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Some blue rui manga icons!! ft; the most beautiful sence with his parents,, cuz why the heck not??

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A/N: strangely enough I was sort of talking about this on twitter because I was wondering about their relationship dynamic myself. this’ll be short and sweet

EDIT: Im so fucking sorry i went on a thesis i didnt even make up a scenario for them i fucked up on this one im SORRY

Giyuu & Kyojurou HCs ☆

  • I know there’s a lot of rengiyuu lovers out there- i am personally not one of them but I see why people like it
  • The interesting thing is that they seem to be opposites in a lot of ways. Giyuu is cold, stoic, blunt, critical. His opinion stated at the beginning of the manga is that the weak are meant to die in this world, there’s nothing for them But death (or something along those lines while he’s waving a sharp blade around nezukos head)
  • Rengoku is fiery, passionate, loud, and actually pretty blunt himself too. His opinion about the weak is vastly different than Giyuus- its less hostile, and more … cradling? parental? he sees the weak essentially as an innocent child that he has to protect.
  • also buh water fire opposite 
  • Regardless. Rengoku is kind of a guy who gets along with most anybody… and I do think this includes Giyuu
  • Their relationship would be pretty one-sided, I imagine. I don’t imagine Giyuu would go out of his way to talk to Rengoku at all or get to know him anyway, he’s too busy brooding in his angst to really do that
  • And Rengoku is a pretty busy guy who doesn’t have time to focus on one guy. I think their relationship as colleagues was fine- but just… neutral, really. Rengoku would probably say hello, whack Giyuu on the back for being so glum and laugh. 
  • There’s no hostility between them, but there’s really not a lot of familiarities either. 
  • I’m real sorry about this I am so tired after today and this is my last prompt so you’re getting my boring word vomit thesis
  • I think giyuu likes rengoku, honestly. he probably admires the man in a way, but it’s not something he’d ever say. 
  • and in return, I think rengoku likes giyuu. he kind of likes and gets along with everyone, and I’m sure there’s something he sees in giyuu
  • Relationship: neutral and friendly. that’s my HC. I’m so sorry this is so boring
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I just finished watching Demon Slayer and I have a question

are the leader of the Slayer Corps and the Demon King brothers?

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purple lovecore wallpapers of tanjiro + rui for @pek-pek-editss !! i LOVE how these turned out and i hope you do too !!!

p.s. ily2 !! <3333


– mod cele

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pastel purple shinobu wallpaper with hints of butterflies for anon !! this was super fun to make and i think it turned out really cute ! i hope you like it, shi !!


– mod cele

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cherry blossoms | tokitou m.


once again for zhoey, who has no type

i loved writing this so i’m gonna expand on it in a oneshot hehehe

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

  • accidentally gets himself a bunch of fangirls when he threw an eraser at the school bully, who was harassing you
  • really he was just trying to get the bully to shut up but sure
  • you, of course, developed a crush on your rescuer
  • you’re able to tell muichirou and yuichirou apart, which is the first reason he notices you
  • generally ignores his fans but finds himself tolerating your presence
  • yuichirou your (his?) best wingman, and lets the two of you sit togther alone at break
  • you’re probably the only person he knows in class, so you get to do projects together!! woohoo
  • he’s smart so you use that as an excuse to ask questions and spend more time with him
  • falls asleep thinking of someone cute mistake you made that day which makes him smile
  • definitely will notice your crush on him, which makes him… happy?
  • brings it up to yuichirou, who basically just gives him a knowing grin and leaves him to figure things out himself
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Please don’t get too angy with me…


I’m making a demon slayer au rn with two ocs of mine and an oc of my best friend’s. Basically just a Doll au in a sense. If you’re ever curious, please feel free to ask!

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ive never talked about kaygoku before, so hopefully i can get him right—let’s say this takes place in college

slight nsfw


- - - - - - - - - - - -

it would be so difficult to start a relationship with this handsome, conceited man.

one day, you are minding your business as you walk to class, staring down at your phone because someone important just texted you. and all of a sudden:

hey hey—don’t start walking like a snail all of a sudden, move out the damn way, people have places to be.

“ excuse you? you could say it nicely, asshole. ”

tch. who the hell are you for me to be nice too, huh? move out the damn way, wrench—

and as this jerk pushes past you, you get a better view of his face—and you feel your heart skip a beat, because fuck, he is one of the most attractive men you have ever laid eyes on. yet he does not even give you a second glance as he shoves you.

