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#demon slayer x reader
astertataricvs · a year ago
Hug time! Pillars Edition
Tumblr media
This is 500 followers special so I hope you all like it!! Thank you so much for supporting me I love you all! ❣️❣️❣️
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s been a while since you and your significant other spent your time together. Being a demon hunter was really an arduous and a busy profession, specifically that you were always sent on a mission by Oyakata-sama. Your lover also has his/her own mission to accomplish so you’re doing your job in separate ways. And now that Oyakata-sama had given you all the privilege to have a day off, you didn’t think twice to visit them in their households and asked them to give you a hug because you’ve been missing their warmth and touch.
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
Walking through inside his house and saw Giyuu in the yard; training himself again despite that it’s your off today. To be honest, it didn’t surprise you anymore because Giyuu has invariably been like that. Although you already told him to make himself unwind even just for a day, the stubborn ravenette didn’t take your words and do what he pleases.
You can’t do anything about it for your efforts of scolding him was all in vain. So being his lover; you just supported him and would frequently make him some tea and cook his favourite dish for him to relax his stiff self and reward his hard work.
You instantly evoke a soft sigh and trudges towards your Water pillar boyfriend.
Giyuu is a very cautious man and very vigilant, therefore it didn’t take a second for your boyfriend to discern your presence and look towards your way. Once his eyes settled over your figure, he shortly stopped from his training and simply observe you.
“Hey, how are you doing?” You asked him while stepping closer to the Water pillar.
“As usual,” he said flatly which causes you to evoke a light chortle and paused when you’re now in front of your gorgeous man.
“Giyuu, can you give me a hug?”
Your sudden question causes Giyuu to flinch a bit and stared at you with a dumbfounded look. He didn’t expect that it will be your first question to him after a week of not seeing each other.
To be honest, Giyuu surely misses you a lot, he misses your hugs and kisses that made him feel tingly inside, he misses that kind of feeling that you’re the only one who could make him feel that way. Although he couldn’t tell it to you through words, he was expressing it with his discreet actions and will return your affections albeit that he’s being coy about it.
Giyuu gazed at you with a heartwarming smile writhed on your face. The Water pillar pondered your words and roam his eyes to elsewhere but you. His right hand found it’s way to the back of his neck and scratched it before taking a side glance at you.
For a few moments, Giyuu slowly spreads his arms, not looking straight into your eyes. Seeing him with wide arms open, you scrutinizingly gazed at your boyfriend while tilting your head to the side. Giyuu only glanced at you from the corner of his eyes and momentarily, nodded.
Catching what he was betokening, your eyes eventually shimmered and joyfully run to him, launching at him with a hug.
“Why don’t you just tell it to me directly that you’ll hug me?” You lift your chin and look at him since he’s taller than you, of course.
“Hmm.” Was he only said and thus, you feel his arms gradually envelops your small body and sweeps your hair from behind.
You nuzzle your face into his chest and clutched his back before letting out a giggle.
“I missed you, Giyuu.” The said man was still brushing your hair then hummed.
“I missed you too, (Name)…”
Thank God that he now spoke to you.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
You were prancing all the way to your husband’s dojo. You really missed him so much and this week that you were too occupied in your business, you immediately run towards Gyomei’s household and couldn’t reduce the smile spreading on your face.
Once you were now in front of the dojo, you peek your head at the door and see the Stone pillar, sitting on his knees while his hands were clasped as usual. Gyomei was meditating and you don’t want to disturb him since you knew how he’s so well concentrated while doing those invocations. He was raised by a monk after all.
When Gyomei gradually flutters his eyes open, he swiftly snapped his head to you causing you to jump a bit and place your hand on your chest where your heart was located at.
“(Name)?” The baritone voice of your husband makes your stomach churn since you missed him so much and you yearned for his affections that you haven’t got for a week.
“Hey there.”
Stepping inside the dojo, the light treads that you execute were resounding throughout the room due to how tranquil the surrounding is. Gyomei rises up to his feet and faces you whose now a meter away from him.
“Gyomei, can you give me a hug?” You suddenly asked that took him by surprise.
Although your husband was a blind man, he can sense the heart-melting smile you were bequeathing him and how he likes the melodious tone of your voice that he wouldn’t get tired of listening to it.
It feels like an eternity from not hearing your faint and calm voice due to your missions lately. He’s not going to lie and he will voluntarily admit it; he misses you a lot and he just wanted to spend time with you in this day off that Oyakata-sama had given everyone.
Tears began to pour out from his eyes like a waterfall, seeing how your husband cry, you slowly saunter to him and swiftly take his large hands with your small ones.
“You’re such a big baby, Gyomei, but I love you either way,” you said then tug his hand. The Stone pillar briskly settled his arms on your waist and lifts you up so you two were in the same height.
He’s completely aware how towering his height was and you being a little one. Your height has a huge difference to him considering that he’s 2 meters tall and you’re just (height).
“I missed you, (Name).”
Gyomei didn’t take a second to pull you towards him and give you a bear hug. His arms were around your waist while yours were around his torso. You snuggled your face into his chest and pat his back.
“I missed you too, my love.”
Retracting your hands from his torso, you travelled your hands all the way to his jowls and rub the tears away that was traversing on Gyomei’s face.
“I love you,” you genuinely said before giving him a peck on the lips. A smile appeared on Gyomei’s lips and copy your action by kissing you as well.
“I love you too.”
Such an adorable man.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
“Senjurou, where’s your brother?” You instantly asked once you step inside the household of your Flame pillar boyfriend.
“He’s at the backyard, he’s waiting for your arrival,” he answers, giving him a nod then grinned.
Walking towards their backyard, you immediately recognised the broad back of Kyojuro, standing remotely from you while sipping his tea. You shake your head in an entranced manner and amble towards him, closing the distance you have.
Kyojuro heard footsteps behind him and he briskly spins his body to see you wearing the elegant kimono that he surely loves to see you wearing it.
“(Name)!” Kyojuro enthused as he put his cup of tea on the wooden floor of the house and motioned you to come closer to him. Bestowing him a wide smile, you march towards him and hop from the wooden floor of their house.
Seeing Kyojuro’s warm smile that mirrors the bright and enthusiastic sun of the day, you couldn’t help but miss your boyfriend a lot since it’s been a week since you have last seen him due to your jobs as a demon hunter. He had no idea how you want to feel his muscular arms wrapped around you and feel the warmth of the Flame pillar once again.
Kyojuro also feels the same way, he was yearning for your hugs and kisses that he wasn’t able to receive for the whole week. He’s not used from not feeling your warmth against him and cuddle with you when the day had come to its end.
Therefore, he was really rapturous that you visited him in his household since when he tried to visit you at your house, your tsugukos were gonna answer him that you haven’t returned yet. That’s why he waited for your arrival and planned that he will visit you tomorrow but that was suspended when you suddenly visited him in his home.
“I missed you, (Name)!” He said in a booming voice which causes you to snicker.
“Kyojuro, can you give me a hug?”
The golden-eyed boy’s eyes widen a bit and lips hang slightly while intently staring at you. He studied your face whose presenting him a kindhearted smile that he wouldn’t get bored of seeing it. A few moments of gawking at you, Kyojuro let out a hearty laugh before spreading his arms wide, indicating that you’re very welcome to hug him and he absolutely wants it too.
“Why are you still asking my permission? I’m still going to hug you nevertheless and I miss your warmth, (Name).”
Kyojuro flashes you his heart-melting smile and that didn’t take you a while to dash and run into his arms. Your boyfriend merely chuckled at your cute endeavour. The Flame pillar settled his big hands on your waistline and speedily spins you around that causes you to yelp in surprise but you giggled anyway.
“I love you, my sunshine,” he says and kisses your forehead.
“You’re the sunshine here, dummy. I love you too, Kyojuro.”
Once again, you were blinded because of Kyojuro’s incandescent grin.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
Heading to the household of the Love pillar, you were holding a bunch of sweets for your girlfriend since you knew very well how Mitsuri likes to devour sugary stuffs. Also, you miss the girl’s verboseness and your week felt so incomplete without feeling the tight hugs and surprise kisses of Mitsuri.
Now that everyone had an off from your profession and a day without confronting a demon, you instantly went to her house since you’ve been aching to see the Love pillar.
When you stepped inside her house, you feel abundant footsteps coming towards your way and you immediately snapped your head to Mitsuri’s garden, only to find her rushing towards you
“(Name)!” She cheered and before you can even say anything, she suddenly tackles you with a hug that causes you to lose your balance since Mitsuri certainly caught you off guard and you didn’t even have the time to prepare yourself.
You both fall onto the ground while your girlfriend is still hugging you ever so tightly and snuggling her face into your chest.
“I missed you, (Name)! You don’t know how I’ve been aching to see you and I feel so incomplete within that week!” She whined and throw her hands around your neck to embrace you.
“I missed you too, Mitsuri but… can you get off for a bit since my butt cheeks are hurting,” you said politely and the adorable girl immediately complied you and give you a hand to haul you from your position.
“I’m so sorry! I just really missed you a lot!”
“It’s fine, I’m just surprised at your sudden greeting.” You give her a sweet smile and ruffled her hair. “I missed you so much, so can you give me a hug once again?”
Mitsuri’s face brightened up upon hearing your remark and without wasting any second, your girlfriend leapt in joy and gladly wrapped her arms around your torso thus buried her face into the crook of your neck.
You grinned at how charming Mitsuri was, well actually, she really is cute and you couldn’t help but feel the tingly sensation within your body because Mitsuri really gives you life and lifting up your mood. Although sometimes she’s becoming moody, you still love her either way and the last thing you wanted to do is to hurt her.
You’re completely aware of how fragile Mitsuri is despite that she’s physically strong. She’s just like any other girls who can easily get vulnerable. That’s why you will protect this girl in your arms even if she’s a pillar herself.
“I love you, Mitsuri and I will protect you, I promise you that.” You give her a kiss on the top of her head and the Love pillar lifts her chin to look at you then momentarily, she gives you a chaste kiss on the lips that surprised you.
“I love you too, (Name). Don’t say that you’re the only one who’s gonna protect me because… I’ll also protect you!”
This girl never ceases to make your heart pound erratically.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
You were trying to find your Mist pillar boyfriend in his house, it’s been 15 minutes that’s passed and you still haven’t seen Muichiro. Your legs were aching because of wandering around just to find the small boy, you even brought some meals with you because you wanted to eat breakfast with him.
Also, you knew that Muichiro isn’t going to eat if you haven’t brought anything and he doesn’t want to eat anything else besides your cooking. That’s why you were always cooking for his breakfast, lunch and dinner, you don’t mind cooking for Muichiro since you really love to cook.
Exhaustion dawns upon you and you decided to take a break from finding your boyfriend. Sitting on the cozy couch, you heard the door being opened which you immediately whip your head to glance at the person. Your eyes spotted the boy you have been looking for almost 20 minutes.
“(Name)?” Muichiro drawls and ambles towards you.
“Hey, where have you been? I’m looking for you.”
“I went to Himejima-san’s dojo, I asked him when are we going to train again,” he flatly responded while looking over you with a plastic bag placed beside you.
“Is that your cooking?”
You nodded your head, “Yup, as usual!”
The corner of his lips tug upwards and instantly, he rests his soft hand on your head, lightly ruffling it.
Honestly, Muichiro would admit that he really missed your presence for the whole week. His mind would always drift to you and wonder what you were doing in those days that you two have been separated. Although you were a powerful demon hunter, he would be lying if he says that he wasn’t troubled about your wellbeing.
In that week he didn’t see you or just feel your touch, it felt like torture for him not to take a glimpse at your beautiful face. Now that you’re in front of him, healthy and not injured, the restlessness he felt has already dissolved and changed into relief.
“Muichiro, can you give me a hug?”
He was taken aback by your question and only stared at you with a surprised look. You only give him a bright smile and Muichiro felt his face flame up because of your sudden question. You aren’t the type of girl who would suggest those things out of the blue because you were always surprising him with your hugs and kisses. You were constantly the one who would initiate things and not him.
So when you asked him that, he doesn’t know how he will react and just remain glued on his spot while gazing at you.
“It’s okay if you don’t want–”
Muichiro didn’t finish your sentence by sitting beside you and swiftly encircled his arms around your waist, pulling you into him.
You could have sworn you notice his ears were a bit red and feel Muichiro hid his face into your chest. The hug of your Mist pillar boyfriend was so tight as if he was a possessive man that he won’t let go of his girlfriend forever.
Softly chuckling, you pat his head and stroke his back to soothe your lover.
“I missed you, Muichiro…” you muttered and Muichiro nodded his head.
“I missed you too…” he shifts his body and rears his head to give you a peck on the lips. Muichiro’s face erupted in flames and swiftly buried his face into the crook of your neck because of embarrassment.
Ahh, you just wanted to crush him with a hug, he so adorable.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
When you stepped inside his house, of course, you didn’t immediately see him since you knew your boyfriend likes to rest on the tree branches. That’s why you head towards the backyard of his house and searched for him outside.
Upon arriving, you instantly spotted his white snake crawling towards your way and you crouched down to slither itself to your arm and encircled around your neck. This snake of your boyfriend was really enamoured of you and he would spontaneously know that you’re the one visiting his owner because he can smell your scent shedding around the house.
“You’re so sweet, Kaburamaru, by the way where is Obanai?” You asked.
The little white snake darted his eyes in front of you which you took the hint that his master was again resting on the tree branch and getting cozy up there. You promptly walk towards the backyard of his house and once your feet reached the ground; your eyes caught your boyfriend’s body laying on the three-dimensional and long tree branch.
Your soft-spoken voice rang in his ears which he instantly shifts his body to gaze at you whose only underneath him. You looked at him with longingness and fondness as you beamed him the smile that makes his heart pulsate capriciously against his chest.
Shortly, the snake boy hops from the tree branch to confront you. Iguro has certainly been irked lately because of the demons that were trying to slip away from one of his missions, but either way, he slaughtered them with more concise effort and he wants to end it so bad so that he can go cuddle with you and receive the kisses that he is craving for.
Although Iguro was a pitiless pillar just like Sanemi, you are cognizant that he’s an affectionate boy inside and he’s only going to show it to you and no one else’s.
You are the woman that he cherishes a lot and the only one that he will ever love.
“Obanai, can you give me a hug?”
Iguro was a bit startled at your statement. It took him a while to comprehend your words and he can feel the blood hastening to his face. The white snake of his merely snuggled its head on your cheek and wrapped its tail around your neck. Iguro can witness how his pet was becoming more clingy to you.
This irritates him, specifically that he can feel his own pet was trying to provoke him and make him feel jealous. Just by seeing how Kaburamaru’s head nudging your cheek, his blood was starting to bubble and flash him a death glare.
“(Name), come here.” He motioned his hand in a ‘come here’ gesture which you voluntarily comply with your boyfriend.
Briskly, he suddenly throws his own pet haphazardly on the ground that really surprised you and feels his arms covers your waist before pulling you to him.
You worriedly glance at his poor snake who was now maliciously scowling at him. Suddenly, you let out a laugh because of the two partners that were sharing a glare. Obanai was baffled to why you’re laughing out of nowhere, is something funny?
“You two are so adorable!” You squished his covered cheeks with a bandage around the half of his face.
“I love you, Obanai!” You squealed and give him a tight hug.
The snake breath user merely widens his eyes but returns your hug nonetheless.
“I love you too, (Name).”
This boy is so soft and can easily get jealous over something petty.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Stepping inside the house of the Wind pillar, complexity starts to wave your mind once you behold how withdrawn the ambience inside. Because every time you visit him in his residence, you could hear the vociferous sound greeting you at the end of the hallway then Sanemi will welcome you with an irk mark present on his forehead.
You just returned from your last mission and after you took a bath from your flat, you hurriedly went to visit your boyfriend in his home since you surely missed him a lot. Despite that he’s always nagging you and sometimes would throw profanities– well let’s say oftentimes, you can still recognise the passion and fondness in his eyes whenever your eyes met.
And now that you’re inside, you decided to search for him in the living room since he’s always staying there, polishing his sword. When you arrived at the room, your eyes landed on Sanemi’s figure taking a nap on the couch.
Seeing him composedly sleeping, you can’t help but grin at the man you love and quietly saunter towards him.
Sanemi looks so gentle and serene when he’s sleeping. Truthfully speaking, your Wind pillar boyfriend is a soft boy, he just doesn’t want to show his vulnerability in the public since they might take advantage of his soft side. You’re the only one who confided his past with and to why he’s becoming a bitch to his brother.
You understood his side, you didn’t leave him and just let him do whatever he wants but there are instances that you’re going to scold him because of his vicious personality. Although this boyfriend of yours is sometimes a douchebag, you still love him with all your heart.
You softly poke his cheek and you heard him grunt under his breath. Smiling at your adorable boyfriend, a few moments of gawking at him, you suddenly let out a girly shriek when Sanemi swiftly seized your wrist and pulled you on top of him with half-lidded eyes.
Oh shoot, you forgot. Sanemi is a light sleeper!
“What do you think you are doing?” He asked you in a reeling voice then rests his arms on your back.
You push his chest so you can perfectly see the view of your boyfriend’s handsome features. “I’m not doing anything, just poking your cheek because you’re cute when you’re sleeping. It’s rare to find you in that appearance, it’s a sight to behold!”
Sanemi rolled his eyes, “I’m not cute, (Name).”
“Pfft, well, I’m not going to differ that, you’re sometimes cute but most of the times you are not–”
You didn’t have the chance to finish your sentence when Sanemi suddenly cuts you off from your speech by placing his big hand on the back of your head, pulling your face closer to him and smashes his lips onto your soft one’s.
The kiss was heated and full of passion, Sanemi gripped your waist ever so tightly that causes you to let out a repressed moan and the Wind pillar took the opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth and explored your wet cavern.
You extort a yelp due to shock and struggle for dominance. A few seconds of kissing each other, Sanemi pulls away with a string of saliva connected to your lips and flashes you a complacent sneer.
“That’s the only way to shut your loquacious mouth, (Name). I don’t want to deal with your shits right now, I’m fucking tired.”
Sanemi hugs your waist causing you to collapse on his muscular chest and put his other hand on your head, resting his cheeks against it.
“I know that you’re going to ask for a hug so I’m doing your favour right now. Let me sleep will you?”
Letting out a hearty laugh, you solely nodded your head and rest your head on his scarred chest, closing your eyes to sleep with Sanemi.
“I love you, you dork.”
Sanemi takes a glance at you. He will not ever admit to your face that he misses your presence and the warmth that he was searching for from the whole week he’s been busy with his mission. Honestly speaking, he was beyond pissed at the demons and he didn’t show any signs of mercy just like the usual way he does. But in within the week that he hadn’t seen your face, it only kindled his rage and he wants to embrace you with his arms and feel the kisses that he wants to receive from you.
Chessy or not, he felt so pacific and the security he lacks whenever you’re hugging his tense body and trace small kisses on the scars of his face. His corrupt day and anger would instantly dwindle every time he takes a glimpse of your gorgeous face and feels your touch.
And he won’t admit that to you because he’s fully aware that you’re only going to tease him and use that to your own advantage.
“Yeah, whatever, love you too.” He says and stroke your back with care.
You seriously love this man to bits.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
Once you arrived at the Butterfly estate where your girlfriend was, you directly asked Aoi where Shinobu was because you wanted to visit her and see the love of your life after the week of not seeing each other. The girl informed you that she’s in her room doing some medicines for the wounded and injured demon hunters.
So without further ado, you quickly guided your feet towards her room to cuddle with the Insect pillar. You really missed her so much and you couldn’t wait to see her gorgeous face that you absolutely adore.
Upon arriving in her room, you see her back facing at you while doing something on her desk. You take a knock to notify her that you’re inside and Shinobu gradually peers over her shoulder to look at you with a smile plastered on your face.
You witnessed how your girlfriend eyes lits up and quickly stands up from her seat to face you.
“It’s been a while, (Name). How’s your mission, are you doing well?” She inquires to which you only nodded your head in response.
“Well, I’m doing fine… how about you?”
“I’m doing great, I’m trying to make some medicine for the injured demon hunters from their previous battles.”
