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Ace VI [Shitshow]

pairing: bakugo x fem!reader 

genre: humor, romance 

TW: violence, cursing, angst, fluff


 Shifting into My Hero was a total mistake, all those tiktoks you watched on a daily about shifting somehow convinced your brain to take part. Now the question is how to wake up, and most importantly, DON’T GET ATTACHED TO STUPID DRAWINGS!


HI! New chapter! Kinda late! Sorry! Let me know if you wanna be mentioned in the taglist! Here’s Shitshow!



Originally posted by welovewaves

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Bnha guys being toxic in their relationship with their s/o

characters in this post: Todoroki, Kaminari and Dabi 

style: headcannons… i couldn’t really find good gifs for this, sorry. and cute nicknames just seemed a little wrong for this post idk. 

genre: angst 

Warnings: Toxic relationships. 

Shoto Todoroki- 

  • Lets face it, I know it’s hard for all of us simps but we gotta face the music. 
  • This man is absolutely not looking for a relationship 
  • So if you show any signs of interest he’d brush it off as being friendly 
  • Bakugo would tell him that he’s being blind, that you obviously have feelings for him
  • In all honesty he at least suspected it 
  • He’d start to get distant after that.
  • If you confessed to him he’d walk away and not say anything
  • God why did you have to like him? you ruined a perfectly good friendship y/n. Thanks.
  • He liked being your friend. In fact he still wanted to be your friend.
  • He’d end up purposely sitting/standing in front of you when girls confessed to him 
  • That way you’d get over him easier, right?
  • He completely stopped talking to you, in fact he instructed all his friends to do the same
  • In his mind this was the quickest way for you to get over him, not being around him or his friends would mean you’d be thinking about him less, right?

Denki Kaminari- 

  • He’s very friendly with other girls.
  • He’s even gone as far as flirting with them in front of you 
  • The worst part is he knows what he’s doing 

“It’s no big deal Y/n, Me and her are literally just friends.” (Kaminari)

“I saw you guys hanging out yesterday” (you) 

“Yeah so? am I not allowed to have friends?” (Kaminari)

“Denki I-” (you)

“Do you not trust me..?” (Kaminari) 

  • He pulls this shit all the time
  • He’d never go as far as cheating… maybe. 
  • Honestly you don’t even know anymore. 
  • He was always so used to being able to flirt with other girls, he knew it was wrong but still… It’s not like he’s actually cheating…
  • He’s not always like this, as far as you know. 
  • God, for all you even know he could be sleeping with someone else behind your back


  • He’s very possessive. And I mean VERY
  • Sure, a little protectiveness is hot. But Dabi (like most things he does) takes it to a different level. 
  • Good luck trying to have any friends. They’ll be burnt toast by tomorrow.

“Y/n, who the fuck is this?” (Dabi)

“Dabi, sweetie you’ve met them, they’re-” (you)

“Do I look like I fucking care? Delete their contact. Now.” (Dabi)

“Bu-” (you)

“Don’t even try to talk to me you little slut. Where you fucking around with them. I bet you were. If I see you with them I’ll burn them alive,” (Dabi)

  • And he meant it too
  • He’s never letting you go out alone. God forbid you ask to go outside with another member of the LOV
  • He absolutely hates when you watch movies with hot lead characters
  • The best shows you’re going to get to watch are Family guy and The Simpsons (A/n: which are honestly pretty good in my opinion- but I do love the classics lol) 
  • He’s jealous 25/8 

I actually just remembered I already did some Possessive Dabi headcannons but I’m too lazy to think of a dif character and write abt them so here’s the link

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can you hear me sing
by RedResin

Katsuki scrambled out of the chaos and destruction in his space to his desk, frantically looking for a pen before sitting down at his desk where his journal miraculously stayed in place. He felt the pressure, something he thought, something the felt, begin to shift. To move.

He began to write.

Bakugou Katsuki is sixteen years old when his life turns around. What better way to unleash his frustrations than through music?

Sooner or later, he’ll need to learn there’s more to life than his career.

