him.
This. Is. F. I. N. E.
Damian Wayne wakes up later that night alone on the living room couch. He is covered up with a blanket, and a pillow is under his head where there used to be none. He is understandably confused
Tim Drake wakes up in his own bed, the covers tucked so tightly around him that his feet were losing circulation. And all his pillows were stacked around him in a weird imitation of a fae circle. He is reasonably threatened by this.
Jason Todd broods in the kitchen, cutting potatoes and celery with excessive force. Planning all out, fucking war.
{Part Two}
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diavolosthots · a year ago
more requests! sorry if this is getting annoying. mc accidentally kisses the brothers and the undateables goodbye on the cheek before leaving the house/purgatory hall, what are their thoughts and how do they react (this actually happened to me and a friend we both come from a culture where this is normal but live in a country where it isnt so it was *super embarrassing*)
WAIT NO DONT APOLOGIZE FOR REQUESTS I LOVE THEM ❤❤❤ Also where i come from that's relatively normal too and where I live now people are f*cking sensitive toward that 🙄 anyway!
THE BROTHERS + UNDATEABLES reactions to MC accidentally kissing their cheek
His first thought is that you're lucky youre this important to him because had anyone else tried that he would've turned demon ASAP. However, the longer he processes the action, the more he realizes that, in order for you to do this, even just accidentally, you must hold some kind of comfort around him and just the thought of you feeling safe and comfortable enough toward HIM that you kiss his cheek on accident, sends his pride skyrocketing.
He just kind of freezes for a moment and replays the event. Did that just happen? You kissed his cheek? When you apologize and tell him its an accident, he almost wants to say that accidents dont happen and of COURSE youd kiss his cheek because hes awesome like that, but for once his lifetime, he doesnt and actually bites his tongue.
Uh yeah so he's gone. Not only is he blushing redder than the blood of his enemies COMBINED, but he also just stopped working. You kissed his cheek? It must've been an accident. Yeah of course it was an accident.... And then the self doubt kicks in.
His cheeks will blush slightly but hes actually super understanding, especially if he knows that that's custom where you're from. Still, he cant help but wonder if maybe, it wasnt an accident, and if maybe, he should return the favor.
Awe babes youre so silly! Nothing happens on accident~ but really go in for the lips next time will you? He promises theyre softer ;)
He doesnt even realize until a while later and he just stops. And then runs to you because he needs answers. And its so cute because you tell him it's an accident but he tells you that you can keep making those kinds of accidents okay sidhsjiwiajas
Hes almost as smug as asmodeus but not as dirty, ya know? Tells you its okay but hed be glad to pick up that custom with you 👀 makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside, more warm than his bed ever could and he cant help but recall the feeling of your lips on his cheek.
He laughs it off because mistakes happen, right? Totally understands there was no harm done. But once you left, and he's alone again, only barbatos to keep him company, he cant help but indulge himself in that feeling of your lips and the warmth they brought... And he almost calls you back to him.
Hes actually aware of your customs and quickly kisses your own cheek so it wont be awkward, except that it's... More awkward now and now youre both apologizing. He didnt mean to make you feel bad, and he will make it up to you. Unlike some others, his thoughts dont run wild and he wont think much of it.
Oh darling thats okay. He appreciates the gesture. Angels are quite touchy feely too, even with friends, people just dont realize this. Yet, your touch felt different and he cant help but notice. On the outside, it's as if nothing changed, but on the inside, hes sure his heart skipped a beat.
Levi 2.0. He stops working because wait did you just touch his cheek? With your lips? His brain is overworking right now but once you tell him it was an accident, he kind of.... Feels sad? He doesnt understand why. Feelings are weird.
Hahaha darling thats okay he knows. Hes much like Asmo though and will tease you about just going all the way and kissing his lips next time. It seems like a joke but hes semi serious; these feelings are getting unbearable.
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checkfortraps · 5 months ago
I think a lot of people are overreacting about Travis, but it also seems like there are a lot of fans (myself included) who are disappointed in his behavior, not just this stream. He makes a lot of weird no homo tweets and has talked about parasocial relationships being bad while still forming them actively it feels like, and idk he’s been a fixture of internet culture for near a decade now, he should know that his actions have impacts far beyond himself. I dont think mental health is ever an excuse, and it’s weird to see how quickly people will be like “oh but he has NPD” when other people don’t get that same grace. this isnt the first time he’s said something uncomfortable then lashed out at fans for it, and it’s great he apologized this time, but idk maybe we put too much investment into random men online. like all legit criticism of him gets reduced to ppl claiming cyberbullying, and obvi i dont support the people who are doing that, but there are legitimate criticisms of the way he acts online and treats his fanbase, and maybe he does have NPD but anyone who’s been treated for a personality disorder can attest that our symptoms can directly harm people if we aren’t cognizant of that, it isnt ableist to say that
Oh yeah, trust me, I’m fully aware and agree that personality disorders, or any sort of mental illness, aren’t an excuse to act like an asshole. What I’m saying is that even if you go to therapy and work your ass off to not display symptoms, it might still happen occasionally, and being a Popular Internet Man doesn’t protect you from that. So yeah maybe it happened before, but honestly, that’s just how mental illness is - it pops up from time to time no matter how hard you try, and all you can really do is apologize and move on. I’m saying that as someone who has BPD - another very demonized personality disorder. And having ADHD on top of that, well, that can really mess you up re: impulsivity even if you try very hard not to let it. Also, for the record, I’m not even that into the McElroys - I only ever listened to TAZ Balance and nothing else - and certainly not ‘putting too much investment into random internet men’ or forming parasocial relationships with them. I’m just voicing my thoughts as someone who’s also dealing with a difficult personality disorder that impacts my filters and tends to make me act impulsively if I don’t keep a very tight leash on it. (And certain things can make you lose your grip on that leash, like family drama, pressure in your work life, or, like right now, a global pandemic; it’s not a personal failure or ‘not trying hard enough’ when it happens while you have severe outside stressors, or maybe trauma is resurfacing. You never know what other people privately deal with, after all.)
Just saying, someone being famous doesn’t mean they suddenly have a better grip on their mental illness. They’re only human too, after all, and to be human means to sometimes fuck up and yes, even hurt people on accident. The important thing is to own up to that and apologize, and Travis did that, so I don’t see what continuing to call him out is gonna do here. And saying ‘oh but this person did this in the past without apologizing, that means they’re inherently bad!’ is ... not great because people can change and learn and grow, and we shouldn’t decide if someone’s a Bad Person based on some stuff they did in the past. (Unless it’s like, pedophilia or being a nazi or something like that obviously.)
But yeah TL;DR: of course having a mental illness isn’t an excuse for problematic behaviour or absolves you from having to take responsibility for it, but I think we should practise some compassion when people slip up - even if it’s someone famous - as long as they apologize and try to do better. And yes, you can start trying to do better at any given time - it’s rarely too late for that. (And I do think Travis is aware of how questionable his behavior was, because he apologized. If you don’t think you did anything wrong, you’re usually not inclined to make amends for it.)
But that’s just my two cents. I really don’t interact with McElroy content or Travis specificially enough to have a comprehensive opinion of him. I’m just an advocate for being forgiving of people with difficult to handle mental illnesses like NPD, BPD, schizophrenia, etc. as long as they own up to it and try to do better. I’ve been on the receiving end of being demonized for my personality disorder before, and trust me, it sucks. (Though it of course is always valid to be disappointed when someone loses control and lashes out at you. This isn’t a black-and-white issue where only one half of the conflict can be right.)
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crayyola · 4 months ago
generally im sort of obsessed with the warped, convoluted idea of heaven and hell that we have nowadays that primarily is fueled by humor and is kind of considered fictional in theory (many ppl who make these jokes dont actually believe in that) but is often applied to real life for the sake of a joke, so its like the uncanny valley of belief.
eve ate the apple and god and adam were both shocked by her audacity, god makes us out of ingredients in heaven, nobody can even decide what heaven is like at all but we all agree that hell seems to be just Normal Living But Hot And Bad. angels are like god's factory workers and demons just do whatever. demons are flirty and hot, angels are uptight, theres a waiting list in the afterlife and a receptionist at the gates of heaven but in hell you just go there, god acts weird and random, angel on demon romance is forbidden, and so on and so forth. these are just a small portion of examples that i commonly see in media that everyone just goes "yup! its like that in theory, haha!" at.
and the majority of this really doesnt seem to be based on anything other than what we as a society (mostly not-believing americans at least) seem to agree upon? this isnt really scripture. like this is just a ton of shit that, due to exposure of christianity as the baseline of belief, we all seem to jokingly decide is true in the like. fictional world we make up in jokes abt religion if that makes sense?
idk i just like the cultural phenomenon of... christian headcanons. i guess thats what they are
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whimsywit · 6 months ago
red velvet cupcake please!~~~
i know this is a hard request and i’m sorry if i’m challenging your mind here 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
i don’t have any specific character in mind, i’m also sorry for that! you can choose one if the class is way too much (i totally understand)
so the reader is from the Taishō period, (around the time demon slayer takes place) and suddenly gets teleported into the class-1A dorm common room! full yukata and everything! they’re so confused and it would be hilarious reading the class trying to explain new tech or quirks!
i totally get if you decline this, thanks anyway!
