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revgrave · 13 hours ago
Am i the only person who doesn’t ship Giyuu and Shinobu??
Like i see them as friends but i can’t imagine them as anything more
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officialgiyusimp · 5 months ago
Cuddling With The Hashira - HC's
Tumblr media
Warnings: Possible backstory spoilers for Giyu?
Pt. 1 • Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
Tumblr media
Ok, when he first wanted to cuddle, he asked before even touching you.
If you're under a blanket/the covers, you better share because he's probably a firm believer in 'equal blanket distribution'.
It doesn't matter how much he loves you, he will in fact get up and sulk in the corner if you hog the blanket to yourself.
Hear me out!
He's 100% the big spoon.
No room for negotiation!
After what happened with Sabito and his sister, he refuses to let anyone else trade their life for his.
He also probably has alot nightmares, this poor man-
If it's one of those nights were it's a reoccurring nightmare, he might actually ask to be the little spoon.
Shinobu Kocho
Tumblr media
This girl probably hogs up all the blanket.
Yes I'm serious.
And rip to the comforters/sheets if you two are in a bed.
She'll somehow mess them up whilst trying to hog them.
She always makes the bed after though, so ig it's ok? Idk-
Shinobu prefers to have your head resting against her chest.
(She also likes to play w/ ur hair alot)
Sometimes she'll lay her head on yours though.
If your spooning, she really doesn't mind being the big or little spoon.
Whatever makes you happy!
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
Let's you have all of the blanket/covers.
He's a cuddle monster-
He just lives for cuddling after a long and tiring day.
Will pick up (bridal style) and carry you to bed so you can cuddle and talk about your day.
He either likes spooning, or being in the 'sweetheart craddle' position.
Probably likes being the big spoon, but if you wanted him to be the little spoon he'd be fine with that.
We stan sleepy Kyo!
He will probably say: "m'sleepy.." when he's tired and just nuzzle into you more.
Over all, 11/10 would cuddle again 😌
Tengen Uzui
Tumblr media
And his three other wives.
He always has multiple blankets on hand because there is no way the five of you will fit under just one.
Tells you, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsura how flamboyant you are.
He calls it 'sandwiching' instead of 'spooning'
Y'all form a cuddle train and it's super adorable!
Tumblr media
Master List
Ask box
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ob-levi-on · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the forest is still (nsfw!)
pairing: giyu tomioka x female reader
summary: even though you're no longer a demon slayer, the frightening memories of the occupation remain. thankfully, you have someone who makes your worries go away.
characters: mostly giyu tomioka, with a little bit of zenitsu agatsuma, tanjiro kamado, inosuke hashibira, and aoi kanazaki (with minor mentions of shinobu kocho)
content warnings (minors DNI!):
mentions of blood and a little bit of trauma (please don't read this if these things bother/trigger you!)
minor spoilers if you haven't started the show or read the manga, but nothing too revealing
oral (male and female receiving), face fucking, unprotected sex, doggystyle, choking (briefly), overstimulation (lots for female, some for male), creampie
word count: 4.052 (4,052)
taglist: @starryenigma (please send an ask or reply below if you'd like to be added!)
author's note: finally wrote some smut for my man 😜😳😩 as always, feedback and likes are appreciated! let me know what other characters to write for, levi seems to be my most popular but i'm open to everything! please refer to my pinned page for more info! enjoy xoxo <3
Tumblr media
you had always admired the forest.  you grew up near one, and you had so many fond memories of it.  you remember it as a vast area of beautiful greenery and life within.  the trees, as tall as the skies, represented wisdom and patience to you.  the leaves, as delicate as feathers, represented change and progress.  the shrubs of plants, as ever growing as one’s passion, represented determination.  you could go on and on.
once you became a part of the demon slayer corps, your image of the forest changed.  and with it, the admiration faded away.
more often than not, the trees, the leaves, and the shrubs of plants would be covered in nothing but blood, stripping away everything they once stood for.  and at the end of the battle, former demon slayer corps members lay on the ground, bodies torn apart or ravishly consumed by the enemy.
you shake your head, trying to throw away those thoughts.  you weren’t a demon slayer anymore, but it was hard to not think about those days.  you took a deep breath as you cleared your head, and entered the room.
zenitsu, along with tanjiro and insouke, had just returned from mount natagumo. they were recovering at the butterfly mansion, where you worked as a helper for the head nurse, aoi kanazaki.
