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sometimes i feel

there’s no one who’ll listen

no escape

from this hell i’m livin

i’m trapped inside

can’t you see?

there is no

escape from me

the words in my head

beg to come out

wanting to breathe,

wanting to sprout

let someone know,

anyone there

save me from this

it’s just not fair

continue your day

as i stare at you silently

you’ll never hear

this demon inside of me

laugh and talk

as if i’m not dying

it’s not your fault

i’m done trying

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demons @notice-my-babies-senpai/@Na-chan/@HopelessDreamer22


So have random demons Luce knows (because she’s a demon herself but I already drew her as a Guardian)

Demons are not evil beings (in my universe), they just used to be a government that used methods that the Academy didn’t approve.

There was a war more than 200 years ago and the demons fought the Academy, but they lost and signed a peace treaty.

Now they’re allies but there are still groups of demons that don’t agree. We don’t know much about them but they seem to wander in the external forest, where ‘bad’ people are, teaching them magic and forbidden spells and working against the Academy…

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I’ve been away a while so I thought I would show you some university work I’ve been doing. It’s a really cool class where you have to make a game and I’m one of the game artists. The game is about a soldier during the battle of Waterloo who is have hallucinations of angels and demons and I’m having so much fun making the angels and demons. 

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moodboard: “Obey me! One master to rule them all”
Mammon is the Avatar of Greed and is the second oldest of the seven demon brothers.

Greedy for all the money in the world. The scummy second-born.

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We were being haunted/cursed with creatures and stuff from nightmares being spawned or leaving hiding. Some folk (neighbors)who had magical senses could sense something very wrong.

It started with a car coming into our garage with no passenger. So I started to investigate. My friend I investigated. They were fine. Also I decided to start flying like a bird. Years pass and I find their wallet. It was because others thought that she was a demon they stole her wallet and cast it away. I took the money and gave the money back to her.

We were getting sick of it and my friend was able to make a device to detect what was possessed or an area of possession. Some area had more then others but then we stumbled into the garage. Everything was very high in possession until we stumbled across a cup. It was the item of possession.

It was weirdly shaped, so much so I cant really describe it. And it seems it was so potent in this haunted magic it left lots of residue everywhere else and caused other hauntings. It was the source. I took it to my father who was watching television and he told me he got that and drank out of it to celebrate us winning Vietnam.

I told him about the curse and then I accidentally dropped it. For some reason we were hundreds of feet up and it fell down and hit my friend claire. The cup shattered and a ginourmous demon worm emerged. It roared at me. Speaking how we woke it up, how the folk with magical senses woke it up. And my brother. He started it by accident.

When this all started it was my brother who accidentally came across this cup. And the worm just waking up kills him and tries to slumber more but that awakened the possessed creatures. Any way I had a boss to fight now. So I dropped out of my house out of the sky and fall punched the demon.

I had the ability to jump high so I repeated this jumping and slam punching the demon until it pulled a cheap trick. An invulnerability bubble. It make the demon small and tiny in a protective bubble that only it can break. And when it does it can kill again.

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I like chocolate (beezlebub/ChubbyDarkskinnedMC short)

  • Beelzlebub/Mc ft cameo Mammon/Lucifer

Beelzie…your drooling on me again-”

“Hm? sorry…I can’t keep my eyes off the chocolate.”

“Ooo, chocolate!? Where?”

“Here.” He points to you, you felt your cheeks heating up at how adorable he was. “Itadakimasu.” He leans forward, no hint of perversion anywhere, but he seemed content on biting me.

I was sitting on the couch with him at the school’s entrance; so the first thing I did was jump on the balls of my feet, and flew backwards off of the couch with a thud. He jumped, and flinched; he then blinks a few times and looks over behind the couch with a small frown.

“Ow..ow..” he gets up, all hunger subsiding as he sees you holding your wrist, you had your eyes shut tight. “Ah..”

“Mc…I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to scare you-”

“It’s okay beel, baby, just help me go to the nurse’s office.”