Shinobu takes a side step and showed you the medicines that she was constructing. You beam at her since you undoubtedly admire how Shinobu knows a lot of medicine, she’s the one who was always tending your injuries and taking care of you. That’s why you couldn’t help but fall in love with her because she’s really sweet.
Although she’s giving off a friendly vibe, you knew how frightening the Insect pillar was when she gets angry. You really don’t want to mess with her and you wouldn’t dare to make her mad or you’re going to get killed. She might add some poison to your meals and you’re very much aware of what Shinobu was capable of.
“Shinobu… err… can you give me a hug?” You bashfully asked while looking away, avoiding eye contact with her.
Shinobu was surprised yet amazed at your bluntness. She only watched you getting nervous and how you scratched the back of your head. The Insect pillar couldn’t help but evoke a wee chuckle.
“Do you really miss me that much?” Shinobu’s smile was full of mischief and you will not miss that because you know that tone of her when she’s trying to taunt someone.
Of course, you’re not an exemption, you recollect the day where you confessed your love to her and after that ominous date, she started to tease you about it and took the advantage of your declaration by including that in your arguments whenever you’re trying to retaliate. And that is enough reason to stop you from blabbering and become speechless so you couldn’t counter back anymore.
Shinobu is a cute girl but… you really wouldn’t want to mess with her.
“If you don’t want to I-I’m going to head back home!”
You turn your heels to face your back at her. When you’re about to leave her room, you suddenly felt arms wrap around your waist and feel the warmth of Shinobu’s body at your back.
“I’m just teasing you,” she giggled and your face began to fume in shame.
Shinobu nestled her face into your back and tightens her hug to you. “I missed you, (Name)…”
The sweet and calm voice of your girlfriend resonates in your ears. The feeling of your heated face has finally waned and spin your body to face the Insect pillar. Shinobu lifts her chin to look at you straight in the eyes and you bequeath her a sweet smile.
“I missed you too… I love you.”
Patting her head, Shinobu’s lips began to curl and cupped your cheeks with her small and delicate hands. She starts to tiptoe and give you a chaste kiss on the lips.
“I love you too, (Name).”
This girl is such a tease, you swear.
Tumblr media
Currently, you’re walking back to your home where the three wives and Uzui was. It’s been a week since you were sent on a mission, same goes for the Sound pillar. Although you’re one of the wives that he has, he still allowed you from becoming a demon hunter just like him despite at first he instantaneously opposed to your idea.
He was scolding you for being stubborn and constantly defying his orders. You knew very well why he was frequently nagging you because he’s just worried about your wellbeing and you are his wife! Of course, he’s overprotective of you. He just doesn’t want anything adverse to befall on you and he doesn’t want you to take a risky job that can take your life in just a flash.
Even the three girls were worried for you and would always welcome you with arms wide open when you’re returning from your mission.
As you went to the garden, your eyes spotted the three girls doing chores and Uzui wearing his yukata with a tea beside him. His hair was down and you can see the gorgeousness of your significant other. Although you love him with all your might and he’s incredibly handsome, you don’t want to admit but, you prefer Uzui wearing a yukata and his hair being free from his headwrap. He looks gorgeous and you’re not going to lie.
“Hey, I’m back!” You chirped which grabbed the attention of the four.
They quickly turned their heads to you and the three girls rapidly march towards your way to welcome you with a tight embrace. Their faces were contorted with worry, of course, they should be since you’ve been absent for a week!
“We missed you, (Name)!” They all chorused and extract a giggle.
“I missed you all!”
The three girls surrounded you and hugged you like it’s the end of the world. On the other hands, Uzui quietly walks towards you with a frown visible on his visage.
All of you stopped giggling once you sense the presence of the tall and brawny man towering over you. The Sound pillar just scrutinize you with a grimace and crossed arms.
“Well, hello there, Tengen…” you meekly greeted and you feel like you shrunk on your spot because of the intimidating aura that Uzui yields.
Feeling the cold sweats setting on your head, you separate your lips to speak but no words slipped out from your mouth. You swallowed a handful of saliva and peek through your lashes to sight the frightening man.
“I see, you just returned.” His voice was firm and you can sense the tense atmosphere around despite the sun was giving off a friendly and welcoming vibe and the gust of the wind flowing through your bodies.
You were interrupted from vocalising when Uzui swiftly engulfs you with an embrace and buried you into his chest. His left arm was wrapped around your middle while his right hand were placed at the back of your head. You can smell the citrus scent of your lover through the fabric of his yukata.
You thought that Uzui will scold you because you bugged him too much but that was the actual opposite of what you had expected.
“I missed you…” he murmured, still hugging you tight.
It’s a shame that you couldn’t ask him to give you a hug because he already did it and astonished you. Uzui’s voice was blatantly soft and full of tenderness, you weren’t used to him being soft-spoken because you had known him as an obnoxious man.
“I missed you too.”
You pat his back and Uzui pulled away to face his other three wives behind him.
Momentarily, his long and muscular arms envelop you four and give you a tight embrace. The four of you steal glances to each other and then giggled at the inestimable moment you have.
“I love you, my wives,” he announced and give you all a soft kiss on the forehead.
All of you blushed in sync and avoided eye contact with the Sound pillar. Uzui let out a boisterous laugh upon witnessing your flushed faces.
“You all are cute,” he purred before engulfing you with his well-built arms.
Uzui sure is a loving man that you could ever ask for.
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my-dating-academia · a year ago
Kimetsu No Yaiba Drabbles
Gifs arent mine. Also I will get to other characters, but I really like these fellas.
Inosuke Hashibira:
"I'll protect you."
Tumblr media
Your body was picked up and slammed against a distant tree as if you were nothing. You felt your breath leave your lungs as you knew something was broke. Thankfully, you still had a death grip on the sword.
Blood dripped down your lips as you coughed. You had to get up and fight that stupid demon. You could've defeated it, but you weren't paying attention and allowed the demon to sling your body.
You shouldn't have split up from the squad, but damn it all if you didn't want to challenge Insouke on how many demons you got!
You saw the ugly figure of the demon and you hesitantly stood up. You held the sword tightly and charged but as you got closer to the demon, you realized you underestimated it.
Before you had time to even think of what breath to use, the demon ran fast toward you and grabbed your neck and disarmed you with the other. The demon tightened its grip, and you scratched and tried to pry its hands off.
Just when you saw blots of white, you heard a squeal and saw Insouke come down from dropping off a tree and sliced the demon's arm off.
You breathed graciously as you landed on the ground and tried to compose yourself.
"S/o," Inosuke said, not mispronouncing your name. "I'll protect you!"
You smirked lopsided at Inosuke as your body stayed glued to the ground.
Inosuke fumed under his mask at your smile and blushed furiously, "But you owe me one, hear that?!"
Zenitsu Agatsuma:
"Kiss me again."
Tumblr media
"Y/n, please marry me! We don't have much time left and the others aren't here! We can elope together!!"
"Zenitsu are you even looking for it?" You huffed and turned to the other side so he wouldn't see your growing blush.
Well, you did kinda get yourself into the situation. He lost haori last night in the woods, so he asked you to help him find it. And since he was your crush, you said yes.
"You're not answering my question..!" He persisted as he scooted closer. You looked over and saw his puppy dog eyes and you felt your heart yearn. You blushed brightly before turning your head again.
"Oh? Y/n? Was that a blush...?" Zenitsu said happily.
You wiped your head to deny his claim, but since he was so close you accidentally grazed lips against his. Your face heated and you backed up. You covered your mouth and felt thoughts race. Did you regret it or not? What if he liked someone else more and was in a fit of desperation?
Zenitsu face was pink and a goofy smile was plastered wide. He sighed happily before saying "Please, Y/n..." He looked into your eyes softly, pupils wide. "Kiss me again."
You looked down and thought "Well, crap..." In a sudden fit to finally release your feelings for him you decided.
You grasped his shoulders softly and pressed your lips against his before releasing, but it wasn't enough as he pulled you back into the kiss again.
It was soft and pure, and you melted against him. When you both backed up to catch a breath he asked, all too happy, "So is that a yes?"
Tanjirou Kamado:
"I won't forget this moment."
Tumblr media
You petted Tanjirou's head as it was laid upon your lap. You pulled the blanket over him more. He needed the rest bad. He finally got a quiet moment. You grazed your fingers delicately across his cheeks. You hummed happily.
He then softly grasped your hand and kissed it. He pressed your hand against his face and sighed happily. "Thank you, s/o."
You nodded, "No need, you deserve it." You brushed your free hand against his hair, twisting it and curling it. He closed his eyes and breathed lightly, his chest rising and falling in rhythm. You felt hypnotized by the peacefulness and felt your eyelids grow heavy and you closed them, sitting upright still.
When you awoke again, it was in the middle of the might and you were tucked away peacefully in from futon, Tanjirou at your side. Even if he was tired and injured, he still was so caring.
You shuffled a bit to get more comfortable and to face him, which awoke Tanjirou.
"Sorry, just go back to sleep, sweetie." You said quietly. He saw your face in the dimly from the light inside(which needed to be refilled soon). He pressed a hand on your cheek and leaned his forehead against yours.
"I won't forget this moment." He spoke lowly. "You make me so happy..." He retrieved his hand and grabbed your hand instead and drifted back off to sleep.
You felt your heart swell and closed your eyes again. He has no idea how happy he makes you.
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metoo-desu · a year ago
Tumblr media
that’s it. that’s the title above. i didn’t upload the wrong pic.
Inosuke x Brown-eyed Fem!Reader Oneshot
Inosuke was going in and out consciousness the whole time during the clean up of Mt. Natagumo. When the kakushi brought him down from the tree, that’s when he began to hear the conversations around him and the hurried footsteps of strangers. 
“—gentle on him, please.”
He heard a girl’s voice next to him, feeling her gentle hands tending to his wounds— cleaning his cuts with some type of ointment that left a stinging sensation. The boy was too tuckered out from the fight to even move, and his throat hurt too much to talk. If he had been in a slightly less serious condition, Inosuke would have yelled and hit whoever laid their hands on him. As if he needs help from others, he’s strong! Broken bones and deep cuts won’t make him less of it!
But after failing to kill that spider demon, he doesn’t think so anymore. 
The girl ordered someone to fetch medicine before turning to her attention back to him. He could feel her hands reach up for the mask hesitantly. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to remove it. I’ll put it back on after you drink some of this, okay?” 
Her voice was as gentle as her hands, making him feel warm from the inside. She reminded him of that old woman from the wisteria place. She made him feel at ease and surrender under her care. He kinda hated it actually. 
The cold air suddenly hit his face as soon as his mask was removed, the darkness from beneath it was replaced by the light peaking through the trees as dawn came. It hurt his eyes, his vision blurry from extreme exhaustion as it slowly came upon him. 
“Woah.” Inosuke’s voice guttural and low. He was in shock what he saw before him. 
“Wow.” He barely heard the girl say under her breath.
Though it was just one word, his throat hurt like hell, causing him to go into a bloody coughing fit. The girl panicked, quickly removing the cork from a bottle she was recently given and bringing it to his lips. 
She urged him to drink, “Drink this, it’ll take the pain away.” 
Inosuke couldn’t help but look at her eyes as he drank. They were just so damn pretty. As blurry as his vision was, they were clear as day to him. And they were the last thing he saw before he fell out of consciousness. 
When Inosuke woke, he found himself in bed and under a different girl’s care. He was disappointed, and even more so when he was stuck with hearing Zenitsu’s cries and complaints for who knows how long. 
All that he could think of was that girl’s eyes. So as soon as he was all better, he ran around the Butterfly Estate and bothered everyone about the identity of the girl he saw. No one could help him with the information he provided of the girl. As much as they wanted to, only for him to stop causing so much ruckus around the mansion, they just couldn’t. Because honestly, how could they?
He grabbed hold of Zenitsu’s shoulders and shook him violently as he screamed out in frustration. “How can you not know her? You can’t miss those eyes!”
“I don’t know what you mean by that, man!” The poor blond cried, begging Tanjiro to help him out. 
The burgundy-haired placed a hand on masked boy’s arm and asked, “Can you describe her again, Inosuke? You said she was a demon slayer?”
Tanjiro’s only seen kakushi running around the estate, and the female demon slayers he’s seen around didn’t really match the description Inosuke said before. 
“And you said..?” Tanjiro trailed off. 
Inosuke yelled, “Her eyes were the color of small potatoes!”
Frustrated with the only information they were given, Zenitsu screamed. “What makes you think we can find the girl with that description?! What the hell do you mean by small potatoes?!”
“To be honest with you, Inosuke. I don’t think we can help you with that information. Plus, potatoes come in a variety of colors.” Tanjiro laughed lightly, scratching the back of his head. 
The trio ended up in the Butterfly Estates’ kitchen, rummaging through a basket and laying out just four different types of colored potatoes— dark purple, red, brown, and tan. The two who had no clue stood in silence, waiting for Inosuke to pick out which of the potatoes match the color of the mystery girl’s eyes. 
Tanjiro spoke, “This isn’t all of the colors potatoes come in, but this is all they have.”
Inosuke placed a hand on his chin and thought long and hard before grabbing the brown potato and literally shoved it in Zenitsu’s face. “This one! Not close, but it’s this kind of potato!” 
“You don’t gotta shove it in my face, you pig! That hurts!”
“So brown, huh?”
With that new information, the two boys took note and would try to find the demon slayer whose eyes were the color of small brown potatoes as they went on with their days. They don’t know why Inosuke was so interested in this girl, but they wanted to help their friend out. 
Then Tanjiro’s extra training with Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi came along, the three girls cheering him on to break the largest and final gourd of his training. The girl’s’ cheers caught a passerby’s attention, making them come over to see what’s going outside of the engawa. 
“What’s happening, girls?” 
A girl in a colorful and jewel-embellished haori approached the trio, eyeing Tanjiro curiously who was too busy and focused to notice her presence. They explained that he was among the demon slayers from Mt. Natagumo now going through Shinobu’s rehabilitation training. 
“We’re helping Tanjiro out with some extra training, y/n!” Kiyo explained. 
Y/n grimaced at the mention of rehabilitation training as she also had to undergo through it recently after a rough mission with the Sound Pillar. The fact that the boy still wanted to train more right after that piqued her interest, joining the girls. They all watched Tanjiro as he blew into the gourd with his all his strength, celebrating when it finally bursted.
“I did it! I broke the gourd!” The boy happily shouted. “I did it!”
The trio gathered around him, cheering and praising him before they introduced y/n. Tanjiro turned his head to the girl who stood to the side with a smile on her face. 
Then he noticed her eyes. 
Now he knew what Inosuke meant when he said no one could miss it if they had stared into them. Long lashes framed their eyes and curled outwards, a purple dot under each eye accentuated the golden-brown color of her orbs. 
“You’re the small potatoes!” Tanjiro gasped.
Y/n cocked her head to the side, quite confused of what he just said. “Small..potatoes?”
“Y/n is the Sound Tsuguko!” Naho quick to correct Tanjiro. “Please respect her and don’t call her names such as small potatoes!”
The h/c-haired girl waved it off and laughed, “Please, I’ve only recently became one. I don’t need to be treated with that much respect. If anything, Tanjiro has all of my respect with what I’ve been hearing from everyone.” 
Tanjiro bowed, “It’s really nice to meet you, y/n! But please! I want you to introduce you to a friend of mine!”
Sumi soon realized what Tanjiro meant when he called her small potatoes, remembering how the boar-headed boy kept bothering everyone in the Butterfly Estate to look for the girl whose eyes were the color of small potatoes. “Oh my! Yes! Someone has been wanting to meet you, but you’ve been so busy with missions, we couldn’t really find you!” 
“Not really. We couldn’t have found her with just small potatoes as the description,” Kiyo mumbled, finding out y/n was who Inosuke was looking for the whole time. 
Y/n crossed her arms and pouted, “Do I look like small potatoes to this person? I’m quite offended, I’ve been taught to look as flamboyant as Tengen.”
“No! You don’t!” All four of them exclaimed. 
*·゜゚·*:.。..。.:*·'(*゚▽゚*)'·*:.。. .。.:*·゜゚·*
Inosuke and Zenitsu returned from their hiding place before dusk, walking through the halls of the mansion and to the engawa where their dinner was prepared. Tanjiro had already settled himself in front of his tray, waiting for his friends to come so they can start dinner. 
“Who’s eating with us?” Zenitsu asked, noticing that there were four trays in all. He sat himself next to Tanjiro. 
Inosuke sat across from his burgundy-haired friend, digging into his food already. “Whatever, if they don’t come, I’m taking their tempura!” But he didn’t wait, stealing one shrimp tempura and placing it on his plate, saving it for last. 
“Y/n will be here soon! And put that back, Inosuke. She just came back from a mission, I’m sure she’s starved.” 
Right as he mentioned her, the shoji slid slowly open with y/n’s back facing them. The boys heard Shinobu’s voice in the background, telling the incoming visitor to discuss the information about the mission later after dinner. 
“Okay, I will!” 
Inosuke’s head quickly turned to the sound of the familiar voice. He didn’t remember the color of hair or the design of her haori, so it didn’t help just seeing her back. He need her to turn around. 
“Just sit tight and wait for Tengen, okay?” They heard Shinobu say. 
“Yeah, he’ll definitely need me on this one.”
“You go on and eat dinner with Tanjiro and the others!” 
Then y/n turned and greeted her new friend as she walked over to them before saying hello to Zenitsu and then to Inosuke, who she remembered tending to his wounds back in Mt. Natagumo. 
She gasped, “Oh my god! It’s the pretty boy!”
Zenitsu choked on his rice and nudged the boy next him when he saw her eyes, “Her eyes, Tanjiro! They’re small potatoes!”
“Small potatoes again? I don’t know what you all mean by that,” y/n giggled. Turning to Inosuke, she asked, “Is this your doing?” 
This whole time, Inosuke had been staring at her. He only remembered her eyes, and now that he’s actually seeing her with clear vision, he was mesmerized. 
Seeing that he was speechless, y/n furrowed her brows and frowned. “Has your throat not healed up yet? Is that why you can’t talk?”
“Would you look at that,” Zenitsu snickered, earning himself a glare from the green-eyed boy. 
Flustered, Inosuke picked up his chopsticks and returned the shrimp tempura he stole from her tray and yelled, “Shut up and eat already! You’re making me feel all giddy!”
Y/n blinked at him and smiled, “Okay, pretty boy! I’m happy you’re all better!”
“Stop it!” 
Over dinner, Tanjiro had to explain the story behind small potatoes, unintentionally embarrassing Inosuke as he continued to expose him. Y/n laughed at the story of how they ended up in the kitchen with the potatoes, tears streaming down her face. 
“This is the first time in my life hearing someone compare my eyes to small potatoes!” She wiped at her tears and turned to Inosuke, who refused to look at her. 
“Do you not like what I said about your eyes? Is it that funny?” 
Y/n shook her head, seeing through his mask and noticing his insecurity about the current subject. “No, Inosuke! In fact, this is the first time the color of my eyes were compared to something. Brown is quite plain and common, you know? They’re often compared to literal shit so I find it ugly and often wished I had beautiful eyes like yours, green like jade and emerald.”
Tanjiro frowned, “What makes you think brown is an ugly color?”
“Your eyes are a pretty brown, y/n!” Zenitsu complimented her.
“That’s right!” Inosuke agreed loudly. “Brown is the color of the wilderness! It’s the color of firewood that starts up a fire and warm people who are freezing their asses off! It’s the color of the bark on the trees that people often overlook and instead just look at the stupid pink flowers on top!  They ignore the brown thing below that supports it all, but I don’t! I see it and pig attack it! It’s the color of acorns I collect and throw at bastards like Zenitsu!” 
Both Tanjiro and Zenitsu were in disbelief, while y/n was flustered.
Inosuke continued, “And you said that brown is the color of shit? Well you know what? They are, but people use shit as fertilizers and they help plants grow, crops rich, and make life! So I don’t what the hell you’re talking about with brown being a stupid color.”
“Is it possible to be violently poetic?”
“I didn’t think you had it in you, Inosuke.”
Y/n dropped her chopsticks, finding herself speechless this time. She stuttered, “I..I don’t know what to say. That’s the most beautiful thing ever I’ve ever heard.”