“can you open up for me, zenitsu?”
the boys were under your care for the past couple of weeks now–it’s safe to say that there was never a dull moment with them.
“anything for you, my darling!”  the orange-haired boy did not hesitate to obey your command.  while all you were doing was giving him his nightly medication, the action was rather humorous.
“zenitsu, stop flirting with the nice lady.”  tanjiro sighed, looking at his friend in embarrassment.
“it’s called being a gentleman, tanjiro.  something that you wouldn’t know about,” zenitsu tsked, taking the cup of water from you.
“what’s that supposed to mean?” tanjiro scowls.
inosuke roars with laughter.  “you fools, i am the most gentlemanliest around here.”  he claims, making up a word to prove his point.
all three of them begin to bicker at once.  while it is nice to see them banter (instead of groaning in pain like they were weeks ago), you were coming to the end of your shift.
“boys,” you say with a slight stern tone, “it’s time to rest.”
zenitsu’s bickering stops almost immediately.  the boy’s head shifts towards you, and he admires you with blinking eyes.  “you’re absolutely right, nurse y/n!” he claims, looking back at his friends.
with a sudden serious expression, zenitsu says, “inosuke...tanjiro...we must sleep.”
“she already said that.” tanjiro groans, already finding himself under the covers.
“i decide when to go to sleep, not when chenitsu tells me.”  inosuke grumbles, switching sides on the bed so that his back is facing towards his friends.
zenitsu’s face suddenly began to twitch with anger.  “it’s...zenitsu…”
you had already made your way towards the door, turning off the lights.  “goodnight, boys.  if you need anything, please ask one of the night nurses for help.”
“goodnight, my queen!”  zenitsu chirps.  you smile at the boys one last time before closing the door behind you.
months ago, you passed final selection.  you were taken under shinobu kocho’s wing, and went through a few more weeks of extensive training.  you also became good friends with shinobu because of it.  but upon going to your first set of missions, you realized that being a demon slayer was much more intense than you could have ever imagined.
you thought it was best to be honest with your mentor, telling her your worries.  shinobu was very understanding.  she simply heard you and nodded.  she never pressed further about the topic.  but you knew she understood–anyone in the demon slayer corps would understand how awful the job really was.  it consisted of long hours, tiring battles, only to end in tragedy or bittersweet victory.  shinobu couldn’t blame you for wanting to leave something like that.
with the master’s approval, you were offered to work in the butterfly mansion instead.  specifically, in the recovery base.
with those things in mind, you start to make your way towards the entrance of the butterfly mansion.
“y/n,” you hear your friend aoi say, seeing the head nurse near the entrance.  she had her hands crossed over her chest.  “tell giyu that i expect to see him here tomorrow.”
you show her a nervous smile.  your partner had injured his leg a few weeks ago, getting cleared after some time, but aoi suggested that he continue going to physical therapy.  giyu was quite stubborn about it.  he claimed that he didn’t feel any more pain, therefore, he did not need to go.
“right...i will let him know!” you say quickly, waving goodbye to your boss (friend, too), slipping out of the mansion before she could ask you about it any further.
once it’s closed, you let out a deep breath.  another day done.
“there you are, my queen,”  you hear someone say behind you.
you turn, and see giyu at the bottom of the porch steps.
the sight of your partner brought an overwhelming sense of comfort, with all other feelings instantly fading away.
“you heard that?” you smile, approaching the water hashira.  you didn’t hesitate to hug him, snuggling your face into his chest.
“he’s always so loud.” giyu grumbles, referring to zenitsu.  the man hugged you back, planting a kiss on your head.  “i don’t like how he flirts with you all the time.”
you snort, looking up at your partner.  “he’s just a kid, i can handle him.  plus, i only accept flirting and compliments from one man.”
giyu looks down at you.  “who might that be?”
