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You’re Mine.
{Tengen x Makio x Hina x Suma x Fem!Reader}
Warnings: poly relationship • fivesome • semi-public sex • possessive Tengen • wlw • explicit language • breeding kink
A/N: thank you for the request anon! I really took it and ran so I hope you enjoy!
Word count: 5.2k
Tumblr media
“It’s only a small list! With four of you it should be a breeze!” Tengen smiled fondly at you four, stretching his arms towards the sky. “I take it that means you won’t be accompanying us.” Hina laughed as he sighed dramatically, “five of us would be overkill for such a small list!”. He was beyond instant that this small list would be a breeze. It wasn’t until you got to the market that you realized how large the list was. “So that’s why he wanted all four of us to go.”
The list just kept unfolding until it was nearly at Suma’s feet. “WAAA! This is going to take all day!” Suma wailed, throwing the list in the air for you to catch. “Suma! We would have been screwed if we lost that!” A slap to the back had Suma running to you for cover. “It’s actually not that bad.” As your eyes scanned the items listed you realized it would be easy to group together and split amongst you.
“So we can break it down to four categories. Meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, herbs and spices. It looks like we are out of a ton of herbs so I can take that one since it's the longest.” Hina took the list from you to glance over and make her decision. “I’ll take meat and fish. You two can decide between fruits and baked goods.” Makio took the list next, “we know Suma will buy more than necessary with her sweet tooth. So I’ll take baked goods.” Another wail sounded from Suma “no fair!”
“You can tell Makio what you want from the baked goods. Or you can combine the last two categories and do them together.” You hoped Hina’s compromise would settle things, and luckily it did. With that you all split off, it was a market you frequented often so you knew exactly where to go. The herbs and spices were tucked away in its own little alley of the market. Tents and tables were set up filled with an array of different options.
“Good morning miss! Need help?” You smiled as a kind looking man waved you over. “I have quite the list.” You handed it over to the older man, laughing as he adjusted the glasses on his face to decipher Tengen’s handwriting. “It looks like I can help you with a few things. I have ginger, sansho pepper and mustard seed powder. There are a few merchants further down that have more medical herbs and western imports.” You thanked the man and handed him the money.
As you made your way through the market you spotted the tents he was referring to. “Good morning dear! How can I help you?” This tent was run by a sweet old woman. “I have a few herbs to pick up per my husband’s request.” You couldn’t help but laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows. “Not anything like that!” This time it was her turn to smile. “Must be nice having a young lover.” You waved your hand at her, laughing still. “I’m looking for turmeric and ginkgo. Oh and by any chance do you have tea tree or primrose oil? Oh and I’ll definitely take some of that wisteria.”
She began packing your order for you, making small talk as she wrapped each item with care. “Pardon me ma’am.” You looked up as a male voice appeared beside you. “Yes?” He seemed to be about your age and looking a little lost. “I just wanted to say you are absolutely breathtaking.” You certainly weren’t expecting that. Part of you hoped it would be a simple compliment but you knew what he would say next. “Oh! You’re too kind. Thank you.” You turned back to the woman as she handed you part of the wrapped goods.
“Here let me help.” You moved away with your items still in hand. “That won’t be necessary. Thank you though.” You hoped he would walk away, instead he persisted. “Would you by chance want to go get something to eat with me?” You held in your sigh, handing the woman her money after she handed you the rest of your order. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” You placed the items in your bag, hoping he’d walk away after. “Or we could just get drinks.” This time though, you let out that sigh.
“I already told you I’m not interested.” You thanked the woman and began walking to the next stand. Much to your dismay he began trailing behind you. “Not even to just chat?” You turned to look at him now, “I’m married.” You figured that would be the end of it. “He doesn’t have to know.” That made you freeze in your tracks. “Are you saying you want me to cheat on my husband?” Why couldn’t he get lost? “It’s not cheating if he never finds out.” Your mouth fell open at that, anger bubbling in your stomach at his ignorance. “I already told you I’m not interested.”
You began chatting with the next merchant, rattling off parts of your list and counting out the money needed for the order. “Here.” You froze as this mystery man handed over the money needed for your herbs. “What are you doing?” You felt your brow twitch as the persistent stranger paid for you. “Going about things a different way.” You thanked the merchant before heading off towards the entrance of the herb and spice tents. Part of you hoped he’d leave you alone once you found the others.
As you read over your part of the list you felt your shoulder sag as you realized there were still a few things left. “So you aren’t going to talk to me now?” You whirled around, anger making your jaw hurt as you stared at him. “I told you. I don’t have a single interest in you. Truly if you saw my husband you’d understand you stood no chance.” You began storming away this time, the only reason you didn’t mention your wives was because that may interest him more. As if your relationship was some sort of fetish.
“So where is this mystery husband then? He couldn’t have sent his wife to the market alone.” So he didn’t believe you now? You thought back on Tengen’s reassurance, he was probably still training at the moment. “He’s at home, training. He’s a shinobi after all.” This man would think you were absolutely insane. “A Shinobi?” You could hear laughter bubbling in his voice and it only fueled your anger. “Oi! Y/n! What’s taking so long?” Your heart soared when you heard Makio’s voice.
You turned around, looking past the man to see Hina, Suma and Makio walking towards you with their full bags. “It’s taking me so long because this asshole won’t leave me alone.” With their sudden appearance you gained a little more confidence. “Oh. Is that so?” Hina tilted her head, looking him over from head to toe while he stared at her in confusion. “Who the hell are you?”
“Her wife.” You held back a laugh as all three spoke in unison. He began laughing “oh this is good. Seriously!” He couldn’t believe it. “Well I told you I was married to a shinobi didn’t I?” His laughter died as he connected the dots. “You told him you were married and he kept trying? How pathetic.” Makio was seething, meanwhile Suma had snuck around to link arms with you. “He won’t leave me alone Makio.” You pouted, hugging Suma’s arm. “He even said it wouldn’t count as cheating if Tengen never found out.”
“Oh! That’s a good one!” Hina walked closer to him, “get lost.” Makio slowly pulled out a kunai, she’d never use it but it always scared others away. “Don’t ever let me see your face here, around y/n or any of us.” He got the hint, finally, and scurried away. “He was a persistent one. He didn’t even tell me his name. He didn’t even ask my name!” The realization made you begin laughing, “sorry y/n. We should have stuck together” Suma pulled you closer.
“How about we get the last few things and go tell Tengen what happened.” Hina read over your portion of the list as she spoke. “Sounds good to me. I’ve had enough of this market for today.”
Tumblr media
“And then he wouldn’t take no for an answer!” You took another bite of food, watching Tengen’s face struggle to stay calm. “Even after I told him I was married, he still persisted. Even said it didn’t count as cheating if you never found out.” You had even laughed about it on your way home, you four now found the whole thing rather comical. Tengen on the other hand looked as if he was seething. “Did he touch you?” Your hand stopped mid reach, “No. He didn’t touch me. You know he wouldn’t have walked away with his life if he did.”
Tengen still didn’t seem satisfied. “He didn’t touch any of you, correct?” His eyes shifted from you to Makio then Suma and lastly Hina. All of you shook your heads, food partially forgotten. “What did he look like?” You shook your head. “You aren’t going to track this guy down.” This time all eyes turned to you. “Is that a challenge, my dear?” Tengen was no one to mess with when he was angry. Since you had gotten over the whole ordeal, you didn’t realize how upsetting it could be for your husband to hear.
“No. I just think you’re getting a little too worked up.” You reached out to touch his hand, slightly worried he’d pull away. Instead he shifted his hand so he could hold yours. “I don’t like the fact that sleazy men think they have any right to talk to you.” He was genuinely fuming. You glanced over at Hina, hoping she’d help you figure out a way to calm him down. “Tengen…” you were surprised when Suma was the first to speak up. “Yes?” His voice had gotten calmer, but you could still feel the tension in his grip.
“How about after dinner we all go to the hot springs!” Suma definitely knew the way to his heart, the smile on his face said it all. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” You knew the whole situation was still bothering him, but a nice soak with four beautiful women was sure to ease his stress. “We’ll need a towel for each of us and then a towel to clean up with.” Makio choked on her water, looking up at him with wide eyes. “So it’s that kind of hot spring visit.” Tengen seemed more than pleased with where his night was heading. “Absolutely.”
Tumblr media
Night had fallen by the time you made it to the hot springs. They were only about a twenty minute walk from your shared estate. “I still can’t believe you won’t even describe this man to me.” Tengen had your hand locked with his, you found it kind of cute that he had suddenly become so protective. “He looked like everyone else! You see one guy that looks like him and you’ll kill the wrong man!” Suma began giggling at your dramatics, skipping along the path ahead of the four of you.
“I’ll be able to tell! He’ll sound like a sleazy bastard.” He was so certain his sense of heading would help him pinpoint the culprit. “Tengen, give it a rest already!” Makio began rubbing her temples, hoping the fake headache would get the man to stop. “I won’t! Just give me a damn description and I’ll shut it!” The hot springs finally came into view and you sighed with relief. “I’ll give you a description when we get in that water.” You tried to wiggle your hand out of his grasp, pulling on your kimono.
Suma on the other hand was already naked, throwing her kimono to the ground and stepping into the hot springs. “Show some restraint!” Makio threw a rock at her head, making the girl squeal and duck “so mean!” Hina rolled her eyes as she too began undressing. “You two act like little kids.” She was laughing as she spoke, dropping her kimono to the ground and sinking into the hot springs. “I need both my hands to undress, Tengen.” You smiled as he refused to let go, as if you’d get taken away if he let go.
“Tengen is being dramatic.” Makio had a smile on her face but you could tell she was hoping for his attention too. “He’s playing favorites.” He huffed at that, raising an eyebrow at you. “You know I love all of you. I’m just a little hurt okay!” You began laughing at his dramatics, using one hand to begin undressing since he still refused to let your other go. “Hurt over what?” Makio was submerged in the hot water now too, three pairs of eyes were watching you in curiosity.
“Okay okay maybe that wasn’t the right term.” He finally let go of your hand, allowing the both of you to undress and join the others in the hot spring. “Then what term did you mean?” Hina cuddled up beside you, watching Tengen relax into Makio’s arms. “I’m just a bit upset that I asked you four to go to the market and some time like that happened. I should have gone with you.” So it was regret that was weighing heavily on his shoulders. Makio sighed, slowly massaging his scalp. “Things like that are sadly bound to happen. No one was hurt. You don’t need to feel guilty.”
“Plus we got free stuff out of it!” Suma had just re-emerged from under the hot water. “How does that not hurt!” You could never understand why she always dunked her head under. “Wait, how did you get free stuff?” You glance at Hina who looked to be fighting off laughter. “Oh I didn’t tell you that?” Hina buried her face in your neck now, her laughter vibrating your shoulders. “No, clearly you didn’t.” There was an amused smile creeping up his face even though he didn’t know what was happening.
“He tried to win my affection by paying for some of the herbs. He chose my most expensive order too.” Tengen seemed rather pleased by your answer, “well if I ever meet him, I’ll have to pay him back. But for now…” he turned his body, moving to kiss Makio’s cheek. “We may as well really relax. That is a problem for another day.” You watched his hands emerge from the water and trail up Makio’s frame. She shivered as he reached her breasts. “You should really wear a towel if you're going to sit above the water.” You watched as his lips connected with hers, only looking away when Hina pulled your face towards her.
“Suma, come here.” She was looking you dead in the eyes as she spoke. Hina’s lips melted against yours as Suma appeared beside you, her breasts pressing into your back. Suma’s hands began roaming your body, her lips attaching to your neck as Hina coaxed your mouth open. “Gotta make our favorite girl feel better after a day like today.” Suma’s hands came up to cup your breasts as she whispered in your ear, Hina’s hands slid lower, rubbing your thighs under the water.
“How are we going to do this in the hot springs?” You pulled away from Hina, barely hearing her response as Suma pulled you towards her lips instead. “Who said we can’t scissor in the hot springs.” Your cheeks went red hot as Hina spread your thighs. “Plus, if it doesn’t work we can always just sit on the ledge and try again.” Suma pulled away from you, helping you lean backwards so Hina could angle herself on top. “We’ll have to make it quick, I think Tengen is a little pent up.” You glanced over to see he had Makio on her back, her body fully exposed above the water as he positioned himself at her entrance.
“Oh my.” Your laughter turned into a shaky moan as Hina slotted herself between your legs. Despite the heat of the water you were submerged in, you could still feel the heat radiating from her center. “Maybe it will work!” Suma’s hands began squeezing your breasts, tugging at your nipples softly so your back would arch. “You know…” Hina began rocking her hips slowly, “Tengen isn’t the only one who is mad over what that idiot did to you.” Her rhythm became steady, waves of pleasure course through you as you listen to her speak.
“It’s rather annoying that men think they stand a single chance.” You didn’t realize it, but it seems the incident was weighing heavily on all of them. There was a twitch in Hina’s brow that gave it away. “Yeah, it was kinda scary seeing him so close to you.” Suma sunk her teeth into the shell of your ear, holding your breasts even tighter. Hina’s rocking only seemed to become harsher, over the sloshing of water you could hear Makio’s moans. They were just out of sight for you, each time Hina’s body moved you only caught a small glimpse.
“It…it bothered you all that much?” You could already feel the build up starting. “Yes!” You all turned to look at Makio, a hand flying over her mouth as Tengen continued to rock into her. “Awfully quiet Tengen.” Suma rolled your nipples between her fingers, causing you to whine. “Because—ha— I’m saving it for y/n to hear nice and clear.” You whined at the thought, Hina’s hips began grinding in circles. “Shit…” your chest heaved, the stimulation and hot water suddenly becoming too much to handle.
“Oh! Close already? Are you getting off on the fact that we were worried about you?” You squeezed your eyes shut, the truth too embarrassing to face. “Shit.” You assumed Tengen must be close. Hina’s hips grinded down on you faster, she didn’t want you taken from her before she was done. “Suma…keep playing with her. Look how close she is.” There was a smile present on Hina’s face when your eyes opened again, Suma’s hands continued their toying while her lips moved to your neck.
“We’re lucky this is our own private hot spring.” Had you not been so close you would have laughed at Hina’s comment. You could only imagine how gross the water would be to an outsider. “Fuck…” your eyes watered as the slow build up became unbearable, your release teetering right on the edge. “Hina…Suma…please…” you felt loved being at their mercy. “I’m trying…ha…” Hina’s hips became erratic. Your hands shot out to hold her hips, pressing her cunt further against yours as the thread finally snapped.
You came with a loud cry, Hina following shortly after you. “No fair!” Suma whined as you both came down from your highs, “I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten to come yet!” You started to laugh as you caught your breath, Hina slowly sinking into the hot springs as you sat further up. “Makio and Hina can help you out, Suma. Y/n. Get your ass over her.” You felt a shiver run down your spine. Tengen was sitting with his arms resting on the edge of the hot springs, Makio was slowly making her way over to you three on shaky legs.
You switched places with Makio, smiling as she kissed your cheek when you passed. Tengen still looked pissed, the butterflies in your stomach still had you aching for more. You sat on his lap, hands coming up to cup his cheeks. “So sweet.” The anger in his expression melted into a warm smile, his arms moved to hold your waist. “I know you stood your ground. I have no worries of you ever leaving me. But the fact that people think they can just do as they please with you…” his grip grew tighter, the anger returning to his face.
“You’re mine. You are mine only. Or well, Hina’s, Suma’s Makio’s and Mine. Just as we are yours.”
You felt your lower lip tremble, his hands dipped lower under the water to cup your ass. “Perhaps I’ll have to leave some marks to let people know you are certainly taken.” He lifted you slightly causing you to fall forward. “Maybe I’ll get you pregnant.” It was just nothing more than a breathless whisper, so quiet you would have thought you imagined it. His lips melded to yours in a suffocating kiss, your body pressing tightly to his own. Your hips began to move without you thinking, grinding against his erection.
“I think I will.” Your lips were connected by a string of saliva now, his lidded eyes and blown out pupils making you gulp. “What do you think ladies?” Tengen looked over your shoulder, Makio was sitting with the water up to her chin while Hina was taking care of Suma’s needs with her tongue. “What’s that?” Makio looked absolutely exhausted. “I think I’ll y/n pregnant tonight. That way no moron will try something. It will be clear as day she is taken and committed.” You didn’t have the courage to turn around, mind spinning at the thought of actually carrying his child.
“I think she’d look so cute!” Suma’s response was a mix between a squeal and moan. Tengen studied Makio’s face, watching a blush slowly but surely rise up her face “do it.” You buried your face in his neck, the only one that hasn’t responded was Hina. “I’ll—ah—answer for Hina… she moaned…really loud when you mentioned that. So I’d say—ah— that was a yes.” Hina’s attack on Suma was unrelenting. “That settles it then. I’m getting you pregnant tonight Y/N.”
You squealed as your body left the hot water all together, your back met the cool stone surrounding the hot spring. “Are you okay with this?” There was concern on his face, his cheeks were red and for some reason he looked as innocent as a child looking down at you. “I am. You can get me pregnant if you want. It’s bound to happen eventually.” You felt a giddiness build in your chest. You and the others didn’t really do too much to prevent pregnancy. The most caution you had taken was trying to avoid sex around the timeframe where you’d be most likely to conceive.
It wasn’t an unwelcome idea, certainly Shinobi had large families. Tengen would be no exception to that. “Good.” He was hovering over you, almost entirely out of the hot springs himself. His lips descended on your neck, littering marks where Suma had missed.
“Tengen…” your hands buried in his hair, spreading your legs a little wider to allow him more room to get closer. “Yes?” He was kissing down your sternum now, one hand kept him balanced above you while the other began massaging your breast.
“Quicker.” You felt his laughter vibrate your chest, “desperate to feel me?” You closed your eyes again, too embarrassed to look at him. You jumped slightly when his voice appeared right next to your ear. “Use your words.” You whined, his cock pressing to your lower stomach as he waited for your response. “I-I am. I want to feel you…so bad.” You barely felt the cool night air on your skin. That was usually the worst part of leaving the hot springs.
“Is that so? Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.” You groaned, it seems no matter how many times he pulled this trick it never got old. “Tengen.” You shivered as his head spread your slick folds, brushing lightly over your clit. “C’mon. I’ll move quicker when you tell me what to do.” You tugged harshly on his hair, earning a groan in response. “Fuck me! Please. Fill me up.” You couldn’t take the embarrassment, you never quite understood why he loved hearing you talk like that. “Such a good girl.”
His lips pressed against yours, teeth sinking into your bottom lip so your mouth would open. Your back arched, as if it would somehow get him inside of you. “Okay okay.” He smiled as he pulled away, shifting his legs so he had better leverage. “Here you go.” He pressed the bulbous head to your entrance, you clenched involuntarily. A small chuckle left Tengen’s lips “Makio c’mere.” You heard water sloshing about until Makio appeared next to you. “I think our girl is a little too excited. Help her relax.”
Makio smiled down at you, laying on her stomach to stroke your cheek. “You’re so cute.” You could tell she was getting sleepy, Tengen really must have worn her out. You opened your mouth to speak but a loud moan came out instead. “Shit!” You wailed as Tengen bottomed out fully. “Fuck…I’ll make you feel so good.” His hips moved slowly, Makio’s hands began running up and down your torso, dipping lower to ghost along your clit before trailing all the way back up to your shoulder.
Tengen’s hips found a steady rhythm, hands coming to pull your knees over his shoulders. He was hoping the new leverage would keep your lower half from scraping across the ground. Makio’s light touches compared to Tengen’s heavy hits had your head spinning. He was hitting all the right spots, you swore at some points he was actually hitting your cervix. With each cry of his name, Makio would make you say hers as well. She would time each thrust with her fingers on your clit, slow but deliberate circles making your toes curl.
“You’ll look so cute carrying my baby. I bet men will look on with envy knowing you’re taken.” Makio chuckled as Tengen began thrusting even harder, some of his previous anger leaking back into him. Your breasts bounced in a mesmerizing rhythm, so much so that Makio needed to touch them. “You’re—ah—still mad?” You couldn’t believe he was still holding onto the matter as he fucked you. “Of course I am! No one should fucking dare to go near you let alone try and take you from me.” His grip on your ass tightened, a loud squeal leaving your lips as Makio took one of your nipples into her mouth.
“You’re mine.” His thrusts started to become a little sloppy. The blush rising on his chest gave away that he was close. “Makio—focus on her clit. I want her to suck all of this in.” You both blushed at the implication of his words, Makio’s fingers skillfully got to work. “He’s really determined, huh y/n.” She knew her words were falling on partially deaf ears. All you could focus on was Tengen’s face and places he was reaching inside of you. His brows were scrunched in anger and determination.
“Come on pretty girl, come.” You whined, the tension you felt threatening to snap at any second. Your hands grabbed both his wrists, holding on tightly as you felt the release you hoped for coming. “Oh wow.” Makio’s voice was right by your ear, her fingers became erratic. With a loud cry you came for the second time that night. Spots blurred your vision as Tengen’s thrusts remained relentless as he pushed you through your orgasm. A few more thrusts and he buried himself deep, spilling inside of you with a shameless moan.
