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hcs for todoroki n kaminari with a badass vigilante gf pls 馃槼

todoroki shouto

  • Shouto isn’t particularly a fan of the entire breaking the law aspect, but it isn’t like he hasn’t done things on the wrong side of the law before. He has a neutral opinion on your hero duties.
  • Since he knows you can’t depend on the law for help, he always has your back in a rough situation. Need backup? He’s there, ready to fight and then get you the hell away from the media and the cops.
  • When you are all escaped from anyone that can see you, he patches up and bandages all your cuts and scrapes. Then, you switch, and you can fix him up too.
  • Shouto always has your favorite food and a relaxing drink ready for you after a rough mission, and will listen if you need to vent stresses and concerns out. He’ll comb through your hair as you talk, too, hoping the motions help soothe you just a little bit, even.
  • He understands the stresses of being a hero, and one that has to hide from a world dedicated to starring these people must be even more pressure. Shouto just wants you to stay safe, and to be able to help you become the hero you’re dreamed of.

kaminari denki

  • Denki finds this vigilante thing badass. He thinks you’re super awesome - even though you’re technically breaking the law.
  • After all, you’re using your quirk to help others without the perks of media popularity, a solid income, and all while balancing life in all of its challenges.
  • He’s always so worried about you whenever you go to fight someone, since if there’s no media around, he won’t be able to check the news or social media to see if there’s been any important updates. One of his biggest fears is you bleeding out in an alleyway somewhere because no one was able to come find you in time.
  • When you have to leave, he hugs you like there’s no tomorrow and when you come back, he’s all over you - checking you for wounds and injuries and forcing you to sit down and rest as he prepares some food in order to make you comfortable.
  • Denki’s very proud of the hero you’ve managed to grow into, but he just needs a little reassurance every once in a while that you aren’t going anywhere.
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Thanks Sero-nii, I feel a bit better now. I'm just worried I'm going to accidentally confess before I'm ready to. *turns to Kirishima, Mina, and Kaminari* Right? He is a good guy underneath all the rough edges! He's just so cool. And I know that Todoroki-sama is cute but I don't have those kinds of feelings for him. If I asked him out it wouldn't be fair to either of us. That said, I do think that I'm getting through to Bakugou-sama a little, he didn't immediately push me away when I hugged him.

Hanta Sero: “Right, just don’t rush and take your time, these things shouldn’t be forced.” *Pats your head reassuringly* “Any advice you need, we’re here for you.” 


Originally posted by animepenguin

Mina Ashido: “Oh i’ve got it!!!!” “Why don’t cha make or buy him a gift?” “It’ll be like saying it, without actually saying it.” “A good route to take if you’re nervous.”


Originally posted by misakachan

Denki Kaminari: “But…what would he even like?”


Originally posted by haruicchi

Eijirou Kirishima: “OHHH WEIGHTS, AND PROTEIN POWDER!!!!” 

Mina Ashido: “We’re thinking of gifts for Bakugou, not for you, Gym head!” 

Eijirou Kirishima: “A self help book on anger management?”


Mina ashido: “A good suggestion, but it would send the wrong message.” “We need a gift that says ‘i like you’ that’s subtle so it won’t scare him off, but still clear enough so it gets the point across.” 

Hanta Sero: “Mina, aren’t you maybe over complicating things?” “I don’t think Bakugou would care about a gift, or anything corny like that.” 

Eijirou Kirishima: “Yeah I’m with Sero on this one.” “Oshiro, just continue as you are, if your friendship with him is solid, something more may blossom in the future, and if it doesn’t its not a loss, he’s still gonna be your pal.” “He respects those who respect themselves and face challenges head on.” “He’s loud and opinionated and kinda flashy, with his quirk and costume, and boy oh boy is that temper of his short, but he’s not a very on the surface sorta guy, he’s deeper than he appears, so impressing him with gifts is not the way to go.” “Honestly, just support and encourage him.” 

Mina ashido: *Pouts* “OOF, you guys are so unromantic!” 

