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jackrrabbit · a year ago
Sleepless /// Tanjiro x f!reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Request: Hi!! I'm not entirely sure on how to request since this is my first time EVER requesting something here on tumblr 😳😳 so im not sure if im doing this right,,,but um,,,,could you do a soft dom! tanjiro kamado x reader nsfw??? (he's aged up of course)
A/N: Y’all I’ve been working on this practically since I made this gd blog…idk why it took so long since I LOVE the concept. Reader is a traumatized bby who just needs her kitty licked  ✊😔 and honestly same
Tags/warnings: soft dom, daddy vibes but without the ‘daddy’ (onii-chan vibes?), brief mentions of past demon violence & PTSD, fluff?, historical inaccuracies probably, reader is implied to be inexperienced, mild overstimulation, lowkey yandere lowkey romantic who knows, all characters are adults
It starts out with little things. Harmless things. Tanjiro sees you barely ate anything at dinner, and later that night he comes to your bedroom with a plate of food for you. “You should eat,” he tells you.
“I’m not hungry,” you say, almost a little petulantly. The food looks good and you know he’s trying to be nice, but you’re not a child. You can take care of yourself, and even when you can’t it’s not his job to do it for you.
“Eat,” he says again softly. It’s not a command. It’s like he already knows you’re going to eat, and he’s just patiently waiting for you to give in.
You pick up the chopsticks and eat the food he prepared for you. All of it. Tanjiro sits there and watches and then when you’re done, he smiles at you and pats your head and takes the plate away. You think it’s weird, but the next morning you don’t question it. He’s a big brother to everyone—doesn’t it make sense that he would want to make sure you’re eating enough?
He probably can’t help it.
You decide you’re going to let it slide, until a few days later after breakfast with him and the others when Tanjiro pulls you aside and holds your face in his hands and tells you you’re looking a little tired lately—are you getting enough sleep?
The truth is that you aren’t. You want to deny it, but somehow you have a hard time lying to him. “I used to sleep with my siblings in our bed, so it’s hard to fall asleep since…” since the demon who made you an orphan murdered them. “And, you know. Nightmares.”
Tanjiro understands. Of course he understands! He used to have five younger siblings, did you know that? Now Nezuko has her own room and the rest…well, you’ve heard the story. It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re by yourself, isn’t it? He’s been there.
“How many hours are you sleeping every night? On average?”
You’re trying too hard to ignore the brush of his callused fingertips over your cheekbones, so you tell him the truth without meaning to. “Um, like four hours? On a good day?”
His eyes go wide and suddenly both of his hands are wrapped around one of yours and squeezing, maybe a little too tight. “Is that the truth, (Y/N)? Four hours is too little. Sleep deprivation isn’t good for you.”
“I know, but—”
“No. The next time you have trouble getting to sleep, I want you to come to my room.” You open your mouth to mount a denial, but he frowns and cuts you off. “Promise me. Okay? It’s really bad for your health, so promise.”
And once again, you say yes even though you don’t want to.
It’s fine. It’ll be fine, you think. You’ll just pretend you’re sleeping better. Tonight you’ll lay in bed with your eyes open and stare at the ceiling and try to listen to your own breathing, in and out and in and out, and hope it drowns out the memories that stick fast in your head whenever you’re by yourself. Then when you’ve been laying in the dark for a few hours, you’ll finally fall asleep and all your nightmares will play out in technicolor and you’ll do your best to be quiet so you don’t wake anyone else up and in the morning you’ll splash cold water on your face to make your eyes less puffy and pinch your cheeks to get some color in them and it’ll be fine.
You can take care of yourself. You have to, since everyone else is gone. So you’re not sure why, when the sun goes down and you’re looking into the face of another sleepless night, you find yourself knocking on the door of Tanjiro’s bedroom.
Maybe it’s just that he made you promise. You hate breaking your promises.
He lets you in, the half-asleep affect mixing with the same caring, serene look as always (and it’s a little insulting that he’s not surprised at all). Tanjiro sits on the bed first and you can’t help staring at him in the flickering orange lamplight. He’s more muscular than you remembered, and taller than when you first met. He can play the role of a big brother all he likes, but he’s still an adult. A man. And he’s not family.
“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” you say, fidgeting with the sleeve of your shirt.
“It’s okay, (Y/N),” Tanjiro murmurs as he lies down, his voice still scratchy with sleep. Somehow it relaxes you. He just has that way about him—when he says it’s okay, it feels okay.
Tanjiro pats the spot on the bed next to him. It looks really warm, and there’s a winter chill in the air even though it’s only September. It’s a bed made for one person, but Tanjiro—ever considerate—has moved over to one side to make space for you.
“Come on. Come sleep,” he instructs in that soft, non-demanding way of his. So you sit down on the edge of the bed and (carefully, carefully, like you’re making your way into a hot bath) fold your legs and pull the covers over you so you’re lying next to him. The bed is even warmer than you thought it’d be. Tanjiro radiates heat—he’s so warm, you think, how fitting—and then before you know it you’re drifting into the first dreamless sleep you’ve been afforded in a very long time.
That first night, you sleep with a good six inches of space between the two of you. You don’t want to touch him, don’t want to cross that invisible boundary—at first. But it doesn’t matter, because every time you wake up next to him, you’re curled up to his side like a puppy seeking warmth. It’s not like he minds. Judging from the gentle smile on his face when he wakes you up in the morning (and tells you that you should go back to your room before anyone notices you’re not there) he likes it.
Never again, you think. No way. But you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in so long, and it’s nice to be well-rested for once, and the next evening you only lie in your bed for fifteen minutes before you’re knocking on Tanjiro’s door again, silently asking if you can take advantage of his kind nature for just one more night.
He says yes. Of course he does. So you sleep next to Tanjiro again, you keep half a foot of space between you again, and you wake up hugging him. Again. And then you do it the next night, and the next night, sleeping beside Tanjiro over and over until you no longer bother trying to leave room between your body and his.
Is this okay? you wonder sometime around the two-week mark. It’s the longest you’ve gone without having nightmares since the demon came. Sometimes you think you’re betraying your loved ones by trying not to think about their deaths; letting yourself off easy while they suffered. You tell this to Tanjiro while the two of you are lying back to back under his blanket, quietly enough that (you hope) if he’s already sleeping you won’t wake him.
He hears you, and he turns around and lays his arm around your waist. “Don’t be silly…of course they wouldn’t want you to be unhappy.”
“But how do you know?”
“I know.” Tanjiro’s voice is half muffled by your hair, but it’s steady. “You believe me, don’t you.”
You do.
“Don’t think about that anymore.” His hold on your waist gets a little bit tighter, arms a little bit less forgiving.
“I won’t,” you say, hoping that the promise will be enough. The two of you fall asleep like that, and when you wake up in the morning it’s the first time ever that you haven’t moved in the night.
As if it wasn’t enough to be spending every night together, at some point you start to dream about him too. Usually it’ll just be a flash or a snippet that you barely remember once you wake—the reassuring tone of his voice, a smell like a campfire, or a few notes of laughter—but tonight you’re watching him train in the courtyard. In the dream, he moves through his forms with inhuman grace, position to position to position, balanced with perfect agility like he’s a dancer and not a swordsman. With how beautiful it is, you can almost forget the raw power behind his movement, the strength that has subjugated more demons than you care to know.
He pauses to stretch, rolling his shoulders back, and you notice that he’s shirtless (which is how you know it’s a dream). Tanjiro’s arms flex as he raises the blade into position, and the sun shimmers over the thin sheen of sweat on his chest. He looks ethereal like this, and as you sit on the porch and watch him, you feel heat stir inside of you that has nothing to do with the sunlight.
Tanjiro, you call out softly. He looks around to you, deep red eyes resting on yours, and whips the blade down to replace it in its sheath.
Can I come closer? The grass is cool and wet under your bare feet as you pad lightly into the courtyard toward him. You can taste the humid summer air in your mouth. Fingers tangle themselves in your hair, tilting your head up to meet his.
Tanjiro’s voice cuts through the dream and you scrunch your eyes shut, reluctant to leave the dream world where he wants to touch you, not out of pity or because he thinks it’s his duty to take care of you but because he wants to. But it’s too late—his hand is on your shoulder, gently shaking you out of your slumber. “(Y/N)? You said my name.”
“Sorry, I…sorry.”
“What were you dreaming about?”
He kissed you, in your dream. Now that you’re looking at the real version, your cheeks feel warm…and so does that same spot below your belly. Suddenly the room feels uncomfortably hot, and you wish you weren’t trapped under the covers with Tanjiro. You shift your legs to try and get a little more air between the two of you, but the heat persists.
“I think I should go back to my room.” You must be sweating—you feel damp for some reason. He’s too close.
Tanjiro ignores you. “Can you tell me what you were dreaming about?”
“I—you,” you admit. “You were training.”
“And…I don’t know. It’s kind of warm in here, isn’t it? I think I’ll just…” You push the cover aside and sit up, but before you can get yourself off the bed, Tanjiro is tugging you back down, holding to the mattress so he can hover over you in that way he likes.
“Tell me,” he says to you, voice as firm as it is gentle. Sleep-mussed locks of red hair flop over his forehead but his face is serious, and you can’t look away.
“You kissed me,” you whisper.
That takes him by surprise. You can tell by the way his eyes widen, but his hold on you doesn’t ease up. You want to die. Why did you say that? He’ll think you’re disgusting, sleeping next to him in his bed and having perverted dreams about him. Why couldn’t you have just lied? Why can’t you ever lie to him?
“I’m going back to my bedroom.” You try to project more confidence than you actually feel, but there’s no use. Tanjiro doesn’t seem like he’s going to let you get away from him any time soon.
He’s straddling your body carefully, one elbow folded next to your head while his other hand comes up to stroke your cheek. “Your face is all red.”
“You’re…you’re too close.”
“I don’t think I’m close enough. You have goosebumps, look...” Tanjiro folds up the sleeve of your sleep shirt, exposing your arms to view. “…here…and here, too…”
His hands are wandering further down to the hem of the shirt, pushing it up so slowly and gently that you’re not even sure it’s happening until you feel him stroking over your belly. It’s true, you do have goosebumps. It feels like every hair on your body is standing on end. “Tanjiro…?”
“I guess you haven’t been able to touch yourself, since we’ve been sleeping together. That kind of repression is bad for your health. Even I’ve been a little…frustrated.”
Your mind has to work overtime to understand what he’s telling you as he strokes over your stomach and onto the sensitive skin of your sides, and then up to the flesh covering your ribs. His thumb teases over the underside of one of your breasts for a second, but the shock must have shown on your face because he retreats immediately.
“I’m not. I’m not frustrated,” you say, knowing he won’t believe you.
Tanjiro shakes his head in dismissal. “I don’t think that’s true, (Y/N).”
What are you supposed to say? Of course it’s not true. But admitting that you’ve been feeling heated around him lately would ruin everything, so refuse to say it. “I…I don’t know what to say…”
“You don’t have to say it. Can I prove it to you?”
What does he mean? Your head jerks up and down in acquiescence. You barely have to wait a moment before Tanjiro’s hands are slipping down your sides to the waistband of your pants and tugging them down over your hips. A tap on your hipbones prompts you to lift your hips and let him remove the clothing, not that you know why you’re complying so blindly.
Just like you always do.
Is he still trying to take care of you? Putting himself in a caretaker’s role because he thinks you need him? This is going a little far, too far maybe, but you can’t deny you want this. The heat of his body is no longer stifling—instead, it feels like it’s pulling you into him.
When your pants are out of the way, Tanjiro reaches into your underwear and dabs against your slit. It’s not until you feel his finger sliding between the puffy lips of your cunt that you realize how wet you are…and of course he can feel it too. Your knees jerk together to try and push him away from you but he’s unfazed, his touch steadily becoming more intrusive as he seeks out the syrupy dampness from your pussy.
“What am I feeling right now? I want you to tell me.”
“You’re—you’re touching me?” you gasp out.
“And you’re all wet. You can’t tell me you haven’t been frustrated when you’re getting this wet with just my fingers.” At this, you feel him prodding deeper into your pussy and stretching you open.
“Nn—okay, fine! Fine!” The words come out of you in a rapid burst, and you finally muster up the resolve to push Tanjiro away from you by his shoulders. “I’ll go back to my room and deal with it, okay? You don’t have to do it for me.”
“I don’t know. I don’t think I can trust you to take care of this problem by yourself. You’ve been lying to me about your needs.”
You wish he wasn’t able to be so calm while you feel like your entire face is on fire. He pulls his hand out of your panties and backs up on the bed so his torso is framed between your legs. “Can you let me help you, (Y/N)? Let me take care of you.”
You lick your lips without realizing you’re doing it, and Tanjiro’s eyes follow the motion. You can barely comprehend what he’s asking. You want it. You want his hands on you; you want to be taken care of in the way he’s offering. But whether or not you can actually ask for it is another story. “Tanjiro…”
“You need this. I know you do.” He skims his palm over your bare thigh in a soothing motion that, oddly enough, puts your barbed nerves a fraction at ease. “I want you to be honest with me about what you need.”
It’s too much. The warmth of his body so tantalizingly close to yours, his shadowed eyes searching yours for a response you don’t know how to give him…and the sticky mess in your panties. Tanjiro’s giving you a free pass to get something you’ve wanted for longer than you can comfortably admit to yourself, and you’re not sure you could deny him if you tried. What can you tell him except the truth? “I want you. I need you.”
“Good girl. See how good it feels to be honest?” Tanjiro bows down and mouths over your pussy through the wet spot on your panties.
It’s not the honesty that feels good, you think as his tongue pads at you through the fabric.
Too impatient to wait another second to taste you, Tanjiro nudges your rear up and slides your panties down your legs. As soon as you kick the undergarment off your feet, he’s pulling your thighs back apart and curling his thickly-muscled arms around them to hold you securely as his head dips back down to your bare pussy. He wastes no time in laving his tongue over your slit and up to the button at the top.
The sensation of this hot, wet muscle pressing up against your most private area is…weird, to say the least. You’ve never felt anything like this—to be honest, you don’t even know exactly what Tanjiro’s doing. When you think about what’s actually happening on this bed—your (friend? partner? bedmate? crush?) ally has his mouth angled between your legs and is licking your pussy—you think you might spontaneously combust. You’ve never felt anything like this before, and however strange the feeling is, you’re more than aware of your hips grinding up toward Tanjiro just so you can feel more of it.
“Here, let me help…” Tanjiro effortlessly lifts you to place a pillow under your lower back, and then moves back down to continue his relentless licking, this time at a new angle that allows him full access to every millimeter of your raw cunt. He’s eating you out like your pussy is the last meal he’ll ever have.
And how can he help it? You taste so good, so sweet on his lips and over his tongue. You must have been in so much pain lying next to him every night with your desire leaking out between your thighs. Just thinking about is making heat rise low in his groin, and his grip on you is getting tighter by the second. How awful that you tried to keep this to yourself…it was remiss of him not to realize before tonight that you needed him so badly.
But it’s going to be alright, because judging from the muffled noises you’re making, every swipe of his tongue licking up your slit is more than making it up to you.
You probably don’t realize how much your hips are wiggling under his minstrations. He barely has to exert any effort to keep you still, but the way you keep trying you push yourself closer to him is enticing, not to mention the way you’re trying (and failing) to keep your voice down through your moans.
“Tanjiro…T-Tanjiro,” you whimper. It’s like you can’t think of anything except for his name. All of your attention is focused on the pressure building up deep in your core, each stroke of his tongue over your clit taking you higher and higher. You feel tense…wound up so tightly that you have to bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from letting the shallow puffs of air turn into full-fledged cries.
Just like that, please, please… You think the words rather than saying them, even though you want to. It’s too humiliating to be begging Tanjiro for more while he’s already giving you more than you deserve, but it’s almost like he heard you anyway, because his tongue writhes down across your clit again and your back arches up off the bedspread.
Your thighs twitch around his head, trying involuntarily to hold him down. He just chuckles and keeps you firmly in place, and his voice hums out over your pussy making feel even more wild. “Please, I’m—I’m cumming…” Your voice trails off and you crush the heels of your palms into your face to cover up your expression while the wave of pleasure hits you so hard you think you might faint.
Tanjiro doesn’t stop. You’re crying out in whimpers so high-pitched he can barely hear them, but he doesn’t stop. The delicate muscles in your pussy are throbbing under his tongue, but he doesn’t stop licking until you’re almost crying, panting out “it’s too much it’s too much, please Tanjiro” and pushing his head away with your hand.
When he finally pulls away, his hair is tangled and disarrayed from where you’ve been running your hands through it, and his mouth and jaw are shining wet. Tanjiro licks his lips and if you didn’t feel shaky before…you do now.
It takes a second for the power of thought to return to you, but when it does you just sigh weakly and flop back down onto the bed. Tanjiro’s next to you before you hit the pillow, and he grips your jaw with one hand to angle your head to meet his, and—
He’s kissing you. He’s actually kissing you. His lips are surprisingly soft over yours, but as usual there’s an unnecessary degree of pressure attached to the contact that has you sinking deeper into your blankets under his force. You can detect the lush, slightly bitter taste of your arousal coating the inside of his mouth as his tongue (skillful as ever) traces over yours. Tanjiro is kissing you, and it’s a hundred times better than any dream you could come up with on your own, so you kiss back.
It takes him a long moment to break the kiss, long enough that your lungs are pleading for air by the end of it. When his lips leave yours, a thin trail of saliva connects the two of you until it breaks and drips down your chin.
“Tanjiro…” You search for the right words, but what are you supposed to say at a time like this? “I…what did we just do?”
“Shh, don’t worry.” Tanjiro leans in again, this time just to press a chaste kiss to your forehead. “I’m going to take good care of you, okay?”
You take a moment and then duck your head into a nod. It doesn’t make any sense—how does he do that?—but once he says it’s okay it always is.
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my-dating-academia · a year ago
Kimetsu No Yaiba Drabbles
Gifs arent mine. Also I will get to other characters, but I really like these fellas.
Inosuke Hashibira:
"I'll protect you."
Tumblr media
Your body was picked up and slammed against a distant tree as if you were nothing. You felt your breath leave your lungs as you knew something was broke. Thankfully, you still had a death grip on the sword.
Blood dripped down your lips as you coughed. You had to get up and fight that stupid demon. You could've defeated it, but you weren't paying attention and allowed the demon to sling your body.
You shouldn't have split up from the squad, but damn it all if you didn't want to challenge Insouke on how many demons you got!
You saw the ugly figure of the demon and you hesitantly stood up. You held the sword tightly and charged but as you got closer to the demon, you realized you underestimated it.
Before you had time to even think of what breath to use, the demon ran fast toward you and grabbed your neck and disarmed you with the other. The demon tightened its grip, and you scratched and tried to pry its hands off.
Just when you saw blots of white, you heard a squeal and saw Insouke come down from dropping off a tree and sliced the demon's arm off.
You breathed graciously as you landed on the ground and tried to compose yourself.
"S/o," Inosuke said, not mispronouncing your name. "I'll protect you!"