“Don’t move.” You both began to relax a bit, but Tengen refused to move even after his soften cock slipped out of you. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk.” You felt a lazy giggle leave your lips but you were far too tired to really think past the position you were in. “Me either.” Makio was resting her head on your chest, the exhaustion finally catching up with her. “I think you overdid it, Tengen.” Hina and Suma’s heads appeared on either side of him.
If you didn’t feel so spacey at the moment you probably would have been embarrassed. Tengen was holding your ass in the air as if it were a piece of art he was showing off. Had you made any sort of comment he probably would start showing it off. “Maybe I did. But they are satisfied aren’t they?” You and Makio let out lazy groans in response. “I’ll carry y/n and Makio. You two just need to grab towels. Though I’d relax for a while, I don’t want to move her yet.”
“You really think you’ll get her pregnant on the first try?” Suma put a towel over you and then a second over Makio. “I sure do.” Tengen smiled down at your sleepy form, Makio was already snoring softly against your breasts. “Oi, Tengen.” Your voice sounded hoarse as you spoke. “Just get us home. If any slips out you can just fuck me again on our bed. At least I can sleep comfortably after that.” You liked the shocked look on his face, a light blush dusting his cheeks.
You weren’t normally that bold unless you were tired.
“Let’s get you two dressed.” Hina pulled Makio off you, drying her off the best she could. “This is going to take a while.” Suma began laughing as Hina struggled to get Makio’s arm into the sleeve of her kimono. “You can put me down, Tengen, this position is uncomfortable.” Your knees were no longer hooked over his shoulders, instead it was your ankles. “I’m on full display!” You whined as the man refused to move. “I’ll let you down when Hina is ready to help you get dressed.” Hina, on the other hand, was now attempting to get Makio’s other arm into the kimono.
“Why did you have to make this decision when we are in the middle of the woods?” You stared up at the starry sky above you, may as well enjoy the view while he has you stuck like this. “It’s flamboyant isn’t it?” He saw no issue with where he chose to try and make you a mother, how typical. “It would be if I wasn’t so cold. These rocks still hurt you know!” You looked back at his face when you heard him sigh. “I love you.” The sudden tenderness made your heart skip. “We all love you.” Hina and Suma looked over at you, smiling softly.
“I—I love all of you too. I’d love you even more if I could have some of my dignity back.” You glared at Tengen, his laughter booming through the trees surrounding the hot springs as he finally gave in and set your legs down. “Well, looks like it’s your lucky day.” You sat up, kissing Tengen’s chest before standing on shaky legs. “Looks like it’s all staying.” You laughed to yourself as you began getting dressed. After a few minutes you were all ready to head back. Much to your shock, Tengen was able to carry you and Makio back.
“Next time some idiot tries to take you from me, kill him.” You snorted, nuzzling your head into his shoulder. “You’re so dramatic.”
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ztoji · 4 months ago
# : i caught up with the kny anime and tengen has filled my mind so this is what he deserves!!!! @novaresque
tags : MDNI, f!reader, dom!tengen, voyeurism, maid!reader, size difference, breeding, praise, his wives is included so girls x girl, mention of/and tummy bulging, oral (m & f receiving)
Tumblr media
tears stream down your warm cheeks as gags continuously escape your full mouth.
tengen’s hand feels heavy on the back of your head as he helps you bob your head up and down on his thick cock. white tufts of hair tickle the tip of your nose as he helps you deep throat his whole cock, almost using you as a mere cocksleeve.
the way he’s holding onto your hair and moving you up and down as your spit and tears spreads across your face and his dick makes you feel like you are just there to pleasure him.
but his words of praise helps you keep your mindset at bay, because tengen is not gonna let you tumble down into subspace just for him to get his dick sucked.
“you make me, fuck, feel so good baby.” he’s not shy to keep his moans and groans quiet, not caring if your neighbors or other people hear what the two of you are doing.
you hollow your cheeks, laying your tongue flat against his cock as you bob your head up and down - still with his help. coming up to give his sensitive tip some licks before you start sucking it.
looking up at him you meet his hooded eyes, he’s clearly fighting the urge to throw his head back and just start bullying your throat with his cock.
“‘m gonna cum if you continue with that baby.” he moans, “so fucking good for me.”
“just my dirty slut to use, ain’t you?” to answer his question you just him around his dick, the vibrations affecting him as he starts stuttering out all kinds of stumbled words. all mixed together and barely making any sense.
you would’ve smirked smugly if your mouth wasn’t occupied at the moments, but you settle for mentally patting yourself on the shoulder for being able to get this big 6’6 man to crumble just from getting his dick sucked.
“i-i’m gonna give you so many, oh, orgasms for being su-.. such a good girl.”
Tumblr media
“fuck, you are so small i could do whatever i wanted to and you wouldn’t be able to do anything.” tengen moans, hands on your hips tightening as he can feel your cunt drip cum down his cock.
a cock that is almost too big for you, not even the whole thing is inside you and yet you feel so full that it’s on the brink of too much.
“p-please daddy! you-.. you’re too big!” your wails only gets him going, dick almost getting harder as your smaller hands wrap around his wrists. nails digging crescent moons into his skin.
he hums and presses a big hand on your tummy, pressing down when he can feel himself inside you and ignores your squeals. tengen is quick to slap away your hands that comes to wrap around his that is pressing on your stomach, the pressure being just enough to be pleasurable but also too much.
before you have time to react however, the world is spinning as he pulls you beneath him instead. your thighs come up to lock behind his lower back as he leans down towards you.
he presses a quick but passionate kiss on your lips before he smiles scornfully, “be good for daddy and i will fuck you like you deserve, little one.”
Tumblr media
it’s almost hard to breathe, at least comfortably, as tengen got your legs pressed against your bouncing tits. his big figure pressing you so snugly against the bed as he pumps his cock in and out of your filled cunt.
almost too full from all the rounds you have had so far this night with him, tummy almost bulging from how much he’s got to cum inside you. it almost felt like he’d never run out of cum, especially not with the way his balls seems to have gotten even bigger since you started to fuck.
“aren’t you such a good cumdump for me, hm?” he asks you, as if you have the energy or even breath saved to answer him. “a little cumslut just for me to breed, ain’t that right?”
he chuckles mockingly at how quick you are to nod a yes, face so close your noses are almost touching, but he seems to think it’s fun when you whine as though you want him to kiss you.
instead he presses a quick kiss to the corner of your mouth before straightening up, keeping a tight grip behind your knees. “i hope you are aware that i won’t stop until i have filled you enough.”
before you even get to think of an answer he’s thrusting his hips into your with a wet pap, cock reaching so deep in you that it strokes all your sweet spots just right and just misses your poor cervix.
if he continues like this there’s probably an guarantee his cum will start to just fill your womb instead of only your sensitive and swollen pussy.
Tumblr media
“look at my pretty girls!” tengen exclaims, a proud smirk on his face as he watches his three girls fuck you - their maid, laid open on the bed.
they all got their eyes on you since when you first came over to their house to just clean it. them all pretty busy with work and no one has the time to really clean the big house they are living in.
which made them come to the conclusion to hire a maid. it’s just that they didn’t expect her to be so pretty, dolled up in a maid dress and everything with a shy smile on her face.
the lower half of your face is covered in suma’s cum, three of your fingers thrusting deeply into hina’s cunt as she grinds back onto them and makio has her face buried in your messy cunt. your thighs painted in your cum and spit as they have each taken at least one turn in licking your cunt until you cum.
only one who hasn’t touched you yet tonight is tengen, though he seems to be okay with it as he looks rather comfortable in the chair at the end of the bed - watching and observing all the pretty sounds you make, and his wives.
one of his big hands is stroking at his big and thick cock over his underwear, the tip of his dick on the brink of escaping the tight underwear he’s still wearing. a wet patch visible in them from his oozing precum.
“one round each again, then it’s my turn. dear wives.”
he winks at you when you meet his eyes over suma’s thigh.
Tumblr media
a/n : hmm yeah i have to practice peepee sucking more. reblogs and comments are appreciated hihihi
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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mobpsychopass100 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Entertainment District Arc E:7 - Transformation
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muzanswaifu · 5 months ago
Give Me A Word
Tumblr media
Tengen x Fem!Chubby!Reader
Sfw Warnings: Reader is self-conscious, Depressive Thoughts, Body Art, Praise and compliments, Modern AU
Nsfw Warnings: Smut, Sexy Dress, Cunnilingus, Groping, Multiple Orgasms, Creampie, Body Worship
I totally loved this prompt and wanted to use it as a vent sesh for my own insecurities tbh 😂
I wanted to further delve into my body insecurities that I’ve had recently in my work and hopefully help anyone who is also dealing with those problems right now. It’s so important to have self-love, but sometimes, getting some lovin’ from someone else can be just as special. The body art scene was based off a body positivity seminar that I went to last semester 👀 and as the model came out I was like... I’m keeping this in mind for later for sexy purposes
Tengen Uzui says love your body!
Your paws kneaded at the plump flesh of your belly, pulling and pushing at it to expose your rib cage. You smiled weakly at your compact progress and bent down to pull up the rest of your slip.
It was the previous week during your shopping spree that your friends had found the thing, fawning over it and claiming it would look gorgeous on you. You were intrigued but hesitant, not liking the look of such skin-tight clothing on yourself when it exposed your every dip and curve. After they had noted that a certain man would love to see you all dolled up, you finally gave in just so they would shut up about it. Not because you actually wanted to know if he liked it. It was far more revealing than your usual get up, and he had always complained that you didn’t show off your “rocking tits” enough. ‘Such a pervert’ you chuckled.
You peeled the straps over your shoulders, taking one more moment of revise to fix your bosom so your breasts weren’t spilling over before looking in the mirror. You nearly gasped. It did look good. The slightly muted fuchsia hugged your curves quite nicely, and the slit up the side made a big show of your gorgeously thick thigh. Even the low neckline wasn’t too much and made your breasts pop out like melons. You looked like a fertility goddess in her prime, and the sight made you flush immediately.
But soon you really started to study yourself, eyes prying into the way your flesh pooled into the crevices. Was the fabric always so stretched? Or did you do that...? You bit your tongue when you saw the stretch marks exposed though the opening at your thigh and looked away before any tears could spill. Your lashes blinked away the heavy glaze, and you took purchase on the edge of the bed. It’s okay, it’s okay- practice the breathing exercises Uzui taught you when you panicked about your body image.
Breathe in. One. Two. Three. Breathe out. One. Two. Three.
You’re beautiful, you hear me? You’re my goddess.
Everything about you is perfect. My perfect flashy woman.
Y/N repeat that to me. Do it. Say ‘I’m a pretty girl’.
But he couldn’t actually mean all those things. He had to say them because he was your boyfriend. There was no way he could actually believe such lies when you were looking in the mirror right now at the body that years of toxic beliefs had taught you to hate. Soon, he would have to find you as horrible as you found yourself, surely.
A heavy sob was caught in your throat when the door burst open, revealing a sweaty, shirtless Tengen who bore a tight apron that hung off his rippling pectorals perfectly. But you didn’t have a moment to admire your gorgeous lover as you scrambled to cover yourself with the throw from your bed. “T-tengen!”
He smiled mischievously. “Aw babe, is that for me? You shouldn’t have. Or actually, yeah, you should - because I just got us food from Kanzaki’s!” he boomed proud of himself. You nervously laughed, and replied. “No, no, I was just... messing around, uhm - that sounds great! I’ll be down in a minute.” He eyed you curiously but turned away and went down the hall, throwing you one last glance over his shoulder before disappearing completely. You exhaled relieved and went to work pulling the thing off. So much for dressing up for him. 
At the table, you could hardly ate, picking at your food while Tengen ranted about his day at work and the gym.
“-n then I told him ‘dude, a rat could lift better than you’ leave the twenty-fivers for the beginners.” You shoveled some more rice around and acknowledged him with your eyes still glued to the plate. “Mhmm.”
He swallowed the meat in his mouth and set his utensils down. “Babe, is something wrong? I know my stories aren’t boring, so something must be bothering you.” You jerked up from your trance at this accusation to see his concerned eyes.
“O-of course not!” You cried. “I’m just a little tired.” He shook his head.
“Then you should eat! You’ve hardly touched your food and you were whining not thirty minutes ago about how hungry you were!” He pointed out. You cringed at looked down again, trying to find it in yourself to eat something. Hesitantly, you picked up a teaspoon of rice and forced it down your throat. Tengen smiled softly.
“So how was your day, then? I saw someone got a new outfit ~” he sang and you froze. “You gonna show me? I bet it’s hot.” You gulped thickly and wiped your sweaty palms on your lap.
“No, I uh... uh...” You stuttered. “I-It was stupid and uhm... I didn’t like it.” He continued looking on at you, and you felt his stare permeate in the air.
You admitted, “I’m just gonna return it tomorrow.”
“Why?” he suddenly asked. 
You eyes were still hung down and you shrugged your shoulders. “(Y/N).” He said and you shut your eyes tight hoping he’d drop it.
“Why didn’t you like it?”
Your teeth clenched as your tried to stop your voice from shaking and the dam of tears from spilling.
“It didn’t fit me well.”
“Elaborate on that.”
You snapped.
“It made me look disgusting Tengen! I’m...” You stopped yourself from continuing the sentence.
He rose from his chair, the wood scraping loudly across the floor. You couldn’t bare to look up at the glare that was no doubt simmering in his eyes.
“Come here.”
“I don’t-”
“I wasn’t asking.” He interrupted.
You swallowed you tears quickly and went over to the tall man, who tenderly took you into his arms and tilted your chin up to look at him.
“Have you been have having bad thoughts again?” He questioned softly. You sniffled and shook your head. “N-no... I’m just feeling a little...,” you can’t continue.
“Gross? Ugly? Disgusting?” He finished with an unreadable expression. More tears coated your eyes and you nodded. His large hand wrapped around the back of your nape almost too tightly.
“And those thought are bad, right? And wrong. So why are you having them?”
You dropped your head. “...I don’t know...”
He let you two stand there in silence for a moment, the only sound being your sniveling and his deep breathing.
“This is my fault.” Tengen said abruptly. You looked up from your moping and grabbed the front of his apron.
“W-what? No! No, this wasn’t you!” He hushed you and pulled you into his chest.
“It’s alright. I’m a humble man.” Humble wasn’t the word you’d use to describe him, but you could let that slide for now. “I’ll admit when I’ve done something wrong, and I have.”
The man pulled you off him by the shoulders and looked down at you with determined eyes and a serious mouth.
“I haven’t been praising you enough, baby. God know you deserve it. Now go upstairs and put that damn dress on. I’ll be there in a minute.”
Your mouth fell open in silence, and you slowly shook your head.
“But... I said I didn’t like it...”
He gently pushed you towards the stairs. “Relax, you won’t be wearing it for long.” You gulped.
You hands trembled when you slid the thing back onto your body, and your knee bounced as you sat on the bed in waiting. You didn’t really know why he sent you in here before him. Perhaps he was giving you some time to yourself to prepare. Sex was always amazing, but he looked so decided when he sent you off. You honestly didn’t feel like doing anything too crazy in bed right now, so you hoped he wouldn't bust out any toys.
He came in about five minutes later, with nothing in hand and the same clothes except his apron was gone. His expansive chest was a distracting sight to behold but you sheepishly moved your hand over you popped breasts. Tengen waved his hand.
“Nope, no covering,” he growled with knitted brows. You nervously brought them down and your mouth felt so very dry. “S-sorry.”
He grimaced. “Don’t apologize. You’re better than that.” After the reprimand, his face fell into its usual beaming expression. His hands explored your figure like he’d never seen a woman before, and he whistled.
“Mm-mm-mm, look at you! Now this is what I’m talking about - see these tits?!” He bunched them up in his palms and you whimpered shyly. “Goddamn... I didn’t think you could get any sexier babe, and here you are proving me wrong. Hmm... it could do without the bra though.” He reached behind your back and unclipped it, letting it bunch forward so he could slide it off your arms completely. God, if he wanted sex couldn’t he just get it over with? You didn’t want to go through this confidence boot camp shit.
He gave your breasts one final squeeze before letting his hands glide down the rest of your body. You felt uneasy that he was paying so much attention to the curves of your body, the faults in your flesh. No don’t touch my tummy there or my back there. You counted every time he brushed over a lump of fat that you hated. But you took comfort in knowing that there was no possible way he hate those parts of your body more than you.
“Fuck - you look so perfect. So flashy. My god, is that a fucking slit?” His fingers traced the opening on your thigh, and he nearly drooled. You turned away from his dark eyes and blushed. Your heart fluttered at such attentiveness, but your head still hurt from all the hate you gave toward your appearance. You weren’t usually so harsh on yourself, but you supposed today was just taxing.
A slap on your ass made you yelp, and his hand soothed the area.
“Ugh, hun, your not supposed to wear these kinds of panties with a dress! You know that...” He said lighthearted and laughed. “C’mere - lemme help you.” No words left your lips as he trailed his hand painfully slow up the skirt and hooked his thumbs around your underwear to tug it down off your ankles. Your face was burning up and you felt some wetness leak out of you.
“That’s much better,” he purred as he took a step back to admire you. But it was only for a moment because apparently it was impossible for the guy to keep his hands to himself. Damn this man. How could he be touching you so much but not enough?
“T-tengen...,” you whined when he rubbed over the part of your belly just above your mound, the part that felt so, so sensitive right now.
“Just a minute babe,” he hushed. “I’m not done admiring you.” He gave a little push to your chest and you carefully fell back onto your bed. The man looked so predatory standing over you like that, like he would devour you at any moment. His touch fell down to your quivering thighs and he kneaded them both tenderly while spreading them apart.
“Tengen...,” you mewled out again when he dropped to his knees. He dropped down to your feet, kissing his way up each calf and nipping the inside of your knee.
His gaze turned back up to you lazily. “You want me to worship you, baby? Want me to make you feel good?” You felt as if you were melting under his eyes, and suddenly your bones felt like jelly. In a daze, you nodded slowly and he shook his head. Not enough.
“You have to say it, (Y/n). You gotta mean it.” He reminded. You gulped thickly and managed to squeak out, “Yes, puh-please...” He smiled sweetly and cooed at you.
“There we go, sweetheart. M’ gonna make you feel real nice, so don’t you worry.” He kissed and licked his way up the inside of your thighs and you moaned, bringing a hand down to wrap in his silver locks. You trusted him completely.
Instead of bunching the fuchsia fabric up to your waist, he decided to keep it down, opting instead to duck his head under the thing. You bit you hand, worried about his suffocation, but he basked in the heat of your splendor and breathed in your beautiful scent. Sure, he’d just eaten, but this was the real meal. And he was fucking starving.
Tengen pressed his tongue up flat against your slit and licked slowly all the way up to your clit, and you jerked into his mouth. You felt him smirk against your sex before he gave another wet lick that made you keen. His tongue traced smooth circles around your bud before sucking it into his mouth, and he repeated the motion until your thighs clamped around his head. But instead of removing them, he wrapped his fibrous arms under you and helped you grind on his face. 
You were a moaning mess, trying to get him closer and away from you at the same time. Every time your dress would ride up, he would pull it back down over his head and trap himself in your heat. You were dripping all over his mouth and he loved it. He’d eat you for every single meal if you’d let him.
A growl vibrating into your sex sent you over, and you sobbed as you came on his face. His eyes rolled to the back of his head when you crushed him into your pussy, and he eagerly lapped up your sweetness. Gentle licks brought you down from your high, and your lover slowly set you back down onto the bed, panting.
He pulled out from under your dress with a gasp and wiped his sopping mouth, eyes hooded and sultry. He chuckled at how you looked even messier than he did.
“You know,” he gulped down the rest of your honey that lingered on his tongue, “I was originally gonna tear this thing off you. But after seeing how fucking amazing it looks, I think we should keep it, right?” You were too exhausted to even think about it, and just nodded to agree with him. He slapped your thigh like a reward for seeing his point of view.
“...But, unfortunately, we’ll have to put it away for now. It’ll get in the way of this next part,” he admitted as he dragged the straps down your arms and figure. Being naked in front of him simply wasn’t ever going to be something you were used to because he would always eye you like a piece of candy. He gingerly folded and set it on the dresser next to your bed and began peeling off his own clothing. Seeing him naked wasn’t something you’d get used to either. Thick muscle hung off every bone in his body, convincing you that he could probably kill a man with his bare hands. You’d actually seen him crush a watermelon with his thighs before, and it’s played on repeat in your mind ever since.
You saw him snatch something from his pocket before he tossed his pants and boxers off of him, and you craned your neck to see what it was.
A temporary tattoo pen?
Uzui saw you staring and snickered.
“Bet you’re wondering what this if for, huh?” 
“Uh, yah...” You still felt a little stupid from your climax.
He held his tongue between his teeth as he popped of the cap and threw it.
“It’s for a little game we’re gonna play.” He brought the black tip to your chest. “I’ll start us off.
The ink felt cold and wet on your skin as he wrote on you and you shivered. You tried to concentrate to figure out what he was writing, but it was pointless. He pulled away and smiled.
“There. Beautiful.” And there it was. The very word written on your flesh in nine bold letters. They would come off if you scrubbed, but for now they were here to stay.
He looked back to your eyes. “Now it’s your turn. Give me a word. Describe yourself.” You blinked confused, and he nodded at you, as if to say ‘go on’.