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part 1 (sorry for bad English)

Denki. A 21 year old barista at his local cafe was walking the cold streets at dark trying to get to his favorite restaurant but unfortunately he had to pass a graveyard. Graveyards always made Denki sad he couldnt stand the thought of his friends passing away he could barely even look at roadkill without a tear forming in his yellow eyes. He was meeting the rest of the bakusquad at this restaurant as he approached forward he stopped directly in front of the graveyard and thought

“Maybe I can cut through” he paused for a minute questioning whether he should go through or not but alas Hunger and excitement to see his friends dominated his fear and he walked through the gates of the graveyard. Walking down the path he felt something cold before he knew he turned around and there was a man with a black cloak and piercing blue eyes walking to him. Denki knew he should run but fear paralyzed him. The man lunged at him and Denki began to run as fast as he could before he knew it the man caught up and pinned him to a tree before biting him square in his neck. Blood rushed from the wound quickly and the man put his wrist to his face

“Drink” the man commanded and Denki bit the wrist of rhe man and drank

The man ran as Denki fell to the dirt. Holding his stomach in severe pain. He passed out

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The Void Calls These Bastards
by Alyx Aizawa

Pure and Utter Chaos from the Void
Kaminari Denki: HELL YEAH group chat!
Kaminari Denki changed Kaminari Denki’s name to ElectricMouse
ElectricMouse: hey kacchan
Midoriya Izuku: kaminari no
Bakugou Katsuki: do you want to die?
ElectricMouse: kinda
ElectricMouse changed Bakugou Katsuki’s name to Bomberanian
Bomberanian: …
Kirishima Eijirou: Kaminari run
Bomberanian: fucker

Words: 459, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 1 of Cryptid Bastards™

Read Here:

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  • Kyoka always sneaking Denki up to her room (he’s not allowed in the girls dormitory) so they can play music together
  • Most of the girls and some of the guys know about this but they keep it a secret
  • Discussing all the bands and songs they like at the moment
  • Learning eachothers favourite songs so they can play them together
  • They sometimes write songs together
  • Mostly they’re love songs
  • That’s definitely how Denki asked her out
  • Denki always has his headphones in
  • Kyoka is one of the few people he’ll take them out for so he can listen to probably
  • Kyoka using her earphones to see what Denki’s listening to
  • Or when she’s forgotten her headphones, they share his music like this
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  • “Kami, I swear to god, don’t do it. Don’t you fucking do it. Kaminari, don’t you dare. I’ll kill you.”
  • Denki, who had given himself creative mode and stuck you in survival, spawns a creeper right next to you anyways and cackles as you explode, both in-game and real life.
  • Prefers to play in survival mode and fight all the mobs. It works out well if you’re the type that likes farming and scavenging for food - you can do one thing, he can do the other. Or, if you prefer to be fighting too, you just go wreck monster ass together. You might starve to death a little bit, though.
  • Somehow always finds diamonds when in caves. Denki will have made full diamond armor and be halfway to the Nether while you’re still just trying to get a set of diamond tools.
  • He used to play the Minecraft soundtrack when studying ironically, and now he actually needs it to focus on his schoolwork.
  • His username is Pikachow.
  • Denki will set lag traps for you in the form of an automatic chicken breeder underground, where you won’t think to look. You clear all entities one time and he dies laughing when the total count comes to 2284 entities removed.
  • Surprisingly good at redstone.
  • Surprisingly shit at building.
  • Thought Herobrine was real when he was ten.
  • Denki used to have dreams of being a Minecraft youtuber. He gave up when he discovered the world of heroism, but sometimes, he still wonders if he could make it online.
  • He and you run the class 1-A server. You two host monthly server sessions where everyone joins and you play for a few hours. Bakugou always blows something up afterwards. Todoroki always gets stuck in the caves.
  • Denki calls you his ‘Minecraft gf,’ regardless of gender. You call him your 'Roblox gf,’ despite never having played Roblox.
  • You twos’ pride and joy in your shared LAN world is your rainbow sheep farm.
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Kaminari: Wanna hear a joke?

Kirishima: Yeah

Kaminari: Quarantine

Kirishima: … I don’t get it

Kaminari: It’s an inside joke

Kaminari and Kirishima: *laughing*

Bakugou: *crying*

Bakugou: I can’t anymore. I’m moving out

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Kirishima: Just bring Bakugo to me.

Kaminari: Well, he locked himself in the bathroom.

Kirishima: Just tell him I said something.

Kaminari: Said what?

Kirishima: Anything factually inaccurate.

*two minutes later*

Bakugo: I’m sorry, the sky is blue because it’s reflecting the colour of the ocean?

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I love doing headcanons, so here’s some more! I’ve decided I’m going to do 2 characters per headcanon for these!

