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DIRTY — do they wash their hands after using the restroom?
Tumblr media
𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐅. men are dirtier than girls. In fact, a 2009 study shows that "only 31% of men and 65% of women washed their hands after using a public restroom" (Heather Timmons). So with that said, who doesn't wash their hands?
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒. mha x reader, demon slayer x reader, jujutsu kaisen x reader, haikyuu!! x reader, attack on titan x reader
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒. I’ve not finished reading the manga of the fandoms except for MHA & AOT, so with some characters that I am not familiar with, I won't include them because I want to be as accurate as possible (perfectionist, much?), but besides that, it’s just crack
Tumblr media
ALL OF AOT CAST (was germs even discovered? lol), shigaraki tomura, mahito, inosuke hashibira, bokuto koutarou (bitches be like '😚☺ I wanna hold hands with bokuto' until)
ITADORI YUUJI, KAMINARI DENKI, HAIBA LEV, TANAKA RYUNOSUKE, atsumu miya, hinata shoyo, gojo satoru, terushima yūji
DABI, nishinoya yū, atsumu miya, kaminari denki, todo aoi, kirishima eijiro, tetsutesu tetsutesu, monoma neito, mad dog, kōrai hoshiumi, toji fushiguro
Tumblr media
shinso hitoshi, giyu tomioka, suna rintarou,
HAWKS, KENMA KOZUME, kageyama tobio, endeavor, tengen uzui, sero hanta, oikawa tooru, keishin ukai, aizawa shouta, yamamoto taketora, nanami kento
TENDO SATORI, OSAMU MIYA, KUROO TETSUROU, tanjiro kamado, midoriya izuku, geto suguru, kita shinsuke, zenitsu agatsuma, megumi fushiguro, sanemi shinazugawa, kyojuro rengoku, senjuro rengoku, shinjuro rengoku, sugawara koshi, kamo noritoshi, yamaguchi tadashi, tsukishima kei, sawamura daichi, iwaizumi hajime, asahi azumane, wakatoshi ushijima, akaashi keiji, panda, iida tenya, todoroki shoto
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I KNEW YORIICHI WAS Y/N'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!! i suspected, but reading it... what a shock
And he'd be such a good father too, contrary to what Muzan believed. Sure, Yoriichi definitely was gonna force Muzan to live like a woman for the rest of his life and he most likely would've punished Muzan for a lot of things, but Yoriichi would've been a total softie for you.
Yoriichi would've been rough with Muzan, both in and out of bed, but he would've played the role of a loving father to you, and a nice husband to your mom.
Muzan would have had to constantly walk around on eggshells with Yoriichi, because while Yoriichi appeared to be calm and collected, he would've bent Muzan over the nearest surface and made his legs all woby for the month as soon as you were out of sight.
And the worst thing is... Muzan would've liked it. He would've fallen in love with Yoriichi and all his punishments, would've fallen to his knees at the snap of his fingers and be the submissive partner Yoriichi needed. And Muzan did not want that. He did not want to lose his power and reign as the demon king, just to play house with yall.
Funny thing is that Yoriichi loved Muzan (in his own weird way) and it wouldn't be wrong to say he was a yandere for you and Muzan. And if Muzan had stayed, you probably would've grown up with two loving parents and not face any of the terrible stuff you do now.
So in short, Yoriichi was a low key sadist, and Muzan was a low key masochist and the two would've made a power couple and you would've been SPOILED rotten with them as your parents💖💖
Tumblr media
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You Saw Me
Tumblr media
Yandere!Gyutaro x Reader
In which you’re the first person to see him and it costs you.
You were so pretty so so very pretty. Maybe prettier than Daki but he’d never let her hear him say that. Gyutaro couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t help watch you as you worked you helped prepare the other girls.
You had a small scar on your eye. In his opinion it just made you even prettier. You were gorgeous and you never noticed him. It was okay though why would you ever notice someone like him to begin with. Until you did.
“Are you okay?”
“I-I’m fine.” You were talking to him.
“I always see you alone. You can eat with me if you want.” You noticed him and that was how it started.
Gyutaro followed you around like a lost puppy afterwards even if you weren’t aware of it but you were Daki’s. You helped apply her makeup when you weren’t busy. He’s always helped his little sister it wouldn’t hurt to ask for something in return would it?
That’s how you ended up in Daki’s room.
“You’ve been good to me y/n but I have an even better job for you now.” She beamed at you those unnerving beautiful eyes gleaming.
“It-it would be an honor to assist you in any way.”
“It won’t be you’re assisting.”
You wanted to scream but your voice seemed stuck in your throat. Another body was emerging from the young woman’s back, you were going to be sick.
You stumbled back as Gyutaro appeared from her body.
“Don’t tell me you’re scared of me now y/n”. He gave you a strained a smile spread across his face as he dragged his nails across his arms. You swallowed as blood poured from the would before it healed.
These things weren’t human. You had been living among demons.
“Please don’t hurt me.” He ran a bony finger down the side of your face before shaking his head.
“Hurt you is the last thing I’ve ever wanted just be good for me okay.”
You sat in the corner as Gyutaro devoured the girl in the corner. You had learned after trial and error Gyutaro craved to be praised even for the slightest things. You valued that he would at least clean himself up before he came to lay with you.
“Did you miss me y/n”. He squeezed your wrist just a little.
“I always miss you gyu how could I not.” You whispered caressing his cheek as his bony body cuddled into you.
He held all the power in your relationship but he still looked at you like you hung the moon in the sky.
“I can’t believe someone as perfect as you want to be with me.” He giggled excitedly.
“You do want to be with me right y/n.” You nodded as expectant yellow eyes peered up at you.
“Nowhere else I’d rather be.” He pulled you into a sweet kiss before laying beside you. Your bowl of food laying carelessly next to the bed.
Your prison was pretty, almost as nice as Daki’s room. As long as you loved him the way he wanted you to your life was okay still you tend to wonder how a random act of kindness got you here.
“Gyu why me?”
“Because you saw me. No ones ever saw me before.” He whispered petting your hair.
A/N: I tried hope you guys enjoyed it
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Hi! I wanna ask a yandere Shinobu, douma and a demon of your choice with a s/o that is afraid of them and just keep quiet, do whatever they want and just hide on anywhere they can to feel safer, but then they let a door or a window open/unlocked they run like there's no tomorrow (also they know how to unlock doors)
Yeeeee Douma yandere Douma... I love to write for him. Also I choose to write Yushiro. Surprisee!!! I don't think you see it was coming.
Yandere Yushiro
Tumblr media
Yushiro would be deeply shocked that you were afraid of him.
He is a worshiper type yandere who believes that his loved one is perfect.
So if you are scared Yushiro believes that is his reason and he should make you feel more comfortable.
At first, Yushiro tries to make it as comfortable as possible and shows that he is not an bad demon.
But it really doesn't help because you're still afraid of him.
And the day Yushiro realizes you’re lost is the worst day of his life.
He would like to find you as soon as possible.
Yushiro really doesn’t want any human or demon to have time to hurt you.
However, he blames himself for the situation and tries to do better in the future.
You are really dear to him.
And he does his best to keep this from happening again.
Yushiro will also do his best to make you much happier.
But he really won't let you go anymore.
"Y / N-sama I finally found you. Are you okay? Didn't anyone hurt you? I am sorry. I promise to do better. Forgive me. Please."
Yandere Douma
Tumblr media
Douma would probably intentionally give you a chance to escape.
He would like to explore what emotions it evokes in him.
Emotions are new to Douma and because you get them done he wants to find out what new emotions your actions can cause.
So Douma is a ship excited about this opportunity.
Plus, the fact that you’re scared of him all the time doesn’t cause a lot of new feelings for Douma anymore.
In addition, this is a way to test your "loyalty" and reactions.
Of course, you never have a real chance to escape from him.
So when Douma hears "surprise" that you've escaped he's just sitting and waiting for a new feeling.
And he gets a new feeling but it really doesn’t feel good.
And this is where Douma fucking shit logic comes in.
You did something that affects his "feelings"> The feeling didn't make him feel comfortable> It's your fault he feels bad and thats why you needs to be punished.
Douma is sure to find you really fast.
He'll just catch you and start carrying you back "home."
After that, Douma wouldn't let you get out of his arms.
That is your "punishment" in this situation.
But if you do that trick again (especially if Douma hasn’t planned it) you will get a more severe punishment.
"Y/N I found you my dear *Douma grabs your hand and starts carrying you in bridal style* Did you think you could escape me? You’re so sweet when you’re so stupid.”
Yandere Shinobu Kocho
Tumblr media
Oh Shinobu would certainly be prepared for this.
You really wouldn’t get far if you tried to escape.
Her sisters will also try their best to find you.
Probably her sisters don’t know about the true things they think the demons kidnapped you.
So they start looking for you right away.
Shinobu knows you won’t be able to go far due to the “sedative medications” and lack of food given to you.
Also, if you ask other people for help, it is likely that no one will believe you.
After all, no one in Demon Slayer corp (or Shinobu in particular) can do anything like that.
Maybe you're confusing her with some demon.
And when Shinobu finds you you can be sure you won’t run away anymore.
The soothing drugs in your body and the new shackles placed on your feet will prevent it.
But Shinobu will not punish you in any other way.
She will also be happy to take care of your needs if you are unable to take care of them yourself.
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muzanskimono · a day ago
Am i the only one who feels like Sanemi is friendlier than Obanai? i think you could be friends with Sanemi but you'd get bullied by Obanai if you try to befriend him .
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cricketsjunk · 2 days ago
Tanjiro: Dammit, (Name) !
(Name) : What?! It wasn’t me!
Tanjiro: Sorry, force of habit. Dammit, Zenitsu!
Zenitsu: Not me either.
Tanjiro: Oh...Then who set the house on fire?
Inosuke: *whistles*
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Hello!! Can I request number 58 of your fluff prompts with Rengoku? Thanks so much!
of course dear! <3
Oh you’re jealous
Rengoku x gn Reader
Word Count: 249
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You’re so beautiful.” Some man smiled at you, handing you the bentos you purchased.
“Oh thank you, you’re so kind.” You smiled, taking the bentos and turning away.
You walked over to Rengoku, who sat at a bench not far from the food stall. Sitting down next to him, he scooted away, turning away from you with a pout.
“Kyo? What's wrong?” You asked, receiving silence. “My love, my world, darling, please tell me what's wrong.”
Rengoku just looked to the food stall where the man who complimented you was. You looked over, everything starting to click. He heard him compliment you and now he was upset.
“Oh you’re jealous.” You giggled, hugging him from behind. “Kyojuro, it was just a compliment. There’s no need to be jealous.”