“Uhm,” you bit your lip and remember his words that you repeated to yourself to get through the day, “p-pretty?” He smiled with shining teeth.
“Good job!” He wrote it down across your collar this time. Pretty. “Now we’re talkin’! My turn - Sexy...” The top of your right breast. He wrapped your legs around waist as he jotted it down, his heavy cock bobbing above your cunt. You willed yourself not to hump against it. But you didn’t have to stop yourself for long because he took himself in hand and lined it up to your drooling entrance.
“Now it’s gonna get a lil’ harder. But you’re smart so you’ll manage. Oooo, now there’s a word! I’m going again if you don’t mind.” He inked it your shoulder. Smart.
“You ready?” He asked. You brought him closer with your legs and gave him an impatient, “Yes - hurry up!” You didn’t like him teasing you like this. Tengen leaned down to peck you on the lips, and plunged in his first few inches until his cock was met with slight resistance, to which he slowed. You walls stretched tight around him, your juices aiding the process. Every vein and curve of him felt so perfect inside you that it was a wonder you could go about you day without it. His teeth bared and he groaned as his pelvis finally met yours and gave you both a minute to adapt. You gripped him like a vice, and it took his breath away.
“A-alright,” he hissed through gritted teeth, “it’s your turn.” He readied the pen.
You whined and squeezed around him, drooling over how hot he was inside you. “H-h-hot,” you stuttered. He place it on your upper tummy and kissed you again. Hot.
“Good Job. Gorgeous.” He pulled back some and thrust back into you, and you gasped and squirmed. You followed suit.
“N-nice.” Thrust.
“Glamorous.” Thrust.
“Cute.” Thrust. 
“Stunning.” Thrust.
“Appealing.” Thrust.
Magnificent. Pleasing. Irresistible. Foxy. Tasty. Divine. Ravishing. Attractive. Perfect.
Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. 
It was continuous cycle of writing and thrusting that had you crying out in pleasure and emotion. He was literally fucking you full of praise and worship. You could hardly think anymore, with your only thought being your own excellence and the ecstacy of his pumping cock.
“C’mon baby,” he implored, “Just one more word, I’ll do the rest. I know you got it in you.” You wrestled with your mind for just one more, desperate for anything that would get him to allow you to come.”
You panted and forced out, “Flashy.”
He laughed and pulled you up to give you a steaming kiss, tongue doting on yours. Tengen’s digits pressed messy circles over your clit and you screamed out and milked his cock in finish. He whined and pushed through the tight force.
He resumed painting your body in complements while he tore orgasm after orgasm from you, slowing down every time he would get closer to his own end. Today was about you and you only, and he was going to make sure you knew that. He wanted you to be selfish for once.
Saliva pooled down the corners of your mouth and you whimpered every time the head of his cock slammed into your cervix. His thickness was relentlessly bullying every sweet spot you had, and you were started to get dizzy. You body was bouncing against the bed and forcing the headboard against the cracking wall, but you simply did not give a fuck. Why should you when you were being serviced like a god?
“Tengennnn,” you whined stupidly, “I-it’s too much...” You didn’t know if you could take it anymore. It felt like you were going insane with bliss and every nerve was sensitive to the touch. He pulled the pen away from your left arm where he had just written another word and stopped moving.
“No, baby, this is exactly what you deserve. Someone like you deserves to be tended to day and night, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do from now on.” He pulled out and swiftly flipped you onto your belly, only to push into you again. You wailed and grabbed at the sheets, thighs trembling for another impending orgasm. He resumed writing, on your back this time. Another blank canvas to revere you with. Seeing you cream around his cock so nicely only gave him that much more creativity about your magnificence. Your juices splashed everywhere, drenching your bodies, the bed, the floor. It was like you were an never-ending faucet, and he wanted to fucking bathe in it. 
“Fucking amazing! You’re a goddamn goddess, y’know that? My goddess.” You clenched around him and came again.
His balls were so fucking tight, it hurt. You’d come too many times to count already but he wasn’t about to do anything without your command. He slammed into your sweet pussy harder.
“Can I come, goddess? Can I fucking come?!” He could barely hold it much longer. Not when you felt impossible good wrapped so perfectly around him.
“Yesss!” You slurred fanatically. You wanted him to fill you up so bad. He managed a few more sloppy thrusts before hot come was shooting into your womb and painting your walls white. You both groaned from how amazing it felt. Tengen let his sweaty body fall onto your to press feather kisses to your nape and back, turning you head to press more to your flushed face. You were so tired that it felt like you were on the cusp of unconsciousness.
Uzui took a breathe and pulled you up into his arms, carrying your limp body to the bathroom, presumably to get you cleaned up. You both were complete wrecks. 
“Can you stand?” he asked when you’d entered the fresh room.
“Mm-mm,” you denied.
“Ah, that’s alright. You just have to look then.” Look? Look at what?
You peaked open your eyes, recognizing the mirror and gasping at your appearance. 
All over, front and back, was littered in those little words you passed off, most of them Tengen’s that he did while you were playing pillow princess. He ran his hand down you belly and over your thighs.
“Doesn’t that look nice, babe? Now every time time you look at yourself, you can see what you really are!” He declared excited and kissed your cheek.
You gawked and nearly laughed.
“Tengen! Your handwriting is terrible!”
But you appreciated the thought. You’d definitely needed this. 
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g1yuu-happy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Uzui x Female Reader
CW: Rough s3x, One Shot, and squirting
Uzui said 'I have a surprise to show you I think your gonna reeeally like it !' you thought it was food, a gift or maybe even a pet. Not his cock stuff inside of you. You moan into the pillows with tears of pleasure rolling down your face and hands gripping onto the sheets beneath you it felt so good too good. The way his cock would thrust in and out of you hitting your good spot just the right way. He loved the sound of his cock thrusting so deeply making a squelching wet sound. Your muffled moans were like music to his ears. "U-uzui ! " you cried in pleasure "fe-feels so good! ~" he gripped onto your hips more rougher, leaning down next to your ear his chest pressed against your back he said "yeah? Well why don't you make a big fucking mess for me then" he said in a aggressive tone. While still thrusting inside your cunt he leaned his right hand down and started to rubbed your clit in rough circles. You gripped the sheets even tighter "F-uck !" You screamed into the pillow you could feel a knot at the pit of your stomach form you knew what was about to happen. "U-uzui I think I'm gonna cum! Ah! ~" "oh yeah? Can you squirt for me my baby " he was going even rougher "y-yes!" Your legs started to shake and the knot grew tighter and tighter until. "U-UZUI !" You squirted all over the sheets beneath you and onto Uzuis cock and fingers a. "Good girl!" He said proudly while still thrusting in you, your legs were still shaking and your own cum was running down your thighs. Drool was sliding down and onto the pillow your head was laying down on "come one baby can't you cum again?" He said in a joke way. "T-too much~" with one last thrust into your pretty cum he came in you there was so much cum it spilled out and onto the bed sheets. He turned you over to face you and kissed you on the forehead. And said "You can do that for me again, right baby? " tonight was gonna be a long night and he was just getting started.
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renosakii · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
art creds: chocominto1990 insta | sa_mochi, uofang, DongGoureng2
★ Uzui Tengen ★
pinterest: reno
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mikamaek · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Saw this today on Twitter and it made me laugh so I had to share. Truth was spoken!  
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crossroadsandloudmusic · 4 months ago
Hey y’all, just finished this one up this evening I hope y’all enjoy. I wanted to try my hand at writing something a bit racier. let me know what y’all think, feel free to message or comment if y’all would like me to write something specific! Criticism welcome!!!!
warnings: Alcohol, sexual themes, nsfw themes.
First Uzui fic so please enjoy if y’all have suggestions let me know🙏
Tumblr media
“Tanjiro...while I’m out, keep an eye on those two will ya?” You said pointing at inosuke and zenitsu currently grappling each other on the floor. Tanjiro smiled and laughed. Being a hashira yourself you felt responsible for the younger slayers, therefore you had begun taking them under your wing. The meeting of the trio had been by complete accident, you had come to visit Shinobu at the butterfly estate when you saw the boys training in the yard. It made you happy to see the younger generation of slayers working so hard to improve their skills. After your first meeting you invited the three to live at your estate and train with you everyday, training had been rigorous but the boys always found ways to make it entertaining. All of them had huge personalities and talent that surpassed any others you had worked with before. Tanjiro had a difficult past, it seemed as sadness hung on to him but he was always cheerful, always willing to learn more. Not for him but for those around him, for nezuko, for zenitsu, for inosuke, for his family. Although he hid, shuddered, screamed, and trembled, Zenitsu was no coward. He protects others while wearing his heart on his sleeve. And Inosuke, the king of the mountain, when you had first met he immediately challenged you to which you gladly obliged. His skill and raw strength were impressive to say the least but you had many years of training and experience under your belt. This became apparent to Inosuke after you pinned him to the ground. He’s straight forward, and always on the move; you admired that. Nezuko was the one who surprised you the most. Never in your life had you seen a demon defend humans, you watched her intently and asked Tanjiro all the questions you could think of. You didn’t see her often, she was either resting or hiding but the times you did you spent your time observing and learning.
“Hey, (y/n), where exactly are you going?” Asked Zenitsu, pulling you out of your trance.
“Goin to visit an old friend, I’ll be back in a couple hours. If there is an emergency I’m only in the next village over...Besides I’m sure you boys can handle.” You smiled and wink at the boys.
“(Y/n), please don’t leave us alone! What if a demon comes on the property! Pleaseeeeeee don’t leaveee!” Wailed Zenitsu! On his knees he looked up at you with eyes full of tears. Trembling, he clutched your shirt.
“Pleaseeeeee (y/n)chan, don’t leave.” He sobbed.
“QUIT BEING A WIMP, WE DON'T NEED ANYONE TO PROTECT US!! ESPECIALLY NOT ME, I'M THE STRONGEST THERE IS!!!” Roared Inosuke as he held Zenitsu up by the collar of his shirt.
“That’s the spirit! Tanjiro!” Tanjiro turned to attention.
“Yes!” He said quickly.
“You and Nezuko are in charge.” You said as you headed out the door. Hearing immediate protests from Inosuke you laughed under your breath as you started the trek to the village.
You received the letter two weeks before, it had been dropped in your lap as you meditated one afternoon. Not expecting a letter you were excited to see what it contained. That evening you read it by candlelight, it had been from a friend, a fellow hashira. Several years before they made a promise to you, and now that they were nearby they intended to follow through. It made you laugh remembering all the times you had spent together because for sometime you both had been very close. But because of demon slayer responsibilities and life in general you both had grown apart and went separate ways. Which wasn’t meant to say you two didn’t talk, because you did when you got the chance. It was mostly at the end of hashira meetings and maybe sometimes in passing but you were both busy all the time so it became hard to have committed friendships. Regardless of the constant hustle and bustle of life tonight was about old times, for a little while you could reminisce on the past.
You looked at the letter again; you had brought it with you just in case you forgot the address. You looked at the izakayas sign, you had made it.
Walking inside you saw men sitting at long tables chatting amongst themselves, you searched the bar for a familiar face. Hastily, a small older man approached you and gestured for you to follow him. Walking closely behind, the old man took you down a winding hallway. At the end of the corridor hung two large crimson curtains. Intricate patterns laced the ends, a soft light emitting from the other side. The old man bowed deeply and pulled the left curtain to the side, you ducked your head and entered.
This inside was adorned with hanging jewels and sparkling lanterns. Elaborate murals of Japan's wilderness covered the walls, tatami mats made up the floors. In the middle of the room sat a mulberry table; a dragon carved into each leg. On the table were various bottles of sake and shochu, beautiful ivory cups sat beside them. The most welcoming sight was sitting behind the table, the sound pillar himself.
“Tengen, it has been some time since we last saw each other.” You bowed when you greeted him.
The large man stood and bowed as well.
“Indeed it has (L/n). It’s so refreshing to see that you are doing well, but I really wish you would have worn something else besides your uniform. It isn’t appealing, and in all honesty does nothing for feminine figure.”
Of course this would be the first thing he’d say. You scoffed and retorted
“Please forgive me for not wearing something a little more revealing, my lord”. You said sarcastically.
He laughed a bit and then you sat down together on either side of the table. He extended you a glass and filled it with drink. As he moved to pour his you spoke up,
“Am I to believe this meeting you have arranged is for old times sake or is there something else that needs to be addressed?” He didn’t answer right away, he waited until he finished pouring his drink; taking a deep sigh he set the bottle next to the others.
“I’ve come to collect my dues (L/n)san. Do you remember our bet we made several years ago?” He slyly looked up at you, a smirk curling at his lips.
You smiled back remembering that night in great detail. It was a celebration, you had officially been ranked as a hashira and attended your first meeting that day, as a result the others decided it would only be necessary to celebrate by a night of drinking. In a bar much like this one you all shared drinks to commemorate your achievement, soon though it had turned into a ruthless competition as to who could consume the most alcohol without tapping out. First was Mitsuri, next Obanai, only because he didn’t want Mistsuri to feel left out, after them it was Giyu, followed by Kyojuro, then Sanemi. Several didn’t participate so that left you and Uzui. It became a battle to the death, drink after drink, bottle after bottle, both of you were at your limit when Uzui added an extra element to the competition. Both of you were to stand and continue drinking until one fell or surrendered, the other would be crowned the winner. Both of you stood at either end of the bar, slamming bottles left and right, you were so impossibly intoxicated. Your vision was blurred, head spinning, you could hardly keep your balance. Ready to accept defeat you began to brace yourself until you inevitably hit the floor, but before you got ready a large crash shook the entire building. There on the ground was the sound pillar laying flat on his back, you had won. Your raised your arms in triumph but this threw off what little equilibrium you had left, you joined him and passed out on the floor of the bar.
Days after the celebration a headache waged war across your temples, and even the smell of alcohol made you violently ill. But to much of your surprise Uzui came to see you in person to congratulate you on your outstanding triumph against him, he then challenged you to a rematch. To which you replied you don’t think you’ll ever drink again, he laughed and said that the next time the two of you had time he demanded a rematch, but with a catch. If he won you’d have to marry him and if you won you'd be able to say you beat him twice. You said that hardly seems far at all, to which he outstretched his hand.
“Do we have a deal?” He wore the same devilish smirk now that he did then.
“ Deal.”
“Do you remember our terms? If I win you become my wife, and if you win...I’ll give you whatever it is you want. Anything. Just name your price.” You smiled at him.
“Anything I want?” You asked with a certain coy voice.
“Anything.” He replied bluntly.
“Fine. I want you to lose!” You exclaimed as you downed your first drink.
“One behind Uzui.” You voiced, as you shook your empty glass.
A frustrated look came across his face as he too finished his drink and began to pour two more. Two could play this game.
“I was thinking we should have our ceremony in the wisteria grove. I think it would be lovely, don’t you? You’ll have to wear a tight dress, I don’t want to leave anything up to imagination.” He winked as he once more finished his drink. His tracing your body.
“Perhaps something low cut.” His eyes fixed on your chest. He knew exactly what to say to get on your nerves.
“What makes you think I’d want to join your doll house anyways? Wouldn’t I be more inclined to marry three men?” You said. A look of confusion and jealousy spread across his face.
“In fact, I think I’ll marry three hashira.” Now his blood was boiling.
He thought for a minute, surely you couldn’t be serious. So he called your bluff,
“As if there are three hashira you are even attracted to.”
You sat for a minute, thinking of what you could say that could get him riled up the most, then it hit you.
“What about Rengokusan? He’s very bold and fiery. I’m sure he’d make a fine husband.” A flustered blush crept along his cheeks.
“And what about Sanemi, he’s dangerous and hot tempered, I love the aggressive type.” You smirked now watch Uzui’s face flush with anger.
“You were right, Tengen. This last one is hard, I can’t decide between Gyomie or Tomioka. Gyomie is so tall and strong, but Tomioka is silent and reserved. I just adore quiet men, it’s always so satisfying to get them to beg.” You now leaned across the table inches from Uzui. His blush became hotter and redder as the seconds went by. He couldn’t speak even if he wanted to.
“I like this side of you Tengen, you should be quiet more often.” You kissed the tip of his nose and retreated to your sitting position, and while he was still focused on your words and actions you grabbed both yours and his cups and drank both. He sat dumbfounded, you had used his own methods against him, this only made him more enchanted.
“Two behind Tengen.” You lazily spun your finger on the inside of your empty glass.
Regaining his composure he sat up and poured two more both of which he drank himself, then another two. The game was on. The two of you sat throwing back drink after drink just like you had done before, but instead of friendly competition, this time held an important wager. The more you drank the drunker you became, this only filled Uzui’s mind with filthy fantasies. The thought of you being all his to unravel set his libido ablaze, he had to have you now. Before, he had thought of you with him, joining him with his other wives, all of you begging him to please you. Just the mere thought of you pleading him to please you sent shockwaves throughout his body. He wanted nothing more than to hear your soft begs and praises as he satisfied your needs. He became hungry with desire so he washed it down with more and more liquor. You weren’t helping his situation much because the more you drank the flirtier you got.
“Uzui, you look so muscular, I bet you could pick me up as if I were weightless”.
“Uzui, your hands are so big, and you are so tall!”
With each comment the more he gloated and drank. Little did he know this had been your plan all along. You had intended to flirt with him just so he’d want you that much more, soon he’d drink himself into a stupor and you would take all the glory. But he was not going down fast enough, although his hair was a mess, he slurred his speech, and lazily draped himself across the cushions, you needed to turn it up a notch. He sat with his legs spread, his back leaned against cushions and the wall. His position was so inviting, he’d hope you would oblige and get closer to him.
As you finished another drink, you went to pour another, but this one too had also run dry.
Tengen had forgotten about the competition to some degree; he had also forgotten your craftiness as well. Tengen’s mind was filled with you, and how you’d like to be alongside him. Or underneath him. Opening a new bottle you pour four glasses, two for each of you.  This was all part of your devious plan; as he reached for his two you grabbed his hand and looked at him deeply in his eyes.
“Uzui, do you think I’d be a good wife?” You said in a soft almost begging tone. This stopped him, your hands were soft and your voice so tender his heart beat began to rise even more. Then an excited smile spread across his lips. In an instant he grabbed your wrist and pulled you over the table into his lap. His hands migrated to hips and he pulled you close. His face settled in the crook of your neck.
“Is that your way of admitting defeat (y/n)? Or are you just trying to rile me up?” His hands gripped your hips tighter and swayed them back and forth. You could feel his length growing as he moved you.
Perhaps this plan of yours has gotten a little out of hand. You had to think of something and think of it quickly or else you might find yourself in a situation that you can’t escape; Uzui Tengen’s grasp. His deep voice brought you out of your thoughts. His hand traveled to your chin and he turned you head to look at him.
“You still have not answered my question. Are you forfeiting?”
Surely he could feel your heart beating, it was practically jumping out of your chest. In an instant you grabbed your drinks and stood to face him.
“To beat me, you’ll have to win fair and square!” You finished both almost in two gulps.
Tengen thought that your fighting spirit reminded him of Kyojuro, it was cute. It was an even sweeter sight to watch you drink, liquid down the sides of your mouth, the way your throat moved as it guided your drink into your body. He wished you were swallowing something else.
Still standing, you stumbled back to the opposite end of the table.
“This ends now, Uzui. Same as last time. Last person standing after two more bottles win. No vomit, no breaks, no help to stand.” Uzui stood and took one of the jugs.
“You have played with me all evening, now you are going to lose, (y/n). Then I will take you as my wife and do with you as I please. Don’t worry there is endless pleasure to be had when you are mine.” He uncorked the jug and held it to his lips, he looked over to you to see you had a jug in your hand holding it to your lips.
Together you guzzled the bottles, drinking far more than your body could handle. Liquor was spilling down both of your chest, Tengen could not pry his eyes off that sight.
He finished the jug in record time, he set it down and watched you intently finish yours.
You took your last sip and set your jug down as well. Tengen had his arms crossed with a sly grin.
“Ready to give in yet? The night is still young and I could definitely make it worth your while.” He winked. He had figured out your plan and was now going to make you pay.
“I see the way you have been staring at me (y/n). That wasn’t for show, I know the way you want me.” He put his hands behind his head so you could get the full view of his powerful body.
You became flustered, it was true, you did want him. You had thought of him often, but Tengen was going to have it his way. You were far too proud to give up for a night of pleasure. You were faltering, struggling to stand now you swayed as your head spun. You almost dropped but you caught yourself, looking up at Uzui you couldn’t tell which one to focus on.
“(Y/n), you can have me. All of me. Just say the word and I’ll catch you.” He spoke in such an alluring manner, it was beckoning you into his arms.
“Tengen, you know I don’t like to share.” You stood up fully and crossed your arms. Although you were unsteady and everything seemed to be 5 seconds behind, you were confident because you were not the only one struggling.
Tengen too had become out of balance as he violently kept from falling. His vision now blurred worse than yours.
You spoke up again now seeing he too was losing his battle.
“Awwww what happened Tengen, I thought I was going to lose.” You teased.