Tumblr media
before we get started tysm for being patient!! this one was definitely a head scratcher since i dont know anything about demon slayer nor the taisho period so it took me a while to get around to 😅
but hey this blog is all about challenging my skills right? so let’s just jump into it yall
it was an average high-school hum-drum day (which is admittedly a rare occurrence for 1A lmao) then BOOM, flashing of light, warping temporal sounds, all that marvel shit *cue the avengers theme*
you popped up in the middle of the room on denki’s desk who’d already ran to the corner of the room for cover deep in the middle of your daily practice of meditating and breathing, eyes closed and whatnot, so you don’t immediately realized what had happened
everyone’s a bit perplexed to say the least, their initial thoughts were that training in another class went haywire and ended you up here
but then why’ve they never seen you in school before? and what’s with your old timey clothes??
tenya: “excuse me, but could you please return to your class! you’re interrupting our essential study time!”
you finally open your eyes
you scream
he screams
everyone screams
we all scream for ice cre— okay 😂😂
who are these people!! are they part of some weird village or clan? that’d explain the matching clothes, but not why they’re so strange!! and SHORT!! WHY ARE YOU ON A TABLE!!!!!
you fall off the table asbhskwahs
people try asking you questions like who’s your teacher and what year you are, but you can’t answer any of them, and they know something isn’t right
sero, being the movie buff he is, has seen this scenario play out many a time on screen, and asks you what year it is
is it... not 1918....
he shows you some numbers on his bright box thingy and...... huh
Tumblr media
you run to a calendar hanging on the wall and oh my god this can’t be real
toru: “no, come on guys this is a classic prank! it’s gotta be!”
ojiro: “or villains have managed to infiltrate the school somehow” as he prepares his tail to strike (and gets in front of her *coughs in ship*)
shoto: “out of everything we’ve had to deal with you think THIS is an attempt to attack the school?”
what the fuck do they mean by villains wait—
now youre 100000x more afraid than before, honestly shaking from all the new information and stimulus thrown at you
they see your demeanor and your genuine insistence that no, you don’t know where you are or how you got here or what’s happening
tsuyu already hopped off to bring back aizawa from the teacher’s lounge
>takes one look at the situation
>immediately uses his eyedrops
by far one of the weirdest things to happen in ua but not the most dangerous so i mean ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ
nezu and the rest of the teachers are made aware and decide to keep your situation under wraps, alerting only the authorities and nearby scientists to hopefully bring you back home
but for now, since the class already knows, you have to stay in the dorms and just wait for progress to be made on your situation
but there’s no better company to keep you occupied, that’s for sure :DD
izuku’s s o fucking stressed, already thinking and worrying about the ramifications of you being here and the effects it’ll have on the timeline
aoyama’s just asking if you’ve ever had cheese before 🥴
you can’t help but be exposed to all the new technology and human evolutions so everyone just kinda stops trying at some point
ochako and kirishima get a huuuuge kick out of seeing you interact with everything
movies and cameras exist in your time, sure, but there’s no way you’d know they’d end up so small, and there’s so MANY all at once!! and in COLOR like????
it’s actually v cute seeing you play with touchscreens and just swish it back n forth ûwû
that was the biggest culture shock by far, not even the most insane of people from your time could have predicted that
in the back of your mind you can’t help but think of everyone as monsters or demons or other spirits (especially people like mina and shoji and tokoyami, you tend to stay far away from them just for mental health sake)
but everyone is very accommodating and tries to use quirks as little as possible around you!
of course momo and tenya are familiar with the details of the taisho period right away, history buffs as they are, and are best at assimilating you with their knowledge of your time
momo actually discusses traditional teas and shares them with you on the daily, it’s a very comforting experience for the both of you 😌
you’d think you’d end up closest to her but her lack of shame surrounding nudity just immediately puts you off hhskhsjwgs
welp that ship’s sailed 😅
people have actually gotten so much more crude, and you always turn your nose up at bakugo’s loudness and m*neta’s perversion
lots of areas of discomfort for you, but it’s an uncomfortable situation
you’ve been transported a thousand years into the future ofc there’s gonna be some hiccups <.<
despite how odd everything is and how much you miss family and friends, it’s hard for you to feel lonely
koda let’s you pet his rabbit to ease your nerves (he’s so quiet and relatively normal, you probably hang around him the most, it’s one of the least stressful options lol)
sato learns taisho era food recipes while jiro pulls up some traditional music to make you feel more at home <3
everyone’s so nice and considerate, and a lot more affectionate than was the norm in the your period, which isnt a bad thing!
you’ve only known these people for a short time, yet you’ve never felt so cared for
well, the experience will definitely leave a.... lasting.... impact, but you know you won’t be able to help missing them whenever you end up going back!
Tumblr media
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baldinggoat · 5 months ago
Heyy. How's DOS2 playthrough going? I hope there are some things you like about it at least. I especially want to know your thoughts on the companions. I think there's a lot more creative freedom going into it, as it wasn't expected to be as "mainstream" as BG3. For example, I really like the design of the elves that are creepy and weird, with long necks and bark-like muscles. That might just be me though, as many people expressed dislike for the design. I wished that they made the cover art for Sebille to look like that, which unfortunately they didn't and opted for a generic elven look instead, but I guess we couldn't have everything.
I know i post negative stuff a lot but thats just bc im better at writting down criticism, but i wouldnt play it if i hated it, and i wouldnt have bought dos2, so yeah there are some things i really love about both! I like the humbleness when it comes to exploring/crafting, theres something kinda peaceful about gathering shells and finding milk and bread in rpgs. Idk. So far what i like about the writing in their games is the raunchy and dark humor, i just wish it wouldnt vilify queer-coded language/mannerisms. Like for example i loved the skeleton dude in the dungeon with the purge wand that was like “show me your...pecker” and then called ifan daddy, but i hated the one guy in the dungeon who was a sadist with the face ripper and uhhh was apparently inspired by the transphobic character buffalo bill so 🙃
I have been really really curious about how much power WotC might have over bg3 because i do feel like bg3 is “holding back” and making everything more generic when it’s coming to design and writing. I dont think common elves in dnd were ever really spectacular in design, but bg3 they do feel like “just humans with pointy ears.” It wouldve been cool if astarion had more of a silvery/blue complexion, and halsin was more dark olive one with like, leaves and moss growing on him. I also wish tieflings had a more diverse selection of demonic traits like goat pupils/legs. I do love the elves physical design in divinity (lanky and weird/alien), but i do have to point out i hate the bad appropriation of indigenous cultures for their clothing/writing. but like...thats every fantasy games problem. But yeah the weirder the elf the better honestly!!
Im barely into act 2, and i didnt realize whoever isnt in your party dies, so idk when ill get around to knowing any more about the red prince and beast. but im playing as lohse so i’m really enjoying all the wlw content in the writing for her! I even like how your able to change how she looks when you play her too! They all do look really different then the cover art, ifan is so much more tan in the game, i thought he was going to be some boring white dude with a missing/dead wife/kid but fane turning out to have the missing/dead wife/kid was infinitely funnier to me. I also really liked how sebille is sympathetic, she was the only one who didnt want to kill tarquin. I bet people were/are expecting astarion to be more sympathetic, but like...he really hasnt at all and hasnt shown any sign he will. I just think hes going to be bringing out the worst of the worst fandom, if you catch my drift? But anyway i do think your right and bg3 is suffering from being “mainstream”, i bought dos2 to sorta of look into more of larian’s writing to see what to expect and im noticing the difference right away!
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butch-bakugo · 7 months ago
Im so.... Fucking frustrated.
Yall just hate bigender people so much.
You hate people that are both male and female.
I already know its rooted in racism and perisexism but yall just take it to a whole 'nother fuckn level.
You say bigender people cant be lesbians. Why? Cause if you even partially male, you must be insinuating that men can be lesbians. Yall act like there isnt a whole ass female gender there too.
Like that female gender being present dosent matter, just the mere fact theres some masculinity in the gender, makes you a whole ass man( not a nonbinary person cause ya know, were still policing nonbinary people for some reason).
Its not a shock that any form of masculinity in lesbians get demonized or scrutinised to high heavens.
Butches are policed on the daily for either being "too butch" and getting called trans men to being " not butch enough" and apparently demeaning other butches, merely for having a slightly fem appearence.
He/him lesbians are somehow still some kind of debate topic cause yall still think mispronouning is cool as long as your only mispronouning the people who " deserve" it.
God forbid you be a lesbian who dosent use she/her or who would rathur be refered to as boyfriend or husband! How dare this homosexual woman break any gender roles or say fuck you to the structure he was raised in!!
Nonbinary lesbians are policed to hell and back. Everyone thinks they have some kind of right to " draw the line" where a nonbinary person has an " acceptable" gender to still identify as a lesbian.