“A compliment you acknowledged, and that sweet smile you always give me.” He huffed.
“Baby I smile at everyone that way.” You said.
He looked at you with fake disgust. “How dare you. I thought that was only for me.” He fake gasped.
You rolled your eyes, kissing his cheek softly. “I’m allowed to smile at anyone, though if you noticed I only look at you with love when I smile.”
He turned back to you, inspecting your eyes before giving you a soft smile. You handed him the bento, Rengoku taking it and setting it in his lap before he kissed you softly.
“I love you, darling.” He said, smiling brightly at you.
“I love you too, dear.” You smiled.
Tumblr media
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where demon slayer men/women like to kiss u
Where the Demon Slayer characters kiss you
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m so sorry for the long wait, but I’m back! I’m ready to stick to a schedule of posting two times a month. I found I was stressing myself out with the promise of posting twice a week, so this will work better. Thank you for all of your patience.
P.S: These are just a few of my favorite Hashiras, but I will be happy to do a part two. Sorry if anything is inaccurate or out of character!
Mitsuri - She loves all types of kiss, and really PDA in any form, but her favorite kind is definitely nose kisses. Leaving little trails of kisses on your face makes her happy, she just loves you so stinkin’ much! She loves smother you in her love; wrapping her arms around you and peppering your face with kisses.
Rengoku - Similarly to Mitsuri, Rengoku enjoys drowning you in kisses. Whatever kind of kiss it is, it’ll always be slow, passionate, and full of love. Neck kisses are definitely a favorite of his, especially since you can run your hands through his hair while he nips and kisses at your neck.
Sanemi - If he’s feeling all lovey dovey he’ll most definitely give you hand kisses. Sweet little pecks on the back of your hand to let you know he loves you. What could be better? If you’re getting a little more hot and heavy, he’ll happily crash his lips into yours, stealing the air out of your lungs with every second that passes. Be warned: he’s a biter. Your lips, to your neck, to everything else is bite mark central to him.
Shinobu - While kisses aren’t really her thing, she does enjoy hugs and cuddling. She’ll sniff your hair and maybe kiss the shell of your ear if you are lucky while you two are spooning. Though if she is in the mood for a quick smooch, cheek kisses will always be her go to. Pecking you on the cheek and quickly pulling away to see your shocked expression makes her happy.
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hashir9 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
tengen would be the kind of person to call you absurd nicknames to gain your attention. in a relationship or not, he’d always have his eyes out for you, calling out to you. even when you’d whine for him to stop bothering you—the male wouldn’t listen. he’d never explain why he did so. so all you could do is just stare at the sound hashira as he leaned in, pressing his lips against your ear as he whispered to you another nickname which made you flinch. but when he pulled away, the male licked his lips and you were left with a reddened face.
“how’re you today…princess?”
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cielinde · 2 days ago
fake it flowers ; 03
Tumblr media
akaza x tsun! fem reader (pic creds to @/karazawa_okkkk on twt)
Tumblr media
synopsis: you're royally screwed. what happens when you have to appear in court as well as deal with the drama that comes with working with akaza? word count: 8.5k tags/warnings: modern yakuza/lawyer au, dirty jokes, playful banter, inaccuracies regarding the law, akaza is a hot flirt notes: ok i'm not a law student nor have i ever attended a court hearing (thankfully) so please just ignore the inaccuracies,, all my law knowledge is from tears of themis LMAO (more under cut!) ♡ PART ONE ♡ PREVIOUS PART ♡
Tumblr media
“it’s my mum,” you grit your teeth nervously, hand clenching around your phone tightly.
akaza raises a brow. “that quick?” he glances at your phone in hand, “just pick up. the more you delay this, the more pissed off they’ll be.”
you squirm in your seat, slouching down as your brows furrow in frustration, your ringtone ringing loudly in the small space of the car. you really don’t want to pick up, but you know you have to. you can’t run away forever. besides, your parents would always love you no matter what.
you sigh, “i’ll pick up.” and with that, you brace yourself for a scolding, and pressed the ‘accept’ button.
“y/n! what’s happened? are you okay? what are you doing in tokyo? do you need us to come over–”
fuck. you wince, putting the phone closer away from your ear. both your parents are screaming into the phone, and you feel guilty about them worrying over you instead of being disappointed or angry. you’d take a scolding any day.
“mum, dad, i’m fine,” you said loudly, unsure if they’d hear you over their chaos.
“are you saying you’re fine because you’re being held at gunpoint?” you hear your dad shout, and you gawk.
“no, dad, i’m fine, really,” you sigh. “nothing bad happened to me. well, not after that night-”
“y/n, i’m so sorry we weren’t there for you! don’t stay in tokyo anymore, just leave your law job and come home!” your mother cries.
“m-mum, no!” you frown. “i’m fine, okay? i really am. after i got attacked, my…employer took care of me. i’ve been fine and healthy. the only reason i had to be declared dead was so that nobody else would try to hurt me–”
“who’s trying to hurt you?” your mother sobs.
“don’t cry!” you gasp, your hand trembling. “m-mum, i’m okay! i’m safe! my employer has more powerful connections than anyone! i-i’m sorry for making you worry this whole time, but i can’t speak too much about–”
“y/n, we thought you were dead,” your father says softly.
you winced, biting your lower lip and trying to push back the tears that prick your eyes. you really, really missed them. you wish you could have cherished the times when you lived with them as a carefree child, basking in their love and holding their hands along with your sisters as you ran through the beach just outside your home, under the warm summer sun. that will never happen again. you had lost a sister, and you weren’t even human anymore. you feel absolutely horrible for making them relive another one of their daughters’ deaths.
you feel a hand grasp yours softly, and you looked at akaza, who seemed to have uncannily read your mind. “hey,” he whispers, “it’s okay. it’s not your fault.”
you weakly hold his hand back, forcing yourself to swallow your emotions away. what was done was done. it was for your family’s safety, too. “i’m sorry, mum and dad,” you say. “i’m sorry for getting entangled into this. i-i didn’t mean anything. i’m sorry, i-i love you,” you blink back tears.
“y/n, don’t apologise,” your mother tearfully says. “w-we don’t know what’s happening, but as long as you’re safe, it’s okay. just come visit us soon, okay? we’ll always wait for you with open arms.”
you sniff softly. “thanks, mum. i love you two. tell lil’ sis i love her too,” you smile.
“we will,” your father says. “stay safe, okay y/n?”
your eyes flicker to the window, where the car stops right in front of the main office building. you haven’t let go of akaza’s hand. “i will,” you say. “i have to go now, but i promise i’ll call again tonight. i love you,” you swallow thickly, and press the ‘end call’ button.
you lazily unbuckle your seatbelt, unmoving from your place. he doesn’t move either, just continues to hold your hand in the silence. you suppose he isn’t that bad. after being in his company for so long, you don’t mind being alone together with him anymore.
“i feel horrible,” you say softly, your head leaning against the window.
“there was no other way,” akaza sighs. “i’m sorry, y/n.”
“don’t do that,” you whispers. “don’t…don’t say sorry. i would have died if you didn’t turn me into a demon, right? even if i lived, i would have lost some of my limbs, and have a fuck load of broken bones,” you look at his pair of yellow and blue eyes staring back at you.
he sighs, running his blue-tipped fingers through his pink hair. you decide you liked him better in his true form. he was handsome even as a human, but his true being showed him for what he truly is, and even though any normal person would find it appalling, you accept it in whole.
“y/n…i like you, you know,” he says. you blink in surprise, your jaw dropping as you tremble, breath caught in your throat.
he winces at your reaction, and rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “i mean, as a friend, you know?” he chuckles. “you’re so cute when you look scared,” he teases. “is the idea of being with me that terrifying?” he forces a laugh. you mutely shake your head, eyes not even looking at him, but…at the window behind him. he finally realises you hadn’t been paying any attention to him at all, now that he thinks about it.
akaza turns around in confusion, only to see a pair of eyes, well, three to be exact, staring back at him.
“ah, kokushibo-dono!” he smiles casually, rolling his side of the car window down. upper moon one looks at him with a scrutinising gaze, and then turns to you, who grasps even tighter onto akaza’s hand in fear.
“y/n, this is kokushibo-dono!” akaza gives you a reassuring smile, and turns back to his superior. “kokushibo-dono, this is y/n! i don’t think she needs an introduction, she’s simply the world’s best lawyer, best girl, best–”
“lord muzan would like to speak to her once he has finished business,” kokushibo says simply, standing up to full height once again, his terrifying six eyes no longer visible to you, who lets out a breath of relief.
“and do teach her some manners,” he adds, to which you gulp.
“i-i apologise, kokushibo…” san? dono? which honorific should you even use?
“dono,” akaza whispers, and you nod quickly. “dono!” you add.
the demon wordlessly walks away from the car, and you let out a tired groan. “he totally hates me,” you frown.
“nah, he’s pretty much like that with everyone,” akaza shrugs nonchalantly. “except with lord muzan, of course. but he doesn’t count,” he laughs, turning to you once again. “are you okay?”
you sigh, nodding. “yeah, i’m okay. just didn’t really expect everything to happen so quickly,” you smile wryly. “it’s fine, it’s not the first time.”
“hey,” he smiles softly, “things will get better, okay? you’ll absolutely crush this court case, then you can go visit your family. i know you miss them, but you’ll see them very soon,” he cups your cheek gently. “i’m here for you, y/n.”
“akaza…” your gaze unknowingly flickers to his lips, so close to yours, and sensing it, his does, too. you stare up at him, feeling the atmosphere heat up. your eyes flutter closed as he leans in, and your heart races as you feel the lightest brush of his lips against yours.
you pull back in surprise from the sudden honk of the car behind you, and akaza curses loudly under his breath, letting go of your hand and swiftly looking behind, squinting in the darkness and letting out an annoyed huff.
“y/n, let’s go,” his expression softens back into his playful boyish smile, and he reaches over to unlock your side of the car before stepping out himself. slightly shaken, you exit the car, your thoughts running unbearably wild inside your brain. that was the second time of the night where the two of you had almost kissed. it means something, right?
you bite your lip in internal frustration and confusion. do you like akaza? no, it’s too fast to have anything more than friendship with him. you remind yourself that in both cases of the almost-kiss, you had been in emotional vulnerability, and, swept away by the moment, you willed into the kiss. that didn’t make him a terrible person, of course he knew you were upset. you knew he wasn’t a manipulative person, but your thoughts swarm in uncertainty towards how you felt towards him.
you watch as akaza ignores douma as he converses with gyutato, a whining daki beside him. the distraught demoness rushed over to you once she noticed you, and pulled you into the conversation. and although you were there, your thoughts continue to float.
a friend. that is all.
