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#denki x reader
melsun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
♯now playing : i bet you look good on the dance floor.
Tumblr media
”dance with me,” denki leans towards you, your body sandwiched between him and the corner you were peacefully standing in. his hands are on either side of your body, and he’s yelling slightly to make sure you hear him.
”there’s too many people,” you mutter, not sure whether your voice‘s reaching him, or if he even cares, for that matter.
how you got here? well, you were perfectly fine with spending your saturday evening reading in bed, but your stupid extrovert of a boyfriend decided he wouldn’t let that happen— how could he let his sweet partner stay at home getting bored, while he was enjoying?
so of course, he dragged you to kirishima’s party despite your numerous protests.
“can‘t hear you!,” denki shouts, taking your hands in yours to pull you under the disco ball in the centre of the room, “just dance, babe!”
”kamiii,” you whine lowly, wrapping your arms around his neck (which is hard to do, considering the way he’s jumping around in the name of ”dancing”), “i’m feeling shy,” you pull him down to whisper in his ear, fiddling with the hair at the nape of his neck.
“don’t be?,” he suggests playfully, jumping as you glare at him, eyes narrowed. “okay, okay,” he raises his hands in surrender, then suddenly shifting their position to hold your arms.
“what are you doing?,” you ask, eyebrows raised as he starts moving your arms, up and down, making them sway, turning you around so that you’re facing away from his chest.
you won’t lie— after a minute or two, it’s fun; and you’re slowly forgetting about everyone else there, laughing as he makes you spin again, moving his shoulders side to side.
”look,“ he pokes you while snorting, “this isn’t that bad.”
”what are we even doing?,” you repeat, although this time, a smile adorns your face.
“dancing,” denki grins widely, eyes crinkling, “i bet ya look good on the dance floor.“
Tumblr media
- @maixcore ’s matchup for “melsun hits 500!“ (hoping the format isn’t a disappointment since it’s not like general matchups :<<)
- reblogs appreciated !!
- tagging @escapenightmare before I actually start my taglist 🤡✋
Tumblr media
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osmuz · a day ago
remind me? [drabble] / denki k.
warnings slightly suggestive,, mentions of sex,, making out.
Tumblr media
as you gently stir awake, you find that velvety sheets envelop you, veiled around your splayed figure. a glimmer of sunlight streams through the paper-thin curtains, enlivening your boyfriends messy blonde locks that span out across his pillow. dark, purpling bruises strewn across his chest and neck serve as an instant reminder of what happened the night before.
your adoring boyfriend had come home to you after a long night of patrolling the city. the only words that he could form were ones of him reminding you of how much he had missed you. after many insistent and deprived kisses, the two of you had finally given into your desires for the very first time since you had gotten together.
and now, the morning after, you lay clad in one of his various sweaters, ogling at his sleeping form.
he suddenly shuffles, leaning towards wakefulness as you recoil. your initial panic quickly withdraws and fades into adoration as his eyelashes flutter cutely, honeyed eyes immediately finding you.
“what’re you staring at?” he teases, voice unusually hoarse from a good nights sleep. a sheepish smirk captures your lips as memories of his gentleness flood your mind.
“you,” you answer obviously as he watches at you through sleepy eyes. he leans forward, peppering feathery kisses onto your chest as if to wordlessly thank you for the night before. his hands slide down from your waist to the curve of your ass.
“what do you want to do today, baby?” he asks, voice muffled against your flushed skin.
“mm,” mumbling, you drag your hands through his hair, “stay here?”
he presses a soft, final kiss onto your forehead, pausing there for a while. “sounds good.”
the desire to just lay there and admire him became stronger with every second as you pulled away, propping your hand up beneath your head. 
and for the first time since last night, you make eye contact with your darling denki.
neither of you could help the smiles that plays upon your lips.
he slowly takes in his view, a familiar infatuation filling his eyes. “what’re you thinking about, denks?”
“you looked so cute when you were sleeping,” he admits, words rolling off his tongue without shame. “did you know that you snore? and drool?”
“denki!” you groan, ears burning as you smack a playful hand against his chest.
“what?! it’s adorable!” he promises, hands snaking around your waist as he pulls you towards him with ease, fingertips drifting skyward towards the middle of your back. his touch alone makes you arch into him.
“yanno, you’re kinda sweet when you’re half asleep,” you note as he nuzzles further into your chest.
pressing delicate kisses across your neck, he murmurs, “mhm, i’m always sweet.”
growing tired of his taunting, you push him down into the mattress, swinging your leg over his waist. straddling him, you lean down, crashing your lips against his. “i love you.”
he can’t respond, too dazed by your warmth as the kiss grows more passionate and hungry.
his hand kneed at the flesh of your ass, eyebrows slanting upward as he swallows your moans. “fuck, baby”
after a few more whines from both you and denki, your movements slow, now only pecking at your lips. 
“you’re so beautiful,” he whispers into your mouth, flustering you once more. you bury your face into the crook of his neck, embarrassment flourishing within your stomach.
“so,” he sighs, trying to sound nonchalant. “how was last night?”
you could hear the smugness practically dripping from his tone as he spoke.
“i don’t remember, remind me again, kami?”
Tumblr media
©osmuz do not copy, translate or plagiarize in any way.
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syds-room · 5 hours ago
this year you decide to mix things up with your beloved partner on halloween..
Tumblr media
b. katsuki — devil and angel
he wasn’t too thrilled when the suggestion arose and bakugo was really going to let you dress alone when he realizes someone else might try and pair with you if they had the same costume
he didn’t half ass anything and forced the others to do try their hardest before meeting up
your boyfriend wore a red suit, big red horns curling backward toward his scalp, he’d even gotten mina to put red liner along his water line
he was hot stuff and would reveal nothing about how he got the horns to look like they were coming out of his forehead
but when he spotted your tiny wings on your back and the frisky halter that complimented your chest, he liked this holiday a little bit more
doesn’t want to leave home because of how hot you, look but you must be joking if you think he’s not going to want to rub his costume in other people’s faces
k. eijiro — firefighter and emt
he suggested this pairing because “you make my heart stop” he was cheesing the entire time, but you were a little apprehensive to go anywhere with him
why you ask? because while his costume consists of baggy pants and some thick sole boots, his top is nonexistent
you wouldn’t even notice the hat because you’re too busy looking at his chest
suspenders that do little to hide bulging muscle and he’s got some makeshift fireman’s hose hanging on him like a sash, but he adjusts it so often that it makes his muscles flex and it is so hard to stop looking when they do
he spruced up an overcoat that is surprisingly light from his frankenstein costume from last year, but if he’s not holding it closed, it’s really just backdrop for his body
he can’t take his eyes off of you though, he got you to wear these tiny shorts and you don’t ask him why he has it on hand or why it fits so good, but either way he cannot stop drooling bc of how good you look in it
s. hanta — baseball player and cheerleader
this is pretty much made for him, i mean seriously it’s great especially when he’s starting to get more lean and tall with the hero program
i don’t know if you’ve seen the uniform but it grips everything below and just makes above the waist look like a total dream, so his arms slightly bulge in the shirt and he’s half hiding his semi with the baseball bat that will be used as “protection” later on tonight hehe
he looks so good in it and i don’t know how to emphasize how he’ll casually stretch his arms over his head or pose like he’s going to swing the bat and every muscle, ridge, and crevice in the uniform bulges so well
when you step out in that short skirt and tank top that’s specifically got a low neckline just to entertain his pervy thoughts, he staggers to sit down just staring at you
doesn’t know whether to swing an arm over his face to hide his flushed cheeks or take a picture of you and he opts for the latter, makes you sit on his lap and uses his long arms to take a selfie
it’s his phone wallpaper for months
m. ashido — witch and kitten
she talked this one through with denki and you didn’t think it’d be good at first because you initially wanted to snatch denki’s sucubus idea
but then she stepped out with that flared skirt with a slit up to her hip and you shut your mouth then because her legs and thighs were showed off nicely and you really couldn’t bring yourself to look away from the corset she wore that pushed her chest up to a mouthwatering peak
she was smirking and grinning so much, rolling around on your bed giggling about how you were so whipped for the costume and you totally were because wOW
but then you came out with your cat ears perched on your head and your remodelled catsuit had stopped just above your knees clinging to your figure and making her eyes dilate and hands grip her skirt
with the way her eyes followed your tail and she trailed behind you in a daze, it was safe to say she was under your spell
k. denki — mad scientist and his lab rabbit
this dork REALLY wanted to do gomez and morticia again like last year but you put your foot down and refused wanting to change from last year even tho he lowkey looked hot not like gomez, but y’know in his own denki way
still wanting to be “cooL” he dressed up as a mad scientist and you half expected him to look like a dork, but when he showed up in a sleeveless halter top and some leather pants you were pleasantly surprised especially when he died his hair white and floofy
bruh for reallll tho, imagine a smirk on his face and the subtle flex in his arms and his adams apple bobbing a little, but like his thighs too?? squeezed expertly by leather
he got you this year, he totally did because he asked you a question while you were distracted and here you were as his lab rabbit this year
you were clad in the same material as his jeans, but the leotard hugging your frame, pudging at your hips slightly, so very sexily, with the black bunny ears atop your head and the frilly skirt meant to accentuate the dual colored tail just below the dip of your lower back had your boyfriend on his knees
it’s safe to say that you both topped last year
Tumblr media
❦ happy reading and be safe!! ❦
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harjiee · 14 hours ago
Different characters reacting to you coming out as genderfluid :>
Info: Coming out as genderfluid was hard, so this is how I think some Genshin, Haikyuu, and My hero characters would react to you being brave enough to face your fears and tell them! 
Characters: Venti, Zhongli, Sugawara, Kenma, Denki, Sero
Warnings: F L U F F. Um....yeah that’s kinda it. It’s a mix between Genshin Impact characters, Haikyuu characters, and My hero characters (in that order). May be spelling errors?? Idk (there’s probably gonna be spelling errors in all my stories sorry)
Lemme know if I missed anything! <3
The first time you had told Venti that you were Genderfluid, he was so happy of how far your guy's relationship had grown! To him, sharing something as big as personal pronouns is a huge step forward because it means that you trusted him enough to tell him that personal and sensitive information. Others may see it as something that’s casual to share….but once he realized that he was one of the few people that you had told he was so honored and swore to keep it upon secrecy and once you gave him the permission to spread the word he was such a sweetheart and kept it underwraps in case you had changed your mind <3
Sugawara is also Genderfluid! Now how about that? I would say that you were more shocked than he was, because as a Genderfluid person himself, he could tell. Don’t ask me how or why, but he just knew. Suga would say that it’s based on how you walk, talk, and how you carry yourself as a person. “I’m not sure but you just give off those types of vibes ya’know?” And you kinda just….stood there in utter shock. 
But at the same time….it was Suga. And everyone knows that Suga knows everything. 
Denki laughed. I’m sorry. It wasn’t like he was laughing at you….more so he didn’t know how to react and his “go to” reaction is always laughing. When word got out that Jirou was a total lesbain, he laughed. When his favorite pop star kissed his cheek at that one concert, he laughed. When you told him you were Genderfluid, he laughed. While you knew that it was his “go to” reaction you were just a smidge hurt. “I’m sorry bae! I’m sorry! Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me something so important and vulnerable about you….sorry that I laughed….I just….I love you and I think it’s super awesome that you’re able to understand who you are!” His heartfelt speech made up for his dumb mistake :)
I would have to say that Zhongli is probably the most unfazed. Again like Denki, not in a bad way. He just kind of sees it like “did you think I was going to shame you?” kind of way. To be honest, he’s a bit confused on pronouns….but he’s happy and glad that you're comfortable with yourself at least, and if that means he has to get used to calling you his partner instead of boyfriend/ girlfriend then so be it. I also feel like after a while he’d be such a big advocate for people who are Genderfluid. Even if they still regularly go by their birth pronouns, he’d be such a big supporter. HELP he’s so sweet!
Literally says nothing. Like they just kind of look at you….then gives you a thumbs up. To them, pronouns aren’t that serious. When I say that I mean people shouldn’t be ashamed in their eyes if people go by different pronouns then their birth pronouns like wtf?? If you wanna go by pup/pups then go for it, what’s stopping you??? And to be honest they came out as “they/them”  by like the fourth grade….so why are you just coming out? BUT they understand how hard it is for some people and yet Kenma completely supports you in opening up to more people than just them and your friends.  
Like Venti would feel totally honored that you could even tell him something so big! Like c’mon! Sero knows that people (especially adults) don’t like the idea of people going by pronouns that aren’t their birth pronouns, so the fact that you had mustered enough courage to tell him something just made his heart melt. Would totally ask you questions on how you figured out you were Genderfluid simply because he wants to understand you better and because he wants you to know that he’s always there to love you unconditionally <33
Hope you enjoyed this story! Stay safe humans
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lovekyoutani · 8 months ago
𝐌𝐇𝐀 || 𝐄𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐦𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬
⤷ inspired by: @/haikyuu-boys-headcanons and my cursed conversation with @goldentsum and some other peeps ;)
⤷ genre: smut, crack fic
⤷ note: smut obviously and all aged up! characters
⤷ artwork.
Tumblr media
❥ 𝐃𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐢 𝐊𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢
He got really nervous that you’d get grossed out by his dick during his first blowjob since he just got back from working out. He used mouthwash on his dick to make it “taste good” and it burned like hell, you obviously noticed since cocks aren’t really supposed to taste like mint but decided to keep your mouth shut and spare him the embarrassment.
❥ 𝐓𝐞𝐧𝐲𝐚 𝐈𝐢𝐝𝐚
After your first time going down on him he accidentally came in your mouth without any warnings. He had absolutely no idea what to say so he praised you, patted your head and offered you a reward. “Good job— want a cookie?”
❥ 𝐓𝐨𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐚 𝐌𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐨
Unironically told you, “I want to put my willy in you.” He learned his lesson quick since you were suddenly dying of laughter and it instantly killed the mood, it was a learning curve since for him.
❥ 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐄𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮
Got a call from the Bakusquad while you were riding him. He told you to keep going, promising that he could keep quiet— he couldn’t. Kept moaning into the phone while talking to them but was too stubborn to hang up. Luckily, they got the hint and decided to end the call themselves.
❥ 𝐈𝐳𝐮𝐤𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚
You were on your knees for him and he got way too into the blowjob you were giving him that he was literally drooling, it ended up awkwardly dripping onto your forehead but you just wiped it off and kept going cause he looked like a kicked puppy when you pulled away.
❥ 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢
Both of you were getting close to your orgasms and he was pounding into you really hard. Unexpectedly pulled his cock out all the way out as soon as he reached his high and had to try and grab his cock to shove it back in while he was cumming. It didn’t work and he came everywhere.
❥ 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐢 𝐅𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞
He wanted to spice things up in the bedroom so he googled up “things to call your s/o in bed”. He started off really strong with ‘princess, love and beautiful’ but slowly got worse and ended up at ‘sweet pea and pooh bear”. You appreciated his effort though.
❥ 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐨 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚
Cracked a joke while fucking you not realizing that making you laugh would result in you squeezing down on his cock. Tried his best to hold back but ended up creaming inside you before he could make you finish, he was extremely embarrassed.
❥ 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐤𝐬
He moaned out his name instead of yours, like straight up said “Fuck, Keigo!”. He had to stop for a second to process what he just said and was cracking up while he was still in you but you weren’t as amused as he was.
❥ 𝐃𝐚𝐛𝐢
Told you to get some condoms and you bought them a size too small. He had no idea if he should be offended that you thought his dick was that tiny or proud that it didn’t even fit him.
❥ 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨 𝐓𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢
The first time you guys were having sex, you tried talking dirty in the middle of it so you said “You’re so hot.” he just straight up looks at you and goes “ my temperature?”
❥ 𝐓𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢 𝐀𝐦𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐤𝐢
He’s super sensitive and you were trying to be sexy during your first time so you offered to put the condom on. Long story short, he came while you were unrolling it on his dick. It took an hour of consoling him before he was able to look you in the eye again.
❥ 𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐮𝐫𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐢
During foreplay he decided it’d be a good idea to shove his fingers into your mouth. It would’ve been hot if his fingers didn’t taste like fucking cheetos and dust, you gagged at the flavour but he thought it was a good reaction and forced his fingers even deeper.
❥ 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Didn’t realize that his dick was that big so he used all of his strength to shove his cock into you and he might’ve accidentally bruised your cervix, lost the privileges to fuck you for a while. Felt really bad about it too.
❥ 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐚 𝐀𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐰𝐚
He wanted to spend some “quality time” with you since he was away for a while due to hero work but he was so tired that he couldn’t get it up. Didn’t even have the energy to be embarrassed since he fell asleep while you were jerking him off.
❥ 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐮 𝐇𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢
He was so eager to eat you out that he literally almost suffocated from you sitting on his face—he had no complaints though, he would’ve died a happy man.
❥ 𝐍𝐞𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐚
You had some kinks that he wasn’t sure if he was into but he was willing to try them. Mid-fuck you told him to choke you and he straight up started choking the shit out of you, like from 0-100 with all his strength. It lowkey scared the shit out of you.
