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#demon slayer

Pairing: Demon Slayer Corps x Male Reader

Request: N/A

Warnings: Possible spoilers (implied relationships)


Originally posted by kogamiryoken

Life as a Demon Slayer was different from other jobs. Your nights were for work, when demons would roam around. Days, which were working hours for people with what could be considered normal jobs, were reserved for sleep. Today, however, was the day of the party.

It was a recent tradition with a history of only a few years. Demon Slayers from around the country would visit the Butterfly Mansion to celebrate another year of survival. The party was hardly advertised in an attempt to keep the attendees safe from any possible demon attacks. Only a few people would actually attend.

The invitation said to bring yourself and your weapons. It didn’t say anything about dressing up in a certain style or in a costume. If you weren’t travelling from the other side of Japan, then you could have brought fancier clothing. However, you didn’t have enough time for that.

The Butterfly Mansion was bathed in an orange light. It was day time so the light was faint but, if you looked close enough, you could see the orange illuminating the building. Bunting was splayed from the edged roof. The walkway was decorated with small pieces of Wisteria.

At the entrance was a sign that pointed you inside. There was a happy face at the bottom corner of the sign. If you didn’t know Shinobu, you wouldn’t have expected her to draw something like that.

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Muzan: Who broke the coffee machine? I’m not mad. I just wanna know.
Daki: I did. I broke it.
Muzan: No. No, you didn’t. Douma?
Douma: Don’t look at me. Look at Douma!
Akaza: What?! I didn’t break it.
Douma: Huh. That’s weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
Akaza: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
Douma: Suspicious.
Akaza: No, it’s not!
Gyutaro: If it matters, probably not… Rui was the last one to use it.
Rui: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
Gyutaro: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Rui: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles! Everyone knows that!
Daki: All right, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Muzan-sama.
Muzan: No. Who broke it?
Akaza: Muzan-sama, Gyokko's been awfully quiet…
Gyokko: Really?!
Akaza: Yeah, really!
Muzan: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
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Can i have a day 7, but make it INOSUKE, i-

Im sorry, hc’s or scenario, i let u choose, but make it female reader, thank u!! I love your writings!!

Day 7: monster fucking / overstimulation / pet play

warnings: NSFW

(a/n): Inosuke is 18+ in this, art is not mine

  • in this world, it’s demons vs. humans; this is a given, yes, but the relationship you share with Inosuke is rather… interesting
  • you, in fact, keep him as a pet
  • sure, you let him go on missions and let him do his thing, but you often visit him in the night
  • as a demon, you have complete and utter control over you little pet
  • he’s typically bratty; always talking back, always pouting, makes a ruckus out of everything
  • however, on nights like tonight, you shut him up and put him in his place
  • “What is it, little piggy? You’re being awfully silent.” you say this as you tie his wrists together and gag him
  • he squirms to break free, but he can’t hide the fact that he’s blushing and he’s incredibly hard
  • you ride him, suck him off, etc. until he’s a crying mess beneath you
  • “I don’t like it when you’re bratty, little piggy. You need to learn some manners.”
  • he’s shaking so hard as you pump his cock; he cums in a matter of moments, but his cock still kicks in your hand
  • you cover him in claw/bite marks, making sure to leave evidence of this night on every inch of skin
  • you lose count of how many times you bring Inosuke over the edge, but you’re honestly impressed by how much stamina he has
  • peppering kisses all over his face, you pull the gag off of him
  • he only begs for more, his words coming out in incoherent babbles
  • saliva spills from his lips as he calls out your name
  • he’s covered in spit, sweat, and cum, but he doesn’t fucking care
  • he practically blacks out as you continue to fuck him senseless throughout the night
  • the next day, he stumbles around, barely even able to stand straight
  • the others ask him what’s wrong, but he’s only quick to clamp his mouth shut and stagger away
  • he’s learned his lesson - don’t be a brat
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Just Watch


Sanemi Shinazugawa x reader

Okay may I please get a Sanemi x reader where Sanemi has public sex with the reader?