“i’m scared,” you whisper.
“nah, it’ll be fine,” akaza chuckles, looping an arm around you as he usually does. and like one of the rare times, you lean into him, resting your head on his shoulder.
“no, what if he hates me?” you gulp.
“he doesn’t, and he won’t,” he gives you a reassuring pat of the head, and you sigh.
“hey, i’m serious here,” he gives a light laugh, “i know you haven’t talked to him directly, but c’mon, you’ve seen him in the courthouse several times, right? just think of michael jackson when you see him, it’ll make things less scary.”
you giggle at his words, “i mean, his hat did remind me of mj. does he look like him too?” you joke.
“maybe,” he shrugs, “but if you bring it up to him, he’ll just say that he claimed the look first. which is true i guess, since he’s been using that hat all the way since the 20s.”
“a hundred years?” your eyes widen. knowing facts and hearing about your colleagues living hundreds of years should be something normal already, but you still can’t help but be filled with wonder at everytime they tell you a secret of the past. it really is like having someone from centuries ago time travel into the present.
“he doesn’t change his style much,” he shrugs.
“did you change yours?” you ask.
“yeah, of course i did,” he says, “i don’t think people these days would be okay with some dude walking around barefoot with only a haori and pants on.”
“no way,” you giggle, “show me your old clothes!”
akaza laughs, shaking his head, “they’re all dust now, unfortunately. nobody has their old clothing anymore, and nowadays the historical clothes from our time period that are sold are…terrible quality, honestly.”
“ahh, i wish i could have seen you when you lived in the 17th century or something,” you hum.
“i never cared much for style,” he shrugs.
“i can tell,” you tease, “all your clothes other than your generic business suits are shirts that dads would wear when washing their car.”
“what’s wrong with my dad shirts?” he laughs, “i totally rock them.”
you nod, “you do! it’s just funny because you look way too young to be a dad!”
“not that i have proper sperm cells, anyways,” he says.
“i didn’t need to hear you say that.”
“but you already knew.”
“you didn’t have to SAY it!”
“okay, well, you don’t have your period anymore, right? that means you don’t have proper fried egg cells anymore.”
you stare at him, “...fried egg cells?”
he shrugs, “yeah?”
you clasp a hand on your mouth before you burst into laughter. “akaza, they’re just called egg cells! not fried egg cells!”
“oh,” he laughs, “i wouldn’t know, you know i’ve never learned science.”
“i can tell,” you tease. “oh god, i can’t believe you just called them FRIED egg cells,” you wipe away a tear from laughing too hard.
“i’m surprised you’re not even processing what i said,” he pinches your cheek, “did you really forget you’re supposed to have your period?”
your laughter ceases, and your eyes widen, “uhh…kind of.” you pause, and then you gasp, “i’m not pregnant, right? i-i didn’t fuck anyone!”
he laughs, shaking his head, “nope, that’s just how it is. demons aren’t fertile, so be thankful you’ll never have to bleed for eternity.”
you smile, “fuck yes! this is such a win!”
the faint sound of the gates to the main office building sounds in the background, and you freeze, turning to akaza.
“is that…”
“yeah,” he says, “oh, remember not to think of anything weird. he can read your mind, so…don’t thirst over him or anything,” he clears his throat.
“thirst?” you stifle a laugh. “w-wait, you’re not jealous, right?”
he shrugs, “no. just letting you know for your safety.”
“mhm, sure,” you nod, a lilt of sarcasm laced in your voice. you can tell he’s half lying, and half telling the truth.
you stop your thoughts. why are you trying to decipher the meaning behind his words? you should probably stop looking into things; akaza might just be really worried after all, which is why he seems a tad stiffer than usual, compared to his usual relaxed demeanour.
“y/n,” he says after a slight moment of silence. you’re still rested on him so that you can’t exactly see him, but you tense up slightly when he says your name.
“yes?” you ask.
“you know how you saw kokushibo-dono when we were in the car earlier?” he places a hand on your shoulder, and you ease slightly.
you nod, “yeah. what about it?”
“were you listening to what i said?” he asks, and you frown.
“uhh…no?” you bite your lip, racking your memory for what he said. you were more focused, or rather terrified, at the sight of upper moon one. what’d he say again? “uhm…i was kind of paying more attention to the three pairs of eyes staring at us,” you bite your lip, “can you tell me what you said?”
he lets out a sigh that sounds like one of relief, and you poke his arm playfully. “hey, tell me!”
“nope,” he chuckles, ruffling your hair.
“not fair! c’mon, tell me,” you huff.
“not now,” he chuckles, and you ruffle his hair back, a light blush darkening your cheeks from the feeling of his soft, fluffy hair on your hand. he’s…cute.
“when, then?” you sit up, giving him a small grin.
“you’ll see,” he runs his hand through your hair, before snaking it to lightly touch the nape of your neck, and you shiver lightly from it.
“are you cold?” he teases, the warmth of his palm pressing even more to your neck, where goosebumps prickle your skin.
“maybe,” you say, voice softer. your eyes flicker to his yellow and blue ones, and you think back to everything that had gone by too fast in the last few hours.
“what would you do if i kissed you, y/n?” akaza grins, and you gasp softly at his direct question. does the man have no filter?
“i…” you swallow nervously. hours ago, you know you would have kissed him back. you’ve already felt the faintest brush of his lips against yours, and you’re not really ashamed to say that you wouldn’t mind feeling it fully press against yours.
but do you like him? you know your relationship isn’t the normal ‘boss-employee’ type, but you know it’s not romantic either. you’re just friends.
you don’t know what to say. would answering with a reply that indicates a romance between you stifle the already flirty relationship you have with him? but what if you push him away on accident, then what?
you’re used to pushing others away, you were never even that close with your colleagues back at the law firm. but with akaza…
no, you decide you should protect your feelings with just more than fortified steel. you need more time to think.
“it depends,” you say.
“depends on what?” he titters lightly, and you try your best to keep yourself composed, just as usual. trick yourself into thinking you’re not interested, and you’ll be able to put on a class act, just as usual.
just as he always does, he leaves you wordless, and you force yourself to vomit out an answer or be doomed to embarrass yourself in front of him. you don’t know what to do. should you play coy or push him back a little?
“depends on how well you kiss me,” you say.
coy it is.
he chuckles softly, and your eyes unconsciously avert to his lips, so close to yours.
is he going to kiss you?
he hums, inching closer to you, “i think…”
you suck in a breath. you aren’t fully sure if you’re in the right mind to kiss him. hell, you barely have any experience! you wonder if kissing him would be sweet, like a picturesque kiss straight from a feudal fairy tale, or if it’s rough and demanding, but passionate like the bright embers of a sprouted love.
but instead, he pulls away, and leans his back onto the velvet couch once again, a small smirk on his face.
“i think i should tease you a bit, hm?” akaza says, and you blink, staring at him in disbelief.
is he playing with you? you aren’t sure. is he teasing you? for sure, he is. but why?
you try not to look disappointed, and put on a neutral expression instead. “okay,” you say lightly, and you lean onto the couch, too, just not as close to him. you’re quite sure he doesn’t have any bad intentions, but you can’t help but feel slightly irked by it.
you can feel his stare boring into your body from where you slightly face away from him, and another blush creeps into your skin. not because you feel lovesick all of a sudden, but because you do feel disappointed that he didn’t kiss you. you know it’s petty, but after everything that had happened to you, was a kiss really too much to ask?
you shift uncomfortably in your seat, and you contemplate taking your phone out to scroll or do whatever on it. you hate opening up to people, and he knows it. so why is he doing this? should you tell him how you feel about it? no, it’d make you look desperate. you hate overthinking things. but with too many thoughts in the back of your mind, you feel as though your mind is about to erupt into a disarrayed constellation.
you’re being childish. just as earlier, you’re just being emotionally vulnerable. and you don’t like it. you’re not used to it.
“i don’t remember paying either of you to daydream about each other.”
the two of you turn your heads to the door, where, for the first time, you lay your eyes on your boss up-close. he’s just as you faintly remember from all the court cases, black hair, sharp red eyes, embedded in the the finest of silks and tailoring, and a light scowl on his face, with upper moon one just behind.
ah, that’s right. he can read yours and akaza’s minds, can he? does that mean…
you turn to him, a ray of hope in your mind.
was he thinking about you, too?
wait, that’s stupid, isn’t it? he just called out to you the moment lord muzan entered, so of course he was thinking about you! but…the way it was phrased; daydream…what does that even mean?
“good evening, lord muzan,” akaza says, standing up and bowing. your eyes widen, and you immediately know you should do the same.
“good evening, lord muzan,” you mimic him, bowing deeply and ignoring the fear that cakes your entire being. his aura is terrifying, more so now that you’re a demon, too. his blood flows in you, after all, and while working on his court cases as a human was horrifying enough, now that you’re here, with him, in the flesh no less, to discuss the legal matters makes it all the more pressing.
“sit,” he clicks his tongue, and the two of you immediately do so.
muzan takes a seat on the couch across, the blood-red shade of velvet eerily matching his pupils. he lights a cigarette and takes a puff, “perhaps i should have predicted what transpired this evening, but,” he draws another long puff, “i feel more inconvenienced that humans are getting peskier and peskier this days,” he scoffs. “they seem adamant on getting me jailed, which is something that shouldn’t happen,” he narrows his eyes at you.
“and you’ll do anything to prevent that from happening, won’t you?”
you quickly nod, “yes, lord muzan. no matter how difficult the task, i’ll be sure to bend the law as much as i can.”
“good,” he simply says. “i expect nothing less than superb results.”
you nod once again, still feeling at full unease. not to mention, you’re in a room with several of the most powerful demons! not to mention the very progenitor of your kind. you glance at akaza, who looks more serious, and you can tell why. and with every passing second of silence, you can’t help but fill your restrained thoughts with snippets of your previous conversations with–
“well?” muzan asks, “don’t you have any plans you’d like to tell me?”
you gulp, and you hold your hands together nervously as you try your best to piece a report that sounds smart. hey, it isn’t your fault too many things happened at once to the point you couldn’t prepare anything!
“a-as usual, we can launch another protection racket to guarantee protection outside the sanction of the law, and while we may be all the more distrusted, your safety will be a given,” you force the words out, ignoring the rising pit of fear in your stomach. it isn’t the time to be afraid.
“protection racket?” he raises a brow, and tosses the cigarette perfectly into the ashtray in front of him. “and i thought this was done before. don’t you have anything new to inform me of?”
you’re quite sure you’re fucked.
you wipe a small bead of sweat from your forehead, and force yourself to think as best you can despite the overwhelming pressure. “i-i…i’m sure i can find another better alternative…” you bite your lip, nearly scratching at your own hands out of pure terror. muzan’s scowl deepens, and you brace yourself for a nightmare-fuelling scolding.
