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Comfort with the Shabana siblings
feeling misrable, time so make myself feel better by writing about fictional characters that i wish would just love me<3 (this is platonic)
Tumblr media
"Eh?! what are you doing in the corner?" Daki said exaggerated. You where in the corner with your knees to your chest. You stayed quiet for a second before looking up at the girl. Your makeup was all smudged and clear black lines fall from your eyes. Its obvious youve been crying. Daki was accompanied with Gyutaro who was silent. He understood from the mess of your room and with you in the corner that something bad must have happend. "Just leave me alone." you groaned, you loved Daki, you truely did but right now wasnt the time to hear her whining. "Fine, since your acting like a baby!" she said, exiting the room. But Gyutaro didnt leave. He just looked around the room, Drawers where pushed down, papers and books on the floor but what caught his eye where the messy letters and drawings that where around you. He walked closer to you and picked one of the papers up and read it. "Distgusting Demon. Die, Die,Die!" he read to himself the little drawing that was on the same paper was a stick figure with a arrow saying "me". "You regret becoming a demon?" he says, slouched before you. You didnt say anything. It took you a minute just to give him a nod. He felt kind of bad, its true Daki kind of forced you to become a demon but you did agree. He sat beside you and pulled you onto his shoulder as he patted your head. Gyutaro knew he wasnt the best at comforting but he did truely care about you, he wanted you to feel better. "I killed a man, Gyutaro. He was supposed to be my fiancée." you cried. Your tear fell onto Gyutaro's chest. How he wished that he was the one who killed your asshole fiancée. You kept on rambling on how you just wated to go back to a normal life, how you didnt want to kill him but you where so hungry. The door that was shut by Daki was quickly opened by her once again. Now she sees her brother hugging you while your crying. She felt a bit bad that she left but shes not going to tell you that. She just silently sits next to you and hugs you. Maybe a demon is bad but being with Gyutaro and Daki makes it a bit better.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen / The Sound Hashira / Demon Slayer Season 2 - Entertainment District Arc / Episode 02
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Tengen & Zenitsu
˗ˏˋa bruh moment ´ˎ˗
collab w/ @tameshrimp
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Tumblr media
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Can I mayhaps request giyuu, tanjiro, and rengoku relationship hcs sfw and nsfw.
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ Content. Angst, fluff, sexual intercourse, kinks, dick sizes, sadism, marking, switch, daddy kink, praise and degrading kink, choking, pet play mentioned, voyeurism, etc.
A/N: Hello nonnie! I hope you enjoyed these HCs :) since no pronouns were stated, I did it GN. @kireirengoku confirmed all dick sizes with me.
Tags: @knyplaymatemansion @kireirengoku @cherrykamado @spidermilfs @renhoeku @ovarysnake23 @planetonet
Tumblr media
• Giyuu is the most observant and oblivious person there is. So, he isn’t always the best at picking up signs, but one thing is for sure: he is protective over the ones he loves.
• Giyuu is very protective of you and gets visibly angry if anyone hurts or upsets you.
• Giyuu has a strong sense of justice and loyalty. Therefore, he will not tolerate any disrespect towards his lover. Whether that be from one of his team members or a demon, he is quick to save the day.
• Giyuu leaves you little gifts from his travels. Whether that be a pebble shaped into a heart, a special type of flower, or some jewelry, he always tries to get you gifts to show you are always on his mind.
• Giyuu is still not the best with words. If you are upset, he will do little things to cheer you up. Such as draw you a bath, cuddles, give you some tea, etc.
• Giyuu loves to cuddle. Having you in his arms is his safe haven. Especially when he sleeps so he knows you are safe.
• Giyuu has little pet names for you. His favorite to call you is, “love” or “my love.” He also calls you “baby,” “dear,” “angel,” etc.
• Giyuu loves when you play with his hair. He doesn’t let many touch it, but you are the exception. He likes when you massage his scalp or play with his long locks.
• Giyuu is not one for PDA (personal displays of affection) so don’t expect him to be all lovey dovey with you in public. Except if someone flirts with his significant other. Then you can expect his arm snaked around your waist as the person gets death glares or a remark from Giyuu.
NSFW 18+
• Popular belief is that Giyuu is vanilla in the bedroom and to that I say, to you are correct. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t pleasure his lover.
• Oh, I promise you, kinky or not, Giyuu is sure to have his lover stuffed with his nine and half inch cock.
• And you will be taking all of it. Whether you like it or not because overtime, there is a dark side to Giyuu not many people know. The sadistic side. The kinky side.
• Giyuu loves to watch you beg for mercy, your little holes just taking in all of his cock. Incase you didn’t know, he has a size kink.
• Also loves to mark you up. It is more private since he doesn’t want the others to see what he does to your delicate skin, but those thighs, chest, stomach, etc. is covered in his lips and bite marks.
• He is also into bondage.
• Enjoys edging you when you have been naughty. Better beg extra good if you want to cum anytime soon.
• Pull on his hair. Don’t ask questions: do it.
• Not loud during sex unless giving commands or grumbling low curses. He can fuck you in silence. The master of quiet.
• Doesn’t really care for you to call him Daddy or Master, but we let you call him it if you like it. He is a sadist yet he is also a pleasing dom.
• Giyuu can be a switch. It’s not his preferred method in the bedroom, but he is down to try new things with his significant other.
Tumblr media
• Tanjiro is so sweet in a relationship. A literal sweetheart.
• Very openly affectionate.
• Always holding your hand or has his hands somewhere on you while in public. He wants everyone to know you are his.
• Anytime there is to talk about you, best believe your all he talks about. Only in the highest regards.