“well,” you say, pecking his lips.  “if we go home, you’ll see.”
giyu clears his throat, obviously flustered, and removes himself from the embrace.  the man holds your hand and turns.  “i, too, agree that we should go home.  quickly, too.”
he begins to walk, dragging you along with him.  you giggle, walking alongside your partner.
the walk was supposed to be short, but it became long due to a couple of interruptions.
rengoku saluted the two of you as you passed his estate.  the man routinely did meditation outside at night, but since giyu is somewhat well acquainted with the flame hashira, rengoku stopped his meditation and tried to start a conversation.  some words were exchanged, but eventually giyu said, “well, y/n just out of work and she’s really tired, so i’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
rengoku understood and went back to meditating.  further along, you passed mitsuri’s estate.  the maiden nearly exploded at the sight of you two, as she refilled her bird houses with food.  she was so happy with the relationship, claiming that you two were perfect for each other, like straight out of a fairytale.
giyu tried to walk past her, but as soon as mitsuri began to talk to you, you felt bad trying to ignore her.  so you softly yanked giyu’s hand, standing in place as mitsuri approached you.  the woman asked about your job and how you’ve been, and you replied, asking her the same questions afterwards.
“thankfully, i’m good!” she chirps, showing a smile.  “seeing you two together always brings a smile to my face.”
“thank you,” you say, leaning your head on giyu’s shoulder.  the man had stayed quiet during the majority of the interaction, and you knew he was somewhat upset.  he simply wanted to go home with you.
“how is it going with obanai?” you ask.
the girl’s face suddenly turned red, causing her to stutter over her words.  “well, i–i mean, what do you mean–”
the question did exactly what you hoped it would.  you began to walk away, dragging your stubborn partner with you.  “let me know!” you state, waving goodbye.
the woman, flabbergasted, walks away in embarrassment.  you caught giyu’s eye as you turned back around.
“you’re amazing,” he says, pulling you closer to him.
“you could say that again.”
“fuck, you’re amazing.”
warm bodies and needy hands found each other.  the two of you wasted no time to express the desire you had for one another, making everything else irrelevant.
you had met giyu when you were a demon slayer.  on a particular mission, he had gotten an arm injury, unable to defend himself.  and you, who was one of the lone survivors of your rank, found him and protected him until sunrise.  you didn’t even know who he was.
giyu was in awe of a woman who was so strong, so courageous, and so committed to protecting someone she didn’t even know.  giyu owed you his life, and he thanked you for it nearly every day after that, not knowing how he could ever repay you.
you made sure to check in on him after the incident, even after you became a helper.  after a few conversations, you developed feelings for this man who was so humanly honest.  and the awe he felt for you turned into a love that no other person could fulfill.
when he was home, daily walks were the way to catch up with each other.  one day, while the two of you were silent, you stood admiring a garden.  suddenly, a coarse hand found yours, intertwining his fingers.  your heart nearly wanted to leap out of your chest.  no more words needed to be spoken–you two were each other’s now.
giyu’s hips jerked, unable to contain the pleasure he felt from your mouth.  as he laid on his back, you were positioned between his legs, bobbing your head up and down.  you loved giyu, but you loved seeing him twitch a little more.  at a time like this, he would try to intimidate you with his eyes as you sucked on his cock–but the lewd gaze you gave made him nervously horny, so he had to look away.
you also loved the way the man would simply open his mouth, but would be too dumb to make out a single sound.  it only motivated you to continue the pace, focusing on the head with delicate licks, making sure to massage the parts you couldn’t reach.
you loved to suck giyu’s cock.  and you had a feeling as to why–it was the idea that you were able to make a man who was so strong, so powerful, so resilient...succumb under your touch.
thinking about it made your walls tense in agony.  your hips grinded onto nothing, stimulating your clit.  you moaned onto giyu, making your partner pant.  moments went by until his hands found his way to your head, holding it still for a moment.
the hashira began to fuck your mouth, meaning he was close.  all you could do was stay still and breathe when available, letting giyu hit the back of your throat.  you watched your partner as he did this, seeing sweat come down his neck, with his eyes closed in concentration.  you needed something, anything, using one of your hands to rub your aroused clit for some sort of relief.
“love, i’m–i,” giyu stutters, his thrusts becoming more and more careless, but still at a steady pace.  you hum in mere satisfaction, wanting your partner to cum.
giyu was relatively humble, and he admired you way too much to your mouth as a destination for his cum.  instead, he pulls out and releases onto your face.  he thought that view was hotter anyway, the evidence of his love right in plain view.  he blinks slowly as he recovers from his high, using his shoulders to lift his upper body, looking straight towards you.
you were nearly breathless.  giyu looks at you, and you make sure to lick your lips, taking some of his love into your mouth.  giyu watches, mesmerized.  your hand removes itself from your cunt, using your arms to lift you up.
giyu hands you a damp cloth to clean your face, which you use quickly.  after doing so, you look back to your partner.  the man, now on his knees, reaches for you.  you approach, and he pulls you in, deprived lips finding yours.