“lord muzan, if i may,” akaza clears his throat, “i’m ashamed to say i distracted y/n during the hours of which she should have been working. i think she’s proved herself a valuable asset to us time and time again, and i’m sure that if we give her a few hours to work it out, she’s sure to secure a definite plan that will get us scot-free,” he says stiffly. “once again, i apologise for causing this delay.”
muzan leans forward, eyes still surveying you with a predator-like stare as he presses a finger onto the burning end of his cigarette, clearly feeling no pain from its dying heat. “oh, i know she was distracted,” he says. “but i still expected better from an…educated lawyer,” he emphasises the last words with a lilt of condescending mockery, and you squirm in your seat, tearing your eyes away from his intimidating ones.
“but apparently,” he continues, “your little pet here can’t help but keep being distracted by her owner,” he turns his glare to akaza.
he doesn’t need to be told twice. akaza quickly stands and bows, flashing you a small grin of reassurance. you smile weakly at him, but when he leaves, the very last of your confidence withers away.
pet? did he just call you a pet?
you shrug the thoughts away. no use in getting angry at a mind reader when your mind is currently being read.
kokushibo places a large, heavy book on the coffee table in front of you, and you blink.
“now, little girl, i’m well aware that you’re a…prodigy of some sort,” muzan says, “but sheer luck and talent will not get you anywhere. i expect an unerring plan to be decided by the end of tonight. upper moon one here will assist you.”
you force yourself not to grimace in further fear. kokushibo may not be as anxiety-inducing as muzan, but you can already feel the goosebumps biting at your skin from the mere thought of being helped by him. you’d much rather work alone, as well as stand up for your abilities in both law and debate, but there is truly no point in starting a fight you will only lose.
“i’m sure you know that failure in saving our company will result in your demise,” muzan stands up, and when he walks behind you, you tense up all the more, your muscles rigid as even your breathing is controlled. you just can’t wait for him to exit the room. at least akaza can come back to accompany you, right?
“you won’t be seeing upper moon three either until you’ve completed your task,” he says, and it only adds further insult to the wound. your shoulders relax when you hear the door open, signalling his departure.
“i expect nothing less than perfection.”
and he closes the door.
“woah,” akaza frowns. “you look tired, y/n.”
you grab the cup of coffee from his hand, and gulp the liquid down. “no shit,” you sigh, “kokushibo-dono worked my ass off! not to mention, lord muzan is absolutely horrifying! the way he looks at me is like looking at a worm who he just can’t wait to step on and squash!”
“well, look at the bright side,” he chuckles, “he thinks your plan is great! and i don’t know shit about the law, but i think it’s great, too!”
you roll your eyes playfully, “well, hopefully this doesn’t end in my death or something.”
“don’t say that,” he pinches your cheek, and you pout as you try to swallow the coffee down before it spurts everywhere. “everything is going to be fine, okay? you should probably get some sleep though, you’ve been on a roller coaster.”
you shrug, “i thought i’d be less tired as a demon, but i’m still just as mentally exhausted.”
“well, the only thing that’s altered is your physical form and appearance. you’re still you,” he smiles.
“unfortunately,” you snort.
“what?” he raises a brow, “i like you! for real though, i’ve lived for hundreds of years, and yet you’re the only one who’s made life enjoyable.”
a light blush dusts your cheeks, and you smile softly, “it’s nice to know i brightened your life, old man,” you tease.
“hey, i’m practically blending in well enough to be considered as young as you!” he nudges you, and you laugh.
“sure, sure, old sir akaza. just don’t break your back, okay? wouldn’t want to send you to a nursing home or whatnot.”
“i can’t wait for you to be over a hundred years so i can call you a grandma, too,” he takes your coffee and takes a sip before handing it to you once again.
suddenly you’re not very focused on his teasing. was that an indirect kiss?
“you’re still going to be way older than me, gramps,” you hum.
“right, well, since you’re such a young foetus, why don’t i tuck you into bed, now?” he takes the coffee away from your hands again.
“h-hey!” you cry out, “i don’t need rest, i’m not THAT tired!”
“sorry, y/n,” he throws the cup straight into the bin, blotches of brown tainting the object. you still hadn’t finished your damned coffee! the nerve of this man!
“but it’s bedtime for your little ass, so off to bed you go!” he ushers you to your room.
“excuse you,” you huff, “my ass isn’t ‘little!’”
“hm?” he tilts his head, “sorry, i need proof of that. i can’t just believe things i haven’t seen with my own eyes.”
you turn around, close to both laughing and swatting him, “you pervert!”
“aaanndddddd, now that we’ve reached your room, off to bed you go!” akaza pats your shoulder, “i’ll be locking you in for a few hours now, so try and get some sleep!”
“w-what?” you glare, “i don’t need sleep, i need answers!” you blurt out.
“answers?” he tilts his head, “to what?”
oh, fuck.
“nothing,” you immediately say. “in any case, i’m not sleeping.”
akaza ruffles your hair, though it’s rougher in a playful sense, and you giggle as you slap his hand away.
“you’re sleeping. that’s final. i know you can pretty much go for the rest of your life without a wink of sleep, but you’re tired, and you deserve some sweet dreams,” he opens the door, and pokes your back, “off you go, little missy.”
you fold your arms across your chest, “no.”
“well, then,” he takes his suit off, “i’ll wait here until you fall asleep.”
you flick his forehead, “no way. i’m fine, i’ll just get some blood bags to refresh myself.”
he holds your wrist, “nope. you’re sleeping, whether you like it or not. now get under the covers or…”
you pull your wrist away, “or what?”
“or no blood bags,” he smirks.
you frown, “what gives? i just don’t feel like sleeping, is all.”
“yeah, but i need you well-rested. either you sleep, or no blood bags and…” he shakes your phone in front of you, and you gasp, quickly checking your bag, only to find that he HAD taken your phone.
“no phone,” he smiles as he places your phone into the pocket of his pants…on the ass side. you blush lightly as you’re filled with childish thoughts. you should stop!
you sigh. you’ll admit, you’re quite spent anyways. normally you only sleep once a week as a luxury, not a need, but you suppose a nap would help.
“fine, i’ll sleep,” you say, “but you don’t have to wait around.”
“nope,” he hums, “i’m staying until you fall asleep.”
you roll your eyes. you can just face away from him. you can tell he won’t even stick around for long. “fine, then.”
you reluctantly slip under the sheets, movement stiff as you lay on the furthest edge of the bed away from him, and you pull the blankets as high as you can. your heart’s beating rapidly, and you aren’t sure what to make of this. it’s sweet, you suppose. if only you’d stop overthinking things!
you feel the blanket being tugged, and the mattress of the bed dip under some weight. you turn around, and are met face-to-face with akaza, a playful smirk on his face as he lays beside you.
“w-what?” you sputter, “what are you doing?”
“just as it looks like. i’m waiting for you to sleep,” he pats the pillow a bit before letting out a relaxing groan as he stretches himself. your face heats up, but try as you might, you can’t bring yourself to turn your back on him.
“you can just…sit on the chair,” you say dumbly. you want to see what happens and what this situation will lead to, but you don’t want to seem so willing!
“nah,” he turns to face you once again. “don’t mind me. just go to sleep.”
as if it’s easy for you to sleep with him, of all people, right beside you!
“you’re distracting me,” you huff, “go sit or stand. you’re still in your outside clothes too, so it won’t be comfortable to lay down.”
“am i?” he hums, “then close your eyes and sleep. it’s easy, right?”
the sly bastard!
you roll your eyes and turn away from him, closing your eyes tightly as you try to ignore his presence, and the fact that you’re lying right next to him. you’re sure nothing dirty will happen, but it still sends sparks of quick heartbeats throughout you. isn’t this something couples do? no, you’re sure friends can sleep beside each other while being fully platonic. but why do you secretly wish he’d do something?
“y’know, this is probably a weird time to say this, but i’m sorry,” he says.
well, that’s something you definitely didn’t expect. you turn to him with confusion, and ask, “for what?”
his eyes are glued to the ceiling as he shrugs, “for not kissing you. i don’t know, i just kind of thought it wasn’t the right time,” he says. “you were still sad the first two times, and i wasn’t sure if…if you’d actually want it. i just don’t want you to regret anything if we really did kiss.”
your expression softens, and you feel yourself feel slightly guilty for your reaction earlier. you did need comfort, any kind, hours ago, and you suppose it didn’t really matter what it was, which was why you behaved more eagerly for him.
oh god, you hope you can live that moment down.
“it’s okay,” you say. “you were right in that sense…thank you,” you smile softly.
he turns to you, and ruffles your hair, “you’re so cute.”
“look at you, getting all flirty again,” you tease.
“only with you,” he smiles. “now go to sleep, foetus.”
“i’m not a foetus! i’m a grown adult!”
“compared to most other demons, you’re basically a sperm cell. now sleep,” he flicks your forehead, and you roll your eyes.
“fine,” you say, turning around and closing your eyes. it really is best that you sleep for now, the sheets are inviting and you haven’t slept in several days.
you feel his arms wrap around you, and you bite your lip, your heart hammering even harder in your chest as he nuzzles himself against your head.
“what are you doing?” you whisper.
“just hugging you,” he hums.
you hope your voice doesn’t sound strained. “you better not do anything.”
“i promise,” he says, and you hide a shy smile as you eventually drift off to sleep in his arms.
the day of court has finally come, it’s not looking very pretty.
not because the court proceedings have gone horribly, no.
it’s the overwhelming amount of news reporters ambushing you outside the court building.
of course, people form opinions on anything, even rumours. so when they learn that the infamous kibutsuji muzan is to appear at court, as well as be defended by a lawyer who supposedly ‘died,’ they’ve got a real scoop to fill.
“hey, you okay?” akaza hands you a drink.
“yeah,” you sigh. “how about you?”
“fine as ever,” he laughs. “shit like this doesn’t mean anything to me. and i know you’ll do great, you always do.”
“thanks,” you smile softly. “also, don’t forget to say–”
“i’m not saying anything without my lawyer present,” he fills in.
“yeah,” you giggle. “tell douma-dono that, too. before he starts blabbering our business again.”
“that little shit’s going to get a beating from lord muzan again,” he scoffs. “and he still never learns from his mistakes.”
you laugh quietly, and you glance at the clock in the waiting room. thirty more minutes until the hearing proceeds.
“hey,” you ask, “who’s the lawyer that the government official hired? i hope it’s not someone i know…”
the door clicks, and your heart drops when you see who enters.