The goal post is constantly moving.
You have to be fem aligned but not too fem aligned or you " might as well just be a binary girl". You can be agender but " how can you be wlw if your not a woman" even though being wlw was never a requirement for being a lesbian. You can have multiple genders but got forbid if any are even partially masculine! That outweighs any feminine genders you have. You can be genderfluid but only be fluid between female, agender or third gender! All other genders are "too masculine". You cant have identified as a trans man in the past! You could still be a horrible man trying to infiltrate lesbian circles! You cant be both male and female! Your femaleness isnt important now, now your nonbinary identity might as well be just male! Oh, your intersex and it makes your gender weird? Well if you have male/masculine appearences or even include male in your gender, you must just be a nasty man! Oh and god forbid you be a cultural specfic gender that dosent translate in a way other poc and white lesbians can understand! You might as well just be an enigma or even worse, male!
Yall realize how much this shit JUST reads as transmysognisitc and transphobic right?
How much yall hate nonbinary lesbians? Masculine lesbians? Two spirit/cultural specific gendered lesbians??
Yall see any lesbian that isnt a she/her white fem perisex cis woman dating another she/her white fem perisex cis woman and lose your collective brain cell.
We dont exist to make you happy or comfortable or even feel good.
We dont exist for you or your pleasure.
We exist for us and im so fucking tired of all the she/her exclusive, white, feminine, perisex, cisgender women lesbians and all kinds of non-lesbians who make the he/they, poc, butch, intersex, nonbinary (espeically male and female bigender) lesbians and transgender women lesbians feel like shit for existing in a non-conventual lesbian way.
Yall make us HATE ourselves.
Yall make us hate being lesbian.
Yall make us hate being butch or he/theys lesbians.
Yall make us hate being poc or using our cultural genders as lesbians.
Yall make us hate being intersex lesbians.
Yall make us hate being trans and nonbinary lesbians.
Yall dont care about lesbians or what we are until it dosent fit your nice little mold.
No wonder so many of us would rathur identify as straight trans men or bisexual, being a lesbian sucks almost purely by the way yall treat us, our flag, our terms and our identities.
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karliesbuzzcut · 8 months ago
I'm not sure how to express this correctly, but am I the only one who finds it deeply sad that the Kaylors have trained them selves to address any "stunt" with "something gay is about to happen". The way they have always played with this idea has always bugged me because what is something gay. But yesterday my nephew posted a picture of him and his best friend in a waltz pose. For context I am so lucky we live in a progressive area. My nephew and said friend both have girlfriends, being gay isnt something hidden. Its actually embraced. But all I could see in my head is in 7 years a conspiracy theorist taking one picture of 2 goofy guys who have been raised with zero toxic masculinity, and saying look how gay they are, did you know he was on dance, look at how gay his hands are.
It's just weird to me they dont understand how problematic and part of the problem they are. TTB created alot of culture issues on so many level but I honestly think this one gets overlooked alot. Especially in the way she demonizes gay men to start with. Her conspiracy isnt based on helping a movement, its based on wanting to be right about 2 women who arent even in a relationship. And sadly at this point even if it was true her Karlie and Taylor are no heroes of mine, I dont hate anyone but I would hardly support them.
I hope in the future Kaylors learn a better way to use their words and express their ideas. Maybe actually doing some of their own policing even. It seems they have gone full Larrie so I dont expect them to go anywhere. But hopefully they learn they dont need to contribute to toxic masculinity, attacks on the other groups in LBGTQ, antisemitism and in general embracing lies and defamation about anyone who blocks their narrative.
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m never that bothered with jokes regarding lesbian stereotypes. I mean silly things, obviously, like wearing flannel and not knowing how to sit. Those jokes seem to come from queer women themselves just having a bit of fun.
But jokes about gay men are generally so mean spirited and that’s where TTB&crew land on. They point out Josh’s voice and seemingly shy personality; or Joe being comfortable hugging another guy and making silly poses in silly costumes. Like, what are you trying to say, that such and such picture give you insight into his deeper desires and now you suspect he would be perfectly content settling down with another man, getting a pet lizard together and then co-signing a mortgage? Or that he is posing or acting in a way women normally do and that makes you uncomfortable? Just say what you want to say, Cindy.
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My headcanon has always been that Alec figured out he was gay very early in life (I've ALWAYS been/I ALWAYS knew/I ALWAYS dreamed) which is... interesting bc visibility and representation must have been a huge issue when he was growing up. This sort of reinforces my interpretation that Alec has always been very in touch with his feelings and very honest about them (he only chose to hide/not act on them). Which is I think what Magnus figured about him from the very beginning ->
-> (it's rare to find a shadowhunter with such an open heart). Which is also funny and sort of on point bc Alec's siblings were widely mistaken about Alec's issues. It also explains why Alec doesn't have any major hang-ups about relationships or expressing his feelings, something a lot of viewers took an issue with (like why is Alec not emotionally stunted or things like that). That said, I keep thinking about Magnus and how he was exploring his sexuality. I mean imagine Magnus talking to his father. Magnus: I feel like I'm into both men and women 🤔 Asmodeus: Great! The amount of people you can seduce and murder has increased exponentially 👀 I mean, poor Magnus 💀
i feel bad for laughing at the asmodeus part but ur so correct hdbdudbdidndidndidndidn
and u know i agree with u 100% on the Alec stuff, this is a hill I'm willing to die on, Alec knew that he was gay since forever, he wasn't lying to himself, he just chose to keep it to himself. he made that very clear every time he talked about it too, i always KNEW i couldn't get what i wanted, I've ALWAYS dreamt, like you said. key words always, knew, and wanted. he was extremely aware throughout the whole process and i can't see it any other way. Alec is terrible at lying and that includes to himself, hes painfully logical and aware and hes been trained to pay attention to his own body/reactions/thoughts and approach them logically and dissecate them from the very beginning. theres no way he was oblivious to his own feelings, or else his lies in s1 wouldnt be so clearly bad.
Alec is, for better or for worse, painfully self aware and that's something i identify with, possibly the part of him i relate to the most. he's struggling because he know it's not safe to come out and he's decided that he wont, so he doesn't, to anyone. but he knows exactly how he feels and that that's his choice. then, when he meets Magnus, he's confused, not because he wasn't ready to face that he liked men (he knew that pretty damn well) but because he was questioning whether he really wanted to go through with his "closeted for eternity" plan. and there was the whole marriage thing. but he wasn't confused about what he wanted, not for a second. he was confused about what he was going to do, and how honest he could be to Magnus about it.
and like you said that's why their transition into a relationship goes relatively smoothly. if Alec were in denial, it would be a lot harder for him to go from that to the Alec we see later on, who is very emotionally available and open with Magnus, who loves him openly and unashamedly, who threatens Maryse to make her respect him and their relationship, who bursts into Magnus' house like "hello lets have sex". Alec can fit into a relationship with so much emotional honesty because he's always been emotionally honest. he just chose not to tell people about it because he was in a place where that wasnt safe
as for Magnus! I hc that his sexual discovery went like, relatively smoothly. I mean he was raised in a recently-colonized Indonesia, which. okay had europeans out there trying to ruin things, but was very open and accepting of both gender and sexuality, and didn't have a binary view of either. and asmodeus wouldnt care because like you can't tell me that demons and angels give a shit about gender, even if by some odd reason they did have a gender system that's exactly like the modern western european mundane one. so i think that growing up, Magnus didn't have a lot of issues with his sexual & gender identity. It wasnt like "figuring out" and "coming out", more like it slowly became clear and he was like "okay". not a lot of denial involved.
I've talked about this here (sexuality) and here (gender) and there i put more sources and everything so I'm... gonna leave that here rjdndjdnfk but i think Magnus' self discovery wasnt the problem, the problem was the shock of getting to England after the Asmodeus Yeet and seeing how different things were.
i mean, he was no stranger to queerphobia (he had a dutch stepfather after all) but when he was a kid, the dutch didnt really manage to colonize Java and interfere with their customs because the javanese empires were stronger, so they were mostly settling by going there to trade, same as always. so Magnus didn't really have to live in a time where people had to hide who they were
and then he comes back from Edom and it's like. you will literally be executed for this. what in the fuck. people meet in like secret underground clubs, terrified of making every mood. some dont even do that and suffer alone. no one thinks this is weird. people act like its always been this way. what the fuck
and hes struggling because after he banished asmodeus he thought he could finally be himself, you know? escape the need to like get his approval and the fear of angering him, get away from his gross, manipulative claws - you get it. he thought he could breathe and be out in the open and live his own life, but he can't, because so many parts of who he is - his culture, his origins, his gender, his sexuality, the color of his skin, his heritage, his powers - are being constantly repressed by the meat grinding machine of early capitalism and colonialism, and it's like, wow.