Words: 1886, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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some denki kaminari headcanons cuz… well… he’s just amazing 🙆🏼‍♀️

• as i’ve mentioned, he loves to link pinkies with you when youre walking around

• he has a major love for shorter hair ( like shoulder length )

• he wears necklaces and rings on the daily ( i’m sorry this is like SO HOT to me )

• he will literally ask you to paint his nails to match with yours

• he loves, like, LOVES when you give him cheek kisses.

• he will send you memes all day, everyday just to see you laugh, and if you send them back, this man is gonna fall head over heals for you even more.

• he thinks earrings are super interesting and beautiful and loves it when you wear them.

• a lot bottom energy from him. just saying.

• his pickup lines can be painful to listen to, but he still tries. one example is “are you electricity? because i’m shocked when looking at you”

denki is literally bae so i had to do one of these. please feel free to make requests! luv u all ꨄ

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I feel  he would hove a poetic away of calling you. Also of course you have to have some cute little nicknames for darkshadow because he’s part of Tokoyami and you love every part of him.

For him

  • My darkness
  • Good boi (for dark shadow)
  • darkness overlord

For you

  • Darling
  • my light
  • queen of light


Denki would most likely give you the most cheesiest nicknames he can think of. Like I can see both of you having chill nicknames for each other when no-one else is around.

For him

  • Bubs
  • Pika
  • Kami

For you

  • Princess
  • Babygirl/Babyboy/Baby
  • Lovebug


I see him being very tradition with his nicknames for you while you have more creative ones. But don’t let that fool you he will call you random cute nicknames at random. But those are few and far in-between.

For him

  • engines
  • Hot stuff
  • prince

For you

  • my kick starter ( the dekusquad still makes fun of him to this day.)
  • darling
  • baby


Hand down would call you endearment in French while you would call him some in a random language. ( I’m gonna use Russian and German in this but you can imagine any language.) {I used google translation}

For him

  • Обожаю (love in russian)
  • Schatz (darling in german)
  • life line

For you

  • Mon ange (my angel)
  • amour (love)
  • Ma colombe (my dove)


Kinda see her as either to call you little cute animal nicknames or call you the basices.

For her

  • froggy love
  • frop
  • babe

For you

  • tadpole
  • Kitty
  • koi
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Pairings: Katsuki Bakugou x Reader, Eijiro Kirishima x Reader, and Denki Kaminari x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Hello!!! Could I request Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari with an s/o that’s very touchy? Not like clingy but they just like when they can hold hands or cuddle or give kisses. Pretty much, their love language is physical affection.

Word Count: 200

A/n: Sorry, this isn’t very long, I couldn’t think of much to add onto these. Thanks for requesting though! I appreciate it! I got like three other requests today as well, and I’m going to try to get those out as soon as I can, it might be tonight, or tomorrow, we’ll have to see. Again, thanks for requesting! -Danielle <3


Katsuki Bakugou:

  • If you’re in public, Katsuki’s probably gonna yell at you if you do anything more than holding hands or like a kiss here and there
  • But if you guys are alone in like one of your dorms, he’s fine with cuddling, and kissing and all that
  • He’s going to claim he hates how touchy you are, but he doesn’t really hate it at all
  • Like this one time you went to give him kisses on his face and he was like
  • “Stop that, dumbass.”
  • So then when you stopped, he was like
  • “Did I tell you to stop?”
  • “Actually, yeah-”
  • “Shut up, I didn’t mean it.”

Eijiro Kirishima:

  • Kirishima’s the type of guy to not mind when their s/o is pretty affectionate in public
  • He doesn’t mind holding your hand, or kissing you in public, and he definitely doesn’t mind if you like cuddle up to his side when you’re in public
  • He always tells you how much he loves how touchy you are and how he doesn’t mind at all
  • He loves it and doesn’t deny that he does

Denki Kaminari:

  • He’s the same way
  • Denki loves being constantly cuddling or kissing, or at the very least holding hands
  • He doesn’t mind being affectionate in public like at all
  • Why should he mind? It’s not like it’s some big secret that you two are together or anything
  • In fact, he makes sure that everybody knows your his s/o
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“ice skates” k. bakugou x reader

“ua decides to add sports as an option for an extracurricular activity. when two hot headed and cocky students meet from joining the same sport; they can’t seem to escape one another..”


social media ! au ; fluff ; angst.