You smirked lopsided at Inosuke as your body stayed glued to the ground.
Inosuke fumed under his mask at your smile and blushed furiously, "But you owe me one, hear that?!"
Zenitsu Agatsuma:
"Kiss me again."
Tumblr media
"Y/n, please marry me! We don't have much time left and the others aren't here! We can elope together!!"
"Zenitsu are you even looking for it?" You huffed and turned to the other side so he wouldn't see your growing blush.
Well, you did kinda get yourself into the situation. He lost haori last night in the woods, so he asked you to help him find it. And since he was your crush, you said yes.
"You're not answering my question..!" He persisted as he scooted closer. You looked over and saw his puppy dog eyes and you felt your heart yearn. You blushed brightly before turning your head again.
"Oh? Y/n? Was that a blush...?" Zenitsu said happily.
You wiped your head to deny his claim, but since he was so close you accidentally grazed lips against his. Your face heated and you backed up. You covered your mouth and felt thoughts race. Did you regret it or not? What if he liked someone else more and was in a fit of desperation?
Zenitsu face was pink and a goofy smile was plastered wide. He sighed happily before saying "Please, Y/n..." He looked into your eyes softly, pupils wide. "Kiss me again."
You looked down and thought "Well, crap..." In a sudden fit to finally release your feelings for him you decided.
You grasped his shoulders softly and pressed your lips against his before releasing, but it wasn't enough as he pulled you back into the kiss again.
It was soft and pure, and you melted against him. When you both backed up to catch a breath he asked, all too happy, "So is that a yes?"
Tanjirou Kamado:
"I won't forget this moment."
Tumblr media
You petted Tanjirou's head as it was laid upon your lap. You pulled the blanket over him more. He needed the rest bad. He finally got a quiet moment. You grazed your fingers delicately across his cheeks. You hummed happily.
He then softly grasped your hand and kissed it. He pressed your hand against his face and sighed happily. "Thank you, s/o."
You nodded, "No need, you deserve it." You brushed your free hand against his hair, twisting it and curling it. He closed his eyes and breathed lightly, his chest rising and falling in rhythm. You felt hypnotized by the peacefulness and felt your eyelids grow heavy and you closed them, sitting upright still.
When you awoke again, it was in the middle of the might and you were tucked away peacefully in from futon, Tanjirou at your side. Even if he was tired and injured, he still was so caring.
You shuffled a bit to get more comfortable and to face him, which awoke Tanjirou.
"Sorry, just go back to sleep, sweetie." You said quietly. He saw your face in the dimly from the light inside(which needed to be refilled soon). He pressed a hand on your cheek and leaned his forehead against yours.
"I won't forget this moment." He spoke lowly. "You make me so happy..." He retrieved his hand and grabbed your hand instead and drifted back off to sleep.
You felt your heart swell and closed your eyes again. He has no idea how happy he makes you.
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Can I have a nsfw scenario for Giyuu and his s/o? When he thought that his s/o was killed by a demon but it turned out not. He is too afraid so he just want to spend time with his s/o
Tumblr media
Here ya go nonnie! Enjoy the smut! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Word count: 5.2k+
Tumblr media
Giyuu wouldn't forget the day when both of you were sent on a mission, he thought that you were defeated by the demon and died due to the fact that he saw your haori lying on the ground and drenched with blood. Giyuu felt his body falling apart by just thinking of you being devoured by a demon. The Water pillar began urgently looking for you and he prayed that his adverse thoughts were just assumptions of his – only a deception.
Heart hammering tremendously, cold sweats trickling on his neck and breathing became heavy, he doesn't care if he's going to be lost in the middle of the unknown dark forest. The only thing that was swirling in his head was to find you safe and sound. He knows that you won't be defeated that easily even if you're not a pillar yourself, at least your strength was still in the higher ranks.
As he runs through the forest, and he paused in his tracks when he spotted a body blended with blood ahead of him. Giyuu didn't waste a second to aid the unknown person, however, when the figure was becoming more lucid in his eyes, his orbs opened ever so widely when he recognised your (length) (colour) hair and the hair clip that he gave you on your birthday.
Dashing towards you, he immediately carried you in his arms when he saw your unconscious body. He checked your wrist and sensed the little beating of your pulse, indicating that you're still alive making his eyes glimmer with hope.
"(Name), please don't die on me," he coaxes and kisses you on the forehead before heading towards the Butterfly estate to treat your severe wounds.
Seeing you with cuts all over your body and blood gliding on your head, he felt his heart wrenched painfully and gritted his teeth since he couldn't handle seeing you being beaten up like this. Ever since you two became a couple, he was always there with you and would never leave your side in order to protect you. It's not that he doesn't trust your strength as a demon hunter, he just doesn't want the worst thing to transpire to you and he wouldn't let someone special to him slip away from him again.
He already lost his beloved sister and his friend Sabito, he couldn't handle the excruciating pain again and he doesn't want to encounter it anymore. He's done with anyone dying on him, he's done being miserable. That's why he doesn't know what he's going to do if you ever die on him, you're the only reason why he still keeps on living and breathing. So if you die... he doesn't know what to do anymore.
A month passed and you're now fully healed, thanks to Shinobu, Aoi and the three girls who were taking care of you, especially to your boyfriend who never left your side even for a minute. He was the who's feeding you, aiding you to stand up and walk, guiding you to the bathroom, getting the things that you needed and moreover, he never passed a day without caressing your hands like he doesn't have any intention of letting it go. Giyuu would casually kiss your forehead before drifting to sleep.
Now that you can do whatever you want and not bedridden anymore. Giyuu and you started to return from your household and rest there for two weeks. The Water pillar asked for Oyakata-sama's permission to give you both a week-off since Giyuu wanted you to be in perfect shape to be on a mission again, also, he doesn't want to leave your side because he was terrified of the possible outcomes that might befall to you while he's not around.
Thankfully, Oyakata-sama granted the ravenette's wishes and let you two have a week-off. So today, you were inside your shared home while drinking a tea that your boyfriend had prepared for both of you.
A peaceful atmosphere inundates the room as you wordlessly sipped on your tea while the Water pillar was staring at your every movement.
Sensing the piercing eyes of your boyfriend, you looked at him then smiled.
"Giyuu, you're making me uncomfortable because of your stare," you giggled to which the said man snapped out from his daze.
"I'm just... I'm just happy that you're perfectly fine now..." he utters then began to sip on his tea. Smiling widely at your boyfriend, you rose to your feet and went beside him to give him a hug.
"I'm sorry if I worried you too much, Giyuu... I won't die, I promise that to you so don't overthink, okay?" You soothingly said and slowly cupped his cheeks then momentarily, drawing circles on his smooth cheeks. Giyuu also held your hands resting on his face and rubs your knuckles.
"How could I not overthink? You're special to me, (Name). You do know that I don't want to happen to you just like what happened to my sister and Sabito. I don't want to experience it again by losing someone important to me. I don't know what I will do... if I lose you, (Name)..." his voice cracked in the midst of his sentence and wrapped his arms around you before leaning his head on your shoulder.
You felt like your heart was being stabbed by thousands of knives just by seeing Giyuu being so vulnerable. Also, what surprised you is that Giyuu was being vocal to his words, knowing that he's a socially awkward man and not good at communicating with everyone. You weren't used of the Water pillar being like this since you know how strong this man is and would never waver. Well, truth be told, you would sometimes see him falter whenever you'd cook him his favourite food which is the salmon daikon.
"Giyuu, love, look at me," you prompted to which your boyfriend voluntarily obeyed you and stare into your (colour) irises.
"I love you so much, Giyuu. I'm not going to die, I'll live love with you, understand?" Brushing his tanned cheeks, you propelled your face towards him and once your lips were a centimeter apart, you attached your lips onto his chapped ones.
The Water pillar gladly responded to your kisses and slid his hands to your jaw and pulling you to him to deepen the kiss.
"I love you too, (Name)," he says then returns to kiss you once again.
You felt your heart beating fast as the atmosphere between you two was becoming heated. Although you've been together for two years, you both still haven't tried to move into the next level of being in a relationship. Well, you would be lying if you didn't sometimes envision how Giyuu would touch your body and do sexual things with him.
Just remembering him how your bodies will become one and make love to him, you feel your body's temperature rising up and wrapped your arms around his neck to have an ardent kiss between you and your boyfriend.
Giyuu noticed how your kiss turned sloppy and how you grabbed a handful of his hair making him groan into the kiss. The Water pillar pulled away with a string of saliva connected in between your mouths.
Giyuu's breathing went ragged same goes for you. The ravenette merely watched you with wide eyes as for you, you looked at him with a wanton gaze while your cheeks were dusted in red. Giyuu was stunned, he didn't know how he will react after the avid kiss you both shared.
"Giyuu..." you purred as you crawled towards him and smell the addictive scent of your boyfriend on his neck. "Can we do it tonight?" You asked.
Giyuu was clueless at first but after processing your words, his jaw instantly dropped and looked at you with skepticism.
"(Name)... we can't... I want to do it when we get married..." Giyuu said but you can recognise the hesitation laced in his tone. You know that Giyuu was turned on at the scene earlier so you wouldn't back off right now specifically that you couldn't handle the heat leaching in your body.
"Please Giyuu... I love you so much, I want to make love to you..." lifting your head, you hold the back of his neck and crashed your lips onto his.
The Water pillar was astounded at your bold act. He didn't know that you're hiding this kind of attitude that he hadn't faced before. When you bit his lower lip, the quiet boy parted his lips which you swiftly shoved your tongue inside his mouth and explored his wet cavern. Giyuu doesn't know what to do but halfway, he followed your movements and mimic your action by shoving his wet muscle in your mouth.
You let out a groan when Giyuu started to explore your mouth, fighting for dominance.
The heat was starting to rise on both of you and your rationality was becoming foggy like the mist covering the vast mountain. You two were now clouded by concupiscence and you two couldn't stop yourself anymore. You two didn't want to stop this momentum and let the lust consume your whole being.
The Water pillar grabbed your waist and placed you on top of his lap. You can feel the bulge growing on his pants grazing on your clothed womanhood. Subconsciously, you sit on the tent on his crotch causing Giyuu to groan because of the friction of your clothed sex on his. You started to grind to give more friction and let out a lewd moan in between your kisses.
It feels so good for you, you didn't know that doing this kind of sensual things would actually feel this good. It feels like you were in euphoria and your mind was lingering of one thing: you want to feel Giyuu inside of you.
Since you couldn't keep the heat anymore, you retracted your lips and desperately ripped off the clothes of Giyuu. Your boyfriend was shocked at your desperate attempt and after removing his upper clothes, you started to discard your (pattern) kimono and let yourself be naked in front of your boyfriend.
Giyuu adoringly gawked at your curvy body, studying your features and stared at the perked nipples of your breast down to your stomach and your clothed womanhood.
"Hey, Giyuu, make love to me, baby," you seductively whispered in his ear and teasingly bite his earlobe. This causes Giyuu to let out a shaky moan and feel his member twitching against your womanhood.
That was enough reason to make him riled up and you triumphantly smirked when he started to kiss you again with more passion. He pulled back and started giving you light kisses on your jaw, down to your neck and started to lick your throat.
"Giyuu..." you grunted while eyes were shut.
Your boyfriend began to caress your mounds as he nibbles the patches of your skin, searching for your weak spot. You only moan loudly when your boyfriend had finally found it and didn't waste a second to suck it and nip it. You let your head tilt to the side to give him full access which Giyuu took the hint and mercilessly sucked your smooth skin. Hearing you moan that loud, it was certainly a sweet melody to his ears.
The Water pillar didn't expect that this intimate session with you would be this early. He expected that you two were going to do these kinds of things when you two were finally married. However, the intense desire that was crawling in your existence was giving the two of you an adequate reason to step to the next level and let yourself be overwhelmed by your desires you both were craving for.
Shameful or not, truth be told that Giyuu was also having fantasies of you. Wondering what kind of body do you hide underneath your demon hunter uniform and kimono, you don't know how it drives him crazy every time you would run your fingers through your hair, how will you place it on the side to which he can perfectly see your exposed neck that he surely wanted to bite. Also, you don't know how it turns him on whenever you'd kiss him fervently. It's just his mind would wander with lascivious thoughts of you and just wanted to pounce on you against the futon.
Now that his fantasies were coming true right now, he doesn't want to slip this opportunity and pleasure you with all he's got.
Once Giyuu was satisfied at giving you love bites on your neck, he began to trail soft kisses on your collarbone down to your cleavage and teasingly lick the side of your breasts.
"G-Giyuu..." the said man darted his eyes on you who's showing a lustful expression as your cheeks were brandished with pink hues.
Giyuu was feeling proud of himself catching the fact that he was doing a great job at pleasuring you. He didn't waste a second to grope your breasts that perfectly fit his hands well. It was so soft and he couldn't restrain himself to do further with you. Eliciting a lusty moan, Giyuu dipped down and started to lick your perky nipples then sucked it.
You gripped his hair as you relentlessly grinding your core against his erection. You heard the Water pillar groan at your action while he keeps on working with your erect buds. Slowly, you slid your hands on his toned back up to his shoulder blades.
The tension inside the dark room was becoming oppressive and hotter like the heat between you and Giyuu can rival the summer heat of June. You couldn't think reasonably due to the overwhelming heat surging within your being.
You let out a yelp when your boyfriend harshly sucked the skin of your breast as his other hand was incessantly massaging the other. You have no idea that Giyuu would lose his composure to his lust, you thought that he would be this virtuous man who will instantaneously decline your sinful needs but that was the contrary of what you had presumed. You didn't know that you triggered a string inside him that prevents him from doing it despite that he wants to do sexual stuff with you.
Lowering your head, you slide your wet muscle on Giyuu's jawline before giving it butterfly kisses. You feel the ravenette squirmed underneath you and slightly paused from his stimulation but in just a second, he went back to his business. While Giyuu was sucking your mounds, you also mimicked his action by sucking the skin of his neck and nibbled it. Searching for his sweet spot, Giyuu slightly whimpered at your doing then loudly groaned in between your breast when you finally found the spot you were looking for. You hastily sucked it and licked it until you saw the purple-ish mark on his neck.
Seeing the swollen skin, you smirked triumphantly, now that you marked your one and only man. Giyuu also stopped from sucking your breast and caught you off guard by pushing you on the tatami floor and hovered above you.
"(Name)... I can't take this anymore..." he murmured as he lowered down his head to lick your earlobe and nip it. You grunted at his bold attempt and guided his face to look at you.
"You can do anything you want to me, Giyuu. Do it baby."
Giyuu inhaled a sharp breath hearing that kinky name you called him but to be honest, he actually likes it when you're calling him that.
The Water pillar gave a soft kiss on your collarbones then he went lower and lower until his face was now in your abdomen. You squeezed your eyes closed when your boyfriend was now kissing your inner thighs and place your legs over his shoulders.
Giyuu licked your inner thighs and he can smell the sweet scent that was coming from your clothed core. He can see the wetness of your panties because of your work from grinding on his bulge a while ago. The ravenette glanced at your face that was contorted in anticipation. Giyuu snickered at the expression you were making and momentarily, he glided his long and slender finger on your slit. You squeaked when you felt his touch on your sex, you bit your lower lip to prevent yourself from moaning out loud but Giyuu's ministration on your lower region was hindering you from your plan.
Giyuu hastily plunges his pointer inside your core as you let out a slutty moan once you feel the water pillar's finger inside you. Giyuu's eyes were congested with pure lust and seeing you in a lewd state, he couldn't help but feel aroused and his cock was twitching inside his pants. This is the first time he feels these kinds of emotions and it really felt good to him.
"F-Faster Giyuu," you pleaded which the said man didn't waste a second to quicken his thrust into your womanhood.
Giyuu was impressed, feeling your walls tightening around his fingers. His lust was intensifying because of your moans and chant of his name. That being said, Giyuu's mind was consumed by his lust and subconsciously, he leaned into your leaking core, flicking your clit with his tongue.
The new feeling made you arched your back and gripped onto his hair, pulling him close into your pussy. You want more of Giyuu, you want him so much and you want him to feel your everything. Giyuu took this hint to insert his tongue inside your walls, this made you quiver and moaned loudly because of the sensation of his hot wet muscle inside you.
Giyuu's thumb was still working on your clit and holding your thighs to keep you still. His tongue was skilled enough to make you wail and wriggle under his hold. He lapped your wet folds as his teeth graze on your bundle of nerves before sucking it with his mouth. Letting out a screamish like moan, your insides were convulsing due to the stimulation of Giyuu on your womanhood. You can feel that you're reaching your limit and your boyfriend can already sense that you're nearing due to how your walls pressing his tongue and your hands gripping his hair.
In his last suck of your folds, you arched your back and let out a screamish moan of Giyuu's name as the wave of pleasure washes over your body once you finally reached your climax. Your lover pulled back and lick his lips that was coated by your juices, it was sweet and salty but either way, Giyuu loves your taste and he would gladly admit that.
In spite of reaching your orgasm, the lust was still visible in your eyes and the same as Giyuu. You caught your breath as the Water pillar stared over your naked body to which his blue irises dilated in pure lechery.
Evoking a soft chuckle, you sat up from the tatami mat and swiftly cupped Giyuu's cheeks with a faint blush plastered on your cheeks.
"I love you, Giyuu... and I trust you." Your sweet voice replayed inside his mind as he examined your features as though you're the perfect example of his next experiment.
Giyuu was still a bit hesitant but witnessing those steady, unwavering eyes and full of resolve, he couldn't refuse your offer and let his face propelled towards you and gave you a chaste kiss.
You smiled upon having the knowledge of what Giyuu had finally decided. Staring into each other eyes for half a minute, the Water pillar gradually removes the last piece of his clothing which is his underwear. His manhood sprung free from its cage and your jaw instantly dropped once you saw Giyuu's treasure.
Giyuu's length has average size but really thick, you can notice a vein protruding on the base of his cock and his tip was leaking with his precum. You bite your lower lip and feel the nervousness lingering through your whole being, your eyes faltered and Giyuu noticed that. You only averted your gaze from your Water pillar boyfriend as your eyes were becoming watery due to how anxious you were. Truth be told that you're ready for this but your mind was lagging your resolve to do it, this will be your first time doing it and you're completely aware how hurtful it was when doing sexual intercourse.
Giyuu's eyes drooped once he fully processed that he terrified you and made you uncomfortable. You noticed how his shoulders leisurely drops as his line of sight were at the corner of the room and not looking at you. Now you felt guilty for making him feel bad.
Inhaling a deep breath, your hands softly caress Giyuu's which you successfully earned his attention. His eyes were a bit wide and looking at you with hesitance, but to you, you only flashed him a reassuring smile before nodding your head. You brought his hands on your face and kissed it with tenderness, that's when Giyuu's eyes broadened and lips fell slightly.
"I'm ready, Giyuu... I love you..."
Your smile gave him the resolve to do it and his worries instantaneously washed away. Letting go of Giyuu's hands and lying on the floor with your cheeks dusted with red tint as you stared at him with certain reassurance.