so Magnus never really lied to himself, either, but he did learn how to hide, and do it well. he doesn't have a lot of internalized queerphobia in the sense that he thinks it's bad that he's trans and bi, but one of the most prominent results of queerphobia in his life (aggravated by a thousand other things) is that hes gotten used to bottling things up and compartmentalizing himself and his identity. hes learnt to be what ppl expect him to be, and to show them only what hes safe to. its instinctive for him, to hide certain parts of himself, be it his immortality, his queerness, or his pain. and it's one of the reasons he struggles so much to be fully open and honest with Alec about how he feels. it's why it's so instinctive for him to stop everything and hide because his glamour went down. he knows that Alec knows about it, but he's used to hiding the parts of himself that people dont want to see
and that's without throwing Camille and her abuse into the mix (which i talked more about in the aforementioned links. like not to self promote but i am pretty proud of those asks so you know) and of course Asmodeus himself, and how they also taught magnus to hide his weaknesses, not be honest, "stop whining", cut off his own feelings and thoughts to please them. again i talked about this in the links. okay ill stop idndidn
in short, Magnus never really struggled to come to terms with his identity, but he learnt quickly that he isn't palatable, and he never will be - not to his mom (even if again i dont think she killed herself because of him, but Magnus believes it), not to his stepfather, not to his father, not to mundanes, not to the white european queer community, not to anyone. so he knows that, to survive, he needs to be able to bottle things up, and even if the people he loves work hard to convince him every day that this isnt the case (Catarina, Raphael, Ragnor, Dot, Alec) old habits die hard
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steponmeasra · 3 months ago
ok theres a lot to unpack here. yeah i get what you mean abt wanting to control how you're percieved, i felt that in my bones - i could never put it into words before, but controlling the narrative is exactly it. ig itd be easier for me than you to openly like kpop since im asian n dress/look (i mean im not korean but like imagine like a reject shop kpop idol in the clearance rack) like them and a musician myself so i can easily play it off as like. the muso nerd type by rambling abt what makes their songs and performances so good from a technical perspective and then boom! i look smart n shit n not like a crazy fan which i kinda am but they dont needa know that part. LMFAO ok but like? i understand your preconceptions abt kpop fandom spaces, but especially w third gen groups like monsta x or got7 or bts or whatever (but even still w 4th gen like the groups on kingdom - minus btob they're all ancient feel free to thirst. idk if u saw their back door stage but minhyuk rips his shirt off and its a View.) you'll find that theres a lot of fans your age, especially here on tumblr. in my experience, tumblr seems to be where the older fans recuperate while the younger fans stick to twitter, but theres still a bunch of older fans on there too. maybe it is irl but online being 27 and liking kpop is nowhere near as taboo as you think it is.
"such a weird and specific flavour of racism" YOURE SO RIGHT FOR THIS TAKE BESTIE. like racism towards asians is so fucking Normalised like the way normies are convinced that everything coming from asia whether it be food, products, music or shows, are all inherently "weird shit" is actually like. so ingrained in our society and i hate it. i hate that its so bad that even me, an asian, held that belief myself until i got into those medias anyway. (i remember a time i told my friend i wouldnt get into kpop bc they all looked like girls to me. i like girls now so i think she won.) and yes while the west loves to shit on anything that isnt so macho that chad thundercock himself wouldnt sponsor, i also find the fact that asians are seen as more feminine IN GENERAL is a whole nother issue people refuse to address. like they'll say its bc of the fashion or the makeup or the dancing but they dont wanna realise that western male celebrities also wear makeup, just usually not as visibly. ppl will say "they look like girls" when they're completely bare faced. why? because of their features - their inherently asian features, because asians are seen as feminine by default and therefore just for existing and looking the way they look, they're seen as gay sissy boys. they just blame it on the clothes and makeup bc they dont wanna admit to their internalised racism AND misogyny. i could literally rant abt this for ages but for the sake of everyones sanity ill stop here but yall know im Right.
im so with you on the fashion aspect tho - i cant relate to liking western fashion bc its always been so alienating to me that i was the "dont care abt looks so long as its comfy" and "if beauty is pain then id rather be ugly" typa bitch until i got into kpop. that shit Awakened something in me bc i was like wow! theres other ways to be good looking other than the western beauty standards shoved down my throat since birth! thats crazy! and considering i havent conformed to gender once my entire life, having a break from the extremely segregated fashion of the west was rly smth else. my wardrobe is POPPIN now it looks like skz and monsta x had a baby who was nannied by my chemical romance. but yeah the beauty industry is incredibly sad and i long for the day it becomes about being expressive rather than... conformative? well, whatever the hell it is now. -felix bi anon
I feel like for me there's this really strong association between the rejection sensitive dysphoria aspect of adhd, and my interests at any given time. For as long as I can remember I always felt like the (very few and far in between) interests I had were looked at sideways by pretty much everyone, and it only got worse as I got older and my interests got more niche. Like, yeah, I kinda get it, the period of my life where I physically couldn't stop myself from compulsively infodumping about the history of jazz music was decidedly not what most people expect from a 24 year old white girl from the southwest, but like, I'm ready to re-enter that phase at any time, jazz is cool as fuck 😂 I've just always been super sensitive to critiques about the things I love, to the point that indifference feels like a critique even. And with RSD, if someone even hints even once that they think the thing I like is bad or lame at all, I can like... genuinely never enjoy it the same way again. Cause if someone I think is awesome thinks my interests are dumb, that feels like they think I'm dumb. And for me at least it takes time for me to become confident enough in one of my interests to develop a dgaf attitude towards those criticisms. When I first got into the arcana? I kept that shit SECRET from my irl humans for more than a year, and was hypervigilant about avoiding any sort of discourse or negative commentary. Now I've been in it long enough to feel like it's sort of a permanent part of my interest pallette, so someone could tell me it's lame now and I'd be like "OK aaaand?" But dipping a lil tiny toe into the kpop world and immediately getting "omfg you're so fucking old, you're too old for this, you're basically a predator, you're probably a groomer irl" def bothered me a lot more. Esp because the implication that I'm inherently predatory for enjoying one of these groups, based on my age, is like... really serious. That shit is weighty, that's not a joke. And the massive coordinated attacks I see young stans sic on older stans if they at all acknowledge that these groups very much intentionally toe the line of provocative/sexy and innuendo/implication is like... intense. Which is why I'm so obsessed with their ages lmfao like I commented on a tiktok once like "yeah people say 'don't sexualize them!' when they're humpin the damn floor lmfao" and it was like I basically got called a pedo. So now I stay tf away from that lmfao. I used to be known in the arcana sphere primarily for my THORSTY ass tags on shit (if you go back in my blogs history there's some truly Nastee™ sentiments expressed for Asra lmfao) but I can't be doin that here, I'm not tryna get attacked by an army of high schoolers lmfao absolutely not, no ma'am. That backlash genuinely fucked w my head and hurt my feelings a bit. So yeh that's why I'm sort of obsessed with not crossing the line past "omg cute" w any of these idols if they didn't graduate the same year as me lmfao getting called a groomer and a predator is not cool shit
Yeah you really fucking nailed it, the intersection of racism, misogyny, and toxic masculinity, among so many other hurtful brainwashed ideas, is so so prevalent. And for me, I wasn't really aware of that particular flavor of it or exposed to it until very recently, and it took me a minute to put my finger on exactly what I was seeing and why something felt so off. I feel like there's also a very weird purity culture aspect as well? Like partially in that it seems to me as someone on the outside looking in that these idols really have to play up the Madonna-whore complex bullshit of being sexy, but not sexual, being visually appealing, but not asking for attention, being available, but being completely innocent. Imo there's a bit of a rape-culture vibe to the way they're supposed to not have sexual experience and not want to be seen as sexual, while still being essentially a sexual consumable when it benefits the label—it reminds me of the way the patriarchy teaches that leaked nudes are sexy, but intentionally posting nudes is slutty; the lack of consent and the fact that they don't want it is part of what's arousing in that scenario, and there seems to be quite a bit of that flying under the radar, imo. And also partially in the way the fanbases seem to react—and I get it, for the boybands specifically, if your target demographic is teenage girls, who are going through the most viscerally confusing and precarious physical and mental changes of their young lives, who are told they're sex objects but also to NEVER seek out or enjoy sex, and taught that sex is both the best and the worst thing ever, they're gonna want to find spaces that they feel remove them from the constant sexualization they're subjected to by the world. They're gonna want a safe space to explore things like first love and attraction and desire in a safe way where they're not expected to perform sex acts the way they are when they're actually dating. So I get why they're so adamant about not sexualizing these idols—they're projecting their rage at how helpless they feel with being sexualized and demonized by the world, against their will, all the time, since they were children. They want to be given the dignity of being seen as a human being first, and as sexually viable only when they consent to it, and they want their idols to have the same. But theyre also projecting the sexphobic purity culture bs, too. It shouldn't be controversial to say, "yeah, these are literally rock stars, they're not trembling anxious virgins, they have sex, they probably pull maaad pussy, and if they wanna get on stage and do sexy shit, that's fine," because sex isn't inherently evil, having sex isn't evil, experiencing desire isn't evil, wanting to be desired isn't evil—I get that a lot of fans don't see the distinction between objectification and sexual agency (for girls especially, it can feel like it's impossible to unlink those two). But the way it becomes this weird, infantilizing uwu smol bean thing of these literal grown ass men is pretty unique to the way people fetishize and objectify Asian people. Idk bruh it's weird and I'm obvi not an authority on the topic, it's just a weirdness that I see and go "huh okay here's what we're not gonna do, is whatever that bullshit is." Like no one would ever go "omg you guys stop sexualizing Justin Timberlake! It probably makes him uncomfy when all you talk about is his abs or his songs about fuckin women!!!" so like. Idk. Idk.