“Just shut up and eat. You’re really making me feel giddy, it’s annoying.”
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tengens-bunny · a year ago
Just hear me out real quick *clears throat* an au where reader is a camgirl and our boys are her #1 donators
[ ❦ ] cam girl! au; headcannons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ characters :
giyuu, nemi, kyou, tengen, sabito
- ̗̀➛ summary :
an au where reader is a cam girl, and our boys are her highest paying patreons
- ̗̀➛ author’s note :
aight bet *cracks knuckles*
maybe i’ll make a whole ass scenario or mini series off of this, who knows, but for now, enjoy these headcannons
and for a change of pace, let’s do more than my main hoes
Tumblr media
G. Tomioka
This guy probably found you through Sabito
One day he just walked into the room and glanced at Sabito’s screen and once he does he just can’t take his eyes off
You had him hypnotized from the very first second he laid eyes on you
From the soft cries that left your lips to the way your legs trembled around the toy you were thrusting into your wet cunt
Sabito will turn to find Giyuu behind him, his blue eyes filled with lust and a prominent hard on
“Like what you see?” Sabito chuckles before tossing Giyuu his phone, “Just make sure you don’t get any of your jizz on my phone.” he teases, before leaving Giyuu with his phone to take care of his little friend. 
Giyuu doesn’t even have time to come up with a response as the next video plays, the sight of your bare cunt on display with your fingers spreading your labia apart made him choke on his breath. Needless to say, Sabito wasn’t getting his phone back anytime soon.
Bonus: He probably goes through Sabito’s favorites to see what else he has that he can masturbate to, cause like, the man knows where it’s at
S. Shinazugawa
Sanemi is probably one of your biggest patrons
He’ll be scrolling through his recommended list and stop at the sight of your cute ass cheeks on the thumbnail 
so plump 
so smackable
he just fantasizes over what they’d look like with his hand prints all over them
You’ll be on your hands and knees with a fucking machine driving into your cunt at a fast pace
The fucking machine is of course controlled by the donations you get from your patrons, so the more $$ the higher the speed it fucks you at
He’ll get excited once he clicks on the thumbnail and hears your soft whimpers, your whole entire body trembling; signaling to him that you had just cum
He’ll donate a large amount just so that he can watch the machine fuck you at a fast and harsh pace, imagining that it was him pounding into your tight and wet cunt
Your whimpers only get louder and louder from the brisk pace of the machine, your hands fisting the silky sheets between your fingers while your body convulses from the pleasure, your poor abused cunt, so sensitive from your previous orgasms
His donations are very generous, so generous you allow him to pick what will happen on the streams sometimes
T. Uzui
You know the whole Saturday is for the boys thing? N O P E
Saturdays are for you and for you only, since you stream every Saturday
Like Sanemi, Tengen is probably also one of your biggest patrons and has access to all the VIP shit that you offer
He probably has all your videos downloaded offline so that he can watch them everywhere
His favorite one is where you’re riding a dildo suctioned cupped to the floor
He likes watching your cunt get stretched by the plastic toy, enjoying the sounds of your whimpers as you slowly sink down on the damn thing
He wonders what its like to have your cunt wrapped around his cock, your ribbed walls squeezing around his cock, milking his cock till your cunt is overflowing with his cum and yours combined
Definitely loves the way you role play on your live streams too
“Please Daddy I’ve been good,” you begged, your hips still, once you sank all the way down on the toy. “Won’t you fill me up with all of your love now?”
K. Rengoku
This man never misses a live stream
If he can’t watch it, he’s recording it 
theres just absolutely no way he’s missing out on his dirty little slut
As one of your top paying patrons, he also has some control of what you do on stream some times
“That’s it baby girl, touch yourself for me”
“Tease yourself nice and slow”
“Run your fingers up and down your slit for me baby girl, but don’t stick them in just yet.”
“Spread your cunt for me angel, show Daddy how wet you are”
He makes it an effort to cum at the same time as you whenever you touch yourself. He’s gotten so accustomed to the sounds you make and the way your body reacts, that he’s learned to time himself whenever he masturbates to you.
This cocky bastard
probably also has control of your stream from time to time and just loves to edge you
loves to hear you beg to cum and definitely wants to hear you beg for his cock
Just one look of your innocent face and he was already all over you account
Wants nothing more than to cum all over that pretty little face of yours
Wants to be the one to taint your innocence
and wreck your pussy
He probably has access to all your VIP benefits too and enjoys all the personal photos he gets of you
Probably persuades you to do a private live stream for him and let me tell you, after that live stream, you guys have probably met up on numerous occasions to fuck
You’ve never felt that aroused on stream before and knowing that he was watching you, controlling you, telling you what to do just made you so damn needy you felt like you were going insane
Everything he was telling you to do, wasn’t new to you before, but why the fuck did it feel 100000x better when he was telling you what to do?
“I don’t think you deserve it Kitten,” Sabito teased, shutting the fucking machine off with a click of the button; a needy whine leaving the girl’s lips as Sabito denied her 4th orgasm. “Please Daddy, I want to cum. I need it.”
Safe to say you’ve never came that hard before in your life; except for when Sabito is around. Now during your live streams all you can think about is his cock as you plunge the sex toy in and out of your cunt. You probably moan his name sometimes on stream too.
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Can we have headcanons/scenarios with the main trio with an s/o who's super strong and has a lot of physical capabilities. But she never fights. She uses it for love and affection. Lole they can try and run but she will catch up and tackle them down for a hug or she can flip you over pin you down to give you a kiss. There's no escaping her 💕 she's just the sweetest person even though her potential is scary
Absolutely! Went ahead and did these separate, hope that’s fine with you, Anon!
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro had been with you for a good while, but once you two became an item..
That’s when he learned the extent of your abilities.
He hadn’t expected you to have many physical capabilities, considering you weren’t a Demon Slayer, or swordswoman in general.
How wrong he was.
One day, you were teasing him, and he ducked in for a cheeky kiss to combat your teasing.
You had blushed bright red, and he chuckled, only to be pinned down seconds later and kissed by you in return.
He was embarrassed and shocked at your gesture, sure..
But what shocked him more was that he was literally unable to get out from under you.
You eventually eased up, allowing his freedom, but he was pretty stunned even still.
Who knew you - the sweetest, kindest person he’d ever met - were so strong?
So, he decided to do a small test, challenging you to a small game of ‘tag’.
Winner gets to tickle the other, and you love tickling him.
Needless to say, he was caught in under thirty seconds by you.
This boy will definitely be interested in knowing how you got so strong and quick!
Asks you to help him train sometimes now that he knows your capabilities, mostly in hand-to-hand combat and strength.
He won’t admit it, but he really enjoys that you can just grab him and give him kisses and cuddles at any moment.
He’s also very reassured to know you’re strong and could probably handle yourself if the need came by!
He loves you so dearly and is, to be honest, proud to have such a capable s/o!
Tumblr media
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Honestly, Zenitsu adores affection in general from you, but finds your strength a bit scary.
Not to say he finds you scary! He just doesn’t expect such a side from you.
You’re still ever so sweet and lovely, but he’s usually initiating the aforementioned affection.
That is, until one day, you’re skipping through the Butterfly Estate with him
He’s giggling at your little game, until you suddenly tackle him to the ground.
He probably shrieked so loud the entire Estate heard.
You flip him over quickly, peppering kisses on his face with a smile.
He. Is. Tomato. Red.
His thoughts went something like this:
‘First of all, I’m pretty fast, how did she catch me..?!’
‘Second of all, how did she just- flip me?! Like I was the lightest feather?!’
‘Third of all.. aughh! She’s so cute! I want more kisses..!’
Will be pretty embarrassed after that whole ordeal for a while, opting not to question your strength.
He definitely starts noticing your physical capabilities more often.
How you lift several baskets of laundry for Aoi, or run super fast to deliver a message from Kanao to Shinobu on the other end of the Estate.
He doesn’t see you any differently because of it, in fact, he’s kind of impressed!
Thinks that you could totally protect him even though you don’t fight.
He may subconsciously start trying to bring you on missions (Tanjiro stops him since you aren’t a swordswoman).
Still, he adores you just as much if not more after learning this about you. 
And who knows, he might purposefully try to get you to chase him so he can get more kisses.
Tumblr media
Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke is straight up confused.
He’s never seen you fight before, so he automatically assumed that you weren’t strong or fast, nothing of the sort.
He prided himself a bit on ‘protecting you’ by doing his missions, even if you were never there to be protected, persay.
You were his ‘nice and special’ underling (though he’d never admit the special part), always working at the Estate, he kind of just figured you were pretty weak.
However, suddenly he’s hoisted up into your arms, getting a chaste kiss on his forehead after you removed his boar mask.
He would instantly become giddy, but also flush bright red.
“O-Oi! What’re you doing to me, I’m Lord Inosuke! Don’t get me all giddy!”
He doesn’t know it, but he really liked being picked up and held by you.
After that, his brain basically does a flip.
My underling is weak ---> My underling is strong and I should prove my strength against her.
He probably starts asking you to fight him after that, but you always politely decline since it’s not what you like to use your physicality for.
Doesn’t mean he isn’t insistent on you fighting him.
He wants to be sure that you’re still weaker than him so he can continue to ‘protect’ you.
However, he settles down once you make a compromise.
“How about instead of fighting you, I use my strength to bring you extra dinner and give you extra hugs and kisses?”
Cue giddiness, especially at the last part.
“Hrmph! Fine, I, Lord Inosuke, will allow my closest underling to do so!”
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my-dating-academia · a year ago
Dating HC's for Tanjirou, Inosuke, and Zenitsu
Tanjirou Kamado:
Tumblr media
-First off! You’re dating an absolute pure boy! He legit has no bad or tainted intentions. He just wants to make you happy and hold you close... He lost too much to take anything for granted and wants to hold you close. Not to be lewd or anything, but he dreams of cuddling with you next to a fireplace.
-He really is a caring lover. He always puts your needs before him. You’re hungry? Please, take his food! He’s already full! Cold? You can take his haori. He’ll be okay! You’ve been really, really wanting this certain item for a while? He can work a little harder to buy it for you!
-But truth is, he’s scared he’s gonna lose you. He tries to keep you happy, so you won’t because you keep him happy just by being with him. Whenever he’s with you, he feels relaxed. He just wants to crawl up next to you and lay his head down in your lap. Please play with his hair? Stroke his head? If you even gently trace his scar or give it light kisses he’ll blush so hard.
-Favorite thing to do is cuddle! Cuddling when you sleep! He feels so at home when he wraps around you...It makes him secure and easier to sleep.
-You’re most likely his first s/o. He has had crushes before but too busy to ever pursue them. He is a little unsure in his actions on what to do. He just wants to make you feel loved, that’s what he knows for sure. That means you’re also his first kiss! It was probably after a dangerous mission and when he saw you again, he realized how scared he is to never see you again. He gently grabbed the sides of your face to gaze at you before you closed the distance and sweetly kissed him. It was a little awkward trying to figure it out, but it was so gentle and genuine you teared up.
-He wants you to be his first and last. He already imagines a peaceful life with you with you.
-If you’re a demon slayer, he wants to go on missions with you, but he understands if he can’t. He just gets so worried even though he knows you can handle yourself! Expect a hug when you get back from one!
-He also trusts you 100% therefore he does not get jealous. He knows you won’t cheat on him. However, if someone is flirting with you and you are uncomfortable and they won’t stop, he will step in. 
-You have to have a good relationship with Nezuko. He saw you teaching her how to make a flower crown and could of swore he died right at that moment of pure joy. Another time Nezuko fell asleep on your lap and you fell asleep leaning against the wall and Tanjiro’s heart just went <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
-He will be your emotional pillar and hold you whenever you get sad. Whether you just need to have a shoulder to cry on or advice, he’s got you covered. 
-Please return his actions. He deserves it. Baby has been through so much he really needs some love and someone to fall against. Polish or sharpen his sword, write him a few encouraging notes, or even buy matching necklaces! He won’t take it off and keep it hidden under his collar to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Whenever he’ll being feeling down, he’ll look at the necklace and be reminded by you. Same goes if he’s fighting a really powerful demon. It’ll give him a much needed moral boost.
Inosuke Hashibira:
Tumblr media
-Pretty feral boy legit is clueless. He is so confused with everything, but he knows that whenever he’s near you, his face heats up and his chest feels weird and tingly. It’s like you’re doing some weird mind trick on him, like you’re baiting him into a challenge! But, whenever he tries to yell out to tell you to fight him, it turns into a weird pig-like squeal and his words die out. It’s kinda funny and makes you giggle because he gets into a fighting stance then just falters out and squeals. It took a while before you two could get together because of misunderstandings and Inosuke being confused of “love”.
-Inosuke does love you he just has his way to show it. Instead of challenging you every few minutes, he protects you. If you’re not a demon slayer, he always tries to go check up on you and has you in the back of the head. He may even give you some lessons for self defense. However, if you are a demon slayer, he does like to go on missions with you and keep an eye on you. Whenever he sees you fight fiercely in battle he just gets so proud and inside he’s all like “Yeah, that’s my s/o!!!”
-He also loves holding you for some reason. I don’t know why, but I feel like he would just love to carry you? He’ll hold you bridal style or sling you over his shoulder. This also means he’ll do that in front of others, so he just doesn’t care about PDA. He justifies it by “But they’re mine?? The others should know we’re together?? What’s so embarrassing about that???”
-He also gets jealous probably because of the whole “raised around wild animals”. He will glare and challenge Zenitsu if he asks you to marry him....Let’s just say Zenitsu learned his lesson about asking you that.
-If you sleep with him he will wrap you up in his limbs and not let you leave unfil he wakes up. You’ll have to pry him off. He may not the be softest to sleep against but he is warm, so you don’t have to worry about being cold during winter. He’s also the big spoon no matter what.
-He’ll never mention it but Inosuke will be happy if you teach him to read and write. He’s embarrassed by the fact he can’t. 
-If you can cook and he make him food he will be beyond happy!! Or giving him praise!! He loves it and c r a v e s it. He doesn’t hear it very often.
-Make sure he takes care of himself. Simply like brushing his hair or making him take baths. He really prefers it if you take a bath with him, so you can reach his back. He doesn’t care if you’re naked just please get that one spot hE CAN’T SCRUB. Over a while, bathing together just becomes the norm for you two.
-As previously mentioned, he doesn’t handle well with emotions. He will let you cry into his shoulder and if the reason you’re crying is because of someone insulting you, he will go try to tear their ass up. He’s not the great with words, but he’ll take you out into the woods to release your frustration on trees or maybe even some demons.
-He kisses are rougher because he will smoosh his face onto yours and your teeth may clink, but his kisses make you feel so safe and warm. He’ll even press the snout of his mask onto your lips when he has it on. 
Zenitsu Agatsuma:
Tumblr media
-He is honestly so shocked you returned his feelings? He never would imagine you actually would. He honestly could look at you smiling at him and he would tear up slightly because you actually love him? You’re smiling because of him?? 
-He wants to be attached to you every second, but he stops himself because he’s afraid he’ll scare you off? Tell him you don’t mind and although he will be with you constantly, his face will be so blushy and blissful and that makes it worth it.
-He loves PDA and loves to give you hugs and quick kisses. Those kisses become an routine. Kiss in the morning, in the afternoon, before he goes off to a mission, before bedtime, he just loves them! He will get whiny if you don’t. He needs them like he needs air.
-His kisses are so gentle and sweet! He kisses are as soft as if he’s kissing a doll. His kisses are always filled with love. He’s a hopeless romantic okay.
-He just wants to have one night with no demons bothering you and look at the stars. He’ll point out what he sees and may even sneak in an “Those stars look like us kissing! The stars say we should kiss. Let’s kiss now!...Please?”
-Maybe he has a journal that depicts you and him getting married but shush. He may even slip out a few times by referring you to others as “My wife/husband”. He had to stop himself from getting promise rings a week after dating but he will after some months. If he sees you wearing your promise ring, he will be so happy!
-He does get insecure and unsure of himself especially after missions when he thinks his teammates outshone him. He will get teary eyed and fall into your arms. Kiss his head and list all the things that make him special and amazing. Sometimes just listen to him talk about it. Don’t worry, he’ll return the favors if you ever feel down too.
-He is the little spoon most the time because he loves affection, but some nights he just wants to hold onto you since he’s afraid that its all too good to be true.
-He does get jealous and will say something like “That’s my s/o you’re flirting to!” And will get pouty after that because what if you really did want that person? Was he no good enough? He’d cling to your haori and beg you not to leave him.
-Switch with eachother’s haoris! He loves to see you in his and your haori reminds him of you and it feels like you’re wrapped around him. Its great.
-He does try extra harder to protect you but it's still a challenge. It's like, whenever he's about to get attacked, oh well time to run up and tree and cry. But with you? Oh hell no. "Get away from my s/o filthy demon!!" while crying
-But if you saved him?? He'll be a little embarrassed but in his eyes you're his hero.
-Zenitsu really, really loves you. He probably does cheesey stuff like putting your two initials in a heart carved on a tree.
-Please don't break his heart. Poor boy fell super hard for you.
(I really do love Inosuke but he's kinda hard to write for)
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tapioka-s-prince · a year ago
The pillars react to "I love you"
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu
- First, this baby is shy and closed. He would surely flush and panic.
- "Is that ... really?" he would stutter.
- He would be quiet for a while to process all that and give you an answer. After all, it would be hard to believe that he really was matched.
- "No one likes you, Tomioka-san"
"Apparently (y / n) loves me."
- Get ready to give all the love this boy needs, because he deserves it.
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojurou
- He would smile and spend a long time processing your speech in his head, looking you straight in the eye without blinking. A bit scarry.
- After that, he would be happy. Like, very happy. He wouldn't think twice about asking you to date.
- The pillars would be crazy to hear him talk about you. Like... All the time.
- "(Y / n) would like that ..."
"I have the best boyfriend / girlfriend in the world!"
"It reminds me (y / n)"
"Have you ever seen (y / n)'s smile? Dude ..."
- He will always praise you in front of everyone and treat you like a queen / king. Take good care of him, buddy.
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
- He wouldn't be surprised, because he already suspected your feelings.
- "You're too flamboyant to try to be discreet, honey"
- Immediately he would make you his fourth wife / husband.
- You'll be very spoiled. If you are a pillar, it will be even better because you will spend more time together.
- Prepare yourself for situations like he slapping you in the butt in public and hot teasing.
Tumblr media
Shinazugawa Sanemi
- "Is this a joke?" he would ask suspiciously.
- After he made sure you told the truth, he would be broken. Is that really happening?
- He would be straight with what he feels after the mental chaos.
- Probably he would secure the first kiss at the same moment. Anxious boy...
- Oh man, I pity those who mess with you.
- He would be jealous, but not possessive.
- He would have no problem showing affection in public. He'd slap your butt discreetly, too.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
- We all know this girl is pure love, literally. Then she would go crazy to hear you confess your feelings.
- She would hold you tight and be straightforward with her words. Maybe she would make a cute declaration of love.
- She would scream to the world how much she loves you and how happy she would be to have you.
- You would be spoiled by her every day with love, food, or some gift.
- This girl was preparing your wedding as soon as she realized she was in love with you. Take care of her.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
- "Oh, I love you too, (y / n). You're a great friend!" she would say in innocence, confusing the real meaning of your words.
- After you explain to her, she would be shy and flushed, and a smile of relief would appear on her face.
- The pillars wouldn't be surprised by the news, as Shinobu made fun of you even more than Giyuu.
- Kanao and the other girls would be very happy for both of you, as they hoped you would be together for a long time.
- Giyuu would suffer with one more person to bully him. Poor boy...
Tumblr media
Iguro Obanai
- Panic defines this boy after knowing you matched him. He would be so happy he wanted to scream.
- He would take care of you like a treasure, and worry all the time about making you happy.
- He would be jealous of anyone who spent too much time with you.
- Compliments and affection always make him happy. Obanai loves to be spoiled by you.
- "Your face is very beautiful ..."
"[Blush] (Y / n), you're weird"
Tumblr media
Tokito Muichiro
- "What do you mean?" he would ask, confused. Poor baby ...
- Once you understand what you meant, he would be shy and take a while (maybe a few days) to decide how he really felt about you.