Giyuu gulped his saliva before nodding at you understandingly, exuding a handful of breath, you prepared yourself to feel your boyfriend's manhood grazing against your slick folds. Giyuu aligned the tip of his cock on your womanhood and you couldn't help but feel thrilled for some unidentified reason. Before Giyuu can enter his length, he takes a glance at you again to have your affirmation. Locking your eyes with his, you smiled at him and nodded your head.
Giyuu a bit hesitatingly entered his thick manhood inside you, your eyes hastily shuts as you can feel the stinging sensation on your lower region, your hands clawed on the tatami mat as Giyuu didn't move after that once he saw the pain expression covered your face.
"(N-Name)... I'm s-sorry--"
"I'm okay, Giyuu... just don't move... let me a-adjust," you breathlessly told him and Giyuu only bit his lower lip.
The pain still lingers and you're enduring the excruciating pain, you didn't know that Giyuu has a thick dick and you could feel how your walls were stretching because of it. The tears you're holding back had finally streamed down on your cheeks, Giyuu's eyes widened upon seeing you in tears and was about to pull away when you quickly grabbed his wrist to stop him.
"Don't..." you shook your head to which Giyuu begrudgingly complied to your wishes.
Minutes of adjusting to his length, you signaled your boyfriend to move and this makes him do what you had told him as you please. Slowly and gently thrusting into you, you can feel the stinging pain amplifying and you endured it by closing your eyes ever so tightly and biting your lower lip, you could even taste your blood coming from your lips.
Giyuu didn't leave his eyes on you and only stared at you while his breath was limited due to how your walls were squeezing his cock. You are so tight that he couldn't help himself but sink into his desires of you and let out a low groan. Hunger was evident in his eyes as his lust was becoming more apparent as well.
His thrust was undeniably slow, making you adjust yourself until you couldn't feel the pain anymore. His thick girth was breaking your walls as you can sense how it's tearing you apart like you're becoming into half. Giyuu's breath hitched once he fully dipped his length inside your sex and you stifled a moan once you felt that he finally buried his manhood into the depths of your womb. You both catch your breaths while beads of sweat were trickling down on your foreheads and your heavy breaths were the only sounds that you can hear. You gazed over at Giyuu whose cheeks were dusted in red hues while his eyes were intensely staring at you like a hawk eyeing its prey.
The Water pillar didn't move and just feel your walls clenching around his cock, it made his brain go vague and the heat surging through within him was consuming his logical thinking with overwhelming lust that he has for you. After minutes of what seemed like forever, you softly grabbed his hands to signal him that he can move. Giyuu scrutinises you for a second and upon seeing the reassurance within your eyes and smile, that's when he finally started to buck his hips in a tender and slow motion, not wanting to hurt you.
You elicit a soft moan once Giyuu was thrusting into you, at first you feel the pain and it's still lingering within your lower region, but as the seconds ticked and Giyuu was doing his best to make it slow for you and reassuring you that you won't feel any pain while doing it, that's when the pain had subsided and turned into pleasure.
Your breathing was ragged and breathlessly moaning as Giyuu's hips bucked into you while his hands were grabbing your waist, pushing and pulling his thick cock as it reaches the deepest part of your womb, he doesn't want anything left untouched and wants to feel everything the depths of you that he dearly loves. He doesn't want to slip this opportunity in his hands and will seize this moment and engrave it into his mind forever. You, who's undeniably gorgeous underneath him with an expression that everyone won't ever see except for him. How special can he get? A beautiful soul that suddenly engulfs his corrupted one and fixed him in his messy state, loved him without any condition and accept him for who he really is.
You're the only woman he would ever love to this extent.
"G-Giyuu... please m-move faster..." your desperate voice buzzed in his ears as his cock twitch at the sight of you, clearly clouded by lust and Giyuu couldn't help but drown himself with you as well.
The Water pillar complied to your wish and thrust into you slowly but little by little he's starting to slam into you at a quick pace. Giyuu grunted as the pleasure was starting to linger through his body as the slapping of your skins were resonating around the room. You let out a loud moan as Giyuu was precisely and roughly slamming his dick into you as if the Giyuu earlier who's soft and gentle before had eventually changed into a predator that wants to ravage your entire being.
You chant his name as if you're worshipping him, Giyuu relentlessly pounds into you while looking at you with half-lidded eyes, your eyes were closed, seemingly enjoying the momentous day where you had finally made love to Giyuu. Slowly opening your eyes, your (colour) orbs glowing into the dim room that your only source of light is the moonlight cascading through your window, Giyuu gorgeous deep blue orbs stared into yours as he gradually leaned towards to you until your faces were only an inch apart.
Your ragged breaths were hitting both of your noses as you looked into each other's eyes with desires apparent in your irises. Giyuu didn't stop thrusting into you and desperately wanting to feel the depths of your womb, momentarily, he latched his lips against yours and slips his tongue inside your mouth to twirl it with yours. A muffled groan escapes your mouth as Giyuu was giving you a hungry kiss and slamming into you vigorously, seemingly wanting to break you apart and lose your sanity to him.
You fight for dominance as your tongues danced inside your mouth, Giyuu's hands traversed to your hips, to your stomach until it reaches your breasts. You gasped when he once again fondled your breast with his big and rough hands while incessantly pounding into you. You envelop your legs around his waist and so does your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you to deepen the kiss. Your kiss was becoming slushy same to his thrusts, it was desperate and stern, vigorous as he searched for the spot to reach your climax.
Suddenly, you can feel a knot forming in your abdomen, realising that you're finally reaching your peek, you also feel Giyuu's cock twitched inside you, giving you the knowledge that he's going to reach his orgasm soon. Retracting your lips to his as a string of saliva connected from your mouths, your heavy pants and the skin slapping were the only sounds you can listen to. Face flushed as you loudly moan and Giyuu groaned under his breath.
"G-Giyuu... I-I'm c-cumming," you breathlessly informed which Giyuu desperately and tremendously pound into you harder, wanting to reach the ecstasy that you both want.
In Giyuu's one last thrust, a screamish like moan escapes your lips as you both finally reached your climax at the same time and he didn't even pay mind if he's squirting his fluids inside you. The Water pillar groaned and pulled his throbbing member inside you, watching how your mixed juices coming out from your cunt. Giyuu gazed over you who's heavily breathing while eyes were closed.
He plopped himself beside you and let him catch his breath as well, you two didn't speak and just let your heavy breathing be the source of the sound inside the room. Giyuu was in ecstasy, feeling happy that he finally became one to you and make love to the person he surely treasures a lot. He turned his face to look at you and only to find out that you're already looking at him with a tired smile crept on your face
"I love you, Giyuu..." your soft-spoken voice makes his heart leap inside his chest as you flash him an expression with pure fondness and sincere love for him.
Giyuu's mouth agape and stared at you as if you're the only person living in this world, the only woman he would love and would do his very best to protect you even if it means to sacrifice his own life. He doesn't want to experience losing someone he really holds dear, he had enough of that. That is why he will protect you with all his might and love you until he lives, embrace you and secure you in between his arms, and won't let you slip away from his hold.
That's how he values you a lot, you're the last person that he wants to keep and the reason why he's still surviving in this dangerous world.
Giyuu wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him before giving you a gentle kiss on the forehead with full of his love.
"I love you too, (Name)."
Thus, the two of you embraced each other while a small smile plastered on your faces, feeling the contentment filling your whole being as you can feel the warmth of each other's body in your tight embrace. And to this day, you won't ever forget what happened between you and him and engrave it into your minds for eternity.
Therefore, this is yours and Giyuu's momentous day.
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dudeandduchess · a year ago
Kyoujurou angst hurts so good imma cry about it forever 😩❤️❤️ my fire best boy deserves the world!!!(+to live) 🔥❤️ Can you write him with a s/o that ends up saving him from near death (w/ insert budding doctor skills) and as she continues to check on him everytimes he’s conscious he’s either trying too woo her or asking someone else about the guardian angel he wants to marry
Oooh yes, bby! Only certified masochists for Kyō can endure such pain and pleasure. Lol. I actually laughed aloud at the “+to live” part. Yes he does deserve to live. Like oof. I hope you like this one. :D If you have more requests, please feel free to send them in. :D xx
Warning: This has mild manga spoilers. Very mild. Like veryyyy mild.
Kyōjurō with a Reader Who Saves Him from Death (SFW Scenario):
Rengoku was prepared for death. In fact, he was welcoming it with open arms.
The memories kept playing in his mind, as he felt the life slowly draining out of him. There was simply no surviving his injuries.
But what a heroic way to go; protecting the lives of so many people. All two hundred lives spared for the price of one? He thought that that was a fair trade off.
So, he waited. And waited.
But death simply wouldn’t come.
“He’s still alive! Hand me my medical kit,” An angelic voice bellowed close to him, just as he felt nimble fingers against his face. “Hurry!”
Kyōjurō opened his good eye, only to catch a glimpse of the goddess hovering over him. He wanted to see more of her, but the rays of the morning sun were too bright for him. So he had no choice but to close his eye again.
Voices swarmed around him, he could count as many as ten people gathered around him. All while the goddess tended to him.
He could feel her hands moving over his body, as well as a stinging pain that didn’t have anything to do with the massive hole in his chest.
The goddess even said words that made sense by themselves, but didn’t when they were strung together. His pneumothorax needed a chest seal?
What in the world was a chest seal?
“Hey, hey,” The goddess was talking to him. So he opened his eyes the tiniest sliver, and offered her a weak grin.
“You’re very pretty.”
He could see the blush that tinted her cheeks, and the thought that he could make such a beautiful woman get so flustered took his mind off of the throbbing pain he felt.
But with a shake of her head, she put her professional mask back in place. “Whatever you were doing before… with your breathing, do it again while I seal your wound.”
Kyōjurō didn’t have much energy left in him, but if the pretty goddess wanted it, then he would grant her request.
“How is he?” (Y/n) asked one of her assistants, as she made her way inside the room she’d provided for the man she’d saved days ago.
Judging by his uniform alone, she immediately pinned him as another Slayer. The very sight of the special garb brought back tons of memories for her; ones that she still held close, as they were of her brother— who used to be among the Demon Slayers’ ranks.
She’d also taken in the three boys that were with the enigmatic man that day, and it didn’t take long for them to confirm her suspicions: they really were part of the organization that her older brother had devoted his life to.
“He’s been asking for you, (Y/n)-sama; ‘the goddess that saved me’, he’d said earlier.” Mizuki, her long-time assistant answered with a quiet laugh, as the physician-in-training’s cheeks warmed with a blush.
“He also said that you’re the woman he’s going to marry.” Mizuki added with another giggle. “Isn’t that adorable? You’ve already found your husband, with no effort at all.”
(Y/n)’s gaze flickered over to the man still asleep in the bed, before immediately darting away— as butterflies fluttered inside her stomach.
“Just give him some water when he wakes up. No tea or anything else with caffeine at the moment. And please get him to take the medicine I gave him.” With that, (Y/n) turned around on her heel and exited the room in a hurry.
She couldn’t deny that the man— named Rengoku Kyōjuro, according to the trio with him— was handsome. But she wasn’t one to fall for mere good looks and flowery words.
No, she really wasn’t.
Besides, falling for a Slayer was the last thing that she wanted to do.
At least, that’s what she kept telling herself. Because for the past few weeks that Rengoku was in her care, she’d discovered so many things about him; and she found that she liked the charismatic man more than she led everyone to believe.
He would continuously flirt with her while she tended to his bandages and, in the inevitable cases where she wasn’t around, he kept asking (Y/n)’s assistants where ‘the woman he was going to marry’ was at.
It made for embarrassing conversations between (Y/n) and her nurses, but the young physician couldn’t deny that it made her heart flutter in excitement.
“(Y/n), you know you’re really amazing?” Kyōjurō began with a chuckle, as the aforementioned woman changed the bandages around his chest.
She briefly looked up at him, before turning her attention back to her task. She could have forked the task off to someone else, but she always found herself doing it— just so she could spend time with the Flame Hashira. “Why?”
“Because you’ve filled the gaping hole inside my chest.” The young man laughed, only to wince as his wound throbbed in pain.
In turn, a blush colored (Y/n)’s cheeks, while she tried to hide the evidence that blatantly told how flustered Rengoku could make her. “W-whatever.”
“Okay, not that one, huh?” Rengoku hummed in thought, before pinching his intended wife’s chin between his thumb and forefinger. He then tilted her face up to look at him, and he couldn’t help but smile at the sheer beauty that graced his good eye. “When will you say yes to becoming my wife? You know I’ve always had my eye on you.”
Kyōjurō laughed, then winced once more as his wound got agitated. But his laughter died down when he saw the seriousness reflected in (Y/n)’s eyes.
She worried her bottom lip between her teeth, as she mulled her words over inside her head. She harbored feelings for the man in front of her, but her hesitance stemmed from her own insecurity about his mortality.
He’d almost died once; and if he went out there again, then she could actually lose him. Just like she had lost her brother. “What if I say yes now?”
“Then you’d make me the happiest man in the world.”
“What if… what if I asked you to never leave me? Just stay here with me, and forget about going on missions? What if I want you to retire from your post?” Her words were light in their cadence, but their meaning weighed heavily on Kyōjurō’s heart.
He didn’t want to retire so early from being a Hashira, but he wasn’t deluded. So, with a gentle smile, he answered, “I’m not dumb, (Y/n). I know that I can never go back to being a Slayer in my condition. But… even if I were in top shape, I would leave that life behind just to be with you.”
(Y/n) opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off when Kyōjurō continued, “Granted, of course, that I can still train future Slayers. So, will you marry me?”
Those enigmatic eyes of his bore deeply into (Y/n)’s own, and the young woman found herself nodding as tears blurred her vision. “Yes. I’ll marry you.”
With a wide grin playing at his lips, Kyōjurō then leaned forward and claimed the first of his future wife’s sweet kisses.
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my-dating-academia · a year ago
Dating HC's for Tanjirou, Inosuke, and Zenitsu
Tanjirou Kamado:
Tumblr media
-First off! You’re dating an absolute pure boy! He legit has no bad or tainted intentions. He just wants to make you happy and hold you close... He lost too much to take anything for granted and wants to hold you close. Not to be lewd or anything, but he dreams of cuddling with you next to a fireplace.
-He really is a caring lover. He always puts your needs before him. You’re hungry? Please, take his food! He’s already full! Cold? You can take his haori. He’ll be okay! You’ve been really, really wanting this certain item for a while? He can work a little harder to buy it for you!
-But truth is, he’s scared he’s gonna lose you. He tries to keep you happy, so you won’t because you keep him happy just by being with him. Whenever he’s with you, he feels relaxed. He just wants to crawl up next to you and lay his head down in your lap. Please play with his hair? Stroke his head? If you even gently trace his scar or give it light kisses he’ll blush so hard.
-Favorite thing to do is cuddle! Cuddling when you sleep! He feels so at home when he wraps around you...It makes him secure and easier to sleep.
-You’re most likely his first s/o. He has had crushes before but too busy to ever pursue them. He is a little unsure in his actions on what to do. He just wants to make you feel loved, that’s what he knows for sure. That means you’re also his first kiss! It was probably after a dangerous mission and when he saw you again, he realized how scared he is to never see you again. He gently grabbed the sides of your face to gaze at you before you closed the distance and sweetly kissed him. It was a little awkward trying to figure it out, but it was so gentle and genuine you teared up.
-He wants you to be his first and last. He already imagines a peaceful life with you with you.
-If you’re a demon slayer, he wants to go on missions with you, but he understands if he can’t. He just gets so worried even though he knows you can handle yourself! Expect a hug when you get back from one!
-He also trusts you 100% therefore he does not get jealous. He knows you won’t cheat on him. However, if someone is flirting with you and you are uncomfortable and they won’t stop, he will step in. 
-You have to have a good relationship with Nezuko. He saw you teaching her how to make a flower crown and could of swore he died right at that moment of pure joy. Another time Nezuko fell asleep on your lap and you fell asleep leaning against the wall and Tanjiro’s heart just went <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
-He will be your emotional pillar and hold you whenever you get sad. Whether you just need to have a shoulder to cry on or advice, he’s got you covered. 
-Please return his actions. He deserves it. Baby has been through so much he really needs some love and someone to fall against. Polish or sharpen his sword, write him a few encouraging notes, or even buy matching necklaces! He won’t take it off and keep it hidden under his collar to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Whenever he’ll being feeling down, he’ll look at the necklace and be reminded by you. Same goes if he’s fighting a really powerful demon. It’ll give him a much needed moral boost.
Inosuke Hashibira:
Tumblr media
-Pretty feral boy legit is clueless. He is so confused with everything, but he knows that whenever he’s near you, his face heats up and his chest feels weird and tingly. It’s like you’re doing some weird mind trick on him, like you’re baiting him into a challenge! But, whenever he tries to yell out to tell you to fight him, it turns into a weird pig-like squeal and his words die out. It’s kinda funny and makes you giggle because he gets into a fighting stance then just falters out and squeals. It took a while before you two could get together because of misunderstandings and Inosuke being confused of “love”.
-Inosuke does love you he just has his way to show it. Instead of challenging you every few minutes, he protects you. If you’re not a demon slayer, he always tries to go check up on you and has you in the back of the head. He may even give you some lessons for self defense. However, if you are a demon slayer, he does like to go on missions with you and keep an eye on you. Whenever he sees you fight fiercely in battle he just gets so proud and inside he’s all like “Yeah, that’s my s/o!!!”
-He also loves holding you for some reason. I don’t know why, but I feel like he would just love to carry you? He’ll hold you bridal style or sling you over his shoulder. This also means he’ll do that in front of others, so he just doesn’t care about PDA. He justifies it by “But they’re mine?? The others should know we’re together?? What’s so embarrassing about that???”
-He also gets jealous probably because of the whole “raised around wild animals”. He will glare and challenge Zenitsu if he asks you to marry him....Let’s just say Zenitsu learned his lesson about asking you that.
-If you sleep with him he will wrap you up in his limbs and not let you leave unfil he wakes up. You’ll have to pry him off. He may not the be softest to sleep against but he is warm, so you don’t have to worry about being cold during winter. He’s also the big spoon no matter what.
-He’ll never mention it but Inosuke will be happy if you teach him to read and write. He’s embarrassed by the fact he can’t. 
-If you can cook and he make him food he will be beyond happy!! Or giving him praise!! He loves it and c r a v e s it. He doesn’t hear it very often.
-Make sure he takes care of himself. Simply like brushing his hair or making him take baths. He really prefers it if you take a bath with him, so you can reach his back. He doesn’t care if you’re naked just please get that one spot hE CAN’T SCRUB. Over a while, bathing together just becomes the norm for you two.
-As previously mentioned, he doesn’t handle well with emotions. He will let you cry into his shoulder and if the reason you’re crying is because of someone insulting you, he will go try to tear their ass up. He’s not the great with words, but he’ll take you out into the woods to release your frustration on trees or maybe even some demons.