”Is this necessary?” Beel has you on his back, as he carried you down the hallways of the school with a determined look on his face, he was determined to get you there in one piece.

“Yes.” He gives you a slight push upwards to keep you from sliding off his built back, you laid your chin on his shoulder, wondering how he could carry you like this?

You weighed 300 pounds yet, he carried you around as if you were just a child; effortlessly; he didn’t break a sweat nor was he huffing. You poked his cheek with your other good hand and he giggled.

“Be careful, I don’t want to drop you.”

“Okay.” You felt your cheeks warming up once more, so you took this opportunity to lay your head on the back of his head and relaxed.



You had fallen asleep on beel, his strides were so soothing, careful, loving and just peaceful it had rocked you to sleep. You woke up to a livid Lucifer and a concerned mammon.

“We were monkeying around, and I got hungry, her skin reminded me of a chocolate bar, so I wanted to bite on it to see if it tasted just as such-“

“Beel, I’ve never seen you as a perv.”

“I’m not.” Beel looked annoyed.

“Excuse me, a hungry perv.” Beel stands up, with a huge scowl.

“Beel, calm down.” Me and Lucifer spoke at the same time, the boys showed different reactions to me speaking from my sleep, or so they thought.

Mammon grabbed his heart, his eyes widened but soften once they landed on me. Lucifer slightly flinched but shook it off as if it was nothing, beel gasped softly and sits back down to check your fever with his hand.

You snorted, fanning his hand away, he pouts.

“Beel, I’m okay, I don’t have a fever you cutie, just a sprained wrist.” Lucifer shook his head.

“You two must be more careful with each other, especially you, MC. You could have done more damage to yourself…”

“I’m very sorry to have worried you, Lucifer.” His eyes widened ever so slightly, he nods at you with a soft smirk.

“If you mess around again, I’ll just have to punish the two of you.” Beel’s eyes widened but you couldn’t help but blush.

“Yes, sir.” Lucifer didn’t show any reaction to you saying that, but inside his heart skipped a beat and he felt like he was going to explode just by a meer word.

“Good, off to class the three of you.”

“Eh, man.” Mammon, grabbed your good hand while you grabbed beel’s arm carefully. He tenses up and scolds you’re lovingly.


“Come on beely, let’s go to class.” You frowned that you ignored him but you pulling him closer, cheered him up immediately.


Lucifer stood as he watched them walk away, arms crossed, a sigh leaving his lips with a shake of his head. “They’re idiots…” a small smile pulls his lips before walking out of the nurses office, not before bowing his head to the head nurse.

Which after he left, swooned. (Same girl, same.)

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So today I was playing with Boibot cause I was bored so I asked him suggestions of music so here is a playlist of songs boibot asked me to listen to though I’ve heard some of them already I decided to listen them and I’ve reviewed them

Nightmare- Set it off: A amazing emo song but Ive already listend to the song

Bad luck charm- Jeff Williams: I’ve never listend to it before and I highly suggest it. It’s very good and sounds pretty emo

Irresistible- by Fall out boy: Amazing song. Though I’ve already listened to it before

Candy Store- Heathers: Once again amazing but already listend to it.

Demons- Imagine dragons: Also amazing but once again I’ve already listend

One of my turns- Pink Floyd: The beginning was ummm interesting and I thought the lady was gonna get murderd at first. It felt like the set up of a horror movie. Then the guy was singing quitley but all the sudden it was loud and since it was my first time listening I was kinda suprised lol. Ngl not a big fan of the song but if you like it that’s fine just not my cup of tea.

Hotel California- Eagles: I like it sounds like a good classic song.

I’m a Barbie girl-Aqua: It used to annoy me but now listening to it when I’m older it’s iconic

Baby- Justin Bieber: When I was younger I hated this song with a burning passion but it’s also iconic.

The only songs I’ve never heard were Hotel California, One of my turns, and Bad luck charm. And out of the three bad luck charm was my favorite

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