- He'd stick to you like a cute attention-seeking koala, and he'd be sad every time you spend a long time out on a mission.
- No one would dare to intimidate you, because Toki gets mad in a scary way and would defend you without thinking twice, no matter who the person is.
- "I'm not cute, I'm a manly man."
Tumblr media
Himejima Gyomei
- This man will be thrilled. A few tears will roll from his eyes for sure.
- You will be the highest priority of his life. Ever.
- He will always love to feel your touch and smell. Having you around will make he feel loved.
- He likes it when you go under his haori and hug him like a koala.Such a big boi.
- You will always be treated like a princess / prince in the hands of this man.
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tengens-bunny · a year ago
hI aphrodosiacs play anon here! sorry for not being specific but I was thinking of the boys getting affected. uwu (I noticed your requests is closed and you don't have to write it ofc! Sorry it took a while to get back to you! D:)
 [ ❦ ] aphrodisiac play; headcannons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ characters:
giyuu, obanai, tengen, sanemi, kyou
- ̗̀➛ summary:
you’re a medic at the Butterfly Estate and accidentally give your mans an aphrodisiac instead of his medicine
- ̗̀➛ author’s note:
no worries! you sent your req before i closed them, i’m glad you got back to me in the end :D
i hope you like these 💕
Tumblr media
definitely knows somethings not right the moment he feels the heat rush to his cock
a feeling of excitement mixed with arousal forming in the pit of his stomach
can’t resist the urge to just stroke his cock right then and there
the painful throb making it hard for him to hold himself back; his member crying out to be touched
the head of his cock is swollen and leaking with precum
he swears he’s never been this hard in his damn life
he’ll start stroking his cock to give it the friction it desires, but it’s not enough
his frantic strokes and tight grip around his cock doesn’t feel nearly as good as your pussy
when you return back to the room, you’re surprised to find the male with his pants down and his hand wrapped around his cock
the sudden realization will hit you once the two of you make eye contact and you see his pupils dilated with lust
Giyuu doesn’t even give you a chance to get a single word out
his lips are on yours in a second and his hands are moving to undo the strings of your kimono/undo the buttons of your uniform
this is probably the most feral and needy Giyuu will ever get in his lifetime 
so enjoy it
your hips will be bruised from the relentless beating they get from his hips as he pounds into you
1 orgasm isn’t enough to extinguish his desire to cum
you guys aren’t stopping until you can’t distinguish who’s cum is who’s
the second he feels his cock begin to harden beneath his clothes he knows exactly what you gave him
he’s on top of you within seconds, his crotch pressing directly against your clothed pussy
“take responsibility, i’m only like this because of you”
this maybe the only time in your life where you’re responsible
doesn’t even bother to fully take your clothes off
he just moves everything to the side and goes to town on that pussy
after every orgasm expect to change positions
expect to try new positions too because this man has even more stamina than usual
if he’s not cumming inside you he’s covering you with his cum
your breasts, your stomach, your lower back, e v e r y t h i n g
Tengen & Sanemi
“you did this on purpose didn’t you”
“if you wanted my cock so badly you should have just asked.” they whisper into your ear, whilst grinding their erection into your ass
you guys are literally fucking everywhere in this room
whether it be the bed, the floor, the desk, the medicine supply closet, against the wall
you name it, you fuck on it
“look at that sinful expression on your face, i can’t tell who’s being affected by the aphrodisiac, if it’s you or me.”
your stomach will literally be bulging with their cum
if you’re lips aren’t wrapped around their cock its your pussy that’s wrapped around their cock
safe to say you won’t be walking for a while
the second you try to stand up your legs will give out from right under you
your cunt is literally leaking with their cum and your own
the pool that starts to form beneath your body is enough to get them going again
“i don’t think I’ve filled you up enough yet.”
Is definitely very confused at first as to why his body is beginning to heat up and why the back of his throat is dry
i don’t think he’s one to just pull you over and have his way with you, even if he’s feral with lust
i think Kyou is a real gentleman and will still ask for your consent before doing anything because he always wants to make sure you’re comfortable
once you give him the okay tho, be prepared for him to fuck you in every position possible
your body will bend in ways you didn’t even know you could bend
i firmly believe this is where the breeding kink is the strongest in these boys
he will tell you how beautiful you’d look if your belly was swollen with his child
won’t bother wasting his cum by shooting his load down your throat
instead he makes sure to cum in your cunt and your cunt only
has you pushed down into a breeding press to prevent his cum from seeping out of your swollen cunt
somethings bound to break at this point and if it’s not you then it’s the bed
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kimetsu-no-reader · a year ago
AAAAA I just discovered ur blog and im in love, ur writing is AMAZING 🥺 could i please request giyuu x reader where giyuu sees reader for the first time after 4 years (basically since sabito's death as they were best friends before?) saving tanjiro squad from a demon (using whichever breath style you like!) And hes like, in shock bc its been so long and its just like a cutesy emotional reunion?? Maybe they hug eachother like crazy? Thank you SOSOSO much if u do this! 💖💗💕
AaAAAaAAa THANK YOU SO MUCH ;; That means so much to me!! 💖🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 I’m so happy you enjoy my work, and I hope you enjoy this one!!
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
You’d heard a faint scream in the distance as you were taking your usual stroll around the outskirts of the small village you resided in. You knew the scream all too well at this point; one that radiated the need for help.
You clenched the blade on your side and proceeded to run towards the aforementioned noise, making quick work of the ground as you all but glided across it.
The faint sounds of what seemed to be a bird talking also came across your ears.
“...demon! ...Tanjirou... trouble!” Those were all the words you could make out from where you currently were, but whoever this Tanjirou person was seemed to be in trouble. You were also well aware now that you were probably about to intervene with the Demon Slayer Corps, which made you feel slightly uneasy.
After a bit of sprinting, you finally came across a huge, relatively vile looking demon; along with it, a boy with a checkered haori, and another... boy (you assumed, given the lack of shirt) wearing a boar mask. Both were heavily wounded, the boar-wearing one more severely than checkerboard.
You feel like you’d hidden your presence well enough to land an attack on the demon in question, so you drew your sword; with one swift motion, you muttered, your breathing as steady as possible:
“Total Concentration: Breath of Water... Twelfth Form: White Water Riptide!”
Your sword sliced through the demon’s neck effortlessly, two thin streams of water following your sword, encircling the demon’s neck to deliver the killing cut.
As you landed softly onto the ground, you sheathed your sword, taking a deep breath as the demon’s head flopped on the ground with a heavy thud beside your feet; the ribbon you had tied in your hair had accidentally flown off when you killed the demon, landing in front of you as well.
The two boys in front of you just stared at you, the dark red haired one’s jaw was slightly agape. You couldn’t get a read on the other, though. But you were pretty sure his face was the same way.
“What?” You glanced at them, blowing a few stray strands of your hair out of your face as you addressed them.
“Who the hell are you?!” Yelled the brutish boar, who had way too much energy for looking like he’d been slung to hell and back.
“Inosuke!” Yelled the other, scolding him. “I’m terribly sorry, ma’am!” He bowed his head, grabbing the back of Inosuke’s head and making him bow along with.
“We’re forever in your debt! Thank you for saving us!”
“Kamaboko Gonpachiro! Fight me!” Inosuke yelled in protest as the other’s hand gripped the back of his neck, still forcing him to be in a bowed position.
You leaned over to grab the ribbon from the ground, tying your hair back up as you stood straight again.
“Don’t mention it-” You said curtly, pausing mid-sentence and furrowing your brow. “Say, are you two part of the Demon Slayer Corps?”
“Yes ma’am!” Responded checkboard haori. He’s so polite. You thought to yourself.
“My name is Tanjirou Kamado, and this is Inosuke Hashibira!” He added, removing his hand from Inosuke and walking up to you. You were still incredibly puzzled as to how he was walking considering how damaged they looked.
“Why did the pig called you Konosuba Gazpacho?” You tilted your head, looking at Tanjirou. “Did he get hit in the head during your fight?”
Tanjirou stifled a laugh, but the other boy was definitely not pleased.
“LISTEN!” The half-naked one yelled, “Just because you saved us doesn’t mean you’re strong! Don’t go thinking you can talk to me like that!”
You snorted, rolling your eyes a little bit. “Yeah, okay.” was all you responded with.
Meanwhile, in the midst of squabbling with Inosuke, you hadn’t noticed the familiar presence behind you.
“You.” Came a familiar voice, and you froze. For the first time in years, your total concentration breathing had ceased momentarily; heart leaping into your throat. Your head turned slowly to look behind you, eyes widened as you gazed upon the raven haired man behind you.
He had dropped his sword, something that shocked the two boys in front of you.
“Giyuu-san!” Tanjirou yelled, his eyes lighting up as he addressed the water hashira. “Do you know this girl? She just saved our lives!”
You took a sharp breath of air, completely numb to all of the sound around you.
“Is that? Is that really Giyuu?” Is all you could think. Your hands were clammy, but you turned your body towards the taller man. You looked at his face, and noticed two glimmering lines of tears streaming down his face as he spoke your name.
Almost immediately, you were also crying. Your chest felt like it was on fire as you ran towards Giyuu, hugging him with enough force to make him stumble backwards, landing on his back as you lay on top of him, practically sobbing.
“Oh my god, it’s you! It’s really you!” You repeated over and over, pressing your face into Giyuu’s chest, his arms were wrapped around your small frame, pressing you closely against him.
“I never thought I’d see you again!” You cried, gripping his mismatched haori.
“I thought you were dead,” Tomioka mumbled, sitting himself and you up, his hands firmly grasping your shoulders as he looked at your face “I really thought you were dead. I-”
You cut him off by pressing your lips against his, making Inosuke and Tanjirou turn around in embarrassment.
“Get a room, you animals!” Inosuke yelled.
You could feel Giyuu take in a sharp inhale of breath, his body growing warm with your sudden action. His face was stained a light shade of pink as well.
“I’m not dead,” You mumbled against his lips, breath quivering slightly as you spoke. “I just, I couldn’t deal with what happened to Sabito and Makomo and I-”
“Left?” The water hashira cut you off, the slightest hint of pain in his voice as he did.
You looked down, placing your hands in your lap, nodding slightly in acknowledgement.
Tomioka placed his hands on either side of your face, lightly cupping your cheeks and pulling your head up to look at him. His face had gone back to his usual calm demeanor, but a slight smile was present.
“Just don’t disappear again, alright?” His thumb trailed across your cheek, making you giggle a little at the touch.
“Fine.” You smiled, placing your hands on top of his.
Meanwhile, Tanjirou and Inosuke were whispering back and forth to each other about whether or not you two were an item, both wondering where the hell you came from.
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x-reader-breakfast · a year ago
yo yo yo what is up my guy would u mind writing an inosuke hashibira scenario where the reader is like super cute and nice and tries to get stern with him and he thinks it is so cute that he listens and Tanjirou and Zenitsu are like “wHaT iS tHiS wItChErY”
Tumblr media
Inosuke had trouble putting his thumb on what animal you reminded him of,  but there was too many.  He was struggling between a rabbit, a deer, a baby bird, no probably a tanuki.  Maybe somewhere between a rabbit and a tanuki.  A Rabuki, no.  A Tanbit,  the fuck.  
“Inosuke,  are you listening?”  You asked with a stern mothering tone.  You knew that the slayer had stopped listening to you after 2 seconds.  But you needed to persist with him otherwise he may never learn.  “Inosuke!”  You finally shouted at him.  You saw him jump just the tiniest bit,  but his stance changed in such a way that you knew he was finally paying attention.
“Inosuke,”  You sighed almost defeated but kept you stern tone.  “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you.  But, please stop chasing Zenitsu around just so you can fight him.  He doesn’t like it.  There are plenty of people that would be more than happy to fight you,  but he’s not one of them.”  Inosuke nodded with each word meaning he took it all in.  You were too cute like this to ignore.  
All he wanted to do was laugh and squish your soft cheeks in his calloused hands.  Then let his head sink into the cloud-like softness of your stomach.  He just wanted to hold you tight against him,  keep you all to himself.  He’ll do all that when you’ve done speaking to him.
While you gave the energetic boy a stern talking to Tanjirou and Zenitsu were standing in the sideline in complete awe at how still Inosuke was.  They could tell that he was listening to him as you got him to repeat what you’ve said,  word for word and there was the fact he even asked questions when he didn’t understand something.
No one knew what to do.  You just made the impossible seem like a simple task
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amimimi · a month ago
✿ : annoying sex habits; pillars
synopsis: annoying (?) things that come up when you have sex with your respective hashira
pairings: tomioka giyuu x f!reader, shinazugawa sanemi x f!reader, rengoku kyojuro x f!reader, uzui tengen x f!reader, iguro obanai x f!reader, himejima gyomei x f!reader
warnings: minors dni, explicit smut, rough sex, cursing, no beta
notes: slander, just slander. and crack. i apologize for spelling/grammatical errors !
Tumblr media
awkwardly quiet from start to finish
like damn, mf, not even a grunt? A GASP? 😭
his breathing doesn’t even pick up
he’s just silently hovering above, swiftly thrusting into you
even when he cums—NOTHING!!
and to top it off, after he cums he just sorta rolls over and pets you on the head? like he wants to smooth your hair back but he’s too afraid to commit??? like he wasn’t all up in your guts like two seconds ago?? ✋😐
you genuinely have no clue if he’s enjoying himself or not
you have to sit him down and admit to him that you feel a lil insecure because he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself
giyuu feels TERRIBLE because he loves you deeply and is affected by you sm but he just can’t stand hearing himself moaning
his moans are kinda high-pitched, almost keening, and it’s so embarrassing to him
to YOU, giyuu, not to us 😫
“i...sound...weird” is all he says, frowning in the complete opposite direction from you
he slipped up once tho and y’all weren’t even having sex
you were straddling his lap, both fully clothed, kissing each other fervently, after he’d return to his estate after a very long mission
he was already feeling a little frayed from not seeing you for so long
so that with the way your grinding down against his bulging cock, mewling and moaning as you plant sloppy kisses against his mouth, his cheeks, the neck; sighing “missed you, missed you so much” into his ear
he starts to feel himself unravel at a rate that concerns him, you feel so good and sound so sweet —it’s all too much for him
his breathing kinda stutters, but you’re too engrossed to notice
giyuu is like “nope, nuh uh, absolutely not” as he tries to gather himself together, blinking away the white spots in his vision
but then you drag your crotch against his clothed cock so good, so deliciously that he can’t help the shaky, high pitched moan that escapes from his lips
you glance up at him in shock while he shuts his eyes and hangs his head in shame
“wait...wait, giyuu did you—”
“no wait! that was so hot!”
almost kicks you out of his room 😭
like i’m sorry, it’d take a while for him to actually let loose but at least he’s sorta sighing into your ear now? 😅
talks a huge f*cking game about how big his cock is and how he’s gonna tear your sh*t up
bitch...we weren’t being LITERAL
he’s actually thrusting into you like he wants to square up with your cervix
i do think sanemi enjoys rougher sex but sometimes i think it’s a lil performative
i also think he feels that he needs to overcompensate bc he thinks he’s not as experienced
y’all he canonically has a pet rhinoceros beetle,,,he ain’t as big and bad as he seems💀
also he doesn’t know how to be truly intimate with anyone but we can get into that later
no foreplay, just dives into the pussy
literally throws you onto the bed, sucks at you neck for a bit and then all of sudden you hear a “hpwuah! 💦”
and you sit up like “ikyfl” just to see he’s spat onto the shaft of his cock, pumping his fist along his shaft to spread the saliva
babe that’s when you should’ve sat up and left 😟
between the lack of foreplay and the way he’s just slamming his hips into are in PAINNN
and he keeps grunting shit like “yeah, you like that? gonna tear your f* ckin uterus into half” WHAT?(???$;@3&:
you slam your fists against his chest and choke out a “sanemi, stop”
he stills instantly, panting as his facial expression morphs into one of confusion and concern
“what’s wrong?” he asks gruffly, gently placing his hand on your arm and giving you a tiny squeeze there
once you tell him that he’s hurting you way more than you’d like, he’d feel bad almost immediately
sanemi sits back, his shoulders tense with shame and he gives a terse, “sorry “
willing to learn but y’all might argue here and there bc he refuses to believe that he isn’t the pussy destroyer he claims to be
okay he’s actually got the mechanics down
has no problem pleasuring you/making you cum
like y’all can’t have sex leisurely 😭
and it’s not so much a sexual thing as it is that kyojuro just wants you to be the best version of yourself possible,,,in every aspect of your life 😐
it starts off as like kyojuro being like “ONE MORE ROUND!” and you thought it was hot that his stamina was through the roof
but then it quickly turns into “omg WHEN DOES THIS END?!’cc”
you’ve been bouncing on his cock FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG trying to get him to cum
but you’re tiring quickly, your thighs burning as they tremble against kyojuro’s waist
you’re place your hands on his lower stomach for SOME sort of stability as your hips stutter
kyojuro feels you tremble against him and from the way you’re panting, he knows it’s from exhaustion
he has his hands on your waist to help you keep balance, but he isn’t assisting you 💀he wants you to work for it
you’re sweaty af, struggling to lift your hips off his cock as you pout up at him
“i-i’m getting tired, kyojuro—”
“you are? but it’s only been sixteen minutes?” he smiles up at you, face flushed as his hair spills around the pillow.
“i’m not fit like you” you pant, face screwed up as your calves begin to cramp up.
kyojuro’s face falls slightly “ah, don’t say that! you’re just as fit! here, let’s try for ten more minutes, i believe in you! 🏋️ 😃”
and he looks up at you so earnestly,,,you’re like “godDAMNIT”
he holds both of your hands in his to keep you balanced and he literally starts shouting encouragements at you jskziwkuss
shouts a variation of like “try harder!” and “7 more minutes! you can do this!”