-He kisses are rougher because he will smoosh his face onto yours and your teeth may clink, but his kisses make you feel so safe and warm. He’ll even press the snout of his mask onto your lips when he has it on. 
Zenitsu Agatsuma:
Tumblr media
-He is honestly so shocked you returned his feelings? He never would imagine you actually would. He honestly could look at you smiling at him and he would tear up slightly because you actually love him? You’re smiling because of him?? 
-He wants to be attached to you every second, but he stops himself because he’s afraid he’ll scare you off? Tell him you don’t mind and although he will be with you constantly, his face will be so blushy and blissful and that makes it worth it.
-He loves PDA and loves to give you hugs and quick kisses. Those kisses become an routine. Kiss in the morning, in the afternoon, before he goes off to a mission, before bedtime, he just loves them! He will get whiny if you don’t. He needs them like he needs air.
-His kisses are so gentle and sweet! He kisses are as soft as if he’s kissing a doll. His kisses are always filled with love. He’s a hopeless romantic okay.
-He just wants to have one night with no demons bothering you and look at the stars. He’ll point out what he sees and may even sneak in an “Those stars look like us kissing! The stars say we should kiss. Let’s kiss now!...Please?”
-Maybe he has a journal that depicts you and him getting married but shush. He may even slip out a few times by referring you to others as “My wife/husband”. He had to stop himself from getting promise rings a week after dating but he will after some months. If he sees you wearing your promise ring, he will be so happy!
-He does get insecure and unsure of himself especially after missions when he thinks his teammates outshone him. He will get teary eyed and fall into your arms. Kiss his head and list all the things that make him special and amazing. Sometimes just listen to him talk about it. Don’t worry, he’ll return the favors if you ever feel down too.
-He is the little spoon most the time because he loves affection, but some nights he just wants to hold onto you since he’s afraid that its all too good to be true.
-He does get jealous and will say something like “That’s my s/o you’re flirting to!” And will get pouty after that because what if you really did want that person? Was he no good enough? He’d cling to your haori and beg you not to leave him.
-Switch with eachother’s haoris! He loves to see you in his and your haori reminds him of you and it feels like you’re wrapped around him. Its great.
-He does try extra harder to protect you but it's still a challenge. It's like, whenever he's about to get attacked, oh well time to run up and tree and cry. But with you? Oh hell no. "Get away from my s/o filthy demon!!" while crying
-But if you saved him?? He'll be a little embarrassed but in his eyes you're his hero.
-Zenitsu really, really loves you. He probably does cheesey stuff like putting your two initials in a heart carved on a tree.
-Please don't break his heart. Poor boy fell super hard for you.
(I really do love Inosuke but he's kinda hard to write for)
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biconderoga · a year ago
KnY Hashira Relationship Headcannons
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
A very awkward partner. After Sabito, he became extremely withdrawn. To him, romantic human interaction was something of a dream. To now have it at his beck and call, it’s something he wants to take advantage of. He just doesn’t know how. His S/O would have to initiate everything until he becomes more secure in the relationship.
If his S/O is a fellow hashira he’s usually next to them during meetings. All the other pillars lowkey hate the lovey dovey looks he gives as his holds their hand. Shinazugawa finds it disgusting, and disrespectful if they are in the presence of Kagaya. The rest are surprised that the usually calm and montone pillar can actually express anything romantic
Whenever he gets made fun of for his lack of friends, he proudly states his S/O is more than enough for him. He’s almost immune to all of Shinobu’s comments.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
Most patient partner someone can ask for. S/O isn’t ready to take the relationship to the next step, no worries! She’ll stand by their side til’ the end of the world.
She’s a hard shell to crack. Her S/O would have to be persistent if they wanted her to genuinely express how she’s feeling. She never expresses her pain and anguish, she covers everything with her serene smile.
Loves talking about her pharmaceuticals with her S/O. It’s something she’s passionate about, and to share her knowledge with someone she cares deeply for is meaningful to her.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
A warm and kind man who loves to smother his S/O in love and support. He’s a hug and kiss type of guy! Haven’t seen each other because of a mission? He scoops his S/O up in a tight hug followed by a deep kiss!
Loves to bring his S/O to visit his family. Even if his father isn’t receptive, he gladly spends large amounts of time with his S/O and younger brother.
If his S/O is a demon slayer/demon their protection is one of his priorities if they go on missions together. He won’t let them out of his sight and guarantees almost no injuries.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui
Biggest flirt, even if his S/O is officially with him. He’s an eccentric man who believes he can woo his partners ‘flamboyantly’ even if they are already together. Gotta keep that spark!
Loves to carry all his partners at the same time. He tried to juggle them once, but it didn’t end up good. Suma ends up banging her head and crying. While Hinatsuru comforts her and S/O comforts her. Makio ends up scolding Tengen.
Tumblr media
Tokito Muichiro
Loves to daydream while laying on his S/O’s lap. Stroke his hair, brush it, whatever, his S/O just has to be stroking his hair in some way.
He can be considered scatter-brained at times, but when it comes to his S/O he remembers minuscule details about them. Whenever his S/O points this out, he pouts and disagrees.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
Fawns over her S/O 24/7. To the point where her S/O feels like they’re on display. She’s not nitpicking or trying to be annoying, she’s just in love with every aspect of her S/O.
Even with her S/O, she still fawns over other people. It’s just in her nature as a love pillar! She never means to make her S/O jealous, or uncomfortable. If her S/O tries to get her to tone down on her comments she may just combust.
Adores feeding her S/O food! She just thinks they’re so cute when she feeds them. Her favorite food to share is her strawberry mochi. (Her S/O’s hair may just turn as pink as hers!)
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
A very brash and blunt partner. Says one thing, but means the opposite. Tsundere for sure. He tries to push away his S/O, just as he did to Genya, for their own safety. He never thinks about the way his S/O feels about his one-sided decision.
His S/O might have gang up on Sanemi with his brother. Maybe two people will get him to crack his tough exterior and allow himself to be vulnerable.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
Overthinks a lot of his actions. He seems like a self-possessed guy, but when it comes to his S/O he overthinks everything. Did they think I look weird today? What about that gift I gave them, did they like it?
Lets his snake coil around his S/O. It’s a large sign of trust on his part, since his snake is so crucial to him. If his S/O is scared of reptiles, he tries his best to ease them into liking their company.
Lowkey loves to be smothered with his S/O’s love and affection. He may not seem one to be touchy-feely, but he just loves to be in his S/O’s arms.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
Although the cannot see, he believes his S/O has the kindest soul, so they must have the kindest appearance.
Is very protective of his S/O, but never to the point where it’s suffocating. His line of work is dangerous, and he’s lost so much already, so he tries his best to care for his S/O.
Enjoys holding his S/O’s hand. It’s a simple form of affection that isn’t suffocating or too inappropriate for public. It’s perfect for him!
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jackrrabbit · 11 months ago
Bloodlust /// Sanemi x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: A naive demon is waylaid by the Wind Hashira.
A/N: Might fuck around and get back into KNY…Sanemi is one mean bastard, and I’m here for it. Be warned—this is pretty brutal (not by canon standards, but still). ngl I’ve missed writing stuff like this 🥺
Tags/warnings: sadomasochism, noncon, hatefucking!!!! is def the best way to describe what happens in this fic, threats, violence, demon reader & demon things, primal, degradation, outdoor sex, bloodplay & marechi kink stuff, yandere? obsessive fixation ig, some creative liberties have been taken with canon
You’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be weak.
Strength came with the territory when you were turned into a demon, along with the hunger: all-encompassing, oppressive, like you’re starving every second you’re not eating. Apparently you’re better able to control your hunger than other demons, not that you’ve met many—none, actually, other than the one who turned you. He was the one who told you to exercise control, who told you that you’ve done well to stealthily pick off prey that wouldn’t be missed instead of attracting attention. He was the one who told you about demon slayers.
You almost laughed at the idea at the time. A group of humans who tried to resist demons? Tried to kill them? How? Every human you’ve encountered since you were turned—hunters, mostly, men who’d wandered into the woods looking for something to eat—has been pathetically weak against you. Life as a demon is simple. As long as you stay in the shadows and avoid the sun, you have nothing to fear.
Sometimes you daydream about making your way to a village and gorging yourself, but you don’t mind the hunger so much. You can get by on scraps. And besides, the demon who turned you warned you not to go overboard. He said to stay away from the humans’ notice—not that the threat of some human calling themselves a “demon slayer” bothered you. You know how strong you are; you can feel it in your blood, your muscles, your bones. You don’t understand how a flesh-and-blood human could threaten that.
You don’t understand…until you meet him. The Wind Hashira. You should’ve listened to the warnings about demon slayers.
It tastes bitter, and you try to ground yourself on that taste, the sharp, bitter-wet flavor of the grass and dew and earth because the slayer is shoving your face into the dirt and the copper from where you’re biting into your lip and holding back the sound of your voice. Not that he cares, probably. But you don’t think you could take hearing yourself moan for a human while he carves the shape of his cock into your pussy.
How did you…get here? Facedown, barely holding yourself up on your elbows, chest and stomach shoved into the grass with your back arched up and your kimono ridden above your hips… Fuck, you can barely remember the fight, his ability, him wrestling you into the earth and shoving his weight down on you and bringing his blade to his own arm and—
—his blood, so rich and thick and sweet that even recalling the smell of it sends a wave of heat through you and you whine under your breath. The hunger overtakes everything else you’re feeling, but only for a second before with a twitch of his hand the Hashira brings the edge of his sword to the tender skin of your throat. “Ah-ah,” he rasps out a laugh even though his voice is heavy and strained. “What was that? Are you starting to like it?”
“K-Kill you, I’ll—kill you,” you snarl, but you and him both know the threat is empty. You tried. And you failed.
“Fucking demon whore,” he spits, and the blade slips just enough to draw a hair-thin line of red across your neck, earning a yelp from you even though you don’t dare move any more for fear of letting it cut you deeper. When you go still, he grunts and you can hear him shifting position in the grass, angling your hips up so his cock can sink in again. “Asking for it…fuck…”
“I wasn’t—nngh—ah, ahhh, s-stop—you can’t—” Your words are coming out in babbles, barely intelligible but it’s his fault. He’s pushing up at your womb, pulling out in short, quick thrusts and slamming his cock back into your cunt so hard and rough it’s like he’s knocking the breath out of your lungs. It hurts, ithurtsithurtsithurts, an ache deep in your core and accompanied with a heat and tension that you hate even more than you hate the pain, because it means he’s right. You—no, your body, your traitorous pathetic weak body that submitted to his so easily—it’s starting to like this.
“How’s it feel?” He’s mocking you, fisting his fingers in your hair and wrenching your head back so he can look you in the eye. “Does it hurt?…it hurts, right? Good.”
“—i-it doesn’t—“ You don’t even believe it yourself.
“Yes…it does. Guess even a demon bitch like you can’t take me that easily.” Somehow the slayer’s hips keep pumping deeper, pushing his fat cock through your walls and against the entrance to your womb until you’re certain your unnatural healing can’t keep up with the bruising in your cunt. Your fingers are scrabbling in the grass, digging clawed nails into the earth—the little nick on your throat has already knitted itself back up, but the tension in your pussy is a dozen—a hundred—times worse.
“—stop, let me go—“ Debased. Lower than an animal. You’d be begging if you thought he would listen.
“‘Stop’? How are you going to...ungh, make me stop? Want to try to fight me off again?” He pulls out (you hate the way your cunt feels when he does, hot and slick and empty) and his grip on the sword slackens, easing up enough to give you a scanty inch of movement. “Go ahead, give it a try.”
The slayer’s taunting you—just like you taunted him at the start of this, when you first challenged him, when you thought he was a human—and, and somehow he is, still human and yet just as much a monster as you are. More. You’ve been cruel, you’ve done evil things, but you did them to survive. Fuck, you shouldn’t—shouldn’t have taunted him, shouldn’t have boasted, should’ve stayed hidden in the dark. You didn’t know. He wasn’t supposed to be this strong.
Your muscles are shaking from exertion as you brace your hands against the ground, trying to push up against the weight of his body so you can right yourself, but it’s futile. Within a second (less than a second) of your attempt to move, one of his scarred hands slaps over your wrist and crushes it back into the dirt, grip so tight you swear you can almost feel your bones grinding underneath. You snarl, try to twist yourself away from him but the hilt of his sword slams down flat against your other hand so hard you feel a dull pang of surprise that nothing actually breaks.
“So weak…try that again and I’ll use the sharp end.” His chest is moving back on top of yours, and you recognize the silent rhythm of the movement.
He’s laughing at you.
Weak. You know it’s true. You thought you were so strong, but compared to this Hashira you’re nothing. Pure unadulterated defeat is written in every cell of your body, and whatever animal instinct you have left from your human life is telling you to roll over and accept that he’s the predator, and you’re nothing more than prey. But the mockery, the ease with which he holds you down, the goddamn fucking laughter sparks a fresh wave of hatred and you thrash and squirm underneath his body. “You’re dead, you—I’ll kill you, I’ll tear you apart, they’ll be picking bits of you out of this forest for weeks—“
The red haze over your vision is so heavy that you barely notice the blade tilting into position—not over your skin, but against his. You only register what he’s doing when the glint of sunlight on the blade reflects brilliant white, and you catch a scarlet line of blood beading against it. You pull back, eyes going wide, trying not to inhale but your lungs betray you and,
oh ohhh fuck it smells good smells so good you want it you want it so fucking bad you’re going to die if you can’t taste it you need it you need it you NEED IT.
Your muscles go slack. You’re salivating already, dizzy from hunger, so intensely focused on the smell of his blood that you can’t help your compliance as he pulls your hips up into place and slips his cock back into your pussy. Only when it starts to hurt again—a dull soreness now, because he’s slowed his pace to push his thick shaft into you inch by inch—do you feel that same prickle of hatred and disgust, but who cares who cares that you’re getting fucked because the smell of his blood is driving you out of your mind with need.
You no longer have the self-control to hold back your voice, and when the slayer hears the pathetic little mewl dripping out of your mouth from the sensation of him filling you up, he laughs again. But this time you don’t care, you just want him, want his body, his blood. Your jaw snaps open and shut on instinct and you whine, pleading, because you’re past the point of believing that you can beat him.
“You like that? Want to taste?” His voice is softer now, but the vein of mockery still runs clear through every syllable.
Your head jerks up and down desperately and then he draws his hips back and slaps his cock between your aching walls, pushing a huffed “uhhn!” out of your lips—but you don’t pull away. You can tolerate this, if it means getting to taste that blood dripping down his fingers, over the sword grip still held in his palm, just to be wasted on the grass. Out of your reach.
“So docile now…think I could get used to this,” the slayer sighs, adjusting the position of his thighs so he can thrust into you lazily and deeply. “F-Fuck, you’re—tight, you know that? All hot and sticky inside…”
“—let me have it, need it I need it, why—“ Your head is spinning, feels like you’re…what? The intoxication is hitting some note deep in the recesses of your memory, a past life you aren’t supposed to be able to recall. Bitter taste on your tongue, liquid pouring, fuzzy edges bordering your vision. Drunkenness.
“Little demon bitch,” he growls, tapping the blade lightly against your neck when you snap your teeth at him again. “Said you were going to kill me, yeah? But now you’re moaning like a whore…”
You try to muster a denial, but you can’t.
The slayer’s other hand twists underneath the two of you to press up on your lower belly, pushing into the place where his cock is nudging up against your womb. You keen at the pressure, the slow friction against that little patch in your cunt that makes you slicker every time his cockhead passes over it. “Feel how deep I am in your cunt…? I can—feel your pulse on my cock, fuck.”
You can feel it too, your heartbeat echoed in the twitches of your pussy around his skin, quick and fluttering from the drunken stupor his blood has forced you into. Every sense is heightened, and the weight of his hand pushing up on your belly just makes it worse…or better. You’re not sure.
He swallows, and with his body on top of yours you can feel his heavy breathing puffing out over the bared skin of your neck. “Can demons even cum? If you can get wet, then you can cum too, right? I bet I can…bet I can make you cum, you fucking whore. Wouldn’t that be nice…get you creaming on my cock, make you my little fuckpet…”
His hand slips down from your belly to rub roughly at your cunt, pushing into your skin to seek out the little button at the top—and the feeling of his hands on you like this, the sharp jolt of pleasure somehow sends a splinter of clarity through your delirium. “No,” you wail, hearing how wanton you sound and hating it. “I can’t I can’t, please, please don’t make me—“
“Quiet.” His thick forearm wraps around your neck, tightening against your windpipe and cutting off your voice. “Learn your place, demon—the only reason you’re alive is because you’re a nice wet hole for me to use. So when I tell you to cum—“
His pace picks up, hips knocking yours deeper, splitting you apart while he swirls his fingers around that sweet spot—and then the smell of copper gets thicker and he’s pushing his bloody hand against your mouth—
“—you cum.”
You’re not sure whether it’s your cunt or the taste of his blood smearing over your lips that does it, but as soon as he says the word you shatter like glass. The heat is brutal horrible delicious and so overwhelming you’re surprised you’re conscious through it—every hair is standing up on end and your body pulls tight like a bowstring, arching your backside into his hips so you can feel every inch of your cunt sucking around him.
It’s bliss—sickeningly sweet, burning like fire through you—without thinking, you eagerly lick the scarlet liquid off his hand and fuck somehow, somehow, it tastes even better than it smelled—feels like you could live off just the blood in your mouth but you want more, you’d die for it, you’d do anything, and your teeth are bared ready to puncture his skin deeper when—
Cold steel slides up under your jaw, almost nicking one of the veins pumping blood up to your hazy brain. “Keep—ahh, yesss…d-damn it—keep still,” the slayer rasps. “No teeth.”
He’s not finished.
Every muscle in your body aches for you to ignore him, but the knowledge of how easily he could separate your head from your body makes you obey, dragging your tongue over his still-bleeding cut instead of biting down. You can hear the noises of damp skin against skin issuing out from where your bodies meet, but you’re not sure whether it’s from you lapping at his fingers or his cock pressing in and out of your sopping-wet cunt. Probably both. Not that it matters.
The slayer’s head lowers—you know it by the angle of his cock inside your twitching pussy and the faint tickle of his hair brushing against the skin of your neck—and then you feel his teeth sinking into the side of your throat. They’re blunt, of course, as harmless as any human’s, but the primal dominance of the action sends a shudder through you.
“Not bad…looks like demons are good for something after all. I think I might just keep you,” the slayer laughs. His voice is too close—you want to flinch back, spit at him, bite—but you can’t. You’re helpless.
You’re weak.
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astertataricvs · a year ago
heyyy! congrats on 500 followers uwu can i request nsfw rengoku headcannons? thank you💌
Tumblr media
NSFW under the cut
✵ Rengoku is the most passionate guy when it comes to sexual intercourse. Of course, when you're already at this level of your relationship; Kyojuro still needs to ask for your consent if you're certainly ready to do it or not. He's not the guy who would suddenly ask you out of the blue that he wants to make love to you because he wants to. Instead, he will not talk about it and wait for the day when you're prepared for it.