Tumblr media
@lalayy @graceraceace @fandomtrash @waitforitillwritemywayout @midnightsun30 @txmxkis @serosmissingtoe @bunniesandvillains @coldspoons @beelziee @vienettacream @mr-bombastic @moonlitsokka @light-castles @amajikibby @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmasdiscordkitty @leviathans-waifu @shirabuwife @meowmeowmushroom @zukooo @gaideservedbetter @narcoleptiicinsomniac @lenauhbenauh @hedlovesshoto @curiouslilbeast @cherrychan0 @amaejiki @planetofthebarbz @sssjuico10 @jinnbie @itsvicesage @eternallyvenus @local-baka @waywardbabie @honeykami @tanzaniiite @harrycobain @dakusoul @jensdior @you-cant-knock-me-down @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @ph0enixjude @henhouse-horrors @blxemafia @mysticmessofcrap
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cyancherub · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
bakusquad boys x reader
dynamic // (very scummy) frat!bakusquad boys x fem!reader
word count // 19.8k (this is a reupload!) // AO3 LINK
warnings // gangbang, bukkake, virginity kink, corruption kink, sexual coercion + manipulation, very dubcon, tagging noncon just in case, power imbalance, intoxication, exhibitionism, creampie, noncon creampie, dacryphilia, double penetration (one hole & two), cum eating, cumplay, oral (m & f receiving), stomach bulge, spit kink, impact play (choking, slapping, biting), objectification, teasing (+ bullying), degradation kink, humiliation, praise kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, noncon recording
art piece for this fic by my beloved @crikeygatormate​ ;v; <3
Tumblr media
LINKS  //  masterlist  x  tip jar
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s a half-formed plan surfacing in his hazy, smoked out mind. It’s a plan for you, Mina’s innocent bookworm of a roommate. Really, he’s kicking himself for not making it a point to meet you ages ago. After all, he’s heard tons about you from Mina. Tons about how shy and quiet you are. He can’t believe it took him this long to scope you out.
A wicked grin spreads across his face.
Denki would bet his entire weed stash that you’re a virgin, and he wants to absolutely ruin you.
He opens his phone and taps to his messages.
To: ALPHA CHI BOYS - i found one, guys. she’s a real cutie.
Tumblr media
full text
Tumblr media
You’re leaning over your homework desk with your chin cradled in your palm and your pencil scratching at paper when you hear knocking at your door. It’s the kind of knocking a kid would do: a playful, familiar little rhythm you’ve heard tons of times before.
Your roommate locks her phone; the comedy skit that was playing on it just a moment ago ends abruptly. She rolls out of bed with a little huff, then crosses the floor of your shared dorm room to answer the door.
There’s the creak of the door opening, and then a cheerful voice saying, “Hey, Pinky.”
“Hey, Dinky,” your roommate replies, popping her gum. “Do you have my order?”
“You know it,” the stranger says, pulling a little ziploc bag from his shirt pocket. The pungent scent of the substance inside hits your nose immediately.
You put your pencil down and lean your chair back just slightly to peek over at the door. You’re trying to discreetly catch a glimpse of the newcomer over Mina’s shoulder. But your plan backfires; the stranger notices the movement behind Mina, and his eyes snap to yours.
His face breaks into a friendly smile.
“Hey,” he says brightly, leaning to the side to get a better view of you. “Who’s your cute little friend, Mina?”
Your eyes widen. He’s tall. Blonde, with a little streak of black going through his hair. And he’s pretty. His gold eyes are sleepy-looking and catlike in a way that’s almost effeminate. His nose is narrow, adorned with a little silver ring on the nostril.
This must be one of the guys in the crowd that Mina hangs out with. She talks about them all the time. Apparently, they had all graduated from high school together, ended up at the same university. And now the boys are in a frat together. This must be…
“Denki, y/n,” Mina says, shifting her body sideways and gesturing between the two of you as she introduces you. “Y/n, Denki.”
“Y/n,” says Denki with a wide smile, pushing past Mina to enter the room. “That’s a cute name.”
Mina rolls her eyes and shuts the door behind him. “Don’t get your disgusting cooties on my bed,” she scolds. “You’re filthy.”
“I was skating,” he pouts, plopping onto the beanbag in the middle of the floor.
Now that you take a good look at him, his clothes are a little grimy. His khaki chinos are dingy and littered with black marks. The socks peeking out beneath the rolled bottom of his pants are in even worse condition; you can just barely make out the naked pinup girls printed on them. And his old Vans are the worst of all; they’re filthy, faded, and ripping apart at the seams.
Denki sees you studying him; he meets your eyes with a smile.
“Whatcha workin’ on, cutie?” he asks curiously.
“Organic chemistry,” you answer shyly.
He finds your soft, demure voice adorable.
“Damn, o chem?” he whistles. “Well, aren’t you a little smarty pants?”
“No, nothing like that,” you say, shaking your head.
“She has a 4.0,” Mina interjects, like a proud mother.
Denki raises his eyebrows at you. “Oh yeah? Beauty and brains, huh?” he teases, fishing a little black canister out of his pocket. You smile sheepishly. He opens the canister, takes a pre-rolled joint out of it.
“Don’t embarrass her,” scolds Mina.
Denki chuckles, pulling a lighter from his pocket. He sticks the joint between his lips, then looks up at you with a grin. “I’m shit at chem,” he laughs; the words are distorted by the joint in his mouth.
“In fact, I might need a tutor,” he grins up at you. He flicks the lighter on, brings the flame to the joint until it catches, then takes a deep drag. “You free?”
“Oh… for tutoring?” you say hesitantly. “Well… I have my internship on the weekdays, and I volunteer on the weekends, so -”
“Aww,” Denki pouts, taking another drag and blowing the smoke out the side of his mouth. “Are you sure? I’d pay you well,” he teases, holding the joint up pointedly.
“I don’t smoke,” you laugh sheepishly.
“Oooh, she’s a goody-goody?” he taunts, looking over at Mina.
“Shut up,” Mina scolds; she’s sitting at her desk now, checking her makeup in a small circular mirror. “You’re totally making her nervous.”
“It’s okay,” Denki shrugs, smiling. He’s leaning back in the beanbag now, with his legs and arms spread out languidly. “I like good girls,” he says, deliberately. He takes another drag of his joint before outstretching a long arm to Mina. She accepts the joint, brings it to her glossed up lips for a puff, then passes it back.
Good girls… You look away awkwardly, fidgeting with your hands.
Denki continues to take long, slow drags from his joint, studying you with a look of amusement on his face. Mina’s mentioned you to him a few times. He remembers her saying that you’re an overachiever. That you’re very involved in school, very bookish. You definitely look the type. He likes that - that type. Cute little nerds like you, with your cute little reading glasses.
Cute, sweet, innocent girls like you. He smiles to himself, looking at your hard nipples poking at the fabric of your worn crew neck shirt. It’s chilly in here, and he’s very glad for it.
“You sure you don’t wanna try?” Denki teases, holding the joint out to you with an amiable smile. “I could take real good care of you for your first time, you know.”
He watches with amusement as your eyes widen. He wonders if you caught that little innuendo. Based on that flustered expression on your face, he thinks that you did.
“Oh, I shouldn’t,” you laugh nervously. “Really. I have to finish this homework by tonight. Thank you, though.”
He laughs. “Well, don’t let me bother you,” he says cheerfully, jerking his head toward your desk. “Go on, get to work.”
“Oh, um, alright.”
You flash Denki a weak smile as you rummage through your drawer. Once you find the pair of earphones you’re looking for, you plug them into your computer and focus your attention back on your pre-recorded lecture.
Denki decides that he’ll hang out for a while, at least until he finishes his blunt. He likes seeing Mina’s studious little roommate at work.
As Mina fixes her hair with her eyes glued on her small circular mirror, Denki chats to her about their friends. Mina’s not paying close attention to Denki, but if she were, she’d see him taking every free opportunity to glance your way.
Right now, he’s bringing his eyes down from your slightly messy hair to look at your pajama shorts. They have lollipops printed on them, and they’re just long enough to be modest. If he had to choose a superpower, he’d definitely choose x-ray vision, if only to get a glimpse at your panties.
His eyes wander downward, to your thighs. They look so soft. They’re bouncing a little as you tap your foot. He finds it so adorable, the way you bite your lip as you take notes, glancing between your paper and your computer.
“Gross, Mr. Recruiter,” Mina says, eyeing him out knowingly from her seat. “You’re such a perv, and she’s so sweet and innocent.”
Innocent… that word has his ears perking up. He’s a shark, and that word is blood in the water.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mimi,” he says, smiling.
“Yeah, right,” Mina laughs, watching him rise to his feet. He offers her the remainder of the joint; she accepts it, rests it between her fingers. You see Denki rise out of the corner of your eye, and take out your earphones to look over at him.
“I’m starving,” he announces lazily. “So I guess I’ll leave you ladies to it.”
“Okay,” you say, nodding. “Have a good night.”
“Tell the boys I said hi,” Mina says, taking a drag.
Denki passes you on the way out of the room. He pauses for a fraction of a second to give the back of your neck a light squeeze. A shiver goes down your spine, and you jolt upright. He chuckles.
Denki pauses at the door before opening it. He’s glad to see that your wide eyes are focused on him. He likes the attention from you.
“We’re throwing a party on Friday,” he says brightly. “At the frat house. Mina knows all the details. You should come, y/n.”
“Oh,” you stammer. “Well, like I said, on the weekends, I usually volun -”
“I have some friends that you might get along with,” he grins. “And I’d like to get to know you, too.”
“Um, alright,” you say awkwardly. “Maybe.”
“Okie dokie,” he says cheerfully, before bidding you and Mina one last goodbye and heading through the door. It closes behind him with a muted thump.
As you’re turning to Mina with raised eyebrows, Denki’s walking down the hallway at a lazy pace and pulling his phone out of his back pocket.
There’s a half-formed plan surfacing in his hazy, smoked out mind. It’s a plan for you, Mina’s innocent bookworm of a roommate. Really, he’s kicking himself for not making it a point to meet you ages ago. After all, he’s heard tons about you from Mina. Tons about how shy and quiet you are. He can’t believe it took him this long to scope you out.
A wicked grin spreads across his face.
Denki would bet his entire weed stash that you’re a virgin, and he wants to absolutely ruin you.
He opens his phone and taps to his messages.
To: ALPHA CHI BOYS - i found one, guys. she’s a real cutie.
FRIDAY, 3:45 P.M.
“So are you bringing your little friend tonight?”
It’s Denki’s voice crackling through the speaker on Mina’s phone. Several low voices come through the line too, wondering the same thing.
You peer over at Mina from your bed. It was a long day of classes, and you’ve just laid down to rest before starting your seemingly endless pile of schoolwork.
Mina shoots you an apologetic glance from her bed, before looking away to study her nails. “No, guys,” she says. “I don’t think she’d be down. I don’t think she’s the partying type.”
“Come on, Mina. Just ask her,” Denki pleads sweetly.
“I don’t know,” Mina sighs. “She looks super busy. But let me ask her.”
Mina pulls the phone away from her face, turning her head to look over at you. “Hey, y/n?” she asks, with a smile. “What are you up to tonight?”
“I have to finish my homework,” you say regretfully. “I was planning to go to bed early since I have my internship in the morning…”
“Aaaaw,” Denki whines over the phone; Mina clicks her teeth.
“Oh,” you say, frowning. “They’re having that party tonight, right?”
“Yeah,” Mina says brightly, perking up. “Why, do you wanna come?”
“Oh, no, I was just asking. I don’t think I can go,” you say sheepishly. “I just have so much to do…”
“Come on, y/n,” Denki urges brightly. “I can tell you work so hard. Don’t you think you deserve a break? At least a little one?”
“But I have my internship tomorrow morning,” you argue weakly.
Mina sighs. “You’ve never called in sick as long as I’ve known you. One day won’t hurt. Just come, y/n. It’ll be fun.”
“Yeah,” Denki pipes. “Pleeease?”
“I don’t even have anything to wear,” you stammer nervously.
“Let me lend you something,” Mina says cheerfully, sliding off her bed. “In fact, I have the perfect dress for you.”
You hear someone whistle over the phone; Denki laughs. Mina’s rustling through one of her drawers now, tossing clothes every which way. Finally, she finds the dress she’s looking for and brandishes it proudly, holding it out in your direction.
“Here, try it on,” she says, tossing it over to your bed.
You pick it up and look at it, frowning. “This dress is tiny, Mina,” you croak disapprovingly.
“Tiny?” a deep voice laughs over the phone. “Call us back on Facetime, let us see it on her.”
“Shut up, Kat,” Mina tells the stranger over the phone. “You’re such a tool.” Then she directs her attention back to you. “Go ahead, y/n,” she says, smiling. “Try it on.”
“Oh… okay,” you say nervously, as if the guys talking into the phone were actually in the room with you and Mina.
“Don’t worry,” Mina chirps, making a show of covering her eyes. “I won’t peek.”
“She’s shy?” comes an unfamiliar voice through the phone as you drop your clothes to the floor, leaving you just in your bra and panties. “That’s so sweet.”
You pull Mina’s dress over your head, smooth it over your body, then peek over at her.
“I’m ready,” you say demurely. “You can look now.”
She uncovers her eyes; her face lights up when she sees you. “Whoa. Do a spin for me,” she says, making a swirling motion with a manicured finger.
“Does she look as good as I’m imagining?” Denki laughs.
“Yeah. She looks great. Except for one thing.”
“What’s wrong?” you ask, frowning.
“You can’t wear a bra with that, silly,” Mina grins. “The entire back’s open.”
Someone over the phone lets out a mean-spirited laugh. You can hear something else in the background, too. Muffled shooting sounds. A video game, maybe.
“But…” you start, lowering your voice. “But what if my nipples show?”
“That’s the point, stupid,“ sighs Mina. "Now take your bra off.”
“Oh, okay,” you say slowly, turning around to unhook your bra and wrangle it off of yourself. You fix the top of the dress, then turn back to Mina.
“Did she free the nipple or what?” Denki teases.
“Yup,” Mina smiles. “She looks great. And she’s got a nice pair on her, too.”
“Send a picture,” someone snickers in the background of the call.
“You’re all dogs,” Mina laughs into the phone, before looking back at you. “You’re wearing that tonight, right, y/n?”
You stammer out a shaky, unintelligible response that Mina takes for an affirmative.
“So she’s in?” asks Denki.
“She’s in,” Mina says quickly, before you have the time to open your mouth and say something.
“Good,” Denki says. You can hear his smile even over the phone. “It would be a shame if she didn’t show that body off.”
Mina laughs. “Right? We’ll see you tonight.”
The call ends; Mina locks her phone, gives you a wide smile.
FRIDAY, 10:50 P.M.
The thick scent of weed hits your nose as you follow Mina through the door to the Alpha Chi frat house. For how stately the outside of the building is, you’re taken aback by the complete wreck that you see as soon as you step inside.
The lights are low, so you can barely see anything, but there’s an intermittent flashing - something like a strobe light - that illuminates everything in sporadic intervals. Each time the lights graze over the floor, you see a new atrocity.
Clearly, the party’s been raging for a while. You and Mina sidestep a pile of discarded beer cans leaking onto the sticky wood floor, before stepping over a guy who’s passed out in the middle of the entryway. There’s a grand staircase right in front of you, and there are several people passed out there, too. People are staggering up and down the stairs, spilling their drinks onto the carpet.
Mina says something to you, but you can barely hear anything over the deafening music and intoxicated, rowdy crowd packing the house.
“What?” you yell.
“It’s so fucking crowded in here,” she shouts back over the music. “I’m gonna call Denki.”
You nod, wincing as a group of people pushes past you, heading for the stairs. Mina raises her phone to her ear. Denki must answer immediately, because she starts to shout into her phone. You can’t make out the conversation, but it’s quick, and she’s hanging up not long after.
You and Mina have only been waiting for a few moments when you feel an arm enveloping your neck. You jump. When you look upward, you’re met by a wide, mischievous smile and sleepy gold eyes. Denki tightens his arm around your neck, looks over at Mina.
“Heeeey, you brought the cutie,” he laughs lazily to her. He’s smoking again, holding the joint between his lips.
“I told you I would,” she teases, plucking the blunt out of his mouth to take a drag from it.
He takes it back, takes a puff.  Then he blows the smoke out slowly into your face and laughs when you flinch.
“That’s a cute dress,” Denki says, looking blatantly down at your tits. He meets your eyes with a grin.
As you babble a nervous thank you, Denki’s thanking his lucky stars for Mina. He can’t believe she got you to wear a dress like that. You weren’t kidding when you called it tiny over the phone. It’s so short that your ass is almost hanging out of the bottom of it. Of course, he’d gotten a nice, leisurely look when he’d approached you. But he needs much more than that.
If it was this easy for Mina to convince you to wear something so slutty, he bets that his plan will go much more smoothly than he’d expected.
Mina’s tapping intently down at her phone - texting someone, you think. Denki asks how the drive to the frat house from the dorms was. You speak to him in a shaky voice. You’re so quiet that he has to lean his head down right next to yours to hear what you’re saying.
Really, he’s glad for the excuse to get right up in your face.
“Hey,” Mina shouts suddenly. “Y/n, can I leave you with Denki for a bit? I have a, uh, friend waiting for me upstairs.”
Denki laughs. “Don’t forget to use protection.”
“Shut up,” she snaps, looking back to you for approval.
“Well, I -”
“Don’t worry about it,” Denki answers Mina, interrupting you. He looks down at you, smiling. “I’ve got you. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”
“Great,” Mina chirps. “I’ll see you guys later, then.”
And then she’s off and up the stairs, and you’re still pressed tight up against Denki’s body, with his arm looped around your neck. He lets you go and leans back against the wall behind him, looking down at you curiously.