MF, NO I CAN’T 🧎🏾‍♀️😭
you know when you’re doing an intense workout and you get so tired your life flashes before your eyes? YEAH,,,YOU ARE DYINGGGG RN
of course you don’t complete the full 10 minutes but kyojuro doesn’t get on your ass completely about it
he just flips your listless body over and adjusts himself before he starts slowly thrusting into you
“don’t worry, my love! all that matters is that you tried! i’m sure you can do it next time!” he beams down at your whimpering form, before kissing your forehead
you have to tell him that you’re down to workout with him (RIP to you 💀) OUTSIDE the bedroom but you want sex with him to be slow paced and intimate...not him yelling at you like he’s your coach
he’ll ease up immediately, don’t worry!
mf said “the snake stays ON during sex! 😤💯”
no i’m not
obanai is like “can kaburamaru stay in the room? 😐”
and you’re like “i—um, that would be cool but i feel like he’d be uncomfortable”
and he’s like “omg ur right...i wouldn’t want to watch him have sex either i guess 😕”
obanai thinks of kaburamaru as a friend, not so much as a pet so he’s feel guilty for “abandoning” him because he has a S/O now
that’s his mfin bestie 😌
okay real talk, obanai loves you, he is bewitched, body and soul—
maybe a bit TOO much because he’ll literally cum during foreplay and then pass out right after 🙁
he tries to continue after cumming, but it’s like he’s been drugged
his eyes are struggling to stay open, barely holding himself up as he keeps slurring on his words, like omg baby,,,just sleep, it’s okay
he tries tries tries to make you cum before he finishes, BUT EVERYTHING YOU DO GETS HIS COCK ROCKHARD
obanai was laying between your legs, lip suctioned around your clit, dragging his tongue over the little nub
all while he’s languidly thrusting two fingers in and out your slick pussy
and baby his head game is *CHEF KISS*
you’re mewling and whining, grinding your hips against his face as he laps his tongue up and down your folds
the sounds your making, the taste of your cunt, the way he can feel you throbbing against his mouth—it has HIM trembling and whimpering
he’s unconsciously rutting his hips against the mattress, squeezing his eyes shut as he attempts to control himself
but then you make this sound that’s caught between a whimper and grunt, and it catches so prettily in the back of your throat—
he blows his load, unbeknownst to you, as gasps against your heat
he literally knocks out between your legs, with his mouth smushed against your pussy 💀
not a single f*cking thing
look at that man and tell me he doesn’t give you the best pipe of your life
okay wait actually there maybe ONE THING ☝️
he talks wayyyy too fucking much during sex
and it’s mostly outlandish sh*t
okay, when he asked “whose pussy is this? 😩” it was all fine and dandy BUT THEN HE TAKES IT UP A NOTCH—
“you’d die by this dick, huh 😏”
my pride won’t let me say yes, but yes...i would 🧎🏾‍♀️
like he says the most strange sh*t ever and it draws you out of the sex head space to be like “...WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”
he does it on purpose though 💀
he’s lining himself up to your entrance and he looks up at you smirking and is all like “im gonna make you a single mother”
AYOO???? 😭
you literally shoot up, scrunching your legs up to your chest
while he laughs at your horrified look
that and i feel like he’s so fckin heavy handed omg
slaps your ass while you’re riding him and your whole skeleton rattles for like 5 minutes after 😭
yeah other than that...there is no way he’d be bad at sex
he’s genuinely afraid of hurting you during sex
like he’s so MASSIVE and he’s convinced there is no way you can take all of him
he feels the way your pussy barely accommodates two of his fingers and he’s like “hm maybe not...🥲”
when he’s fingering you, he just barely squirms his fingers around while he winces in fear that he’s hurting you
you tell him “gyomei, go harder”
and he’s like “no”
and you’re like “but i barely feel you moving?”
and he’s like “trust me this is for your own good”
when he finally finally agrees to f*ck you with his cock, the whole process takes almost three hours because he takes his time lubing you up and stretching you out with his fingers
it takes him the whole last hour to actually bottom out just from out how slow he’s easing into you
and everytime your breath catches in your throat, he slides his cock from out of your pussy and he’s like “ahh, i knew this was a bad idea!”
and then y’all have to start all over again
he can barely feel you squeeze around his cock from just how you’re stretched around him and he starts to freak out
you have to assure him that he’s not hurting you so he doesn’t pull out again
he’s so sweet tho 🥺
Tumblr media
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Can I have a nsfw scenario for Giyuu and his s/o? When he thought that his s/o was killed by a demon but it turned out not. He is too afraid so he just want to spend time with his s/o
Tumblr media
Here ya go nonnie! Enjoy the smut! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Word count: 5.2k+
Tumblr media
Giyuu wouldn't forget the day when both of you were sent on a mission, he thought that you were defeated by the demon and died due to the fact that he saw your haori lying on the ground and drenched with blood. Giyuu felt his body falling apart by just thinking of you being devoured by a demon. The Water pillar began urgently looking for you and he prayed that his adverse thoughts were just assumptions of his – only a deception.
Heart hammering tremendously, cold sweats trickling on his neck and breathing became heavy, he doesn't care if he's going to be lost in the middle of the unknown dark forest. The only thing that was swirling in his head was to find you safe and sound. He knows that you won't be defeated that easily even if you're not a pillar yourself, at least your strength was still in the higher ranks.
As he runs through the forest, and he paused in his tracks when he spotted a body blended with blood ahead of him. Giyuu didn't waste a second to aid the unknown person, however, when the figure was becoming more lucid in his eyes, his orbs opened ever so widely when he recognised your (length) (colour) hair and the hair clip that he gave you on your birthday.
Dashing towards you, he immediately carried you in his arms when he saw your unconscious body. He checked your wrist and sensed the little beating of your pulse, indicating that you're still alive making his eyes glimmer with hope.
"(Name), please don't die on me," he coaxes and kisses you on the forehead before heading towards the Butterfly estate to treat your severe wounds.
Seeing you with cuts all over your body and blood gliding on your head, he felt his heart wrenched painfully and gritted his teeth since he couldn't handle seeing you being beaten up like this. Ever since you two became a couple, he was always there with you and would never leave your side in order to protect you. It's not that he doesn't trust your strength as a demon hunter, he just doesn't want the worst thing to transpire to you and he wouldn't let someone special to him slip away from him again.
He already lost his beloved sister and his friend Sabito, he couldn't handle the excruciating pain again and he doesn't want to encounter it anymore. He's done with anyone dying on him, he's done being miserable. That's why he doesn't know what he's going to do if you ever die on him, you're the only reason why he still keeps on living and breathing. So if you die... he doesn't know what to do anymore.
A month passed and you're now fully healed, thanks to Shinobu, Aoi and the three girls who were taking care of you, especially to your boyfriend who never left your side even for a minute. He was the who's feeding you, aiding you to stand up and walk, guiding you to the bathroom, getting the things that you needed and moreover, he never passed a day without caressing your hands like he doesn't have any intention of letting it go. Giyuu would casually kiss your forehead before drifting to sleep.
Now that you can do whatever you want and not bedridden anymore. Giyuu and you started to return from your household and rest there for two weeks. The Water pillar asked for Oyakata-sama's permission to give you both a week-off since Giyuu wanted you to be in perfect shape to be on a mission again, also, he doesn't want to leave your side because he was terrified of the possible outcomes that might befall to you while he's not around.
Thankfully, Oyakata-sama granted the ravenette's wishes and let you two have a week-off. So today, you were inside your shared home while drinking a tea that your boyfriend had prepared for both of you.
A peaceful atmosphere inundates the room as you wordlessly sipped on your tea while the Water pillar was staring at your every movement.
Sensing the piercing eyes of your boyfriend, you looked at him then smiled.
"Giyuu, you're making me uncomfortable because of your stare," you giggled to which the said man snapped out from his daze.
"I'm just... I'm just happy that you're perfectly fine now..." he utters then began to sip on his tea. Smiling widely at your boyfriend, you rose to your feet and went beside him to give him a hug.
"I'm sorry if I worried you too much, Giyuu... I won't die, I promise that to you so don't overthink, okay?" You soothingly said and slowly cupped his cheeks then momentarily, drawing circles on his smooth cheeks. Giyuu also held your hands resting on his face and rubs your knuckles.
"How could I not overthink? You're special to me, (Name). You do know that I don't want to happen to you just like what happened to my sister and Sabito. I don't want to experience it again by losing someone important to me. I don't know what I will do... if I lose you, (Name)..." his voice cracked in the midst of his sentence and wrapped his arms around you before leaning his head on your shoulder.
You felt like your heart was being stabbed by thousands of knives just by seeing Giyuu being so vulnerable. Also, what surprised you is that Giyuu was being vocal to his words, knowing that he's a socially awkward man and not good at communicating with everyone. You weren't used of the Water pillar being like this since you know how strong this man is and would never waver. Well, truth be told, you would sometimes see him falter whenever you'd cook him his favourite food which is the salmon daikon.
"Giyuu, love, look at me," you prompted to which your boyfriend voluntarily obeyed you and stare into your (colour) irises.
"I love you so much, Giyuu. I'm not going to die, I'll live love with you, understand?" Brushing his tanned cheeks, you propelled your face towards him and once your lips were a centimeter apart, you attached your lips onto his chapped ones.
The Water pillar gladly responded to your kisses and slid his hands to your jaw and pulling you to him to deepen the kiss.
"I love you too, (Name)," he says then returns to kiss you once again.
You felt your heart beating fast as the atmosphere between you two was becoming heated. Although you've been together for two years, you both still haven't tried to move into the next level of being in a relationship. Well, you would be lying if you didn't sometimes envision how Giyuu would touch your body and do sexual things with him.
Just remembering him how your bodies will become one and make love to him, you feel your body's temperature rising up and wrapped your arms around his neck to have an ardent kiss between you and your boyfriend.
Giyuu noticed how your kiss turned sloppy and how you grabbed a handful of his hair making him groan into the kiss. The Water pillar pulled away with a string of saliva connected in between your mouths.
Giyuu's breathing went ragged same goes for you. The ravenette merely watched you with wide eyes as for you, you looked at him with a wanton gaze while your cheeks were dusted in red. Giyuu was stunned, he didn't know how he will react after the avid kiss you both shared.
"Giyuu..." you purred as you crawled towards him and smell the addictive scent of your boyfriend on his neck. "Can we do it tonight?" You asked.
Giyuu was clueless at first but after processing your words, his jaw instantly dropped and looked at you with skepticism.
"(Name)... we can't... I want to do it when we get married..." Giyuu said but you can recognise the hesitation laced in his tone. You know that Giyuu was turned on at the scene earlier so you wouldn't back off right now specifically that you couldn't handle the heat leaching in your body.
"Please Giyuu... I love you so much, I want to make love to you..." lifting your head, you hold the back of his neck and crashed your lips onto his.
The Water pillar was astounded at your bold act. He didn't know that you're hiding this kind of attitude that he hadn't faced before. When you bit his lower lip, the quiet boy parted his lips which you swiftly shoved your tongue inside his mouth and explored his wet cavern. Giyuu doesn't know what to do but halfway, he followed your movements and mimic your action by shoving his wet muscle in your mouth.
You let out a groan when Giyuu started to explore your mouth, fighting for dominance.
The heat was starting to rise on both of you and your rationality was becoming foggy like the mist covering the vast mountain. You two were now clouded by concupiscence and you two couldn't stop yourself anymore. You two didn't want to stop this momentum and let the lust consume your whole being.
The Water pillar grabbed your waist and placed you on top of his lap. You can feel the bulge growing on his pants grazing on your clothed womanhood. Subconsciously, you sit on the tent on his crotch causing Giyuu to groan because of the friction of your clothed sex on his. You started to grind to give more friction and let out a lewd moan in between your kisses.
It feels so good for you, you didn't know that doing this kind of sensual things would actually feel this good. It feels like you were in euphoria and your mind was lingering of one thing: you want to feel Giyuu inside of you.
Since you couldn't keep the heat anymore, you retracted your lips and desperately ripped off the clothes of Giyuu. Your boyfriend was shocked at your desperate attempt and after removing his upper clothes, you started to discard your (pattern) kimono and let yourself be naked in front of your boyfriend.
Giyuu adoringly gawked at your curvy body, studying your features and stared at the perked nipples of your breast down to your stomach and your clothed womanhood.
"Hey, Giyuu, make love to me, baby," you seductively whispered in his ear and teasingly bite his earlobe. This causes Giyuu to let out a shaky moan and feel his member twitching against your womanhood.
That was enough reason to make him riled up and you triumphantly smirked when he started to kiss you again with more passion. He pulled back and started giving you light kisses on your jaw, down to your neck and started to lick your throat.
"Giyuu..." you grunted while eyes were shut.
Your boyfriend began to caress your mounds as he nibbles the patches of your skin, searching for your weak spot. You only moan loudly when your boyfriend had finally found it and didn't waste a second to suck it and nip it. You let your head tilt to the side to give him full access which Giyuu took the hint and mercilessly sucked your smooth skin. Hearing you moan that loud, it was certainly a sweet melody to his ears.
The Water pillar didn't expect that this intimate session with you would be this early. He expected that you two were going to do these kinds of things when you two were finally married. However, the intense desire that was crawling in your existence was giving the two of you an adequate reason to step to the next level and let yourself be overwhelmed by your desires you both were craving for.
Shameful or not, truth be told that Giyuu was also having fantasies of you. Wondering what kind of body do you hide underneath your demon hunter uniform and kimono, you don't know how it drives him crazy every time you would run your fingers through your hair, how will you place it on the side to which he can perfectly see your exposed neck that he surely wanted to bite. Also, you don't know how it turns him on whenever you'd kiss him fervently. It's just his mind would wander with lascivious thoughts of you and just wanted to pounce on you against the futon.
Now that his fantasies were coming true right now, he doesn't want to slip this opportunity and pleasure you with all he's got.
Once Giyuu was satisfied at giving you love bites on your neck, he began to trail soft kisses on your collarbone down to your cleavage and teasingly lick the side of your breasts.
"G-Giyuu..." the said man darted his eyes on you who's showing a lustful expression as your cheeks were brandished with pink hues.
Giyuu was feeling proud of himself catching the fact that he was doing a great job at pleasuring you. He didn't waste a second to grope your breasts that perfectly fit his hands well. It was so soft and he couldn't restrain himself to do further with you. Eliciting a lusty moan, Giyuu dipped down and started to lick your perky nipples then sucked it.
You gripped his hair as you relentlessly grinding your core against his erection. You heard the Water pillar groan at your action while he keeps on working with your erect buds. Slowly, you slid your hands on his toned back up to his shoulder blades.
The tension inside the dark room was becoming oppressive and hotter like the heat between you and Giyuu can rival the summer heat of June. You couldn't think reasonably due to the overwhelming heat surging within your being.
You let out a yelp when your boyfriend harshly sucked the skin of your breast as his other hand was incessantly massaging the other. You have no idea that Giyuu would lose his composure to his lust, you thought that he would be this virtuous man who will instantaneously decline your sinful needs but that was the contrary of what you had presumed. You didn't know that you triggered a string inside him that prevents him from doing it despite that he wants to do sexual stuff with you.
Lowering your head, you slide your wet muscle on Giyuu's jawline before giving it butterfly kisses. You feel the ravenette squirmed underneath you and slightly paused from his stimulation but in just a second, he went back to his business. While Giyuu was sucking your mounds, you also mimicked his action by sucking the skin of his neck and nibbled it. Searching for his sweet spot, Giyuu slightly whimpered at your doing then loudly groaned in between your breast when you finally found the spot you were looking for. You hastily sucked it and licked it until you saw the purple-ish mark on his neck.
Seeing the swollen skin, you smirked triumphantly, now that you marked your one and only man. Giyuu also stopped from sucking your breast and caught you off guard by pushing you on the tatami floor and hovered above you.
"(Name)... I can't take this anymore..." he murmured as he lowered down his head to lick your earlobe and nip it. You grunted at his bold attempt and guided his face to look at you.
"You can do anything you want to me, Giyuu. Do it baby."
Giyuu inhaled a sharp breath hearing that kinky name you called him but to be honest, he actually likes it when you're calling him that.
The Water pillar gave a soft kiss on your collarbones then he went lower and lower until his face was now in your abdomen. You squeezed your eyes closed when your boyfriend was now kissing your inner thighs and place your legs over his shoulders.
Giyuu licked your inner thighs and he can smell the sweet scent that was coming from your clothed core. He can see the wetness of your panties because of your work from grinding on his bulge a while ago. The ravenette glanced at your face that was contorted in anticipation. Giyuu snickered at the expression you were making and momentarily, he glided his long and slender finger on your slit. You squeaked when you felt his touch on your sex, you bit your lower lip to prevent yourself from moaning out loud but Giyuu's ministration on your lower region was hindering you from your plan.
Giyuu hastily plunges his pointer inside your core as you let out a slutty moan once you feel the water pillar's finger inside you. Giyuu's eyes were congested with pure lust and seeing you in a lewd state, he couldn't help but feel aroused and his cock was twitching inside his pants. This is the first time he feels these kinds of emotions and it really felt good to him.
"F-Faster Giyuu," you pleaded which the said man didn't waste a second to quicken his thrust into your womanhood.
Giyuu was impressed, feeling your walls tightening around his fingers. His lust was intensifying because of your moans and chant of his name. That being said, Giyuu's mind was consumed by his lust and subconsciously, he leaned into your leaking core, flicking your clit with his tongue.
The new feeling made you arched your back and gripped onto his hair, pulling him close into your pussy. You want more of Giyuu, you want him so much and you want him to feel your everything. Giyuu took this hint to insert his tongue inside your walls, this made you quiver and moaned loudly because of the sensation of his hot wet muscle inside you.
Giyuu's thumb was still working on your clit and holding your thighs to keep you still. His tongue was skilled enough to make you wail and wriggle under his hold. He lapped your wet folds as his teeth graze on your bundle of nerves before sucking it with his mouth. Letting out a screamish like moan, your insides were convulsing due to the stimulation of Giyuu on your womanhood. You can feel that you're reaching your limit and your boyfriend can already sense that you're nearing due to how your walls pressing his tongue and your hands gripping his hair.
In his last suck of your folds, you arched your back and let out a screamish moan of Giyuu's name as the wave of pleasure washes over your body once you finally reached your climax. Your lover pulled back and lick his lips that was coated by your juices, it was sweet and salty but either way, Giyuu loves your taste and he would gladly admit that.
In spite of reaching your orgasm, the lust was still visible in your eyes and the same as Giyuu. You caught your breath as the Water pillar stared over your naked body to which his blue irises dilated in pure lechery.
Evoking a soft chuckle, you sat up from the tatami mat and swiftly cupped Giyuu's cheeks with a faint blush plastered on your cheeks.
"I love you, Giyuu... and I trust you." Your sweet voice replayed inside his mind as he examined your features as though you're the perfect example of his next experiment.
Giyuu was still a bit hesitant but witnessing those steady, unwavering eyes and full of resolve, he couldn't refuse your offer and let his face propelled towards you and gave you a chaste kiss.
You smiled upon having the knowledge of what Giyuu had finally decided. Staring into each other eyes for half a minute, the Water pillar gradually removes the last piece of his clothing which is his underwear. His manhood sprung free from its cage and your jaw instantly dropped once you saw Giyuu's treasure.
Giyuu's length has average size but really thick, you can notice a vein protruding on the base of his cock and his tip was leaking with his precum. You bite your lower lip and feel the nervousness lingering through your whole being, your eyes faltered and Giyuu noticed that. You only averted your gaze from your Water pillar boyfriend as your eyes were becoming watery due to how anxious you were. Truth be told that you're ready for this but your mind was lagging your resolve to do it, this will be your first time doing it and you're completely aware how hurtful it was when doing sexual intercourse.
Giyuu's eyes drooped once he fully processed that he terrified you and made you uncomfortable. You noticed how his shoulders leisurely drops as his line of sight were at the corner of the room and not looking at you. Now you felt guilty for making him feel bad.
Inhaling a deep breath, your hands softly caress Giyuu's which you successfully earned his attention. His eyes were a bit wide and looking at you with hesitance, but to you, you only flashed him a reassuring smile before nodding your head. You brought his hands on your face and kissed it with tenderness, that's when Giyuu's eyes broadened and lips fell slightly.
"I'm ready, Giyuu... I love you..."
Your smile gave him the resolve to do it and his worries instantaneously washed away. Letting go of Giyuu's hands and lying on the floor with your cheeks dusted with red tint as you stared at him with certain reassurance.
Giyuu gulped his saliva before nodding at you understandingly, exuding a handful of breath, you prepared yourself to feel your boyfriend's manhood grazing against your slick folds. Giyuu aligned the tip of his cock on your womanhood and you couldn't help but feel thrilled for some unidentified reason. Before Giyuu can enter his length, he takes a glance at you again to have your affirmation. Locking your eyes with his, you smiled at him and nodded your head.
Giyuu a bit hesitatingly entered his thick manhood inside you, your eyes hastily shuts as you can feel the stinging sensation on your lower region, your hands clawed on the tatami mat as Giyuu didn't move after that once he saw the pain expression covered your face.
"(N-Name)... I'm s-sorry--"
"I'm okay, Giyuu... just don't move... let me a-adjust," you breathlessly told him and Giyuu only bit his lower lip.
The pain still lingers and you're enduring the excruciating pain, you didn't know that Giyuu has a thick dick and you could feel how your walls were stretching because of it. The tears you're holding back had finally streamed down on your cheeks, Giyuu's eyes widened upon seeing you in tears and was about to pull away when you quickly grabbed his wrist to stop him.
"Don't..." you shook your head to which Giyuu begrudgingly complied to your wishes.
Minutes of adjusting to his length, you signaled your boyfriend to move and this makes him do what you had told him as you please. Slowly and gently thrusting into you, you can feel the stinging pain amplifying and you endured it by closing your eyes ever so tightly and biting your lower lip, you could even taste your blood coming from your lips.
Giyuu didn't leave his eyes on you and only stared at you while his breath was limited due to how your walls were squeezing his cock. You are so tight that he couldn't help himself but sink into his desires of you and let out a low groan. Hunger was evident in his eyes as his lust was becoming more apparent as well.
His thrust was undeniably slow, making you adjust yourself until you couldn't feel the pain anymore. His thick girth was breaking your walls as you can sense how it's tearing you apart like you're becoming into half. Giyuu's breath hitched once he fully dipped his length inside your sex and you stifled a moan once you felt that he finally buried his manhood into the depths of your womb. You both catch your breaths while beads of sweat were trickling down on your foreheads and your heavy breaths were the only sounds that you can hear. You gazed over at Giyuu whose cheeks were dusted in red hues while his eyes were intensely staring at you like a hawk eyeing its prey.