• If anyone ever dare says anything remotely mean or offensive about his lover, he is head butting them. Especially if they make you cry.
• When Tanjiro has to leave for business, he brings back gifts from the shops on his travels. Anything he thinks you may like, he gets it no matter the cost of the product.
• Tanjiro loves touching you. Just having him in your grasp comforts him.
• He loves your scent. Since he has a strong sense of smell, he gets you lotions, perfumes/colognes, shampoos, body washes that he enjoys on you. Anything you wear he just loves because it’s you.
• Tanjiro doesn’t like arguing with you. He will do anything to not argue. He also doesn’t allow you two to go to sleep angry with one another. So, he will apologize and make it up to you if he upsets his lover.
NSFW 18+
• Tanjiro is sweet even in the bedroom. On your anniversaries, he lays out rose petals and sets out candles so he can have romantic sex with you.
• 8.5 inches with a decent girth.
• Tanjiro is a soft dom. I don’t get switch vibes from him. He enjoys being a top, but he is down to explore your kinks for the most part.
• Call him “Daddy” and he will bust right away.
• Definitely breeding kink. Wants a huge family and if you can’t have kids, he will be willingly to adopt.
• Cums rather quickly, but can go multiple rounds. He is also sure to pleasure his lover first.
• Unlike the others, he definitely wants you to be comfortable the whole time. If you tell him stop or it’s too big, he will immediately stop and hold you.
• Just like Giyuu, pull on his hair to get him to bust.
• Not quiet during sex. Is open about moaning and groaning slurs of pleasure.
Tumblr media
• Kyoujuro is a good significant other. He is the type of gentleman who opens the door for you, cooks you breakfast in bed, and tells you how great you look in that outfit.
• Words of affirmation and gift giving is definitely his love language. Oh, and physical touch. He enjoys having his arms around you.
• Always helps you cook. He enjoys cooking with you and is very good at it also.
• Great at giving advice and having deep conversations. If you are ever upset, he is there to comfort you and give you a pep talk. Kyojuro is good at being your best friend and lover all in one.
• Leaves you gifts and gets you gifts on his travels. Especially items you forgot you told him about. You’ll wake up to a necklace you have been wanting beside your bed.
• Writes you love letters. His crow is sure to deliver them when he is away for business.
• Kyoujuro is more of a lover than a fighter so arguments with him are very slim. Plus, it’s very hard to get under his skin.
• Overall, 10/10 boyfriend.
NSFW 18+
• Erected cock is at 8.5 inches. Definitely full of girth.
• Kyojuro is one kinky man. He is a dom leaninf switch. Even when he is a bottom, he is controlling the situation. He just has that power to be dominant without trying.
• Enjoys choking his lover during sex. No explanation needed.
• Has a praise and degrading kink. Will praise and degrade you in the same sentence and not care.
• Call him Sir, Kyojuro, Daddy, or Master. It’s a must. And we cannot forget the rope.
• Into pet and impact play if you are.
• Loves marking your skin with his teeth for where people can see. He has no shame in showing what he does behind closed doors.
• Definitely down for voyeruism.
• Like I said, very kinky man and willing to try out new things in the bedroom.
All Rights Reserved — I don’t give anyone permission to repost, distribute, copy or re-use my works in any way. Especially not on other websites such as Tik Tok, Ao3, Wattpad, etc.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
my full spread for the @knycyberpunkzine !
leftover sales are on now if you want to grab a copy
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Tumblr media
inotan wedding ⁉️ (real and true)
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Tumblr media
My contribution to the demon slayer fandom this season! ✨✨
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Tumblr media
this took VERY LONG but i absolutely adore this new illustration from gotouge so i had to colour it
feel free to use but please credit me
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ೃ⁀➷ Kamado Tanjirō *ೃ༄
dedicated to @okkotsu-yuutas
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Tumblr media
daily sketch / i'm sucking him offscreen <3
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The four horsemen of white/ish to green/ish ombre hair
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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breeding | KYOJURO & GIYU ( 18+ )
i wrote this before i started the blog please don't kill me if it sucks
synopsis : your two husbands, rengoku kyojuro and tomioka giyu, have been trying to discuss who would get you pregnant first. today, it might actually happen
genre : smut, fluff
tags : LOTS of breeding kink, actually trying to get pregnant, conception, threesome, soft & hard domination, pretty vanilla other than that, afab reader, reader gets called mii-chan occasionally ( idk why i picked that as a nickname but i did ), mentions of pet names like " master " and " daddy " but not really much overt submission going on
You’d talked about it for nearly a year now. After the marriage was finalized, you three had a decision to make: Who was going to get you pregnant first. You all wanted huge families. You were thinking five, Kyojuro wanted six, and Giyu wanted as many as your body would produce for him. It was a long discussion, one that didn’t end specifically with one answer or the other. You had sex with your partners before, yes, but they were always forced to pull out until a decision was made.
Today, you were talking about the subject lightly, only half paying attention while you were cooking with Kyojuro. Giyu was coming back from a mission, set to come back within a few hours. It wasn’t often that missions lasted less than a week, but you were pleasantly surprised when you got the crow’s message for you that he was on his way back. You were making his favorite food to celebrate a job well done.
“I was thinking, Mii-chan, perhaps we could all be in bed together?” Kyojuro suggested while walking into the kitchen where you were whisking an egg to make egg wash for the bread. “Both of us have turns cumming inside you. That way it’s in the hands of God.”
“Actually, that’s a pretty good idea,” You noted, turning to look at him with the whisk in your hand, “We should bring that to Giyu when he gets here. Maybe he’ll be down to do it after dinner.”
Your husband pressed himself against your back, wrapping his strong arms around your frame. “What’s got you in the mood suddenly?”