“What’s up, cutie?” he teases, raking his eyes over the bottom of your dress, which is riding high on your thighs. “Are you nervous or something?”
“I’m not used to parties,” you say softly, looking down at your feet.
“Awww,” he pouts. “I can tell.”
He laughs, then stands up straight and puts a hand on your back, leading you away from the entryway and down a long, dark hallway. “Come on,” he says. “Let’s go sit down and relax for a bit.”
He’s asking you about your class schedule as he guides you through the crowd and into what seems like a living room. There’s a big couch against the wall opposite a massive TV.  It’s dark in here, too, and the couch is bathed in the white light coming from the TV screen. There are several people sitting on the couch, a few passed out on it, and a couple making out on the far end. But there’s a little free space in the midst of all the chaos.
“So, with all that homework you do,” he says, leading you toward the couch, “I bet you don’t have time for video games, huh?”
“I’ve never played anything,” you admit sheepishly.
“No way,” he says incredulously, his eyes widening. “Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything.”
“I guess so,” you mumble, watching him grab the Playstation controller off the coffee table and lower himself onto the free space on the couch. There isn’t room for you on either side of him, and you fidget awkwardly with your hands.
Denki grins knowingly up at your doe-eyed expression.
“What are you waiting for, pretty girl?” he teases. He settles further back into the couch cushions, spreading his long legs out, before patting his lap pointedly. “Come sit,” he says playfully, holding up the Playstation controller. “I wanna play with you.”
He laughs when your cheeks go bright red at the innuendo. “Don’t worry,” he winks, blowing smoke out of his nostrils. “I’ll show you the ropes.”
Denki rests the joint between his lips, then puts his hands out towards you with a sweet smile. You accept them, let him wrangle you onto his lap facing outward. You feel your pulse at your throat as he pulls you tight against him.
He reaches both arms around your waist to rest his forearms on your thighs - below where your dress ends, where it’s just your bare skin. You look down at your lap, watch his fingers move deftly over the controller. They’re slender and long; his fingernails are painted black.
“What game is this?” you ask shakily, feeling him rest his chin on your shoulder as he clicks through the menu screen.
“Resident Evil,” he says. His breath is hot against your neck, and it sends a chill down your spine.
“Wanna try it out?”
“Um -”
“Here, hold this,” he says, handing you the controller. You accept it, wrapping your hands around it. Then you watch his hands encompass yours.
Denki moves his fingers on top of yours on the controller, explaining what each button does. He’s talking into your neck, smiling. He can smell the perfume on your neck, feel the little tremors running through your hands. You’re so nervous, and he can’t help that he’s starting to get hard with you on his lap. Especially peeking down over your shoulder, where he has a perfect view of your dress falling open to reveal your tits. It’s riding up obscenely high on your cute thighs, too.
If he had it his way, he’d slip your dress up right here on this crowded couch and bounce you up and down his dick in front of everyone.
But he knows he has to share.
“You got it?” he asks, squeezing your hands under his.
“I think so.”
“Great,” he says against your neck, releasing your hands. He reaches up to his mouth to retrieve the joint from between his lips. He takes a deep drag, blows the smoke out against your neck. You squirm a little; it makes his dick harder.
“Just try not to die, ‘kay?” he says.
You nod, then start the game.
He watches, amused, as you shakily navigate your character through a dilapidated, snowed-in village. You’re alright until shapes start to fly at you through the screen. The controller starts to vibrate; you jump. Denki laughs, rests one hand on your thigh, drags a fingertip under the bottom of your dress.
As your character is swarmed by werewolves, you struggle to remember what button does what. You try to escape, but it’s futile. And before you know it, you’re dead.
You drop the controller on the couch with a pounding heart, looking down at Denki’s hand on your leg. He gives your thigh a little squeeze.
“Man,” you say shakily, turning your head back to look up at him with wide eyes. “That was scary.”
Denki grins, amused. He takes a final drag, blows the smoke out against the side of your face.
“You’re too fucking cute, you know that?” he says.
You break eye contact, nervous.
“I can’t wait to introduce you to my friends,” he says, grabbing your stomach to steady you as he leans forward to flick the remainder of his joint onto an ass-shaped ashtray sitting on the coffee table. You feel his dick press against you before he leans back, and you stiffen under his grasp.
“What’s up?” he teases. “You okay?”
“Y-yeah,” you stammer.
“Why don’t you try again?” he asks, picking the controller up and handing it back to you.
You obey. And this time, just a fraction of a second after you’ve started the game, he brings both hands to your thighs, slipping the bottom of your dress up slightly.
“I like this dress on you,” he says, with his mouth pressed against your neck.
You take a shaky breath, struggling to control your character in even the most basic ways. “I’m so bad at this,” you say quietly.
“Nah,” he teases, pressing a little kiss to your jugular that makes you shiver. “You’re doing great.”
You’ve just died for the second time at the hands of the werewolves when you feel Denki take his face off your neck.
“Hey, guys,” he yells.
You look in the direction he’s yelling and feel your stomach drop when you see who he’s addressing. It’s a group of three guys pushing through the crowd as they come into the room. You thought Denki was big - and he is. At least six foot, you’re sure of it.
But they’re monsters. Taller than Denki, towering over the people in the crowd. Especially the last guy, who has to duck through the door frame to enter the room. He smiles sheepishly, says something that you can’t hear to the blond guy he’s with.
“I swear they’re building door frames smaller these days, man,” the big one is saying.
“No, they’re not,” his blond friend replies irritably. “You just need to lay off the steroids.”
“How does that affect his height?” snickers their other friend. “You’re just salty that Kiri’s taller than you.”
“Fuck you, string bean,” replies the blond.
“My friends are gonna love you,” Denki laughs into your ear as they approach. Your heart is racing, watching their massive figures part the crowd.
“Kiri,” he says, pointing to the big guy with the red hair and friendly face.
“Bakugou.” The angry-looking blond with the tattoo snaking up his neck. “But we call him Kat, because he hates it.”
“Sero.” The lanky, dark-haired one with the cocky grin on his face.
As they round the couch, Bakugou snaps at the people beside Denki to clear out, opening seats up on either side of you. The displaced people leave the room, retreating somewhere into the dark depths of the frat house.
And now Denki’s friends are towering over you, staring down at you like a hungry pack of wolves. Bakugou smirks down at you, then raises his beer bottle to his mouth and takes a sip. Kiri and Sero eye you out appraisingly, passing a blunt back and forth.
You fidget nervously with the bottom of your dress as their eyes graze over you. You try to pull your dress a little down your thighs so there isn’t so much skin showing, but this just ends up pulling the fabric further down your tits. Bakugou’s grin deepens.
“This is Mina’s roommate, y/n,” Denki says, squeezing your thighs. “Isn’t she sweet?”
“Super sweet,” Sero grins, blowing smoke out into your face. He’s the first one to sit, settling into the couch on your left side. His eyes wander blatantly over your chest, where your dress is hanging obscenely low.
“What did I say about starting without us, short stack?” Bakugou sneers to Denki over your shoulder. He takes another sip of his beer, then leans down to you so he’s right up in your face. You flinch and lean back against Denki’s chest to put some space between you and Bakugou. Denki chuckles.
“You didn’t tell us she was this cute,” Bakugou grins. He brings his fingers to your cheek, gives it a hard, nasty pinch. You wince.
“Aw, sensitive little bitch?” Bakugou laughs. He gives your face a light slap; Sero snorts.
“Ouch,” you say quietly. Your eyes are tearing up from the treatment; you frown.
“Don’t be such a fucking asshole,” says Kiri, shoving Bakugou roughly toward the couch. Bakugou just laughs in response, then sits down on your right side with his leg touching yours.
Kiri crouches in front of you. He’s a giant: so big that crouching brings him to eye level with you. “Hi, sweetheart,” he says, smiling sweetly. “It’s nice to meet you. How are you?”
“I’m good,” you say, trembling slightly. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”
“Are you okay?” he asks, concerned. “Is this little perv bothering you?” he jokes, jerking his head over your shoulder, toward Denki.
You shake your head quickly as Denki laughs. “I’ve been taking good care of her, big guy,” he says, bringing his arms around your waist and squeezing you close to him.
Kiri places a massive, hot hand on your knee and smiles amiably up at you. “You can tell me if he gets out of line,” he says reassuringly. “I’ll put him in his place, okay?” he smiles.
You nod. “Thank you.”
“Anytime,” he says, settling onto the ground close to your leg. “What are you up to, princess?” he asks, taking the blunt back from Sero and taking a long drag from it.
“Denki was showing me how to play Resident Evil,” you say demurely.
“It’s her first time,” says Denki, looking at his friends pointedly. “Can you believe that?”
“No way,” Sero drawls. “You popped her cherry without us?”
“Just for the game,” Denki says, smiling.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Sero laughs, handing you the Playstation controller. “You’re gonna show us what you learned, right?”
“Um… okay,” you say shakily.
They watch you navigate the village again, and you can feel them all staring at you as you keep your eyes glued to the screen.
“She’s doing great for her first time, huh?” Denki laughs against your neck.
“Yeah,” Kiri says, resting his head against your leg. “She’s doing so well.”
Even though you know what’s coming, it still startles you when the werewolves swarm your character.
You jump; a little yelp falls from your mouth. The still-vibrating controller falls from your shaking hands, bounces off your lap, and hits the carpet.
“She’s pretty jumpy, huh?” Bakugou grins at you, sipping his beer with his leg pressed up against yours. “What, are you really scared? From a little game?”
You frown. “Well, I —”
“Awww,” Sero says sarcastically. “I think you hurt her feelings. Poor little thing might cry.”
“You’re both such fucking assholes,” Kiri says. “No wonder nobody likes you.” He picks the controller up off the ground, hands it to you with a sweet, sympathetic smile.
“Thank you,” you say shyly.
“Whatever,” Bakugou says irritably. “This is boring as fuck. Let’s go play beer pong.”
Before you can argue, everyone rises to their feet. You’re dumped, standing, off of Denki’s lap. Someone’s big hands envelop your hips; another hand squeezes the back of your neck. A sneaky one gropes quickly at your ass as the four of them push you toward the table near the wall on the other side of the room.
There’s a huge mess on the table: blunt roaches, plastic cups, half-full cans everywhere. Several bottles are tipped over, leaking sticky liquid onto the tabletop.
Kiri grabs the big black bin resting against the wall and starts to sweep the mess into it. You hear the cans and bottles clattering on top of each other, the thick liquid sloshing into the bin.
Bakugou grabs a package of plastic cups off the floor and starts to set them on the tabletop in a triangle formation. Once there’s a triangle on each side of the table, he rummages through a cooler near the table and cracks open several beers, pouring them messily into the cups. Once the cans are empty, he throws them into the bin Kiri’s holding.
“Um, how do you play this?” you ask, tugging at Denki’s sleeve. “I’ve never really done something like this before.”
Denki laughs. “Of course you haven’t,” he says, pausing to bend over and grab a ping pong ball out from under the table. He brandishes it with a grin.
“So basically, you throw this ball. Try to make it into a cup in the other team’s triangle of cups. And if you make it in, they have to drink the beer out of that cup. Each team takes turns throwing. Whoever runs out of cups first loses.”
“But I don’t drink,” you croak weakly.
“There’s a first time for everything,” Sero interjects, smiling.
“Nah,” Denki says, rubbing your back reassuringly. “I’ve got you. I’ll drink for you.”
“Fuck that,” Bakugou says, from across the table. “We’ll raise the stakes, then, since you idiots are cheating. Everyone on the losing team has to take off one article of clothing.” His face twists up into a mean-spirited grin.
You gulp, fidgeting nervously with your hands. All you have on under your dress is a pair of panties. What if you lose? You look around the room with your heart racing in your chest. There are still tons of people around.
Kiri’s leaning back against the wall, taking his turn with the shared blunt. He looks at you, low-eyed. “That’s not really fair,” he argues, sparing you a sympathetic glance. “What about the lady? That’s fucked up, guys.”
“We’ll stack our team, then,” Denki shrugs to Kiri. “Three against two. Me, Sero, and y/n. Against you and Bakugou. We’ll have an extra, so there’s an advantage.”
Before you have the chance to ask how that really counts as an advantage, Kiri shrugs in agreement. And you completely miss the sly look that Denki and Sero exchange. Because neither of them has the slightest intention of letting your team win. Really, they’re all in on it, because they all want to see what kind of body you’re hiding under that slutty little dress.
The game doesn’t last very long.
For some reason, your teammates are awful at throwing. So the opposing team dominates. Bakugou and Kiri land the ball in your team’s cups every single turn and, soon enough, Denki and Sero are slurring their words and letting their curious hands grope your ass between turns.
It’s over before you know it, and your team has lost miserably.
Kiri must be on cleanup duty. He takes it upon himself to clear the plastic cups off the table again, sweeping the empty ones into the black bin that reeks of mixed alcohol.
“Go on, losers,” Bakugou says to your team with a wicked smile, downing the alcohol remaining in one of the cups.
Sero pulls his shirt off first. You gulp, try not to stare at his lean, lanky frame.
“You too, short stack,” Bakugou says to Denki.
“Fine. Pervert,” Denki slurs. He peels his shirt off, throws it to the side. You take a deep breath, eyeing out his exposed body. He catches you staring and offers you a wide, satisfied smile. He’s lean too, especially around the waist. But he’s well-built, with big shoulders and a solid V leading down into his waistband.
And the piercings: one on his belly button. Nipple piercings too. Little stick and poke tattoos scattered around his body. You avert your eyes.
“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a guy shirtless before,” Denki teases, laughing at your awestruck face. “You’re too cute.”
You’re babbling an incoherent response with burning cheeks when Bakugou points at you from across the table. “You don’t think you’re getting out of it, do you, loser?” he sneers, before downing the contents of one of the few remaining plastic cups and tossing it into the bin.
“Don’t make me come rip that fucking dress off you,” he grins, laughing when your eyes widen fearfully.
“Chill the fuck out, Kat,” Kiri says, taking a deep drag from his blunt. He’s resting back against the wall, looking at Bakugou distastefully. “You’re being a fucking ass, you know that?”
As you’re thinking about what a gentleman he is, Kiri’s picturing his friend ripping your dress off you and leaving it in shreds on the floor. He’d like to see you standing there all naked and vulnerable with your tits out. He wonders what kind of panties you’re wearing.
But he’s worked hard to curate his nice guy reputation, so he suppresses the perverted smile that’s threatening to surface on his face as he looks at your timid figure.
“I’m just enforcing the rules of the game,” Bakugou drawls.
“You know…,” starts Sero, turning to smile down at you. You feel like you’re shrinking in front of his hungry expression. “I guess it is only fair, y/n,” he laughs. “I mean, you did agree to it when we all started playing.”
“But what about all of the people in here?” you say weakly, shooting Denki a panicked look. “They’re gonna see… I’m not even wearing a bra…”
Bakugou’s grin deepens; he’s a second away from walking over there and grabbing you by the throat so he can tear the fabric off of you. And Kiri’s shifting against the wall, because his pants are getting tight from hearing your innocent voice whine in fear.
“It’s okay, cutie,” Denki says. He gestures between himself and Sero. “Look, we’re shirtless, too. Don’t even worry about it.” He smiles reassuringly. “You’re with all of us. No one’s gonna mess with you, ‘kay?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” you say shakily.
“Look,” Denki smiles, coming closer to you. He sits at the edge of the table, with his knee grazing your thigh as you stand in front of him, cowering. “You’re fine,” he says, bringing his long fingers to the bottom of your dress.
He’s getting impatient now; he’s been waiting way too long to see your cute body out of that dress.
“You’re fine,” Denki smiles, tugging your dress up slightly so it rides higher on your thighs. Sero smiles, watching the bottom of your ass pop out just slightly.
“I’ll even help you take it off, see?” Denki grins.
Kiri comes over to your side of the table now, handing the blunt off to Sero before leaning against the table to watch you curiously. His eyes flick back and forth between your face and your thighs. He can’t wait to get his big hands on you, to squeeze the fat of your thighs hard and make you yelp.
Bakugou finishes off the beer in the last remaining plastic cup, then tosses it into the trash can and comes to join the rest of his friends at your side of the table.
And now all of them are crowding around you like a ravenous pack of wolves, grinning down at you in anticipation. Your heart is going wild in your chest.
“Okay,” you agree weakly.
“Attagirl,” Denki laughs, gripping the bottom of your dress and pulling it up, further and further and further.
Denki’s friends watch intently as he pulls your dress upward. They savor every new inch of skin they see, licking their lips in anticipation like they’re going to eat you alive. And soon, they can see the apex of your cute thighs, your sweet little panties. They’re looking hard enough to see the outline of your pussy through the thin white fabric.
They can barely hold themselves back, watching Denki pull your dress off of you so slowly.
The best part of it is when Denki pulls your dress up over your tits. Their eyes go wide as they watch your tits bounce a little, coming free from the tight confines of the fabric.
Maybe if your dress weren’t obscuring your view, you’d be horrified at the predatory leers on their faces.
As Denki drops your dress to the floor, your hands shoot up to cover your chest. Your cheeks are burning with embarrassment. You’re sure the people in this crowded room are all looking right at you. But when you glance around, you find that no one but the four boys really seem to care.
It’s almost as if this is a regular occurrence here in this debauched frat house.
