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#demon slayer
tora-kik · 57 minutes ago
About 4 days ago I finished this drawing about TanKana. I don't know why but I just love them! I think they are look so well together. I hope you like it.
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minkmousesworld · an hour ago
hear me. puppy tanjirou is a good boy.
warnings: pet au, light xenophilia, pet names, marking, light drama, Master / Mistress
⚠ heat / rut, collar & leash, handjob, oral sex, begging, hyperstimulation, scent kink, knotting, penetration (receiving ♀ / giving ♂), elements of rough sex
➤ kemonomimi (dog)! Tanjirou Kamado x master / mistress! Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tanjirou is such a good boy.
He greets you from work, takes care of the house during your absence, wags his tail charmingly and looks at you with the most loving eyes.
Tanjirou has a dark red collar, a soft fluffy tail and the most pleasant touch, especially when he presses his nose to your shoulder and makes such cute, happy sounds while you spend time together.
The best "cure" for loneliness.
And even if sometimes you were afraid that he could be dangerous, then look at how he snuggles up to you or puts his head up for stroking, sweetly whining if you do not pay attention to him... you very much doubted that he could even theoretically be dangerous.
Although some claim that "kemonomimi are no better than animals, only more dangerous", you could not agree with the idea that any animal or pet could be better than Tanjirou.
Look at him. How can something so caring and pure pose a threat to you? Rather, you are a threat to him.
(Tanjirou would definitely disagree with you)
Tumblr media
When you playfully get your fingers under his apron, but instead of a squeak you hear a moan, you feel embarrassed. Even when he apologizes to you, blushing, you can't understand the reason for your strange feelings.
It's not strange that a sexually mature kemonomimi reacts this way to touch, but you don't understand why you react this way to him.
So you pull away from Tanjirou a little bit to sort yourself out and sort out your feelings; is what you're experiencing just sexual attraction due to a lack of intimate relationships with other people, or is it because it's Tanjirou? How correct is it for the owner to enter into a relationship with a pet, even if they are bought to make up for communication, including sexual communication? Does Tanjirou himself have feelings for you?
You just need to think.
... But Tanjirou seems to get even more affectionate and sticky after that, just snuggling up to you in silence, inhaling your scent and looking so lost when you leave him, clinging to your clothes with a sad look that you can't say no to him.
... If he were a human, you'd look like an old married couple, but the kemonomimi are made to serve people, right?
Tumblr media
It's almost painfully obvious that you've started to offer him less time together, and Tanjirou is trying to be a good boy.
He tries not to disappoint you, especially when you ask him not to disturb you by going about his business.
He tries to attract your attention again with his care, attention and love, but every time he touches you, you flinch a little, and he feels it.
He tries to be so charming and good, as if he is still the same puppy that you have sheltered and cared for. He promised you that he would always take care of you and be there for you.
Tanjirou is trying to be good. He's trying.
But he can't.
Tumblr media
Tanjirou, buried in your clothes and the blanket on your bed, sobs when he touches his cock again, inhaling even deeper and whining your name.
He knows you're around, probably thinking about what a perverted pet he is, but it doesn't matter so much when his head is empty and his nose can only smell you.
It's your fault that you smell so sweet!
It's your fault that he can't be a good boy who doesn't want to mate with his Master / Mistress and doesn't want to have puppies!
It's your fault that he feels so bad, but so good, and he almost passes out, clutching the cloth even tighter and biting it.
And when you let him come, massaging the knot a little, he refuses to get out of the blanket and the pile of clothes, sobbing and whining, mixing words of apology with words of excuse.
... So you just have to get to him in the "shelter".
Tumblr media
◇ A very good boy, the epitome of a wagging tail and puppy-dog eyes.
You may be tempted to treat him like a puppy, but when he shyly clings to you with "Master / Mistress, can we...", the next day you wake up with a lot of hickeys all over your body, while he sniffs next to you, hiding under the blanket.
He looks like an "innocent baby", but it would be rather hasty of you to consider him innocent because of that. Although he behaves very friendly and enthusiastic, he still remains hyperexcited and needy puppy.
◇ Tanjirou hides in your clothes, even if he's not in estrous. His Master / Mistress just smells so nice and he feels so relaxed that he chose hiding in your clothes as his way of relieving stress if you are away for a long time.
During estrus, he crawls under a pile of your clothes and refuses to get out, allowing his more raw senses to enjoy your smell and the warmth of your clothes. However, he tends to overheat, so your concern that he has enough water would be very good.
