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there were so many christian books at the thrift stores today it ruined my good time

surprised the bibles didn’t burn my hands when I moved them out of the way

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Oh to be a dark and hungry creature. Oh to be in search of some sembelance of warmth through the night only to find me, lying cold and waiting patiently on my bed, just for you

… oh wouldn’t that be just perfect?

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i think fashion and junk would help me feel way more demonic but a bitch doesnt have any fUkcing money

like, just a pair of demonias that go up to right below my knees and a choker with spikes and chains and upside down cross charms and spikey cuffs and ripped jeans and dyed hair and horns on my forehead with makeup that makes mothers cover their childrens eyes when i walk past

but i dont have money so a hoodie and converse it is

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