“Awww,” Bakugou sneers. “Look how shy she is.” He laughs when you flinch. “You’re gonna show us your tits, right?”
You look at the ground, too embarrassed to meet their eyes.
“Don’t be shy,” Sero smiles, blowing smoke in your direction. He passes the blunt to Kiri, who watches you with intent, puffy eyes. He’s waiting for another glimpse of your perfect tits, his dick throbbing hard against his pants.
“Come on, pretty girl,” Denki says sweetly. “Can we see?”
“Ah, guys,” Kiri says disapprovingly, failing to restrain the little smile pulling the corners of his mouth up. Little puffs of smoke come from his mouth and nose with each word. “This is a little fucked up, don’t you think?” he says.
But even as he says it, he’s eyeing out the way the fat of your tits spills between your fingers, and he wants to pin your weak little arms down so you can’t cover your chest up anymore. He’d like to amplify that sweet, embarrassed look you’re wearing on your face.
“Nah,” Denki smiles, wrapping his hands around your hips. “Who’s gonna bother her when we’ve got her?”
Bakugou laughs, takes a puff of Kiri’s blunt.
“You’re okay, right?” Denki asks, cradling your face sweetly.
You nod. He smiles, brings his greedy hands down to your ass and squeezes it needily before hoisting you up and turning to set you on the table. It’s sticky under your thighs, wet with spilled alcohol.
“Look, relax,” Denki says, nudging his hips in between your thighs and caging you in with a hand on either side of you. His friends tower behind him, leering down at you.
“We’ll take good care of you, cutie,” Denki says, placing his hands lightly on your thighs. He runs his thumbs over your skin lightly; you shiver. “We’ll keep you safe. ‘Kay?”
You’re still covering your chest shyly, and Denki’s sick of waiting to see your tits. He puts his hands out palm up with a sweet smile, gesturing for your hands.
“It’s alright,” he says, smiling. “We just wanna see how pretty you are.”
You nod hesitantly, then slowly take your hands off your chest and put them in Denki’s.
“That’s a good girl,” he says, looking hungrily down at your chest. You have such a nice pair of tits; he wants to pull you off the table, force you onto your knees, fuck your tits until he’s cumming all over your face.
But he has to share.
“Fuck,” Bakugou grins, reaching out to tweak one of your nipples roughly. “Why would you wanna hide these from us, baby?”
You flinch and try to pry your hands free of Denki’s to cover your chest again. But he tightens his hands around yours so you can’t get free. Bakugou laughs in your face.
You look around nervously, hoping one of the others will be nicer to you. Kiri’s finishing a can of beer. He crushes it in his big hand, then tosses it over the side of the table. You hear it clatter into the bin. Then you watch him glance down at your tits, running his tongue over his lips. He’s completely hard now, and he wants to bury his dick inside of you. He’s dying to spill all his cum in you, to see it dripping out of your pussy.
He looks up at your face, smiles sweetly.
“Why are you so nervous, huh?” Sero laughs, holding the blunt in between his lips. He adjusts his pants to give his hard dick more room. He thinks you’re a disobedient little brat, covering your tits up like that, and he wants to punish you for it.
“I don’t know,” you say shakily.
“Hey,” Denki coos sympathetically. “Why are you so worked up? Why don’t you relax, pretty girl? Can you do that for me?”
You nod. “I think so.”
“You’re so sweet,” he says, bringing a finger up to your chin. He nudges your face upward, smiling sweetly down at you. His pretty eyes are sending butterflies through your chest. He pushes a little further between your thighs, spreading them around his hips, as he brings his face to yours.
You can hear his friends snickering as Denki pushes his tongue between your lips. He grabs your ass, brings you right to the edge of the table so your legs are completely spread open around his hips. Your pussy is pushed right up against his hard, aching dick; you can feel the heat of it through the thin fabric of your panties.
He kisses you a little harder, and you reciprocate it, squeezing your hands on his shoulders.
If he had it his way, Denki would rip your panties off right now. He’d lay you out on this slick table and fuck the shit out of you in front of all his friends, just to show them all who you’ve been acting like such a little slut since you showed up at this party.
“Aw, she’s really getting into it,” Bakugou sneers. “How cute.”
You feel Denki supporting the back of your head. As he kisses you, he pushes you down until you’re laid out flat on the table, with his bare chest pressing into yours.
He pulls back, supporting himself on his left forearm with his right hand spanning across your waist. You use the chance to gasp for air, taking in your surroundings.
Denki’s friends are leaning over the table, watching you curiously as they ingest their substances. They all think you look absolutely adorable, your chest heaving as you catch your breath. And that embarrassed little expression on your face is just so cute. The best part of it is the way you squirm against Denki’s hard dick, with him pressed up against you, and your legs spread wide open. They all wish it was them between your legs. Each one of them thinks they would be the right one to give you just what you need.
Each of them wants to be the one to stretch out your tight, wet pussy for the very first time.
Denki watches your eyes dart nervously between the boys behind him. A look of embarrassment crosses your face.
“My friends think you’re so cute,” Denki says sweetly, still leaning over you. “They can watch, right? You’ll let them watch?”
“Oh… okay,” you agree demurely.
“Good girl,” Denki says.
“Does it hurt to have your head on the hard table, princess?” Kiri asks, towering over Denki’s shoulder. There’s a look of sweet concern on his face.
You nod, biting your lip.
“Poor thing,” Kiri says, frowning. “Let me help you.”
Kiri leans his big figure slightly over to pull his hoodie over his head. As soon as it comes off, your eyes widen. It’s not like you couldn’t tell he was big, especially with the way he dwarfs his friends. But maybe his sweet demeanor was preventing you from really realizing the extent of his size.
Now that he’s shirtless you can really take it in. He’s huge, so massive and cut that you’re afraid to look at him for too long. Like the just the sight of his ripped body could break you in half. You watch his arms flex as he folds his hoodie up into a little pillow for you.
“Lift your head up for me, princess,” he says, leaning over you.
You do, allowing him to slip the hoodie under your head. It’s soft, much more comfortable than the hard, sticky tabletop. And it smells deep and aromatic, just like him.
“Thank you,” you say quietly.
You’re still slack-jawed, looking up at his body. Kiri moves a little hair out of your face, then laughs softly. He’s used to girls looking at him like this: apprehensive, awestruck, sometimes even a little bit fearful. And he likes that look best on innocent faces like yours, because it makes it even more rewarding to see your eyes rolling back when he splits you open on his dick.
“What’s up, huh?” he asks, with an anticipatory smile on his face. He’s thinking about how good it’ll feel to get your little virgin pussy used to the monster he’s hiding in his pants. “You good?” he says, feigning concern.
“Y-yeah,” you croak, letting out a little gasp as you feel hands spreading your thighs open even wider.
You prop yourself up on your elbows to look down between your legs. Denki’s spreading them wide open, standing back slightly to look down at your pussy. He runs his fingers lightly over your panties. You squirm, gasping, and all of the hungry eyes on you widen greedily.
Denki runs his teasing fingers slowly over your panties, watching you gasp. He wants to take his time getting you wet. Because it’s fun to make his friends wait. He knows that they get all worked up, and he likes to be the one to tease and tease while they just sit there, watching. His dick is throbbing in his pants, sticky with precum, but it’s worth it. Because he knows that the longer he waits to fuck you, the better it’ll feel when he finally gets his dick wet.
“Um, I’ve… I’ve never done something like this before,” you stammer nervously.
As you look back and forth between the four of them fearfully, their faces twist up into nasty grins. The way your virgin body is spread out so obscenely on the sticky, dirty table is driving them crazy. So is the puffy outline of your pussy that they can just barely see through your damp white panties.
They just can’t wait to absolutely ruin you. You’re so sweet, so innocent; they can’t wait to get their dicks wet, to hear what your demure little voice sounds like moaning as you take their dicks. They want to show you what it feels like to get fucked.
They want to initiate you.
“… So you’re a virgin?” Denki asks, feigning surprise.
You nod, biting your lip. “Is that okay?”
Bakugou laughs, takes a big swig of his beer. He thinks your confused, embarrassed face is the sweetest thing he’s ever seen; he wonders what you’d look like covered in cum.
Sero blows smoke out of his nose, grinning. “Even better,” he says.
Now that they know for sure that you really are as innocent as you seem, they’re getting even more excited to fuck you. Bakugou’s dick is aching, leaking precum on his thigh. It’s been a while since he’s fucked a virgin. He’s missed the feeling of turning an innocent, timid little thing like you into a nasty, screaming slut. And that’s his favorite thing about this: being the one to fuck that frightened little expression off your face until you’re moaning on his cock.
Denki laughs, squeezing your thigh softly. He knew from the first moment he saw you.
“I didn’t think you could get any cuter,” he says.
Kiri’s still leaning close to you over the table; he has been, ever since he gave you his jacket. He strokes your hair, trying to resist the urge to pull his dick out and shove it between your slightly parted lips.
“So you’ve never had your pussy eaten, then?” Denki grins.
You wince at the dirty words, then shake your head. The boys are thinking about how adorable it is that you can’t even stand to hear the words. They can’t wait to see how embarrassed you’ll be when Denki actually puts his face between your legs. They just know your face will be priceless. Bakugou shifts, adjusting his hard dick in his pants.
“I didn’t think so,” Denki laughs.
He brings his hand to your pussy again, runs his slender fingers over the outside of your panties until you’re squirming. He’s leaning over you a little now, and he loves how your expression is changing as he teases you: the way your eyebrows are furrowed up, your innocent little mouth hanging open.
“You’re so fucking sensitive,” he smiles, brushing his fingers over your clit, watching you shiver. He looks down at the little wet spot on your panties and bites his lip. He really wants to bury his face between your legs, taste those sweet juices leaking out of you.
He wants to be the first one to eat you.
“I wanna taste you,” Denki pouts. “Can I taste you?”
“I —” you start, but pause to twitch as he gives your clit a few light slaps through your panties. “Oh my god,” you say quietly.
“I promise it’s gonna feel good,” he says sweetly.
“I don’t know,” you say nervously.
The boys are starting to get impatient. They’re all so hard, aching to fill you up with their cocks. They want to stuff every single one of your virgin holes, touch every part of you that’s never been touched before. And each of them wants to be the first to feel the tight wetness of your pussy, to stretch you out until you’re screaming.
“What if my friends help you relax first?” Denki smiles. “You want them to get you nice and relaxed before I taste you, pretty girl?”
“Yes,” you say shakily. Your eyes dart up to Kiri, who’s still stroking your hair tenderly.
“Oh, you want Kiri?” Denki says sweetly. “You like the nice guys, huh?”
Bakugou and Sero both snicker, swapping substances. They’re not surprised you want Kiri. After all, that’s his thing. He works hard to get girls comfortable, because they’d be terrified of him otherwise — especially sweet little virgins like you. So he puts on his nice guy facade, gets them used to it until they look to him for protection.
And that’s okay with them. Because neither of them have the patience to play nice. They just want to abuse you.
“Well, go on, Kiri,” Denki teases, continuing to rub at your clit lightly through your panties.
Kiri smiles sweetly down at you, then leans further toward you over the table. You’re still propped up on your elbows when he brings his face down to yours. He can feel you trembling, and for some animalistic reason, it makes him want to fuck you even more.
“It’s alright,” Kiri says softly. “We’re gonna make you feel real good. You want that, princess?”
You nod, whimpering as Denki teases you a little harder through your panties. He crouches down, places light kisses on the inside of your thighs. A shaky moan falls from your mouth, and he squeezes his dick in his pants. He wants to hear you moaning more. Louder. Until you’re screaming his name, cumming all over his tongue.
“Shit, look at you,” Kiri says. He’s devouring the expression on your face; he loves to see your eyelids fluttering, your mouth hanging open. That expression is addicting to him. He bets you’d make even cuter faces if he shoved his hard dick into you and fucked you dumb.
“Feels good, huh?” he teases.
“Yes,” you say breathily.
Denki continues to place sloppy kisses on your thighs with his fingers pressed to your panties, feeling the fabric there get wetter and wetter. Kiri’s mouth meets yours, slow and gentle. And soon, you’re moaning into it, squirming desperately against Denki’s teasing fingers.
Kiri moves his mouth down your neck, places soft, sloppy kisses on your skin. He has one massive hand wrapped around the back of your neck, supporting your head; the other is kneading your tits gently. It’s taking everything in him to keep from squeezing them so hard you cry. But that’s okay; this is the price he has to pay to win your favor. He can tell from the way you grab desperately at his hair that you’ll let him stretch your tight little pussy out.
So he’ll be patient.
“You like this, baby?” he asks against your neck, rubbing your tits gently.
“Yes,” you gasp. You’re starting to get overwhelmed by the pleasure from the two of them toying with your body. Kiri’s licking your neck and squeezing your tits, and Denki’s kissing your thighs as he teases your clit.
Kiri brings his pointer finger and his thumb to his mouth, licks them to lube them up. He uses his fingers to tweak your nipples softly.
“Fuck,” he smiles, watching you squirm under his touch. “You’re so fucking adorable.”
Bakugou and Sero are leaning against the edge of the table with amused smiles on their faces as they watch you get groped by their friends. The two of them are excited to wreck you, but it’s taking so long. Sometimes it’s tedious for them to wait while the two nice guys get girls ready.
But it’s always worth it to go in and ruin a dripping pussy. They like taking advantage of their friends’ hard work. After all, the two of them aren’t patient enough to do the teasing themselves. They’d definitely lose control, end up fucking you with no prep.
So instead, they settle for trading substances as the nice guys test their patience. They watch the show intently together, getting higher and drunker.
Denki looks with sleepy eyes at the growing wet spot on your panties, drags his fingers lazily over it, savoring the feeling of the soaked fabric.
“Aw, pretty girl,” he says. “You’re so wet for us already.”
Denki licks his lips, then presses his mouth to your wet panties. He kisses and licks your clit softly through the fabric until you’re gasping.
Kiri wraps his hand up in your hair and pulls your head a little to expose your neck. He drags his tongue up your neck to your mouth, meets your lips in another messy kiss. Denki keeps licking your cunt through the damp fabric of your panties, and it has you gasping into Kiri’s mouth between kisses. The heat of Denki’s tongue is getting you wetter and wetter.
Kiri wants to be where Denki is; he bets your pussy tastes as good as your sweet mouth, if not better. But Mr. Nice Guy is getting impatient; his dick is aching in his pants, and he’s dying for some kind of relief.
So he wants to hurry this up.
“Can my friends touch you, too?” Kiri asks against your mouth.
You nod obediently.
“You’re such a good girl,” he says, as he lays your head gently back down on his jacket.
Sero laughs, taking one final puff from the blunt before flicking the roach into the bin. “Perfect timing,” he says, smiling.
“Always takes so fucking long to get them ready,” Bakugou says as he pulls his shirt off.
As Kiri brings his hungry mouth back to yours and pushes his big tongue deep into your mouth, Bakugou and Sero cage you in on either side. They’ve been waiting so long for this, and they don’t hold back when they start groping you. You flinch with each nasty pinch, each squeeze to your thighs and tits.
Denki’s starting to lick at your clit harder, and your hips start to lift off the table as you moan into Kiri’s mouth. Bakugou grabs you by the hips, slams you roughly back down onto the table.
“I thought you were a virgin,” Bakugou taunts. “So why are you moaning like such a little whore?”
You whimper into Kiri’s mouth. He kisses you deeply, ignoring the way his friends are manhandling you. Bakugou slaps and pinches your tits until tears are rolling down the side of your face. Your mind is hazy and confused, muddled by the combination of wet pleasure and stinging pain. The area between your legs is so swollen, and Denki just keeps teasing you through your panties.
You feel Sero’s mouth latch onto your nipple. He bites you hard, and you cry out into Kiri’s mouth.
“Don’t worry,” Kiri says sweetly against your lips. “They’re just a little overeager. But you’re a big girl… you can take it, can’t you? You’ll do that for me, won’t you, sweetheart?”
“Mhm,” you say tearily, nodding your head obediently.
Kiri pulls back and looks down at you curiously, watching you flinch as Sero delivers another nasty slap to your chest. Bakugou spits onto your chest right after, rubs the slick liquid over your tits.
“Is she ready?” Denki asks his friends, with his face still between your legs. He hooks his fingers over the sides of your panties.
“Do you want us to make you feel even better, princess?” Kiri smiles down at you.
“Please,” you whimper.
“She’s ready,” he says, grinning over your body at Denki.
Your heart jumps into your throat as you feel Denki pulling your panties all the way down until he’s untangling them from your feet. Kiri’s mouth comes back down to suck at your neck.
“Fuck,” Denki murmurs. “You have such a pretty little pussy.”
You wince at the words, tangling your hands up in Kiri’s hair as he works at your neck, squirming slightly each time Bakugou and Sero get too rough with your tits. Denki starts with a little lick at your pussy. Finally feeling his hot, wet tongue on you after so much teasing has your eyes fluttering closed.
While your eyes are closed, Bakugou and Kiri exchange glances. They switch places, so Kiri’s at your side, and Bakugou’s near your head.
Your pussy is extra sensitive after all of the teasing and touching you’ve endured. So the moans flow easily from your mouth as Denki licks your pussy and eats up all the juices dripping out of your slit. He lets out a soft mm, right before turning his attention to your throbbing clit. He sucks on it, gets your back arching off the table again.
“Look at her,” Bakugou laughs nastily, watching you squirm with a smirk on his face. “All that after just one lick to her pussy.”