Kissing Headcanons- Kaminari, Sero

… … … … … … … … … … … …


Denki Kaminari

• Denki likes to think he knows exactly what he’s doing when he goes in for a kiss- despite the fact he’s only ever kissed one person and it was by accident- when in reality he really, truly has no clue

• There’s no doubt that he’d initiate the kiss, the excitement outweighing the nervousness, and make a couple (or several) mistakes in the process

• First, he accidentally bumps his head on yours because he’s moving way too fast and then stutters out a string of apologies, while also asking if you guys can try it again

• When his lips finally do make contact with yours, they’re practically doused in saliva and chapstick (because the boy completely forgot he put any on and started licking his lips in anticipation- whoops)

• You also may or may not get zapped a bit with his electricity (he’s extremely gittery, so it’s more or less expected) but only slightly

• You’ll have to practice with him- which he absolutely, 10000% doesn’t mind at all by the way- but once he’s got it? An AMAZING kisser

• And yes, he will kiss you A N Y W H E R E. He absolutely adores PDA, and will no doubt want to show the world just how much he loves. Big yes to kissing in public if you’re down

• His kisses are both energized and energizing, and he moisturizes his lips constantly. And yea, he kept them moisturized before you guys started seeing eachother, but it’s arguably gotten worse what with your regular make-out sessions (Bakugo can’t stand when you two are anywhere near eachother because he knows Kaminari has no qualms about kissing you in front of him or anyone else for that matter)

• Really, really, really likes kissing both of your cheeks- he can never just kiss one- it has to be both

• Oh, and when the kisses get HEATED, Denki turns into a breathy whiner. He can get pretty loud so you should probably keep the less tame stuff behind closed doors

Hanta Sero


• Hanta is a pretty chill dude when he’s not being someone’s hype-man or being rambunctious, but the thought of even holding your hand makes him a little nervous- so kissing? Oh yea, incredibly freaking nerve-racking for him at first

• Your lips could be a couple centimeters away from his, eyes closed and leaning into him, and he’d probably still be apprehensive about kissing your soft lips, questioning if you were sure you wanted to kiss him

• He both loves and respects you, but even if you tell him you want him to kiss you, he’d have this unsure look etched  onto his face, so you’ll have to be brave and close that distance (that distance of like…3.81 centimeters)

• Knows from the moment your lips touch his that kissing you is instantly one of his favorite things to do- and he’s not a bad kisser at all, even at the very beginning!

• His lips are thin but very soft (and oh so kissable) !

• He’s not really one for PDA beyond an arm thrown around you (shoulders or waist) and the occasional peck on the lips- he can be a showy person at times, but he definitely doesn’t want people staring at you two while you’re trying to make out

• Also thoroughly enjoys giving you quick, teasing kisses to your nose, fingertips, and the corners of your lips (hhhhh-). But hey, tease him back if you want, he’s all for it!

• Kisses can be soft and loving, quick and playful, or hot and heavy- honestly kinda just depends on the mood at the moment (because yes, he can and will give you all three in the span of 5 minutes)

• When kisses get HOT and HEAVY, he uh- he does this thing that’s a cross between a grunt and a moan. Usually tries to keep the volume down, though (Unless…)

… … … … … … … … … … … …

@quirkless-fics @kurinhimenezu @sadistiks @fortheloveofbakugo @alright-same @beauty-in-ferality @uacrack @miyulovestowrite

My booooyyys! I love these knuckleheads (UwU) ♡

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Since the event ends soon, I want to send in another request for it! :) My Hero Academia, 鉂わ笍锔 for Kaminari? :3 I love him so much, haha! How's your writing going? On my end, I'm still stuck with one-shots and the two BnHA series I have in my drafts. My train of thought is too fast for my keyboard smashes lol 馃檭

Feel free to spam me with requests! As for my writings, they are coming along, somewhat. I have been focusing on original pieces over fanfiction, which is nice because that is the main reason why I turned to fanfiction! 

I get what you mean with the train of thoughts. I usually end up trying to summarise them into keywords and concepts, or even an image and hope that I will still remember them later, haha! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia 

Character: Denki Kaminari 

Prompt: ❤️ (red heart): Lover

Celebration Information


Originally posted by kunikidaz

It was a running gag that Denki was a portable charger. A powerbank that conveniently could recharge your empty devices. A role to which he protested, but which he diligently fulfilled anyway for he knew how much his friends appreciated him for it, even if it wasn’t expressed.

“Hey, Denki,” you approached the blonde, a pout on your lips as you tried to avoid his eyes. “Can you charge something for me?”

Confused, the male gave you a look before a smile spread over his face.

“Everything for you, [Name],” he beamed back, nearly leaping over to take you into his arms.

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I love @myherowritings with all my heart (I’ve never approached her though bc 👉👈 pretty people scare me (I tagged her bc I’m giving her credit for inspiration)

I’m getting hate on my smut blog for apparently copying other writers in the fandom so I might do a SMAU ✌✌

and If i did. Would you wanna see:

  • Mina (College AU)
  • Shinsou (Cafe AU)
  • Deku (College AU)
  • Jirou (Band AU)
  • Kaminari (College AU)
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