“I was imagining you cooking for our family,” Kyojuro answered honestly, holding nothing back as he usually does. You blushed at the thought, your own head becoming plagued by the idea of little ones looking like all three of you running around, pulling at your kimono trying to get your attention. He could tell it was having an effect on you, deciding to press buttons to see where it would get him.
“Our kids would be so cute. Strong, resilient, just like their mother. Hopefully at least one of them gets my eyes!” He sounded pretty desperate to get a child with his eyes, almost always bringing it up when the topic of kids get brought up, “They would be taught by the best Demon Slayers around, with the whole world looking after them. I’ll always make sure they stay out of trouble, though. Giyu would get mad if I got them into too much trouble. But we don’t have to tell him about the little things.”
He’s right. Giyu would be a much stricter parent than either of you, but you knew that it would come from a place of love. He would want his children to grow up ready to take on the world. You knew he would not neglect his children in the slightest, he would just be slightly more of a buzzkill, to put it lightly.
“Can you imagine it, Mii-chan? Cradling our children in our arms, hearing their first cries. Kissing their little heads. Birthdays, achievements. Even the sad things. We’ll be there for our children’s every moment. You know what the great thing about having two husbands is?”
“Twice the dick?” You asked crudely, laughing a little at your own joke. It was a plus, but it wasn’t the reason you married them both. Like a love story, you fell in love with them on different occasions. And they fell in love with you two, although that part is a bit rocky. That was a story for another time, perhaps. “No, twice the love is definitely the best part of having two husbands.”
“One of us will always be here to help you with the children. You will never have to raise them alone,” Kyojuro answered seriously, pressing a kiss into your hair. “Can I take your hair out of your braid? I think you look best with your hair down.”
“Yes, of course, don’t worry about it,” you hummed, deciding that maybe you wanted shrimp today, even though you knew Giyu was allergic. It would just be a side dish. “Do you want shrimp today?”
“I kind of want you, if I’m being honest. It’s going to be very hard to wait for Giyu to get here if you keep looking this amazing.”
Kyojuro busied himself with undoing your hair, only half of his normal enthusiasm in his words, but the intent was still the same: he wanted you, even if that meant just getting a little taste.
“I want to breed you,” he continued, “God, I want to come in you so badly. Press you against the tatami mat and ruin your perfect body. I want to have you carry my babies in your womb and watch them grow with you. I know you’ll look radiant while pregnant, Mii-chan. You’ll glow.”
Covering your face with your hands, you had to calm yourself down from not screaming out loud. Hearing him rant about wanting to fill you up made you want him so badly, but you both knew you had to wait until Giyu got home. Once he was home, you prayed he’d be in the mood for your first threesome. With that thought, you grew nervous. What if you couldn’t perform well for the both of them? You knew they wouldn’t be mad at you, but you didn’t want to ruin the mood by messing up once.
Once your hair was all out of your braids, he stopped talking for a moment, focused on raking his fingers through your perfectly straightened hair. It wasn’t often that you straightened your hair like that, but he admired you every time you did. But he preferred your wild natural hair more. “Mii-chan, may I take this opportunity to ask you a favor?”
“What’s up?”
“Can you - please - get on your knees for me, Princess?” Kyojuro half begged, which is not usually like him. He kind of spit out the “please” like he was embarrassed about it. You giggled, pleased with yourself to somehow rile him up enough to have him asking for you to give him head.
“Only if you promise to somehow convince Giyu of a threesome tonight, then sure.”
“I will do it!” He beamed, his hand on the top of your head to guide you down to your knees. Kyojuro stood in front of you, making quick work of his pants and pulling them down to his ankles. “Thank you so much, Princess. I’ll make sure to reward you fittingly tonight.”
You opened your mouth, looking up at him with your pretty eyes, “Use my mouth as you please, Master ~”
“Don’t say that. You don’t know what you’re going to get yourself into,” He grunted, his thumb finding its way into your mouth, pressing on your tongue. “Let’s see how deep you can take me into your throat without gagging.”
He led his cock into your mouth, moaning lightly as your lips wrapped around his girth. Kyojuro moved himself, rocking back and forth as you took as much as you possibly could. “God, you’re so good at this. You’ve been practicing, haven’t you Princess? My little slut. Giyu is going to want his share too, you know?” He groaned, always the type of person to dirty talk his way to an orgasm. It seems like he always works himself up with his own words, and your reactions further him along. “I’m going to watch you get fucked by your husband before I take my turn again. We’re going to breed you so damn fast you’ll be pregnant before next week.”
He kept mumbling things, slowly getting more incomprehensible as he got closer to his orgasm. Kyojuro’s pubic hair tickled your nose for a second as you took his entire cock down your throat, only to start gagging and having to pull away for a second. You didn’t want to be away for longer than a few seconds, so you let some spit drip out of your mouth onto your lap and opened your mouth wide for him, sticking your tongue out to let him know you were ready.
Nodding, he tapped his cock against your tongue for a moment, his eyebrows furrowed in pleasure. He completely forgot about everything he was doing that led up to this moment, the only thought on his mind getting himself to his orgasm using your pretty mouth. Bobbing your head up and down the length of his cock, you could only half way look up at him with your eyes full of tears. You were a hot mess and he was loving it. He wanted to make you messier.
Neither of you heard the door open, and the silent footsteps of your husband walking into the house. Giyu sat a few things down, noticing almost immediately the very distinct sound of someone choking and gagging. Curiously, he walked over to the kitchen, not bothering to knock because the door was fully open.
There you were, in all of your messy glory, giving Kyojuro a blowjob in the kitchen. “I suppose you two couldn’t wait until I got home?”