“ah, l/n-san!”
speak of the devil…
you quickly put your drink down, and stuff the documents away. “ah, g-good afternoon, rengoku-san,” you try your best to smile as you extend a hand for him to shake.
instead, he places his hand on your shoulders, bright eyes and big smile on his face. “it’s really you, isn’t it? when i heard what happened on the news i was so worried! i sent your family flowers, i hope that was okay! i’m just so glad you’re okay!” he pulls you into a hug, and you gasp softly as your face is pressed against his toned chest.
you yelp as you’re suddenly pried away, and you turn to akaza, who stands in front of you, a mild scowl on his face.
“don’t touch her so freely,” he says.
kyojuro blinks, and a metaphorical lightbulb in his brain clicks.
“ah, you’re l/n-san’s boyfriend, am i right?” he asks.
oh, right.
a few months ago, akaza had waltzed right into your office and claimed to be your boyfriend. you have no idea how kyojuro remembered, but you felt a looming sense of dread if he were to piece things together and still be under the assumption that you’re together with akaza.
akaza tilts his head, expression going back to one of neutrality.
“yes,” he chuckles, wrapping a protective arm around you. “and i hope you don’t mind me asking if you can leave us alone for a bit. with all the negative attention y/n’s getting, i’m only doing my best to look out for her,” he plasters on a smile.
“ah, of course!” kyojuro returns the smile, “though i wasn’t aware l/n-san was romantically involved with you, her employer!”
you swallow nervously when akaza’s grip on you tightens.
“there’s nothing wrong with pursuing a romantic interest with someone. if you believe that i’m only with her to advance my boss’ company, then you’re mistaken. there’s nobody i adore more than y/n, and i’d appreciate it if you leave as is,” akaza says.
“oh, i can tell you adore her, alright,” kyojuro says, “but what about her? does she have a say in this relationship, or was this perhaps a ploy constructed by your company in order to have her?”
you know things are going to go from bad to ugly real quick, so before akaza says or does anything, you quickly take his hand in yours. you’ve done this before, you can perfectly act like a loving girlfriend.
“w-with all respect, rengoku-san,” you try your best to speak cheerfully, “what happened that night truly was an accident. akaza-san saved me and took me into his company for my safety, and i promise there’s nothing to fret over,” you smile. you know kyojuro is just looking out for you, like the wonderful superior he was back at the law firm when he used to help you navigate your way in court. you appreciate the meaning behind his actions, but you need to prevent any fights or conflicts to occur right before the hearing.
“hear that, fireball boy?” akaza snickers, “nothing to worry about. my girl loves me, and you’re probably just jealous.”
you resist the urge to slap him right then and there. for a centuries-old man, he sure is childish!
kyojuro only shakes his head, letting out a soft chuckle. “then why does she address you in a formal fashion? shouldn’t lovers be comfortable enough to address each other by first name without honorifics?”
you quickly swoop in a save, “but this is a formal setting,” you let out a girlish laugh. “i don’t think it’d be appropriate to address aka-kun in this manner! the court would certainly think i’m being improper.”
yuck. aka-kun? seriously?
“aren’t you the government’s lawyer?” akaza points to kyo. “go scurry off to those corrupt politicians, now.”
he laughs, “aren’t most people in this system corrupt? if anything, your company is the one that promotes the abuse of power, isn’t it? i have all your crimes memorised. murder, extortion, gambling, infiltration of legitimate businesses, labour racketeering, loan sharking, tax fraud schemes, and stock manipulation schemes. but that’s not all, am i right?”
you look worriedly at akaza, who has nothing but a blank expression of his face. of course he’s slightly confused, he doesn’t know the first thing about legal matters; it’s kokushibo who deals with everything. akaza is the one committing half of the crimes kyojuro had just listed, yet he isn’t aware of the names of each of his wrongdoings.
it’s quite fascinating how people raised and used to the 17th century way of life adapt to the modern laws. the justice system is much, much tighter now, and even for a talented lawyer like you, you’ll admit a little help here and there is essential. to someone from centuries ago, however, you can’t begin to imagine how they’d grasp every written rule of it.
instead, akaza only ruffles your hair, “i’m not saying anything without the lawyer present!”
kyojuro chuckles again, “she’s your lawyer, is she not?”
“correct,” akaza smirks, “but i need the lawyer PRESENT. come on now, where’s her present for being such a good girl?” he rests his hand on your waist again, and your eye twitches in embarrassment. you can only pray to whatever god there is for your ex-superior kyojuro to NOT think you’ve been into some kinky shit.
“you’re right,” kyojuro hums, “she does deserve a present, doesn’t she?”
“damn right,” akaza scoffs.
“then how about a trip to the doctor, perhaps? i saw it stated that both she and kibutsuji have a skin allergy. not to mention, members of your company only operate after sundown. as a concerned friend, surely you don’t mind me taking her to the hospital to check for any poisoning or medical problems?” he says with a smile.
this is bad. both sides are being provoked, especially akaza. kyojuro CANNOT know you’re not human anymore.
“rengoku-san,” you say, with more volume and courage in your voice this time, “i appreciate that you’re worried and looking out for me, but there’s really nothing to pry into,” you smile sweetly, “as a secret between us two, no, i don’t actually have a skin allergy. but because of the attack in my apartment that night, both of my eyes were lathered with some unsafe chemical that now makes it painful for me to set my eyes on any bright light. the documents must have been written wrongly, but i’ll be sure to alter it once i get the chance to,” you press yourself against akaza. “he’s been good to me, rengoku-san. i know not everybody can see that, but i truly am happy.”
kyojuro tenses less, and his smile is more gentle now, “you’ve always been one of the best lawyers we had, l/n-san. if you’re sure this is the path for you, then i’ll wish you nothing but the best. if there’s anything i can help with, feel free to always reach out!”
a genuine smile eases onto your features, “thank you, rengoku-san. would you mind telling shinobu and everyone back at the firm that i said hello?”
“sure!” he beams once again, “we all miss you terribly! swing by if you’d like! i think it’s really best you prepare once again, though. i wish you all the best in court, l/n-san!” he pats your shoulder gently, and turns to leave.
“see you soon, rengoku-san!” you call out. once his footsteps fade out, you glare at akaza.
“what the fuck was that, dumbass? now he’ll think you call me a ‘good girl’ during sex or something!” you fume.
“what?” he laughs, “so i guess i was right about you having a praise kink, since you’re so embarrassed about it. anyways, who cares what he thinks? let him think whatever!”
“my kinks are none of your business!” you groan, “you didn’t have to go that far! god, you’re childish, too!”
“oh, so one moment i’m an old man, and when i’m not, i’m childish?” he smirks teasingly.
“fuck you,” you sigh.
his gaze travels to your chest, and then your hips, and a sly smile graces his lips. “right now?”
you flick his forehead. “no, you pervert. god, acting like your girlfriend is so tiring,” you huff.
“aw, i’d like to hear you call me ‘aka-kun’ again,” he pinches your cheek, and your glare hardens as you slap his hand away.
“i am NEVER calling you anything other than ‘akaza-san’ ever again. that was a one-time thing, and justified because we had to get our act straight,” you say.
“will you drop the ‘san,’ though?” he tilts his head.
“w-why should i?”
“c’mon, just call me by my name. we’re close enough that you don’t need to call me with any honorifics, right? i’ve never even used honorifics on you since the first day we met,” he chuckles.
“you never use honorifics for anyone except lord muzan,” you tease. “but no, you’re staying as akaza-san forever.”
“look at you, being all cute trying to act tough,” he purrs, “i wonder, would you still scream my name with honorifics if i were to fuck you? or would you just scream my name and only that?”
“t-that’s enough!” you blush furiously, “as if i’d even let you touch me…”
“y/n, you already let me do that,” he pulls you against him, and your blush darkens when you’re pressed flush against him.
“i-i didn’t mean i’d ever let you give me a hug or something!” you pout as you pull away, his laughter filling the room.
“god, you really are so cute,” he hums.
“not falling for this,” you gather your documents, “i’ll be ignoring you now until the hearing finishes. i don’t need lord muzan reading my mind and scolding me again,” you sulk.
“aww, i knew you were thinking about me,” he teases.
“what? no!” you immediately deny.
“damn, i kind of wish i was lord muzan. he’s probably seen imaginary porn of us from just reading your mind.”
“s-shut the fuck up, jackass!” you pinch him, face burning as you look away from him. maybe he’s right, maybe he’s not. whatever the case, you won’t give him the satisfaction of knowing the answer.
“i’m right, aren’t i?” he smirks.
“...do you really want to make me fail the trial?”
“why? because now you’re horny?”
“no! i’m annoyed, not horny!”
“what about i bring lord muzan here to confirm what you’re thinking about?”
“don’t worry, i’m just kidding,” he laughs. “you should see the look on your face though, you’re absolutely mortified, it’s so cute!”
you roll your eyes, and hit him with the documents. “shut up and let me focus, old man.”
“okay, foetus.”
in all your time on earth, you’ve accomplished a great deal of things. like getting accepted into a law firm without ever going to law school, for one. like getting yourself caught up in the yakuza’s business, too. almost kiss a yakuza member, that you sure did.
but going against your superior in a court hearing?
you never thought you’d be debating against THE rengoku kyojuro. granted, he isn’t your superior in the law firm you work in anymore ever since you left, but dread and nervousness filled you to the brim during the entirety of the hearing.
so when the judge hit the hammer on the wooden block, your heart stilled for a moment, you could have sworn you were caught in a tug-of-war between life and purgatory.
until the words, “kibutsuji muzan is declared innocent!” rang out in the midst of the quiet room, you’ve never felt so relieved.
and once you exit the courtroom and return back to the lounge, you’re flooded with a barrage of praises you never thought you’d receive.
“y/n-chan!” daki squeals, “you did so good! i don’t know what the fuck was going on, but you were so cool!”
“you did good, man,” gyuutaro mumbles.
“y/n! you were so amazing! my heart beat so fast whenever you spoke! i think i fell in love just from watching you state laws!” douma laughs.
hell, even muzan himself had something to say.
“you did alright.”
well, at least it was more of a compliment. not that any of it matters, because the person you look forward to talking to is…
“now that we’re free from any legal shit, can we go on a proper date now?”
“w-what?” you blush.
akaza chuckles at your reaction. “well, you don’t have to play dead anymore, right? now we can go on a proper date,” he hums.
“to some fancy ass restaurant that serves like one-thirds of a maccies burger?” you ask.