(also this is my first time writing a fanfic on tumblr. i’m used to writing on wattpad. if you have any advice pls feel free to message me privately!! any help is greatly appreciated. i would also like to include that i am not good with sports and i’ve never played hockey so i’m not sure about the rules of the sport; so again, pls feel free to help me out! with that being said: i hope you enjoy!! i’m not sure about an update schedule, if i plan one out i’ll be sure to let you all now. for now, i’ll update whenever i feel up to it honestly. i did just go back to school physically so pls keep that in mind. happy reading! 🤎 stay safe everyone.)

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Quirk Mastery
by OkamiTheWolf

Okami [REDACTED] has always lived knowing they were too overpowered for the world, they were the person others were friendly to because Okami being a villain meant the end of the world. Agreeing to be a teacher might have been a mistake, but their students will soon prove that there are people who will be friends with an overpowered [REDACTED] just because they want to be friends with them.

Words: 300, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Sure! 💖 I hope you get better and you can write me anytime if you want to talk! 💫💖 I haven’t wrote a fic scenario in almost a year so it’s probably really bad.. But I tried as best as I could 🥺💫 Also sorry it’s just Denki, but I wanted to write my first scenario in a while with somebody I feel comfortable writing a because I wrote Shinso only twice, I choose Pikachu boy 🥺💫💖 And also sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted and I made the s/o too lifeless 🥺💖 And also, some critics about my writing would help 🥺💖


- Denki -


Originally posted by lofiixx

• Denki fully understands you, with him being future pro hero, big expectations are placed upon him and he goes through hard times sometimes too, so he’ll do his best to help you as much as he could

Denki woke up to bright morning sun shining into his eyes and when he turned around in his bed, he found out you were still sound asleep. He knew how hard last few days has been for you, so he let you sleep and just watched your peaceful expression contour into frown from time to time.

After a while, your eyes fluttered open and you saw Denki staring on you with a smile on his lips, you tried to smile back at him, but it came out more like a frown. „Good morning, you’re shining more then sun today babe" Denki winked at you with intention of improving your mood, but it didn’t worked. „Good morning" You greeted him back quietly.

After few minutes of laying in bed, it was time for breakfast, so he picked you up bridal style, carried you into bathroom where he placed you on edge of bathtub and gave you your toothbrush with a toothpaste already on it. „Do you want me to help?“ He asked with concern after you just stared on the wall in front of you. You nodded, so he took the toothbrush into his hand and started brushing your teeth carefully to not hurt you.

After your morning routine was done with the help of Denki, you were able to walk without your legs failing you, so you walked into kitchen where he sat you on chair at kitchen bar and began preparing pancakes if you hate pancakes, just imagine something else.

He was done in less then five minutes and in front of you sat few fluffy pancakes. Denki took a piece and held it to your mouth. You took it into your mouth and began chewing. The sweet mix of sirup and pancakes sure made you feel little bit better.

When nothing remained in front of you, you both got up and went to get dressed. Denki helped you pick what to wear. You were able to change your pajamas for underwear and socks before you got tired again, so Denki helped with sweatpants and t-shirt. On top of it you wore his hoodie to have something reminding you of him while he’s working.

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For all my fellow Kaminari’s simps ✨✨

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mha fluff oneshots and imagines
by LoveSickAsh13

A bunch of fluff, imagines, and tom foolery. Request are open, just comment on a chapter and what character(s) you want and a basic plotline.

Words: 384, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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I’m not doing so good. So I’ll be logging off. I love you all! And I hope to see some cool things when I get back.