I was really immediately taken w the visual aspects—I'm a visual person, visual media makes my brain go brrrr, imma critique a movie's cinematography before anything else, I'm a simp for good visuals—because like. It's literally always the Golden Era of pop and rock but on CRACK. It's like, take the over the top energy of some of the greatest performers of all time, and do that DAILY, turn the volume up to 11 and KEEP IT THERE, ALL THE TIME. The last two braincells bouncing around in my peabrain rox w that, we fux w that heavily 😂 And I love the thematic nature, it just really tickles something in my brain the way that these stylists, whoever they are, really fucking GET what visual cues our brains associate with various feelings and what narratives can be pushed, almost subliminally, with something as simple as color palettes and shapes, even if that knowledge is something that's subconscious to them and is just one aspect of their creative output, which I would suspect is the case. But for a psychology nerd it really tickles me, you can tell an entire story with just one visual, you can elicit very specific feelings and manipulate that to your advantage, through fashion. So it's v cool, I love it. It just seems a lot more cerebral than "oh look it's (insert any female pop star in Hollywood) let's put her in a shiny leotard on stage, and a sequined gown on the red carpet. Cause human eyeball like shiny thing, all eyeball will look at Her." Also a skz + monsta x baby raised by mcr wardrobe sounds FUCKING DOPE???????? I know you're killin em every time you step out, I KNOW you are 🤩 when will you give these bitches a BREAK, bestie, when will you let them BREATHE??? THE ANSWER IS NEVA 😝 LET THESE HOES CHOKE ON IT 😝 THEY CAN DIE FOR IT OR THEY CAN DIE BECAUSE OF IT 😝😝😝 lmfao im fuckin jealous bruh, keep assassinating the haters w your wardrobe 😝
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yakuwuzas · 4 months ago
HELLO HELLO. welcome to a super late but doing my best viddy game tuesday review!!! i know i’m always like “i’ll make this short” and then proceed to ramble a fuck ton but .... I’LL TRY AND MAKE THIS SHORT LMFAO. anyway this tuesday we played towayami, yet another game off of the bundle for racial justice and equality. outside of it’s basic concept/gameplay premise, it’s a very bad game and i did not enjoy it at all. so uh let’s talk about why that is.
warning for ............. cults, death, talk of ... blindness? completely losing ur ability to like .. see anything i guess altho this circumstance has nothing to do with ur actual eyes, death i guess and uh i think that’s it? under a cuuuut! LET’S GOOO
the concept
towayami takes place in a miscellaneous town in japan because japan is ethnic and scary (will discuss in racism section). this town has recently experienced a towayami, which apparently just means everything is registered as pitch black to your eyes. the dev has clarified multiple times that you and the other villagers are NOT blind but you are unable to see anything (which is obviously not what blind means or anything are you dumb? smh). i believe he’s done this mostly because he doesn’t want people to think this game has any sort of disability rep because if he claims that actually disabled people are gonna beat him to death.
anyway, bored with their life, the mc decides to just wander around town. the town has fallen into surprisingly mild chaos. everyone has flat out refused to adjust to this situation, instead going on a minor raid of the supermarkets before barricading themselves at home. because of this there isn’t much to do but just get from point a to point b.
so because the mc is blind but not blind, that means your screen is completely black except for your cursor indicating possible directions for you to go in. to me, this was a super cool idea but as the start menu loaded up, i began to grow skeptical and wary.
“all according to keikaku*” *keikaku means plan
let’s just get the racism stuff out of the way now. mostly because the first thing i did once the start menu loaded up was look at where the developer is from. he is italian, as it clearly states in his twitter bio “italian developer (and some other shit. wow dude you make music? sure would have loved to hear some in this fucking game)”. anyway my point is that this dude is not japanese. idk if for the opening screen he just google searched “ethnic scary monk chanting” or some shit but it really has nothing to do with the story nor does it really set any kind of tone other than “oh ok we’re just using japanese culture as like ohhh spooky scary content”.
this is further exacerbated by the fact that this being set in japan had no bearing on the story as well. it didn’t make a fucking difference. we go pray at a shrine at some point and like .. that’s it. it could have been set anywhere. so why japan? well, i’ve answered that and i’m running out of ways to reword “ethnics are scary”.
at one point during the game we get ... i believe the only voiced line in the entire game which is when we answer a ringing phone. the word is “toshokan”. do you guys know what that means? oh, don’t worry, the game is going to immediately let you know it means library. later on we read a carving that says “shita”. do you know what THAT means? under. don’t worry, the game also told you. it’s almost as if there was no reason at all for those words to be in japanese in the first place. it’s not like the game was originally in japanese and then translated. like this is absurd. the dev clearly wanted something foreign and scary sounding so he picked the easiest thing to do, which was lift off of other cultures.
my problem isn’t even that the game is set in japan. my problem is that it’s only purpose for being set in japan was to piggyback off of the success of actually good japanese horror games and to misappropriate an aesthetic. it was boring and pointless.
the gameplay and uh ...... “story”
if you ask anyone who has ever seen me play a horror game (even shitty ones), they will tell you with their whole chest that i am a pussy. i get supremely sweaty and start shaking when playing horror games. mostly due to severely limited movements when you’re just getting around with a keyboard and mouse and the fact that i have the worst hand eye coordination on the planet. so how the fuck did this game not scare me once? THERE’S NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF!!
no dangerous looters to come across looking to take from those who have so that they’re never without? no monsters? not even the cult members who essentially caused this all and were appalled that they essentially were not the chosen ones or whatever (we’ll get into that in a minute)? the ONLY hazards in this fucking game is YOU. let me back track a little.
so you start off at home, wanting to leave. you are faced with a problem when trying to leave. the door is locked. god fucking damn it. it’s a keyfinder game. in the game you have the option to either left or right click, one allows you to inspect and the other interact. you need to use your cursor to scan literally EVERY INCH OF YOUR SCREEN. not just for items and passageways but also ..... open manholes you might fall into and die. YES. you read that correctly. your biggest enemy in this game is a hole in the ground you might stumble into if you don’t inspect before interacting with. this implies the mc is roaming around down on all fours bc there’s no other way to check for open manholes with no walking stick or other aid.
anyway, get to finding one key then another. you find a lumpy form tied and wrapped in a blanket in the attic along with noting there are bird cages although you’ve never owned birds, but it doesn’t matter because none of this comes up ever again so don’t worry about it. anyway you got the key so now you can go, right? no. your sister is in the living room watching cartoons and she’ll cry if she hears you leave for whatever reason so after more convolution you end up just cutting the power to the entire house. your sister goes to bed and you’re on your way.
we get a wonderful fade in and fade out of dramatic text (we also get this at the start) and it takes so fucking long it starts to drive me a little insane. it’s very corny and unnecessarily slow. it really isn’t as scary as you might think, dude. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
anyway, we’re back on the town. we find a drunk guy passed out on the floor but that doesn’t matter. we go to a park, i die because i interact with a rock slide that promptly crushes me to death. we go to a temple and pray, we walk to some apartments, i fall into the manhole and die. i come back, close the manhole after like five minutes of searching the screen for the lid (please remember that since the screen is fully black, it takes a fucking WHILE to find literally anything and you can’t just keep going because not inspecting everything will lead you to die in ways such as manhole or rockslide deaths :/) i spent 3 hours on this game, most of it was spent searching the screen. THAT IS NOT GAMEPLAY. it’s just fucking ridiculous. a sad little joke.
eventually, ONE interesting thing happens. a phone rings. you have to follow to where the ringing gets louder (do note that this therein makes the game inaccessible to deaf people THUMBS UP EMOJI). you answer the phone. go to the library. you break in. you find a dead guy. he wrote a note, you gotta go under. you find a latch underground, go into a tunnel. more fade in and out text. you have the option to die by sticking ur hand into a hole (which i did do by demand of the spectators on stream). you reach a dead end. on your way back, find a door. you’re in a hospital now. more point and clicking.
oh shit you gotta pee. yes, that is correct. about 20 minutes of gameplay involve you looking for a key to a bathroom to piss in. BRO, THERE IS NO ONE AROUND AND EVEN IF THERE WAS NO ONE CAN SEE YOU. JUST PISS ON THE FLOOR. it’s SO WEIRD. YOU FIND THE KEY TO THE BATHROOM IN A BUCKET. JUST PISS IN THE FUCKING BUCKET. ANYWAY you find a person in an iron lung at one point. it doesn’t matter because it never comes up again! much like LITERALLY 90& OF EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME. it’s just like woooww insert weird random thing so scaaaryyy woowww isnt this weeeird. such a juvenile perspective on horror in general.