Tengen upon hearing this stumbled forward to catch himself in one last vain attempt to prove his strength. As he did so, he tripped over the small table. Trying to get out of the way you too lost your balance and started to fall. The table, the bottles, the glasses all went flying as you and Uzui made way towards the ground. A winner would be decided by who hit the floor first. You both hit the floor with a loud crash, you had closed your eyes to brace for impact but your landing had been soft. You opened your eyes to see a smiling Tengen holding you close to his chest. He had caught you mid fall so as not to let you get crushed underneath him.
“Ha ha! I won, you hit the ground first! I won!” You cheered but Tengen only smiled and held you closer. This embrace was what he had been craving.
“You wouldn’t have won had it not been for me, remember? Had I let you fall you would have hit first. Don’t you think you owe me a little?” He smiled deliciously. You thought for a moment and yes you supposed that indeed he did help you, and that you should return the favor.
Quickly you throw either leg on either side of his massive frame. Straddling him you pushed him to lay back down, your hands sneaking their way to his neck. You lowered yourself till you were only inches apart.
“Will this suffice, Tengen?” You said before passionately kissing his lips. Tengen impressed by your boldness laid shocked his eyes wide open as you kissed him feverently.
You stopped and looked at him with eyes full of lust,
“Uzui, why aren’t you kissing me back? I thought this was what you wanted?” You whispered in his ear. Then you began to kiss his neck all the way back up to his lips. This time though, Uzui wrapped his thick arms around your waist and pulled you impossibly closer. His hand crept to the base of your skull and held your head down so he could attack your lips harshly. When he finally let you break free for air he said,
“What is it that you want? I told you I’d give you anything you desired if you won. Tell me what is it that you crave?” He huskily whispered as he pressed soft kisses into your neck, his hands roaming your body.
“Bragging rights are enough for me, baby.” You said; you broke the embrace and stood up.
Uzui sat flabbergasted as he watched you collect your things. But before you opened the curtain you turned around and said,
“Until we meet again, Tengen. Maybe next time I’ll let you” you winked at him as he stared in utter shock, ducking underneath the heavy curtain you headed towards the entrance. The bar is almost empty now, but a few stray customers still sat.
Walking out into the cool night air, you knew that in the next couple weeks you could expect a letter or maybe even a visit. But now you had to make the journey back home and see how badly the boys had behaved.
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Y/N: Tengen im sorry but I can't hide it anymore.
Y/N: I'm gay
Y/N: for your wifes
Tengen: I thought you were Japanese :v
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Unexpected Ch.3: Stay
Ch. 1 • Ch. 2 • Ch. 3
Warnings: super fluffy, a teeny bit of angst but like not really, smut of course, FXFXF threesome, squirting, fingering, oral, massages, MXFXF threesome, MXF sex, rough sex, semi public sex, belly bulge (I dead ass had to look this up to see wtf it looked like…I’m now permanently the 😀 emoji)
A/N: the third part of Unexpected!! I said I was going to get this out before march… but naturally my life decided to fall apart. But there is a grand total of 3 smut scenes in this chapter YALL…
Word count: just short of 9k
Tumblr media
“Y/N?” You set your pen down, tired eyes trailing up to see Shinobu standing in your doorway. “Do you need something, Lady Kocho?” You were so tired you forgot no one was around, there was no reason to address her as your supervisor. “You really are tired.” She began to laugh, entering the room to take the stool your patients usually sat on. “I am.” Your hands came up to rub your face, every bone was aching. The sun was slowly beginning to rise outside of your small office, your shift was nearly done.
“It was easier when you still lived here, huh.” Shinobu was still a little bit annoyed that Tengen managed to take you from her. “Traveling is the only part I don’t like. As much as I loved it here, I like my new home a little more.” You knew Shinobu wouldn’t take it the wrong way, even as she faked a pout. “Never mind this job tiring you out, you got four people at home putting you through the ringer too.” She winked at your flustered face. “Oh! They aren’t that bad…” you tugged the collar of your uniform up a little more, hoping it would hide the bruise Suma had left on your neck.
“You know you can always sleep here and travel home later in the day. You don’t need to go running the second the sun is up.” Shinobu was looking pretty tired herself. “I know, but I haven’t been home in nearly two days. If I get one more teary eyed crow from Tengen I think I’ll lose my mind.” You were giggling as you spoke, most messages included Suma’s tears on the paper. “My my, they are quite needy aren’t they? It must be nice having people love you that much.” Your eyes widened a bit at that, blinking a few times at Shinobu before a smile crept up your tired face. “Yeah…it is nice.”
“You can go now, get home to them. I’m sure they’re probably already up and waiting.”
“Are you sure?” You didn’t like leaving your position early, anything could happen between that very moment at the thirty minutes before your shift actually ended. “Aoi will be up with the girls to take over for me very soon. I don’t think we’ll have a crazy rush or corps members that need help.” Shinobu herself looked ready to crawl into bed, these last two days truly were as hectic as you felt they were. When you still seemed hesitant, she continued. “You’re his tsugoku now, y/n. By corps rule, that comes first. Aren’t you leaving for a mission very soon?”
You stilled, you nearly forgot about the mission. “We are still waiting for a report back from an informant. Once we get that, we leave immediately.” Shinobu hummed, getting up slowly to open the window near your desk. “If that’s the case, you really need to get home and sleep.” Early morning light began spilling into the room. “Look at that, if you leave now the sun will be up by the time you get home.” She was ushering you up and out of your chair. “Shinobu are you sure?” You were only a few steps from the door at this point. “Yes! Like I said, they are probably waiting for you at this point!”
You stumbled through the door and into the hall. “Alright! Alright I’ll go!” The exhaustion was making you giddy, “good luck, y/n!” Most would assume that was for the mission, you knew otherwise. Heat flooded your cheeks as you waved her off, making a beeline down the hall towards the stairs. “I hope one of them is awake, I’ll probably fall asleep on the front porch at this rate.” You hoped they’d be willing to crawl back under the covers for a bit, or at least until you fell asleep.
The walk between the butterfly estate and the Uzui estate was only a few miles. All together you made it home just as the sun was fully risen above the horizon, just like Shinobu said you would. “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” You could have collapsed then and there seeing Makio on the front porch, Hina was beside her. “You’re both up early!” You made your way through the gates, a warm cup of tea in both their hands. “Well, we were hoping to greet you when you made it home. Tengen and Suma are still fast asleep.” Hina scooted slightly, making enough space for you to sit between them.
“Y/N…you look exhausted.” Makio’s hand came to hold yours, worry filling her eyes. “I am. It’s been a crazy last two days at the estate’s infirmary. And now Tengen and I could be leaving for that mission soon…” you trailed off. You weren’t one for stress, and you didn’t like sharing that stress. But you couldn’t keep anything from them, they could read you like an open book. “Let’s get you to bed then! No point in sitting out here with us.” Hina was standing by the time she finished speaking. “I’d actually like to take a bath first…” you were being pulled up by Makio. “A bath it is.”
You weren’t sure how long you’d get to sleep, and a bath would be out of the question if you didn’t take it now. “I’ll heat up the water, Makio can give you a massage. I’m sure your muscles must be aching.” You missed the wink Hina shot Makio, resting heavily into her support as they led you into the estate. “Tengen and Suma will probably be asleep for another hour or two. Tengen has been staying up fairly late training and waiting for you to return. Plus with the mission he’s been sleeping as much as he can. Suma is…well she’s Suma. She’s always been a heavy sleeper and Tengen is a cuddle bug. So it works out very well for her.”
Your heart tugged a bit at the fact that Tengen had been staying up late despite training all day, eagerly waiting for your return. It was only two days, but that was the longest you’ve been apart from them since this all started. Shinobu found it a little excessive with the amount of crows you received with messages from them. “I missed that bed. It just isn't the same, sleeping alone is rather cold.” You thanked Makio softly as you entered the bathroom. Hina got to work while Makio helped you undress. “What’s this?” You were completely bare, Makio’s eyes fixated on your upper thigh. A bruise expanded across the plush skin, dark in the middle and yellow around the edges.
“It’s been a nightmare at the infirmary, the blood demon arts were causing a patient to seize. While trying to restrain their limbs, they managed to get a good kick at me.” Makio and Hina both looked frightened, it never dawned on them how dangerous it could be just being a nurse. It was also the first time they’d ever seen an injury on you. “Oh don’t look so scared! I’ve gotten far, far worse.” That didn’t seem to ease their nerves, but they returned to their tasks in order not to upset you. “Here we go, lavender oil.” Makio smiled as she poured a bit into her palms, rubbing them together.
She started with your shoulders, nimble fingers working out the tension. A breathy moan left your lips, you didn’t intend for it to sound as erotic as it did. The slight hesitation in Makio’s movements nearly made you giggle. “Tengen is a fairly heavy sleeper, but don’t be shocked if he appears in that doorway. He’s got a keen ear for anything sexual.” You felt a blush creep up your face, doing your best to keep any noises in. Makio’s hands moved to the middle of your back now. “You have a lot of tension.” Hina had left her post by the slowly heating bath, picking up the bottle of oil to assist Makio in massaging you.
You watched with bated breath as Hina dropped to her knees, glistening hands slowly massaging one of your calves. “Just relax, y/n. Hell you can even fall asleep if you Wanna.” Makio was at the middle of your back now. Every ache and pain faded under her skilled touch. You certainly would fall asleep if it wasn’t for the persistent pulse radiating from between your thighs. “As if…” you leaned into Makio’s touch as she reached the bottom of your back. A low guttural moan left you, she was working out the knots you didn’t even know you had down there.
This time you felt Hina’s fingers freeze, she was slowly making her way past your knee. “Y/n. Tengen is going to break through this door in two seconds if you don’t keep quiet.” There was a hint of laughter in Makio’s voice. “Sorry…you’re good at this.” You felt no shame, you knew what game they were up to by now…so what was the harm in playing back? Silence fell over the room again, Hina had stopped mid way up your thigh to switch to your other leg. You knew by now you were helplessly turned on, it was taking everything in you to not squeeze your thighs together.
“Don’t you think the bath is warm by now?” Makio was working her way up one of your arms. “I’m sure it is, but this is such a nice moment Makio.” You cooed, leaning into her touch. “Don’t you think my breasts would look nice covered in oil?” Maybe it was the lack of sleep talking, but you couldn’t suppress the fit of giggles that bubbled in your chest. “They…they would.” Hina seemed a bit hypnotized for a moment, eyes glued to your chest. You let out a gasp of surprise when Makio’s hands slid up your sides, coming around to grasp your breasts. “Would you like to test that theory out?”
She began massaging the tender flesh with oily hands. The shine transferred the more she worked, leaving Hina to stare in wonder as you submitted to Makio’s touch. After a moment Makio’s head appeared over your shoulder. “Well, would you look at that? They look even better than I imagined. Wouldn’t you agree, Hina?” Slick hands began parting your thighs, “oh, I agree.” She seemed to snap out of her daze. Your thighs fell open easily for her, you watched through lidded eyes as Hina took in your cunt. “You‘re already wet.” She used oil slick fingers to spread you open. “Of course I am, you two have been…” you swallowed thickly as Makio rolled your nipples between her fingertips.
“Y-you two have been playing with me…” you sounded like a whiny child, gasping as Hina slipped a finger inside of you. “Remember you two… we have to be quiet.” If this all worked out well, you’d have a quick stress reliever, a bath and be snuggled under warm sheets within an hour. One of Makio’s hands covered your mouth as you openly moaned. Hina had introduced a second finger into your slick heat, two days without them left you embarrassingly sensitive. “Y/n, what did I just say?”
You tried to relax yourself, deep even breathing was the only thing that allowed Makio’s hand to leave your mouth. All the while Hina’s fingers never slowed. You let your eyes flutter shut, Makio’s hands returned to their fondling. “Y-you know… I can use my hands too…” you had no way of reaching either of them though. “We can worry about that another time. For now this is all about you.” Hina’s mouth lowered to your cunt as she finished speaking. You held in a whiny moan as her tongue toyed with your clit. The sensation made tears prick your eyes, you didn’t dare touch yourself while at work even when you were in your own bed. The neglect was truly making you overly sensitive…how embarrassing.
“O-oh…” you wailed softly, hand coming up to cover your mouth. Makio’s front was pressing fully to your back as you leaned, whole body conflicted between relaxing and staying focused on Hina’s eager tongue. “Shh…” Makio cooed softly, bending down to kiss your head. “Just relax…let go…” you whimpered as she pinched your nipples again. The tension in your gut was growing tighter with each thrust of Hina’s fingers. “Come for her, y/n. Cream all over her fingers and mouth.” A gasp left you, not expecting Makio to become so bold with her words.
All the while, steam was filling the room. The bath was too hot at this point, but neither woman seemed to care when they had you quivering under their fingers. The added heat wasn’t helping your exhaustion, it felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket. “Look how relaxed you’re getting, y/n. Come for Hina. Make a mess of her.” You were starting to break a sweat, shivering despite the warmth. “G-gonna…” the tension was breathlessly tight, any second now and you’d be a mess.
“Gonna come? Then come, baby. Hina’s mouth is full of you right now, but she’d be saying the same thing if she could.” Makio’s voice was against your ear, only making the overwhelming pleasure all the more unbearable. Hina’s fingers were rubbing deliberate circles, fingers curling every few seconds. Her tongue was moving in perfect rhythm with her fingers, before you could even respond you were gasping for breath. Entire body tensing as your orgasm hit you so harshly you jolted forward. “There we go!” Makio praised you, hands pulling you back to her so Hina could continue.
Tears leaked down your cheeks now, if you weren’t tired before — you certainly were now. The same could be said about a bath, you really had no choice now… even if it was your idea to begin with. “H-Hina you can stop…” a slow drip sounded against the tile floor. Your body jerks with each suck as Hina didn’t relent. You felt the tension building up quicker than before, a different sensation accompanied it. “H-Hina…” you whined, hands coming down to grip the stool in an attempt to keep yourself grounded. “You’re not giving her a break?” Makio seemed genuinely confused, maybe even a little disappointed.
It seems she was hoping for some attention despite her earlier statement about this being all about you.
This time it felt like a sudden snap. No build up, no leaning one way or the other. This second orgasm came in record time, still riding off the shockwaves of your first. This time though, you felt liquid spray from between your legs. The sensation making your grip on the stool turns your knuckles white. “Hina!” You wailed, thighs trembling and clenching so tightly you were positive they’d cramp. She finally relented, leaving you feeling like a puddle of jelly. “Fuck.” Makio was using her body weight to keep you supported as you slumped into her. “Maybe I overdid it…” Hina was pulling off the clothes you accidentally soiled.
“You think? Help me get her to the bath.”
“Don’t you think the bath is too hot now…” you were thankful for Makio’s hands guiding you over. “Think of it as a hot spring.” Hina was getting in with you, since you had made her quite a mess as well. “Makio can clean up while we bathe.” Hina shot the other woman a wink, trying not to laugh as a vein bulged in her head. “That’s not fa—“ she trailed off when she saw your sleepy face relax into the bath. “That’s fine. Rest.”
You were completely oblivious to both women’s worried faces. There was something jarring to them seeing you so vulnerable, it was a different type of vulnerable. The bath itself was the perfect type of hot, it had your muscles relaxing even more than their massage did. Before you knew it, your eyes were shouting and you were falling into the warm embrace of sleep. “Well that didn’t take long…” Hina was cradling you to her chest, Makio was wiping up the mess you made on the tiles.
“Already asleep?” Your breathing was even, face perfectly relaxed. “Very much so.” Hina’s fingers combed through your hair, reaching for the small cup to begin filling it and dumping it to wet your locks. “She looked very…” Makio hesitated, you were tired and she knew that. But again, you looked positively exhausted. Plus the fact that you walked all the way home like that?
“I know…” Hina couldn’t say it either, her heart aching a bit. “Maybe it was a bad idea having her move in with us.” She made her way to the side of the tub, fingers gently reaching for you but deciding against it. “Not a bad idea…but certainly a selfish one on our part.” She hugged you a little tighter, relaxing into the bath more so you’d be more comfortable.
“Tengen asked her to be us tsugoku, she agreed. He asked her to move in, she agreed. She is still continuing to work for lady kocho on top of all of that.” Makio grabbed the stool as she spoke, setting it by the side of the tub so she could talk. “That is the life of a demon slayer. Always moving, never stopping. She knew what she was getting into. But maybe her work load would be just a little easier if she still lived at the butterfly estate.”
You’d only been living with them for about a month now. Hina could recall a handful of times you needed to drop everything due to an emergency at the estate. She knew — as far as you’d tell her — that none of the emergencies ended badly. Every patient was okay in the end, but she knew that wouldn’t always be the case. Would you be able to deal with a patient not making it because you were a few seconds too late on arrival?
“She looks so tired…Hina.” Makio’s hands were slowly massaging your scalp, working the soap in. “She does. This is the first time since she’s moved in that she’s been so busy at the estate that it was nearly two full days of no contact. According to Tengen, that is a fairly easy run compared to stories she’s told him. It can last even up to a week. It all depends on how many come in, what they were affected by, how injured they are. It’s also up to her and lady kocho to make remedies at the drop of a hat, even if they’ve never seen that sort of demon art before.”
She began pouring water over your head again, all the while you still slept peacefully. “We’ll probably have to wake Tengen to help us get out of the bath. We certainly won’t be able to do it in a way that won’t wake her up.” She cradled you as if you were a small child. “Isn’t it strange? We got so attached to her so quickly. It was meant to be, don’t you think?” Makio was wandering around the room to find some towels now, Hina began gently washing your body to the best of her ability.
“It’s fate if you ask me. I’ll go wake Tengen.” She left the towels on top of the stool, disappearing through the sliding doors. “I wish you’d open up just a little more…” you hummed unknowingly in your sleep, the sound making Hina tense slightly. “Sleep well, don’t listen to me ramble.” She hugged you just a little tighter as the doors opened again. “So she fell asleep in the tub.” Tengen walked in first followed by Makio, he was still rubbing sleep from his eyes.
“She was very tired, I told you this Tengen.” He laughed softly as he made his way over to Hina. “You two did a good job cleaning her up.” Makio had left out the other parts though she was certain Tengen could probably figure it out. He was shirtless, a pair of pants hanging loosely on his hips. The ones he specifically requested you take from the butterfly mansion because he liked how easy they were to take on and off. Two muscular arms sunk under the water, one residing on your upper back and the other under the curve of your knees. He picked you up slowly, water running off your body in rivets as he moved to cradle you to his chest.
“Towel?” To his amazement, you didn’t even fuss. You were still deeply asleep. Makio handed him one, loosely getting it around your body while taking another to wrap around your hair. “I’ll take her to bed, you two can relax.” Tengen left the room with you in his arms, eyes trailing over your sleeping face down to your wet body. “I miss you, my dear.” He pushed the door open slowly, Suma was still fast asleep. “Two heavy sleepers.” He chuckled softly to himself, sitting on the edge of the bed to try and dry you off before throwing you under the covers.
“Tengen?” Suma’s groggy voice met his ears, a quiet hum leaving him in response. “Is y/n home?” Her voice was quiet, barely there. “She is, sweetheart. She's right here but quiet now…she’s sleeping.” He turned, placing you between him and Suma. “She’s sleeping…” the black haired girl snuggled closer when she realized you were next to her. She hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. A soft hand followed by a soft arm trailed over your middle, she pulled herself tightly to you, settling back into a blissful sleep. “You’d sleep forever if you could, Suma.”
Tengen laid back down, turning so he was facing the two of you. Gentle fingers traced the slopes of your face, pushing damp hair away from it. He didn’t like seeing such dark circles under your eyes. He didn’t like that you seemed to be feeling weak. He had a sinking suspicion that you were overwhelmed, but you wouldn’t say a word. He silently prayed that the informant's crow wouldn’t arrive for at least another day. Soft kisses followed, all across your cheek, your forehead, your nose and temple. He was a mix between tired and awake, but couldn’t stand the idea of leaving you. He settled with the idea of sleep, his arm draping over Suma’s around your middle
When your eyes opened again, you were warm and dry. Eyes blinking sleep away slowly as you realized the sun was brightening the entire room. “You’re awake.” You jumped slightly, head turning to face Tengen. “You slept for only a few hours. It’s not even noon yet, go back to sleep.” He drew closer, flesh pressing against flesh as he cradled your cheek. “I’m not tired…” you didn’t seem to believe your own words, hand coming to rest where Tengen’s was against your cheek.
“Sure you are…” the dark circles had faded just a little, but they were still too prominent for his liking. “I missed you.” Your voice was soft, the slight rustle on the other side of you had you turning away. “It’s just Suma.” You relaxed, Tengen moved his arm so you could see her. “Mornin Y/n.” She had a sleepy grin on her face, eyes peeking open. “Good morning, Suma.” She seemed pleased by your response, snuggling closer. “Makio and Hina are still awake. I’m not sure what they are doing though.” Tengen pulled your attention back.
“Why don’t we have some fun, since you already had fun with Makio and Hina.” Your cheeks flooded with heat, so they had heard you? Suma was shifting upwards now, using her elbow for support to lean over you. “We did absolutely hear you, baby. We also heard Makio shushing you.” Your hands came up to cover your face, embarrassment turning into need as Tengen’s hand lowered down your stomach. “I know you already bathed and all that, but we probably have to leave before the day ends…may as well.”