Not set in KNY/Demon Slayer timeline

“Hey Sanemi, I forgot to ask, but would you be willing to head to the mall with me? I wanted to buy some new clothes.” You said as you pulled your shirt over your head. Sanemi scoffed as he heard you, “Why would I go to the mall with you, (y/n)? You’re just going to make me be there for hours and drag me around to hold your bags.” You walked towards the scarred man, “Don’t be like that, Sanemi. I just want to go out with you. We haven’t gone on a date in a while.” Sanemi patted his lap to which you sat down. “I know we haven’t, but still…you really want to spend a day at the mall?” He put his hands on the bed behind him; “Listen, if you really want me to go, I will.” You smiled as you embraced him, “Thank you so much!! I swear I won’t make you hold too many bags, and don’t worry I’ll let you come with me to the dressing rooms.” You both headed to the mall in Sanemi’s car with some random station on. You were looking out the window till you felt Sanemi’s hand on your thigh, “Baby, I can’t believe you actually want to do this. I thought you’d be shy about it, ya know?” You were confused by his comment, but didn’t really pay it much mind. “I just want to get some new clothes is all, Sanemi.” You turned to look at him and were met with what looked like a stifled grin. It wasn’t much after that you arrived at the mall. You took Sanemi’s hand, which was rather surprising, and led him to any store you liked. “We should go there,” he pointed at Victoria’s Secret with a smile. You scoffed, “That’s not what I’m looking for. Now, come on.” As you walked you saw a beautiful dress and dragged the man behind you. “Isn’t it pretty? Do you think I can pull it off?” You looked at Sanemi with hopeful eyes that were met with a small smile. “You can always try it on, right?” You both headed into the store and searched for the dress. Finally, you found it and just in the right size! You walked around to the dressing room making sure there were no employees in sight. You grabbed Sanemi’s hand and led him to the furthest room. After placing the dress on a hook, you began to undress. Sanemi growled, “What? No show?” He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist before nipping at your neck. You giggled at the sensation, “Sanemi, what are you doing? Get off, I’m trying to put on the dress.” His lips left your neck suddenly, “Wait, what?” You could see his confused look in the mirror that caused you to turn around. “Is something wrong, babe?” “I thought you wanted to have sex at the mall.” Your eyes widened at his statement as you looked around expecting someone to pop out and shame you. “What made you think that?!” He snorted through his nose, “You said you wanted me in the dressing room! I figured you meant sex!” You placed your hands over his mouth, “Oh my god, shut up. Someone is going to hear you.” He gave a devilish grin, “Well why don’t we see if princess here can keep quiet while I’m using that cunt of hers, hmm?” You couldn’t help but smile at the pet name, “But what if we get caught?” His hands rubbed your arms, “Doesn’t that make it exciting, princess?” He pressed his forehead against yours, “Be a good girl for me?” You blushed at his words, Sanemi was never one to ask. “Anything for you, master.” Sanemi scoffed, “So fucking easy, now take off the rest of your clothes and let me see you.” You finished taking off your clothes to which Sanemi motioned you to spin around. You spun around for him only for him to stop you by holding your hips as you faced the mirror. “I want you to see all the pretty little faces you make for me.” He went back to what he was doing earlier and nipped at your neck. He moved on to biting at your shoulders as his eyes locked with yours through the mirror. You couldn’t help but whimper from the set of teeth, “Now, now, you have to shut up if you wanna be used. Can’t have people hearing you, slut. Maybe you want some help with that.” His hand wrapped around your throat as the other teased your slit. “What a fucking whore! You’re getting so wet for me.” You shivered in fear of someone coming over, “S-sanemi-” “Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” You shut your mouth to which Sanemi smiled; he slid two fingers into your hole, “Mmm, you take it so easy, whore. Maybe you want more or something else? I’ll let you beg.” His grip on your throat loosened, “Please, please use me.” He scoffed, “Are you already brain dead? I am using you.” “Please fuck me!” His eyes widened at the exclamation, his grin becoming awful, “With what?” “Please fuck me with your cock, master.” Sanemi’s fingers pulled out only to be replaced with your wish. “Fuck, you know I can’t say no when you call me that.” He placed your hands on the sides of the mirror and his hands on your waist, “Now, you’re gonna be a good toy and watch how pretty you look being filled by me.” He maintained eye contact with you through the mirror as he thrust into you. You noticed his hand move in the mirror and come down on you ass heavily. You couldn’t help but let out a loud whimper at the sensation. “You know they heard you, don’t you?” Your mind raced at the thought of his words, but you snapped out of it with the sound of knocking. “Hello, everything okay in there?” Sanemi bit at your neck, “Answer them.” You opened your mouth to respond but the words didn’t come out. The doorknob jingled as you felt the man’s smile on your neck, “Y-yes, all good.” Sanemi let out a laugh against your skin, “Okay.” The sound of the stranger leaving brought you relief. “Baby, what do you think they’ll do when we walk out together?” His hand left your waist and went to rub at your clit, “Think they’ll laugh at my little slut? or maybe they wish it was them being used in here? Aw, you’re making other sluts jealous living out their fantasy.” All you could do was nod as you were overwhelmed with pleasure. “Fuck, baby, think I only got a few more in me.” With that you started to let out little moans, Sanemi always loved to hear you. “Please, cum in me. Want to show you how pretty I am filled.” That was all it took for Sanemi to thrust into roughly. He bit down into your shoulder to muffle his grunts as he filled you. He pulled off and panted on your shoulder, “Get dressed.” He pulled out of you and lifted his boxers before buckling his pants. You scrambled to get dressed without dropping any of his seed onto the floor. You were ready to head out with the untried on dress in hand. You gave yourself a last couple of looks to make sure you looked presentable. Sanemi opened the door slightly to check for anyone, he turned to see you holding the dress against your body. “(y/n), I’ll buy you the damn dress just hurry up and go when I go, okay?!” You smiled widely and gave a quick nod, “Okay, I don’t see anyone. Let’s go.” He grabbed your hand and led you out. You both headed for the register. He intertwined his hand in your free one and looked at you, “I’ll admit it. It wasn’t the best date, but it has been the most exciting.”

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