He will be happy as a puppy if you agree to spend estrus with him, and this will be the only reason to get out from under your clothes.
◇ While he tries very hard not to be too affectionate or intrusive, Tanjirou can be very overprotective; you certainly know better what you need, but he is obviously unhappy that you don't take care of yourself, especially if you are a workaholic or have a tendency to forget about your needs.
It is useless to convince him that you will do everything later or you feel fine, his instincts of caring for you are too strong.
◇ Tanjirou reacts enthusiastically to any attention to himself; it doesn't matter if you flirt with him in the kitchen, crawl under his shirt in the bathroom, or put your hand on his thigh while kissing, Tanjirou happily wags his tail, blushes and wants more.
And he himself is willing to give you any attention, always finding a kind word or a strong hug to make you feel better and can rest while he takes care of everything else.
◇ He reacts happily and shyly when you call him by pet names, especially "husband / hubby" or "darling".
Tumblr media
◇ Moderately loud, but very talkative. Tanjirou constantly wants to hold your hand and babble about how beautiful you are. Even if you fuck him roughly, he will still remain very sweet and loving, whining about how much he loves you.
It doesn't matter if you are rude or gentle, he remains very wholesome and praising anyway, asking / begging you for more and waving his tail enthusiastically.
He's just really happy that you're having fun and having fun with him.
◇ Tanjirou likes to play with the collar when you pull on his leash and pat him on the head for being such a good puppy, or pull on the leash when he's a bad boy.
The feel of the collar around his neck is more pleasant than repulsive, especially when you take it off and put on a new one, and Tanjirou feels so excited and intimate.
Although he doesn't want to sound too submissive, he likes to feel dependent on you.
No matter how tall or old he is, he's still your favorite puppy, isn't he?
... More precisely, he is your beloved, even if such a puppy.
◇ The best service 24/7 without whims and complaints from your kemonomimi househusband♡
Your happiness is his happiness, your pleasure is his pleasure.
Starting from household chores and massage and ending with a morning oral sex, Tanjirou is pleased to please you in any way. He will make sure that you can feel as good as possible in any situation♡
◇ Tanjirou loves penetration. It doesn't matter if you accept him or put him on all fours, Tanjirou is very happy to feel this... closeness.
[♂] The deeper, the better, especially if you hold his hips tightly or squeeze his elbows, pressing and pushing even harder while he moans and asks for more, trying to move towards you. You can't knot him, but it doesn't matter as long as you're inside him.
Tanjirou makes such a frustrated and pleading whine when you step out of it, but almost purrs when you step back inside. Such a ruddy mess that is unable to produce anything but moans and whimpers due to painful hyperstimulation, from which he can not help but enjoy.
[♀] He whines charmingly as you squeeze his cock inside, clinging to the fabric beneath him and pressing his ears to his head, trembling slightly as he is overwhelmed by the feelings. You look so wonderful, and he wants to tell you so, but he can only whine and make wet noises when you start moving.
And when you squeeze his hands, teasing, Tanjirou whines piteously and looks at you with watery, misty eyes, feeling so defenseless and open.... Especially when you take his knot and he shivers under you, squeezing your hands even tighter and sobbing to your soothing words. Together. You did it.
◇ Tanjirou gets into subspace very easily and is hyper-stimulated due to his natural sensitivity, so he needs a lot of time after making love to recover and relax, and not to resemble a ruddy pudding.
At such moments, he becomes very soft and affectionate, trying to get comfortable next to you and snuggle up, although he will flinch every time you touch him, since his body is still too sensitive.
"M-Master / M-Mistress? Can you... k-kiss and pat me? Please?..."
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stardustdates · an hour ago
JANDJDJDKD id absolutely love to see sfw Kyojuro x reader!! I headcannon as being super sweet and probably kinda a mess when he’s in embarrassing situations lmao
stardust's comment: back in service, everyone! Hiatus over! Short scenario for this one :) Kyojuro x reader: Frozen fire
let the date begin!
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Rengoku has always been a loud man. His laugh is the kind that fills a room and stays in your head for hours on end.
But he'd be lying to say his voice was as powerful on you. You both might have been dating for quite some time he's still quite shy around you, holding his hand would simply make him freeze in place, melting on the inside, cuddle sessions often included him hiding you in his chest so you wouldn't see his blushing face as he mutters praise over praise for you.