✵ He wants to take it slow between you and him, especially that he indeed respects you a lot and he doesn't want to disrespect you since he truly loves you. He didn't love you because he lacks intimacy, but because he loves you for who you really are.
✵ You have no idea that you turned him on every time you would kiss him with concupiscence and tangle your hands on his yellow and red locks. Although he was aroused whenever you're doing it, he was actually restraining himself to wander his hands around your body and he doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable.
✵ But when you're now prepared of doing it with Kyojuro, he will still ask you again and again until you're absolutely sure about it. And if you say yes with that intensity and seriousness within your eyes, the last string that maintaining Kyojuro's composure instantly snapped. He will slowly lean in and look into your eyes to examine if you’re feeling hesitant. However, that was the opposite of what he had thought. It holds preparedness and resolve, that's why Kyojuro didn't waste a second to latch his lips on yours.
✵ He will hold your waist with so much care and he'll deepen the kiss once you wrapped your arms around his neck. At first, your kiss was sensual and slow yet as the time ticked, the kiss was starting to become heated, the squelching sound of your kiss was making you hazy and you’re conquered by your desires.
✵ Kyojuro will lay you on the bed as you both didn't break your kiss. Abruptly, he will catch you off guard by biting your lower lip which causes you to gasp and he took the chance to slide his tongue inside your mouth. Kyojuro swirled his tongue around yours and you fought back, fighting for dominance, however, your Flame Pillar boyfriend didn't let you win and just conquered you that easily. He explored your wet cavern until you couldn't breathe anymore because of too much intensity of the kiss you both have.
✵ Kyojuro likes to give butterfly kisses on your face: to your eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, ears, jaw until he reaches your neck. Once he's now on your neck, he licked the patches of your skin and swiftly nibbled it. Causing a sucking noise to echo in the room due to how Rengoku was adamant to mark you as his.
✵ Rengoku was never a possessive guy, actually, he's the supportive boyfriend that you could ever have. He would do things for you and pamper you with sweet words and kinds of things, despite that you don't want gifts since being with him is enough for you.
✵ Rengoku would gently lay you on the bed without breaking the kiss, grazing his fingertips on your abdomen and draw circles until his hands reach your underboob. Moaning to his ministrations, the Flame Pillar breaks the kiss as his lips found its way to your jawline and give butterfly kisses on your neck.
✵ Sensually removing your clothes and same goes for him, you would witness how ripped Rengoku was, his biceps and triceps that were perfectly well aligned and not too bulky. His six abs that you couldn't help but gulp your saliva due to how well-built the Flame Pillar was. Especially, you were internally screaming because of how hot Rengoku looked in being sweaty and looking at you with those hazy golden orbs that were like penetrating into your soul.
✵ Once he finally removed your clothes, his fingers will find its way to your leaking cunt, causing you to lowly moan and stare at Rengoku with lust clouded eyes. He would play with your bundle of nerves, amused from seeing your lewd face that you were showing him. You could feel his erection poking on your thighs, and you could swear that he's really huge.
✵ Since Rengoku wants to see more of your reaction that'll definitely arouse him, he wasted no time by inserting two of his fingers inside your core, stretching your walls in a scissoring motion and thrusting it to hear your melodic moan that he wants to hear a lot.
✵ Thus, he would dip his head down to lick your clitoris that you couldn't restrain from moaning loudly because of his mouth nipping the bundle of nerves that was sending a wave of pleasure through your body.
✵ He would simultaneously lick your folds and thrusting his fingers inside you until you cum in his mouth. And upon succeeding from making you orgasm, he would finally insert his manhood into yours. Wanting to make love to you and be one with you. Before he'd insert his long thick girth, he would whisper sweet nothings to you.
✵ "I love you so much, (Name)."
✵ That's when he slowly thrust himself in you, feeling yourself tearing apart due to the Flame Pillars’ manhood. He'd stop himself from making any movements until you adjust to his size. Rengoku will wipe the tears forming on your eyes and softly peck you on the lips.
✵ Upon adjusting, you told him that he can move, which Rengoku gladly complied by gently thrusting his hips, it was painfully slow at first because he doesn't want to hurt you. But as the time ticked and the pain had finally subsided, you told him to go faster and the Flame Pillar obeyed to your wishes.
✵ Exchange of moans reverberated in the room with the skin slapping sounds. Feeling his balls slapping your ass as he kept his animalistic thrust within you. While Rengoku was pounding inside you, he could feel your walls clenching around him to which he couldn't help but moan.
✵ He would grab your breast and caress it with his big and gruffly hands, kissing you with passion as it was becoming sloppy due to his thrust. Sucking your tongue and exploring your wet cavern while groping your mounds.
✵ You feel Rengoku twitched inside you and he also feels how you clenched around him.
✵ "I-I'm gonna--"
✵ "C-Cum with me, (Name)..."
✵ In his one last thrust, a wave of pleasure washed over you and feel the peak that you've been searching for. As for Rengoku, he kept on thrusting until he finally reached his orgasm and shoot all of his cum inside you. You can feel his hot seed filling up your womb and your legs convulsed due to the intense obscene session you had with your boyfriend.
✵ Heavily breathing, Rengoku plopped himself beside you and kissed you on the forehead, thus pulled you close to him.
✵ "I love you so much, (Name)... I really love you..."
✵ Rengoku covered yourselves with a blanket and let you cuddle up with him, hugging you so gently and tuck the hair strands that were sticking on your face. And softly yet again, kissed you on the lips before drifting yourselves to sleep.
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dreblogs · a year ago
The Pillars ft. Kagaya Ubuyashiki + Harry Potter AU (2/?)
I was gonna do another blurb/drabble thingy but my creative juices weren't flowing so I'll post this in the mean time; I am so sorry.
You can read about the Kamaboko Trio (pt. 1) here!
Kagaya Ubuyashiki
Tumblr media
Let's all pretend his curse/disease never existed yes? Yes.
The headmaster of Hogwarts, or more fondly known as Oyakata.
A pure-blood.
A gifted Seer. Practices Occlumency as well.
It was hard to pick out a single wand wood for him, so I leave you, dear reader, to decide what best suits him between these two options (not counting his second and current wand, which is none other than the Elder wand): Black Walnut or Pear, with a Phoenix feather core.
Got sorted into Ravenclaw back in the day.
If you are summoned to his office, expect some matcha or any other tea to be present. He loves the stuff, and even has a collection of enchanted tea sets. Wether he shares it with you or not, though, that's entirely up to him. (Some that have had the privilege to taste it say that his brew could very well be the best you ever had.)
Has a highly intelligent Phoenix he named after the first possessor of the Elder wand: Yoriichi.
Has a soft spot for the golden trio, but would most likely never say it out loud.
Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
Muggle-born. Has an older sister that's a squib.
Ravenclaw's head, though constantly feels like he doesn't deserve the position, saying "there was no other choice"—referring to the fact that he was the only Ravenclaw among the faculty, aside from the Headmaster.
Teaches Astronomy. He loves to gaze at the stars in his free time.
Wand is made of Pine wood, with a Phoenix feather as its core, and is 10 3/4 inches long.
Not much is known about him, as he prefers to keep to himself. It's sad to watch, really: at every ceremony, if he gets the chance to stand at the sides, he'd always put a space between himself and the other teachers.
He hates himself, and believes that everyone thinks so too, which is ironic because a lot of students actually look up to him, and it's his own habit of isolating himself that makes the relationship between him and the other faculty members awkward.
Unfortunately this does not apply to magical creatures, as most of the ones he's met practices 'hate at first sight', the only animal he's ever gotten close to being his now aged snowy owl.
Don't let his appearance fool you—this man's secretly very athletic, and his dueling skills are not something to be taken lightly, same goes for all the other teachers.
Shinobu Kochou
Tumblr media
One of the most cunning and equally menacing woman in Hogwarts, it's no wonder she was chosen as the head of Slytherin's house.
Pure-blooded; Has an older and adopted younger sister. She really looks up to Kanae, the elder one, who's in charge of the medical wing in Hogwarts.
Her wand is made of Hawthorn, with a unicorn hair core and is 9 1/3 inches long.
While she's not the best in using spells, she admits, she has a natural gift when it came to potions, which earned her title as the Potions teacher in Hogwarts.
She's also surprisingly good in quidditch, though not many know of this. She played as Slytherin's Seeker, taking advantage of her small stature to optimize her speed and agility; she was extremely difficult to catch, and was deemed one of the fastest Seekers to go down in Hogwarts's history.
She's considerably one of the scariest teachers—she might smile a lot, but they rarely reach her eyes. Those veins bulging out are another giveaway. Just ask anyone who's gotten into trouble with her. Even Inosuke goes dead silent and shakes in her presence after receiving detention with her.
The only teacher that often approachs/converses with Giyuu (although it's more of one sided conversation where she annoys him to his wits' end, but I'm sure he secretly appreciates the gesture).
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
Man is incredibly energetic and loud in everything he does + almost always has a smile on his face that often blinds others.
Proud head of Gryffindor!!
Half-blooded. His dad's a pureblood while the mom's a muggleborn.
Has a Cypress wand, with a dragon heartstring core and is the same length as Giyuu's.
Currently teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.
HUGE quidditch enthusiast—he used to be a skilled Chaser and sometimes commentator! Was, and most likely still is, a favorite. He even collects merch!
Loves, loves, LOVES to eat! He will scarf down—usually with his partner in crime Mitsuri—anything delicious if the opportunity arises; You'll often see him entering and leaving Hogwarts's kitchen due to his love of food. He also has a habit of chanting 'TASTY!' if he finds the particular meal satisfying. It's strangely endearing, especially to the house-elves because it basically translates to 'compliments to the chef.'
Very generous with house points. You succeeded casting a new spell? Points! You tried your best? Points! You won a duel? Points! You couldn't do it even if you gave your all? STILL POINTS!! While some teachers complain that he's spoiling them too much, he firmly believes that as long as someone has put in their best effort into doing something, it's an indicator that they've done well, whatever the result may be. He rewards them to show that their hard work is appreciated; that it's better to fail than not to try at all.
Uzui Tengen
Tumblr media
Loud, but more to the narcissistic kind of way?? Very expressive as well.
Very much a Gryffindor, if you can't tell already.
Wand is from Spruce (look it up and you'll understand why) wood, with a Phoenix feather core. The length is 12 inches.
A pure-blood that comes from a line of quidditch players. There's always at least one member of his family that would become a professional quidditch player. His bloodline is like, blessed with it.
Loves quidditch with all his life, and his job just so happens to revolve around that. Teaches—you guessed it—flying class! Also the quidditch referee.
It's to no one's surprise that he gets along extremely well with Kyojuro.
He's very close with 3 other professional Quidditch players (rumors say they're actually his wives) named Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru.
He used to play for his house, and was in the same team with Kyojuro as both Keeper (have you seen how large this man is? He'd be a fantastic barricade) and Captain.
Has TONS of accessories, and is never afraid to show them off. I kid you not, he occasionally wraps shiny beads around his wand, with the sole purpose of making his spell casting 'more flamboyant'.
Also in charge of the Frog Choir! Aside from quidditch, he has a talent for music and all things related. Whatever musical instrument you're thinking about right now? He'll most likely be able to play it!
Mitsuri Kanroji
Tumblr media
A precious bean!!
dree your bias is showing
A bit of a klutz, though. Even with the help of magic.
Her wand is 10 1/4 inches in length, has a dragon heartstring core, and is made of Alder wood.
Leader of the Hufflepuffs!
Teaches charms! She often arrives late, but no one can really get mad at her, which both students and teachers agree on.
Has lots of pets; among them are a cat, an owl, a toad, and even a spider, but the most famous one is a pair of crups who are super protective of her.
As mentioned before, she's Kyojuro's eating buddy, and she can pull out food anytime, anywhere, on the fly. She could be teaching with a muffin floating near her face, following her every move. You get detention with her? Expect some snacks to be offered to you during and after it's over.
Regarding to the previous statement, her detentions are pretty much the most entertaining compared to everyone else's; she just loves everyone too much.
Receives so many anonymous and not-so anonymous-gifts ("makes murder all the more easier" —Obanai) every Valentines.
Great at cooking as she is at eating.
Obanai Iguro
Tumblr media
Almost everyone annoys him. Don't get disheartened, though. It's kinda inevitable: he gets irritated by practically anything.
Is a full blown Slytherin. Trust me, it would be awkward if he were to go in any other house.
I think you already have this figured out, but, in case you haven't, he's a pure-blood.
His wand's made of Yew wood, is 10 inches in length and has a unicorn hair core.
Teaches Transfiguration! His classes are probably the thougest to get through, not only to the students' skills in magic, but also their patience: the man regularly takes house points off—there's never been a class without him calling someone out for something. Literally, he could make you lose points if you breathe too loud.
But nothing can annoy him more than the unfortunate Tanjirou Kamado, who seems to get on his nerves by simply existing.
Snakes, snakes and more snakes! Owns a pet snake that's constantly wrapped around his neck, which has fueled false accusations of him being directly related to Muzan. He doesn't seem to mind, despite being called evil and almost getting expelled for it once. Related to the previous bullet point, he's also a snake animagus, a skill he never fails to take advantage of when it comes to possibly scaring a few first years. Poor Zenitsu nearly fainted on the spot.
Has a single—and ONLY a single at least for now—soft spot for a certain Charms professor.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Tumblr media
Instills fear to most people who glance at his general direction.
A lot bit salty that he wasn't made head of his house, Slytherin.
11 inches in length, his wand has a dragon heartstring core and is made of Red Oak.
Quite obvious that he’s a pure-blood.
Despite his 'human repellent' visage, he has this natural affinity towards magical beasts and them him, thus making him an ideal choice to teach Care of Magical Creatures.
While he does often lose his temper, most agree that his classes are still more tolerable compared to Obanai's, since he doesn't take points off nearly as much as the latter (his reasons for doing so are, well, reasonable) as long as you give him your full attention and do everything according to what he says.
If there was anyone who'd try to hide something from him, theres a 90% chance he'll find out: beware, for this man is a great Legilimens.
Prefers wild over tamed beasts, but he does own a crup. It's super playful and friendly!! unlike its owner.
If you think Beater Inosuke is aggressive, you should see the way this man handled a Bludger on the field back then.
Gyomei Himejima
Tumblr media
Behold, the gentle giant. He might seem the most intimidating of them all, but this man wouldn't hurt a fly. Unless the fly is a dark witch or wizard, of course.
Was—and still is—a very patient and soft spoken Hufflepuff.
Has a Poplar wand that is 13 1/2 inches long, and has unicorn hair as it's core.
In charge of the Greenhouses in Hogwarts, so you know what that means: Herbology!
He's very good at what he does as a result of his broad knowledge of, not only herbs, he also knows what they can be utilized for, and how to pick the best of the best. Not many know this, but at the start of both the Kochou sisters' career in Hogwarts, they'd visit him daily to either learn something new or to improve a certain recipe. This habit had then subconsciously created a strong bond between the three that has yet to be wavered.
A muggle-born.
He's also close with Sanemi, and probably the only non-pureblooded person he can get along with. (Opposites really do attract, huh?)
Owns a grey tabby that has a therapeutic effect on anyone who interacts with it. He'd bring it to the medical ward time and time again with the purpose of assisting Kanae, making sure the patients stay calm.
His other hobby is to meditate or pray, two activities ideally done somewhere you can be alone. One of the most odd spots he's chosen is at the edge of the Black Lake.
Muichiro Tokito
Tumblr media
An absolute child prodigy in duels, as his twin brother.
Actual age is 14, so he's in his fourth year.
Sorted into the Slytherin house—he's a boy of ambition and sharp tongue, staggering people with the bluntness of the words that come out of his mouth.
Has a 10 inch Aspen wand with dragon heartstring as it's core.
He has this peculiar case of short term memory loss, specifically in remembering names or people
Doesn't have that many friends, and is content with this fact. Students from all ages that had come to him in hopes of getting some dueling experience or even a few tips will be disappointed, because he would just ignore every single one of them; with an exception of a familiar burgundy haired protagonist—much to everyone else's dismay.
Joins his house's quidditch team and plays as Seeker.
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trafalgar-temptress · a year ago
Demon Tanjiro "claiming" the reader as his because he wants Inosuke and Zenitsu to leave them alone.
A/N: Hey there! Thank you so much for the request. 💕 I wasn't sure where to go with this particular request, so I took a little creative liberty. I hope that's okay! 😊
***also, this is my very first attempt at writing for Demon Slayer in any way.
Warnings: well, it's demon slayer. So blood, eating humans, and general demon stuff are to be expected. Add some sexual themes, marking, and you've got this accidentally long fic.
Swap AU: Demon Tanjiro "claiming" reader to make his friends back off.
Tumblr media
It's not exactly uncommon for demons to travel and exist in small groups. In fact, it was often a much safer way of life when demon slayers could appear in an instant and attempt to kill you.
That was exactly the situation you found yourself in the first time you met the trio of demons you considered your only family.
A handful of novice demon slayers has cornered you in an abandoned building, and fighting them had worn you down. You had some injuries you knew you needed to nurse, but you couldn't see an opening to escape; much less kill everyone in the group. You were backed into a corner, your shaking form crouched down with your arms up, claws extended, in a feeble attempt to ward off your attackers.
Just as you were starting to accept that your supernatural life was coming to a close, you caught the scent of male demons nearby. It barely permeated the enticing smell of the humans before you, but it was clear enough for you to have hope that you might live to see another day.
Within moments, two demons came crashing through a large window in the building, pouncing on the group of slayers.
A blonde demon seemed to crackle with electricity and moved faster than a normal demon would; while another wearing the head of a boar seemed to be attacking in a more animalistic way than you'd ever known even a demon to act. The two made quick work of three of the slayers, but three more remained.
Your eyes grew wide as a third demon, with flowing black hair and burgundy tones followed in behind his companions. The man had the most handsome features you had ever seen a male demon possess. Hell, you might have even called him "pretty." But his very presence seemed to strike fear into the slayers, and it was apparent to you that he was more dangerous than the first two.
The last three slayers were dead before you had a chance to consider running for your miserable life. Your body was shaking, and you considered the fact that you may be in some kind of shock.
You watched in fear as the three demon men turned to look at you. Slowly, the one with the black and burgundy hair walked toward you and extended a hand.
"Hello there. Are you alright? My name is Tanjiro. And this is Inosuke and Zenitsu." He gestured back to his companions and they came forward quickly. Despite their recent actions, you could see a warn kindness in the eyes of the two unmasked demons; and the third seemed to let out a "huff" of concern.
Despite your usual desire for solitude, you felt that you could trust these three. You wanted to trust them. You took his hand, you told them your name, and offered them a small smile. You immediately winced, though. As the pain from your injuries, combined with your stamina loss, was really starting to take its toll on you. You needed to eat. Soon.
Tanjiro smiled back, his dark red eyes seemed to shine. "Come with us, Y/N. Let's get you fed."
It had been almost a year since then. The four of you moved together from town to town. Exploring the country, avoiding slayers at any cost, and feeding whenever you pleased.
