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Frozen Dream/A Demoness Came Into My Dream One Time - 29/05/2020

I’m experiencing something weird in myself, I suddenly have the need to make art again, I don’t know how much this feeling will last, but for the mean time all of you human followers enjoy a (badly depiction) of a demoness I saw in one of my frozen dreams, her touch may have been equally as cold as the sea that was crushing prior, but I did enjoyed the company.

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Character Art 1 • Luna

An update to a previous post to start a series of illustrations to experiment with a pop art inspired style with a flavor of art deco. A fun study on the side while working on larger projects.

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“With your head on my chest and us falling deep in love with a little hand holding, you drive me wild.. each beat caressed between heartbeats, while we forget about the stress.”

Sometimes life can be stressful, and wrestling with your significant others lips.. honey dipped, then dripped on my flesh as I was waiting for that demon sex - eUë

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