so in the home stretch of the game you find notes from some guy who had been involved with these occurrence that has befallen the town of miscellaneous japanese location. i’m gonna try and uhhh explain it. there was a well, it made noises so they sealed it, then a cult was like wow this well is cool or whatever and started like ... believing in the towayami and like demons or some shit and basically all of this happened because they believed so super hard in everything and thought they would get to like ... idk go to vip heaven or something? this guy before seems to cut off mid messages and this is when you find a glass or something. then you’re in jail. then you’re in some woods. you can go any direction so i just kept hitting forward really really fast until i started hearing owl noises (which again, i thought would have been a fun and cool concept but it was only used twice AND like i mentioned before, is ableist by therein further excluding deaf ppl from the experience). we’re almost at the end but i don’t care to explain much else but basically you end up meeting the head honcho of this whole operation.
this spirit then proceeds to just absolutely fucking infodump everything you need to know about what happened and what the future holds for your little town (which is nothing). literally no subtlety, no creative output like ... just flat out “YOU GOT THIS FAR. HERE’S WHAT’S GOING ON”. anyway, after the exposition, you are left with two options. go back to town and keep living as you were or become a spirit. i chose the latter. i don’t really care to know what happens if you pick the former.
basically ...
for the most part, this game was a waste of time. it is NOT worth $4 which is what the dev is charging for it on rn. like if this was a demo for like .. a bigger project then MAYBE. there should have been NPCs, there needs to be a better way to get around. maybe once you’ve made it a certain distance, (at the park?) you can use a stick to get around? instead of having to like scan every inch of the screen and having to both interact and inspect every single fucking thing. there should be more danger in this game. it should be scarier. there should be music. THEY NEED TO FIX THE FUCKING TYPOS IN IT, OF WHICH THERE ARE MANY. (how tf are u gnna charge for a game with spelling mistakes in it bro)
friendly advice
before using disabilities as a horror concept (you can say until you’re blue in the face that you’re not repping disabilities but what you’ve portrayed is a truth in the lives of many), you need to make these games accessible to people with said disabilities. there is a youtube channel called “game maker’s toolkit” that has tons of videos on making your games more accessible to those with disabilities (the blind, deaf, those with motor disabilities, colorblindness, etc). maybe try checking them out. or talk with disabled people to get input on what would help them better play your games. you can’t just take people’s experiences, PROFIT off of them and then make it inaccessible to us. i mean, you CAN but you’re a dickhead for it.
in conclusion
just awful. disappointing. super stressful. i was more just frustrated by how long everything took in comparison to the amount of content we actually got. like now knowing where everything is, i could probably run through this game in like ... ten minutes? idk, dude. each game in this bundle i feel just gets progressively worse. every game i play (on this bundle), i get more and more disheartened. i strongly believe there was no genuine thought or consideration put into creating it ... at LEAST the money went to a good cause ... anyway, that’s all for this tuesday. will be back tomorrow with my movie sunday review.
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yioh · a year ago
yuraaaaaa, i need good anime recs pwease :)
ok ima start with some light hearted slice of life/shoujo style stuff:
gekkan shoujo nozaki kun (10/10 all the characters are so fucking funny it makes me laugh so much. Just alotta dumbass humour lol)
ore monogatari ( god this one is just So CUTEEEEEEEE the characters are SO CUTE and mc fucking CHUGS hos respect women juice and the girl is adorable and the side characters are adorable and its funny and . So. FUCKING. Cute . Dkdndndnn
March comes in like a lion ( ok so this isnt shoujo but very slice of life, mc has depression and its very .. realistically portrayed, it shows his journey towards recovery and its generally a very warm hopefull loving anime :) )
given (very gay much music alot of gay panic and its SO cute , but theres some angsty stuff too )
hyouka ( cute Sherlock holmes esque series)
uhhhh omf my mind is going so blank, idk about genre but more fightey ones next lol
noragami (mc is the cutest bean ever and theres lots of cool fighting and its just generally a light hearted but fun kinda angsty anime, altho i heard the manga gets v v angsty lol )
tokyo ghoul (ok to be fair i wasnt a big fan of s2&3 and lowkey never finished it but i was OBSESSED with s1 the plot the story the music it was all so fucking cool and 13 year old me was mind blown lol )
mob psycho 100 (aight this one is so so so fuckinf good everrything about it is just so quality and the animation is INSANE also mc is a lil bub and theres so many cool different characters and the writing is so cool and yes. Very good lol )
VINLAND SAGA IMFGNFKDJDJ OK I FHELLA RECC THIS IYS SO UNDERATED BUT SO GOOD can u tell from my excitement lol , i binged this So FAST the story was so hypnotic and immersing its INSANE
haikyuu ( ok not fightey but more sportsy but its so SO good like. every single match will have u at the egde of ur chair and ull be rooting for ALL the teams and the characters are So endearing ajd the music and animation is so freaking dramatic and cool lol )
zankyou no terror ( this one......... yeah...................... it honestly fucked me up A Lot with my emotions it was ... so hypnotic,, the characters were written so wonderfully and jesus the music..... everything about this anime was done to top standards and execeuted perfectly and it will Break u lol. if u want some cool angsty well written shit this is IT . ill never forget the experience of watching this anime man. )
AKATSUKI NO YONA OMFG HOW COULD I FORGET GHIS ANIME IS SOOOOOooooooooooo good, the charcater development is MWAH chefs KISS !!!!! also cool world building/setting and briming with fantasy&culture, mega cool fight scenes and the characters are FULL of life . historical fantasy shows with women mcs >>>>
charlotte is also p nice. its not the best quality but the characters are p cute and it has a Very interesting story, i honestly rewatched it a few times its very fun, it revolves around students who develop these abilities and how ppl hunt them down etc etc but its very fun lol
currently watching dororo and i will update!!
i forgot to put gun gale online, the second instalment of sword art online, and listen when i say i HATE sao dksjdjdj that shit is EWWWSSWW but ggo is ....... this one was fucking good ok lmao
fuck i also forgot hunter x hunter, i watched this when i was like 14 lmao so i dont remember Much apart from being capital s Shook at it, also its v popular these days for some reason ( is it on netflix or something??? idk) but yeah im gonna rewatch it soon, all i remember are weird ant mans
kimetsu no yaiba ( this one is p decent, the animation is fucking Tasty rkdjdj and theres a bunch of cool characters and i rly like the fight scenes lol,, also nezuko chan i love u . the characters are v v cute and its abt a bunch of kids fighting demons with elements and shizzzz )
AJIN . THIS ANIME. FUCKING INCREDIBLE, this has the 3D animation thing which might put u off but honestly its the BEST decision ever. looking at the ajins in 3D effect is so fucking cool and the story is SOOOOO cool and it makes u think so much but the best bit apart from the cool action is the main character. my boy kei is as morally gray as u get and its fucking awesome. hes a little bastard boy focussed on his own survival but the LAYERS he has ... ughhhh PLEASE watch this its so so so so GOOD !!!!!!!!
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coelakanths · 7 months ago
What are your thoughts on the whole "witchcraft and magicks are different" thing?
ok. i have some THOUGHTS abt this one
they are! from a genetic standpoint they are different. HOWEVER they both use the same stuff if that makes sense! same base, different results. witches are more of a race (see haley calling ppl ‘humans’ and hyria living over thousands of fucking years and also how ppl are always weirded out due to the fact that travis is a demon, witch, AND human) while magic users are more of a culture if that makes sense! magic users are much less defined. we have much more diversity in the cast of magic users however so its a little hard to discern if magic users are really that different but bear with me theres like three in the show ok
witches arent human. they live much longer naturally and have the ability to use all magic but master none of it. magic users are much less defined by prejudice of others and are wayy less organized. their power isnt enhanced by a familiar. magic users are like,,, a patch? or a sticker. an embellishment to a race. while witches are a race in its entirety
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saifey · a year ago
the culture wars over like the same five musicians on this website are great because youll get someone going man fuck hozier his music isnt that weird its just radio rock and like thats completely true but then THAT person only listens to queen, or like, lemon demon, and that’s supposed to be completely value neutral? i’m supposed to be okay with that?
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thevriscourse · a year ago
VE using trolls is especially weird, considering its supposed to be an anti stagnation story (zombie era simpsons is one of the inspirations), so much so that the narration at one point complains both about people's complaints with the story and how they want a retread of hs. And yet it clings to some of the most popular hs stuff almost unironically. Like they're even having an intermission right now that stars the midnight crew, and features problem sleuth and cherubs.
i dont even mind the hs stuff - it’s an hs fanventure and i think that baseline is pretty cool, like. you wouldnt know bc bdth isnt out yet but i do the same things - bdth is a homestuck thing because you can assume certain things about its nature because you already have context for them from homestuck, but then it does something new with those pieces, like. the vast error version of sburb seems pretty interesting even if its naming convensions seem a little bit like bungee writing with normal nouns made into Proper Nouns all over the place
but like, its not the homestuck conventions that make it weird, its trolls having bart simpson costumes and droog. or whatever they renamed droog to. having a pez uzi that looks like garfield. or jentha? i think its jentha. being a furbies-type. or lemon demon. 
idk. maybe this is just me mourning the vast error that could have been, since part of the joy of writing trolls to me is making up things that exist in their culture and just filling that niche with human stuff feels wrong
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7 Reasons The Nun (2018) Is The Best Feminist Horror Film Ever.