He concluded as two fingers spread your lips apart, Suma’s hand snaking down to meet his. You sunk your teeth into the side of your cheek, Suma wasted no time rubbing quick circles on your clit. “So long as you are okay with it, you don’t have to do anything.” Suma lowered, toying with your entrance before moving back to your clit, fingers slightly wet. “Y-yeah…” you weren’t sure how to proceed further. “Then let us take care of you like Makio and Hina did.” Tengen pulled the covers off, exposing your naked form.
You hadn’t realized it until that point, but Suma had been naked ass well. Tengen still had a pair of pajama pants clinging to his waist, his arousal evident. “Just relax. Suma keep her open, yeah?” Suma smiled, getting impossibly closer to you. Her breasts pressed into your side, head next to yours as her fingers moved to keep your pussy spread wide. Tengen settled between your thighs, taking in every inch of you. Large hands pushed your thighs open, holding them in place with an iron grip.
“So pretty, baby. I bet you really missed us.” You whined as his mouth lowered, Tengen’s eyes remained trained on your face as his tongue darted out lick your clit. “I-I did…it was so…so lonely sleeping all alone.” You whimpered, Suma’s lips descended to your neck to make more bruises. “Oh I bet…” Suma admired the new bruise, lips pressing to your cheek before moving towards your breasts. “So lonely, but I didn’t even have time to touch myself.” You whined again, eyes meeting Tengen and quickly looking away.
He looked ravenous, the bed head certainly wasn’t helping the aching pulse he was satisfying. “Oh? You were that lonely?” Suma’s hand squeezed your breast as her mouth descended on the other. You didn’t know what to do with your hands, with Suma tending to your chest and Tengen tending to your cunt all you could do is writhe against the sheets. “Y-yeah…” your hands found purchase in the sheets, pulling them tightly as your pleasure grew stronger.
Suma’s tongue swirled slowly around your nipple, teeth grazing it slightly. Your head pushed back into the pillow, eyes squeezing shut as you were once again overwhelmed. Your orgasm earlier still had you feeling overly sensitive. You whined as Tengen massaged the flesh of your thighs, mouth suctioning to your clit. “Tengen…” Suma’s lips pulled away, saliva connecting her to you still. “Hmm?” He hummed against your cunt making you jump. “Why don’t you just fuck her already?”
Tengen’s eyes widened, lips pulling away from your dripping cunt to look at Suma. “You want me to fuck her? Why can’t I enjoy her taste first?” You forgot how similar the two of them were when they were alone together. “Because it’s no fun watching! I wanna see her get all sloppy and whiny. And you could be leaving any minute now!” Suma pouted as if she didn’t just say such dirty thoughts out loud. “Do you want that, y/n?” All attention turned back to you.
“I-I don’t care…” you were slightly annoyed that your pending release had fizzled away. “See Suma! You upset her.” He returned to your cunt without another word, tongue flicking over the sensitive bud before slowly introducing a finger. One of Tengen’s fingers was equivalent to two of Hina’s in your mind. You welcomed the initial discomfort before melting back into your lust filled haze. “Sorry…y/n forgive me.” She sealed her lips over yours before you could even respond. Of course you weren’t mad at her.
Your hands found a new place to reside, and that was in Suma’s hair. You kept her in place, teeth nipping at her bottom lip until she opened wide. You slipped your tongue past her lips, giggling as she tried to fight for dominance. Your advantage slipped through your fingers as Tengen pushed a second past your entrance. Your mouth fell slack, Suma easily dominating the kiss as Tengen didn’t slow.
You couldn’t tell what exactly Suma was doing but she seemed to become restless. After a moment you heard fabric rustle and Suma began to move back and forth at a steady pace. When she pulled away you realized she had stuck a pillow between her thighs. You chose not to say anything, a shaky moan left her lips before you pulled her back. Your orgasm snuck up on you, hands tugging Suma’s hair tight as you cried into her mouth.
“There we go, pretty girl.” Tengen cooed as his fingers were coated in your arousal. He was a bit annoyed you weren’t looking at him, he placed both fingers in his mouth but regardless and sucked them clean. “Hey!” He sat himself up, brow twitching at the fact that he was still being ignored. Your lips were still pressed to Suma’s, hands buried in her hair while her hips rocked into the pillow. Tengen was absolutely dumbfounded for a moment, he’d never been ignored for this long.
He resorted to the one thing he knew would surely grab your attention. He pumped himself a few times, spreading his precum around his shaft before sliding it between your folds. He did so a few times until he felt he was coated enough to slip inside. “Y/n? Suma? Really?” He sighed, you were both too lost in each other to notice him. He pushed in quickly, not wanting to hurt you but not able to deal with the lack of attention.
“T-Tengen!” You wailed as Suma pulled away completely, eyes wide as she looked to the source of your cry. “You were hogging her, Suma.” Tengen’s brows were furrowed, hips moving in and out of you slowly. “Tengen!” She whined as he stuck his tongue out, leaning down over you fully to finally meet your lips. You left Suma slowly, hands buried in Tengen’s hair instead. Suma watched with lidded eyes, hips grinding into the pillow below her. “So hot…” She was breathless, eyes watching Tengen’s hips thrust into you over and over.
All three of you froze. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Tengen’s face buried in your neck, a low groan leaving him. “C-can you come back in like…ten minutes?” You watched the crow flap around the room. “ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOUR PRESENCE IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!” It was your turn to groan. “We are in no position to receive this news! Come back in ten minutes!” You tried again. “NO!” It’s shrill cry had Suma reaching for a pillow to throw at it.
“Come back later you damn bird!” She wailed, hips moving again to chase her own high. “I MUST SHARE THE NEWS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!” Tengen’s head whipped upwards, weight shifting to one hand and grabbing the pillow from Suma’s grasp. “COME BACK IN TEN MINUTES!” The pillow nearly hit the crow, it squawked in anger before fluttering through the window again. “I'm never leaving that window open again.” With a new motivation, Tengen’s hips began pistoning into you.
“Stupid fucking bird, fuck this.” He was actually angry, your hands shifted from his hair to his shoulders. If you didn’t hold on tight enough you’d be thrusted away from him. “T-Tengen!” His head was brushing your cervix, your nails scraped his back as groans and grunts tumbled from his lips. “No fair!” Suma huffed, humping the pillow in time with Tengen’s thrusts into you. “I don’t get a turn…” she was breathless, sweat dripping down her forehead.
“W-we’ll treat you…all…when we get back…” how the hell were you supposed to leave for this mission when you were starting to lose feelings in your legs? “Y-you better…” Suma hunched forward, a whiny moan spilling from her lips as she came all over the pillow. Your walls clenched tightly around Tengen, orgasm ripping through you for a second time. “Ahh shit…” Tengen moaned, he’d never get used to how tightly you squeezed him. “T-this isn’t the release I wanted you know…”
He was seconds away from spilling into you. Anger fueled his release over the fact that he couldn’t properly cherish you in that moment. “It’s okay…t-there’s always another time…” your eyes shut, trying to breathe through the overstimulation until Tengen finally buried deep. “I’ll make it up to you…” his voice was strained as he pressed his mouth to your ear. Those words held a promise that had your heart picking up in pace.
“Are you sure you two can’t stay?” Makio had finished fixing your hair, Suma had just finished painting on Tengen’s eye makeup. “I wish we could.” You stood, walking over to grab your sheathed blade and attach it to your hip. “According to the crow. It’s a village up north, we now have confirmed activity of demonic presence.” Tengen stood, walking over to meet you and pick up his blades. “It seems to be a group of them but it’s unlikely to be upper moons. The informant seems to think there is a lower moon, but I don’t think it will be much for the two of us to handle.”
Makio’s hands fidgeted with her kimono, worried eyes glancing at Suma and Hina. “It won’t take us more than a few days. Less than a week for sure.” You could sense their tension, you had to wonder if they were always like this when Tengen left for missions. “That’s too long.” Suma had tears welling in her eyes, hands turning to fists as she tried to force them away. “Suma…” you still weren’t used to someone being so disheartened by your absence.
“We’ll be back before you know it. That goes for all three of you.” Tengen noticed the glimmer of tears in Makio and Hina’s eyes as well. Hina was the first to move, walking forward and pulling both of you into a hug. Makio and Suma appeared seconds later. You didn’t expect the ache you felt in your chest when you hugged them back just as tight. “Come back to us in one piece…please.” Hina’s words were hoarse, tears threatening to spill. “Of course we will. You know I’ll keep her safe.”
“And you know I’ll keep him safe.” You smiled up at Tengen, one he returned just as quickly. “Good luck.” Makio let go reluctantly, pulling a crying Suma away. “Seriously, we’ll be back before you know it.” You and Tengen made your way out of the estate and down its front steps. “We have quite a way to go. We probably won’t make it to our destination today.” You started off at a normal pace, you wouldn’t start covering real ground until you had a plan in place.
“We’ll travel until we can’t, though I’d rather find an inn for us to get a good night's sleep.” You slowly began realizing this was going to be your first time alone with Tengen since the night you first met him. “It’s better to be rested than arrive at our destination struggling to stay awake. Surely a Hashira and his tsugoku is going to raise suspicion.” Your legs were still a little shaky, desperately wanting to fall into Tengen’s arms. “That’s true, we’ll stop at an inn when we are nearly at our destination or when the moon is high in the sky. Whichever comes first.”
He took off after that, leaving you to pick up the pace and chase after him. You were used to training with him like this, his initial goal for you was to match his speed. Yet, your earlier realization was tugging at your thoughts more so than keeping up with him. This would be your first time alone with Tengen since the night everything initially happened. You hadn’t even shared his bed without one other woman in it. And it’s not like you minded, but there was something so nerve racking about sharing a bed with just him.
Those thoughts ran around your head the entirety of your run. Tengen being Tengen never once slowed, not until the sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains. “I think this is a good spot to take a break!” You practically collapsed, Tengen had barely broken a sweat. “You aren’t human.” You shouldered off your pack, rummaging through it for water. “You did well, y/n.” He was slowly sipping his own, a smile on his face as you guzzled down the cool liquid. “You think? I still have a long way to go, master.”
You held in a laugh, it wasn’t often you got to properly address him as your superior. Mostly because he didn’t see himself as anything other than your soon to be doting husband. You just liked to tease him with the nickname. “Don’t.” He tried to sound serious but a smile was tugging at his lips. “You know you like it, master.” He shook his head, thankful that he was already flushed from running. “I was going to give you ten minutes to relax. Just for that we are leaving now.” Tengen was gone within a blink.
“Oh come on!” Once again you scrambled to grab your things, running after the man at a speed just a little slower. He wasn’t kidding, the next time he even showed signs of stopping it wasn’t until the moon was high in the sky. “T-Tengen…please…” you were slowing, muscles screaming for a break as you made it into a village not far off from your destination. The white haired man slowed, turning to look at you. The dark circles returning to your face in a more prominent manner made his heart clench. “How could I be so careless…”
He was so caught up in treating this professionally that he nearly forgot about how exhausted you must be. “Let’s find a place to sleep.” He was holding onto your arm, head whipping around until he spotted a small building advertising vacancy. Within five minutes you were being carried up a flight of stairs. “I can still walk, you know. I’m just tired.” You giggled as Tengen refused to put you down, the stern look in his eyes making worry scratch at the back of your mind.
“Tengen?” He was unlocking the door with one hand, pushing it open and bringing you inside. “Tengen.” He set you on the bed, still not speaking. “You’re worrying me. Did I do something wrong?” You sat up, watching him lock the door. At the question his head turned, a more gentle look crossing over his face as he walked to you. “You did nothing wrong, my love.” You blinked at him, swallowing as he crouched down before you. “I’m the one that needs to be apologizing, I did something wrong, after all.” Larger hands engulfed your own, bringing them up so plush lips kissed your knuckles.
“I’m a bit lost.” You smiled at his kisses nonetheless. “I was careless, I should have given you more breaks.” His eyes met yours and your heart sunk. Did he think you couldn’t handle this? “Am I not doing well?” You tried to hide your hurt but Tengen saw straight through it. “You’re doing wonderful.” His tone felt like a father talking to a hurt child, you squeezed his hands back. “I don’t get it then.” He shook his head at the offended look in your eyes. “You’re tired, y/n. You’ve been tired for nearly three days and you haven’t had proper sleep. Then I went and got selfish twice. Both times just to satisfy myself.”
“To satisfy yourself?” You knew the first event in question was that morning, but the second? “I didn’t stop because I couldn’t get you out of my mind. This is our first time alone.” So he had been thinking the same thing as you. “Tengen…” your voice was soft, sure you were tired but it was hard to feel tired when he was looking at you like that. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I agree with Hina. I want you to leave the corps…maybe if I get you pregnant…you could at least take a little break.” You blinked, laughter bubbling up in you.
“Save that for another day…though I guess I wouldn’t mind you trying.” You knew he’d never force you to leave, but his choice method wasn’t all that bad. “Are you too tired…” his hands let go of your own, instead moving to hold your hips. “Never too tired for you…” you reached up, taking off his headband and dropping it to the side. His lips met yours in a soft kiss, knees hitting the ground to give himself better balance. You busied yourself with undoing the tie that kept his hair back, smiling into the kiss as his white locks hit your face.
You shivered as Tengen’s hands ran up your sides, slowly reaching to undo the buttons of your uniform. “I’ll be damned for doing this on a mission.” His forehead was still pressed to yours, saliva keeping you connected. “As if you care about things like that.” You kissed him again, hands burying in his hair as he popped open the last few buttons of your uniform top. “You’re right…” he began to laugh, pushing you further into the bed until you laid flat. “You already did this earlier…let me have a turn.”
He was hovering over you now, eyes trailing down your exposed torso. “Oh?” He smiled, rolling off of you and laying flat on his back. “Go ahead.” He had a dopey look on his face as you sat up, a lazy grin spreading across his handsome face. “You’re easy to persuade.” You undid the buttons of his top, smiling as toned muscles were revealed to you. “It feels like this is the very first time we met.” You giggled to yourself as you began undoing the belt of his pants. “Oh don’t remind me…” he was a bit ashamed to say he still thought of that first night. It was only a month or so ago but still.
“You were so charming, little did I know.” You laughed as he looked at you in surprise, hips lifting anyways to allow you room to pull them off. “What’s that supposed to mean!” You giggled, hand delicately pulling his undergarments off. “Oh nothing. You are a charmer, but you are also quite a perv.” He opened his mouth to say something but stopped when your hand wrapped around his shaft. “Don’t you remember? You were so cheeky with your comments. I was bandaging your ribs and you said…”
“Your touch is so light, it nearly tickles.” You smiled as he finished your sentence, for some reason you didn’t expect him to remember. Only a month had passed since that night but you felt like an eternity had instead. “Then you said you could go harder if I wanted.” He began to laugh, a breathy moan escaping with it as your hand passed over his tip. “T-that you did. You say I’m cheeky, have you heard yourself?” You smiled, leaning over his tip and sticking your tongue out. Saliva pooled and dripped down your tongue, landing on his tip. “You can’t deny that you came on to me first, Tengen.”
“I never said I was denying it.” He propped himself up slightly, watching you get yourself comfortable. You laid flat on your stomach, hand pumping his length with a steady rhythm. “Did you really happen to fall for me that night?” Your mouth hovering over his tip probably wasn’t the best time to have this conversation. “I really did. You took my breath away, I told you this.” His hand reached down, stroking your cheek. That was all you needed to hear, lowering your head to take his head into your mouth.
You never doubted his love for you, but you did enjoy hearing him say you took his breath away. You swirl your tongue slowly around the tip, cheeks hollowing to squeeze around him. “You just wanted me to p-praise you huh?” His chest was heaving, your tongue remained around his tip and moved no further. You hummed in agreement, sending vibrations straight through him. Similar to the way he had earlier.
“S-shit.” His head fell back against the mattress, eyes shutting as he tried to cherish the feeling of your mouth. You lowered a bit, taking more of his length and swallowing. You knew just how he liked it, so as saliva slipped down his shaft you wrapped your hand around it. Low moans left his lips as you pumped slowly, fist meeting your lips each time before sliding back down. You continued this motion for a minute or two, relishing in Tengen’s breathy sighs.
“C-close…” he choked out, hand turning to fist the sheets. You didn’t slow, instead using your other hand to fondle his balls, surporessing a giggle as his back nearly arched. You sunk lower than you had the whole time, swallowing as his release hit the back of your throat. You couldn’t get enough of the noises he made, the sheets nearly ripping under his grasp. For such a large man, it was satisfying to see him crumble under your fingertips.
“How was that?” Your mouth made a popping sound as you pulled off him, shifting your weight into your knees to look at him better. “Amazing as always…c’mere.” He opened his arms wide, allowing you to crawl on top. “You should strip for me.” He chuckled as his hands played with the hem of your uniform skirt. “Yeah? You want a lap dance with it?” You were only half serious but Tengen seemed to love the idea. “If you insist.”
You rolled your eyes but got off of him nonetheless. “The things I do for you.” You slowly slid off your top, letting it drop to the ground before raising your arms all the way up to stretch. Tengen smiled, reaching forward to tug your skirt down. “I thought I was giving you a show?” You let him tug it down anyways, the material slipping off and pooling at your feet. “Bend over.” You smacked your lips at his request, “no way.” He pouted, watching you slip your underwear off with a sparkle in his eyes. “Not before taking these off at least.”
You hid your face, cheeks heating as you bent over and fully exposed yourself to him. It was meant to be a bold action but instead you were doing everything you could to force your cheeks not to be hot. “Oh…” Tengen was frozen, waiting to see what you’d do next. “Oh don’t act so shocked.” You straightened, walking so you stood between his spread knees. “I don’t remember you doing that the night we first…” you cut him off by placing his hands on the knot that kept your breast binding together.
“But I did do this…” you smiled as he tugged the knot loose, the material falling away from your body. “Are we just trying to recreate that night?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, looking down at him as his head rested on your breasts. “I don’t mind…but I’d also like to try something new. If you remember correctly…” his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you tight. “I took you while you laid on your back. I’d like to try something different. It’s something I don’t think we’ve tried yet.” It was hard to imagine not trying something when Tengen always had a high sex drive and four women to please.
“Oh? What’s that?” You lowered, putting your knees on either side of his hips and trusting him to support the rest of your weight with his knees. “I’d like to see you on top, just like this.” You tilted your head, eyes lowering to look at his still hard cock between the two of you. “Don’t I deserve some foreplay?” Tengen seemed absolutely shocked by that realization. “You certainly do.” His hands moved from your waist to your ass, pulling your lower half flush against him.
“You’re wet already…” he pulled you into a kiss as you tried grinding against his cock. “I know…” you smiled into the kiss as your lips met again, your grip tightening as pleasure ebbed its way through your body. Tengen leaned back, giving you more room to move. You whined as his length brushed your clit every few slides, “More…” you were already frustrated. “That’s what I thought. Your teasing backfired.” His hand slipped down, grabbing the base of his dick for you.
“Oh shut it.” You leaned forward, head lowering down to watch where your hand met his. You positioned him at your entrance, lowering your hips slowly until his tip pushed through. “Shit…” you lowered more, welcoming the burning stretch until your cunt was flush to his pubic bone. Neither of you spoke, your thighs were already trembling in effort to keep yourself up right. Tengen’s hand reached for yours, fingers intertwining as your other hand was planted firmly on his chest.
“Can you…handle it?” He was one to talk, he was already breaking a sweat. “I-I think so…” this new position was a lot more strenuous than you had been anticipating. “Think of it as…a work out.” His free hand was gripping your thigh so tightly you were positive it would leave bruises. “Y-yeah that’s it…” you lifted yourself slowly, sinking back down at a similarly slow pace. “Take your time…” he was partially terrified that this new position would hurt you. You said nothing, brows furrowed in determination as you tried to find a quicker rhythm.
You didn’t have the strength to lift your head, instead focusing on where Tengen’s cock continued to disappear in and out of you. “Damnit…” you whined softly, sweat dripping down your temple as your pleasure grew. But at the rate you were going you knew you’d never reach your peak. “D-do you want to switch?” Tengen’s voice was strained, your velvety walls were clenching around him so tightly. “N-not yet…” you wanted to at least make it a few minutes in this position.
You sat yourself up, a shocked gasp leaving you as Tengen hit a new spot. Your eyes traveled downwards, a slight bulge resided above your pubic bone around your abdomen. “Woah…” that certainly had never happened before. Tengen’s face looked just as surprised as your own. “Is that…okay?” You leaned forward again, Tengen’s hand pulling you back. “I’m not…sure. It felt interesting though…” you settled in a position that was sitting straight up but not leaning back. “Let’s…look into that more when we aren’t expected to be somewhere…”
You nodded, hips lifting and dropping in a steady rhythm once again. You could tell Tengen was close by the way his dick was twitching, your walls were suctioning so tightly to him it was impossible not to feel. “S-sorry baby…” you looked down at him in surprise, not entirely sure what he was planning. After a second his legs lifted, feet resting on the edge of the bed has his knees folded. The sudden motion sent you falling forward into Tengen’s chest. “T-Tengen!” You gasped as his hands gripped your ass, “You’ll appreciate this…promise.”