The Water pillar didn't move and just feel your walls clenching around his cock, it made his brain go vague and the heat surging through within him was consuming his logical thinking with overwhelming lust that he has for you. After minutes of what seemed like forever, you softly grabbed his hands to signal him that he can move. Giyuu scrutinises you for a second and upon seeing the reassurance within your eyes and smile, that's when he finally started to buck his hips in a tender and slow motion, not wanting to hurt you.
You elicit a soft moan once Giyuu was thrusting into you, at first you feel the pain and it's still lingering within your lower region, but as the seconds ticked and Giyuu was doing his best to make it slow for you and reassuring you that you won't feel any pain while doing it, that's when the pain had subsided and turned into pleasure.
Your breathing was ragged and breathlessly moaning as Giyuu's hips bucked into you while his hands were grabbing your waist, pushing and pulling his thick cock as it reaches the deepest part of your womb, he doesn't want anything left untouched and wants to feel everything the depths of you that he dearly loves. He doesn't want to slip this opportunity in his hands and will seize this moment and engrave it into his mind forever. You, who's undeniably gorgeous underneath him with an expression that everyone won't ever see except for him. How special can he get? A beautiful soul that suddenly engulfs his corrupted one and fixed him in his messy state, loved him without any condition and accept him for who he really is.
You're the only woman he would ever love to this extent.
"G-Giyuu... please m-move faster..." your desperate voice buzzed in his ears as his cock twitch at the sight of you, clearly clouded by lust and Giyuu couldn't help but drown himself with you as well.
The Water pillar complied to your wish and thrust into you slowly but little by little he's starting to slam into you at a quick pace. Giyuu grunted as the pleasure was starting to linger through his body as the slapping of your skins were resonating around the room. You let out a loud moan as Giyuu was precisely and roughly slamming his dick into you as if the Giyuu earlier who's soft and gentle before had eventually changed into a predator that wants to ravage your entire being.
You chant his name as if you're worshipping him, Giyuu relentlessly pounds into you while looking at you with half-lidded eyes, your eyes were closed, seemingly enjoying the momentous day where you had finally made love to Giyuu. Slowly opening your eyes, your (colour) orbs glowing into the dim room that your only source of light is the moonlight cascading through your window, Giyuu gorgeous deep blue orbs stared into yours as he gradually leaned towards to you until your faces were only an inch apart.
Your ragged breaths were hitting both of your noses as you looked into each other's eyes with desires apparent in your irises. Giyuu didn't stop thrusting into you and desperately wanting to feel the depths of your womb, momentarily, he latched his lips against yours and slips his tongue inside your mouth to twirl it with yours. A muffled groan escapes your mouth as Giyuu was giving you a hungry kiss and slamming into you vigorously, seemingly wanting to break you apart and lose your sanity to him.
You fight for dominance as your tongues danced inside your mouth, Giyuu's hands traversed to your hips, to your stomach until it reaches your breasts. You gasped when he once again fondled your breast with his big and rough hands while incessantly pounding into you. You envelop your legs around his waist and so does your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you to deepen the kiss. Your kiss was becoming slushy same to his thrusts, it was desperate and stern, vigorous as he searched for the spot to reach your climax.
Suddenly, you can feel a knot forming in your abdomen, realising that you're finally reaching your peek, you also feel Giyuu's cock twitched inside you, giving you the knowledge that he's going to reach his orgasm soon. Retracting your lips to his as a string of saliva connected from your mouths, your heavy pants and the skin slapping were the only sounds you can listen to. Face flushed as you loudly moan and Giyuu groaned under his breath.
"G-Giyuu... I-I'm c-cumming," you breathlessly informed which Giyuu desperately and tremendously pound into you harder, wanting to reach the ecstasy that you both want.
In Giyuu's one last thrust, a screamish like moan escapes your lips as you both finally reached your climax at the same time and he didn't even pay mind if he's squirting his fluids inside you. The Water pillar groaned and pulled his throbbing member inside you, watching how your mixed juices coming out from your cunt. Giyuu gazed over you who's heavily breathing while eyes were closed.
He plopped himself beside you and let him catch his breath as well, you two didn't speak and just let your heavy breathing be the source of the sound inside the room. Giyuu was in ecstasy, feeling happy that he finally became one to you and make love to the person he surely treasures a lot. He turned his face to look at you and only to find out that you're already looking at him with a tired smile crept on your face
"I love you, Giyuu..." your soft-spoken voice makes his heart leap inside his chest as you flash him an expression with pure fondness and sincere love for him.
Giyuu's mouth agape and stared at you as if you're the only person living in this world, the only woman he would love and would do his very best to protect you even if it means to sacrifice his own life. He doesn't want to experience losing someone he really holds dear, he had enough of that. That is why he will protect you with all his might and love you until he lives, embrace you and secure you in between his arms, and won't let you slip away from his hold.
That's how he values you a lot, you're the last person that he wants to keep and the reason why he's still surviving in this dangerous world.
Giyuu wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him before giving you a gentle kiss on the forehead with full of his love.
"I love you too, (Name)."
Thus, the two of you embraced each other while a small smile plastered on your faces, feeling the contentment filling your whole being as you can feel the warmth of each other's body in your tight embrace. And to this day, you won't ever forget what happened between you and him and engrave it into your minds for eternity.
Therefore, this is yours and Giyuu's momentous day.
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Hey can I request HC of Tanjiro, Inosuke, Giyuu, Sanemi to a super affectionate chubby s/o (likes to give hugs, back hugs, kisses etc) and is kind hearted, sweet and goofy but when in battle becomes super strong fierce and badass! Thank you in advance:)
Hi there! Sure thing, but I didn’t necessarily specify on the chubbiness here, as I believe all of them would love you regardless of size and thus don’t really do specifics on body types! Hope that’s okay!
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro thinks that your affection is adorable!
He’s always very happy to receive hugs and kisses, and return them, as well.
Sometimes he gets flustered from it, but he doesn’t mind it at all!
Might jump in surprise at back hugs, especially on missions, but just laughs it off afterwards with you.
He adores how kind you are, he sees it as very admirable.
He also really appreciates your goofy side, and always enjoys a good laugh when you’re being your silly self.
When you’re in battle, though, it’s like a flip switches on you.
Honestly, he adores your fierce side just as much.
The first time you showed that strong side of yours, he was flustered, to say the least.
It kind of embarrasses him too when he sees you take out a demon that was giving him trouble with that angry expression of yours, before helping him up, but not in a bad way.
He might even fantasize about you swooping him up in your arms and carrying him to safety after that..
In all honesty, Tanjiro is super proud to have such an amazing person as an s/o, and will subtly brag about it to anyone any chance he gets. Not obnoxiously, but he’ll definitely do it.
“Have you seen my s/o?”
“No, I’m sorry.”
(pulling out a picture of you) “Now you have!”
He loves every part of you inside and out, and always will
Tumblr media
Inosuke Hashibira
To say the least, this boy is confused at your constant loving.
Not that he doesn’t love it, no no. He actually really likes it when you randomly hug him, or pat his head, or give him kisses..
He just doesn’t know how to show it. Nor will he admit it.
Nor does he know what this giddy feeling is whenever you do it.
It drives him crazy sometimes, and will even in some cases lead to him getting antsy.
“Oi! Are you tryna pick a fight?!”
“No, Inosuke, it’s called affection!”
“…Well do it more. Lord Inosuke orders it!”
Eventually, as you randomly hug him or kiss him, he starts doing it to you as well!
Inosuke will randomly hug you and spin you around if you’ve just finished a mission, or suddenly rush up at the Estate and plant a sloppy kiss on your cheek, giggling slightly as he rushes off, giddy.
When he sees your fighting attitude, he’s honestly kind of impressed.
Again, not that he would ever admit it.
From then on he demands you be on every mission he’s on, saying he has to “protect you”, though honestly he just wants to see you fighting again to admire you.
Sometimes, he’d even yell about how you’re HIS s/o, and how HE taught you that. He didn’t, but he’s proud of you, so you let him have it.
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
Well, let’s be honest, Giyuu isn’t the type to seem like he cares.
But deep down, he really, really does.
It’s a battle of will inside his head for him not to blush whenever you give him spontaneous hugs or kisses, but he usually succeeds. Usually.
On the rare occasion he doesn’t, his face breaks out into shades of red, and he makes any excuse possible to hide it from you.
Honestly, you wish he’d just let you see his blushy face.
Giyuu isn’t one to laugh a lot, but when you’re being goofy, sometimes you manage to get a small snicker out of him.
He denies it later.
When he sees you fight for the first time, he’s pretty shocked. Though, he wouldn’t express it.
He’s just happy to see how capable you are, and admires your strength and fierceness.
You will not hesitate to put a demon down, and for that, he commends you.
After every mission, he’ll give you praise. It’s not over the top, but it makes you happy, because you can tell that he’s proud of you.
“That was very impressive.”
“Thanks, Giyuu!”
Cue blushing at your adorable smile and the hug you give him.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Sanemi’s reaction to your constant acts of endearment is surprisingly calm.
The first time you hugged him from behind he was surprised, but he didn’t yell at you or anything.
As long as the two of you are alone, he’ll probably ruffle your hair with a smile.
Of course, if you’re around other people.. He’s pretty embarrassed about it.
“O-Oi, get off me! We’re in a meeting, Y/N!”
You persist. He’s a blushing mess, but he lets you hug him anyways.
Again, as long as you’re alone, he’ll reciprocate plenty.
He’s a very affectionate man despite his brash attitude. 
When he first sees you fight, he’s not exactly shocked. He knew you were a badass just from your rank in the Corps.
Still, he’s mega proud of you as one would expect.
He, unlike Tanjiro, is not subtle in how he brags about you.
“That’s MY s/o!! See her fighting?! She’s better than all of you!”
He almost embarrasses you as much as you can fluster him, but you know what? That’s fine.
He loves you with all his heart and neither of you will let the other forget it!
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chiwhorei · 2 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: kyojuro rengoku x fem!reader
genre: smut, drabble, 18+ mdni
word count: 400~
tags: oral, overstim, squirting
a.notes: i. don’t. know. what. happened. this one’s for @lumos-flies, i lub u big smooches. also it’s really short i wrote it on my lunch break BYE.
hymn: mine - bazzi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kyojuro eats with his mouth open. There’s no need for manners when you’re pressed snugly between his teeth.
You’re on fire, fever painted down every plane of skin.
“Please, I- I can’t.”
There’s nothing left to give him, there’s nothing left to take. A sheen of sweat covers you, quivering, crying.
Your muscles scream where your voice is small, thighs shaking in Kyo’s hold. He steadies you with rough palms, rubbing up and down your thighs from where they’ve been thrown over his shoulders.
“You can give me one more, you’re my good girl.” Unfair, he knows exactly how praise melts away at your resolve and trickles down into the sheets.
With every long lash or Kyo’s tongue, he kisses you. Open-mouthed, sucking your clit and releasing with a pop. He eats every meal as if worried it’ll be his last, he savors every drop. Delicious.
You try to ground yourself, twisting fingers into Kyo’s blonde hair. You’re convinced— cracking at the edges and shattering completely, that must be his goal. He’ll fill the spaces in between with pleasure as thick as fog.
He’s stolen three already, throwing you into orgasm and watching as cold shock dissolves into honeyed whimpers. Twitching after one, delirious after the second. You’re boneless now, pliant but aching. Sore and tired as Kyo chases after your release once more.
The tips of thick fingers dig into the fat right below your ass, lifting you up slightly for a better angle. His tongue is deep, salving around your lips just to drive you crazy. He wants to drink you in, drowning before relenting.
Your orgasm is building again, strong and fast with every stripe of skilled mouth. You’re babbling, something close to please and more and—
“I’m gonna, I’m, ah-”
It’s a different feeling to the previous, ice dips into your blood and shoots through every vein. The buildup pulling all sense from your body and dropping you over the peak. He’s covered in you now, face and chest. Wet, so sweet.
It’s gentle— the descent, the lips that steal are the same ones that bring you back down to earth. He kisses up your stomach, brushing over your neck, your cheeks. He laughs into your lips, you whine when he pulls away to take a good look. Kyo only allows himself to stare for a moment before lying down to pull you in close. If he didn’t, he’d stare forever. At the mess, at the beauty. He steals one last kiss. He smiles.
Tumblr media
✞ all writing is dymphnasprose’s original content, please do not repost or modify. do no read my content as asmr.©️
Tumblr media
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you-tolkien-to-me · a year ago
Demon Slayer Imagine:
Imagine being a demon slayer, helping Tanjiro along with Zenitsu and Inosuke, and Being an entire new breathe style.
Breathe of Snow: 
First Style: Blizzard.
   User lets out a series of quick, yet irregular slashes that cut and freeze their opponent.
-Second Style: Snow Angel.
   User swings their sword upwards then downwards in a quick succession, slicing their opponent vertically in half.
-Third Style: The Bite of Frost.
    User gets close to their enemies and let lose a series of quick stabs.
-Fourth Style: Snowball.
    User spins their body, along with their sword, around to send out a series of circular slices while in the air.
-Fifth Style: Delicate snowflake melting away.
   A series of slices that beheads their opponents in a painless manner, letting their opponent feel the warmth of the sun.
-Sixth Style: Diamond Dust.
   While up in the air, User can send down a series of small, yet quick and relentless slashes towards their opponent.
-Seventh Style: Waltz of the Snowflakes.
   User move their body in a dance like, coordinated manner while dodging their opponent and using one, continuous slice. Works well when in large groups but is rather slow.
-Eighth Style: Avalanche.
   User quickly runs in a straight line while sending out a series of arched slashes.
-Ninth Style: Frozen Lake.
   User moves their sword, starting from the ground, in an upward motion, Slicing in a figure eight form.
-Tenth Style:  Frozen Heart.
   User sends out six quick and devastating crossed and diagonal slices that mimics the vague shape of a snowflake, starting from the center of their opponent’s chest. It then ends with them decapitating their opponent.
Don’t really having any examples of the style. :P
I want to add that when you do the breathe style, the area around you gets very cold and only the people around you can feel it.
You never get cold.
Though you love the warmth the sun brings.
Like a cat, you like to nap in the sun.
You’re Nichirin Blade is light blue color.
You had an older brother, who was the Pillar of Ice.
The breathe style was like yours but more harsh and deadly.
Breathe of Snow is more gentle.
You and your brother were fighting an upper moon.
The demon killed your brother.
In your sadness came rage and you killed the upper moon.
Using the breathe of ice, you were able to kill him, but not being trained on the breathe style before, it destroyed your vocal cords.
Making you mute.
(I wanna add that you now wear bells. It helps other know your around.)
Tanjiro and the others learn sign language to help communicate with you or they become very patient with you when you write down what you want to say.
You’re demon slayer mark is little snowflake on your forehead.
Your brother’s estate is like a winter wonderland. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t own anything but the imagine part. :P
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Hug time! Demon Hunters Edition
Thank you so much for 1k followers! I don’t deserve your kindness OMG 😭😭 I love you guys so much! 😭😭💕💕
So to celebrate 1k followers, I decided to write hug time for demon hunters just like the pillars! I hope you all like it! 💕💕
Tumblr media
Genya Shinazugawa
You are currently walking towards Himejima's dojo since you want to visit your hardworking and bashful boyfriend due to how much you missed him after weeks of being separated. You knew him being a zealous lad sometimes, but when it comes to girls, he would quickly become awkward and nervous around them.
But when Genya is around you, he felt so comfortable and he liked how you would encourage him and smile at him every time you two are together. You don't know where he exactly rallied all the valour to confess to you, but for you, Genya was certainly adorable at that momentous day, and you won't ever forget how he's so flustered at that time.
You skipped all the way to Himejima's dojo and you hastily looked for your tall boyfriend. You already knew that he's yet again training with consecration. Since Genya isn't a boy who can do breaths, he's trying his best to manifest one. Moreover, he wants to become stronger and be a pillar just like his older brother: Shinazugawa Sanemi. Once he mastered a breath, he believed that the Wind pillar will finally acknowledge him and accept him so he's overexerting himself and training to death.
As you reached the dojo, you can hear footsteps and swish of a sword inside. Your eyes widened upon thinking that it's definitely Genya training with all his might again. Thinking about him working strenuously, you couldn't control the smile developing on your face and ambled towards the big doors of the Stone pillar's dojo.
Once you peek your head at the door, you see a sweating Genya swinging his sword with aggressive movements. You smiled upon seeing him doing his best, so you didn't want to bother him from his training session, especially since you can testify the determination in Genya's eyes. Hence, you decided to wait for him outside and watch him train.
However, it seems like your boyfriend noticed your presence since he paused from his training and turned his head to look over at you.
"(Name)?" He bewilderedly says to which you waved your right hand at him.
"Hey," you greeted.
"What are you doing there?" He asked, sheathing his sword and wipe the sweat by his forearm.
"I don't want to bother you from your training. I know you're working hard."
Genya's face instantly blushed upon seeing your tender smile that he couldn't get tired from always looking at. Moreover, it's been a while since you two spend your time together since you're both busy doing your missions. That is why seeing you once again made his heart flutter and he doesn't want to admit it but... he really missed you a lot. He was relieved that you're completely fine and doing well.
"Can I come in?" Genya jolted in his spot and frantically nodded his head.
You giggled at his adorableness and scooted towards his way. "I missed you, Genya. I'm glad you're doing fine."
The said boy merely bit his lower lip and meekly nodded his head. You had no idea how glad he was from seeing you once again, after weeks of being sequestered with you, he just wanted to deluge you with a hug and won't let you go.
Staring at Genya who has a faint blush across his cheeks and being queasy, you couldn't help but laugh at his awkward movements and you already had an idea to what he was thinking at this moment. Since you knew that Genya is really a shy boy despite being together for almost half a year, you took the initiative by encircling your arms around his waist and placed your ears on his chest since your boyfriend is a tall man.
The sudden action of yours surprised him and his body tensed. You even felt how his body went stiff when you hugged him without notice. However, when you buried your head into his chest, that's when Genya relaxes and his lips curved upwards. The warmth coming from you was surely soothing, might as well, he loves it when you're being affectionate like this.
His heartbeat accelerates and his arms gradually snake around your shoulders and burry you into him. He rests his chin on the top of your head and inhales the scent of your shampoo.
"I missed you, (Name)... and I love you..."
You smiled upon hearing his statement, "I love you too, Genya..."
Afterwards, your boyfriend plants a soft kiss on your head, causing you to giggle and Genya to be flustered about it.
Tumblr media
Inosuke Hashibira
Your mission had finally ended with the Insect pillar. You are one of her tsuguko's as well but Kanao is much more substantial than you. Although the quiet girl was the best student of Shinobu, you're still not daunted by it. Instead, it gives you more reason to train harder and become stronger. Also, you don't hold any hatred towards her because she's indeed an adorable girl and is really nice. You two get along as well.
You and Shinobu were heading back to the butterfly estate, and that means, you can finally see your feral boyfriend who likes to brag about something, saying that he can do everything that Tanjiro does. At first, you were a bit annoyed by his obnoxious and tumultuous personality but... as the days went on and time ticked, you immediately become used to his presence and you didn't expect that you're going to befriend the one that you're annoyed with, and most importantly, to become your boyfriend.
Inosuke is fun to be with and he's really entertaining to watch. It was quite shocking for you when you discovered what lies underneath the boar mask of his. You didn't know that Inosuke has a beautiful face that every girl wants. Heck, he's even prettier than you if he's going to dress up as a girl!
Furthermore, you didn't foretell that you're going to become couples since Inosuke doesn't have all the characteristics that you like for a guy. Specifically, he isn't the kind of guy who would want to involve in such a thing called love. From his wild personality and the lack of knowledge, do you really think he would give a damn to love stuffs and want to get in a relationship? No.