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warnings. implied sexual themes, cussing
genre. fluff, lime juice (mostly in bakugo & denki’s)
companion piece. making out hcs (read the hcs first!!)
author’s notes. i was in a good mood while writing this at 10:30 pm.. i was watching funny scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire 😭 characters are all 18+. enjoy <3


“F – Katsuki…” Your fingers pressed into the taut and sticky skin of Katsuki’s shoulders as your head dropped back, eyes shut tightly. Your teeth clenched when he nipped your neck, a brief but delicious burning sensation accompanied with the bite.

Your back hit the closet wall as your hips ground against his, your crushing kiss muffling his pleasured groan. His hands slipped up your shirt, his calloused fingers caressing your hips. The air was thick and warm, the air circulation not good at all.

You barely registered the indistinct chatter coming from outside the closet, all your energy focused on just your boyfriend. He bit your bottom lip and you moaned helplessly into his mouth, his lips already making you come undone.

Another provoking buck of your hips and your lips were catching another one of his groans, the vibrations sending electricity down your spine. Suddenly a gust of cool air hit your sweaty body, the sound of laughter invading your eardrums.

Your eyes widened and your already cerise cheeks became darker in embarrassment. Katsuki backed away and completely moved off of you, his own skin burning with rage. You noticed a panicked and flushed Kirishima, who had his hand over his mouth as he backed away.

“You damn extras!” Katsuki was ready to throw hands, tiny sparks jumping off his fingers. He leapt forward, his yells echoed by the hallway. “I’ll kill you all!”


“I love you, Sho,” you sighed into Shoto’s lips, your arms lazily hung around his neck, his chest so close to yours you could hear his heartbeat.

“Y/N… I love you too.” Even though it was dark, you could make out a small smile on his lips, obviously content with the current situation. You and your boyfriend Shoto were in a dorm bathroom, gently kissing as you hugged, talking about miscellaneous things such as schoolwork and food.

He gently nibbled on your lower lip, eliciting a soft chuckle from you. “Hey, where’d you—”

The door was thrown open, a shriek accompanying the intrusion. Before you knew it you were torn away from Shoto’s lips and now behind him as he glared at the person who ruined the soft moment. 

Denki Kaminari.

Wicked laughter resonated throughout the bathroom as the light turned on, pretty much blinding you and your boyfriend.

“Kaminari—!” You were about to strangle him when he saluted you and took off, no doubt to tell the rest of the class. Shoto sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “Y/N – we need to lock the door next time.”


“Mmff – hnmm…” You kept your moans in as Eijirou’s soft lips pressed to your own, his body curved over you. He released a tiny groan when you pushed yourself close to him, your midsection barely brushing against his own. You separated the kiss, his warm lips immediately leaving your own as you pulled away.

“So, you were just coming out here to get snacks?” You asked breathlessly, your voice teasing as your cheeks practically glowed pink. Eijirou chuckled nervously, his hand at the back of his neck, a nervous habit of his.


“At one am?”


“Okay,” you rolled your eyes, a pink blush forming on Eijirou’s cheeks. “So how did this happen?” You gestured in between yourself and Eijirou, your bodies merely inches apart.

“I dunno,” he shrugged with an awkward smile, “It just did?”

“You dummy.” You shook your head in amusement, eyes twinkling as you made eye contact with his gentle crimson orbs. “I love y—”

Holy shit. Kirishima? L/N?!”

Your eyes widened as you whirled around, your gaze locking on the last person you wanted to see. Son of a bitch, what luck. Eijirou’s eyes were wide as he stumbled back to focus on the grape boy.

Woah, did you smash yet?” The words that left the boy’s lips were extremely embarrassing, making you recoil in disgust.

“No! I – I, um…” Eijirou tried to answer but couldn’t, his voice fading as Mineta kept his stare locked on him.

“Did you touch her boobs?” You crossed your arms over your chest, biting your lip as you looked down. You were a bit self conscious about your chest, and did not like when others used slang for your body. They were breasts, not boobs.

Eijirou noticed your discomfort, stepping forward menacingly. “Leave us alone.”

He grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to his room, sitting you down on his bed.

