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Things I do:

  • Fluff, angst, smut
  • Write about all students from any of the schools, Teachers, Heroes, Villains, Female and Male Characters
  • I only take requests up to 5 characters at a time for reactions and headcanons
  • Reactions, Headcannons, Imagines

Things I don’t do:

  • Requests for the following topics: self harm, abuse (character being abusive towards reader and vice versa), and other sensitive topics that can be triggering.
  • Respond right away to people who keep asking if their request is done yet. It’s okay to ask the first time because it may have gotten eaten by the inbox. Just don’t be continuously persistent and I’ll get to it eventually.
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The squad in quarantine:

Bakugou: reading, training, or sleeping. Occasionally let’s kirishima talk him into video games

Kirishima: training, playing pranks on everyone with Kaminari, or playing ‘how long until katsuki gets annoyed and hits us’

Denki: reading manga, texting memes to his friends who’re in the same apartment as him, playing pranks on people with kirishima. (Mainly on bakugou)

Sero: mostly just watches the chaos but occasionally joins in, trains a few minutes a day with bakugou, reads and practices his cooking skills

Mina: makes sure everyone is still eating a consistent diet, pretends to be unamused by Denki’s texts but secretly saves every single meme, reads a lot, catches up on gossip with her gals via FaceTime while bakugou and kirishima ‘argue’ in the background.

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(One of my personal favourite ships, dare I say I enjoy it more than kiribaku.)


  • When Bakugou first figured out he had a crush on Kaminari, it was because he had to take care of a sick Denki.
  • Denki had a little red nose, he was clingy and constantly sleepy.
  • And anytime he asked Bakugou for cuddles or something, it made his heart flutter.
  • Obviously before this, Mina and Eijirou would tease him about it.
  • Although Katsuki would always deny their little theories.
  • He doesn’t smell more like caramel when Denki is around,
  • he doesn’t get more nervous,
  • in fact he just gets more sweaty because of how annoying he is!
  • Not because he is being a cute uwu bean.
  • The more he looked at Denki the more in love he felt. 
  • Denki knew he had a crush on the explosive blonde
  • he constantly whined to Hanta about it.
  • “B-But Hanta! He is so hot, and way out of my league.”
  • “He definitely has the hots for Kirishima.”
  • “He doesn’t like me, even as a friend.”
  • “He just puts up with me!”
  • It was the exact same with Bakugou, he whined to Kirishima instead.
  • “He is probably mad at me because I am always so hard on him.”
  • “Did you see how cute he looked with that flower crown?”
  • “He is just so funny and pretty.”
  • “He is way out of my league!” 
  • Hanta and Kirishima tell each other every detail.
  • That’s when plan “Sparks.” was in motion.
  • Kirishima convinced him to go on a double date with him,
  • Hanta did the same with Kaminari.
  • They booked a table for four, brought the two in. Then vanished and drove off. Leaving them money to pay for the meal.
  • Seeing as they were on the date… better make the most of it right?
  • They had a magical night.
  • The food was delicious.
  • Bakugou had taken so many secret pictures and videos of kaminari and saved them to his ‘literal sunshine’ album.
  • Bakugou smiled and laughed so much that night, Kaminari got a couple adorable photos he saved to ‘my heart went oops.’
  • By the end of the night, Kaminari and Bakugou were cuddled up on the couch of the bakusquad apartment watching a film. 
  • Holding each others hands.
  • Exchanging forehead kisses and cheek kisses
  •  as boyfriends
  • Boy did Kirishima take all the photos.


