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#denji and aki

the way aki went from someone who barely cared for devils to someone who literally gave up his dream of faux revenge for a pair of them


the fact he let denji and power come with him to see his family’s graves…


intimately caring for power and even just being able to lay near both of them


big brother come home

i love all three of them and the fact we got omly a couple chapters of domestics, sobs, cries.

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chainsaw man wallpapers

i made this wallpapers a while ago. i hope you like it ♡

like or reblog if you save ♡
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well i am glad you asked because-

smells blood knocks down the front door, breaking the sound barrier on its way in

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anyone who hasn’t read chainsaw man wouldn’t know that theses two dorks are making a contest out of kicking some dudes balls and that is absolutely hilarious to me

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honeslty? the future devil is the least problematic devil. all the dude wanted to do was watch aki’s future like one would watch total drama island. what the hell- even i would want to watch that in first person pov

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Piece I did for a Deviantart contest. The manga is way past the point we can pretend it’s all fun and games(if there ever was one), but I had fun with this one.

Power and the gang fight werewolves because why not.

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Ahh when the gang first started. I miss Aki so much 😭

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Denji: I’m going out! if I don’t come back avenge my death!

Nayuta, from the other room: all right

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JJK and CSM characters as annoying things they’d do as a parent in no particular order (might add on with more later)


Inumaki Toge- lays under the covers to scare you before you go to sleep then when you finally get used to it he puts pillows instead and hides behind your door to pop out at you

Gojo Satoru- whenever you call for him he’ll scream back “WHAT” really loud until you get up and go to him, and then he’s just like “oh I heard you the first time”

Itadori Yuji- drives you to school with the radio blaring music and won’t let you out of the car until you tell him you love him, if you manage to escape without saying goodbye he’ll walk into your class after you

Kugiskai Nobara- rummages through your closet and puts your on sweatshirts then goes “we’re the same size” and proceeds to wear your clothes

Okkotsu Yuuta- reads you bedtime stories but falls asleep halfway through and mumbles for you to read it to him instead

Fushiguro Megumi- asks what you want to eat for lunch then gets upset when you say “You pick”


Hayakawa Aki- purposely puts stuff you don’t like on your plate and sits at the table with you and won’t let you leave until you finish all your food

Denji- the only word he’ll ever teach you how to say/write is “balls”

Power- brake checks you whenever you get in a car with her, doesn’t even do it on purpose either she just can’t drive

Makima- comes to bother you when your most comfortable and tells you to clean the house, if you’ve already cleaned it she’ll find something to keep you busy

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My two favorite devils anda nyako 💞💞


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