“I’m sorry that happened, Y/N.”

“I-it’s okay,” you said, a smile tugging at the corners of your lips at his kindness. “It wasn’t your fault.”


“Y/N…” Tamaki whispered, a whimper leaving his lips as you kissed the shell of his ear, your teeth gently grazing over the warm skin. His lips trembled and his eyes squeezed shut as you began to gently pinch the epidermis of pointed ears.

You pulled away from his ears, peppering his face with kisses as you hugged him tightly. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” A soft sound left his lips as he embraced you, burying his face into the crook of you neck, his lips rolling against your skin.

“Bunny… I love you too – I love you so much.”

You swayed with him in your arms, slowly moving your hips to an imaginary song, as if you were rocking a baby. He lifted his head, raising himself up to you to give you a kiss. His lips connected with yours for a brief second, a lovely feeling rushing through you at the feeling.

The door was opened and a familiar blue haired girl walked in, but before Nejire could speak, Tamaki yelped and bounded right off of you, launching himself backwards. He fell right off the bed, hitting the floor with an ‘oof’. 

“Tamaki!” You leaned over the edge of the bed, extending your hand to the blushing ravenette, his cheeks a light red as he grabbed your hand and got himself back onto the bed.

“Hi, Hado!” You greeted her, acting as if nothing had happened.

“What’re you guys doing?” Her voice was curious, questioning your actions.

“We were—” You racked your brain for answers, finally coming up with one, “Just studying. We were just studying.”

Her blue eyes sparkled even when she raised an eyebrow, obviously detecting your lie. Tamaki suddenly spoke, knowing she understood what was going on minutes ago.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” he begged, not wanting to endure questions or teasing.

“I won’t, Amajiki! It’s fine!” she reassured him, grinning as he released a soft sigh or relief. She waved to you, and exited the room, closing the door behind her.


“Shh! Denki, it’s eleven o’clock! We can’t make any noise—” The golden blonde cut you off, gently pressing his fingers into your hips, sending a shock of electricity into your bones.

You were straddling his waist, his back was on the couch and you were above him. Denki kept shocking you with his quirk, snickering at your reactions. You didn’t react to his electricity that time, continuing to scold him. 

“Everyone’s asleep, it’s almost mid—”

He reached up, cupping your face as he lowered it a few inches, then brought his own lips to yours. Denki didn’t even bother to lick your lips, and opted to pry your mouth open so he could get his tongue inside, and with another shock to your hips, it did work.

Your lips parted for just a second, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue in. The muscles tangled with each other, all concern forgotten. He carried the faint taste of mint toothpaste on his tongue from earlier, his lips soft and warm.

Sparks exploded in your stomach, and they weren’t from Denki’s fingers. Feeling the urge to make this makeout session more, you roughly ground your hips against his without any warning.

You felt him push back against you, his lower region making you aware of his arousal. Another grind and he was moaning into your mouth; you took the initiative to nip at his lips, your bites sudden and sharp.

He pulled away for just a second to catch a breath of air before he slammed his lips onto yours again, leaning up as his arms wrapped around you. Now he bucked his hips hard into yours, your breath hitching in your throat as his bulge pressed against your core.

 “F – fuck, Denki…” The sound of your vulnerable voice was driving him, your moans music to his ears. His hands slid down your back, slowly finding their way under your shirt, leaving butterfly touches on different parts of skin.

He began to slide your nightshorts down, slowly and tantalizingly, knowing it would make you crazy. Sweat dripped down his forehead, an unbearable heat pooling between your thighs. Unable to take his teasing, you slammed your hips onto his, a loud groan leaving his lips as his clothed crotch began to poke at your center.

You heard a door slam in the distance, disregarding it as you fully focused on your boyfriend, his mouth open as he released numerous moans, most of them louder than they should be.

“What the fuck!” A loud voice startled you, your head almost knocking with Denki’s as you yanked your half down nightshorts up. “Are you two seriously getting down on the couch?!”

