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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Kaminari entering Izukus room: why are you naked?

Izuku: uhh i ran out of clothes

Kaminari: what are you talking about?

Kaminari: *opening his closet* look you have pants, shirts, hi todoroki, shoes, jackets-

Kaminari: wait a minute

credit : @random-posts-etc on instagram

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So this started as me practicing making pride gif icons and then turned into my headcanons for the characters I guess 😅 not sure how I feel about them honestly. This is my first time making my own overlays so I’d really appreciate any feedback or advice!

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(I’m leaving Mineta out of this, hope you don’t mind. I don’t think he eats human food. Pretty sure he only eats dirt)

From most to least likely to put Skittles and M&Ms together:

- Kaminari

- Kirishima

- Present Mic

- Todoroki (Don’t @ me on this one)

- Sero

- Sato

- Aoyama

- All Might

- Izuku

- Tsuyu

- Ochako

- Hagakure

- Mina

- Tokoyami

- Koda

- Ojiro

- Shoji

- Momo

And the absolute least likely to put them together…

- Bakugo (will blow up the bowl and doesn’t let his boyfriend buy the candy for movie nights)

- Jirou (frequently asks her boyfriend why he enjoys it so much and is thoroughly digusted)

- Aizawa. Do. Not. Eat. This. Around. Him. Seeing his best friend like it is bad enough, and he can only deal with Mic’s bullshit so much. But this? This is on a whole other level

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friendly reminder that electricity disables hitoshi’s quirk (canonically specified he cant use megaphones for that reason) :))) you also need a shock to get out and denki’s immediate reaction to an outside source “attacking” (i.e. shiozaki’s vines or hitoshi’s quirk) is big discharge :))) in conclusion hitoshi can’t use his quirk on denki :))))))

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