The new leverage had Tengen’s hips pounding into you at nearly triple the speed you had. “T-Tengen!” You wailed again, face burying into his chest as he bruised your cervix with each thrust. Whimpers and moans left your lips with no regard for your volume. Each thrust caused your pleasure to build, one hand shakily reaching down to try and toy with your clit to bring you over the edge. “Shit…shit…” Tengen’s head was thrown back completely, the bed creaking to the point you thought it may break.
Your eyes watered as your orgasm ripped through you, a guttural moan leaving you as you spilled over Tengen’s abdomen. “Fuck…” your walls clenched and spasmed so tightly he found it hard to move for a second. “I-is inside okay?” He was doing everything he could to hold off until you answered. “Yes~” your words were slurred, eyes drooping as he thrusted a few more times until spilling into you. You weren’t sure how long you spaced out, but when you came back to reality Tengen was slowly pulling out of you.
“I think we’re going to get kicked out.” He moved you slowly to your side, arms wrapping around you to keep you close. “Oh…I…shit…I forgot we were at an inn.” Your cheeks were burning hot as you realized your neighbors probably hated the two of you right now. “I’m sure we’ll get some awkward glances tomorrow morning…” you nodded, cheek pressed into his chest as his heart beat evened out. “Get some sleep. I’ll clean you up and get us nice and comfy. We have a long few days ahead of us.”
That brought you back to reality even more, a whine leaving you. “You forgot just about everything.” There was a teasing tone to his voice, your hair was being twirled around his fingers. “I sure did.” Your words were still coming out muffled, sleep slowly tugging at your mind. “That’s a sign that you need sleep. Now close those pretty eyes.” You began to laugh, hand lightly slapping his chest. “Stop being cheesy.” Your eyes were closing fully, body relaxing into Tengen’s embrace.
“Like you’d have me any other way…”
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simpliheavenli · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
-Rises the moon
Tumblr media
Uzui + Suma + Hinatsuru + Makio x Fem!reader CW: Smut, oral (m & f), fingering, very self serving lmao-, 5some.
A/N: this was supposed to happen in the drafts and stay in the drafts, but I really wanted to post it.
Tagging: @misss-chrisss @pervysenpaix @dejwrites @angwritez
Tumblr media
Your breathing was beginning to sting in your throat. Your legs were burning and your heart was ready to jump out of your chest and run a mile. Your chest heaves while you make your way to a source of light you saw. Your eyes are much better than the average persons, but the downside is that it causes a strain on your eyes. But you could deal with the after effects after you get this demon off your tail. You were skilled and well aware of that, but it seems that got to your head. You were taking on your first mission as an Apprentice. And of course you were under the impression it was going to be easy and just another stepping stool to your success. How wrong you were...
You were so, so, so- close! But you could hear the growling close behind you. And worried tears begin to form in your eyes. You regret so much, there is no way you could die now! Ignore the pain, ignore it, ignore it, all you have to do is make it to the house. Your tears begin to cloud your vision and your ragged breathes begin to tear into fearful sobs.
"GONNA HAVE TO RUN FASTER THAN THAT, SLAYER~!" exclaims the quickly gaining demon. This demon was not supposed to be any different from the others, why was it so fast? Why was it so set on you for gods sake? You trip over a rock and stumble before continuing your retreat. The light was getting closer and you felt the rock of worry in your stomach begin to fade when you see figures moving in the house. You scream trying to alert them "H-HELP!" you scream out of breath but they probably didn't hear it, hell you were probably done for.
"It's no use Slayer~ You should just sit down, relax and enjoy the final moments of your life!" the demon sing songs from behind you, still in heavy pursuit. You break back into sob, fearing you wont make in time. Your feet have carried you to a dirt path leading towards the estate. You try to turn around and face the demon, knowing that possibly you could just trust yourself in the hands of these strangers if you were to get injured.
He jumps for your throat and you swing your sword, effectively slicing it's forearms. Your knees were threatening to buckle, and your ankles were about to give out. You hear a whistle and a sound of gleaming metal, before a thump. You knew it was the end of your life threatening situation when it's head rolled to your feet, fading away already. You look up to your savoir but the strain on your eyes was far too much, your vision was riddled with pain. And your body finally shuts down.
Tumblr media
You awake in a room surrounded by people you don't know at all. Bright blue eyes stare at you with concern and they light up when they see that you are regaining consciousness. "Oh thank goodness!" she exclaims before calling out for the others to come see. And before long people flood around you. "Are you okay? That was one nasty demon." A woman with blonde and brown hair inquires. "She is probably really confused, we should uh- introduce ourselves. I am Suma!" remarks the bright blue eyes girl. You try to push your weight onto your elbows but soon wince from the pain. "I'm sorry, we couldn't tend to your injuries- you were asleep and we didn't want too-" "Take your clothes off while you were asleep." Suma interrupts the girl with the ponytail and you nod. You stare up at all of them, slightly intimidated by the small crowd. It really kind of made you feel pathetic and very much overwhelmed.
"Here, why don't you wash up and then we can talk in the morning? I am Hinatsuru by the way." she hands you a bunch of clothes with a warm motherly smile and the blonde-brunette takes your hand. "I am Makio, come with me I will show you the way." she was blunt but her hands were warm and somewhat rough. They were comforting and you fought the urge to cup them to your cheeks. "Here we are there are bandages already in the bathroom." you want to thank them a thousand on your knees. "Thank you very much" you bow and hurry into the bathroom. Embarrassed and ego stricken that you needed the help of strangers to kill one demon. You were overwhelmed, dirty and tired.
Tumblr media
The water had been filled and you sink into the water and blow bubbles into the once clear liquid now slightly stained with blood and dirt from your fight. You scrub at your arms and legs slightly frowning at the muggy water, but even so you were happy to be able to bathe. You take a bucket and dump it over your head, letting the water run through your hair. Draining the tub, you quickly dress in the robes and try to look for your room. You walk into a room that still has the light on and you knock on the door frame not wanting to disturb anybody. "I cant find my room.." your eyes fall upon a man in a Yukata that can only be described and luxurious with platinum hair. He was very well built and positively stunning. You recognise him as the one, the only- Uzui Tengen. The sound Hashira who you began working under a matter of days ago.
You must have been staring for too long since a grin became evident on his lips. "Oh-! Yeah right, here come with me I can show you too the guest bedroom." Suma got off her spot on the mans lap. And straightened out her Kimono, a blush slightly painting her cheeks. Her thighs were so very plush, the perfect pillows. Soft skin with gentle hands- "Wait." both of you turn around to face the origin of the storming voice. "Who might this be?" he questions. All eyes were on you, so you answer "I am Y/N, I am uh... A demon slayer." you figure it would be best to lie, since it wasn't like he would know- he has so many people working for and under him already, no way he would remember you specifically. They seem to know that already, but they seem like they want more information. "Well, I had that idea. My beautiful wives pointed that seeing as you were in the uniform." he seemed amused and you almost forgot that you were wearing nothing other than a bath robe. "I was sent on a mission, but all of us got separated and it ended it up chasing me here." you lie, and that seems to give them the information they need. Your eye lids were shutting and if you so wished, you could just pass out on now. "Oh, I'm sorry we asked..." Suma looked kind of sad, like she was pitying you. Your guilt felt like it was going to rip a hole through your stomach, the way it was growing like a weed. So you go into the middle of the room and bow as low as your injured back will allow you too. Suma goes frantic not knowing if she should stop you or thank you, but the man seems highly amused. Makio rises to her feet and walks towards you. And Hinatsuru seems a little taken aback but doesn't try to stop you.
"You can thank us by getting a good rest and helping us tomorrow, when you are more energetic!" Makio's smile was warm, accepting. Very different from her eyes, her eyes were brown and had a sense of bravery swimming around in them. She smiles at you, and waves you off with Suma. "Oh and that is-" "I am Tengen, the god of festivals." he boasts. Quite the peculiar name, but it made you laugh. He looks slightly insulted, but Makio and Hinatsuru are already laughing. He seems to love them very much, because just seeing their smiles seems to cheer him up.
Suma grabs your wrist and leads you to a room, happy and giggling about something you didn't pick up with tired ears. Once you guys get to the room, she helps you pull out the futon. She keeps sparing glances at you and your hands. She takes one hand in her own. Slowly brushing a finger over your knuckles, and cupping them in her own warm hands. She stares at your calloused hands and the cuts over the skin. She seemed to pity you once again but said nothing. You thank her again and she hugs you this time. "Get a good rest, okay?" she asks with a bright smile and you smile back nodding. She shuts the door and hurries back to her husband and other wives? Not a relationship that you have ever heard of before, but if it worked for them you were sure that was all that mattered.
You pull the blankets over your tired body and easily fall asleep without interruption.
Tumblr media
The next day you get ready to leave, not wanting to over stay your welcome. But you are stopped by Makio who mentions you shouldn't leave on an empty stomach. Makio and Hinatsuru are already cooking while Suma sets the table, talking amongst each other. Uzui is sitting outside on the deck. Silently listening. He looks good with his hair down. "Is their anything I can help with?" you ask after getting Hinatsuru's attention. She smiles and greets you, "Well I am sure Suma would appreciate it if you helped her out with the table." she smiles and you thank her. You go see Suma and help her while making small talk about the weather. "How did you sleep Y/N?" she asks from beside you. "Well, really well actually. Thank you guys so much for the spare room and bedding it was one of the best sleeps I have had in a while." you giggle and Suma smiles and hugs you. "Of course! We weren't going to leave you in the cold. Say, why don't you stay a little longer" "Suma! Hold your tongue." Makio lectures and you laugh, "I would love too! But I don't want to stay longer than I already have." In reality you would love to stay, but you have lots to take care of. You chuckle and Suma stares in disbelief "Do you not like us?" you stand shocked, no of course you like them. You are rather fond of them actually.
"Suma, don't be greedy. You can leave whenever you please, but maybe it would be best if you stayed until you were in better shape?" Hinatsuru brings peace to the world once again. And you once again thank them. You cup Suma's hand and smile and she gives you a small smile back, but does not let go of your hand. "Food is ready, Tengen! Come eat!" Makio calls and Tengen wanders into the room Taking a seat beside Makio while you sit beside Suma since she hasn't let go of your hand yet. "Suma, I need to eat." she looks to you and then you hand again and takes her hand back with a flustered expression. It makes everyone laugh. Suma sparks conversation with you and you of course indulge her. Hinatsuru soon joins into the conversation by asking questions and nodding along. Makio and Uzui watch while they eat and occasionally Makio pipes up.
These women were extraordinary, you would have been jealous of them if you weren't busy trying to push out thoughts that were definitely not suited for someone elses wives. Tengen was also interested in the conversation and throwing his opinion in here and there. And before you knew it, the meal was done and all of you were helping to clean up.
Then came time to go your separate ways. Not leave- no no not yet, doing separate tasks around the house. While everyone was out you began to clean up, the best thing to do to help with your guilty conscience. You scrub, dust, and organise things all over the kitchen. A/N: YES I DO THE COOKING YES I DO THE CLEANI-
And soon your body was covered from head to toe covered in dust, you would think that for a house containing 4 people it would be more clean- "What are you doing?" it startles you, you didn't sense anybody behind you. "Oh Makio! I figured that I would help out.." she picks you up off your knees and starts to brush the dust from your clothes. "You don't have to thank us or whatever,.. but if you really MUST clean up, at least take a break for a little while" you want to say no but she is already dragging you out to a space that looks like a training area. She sits you on the deck, and starts practising and any time you try to get up, its always 'your break isn't over yet!' and a glare. She makes light conversation and eventually comes to join you by sitting beside you. She rests a hand on your thigh and suddenly your heart feels like it would burst out of your chest. But this time it wasn't out of fear. This time it because you want to hold her, kiss her, make her laugh, make her smile- but again. She is someone elses wife. "Makio! Where is Y/N?" You hear Suma cry from inside. "None of your buisness!" Makio huffs and you giggle. And Suma burst through the doors. Makio grabs you and hugs you close to her body. "Stop it! I want to spend time with them too!" she cries, Makio glares at her, holding you a little too close. "I think I am gonna get back to work, you guys can keep each other company though!" you were practically inside the gap between her breasts. And Suma was practically begging to be near you. It was an over load to your senses and if you held a bag of corn to your cheeks, you would have a bag of popcorn to snack on.
When you you walk into the kitchen again Hinatsuru was putting away your cleaning supplies. "Oh wait, I still haven't finished up-" she turns to you and smiles "You aren't allowed to work." she says with a pressured smile. "Why-?" you ask, slightly intimidated. "Because you are a treasured guest." she takes a rag out of your hand and holds your hand. Smiling, before Tengen waltzes in and hugs his wife from behind. You would have been jealous of him if it weren't for the fact you may or may not had been into him as well, deja vu?
Tumblr media
And thats how your days went by for about a week. You would all have breakfast together, go your seperate ways around noon, and then eat dinner together, and then at night you would go down the hall to your own room while they went to theirs on the other end. Though tonight something felt off. Suma looked very flustered throughout the entire meal and Makio was uncharacteristically quiet and Hinatsuru kept shifting in her seat, and Tengen? If you didn't know any better you would think he was flirting with you while flirting with his wives. His voice thundered and he kept his eyes trained on his surroundings. He was like a colourful lotus surrounded by three koi fish. Maybe four now, since you can't help but admire him and the sight in front of you. Suma looked absolutely stunning with blush over her cheeks. Makio too, she had a certain grace with her every movement despite the rough shield she puts up. And shy Hinatsuru? A sight you wish you could save in your mind to replay over and over again. Oh how you wish you weren't hopelessly in love with the man and his wives. He was perfect in every sense, the way his make up perfectly accented his face, his flawless hair, his bravery, and the kindness he shows for no one but the people he adores. "Y/N? Are you okay?" Hinatsuru taps your hand and brings you back to reality. "Oh yeah, I am fine just thinking is all." you mutter taking another mouth full. Her hand wraps itself around yours and gives it a squeeze. This time you wanted to stay in it's hold but when you see Tengen staring at her hand with a shocked expression you can't help but pull it away. "I am gonna go take a bath, thank you for the food." you push your dishes away, grab a towel and hurry into the bathroom and shut the door. But before you stood Suma holding a towel of her own. "I don't wanna be alone" she mutters and you cant help but let her join you despite the growing worry. You face you back towards her while you bathe but she doesn't seem to care for the sentiment. "Why don't you face me?" she asks and you can hear her lip quiver. "Suma- Suma, it isn't that I don't like you it's that you are already married." you confess with a sad tone.
"I TOLD YOU!" Makio yells from the other side of the doors. You shoot your head towards the door. And in comes the other three. Tengen is sporting the most shit eating grin while Hinatsuru looks embarassed and Makio looks like she just won something. "How flashy." if there wasoen thing you didn't know about Tengen before this it would be how much of a pervert he is in private. "IamsosososorryaboutthemIreallytriedtostopit." Hinatsuru mumbles a hurried apology but you were too shocked to care about the shocked intrusion and plus, Suma took on the responsibility of covering you. You make an effort to string a sentence along but it just crumbles into your hands. "If you don't want to touch us because we're married, why not just marry Tengen-Sama too?" Suma asks her hands creeping up your shoulders. The other two wives seems hopeful and Tengen waits for your answer. Your head was spinning, did they really catch on that easy? To be fair it wasn't like you were trying to keep it a huge secret anyways. "We have had an eye on you for a while Y/N, I took a liking to you and so did my lovely wives. Who do you think promoted you in the first place? Hmm? After all, why would I save you myself when I have such skilled flashy wives if we truly were strangers?" he purred, playing with Hinatsuru's hair. "So, why be so hospitable? You could have taken me as your spouse with the snap of your fingers." you speak carefully, like it was something you didn't want to say at all. "I did say that I was not the only one fond of you, no? Everyone in this room is willing to allow you into the relationship. This week was too simply prove our suspicions." his voice was smoother than velvet, like it was second nature to ask someone to marry you.
Suma grabs your jaw and kisses you, still in the bath pressing her body so close to you you could barely fit a blade of grass in between you. "How did that feel?" she pulls back and Makio looks between you and her frantically. "Come on! I keep the secret for a week and SUMA gets the first kiss!?" Makio exclaims, outraged at the robbery. Makio pulls you out of the tub, bathing long forgotten and she smashes her lips against yours. She pushes your lips apart with her tongue and pushes her tongue inside once you grant her entry and you bring one arm around her neck while entangling your another in the hair you adore so much. Her mouth was warm and inviting, and it felt like she was pulling the air out of your lungs. She pulls back with a gasp and lickes her lips. "So, how did THAT- feel?" you nod frantically and then before you know it you are being dragged to their bedroom. "ah- wait wh are we going in here?" you ask and Hinatsuru speaks up with a grin "Well, it would be best if you got used to the room you will be sleeping in, from now on that is." she pushes you to the bed and kisses you up and down, peppering kisses over your neck and shoulders. As she peels your clothes back to give herself access she slowly undresses you for the viewing pleasure of everyone in the room who also began undressing themselves. And while you bite your knuckles to stifle your moans, it seems to egg her on. Makio slips your kimono too the side and kisses you once again while Hinatsuru works her way down your body.
She pulls down your panties, and throws them to the side in which Suma eventually picks up. While Hinatsuru practically makes out with your pussy, Tengen starts to lazily jerk himself off. You can hear the lewd sounds coming from Hinatsuru as she fucks you with her tongue. While you tug at her hair Makio and Suma are on either side of you, toying with your nipples while the other wife pushes your thighs away while you roll your hips into her tongue. She looks up at you with innocent eyes and bats her eye lashes. You bite your lip and tug a bit harder at her hair which pulls a moan from her throat. A woman who was normally calm, collected and mature was eagerly lapping at your cunt. A familiar heat builds in your core and surely it wont take long to bubble to the bottom. So your sways become frantic and desperate but she doesn't seem to mind, in fact she stays still so you can fuck yourself onto her tongue. And the hand that was pulling her hair was now pulling her closer to your cunt, pushing her tongue deeper, while her nose pushes at your clit. And your mouth falls open while your thighs shake, wrapping themselves around Hinatsurus head, drenching her face with your essence. She pushes your thighs away and stands. She pushes a finger into your cunt while she licks her lips. "Sorry- I was supposed to warn you" you apologise between moans. She just hums and kisses you again after Suma nudges her away. Quickly coming to clean the aftermath of Hinatsuru's feast. You string along incoherent sentences and your eyes threaten to roll back into your head in a incoherent haze, Makio leaves your side at some point but you're too busy trying to figure out if it is too much or not enough. And before you can come down from your high another orgasm is pulled out of your body on accident by Suma. And when she pulls back from your clit with a pop you whine but you can finally hear Makio chocking and gurgling apparently getting her throat fucked by Tengen. Despite how gentle he is with his wives he does not seem to care for that in bed.
Taking the break you so needed you watch in awe as tears stream down Makio's face but that only seems to spur him up even more. While Suma kisses Tengen while he fucks her throat, cumming with a particular thrust. And soon she pulls up with a cough and she coughs, and he pulls her in for a kiss. "Good girl. Now let Suma take care of you, I have someone to take care of" he stares you in the eyes, like a predator eyeing a rabbit trapped in a corner. You crawl towards the corner of the bed he was seated on and he pulls you to straddle his hips. Rubbing slow circles while he admires your glazed eyes and warm body. "I want you to sit your flamboyant ass on my face." you whine but do as told. Climbing on top of his face and looking down at his beautiful fuchsia eyes while you cage him in between your thighs. He seemed awfully happy to be in that position since when you didn't drop all your weight on his face he pulled you down further planting your pussy lips onto his own lips. And soon enough he had you falling apart on his tongue
TBC. I am so sorry but I have no more motivation AHA-
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tiredlattes · 4 months ago
Can I request nsfw hc with tengen with a chubby fem reader who is insecure about not having a flat stomach?
Requests: Open (Please tell me if you want a HC or a Fic, or you will be skipped)
Warnings: NSFW
Tengen With a Chubby S/O
Tumblr media
- Tengen is a firm believer that thick thighs save lives...But he's more than willing to be suffocated between yours-
- You've been living with him and his three wives for a while now, and even though the four of them want you as the fourth wife, you just can't bring yourself to accept the position.
- It's not because you can't fight, or you always have to be protected, it's simply that you feel you don't fit into their picture. You've tried working out with Makio and even have helped Hinatsuru with the cooking. It's also not unheard of for you to help run errands with Suma, carrying heavy items back to the estate.
- You always claimed it was to help around the house, but they knew what was up, and they didn't like what you were doing, especially Tengen.
- He is well aware that his wives are slender and busty, but what he likes about you, is the fact that you're different. He loves his wives, don't get me wrong! But, he also loves your thickness.
- I'm not saying that they want you to be unhealthy, but they want you to do these things because you enjoy them, not so you can fit into society's image.
- When the two of you are lying beside each other in bed, his wives either snuggling each other or snuggling both of you, he loves having his leg between your thicker ones. Loves grasping your thickness and forcing your leg just a bit higher up his waist.
- Will press his leg against your clothed cunt while you sleep, earning a low whimper from you, much to his delight.