Bakugo was screaming at you, his voice rising as he fired questions at you… er, mostly Denki. You heard rushed footsteps down the hall and suddenly Iida was out there, lecturing you about the dangers of fucking on the couch.

“—As class rep, I simply cannot allow such frisky activities in these dorms! Especially on the couch, L/N, Kaminari! We use the couch, and it should not be disrespected in such a fashion!”

Iida’s exaggerated arm chops and loud voice drew the attention of other students, such as Kirishima, Mina, Todoroki, Midoriya, Mineta, and Tsu. They all watched with curious and smirking (some blank) faces, making you turn your head to Denki.

Who you were currently sitting on.

You gave him an oh fuck look as you moved off of him, excusing yourself to go and wallow in your embarrassment.

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Okay so I know y’all already know about the Latino sero headcannon but I was thinking how his friends would be like with his Latino ass.

I feel like the main ones to do anything would be Kirishima, Kamanari, and Sero. They would definitely be hosting some sort of dorm party in Seros room with that Hispanic music on blast! Like you could hear it on the other side of the floor. Sero would end up teaching Denki, Mina and Kirishima how to dance bachata, salsa, merengue, cumbias, etc. Like they were pros at it, coordinated af. Bakugou would refuse to dance with them but he was secretly learning on his own by watching very closely because he felt it was going to damage his pride if he learned from them.

They would buy them led lights so it mimics the party lights that would blind you at night while running around the dance floor with your cousins, ya know? And they would invite the bakusquad and a few others most of the time but during holidays spent at ua it’s everyone in the main common room and just a long ass party

Beside dancing they would sing too, Denki, Kirishima and Mina would have more difficulty learning the pronunciation of Spanish words but Bakugou be saying them flawless (mostly) and actually sing (because he was challenged by the others) When the parties weren’t happening Sero would share his culture with his friends by recipes that bakugou would request because he’s “tired of the same shit all the time” (a cover up of expanding his taste) to dance and music, traditions and just anything so Sero had someone else to share things with

Sounds random I know but i had the impulse to write it out

Feel free to share other head cannons <3

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Denki, speaking on behalf of the bakusquad: Oh we’ll be fine, we’ve done this a million times.

Bakugou: It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it, the stupidness level doesn’t lower any.

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Kaminari: are you sure this is a good idea?

Mina: is anything we do a good idea?

Kaminari: good point, let’s go.

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Katsuki can and will, fall asleep in the most bizzare places but tends to fall asleep in corners just like aizawa and class 1a likes to play a game called: “who can find katsuki’s best sleeping spot”

Rules are simple, if you see katsuki sleeping in a weird place, take a photo and send it to the groupchat where the rest of 1a will determine if it’s good enough. Here’s the classes submissions of where katsuki has been seen sleeping:

Denki: he didn’t even try but he found katsuki in the corner in sweat plant and a sweatshirt.

Sato: in the kitchen corner by the oven.

Tokoyami: litteraly by katsuki’s own dorm room door.

Deku: when they were training, deku found katsuki curled up by a rock asleep.

Jirou: in the music room asleep on the drum set.

Tenya (aka the winner): in the library asleep ONTOP of the library shelves (don’t even ask)

Tsu: IN aizawa’s sleeping bag.

Sero: on the coffee table passed out in the dorm lounging area.

Uraraka: on the bench outside

Kirishima: he was found asleep on his back porch thingy in his dorm room.

Koda aka second place: katsuki was found sleeping in a tree.

Ojiro: on the roof of the dorms.

Todoroki: this one is a bit odd but katsuki was falling so Todoroki made a little slide for him so he wouldn’t get hurt and saw him sleeping at the end.

Hagakure: by the pool

Mina: I’m out of ideas.

Aoyama: he’s just there to watch what other people find

Shoji: in the workout room asleep on the fucking treadmill

So class 1a has seen katsuki in some… odd places asleep but their not surprised considering he doesn’t get enough sleep and the fact that he is aizawa’s son.

But it’s freaking hilarious to find him in those positions!

If you want, you can add on!

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