Today is a day you decided to have exactly that happening. Not to be mean, the sight of him freezing midtalk with another hashira just had a little something that makes it both really cute and really funny to see. Sneaking behind him as he was rambling to an unfazed Giyuu, you grab his hand gently and bow as to greet the water pillar, who returns the gesture. Kyojuro seems to have stopped in his tracks his wide smile staying on his now fully immobile, wide eyed face. You can't help but start laughing as he loudly stutters out a panicked greeting to you, Giyuu letting out a sigh at the sight, you were sure, somehow he was amused too.
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strawbxrrygloss · an hour ago
icon pack twenty-one :: 🍓
anime: ⎯ kimetsu no yaiba
character(s): ⎯ rengoku kyojuro
◍ don't remove the credit or repost!
◍ like/reblog if you saved!
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tayyys · 2 hours ago
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dudeandduchess · 2 hours ago
QUICK IMAGINE: ✨💖🎂Kyō’s Wife and Ran Surprising Him for Father’s Day🎂💖✨
Every Father’s Day morning, Kyōjurō was always excited to greet the day— more than usual— since he knew that there was always something in store for him. Whether it was breakfast in bed, or getting hug coupons from his daughter (which really were what they sounded like), he was always ready to be surprised.
However, when he woke up that particular morning, it was way later than his usual 6:45 AM body clock— which already threw him off. And when he looked at the foot of the bed, it was to be greeted by balloons of all colors, as well as festive streamers and a banner that said ‘Happy Father’s Day, Papa!’.
Those things brought a grin to his face, as he could see the effort that (Y/n) and Ran had put into the banner itself— even having a stick figure drawing of the three of them holding Ran’s hands. It was the most adorable thing had seen as of late, except for his daughter being her naturally cute self, of course.
Then, when he realized that there he wasn’t greeted with loud cheer— like he usually was during his day— he just about shot up in bed, only to come back down to earth when he felt himself being squeezed between two other people.
So, Kyōjurō looked down at his sides, his grin softening into a warm and loving smile when he saw his wife snuggled up to his right side, with their daughter hugging his left side— with her little leg thrown across his stomach, just like how (Y/n)’s right leg was slung over one of his thighs.
He couldn’t help it, a soft chuckle escaped his lips at the heartwarming scene he was in. And all the while, he gingerly took his arms from his sides and carefully wrapped them around the two girls he loved the most in the world. “Best father’s day ever.”
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todaystrendyinfo · 2 hours ago
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strange-wolf123 · 2 hours ago
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Im officialy marring this AU
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inarazki · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My name is Urokodaki Sakonji. I suppose you're the one Tomioka Giyuu sent my way. Tanjirou, answer me...what would you do if your sister ever devoured a human?
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avenge-ads · 2 hours ago
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avengefm is an appless multifandom rp centered around different universes across the multiverse colliding. taking place on earth-200000, a world with no blip. the avengers, in an effort to prepare the youth of the future to take on the avengers mantle, have worked alongside nick fury’s new organization, S.W.O.R.D., meant to protect the world from both domestic and galactic threats, to create avengers campus. however, after the creation of a portal to help neighbouring earths goes wrong, the people of earth-200000 experienced a universe-wide comatose state that left them waking up with visions of a different life.
with the universes starting to merge,  will you help join the fight to bring back balance to the multiverse ?  we’ve officially opened,  but we still have plenty of characters from popular  &  underrated fandoms still open,  so consider checking us out !
click the source link to redirect to the main !
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everythingnerdyxoxo · 2 hours ago
Happy birthday @sundove88 !! Hope you have such an amazing day today!!!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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httptamaki · 2 hours ago
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Hi everyone, this is a piece for @impalawrites her “No happy endings” collab! I’ve had a lot of fun writing it and please be aware, this contains manga spoilers
⚠️ Once again a warning, this oneshot has major spoilers about the kny manga, if you’re not caught up up till the end off the manga or if you don’t want spoilers, please click away. you have been warned.
Tumblr media
You sighed as you fixed your outfit, grabbing your bottle and taking a big sip from the water. The sun had just gone down and you finished your training for the day, you had no choice but to train. None of you would know when the demons would attack again so all you did was train and go see your boyfriend when the both of you had free time.
Being a couple that both were hashiras wasn’t that easy at all. Your busy schedule and training kept you and Sanemi from seeing each other but it was fine to the both of you, you had a duty to fulfill and the two of you would gladly do whatever it took, even if it meant you won’t have much time for each other.
You got snapped out of your thoughts though, hearing your crow come closer as you quickly stood up. “Emergency summon!” They yelled and you quickly grabbed your stuff, running after your crow as you took a deep breath.