- Has actually been scolded by Makio to cut it out one random night when he nearly had you cumming on his leg while you slept, your moans waking up the tired woman. He had also earned a few glares from Suma and Hinatsuru when they noticed you walking around on wobbly legs with a tired expression.
- He was proud, but they insisted he should let you rest.
- Loves the way the new kimono he got you squeezes your curves. Also got you a pair of stockings that squeeze your legs in a delicious way, he can't help but lick his bottom lip.
- Whenever he does have time alone with you to press you either against the wall or the bed, he loves having your thighs squeezing his waist as he pounds into you.
- His hand usually never leaves your waist, massaging your thickness. On the rare occasion that his hand does leave your side, it's to roughly smack your ass, watching how it and your thighs jiggle.
- He knows you're feeling insecure during sex whenever you ask for him to take you from behind. Even though it's a rather pleasurable position for both of you, he knows you're trying to hide.
- Thus, he'll deny your request and insist you ride him.
- Obviously, you'll try to entice him by shaking your ass, showing your leaking cunt off, and insisting that maybe you could do that next time, doesn't he want to fill you up now?
- He simply laughs at your request happily and slaps your ass roughly before making you saddle up onto his cock, and ride him like the stallion he is.
- Tengen honestly loves your squishy stomach. Usually, after you've cummed he'll rub his hand over your stomach and state that he'd love to see his child growing inside of you.
- You always get embarrassed at this statement.
- Also after sex he always goes straight into body worship.
- If your legs were over his shoulders, he's kissing your ankle and starting up your leg, leaving kisses and bite marks whenever he comes across a stretchmark.
- Will stop at one, and place a kiss on it, whispering how much he loves them.
- When you're asleep it's not a rare sight for one of his wives to walk in and see him tracing your stretchmarks with his fingers. Honestly, they're guilty of it too. They love your squishy body as much as him.
- If he just finished taking you from behind he's kissing along your spine, and latching onto your neck while giving a few lazy thrusts.
- He honestly loves mirror sex, however, he understands how insecure you can feel sometimes. Thus, he'll always ask if you're comfortable with it before having a mirror sex session.
- Has you ride him reverse cowgirl style during those sessions, taking you from behind and massaging your hip or grasping one of your breasts.
- Whispers in your ear how hot you look. Loves to see your squish jiggle whenever he pounds into you, mumbling how well you take him and from the erotic site alone has him cumming inside you.
- Only time his cum isn't entering any of your holes is when his cock is slick with pre and he's thrusting it in between your thighs to edge himself.
- Never finishes between your thighs though, always finishes in your pussy, mouth, or ass. Yes, he does enjoy anal. Likes to watch your ass bounce whenever his hips slap against it.
- Usually only fucks your ass when your pussy is already too stuffed and he just needs one or two more releases to feel satisfied.
- Another favorite of his is taking you against the wall.
- Outside, inside, it doesn't matter, at long as your thighs are squeezing him for dear life as he pounds upwards into you, he's in heaven.
- Also his face is near your breasts and he loves how they spill out of your kimono.
- He also enjoys eating you out, feeling your plush thighs in case his head is such a joyful feeling. Especially when you squeeze your legs tighter whenever he's close to bringing you to your orgasm. Lets him know he's doing a good job.
- When he's eating you out it's not a one-and-done situation. No, you got to cum at least three or four times before you get the dick. He does give you a short break though, rubbing your thighs lovingly as he slips his dick between your drenched lower lips.
- Is definitely the type to smack your clit with his cock a few times before roughly thrusting into your and pounding with no mercy.
- Whenever a guy wants to make an inappropriate comment about you be it sexual, or rude, Tengen isn't having it. States that you're his soon-to-be fourth wife and you will be respected. He may be retired but he can definitely still fight.
- He understands that you're struggling with your image, we're all our worst critiques, and not everything he says will get through to you. But he makes sure to remind you whenever you're down just how beautiful you are and he'd have it no other way.
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mobpsychopass100 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Entertainment District Arc EP:6 - Layered Memories
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kenmakyan · 4 months ago
Sweetheart || Tengen x wives x fem!reader
Tumblr media
This is more of a slow
burn relationship
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
This story is more fluff and angst
since writing five-somes is harder
This story is aimed
at my black queens !!
You were the last to join the relationship and to be honest you felt like a outcast, being the married last made you feel unappreciated even though they always reminded you that you meant so much to them.
All three of your wives loved you but Tengen wasn’t always welcoming and you two would often butt heads, You weren’t a demon slayer or a ninja like the others, They liked to call you to the beauty or the baby of the relationship.
“Y/n-sama, are you ready to leave?” Suma and me we’re heading to the market to restock on food and other things “Almost you can wait for me at the entrance.”
I took my time as I got ready to leave the house, “There you are!” Suma said clinging onto my arm “Sorry I just wanted to look nice..!” Me and Suma started talking even more that we didn’t notice his presence.
“And where are you two going?” Me and Suma were startled by the deep voice that echoed in the quiet house “L-lord Tengen, we were just going to the market to restock on food and other stuff” I said lowering my head.
“Do the other two know?” Suma shook her head “And why is that?” I could tell he was scolding us “I JUST WANTED TO SPEND TIME WITH Y/N-SAMA” Suma started wailing as she hung onto me.
I looked up to see Tengen still scolding us “What if you guys got hurt and nobody knew where you two were? hmh?” he said tilting his head “We’re not little kids..” I whispered under my breath “Y/n I don’t want a attitude from you right now” I grabbed Suma by her arm and walked out the front door without another word
“Y/N! look how cute this would be on you!” Suma showed me a silky baby blue kimono “IT MAKES YOU GLOW!” I smiled softly at her before speaking.
“Suma I’m fine with the kimono I have now” her smile soon turned into a frown “You’re always buying us kimonos and mending the rips in ours uniforms, PLEASE JUST LET ME DO THIS FOR YOU!” I giggled at her childish behaviour as I held up the blue kimono.
‘It truly is beautiful..’ The blue kimono glowed in the bright sunlight as I held it up while Suma had forgotten about the small tantrum she had thrown,
The bells on the door soon rang again, my head snapped around only to see Hina and Makio walk into the shop ‘fuck..’ I quickly went to find Suma so we could pay and leave before the could find us, I yanked Suma by her hand and pulled her out of the store “Where are we going?” Suma asked as I kept looking back and forth pacing home, It really didn’t matter if they had found us in the market we were still going to get scolded I just didn’t want them to make a scene, especially Makio.
Not realizing where I was going I bumped into a man “O-oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching were I was going” I said as I bow before looking into the man’s face that had stars in his eyes.
Before I knew it he hung onto the end of my kimono “You are truly a beauty” he said looking up at me “Thank you but can you please let go of my kimono..” I looked around to find Suma but she was no where in sight “I have a son in his mid 20’s, please marry him” He plead as he bowed down beneath me “I’m so sorry but I’m already married” I said as I showed him the rings on my finger his smile soon turned into a frown.
“I’ll pay your father double the price your ‘husband’ paid” he said getting up off the floor “Please just marry my son, just wait I call him” he walked in the shop so I started walking away to find Suma “WAIT! look here’s my son isn’t he handsome? we’ve been waiting for a beautiful woman like you to come into his life” he showed the 6’2 man that looked like he was at least 24.
“Sir your son is very handsome but as I said-“ I then got interrupted “THEN MARRY HIM! you two will have the most beautiful kids together” The man infront of me slowly smiled as he looked me up and down “I need to leave if my husband or wives find me with you two they’ll surely kill you..” I whispered as i slowly backed away “A Shinobi.. Trust me when I say I’ll treat you better then he every will, I mean who has multiple wives then goes and makes them fight for his love, Marry me and I’ll treat you like the queen you are” I scoffed at his last sentence, every other man that my parents wanted me to marry said the same thing but I knew they would never live up to it.
“No trust me I live happily with my family and wouldn’t leave them for the world even if my parents begged me to” The one thing I couldn’t handle was people talking bad about my family no matter how many times me and Tengen butt head he would always be my husband and I would always be his wife. “Y/N-SAMA I COULDN’T FIND YOU WHERE DID YOU GO” Suma came running and hugged me from behind me “I couldn’t find you, are you ready to go home?” I didn’t want to stay another second with these people.
“Yes, I think we have enough food for at least 4 months.”
“C’mon” Before I could even start walking away I was pulled back by my arm “Who leaves their wife alone in such a big city, please marry me I PROMISE ILL TREAT YOU RIGHT” The same man pulled me close to his chest as I felt all eyes on us “Sir please let go of my wife or things won’t end well for you” I looked to see Makio with Hina behind him.
I smiled as I saw Hina’s soft eyes staring into my bright ones “Sir I won’t ask-“ Hina was the next to talk but was cut off “Shut up you whores” That was my last straw nobody insulted my wives.
My hand thought for itself and slapped the older man very harshly I ripped my other hand out of the younger mans grip “You are a ugly creature, and I pray for whoever does marry you” I tried to push pass them only to be held by my hair but soon after let go “That’s a very unflameboyent thing to a woman that’s is way out of your lead” Tengen teleported out of nowhere and twisted the younger man’s hand in the opposite direction.
“Tengen-sama let me have the first hit” Makio said walking closer to the man while I backed up “No” Tengen said firmly while giving a slight glare to Makio, She wanted to argue but decided not to “What made you think she would ever marry you?” Tengen scoffed at the sight of the whining man “LET ME GO YOU MULITY FUCKING ASSHOLE.”
If it wasn’t for my beautiful personality I would have bursted out with laughter but instead I felt sorry for the poor man, he stood absolutely no chance against Tengen “I’ll ask you one more time what made you think she’d ever marry you” This time it wasn’t a question he was telling him it “You don’t deserve her” was his only words before Tengen broke his arm in the other direction “That’s one arm hurry up.”
“GO FUCK YOURSELF” “That’s both arms, anything else out of that smart ass mouth you got?” everything was silent except for the man’s muffled screams, Tengen dropped the body of the young man as his father rushed to his son’s dissembled body.
“Go home.” his word came out as thick as venom.
The walk home was quiet I dragged my feet the whole way there knowing what would happen as soon as we got home, we soon reached the gate of our house and walked in with the same uncomfortable silence that we had came here with.
I tried to avoid the problem by rushing upstairs to take shower and mend the rip in my kimono “Y/n, Suma” “Yes Tengen-sama” Me and Suma followed him to the the living room.
He looked at both of us up and down but locked eyes with me “Explain?” we both stayed silent as he scoffed “Y/n are you happy? are you finally satisfied?” “I-I don’t understand what you mean” I refused to look him in his eyes “You love putting yourself and others in danger dont you?” I stayed silent “Suma you can leave” Suma bowed and exited the room before giving me one more sorrowful glance “Why do you choose to hurt me” “Don’t make me laugh, The only I try to do is to not hurt you” The tension in the air thicken “You show me such little love and expect me not to act differently when around you” I said as the tear started to full up the rims of my eyes.
“Such little love?..” “Don’t fuck with me Tengen, You cancel our alone dinner dates to go hangout with your friends or just ditch me in general to go a get hungover somewhere else, you hurt me more then anyone else could and then you expect me not rebel in the smallest way, no what I did today wasn’t even rebellious it was just a fucking stop to the market, and I just happened to get into trouble while you’ve been hurting me for the longest time Tengen” I really didn’t feel like saying anything else so I exited the room leaving him with his thoughts.
“GIRL IM GOING TO THE GARDEN..” I yelled with a shaky voice ‘fuck I’m so fucking useless’ I laid in the field of flowers just letting my brain unfold “Y/n?” Makio walked into the garden with a piece of bread and cut up fruit “Makio.. come sit!” I patted to the place right next to me “I heard what happend, are you ok?” I smiled softly at her as the tears that had started to dry fell to the bottom of my chin again “I made a quite the sene didn’t I?” I scoffed at my own statement “O-Of course not, It’s completely unfair of what he did but you do need to be careful when it comes to you doing stuff alone, we’re all train ninjas and you’re not which makes you more valuable to all of us.”
“I know but I hate being babied I’m a grown ass woman that has 3 fucking wives and a fucking husband and I want to be treated like that” I turned my head around from Makio as she continued to stare at me “I understand but we live in a world were safety isn’t always guaranteed and it’s more then just demons” I continued to smiled with tears still falling down my cheek.
Suddenly the aurau behind me changed it was no longer Makio, I turned around to see Tengen again “I’m sorry”
(that was a first the GREAT Tengen Uzui owning up for his mistakes?)
“Sorry for what?” “Sorry for making you feel unloved when all I was trying to do was make you more then love, I d never want any of you to feel like that especially the one that is so valuable to all of us” I couldn’t hold them in anymore the tears came rolling down my face “I want to believe you but I can’t-“ I was stopped by a breath taking kiss “Tengen-sama-“
“Y/n L/n I married you for your beauty your toughness and your stubbornness and I’m so happy to see that you haven’t changed in the slightest way and I knew what I was signing up for when I married you and I wouldn’t change a thing about you or how you act, I guess I wasn’t completely ready for what you had coming for me but just remember you are mine and I am yours.”
“Ours” Makio said out of nowhere “MAKIO!” Suma hit Makio on her shoulder “HIT ME AGAIN AND ILL CHOP OFF BOTH OF YOUR HANDS” Makio hit Suma on her back while Suma came diving into my lap “YOU SEE HOW MEAN SHE IS TO ME Y/N-SAMA SHE’S NOT A ANGEL AT ALL” She said looking into my eyes with her teary eyes and runny nose as I just giggled.
“What will I do with you all..” Tengen jokingly sighed “YOU SHOULD COOK US DINNER TONIGHT” I said jumping up, Suma’s eyes glowed “YES!” Suma shouted also jumping up and grabbing my writs “ILL GO GET THE SUPPLIES” “And Ill go help her before she sets the house on fire” Makio said following Suma “And I’ll go make sure they don’t go killing each other” Hina said next exiting the room.
It was once again just me and Tengen “I truly do love you more then I love myself and I would forever blame myself if something bad happened to you so please let me care for you and keep you safe” “You’re a big ass softie, My big ass softie, THIS DOESNT CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOURE MAKING DINNER!” I said racing out of the garden “CAN YOU AT LEAST HELP ME” Tengen screamed running behind me
Dinner turned out great and we all danced in the kitchen while helping Tengen make dinner now I’m not gonna say that me and Tengen still didn’t get into useless fights but we always reminded each other that we we’re important.
I continue to do fun things with them all and Suma and the others even surprised me with the kimono that we had seen.
I wouldn’t give them away for the world.
Dm me what oneshots/story’s that you meant me to make from DEMON SLAYER
Say if you want it the be angst/fluff/smut
Say what you want to be like slibing/lover/bestfriend
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zeliavee-art · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That’s what he meant by that right?
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sjhanny2000 · 4 months ago
I bet Tengen‘s baby girl would love shiny things. That man might find his toddler grabbing all of his headbands, earrings, necklaces etc hoarding like a lil dragon and squealing: SHINY! >U<
Girls hide the kunais that lil dragon will want them, they are shiny.
Tumblr media
Any child of Tengen would care at least to some degree about not only shiny things but colorful things as well!
Any Uzui child will be have some specific sense of flamboyant fashion, it's just inevitable
Also, it's practically canon that Tengen and the wives will more than likely have a lot of kids
How many tho? That's up for your to decide. But let's talk about the little one you and Tengen share, boy or girl it's up to you!
In TDoFL, you are an avid gardener but are quite modest even with your background. Your shared child will be a great mixture of a flower lover and a collector of shiny things.
From a young age, your baby is drawn to anything colorful, shiny, or resembles a flower. As soon as they can, they are reaching, crawling, or walking to get the things that attract them.
The beads on Tengen's headband? Well they've been through the ringer. Baby Uzui has put them in their mouth, played with them, and even broken them by breaking the strings.
Does Tengen get mad? At first yes, but after either one of you wives tells him or he comes to his own understanding, he cools down a bit and is eager to give your child any shiny thing it desires.
You and the others often have to step in when the object Tengen gave the baby isn't safe, like a hair pin or a diamond??
Any earrings or necklaces are also free game for playing with and teething on. Poor Tanjiro learns this the hard way when he and the Kamaboko Squad babysit for you
Tanjiro and the gang as babysitters is a dream of mine 🥺
Anyway, as your baby gets older, it's known that little kids have sticky fingers, right?
Right! So your little one has gradually gathered a growing pile of shiny objects
You and the spouses quickly learn to hide kunais, katanas, knives, and swords from your child
Especially after you found them running around the garden, waving a kunai around like a toy.
"C/N, let me see what you have!" "A kunai!" "NO!!!"
Tengen may act all nonchalant about your child having access to weapons but oooh, that shit is put down immediately by not only you but Makio, Hinatsuru, AND Suma.
In the end, your child is a little shiny, flower obsessed gremlin that eventually refers to themselves as "God/Goddess of Wealth"
Like father, like child. Am I right?
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bakugosbratx · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Warning: 18+ Content. Body worship, oral (fem receiving), hurt and comfort, praise kink, etc.
A/N: sorry this is late. Work has been a beast! But I hope you enjoyed @venussins 🥰 this is my piece for @httptamaki love letters event!
Tags: @knyplaymatemansion @planetonet @cherrykamado @ovarysnake23 @kireirengoku @gazelle-des-pres
Words: 1K
Not beta read
Tumblr media
Steam came off of your freshly brewed tea, the wind picking up the particles so they can dance. Your house is quite cozy yet the air has a winter chill to it. Even though the logical explanation is that it is February, everyone knows what it truly is.
The reflection in your warm beverage captures a saddened woman. Her husband has been gone on a mission longer than anticipated and with the day of love being today, it only makes things more lonesome. You knew this was part of the risk when it comes to loving a Hashira. Still, Uzui Tengen captivated you with such an ease and immaculate touch that you fell right into the palms of his large hands. Now, you sit here, alone, awaiting for the arrival of your lover that never came.
Tears fell among your satin pillowcase, his scent from where he laid two months ago long faded from anything you owned. No comfort is provided in your time of need. All you have is your memories to heal your broken heart.
“He promised..” You sniveled to yourself.
A large thumb brushed your cheek, sending dear down your spine. “And I always keep my promises.”
You gasped and quickly turned around. Your weary eyes could not fall upon your lover fast enough. “Tengen,” you breathed, placing your small hand over his large one that cupped your tear stained face, “you’re home.”
Tengen softly smiled, brushing a stray tear that fell from your orbs. “Of course I am, I promised you, didn’t I?”
A soft sigh rolled off of your tongue while you become fully immersed into his delicate touch, your vibration is matching his. “I missed you.” You admit, gazing up into his pupils. His other hand ruffled your hair.
“I missed you, too, baby girl.” Tengen assured you, his hand slipping from your hair to under your chin so you maintain eye contact. Magnetic energy connected your lips, the collision coming slowly. He loved seeing you squirm when his warm breath swirled across your lips.
“Tengen..” You whispered, practically begging for his lips to intertwine with yours. The anticipation is eating you alive and Tengen just had to enjoy every aching second. His thumb even teased your pouty bottom lip.
“Anticipation is all part of the fun, princess.” Tengen condescendingly coo’s, smirking when you are even more bratty. You know, though, that Tengen is not to be tested. If you want your way, you will have to obey his orders.
After what felt like millions of light years, you finally received the passionate kiss you have been longing for. His hungry desire for you is poured into you. Your small moans fill his ribs, releasing the beast that lived deep inside.
Climbing on top of you until you are caged underneath him, you are now his for the taking.
Just like you have been wanting.
Leaning down, he gruffly whispers into your ear, “let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”
Kisses upon kisses grazed your skin, not an inch missed. He knows how much you have missed him with each tender whine you release for him.
Any clothing is discarded to the hardwood floor below, your beautiful body now exposed for him to mark. Every single part of you will be worshiped by your man, making you forget he was even gone in the first place.
“You’re so beautiful,” he hums, sending his true words to your beating heart, “I’ve missed you so much.”
“I’ve missed you, too, Lord Tengen.” You remind him, your eyes connecting while you move a strand of his long hair out of his face. “Please do not ever leave me again.”
Tengen wishes he could promise you that he could stay by your side forever. That this bed you two share will never be cold because he will be in it, right beside you, holding you close to his chest and watching you breathe ever so gently. He wishes that was possible.
Cupping your face, he softly grins. “One day, soon, princess. One day, soon.”
“Promise?” You quickly added.
Tengen is quick to kiss that pout of yours away, already causing you to forget the conversation you two just shared. You know Tengen always does his best to keep his promises, but asking him to never leave due to his career is a hard request. You both know you can never ask him to do such a thing, yet, somehow, Tengen’s words held power. A sincerity laced in his words that you never noticed before.
He meant it.
Your breasts are caressed, his soft lips ghosting your skin right before connecting. Little moans flooded his eardrums that encouraged him to proceed until he reached your cunt. His eyes meet yours, awaiting permission.
Nodding eagerly, Tengen smirks once permission is granted to please you. A teasing swipe of his tongue amongst your folds then a sloppy kiss right after. Your fingers are already laced within his beautiful strands, tugging on the locks to control the pace of his deliverance.
“Right there, baby. That feels so good.” You praise, your back arching from the pleasure. Tengen did not need praises, but he still appreciated them. He loved to hear how wonderful he is making you feel with his tongue.