“nope!” he says, “we can go anywhere, even the mall! just anywhere you’d like!”
you tap your chin in thought. well, it’s been quite a while since you’ve freely walked as yourself, and because of your horrible financial situation, you weren’t even able to go to the mall, let alone have shopping sprees! but now, since you’re basically rich and free…
but as a date?
what exactly makes a date?
is he interested in you? no, you can’t just assume that. being flirty is part of his personality. you can’t even imagine the number of partners he’s had throughout the centuries! what if he sees you as an inexperienced young girl despite you being a capable adult? do you pale in comparison against the other women he’s been with? what does he look forward to on a date?
you’re overthinking again!
“s-sure, we can go to the mall,” you say. oh no, you’re going to gawk at everything in the mall, aren’t you? your hometown doesn’t have malls since it’s a small seaside city, and you haven’t even been to a proper mall in tokyo! he’s going to tease you for being so fascinated in trivial things!
why are you even caring about what he thinks?
“then it’s a date!” he winks, “tonight we’re going to a hotel to celebrate though. how about next week?”
“yeah, sure,” you nod, “anytime is fine.”
oh, the perks of being partially-jobless. as long as the company stays out of any legal problems, you’re basically free of any responsibilities!
your phone buzzes, and your eyes widen when you check who the notification is from.
it’s your younger sister.
stupid kid: mum n dad are telling u to come home asap tomorrow or in 2 days
stupid kid: they’ll let u go back to tokyo but u have to come home rn
stupid kid: i fucking hate being the only kid here, there’s no one else for them to annoy
stupid kid: and i bet my name on ur contacts is still stupid kid
stupid kid: fuck u man
you stifle a laugh. no matter how annoying younger siblings may be, your sister will always have a special place in your heart.
you stop laughing when you realise you’ll need permission to go home.
you braven yourself up, and hesitantly walk towards your boss.
“l-lord muzan?”
he doesn’t bother looking up from his book, “what is it?”
“c-can i go home? just for a few days, or a week, maybe. i promise i’ll come back, i really will. i just miss my family–”
“yes,” he cuts you off.
you blink, and a smile forms on your face. “thank you so much–”
“but on one condition,” he finally narrows his eyes at you, and you freeze.
“akaza will accompany you. either that, or you don’t go. it’d be such a shame if the company’s lawyer were to be completely vulnerable on her own, wouldn’t it?”
you feel your heart drop and race at the same time, but whether it be a miracle or your outstanding ability to compose yourself, you close your dropped jaw and nod.
“understood, lord muzan.”
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
taglist: @nichespiderweb @tohru-idek more notes: idk if the buildup in this series so far has been a bit too slow,, things will deff heat up in the next one!
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kingkyoujurou · a day ago
If I may ask, could I request where tengen is interested in a fellow pillar (fem if you can) reader? Like he's wants her to be his fourth wife (or just his in general if you don't want to do his wives totally respect that I'm fine with either one!). The only problem is she's kind of sassy and has an attitude but can get really flustered easily ( so basically a tsundere). If you're not interested in it totally understand and hope you have an amazing day! :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ warnings. none
✧ author's note. even though i love his wives, i chose not to include them because i think tengen is realistically only interested in the three he already has. also i'm made her a tsuguko under him :)
Tumblr media
The sun had not yet risen as you sat on one of the rocks of the training grounds you were suppose to meet your sensei at. You pulled out your pocket watch.
The sun would soon rise in just a few moments. It was your most cherished part of the day. True, sunsets were beautiful on their own, but sunrises had another kind of beauty to them. There was something about the peaceful solitude of it. Not very many people were up before the sun decided to peak out beyond the horizon.
"You look like you could use some company." The voice made you peer up at them. "Specifically a flashy kind of guy like me."
His face was shining with the sun as it finally made an appearance. It reflected onto his pale skin and ruby eyes that shone like gems. You began to grumble something incoherently to yourself as you tried to keep your composure.
He looked down at your fists that were balling up your haori. "Hey, are you okay?"
"Yes. Are we going to begin?" You replied with a blank look on your face.
"Well, actually I was hoping we could have something to eat."
"Uzui-san..." You began getting annoyed with his usual nonchalant behavior.
"Don't worry. I packed up something. And how many times do I have to tell you. Just call me Tengen." He reached into his bag and pulled out a clothed bento box and unwrapped it handing one to you.
You were shocked to see that he had offered you breakfast and even more shocked when you opened it up. He had prepared you some some rice with yakitori and steamed sweet potatoes and some pickled ginger.
"Oh, and here is some miso soup." He handed you a small thermostat and you simply sat there staring at the food.
He noticed your hesitance as he dug into his own food. "What's wrong? Do you not like any of the things I prepared."
You shook your head. His eyes widened. "Y-you don't like it?"
"No, I do." You spoke softly as you began to shove large amounts of food in your mouth to avoid anymore questions.
"Wow, the sunrise sure is beautiful." He sighed as the sun's rays kissed at the wisteria trees.
As he peered over at you he noticed that you were no longer eating and instead wiping your mouth as you set down the thermostat.
"You're already done?!" He was absolutely shocked at your speed.
Had you really been that hungry?
You involuntarily burped in response which caused him to stare at you before bursting out into a fit of laughter. Your cheeks felt like they were burning as he clutched at his stomach, but he then noticed your embarassment.
"Oh, don't feel embarassed, [name]-kun." He teased giving your shoulder a squeeze.
"Why are you being so kind to me?"
It was a very sudden question. You never really asked him questions. You only followed his orders and made sure not to make a fool out of yourself in front of the others. You quickly became a favorite among your peers and the Hashira; more importantly Oyakata-sama and his family.
He gulped down the rest of his food before he shut the bento box and set it to the side.
"Because I'm trying to get you to warm up to me."
"But why?"
He thought long and hard before he answered not knowing how you would respond to what he was about to suggest. You had been Tengen's Tsukguko for some years now. He had originally thought that you were just another boring, unflashy demon slayer who withheld mediocre breaths, but you had proven him wrong time and time after again after many one-on-one sparing matches. You were quick if not quicker than him.
Your skills were honed to perfection and your breaths were much like his own if not flashier. To him your original outfit was boring, but after he had given you a bit of a make over, completely transforming your haori, the way you did your hair and makeup and even the way you carried yourself. You glowed like the star you were.
He didn't view you as a project though. He only helped you slowly come out of your shell and find things that complemented you the most and honestly, even though you always maintained a resting bitch face he could tell you were much happier now. He had the pleasure of treating you after long missions with dinners and treats.
He couldn't forget about the time he had you try dango for the first time. That was the first time you had ever smiled and it made his heart melt. Or the time that you had broken your ribcage and he wasn't there to aid you, but when he did come searching for you all the kakushi had informed him that you were only calling for him.
Of course, he had to go see you either way, but knowing that you were calling for him, and only him. It made his heart swell as he rushed back to go see you. You were high off the drugs, but you completely crumbled up and began to weep the moment he entered your room. You could only sob out his name over and over again as you clung to his body and stained his uniform.
He remembered that like it was yesterday and from then on his feelings only grew for you. Certainly he had no idea how to bring up that he wanted you along side him for the rest of his life. He watched you grow into the beautiful woman you were today and honestly, you were thankful for having him by your side. It was hard to ignore the feelings that were blossoming between you two, but you shoved the emotional side of yourself deep, deep down. Obviously, that was not healthy, but you had lost enough people in your lifetime that you couldn't even think of yourself being with another person and sharing all your secrets and innermost thoughts and fears.
If anything, though, Tengen would definitely be your first choice if not your only, but he didn't need to know all that.
"Because, I love you and I want to spent the rest of my life with you. Or am I asking for too much?"
There he finally said it. It was out there and all you had to do was give him your answer.
"You're so fucking annoying, Tengen." You grit your teeth as you fisted at your haori. "Seriously, who do you think you even are asking me something like that?"
He opened his mouth to say something, but he was at a loss for words. You had never spoken to him in such an angry tone.
"Exactly, you don't think. You don't think at all." You shook your head as you felt your face becoming hot and your lip quiver knowing you were about to cry any moment.
Tengen suddenly got up feeling angry and passionate. "And that's where you're wrong, [name]. I have loved you for years coming now and I know you know that we have something between us. I want to protect you and love you as my wife."
"Then prove it." You practically spat peering up at his towering figure with tears brimming at your eyes. His figure became blurry as he held out the ring he had been saving for some time now and got down on one knee.
"[name]..." He began as he looked at your beautiful eyes as he wiped your eyes away with such tenderness. "Please accept this ring and become my wife. It would make me happiest man to spend the rest of my life with you."
You parted your lips to speak as Tengen searched your eyes for an answer, but you felt so...so bashful under his intense ruby gaze. "Stop, looking at me like that!"
He laughed as you hid your face with your hands and pried them away as he lifted your chin to look at him. "Look at you like what? Like I love you? Because I do."
Your lips quivered as the tears finally spilled down your cheeks. "How can you love someone like me. I only bring tragedy to your life."
You began to weep and Tengen immediately wrapped his arms around you. "That's not even true [name]. You've helped me become the man I am today. You've encouraged me to go above and beyond and find meaning to my life. I just want to cherish you in the best way I can possibly think of which is you being my flamboyant partner in crime. Would you do me the honor of that?"
"Do you..." You sniffled wiping your eyes. "Do you mean that?"
He chuckled as he moved the hair out of your face as he gave you a tender look. "Of course, I mean that. I love you, [name]."
"Then yes. I will marry you, [Tengen]." You said softly not able to hold back the smile that threatened to split at your lips. "I...I love you,too."
Tengen nearly jumped for joy, but then remembered that he had to slip the ring onto your finger and then proceeded to lift you from the ground and spin you around. You laughed as you clung to him and he finally paused for a moment as he gazed down at you and captured your lips with his own. He had never felt so happy in his life.
Tumblr media
Copyright © kingkyoujurou All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright
Tumblr media
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biconderoga · a day ago
Hiii!! Can I request how Rengoku and his demon slayer S/O would raise their child? THANK YOUUU!!!
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
He’s an extremely passionate guy in general, and that extends to his child. He’s passionate about being involved in their life, and seeing every little milestone.
He never leaves S/O or his child without giving them a bear hug and saying ‘I love you’. He wants his family to know he cherishes them.
As a Hashira, Rengoku tends to be away for long periods of time for missions. It is not preferable for him, but he knows his position holds a lot of responsibility. On missions he’s constantly sending messages to both his S/O and child.
Instills morals into his child as soon as possible. He wants them to be just and help others in any shape or form!
Trains with S/O in front of their child. Rengoku never forces his child to join, and only encourages sword training if they are interested. Early on, both Rengoku and S/O would agree that it is solely up to their child if they want to join the demon slayer corps.
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i-cant-sing · a day ago
This is an image of me. Idk I wanna submit it
Tumblr media
Bestie, you is so brave for sending your own pic, especially one that looks like this. I know you a hot bitch now😩
This is probably Kamado reader's reaction to finding out that Muzan was actually pregnant with her. BUT BUT she also finds out who Muzan slept with to conceive you.