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Okay so-

I’m currently filling out a request( REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN BTW DON’T BE SHY—) and two headcanon sheets. Idk when they are gonna be done. But get ready for fluff 👁️👄👁️

Especially for anyone who likes Enmu.

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Nezuko in a box

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Teacher: Strive to be just like your role model!

Me: Sooo…


Originally posted by zeni7su

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campus couple | douma


  • H E L L U
  • quite literally yells this as he barrels towards you at full speed
  • MASSIVE hug, spins you around because he’s that happy to see you
  • quite possibly the loudest student on campus before he met you, definitely the loudest afterwards
  • if you try to study together, he’ll just end up staring at you and falling asleep on the table
  • never try to study at the library. NEVER. he’ll get you both kicked out
  • everyone knows you because everyone knows douma and he brags about you to everyone
  • you accidentally become popular but that’s fine because no one dares to give douma any trouble and by extension, you
  • you get a cool bunch of friends, namely muzan, akaza, and kokushibou, who will do their best to chill with you and protect you when douma can’t
  • likes buying you drinks like iced coffee or bubble tea after class
  • he might not study with you, but having him around somehow boosts your productivity and motivation
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Headcanon: Gyomei seeing S/O who is taller than him.

Requested by: @caniscreamintoanabyss​ I hope this headcanon is what you’re looking for! hehe

Synopsis: could i have Gyomei with an s / o that ’ s taller than him ? and they just - [ spoons him ] if that makes sense ?

  • Ok, it started off when Gyomei just returned from a mission. Master Kagaya called them for a meeting. Probably something important he had to discuss.
  • Just before the meeting had even started, he saw you standing right next to his master. But that wasn’t just the reason.
  • You were tall, almost intimidating to look at but you didn’t seem to have much muscle. You almost look like a tall woman.
  • Gyomei wasn’t alone to feel this way, so as the other pillars they couldn’t help but put their heads up.
  • “Everyone, I’d like you to welcome Y/N L/N. The new hashira.”
  • After hearing that you were the new hashira, the others couldn’t help but feel ecstatic on your appearance. 
  • “Wow, a new hashira! I didn’t know you’d be this tall” Mitsuri said, probably meaning it in a good way.
  • “What a flamboyant height you have!” Tengen added.
  • As for Gyomei he was a bit speechless, probably almost wanting to cry his balls out because of her amazing height. 
  • “You’re so tall, I feel like I’m looking at a tree branch!” He cried.
  • You couldn’t help but just smile at the strongest hashira, so out of luck you picked him up in his arms to see how capable your traits were. The hashiras just left out a loud gasp as everyone was seeing what was happening. 
  • Gyomei just felt happy about it, I don’t know what it was but something about you is just amazing and unique.
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A/N: oh boy im assuming you mean Sanemi as a father lmao bc that’s what I’m writing! hopefully that’s what you wanted <:)

Sanemi as a Father HCs ☆

  • what an interesting concept for my first time writing for Sanemi…
  • Well, first of all, despite what he says I think Sanemi is definitely a family man. I imagine he’d be content with around three kids
  • A strict father as well! He’s very tough-love with his kids most of the time 
  • That being said, he’d need your good example to know when is and isn’t the appropriate time for tough-love. He has some struggles with empathy, so you’d have to help him during those crucial moments with your children where he has a harder time connecting with them emotionally
  • He’s not strict and harsh all the time. He’d know when to spoil his kids too- giving them treats or pats on the head when they do a good job, get a good grade, things like that
  • “Ask ___” this is his motto
  • never ask him permission to do anything because he WILL say yes, especially if it’s a bad idea. so “ask ___” is safer for him
  • It hardly needs to be said but he would absolutely beat up anyone who threatens his family. 
  • If he hears about his kid being bullied, his gut instinct is to teach his children how to Kick Ass- but once again under your good influence he is begrudgingly and angrily waiting at the doorstep of the bully’s house to have a very tense and blunt conversation with the parents instead
  • Also I think Sanemi would probably have a soft spot if he ever had a little girl. she’d be spoiled the most
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Is it just me or do y’all sometimes accidentally play the dubbed version instead of subbed but it takes a second to notice?

I was just watching along and was like “oh wait there’s no subtitles, let me turn those on”

*then goes on my phone another ten minutes ago by but listening the whole time*

*Then realizes*



I’m just smoked and only have one brain cell

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