“I bet she’ll cum before one of us even fucks her,” Sero grins.
“Such a cute little virgin,” Bakugou sneers. “Where do you even find these girls, Denki?”
“Fuck,” Denki groans into your pussy, squeezing his dick through his pants. He’s too distracted to answer his friend’s question, too drunk on your pussy. “You taste so good,” he says breathily.
He continues to lick at your clit, enjoying the noises he’s drawing out of you: demure, quiet little moans that make his dick twitch in his pants. His friends are all leaning over you, staring down at your squirming body hungrily. You look so good when you’re feeling good like that. They’re all wishing they could be in Denki’s spot. They want to taste your tight little pussy until your juices coat their tongues.
You shudder and squirm as Denki flicks his tongue faster on your clit, your hips raising off the table again. Kiri and Sero exchange a look over your body, and then you feel their hands on your hips, slamming you back down onto the table to keep you still for Denki.
“She’s doing so fucking well for her first time, isn’t she guys?” Kiri grins at his friends over your body. “You think she’ll cum for us soon?”
“Looks like it,” Sero laughs, watching your eyes roll back with an amused smile.
“Oh my god,” you whimper, balling your hands up into fists as Denki’s tongue teases your dripping slit.
“Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” Bakugou leers. He brings his hand to your face to scrunch up your cheeks. “Open your eyes,” he commands roughly. “Look at me.”
You force your eyes open, making a conscious effort to keep them from rolling back. The feeling of Denki’s tongue lapping at your pussy as Kiri and Sero tweak your nipples is too much, and your muscles are starting to tense up.
“Such a cute rack,” Sero says, before delivering a sharp smack to your chest. You cry out, bringing a hand up in self-defense.
“Uh uh,” Bakugou says, shaking his head.
He grabs your hands roughly and wrenches them above your head, pinning them against the table with one hand. Your eyes are blurry with tears, but you can see the smile twisting his mouth up. And now that your arms are pinned above your head, Sero slaps your tits until you’re sniffling, tears running down your cheeks.
Denki spits on your clit and delivers a slap to it. Your hips jerk upward reflexively; Kiri bars his arm over them, slamming your body back down onto the table so you can’t move again.
“Is this what you wanted, wearing that tiny little dress here?” Bakugou sneers, leaning right over you. His chain swings over your face. “You nasty little bitch,” he laughs.
“I didn’t —” you start, but you trail off as you feel Denki’s hot tongue pushing at the entrance of your pussy. Bakugou frowns; he doesn’t like that — disobedient little bitches who can’t even answer simple yes or no questions.
“Answer me, you fucking slut,” Bakugou says, slapping your cheek. He tightens his fingers around your wrist, watching you wince. “At least tell me what a little slut you are,” he spits. “Say it.”
“I’m a slut,” you answer tearily.
“That’s right,” he grins. He loves that. An innocent girl admitting just how much of a whore she is really gets his dick hard.
Denki’s eating you sloppily now, drunk off the sweet taste of your pussy. He’s fucking his tongue in and out of your tight hole, rubbing his hand over his dick through the fabric of his pants. His little moans vibrate your pussy and heighten the incredible feeling of his mouth for you.
It’s too good. You can’t take it much longer. Your muscles are tightening, and your legs are clamping hard around his head, pulling his face so hard against your pussy that he can barely even breathe. But he loves that, because he loves to know that you’re feeling good, that you want his tongue to fuck you that badly.
“Gotta keep your legs spread open, sweetheart,” Kiri says, exchanging a scheming glance with Sero.
From their places at either side of your body, each of them grabs one of your legs and holds it open. Kiri uses his free arm to keep your hips held down.
Now that you’re pinned down on the table with your legs held open, Denki has more space between your legs. He brings his fingers up, draws soft circles over your clit and licks up and down your slit until you’re gasping for air.
“Wow, you’re sensitive,” Denki laughs from between your legs. “Fuck. You’re so cute. And you taste so fucking good.”
“If she tastes that fucking good and you don’t wanna share, why don’t you give her a little more, Kami?” Sero laughs. He uses his free hand to grab Denki’s hair, shoving his face into your pussy roughly.
“Damn,” Bakugou laughs into your fucked out face. “I bet we can turn this one into a little slut for dick. Look how much the cute little bitch loves getting her pussy eaten.”
You moan, making a futile attempt to free your aching wrists from Bakugou’s hand. When Kiri and Sero bring their faces to your tits to suck your nipples, you cry out. It’s so much, and you’re so sensitive, so stimulated everywhere, that you can barely take it.
“Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” Bakugou laughs.
You’re too busy moaning to say anything in response, and Bakugou doesn’t like that one bit. He likes his bitches responsive. Obedient.
“What, are you fucking stupid?” he sneers down at you, slapping your face. “Can’t fucking answer me?”
“I’m sorry, I — I — oh my god,” you whimper, your mouth hanging open as the tension inside of you builds higher.
“I — I —,” Bakugou mocks you nastily. “Dumb bitch can’t even talk,” he laughs.
Bakugou’s pissed off now. If you’re going to act like a stupid whore, he’s going to treat you like one. So he leans over, spits messily onto your mouth. Most of it goes inside of your mouth, landing on your tongue; the rest of it splatters over your lips.
“Be a good little slut,” he laughs into your face, slapping your cheek hard enough that your eyes tear up. “Swallow that for me.”
Obediently, you choke his hot spit down, feeling Denki speed up his pace on your clit eagerly.
“There you go,” Bakugou leers.
“It — feels so good,” you gasp. Because the boys are all going at you eagerly now. Sero’s squeezing your thigh hard as he laps messily at your tits. Kiri’s pressing messy kisses to your stomach, marking your skin with hickies so you know just who you belong to.
Bakugou brings his mouth to yours and kisses you aggressively, nipping at your lips until you taste blood. He squeezes his hands tighter around your wrists.
“It’ll feel even better when that little pervert sticks his fingers inside of you,” Bakugou grins against your mouth.
“Inside of me?” you say shakily.
“Don’t be scared,” Denki says against your thigh. “It’s gonna make everything even better, pretty girl.”
“Okay,” you say fearfully, right before Bakugou’s mouth crashes back into yours. He forces his tongue into your mouth, wraps his free hand around your throat.
Denki presses his hot fingers against the glistening entrance of your pussy as he sucks eagerly at your clit. He pushes one inside of you slowly, waiting patiently for your pussy to stretch enough to accomodate the slender length of it.
“Fuck,” Denki says. “She’s so fucking tight.”
“Shit,” Kiri laughs breathily, looking down at your pussy. “Hurry up, Kami, let the rest of us get a turn.”
“You want that?” Bakugou laughs into your mouth as Denki starts to pump his finger in and out of you. “Do you want us to take turns using your little virgin body?”
“Y-yes,” you stammer obediently.
“You take forever, Denki,” Kiri laughs.
“We’ve gotta prep her a little or we’ll break her, big guy,” Denki laughs up at Kiri. Then he looks back down at his finger moving in and out of you, savors the way the slick of your warm, wet pussy coats his long finger as he eases it knuckle deep and back out again.
“That’s the fun, right?” Bakugou says, pulling away from your mouth to look up at his friends.
“I hope you know you’re not going first this time,” Sero says snidely to Bakugou. “You got the last few.”
“Then who the fuck is?” Bakugou retorts.
“Why don’t we let her choose?” Denki says. He’s curling his finger inside of you now, grazing against the sweet spot pulls the most delicious moans out of your innocent mouth. He presses a soft kiss to your clit, then spits on his hand to lube up his fingers so he can fit another inside of you.
While the boys are arguing over who should get you first, Denki’s fingers are curling inside of you against that sweet spot just right, and your moans are getting louder and louder.
“Fuck,” Bakugou grins, watching your flushed face get more and more euphoric. “She’s gonna cum.”
“Shit, look at that,” Kiri laughs. He’s looking at your thighs, watching the way they tense and shake as Denki’s fingers stroke your g spot. Each pump and curl into your twitching pussy feels better and better, and your dripping walls are starting to clench around his fingers.
“Hoooly shit,” Sero laughs. “Already?”
Denki sees how close you’re getting, and he’s dying to taste your cum, to get it squirting out all over his fingers so he can eat it up. So he latches his mouth back onto your clit and tongues it as he fucks you with his fingers. He keeps curling them, grazing them over the tightening walls of your pussy until chills are rolling down your spine.
His friends can all hear just how wet you are. They love the messy squelching sounds your pussy makes each time Denki’s fingers move inside of you. Those noises get them so hard that it hurts. They’re all aching to fuck your body, to relieve the tension building up inside of them.
Denki loves how sensitive you are. You’re so sweet, just dripping all over his tongue, all over his fingers.
“What a good fucking girl,” Kiri grins, watching the rapid rise and fall of your chest as you get closer and closer to cumming.
You’re shuddering, your pussy leaking out onto Denki’s fingers as they stroke against your g spot and build up the tension in you even higher.
“Come on,” Bakugou says, squeezing your neck so hard that you can barely breathe. “Be a good whore for us,” he sneers. “That little perv between your legs wants to drink up all your cum.”
“Oh,” you whine, gasping for air.
“Are you gonna cum in his mouth?” Bakugou leers.
“Y-yes,” you gasp.
“Tell me what you’re gonna do,” Bakugou commands. “Use your words like a big girl.”
“I’m gonna — oh, god, I’m gonna cum,” you gasp. Denki’s tongue hits your clit one more time, and all the tension starts bursting out of you. Your hips buck upward, met by Kiri’s big arm barring you against the table.
“She’s too fucking cute, cumming so quick,” Kiri smiles, holding your hips down and forcing your legs open as your pussy contracts around Denki’s fingers.
Denki can feel every little contraction, the way your convulsing walls get even wetter. Your cum gushes out onto his fingers, and he watches your clit twitch as you groan into Bakugou’s greedy mouth.
“What did I tell you?” Sero laughs to Kiri. “Look at her little toes curling,” he teases, playing with your tits.
Denki keeps curling his fingers until you’re whining and tearing up from overstimulation. And when you’re finally all done, he puts his two fingers in his mouth and licks all the wetness off of them, feeling his hard dick twitch in his pants. He brings his tongue down to your pussy again, licks the dripping juices from your slit.
“You’re such a nasty little slut, cumming from a couple fingers in you,” Bakugou laughs into your gasping mouth. “I bet you just can’t wait to cum all over a dick, huh?”
You’re still catching your breath, and you gasp obediently, “Yes, yes, I want to.”
“Whose dick do you want first?” he grins. “Hmm?”
“Give her a second,” Kiri laughs. “Damn, can’t you see that she’s still going through the aftershocks?”
But even though he’s being a gentleman, Kiri’s just as guilty as the rest of them. They’re all hard, aching, waiting impatiently for you to choose who will be the first of them to stretch out your pretty pussy.
“So fucking what?” Bakugou says, scowling.
“You okay?” Kiri asks disingenuously, moving your hair out of your sweaty face as you catch your breath.
You nod, looking around hazily.
“So?” Sero asks, looking down at you expectantly. “Who are you gonna take first?”
“F-first?” you stammer groggily.
Sero laughs. “I mean, you can take two of us at once, if that’s more your thing,” he says sarcastically.
“Don’t be such an ass,” Kiri scolds.
“Come on, pretty girl,” Denki says, leaning over you and wiping his wet mouth on the back of his hand. Now that he’s tasted you, he wants to feel you. Your pussy is so sweet and tight; he’s dying to feel you clenching around his cock. “Who do you want first?” he asks, smiling.
Your cheeks are burning, and you’re shying away from their towering figures.
“Don’t act so innocent,” Bakugou sneers. “You’re lucky we’re even letting you pick who goes first.”
They’re all looking down at you expectantly now — even Kiri, who has a slight smile on his face. Your eyes dart around until they settle, instinctually, on the one that’s shown you the most kindness tonight.
Kiri smiles. He’s glad that you picked him. But at the same time, he feels a little guilty for what he’s about to do to you.
“Interesting,” Sero laughs.
Bakugou shrugs, smiling. “It’s your funeral, baby.”
“W-what?” you squeak.
But no one bothers to clarify. Instead, the four of them grab you, rotating you over the table so you’re laying over it width-wise and slightly diagonally. They stop moving you once your head is hanging off one edge of the table and your ass is hanging off another.
Kiri’s between your thighs now, and the other three are clustered around your upper body. You’re staring right into their crotches. You gulp. You’re upside-down, taking in the big, rigid shapes of their dicks pressing against the fabric of their pants. You feel Kiri spread your legs wider, before bringing his massive hands to the sides of your ass and squeezing it hard.
You watch, wide-eyed, as Bakugou brings his hands to unbuckle his belt. He pulls it off, folds it in half, and strikes you across the chest before dropping it to the ground. You squirm, teary eyed, but Kiri keeps you pinned in place.
Bakugou crouches, brings his face right up to yours. You wince; his face looks even more malicious upside-down. You hear another belt hit the ground, a zipper being undone.
“Why are you being such a little slut for Kiri?” Bakugou laughs into your face. “That wasn’t a very smart choice. Didn’t you notice how big he is? He might rip your poor virgin pussy apart,” he teases.
Sero laughs.
You feel Kiri’s hands tighten around your hips, pulling you closer to him until your pussy’s pressed tight against the fabric of his pants. Your stomach drops when you feel the very hard, very big shape of his dick through them. You raise your head to look fearfully up at him as he unzips his pants.
“Aw,” Kiri smiles sympathetically. “Don’t listen to him, princess. It’s okay.”
Kiri brings two big fingers to his mouth, licks them messily, then brings them to your pussy. He drags them against you first, then pushes them inside of you one by one. His fingers are so big, so thick. Bigger than Denki’s by far. You gasp as he pushes them into you. And he starts to finger you, pumping them in and out of you brutally until you’re whimpering.
“God damn, you’re wet,” he grins. “And so tight.”
“Gimme your hand, pretty girl,” says Denki.
You look upward, reaching your hand out obediently to Denki as Kiri fingerfucks you. Denki brings your hand to his crotch, presses it against the hard outline of his dick.
“You’re so cute,” Denki says, smiling down at you. “See what you do to all of us? We’re so fucking hard, just from watching you.”
“Oh,” you say fearfully, letting him rub your hand over his dick. It’s thick, hot through his pants, which are wet with his precum.
“Did it feel good to cum in my mouth earlier?” Denki smiles.
“Yes,” you say, nodding eagerly as you look up at him.
“You should thank him,” Bakugou sneers, tugging at your hair roughly.
“T-thank you,” you whimper.
“Are you gonna make us feel good, too?” Denki asks curiously.
You nod.
“You’re so sweet,” he says. “Now come on, give Sero some love too.”
You reach your other hand out obediently and grab Sero’s dick through his pants. He inhales sharply through his teeth. Bakugou just watches it all happen, amused at how you’re struggling to focus with Kiri’s big fingers fucking you.
“Shhhit,” Denki laughs breathily. “You wanna feel us for real, cutie?”
You nod obediently, watching the boys on either side of you pull their dicks out. Your mouth forms a little O as you look back and forth between them. Bakugou’s amused at the shocked look on your face. Your mouth looks so perfect hanging open like that; he’d like to shove his dick in it, make you choke and gag around him.
“She’s getting so wet,” Kiri laughs from between your legs. He pushes a third finger inside of you, impatient to stretch you out so he can get his dick all coated in the juices that are leaking out of you.
“Kiri,” you whine tearily, “your hands are so big, please.”
“You can take it,” he says. “You’re such a good girl. I know you can take it.”
As Kiri slips a fourth finger inside of your pussy, Denki and Sero guide your hands to their dicks. They’re both so slippery, so big and heavy in your palms. You gulp, wrapping your hands around them weakly.
“Come on,” says Sero disapprovingly. “Grip it.”
He wraps his hand around yours, tightening it around his dick. “You can do better than that, right? Or do I have to show you step-by-step how to stroke a dick?”
You’re trying your best to focus, but Kiri’s fingers are filling you up so well that you’re struggling to even keep your eyes open.
“Fine,” Sero says nastily, pushing your hand off his dick.
He brings his hand to your mouth and forces his fingers between your lips. He shoves four fingers far back into your mouth until you’re gagging and choking, and he only stops when his fingers are lubed up with your spit.
“Since you’re gonna be a disobedient little bitch, I’ll give you easy to follow instructions, okay?” he laughs down at you, lubing up his dick with your spit.
Bakugou snorts, grinning.
“It’s not difficult,” he leers, watching you sniffle. “Hold it tight, and stroke it,” he says, jacking off in front of you.
“Got it?”
You nod obediently, bringing your hands out to wrap them around Sero and Denki’s dicks. You follow his example, jack the two of them off messily.
“Are you ready, princess?” comes Kiri’s voice from between your legs.
“Huh?” you ask groggily, keeping your hands moving on Denki and Sero as you look up.
Your eyes widen, seeing Kiri free his dick from his pants. Your jaw drops as you watch him drop a glob of spit onto it. He jacks a hand over the massive length of it, pushing his spit all the way down to the base, and you gulp. Bakugou was right — he might rip you apart. There’s absolutely no way he’ll fit inside of you.
“It’s so big,” you say shakily.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Bakugou sneers from behind you.
“But —”
“It’s alright,” Kiri grins as he rubs the slick, precum-coated tip of his cock over your glistening cunt. “You’re gonna be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”
“It’s too big,” you choke. “I don’t think it’ll fit.”