Did the demons attack and who did they attack? Was Sanemi okay? Was everyone okay? Several questions were going through your head and soon got answered by your panicked crow.
“Attack on the Ubuyashiki estate!” They yelled and your heart skipped a beat. “Fuck- Oyakata-sama!” You mumbled, picking up your pace as you got more and more nervous with the second.
“Please be safe-” You mumbled, getting closer to the mansion. Oyakata-sama like he was to everyone, he also was a father figure to you. The demon slayer corps became your family when you lost yours and you couldn’t ask for more, especially after all they did for you.
“Y/N! Hurry!” Sanemi mumbled as he ran next to you, his place was close to yours so it was only natural you’d come from the same direction. “There it i-'' You wanted to say, but before you could even finish, you were met with an explosion sound, freezing in your movements as realization hit you, the building exploded, the one where Oyakata-sama and his family stayed.
“It’s Muzan!” Gyoumei shouted, loud enough for everyone to hear as he planned his next attack on muzan. “I swear I will kill you Muzan-” You mumbled, making your way over to them, only to be pulled back. “y/N- Wait please.” You heard your boyfriend say and you frowned a bit. “Babe- It’s not the time right now, say it later.” You snapped, getting out of his grip as you ran towards the house, Sanemi following you.
“Promise me!” He yelled. “Promise you what?” You asked, not even turning back to look at him in case other demons came out of nowhere. “Fucking promise me we’ll see each other after the battle.” Sanemi continued and you shook your head. “It’s not the time for this right now. We need to fight, for the sake of everyone.” You sighed, getting ready to attack as Sanemi did the same.
“Just promise me.” The male begged, being scared to lose you too. “I promise.” You answered, making the male relax at least a tiny bit. “I love you.” He yelled. “I love you too Nemi, I always will!” You yelled back, attacking Muzan right after.
The fight went on for so long, making you think it would never end. Everyone got separated from each other as it went on, only making it worse but somehow it was okay for all of you. You had a duty to fulfil and all of you were willing to do that, no matter what it took, that was your role as a demon slayer.
It was over after a long night filled with many turns, filled with several painful losses and at the end, the demon slayers had won, all the demons were defeated, even Muzan was but at what cost?
Sanemi had lost both his master and his little brother in his arms, it was too much for him because there’s only so much he could take. He prayed deep down that you were safe, you had to be because you promised him.
The male didn’t wanna be too late to save someone else or have someone else crumbling away in his arms again. All he wanted to do was protect the people he loves in his own way, yet he miserably failed more than once.
He couldn’t forgive himself, he knew he wouldn’t if he lost you as well but he didn’t know. He didn’t know where you were, he didn’t know if you were alive, all he knew was that the demon slayers won.
“Y/N-“ The male mumbled, his sight only becoming more and more blurry with the second from all the blood loss, his sight becoming completely black not much after.
The kakushi from Shinobu’s butterfly estate and all the other nurses quickly rushed over to him, giving him all the care they could to keep Sanemi alive.
Meanwhile you laid on the floor, slowly bleeding out as they took care off you, closing your eyes with a smile. “P-Please.” You whispered, your voice barely coming out, getting the attention of the kakushi.
“Someone’s there! Could you please help move the ruble?” A voice asked and not much after you were met with people stressing and trying to get rid of it, successfully doing so and being in shock when they saw you. “Y/N! First aid please!” Another one told the rest as you just smiled weakly.
“Sanemi-“ You whispered, trying to get up. “Y/n please stay down, Sanemi is getting taken care of right now.” They answered, their faces painted with fear and nervousness, they were way too scared to lose another one.
“Please- P Please bring me to him, I promised.” You told them. “I’m sorry but we can’t- Your wounds are too bad.” They apologized and you shook your head weakly. “Please- I’m going to die soon anyways. Please try to keep me alive until I see him, it’s the only thing I’m asking.” You smiled, feeling tears fall down your cheek and being met with a sniffling sound.
“W-We’ll save you.” They cried and not much after, you were being lifted up as they hurried over to where Sanemi is. “We’re here-“ They whispered and you nodded as they put your body down. “T-Thank you.” You answered, being met with coughs afterwards, making everyone turn at you nervously as you reached out for Sanemi’s hand, holding it weakly.
You knew you were going to die sooner or later, there was no way you could survive this. There was poison spreading throughout your whole body and you had terrible wounds, losing too much blood and it still was going. You had accepted your death, still you wanted to see Sanemi one last time, you promised him after all.