As we steadily approach Halloween, we often tend to stumble across a mess of films that make up the horror genre.
Amongst most of the trash churned up by production companies is a tangle of tropes designed to make you turn your back on films with sense, and instead eat your own body weight in popcorn.
And it was the changing of the leaves that reminded me of a film that unfortunately got caught up in these horrors of the horror film industry:
Last year, The Nun was released as a sequel to the iconic Conjuring series, tracing a demonic tale that runs through the films. And lord, she was panned.
Tumblr media
Horror film junkies didn’t show up to screenings, and if they did, they didn’t rate it highly.
Sure, it got mixed reviews.
Sure, it was haunted by its endless use of jumpscares.
And sure, it wasn’t the best clergyman in the congregation.
(Even though it somehow ended up as the film which made the most money out of the series…)
But something about it just clicked with me.
I liked how it was a small offshoot of my favourite set of flicks. And I loved how it weaved together the intricate stories that created the hula-hoop of horror plots.
But there was still something I just couldn’t quite work out!
It felt fresh, it felt different…
And it was only the other day that I worked it out, that the pieces clicked together, that I finally could finally yell ‘Eureka!’ at my dad over dinner.
I came to the realisation that The Nun is the feminist film we all need this October.
In fact, it jumpscared its way into the #MeToo movement, and fundamentally represented a takedown of the traditional portrayals of women in the genre of horror.
No, I take that back – every goddamn genre.
That’s why I’m here to stand in defense of The Nun.
Tumblr media
That’s why I’m here to contribute to the #MeToo movement, and take down the patriarchy one trope at a time.
Today’s post is going to take you through a rundown of women in the horror genre, how women have figured in the paranormal theories inspiring these films, and how The Nun is the feminist icon we should all stan this Halloween.
So, grab a crucifix, burn some popcorn in the microwave, and chuck on a white-purple-n-green sash.
Let’s get spooky.
How did horror films portray women before The Nun?
As made evident by recent allegations, convictions, and cases – or just, like, watching a film – you can see that most of the film industry has been stuck in the wrong century.
And it’s not difficult to decipher that horror films have featured prominent tropes that support this.
Their distressed and weak women are the fundamental building blocks to misogyny.
It’s even been traced to specific horror film genres, styles, and characters! 
Tumblr media
Take slasher films:
From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to fellow horror icon Carrie, these films have been traced back to the good ol’ American Dream. The middle-class aspirations reflected across society and into the films that furthered the negative – but mainly weak – images of women.
And these images became some of the most striking tropes in horror films.
The first of these tropes is the Final Girl.
She’s pure, and she’s untouched.
She doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and most definitely doesn’t die.
The female virgin is the first character to see that things aren’t quite right, and she’s the only one to see us through the plot and finally kill that monster.
Tumblr media
(And yes, that vague plot works for basically every horror film ever…)
The Final Girl gets her name by taking on male characteristics, ditching her femininity and finally taking on the monster!
With her new-found masculinity, she can survive, and live up to her name.
But it’s only when she conquers the monster by turning her back on femininity that she embodies the next trope on our list:
The Female Monster.
One of the main factors reinforcing misogyny is the sexualisation of the female body.
And in case you hadn’t noticed, the oversexualisation of women is central to most horror films.
From awkward sex scenes, to the troubling portrayals of high school girls, women’s bodies have undergone their maximum objectification in the horror industry.
But what I want to talk about here is the female monster.
Tumblr media
Her body is not used for a picture-perfect DVD-cover shot, and it’s not put in slow-mo for a cringey running shot. Instead, horror films consider the female monster’s body as abject.
By bringing together the physical processes associated with women – which include menstruation and giving birth – the monster is constructed.
Just think of the obsession with the ‘hysterical woman’! The horror film industry has spent most of its years evoking the image of the ‘triggered woman.’
Thus, the female monster is based on physical disgust as well as the masochism she seeks – this is what drives a wedge between male and female villains:
Male monsters commit sadistic acts in the aim of self-mutilation. Female monsters on the other hand commit such acts to avenge the abuse carried by those around them.
Take I Spit On Your Grave or Carrie.
Both iconic horror flicks, both iconic examples of the female monster:
Carrie avenges her high school class and spends most of the plot covered in pigs’ blood, echoing her original menstrual difficulties; and Jennifer is sported on the film posters as wearing little clothing and smeared in a sexy array of mud from which she seeks revenge on her rapists.
Tumblr media
Evidently this fulfils the role of the ‘male gaze’ which never falls short of most genres, unfortunately.
But within this, we have to consider the key role of menstruation.
Think back to the opening scene of Carrie.
No, not the weird soapy boob bit, the bit where she starts bleeding from the vagina.
(Which BTW isnt how periods work in the shower.)
It is actually believed that the female monster can be traced to the bleeding vagina thing.
Basically, when a girl hits puberty, she immediately becomes a monstrous being, and follows another step to becoming the ‘female monster’.
Following on from this obsession with disgusting things and women, we come to the perverted mix of sex and violence that has contaminated the genre.
Take The Chase scene:
Think of the ripped clothes, the dim-yet-sultry lighting, and the dewy skin; it’s a live pop performance away from a Victoria’s Secret Runway!
Female victims are believed to be captured in this confused state of a sexualised body image and violence-infused distressed 5 times longer than their male-colleagues.
And once again we return to the Final Girl, and her survival of The Chase.
The final major trope we need to consider is that of the possessed young girl.
Affirming its role as a major horror theme, the innocent young girl is often laden with creepy vibes as the dangerous and demonic spirits take control of the events of the film through her.
Tumblr media
And it’s possibly because an all-powerful demon strikes such a contrast with the innocent young girl.
Consider one of the most famous horror films to grace the industry - The Exorcist.
The all-swearing, sexually-harassing, self-mutilating, all-knowing possessed Reagan challenges every component of being a ‘young girl’.
And this is the mirror image of the role of women within paranormal theories.
What’s the role of women in paranormal theories?
Theories regarding the paranormal obviously are entrenched in past beliefs regarding the societal roles of the sexes.
The supernatural was their science, and their religion their law!
But I’m not here to list all the supernatural theories that specify the differences between the genders.
I’m going to focus on one key piece of theory that echoes out into the horror movie industry:
And it’s how women and young girls in particular were deemed more likely to be possessed by spirits.
To skip out the confusing bits, this is what you have to know: as women and young girls are considered weaker, they are more ‘open’ to allowing in spirits and demons, and thus being possessed.
Obviously, this has made its way into pop culture.
But beyond the creepy possessed girl is the gender roles entrenched within the theory of possession.
If we compare European and African sentiments regarding possessed women, we can see that each specific country upholds a specific focus on women.
For example, several African countries focused upon how possessed women were more likely to leverage their condition in order to gain luxury items.
Some belief systems even classified that certain spirits could possess only women!
Clearly, women’s relationship with the paranormal has been painful to say the least.
And this is what makes The Nun the feminist icon that it is; it breaks down both the horror film-specific misogyny, and the misogyny inherent in paranormal theories.
Here’s how.
Why we should stan The Nun. Like, right now.
Upon The Nun’s release, it was branded a basic-bitch horror film.
It had endless jump-scares, a silly monster, and a forced plot used to duct-tape the films together. But underneath that surface we see a feminist icon disguised as a basic-bitch horror film. 
Tumblr media
*I am about to discuss key plot points from The Nun - this is your spoiler alert!* 
The film starts with the Vatican responding to claims of strange activity in an abbey (that just so happens to house the demonic Nun, Valak). A group of priests and other clergymen dictate the situation, and seemingly control the narrative.
And it’s this masculine and priest-based control that sticks to traditional films.
So, when the dream-team sent to investigate Valak is finalised, the move against the traditional tide surges.
We see the emergence of a new dynamic between the main characters – Frenchie, Sister Irene, and the Priest.
And it’s all down to the young soon-to-be-nun, Irene, who join forces with the priest to seek out the activity, and complete god’s mission on earth. Clearly – as she is a virgin and embodies the purity we expect from the trope – she is the Final Girl.
Tumblr media
But she doesn’t swan around being cute and dorky. She doesn’t even end the film with a succinct rescue!
She expresses her own agency by placing power in her faith, and in her desire to be a Nun, which is the thing that fulfils her identity as the Final Girl.
Indeed, it is her visions that lead them to victory over the demon, Valak.
Her own faith which celebrates her virginity is what saves them!