“you’re the only one for me.” giyu gasps in between kisses, his hands roaming your body.  one of them is circling the area between your thighs, tantalizing you.  “i could never love someone as much as i love you.”
you whimper at his words.  giyu’s mouth decides to focus on your neck, while giyu’s fingers find themselves slowly rubbing your clit.  everything felt so loving, so sensual, and the slow pace only enhanced the intimacy of the moment.
“you do so much for me...” giyu pauses to softly suck on your neck, marking you.  his fingers stop on your clit, slowly making their way towards your soaking hole.  the hashira pokes, his finger slipping in flawlessly.  “...the least i can do is make you feel good.  right, love?”
giyu brings his head up, admiring you with a wicked smile.  his fingers move slowly inside you, so effortlessly, and you can’t help but clench around him.  giyu lets out a breathy moan, continuing to finger you, with his other hand massaging your breasts.
“this probably feels nice,” giyu starts to say, and you suddenly feel his growing cock against your thigh.  this sight of you was too alluring for giyu not to be aroused again.  “but this isn’t what you really want, is it?”
giyu started to get a steady rhythm into you, and it felt amazing.  but he was right, you wanted him inside of you, desperately.  you clenched around his fingers repeatedly, hoping that he would get the hint.  you want to speak and tell him that–but he was touching you everywhere, causing you to erupt in moans.
“i’m just warming you up...” giyu defends himself.  he adds another stimulant to the equation, now using his thumb to massage your pulsating clit, along with quickening the pace of his fingering.  “...just like you warmed me up, remember?”
you were nearly choking on your own breath, with your body beginning to shake as a familiar warm sensation formed at the pit of your stomach.  giyu was panting along with you, as you unintentionally grinded against his rock hard cock.
“you look so heavenly…” giyu whines in his deep voice, lips finding yours.  you try to reciprocate, but you moan into his mouth instead.  “...how lucky i am to witness this...”
you feel yourself beginning to unravel, your hands on your partner’s chest.  you look down and see giyu’s hands doing all of their naughty work on you.  “oh my god,” you express, “i’m gonna cum, giyu, i’m gonna–”
a shriek escapes you, your body freezing as your high hits.  things move quickly, with giyu removing his hands and suddenly bending you over.  with your face planted on the blanket and your ass in the air, you don’t even register your new position as your partner gets behind you.  you gasp as giyu’s tongue ravages your folds, making sure to taste all of you.
your eyes nearly roll at the action, your walls tensing again.  you were just recovering from your orgasm, but giyu was making it difficult, eating you out in the most sensitive places.  whether he was tongue fucking you or licking your sensitive clit, you found yourself biting your lip.  it felt good, nonetheless, and you would cum again with just this–but giyu had a different idea in mind.
after a few moments, giyu removed his mouth from you, much to your dismay.  you wiggle your ass, and your partner chuckles.
“i know, i know,” he says, one of his hands tracing figures on your lower back.  “we’re getting there, i promise.”
you feel something slap your ass, but it doesn’t resemble a hand.  giyu sighs in content, slapping his cock against you again, loving how it felt.  “the perfect size,” he says out loud, doing it again.
the feeling was riveting.  feeling his cock slap against you aroused you again, using your hands to rub your sopping clit.
giyu sees this, and cooes.  “can’t wait any longer, hmm?” he taunts, softly removing your hand and instead, taking his cock near there.  he adjusts his hips, using the head of his cock to circle your clit. a shaky sigh escapes you, with your hip’s jerking on their own.
your partner inhales sharply, the raw feeling of it all almost being too much to bear.  “giyu, please,” you say, wiggling your ass again.
giyu’s attention leaves your clit, with the head of his cock now lightly tracing your folds.  “please what?” he asks.  the sound of your soaking folds is all you can hear right now, and it was something that turned the both of you on.
“fuck me,” you whine.  “please, fuck me.”
those were the magic words that giyu wanted to hear.  giyu spits into his hand and tugs at his cock, mentally preparing himself.  the man positions himself at your entry, one hand on his member and another on your hip.
the man begins to plunge into you.  “oh my–'' you start to say, but you are cut off from pleasure, as giyu takes his time to completely bury himself into your cunt.  the hashira never failed to make you feel full, and your walls hugged him so nicely.