The relationship you had with the guys was close enough for you to consider them family, but with the hint of sexual tension that was becoming harder to ignore by the day.
Zenitsu was a very physical individual. He would seize any excuse to get his hands on you. Whether it was just brushing your hair back from your face, or pulling you into an extended embrace after any slayer encounter that hinted at danger. It was also normal for him to kiss your hand or cheek as a greeting.
"Y/N-chan, you know you're the most beautiful woman alive, right? Alive, dead, demon... not another female in the world compares to you!" Zenitsu said, as he held your hand one morning, kissing along the thin skin of your wrist, up toward your elbow. "Marry me, won't you?"
You giggled in response, waving off his advances. "You find me a demon priest, Zen. And then we'll talk."
Inosuke had his own way of showing his affections. Some nights you would find him curled up at the foot of your bed, or sleeping outside the door of your room. When you asked why, he'd say something along the lines of "must protect the weak! I'll kill anyone who dared approach you!"
When the four of your would hunt together, Inosuke would always puff out his chest, pointing out that HIS kill was the most brutal or offered the most meat.
On occasion, he'd pin you against a wall. The nose of his mask lightly brushing against the tip of your own. "Y/N! Be my mate!" He would growl.
But that's just the animalistic part of Inosuke that you knew he couldn't deny. He was harmless. So, you would wave him off as well, and move on with the day.
In truth, you only had eyes for Tanjiro since the day you met them. The unspoken leader of your group had captured your heart the first time he took your hand. If only he made the same sort of advances his friends did- you would happily give in.
Everything from the tone of his voice to the smooth, skilled way he hunted had you transfixed. Sometimes, you would even hold back in smaller fights, just to watch his muscled form tear though your enemies.
For the last month of so, the four of you had been camped out in a farmhouse on the outskirts of a small town. The small family that owned the land was enough for satiate your group temporarily, and you had only gone into the town a couple times to hunt. Even so, you knew your group would be moving on soon to try and avoid drawing the attention of slayers.
You were curled up on the living room couch with a book you found in one of the bedrooms. Inosuke was laying on the floor in front of the fire place, napping. Zenitsu was lounging on the couch with his head in your lap, absentmindedly stroking your thigh.
"Y/N. Would you come with me for a moment?" Tanjiro's voice pulled your attention from your book, and you looked up to see him standing in the shadows of the hall outside the living room.
Without waiting for a response, he turned away and walked up the stairs.
Closing the book and setting it aside, you went to swing your legs down from the couch, but Zenitsu wrapped his arms around your thighs in a death grip.
"Y/N-chan! Stay here! You're so soft and warm.." the blonde nuzzled his face against your outer thigh.
"Let go, Zenitsu! It sounded important..." you giggled, but firmly extracted yourself from his grip. You walked up the stairs. A door at the end of the hall was slightly ajar, and the flickering glow of another fireplace was dancing through the cracks.
You pushed the door open and stepped into the room, looking around to find Tanjiro. He had walked in here, right?
Before you could fully understand what was happening; you could hear the door slam and lock behind you, and you felt a pair of strong arms gripping your shoulders as your back was pushed roughly against the wall. A pair was blazing, dark red eyes stared into yours.
"Tanjiro..?" You started. But you simply couldnt fathom what was happening. Was he mad? Had he *gone* mad? And what is that look in his eyes? He looked, almost.. hungry?
"I should apologize for my roughness, but I simply couldn't contain myself any longer." Tanjiro growled, his eyes glancing down briefly before locking back onto yours. His tongue darted out quickly, running across his lower lip. Then he pulled back slightly, moving one hand to rest against your hip and the other to reach out and touch your hair gently.
"I can't stand it, Y/N. Not for one moment longer. I can't tolerate this... burning. This hatred that forms in my chest whenever I see them touching you."
You were completely confused. Where was any of this coming from? Tanjiro- your happy, calm, determined leader- had never seemed to bat an eye at the way the other had acted toward you.
"What?" You managed to squeak out, "What are you saying, Tanjiro? Have I upset you somehow?" You raised a hand to gently touch the one he had in your hair.
"You drive me wild, Y/N. From the day I picked up the smell of you in that building... so scared, and hurt. But so beautiful and strong. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind. I thought I wanted nothing more than to protect you and keep you safe... but now I know I want more. Y/N... I need more."
The words simply wouldn't process in your mind. What was he saying? He couldn't want... you? Could he?
Tanjiro took your face in his hands gently, stepping forward to press his lower body into yours to keep you pinned against the wall.
"I want to claim you as my own. I never want another man to lay a hand on you; no matter their intention. I want you to be mine, and I think you want that, too.. I've seen the way you look at me. And the way your eyes light up when we're alone. I just didn't want to admit to myself that I wanted you.. this way. Never wanted to bring that element into our little group. But now it's just too much. Seeing them flirt with you. Seeing the hunger in their eyes when you walk around in those short skirts. It makes my blood boil."
He stopped, clearly waiting for your response. The hungry in his eyes was almost fading now, as his brow began to knit together with what seemed to be worry.
"Yes. Please. I- I would like that. I want that! Hell, Tanjiro.. I want you. I always have." The words tumbled from your mouth before you could waste another second over thinking things.
Tanjiro's mouth widened into a devilish grin and the hunger was back in his eyes. It was almost as if your words, your agreement, had flipped a switch inside him.
You reached your arms up and around his neck, bringing your face up to kiss him. Tanjiro met your lips half way, kissing you back- his tongue immediately flicking out to trail along your lower lip.
The force of the kiss pushed your head back against the wall. Your fingers ran through the soft hair at the back of his head, and you happily opened your mouth to allow his tongue entrance.
The kiss deepened as your tongue met his. One wet muscle stroking along the other. Your nails raked through his hair and his hips ground down against yours. The feeling of his toned body pressing into yours fueled your primal instincts, making you crave the man in your arms even more. In that moment, you would have given him anything he wanted.
Tanjiro broke the kiss, pulling his mouth away just enough to whisper against your lips. "I want the world to know you're mine just by looking at you. I want to mark you.. if that's okay."
You nodded quickly. Not sure what he meant, but also not giving a fuck.
Tanjiro's hands in your hair pulled your head roughly to one side, exposing the side of your neck to him.
"I'm sure this will hurt, baby... but I promise, I'll make it up to you," he murmured.
You closed your eyes in pure bliss as his soft lips trailed kisses down your jaw line and to the sensitive skin of your neck. Tanjiro's lips parted to gently take a small area of your skin between them. A moan left your lips as he sucked down on the skin, his tongue lapping along the area. Then his mouth opened again, and when you felt his lips touch your skin a second time, it was quickly followed by teeth.
Demon teeth were sharper than a normal humans. And now, you thought, you knew the last thing your prey must feel when you're killing them.
You cried out his name, as white hot pain shot through your body when Tanjiro's teeth broke your skin. The smell of your own corrupted blood filled the room and you could feel droplets start to run down your throat, under the collar of your shirt, down between your breasts. Your body instinctively tried to pull away, but Tanjiro's hips wouldn't budge. His hands held your head in place as his sucked at your fresh wound.
The assault on your neck felt like it lasted ages, though later- Tanjiro would assure you it only took a couple seconds. When he finally pulled away to look at your, blood dripped from his lips and down to his chin.
The sight of your partner dripping your blood made your knees go weak. But Tanjiro was quick to catch you in his arms and carry you over to the queen sized bed he had claimed the first night you had stayed in the house.
He laid you down and crawled into bed next to you. Your demon lover wrapped you in his strong arms and began to whisper how much he adored you, and that he promised to make you the happiest woman in this world, and the next.
The pain in your neck was throbbing and impossible to ignore. But knowing that this man wanted you enough to claim you as his own had you smiling as you fell asleep.
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daisies-write · a year ago
Tomioka Giyuu Dating headcanons
Tomioka Giyuu x reader
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- I’m dying. Our first headcanons, I’m kinda scared tbh. It’s not the best since it’s the first time we do that type of stuff but we really hope you guys will enjoy it !!! :’)
Requested by: No one
TW: None
Word count: 1292
Writer: Both of us!!
Tumblr media
At first, he can’t believe it. He’s dating you and you’re dating him. He’d be so surprised that you like him that way. Like, wow.
No seriously, whenever you announce to someone that you’re dating him, he’s as shocked as the person processing the information.
You’re probably the one who asked him out in the first place. That baby boy could never bring up the courage to do it; he’s way too insecure. Why would someone like him ?
During your confession, he’ll deny all the good things you said about him with the most heart breaking expression on his face. He can’t believe it; he doesn’t want to believe anyway.
He’s persuaded that every compliment you gave him is a lie and it just breaks your heart to see him think so poorly of himself.
You decide to do your best to prove him that you genuinely care about him, that you genuinely like him. So you try and do absolutely anything to make him believe you; from the big things like presents, fancy dates, obnoxious love declarations, etc… to the small things like holding and squeezing his hand, complimenting him…
It’d take a while but he’d finally accept it. He’s still as insecure but he believes you a little more.
He’s completely terrified at the idea of losing you. Just the thought of it makes him sick.
Prepare yourself to be wrapped in bubble wrap more than one time.
He’ll do anything in his power to protect you and make you the happiest person alive.
He’s an awkward man with little to zero experience at socializing so you guess that he knows absolutely nothing about dating. The first few months will probably just be you dying in laughter because of all the things he did wrong.
(He thinks you’re mocking him but you’re actually just smitten by how cute he is with all the efforts he puts in your relationship.)
After a while, he’d try and take you on a surprise date that he planned entirely by himself and he’s absolutely terrified; he’s just so scared you’d hate it.
But you’d be really happy and probably give him a big bear hug while telling him you’re really lucky to have him.
(Needless to say, he’d blush-)
He also start getting a few cute habits when you give him surprise attention; he starts fidgeting his fingers and try to look away from you. Just cup his face and peck his lips and you got a puddle Giyuu !
He’d start opening up to you at night, when you both can’t sleep. You two sit somewhere in the garden of his estate and he talks to you about his past, his intrusive thoughts, his guilt…
Please, be supportive and hold him tight. The next morning his eyes might be red and swollen but believe me, he’d never felt so peaceful.
If you’re sad, he’ll listen to you and try and make all your worried go away the best he can; he doesn’t want you to feel what he feels on a daily basis.
Giyuu will probably complain to you about Shinobu and her endless teasing but you always notice the very slight smirk he gets when he talks about her. She might not see him as a friend and he might be cold with her but she holds a special part in his heart (he might admit, one day, if faith accepts it, that he kinda sees her as a friend. Not sure when)
Shinobu probably took you apart one time and told him that you don’t have to date Giyuu out of pity (as a joke ofc).
You low-key scolded her for saying something like that but you both kinda made a silent alliance to make Giyuu go crazy.
Let’s say he might as well go bury his hopes and dreams of not being teased already.
He low-key cherish your teasing though. He’ll never admit it, of course. But even if you two spend so much time annoying him, you still decided to spend time on HIM. And it just warm his heart…
Until you decided to make him choke on chocolate cake. He really don’t know how you thought it was a good idea.
Giyuu’ll cough up the remains of the chocolate. He’ll gulp some water and look at you with a very shocked face. “Why?!?”
“Ara, ara, Tomioka-san~ it’s not like it’s the first time we make a bad     joke !”
“I’m…so sorry, honey-“ and you two just die laughing while Giyuu silently judges you.
He forgives you eventually.
He always does.
If you guys are walking together and you suddenly feel him freeze and grab your arm, a dog is probably nearby. Try and take a different route or move the puppy far enough from him.
DON’T, DO NOT, NEVER kiss Giyuu in public. Especially if the other Pillars are there. He might die on the spot.
Giyuu.EXE has stopped working. Error 404.
He’s really not comfortable with PDA. Maybe hand holding, and maybe, maybe, an occasional peck on the cheek.
Pinky holding please. You’d never think he’d like it but he just loves the intimacy it brings.
Giyuu’s kisses are soft, you can’t tell me otherwise.
He can’t help it. He just loves kissing you gently, delicately. And it’s LONG. God, if he kisses you, he won’t stop to save his life; he doesn’t want to stop at ALL. 
Breathing ? Air? Don’t know them.
If he stops, it’s only cause you need to.
If you tell him you want another kiss, he’d turn bright red but will do it nonetheless.
Ever since this relationship started, he’s probably beet red half the time.
You’ll make Giyuu come out of his shell with the Kamado boy, it’s almost a certainty. He’s gonna have friends with you two around, there’s no way he’s staying alone.
Because of you, he’d try so hard to befriend the Pillars; you never seen him stick to Sanemi and Obanai much. He just wants them to stop hating him. He’ll probably try bringing Sanemi some ohagi with Tanjiro but you’ll stop them cause you don’t want them to get killed.
You eventually end up trying to talk to Sanemi about NOT killing your boyfriend because he’s actually really sweet and is far from believing himself above the other pillars (like hell Sanemi, you don’t know how much an insecure baby Giyuu actually is)
Giyuu is low-key never jealous. If you gained his trust, you gained it in every way possible and he will never think of you as possibly cheating or anything.
Sometimes you guys train together. At first, he’d go easy, but not so easy on you, if you get what I mean? Like, he wants you to be able to protect yourself from demons so he won’t lose another person he cherishes but at the same time he really doesn’t want to hurt you.
After a while, he made up his mind and decided to go hard on you and since that day he has NO MERCY-
You’re not going to die on him. Never. He wouldn’t be able to take it.
When you guys finish, you’ll just sit there exhausted but you’re glad he’s training you well, and spending time with him is a big plus.
He’s a big cuddler behind closed doors and a 100% little spoon, fight me.
He likes feeling safe in your arms, and he buries his head in your neck. Hold him tight. Play with his hair and pamper his face with kisses. He loves it 
He’ll do his best to give you as much love as you need. Don’t ever doubt about it. He’d go to hell and endure it just for your pretty smile.
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dudeandduchess · 2 months ago
A jealous scenario with Kyo. Sen is just so cute & precious that you can’t help but baby him. The pillars joke to Kyo “Ooo... you got competition!” 😂 thank you keep it up
Oooh this was cute, bby. Hope you like it! 😌❤️‍🔥
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Competition (Fluff, SFW Scenario)
Note: This will be set during the Pillar Training Arc, where Kyō will be alive and well enough to take part in it.
Days off were extremely rare for the lower ranking slayers attending the Hashira training camps, and it was even rarer for all the Hashira whom were conducting all the training. And when they did all have mercy on their subordinates, they all gathered together to train with each other.
After all, they were all humble enough to realize that their own techniques still needed to be honed. And what better way to get critique than to be surrounded by other people who were better in the things that they were bad at?
So, that was how the nine Hashira found themselves gathered together at the Rengoku estate; all taking a breather after getting done with their own sparring sessions.
Shinobu, Muichiro, Gyōmei, and Mitsuri were casually sitting on the engawa to recuperate in the shade, while the rest— Sanemi, Giyuu, Uzui, and Kyōjurō— all laid on the ground. They were all so breathless, and all so tired, but still held smiles on their faces.
Save for Giyuu, as usual. But there was a lighter aura that surrounded him, which had the others making an effort to include them within their fold.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, (Y/n) and Senjurō were busy trying to finish up plating all of the snacks that they had prepared for the afternoon.
“So how does it feel to be a married man, Rengoku?” Uzui asked with a teasing grin, which Kyōjurō easily returned with an enthusiastic one.
“It’s great! Better than I could have ever imagined! And my wife’s the best; just last night she made my favorite!” The blond practically bellowed, before tacking it off with a boisterous laugh that had the other men around him wincing a little at how loud he was.
However, the moment that the shoji slid open to reveal both (Y/n) and Senjurō, all the men’s eyes turned towards them both. Most looking at the snacks they had, and Kyōjurō looking right at his wife for the sole reason of admiring her beauty.
He even had to muffle a contented and smitten sigh; which must have failed, since he caught Uzui and Sanemi scoffing at his lovestruck reaction.
“I can see why you’re so smitten with her,” Sanemi began gruffly, which Uzui took as his cue to add on to the building fire that was guaranteed to mess with the Flame Hashira.
“But you might have some competition right there; not as her husband, but the cutest thing to her.”
Kyōjurō’s eyebrows furrowed at the Sound Hashira’s words, eyes briefly darting over to him and seeing him subtly nod his head back towards (Y/n).
So, he turned his attention to her and had to bite down on his tongue to keep himself from making a horrified expression. Since she and Senjurō were giving the other Hashira their snacks, and she had reached over to cup Senjurō’s cheek before pinching it slightly.
And, much to his jealousy, she even said, “You’re the cutest, Senjurō. Such a sweet boy.”
Those particular lines had Sanemi and Uzui internally laughing, especially when they saw the ill-concealed jealousy on the blond’s face.
“You might be her husband, but you’re not cute to her. A travesty, really.” Uzui stretched the teasing out, even making a show of shaking his head right at Kyōjurō.
“No. I’m the cutest to my wife.” The blond muttered under his breath; his expression going from bothered to pouting, which just looked plain out childish on him.
Especially since he was only feeding right into Sanemi’s and Uzui’s teasing. All the while, Giyuu was only focused on the tray of food and drinks that Senjurō was bringing over to them.
“Thank you, Senjurō, but where’s (Y/n) going?” Kyōjurō asked— clearly confused by his wife going back into the house. “Is there anything she needs help with?”
“Nee-san just had to get some more sugar for our tea, and she said that you’re all welcome to join us on the engawa, ani-ue.” The younger Rengoku chirped, looking almost too adorable.
And it made the jealousy inside Kyōjurō flare up even more; since he wanted to be the only one that his wife loved the most— no matter if it was so childish of him.
Still, he wanted to save face in front of all the other Hashira; so he stayed put where he was and thanked Senjurō for the snacks and tea. All the while, he kept glancing up to sneak peeks over at his wife and his younger brother joking around and being so cute together.
So, the jealousy within him turned up even more— up to a palpable amount that even Giyuu was interested in how Uzui’s and Sanemi’s goading from earlier would pan out.
“Looks like you have some competition, Rengoku,” Sanemi stated with a slight smile; merely expecting the other Hashira to brush his teasing remark off.
Nobody expected Kyōjurō to practically shove his half-eaten rice ball at Uzui, before getting up and marching towards his wife.
“Oh, Kyō, would you like to join us?” (Y/n) asked with that breathtaking smile of hers, making the Flame Hashira momentarily dumbstruck. Before he plopped himself down next to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
Of course it made (Y/n)’s face burn red with embarrassment— as she was surrounded by all the high ranking members of the Slayer Corps; and there was her husband, acting so adorably possessive.
Especially when he bit down on her clothed shoulder, before mouthing, “Mine.”
“I... uh... yes, Kyō. I’m yours.”
“And I’m the cutest.” The blond huffed under his breath, which had (Y/n) holding back a flustered and confused giggle. Still, she raised her free hand up and used it to cup her husband’s cheek.
“Yes, Kyō. You’re the cutest.”
“You promise?”
“I promise. Now, what brought this on?”