Kyojuro jumped at the sound of Giyu’s voice, but didn’t pull out of your mouth. “Come join, Giyu. She has an entire hole waiting for you, you know. I knew I couldn’t wait to come.. And if I fucked her tight, pretty pussy I would cum inside of her for sure.”
Slowly, Giyu ducked out of the room, a little embarrassed to get undressed where his wife’s husband could see him. He’d never undressed in front of man before, and it felt weird for it to start right now. Unzipping his pants, he took them all the way off, always feeling like they restricted him when they were around his ankles.
Once he was disrobed, he walked back in the kitchen, noticing how you were in the middle of preparing his favorite dish for him. “Get up. We’re going to the bedroom.” He commanded pretty quickly, grabbing you by your hair. “I’m going to show my little slut how much I missed her.”
You nodded, struggling to stand up on your own with your head being pulled towards Giyu, having to rely on Kyojuro for help. He had his hand on your hips while you were practically being pulled by Giyu.
“I’m going to make you regret not waiting for me,” he spat, throwing you down against the bed. “Hands and knees.”
You listened to him, twisting from your back to being on your elbows and knees. Kyojuro had to admit that he’d never seen this side of Giyu before, and it almost made him feel like he had to step his game up and act a little rougher to you. It was all too clear to him how much you liked it: you had that braindead look of subspace hitting you like a train. They both knew all you wanted to do at this moment was please them in anyway you could. There wasn’t a single thought going through your head that didn’t somehow connect with getting Kyojuro and Giyu to cum.
Wasting no time, Giyu found his spot between your legs, head dipped down to get a taste of your pussy. It was so pretty and pink to him, he wanted to admire and play with you for hours if he could. Licking a stripe from your entrance to the most sensitive part nestled between the folds, he attacked your clit, your wetness layering his tongue. Giyu rubbed circles with his tongue around your clit, all of his fingernails digging into your ass.
You moaned loudly, bucking into his mouth. “Gi- Fuck, Daddy, please!” Grinding your pussy against his mouth to get more friction, you breathed out a loud sigh once you found what you wanted.
Kyojuro positioned himself in front of you once again, tapping your lips a few times to get you to understand what he wanted. Opening your mouth, you let him make his own pace with your mouth, your hands holding onto his thighs while you held yourself up with your elbows.
“You’re so good at sucking dick, Princess. Keep going for Master, yeah?” he groaned, thrusting into your mouth roughly a few times before steadying into a slower pace. He wanted to milk out his orgasm for everything it’s worth, wanting to use you as a fuckdoll for the two of them.
Giyu stopped his attack on your clit, shuffling around until he was on his knees, and his cock was pressing against your incredibly slick entrance. “I’m going to fuck you now, slut.”
Trying to nod, you felt your eyes roll back into your head a bit the moment Giyu slid it in. It felt like you hadn’t been stretched out in such a long time but it hadn’t been a week since you last had sex. You didn’t really understand why your sex drive was so high right now, since that had never been a symptom of you ovulating as far as you knew, but both of your husbands were going off of your pheromones. Like the scent of their wife ovulating was enough to drive them both to the edge.
Giyu’s pace was relentless, holding your hips so hard you thought he was going to leave bruises as he pounded his cock deep into your warmth. He wasn’t much of a moaner, but sometimes if you were listening you would hear him groan and grunt under his breath.
You swore you had never been so wet before, feeling it all down your legs and even dripping onto the bed below you.
“Just a little more. Let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours until I cum.” Kyojuro mumbled, his words slurred with pleasure, “Your mouth feels so good around my cock.”
Giyu had never heard anyone be so vocal in bed and honestly got a little embarrassed by it, but he was not about to show it and kept relentlessly pounding into you. He knew you were just seconds away from cumming, all you needed was a little push to get there. Snaking his arm around your hip, he tenderly touched your clit, rubbing it in small circles. You jumped, moaning as much as you could with dick in your mouth.
Eyes watering enough to bring tears streaming down your face, you shook as you reached your orgasm and chased after it, trying too hard to focus on Kyojuro’s cock in your mouth but not doing it very well. It’s not like he minded, he genuinely enjoyed the look on your face as you orgasmed, and he caught himself closing in on his own orgasm after your prolonged blowjob.
“Want me in your mouth?” he asked, “I can shoot it so far in your throat you won’t even be able to taste it, unless you want to taste it. Fuck, baby, you're a fucking goddess with your mouth. Fuck… Fuck, I’m so close. Don’t choke on me now. Fuck…”
He kept mumbling as he rode out his orgasm, pushing your head all the way down his length until you felt the skin underneath his pubic hair tickling your nose. Kyojuro’s cock twitched several times as he came, his moaning only interrupted by a few curse words.
Giyu bent down to kiss your neck, biting down deeply. You gasped, cock still in your mouth, only furthering Kyojuro’s orgasm with the vibrations from your throat. Just watching the love of his life do something so lewd with the other Hashira was enough for him to actively want to cum inside of you.
And what’s the first thing you say the moment you can? “Fuck, Giyu, please.. Daddy please breed me.”
"Fuck, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just horny,” He tried to reason, eyebrows furrowing as he buried his cock inside of you.
“N-no, please. Please cum inside of me. I want to be bred by my husbands.”
Giyu looked up at Kyojuro for confirmation that you said what you said and he wasn’t just dreaming it, “I can?”
“Yeah you can cum inside of her, and then it’s my turn to fuck her pussy until she’s seeing stars.” Kyojuro nodded, smiling, eagerly waiting for his turn. He settled down at the foot of the bed, his thighs spread open as he watched you get fucked by your husband. You had the cutest face, tongue out almost begging for him to stuff your mouth again, but he refrained. He knew he could only go two or three times max at this rate, and wanted those next times to be buried inside you with the head of his cock touching your cervix opening.