But love moves in an unexpected way, you just realized one day that you fell for him and that's that. You were ecstatic when Inosukeconfessed to you in a flamboyant way. And you won't ever forget that because he absolutely caused a scene. He suddenly declared his love for you when you went to the headquarters to inform Shinobu about the injured demon hunters from the estate and she's needed immediately. You didn't know that Inosuke was following you all this time and he just caught you off guard when he blurted out his feelings for you while all the pillars are present.
You were really flustered on that day because of the fact that all the pillars had witnessed the scene that Inosuke had induced.
Uzui cheered for Inosuke for being so flamboyant. Mitsuri fangirled all the way, screeching with hearts appearing around her while your master; Shinobu merely giggled. Rengoku just smiled and commended Inosuke's valiance, Sanemi and Iguro just watched you with annoyance with an irk mark plastered on their faces. Muichiro just stared at you both then looked at the sky, not saying anything, and for Himejima, he only watched with tears flowing down on his cheeks and said "youth these days, how admirable."
Ahh, you won't ever forget that day and you have never been so flustered in your entire existence on this planet.
"(Name), please tell Aoi that I won't eat lunch today and just bring me some tea, I will work on my poison and treat those injured demon hunters, understood?"
"Yes, Shinobu-sama," you answered and the Insect pillar simply smiled before nodding.
"If you need me, you can see me in my office."
After that, Shinobu takes her leave as you watch her walk away. You turned your heels to go to your room to take a bath, but suddenly, you heard loud footsteps inside the estate and you craned your neck to look where it was coming from.
Inosuke catches you off guard by pouncing onto you and tackled you with a hug. He wasn't wearing his usual boar mask you'd regularly see and you two fell onto the ground because of your boyfriend's swift action. Inosuke was above you while his arms are around your waist as a cheeky smile crept on his gorgeous face.
You had no idea why he's not wearing his mask but you don't mind about it because you really like seeing Inosuke's bare face and you won't get bored from staring at him forever. He's just so beautiful.
"I-Inosuke, don't just suddenly attack me with that, geez..." you stated while propping your hands on the ground to help you sit up.
"Whatever, shrimpy (Name)! I'll do whatever I want!"
"Do you really missed me that much to be this excited to hug me?" You teased the boy and Inosuke paused from his movements while staring at you with those green doe eyes of his. Then subsequently, his face dusted with pink hues as he hung his head low, not meeting your eyes.
"Shut up! I'm not, okay?!" He defends but you already knew that he indeed missed you because of how bashful he is right now. And you won't deny it, he's so adorable being flustered.
"You're so cute, Inosuke, if you really want to hug me then I'm all yours!"
"Pfft, handsome God," you stifle your laugh and the pretty boyfriend of yours only scowled at you, saying incoherent things.
He was about to retract himself from you when you quickly snaked your arms around his waist, pulling him back to you and planting a soft kiss on his cheek. Your bold action causes Inosuke's body to stiffen and gawk at you with wide eyes.
"W-What?" He asked in disbelief, blinking a few times.
"I missed you." A saccharine smile brandished your face as Inosuke only admired your beauty and stared at you for a good minute.
His tense self suddenly eases and his irritation instantaneously dissolves because of your goddamn smile that he freaking loves. He's so weak when it comes to you.
Inosuke didn't say a thing and just wrapped his arms around your waistline before nestling his face into the crook of your neck. Your scent was making him feel relaxed and knowing that you're beside him was the only thing that he needs.
"I missed you too."
Tumblr media
Kanao Tsuyuri
You were at the backyard of the butterfly estate, hanging the blankets and futons that the trio had used for a week. You didn't mind if they were being too loud around the estate especially Zenitsu and the feral boy Inosuke. They were training their breaths and also, training with Kanao since the girl is really strong and Shinobu told her to train with the boys.
And now, the trio was at the garden; training once again and you can hear Tanjiro and Zenitsu's voice cheering Inosuke. You let out a light chuckle since they were really psyched about it and they're doing their best to train hard.
While you were hanging the blankets, you suddenly heard footsteps coming towards your way, hence, you snapped your head to look at the person and only saw Kanao walking with her usual straight face.
"Oh, hey Kanao! You done training with Tanjiro?" You questioned.
Kanao stared at you for a moment before nodding her head. You give her a grin and takes a blanket on the basket to hang it.
"So, did Tanjiro succeed?" You once again asked.
Kanao didn't respond right away and just remained quiet. You didn't impose any further and simply smiled at her since you already knew that Tanjiro beat Kanao from their training session. Although you're completely aware that she's a strong tsuguko of Shinobu, Tanjiro's resolution wouldn't waver and he won't give up until he succeeds.
You knew Kanao being the silent girl and won't talk if she wasn't ordered by Shinobu. But when it comes to you, she will gladly speak even if Shinobu didn't order her around. Simply because she's comfortable around you and you would often hang out together if you have your day off. Although Kanao would only answer for a moment, it really made you happy and honoured due to the fact that she won't speak unless she was being told. Moreover, she's difficult to interact with but you didn't mind, of course, for some others, it will be hard for them since Kanao isn't the girl who would immediately answer but instead stare at you for long as if it's a staring contest.
Kanao's soft voice surprised you a bit and was about to turn your body to face her but paused when you suddenly felt her arms around your waist. You felt her body pressed against your back and Kanao nuzzled her face into your back.
It definitely caught you off guard and blood rushed to your face since this is the first time Kanao being so affectionate all of a sudden.
This new action of her was astounding!
"K-Kanao, what are you doing?" You stuttered.
The said girl just hummed and say, "Can we stay like this for a while?"
This causes your jaw to hang open and look over your shoulder to eye the girl. Your heart feels warm and it seems like a knot was forming in your stomach. You couldn't control yourself to not blush because of how close you are with Kanao, your heart was also abnormally pulsating inside your ribcage as if you just ran a marathon.
Kanao's warmth was transferring to you and you never felt so comfortable in your life. In spite of being flustered, you set it aside and let the tsuguko hugged you since this is her first request to you. So why break her self-indulgence for once? Moreover, Kanao is so irresistible for your own good.
You sealed your mouth and tug the corner of your lips, "As you wish, Kanao."
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado
You're done washing the plates with Aoi and the three girls: Sumi, Naho and Kiyo. Zenitsu and Inosuke headed back to their rooms since they wanted to take a rest after the hellish training regimen that Shinobu had given them. As you were about to go to your respective room, you saw your boyfriend Tanjiro walking towards the other route of the estate where Nezuko's room was located at.
You already knew that Tanjiro is going to visit his little sister again since every time before he goes to bed, he'd go to Nezuko's room and tell her about how his day went. Since you want to visit Nezuko as well and know if she's perfectly well, you also went towards her room.
The door was slightly open and you can perfectly see Tanjiro's back facing you with Nezuko laying on the bed. It's been 2 minutes since you've been peeking inside and your boyfriend was still standing, not saying a single word. You decided to knock but Tanjiro's voice suspended you from doing so.
"You can come in, (Name), I know you're there."
You startled upon hearing your name being mentioned by him, you forgot that Tanjiro has a keen sense of smell so it's not that difficult for him to distinguish someone's scent especially since he perfectly knew what your fragrance is. The burgundy haired boy turned his body to face you and smiled upon seeing you outside the room. You begrudgingly nodded and stepped inside his little sister's room while intertwining your hands. The room was dim and only the moonlight from the window is your guide through the darkness.
You stay beside Tanjiro who's looking at his sister with tenderness and care. His smile was small yet it holds sincerity. You're fully aware that your boyfriend really cares about Nezuko and the reason why he became a demon hunter is to find a cure that will make his little sister return to being a human once again.
Of course, you will support him with all your heart and you decided that you're going to help him bring his little sister back.
The atmosphere was really quiet and you both only stared at Nezuko peacefully sleeping. You take a side glance at Tanjiro, only to see him already staring at you.
"(Name), can I ask a favour?" Tanjiro's voice was mellow and full of tenderness. Your heart skipped a beat upon witnessing his eyes are full of love and passion.
"What is it?"
"Can I hug you?"
Tanjiro's request made your eyes go wide and blink a few times. You process the words he just spouted and eventually, you let out a deep breath and beamed at him.
"Of course you can, you dummy," you flicked his forehead causing Tanjiro to wince.
"That hurts, (Name)," Tanjiro pouted to which you couldn't help but squeal internally because of how cute he looked at. Tanjiro is so adorable, you couldn't contain yourself not to always screech every time he's being the cute cinnamon roll he is.
"You're so cute, Tanjiro! Here, you can hug me all you want!"
You spread your arms and your boyfriend merely chuckled at your cute attempt. He didn't hesitate to spread his arms as well and engulf you with a tight embrace. Tanjiro's hugs were really warm and it gives you the security that you need.
Every time you will hug the burgundy haired boy, your heart would invariably thump for him and make you feel at ease. It seemed like your worries would dissolve and forget the problems you had and responsibilities for a moment.
That's how Tanjiro's effect on you. He's your ray of sunshine to which every time you'd see him smile, it felt like the world was being colourful and bright in your eyes. You really love this boy so much, he's so precious.
Tanjiro buried his face into the crook of your neck and felt that his hug on you tighten.
"I love you so much, (Name). Please stay with me forever..."
You couldn't repress the wide smile appearing on your face. "I love you too, Tanjiro, and I will stay with you always."
Tumblr media
Zenitsu Agatsuma
You were at the garden of Shinobu's estate as your boyfriend and his two friends were sent on a mission. You chuckled upon remembering how cowardly Zenitsu is and he doesn't want to confront any demons because he deemed himself as weak. But for you, Zenitsu is a strong guy, he's just too blind to see what his aptitudes are. Although the pinata head was a coward, he's trying his best to become strong and that's how you started to admire the boy.
Zenitsu likes to complain a lot and he's a crackhead which you couldn't help but always laugh because of his expressions and retaliation.
At first, you hated his guts because he was incessantly pestering you and following you all day. He even called you by your first name and added "chan" in it. You tried your best to avoid the thunder breath user due to how much he's making you uncomfortable. His eyes would turn into a heart shape every time he would lay his eyes on you and he'll start chasing after you.
However, that was only the beginning. When you suddenly passed their room, you heard Zenitsu's voice inside talking to his sparrow. You heard about his ravings admitting to himself that he's not as strong as Tanjiro and he's not as brave as Inosuke. Even if he's a coward and would cower in fear, he's doing his best to reach the two and he doesn't want to back down either.
After hearing his confession, that's when you started to treat him better, not like before where you would avoid him and be cold towards him. His confession really touched you and you felt pity to him for that.
That's when your friendship also began to blossom, and you concluded that Zenitsu isn't as bad as what you think he is. He's actually humorous and fun to be with, although he would sweetly call your name, you just let him be and sometimes you'd scold him for being reckless and always lamenting.
As time passed by, you realized that you harboured romantic feelings for the blonde boy and you couldn't believe that you had fallen for him. Moreover, you certainly didn't expect that you would be the first one who confessed!
It really diminished your pride and also, that made Zenitsu mad for confessing to him first and you beat him to it. He said he looked really uncool because he should be the first one who'll confess not you. But either way, you're both happy knowing the fact that you have mutual feelings. You have no idea how Zenitsu felt so ecstatic and it seemed like he was brought to the utopia of happiness.
He didn't like you just because you're beautiful and heavenly but actually, he likes how hardworking you are and a nice person. Although you're sarcastic most of the time and tend to say gruff words, you're still the compassionate girl that he'd still known. Yes, he would admit that he had tons of crushes before, however when he met you... it's much deeper than that. He actually fell for you deeply and the first time he felt sincere love.
The screeching voice of your boyfriend interrupted you from watering the plants and whipped your head to gaze at Zenitsu running towards you while his arms are wide open.
Before he can even hug you, you stepped aside, causing Zenitsu to pass you and slam himself against the tree. You closed your eyes since you actually felt the pain that your boyfriend got.
"That hurt! Why did you dodge, (Name)-chan?!" He yelled while soothing his face. You on the other hand just sighed and crossed your arms.
"I don't want to fall because of your hug, Zenitsu." You answered.
"But you already fell for me."
His answer caught you off guard and you feel your face flame up because of his smooth reply. Sometimes, you couldn't get used to Zenitsu's sweetness and still embarrassed about it. But either way, you loved it whenever he shows his affection to you.
"S-Stop saying that!" You retort and turned your head to the side to hide your blushing face.
Zenitsu just stared at you and afterwards, his lips curled upwards and he walked closer to you.
"Ahh! You're so cute when you're embarrassed, (Name)-chan!"
Suddenly, Zenitsu threw his arms around you while brushing his cheek against yours. You're struggling to break free from his grasps but... seeing him happy for once and he just came back from his mission, perfectly well, you couldn't help but let him do whatever he wants. Furthermore, you hate to admit it but you really missed this loud boy.
Instinctively, you snake your arms around Zenitsu's torso and bury your face into the crook of his neck. The thunder breath user paused from his movements and lowered down his gaze to see you hugging him as well.
"I'm glad you're perfectly fine," your mellow voice rang in his ears to which his heart melted at how sweet your voice was. Especially, you're not the kind of person who would often show affections just like him since he knew how shy you can get by doing it.
That's why Zenitsu just hummed and kissed the top of your head while stroking your back.
"I missed you, (Name)-chan... I love you."
Your heart leapt inside your ribcage as you heard how soft his voice was. It's not the standard loud voice you always hear whenever he and Inosuke would argue. Zenitsu being serious is really rare and... hot.
"I love you too, Zenitsu..."
Tumblr media
Sitting on your knees while stitching your favourite haori, you were waiting for your boyfriend's arrival from his mission. It's been three days since he left and you're inside your shared home waiting patiently for him. You're not a demon hunter like him and you're just a plain doctor in the butterfly estate, helping Shinobu concoct some medicines and treat all the injured demon hunters.
Although you're aware of Sabito being a formidable demon hunter and his strong abilities, you couldn't deny that you're always disturbed about his wellbeing. His profession is absolutely life-threatening, especially that there are also strong demons like the twelve demon moons existing in your country. Pillars are indeed strong but... you couldn't help but feel anxious about them travelling in a certain place where demons kill a bunch of innocent lives.
You only sighed in exasperation and sew your favourite haori. It's also been three days since you've been feeling restless because your mind would always drift to Sabito on how he was in every second that ticked. You're always wondering if he's doing well and if he's eating regularly. You couldn't control yourself from not perceiving a worst scenario that will befall to Sabito.
Being a person who likes to overthink things, it's really the worst. It feels like you're going to have a heart attack soon due to the adverse thoughts you're always picturing inside your head. In spite of Sabito always reassuring you that he won't die and he'll come home without harming himself, it still didn't lessen your anxiety. It's not that you don't trust your boyfriend, you knew he's strong but you're just concerned for him. You love him with all your heart and losing him is your biggest fear.
While you were sewing your haori, you suddenly feel arms enveloping your waist which startled you and you hastily craned your neck, only to find Sabito smiling at you warmly and giving you a back hug.
"S-Sabito?! H-How--"
"You didn't notice me coming inside because you're too engrossed thinking about me again, aren't you?" Sabito mused which causes you to blush and bite your lower lip.
"I'm just worried about you... is all..."
Sabito's smile dropped and scrutinized your face. He already knew to what you were thinking since every time he would go on his missions, you would always have this worried expression plastered on your face. Moreover, whenever he would return, you would embrace him ever so tightly as if you won't let go of him.
Sabito sighed and just let himself engulf you with a hug. "You overthink too much, (Name). I told you I'm going to be fine."
"I know that! I just couldn't stop thinking about your wellbeing because every time I would see the patients in the butterfly estate being all beat up... I couldn't help but also envision you in that kind of state as well..."
Your hold on your haori squeezing it as you purse your lips into a thin line. Your vision was starting to get blurry but you control the tears that were threatening to fall. It's hard having a lover whose profession is being a demon hunter since it's really a dangerous job.
You told yourself that you're not going to love a demon hunter since you knew how it would be painful when your significant other die in his mission, but it was inevitable for you. It was inescapable for you not to admire them especially Sabito because he's too compelling and interesting. He has this charms that would automatically lure you to him. Sabito is so alluring that's why you couldn't help but fall in love with the peach haired boy. He also has this good looks that added to his charms.
"(Name)," Sabito calls your name to which you immediately craned your neck to look at him.
However, your boyfriend swiftly holds your cheeks and pulled your face to him. Your eyes flutter open when Sabito presses his lips against yours, he tilts his head to deepen the kiss which immediately drowned you and instinctively you coiled your arms around his neck.
A minute had passed and Sabito drew his face away from you. You open your eyes only to see your boyfriend smiling faintly at you and rests his forehead against yours.
"I know I already told you this for a thousand times but I just wanna say it to you once again." Sabito wrapped his arms around your waist. "I won't die and I assure you that, (Name). I don't want you to live in a dangerous world, so as long as I'm alive, I will protect you at all costs. I love you, please remember that."
Your lips quivered and merely stared at him with wavering gaze, you feel your eyes sting and let the tears flow when you closed your eyes.
"I love you as well, Sabito... I love you so much."
Both of you embraced each other as if you won't let go in between each other arms.
You love this man so much.
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sleepynezuko · a year ago
Headcanons for Tanjiro, Kimetsu and Inosuke with a socially awkward, female s/o? Elaboration: S/o is a exceptional good fighter, not a demon slayer, but is actually a martial artist. They use a pair of metal gauntlets foot guards and when fighting to utilize hands and feet. Outside of combat, they have a hard time communicating with others and often times panic when around other people since they struggle to find the right words.
i’m assuming kimetsu is a typo and you meant zenitsu so i’m just going to roll with that!!!
awkward s/o!reader headcanons !!
tanjiro kamado
he would find you so hecking adorable!! not only are you admirable and strong as heck, but he’d think you are the absolute cutest! did you just blush?? bc that cuteness overload would be a one-hit ko for him!
as much as tanjiro doesn’t realize it, he’s just as awkward when it comes to relationships and being all lovey-dovey. he’d hold your hand and the entire time he’d be worried about if his hand was too sweaty or he’d be worried that he was embarrassing you!
tanjiro would talk to nezuko about how strongly he feels about you when you aren’t around! 
‘nezuko, i just don’t know what to do!’ he’d whine, ‘(y/n) is just so amazing and i’m not sure how i should tell her! should i just go up and try being honest with her? should i get her some flowers? ask her out on a date first?’ 
nezuko would just nod furiously to everything he said. 
zenitsu agatsuma 
we all know zenitsu is a ladies man (at least he thinks), but seeing just how strong you were would intimidate him. 
he had seen some cute girls before, but never a girl as cute and as strong as you! he knew that if he wanted to make things work out with you, he’d have to pull all the tricks out of his books! 
zenitsu would call you ever pet name in the books. ‘cutie pie, sweetie, honey’.... eventually he would run out of names and start making up ridiculous stuff like ‘my adorable ass kicker!!’ 
the way you blushed in reaction to the nick names would encourage him to do it even more!
inosuke hashibiria
inosuke, after immediately watching you fight in the dojo: ‘she could kick my ass and i’d be love every second of it!’ 
because he doesn’t know how to express how he feels or how to ask you to spend more time with him, he’d instead ask you to train with him. 
there were definitely several times where he got hurt on purpose so you could attend to his injuries after. 
he’d eventually get mad at himself for not confession to you, and would struggle on end with how he could tell you. he’d even ask shinobu and tanjiro for advice!
after one particular training session, inosuke kicked it up about 10 notches and was able to pin you to the ground. he’d rip his mask off and suddenly confess, ‘(y/n), i like you a lot and i want to hold your hand and spend more time with you! i dunno about this romance stuff that zenitsu is always talking about but being with you makes me happy!’ 
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yukimoji · a year ago
Oooh your requests are open, I'm so excited! Could I ask for a Tanjiro x Reader in a modern AU setting (Kimetsu Academy, perhaps?) where Reader visits Tanjiro (who's crushing on her) at his bakery and he sees her playing with his siblings? It just warms his heart up and they're all like 'You should marry our brother!' and ahhh just fluff galore! Headcanons, scenario, short fic, anything is fine with me, whatever's easiest for you! Thank you so much! ~Oblivion~
(a/n: hi again!!! thank you so much for requesting! this is such an adorable request, im literally so soft rn ya hear??? tanjiro is such best boy im 😔✊✊,, i hope you like this and have a great day!)