“ah,” he groans, letting you adjust.  your partner had an evil desire to pound into you immediately, but the man held back on his primal instincts.
giyu’s cock was the average size, but it was his girth that made you feel things you never did before.  you clenched around him, and the hashira lightly jerked his hips in response.  “yes,” you praise, encouraging your partner to move.
giyu did so, starting out with slow thrusts.  giyu would never admit to this, but he could have cum instantly.  the sight of you bent over on your knees, with his cock deep within you, was majestic in its own way.  but the man held back, for you.
the hashira, in sync with his deep thrusts, leans down and plants kisses on your lower back.  it was a fond gesture that electrified every cell in your body, proving that this act wasn’t only of lust, but of love.
you move against him, making your partner groan.  giyu smacks your ass in response, and you squeal, not expecting it.  the sting, however, only amplified your desire.  “again, giyu…” you plead, yearning for that sting and the effect of the cold air against it.
the hashira doesn’t hesitate to do it again, smacking your ass slightly harder than the one before, but on your other side.  your body tenses in pleasure, but you need more.
“faster,” you beg, tightening your core around him.  it was as if you were the boss, and giyu was your subordinate–there was no way he could say no to you.
with both of his hands placed on your hips, a new tempo begins, one that causes you to immediately moan in ecstasy.
this new pace just started, but your legs are already starting to feel like jelly.  and it didn’t help that your partner hit your new spot every time, making you whimper and whine.  giyu was also being vocal, making sounds that were too incoherent to understand.
as giyu’s hips snapped into you, your mind began to wander.  if the man asked you to be his fucktoy, his cum dumpster, his slave...you’d likely say yes.  it was something separate than love, his lustful desire to use you to his delight was intriguing.  so you’d also let him, if he asked.  it wasn’t a completely thought out idea, but the way he fucked you made you consider it.
the sound of your ass getting railed by giyu’s hips filled the room.  you could feel giyu twitch inside of you, meaning he was getting close.  you were too, especially since giyu decided to rub your clit with his free hand simultaneously.
“you like that, angel?” he grunts, smacking your ass again.  “let me hear you…”
“yes, yes, yes!” you reply quickly, “i like it so much, i love it so much, giyu, please...”
a satisfied groan comes to your partner.  he suddenly decides to lift your upper body towards his chest, holding you place with his strong arms.  he harshly fucks you in this new position, with the new angle nearly makes you cry in bliss.
you shriek, your body beginning to shake.  “i love you,” giyu pants, kissing your earlobe.  “i love you so fucking much, you know that?  i’m gonna treat you so nice and cum inside of you, can i do that?”
“yes, i’m yours, yours,” you rush to say, almost growling when your partner locks your arms behind your back.  his free hand finds itself around your neck, slightly constricting your breathing.
but you liked that.  you begin to hiccup, because giyu was fucking you dumb.  you could only last so long after this, quickly rushing to say “i’m cumming, giyu, i’m cumming,” as your orgasm quickly approached you.
however, your partner didn’t stop.  as you creamed on his cock, your body convulsed against your partner.  giyu was getting feral, realizing that he very much liked seeing you that way, hitting your spot over and over again.
the bastard even chuckled, though it was short lived, especially from all the pleasure he was experiencing from you.  “everytime you think of sex, you’ll think of me,” giyu warns, a desperate whine escaping his lips shortly after.
you couldn’t say anything.  you quivered, and it wasn’t until your third orgasm that giyu froze, his hips stuttering on their own as hot spurts of cum mixed with yours inside of your cunt.
the two of you stayed in this position as giyu released everything he had into you.  the man planted kisses on your shoulder to ease the overwhelming sensations you were feeling, praising you for doing such a good job.
giyu pulls out, and your body begins to collapse.  giyu’s cock was your stabilizer this entire time, and you didn’t realize that until now.  your partner holds you though, satisfied that he made your body feel this way.  he is suddenly distracted how your hole is covered with his cum, with some of it leaking out, because it was simply too full.
the man gently lays you down on your side, going to get another damp cloth.  once he does, he cleans you first, then himself.
you’re speechless.  it was if your body was in a state of blissful paranoia, wondering how someone made you feel this way.  but this sensation came from the person you loved the most.  you sense his body laying behind yours, and your partner brings the blanket up to cover you both.