“Nothing. I just want to be the cutest for you, because you’re the cutest for me.” That statement alone was enough to make (Y/n) want to melt. Thankfully, that wasn’t physically possible; especially when Kyōjurō nipped at her shoulder once more. “Mine.”
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I would like to request Tanjirou with an s/o who acts cold to others, due to losing a lot of people in her life(including her family and not specific if demons killed them) and acts like she doesn't care until someone might die. S/o has trust issues and is very lonely, she is afraid she will lose people if she gets close to them. Usually she acts cold to others but after you get through her walls she'll die for you and is super mom-friend, but she is still blunt. (I Hope this isn't too specific)
Ahhh this is such a good idea! Thanks for the request!
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado x Lonely!Reader
Your scent and your mannerisms always clashed with each other.
That’s what the demon slayer Tanjiro Kamado noticed.
“Don’t touch me.”
“But you’re injured!” Tanjiro protested.
“I’m fine.” Your voice was cold, and you shot him a chilling glare. 
The boy had found you outside of the huge manor of the demon Kyogai. He hadn’t encountered you inside, but it was obvious you had been flung outside by the shifting walls and had landed poorly.
You attempted to stand, wincing as sharp pain shot through your leg. It was quite obviously broken, along with two ribs. That part you noticed because of the sudden choking up blood. 
Your injuries were dire. And yet, as the boy reached out a helping hand, you smacked it away. Pulling out your sheathed sword from your belt, you leaned on it as a crutch.
“I thought I said don’t touch me,” you just about snarled, beginning your attempt to hobble down the mountain.
Even as your sharp words pierced him, Tanjiro could not deny what he smelled from you.
The pungent scent of overwhelming loneliness. So strong, in fact, it nearly brought tears to his eyes.
Bringing Zenitsu onto his back and summoning Inosuke over, the three descended the mountain just a few steps behind you. Tanjiro watched attentively to ensure you were all right descending on your own.
Upon reaching the Wisteria house, you fell to your knees in pain. The boy set Zenitsu down and rushed to your side, helping you inside the large home despite your protests.
“Why are you so persistent?” you questioned him as he put your arm around his shoulder. At this point, you had no strength to protest.
“I’m very sorry, but I have to help someone in pain,” he spoke, giving you a bright smile. You felt your face warm up ever so slightly, but slapped the thought away mentally.
‘Don’t. Not again.’
The doctor had diagnosed all your wounds as severe. So, you were stuck with the two idiots and Tanjiro, who had given you his name (despite you bluntly mentioning you never asked) and to whom you reluctantly gave your own.
You had learned the other two boys’ names as well. Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira. You had enough information to decipher they were idiots, as previously mentioned, but not much else.
The days spent recovering were ordinary. Like any other day for you, except for the lack of slaying demons. It was nice to have someone care for you again.
But then, you would remind yourself what you promised, and shun your caregivers away the second they’d provided for you.
Today, Inosuke was climbing a tree. With broken ribs. You ran outside to see him basically dancing on the highest branch.
“INOSUKE!” you yelled. “You have at least three broken ribs! Get down from there now!”
You sighed in irritation. Fine! Let him get hurt. See if you care.
And yet, not even a minute later, you had dragged him down and forced him to sit calmly.
“That was very sweet of you, Y/N,” a familiar voice echoed out behind you, and you whipped your head around to see the boy you currently considered the #1 nuisance.
He was so nice. So inviting. So warm, welcoming. How much of that was true? You asked yourself this every day, and yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to deny any of it as fact.
You knew how genuinely kind-hearted he was. But the past interfered with your ability to admit it to yourself.
“It was nothing. If he died, whoever saw would be responsible,” you excused yourself, turning away from the boy.
Tanjiro knew this was a lie. He could smell the faintest scent of care from you. Once again, this scent was dulled by your overpowering loneliness and sadness. The boy wilted a bit, wishing he could stop these feelings that raged within you.
“Well, I think you might care about Inosuke just a bit, don’t you think?”
“No. He’s an idiot.”
The burgundy haired boy sighed, but smiled. He wouldn’t get much else out of you than that.
Later in the day, Tanjiro had come to see you again. Ask how you were doing. Ask how you felt. How were your injuries? Did you feel any better? Would you like some warm food?
You felt each question chip at your carefully built walls, and you snapped. You couldn’t have him ruin what you had tried to hard to build up for so many years after losing your family. Your friends. Your loved ones.
“Could you just stop? Whatever you’re trying to do?” you spoke, irritation lacing your voice. “I have told you time and time again, I don’t want friends, or your company. Leave me alone, Kamado Tanjiro.”
Of course, this would normally make any hopeful-friends leave you be for good. Your words were filled with venom that you reluctantly spat, something that could drive anyone off.
“I’m sorry Y/N, but.. I can’t do that,” the boy answered after a small pause. You looked at him in surprise.
“I know you feel.. lonely.” That single sentence felt like a wrecking ball to your guarded heart. You furrowed your brows.
“I know you’re sad all the time, and that you ache for companionship. That’s why I try so hard to get close to you. You push people away, why? I don’t know. But I want to find out, I want to become someone you can trust,” Tanjiro finished. You, despite all your nitpicking, couldn’t pick out a single dishonest word in his whole spiel.
You narrowed your eyes, tears welling up despite your desperate attempts to cover them. The boy gently took your wrist and moved your hand away from your tear-stained cheeks, looking into your eyes.
“Please, Y/N. You don’t have to be alone.”
The barrier around your heart came crashing down all at once. You began to cry, all the aching sadness and longing spilling out in the form of large tears.
Without another word, the Slayer pulled you in to a hug, even as you battered your clenched fists against his back.
How dare he take down, how dare he deconstruct, what you had so perfectly constructed?
Yet he didn’t let go, whispering reassurances to you. His words had struck your heart, and you finally let your fists unravel, bowing your head into his shoulder as you wept.
Tanjiro Kamado had gotten through to you, the cold, devastatingly cruel Y/N L/N. 
It would take some time, but bit by bit, the boy promised to save you from the isolation you were condemned to, by both the world and yourself.
And for some reason, you weren’t too unhappy about it.
In fact, you started to feel whole again.
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loving-kny · a year ago
Can I have some head canons for Muichiro, Giyuu, and Tengen for sleeping together with their S/O? In a non-sexual way like if they move a bunch or steal covers, etc.
Yea sure! I hope this is alright anon
Muichiro, Giyuu, and Uzui sleeping with their s/o
Tumblr media
^ Credit to @/ Shirukokko_k on Twitter
Muichiro Tokito
- During the beginning of the night, he sleeps on his side but likes to be facing you. However, as the night goes on you’ll feel his arms wrap around your waist as he unconsciously brings you closer to him 
- He doesn’t snore loudly but you can hear his soft breathing when he is asleep, seeing his face untroubled with his arms around you always melts your heart. You know how rough it is out there so to see him getting his rest reassures you 
- He only readjusts himself a couple of times before not moving at all. He’s a pretty quick sleeper so after around 5-10 minutes he would have dozed off already. He never has really taken the blanket off of you since he doesn’t move at all after a couple of minutes 
- When he’s having a nightmare he’s the type to jolt his body and look around the room frantically while still laying down. If he somehow wakes you up he immediately brings you closer, burying his head into your shoulder. He likes it when you rub his back and talk to him softly about random things to calm him down 
- If you’re not awake, then he likes to turn to you and gently run his fingers through your hair to distract himself. Seeing you relaxed beside him always manages to soothe him as he’ll eventually drift back to sleep 
- When you wake up to expect him to ask you to give him a morning kiss. If you don’t he will not move out of his bed even if his crow starts yelling in his ear. He’s stubborn but waking up to the feeling of your warmth so close to him wakes him up instantly
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
- Sleep, he loves it and hates it at the same time. As soon as his head hits the pillow his mind goes wild with random thoughts. Usually, it’s him overthinking about everything that had happened during the day 
- It takes him a while to actually fall asleep, especially since he’s a light sleeper. Typically, his eyes are closed while his mind is wide awake, every sound around him increasing in volume 
- You being by his side helps him fall asleep a lot better. But that doesn’t stop from all the nightmares that haunt his mind at night. Not surprisingly he gets a lot of them
- If your awake when he does experience a nightmare, he likes for you to just listen. At first, he was very against the idea. But after doing it a couple times he started feeling a lot better letting out his bottled emotions. Just to see that you’re listening is already enough to make him feel relieved 
- He does turn quite a lot when sleeping, though if you find it annoying he’ll try his best to stop. He’s more likely to be the one left without a blanket than him taking it from you. He did it once by accident and felt terrible when he realised you had caught a cold because of it
- He loves waking up to see your sleeping face. Your tranquil expression just warms his heart. It’s a time when his heart feels most peaceful, to see that you’re safe in his arms always brings a smile to his face
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
- He has a huge bed considering he has more than one partner. Of course, he sleeps in the middle what did you expect? But he loves to have you all close to him. He treats you all with the same amount of love and respect. You all being the loves of his life
- I can imagine him having a light snore when sleeping, it’s not too loud where it’s unbearable. You are certainly never cold as the body heat from all of you just surround you like an extra blanket 
- On the nights where you’re sleeping alone with Uzui you are definitely the small spoon. Though he also likes resting his head close to your chest. Hearing your heartbeat is always the best melody he can sleep to
- Yes, he will take your blankets by accident. He can just turn to his other side and manage to just take the whole blanket with him. What doesn’t help is that he’s a pretty heavy sleeper so either you bear with it or just go get another blanket for yourself
- Nightmares don’t really occur at all for him, knowing him he would lucid dream and just somehow kill all the demons in his dreams. Though if he’s awake and sees that you’ve woken up from a nightmare he’s by your side instantly 
- He’ll ask if your ok and if you want to talk about it. Having 3 other wives he’s pretty good at calming you down and making sure you’re alright 
- He does this thing when he decided to sleep you are 100% going to sleep as well. He doesn’t know himself why he does this but just the thought of him being asleep and you needing him scares him
- He finds sleep very important so he always makes sure that you’re getting the right amount of sleep. If you ever do have trouble getting rest he’ll always find out a way to help you
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yandere-daydreams · a year ago
Can I request how a yandere demon Tanjirou would act like towards another slayer please? In a reverse au where Tanjirou ended up as a demon instead of Nezuko. I can see him taking advantage of changing sizes and becoming small to get hugs & nuzzles and vice versa when he's larger than normal.
He’s a very good boy with very sharp teeth, and I only have two qualifications. Truly, I am a simple man.
TW: Intimidation and Toxic Mindsets.
You’d never been comfortable around Tanjirou.
You felt guilty for saying it, but you were Nezuko’s friend, not Tanjirou’s. Sure, you respected him for what he’d gone through, admired his resolve and saw the value in his love for his sibling, but you could never relax around him, for whatever reason. Something about the way he stared, how he stood at the end of your bed (to wake you up in the morning, supposedly) and insisted on touching you whenever he had the chance… You just didn’t like it, even if Nezuko would so often reassure you that he was simply being affectionate.
He was always around, always there, always staring.
And tonight was no exception, of course.
The sound of soft footsteps on the wooden floor was enough to wake you up, despite your attempts to ignore the way Shinobu’s manor creaked whenever you let your eyes fall shut. The rest of your small party was already out on their next mission, leaving you alone in the infirmary for a healing ankle and a comatose demon to babysit. The other patients had already been dismissed, meaning Tanjirou’s presence went unnoticed until he was clambering at the side of your cot, tugging at the sheets and shifting his weight around as he hauled his shrunken form onto your already-cramped bed. You considered pushing him off, telling him to go back to his own room or dragging the boy there yourself, but you’d always had a weakness for his shortened state.
You wondered if he knew that, sometimes. It would explain why he always acted so childish around you.
“What do you want, Kamado?” You asked, the sleep still heavy in your voice. He was poking at your back, prodding gently, clearly attempting to get your attention. You sighed as you rolled over, lifting up an arm and letting him crawl beneath, holding him against you in a position that was far too intimate for you to consider it normal. But, you weren’t eager to have him sit on the floor until sunrise, either. “Do you want to sleep here tonight?” There was no verbal response, his make-shift gag already starting to dig into your shoulder, but you were past needing one. “I don’t mind, as long as you hide when someone comes in.”
At this, his arms were around your neck, forcing you to allow him closer, his hold on you mercifully weak. Tanjirou would never harm you, he’d never do so much as injure a human, but a part of you still questioned his resolve as sharpened nails brushed against the back of your neck, digging into your collar as he stared up at you, questioningly. Fighting the urge to look away, you ran your fingers through his messy hair, trying not to wince as he lulled into your palm.
Still, he perked up as you spoke, always so eager to listen to whatever you had to say.
“I just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea,” You started, grappling for an excuse beyond high-strung laughter and mumbling about Zenitsu’s teasing. “It’s a little weird, isn’t it? You don’t do this with anyone else, and… what if someone thinks you want to hurt me?” There was a pause, a moment of contemplation, before you brought your hand away from him. Tanjirou reached for it, a bit taller than he was a few seconds ago, but you just moved to lay on your back. “It’d probably be better if you head back to your own room. I’ll visit you first thing tomorrow, I promise, but we’re both one fuck-up away from a beheading, right now. I’m not sure if I want to test that.”
He was silent, suddenly, staying so quiet as he went still. You felt him trying to grab your arm, trying to cling to you like he did so often, but you just sat up before he could. The look in his eyes was sympathetic, to say the least, wide and brimming with wordless pleas. The only response you could think of was a light, airy chuckle, and a playful tap to his forehead. “We’ll be on the road again in no time, don’t worry. You can cuddle with anything you’d like once I’m fixed up.”
And just like that, he was on top of you.
Tanjirou had gotten good at shifting, far too good, considering the short time he’d had to practice it. But, there was a monster crouching over you before you had the chance to react, forcing you to freeze up and go rigid just to avoid colliding with those long, discolored talons tearing into the sheets at your side. His breathing was heavy, tears forming in the corners of his eyes, but every oddity and distorted feature was dulled in comparison to just how predatory his teeth had gotten, protruding over the sides of his muzzle. Teeth that could tear through your skin in the blink of an eye, teeth that could kill you as easily as they did any of the many, many demons you’d seen him take-down.
You choked on air as he reached out, his free arm wrapping around your waist, delicately holding you in place. It was intimate, in a way, but any sweetness was ruined by how tightly he kept you restrained. His head was on your chest, soon, nuzzling against you despite your stiffness. The position certainly wasn’t pleasant, one-sided and rigid and terrifying, but Tanjirou didn’t seem to mind.
Again, it crossed your mind to push him away. You could shove him over and run, or slip out from under him when he fell asleep, or just plainly tell him ‘no’ for the first time in weeks. The idea was tempting, but another downward glance burnt the seed to ash before it had a chance to take root.
Instead, you just ran your hands through his hair, wondering if you could ask for a room a little more private tomorrow night.
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trafalgar-temptress · a year ago
What would happen if u edged Tanjirō for a while and then finally let him cum? like it’s probably the most intense and powerful orgasm he’s ever had-
Edging Tanjiro you say? 🤔
Tumblr media
This sweet man would have no idea what to do at first, honestly.
He's so patient, and always such a gentleman.
Maybe you just.... didn't realize how close he was to cumming?
Maybe... maybe you were just enjoying yourself too much?
Yeah, that would make sense to Tanjiro.
And if you were enjoying yourself, then he would be content.
He'd try not to whine, and just keep grinning at you each time you stopped moving against him.
"Not yet, Y/N? - Well, okay. If you say so..."
He would do his best to keep his voice playful, but his desire wasn't hidden well.
His eyes would darken, and they would betray his needs.
His cock would be uncomfortably hard, the skin pulled taunt across his tip as he leaked precum constantly.
You would feel him getting closer again, his breath coming in short gasps.
Then you would stop suddenly, and he bites down hard on his lower lip.
"Ahhh! Oh. Damn it. Uhm, Y/N.. I was so... can I please cum this time? Please, beautiful.. I need it."
You would feel Tanjiro's body shaking beneath you, his pleasure built up to an uncomfortable level.
His knuckles would be white as he grippped the bed sheets, his hips practically rutting up against nothing- his body seeking release.
Finally, you decide he's waited long enough, you want him to feel the high you've been denying him all night.
When you lower your lips to his sensitive tip, you would keep your eyes locked on his as he watches you.
By now, he wouldn't even know what to expect- but the moan that leaves his lips is enough for you to know you won't deny him again.
Your wet mouth would only glide along his length a few times before Tanjiro is arching his back off the bed in ecstasy.
His hands would knot into your hair without warning, holding you in place as his hips buck up- pushing his length down your throat.
Tanjirou would cry out a sound that may have been your name, but would be broken with a guttural moan.
His release would be a long one- his cum pumping into your mouth relentlessly, causing you to swallow more than once to keep it from leaking out around your lips.
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Hello all! Here is the Tanjiro x Reader raffle fic I promised. I’m so sorry for the delay! I decided to go for a bit of a unique approach to this. 
You, Reader, are a rather unapproachable and unkind person on the surface due to a past event, but you are very kind to the right people (albeit a bit tsundere-like). It just takes a lot to get through. 
Let me know how you like it! I’m a bit unsatisfied with the ending to be honest, but it is a whopping 3,809 words! 
Thanks for your continued support! I hope this oneshot does not disappoint!
Tumblr media
Tanjiro x Reader - Perception
Tanjiro Kamado is one of the most patient and tolerant people to exist on this earth. He is kind, gentle, strong, sympathetic, loving. Even after his entire family was murdered ruthlessly by a demon, he holds onto pity for the ones he slays and any others.
You, on the other hand, cannot understand his way of thinking. The two of you could not be any more opposite.
You are one of the most unforgiving people to exist on this planet. You are ruthless, uncaring, cold, unapproachable, and above all else, you show no mercy towards your enemies. The demons took everything from you. How anyone who suffered that fate could bare to forgive a single one was beyond you.
You pushed everyone away in favor of not being hurt again, not having to see someone you cared for deeply taken away in the vice grip of a demon’s claws again.
Tanjiro Kamado wanders the world, taking each mission as it comes in stride, doing his duty to protect others.
You reside at the Butterfly Estate, either training until you can hardly stand to move or out on a mission you spitefully accept every time one is presented.
Your routine and his continued day after day, time after time, until your paths intersected, and you met.
This brought about a lot of change. You hate change.
“Hello there!”
The first time you heard that cheery voice was a day like any other. This time, it was one of your ‘Estate days’, as you referred to them. You were carrying a pile of laundry to Shinobu when it called out to you.
The voice you heard was kind, sweet, gentle. Almost innocent.
It disgusted you.
You continued walking.
“Excuse me! Hello?”
Again, it rang out, and you whipped around this time, coming face to face with a boy who was a bit too close for your liking. You stepped back awkwardly, as he jumped back a bit as well.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get too close,” he said sheepishly, giving you a smile. “My name is Kamado Tanjiro. And you?”
Black hair fading to a reddish hue, a strange scar on his forehead, and those unbearably kind eyes. You were already irritated. Another person who seemed all too convinced that the world was somehow good. His eyes told you everything you thought you needed to know.