You held onto him like he was life support, steadying yourself with Giyu’s ruthless pace. He was so deep, and fast you couldn’t hardly think. He slapped your ass, nails dragging down your perfect skin with ease, causing red marks that almost looked like they were about to bleed. “Giyu - Giyu please -” you begged shamelessly, clinging onto Kyojuro. “Please make me the mother of your children.”
“You want my children that bad, don’t you, Princess? You want me to fuck a baby into this cunt of yours?”
“Y-yes! Yes, Giyu, impregnate me! Please!” You screamed, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you hit another hard orgasm, your nails digging into Kyojuro’s arms. All he did was hum and rub your back, his cock standing hard as he watched Giyu reach his end. You had never heard him so vocal in bed, it did something to hear his deep voice asking you for permission to impregnate you.
“Fine, since you want it so much. I’ll give you all of my cum so you can grow a healthy baby for us.”
“I can’t wait to see your stomach swollen with our children,” Kyojuro purred, eyes filled with lust as he started to touch himself right in front of you. “You’d look so amazing in a little white dress, tits swelled with milk for the baby, cooking up something nice for the entire family. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you.”
Giyu moaned, riled up by the image Kyojuro planted in his head, his cock twitching as he started to feel his orgasm coming on. “I.. I’m going to get you pregnant, Mii-chan.” Speeding up, he violently pounded you into the bed, wondering if you’d be able to take it just like this. He’d never came inside of you, so this was a new experience for the both of you. Giyu felt like he was going crazy with lust, groaning heavily under his breath as he finished deep inside of you. “You’re taking all of my seed. I don’t want a drop wasted.”
His breath evened out, and for a second he went back into Demon Slayer mode, wondering when he had stopped Total Concentration Breathing: Constant because he had no clue. He was so wrapped up in making you and himself feel good that he didn’t even realize something so fundamental to him like his breathing had stopped.
Pulling out, Giyu watched your pussy for a second, wondering if it was going to drip out. He almost immediately got another hard on looking at your pussy twitch with overstimulation, cum delicately between your two lips.
“Let’s switch!” Kyojuro stood up quickly, more than a little eager to get to the good part. He wanted to see the exact same thing Giyu was seeing. He wanted to know that there was a chance that you would get pregnant with his child. Giyu looked up at him and nodded, a little hesitant, but moving away from his wife.
Once Kyojuro was behind you, he flipped you over onto your back. It almost hurt to lay down on your butt from Giyu’s scratch marks. “I want you in a mating press so I can see your precious face get wrecked, love,” he smiled devilishly, looking you up and down. He picked up your legs and sat them on his shoulders. “You can scratch me, babe, I don’t mind.”
You nodded, tilting your head up to look at Giyu. He wasn’t fully hard yet, it typically took him a moment in between rounds, and he had worked up quite a sweat, so he was on his knees with your head in his lap. Once you looked up at him, he smiled back before spitting into your face.
“Don’t look to me for comfort. You put this on yourself to be fucked like the slut you are.” He growled, shoulders going up and down as he focused his breathing.
Kyojuro took the time to wipe off some of the spit from your face, distracting you for a second before he slammed his cock inside of you in a mating press. The new position had his body rubbing against your cunt in just the right way that every thrust felt like mini orgasms adding up to one hundred.
“Ky-Kyojuro! Kyojuro, fuck!” You moaned, unknowingly scratching at his back as you looked for something to hold. “It’s so deep. Damn it feels so good.” The longer you got fucked, the more you wanted to cry about how good you were feeling.
Giyu moved your head from his lap, letting your head tilt downward. He forced your mouth open with his fingers, shoving two down your throat. You choked a little, your throat still sore from deepthroating Kyojuro. He didn’t ask or anything, just replaced his fingers with his half dry cock. You could taste yourself and semen on his cock, and the musk of a man filled your nostrils.
You weren’t given a moment to think or calm down before he started to fuck your mouth slowly, but going all the way to the base each time. Kyojuro took notice of how deep he was in your throat, and wrapped his hand around your neck, feeling the bulge of Giyu in your throat. He choked you very lightly, doing a service for Giyu so your throat would be tighter than it already was.
Fucking you with your legs wrapped around his neck, he moaned out in your ear, “Fuck, you’re such a good girl for us. Letting us use you as our own little toy is so sweet of you, babygirl. You feel so good around me. It’s like your pussy was made to be filled by our cocks.”
“She looks… So good being spitroasted by us,” Giyu grunted out, holding you from moving away from him. “I feel like I could fuck her a dozen times like this.”
Kyojuro’s pace slowed down as he neared his orgasm once again, wanting to feel your walls squeeze around him asking for more. He felt so good deep inside of you like this, and knowing that he didn’t have to pull out afterward was a huge turn on. “Get pregnant with my child.” He finally said in a very low, grumbly voice, enunciating each word as he reached orgasm. Kyojuro stopped moving as he came, as deep as he could possibly be, just like Giyu was just minutes ago.
Giyu slapped your breast, watching it jiggle as he railed you. “These are going to look pretty engorged with milk. Shit, thinking about it makes me ready to cum down your throat. Take it all for me, Mii-chan. Swallow all of my sperm.” He moaned lightly, cum spurting from his cock onto your tongue. He fucked it further down your throat, wanting you to know that you were being marked up by both of your husbands now. He wanted you to taste sperm for the next few days, at least.