It's Yoriichi.
Okay but shutup, it makes total sense. Like Muzan had shape shifted into a lady and was gonna kill Yoriichi, but then Yoriichi gave Muzan one of the best Ds of his life.
Like Muzan is super mad and traumatised from Yoriichi because hes been the only person ever to dom Muzan, and Muzan did not like that change in power. That's why he's been getting all those flashbacks of Yoriichi. So, when Muzan got pregnant with you, he ran 🏃‍♂️ for his life. Cause he knew that Yoriichi would either kill Muzan and raise you all alone, or force him to become a subservient housewife, forever to act like a human and raise you as a human child.
Anyways, Yoriichi chased after Muzan cause he in love, and then he finds out that he gave birth to you and it turns out that Muzan was right. Yoriichi was gonna force him to live like a housewife and raise you, and Muzan did not want that. So, Muzan had to very regrettably leave you behind to escape Yoriichi. And then Yoriichi took you in, raised you for as long as he could, which meant that you were a hundred year old baby for quite some time before he died and gave you to Kamado Clan.
Or maybe you were in hibernation, cause you're a demon hybrid and that's possible for you😩 And maybe Tanjuro Kamado found you in the woods, a baby sleeping her ass off and thought you were abandoned and took you in. Whatever scenario helps you sleep better💖
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farshallows · 20 hours ago
setsunai reader and kaeya in a nutshell
reader : i have sworn to never kill a human
kaeya : :D
reader : but i never swore to not beat the shit out of them
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I would like to request a Zenitsu comforting his small titty gf. Who is over all a tomboy but sometimes feels like they aren't girly enough to be his s/o. Thank you!
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tumblr media
Zenitsu would be really shocked when you became quieter and more distant.
He thinks you don't love him anymore.
And that makes Zenitsu really worried and sad.
Because he really doesn't want to lose you.
This is also why Zenitsu can become more clingy than before.
You really need to talk about this.
Zenitsu is happy to listen to your uncertainties and problems.
He loves you and wants to make sure you feel comfortable.
You can expect many hours of presentation on how breasts are just one good feature among others.
Zenitsu is red throughout this presentation.
( There was not much talk about such things at the time. )
And since you are talking about such Zenitsu you are sure to get married later.
He will also hug you if you need it.
Zenitsu cries for happiness too because you don’t want to leave him.
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muzanskimono · 2 days ago
I made a giyuu playlist
What songs do you think I should add
Tumblr media
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hanakages · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: these are jus quotes i think fit demon slayer characters (you can request other characters if u want) 😍 there’s no reader in this sooooo hehe also these include only TWO authors bc i don’t know variety between my fav authors ☺️
“each time you happen to me all over again.” — edith wharton
“do you remember what you said to me once? that you could help me only by loving me? well—you did love me for a moment; and it helped me. it has always helped me.” — edith wharton
“i want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me.” — f. scott fitzgerald
“i want - i want somehow to get away with you into a world where words like that—categories like that—won't exist. where we shall be simply two human beings who love each other, who are the whole of life to each other; and nothing else on earth will matter.” — edith wharton
“i fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. and it's these things i’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be. i love her and it is the beginning of everything.” — f. scott fitzgerald
“it was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” — f. scott fitzgerald
“actually that’s my secret — i can’t even talk about you to anybody because i don’t want any more people to know how wonderful you are.” — f. scott fitzgerald
“think how you love me,' she whispered. 'i don't ask you to love me always like this, but i ask you to remember.'
‘you’ll always be like this to me.'
‘oh no; but promise me you'll remember.' her tears were falling. 'i’ll be different, but somewhere lost inside me there'll always be the person i am tonight.” — f. scott fitzgerald
“i want to put my hand out and touch you. i want to do for you and care for you. i want to be there when you're sick and when you're lonesome.” — edith wharton
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breath-of-the-moon · 2 days ago
You said request some stuff so here.
A Kyojurou (did I even spell that correctly-) x male reader (fluff and maybe smut)
Where Kyo is in a depressive state after failing to save a town. Although he knows he can't say everyone, he still feels angry at himself, so (male name) takes this time to praise him and help him relax basically treating him like a king even more so than usual, praising him and telling him how much he loves him and how proud he is of him. The reason why I said maybe smut is because if you want to, Kyo and Y/n were in the bathtub, Y/n massaging his shoulders and stuff but Y/n kinda got more touchy with Kyo, deciding to make him feel better in a Sexual way (if so, then it'll be pretty gentle and vanilla only having praising and a breeding kink (if you're comfortable) )
Also, (m) reader is unable to use breaths but he has high medical knowledge and is skilled in massages (which is where the massaging his shoulders came from)
☽𝙱𝚛𝚘. 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚑𝚘𝚝
Tumblr media
“I failed.. I failed to save them all.” Kyojuro mumbled under his breath. It might’ve been quiet if no one payed attention, but I heard it clearly. My eyebrows furrowed with worry and sadness. I kneeled in front of him, as he sat on the edge of the bed. “My love, you didn’t fail anyone. You know, you can’t save everyone.” I assured, my hand moving onto his face, grabbing his cheek and caressing it. He was so depressed about not saving the poor village. I sighed and stood up, thinking of what to do to make him relax. My mind then thought of something nice.
I smiled gently and looked down, seeing his beautiful yet dirty disheveled hair. I hummed and placed my hand onto his shoulder, squeezing it gently. “Why don’t we take a bath together, so you can relax?” I offered. He stayed quiet, not saying a word. I frowned but replaced it with a fond smile as I heard him open his mouth, inhaling to say something. “Yes..that seems like a, great idea.” He answered. He grabbed my hand, rubbing it and massaging it as comfort. I chuckled and looked at him. “Alright, leave me to prepare the bathtub, I’ll be back.” I responded with a soft voice. He let go of my hand, slowly, then continued staring at the wall. I went into the bathroom, leaving him to collect his thoughts.
I hummed and cleaned up everything, turning the faucet on, I placed my hand under it, feeling the rush of the water, and testing it to see which temperature was the best one. I decided to place small flower petals since they are really good to calm the mind and body. I smiled as I dropped in some Jasmine, Lavender, and Lotus petals. Watching them dance on the water, swaying here and there. I decided to place a white substance to make the water white and not see-through. Also making some slight bubbles. I smiled and nodded. I grabbed some candles, using a match to turn them on. I smiled and placed them all over the bathroom, seeing how the natural light was much better and relaxing.
I sighed and nodded in pride. This looked wonderful and perfect. I cleared my throat and set a serious yet kind face. I closed the faucet and opened the door. “It’s ready.” I spoke. I saw Rengoku stand up and go towards the bathroom, passing by me. I smiled and glanced over at him, he was taking his clothing off. I closed and locked the door, biting my lip as he seemed somehow attractive. The way he took off his clothing seemed so beautiful and smooth. I closed my eyes and shook my head, taking my clothing off too. I seemed to have finished first, since Kyojuro still needed his shoes and pants to be taken off. I smiled and dipped my foot into the semi-warm water. It was fresh and cool, a perfect temperature. I slid my body in, sighing and resting my shoulders. I looked beside and saw Kyojuro’s naked body, he looked at me with a soft smile, his normal self coming back to him. He entered in front of me, laying his body on top of my chest. I chuckled and started playing with his hair, then placed my hands down onto his shoulders, starting to massage his sweet skin.
He huffed and leaned further back, loving the touch. I smiled as the relaxation was working. The sound of water splashing each time I moved my hands. I hummed and leaned onto his neck, kissing it. I could hear that his breath had hitched. Loving that sweet noise, I decided to continue going further. He groaned, whimpering slightly. He enjoyed how my lips interacted with his neck, as well as creating small, quiet smacks. The sound slightly audible. Kyojuro gulped nervously. “Mmm…more..” He whispered, his voice ever so quiet. It slightly cracked into silence, when he said that.
I smiled warmly and nodded, continuing to kiss his beautiful neck. I could hear his breath quicken, his body temperature rise slowly. It made me smirk. I decided to slide my hand lower onto his stomach, rubbing it in circles. Kyojuro didn’t seem to notice, since the only thing he seemed to be concentrating on were the kisses on his neck. My hand continued going low, until it reached his cock. My hand gently wrapped around it, now stroking it. The water acting perfectly as lube. Kyojuro let out a shaky sigh, his eyes closed as he focused on the pleasure rather than the guilt.
I smiled as I watched his muscles relax. “That’s it…relax my dear.” I whispered onto his ear. That caused him to jolt slightly. “HmmMMM!” He mumbled, my hand now starting to quicken. I chuckled, grinning wide. I knew his sensitive spot were his ears. “Ahh~” I teased, my tongue licking his ear lobe, before inserting itself inside. Kyojuro slapped a hand onto his mouth, his shaky and trembling hand trying to muffle his moans. “Mm!mmmmMMM!” He mumbled.
I giggled as I continued to quickly jerk him off. I moved another hand low…and inserted two fingers inside his hole, earning a ‘MPH!~’. “That’s it..take in my fingers.” I whispered lowly onto his ear. I decided to move us, Kyojuro holding onto the edge of the bath, both my hands occupied, as well as my tongue. I could feel my own cock erect, its tip lightly tapping my husband’s ass cheek. I glanced at Kyojuro, seeing how drool fell from his chin and onto the pool of water. How his cheeks were deeply red. His eyes closed as he let out muffled moans. “How fascinating..” I mumbled. My tongue continued licking his ear. Making Kyojuro’s legs buckle, seeing how his body would visibly tremble.
I hummed as I quickened my pace with both my hands. My fingers curling up, making Kyojuro jolt, and grip onto the edge of the bathtub with both his hands. “A-AUGH!” He groaned out loud, strings of clear cum spurting out from his slit. I chuckled as I held his body, making him lay down. His body trembled and slightly spasmed as he tried calming down his high. He breathed shakily, hugging and holding onto my arm. I chuckled as I petted his hair. “You alright my dear?” I asked, kissing his sweaty forehead. He panted as he glanced at me, smiling as he nodded. “Alright, let’s finish with your wash my dear. Then we’ll rest.”
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erenscockslut · a day ago
no matter how desperately he tries to hide it, inosuke just can’t manage to fight off his primal kink — so his absolute favorite part of foreplay on the nights where he has plenty of time to do everything he wants to you are to chase you through the woods until he catches you ; after all, you’re his favorite kind of prey.
