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I have half an idea for a comic so I wrote a snip it of the story for a “class” my friend is hosting. Set in modern times but its fantasy… so yeah. 

Word Count:  1817

“I should have warned the vamps before setting this up,” the tawny-haired man sighed and look around warily. 

“The chief said not to Quill” 

“I know but,” he drags a nervous hand through his hair messing up the curls further, “we are in their territory.” 

“It doesn’t matter if we are in their territory or not. They live in Alynthi, the city police,”   the tall bulky man jabs a finger at the detective next to him, “we have jurisdiction here.”   

The soft roaring of cars and general buzz of the city filtered passed the group of police setting up for their stakeout. Much to the dismay of all the personal here they are stationed in the old industrial district now mostly inhabited by vampires and the ballsyest of clubbers. The exception being the few warehouses or factories to far into disrepair to save or the hang out for the neighborhood cult. The perfect, totally not obvious, place for this particular group renegade magic-uses to summon their next demon.    

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*Two young demons currently watching My Hero Academia*

Vylixia: Oh my god Deku is so badass in this scene!!! 

Colan: *He tries to take some popcorn sneakily* 


The drawing was made by @wildstarfan​ <3 This drawing will also be used as a cameo illustration in a future story but I wanted to post it in a funny context XD. Yep demon nerds and geeks are a thing I guess. Those two are fan of many things from the human world including manga and anime XD.

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Adoptable character open for offers of at least 4 USD or 400 dA points (will also consider art offers and character trades). Feel free to contact me here or on my main account at @luffik (ilu if you get one :3!)

Reblogs are always appreciated btw! c:

Also, please check out our City and the Beast novel at! (Thank you SO much if you do! <3)

Tumblr story blog; @cityandthebeast

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In the end technology offered James some consolation: the sound of the typewriter—his particular typewriter—without which later in his life he could not work; and, while his strength endured, his bicycle—providing both the head-clearing relief of exercise and the comforting spectacle of the world moving past slowly enough to observe but fast enough to leave interior demons in the dust, at least for the duration of the ride.

~ Fenton Johnson, about Henry James in “At the Center of All Beauty: Solitude and the Creative Life” (W. W. Norton & Company, March 10, 2020) 

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An affirmation of JEHOVAH by the hand of Oracle Penelope-

Rich have your cities become on the backs of perversion. Reveling in the filth, laughing at innocence. Your children for cockroaches, your homes for dung. There should be no question why I turn my face away from the supplications of the self-proclaimed righteous on behalf of the perverted.

Those who cover the backs of the satanist who choose chaos and filth, will be judged as one of the same. You show no wisdom in your prayers, nor innocence in your thinking. I see your hearts and know the truth of the matter.

Zephaniah 1: 8-11 (YLT1898)

8 And it come to pass, In the day of the sacrifice of JEHOVAH [He alone chooses who and what is to burn], That I have laid a charge on the heads [warnings], And on sons of the king, And on all putting on strange clothing [emblems of false gods and goddesses and rocks, stars, stones].

9 And I have laid a charge on every one Who is leaping over the threshold in that day, Who are filling the house of their masters [with] violence and deceit.

10 And there have been in that day, An affirmation of JEHOVAH, The noise of a cry from the fish-gate, And a howling from the Second [gate], And of great destruction from the hills [judgment is coming].

11 Howl, ye inhabitants of the hollow place, For cut off hath been all the merchant people, Cut off have been all bearing silver.

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