(this became longer than expected, are headcanons supposed to be this long??? per usual, there will typos and grammar errors! happy reading!)
Total words: 1770+ words
Genre: Fluff
No manga spoilers
Warnings: None
Will You Marry Our Brother? ( Kamado Siblings x Reader, Tanjiro Kamado x Reader) I Headcanons
Tumblr media
During your time at Kimetsu Academy, you had the pleasure of meeting the owners of a nearby bakery, the Kamado family. You shared classes with the eldest son, Tanjiro Kamado. You became good friends with the boy, and eventually you met his younger sister, Nezuko Kamado. You adored his sister and the two of you instantly became close friends, because of her kind and caring nature.
Since Tanjiro was your classmate, you usually sat beside him. Each chance that he would get, his attention would be focused on you, chatting and asking about your day with an obvious flush in his face. Honestly, you thought it was kind of cute, seeing him all flustered up all around you. You sort of got a crush on him, not that he knew about it.
You would hang out with Nezuko in-between school breaks, eating Lunch with her as the two of you would have girl talks. She would always keep you company, and if ever you needed someone to lean on, you bet that she would always be there to support you.
You could say that you were more than shocked when you discovered that they had four more younger siblings. You didn't have the honor of meeting them properly, because of your busy schedule and just the overwhelming amount of academic pressure on your shoulders that hindered you from visiting their bakery. However, judging by the wonderful stories that Tanjiro would tell you in the middle of school breaks, they seemed like absolute sweethearts, and you were looking forward to meeting them.
However, you would later have the chance to meet them. It was a peculiar day, and the teachers weren't as harsh on you all like they would normally. Not only that, you craved for something sweet and warm. You just wanted to just bask in positive vibes, and you knew exactly where you wanted to go.
Your legs stopped in front of a small shop, and almost immediately, a wave of gentleness hits your body with so much comfort. You entered the bakery, a bell ringing as you begin to salivate at the sight of the delicious treats displayed on the counter. Nezuko takes notice of your presence, and turns around to welcome you with a big smile on her face.
When you finally picked out the goodies you desired from the shelf, you made your way to the cashier to pay for them. As you got near, you heard little strange noises coming from below the cash register. Confusion began to grow as you recognized the strange noises sounded like the sound effects from a popular mobile game. You became even more perplexed as Nezuko's expression hardened, and she instantly marched behind the cashier in slight annoyance.
A loud squeal of surprise erupted as the sound effects abruptly stopped. Then, suddenly, a young boy emerges from the cashier, a sheepish look evident in his face as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. The moment he notices your figure just standing awkwardly behind the cash register, he immediately turns red and mutters incoherent apologies as he would repeatedly bow profusely. You just give him a reassuring smile, and you said something about also liking the game he was playing.
You learned that this boy is Takeo, one of Tanjiro's younger siblings. As he continued to check out your treats, he couldn't help but find you so familiar.
Are you the girl in his brother's lockscreen photo?
After you paid for your orders, you introduced yourself to him, and his suspicions were confirmed. He couldn't help a mischievous smirk form on his lips, as he vividly recalls all the moments his brother would dreamily talk about a girl named [ Y / N ].
You asked him to play one round of the mobile game he played before with you. After seeing how the bakery was not really busy and getting Nezuko's approval, he accepted your offer. You bonded with him over the game, and the two of you had so much fun! You were pretty sure that you played more than one round with the young Kamado!
You were absolutely great at the game, much more so than him! You beat his high score, and he wouldn't admit it, but he swears he will beat your score one day. He could not wait to totally tease his brother about this.
Later on, you meet Hanako, Shigeru and the youngest, Rokuta. You were absolutely delighted to finally meet them. They were exactly how Tanjiro described them, they were all such big sweethearts!
Hanako and Shigeru almost immediately took a liking on you! They bombarded you with so much questions, asking you about your favorite color, animal, and all the little things you liked. The would listen to your answers eagerly, big smiles never fading from their expressions.
They would absolutely invite you to play a few games with them! They looked absolutely precious and you didn't have the heart to say "no". You played so much games with them during your stay, the most prominent being "Tag" and "Hide 'n Seek".
After they become tired from running around so much, they settled on listening to your jokes and puns. You swear they have the most adorable laughter in the world!
Just seeing them being giggling and laughing so much melted your heart into a puddle of joy. These two were absolutely cute and adorable, and they radiated so much positive energy that just fill your entire being with warmth and love.
They think that you are absolutely beautiful and wonderful, just like how their brother described you to be!
And then, there's little Rokuta. At first, he was a little shy to approach you. His big eyes looked at you with so much curiosity, and when you told him your name, his face immediately transformed into one of recognition.
Oh! So you're the [ Y / N ] my big brother keeps babbling about!
You would dote on him so, so much! You couldn't stop the squeals from escaping your mouth as he would adorably babble and tell you about his day! His big eyes hold so much innocence and purity in them, and your mind went absolutely bonkers about how cute this little Kamado is!
When he deemed he trusted you enough, he would raise his little arms up, and his tiny hands would make some grabbing motions. Nezuko would chuckle at his actions and tell you that he wants you to pick him up. You stifled a scream of absolute delight, mustering all willpower not to cry from sheer happiness. A cute and cuddly toddler wanted you to pick him up? Don't mind if I do!
The moment Rokuta is in your arms, he immediately embraces you, his little arms just wrapped around your shoulders. Nezuko cheered you on, commenting about how Rokuta had now grew attached to you. He was nuzzling on your neck, feeling secured in your hold as you silently thanked the gods above for giving you this oppurtunity.
Unbeknownst to you, a pair of Crimson hues stared at you with so much adoration from over the counter.
Tanjiro watched how the whole thing unfold. From your little game matches with Takeo, to your giggling fits with Hanako and Shigeru, and to how you held Rokuta in your arms with so much tenderness. All of this left Tanjiro feeling so much warmth and affection in his chest, and he wanted to cry out from the sheer joy of how much you had gotten along with his siblings.
You were absolutely Wonderful. Exquisite. Magnificent. Beautiful. Stunning. Heavenly.
Just so drop-dead gorgeous.
He's in absolute euphoria.
The boy won't admit it, but he's imagining his future with you. Seeing you being so happy with his little siblings makes him wonder what a family with you would look like. Gosh, how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.
He practically had hearts in his eyes as he kept staring at you like a lovesick puppy, not noticing that Takeo was leaning against the counter with a smug expression on his face.
"Gosh, Nii-san. I knew you had a crush on her, but I didn't know it was this bad."
Tanjiro snaps from his day dream, and he could feel so much blood rush to his face. He was so embarrassed, much more so that Takeo had caught him looking at you all this time! Takeo laughs at his brother's red face, and Tanjiro could only shriek out erratic noises to desperately request Takeo not to get too loud.
You heard a commotion from the counter, and you turned to see a completely red-faced Tanjiro waving his hands vigorously to a guffawing Takeo. You could only giggle at the sight in amusement, and when Tanjiro makes eye contact with you, his face gets even more redder.
In your arms, Rokuta shifts from your neck to look at his big brother. Noticing how the two of you gazed in each other's eyes, he claps his hands in delight and looks up to meet your [ E / C ] orbs.
"Ne, [ Y / N ]-san, will you marry my big brother?"
Takeo laughs harder than he had before, grabbing at the edges of the counters to prevent himself from falling to the ground from the amount of amusement he was getting from the situation.
Hanako and Shigeru just burst out in full excitement, jumping and smiling at you, asking you repeatedly if you wanted to marry their big brother. They practically pleaded with you, their wide eyes constantly staring at you, in hopes that someday you might officially become their big sister.
Nezuko chokes in shock at her drink. She didn't expect Rokuta to say those words! She immediately goes to your side, and just repeatedly apologizes to you in behalf of Rokuta for putting you in such an awkward position. But, she cannot really lie, she would love for you to become her sister-in-law.
Tanjiro just looked at you in horror and fear. His face had hit the utmost redness it could possibly have attained, and he only wanted to crawl and hide at this very moment. He didn't want his crush on you to be revealed this way! He had special plans for that moment, but it didn't matter anymore, because you now know about his overwhelming feelings for you! Gosh, he felt so humiliated, and it didn't help that you were in such an awkward position just because of his attraction on you!
But then, he was caught off guard by your breathtaking smile. The next words sent Tanjiro's mind into a frenzy, desperately struggling with the urge to faint out of sheer bliss as the bakery exploded again into cheers of celebration.
"I would love to."
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jackrrabbit · 11 months ago
Bloodlust /// Sanemi x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: A naive demon is waylaid by the Wind Hashira.
A/N: Might fuck around and get back into KNY…Sanemi is one mean bastard, and I’m here for it. Be warned—this is pretty brutal (not by canon standards, but still). ngl I’ve missed writing stuff like this 🥺
Tags/warnings: sadomasochism, noncon, hatefucking!!!! is def the best way to describe what happens in this fic, threats, violence, demon reader & demon things, primal, degradation, outdoor sex, bloodplay & marechi kink stuff, yandere? obsessive fixation ig, some creative liberties have been taken with canon
You’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be weak.
Strength came with the territory when you were turned into a demon, along with the hunger: all-encompassing, oppressive, like you’re starving every second you’re not eating. Apparently you’re better able to control your hunger than other demons, not that you’ve met many—none, actually, other than the one who turned you. He was the one who told you to exercise control, who told you that you’ve done well to stealthily pick off prey that wouldn’t be missed instead of attracting attention. He was the one who told you about demon slayers.
You almost laughed at the idea at the time. A group of humans who tried to resist demons? Tried to kill them? How? Every human you’ve encountered since you were turned—hunters, mostly, men who’d wandered into the woods looking for something to eat—has been pathetically weak against you. Life as a demon is simple. As long as you stay in the shadows and avoid the sun, you have nothing to fear.
Sometimes you daydream about making your way to a village and gorging yourself, but you don’t mind the hunger so much. You can get by on scraps. And besides, the demon who turned you warned you not to go overboard. He said to stay away from the humans’ notice—not that the threat of some human calling themselves a “demon slayer” bothered you. You know how strong you are; you can feel it in your blood, your muscles, your bones. You don’t understand how a flesh-and-blood human could threaten that.
You don’t understand…until you meet him. The Wind Hashira. You should’ve listened to the warnings about demon slayers.
It tastes bitter, and you try to ground yourself on that taste, the sharp, bitter-wet flavor of the grass and dew and earth because the slayer is shoving your face into the dirt and the copper from where you’re biting into your lip and holding back the sound of your voice. Not that he cares, probably. But you don’t think you could take hearing yourself moan for a human while he carves the shape of his cock into your pussy.
How did you…get here? Facedown, barely holding yourself up on your elbows, chest and stomach shoved into the grass with your back arched up and your kimono ridden above your hips… Fuck, you can barely remember the fight, his ability, him wrestling you into the earth and shoving his weight down on you and bringing his blade to his own arm and—
—his blood, so rich and thick and sweet that even recalling the smell of it sends a wave of heat through you and you whine under your breath. The hunger overtakes everything else you’re feeling, but only for a second before with a twitch of his hand the Hashira brings the edge of his sword to the tender skin of your throat. “Ah-ah,” he rasps out a laugh even though his voice is heavy and strained. “What was that? Are you starting to like it?”
“K-Kill you, I’ll—kill you,” you snarl, but you and him both know the threat is empty. You tried. And you failed.
“Fucking demon whore,” he spits, and the blade slips just enough to draw a hair-thin line of red across your neck, earning a yelp from you even though you don’t dare move any more for fear of letting it cut you deeper. When you go still, he grunts and you can hear him shifting position in the grass, angling your hips up so his cock can sink in again. “Asking for it…fuck…”
“I wasn’t—nngh—ah, ahhh, s-stop—you can’t—” Your words are coming out in babbles, barely intelligible but it’s his fault. He’s pushing up at your womb, pulling out in short, quick thrusts and slamming his cock back into your cunt so hard and rough it’s like he’s knocking the breath out of your lungs. It hurts, ithurtsithurtsithurts, an ache deep in your core and accompanied with a heat and tension that you hate even more than you hate the pain, because it means he’s right. You—no, your body, your traitorous pathetic weak body that submitted to his so easily—it’s starting to like this.
“How’s it feel?” He’s mocking you, fisting his fingers in your hair and wrenching your head back so he can look you in the eye. “Does it hurt?…it hurts, right? Good.”
“—i-it doesn’t—“ You don’t even believe it yourself.
“Yes…it does. Guess even a demon bitch like you can’t take me that easily.” Somehow the slayer’s hips keep pumping deeper, pushing his fat cock through your walls and against the entrance to your womb until you’re certain your unnatural healing can’t keep up with the bruising in your cunt. Your fingers are scrabbling in the grass, digging clawed nails into the earth—the little nick on your throat has already knitted itself back up, but the tension in your pussy is a dozen—a hundred—times worse.
“—stop, let me go—“ Debased. Lower than an animal. You’d be begging if you thought he would listen.
“‘Stop’? How are you going to...ungh, make me stop? Want to try to fight me off again?” He pulls out (you hate the way your cunt feels when he does, hot and slick and empty) and his grip on the sword slackens, easing up enough to give you a scanty inch of movement. “Go ahead, give it a try.”
The slayer’s taunting you—just like you taunted him at the start of this, when you first challenged him, when you thought he was a human—and, and somehow he is, still human and yet just as much a monster as you are. More. You’ve been cruel, you’ve done evil things, but you did them to survive. Fuck, you shouldn’t—shouldn’t have taunted him, shouldn’t have boasted, should’ve stayed hidden in the dark. You didn’t know. He wasn’t supposed to be this strong.
Your muscles are shaking from exertion as you brace your hands against the ground, trying to push up against the weight of his body so you can right yourself, but it’s futile. Within a second (less than a second) of your attempt to move, one of his scarred hands slaps over your wrist and crushes it back into the dirt, grip so tight you swear you can almost feel your bones grinding underneath. You snarl, try to twist yourself away from him but the hilt of his sword slams down flat against your other hand so hard you feel a dull pang of surprise that nothing actually breaks.
“So weak…try that again and I’ll use the sharp end.” His chest is moving back on top of yours, and you recognize the silent rhythm of the movement.
He’s laughing at you.
Weak. You know it’s true. You thought you were so strong, but compared to this Hashira you’re nothing. Pure unadulterated defeat is written in every cell of your body, and whatever animal instinct you have left from your human life is telling you to roll over and accept that he’s the predator, and you’re nothing more than prey. But the mockery, the ease with which he holds you down, the goddamn fucking laughter sparks a fresh wave of hatred and you thrash and squirm underneath his body. “You’re dead, you—I’ll kill you, I’ll tear you apart, they’ll be picking bits of you out of this forest for weeks—“
The red haze over your vision is so heavy that you barely notice the blade tilting into position—not over your skin, but against his. You only register what he’s doing when the glint of sunlight on the blade reflects brilliant white, and you catch a scarlet line of blood beading against it. You pull back, eyes going wide, trying not to inhale but your lungs betray you and,
oh ohhh fuck it smells good smells so good you want it you want it so fucking bad you’re going to die if you can’t taste it you need it you need it you NEED IT.
Your muscles go slack. You’re salivating already, dizzy from hunger, so intensely focused on the smell of his blood that you can’t help your compliance as he pulls your hips up into place and slips his cock back into your pussy. Only when it starts to hurt again—a dull soreness now, because he’s slowed his pace to push his thick shaft into you inch by inch—do you feel that same prickle of hatred and disgust, but who cares who cares that you’re getting fucked because the smell of his blood is driving you out of your mind with need.
You no longer have the self-control to hold back your voice, and when the slayer hears the pathetic little mewl dripping out of your mouth from the sensation of him filling you up, he laughs again. But this time you don’t care, you just want him, want his body, his blood. Your jaw snaps open and shut on instinct and you whine, pleading, because you’re past the point of believing that you can beat him.
“You like that? Want to taste?” His voice is softer now, but the vein of mockery still runs clear through every syllable.
Your head jerks up and down desperately and then he draws his hips back and slaps his cock between your aching walls, pushing a huffed “uhhn!” out of your lips—but you don’t pull away. You can tolerate this, if it means getting to taste that blood dripping down his fingers, over the sword grip still held in his palm, just to be wasted on the grass. Out of your reach.
“So docile now…think I could get used to this,” the slayer sighs, adjusting the position of his thighs so he can thrust into you lazily and deeply. “F-Fuck, you’re—tight, you know that? All hot and sticky inside…”
“—let me have it, need it I need it, why—“ Your head is spinning, feels like you’re…what? The intoxication is hitting some note deep in the recesses of your memory, a past life you aren’t supposed to be able to recall. Bitter taste on your tongue, liquid pouring, fuzzy edges bordering your vision. Drunkenness.
“Little demon bitch,” he growls, tapping the blade lightly against your neck when you snap your teeth at him again. “Said you were going to kill me, yeah? But now you’re moaning like a whore…”
You try to muster a denial, but you can’t.
The slayer’s other hand twists underneath the two of you to press up on your lower belly, pushing into the place where his cock is nudging up against your womb. You keen at the pressure, the slow friction against that little patch in your cunt that makes you slicker every time his cockhead passes over it. “Feel how deep I am in your cunt…? I can—feel your pulse on my cock, fuck.”
You can feel it too, your heartbeat echoed in the twitches of your pussy around his skin, quick and fluttering from the drunken stupor his blood has forced you into. Every sense is heightened, and the weight of his hand pushing up on your belly just makes it worse…or better. You’re not sure.
He swallows, and with his body on top of yours you can feel his heavy breathing puffing out over the bared skin of your neck. “Can demons even cum? If you can get wet, then you can cum too, right? I bet I can…bet I can make you cum, you fucking whore. Wouldn’t that be nice…get you creaming on my cock, make you my little fuckpet…”
His hand slips down from your belly to rub roughly at your cunt, pushing into your skin to seek out the little button at the top—and the feeling of his hands on you like this, the sharp jolt of pleasure somehow sends a splinter of clarity through your delirium. “No,” you wail, hearing how wanton you sound and hating it. “I can’t I can’t, please, please don’t make me—“
“Quiet.” His thick forearm wraps around your neck, tightening against your windpipe and cutting off your voice. “Learn your place, demon—the only reason you’re alive is because you’re a nice wet hole for me to use. So when I tell you to cum—“
His pace picks up, hips knocking yours deeper, splitting you apart while he swirls his fingers around that sweet spot—and then the smell of copper gets thicker and he’s pushing his bloody hand against your mouth—
“—you cum.”
You’re not sure whether it’s your cunt or the taste of his blood smearing over your lips that does it, but as soon as he says the word you shatter like glass. The heat is brutal horrible delicious and so overwhelming you’re surprised you’re conscious through it—every hair is standing up on end and your body pulls tight like a bowstring, arching your backside into his hips so you can feel every inch of your cunt sucking around him.
It’s bliss—sickeningly sweet, burning like fire through you—without thinking, you eagerly lick the scarlet liquid off his hand and fuck somehow, somehow, it tastes even better than it smelled—feels like you could live off just the blood in your mouth but you want more, you’d die for it, you’d do anything, and your teeth are bared ready to puncture his skin deeper when—
Cold steel slides up under your jaw, almost nicking one of the veins pumping blood up to your hazy brain. “Keep—ahh, yesss…d-damn it—keep still,” the slayer rasps. “No teeth.”
He’s not finished.
Every muscle in your body aches for you to ignore him, but the knowledge of how easily he could separate your head from your body makes you obey, dragging your tongue over his still-bleeding cut instead of biting down. You can hear the noises of damp skin against skin issuing out from where your bodies meet, but you’re not sure whether it’s from you lapping at his fingers or his cock pressing in and out of your sopping-wet cunt. Probably both. Not that it matters.
The slayer’s head lowers—you know it by the angle of his cock inside your twitching pussy and the faint tickle of his hair brushing against the skin of your neck—and then you feel his teeth sinking into the side of your throat. They’re blunt, of course, as harmless as any human’s, but the primal dominance of the action sends a shudder through you.
“Not bad…looks like demons are good for something after all. I think I might just keep you,” the slayer laughs. His voice is too close—you want to flinch back, spit at him, bite—but you can’t. You’re helpless.
You’re weak.
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