Getting off of you, both men settled down into the bed next to you. Giyu had you against his chest while Kyojuro was cuddling you from behind. You were breathing heavily, finally able to breathe correctly for the first time in what felt like at least two hours. You had to remember what they had both taught you about that breathing technique, closing your eyes as you found your center and rebalanced yourself.
“Thank you so much,” Kyojuro kissed the back of your neck several times, holding down your waist against his hips.
Giyu was rubbing small circles in your skin, “In a moment we’ll draw a bath for you, and we’ll all shower together, yes? I assume that’s not weird anymore. Make sure you go to the restroom soon though, please.” His voice was soothing and calm, bringing you back down to Earth from your subspace. You could feel your head clearing up a little bit but still felt that high from the scene you just had.
“I’m.. So excited,” you heaved out, exasperated. “For, you know, being pregnant. I want to have your kids so badly, Kyojuro, Giyu.”
“I’m sure we’ll have exactly what we want when it’s time,” Giyu answered, closing his eyes to calm himself down. You pressed a kiss to his naked chest, smiling.
Peacefulness drowned over all of you as you started to fall asleep. Neither of your husbands could go to be sleep yet, but they didn’t want to move so they wouldn’t disturb you.
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bakugosbratx · 4 months ago
hey! I saw your requests were open. could you write something related to subspace + aftercare for uzui, sanemi and rengoku? no pressure! i hope the new year is treating you well :)
Warning: 18+ Content. BDSM, Subspace, aftercare, cursing, little space, dd/lg dynamics, spanking, punishment, fluff, sub! reader, dom! characters, mention orgasm denial, edging, brat taming, etc.
A/N: Hello! So, I hope I process your request correctly. If I didn’t, I apologize in advance. I hope the new year is treating you wonderfully, my dear :)
Tags: @knyplaymatemansion @kireirengoku @cherrykamado @ovarysnake23 @spidermilfs @planetonet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
• Tengen loves when you are in subspace. He thinks it’s so adorable. Especially when you are all so cute and small for him. I mean, you are already small compared to his height, but that’s besides the point.
• Tengen can tame a brat if necessary. Let’s be honest, the man has three wives. All of them with the capabilities of being brats yet he has tamed them all. You are no different.
• Tengen will let you have your bratty moments, but he is not afraid to discipline you. You will be bent over his lap so fast, your pants and underwear around your ankles, your bottom sore from all the spankings you receive. And guess what? Your cries and pleas fall on deaf ears.
• Don’t worry, though. Tengen will give his lover some affection after a punishment. Expect cuddles in his big strong arms, some possible gifts, a nice bath, or — his personal favorite — a long night of sex.
• There is no reason to be embarrassed if people have heard you sobbing from getting your bottom slapped. You will be stuffed with his huge cock, your cries are long forgotten as everyone hears Tengen please his significant other.
• Before you all come for me, Tengen looks at sex as a form of aftercare. Still, he can be sweet and draw you a nice bath where he will put your favorite bubbles and toys, bathe your delicate skin, and tell you how much you mean to him.
Tumblr media
• Sanemi is a rough dom. That is a given.
• A true sadist.
• He gets a high from punishing you.
• Whether that be in the bedroom, if you are being a brat, or just his natural state, Sanemi has it his way or the highway.
• If you decide to brat to him, good luck. Your ass will be beaten until you can’t even feel it. All of your toys or favorite items are confiscated. Oh, and don’t think you are cumming anytime soon.
• Sanemi is harsh like that.
• But underneath all of that rough exterior, Sanemi is a lover and he loves taking care of his lover.
• After he calms down, expect cuddles, sweet words of affirmations, and massages. He enjoys using his large, muscular hands so he will massage your body. Whether that be after punishment or after sex because we all know, he is rough during intercourse.
• All your limbs that he bent in weird angles, any marks he left on your body to claim his territory, and any scar will be covered in sweet kisses and gentle massages because if there is one thing Sanemi is good at is using his hands.
• Sanemi just loves pulling you apart just to piece you back together all over again.
Tumblr media
• Kyojuro is such a soft dom.
• But, sweets, don’t mistaken his kindness for weakness.
• You see, Kyojuro loves when you are in a little space. He thinks you are so sweet and cute, babbling about any and everything that comes to your mind.
• But if you try to brat to him, those beautiful eyes of his turn sinister. His speed, words, and actions turn frightening.
• It takes a lot to get Kyojuro worked up, but when you do, you have really tested his patience and you are now stuffed with his cock, edging you from sweet release onto his cock.
• “Where is all that attitude now, babe?” Kyojuro chuckled as you cry, begging for release on his length. All to get denied, a slap delivered to your ass. “Nonsense! You don’t need to cum. Silly little one.”
• Lucky for you, Kyojuro isn’t cruel. He will let you cum once you earned it. Then he will clean you up after he gets his fix, kissing your beautiful face before carrying you into the bath, bathing you. Then he gets you dressed in some comfortable clothes, brush your hair, and cuddles you to sleep.
All Rights Reserved — I don’t give anyone permission to repost, distribute, copy or re-use my works in any way. Especially not on other websites such as Tik Tok, Ao3, Wattpad, etc.
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rideorbed · 3 months ago
(pt 2) of gyutaro x f! Reader
Here is part 1
Warnings: mention of physical assault, soft sex, nsfw, he a lil too eager so no prep for reader, kinda long LOL
- tonight was like any night, Gyutaro thought, he had hoped to see you giddy and happy as usual
- but tonight when he saw you, you covered your head with a long scarf...and looking around, almost as if you were looking out for someone
- "are you okay, pretty girl?"