Sneaking in two digits, they curl inside of your hole, your gasp of surprise coming in waves. His fingers pick up pace as well as his tongue, exploring every single part of your pussy. Tender nibbles and kisses delivered over and over until pleasure releases from you and onto him.
“T-Tengen—“ You whine, tugging on his white strands as he helps you ride out your orgasm. “Shh, let me taste you, pretty girl.” He purrs against your cunt.
Meeting your eyes, he lingers in an enchanted glance before going to meet your lips. In a steamy kiss, he whispers once more, “I’m never leaving your side again. I promise you that.”
And that is a promise that was kept.
Tumblr media
All Rights Reserved — I don’t give anyone permission to repost, distribute, copy or re-use my works in any way. Especially not on other websites such as Tik Tok, Ao3, Wattpad, etc.
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crossroadsandloudmusic · 4 months ago
Ok literally did not except y’all to like the Uzui fic as much as y’all did. Tbh it made my day and I just wanted to say thank for all the likes and comments it really has helped feel a bit more confident about my writing. Therefore I made a part two to my first Uzui fic and I will warn you it is a lot more sexually explicit than the first so be prepared. If you have any writing tips, suggestions, or request I am open to all, in fact immediately after posting this I will be writing MY FIRST REQUEST FIC AND ITS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL IDEA I CANT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YALL!!!!
This is for y’all!! Please enjoy🙏 @ra-dawg13 @mamanaga
warnings: smut, nsfw, sexually explicit, graphic content, sex, dirty talk, (etc.)
Tumblr media
“Whew, that was a wonderful workout! Wasn’t it boys?” You called as you stretched your sore muscles. Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu had underestimated the intensity of your training regime, they now laid and sat in the dirt trying to catch their breath. You’ll have to admit it was a terribly hard session you all had just had, it even had you a little winded. That morning just before dawn, you woke the three up and you all began with stretching, then to weights. Three solid steel railroad tracks were to be pressed, carried, and crunched for hours on end, at noon the tracks were to be stacked on top of one another and then held above your head for another hour. Then it was on to sword training, which lasted till well into the afternoon. After swords it was breathing techniques, and then to top it all off a fifthteen mile run with a three mile cool down. Ran with a 100 pound sandbag vest of your design.
Smiling at how well the boys were coming along, you walked over to their exhausted bodies.
“Don’t forget to stretch or else your muscles will get tight and tear.” You said softly as you undid the straps holding the sandbags together. Now relieved of the heavy weight they began to stand and started stretch as well.
“What should we do now (L/n)san?” Tanjiro asked, visibly exhausted. Zenitsu and Inosuke hadn’t said a word, only stood and stretched alongside him. You could tell the workout had taken a lot of mental strength as well as physical.
“Well...I was thinking...maybe some flexibility training!” You said enthusiastically.
Zenitsu and Inosuke both looked at you with hollow eyes; dread spread across their faces.
“But since you boys did such a good job today and hung in there even when it got tough, I’ll let y’all have the evening off! You deserve it!” You said as you smiled cheerfully. Instantly a sigh or relief came from all three, you couldn’t really blame them though, your flexibility training was almost torture. Chair splits, flat splits, back bends, anything you could think you did but more intense. Although it was painful and difficult it helped your performance in battle, therefore it was necessary.
You stood from your stretching and wiped a sweat soaked lock of hair off your forehead.
“I’m going to the spring to take a bath, and when I get back I’ll cook something for us to eat, ok?” You said as you turned to walk back to the house. A weak yay came from Inosuke as he continued to stretch. Tanjiro and Zenitsu only looked and nodded. You laughed quietly, they’d be asleep before you even made it to the spring.
Once in your room you changed out your perspiration covered uniform into something a bit more comfortable. A soft bright orange yukata now covered your body, you could feel yourself becoming more relaxed. The robe had been a gift from Kyojuro, an old one he had but didn’t use anymore so he gave it to you as you didn’t have one. He had laughed heartily as you had thrown it on in that instant and did your best impression of him.
“I AM THE FLAME HASHIRA, I VOW TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT AND BE EXTREMELY LOUD! DELICIOUS!!!!” You yelled in your best Kyojuro voice, this caused the most joyful laugh you had ever heard. He laughed for a good five minutes before patting you on the back and said that the robe looks good on you. It had been a tender moment between you, he was the older brother you never got to have and you were thankful for that. This had also triggered another memory, one of Tengen. Since you and Kyojuro had gotten closer, Tengen had become ornery. More hot tempered than usual, being short with you, giving off handed comments or blatantly ignoring you. So one day after his attitude had been exceptionally disgusting you decided to confront him,
“Tengen.” You said as you approached him. He was sharpening his blades and hadn’t even looked at you.
“Tengen!” You said again as he ignored you the first time.
“Tengen! What in the world is the matter with you?!” You said sharply, he still had not even looked up.
“You have either ignored or been flat out rude to me. What is your deal?” You hissed.
He stood up, setting his swords on the ground.
“You know exactly what’s wrong with me.” He growled.
Before you could protest he pushed you against the tree, one hand on your chin the other gripping the bark above your head.
“Don’t think I’m stupid (f/n). I’ve seen the way you have been acting around Rengoku. The way you look at him, the way you follow him around like a lost puppy. Accepting gifts from him, wearing his old clothes. It’s insulting.” He spit.
You hadn’t realized that this was what had been making him so upset, but this was no reason for him to act so repulsively towards you. You ripped his hand from your face.
“Tengen, you get jealous so easily. If you had only asked, you would have realized that me and Kyojuro are just friends. I’m allowed to have friends, you know.” You huffed as you went along your way, you weren’t going to give into his little temper tantrum today.
Soon after he came personally to apologize which you had accepted and as it seemed from that point the two of you friendship had rekindled.
To be honest you were not really sure what to call yours and his relationship. You had been awfully close there for a while but nothing romantic had happened except for the occasional marriage proposal. You had always chalked it up to it being a joke, but since the other night things had seemed a bit different. Before you two had mindlessly flirted with the other, again you had thought it was just his personality.
But the other night he seemed gravely serious. The way he spoke to you with such a matter-of-fact tone, the way he gripped and groped your body. The way his body reacted against yours.
You hadn’t given it much thought but now you feared you had made a mistake. Had you accidentally led him on? No, because you wanted it to. You thought of Tengen when you imagined having your first time, your first everything had always been with Tengen. Whenever these thoughts came to you, they filled your body with electricity. A deep warmth pooled between your legs as your fantasies ran wild.
You stepped out into the soft orange glow of the evening sun, with a towel in hand. You stepped cautiously on the foot stones leading to the warm spring on the backside of your estate. It was a game you subconsciously played every time you went, if you slipped off a stone you lost. Arms out on either side you jumped from stone to the other never losing your balance. The closer you got the warm the stones became, the spring was heaven on earth.
Before slipping off your robe and stepping inside you took a quick look around. Although you hadn’t heard anything you had the unshakable feeling of being watched. Scanning the scenery you saw nothing out of the ordinary but your eyes fixed on a place deep in the woods. You stood and watched for a moment waiting for something to move but nothing did. You then proceeded to remove your robe and step into the steaming spring.
Back at the house, boys now sat and groaned in their shared room.
“My legs are killing me, I don’t think I can stand even if I tried,” said Zenitsu as he rubbed his thighs.
“She’s ruthless, what do you think she will make us do tomorrow, Tanjiro?” Now questioned, Zenitsu.
Before Tanjiro could answer, there was a knock on the door. Tanjiro stood, walked to the door, and slid it open.
Standing there in the doorway was Tengen. Both looked equally surprised to see the other.
“What are you doing here!? Where’s (y/n) I need to speak with her!” Demand Uzui.
Tanjiro dumbfounded stammered,
“You can’t!”
“I can’t, what?” Questioned Uzui.
“You can’t speak with right now, she’s busy!”
Tengen leaned against the doorframe.
“Oh yeah, what is she busy doing right now?” Tengen questioned with a look of interest on his face.
“She’s bathing, she will be back in a little while.” Tanjiro said bluntly.
“Perfect timing, I’ll go find her now.” Said Tengen before he stepped off the porch and vanished from sight.
Tanjiro yelled after and ran outside to see which direction he had gone. Running back inside and snatching the paper door open to their room he yelled,
“THAT PERVERT!” Both Zenitsu and Inosuke looked at Tanjiro confused.
“What are you talking about, Tanjiro? Who was at the door?”
“Uzui came looking for (y/n), and when I told him she was bathing he went looking for her!” Screamed Tanjiro.
A deadly serious look came over Zenitsu, arches of electricity began to pop a sizzle around his body.
The warm water had done miracles to your aching body, you hadn’t felt this relaxed in quite a long time. It was magical you thought to yourself as you tilted your head back.
“This is a good look on you, (y/n). I wish I got to see this more often.” An undeniable voice said from in front of you.
Immediately you drew your knees to your chest and your arms to cover the rest of your body. You had no idea how long Tengen had been standing there, how long he had been staring at your naked body.
“Don’t cover up now. I was really enjoying the view,” cooed Tengen.
“What is wrong with you? How long have you been watching me?” You asked, astonished.
“Not too long, in fact I just got here. Tanjiro told me you were bathing so I figured I’d come join you, I need a good soak myself.” He said as he started to shred his clothing.
Shocked by the situation and a little bit of curiosity you watched Tengen as he took off his shirt revealing rippling muscles. Then his shoes, socks, head piece, till he was finally down to his pants.
He looked down at you staring at him, he smiled and chuckled a bit as he stood to face you completely. Without taking his eyes off you, he undid his belt and buttons. Then he dropped all that was left, he gave you a moment to admire his size before stepping into the water.
“You like what you see?” His words brought you out of your thoughts, as much as you wanted to you couldn’t look away.
“Go on, don’t be shy, tell me what you think.” He flexed his muscles and watched you scramble for your words. His member was already getting hard twitching for some relief. He took it in one hand and gave it a couple strokes before releasing it. It was huge, thick veins grew up the sides all the way to the pink tip.
“You’re...so...big.” Was all you could stammer out. Tengen laughed and thanked you as he too sunk into the warm water.
With his size, water spilled over the sides and into the fresh grass, his chest above the water’s surface.
“I see why you do this so much (y/n). I’m relaxed already.”
Still you said not a word, too shy to speak now that both of you are naked and only feet apart.
“Where is your confidence you had the other night, you had no problem teasing me then? Why stop now.” You blushed deeply. As you watched him lean back, his hand once again wrapped around his dick. He pumped slowly and sensually, he watched you the whole time. As he continued his breathing picked up, he moaned lewdly.
You were nervous but more than that you were turned on, you could feel your body heat rising the more he moaned and sighed. Slowly you opened your legs to give him a better view.
When he saw what you were doing he stopped.
“Come here, I want you to help.” He demanded. Obediently you went and got closer to him. That was not enough for Tengen, he wanted you much closer. He grabbed your wrist with one hand and your waist with the other, and sat you on his left leg. He bent down close to your neck and whispered,
“I’m tired of your teasing, (y/n). Just give me a little release and I’ll give that and so much more.” His voice melted you and made you even hotter. Much to his approval your fingers wrapped around his thick member and you began sliding up and down. Instantly his head went back, guttural moans escaped his lips.
“Just like that, keep going,” he praised as you squeezed him and started stroking faster.
His breathing was heavier now, he bucked his hips into your hand as you continued.
His hand now slipped between your legs, softly he raked his fingertips across your opening. Still focused on him you hadn’t completely noticed what he was doing till he said,
“Open those legs a little wider for me, baby.” To which you quietly obliged. But instead of giving you any type of stimulation he stopped.
“What do you say to me?” He asked sharply, you looked at him in confusion. He suddenly but gently grabbed your throat, his thumb rubbing soft circles in your chin.
“You will call me Lord Tengen. When I ask you something you say, yes Lord Tengen. Am I understood?” He asked as he stared at you deeply, with his lust filled eyes.
“Yes, Lord Tengen.” You said submissively.
“Good girl, you are learning so well, you deserve a reward.” He said as his fingers ran up and down your slit causing you to jolt back in his chest. You moaned deeply as he found your spot and gave it a couple smooth rubs. He continued this till you were a moaning, shaking mess. He groaned at the sight of your legs wide open, shaking in pleasure.
“Oh Tengen this feels so good please, please don’t stop.” You begged, he sped up to see how close he could get you. Which earned louder, dirtier moans and a melody of thank yous. He couldn’t help but stare at you. He had wanted this for so long, to be craving his touch; begging for more. He wanted so much more, he wanted you bent over taking him any way he pleased. He wanted to have your lips around cock, drool dripping from your mouth as he forced you to take him deeper, he wanted to hear you gag and gasp for air. He wanted your legs on his chest as he railed your soft cunt for hours. He wanted to hear how good he was making you feel and he was the only one who could ever please you this way.
Suddenly without warning he shoved a finger deep into cunt causing both to moan in ecstasy. You were so deliciously tight, and his larger finger was so deep. Together you moaned as he slowly fucked you with his digit.
“Such a good girl, doing such a good job. Are you ready for another?” He said between moans.
“Please Lord Tengen, I want to be fucked by your fingers please.” You begged, your fingernails digging into his bicep, a poor attempt at keeping your inevitable orgasm away. He then slipped another one causing you to throw your head back and scream his name. Swiftly he began to fuck you harder, curling his fingers to reach a spot deep inside of you.
“Oh I’m so close, I’m so close, Tengen I’m gonna…”
“Cum for me baby, cum all over my fingers.”
The tension that had been building in your lower abdomen for the past couple minutes now exploded sending your body into shockwaves as you rolled your hips to keep up with your high. You sat back limp into his chest as he drugged his fingers out and over your clit one last time, causing you jolt from the overstimulation.
“That was beautiful, I could watch that over and over again (y/n).” He said while his hands roamed your body.
“Let’s see how much you like this.” He picked up your limp body and held you over his cock. Your legs still shaking, he slid the tip back and forth on your slit. Gently he lowered you onto his dick, one inch at a time.
“How does this feel, baby? I’m not going too fast am I?” He asked concerned, you only nodded, encouraging him to go further. He was so impossibly large, his fingers were big but now his dick stretched you so much it burned, your insides not used to the feeling squeezed and trembled. The feeling of you clenching around him almost made him cum that instant but he had a couple things he wanted to do with you first before he let go. Finally he pushed you all the way to his hilt.
“Oh, fuck, (y/n).” He cursed as he felt how tightly you squeezed around him.
You felt so full, never had something been so deep inside of you.
“It’s so deep.” You breathed out as you panted.
Tengen groaned as he felt himself twitch, surely a bulge would be showing in your abdomen. Once again Tengen lifted you up, supporting you with his hands under your thighs. You had been right, he could pick you up as if you were weightless.
As he held you up he started to push in and out of you at a blistering pace. You both moaned as it slowly went all the way in, he held you in place so you could again feel how well he filled you up.
“Does this feel good, am I being gentle enough for you?” He asked sweetly as he pressed a soft kiss into your forehead.
“Ah, yes, it feels so good. Please give me more, Lord Tengen.” You whispered sultry. A groan caught in his throat, he loved that name. But most of all he loved hearing your pretty little mouth say it. He obliged to your last request and had picked up the pace quite a bit. Sensing you were enjoying yourself he decided to become a bit rougher with you. His hands gripped your thigh and ass, squeezed tighter. His voice shuttered and stammered as he tried to sing your praises. Soon he was slamming into you, sending waves of warm water flying over the springs edge.
“You feel so fucking good...oh fuck, yes keep taking me so deep. I want to feel you cum around my cock. I want to hear you scream my name when you cum.” He shoved up into you violently. He had been waiting on this for so long and now he had it. He was going to unravel you just as he had intended.
“I’m gonna fuck you better than anyone ever will be able to. I’m going to fuck you so now your only thought is of me, and me only. Fuck, this is what you get for teasing for so long, do you think Kyojuro could fuck you like this, huh? How about Sanemi, could he make a slobbering mess from just his fingers? I know Tomioka could never send you over the edge like I can.” You moaned even harder as he rammed up into. His worry for hurting you disappeared, his fingers digging ever so harder into your soft skin.
“I want to hear you say it, say I’m the only one who could ever make you feel this.” His arms now wrapped around your torso, one hand cupping your breast and the other in between your legs. Now with the added stimulation a similar tension pulled in your stomach.
“Yes, yes, you are the only one who could make me feel this way, Lord Tengen, only you!” You screamed as he fucked you impossibly faster.
“Fuck, good girl. I love this side of you. You should be obedient more often.” He said he knew how much it was going to get you riled up.
“Fuck so close. Baby, is this what you want? You want me to fill you up?” His thrust became uneven. His breathing deeper. His moans are more ragged.
“Yes Tengen, please I want it deep inside, please!” You too were approaching your climax. His dick deep inside of you, his fingers flicking your clit so beautifully. It was so close, your muscles clenched in anticipation.
“First, first you have to cum for me. Cum on my dick, baby. Let me hear those pretty little moans.” He cooed into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. Although his rhythm was sloppy, he still thrusted into you. Desperate his and yours release.
He rubbed circles on your clit perfectly, not to rough and not too soft. He kneaded your breast in the other hand, at times giving your nipple a soft pinch. Soon your release came washing over you in a tide of intense ecstasy.
The way your body convulsed and trembled due to immense pleasure sent Tengen over the edge. In one final swift thrust he coated your walls in his cum. Filling you all the way so beautifully, he was reluctant to pull out.
Still gasping for air, your orgasm had been so intense you could hardly move. Tengen had since washed himself off and stepped out of the spring. When you came back to reality you looked to see that Tengen was dressed, his swords on his back.
“That was quite extravagant (y/n), but your endurance needs work. You are all out of energy, while I still have three more rounds left. You need practice but you’ll make a flashy lover with time. I’ll be back next week.” He turned and winked at you before taking his leave.
Quickly you was yourself as fast as you could. The boys probably worried about you at this point. Sending waves of water splashing out the sides, you dried yourself and threw your robe back on, hot footing it back to the house. Halfway back you stopped and saw that trickling down your thighs was Uzui’s juices. You wiped it off and tried to compose yourself the best you could.
Entering your house, you were met with three nervously smiling faces. Afraid of what they might have seen or heard you spoke up first.
“Y’all ok? You seem a little nervous.” You said cautiously, then almost immediately Zenitsu wrapped his arms around you,
“Oh (y/n)chan, are you ok? We are so sorry we let Uzui get past us! Did he see you? We are so terribly sorry!” He sobbed, his head shoved into your chest. You breathed a deep sigh of relief. They hadn’t seen you in such a compromising position.
“ZENITSU LET GO OF HER!” Yelled Tanjiro as he tried to rip Zenitsu off of you.
“Did Uzui really come by, I had no idea.” You lied quickly.
Once Tanjiro pried Zenitsu from your waist, and too much of Inosuke’s delight, you began to cook for you four. Relieved from the possibility that you might have gotten caught, you sat to enjoy your food till a troubling thought came to mind.
What exactly did Tengen plan to do when he arrived next week? Was this going to become a regular visit? Would he try to convince to marry him again? What if you liked the idea of being with him like that on a regular basis? Maybe the idea of getting married wasn’t such a bad one after all?
Tired of thinking you put up a bowl and went to check and see if the boys had settled in for the night. You slid the door back to see all of them in various positions fast asleep. Next to Tanjiro, sat Nezuko watching them. You smiled and waved, closing the door so they could get some rest. You all needed it after the day you had.
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highlev · 2 months ago
hey!!! I'm pretty new here, but I saw your post asking for asks and I was wondering if you could write some nsfw stuff with tengen and/or kyōjurō (kny) and a small!s/o (AFAB)? I hope you're having a good day and thank you even just for reading this!! <3<3
This took me too long to post. Thank you for requesting, and honestly, school has me drained. ++ Kyōjurō is the fave, but he's really hard for me to write for, so it's just Uzui. :( Enjoy!
tw: fem-bodied reader, penis in puss puss, unprotected sex, he's kinda "mean" cause it's lowkey canon, tummy bulge cause of his huge peen, mentions of crying, the word cum is used ofc, unproofed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Uzui gets off on the power trip of handling your small frame, and it makes him feel pride when he goes a bit harder on you than his other three wives.
Uzui takes the time to torture you by slowly pulling his shaft from your tight walls. He knows what he's doing, and he does it on purpose; just to see your chest heave up and down. It's just part of the reason why he does it.
Uzui also does it to see you twitch when his hips slam back into yours without a second thought. He does it to see your tiny hands reach for his forearms when he begins drilling into you, sometimes slipping all the way out just to bully his pretty mushroom tip back into your tight constriction.
Uzui mainly loves to see how well you take him; he trains his eyes on how your hole swallows him once again, but that's not all. He absolutely adores the way he can see his cock is so deep that he can see himself in your tummy. Just as he sees the swell of him being in you, his heart does the same, and he wants to see it the entire time he's in you.
Uzui doesn't care about you crying or your babbles of how he's too much. He ignores how you thrash around when he's going too deep; this only leads to him gripping onto your hips tighter and ramming into you even harder as a warning.
Uzui doesn't care how many times you cum; if he hasn't gotten his fill of seeing you an absolute mess for him, then, you're not done.
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