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#demon girl

Okay Tumblr, I need your help. I have an oc (see below) that I need to name. I want to give her a Korean name, but constructing one has proved pretty difficult. Instead I leave it to the people to help me pick a name for her! The only thing I ask is that it be Korean or be similar as possible to an actual Korean name.


(The lady in question)

This would be really helpful if enough people respond

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“Look at me sinning aha! I’m so cute ♥️”

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I drew the whole body, but only the face looked okay, lmao 

She do be inspired by Barbie Wilde though, because i love how flooffy her hair is 

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Today’s doodles and things, last pic I was thinking of hero/villain but hero gets convinced to join the heroes side because the hero originally grew up poor and the ppl that want him to save their kingdom are rich nobles who basically sat back as his mom and everyone around him died through living in poor conditions.

Also he thought the villain was hot.


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a little doodle I did while sick 😷 over the weekend

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