- you turn around with tears in your eyes, and a fresh red imprint upon your soft cheek
- he was instantly angry, but he had to ask what happened
- "a client wanted me to touch him...but I said no. And he screamed out of no where and when everyone came rushing in, he said I tried to seduce him!"
- "did he hurt you like that?"
- the tears in your eyes spill, "no" you sniffle, "mother (of the manor) punished me... After that I ran out of the house... "
- Gyutaro clenches his fist for a moment, only to soften them for you
- he reaches out to touch your red cheek
- his cold hand felt good on your face
- "do you remember what he was wearing?" He asked gently
- you didn't think of it much when you said the clients name and what he was wearing, you were so entranced by him touching you... Something he hadn't done by his own will until tonight
- the fall breeze made you shiver, no matter how covered up you were
- "you should go back inside," Gyutaro pulls your scarf more snuggly around your face, "you're going to get sick staying out like this"
- you didn't want to go, if only summer time was forever, then maybe Gyutaro and you would be like this every night. Listening to the people while hiding inside the alleyway, talking about nonsense
- you wipe your nose and nod, but you knew this was his way of showing that he cared about you
- you said your good byes, and just like that, he vanished into the night
- the next few weeks, it had became quiet in the manor, the mother of the house had suddenly vanished, and the reoccurring client hadn't stopped by ever since that incident
- but Gyutaro hadn't made an appearance either, until tonight
- you were up late, laying in your futon
- it was your first day off in a month, and you finally had a chance to sleep at night, but you just couldn't
- you wanted to see Gyutaro so badly
- the window violently slid open, letting the cold air into your room
- you get up from your futon angrily "when are they going to fix these damn windows??!!"
- you slam the window shut and put the wooden stick back into its place, hoping it wouldn't falter again
- "y'know that's going to make it even harder for me to get in"
- your breath left your lungs as you quickly turn around, just to see your precious Gyutaro looming in the corner of your room
- there he was. His pale grey skin being warmed ever so lightly from the red and orange hues of the lanterns outside.
- "where....where did you go?" You sounded so sad to his ears
- he rubbed the back of his neck, "I had some business to take care of, but I'm back. I wanted to see you" he let his green hair dangle in front of his face, to hide his 👀💋 embarrassment
- he didn't expect you to wear so little, just a simple single colored robe. He usually saw you all dolled up with hair done and a bit of blush on your lips and cheeks
- but seeing you in the privacy of your own room, your naturally beautiful features almost made you look... vulnerable
- yes, he wanted to see you. After seeing you...he had a sudden hunger for touching you
- you walk towards him, and touch his shoulder, melting him under your warm touch
- "I missed you, Gyutaro..." You say shyly, taking his hand into yours
- your other hand makes its way up to his face, and pulls his hair to the side, "is it okay if I kiss you?" You ask
- yes yES YESS finaLLY
- he nods and leans in a little too eager, but his lips meeting yours is the best thing to happen in his life time
- his lips were a little chapped, thankfully you put on a little bit extra lip balm before bed.
- the single kiss was short lived, as you two pulled back from one another
- both of you blushing !!!
- you didn't want the night to end... Neither did he. It was the first time you two had been alone privately. Not standing in the shadows between buildings
- "Gyutaro..." You finally say
- he gulps because he's so nervous, a pretty girl like you holding his hand, dressed not very modestly, let alone just kissed
- "should we...should we run away together?"
- the question stayed in the air for a moment, before he shook his head no
- "I can't..." gyutaro whispers, "I have to take care of my little sister" as much as he wanted, he couldn't
- "oh!" You wave your hand in the air, "of course, I'm sorry. That was irrational of me. I mean if we did, it would be hard to get funds, and a place to stay" you try to laugh it off, you couldn't compete with family, but damn :/// a gurl can wish
- and you haven't even talked about this before, you felt guilty just asking him out of no where
- Gyutaro gently graps your arm with his hand, and pulls you in closer
- his arms envelop you into a hug, his skin cold from the outside world, warming like soft wax
- you smell so good, he thought, the shampoo he had Daki give you matched you so well
- you were so soft, softer than he every imagined
-without knowing it, his hands traveled from your waist to just under your booty
- he wants to feel all of you, all over, see you all over, smell you all over
- taste you, all over
- your whimper snaps him out of his own trance, "Gyutaro," you whisper in his ear, making him gasp, "let's continue in the futon, okay?"
- he gulps when he realizes where his hands were on your body, but all he could do was nod, and have you lead him to your futon
- there, he laid in your futon, smell intoxicating him more than ever
- but then you climb on top of him, your hips wrapping around his, your robe opening every so widely to have him peek at your supple, tender thighs
- his cock twitched in his pants, and that's when he realized... You weren't wearing any undergarments
- the twitch of his member made your hole pulsate, fuck it felt so good to finally feel him, under you hard as a rock nonetheless
- "is this okay?" You adjust yourself slightly on his hips, making his dick twitch more, "am I too heavy?"
- Gyutaro eyelids hang low, almost drunk off the friction alone "not at all, pretty girl..." He rests his hands on your hips, slyly pulling your robe just a bit farther back so he can see your bare pussy on his clothed dick
- the sight almost took him tf out
- he did NOT expect a neatly kept hair patch on your pubic, let alone a growing wet spot underneath (from his precum or your's, he couldn't tell)
- "Gyutaro..." You moan
- he looked up at you, and he was thanking muzan-sama for chosing him to live this long
- you looked so ravishing under the lantern lights
- the sleeve of your robe fell over your shoulder as you slowly rutted against his hard member
- please, he begged, please don't let this ever end
- you lean over him and capture his lips, a deeper kiss this time. Sucking on his bottom lip hoping he got the hint that you want him, only him
- your hips continue to rut against his pants, as your tongue dances with his
- sooner or later your continuous movements pushed his pants down...and you were met with his tip at your soaking wet entrance
- he moans quietly at the direct contact, you were so fucking soft everywhere that it almost hurt him
- you release the kiss, and sit up, your full weight on his cock as you unfasten your robe tie
- "I don't - I don't think we'll need this for long" you giggle
- finally Gyutaro saw your breasts bare, and now you were completely naked on top of him. Your hole pulsating against his cock, ready to devour him for the taking
- how could someone so beautiful want someone like him?