“You just took four fingers for me,” he says sweetly. “I know you can take my dick.”
“Oka—” you start, but before you can even get the word out, Kiri’s shoving the fat head of his cock inside of you, pushing in deep without even giving you a second to adjust.
“Oh my god,” you cry, with tears rolling down your cheeks. “It’s so big, it hurts.”
Kiri looks feverishly downward, watching your tight little pussy swallowing up his aching, leaking dick. It feels so good inside of your warm, tight hole. He bites his lip, closes his eyes, feels all of your slick wetness dragging down the thick length of it as he pushes further into you. He can barely keep himself from bottoming out on the first thrust. If he really wanted to, he could shove it all the way inside right now, make you scream, bruise up your cervix.
“It’s s-so big,” you choke.
“You’re okay, right, princess?” he breathes. “You can take the whole thing for me, can’t you?”
“The whole thing?” you say in alarm.
Your neck is getting tired now, so you let your head hang off the edge of the table. Bakugou leers down at you, laughing at your shocked, pained expression. Denki and Sero grin, groping your tits, watching as you squirm and struggle to take Kiri’s dick as you stroke theirs with shaky hands.
“It’s just a little more until I’m all the way in,” Kiri grins.
“What do you mean?” you say tearily, not sure how he could possibly be any bigger than what’s filling you up right now.
Kiri answers by pushing his cock the rest of the way in. Precum gushes out of the tip, lubricates your clenching walls. He bottoms out, balls deep, the tip of his dick pushing against your cervix painfully.
“Oh, it hurts,” you say tearily.
But for some reason, the pain is so good.
“It’s too bi — oh, god,” you moan.
The boys watch hungrily, intently, as your toes start to curl and your back starts to arch.
“Fuck,” Kiri says, feeling you start to tighten around his throbbing dick. “Does my cock feel good, princess?” he groans, grabbing the base of his dick. “You’re tightening so hard around me, shit.”
“It feels so good,” you gasp. “I think I’m — I’m gonna cum,” you say tearfully as the tension inside of you starts to release.
“Shit,” Kiri breathes, feeling your pussy start to contract around him.
“Cumming again, just like that?” Bakugou laughs down at you, squeezing his hand around your throat. “What a filthy fucking slut. She’s my new favorite.”
“Fuuuck,” Kiri groans. “She’s cumming all over my dick.”
He fucks you feverishly, watches your body squirm as you cum. You’re getting so wet, gushing so much slick out on his dick, that he can’t help but slam his entire cock into you over and over again as your pussy convulses.
“Holy shit,” Denki laughs, watching your face intently. He couldn’t see your face as you came earlier because his was buried in your pussy. He thinks your innocent, sweet face looks so hot like that, with your eyes rolling back, your mouth hanging all the way open as Kiri pounds into you.
“Don’t fucking stop stroking my dick,” Sero says. “I don’t care if you’re cumming.”
You try your best to obey, moving your hands shakily as your orgasm rips through you. Bakugou leans over and brings his mouth to yours, kissing you messily, letting you gasp against his lips.
Kiri knows he should hold back a little, because you’re so tiny compared to him. But it feels too good, so he just lets himself go. He slams hard into you over and over again, making you take the entire length of his dick. He loves the way your stomach bulges out each time he pushes all the way in. And the way you clench around him, getting his cock so wet as you cum, is better than anything he’s ever felt before.
He holds your hips tight, pounds into you until you’re crying. He really doesn’t want to hurt you, but right now he’s too focused on himself. It’s been so long since he’s been able to bury his entire dick into a sweet little virgin like you, and he needs to get the whole thing wet while he can.
He keeps fucking you like this even after you’re finished cumming. He digs his big hands into your thighs, watching feverishly as you pant. He just thinks you sound so cute like that, yelping into Bakugou’s mouth each time he bottoms out.
Bakugou stops kissing you to grin up at Kiri.
“The girls always think you’ll be the nicest, Kiri,” he laughs. “You do them so fucking wrong.”
“You should really stop making the poor virgins cry,” Sero snorts.
“She’s fine,” Kiri says breathily, pulling out almost all the way. “She’s taking my dick so fucking well. Aren’t you, baby?”
“Y-yes,” you gasp tearily, right before he slams all the way into you again.
Kiri picks up his speed, fucks you hard and fast with his big hands keeping your hips pressed hard into the table. Your moans are loud, punctuated by teary sniffles. Bakugou’s grinning down at you in amusement. He wraps his hand around your throat, brings his mouth to yours again as you cry out.
“Damn,” he sneers into your mouth. “For a virgin, you sure do moan like a fucking cockslut, huh?”
He looks up at his friends. “Hey, guys,” he says. “Don’t you think she’s getting kinda loud? Maybe I should shove my dick down her throat, shut her the fuck up.”
“Aww,” says Sero, watching you stroke his long, slippery dick. “But she sounds so pretty crying like that.”
“You’re such a whore,” Bakugou laughs into your mouth. “Letting us do whatever the fuck we want to you. It’s only your first time, and you’re already a disgusting little slut, aren’t you?”
You nod tearily.
“Have you ever sucked a dick before?” he sneers.
“No, I —”
“That’s okay,” Bakugou laughs. “I’m gonna fuck your little virgin throat until you get used to the feeling of having a cock in your mouth.”
You watch, trembling, as Bakugou unzips his pants and takes out his dick. He wraps his hand around it, jacks himself off a few times as he watches Kiri fuck you. Your heart is racing; you have no idea how his dick is supposed to fit in your throat. He’s way too big.
But Bakugou’s going to make it fit. He grips your face, smacks your cheeks with his dick until you’re tearing up.
“Open your fucking mouth,” he says sharply.
You obey, and he pins you down on the table by your throat, with your head just hanging off the edge.
“Stick your tongue out,” he commands.
You do, watching him grip his dick, squeeze it from base to tip until a glob of precum is dripping out of it. He rubs it on your tongue, shuddering.
“How’s it taste?” he laughs.
“S-so good,” you groan submissively, as Kiri bottoms out again.
Bakugou laughs, then shoves his dick in your mouth without warning, prodding at the back of your throat until it gives for him. You’re choking and coughing around the sudden intrusion, struggling to breathe. You try to free your hands to push him back and out of your mouth so you can take a breath, but Denki and Sero pull your hands back and wrap their fists around yours, forcing you to grip their dicks tightly.
Bakugou fucks your throat hard, holding your neck down against the table. He shoves his dick all the way in, fucks your throat raw until you’re gagging and crying. He looks down, watches you squirm as he thrusts his spit-coated cock in and out of your mouth. And each time he bottoms out, his balls slap your cute little face.
He loves seeing virgins like this: messy, disgusting, and absolutely humiliated.
“Fuck,” you hear Kiri groan as his hips start to move erratically. “I’m about to cum.”
“Wow, you usually last a little longer, huh, big guy?” Denki laughs.
“It’s too fucking good,” Kiri says feverishly. “I’m gonna — fuck — fill her pussy up.”
Kiri thrusts into you hard, and it pushes you back onto Bakugou’s dick. You choke, gagging as his precum coats the ridges of your throat.
“I wonder if she’d mind you shooting your cum in her,” Bakugou laughs, tightening his hand around your throat, feeling his dick move in and out of it.
“Shit, I wanna fill her up so bad,” Kiri groans, tightening his grip on your hips hard enough to bruise.
“Too bad we can’t ask her opinion, right?” Bakugou laughs. “It looks like she’s too busy gagging on my dick like a whore.”
The words have your core tightening; your back starts to arch again.
“It’s gonna feel so good to have my cum fill your pussy, princess, I promise,” Kiri groans. “Maybe we’ll even get you pregnant, keep you here with us so you can be our good little fucktoy forever.”
Your pussy tightens harder, and you’re moaning around Bakugou’s dick, your toes twitching.
“Shiiit, she likes that?” Denki breathes, moving your hand quickly over his dick. He flicks your tits, watches hungrily as your body tenses up. “What a little freak.”
“Maybe we won’t have to give her the plan B after all,” Sero laughs.
Your pussy keeps tightening, getting wetter and wetter, dripping onto Kiri’s dick as he fucks you.
“Man, it was so easy to turn you into a whore for dick,” Bakugou sneers as he continues to thrust into your bruised throat. You’re gasping for air, your nose running, your jaw aching, and it’s all so good.
Finally, the tension building inside of you reaches a head, and your pussy starts to twitch around Kiri’s dick.
“Shit, she’s cumming on me again,” Kiri groans. “Holy fuck, it’s so wet… I can’t hold it anymore… oh, shit,” he gasps.
He leans forward, shuddering, as he presses his big fingers hard into your thighs. His balls tighten up right before the cum goes shooting through his twitching dick. He lets it out inside of your contracting pussy, shoots his entire load deep inside of you.
“Fuck,” Bakugou groans. The moans you’re choking out are vibrating your throat around his dick. He’s picking up his rhythm, spurred on by your pathetic choking and crying. The tension inside of him is rising, too, and watching you squirm helplessly around Kiri’s twitching cock is doing it for him. He thrusts a few more times into your wet mouth, then buries his entire dick deep balls deep in your throat, shooting his cum out there.
He pulls out before he’s done, stuffs his balls inside your mouth, and jacks the rest of his load onto your chest. Your tits are coated in white now, heaving as you try to catch your breath.
Kiri’s leaning over to kiss your thighs, watching big globs of his thick cum drip out of your pussy and onto the floor.
“You’re so full, princess,” he says, shoving his fingers inside of you to push his cum even deeper. He’s already getting hard again, looking at how full he got you.
But he knows that he has to be nice and share with his friends.
You’re limp from your third orgasm, eyelids fluttering as Denki and Sero continue to jerk your hands over their slippery dicks, swearing under their breath. Bakugou wipes the rest of the cum off his dick, then smears it on the side of your face.
“Wake up, brat,” he says nastily, leaning over into your face. “You’re not fucking done.”
You blink the grogginess out of your eyes, watching Bakugou pull his pants up and rise to his full height.
“Where’s your stash at, Kami?” Bakugou demands, sweat beading and dripping down his chest.
“Shirt pocket,” Denki answers distractedly, jacking your hand over his leaking dick. “Lighter too.”
Bakugou retrieves a pre-rolled joint and a lighter from Denki’s shirt, handing it to Kiri. He grabs a can of beer off the floor and cracks it open. And the two of them lean back against the wall, catching their breath and swapping substances.
They’re both watching the show with mild amusement. The two of them have the most stamina of the four, and they could go again if they wanted, but they have to give their friends a turn. That’s part of the arrangement.
Bakugou snorts as he watches you. You’re clearly tired, struggling to move your burning arms enough to jack Denki and Sero off. He thinks it’s pathetic.
“Don’t get lazy, baby,” Denki pouts. “You better do a good job, or Sero’s gonna want to punish you.”
“Uh oh,” grins Bakugou.
Sero looks up at Denki, jerks his head toward the couch. You’re a lazy, disobedient little bitch, and you haven’t been giving him or Denki nearly enough attention.
“No way,” laughs Denki to Sero. “You’re so fucked up, dude.”
“Damn, you guys are ruthless,” Kiri says, blowing smoke out of his nose with a slight smile.
Bakugou already knows where this is going. So he goes ahead to clear the crowd off the couch, prepping the space for his friends.
You cry out in surprise as Sero hoists you over his shoulder. He delivers a hard smack to your ass, feels you squirm. When you look up, you see Denki and Kiri following, passing the joint between themselves.
Sero sits on the couch, wrangling you onto his lap so that you’re straddling him. Denki settles in right next to the two of you, with his leg pressed up against yours. You gulp, looking back and forth between the two of them.
“What are we doing?” you ask fearfully.
Kiri and Bakugou settle into the couch nearby, watching the events unfold curiously.
“You’ll see,” grins Denki.
Sero brings his mouth to your ear, using both hands to knead your ass. “How many times did we have to correct you back there?” he asks, nipping at your earlobe.
“I’m not sure,” you stammer. “A lot?”
Bakugou snickers.
“Yeah,” he laughs. “A lot.”
“I’m s-sorry,” you stammer quietly.
“See, we have to punish you now,” he pouts, kissing your ear. “I guess you shouldn’t have been so lazy.”
You look fearfully over at Denki, but he’s just smirking at you.
“Punish?” you croak.
“I think Kiri and Kat punished your poor little pussy and mouth enough,” Sero laughs, nipping at your ear. “But there’s another place they didn’t even touch, right?”
He brings both hands down hard on your ass, grins when you yelp at the stinging contact. He spreads your ass cheeks out, runs a finger over your tight hole.
“I bet your little virgin ass is so tight,” he laughs. “What do you think, Kami?”
“Oh, I’m sure it is,” he agrees, smiling.
“Since you wanna be a disobedient, lazy bitch, you’re gonna find out how it feels to take a cock up your ass,” Sero laughs into your neck, gripping your ass hard.
“Damn,” Bakugou says, sipping his beer. “I guess she’ll be getting all her firsts today.”
“Yeah,” Kiri smiles, blowing smoke out as he stares at your ass. “Brutal.”
You squirm in Sero’s lap. He pulls back to look at you curiously, wrapping a big hand around your throat. He can feel your pulse racing, and it makes his dick twitch.
“Your heart is beating so fast,” he says. “Are you scared?”
You nod.
“Aw,” he pouts. “Come here, gimme a kiss.”
Sero pulls you to his mouth by the neck. He parts your lips with his softly, before meeting your tongue with his. He kisses you for a while, just enjoying the way you grind needily on his lap.
“Don’t forget about Kami,” he says, pulling back slightly. “He treated you so nice earlier… you wouldn’t want to ignore him, right?”
You nod obediently, then let Sero wrap his hand around your neck again to direct your face toward Denki’s mouth. You kiss Denki, listening to the messy sound of his fist moving over his dick.
“Can you stroke it for me?” Denki asks sweetly, pulling back from your face momentarily.
Obediently, you wrap your hand around his cock and pump your hand up and down the slick length of it until he’s gasping softly. And at the same time, you grind downward on Sero’s lab, rubbing yourself over his hard dick.
“Open up for me,” Sero says.
You pull back from Denki’s face and open your mouth for him. He dips four long fingers into your throat until you’re gagging, and only pulls them back when they’re coated in your slippery spit.
Then Denki pulls your face back to his hungrily, kissing you hard as you stroke his dick and grind on Sero’s lap.
You feel Sero’s hands spread your ass out, then his fingers teasing at your tight hole. You whimper into Denki’s mouth, let him rough up your tits as Sero teases you.
Sero plays with your ass until he can slip a finger in; it goes deeper and deeper, until you’re gasping against Denki’s lips. Sero brings his fingers to your wet pussy, drags the slick of your juices up from your slit to your ass to lube up his fingers as he tries to fit two into your tiny little hole.
“Fuck, you’re tight,” Sero says through his teeth.
Denki groans into your mouth as you hit a particularly good spot on his dick. He’s so sensitive, so slick. He’s just aching for you, because he’s been waiting patiently for his turn to fuck you. He can’t wait to get inside of you.
You cry out when Sero buries his two fingers up to the knuckle inside your ass. Denki’s still groaning into your mouth at the same time, using his hands to squeeze your tits needily. Straddling Sero’s lap, you can feel the way he’s getting harder off watching you swap spit with Denki as his fingers stretch your ass out.
“Do you want another finger in your ass?” Sero asks, bringing his mouth to your throat.
You nod, mumbling an affirmation.
“Come here,” Sero says, “tell me.”
You bring your mouth to Sero’s and let Denki take his turn kissing your neck.
“Yes, I want another,” you say obediently.
So he gives you a third, squeezing it in beside the other two. Your ass is so tight around his fingers, impossibly tight.
“How does it feel?” he asks against your lips.
“It’s — oh, it feels weird,” you gasp as he buries his three fingers deep in your ass.
He smiles against your mouth, feeling his dick twitch. Because this is nothing compared to what he’s about to stuff  you with.
Sero’s getting tired of prepping you; he’s just dying to relieve his aching dick in your tight ass. And Denki’s getting impatient, too — Sero can tell from the sloppy way he’s kissing your neck. Sero takes his fingers out of your ass suddenly, flips you around on his lap. He presses his hard dick against your ass, rubs the tip of it against your tight hole.
You can hear the messy, slippery sounds of Denki’s hand fisting his cock. He watches intently as Sero nudges the head of his dick against your ass. Denki thinks he might die from waiting for so long. He can’t believe his friends are getting to fuck you before he does.
“Oh, fuck,” Sero says, slipping the head of his dick in your ass. He relishes the submissive whimpers falling from your lips as he does. “It’s so fucking tight,” he groans.
“It hurts,” you say weakly.
“You gotta relax,” Sero says through his teeth, “unless you want it to hurt.”
He presses sloppy kisses to the back of your neck as he nudges more of his dick inside of you. Your ass is so tight, squeezing all the precum out of his dick. It lubes up your insides, lets him slip a little further inside. He lets out a groan.
Finally, he feels you relax a little. He feels the tight muscle give, just the smallest amount. He takes the opportunity to shove his dick deeper inside of you, moaning as he does.
You’re squeezing him so fucking tight. He’s never felt something clench around his dick this hard; he could cum just from the pressure of you squeezing him like this. He could pump all of his hot, sticky seed into you right now, if he wanted to.
But he wants to fuck your tight ass a little first.