  • When Denki comes home from work, (if katsuki is home), he would make him a cup of coffee.
  • Denki gets very over-whelmed sometimes, if he sees someone injured or dead, he will come home in tears.
  • He would have no control over his quirk. 
  • But his boyfriend would just kiss and cuddle to feelings away.
  • Sometimes Bakugou came home in a similar sitation, or Denki will catch him in the middle of a panic attack.
  • Bakugou’s PTSD is often ignored by people, he was kidnapped and he was almost killed multiple times.
  • Kaminari is the best at soothing back massages.
  • When they are out, Denki will just jump on his back.
  • He does this alllll the time, its a miracle that Bakugou has not dropped him.
  • Sleepy cuddles were the best with these two,
  • Sleepy Denki was one of the prettiest things in the world.
  • Sleepy Bakugou was very affectionate.
  • It was a win-win situation really
  • Now, Drunk Denki is a different thing.
  • Bakugou is all for the domestic stuff,
  • But Drunk Denki is so fucking needy.
  • Drunk Denki gets all the kisses and cuddles if it will shut him up. 
  • Bakugou has no hoodies left! I wonder where they all went…
  • Has Denki been caught in Katsukis hero gear? Yes. Yes he has.
  • Did Bakugou make him model and take pictures of him in in.
  • Kaminari sometimes plays the guitar to him if he demands it, 
  • He doesn’t like singing though, he gets embarrassed. Even though he loves his singing voice.
  • Bakugou saves his dumb boyfriend from doing dumb things.
  • Couple song? Lovely - Twenty One Pilots.
  • Kids? They adopted two.
  • They have a dog called Sparky, a golden chow with loads of energy!
  • Denki is definitely better than him at games, he constantly teases Katsuki about it.
  • Bakugou will be cooking breakfast and Denki will come up and hug him from behind.
  • Denki’s quirk has caused him to have short-term memory loss. 
  • Bakugou is now his alarm, always telling him all the important things he forgets to do.
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  • Denki was diagnosed with dyslexia at a very young age. 
  • We are all aware how well Denki can speak English 
  • He also loves reading English literature 
  • Which is a shame, seeing as he struggles with this.
  • All teachers must keep overlays in their classrooms, just incase Denki forgets his own.
  • Denki has to record the lesson because he finds listening and writing to difficult to do together.
  • He is amazing at English, close to top of that class. 
  • But he cant maximize his potential due to the fact it was set up for kids without learning difficulties.
  • Bakusqaud study nights were fun.
  • Bakugou tried to yell less and less
  • he wanted to help Denki
  • and to do that he needed to be patient with him.
  • Too help Denki, he gets him to read a lot of things out loud so he can point out any mistakes he has made if he made any.
  • Sometimes Bakugou also holds down his overlay.
  • If they are out in public, its normally Eijirou who helps him out.#
  • All of his class didn’t really care or treat him different.
  • They all understood why sometimes their silence during tests would be interrupted so Aizawa could read a question out for Denki quietly.
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Scenario villain denki that treats his s/o more like a pet than a person. He makes her wear a shock collar and causes it to shock her every time she’s bad and makes her sleep in a cage or keeps her there when he’s gone. When she begs for him to treat her normally he tells her he will when she starts acting like one instead of kicking and fighting him like she usually does. He tells her if you act like a pet I’ll treat you like one.



You woke up in the cage . A shock collar around youre neck and little dog paws tied to youre wrists . All you had on was panties . You were.. not exactly the best girlfriend to Denki. And well, he was sick of it. So he thought up a plan , if you wanted to act like a animal, then he would treat you like one.

He wasint home. He wouldint be home for another 30 minutes. You were hungry , how sweet of him to leave you a bowl of puppy food right? You knew what would happen if you didint eat it though. So you did, you leaned down eating up the kibbles with a disgusted look on youre face.

When he did come home you were sitting criss cross waiting. He smiled kneeling down in front if you looking through the bars. “Hi puppy! Did you miss me?”

You glared at him and Denki tilted his head. “ didint?” He pulled his necklace out revealing a button. “Cuz if you didint….”

You fell to all fours nodding at him fast and he quickly put the necklace under his shirt. “Oh you did!!! Oh im so happy!!!” He unlocked the cage yanking you out and hugging you. “Puppies are suppose to miss their masters silly!!!”

“” you pleaded kissing his neck

“And you ate all youre food what a good little girl you are.” He said ignoring you . “Cmon lets go watch tv yea?”

He got up going to sit on the couch . You whined and he looked over at you .

“Yes puppy? You wanna speak?”

You nodded slowly.