- you remove yourself from his hips, and make yourself comfortable between his legs
- Gyutaro raises and eye brow, were we finished already?
- "I might not be good at this" you tuck your hair behind your ear, and slip your finger tips under the hem of his pants, making him gasp
- you pull them down far enough to let his cock free, seeing him like this, flustered under your touch, was so satisfying
- he was lengthy, the base of cock was thick and tapered slightly when reaching the purple-tinted tip. Veins were apparent all over his shaft
- you licked your lips as you grab him, pulling him closer and closer to your lips
- he lets his mouth gape open as his watches himself enter your soft mouth, your tongue swiping across his sensitive tip as you taste his essense
- he wriggles his hips, wanting more of your mouth, wanting to be deeper inside you, in one place or another
- you can only take him half way, to your dismay, but no matter, you will swallow him whole soon enough
- Gyutaro whimpers under your touch, it felt so good being in your warm mouth, though, he'd much rather your mouth be on his
- you lift your head, letting his cock go from your mouth "can I... Can I go further?" You say, practically begging
- wasn't really fair with your lust drunk eyes, and you fisting his cock with your slippery saliva
- Gyutaro, awkward as he is, only nodded
-you smile, climb your way up his body until your eyes met his
- he saw your pupils dilate, like a predator about to devour their prey
- Gyutaro sits up and puts his hand around your neck, tight enough to feel your pulse
-he presses his lips against yours and kisses you frantically, feeling you smile in the kiss
- "there's my pretty boy..." You moan in his mouth
- oh
- maybe...maybe he's into being praised... 👀
- Gyutaro felt his tip oozing with precum, and you were right there, so close
- he pulls back from the kiss and leans into your ear "pretty girl..." He whispers, "I need you, right now"
- he grabs your hips and lines himself to your entrance
- slowly, slowly, painfully, easing himself inside you, the ring of muscle resisting him momentarily
- you're holding your breath, you can feel his shape, his hot warmth, his love
-and Gyutaro is gripping your hips so tightly, almost as if he's afraid you'd flee if he let you go
- his hips finally meet yours, he is buried deep, deep inside you, stretching you so good that tears begin to peck at the ends of your lashes
- your shiny doe eyes only added to the fire inside him
- Gyutaro lifts you off his cock bit by bit, savoring the texture inside you, only to slam you back down into him
- you yelp! Much to your surprise
- he grins, exposing his sharp pointed teeth, "you like that?"
- you nod, closing your eyes shut as you wrap your arms around him for stability
-his teeth gently nibble at your neck as he continues this aching pace, slowly pulling out, then slamming back in
- Gyutaro is in complete bliss atm
- you moaning, gasping, whimpering into his ear, gripping onto him because he feels so good inside of you
- You reach your peek quicker than you expected, and you cum right when he slams into you
- your ring of muscle pulsates around him, and that was it for him too
- he pushes you down as far as you can go on his dick, and holds you there while you ride your orgasm out, and he burns your insides white hot
- both of you are heavily breathing, sticky feeling but oh so satisfied
- you loosen your grip around him, and pull away, meeting his green eyes no longer filled with lust
- "y/n" he says quietly, "will you stay here, with me?"
- you smile, again, pulling his hair away from his face, "I'd be with you forever, Gyutaro."
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scorpio745 · a year ago
Low cost cosplay Part 3!😂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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f4iry-fl3sh · 5 months ago
Dom!akaza pushing you face down as up
yw :]
content: nsfw under the cut, dom!akaza, degradation, small size kink, reader kinda being bratty, fem!reader (can be demon or human, up to u <3), doggy style, breath play (?), mix of soft dom!akaza
akaza always had a high respect for women, never faltering for even a second. he often got pissed at douma for speaking ill of them.
but today, his ‘nice’ side wasnt going to let your behavior slide. how dare you think it was okay to flirt with the lower rank train demon in front of him? with no care in the world? albeit, you did it to piss him off but he was your boyfriend for crying out loud.
and he hated how touchy enmu was being, yet you were excusing his actions? you were letting him rub all over your thigh carelessly? seems like someone forgot who she belongs to.
such a shame your stamina could never match the upper rank’s. after one orgasm you were already shaking, thighs quivering from how good yet painful it felt. “i’m so s-sorry-” you choked, removing your face from the pillow, only for his hand to grip your hair and shove you back down.
“i didn’t say that you could get up.” he said sternly, lips curling up into a smile once he saw you tremble from his tone. “you brought this onto you. flirting with that sad excuse of a lower rank. isn’t that spider kid stronger than him? ah, such a shame. but sluts like you couldnt pay attention to that.”
“please, f-forgive me, k-kaza.. it’s too much..” you rasped, still not accustomed to how big he really was. yellow eyes glared over your figure. too much to handle? aww, poor you. should’ve listened.
but a part of him could forgive. so, sighing under his breath, akaza slowly pulled out, deciding it was best to give you a break by allowing you to calm down from the high you got.
“i’m far from done, y/n-” he started, fangs on display as he gave you a mischievous smile, his tattooed hands trailing up your sensitive thighs.
“we still have all night.”
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