When you’re finally able to sink almost all the way down on Sero’s long dick, Denki rises from the couch. He crouches in front of your spread legs, watching your ass swallow up Sero’s cock. You sink lower and lower until, finally, it’s all the way in. Denki rubs your clit, looks up at you from between your legs as your eyes roll back.
“Spread her out more,” Denki says. “Lean her back for me.”
Sero does, giving you a second to adjust to the full length of his dick inside of your ass. Denki brings his face right up to your pussy, watches the thick, creamy cum still leaking out of it from when Kiri came inside of you.
“Damn,” he grins, “you’re a mess. Do you want me to clean that cum up for you, pretty girl?”
“Please,” you whimper.
You watch, wide-eyed, as Denki brings his tongue to your pussy, licking the dripping cum out of you.
“You’re fucking sick, dude,” Bakugou laughs from the couch, adjusting his hard dick in his pants. Kiri just smiles as he smokes. He knows Denki is the most depraved of all of them; he’s not surprised by anything he does anymore.
“What?” Denki asks, grinning. He sticks two fingers inside of you, then drags Kiri’s cum out of you. He looks at his cum-coated fingers, then licks the white liquid off of them.
As Denki stands, Sero holds your legs up and spreads them a little wider.
“Are you gonna share with me?” Denki grins over your shoulder.
“Fine,” Sero laughs.
Denki plants his hand on the couch cushion behind your head, guiding his thick dick to the entrance of your puffy cunt. It takes him a second to slip inside. With Sero already stuffing your ass, it’s unbelievably tight in your pussy.
Denki thrusts in deep, and when he pulls his dick back out, it’s coated in Kiri’s cum. And soon, more precum is leaking out of Sero’s dick, and he’s gliding in and out of your ass easily, pushing all the way in and back out.
The two of them fuck you just like this: Sero holding your legs back and open, bottoming out in your ass and getting you so full while Denki slams into your pussy. You can feel them both moving at once inside of you, hear their soft moans in your ears. You’re too full; each time the two of them bottom out at once, you squirm. But with Sero’s hands securing your legs, you can’t really move. Really, you can’t do much but get pounded by both of them at the same time.
You watch hazily, still getting fucked in the ass, as Denki pulls his dick out. He looks down, runs his hand across the length of his dick, until his palm is coated with Kiri’s load. Denki looks at you, then grins as he licks the cum off his hand.
And then he leans down to kiss you, pushing his tongue into your mouth as he guides his dick to your pussy again and starts to thrust inside. You can taste Kiri’s cum coating his tongue as he fucks you. And you feel your pussy tightening up, your muscles tensing as the two of them use both of your holes at once.
Your toes are already starting to curl, and then they both hit a perfect spot inside of you at the same time. Your head drops back onto Sero’s shoulder. They can both tell you’re almost there.
“Are you gonna cum on my dick?” Sero asks.
“Yes, I’m gonna cum,” you whine.
Denki brings his hand to your clit again, rubs it as he fucks you until he feels you getting impossibly tight. The both of them shudder at the sensation, and then your pussy and ass contract hard around them. They fuck you through your orgasm, struggling to hold back their own.
“Shit,” Sero says through his teeth.
He digs his fingers into your spread thighs, feels the tension inside of him boiling over as your ass twitches on his dick. He can’t hold it, so he thrusts into you several times, buries his dick deep in your ass, right before his cum shoots out and coats your insides.
“Holy fuck,” Denki says, pulling out.
Sero lifts you up off of his dick, and the two of them watch the cum drip out of your gaping, twitching ass onto Sero’s lap.
Kiri smiles and hands his blunt to Bakugou, before rising off the couch. You can barely process anything; your mind is still dazed. But you can see how hard he is, and you’re still struggling to catch your breath, thinking that he can’t possibly —
“You ready to go again, big boy?” Denki laughs.
“Give her to me,” Kiri grins to Sero.
Sero hands you off, and you feel Kiri’s big arms enveloping you. He sits on the couch underneath you, moving you on his lap easily, like you’re a toy. As you’re still coming down from your orgasm, he hovers you over his massive dick, with Sero’s cum still leaking out of your ass and dripping onto his lap.
“You okay, princess?” he teases into your ear.
You nod groggily.
“Mm,” he smiles. “You want some more cum in you?”
“Yes,” you say obediently.
“Good,” he laughs. “Because we’re gonna breed you, baby.”
Kiri sits you down on his big dick, shoving the entire thing into your pussy at once, sinking you all the way down to the base. He lifts your legs up and moves them back until he has them behind your head, over his forearms, with his palms resting on the back of your head.
Now that he has you folded in half, with your head tilted downward, you can see the bulge in your stomach from Kiri’s dick stuffing you so full.
“Shit,” Denki says, jerking his slippery, lubed-up dick as looks at your stomach. And then he lowers himself to you again, sticks his dick inside of your pussy above Kiri’s.
You gasp, looking down at the both of them moving in you at once. They’re both so thick. You can’t believe they can both fit inside of your cunt. And it feels like they can’t, feels like they might rip you apart at any moment.
Denki fucks you quickly. He can’t last much longer; it feels so good, so tight inside your pussy. Each time his cock rubs up against your tight, wet walls, he gets closer and closer.
“You’re gonna take so much cum in you today, baby,” Kiri says from behind you. “Do you like being so fucking full of it?”
“Yes,” you gasp.
“That’s a good fucking girl,” he says.
“I’m cumming,” Denki groans, speeding up his pace as his dick starts to twitch inside of you.
He keeps fucking into you as he cums, shooting the hot, sticky wetness of it deep inside of you.
Kiri picks up his pace. He groans, because the feeling of Denki’s hot cum coating his cock as he fucks you is too good. It’s so wet, so messy inside of you as Denki’s cum mixes with Kiri’s first big load. You’re so full that the cum is leaking out of you and dripping down their dicks.
Denki brings his hand to your throat as he catches his breath. He chokes you lightly, kisses you with his dick still inside of you.
Now that Denki’s filled you up, it’s Kiri’s turn again. So he plants his feet on the ground, tightens his grip on you so you’re folded even tighter in half. He slams up into your pussy hard, over and over again. Cum gushes out of your pussy and onto his lap as he thrusts in and out of you. He loves the way you’re whining and crying into Denki’s mouth as his dick abuses you. He can hear your moans heightening in that familiar way, can even feel your ruined pussy trying to tighten around his cock.
“Are you gonna cum for us again, baby?” Kiri asks.
“Ye-e-s,” you groan, as he slams into you.
“Come on, give it to me,” he says sweetly.
Denki pulls away from your mouth and chokes you, watching you start to squirm, teary-eyed, as you cum again, your pussy contracting on both of their dicks. The sight of you falling apart on their dicks, combined with the hot, wet mess coating his cock is making him hard again.
“Mm… fuck,” says Kiri through gritted teeth. Each time your ass contracts he can feel a little bit of Sero’s cum gushing out onto his lap. Your moans are killing him, and he needs to pump another load into your cute body.
So he slams up harder into your twitching cunt, feels his balls tighten right before he blows another big, hot load in your pussy. He groans softly, drains himself inside you until there’s nothing left.
You’re so full now that the cum is just dripping out of you, white beads rolling down the shafts of their dicks.
Denki pulls out, plopping onto the couch next to you with a heaving chest. At the same time, Bakugou rises from the couch. He hands Denki the blunt before finishing off the beer in the can he’s holding. He crushes it, tosses the can onto the ground.
Kiri’s still fucking you slowly with his hard dick, using his massive hands to rub your tits gingerly. He presses a gentle kiss to your cheek as you catch your breath.
“My turn,” Bakugou grins down at you. You look hazily upward as Kiri lifts you up, handing you off to his friend.
The contrast between the two of them is apparent as soon as Kiri’s hands leave your body. Bakugou flips you over roughly so you’re on your knees, then grabs your hair and slams your face forcefully into the couch cushions.
Bakugou can see the cum in your pussy leaking out onto your thighs and dripping onto the couch. He loves this. You were so innocent before you met the four of them. And now look at you. You’re disgusting: face shoved in the couch cushions, sniffling, with cum dripping out of your ruined pussy and ass.
“God, you’re a fucking mess,” he says, slapping your ass hard until you’re shaking and crying into the couch.
Once he’s had his fill of abusing you, Bakugou shoves his dick into your ass with no prep. You cry out, but it’s muffled by the couch cushions he has your face shoved into.
“Still so fucking tight,” he says, pounding into your ass. He pulls your hair back hard as he fucks you, watches you squirm and cry. The other boys share drinks, watching him fuck you intently.
You’re struggling to take his dick, but Bakugou doesn’t really care. He just keeps fucking you balls deep, regardless of your panting and twitching. His dick is lubed up by Sero’s cum, and it feels good — wet and tight inside of you. So he doesn’t really care how you’re feeling, or if you’re comfortable.
“Arch your fucking back, take it deeper,” he leers down at you, pushing your back down with his free hand as he shoves your face so deep in the cushions that you can barely even breathe.
You arch your back as much as you can, feel him hit deep inside.
“That’s right,” he snarls. “Be a good fucking cumslut, show me how much you like to take a cock.”
You whimper demurely. Bakugou continues to fuck your ass as his friends jerk their hands over their cum-coated dicks. The way you’re taking his dick so deep in your ass, bearing the nasty abuse he’s giving you with tears rolling down your cheeks, has them all so hard again.
“You want more cum? You want it all over your pretty little face?” he sneers, grabbing you by the cheeks, forcing you to look back at him.
You nod tearily. “Yes, please,” you say.
He pulls out, then grabs a handful of your hair. You whine, clutching at your scalp as he drags you off the couch by the hair.
“Get on your knees, you filthy bitch,” he says.
You obey, sniffling, and the four boys crowd around you, stroking their dicks right into your face.
“What do you want from us?” Bakugou grins nastily down at you.
“I — I want your cum,” you stammer.
“Why don’t you ask us nicely?” Bakugou asks, slapping your face with his dick.
“Can I have your cum, please?” you ask tearily.
Your sweet, pleading face does it for Kiri first. He grabs your hair, fisting his big, thick dick quickly with his free hand.
“You’ve been such a good girl for us, taking so much cum,” he says breathily, as he jacks off into your face. “Let me give you some more.”
He groans, and you flinch as the first hot spurt lands right in your eye. He keeps stroking his cock until your cheeks and mouth are coated in his gooey cum, and then he’s stepping backward, collapsing onto the couch.
Denki cums right afterward, shooting his cum onto your chin, onto your neck, inhaling sharply through his teeth as he finishes.
Sero starts cumming before Denki’s even done, stroking his cum out onto your tits, until it’s coating your chest and dripping onto your nipples.
As his friends plop, exhausted, onto the couch, Bakugou grips your hair and leers down at your hazy, cum-coated face.
“Fuck, you look so fucking nasty. Open your fucking mouth for me,” he says. “Stick your tongue out.”
You obey, with drops of Kiri’s cum dripping from your lips onto your tongue as Bakugou jacks off between your lips. He lets out a soft moan, then shoots his load into your open, waiting mouth. The liquid hits the back of your throat, makes you cough. Bakugou thrusts without warning into your mouth several times as he finishes, pumping his cum into your throat.
When he pulls out, you cough tearily, resting your hands on your knees. You’re exhausted, shaky, with cum all over your face, neck, and chest. There’s some burning your eye, and some drying in your hair.
“Hey,” Bakugou laughs down at you. He points at his grinning face. “You have a little something right here.”
You shut the light off in the unfamiliar bathroom with a sigh. You’ve gotten all of the cum out of your hair and off your face, but your eye is still red and burning.
Mina’s waiting for you against the wall opposite the bathroom door, smoking a cigarette.
“So,” she says, smiling knowingly.
“So?” you ask, rolling your eyes. You pluck the cigarette out of her hand, take a deep drag and exhale slowly.
“So, did they fall for your little innocent act?”
“Of course they did,” you smile, tapping ash on the sticky floor before handing the cigarette back to her. “Frat boys are too fucking easy.”
She laughs. “Especially the virgin hunters, right?”
“Mhm,” you say. “Did you get my video?”
“Yup,” she responds brightly. “Set the camera up right where you asked me and everything.”
“Perfect,” you say, studying your nails. “That was another one for the books.”
“Uh huh,” she laughs, looping her arm through yours. She looks over at you with a knowing smile.
“You’re not gonna call in sick for your internship tomorrow, are you?” she laughs.
“Of course not. Now let’s get going.”
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bnha boys as tweets i have in my phone ;
midoriya izuku ;
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto ;
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki ;
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou ;
Tumblr media
kaminari denki ;
Tumblr media
sero hanta ;
Tumblr media
shinso hitoshi ;
Tumblr media
tokoyami fumikage;
Tumblr media
iida tenya ;
Tumblr media
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tatorthots · 18 days ago
BNHA | Soft Things They Do For You General HC’s
↳ Characters: Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shota Aizawa, Keigo Takami, Dabi, Shigaraki x gn!reader
↳ Warnings: Suggestive Content
↳ a/n: more down to earth than my other quirky hc’s so I hope you guys like this and also I’ve been listening to Careless Whisper all morning unironically PLS
Always puts you before himself.
A real man treats his s.o like gold and Kiri is nothing less than a man. When it’s time to eat he’ll always make your plate first. When he gets invited to go somewhere he’ll always respond with, “I’ll ask y/n what we’re doing that day!” Cutest being when there’s no seats for either of you so he’ll kneel down and let you sit on his knee but sometimes he uses it as an excuse to caress your ass in public. 1000% the ‘I wonder what we’re going to do today’ type.
Often gifts you souvenirs/things he thinks you’d like.
‘Oh y/n would like this.’ being one of his most recurring thoughts. If it’s not something he picks out at a shop then it’s a pretty flower he found sitting in a garden. or a four leaf clover he hunted down for hours after you told him it’d bring good luck to a relationship And whenever he sees a dandelion he’ll always pick it up and have you make a wish. though he still doesn’t understand why it’s bad luck to tell him what you wished for :(
Likes to walk you anywhere and everywhere.
Most often walking you to class before his training or accompanying you to do errands even if he has work study in 10 min. He likes to make sure you get to your destination safely, even if it means he’s gonna have to go full Flash to make it on time to where he needs to be. Being able to hold your hand or wrap his arm around your waist is also a huge plus for him as he walks with you. Tbh he just wants to spend more time with you. 100/10 calls you his sweet beautiful goddess outlet because he’s the plug ;)
Affection affection affection.
He loves to kiss your forehead, hand holding the back of your head as he closes his eyes and inhales the sweet scent of your shampoo. He feels most at peace in this position, a protective hold as his other hand snakes around your waist to pull your body closer to his. He’s also always touching a part of you whenever you’re together, it’s almost as if his hand always somehow gravitates towards your body. If you ever move away from his touch he’ll literally look so offended, hand covering his mouth as he gasps dramatically PLS
Loves to watch you sleep.
Literally doesn’t think anything is cuter than hearing your soft snores, watching as your eyes occasionally flutter - he wonders what you dream about. Brushes strands of hair back as he watches your chest slowly rise and fall. If you were to sleep out in the open and someone walked in a little too loud then they basically chose death. Barking at them to shut the hell up before he literally ends their bloodline. Spoiler, he woke you up.
Allows you in his workspace.
Aizawa is a very busy man, he knows that, but he never lets it put a strain in your relationship. When he’s in his office working he’ll let you straddle his lap as he types, your legs swaying around his waist as he feels the faint thump of your heart beating against his chest - he likes feeling you run your fingers through his hair as you occasionally kiss his neck, both of you quietly enjoying each others presence as he works and you read a book or play on your phone.
Shows you off.
Hawks is a very in demand pro-hero. He knows he has waves of fan girls pining over him, which is why he shows you off any chance he gets. He’s proud to have you by his side, cheering for him when he feels unsure and grounding him when he feels like he’s falling apart. Sure, Keigo used to be a playboy, but ever since you stormed into his life it was like he just couldn’t resist you. 100% likes when you get jealous sometimes just to tease you
Extremely protective of you.
He’ll always be a step in front of you when you meet new people, a protective stance as his icy irises focus on the newcomer/s. Doesn’t like it when you get into fights, even if he’s in a life or death situation, if he hears you struggling a little too much or god forbid scream, he’ll immediately lose control and slaughter his opponent, rushing to get to your side. Dabi has lost a lot, he’ll be damned if he loses you too. sometimes he can be flighty but he always comes back to you
He pays attention to your wants and needs.
Whenever you think you’ve run out of something, he already has an extra waiting for you. If he feels like it’s too risky to go out by yourself he’ll personally go for you or with you. Shiggy listens to you when you talk, threatening anyone who tries to speak over you. Often he’ll put it upon himself to make sure you stay safe and at ease. Extremely soft for his s.o (shiggy 10/10 caps on dabi for being overprotective as he buys you both matching crocs)
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simpforsadbois · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 1: Double Penetration (One Hole)
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x f!reader x Denki Kaminari
Word count: 1.9k
Warnings: double vaginal penetration, impact play, praise kink, mild orgasm control, dacryphilia, double oral penetration, cum eating, overstimulation
Notes: Happy Kinktober, y'all! 💜
Tumblr media
It’s hot. The air in the room is thick and humid from the perspiration dripping off of each of your bodies. Your lungs are burning and you can already tell that you’re very likely to be sore just about all over tomorrow. You’re so close to being completely spent and you haven’t even gotten to the big event yet; the only reason the Stun Gun Hero himself was here with you and your boyfriend.