you feel his arm around your waist, pulling you closer.  you move, sighing when you two are nearly one.  “i love you,” you croak, placing your hand on top of his.
giyu hums, and the warmth of his body relaxes your body.  “i love you,” he says into your ear, pecking it gently.
you blush, and smile to yourself.
ahead of you, an opening of the outside can be seen through the door.  a comfortable breeze practically put the two of you to sleep, but it was the sight of the forest that came into your mind again.
you couldn’t escape a crucial fact.  in your world, the forest was a dying place for many.  and you didn’t deny that it had become an awful place, one of sorrow and devastation.
but you also couldn’t deny that it wasn’t beautiful, as it continued to provide life and beauty to so many things–not just you and the human species.  you now understood that everything cannot be perfect, because if that was the case, then what is the point of all this death and destruction?
even the most beautiful things can be deranged–but that didn’t make it any less valuable or worthy of adoration, you conclude.
you’re satisfied with that answer, for now. regardless of what you think, the forest would forever remain still.
you snuggle against your partner, putting those thoughts to rest.  all that mattered was that you were in giyu’s arms, and that was enough.
you closed your eyes, drifting to sleep.
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Tumblr media
Conzuelo 💜💙
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ryesstlstuff · 2 months ago
kocho shinobu's version of confession
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hy-joo · 8 months ago
⠀⠀⠀⠀zZz  wALLp4peRs . . 考え [REQ.]
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ꐚ L!KE OR REBLOG : G1YUU T0MiOKA⭒۟⊹.꠶ 내 사랑 & sweet boy
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xiaotails · 6 months ago
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[req] - like or reblog if you save
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artastiq · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Since the fandom is still grieving here's something light-hearted! (": Inspired by @ kny-quotes on Twitter
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ratulito · 2 months ago
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xqlice · 7 months ago
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giyuu tomioka
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revgrave · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
no bc mans only friends are a group of teenagers😭
Tumblr media
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officialgiyusimp · 5 months ago
Hi! Could I get some headcanons for the hashira boys taking care of a very traumatized s/o after a horrible nightmare?
(Male) Hashira's S/O Had A Nightmare - HC's
Tumblr media
A/N: Hiiii!! Tysm for requesting! It rlly means a lot to hear ppl like my writing/headcanons :)
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
Tumblr media
Giyu immediately woke up to the sound of you coughing and huffing.
He was so scared!
When he found out it was a Nightmare, he just placed a hand on your back.
It was subtle, but once you caught your breath he held onto you so tightly.
Giyu knew exactly what having a horrible nightmare felt like, and the least he could do was return the favor for every time you helped him calm down.
He whispers things like "It's ok, it's not real.." and "I'm here, don't worry..."
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
Freaked out!
Legitimately had a heart attack
He just put your head on his chest, asking you what was wrong and how he could help.
When you say it was a nightmare, he starts stroking your hair.
If you dont want to talk about it, he wont press you.
If you do, he'll listen and wait until you finish to tell you that no matter what, he'll be here to comfort you.
Tengen Uzui
Tumblr media
Probably was up at the time you woke up in a cold sweat.
I HC he's a night owl
So he was cuddling with you when all of a sudden you woke up crying.
He held you close, and whispered sweet nothings in your ear!
But not just any "sweet nothings"
Oh no, no, no!
He goes:
"My love, there is nothing to fear! You are to flamboyant to be scared!"
Will I ever stop making that joke?
Obanai Iguro
Tumblr media
Kaburamaru probably had to wake him up
This man is a heavy sleeper.
Anyway, he would awkwardly pat your back/head and just stay silent.
If you talk to him about the nightmare, prepare for a whole lot of nodding because most likely he's zoned out.
Don't get me wrong, he loves you and he's very worried!
But now that he knows its just a dream, he probably finds it less worrisome than before.
But when you do calm down, he'll probably hug you lightly and fall back asleep.
Muichiro Tokito
Tumblr media
Mans slept through it.
If you nudge him awake though, he'll just groggily look at you like: w h a t ? 😐
Telling him it's bad dream will get you lots of cuddles though!
He'll ask what happened in the dream, but then ask the most amount of questions.
"Wait so who died because of... what again?"
Just say 'nevermind' and give him cuddles, it's easier than explaining it 47 times 😅
Gyomei Himejima
Tumblr media
King of comforting people.