You didn’t speak a word back to him, causing his smile to become a bit awkward. He timidly reached a hand out.
“Can I help you with that?”
“It looks heavy-”
“I can handle myself,” you snapped slightly, surprising yourself even with how quickly you lost composure. Regaining it, you turned and walked away.
“Ah, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you weren’t strong enough! And I never got.. your name..”
His voice trailed off a bit as you rounded the corner, arriving at Shinobu’s room shortly after and delivered the items you held.
Still, even after that interaction, you couldn’t get the boy out of your head. It annoyed you to no end. How could someone be so kind and.. happy?
Tanjiro’s mind was racing almost the same. He hadn’t gotten your name, so how couldn’t he stop thinking of you? Your eyes looked full of a constant burning disgust for the world around you, and your scent.. It was a mix of so many unpleasant things, that as soon as he got close he felt like crying.
Yet something about you had him completely enamored. And something about him had you the same way.
The next day, you saw him again. This time, he was in uniform, ready to go on a mission. You were once again doing small jobs to help out around the Estate you called home.
Your lip curled as you saw his bright smile again.
“Hello!! I didn’t get your name yesterday, can you-”
You walked directly past him, into the next room. He sighed, a bit deflated, but headed out for his task regardless, determined to try again the next day.
It was like clockwork.
“Can I please help you with that? I’d like to be able to help in some way, you girls do a lot for us slayers and the Estate!” the boy exclaimed before you could walk away from him. It was another day, and you were carrying two stacks of laundry, one in each hand.
At that point, you gave in.
“Will you stop asking if I just allow you to help when you randomly appear?”
“I can!”
He gave another bright smile, and something in you changed. You rushed the both of you to the laundry room, and then shooed him off.
Burning red cheeks weren’t normal. He didn’t make you feel normal.
You only managed to bump into Tanjiro more and more. Perceptions changed as you interacted. He found out your name, you eventually bothered to remember his.
Over time, your views on each other started to shift.
Even if you couldn’t understand his inherent kindness, and even if you tried to be visibly irritated every time you saw those kind eyes, he began to intrigue you. You began to develop something of a fondness for the slayer. These feelings were shoved down into the very pits of your guarded heart, of course, but it was an undeniable fact.
On the other hand, Tanjiro started to become less and less patient with you, which was surprising for him. He saw the way you treated most others, never seeing your kind side. The boy could not find any reason why your unkindness was justifiable. Your scent was so faint that he couldn’t read how you felt, and thus, became intolerant to your seeming cruelty. He wanted to understand, he wanted you to be happy, but he could never get through to you.
And thus, a complicated series of events unfolded.
“Don’t touch that.” Your voice broke out, directed at Murata, who was getting Tanjiro’s medicine for him.
“S-Sorry, ma’am!” he exclaimed, visibly intimidated as he rushed out of the room. The boy he was assisting looked at you in sad confusion.
“He was only trying to help me..”
“He’s not supposed to. I am.”
Your cheeks flushed as you realized your words, and you turned away.
“I am, as well as the butterfly estate girls! Not a slayer!”
Tanjiro couldn’t even respond due to how quickly you exited. He sniffed the air, smelling a foreign scent from you as you left.
Another day passed.
Inosuke had refused to take medicine of any sort, so you took his boar fur mask. He was visibly upset and a ruckus was caused.
“Why’s Inosuke yelling?” A puff of black to red hair had popped up, and you looked over at the kind boy it belonged to.
“He won’t take his medicine.”
“Can you give him his mask back? It’s really important to him..”
“Not until he takes it. I swear, I’ll burn this thing if you don’t-”
“Y/N! It’s a really important thing to Inosuke, you wouldn’t..!” Tanjiro insisted, almost wishing he hadn’t heard what you said. The boar boy was also visibly upset by your words, giving in and taking his medicine.
You tossed the mask at him and left without another word. Tanjiro’s brow furrowed as you exited. Sure, you could be a bit unapproachable, but you seemed to be extra cruel recently. That foreign scent remained.
Today was another ‘Estate day’, and your patience had become a thin string ready to snap.
“Clean this mess up!” you snapped, eyes furious as you looked upon the spilled medicine dropped by Zenitsu. He looked to be on the brink of tears. He had been enduring your hellish fury all day.
Just then, the burgundy-eyed boy entered the room, seeing you standing over the blonde. 
“What’s going on?” he asked gently, patting a sniffling Zenitsu. Tanjiro usually couldn’t stand his whining any more than you could, but the boy was his friend, and he seemed pretty upset. 
“He made another mess, and caused me another headache. Let him clean it up, stop babying him,” you demanded, scoffing at the boy who was now clinging to the checkered haori of his friend.
“You don’t have to be so forceful, he can’t do it as quickly because of his arms!” Tanjiro defended Zenitsu, who sniffled out a thanks.
Your eyes widened a bit in surprise. The kind-eyed boy hardly ever raised his voice, and usually it was just to scold the blonde for whining or to scold Inosuke for being feral. You wondered where his patience went so quickly.
“Just- Just make sure it gets done? Please?” you spoke, rubbing your temples and exiting swiftly. The scent emanating from you that he failed to decipher was stronger than ever, but he left it, not letting it dwell on his thoughts this time.
Now it was the boys’ turns to be surprised. You were not one to say, ‘please’ in a situation like this, nor were you one to back down if someone spoke up to you in defiance.
You slumped on the wall outside the room after closing the door, sighing out. What was with you?
“..Is she feeling okay today..?”
Muffled voices came from within, and you decided to stay and listen.
“..She’s always like that, isn’t she?” Surprisingly enough, the irritated sounding voice was that of Tanjiro. You felt your heart sink a bit.
“Have I really been.. that much of an asshole..?” you thought, thinking back to all your previous interactions.
“..Tanjiro?” Zenitsu questioned.
“..Let’s clean this up, I’ll help you..”
You sat there as they conversed a bit more, drifting in and out of listening until the conversation went back to you.
“She just seems.. a bit troubled..” Zenitsu’s voice rang out. You pressed your ear against the door at that, almost embarrassingly desperate to find out what Tanjiro thought of it.
“I don’t know why she’s like that..!” was the other boy’s response, exasperated. “She’s always.. ruthless!”
“She’s a pretty girl, I just wish she was nicer..”
The next words you heard broke your heart in two. Though, you kind of figured it was your fault anyways. Everything they said was true.
“..I can’t find anything attractive about someone who acts like that to others just trying to live their lives..”
Somehow, amidst your feelings for Tanjiro and your simultaneous desire to avoid hurt by not getting close, you realized how much you had flared up and hurt others. Of course he wouldn’t find you attractive. Of course your feelings weren’t requited, the deep part of you that desperately wanted them to be said.
The tears were swift and silent, and you wiped them away without a word, walking off. You didn’t want to hear another thing either of them said.
You became subconsciously quieter after that day. You stopped being unkind to others almost immediately, if you even spoke to anybody at all.
Surprisingly enough, it was Nezuko who first approached you during this period. (Everybody else was too fearful, or knew to leave you be, such as Aoi and the others).
The small demon found you outside at night, looking at the koi fish pond. She sat herself down next to you, and began gently patting your head.
You wordlessly left the area, leaving the girl alone.
The next night, she found you in the same spot again, and once again repeated her routine head pats. You left once again.
This continued for a few nights, until eventually, you stopped leaving the area.
Nezuko seemed happy with it. One night, her head pats ceased, and she reached up a finger to tap her muzzle.
“You want.. to talk? About something? Can you even talk?”
She vigorously shook her head, tapping her muzzle, and then tapping your mouth. The realization hit.
“Oh. You want me to talk.. about..”
A few more wild hand gestures. “About how I feel?”
A nod. You sighed out. She had been giving you lots of head pats. Plus, it’s not like she’d really tell anyone.
“I’ve been.. really cruel to your brother.. as well as other people,” you began with another sigh, albeit a shakier one. “I.. I don’t even know why I’m opening up now of all times, and to a demon..”
“I.. lost my family when I was very young. I suppose you did too, but.. I had to watch hour by hour as the powerful demon responsible tortured each one to death. She said she would kill me last, for whatever reason, and kept me alive among my family’s corpses for days as she tortured them.”
Nezuko’s pink eyes widened, and she shook a bit.
“Eventually, I was saved by the Flame Pillar at that time. However, by the time he arrived, my family had already all been slaughtered. My mother was the only one left alive, but she had been poisoned by the demon, and was slowly dying. Nothing we could’ve done would’ve saved her,” you finished.
“I.. After that, I never, ever wanted to have people close to me again. If a Slayer I don’t care to know dies, then I avoid any hurt associated. It’s as simple as that,” you explained briefly, trying to wipe the endless flow of nearly unnoticeable tears. “I was a huge jerk to everyone, and.. I made your brother, who’s basically the sun.. so kind.. think me unattractive.”
A breath hitched.
“..Anyways, thanks for listening. Sorry to.. dump a sob story on you, I’m not trying to-” You were cut off as the girl rushed and hugged you around the waist, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. You got down on one knee, waving your hands around.
“Come on, ugh.. D-Don’t cry..” you insisted, wiping her tears with your haori. “Did my story move you that much..?”
The girl nodded, clutching your haori harder as her little muffles echoed out. You sighed, patting her head.. 
And for once in your life, gave a very kind smile.
“..Hey. How about we make some flower crowns? There’s some very pretty pink blossoms around this time. I think it would look good on you,” you offered softly, offering a hand up as well.
The demon girl looked a bit bewildered at your sudden kindness, but smiled past her muzzle and nodded excitedly, wiping away the rest of her tears.
This was the kindness the girl could sense, that you had kept under wraps for so long.
You laughed a bit after rather swiftly making the little demon a flower crown with skilled hands. You had had many younger siblings, and had experience making them for your now deceased sisters before.
Something about Nezuko reminded you of them. You didn’t know why, but you felt safe in allowing her into your guarded heart.
She danced around, clearly very happy with the crown, and placed one on your head in turn. It was made of f/c flowers that beautifully complimented your eyes, and you smiled.
“You’ve got a good eye, huh? Thank you, Nezuko.”
For the rest of the evening, you gently combed through the girl’s hair with your hands as she laid on your lap, reaching up at the night sky.
All the while, a pair of kind, burgundy eyes observed. The owner of those eyes had heard everything. He had been watching you with a fondness, lost in his own thoughts and your eyes as he admired how kind you were.. how gentle.. how beautiful..
And then guilt suddenly punched him in the gut when he remembered what he had so quickly said about you before.
A new day had begun. You were a bit fatigued due to your late night games with Nezuko, but you were being assigned on a mission today, so you tried to wake yourself up a bit.
“Kraw! You will be accompanied by Kamado Tanjiro on this mission, kraw!”
You felt your heart sink down into the pit of your stomach as said boy approached you. He had somewhat of a sheepish look on his face when he saw you, his face a bit flushed.
“Um, Y/N-”
“Let’s hurry and get this over with,” you mumbled, voice just an octave high enough to hear as you speed-walked out the door. 
During the mission, neither of you spoke even a single word. The silence was tense, almost.
Eventually, the pair of you reached your location, and you turned around.
“We should fan out and search for the demon,” you spoke, voice less commanding than usual but still making it clear it was not an option.
“Okay.” Tanjiro didn’t protest, just going along with your orders. The two of you searched separately, both unsuccessful for a while.
You decided to go and find the boy when you were still turning up nothing. After a bit, you noticed him in a clearing.
A pair of red eyes gleamed behind him.
You rushed at the now wide-eyed and alert Slayer, sword unsheathed and used to quickly block the oncoming attack. The demon managed to sink a claw into your side when you failed to notice its second pair of arms, and you cried out.
Inhaling sharply, you performed a swift attack, taking out the creature with ease. Still, the wound left was deep, and you had to kneel down a bit as the demon dissipated into ash.
“I have bandages! Here..”
There was a heavy silence as Tanjiro bandaged your wound, mumbling how it was still bad enough to where you’d need to have Shinobu look. You kept your gaze averted.
“Sorry I didn’t notice.. I caused you to get injured..”
“It’s my fault. I didn’t notice its arms..”
The silence returned. The unknown scent that had come from you for a long time, at least whenever he was around, surrounded Tanjiro once again. It was incredibly strong. He looked up, your gaze was locked on his, but you averted it quickly, the scent lessening.
That’s when he realized. This was the scent he smelled from his mother when she looked at his father before he passed, the one he detected from Zenitsu whenever the blonde boy saw Nezuko..
It was the scent of someone who’s in love.
And once he realized this, by God did he feel terrible.
You noticed almost immediately that he had figured you out.
“Don’t- Don’t say anything,” you insisted almost immediately, pressing a finger to the boy’s lips before he could blurt out whatever he was going to say. “I get that you know, okay? I kind of figured with your whole scent thing. We don’t have to talk about it. I know you don’t feel that way. I don’t know when it happened, and I know you find me unattractive, and- I- Let’s go back.”
“Please,” you pleaded, your normally stony gaze about to break. Your scent was quickly morphing into distress, and sadness, and a heartbreak almost too violent to bear. “Just leave it. I know I don’t deserve it because of how cruel I am, but.. please.”
The trip back was silent as Tanjiro wracked his brain on what to say. Something, anything, to convey to you just how little he meant those words and just how much you meant to him too.
He wanted to get to know this kinder side of you. He wanted to apologize, wanted to tell you how he knew now why you had acted in such a manner. The words just wouldn’t come out.
Shinobu scolded you when you returned, disinfecting your wound and prescribing you a day’s worth of rest before doing anything straining of any sort. You sighed, leaning back in your bed, looking up at the ceiling.
Then, your face went red with shame as you recalled the events of earlier.
Meanwhile, Tanjiro was sitting with his little sister in her darkened room.
“Did you know she liked me?”
A small nod, and a closed-eye smile.
“F-For how long? I mean, how long did she like me..?”
Nezuko rolled her eyes a bit, making the boy flush and bury his face in his hands.
“I really, really hurt her..”
The small demon walked over to her brother, and patted his head, her signature comfort method. She whimpered a bit, pointing at the door, making the boy’s eyes widen a bit.
“I should talk to her,” he announced decisively after a bit of Nezuko’s headpats, his sister giving him an enthusiastic noise and a vigorous nod.
“Thank you, Nezuko!”
A few minutes later, and the boy was in your room, huffing from how quickly he came over.
You looked over, and then looked away immediately after, opting to pretend to be asleep.
“Y/N.. I know you’re not asleep.”
‘Damnit. Maybe if I pretend-’
“I know you’re not dead, too. Shinobu said your wound was going to be okay.”
“Can we.. talk?” He asked tentatively, pulling over a small stool and sitting by your bedside. You looked over at him with a slightly reddened face, and merely nodded.
“I’m sorry.”
“..You’re sorry?” you questioned, eyes widened in total bewilderment. “What in the world for?”
“I.. said something very cruel about you, and I know you overheard. I just want you to know that I lost my patience in that moment.. I didn’t really mean you weren’t attractive, just that- you were being unkind, and-”
“That was unattractive,” you sighed a bit, looking up at the ceiling. “It’s okay. You didn’t have to apologize. It was called for.”
“But it was still a cruel thing of me to say,” he insisted. “I’m.. I saw you with Nezuko the other evening. I.. I was in awe of how gentle and sweet you were with my little sister. I really appreciated that.”
“You saw us?” you questioned, embarrassed beyond belief.
“Yes, and.. I-I wanted to let you know! I thought you looked really beautiful in that moment, and when we were on our mission, I thought you were then, as well!” he blurted, refusing to cover his face despite his flushed expression.
Your eyes widened again, then lowered. “Listen.. you don’t have to give me pity points because you know I fell in love with you. I don’t need it. I’ll get over it. I know you don’t feel the same, and.. I’m sorry I was so cruel. I..”
“That’s not it! Everything I said was the truth,” he insisted, grabbing your hand in his and holding it up to his face. “Please, please believe me when I say that..”
Those kind eyes showed absolutely nothing but truth.
“Y/N, I really want to get to know all of you. The real you. The one you feel like you can’t show anyone else. I want to be able to appreciate every part of you, and I’d be honored if you’d allow me,” Tanjiro confessed sincerely, not averting his eyes from yours as he placed a hand on your cheek.
You looked a bit shocked. But slowly, you leaned in to his gentle hold.
Previously, you would have slapped his hand away, yelled at him to get out and never visit you again, to stop talking to you entirely. However, something in him had changed you. And something in you had changed him.
“..Okay. But.. I can’t promise I’ll be better right away,” you explained softly. He gave you a big, wobbly smile, tears filling up in his eyes as he grabbed your hand in his.
“We’ll work on it, and get there together. I promise you, I just want.. to know the real you.” Tanjiro finished, squeezing your hand.
Somehow, your views began to broaden. This boy had chipped away at your walled-in heart, and gotten through to your very soul.
You didn’t know how, but the boy who was your polar opposite managed to change your perception like that.
Really, though. You had no arguments on the matter.
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my-dating-academia · a year ago
Inosuke Hashibira:
"You're my favorite."
Tumblr media
You were too nice to others! He fumed as he watched you help calm down Zenitsu from a demon he supposedly saw even if it was day and splitting your snack with him. But you share your snacks with him only! Insouke had "steam" rising from the nostrils of the mask. You gave Zenitsu a slight pat on the back followed by a friendly hug was where Insouke drew the line.
"Tentenzu, fight me!" Inosuke got up and ran towards Zenistu.
"You can't even get my name right, pig monster!" Zenistu said and hid behind you.
"Inosuke, can't this wait? Give him a few minutes.." You said sternly and Inosuke unwillingly put down his swords. Stupid s/o and your stupid pretty eyes.
A couple hours went by and even if Zenistu was away from you, you were to close to Nezuko now! How much does he have to endure until you give him more attention?
Nezuko was happily mushing your cheeks as she gazed up your human features, reminding her of her lost family. She was just having some fun twisting your hair or you telling stories to her about life or family when she was pulling your cheeks.
Inosuke fumed even more at the sight! She's touching you! Inosuke wants to be hugging you instead of her putting her demon hands on your soft cheeks!
He crossed his arms and sat pouting underneath the mask across the room. You noticed his jealous aura and excused yourself from Nezuko. She nodded and quickly ran off to her brother.
"Inosuke...what's wrong?" You said, sitting next to him.
"Nothing! Get away!" He said and turned the opposite of you.
You giggled and latched your arms around him. "Not until you tell me what's wrong? Are you...jealous?~"
He tried to push you off and when he did, you took his mask with you.
"Give that back!" Inosuke made grabby hands to the mask you held in your hands, making sure to keep it away from him.
"Until you tell me what got you so upset!" You said sternly.
"Fine! I don't understand why you have to spend your time with other people when you have me!" Inosuke said, his green eyes downcast as a blush settled upon his cheeks.
"Inosuke...You're my favorite. You know that right?" You said as you hugged him hand loosely gripping the mask behind his back now.
Inosuke is glad you're facing away from him so you cant say the small smile on his face accompanied by small stars around his eyes. "I better be..!"
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