“Okay. Just this once. Puppies cant speak silly girl.”

“Denki i.. i get it.. i wont .. treat you bad anymore so plea-“

“Puppy come curl up by my feet and watch tv with me !”

Youre throat dried up. He wasint listening , you pushed him past the point of reasoning.. this was.. youre life now. Feeling defeated, you crawled over, tears in youre eyes . You curled up by his feet and you felt his foot on the back of youre head petting you. He had a smirk on his face looking smug.

“Good little doggy”

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  • Todoroki + architecture 

can’t see him as much of an artist, but considerin’ his ability to furnish/enhance a plain space makes it kinda apparent,,

  • Aoyama + Culinary arts

i see him aspiring to be a pastry chef in specific.

  • kyoka + music technology/audio production

self explanatory, ya.

  • Ashido + mass communication

she can be an amazing interviewer and would be great on camera as well, you can’t convince me otherwise-

  • denki + modern languages

considering his surprisingly large vocab, i as well see him as a pretty badass writer, heavy reader and someone who’s interested in languages 

  • Kirishima + physical education and  Kinesiology

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Could I have a ship for Haikyuu and BNHA? I’m a straight 5’6 female. I have grey eyes and long dark brown hair. I’m pretty introverted but eventually I’ll open up and show the silly side of me. After I open up I can become pretty crazy. I have a vulgar/dirty sense of humor and I’m usually really sarcastic. I love music and dancing! I also tend to sleep a lot. One of my favorite things to do is go on late night drives and listen to music and I also have an obsession with coffee! Thank you!

For Haikyuu, I ship you with Tanaka!

Hinata was an honorable mention

  • You cannot convince me that this man would crush on you because he saw you make a dirty joke around someone else that you are close with.
  • When he tries to be friends with you, he thought you didn’t like him but he continued to try and talk to you anyway because he liked you
  • But after the two of you got close and you became more sociable and funny, he actually starts to talk your ear off and will not shut up.
  • Tsukki and Kageyama get annoying with how much he talks about you at practice.
  • Also, come to practice or one of his games and he will die. Make a dirty joke at one of his games and this is going one of two ways: 1) Please murder me because if you don’t this girl is gonna make my heart explode 2) no one look at her no one talk to her that joke was not about you I must Protect her
  • Dance. Dance with him, dance for him, he doesn’t care. He just really likes to see you dance.
  • Unless you want to go by yourself, he wants to go on your late-night drives with you. He’s gonna be a crackhead about it though. If you give him the aux he’s gonna play Hello Kitty or something like that.

For BNHA, I ship you with Kaminari!

  • I’m sorry that you attract dumbasses, it’s them not me
  • Bakugou doesn’t seem to mind you, and so naturally Kaminari tried to become your friend.
  • Which led to him discovering the fact that you also have crackhead energy whenever you get close to him.
  • He loves that you can be vulgar, even though it gets some groans from your other classmates.
  • That’s not to say that either of you condone mineta, both of you would throw hands the second he said something about you.
  • Kaminari loves music too, and even if he isn’t wonderful at dancing, he doesn’t exactly have two left feet. Therefore the entirety of 1-A hates it whenever you two are in his room blasting music and dancing in the middle of the night.
  • Kami might seem like a ball of energy, but once he’s asleep he’s out for the next two centuries, I swear. He told me so himself.
  • Therefore he’s all for sleeping in with you whenever he can and taking afternoon naps with you.
  • Please take him on one of your night drives, he will absolutely die. Also, he’s definitely going to sing at the top of his lungs even if he sounds horrible.
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Kaminari: well well well…

Villains: ?

Kaminari: hello there 👋😳

Villains: how did you-

Kmainari: It seems you have stolen something very dear to that store owner over there 🙆👈😤

Villains: can you expl-

Kaminari: please stop interfering with my heroic monologue

Sero: his heroic monologue


Kmainari: you thieves are going to ⚡⚡

Villains: ok?… But ca-

Kaminari: *whiny* I said to StOoOoP

Sero: he did..

Villains: this is painful to watch please do arrest us…

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