Sir would just say: 'wait here' and then get you some warm tea, and then ask you about the dream.
"You don't have to tell me, but usually it helps if you get it off your chest."
So sweet, and so kind!
If you dont end up talking about it, he'll just wrap an arm around you and RIP your shoulder comfortingly.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Tumblr media
Let's just be honest, he was horrified out of his mind when you woke up.
And unlike some people, I think he wouldn't be scared to show that.
Whatever you wanted he would get!
Food? On it!
Cuddles? Double on it!
Alone time? Hesitant, but on it as well.
If you want to talk about it, he'd happily listen, and reassure you that everything is, and WILL be ok!
Tumblr media
Master list
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i-orgut · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you make me so LOoNATiC <3
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loliotakuyandere16 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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ryesstlstuff · a month ago
giyuu telling shinobu he's going out with the boys.
🌊: I'm going to Sabito's house tonight. The boys will be there.
🦋: Yeah, sure. Do you have money? Bring your own car. Just message me.
🌊: Yes. Will do. *grabs his jacket and keys*
🦋: Okay, take care!
🌊: There might be some drinking. Uzui's there.
🦋: Figured. It's fine! Have fun!
🌊: *stops* I'm telling you, I'm going out?
🦋: Hmm? Yes, I heard you. That's why I'm telling you to have fun.
🌊: ...Why?
🦋: What "why?" Go! You'd be late. Say hello to the guys for me.
🌊: *puts the jacket on the stool* No. I'm not going. I'll stay here.
🦋: Huh? Why?
🌊: You're acting weird.
🦋: ...I'm not though?
🌊: *sits beside her. stares* I'm not going.
🦋: But.. are you sure?
🌊: Yes. I'm not going. I'm staying.
🦋: O-kaaay *giggles*
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shinobus-butterfly · 8 days ago
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| 𝙆𝙞𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙨𝙪 𝘾𝙖𝙛𝙚 𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨 | 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙤𝙧 𝙧𝙚𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜 𝙞𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙖𝙫𝙚 ^^ |
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xiaotails · 7 months ago
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[req] - like or reblog if you save
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opusers · 7 months ago
hii ^_^ tomioka from kimetsu no yaiba users pls? tyy !! <3
ᅟ 𖥻 giyu tomioka users .
Tumblr media
. . . im sorry for the delay and i hope you enjoy !
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fairydollsteps · 8 months ago
Hello hello hun! Hope this is not too much to ask, but may I request some headcanons for Giyuu and a reader who is very passionate about a hobby or talent such as cooking, and maybe Giyuu asks to try it out too and so they do it together?
No worries, this wasn’t too much, and thank you for requesting!😊 I do hope what I wrote is what you wanted! Enjoy Reading!
Tomioka Giyuu x Reader who is Passionate in Cooking
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Giyuu don’t have much time to spend together as you both are quite busy on missions as a demon slayer.
Giyuu probably finds out your passion for cooking when you make a bento for him after a mission. The food in it looks delectable and its aroma already makes his mouth water.
Giyuu would be surprised when you mention to him that you make everything from scratch even though it was shown a bit visibly.
Nevertheless, you feel appreciated when he finished everything that’s left in the container, not even leaving a single grain of rice in it.
Let’s just say, Giyuu loves your cooking ever since and support your passion for cooking. He would give you some suggestions but is mostly just him complementing your food.
Whenever you both have some time, one of your dates with him would be making dinner together. He would assist you in cutting the vegetables while you start frying or making soup.
He would start preparing the table when you are almost done with the food and starts decorating him. The whole time and the atmosphere was peaceful and tranquil that Giyuu loves it.
Giyuu would patch you up when you accidentally cut or burn yourself. He probably gives you a frown for being so careless. He is just worried that you might do it again in the future.
It was canon that Giyuu loves simmered salmon with daikon (Winter Radish). So you always make a lot for him so you can see him smiling at the fresh plate.
Overall, Giyuu would support your passion and would light up when he sees you walking towards him with a lunch box in your hand. You can see sparkles around him that are adorable. Like a small puppy beneath you, wanting head pats from you.
He also probably feels lucky to have you as his partner so can eat your delicious meal. But he also prefer to eat with you together so he won’t feel lonely.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now I want to eat something🤤. Anyway, thank you for reading and have a nice day! 😊
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