She also demonstrates her own agency by going against the church’s teaching on dinosaurs, and when they embark on the journey to the abbey and deal with the problems there, she isn’t just a sidekick.
Irene stands together with the priest, and brings her own set of knowledge to the table. Sure, the priest embodies his own set of wisdom from his previous experience of exorcisms and his position in the church.
But it’s the collaboration between the two - rather than a well-timed rescue - that really emphasises her power.
To complete this, upon meeting Frenchie – who immediately smells of a love interest the second we see the curly mop of hair and hear that accent – he makes a pass at Irene. He is quickly shot down, and from there we see no forced love story set to entice the female audience.
Sister Irene is a new wave of ideas and spirituality that manifest even more promisingly in her visions. She represents feminism - this is key to my next point.
Now, I’m gonna be honest – I get confused here.
A key premise of the film is that Irene has visions. And one of these is when her and a group of nuns are praying to seal Valak in the abbey, and keep the demon at bay.
I’m not sure if all of the nuns we see throughout the film that were at the Abbey were real or just a part of these visions.
But we do know that at least one of these nuns existed - Victoria.
She was the nun that committed suicide at the beginning of the film.
It is later confirmed in the film that Victoria committed suicide to prevent Valak from possessing her body and escaping out of the Abbey. And alongside this, we see the constant battle and bravery of the nuns in keeping Valak at bay!
Just before Victoria commits suicide, another nun takes on the challenge of facing Valak, and attempts to seal the demon using the relic that we later find out is the blood of Christ.
Consistently we see nuns be badass. 
Tumblr media
We see meek and mild women, drenched in Final Girl tropes throwing off the shackles of patriarchy and reclaiming not just their right to their sexuality and womanhood, but also to defending their faith and what they believe in!
What defines them is no longer their bodies, it’s their beliefs.
This is made dually effective by the comparison between their consistent efforts to keep Valak at bay and the initial efforts of the crusaders. The nuns mirror the efforts of actual knights, and use their agency and power of being nuns to do so.
We then come to the Nun - Valak - herself.
The monster titling the film ties together the tropes of the female monster and the possessed girl, evoking the role of women in horror films for the last 100 years.
Nuns often fulfill a mothering image.
So – just like the innocent young girls that figures so prominently in films such as The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose - the mocking of such an image by a demon incites the traditional approach we see in traditional horror films.
This is accentuated by her appearance.
Not far off the female monster, Valak is hag-like, stretching the perverted image of a woman by mocking a nun.
And Valak’s demise – which is brought about by the most badass scene ever – involves Irene spitting the blood of Christ in it’s face.
It is a true act of guts, grossness, and power.
It once again evokes the obsession with blood and the female monster splattered across previous horror films.
It truly brings together the main image I have concluded is core to this film:
The new, badass anti-patriarchy nuns who defy all Final Girl tropes and represent feminism defeat Valak who symbolises the past, misogynistic horror film tropes.
(Okay, fine, I doubt James Wan and the rest of the people working on this film had this message in mind.)
This is solidified by the final 2 scenes that end the flick:
We think that Valak is defeated and sealed away in the hellish crevice from whence it came.
But it is not.
Instead, it has possessed Frenchie, and this is who the Warrens find and exorcise. Footage of this then draws us back to the first film.
Tumblr media
See, what matters here is that a man is possessed.
From the dozens of films I have sat through, I can think of few that actually involve men being possessed.
And that’s why I fucking love this movie:
The film ends by overturning misogyny, and it’s this ground-breaking male possession that kickstarts the whole Conjuring series!
They may not have defeated Valak, but they defeated the misogyny inherent in horror films.
This film will go down in the reviews section as a trope-filled-jumpscare-ridden-basic-bible-bitch- film.
But it’ll go down in history as a feminist icon.
(Well, to me, anyway.)
Now it’s time to hear what you think:
Do you think The Nun is the feminist icon we all need?
And are there any other feminist horror films that we gotta know about?
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luckyhub · 2 years ago
// lore dump number...3? maybe?
eden’s powers are inherent, she is very used to them. she uses them almost constantly, even for mundane things. not using her abilities causes them to build up and become repressed-- holding them back for too long causes them to explode out in ways she cannot control. being as they’re heavily tied to her emotions, this can cause a LOT of issues; this is partially why she’s so emotionally distant. without being able to control her feelings, she’d probably end up destroying everything around her. this has happened before, but not in a very long time.
unfortunately, using her abilities causes strain on her body. picking up an apple or throwing a pen takes about the same amount of effort so it isnt particularly a problem for mundane stuff; the big issue comes from using her abilities to do things a human shouldnt be able to. lifting a truck or firing Cool Energy Beams (tm) knocks her on her ass for a day or three, and anything really powerful can be enough to straight up kill her. she’s come close before.
her visions of the past/future are NOT part of her natural powers, but she doesn’t know this. she’s had them for just as long, if not longer. even if she didn’t have psychic powers, she would still have these premonitions.
there are many different kinds of ‘anomalies’ so the rest of this post is gonna be me covering a few of them bc i feel like its important to explain how supernatural entities work in her universe lol.
”cryptids”: not to be confused for traditional cryptids, these are various anomalies that will occasionally reveal themselves to those who normally cannot see the paranormal. sometimes its a giant decapitated head rolling around, sometimes its fish with human hands for tails, sometimes its just weird and cursed objects that are sentient somehow. extremely confusing, extremely disturbing, extremely common, basically everywhere. they don’t really do anything or bother anyone for the most part. people who see them for the first time are unsettled by how common they are, and they’re often viewed as hallucinations. the worst part is, you can’t really un-see them once you know they’re there...they appear in pictures and videos to anyone who knows of their existence. they have a tendency to be fleshy and awful, but not always. kind of memetic. seasoned experts get used to them pretty quickly. mostly they’re just unsettling. kind of how a normal person would view bugs. there seem to be regional and cultural variants, but more research needs to be put into this.
ghosts/spirits/etc: brought on by the strong emotions some feel during death, or the memories of a loved one their friends and family had after they died. there are other rarer causes (unfinished business, summoning, split from their body unnaturally, etc). the most common type of beings, aside from “cryptids.”
supernatural diseases/conditions: this is stuff like lycanthropy/vapirism and technically most undead. traditionally and mostly commonly spread by contact with a disease vector (usually bites, because duh.) they also have a variety of other causes, however: genetics, family history, curses...sometimes they can remain dormant and pop up later on in a persons life.
demons/angels: technically the same species. theyre minions of deities and gods, but theyre more than free to do their own bidding should they choose to. plenty of renegade ones on both sides. not as powerful as youd think, but not to be underestimated either. theyre known for being capricious and cocky. not very easy to deal with, mostly they just like fucking with people and growing stronger. chaotic, but respectable.
parasites: beings that rely on a host, they suck the energy and powers from whoever they’ve taken over, and occasionally gift the host with their own abilities. some are passive, some are helpful, most are malevolent. incredibly hard to detect; the only way to really know if they’re there is if they choose to appear for whatever reason. usually pretty horrifying looking. would not recommend.
various other monsters/spirits/mythological creatures exist as well. aliens do too, but they have a tendency to avoid earth for obvious reasons.
humans with abilities appear with a thin grey aura around them, though with training and strength these auras grow more intense and detailed. no one is really sure what the colors and patterns mean yet, if they mean anything at all...
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heart-forge · 2 years ago
Would Tahira be pleased to be a kid magnet ? It would be fun if all the children she met were drawn to her like mosquitoes to a light source ! All adults are humbled by her beauty, all children want to be hugged by her ! Tahira, a human goddess for all ;D and what about siruud ? In his human forms, or even better, his real one lmao ? Would he thinks that we’re definitely a lost cause as a specie if even our babies are so reckless ? Or would he be secretly happy to be loved by those munchkins ?
Kids love Tahira because Tahira is the sort of person who carries candy in her purse and they can smell it on her. On the other hand, she’s super awkward with children; like she understands that there are certain expectations for children (they can be insensitive and blunt, they can repeat themselves, they take much longer to form a thought) but like in practice she doesn’t know how to balance that. She knows you’re not supposed to condescend to children but she also knows that you can’t treat a child like they’re an adult with an adult brain and socializing, and she has a lot of trouble hitting that middle spot.
Siruud terrifies children. Every culture’s got demons and like even the curious ones sort of treat him like he’s an animal who’s gunna spook and jump at them. In human form it’s a bit better but he still has the air of someone who knows what it’s like to be enormously tall and strong and not care. He, personally, is weirded out by children. He knows nothing about them even in theory and the concept of them is just perplexing. “If the child can’t lift it’s neck on it’s own for six months why doesn’t it just stay in the womb? Well why aren’t humans built to carry infants for longer if they need longer, doesn’t it seem strange to you that they just pop out half-done? Look just stop explaining it, it’s weird—” When he’s told that the babies have to be strictly monitored to ensure that they don’t fall down the stairs or eat something toxic, he isnt really surprised; he more or less wonders why all humans aren’t monitored like this.
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