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brightymir · 16 hours ago
Hello! I know that you said requests are open but going slow. I hope that you are staying healthy! Anyways, I was wondering if I could get a Yoriichi x fem reader where the reader is very cuddly and affectionate and ends up being taken to a Hashira meeting and the other Hashira are just confused but Yoriichi just ignores them and cuddles her.
Once again. Please take care of your health before anything else. Stay hydrated!
𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐃 𝐌𝐄 𝐓𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 [𝐲𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐢 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫]
Tumblr media
cw: yoriichi's backstory spoilers
genre: fluff
wc: 2.2k
characters: yoriichi tsugikuni x fem!reader
author's note: PLS ANON UR SO SWEET T_T i feel so happy that i've been receiving yoriichi reqs, our man finally getting the recognition he deserves <3 pls take care of urself and stay healthy at all times!! hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful day ahead <33
Tumblr media
it was rare for yoriichi to be late for hashira meetings, the sun hashira is known for being punctual and professional and has a line drawn to separate his obligations from his personal life and matters. so the stone and water hashira began to murmur amongst themselves when the man has not shown up yet, despite the meeting being due fifteen minutes ago. 
the master of the mansion was as patient as ever, smiling lightly as the other hashiras knelt before him, his eyes that still has vision looking up at the bright sky. “the sun is looking bright today” he said and the other hashiras shared a glance, silently wishing for yoriichi to arrive sooner.
a minute passed, which turned into three, that eventually became five. and it was on the tenth minute that the hashiras picked up the familiar sound of footsteps. but it was not just a single pair of it, no, they could hear aother one as well as heavy breathing and barely audible murmurs. 
and a few moments later, the sun hashira stood in front of them, unreadable expression evident on his face. but the other hashiras did not pay attention to his face and reaction, nor the way his face was heated up. their eyes trailed down to yoriichi’s waist, where a pair of arms made their way around. 
huh? yoriichi tsugikuni brought his lover to a hashira meeting?
Tumblr media
it was rare for you to wake up earlier than yoriichi, and today was one of those days.
yoriichi had his eyes closed beside you, his long, soft hair cascading down his back with the little strands adorning the sides of his face. his eyelashes caressed his cheeks which were painted with a light shade of pink. his even breathings almost lulling you back to sleep as you can clearly hear the sound of his heartbeat in the silence of the dawn. his arm was wrapped around your waist while the other was propped behind his head and you had to resist the urge to press a soft kiss to his lips that were contorted to a pout.
as much as you were cuddly and affectionate, you knew well that your man needed his rest.
so, with all your might, you gently shook of yoriichi's arms around you as you wiggled your way out of the soft mattress. after three minutes, you finally achieved it and you walked lightly towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the both of you.
you silently made food, being extra with the pots and pans as well as the coal to avoid making noise that might shake your lover from his sleep. yoriichi was alert and observant, if you tried to wiggle away from him, that will be more than enough to wake him up. but you figured he was exhausted from the recent missions he was sent to, so you were determined to pamper him before he set off for the hashira meeting.
the sun was slowly peeking out from the mountains by the time you were done cooking. you were preparing and plating the food you prepared when you felt strong arms wrap around you, making you gasp as you let out a wide grin.
"good morning, darling. did you have a good rest?" you asked and put down the plates, turning around and planted a kiss to yoriichi's lips. he hummed in return and kissed you back feverishly before pulling away.
"a very pleasant one. why didn't you wake me up?" he asked with his groggy yet soft morning voice, sending butterflies to your stomach. you hugged him back and hid your face in the crook of his neck, pressing light kisses to the skin that met your lips. he only chuckled and sat down, placing you on his lap as you clung tightly to him, refusing to let go and sit across him.
"thank you for the food", you said in unison and began eating. because of your position, yoriichi ate with his left hand while his other hand held your waist in a tight, gentle grip, balancing you on his lap as you ate happily, feeding yoriichi from time to time.
when you two finished eating, yoriichi insisted on doing the dishes so you opted to preparing his kimono and haori which you washed the day before. he entered your bedroom after a few moments and you helped him get dressed, smoothing the creases on his clothes and dusting off any particles you see.
this went on for a few minutes and yoriichi felt that you were not simply helping him look presentable. he could tell from the way your hands lingered on his sides, his neck and even the way you insisted to do his hair, combing through the soft strands before putting them in their usual high ponytail. 
after dressing up, he went to grab his sword and makes sure his necessities are with him, all the while you clung to his back and followed him like a shadow. he could only sigh helplessly at your show of affection, not having the heart to reject it because he also missed it dearly also because of the smile you had on your lips, compelling him to give in and let you be. 
so where did things go wrong? and what caused his delay?
it began when his kasugai crow appeared at the doorstep, announcing that the hashira meeting was about to commence in half an hour and that yoriichi should begin making his way towards the headquarters. but all yoriichi could do was stand at the doorstep, frozen and confused by your actions.
"you should get going, don't want to be late now" you ushered him to which he nodded. but he still stood frozen, not moving an inch as he stared at your face, which was facing the ground.
the thing is, you kept telling him to go attend the meeting, but you had a death grip on the sleeve of his haori, refusing to let go.
you told him to "go" three more times before he let out a chuckle and placed his sword on the ground, bending gown to meet your eyes. he saw you eyes gloss a little while your lips was kept tight in a pout. it was evident that you were reluctant to send him away, and neither of you know what to do at that moment.
it's not like he could bring you with him to the hashira meeting, right?
so yoriichi opted to sitting down on sitting down at the tatami mats, pulling you into his embrace as you clung onto him tightly, pressing kisses to his cheeks occasionally. he didn't mind running towards the headquarters, he wanted to fulfill your needs and desires while he's around, he's more than willing to arrive to the meeting all haggard and sweaty rather than leave you here upset and pouting.
your mini cuddle session turned quite long, ten minutes, hopping to fifteen before the kasugai crow cawed again and reminded yoriichi of his obligation. he stood up and planted a long, sweet kiss to your lips before making his way out the door, picking up his sword and waving goodbye to you.
"i'll be back before sunset, darling!" he called out and walked away deep into the forest.
he was ready to sprint towards the headquarters when he was away from your house but he felt a familiar presence from behind him, his heightened senses recognizing the scent of the person behind him, who had no malice or harming intent. he turned around to be met with your form who was running towards him.
he could only shake his head pinch your cheeks lightly as you approached him, falling into his chest as you caught your breath.
"you... oh my... why do you... why do you walk so fast?" you asked in between deep breaths as you struggled to keep up with him. he helped you regain your balance and held your hand in his as you two walked together through the forest. he knew that you were determined to tag along to the meeting, and he doesn't have the heart to stop his little darling who struggled to keep up with his large and quick strides.
so, he already surmised right then and there that he’d probably be half an hour late for the meeting, but having your hand in his made his usual boring walk much more comfortable. though you two were silent, he knew that you liked it, liked how he silently agreed to bring you to the meeting, liked how it was just the two of you in this forest. 
and of course, you marveled in the way he picked you up with ease, propping you on his back, hooking his arms under your knees as you crossed your arms around his chest, as you took in his scent and basked in the warmth that came from his body. 
it was when you finally see extravagant and well-built mansions from the distance that you wiggled yourself from yoriichi’s hold, resorting to holding his hand instead. he gave you a quizzical look but quickly shook it off when he also recognized the familiar style of the buildings. 
out of nervousness perhaps, you hid yourself behind him and wrapped you arms around his waist as he had to fight the blush creeping up his face as he felt your bosom press against the middle of his back. “darling, aren’t you uncomfortable walking like that?” he asked lowly, to which you replied with a grunt. it was better to waddle like a duck behind yoriichi than meet the eyes of the other swordsman who yoriichi worked with. 
and when you arrived at the meeting place, you could only wish you did not tag along, as the other hashiras zeroed in on you, eyes scrutinizing and studying your every move. 
is being scary and large a requirement for being a hashira? because if eyes could kill, you’d be six feet underground now just from the stare of the wind hashira. 
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you almost shrieked out in fright whenever one of the master’s children would appear from behind you, offering you tea or another layer of futon to keep you warm. you politely refused after finishing two cups of tea and having a layer of futon wrapped around you. 
the master’s wife sat across you with her two daughters beside her. one of the children eyes lit up and she looked at her twin, who nodded back at her. they leaned to their mother and whispered inaudible things, to which you could only smile at. 
“it’s a girl” you stopped drinking tea and carefully put it down on the table. you looked at them, surprised at the revelation. 
“my children and their father has good intuition, foresight even. you are bearing a daughter” the lady replied and gave you a warm smile, to which you teared up and bowed down to thank them. you never told anyone else, planning to tell yoriichi on his birthday the following week. 
moments later, yoriichi knocked on the door to which the children opened, yoriichi bowing down to them. “thank you for providing my wife with comfort, i could never repay you enough” he said and you did the same before standing up and exiting the mansion. 
oh great heavens, you thought the other hashiras already left but you halt your movements, stopping yourself from hugging your husband when you see the hashiras still in a line, eyeing the two of you. 
you yelped and hid behind yoriichi, as the other hashiras began to question your presence in their meeting, to which your husband only replied a shrug, before pulling you into his arms and pressing a kiss to your temple, making you turn beet red. 
“akio, would it be alright to move our training tomorrow?” yoriichi asked to the newly elected flame hashira, to which the young man nodded in understanding. 
the wind and water hashira was standing in the way of yoriichi as you held on tightly to his hand. “this is a disrespect to your position as the sun hashira, yoriichi. who said you could bring your wife to our meeting, do you think this is a jo-” you could no longer hear the complaints and comments of the wind hashira as you felt the cold breeze on your skin, and when you blinked, you were already a kilometer away from the mansion. 
so, this was your husband’s speed. 
he carried you into his arms as his kasugai crow took hold of his sword. “i’m sorry you had to hear their nonsense” he apologized and nuzzled your neck, making you smile. you hooked your arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips. 
“but i’m worried” he continued as he walked slowly this time, at ease. 
“about what?” you replied and brushed the little strands of his hair away from his face, letting you see the glow of his face as well as the beauty of his eyes that looked at you with so much love and passion.
“i sprinted very fast, i’m worried that it might’ve affected our child” he replied which made you freeze in place, stopping your kiss asault on his face.
“you knew??? i was keeping it a surprise!” you sighed and pouted, hiding your face away from his view. 
he only laughed and pulled you closer to him, kissing your temple for the nth time today. “surprises are impossible for my transparent world, darling”
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additional author’s note: did i just write 2.2k words worth of yoriichi fluff? yes. do i regret it? not in the slightest. ALSO, THANK U ALL FOR 400 FLLWRS IN JUST TWO MONTHS OMGEEEE <33 i will continue to make better works, so pls hang in there!!! always keep safe and hope u have happy days ahead, lovelies!
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