“Is he going to be okay?” You questioned, just to be met with a groan as a smile grew on your face. “Fuck-“ The male mumbled. “He’s regained consciousness, Shinazugawa-san’s awake!” A kakushi yelled while they hugged each other happily.
“Hey.” You whispered, looking at him with a smile. “Huh?!” Sanemi asked, wanting to make sure he heard that right as he turned to face you, relief washing all over him. “Thank god you’re safe.” The male stuttered, squeezing your hand slightly and closing his eyes for a second.
“Hey Sanemi-“ You started, taking a deep breath and making the male open his eyes, frowning a bit. “Yes love?” He asked, not liking where this is going from the state you were in right now. “You know I love you right?” You continued and he hummed a bot. “Well I love you too, I always will.” He smiled while you did the same.
“Then promise me you’ll live on and make the best out of your life when I’m gone?” You asked, knowing you’ll be gone soon. “You’re not going anywhere-“ Sanemi answered quickly. “Sanemi, there’s no way they can save me anymore, just promise me?” You smiled, knowing that he wouldn’t like where this was going.
“No y/n, no more fucking promises, I can’t afford to lose you too.” He snapped, his emotions getting the best of him, he was just scared, Sanemi didn’t wanna lose the only person he loved, he just wanted happiness.
“All those fucking promises only get broken at the end off the day, please don’t leave me.” He begged, squeezing your hand as his sight started getting blurry. “I’m sorry-“ You whispered, coughing right after.
“I’ll always love you-“ You mumbled, squeezing his hand weakly as you closed your eyes. “I kept my promise.” You smiled weakly, loosening your grip on his hand and taking your last breath.
“Hey- y/n..” He panicked, feeling your hand slip out of his and realizing what just happened. Sanemi had just lost you and the last thing that you had was an argument, he failed to save someone once again.
“Fuck-“ He sighed, his voice cracking as tears streamed down, his eyes burning from crying so much today. “I’m sorry-“ The male mumbled, only blaming himself for everything bad that happened.
Why was it always happening to him? There must be a reason right? He felt like he deserved all of it.
“I promise I will live my best life for you and Genya.” Sanemi cried, locking his pinkie with your lifeless body, closing his eyes and just laying there, not caring anymore.
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mrdoctorgame · 2 hours ago
In Japan, Demon Slayer Just Sold Over A Million Blu-Rays And DVDs In Three Days
In Japan, Demon Slayer Just Sold Over A Million Blu-Rays And DVDs In Three Days
Demon Slayer is a smash hit in Japan and abroad. Screenshot: Aniplex USA@YouTube Physical media is not dead! That is, if it plays Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie: Mugen Train. In Japan, the movie’s disc release is drumming up some serious business. According to Mainichi Shimbun (via ANN), the home release moved 804,079 discs on the first day this Wednesday, breaking this year’s one-week…
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ilyshanks · 3 hours ago
when the party's over / sanemi shinazugawa
words from yours truly : this is an extremely shit old repost piece ,, i dont usually write for kny but he is an exception <3 pairing: sanemi x gn!reader warnings: symptoms of ptsd, descriptions of blood, manga spoilers (ending ig) genre: comfort fluff? angst?
Tumblr media
sanemi is tired. sanemi is sad. sanemi is happy. sanemi is angry. sanemi is scared.
sanemi doesn't know what to do.
it isn't his place with the grieving, he lost what he had to and grieved when he had to. it isn't his place with the celebrating, either. what was there to celebrate, but what was there to cry for either ? so he staggers over to the medic tent look for some familiarity in this foreign world that has no place for him. tears don't come out, he's too tired for that and the bloody wounds don't bleed anymore, they've bled out as much as they could.
the tent smells of desperation and sweat and blood. people all around. he still feels so alone. then you shine, out of the crowd gracefully carrying yourself through the injured, an angel among mere mortals. and still after wars, you still manage to shine as beautifully as ever. it's enough to make his nonexistent tears to spill.
he waits, in a corner as children and elders point to him, mouthing thanks and other ministrations. he doesn't want them, he wants to yell. what good will they do for my dead friends, my dead brother, he screams. the people don't crowd around him anymore and the parents grab their children by the shoulders and drag him away.  the tent empties out, slowly. he can feel himself nodding off to sleep but he can hear his mind wide awake and tormented at the same time.
iwantocry iwantoscream iwantosleep, stoplookingatme, imweak-
"sanemi," you say gently, waking him up. "sanemi," you repeat, when he stirs but doesn't wake up. he does, finally and brushes your hand away gruffly. muttering thanks, and a sorry, he's ready to walk out of the tent. "where are you going, i haven't even treated your wounds yet," you laugh, pulling him back by the hands into the now empty tent. he clears his throat, but nothing comes out as he sits down on the sickbeds, watching as you prep some antiseptic. it stings, and his jaw tightens but he still doesn't say anything, he'd be damned.
you laugh, as if it's nothing after the ravages of war. "even after a war, you still won't admit it hurts," you say, eyes crinkling gently. "and even after a war, i'm still weak ," he blurts out, looking at you in your eyes. your eyes don't lose their lit up glory, though you stop the infernally stinging dabbing of antiseptic. instead, you sigh, looking a century older in the morning light that filled up the tent, and spoke. "you're not. you're not weak."
"then why couldn't i save them?", he asks. he's got you. "i-i don't know," you say, looking down at the ground, and there's false misplaced triumph on his face. "that's because-""you're not weak," you repeat. "i may not know a lot, but i know you're not weak."  your eyes fall to the floor.
the cotton in your hand quivers. sanemi looks upwards, blinking out the tears that suddenly decided to appear. "wh-what do i now, huh?", he chuckles dryly, eyes moist. "there's nothing, nothing left, is there?", he asks rhetorically. "if only i was better. if only i was stronger, faster-""please," your warm hands clasp his, and his gaze lowers to your teary face. "please, please don't," you beg, hands still holding his scarred, bloody ones. "you are enough. you've done, so, so well," you stand up. wrapping your hands around him, and pulling him close, he can smell the medicine off your clothes, and your hands in his tufted white hair. "now please, get some rest."
sanemi is tired. sanemi is sad. sanemi is happy. sanemi is angry. sanemi is scared.
sanemi is at home.
Tumblr media
© ilyshanks mmxxi do not modify or repost reblogs are appreciated! requests are open
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tanjir0kin · 4 hours ago
hello !! i love obanai so — can i request obanai and sanemi with a s/o who loves gardens especially flowers and wants to make their own garden ? thank you !! <33
🍮 headcanons ! !
🥞 gender neutral reader ! !
🥮 fluff ! !
🥧 character ( s ) : iguro obanai , sanemi shinazugawa ! !
Tumblr media
— iguro obanai
> noticed that you took an interest in flowers / gardens when you would attend to the butterfly mantions’ flowers
> whenever he goes there for a check up after a mission , he always sees you watering the flowers , a smile on your face whilst doing so
> confronted you about if after seeing shinobu
> if you tell him you want to start a garden yourself , he’ll gladly help
> just tell him what to do , not really that experienced when it comes to gardening in general
> may take a while and it may be hard work , but as long as you’re happy he’s also happy
> won’t be able to attend the garden as much as you do , due to the fact that he’s a hashira , so he’s usually very busy slaying demons and such
> asks aoi to help you attend the garden , also tells her to not tell you that he asked her to help you out
Tumblr media
— sanemi shinazugawa
> whenever it’s a special occasion or when he’s in a good mood , he will get you a plant pot and some flower seeds , different variety of flower seeds
> asks you why you’re so interested in colourful plants
> when you tell him you want to have a garden of your own at some point , he gets an idea
> asks the other hashira to help him out with the idea
> when you come back from visiting family , in the back garden you see a bunch of flowers , all different shapes sizes and colours
> if you ask him about it , he won’t admit to having the idea
> also helps you out with the garden , pls teach him stuff or else the plants will die
> sometimes , whenever certain hashiras have free time , they’ll also help out with the garden ( specifically mitsuri )
authors note ! !
apologies if any of these characters seem ooc , still practicing my writing skills
likes + reblogs are extremely appreciated ! !
feel free to give me constructive criticism too if you wish , it will help me improve my writing skills 💞
©️all content belongs to tanjir0kin 2021 , please don’t modify or repost on any social media platform
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project-love-girls · 4 hours ago
Shinobu x reader that has a feature where a little bit of the readers tougue sticks out when she's asleep?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shinobu x reader
genre: drabble
warnings: none
a/n: blep
Tumblr media
you look like a cat a cat
shinobu can’t help but laugh at her lover sleeping peacefully next to her
a true
a laugh she hasn’t had in awhile
a tiny bit of her tongue sticks out...
just like a cat...
how did she get so lucky to have you?
Tumblr media
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