Denki hadn’t needed as much convincing as you had. He damn near ran over the moment Eijirou had proposed the idea to him. It’s not like you weren’t excited by the idea of both of them taking you at once, it was the practicality of it all, because your boyfriend could be described in plenty of words, but small was definitely not one of them. He wasn’t small in any sense of the word.
Quite the contrary, actually. He was massive in every sense of the word. He barely fit by himself sometimes, which he understood well, and yet he’s the one who suggested seeing if you could handle taking him and one of his buddies. It was practically all you’d heard about for the past week.
He’d lean down, whispering in your ear about how he just couldn’t wait to push you to your limits while he was bottoming out inside of you, his dick twitching inside of you at the thought of your tight cunt struggling to accommodate the extra girth. His lips would find your ear when he pulled you back against his chest at night, murmuring about how he’d just gotten off the phone with Kaminari who couldn’t seem to shut up about your upcoming arrangement.
They were both extremely eager to see just how far they could stretch you out and the moment of truth had finally come. Eijirou lays back in the bed, grabbing your hips and pulling you on top of his abdomen to face him, so that he gets to see your pretty face while Denki kneels behind you, languidly stroking his length as he watches his friend reach between your legs to slap his fat cock against your soaking pussy.
“Eiji,” you mewl, rocking your hips back to grind yourself against his hefty cock as the weight of it slapped against your folds. “Please, need it so bad. Wanna cum again.”
“Oh, you’re gonna cum again, sweetheart,” Denki chortles from behind you, grabbing a handful of your ass, kneading the flesh before cracking his palm against it. He groans, watching it jiggle, only tearing his eyes away to meet your gaze as you look back at him.
“Yeah you are, pretty girl,” Eijirou coos from beneath you, taking your chin between his thumb and forefinger to pull your attention back to him, planting a sweet kiss to your lips. “Gonna make sure you cum all over both of our cocks, I promise you that.”
“Mmare you sure you’ll both fit?” You pull your brows together, a small, innocent pout on your lips that the redhead decided long ago he could never get tired of. You just looked so sweet, so demure, but he knew that you were anything but, knew exactly how badly you wanted this.
“I know my girl can handle it,” he whispers against your lips, brushing his fingertips along the side of your face as he gives you another gentle kiss.
You lean into it, a soft hum of contentment vibrating against his mouth as he lines himself up with your hole. You briefly feel his lips quirk up into a smirk just before Denki’s hands seize your waist and pull you down, fully sinking you down onto the redhead’s cock as your quiet hum turns into a wanton moan.
“Oh, fuck,” you sigh, hanging your head as you instinctively begin rolling your hips.
“Ah, ah,” Eijirou stills them, holding your hips still while the blonde comes right up behind you, teasing his tip against the very narrow entrance that remained between your thighs.
“We’ll go nice and slow, okay, sweetheart?” Denki places a kiss to your shoulder as he starts to inch himself inside. “Tell me if it’s too much.”
You nod your understanding, curling your fingers tight around your boyfriend’s shoulder as you lean forward to lay prone on his chest. He places a kiss on your forehead, but he’s unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of another man joining him inside of your tight heat.
“Shit,” you hiss, burying your face in his shoulder, a moan echoing off of his skin as Denki pulls back a little, briefly afraid he’s hurt you until you speak up. “W-wait. Do that again, please,” you breathe, holding perfectly still until he sinks himself back inside of you. “Oh fuck yes,” you hiss again, a smile spreading across your face as the pleasure finds you.
“You like that, babygirl?” Eijirou grins up at you as you sit up again, pushing yourself back onto both of them as you arch your back and rest your hands on his broad chest.
“Yeah,” you nod, “More, oh God, please. Give me more.”
“Told ya you could take it, baby,” Eijirou’s chest rumbles with laughter as he picks his hips up, his cock sliding against Denki’s as it sinks in and out of you. “And to think you were nervous. Takin’ us both like champ, just like I knew you would.”
“Doin’ so good for us, gorgeous,” Denki places a hand on the small of your back while Eijirou fills his palms with the swell of your ass, the both of them thrusting in opposite rhythms, one pushing in, while the other pulls out. “Fuck, dude, I can feel you as much as I can her.”
“Shit,” Eijirou’s head drops back into the mattress, his eyes closing as his fingertips dip into your skin. “I know, bro, feels so fucking good though.”
“Fuck yeah, it does,” Denki grunts, stroking slower, but deeper, dragging the bulbuous head of his cock along your walls as he hunches over you, kissing across your shoulders and effectively sandwiching you between the two heroes.
“You wanna cum like this, pretty girl?” Eijirou slips his hand between your legs again, toying with your clit while his lips attach to your neck, littering it with the softest kisses as he slows his pace to match Denki’s. “Wanna cum around both our cocks at once? Bet you do.”
“Y-yes!” You keen, the stimulation to your sensitive bundle of nerves bringing you close to the edge in record time. “Wanna cum for b-Oth of you, oh fuck, Eiji. P-please, need to cum. Need to cum so bad.”
“Should we let her?” He looks over your shoulder to the blonde, who’s awfully close himself, if his blissed out expression is any indication.
He shakes his head, picking up his tempo as he leans back, “No, not yet. ‘M’close, man. Are you? Make her wait for us. It’ll be so fucking hot.”
“Fuck, you’re right,” Eijirou groans, speeding up his thrusts, keeping his attention on your clit as you fight off your orgasm. “Just hang on for another sec, babygirl. So clo--fuck. So fuckin’ close.”
“Eiji,” you whimper, tears dripping onto his shoulder as you feel yourself about to let go, the coil in your belly winding incredibly tight. “N-need it..”
“Fuck,” Denki groans, throwing his head back as he pours himself into you.
“Oh shit,” Eijirou is quick to follow, spilling his own load of warm, sticky seed into you with a low growl, his half-lidded eyes regarding you with a euphoric smile dancing on his lips as he nods at you. “Let go, baby. Go ahead and cum for us, princess.”
You obey, your body going limp against his chest as waves of ecstasy take over your every nerve, leaving you a quivering mess, twitching with every aftershock that rolls through you as they taper off their thrusts.
“So beautiful,” Eijirou murmurs, swiping away a tear as he smiles up at you, supporting your head in his hand as he leans up and kisses you slowly, swallowing the whimper you let out as Denki slips out of you, followed by a generous gush of the mixture of their essence.
“Damn,” you hear him marvel from behind you as he sits back on the bed, arms behind him as he chases his breath. “Knew I shoulda fuckin’ asked you out before he could.”
You giggle, though it does nothing to help you recover your own breath as you sit up, dismounting Eijirou to sit beside him on your knees, eyeing the milky white substance coating both of their still leaking cocks.
“C’mere,” you chew the inside of you lip, patting the space between your boyfriend’s still spread legs. “Lemme clean you up. Both of you,” you grin, getting on all fours.
“Dammit, dude, you better keep yourself in line or I swear,” Denki shakes his head, eagerly scrambling to get in position, laying with his thighs cast over his friend’s, so that their still semi-erect cocks are nearly flush up against one another.
“Fuck, baby, you’re so hot,” Eijirou breathes, sitting up on both elbows, eyes glimmering with excitement as he watches you lean over both of their lengths, using both hands to bring them together and take their tips into your mouth, sucking gently before seeing how much of them you can take as you slowly bob your head.
A garbled mess of moans and groans greet you from either side as both of their hips buck at the overstimulation. Your hands move in tandem along both of their cocks, coaxing every last drop out of them as you pull off with a lewd squelching noise, wiping the excess off your bottom lip with your thumb as Eijirou pops up and immediately cradles your face in his hands, pulling you into a passionate kiss.
“I love you so much,” he sighs, a wide smile spreading across his face as he looks into your eyes.
“I love you too,” you coo back to him, leaning in for another kiss.
“I think that’s my cue,” Denki chuckles, standing and gathering his clothes. “Same time next week?” He only half-jokes, aiming playful finger guns in your direction as you and Eijiorou laugh quietly.
“Maybe for your birthday or somethin’,” you curl up between Eijirou’s legs, leaning back against his chest as he folds his arms around you.
“Hey,” Denki shrugs as he finishes buttoning his jeans and pulls his shirt over his head. “I’ll take what I can get here, sweetheart. Thanks for lettin’ me join in.”
He heads off towards the door and Eijirou turns his head, mouthing the words, “I’ll talk to her,” as he tilts his head towards you.
Denki grins, nodding as he lifts his eyebrows and gives him a quick thumbs up as he grabs the door handle. “I’ll catch you guys later.”
“Later, man.”
“See you, Denki,” you smile after him, nuzzling into Eijirou’s neck as your tired eyes fall closed.
“I’m too tired to talk about it right now, but yes, we can do it again,” you laugh and he echoes the sound against the crown of your head as he kisses it.
“Thank you, baby. Did I mention that I love you?”
"Mm," you smile softly as you hum your acknowledgement, "You've mentioned it."
Tumblr media
Kinktober Masterlist
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iwasbunny · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 705 words.
# warnings. fingering, afab reader, cunillingus, fem! reader, loss of virginity, body worship, pussy drunk boys, lots of praise.
# contains. bakugou, denki and izuku.
Tumblr media
He’s surprisingly soft during your first time
As much as he hates to admit it, he feels a lot of pressure but also he’s honored that you trust him this much.
His face is flushed the entire time but he will take charge, eagerly drinking up your exposed form and kissing every inch of skin that he can.
“Stop moving, princess. Let me take care of you.. just relax, okay? I’ll make you feel good.”
There’s so much of you to love and he can’t help but want to mark you up, paying special attention to your inner thighs and tummy.
“You are so fuckin’ beautiful.. so perfect.”
The praises that are so uncharacteristically him don’t stop flowing from his lips, even as he slowly thrusts his cock into your perfect cunt.
He’s so soft, so sweet, holding himself back as long as you need him to while your insides are just clamping down and milking him.
And the moment he hears that first quiet whimper of his name he’s hooked, slowly gripping your hips and fucking his fat cock into you.
“You feel so good, baby. go ahead, cum all over me.. let me see that pretty face all fucked out from my cock.”
He’s a bit of a nervous wreck
Izuku’s just trying his best to make sure you’re comfortable, all while he’s flustered over how gorgeous you look underneath him.
“You’re so pretty, puppy.. can I touch you? I just want to make you feel good.”
The moment you nod, his hands are all over you, brushing against your skin and groping everything he can because he’s just so mesmerized.
Just the view of you writhing in pleasure all from him makes him hard, he doesn’t even think about getting himself off.
All of his attention is just on you as his fingers slip inside your cunt to stretch you out.
The moans he’s pulling out of you only make his movements grow more confident, his fingertips brushing against your g-spot repeatedly.
“So that’s where you like it, pretty baby. Are you gonna cum for me? Do it, let me see you cum all over my fingers.”
And when you do it’s almost impossible from him to hold back, he could practically cum just from hearing you moan all for him.
“Good.. good girl, what do you say? Think you’re ready for me, puppy?”
Safe to say, he was ecstatic, this guy has been dreaming of this moment ever since you started dating.
And the fact that he’s your first just makes him want to prove himself even more.
But nothing could ever come close to the real thing, the moment he saw your body his eyes grew wide and his body instantly reacted.
“God baby.. you are so.. damn beautiful. Let me see you, don’t hide away from me.”
As eager as he was to feel good, he wanted you to make sure you were satisfied first.
The predatory look doesn’t leave him, not even as he slowly kisses down your body, eager to taste you—to feel your thighs squeezing around him and pulling him in.
“You’re so wet already, baby.. looking forward to this, mm? Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint.. I’ll make you cum all over my face, princess.”
He does exactly that, sucking on your clit while his fingers curl inside of your tight cunt and your arousal runs down his chin.
“Tastes so good, fuck.. you’re gonna get me addicted to this, sweetheart.”
Safe to say, he kept up his promise and had you feeling way more than just satisfied.
Tumblr media
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ushijimascumbucket · 27 days ago
mostly fluff, but also nsfw
part 1 part 2 shiratorizawa
Tumblr media
• Denki likes crooked teeth!!!
• he thinks they’re charming and whimsical
• doesn’t fully trust ppl with perfect teeth like.. what are u hiding??
• loves when you wear lip tints with it, thinks ur mouth looks so kissable
• gives u a judgmental look if u talk bad about them, he’s proper like 🤨🤨🤨
• he gets why u might feel bad about them, but like,,,,, he can’t relate
• kisses ur pretty mouth until u forget about it either way
• i’m gonna say what were all thinking.
• Bakugou loves hairy pussy .
• can’t tell me this man doesn’t gobble up bushy vagina like it’s a fucking pudding cup LMAOOOOOOO
• naw but he will whine like a bitch when you shave, he thinks it looks way better with hair
• doesn’t care if u trim it, but like... he needs a little something
• all round katsuki likes his women hairy 👍
• when asked why he’ll just go ‘cuz it’s fuckin hot ok? will u get off my ass?’
• doesn’t know why he likes it, just does
• he thinks it makes u look ‘healthy’... yeah don’t ask me
• if u ever say “we can’t babe i haven’t shaved”... get ready lol
• “good. get on the bed. now.”
• loves the feeling of your pubes against his pubes, just hits the spot
• likes big arms on women
• could b muscle, could be fat, he doesn’t mind
• he likes to see them in those tight little baby tees, something about them is so cute to him
• the way the material pinches them, even if it’s just a tiny bit, the way ur shoulders look, it’s just perfect to him
• they make him wanna grab on to ur arm like a school girl getting taken to prom, it’s really quite cute
• whenever u go shopping with him he always picks out short sleeve shirts, n ull b like “shoto we’re shopping for trousers” but then he’ll be like “but ur arms would look so pretty in this.”
• offers to pay so who r u to deny him?
•Wants the around his neck when he’s rutting into you, loves feeling them press against his skin
• if he’s got u i’m doggy he’ll hold you by ur upper arms and grip the soft flesh so tight his finger prints leave marks
• likes to mark them up so that when u wear the pretty little t-shirt he bought u everyone can see who u belong to <333
•(fyi if i see a SINGLE short person in these comments saying “COULDNT BE ME IM 5’0 😭😭😭😭” i will personally rip your throat out. short girl behaviour is not welcome on my page)
• so he isn’t the tallest guy, he’s not tiny but he’s not huge either, he’s a very average height
• homeboy is OBSESSED with tall women
• istg hes one of those dudes that is like 7 inches shorter than u, craning their neck 90° to chat u up LMAO
• and maybe you laugh at him a little, not because of his height but because of his eagerness, and yet u still hear him out, and you two really click
• thinks ur so majestic and graceful
• pops a STIFFY thinking about ur fucking long ass legs
• he wants to BITE THEM
•Also thinks it’s hot that, even though you’re so much taller than him you still look tiny when your under him getting ur brains fucked out, still complaining about the stretch, still going dummy stupid on his cock
•Even though you’re taller than him, he loves that he’s still bigger than you
•he’ll say stuff like “you look so cute, little girl” and “where’s all your attitude now? thought i didn’t know how to handle you?”
• but no ya if ur tall deku is ur short king END OF DISCUSSION
Tumblr media
hey guys tysm for reading! i hope u enjoyed, lmk if u want more of this series i think it’s a pretty cute one!! reblogs appreciated!! bye love you bye!!
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mari-the-bimbo · 2 months ago
MHA BOYS: You fall asleep on them
A/N: I’ve added more boys for once lmao
Characters: Izuku, Shoto, Bakugo, Kirishima, Denki, Shinso, Monoma
Tumblr media
Internally SCREAMS
Did his crush really just fall asleep on his shoulder ??!
But his panic disappears when he looks down at you, admiring how cute you look, your nose wrinkling as deku’s curly hair tickles your face, making him softly laugh
He gives you a quick kiss on your nose
He slowly snakes his muscular, scarred arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer, to help you sleep more comfortably
Such a sweetie <3
Tumblr media
An absolute Tsundere
He scoffs at your sleeping form, the second your head hits his shoulder
But then he’ll softly move a strand of your hair out of your face, making sure nothing disturbs you sleep
If any of those extras are too loud while you’re sleeping, he WILL threaten them to shut the fuck up
Not with his yelling of course, that would wake you up. But he’ll silently activate his quirk, small sparks in his hand, as his glares at whoever is making too much noise
“Idiot” he mutters with a small smile, as he watches your sleepy face.
Tumblr media
If Shoto wasn’t stiff enough already, he’s extra stiff now, to ensure you don’t wake up.
The last thing Shoto wants to do is disturb your sleep, if anything seeing your peaceful sleepy form makes him want to sleep and cuddle with you too 🥺
So he wastes no time grabbing the nearest blanket, heating it up with his quirk, before draping it over you and himself.
He nuzzled his head against yours and falls asleep with you
A small smile gracing his face
Tumblr media
You took everyone in the dorm by surprise when you fell asleep on the shoulder of the loudest, chatty, jumpiest person in the room.
Yet Denki is literally love struck the second you fell asleep on his shoulder!
Audibly coos at you
Maybe even pinches your cheeks because you look adorable in your sleep
He tries to contain his love and excitement though, he wouldn’t want to accidentally electrocute you in your sleep 💀
So for once in a LONG time, Denki actually shuts up, peacefully sitting still, rubbing your shoulder as he lets you sleep <3
Tumblr media
The second your head hits Kiri’s shoulder, he feels like his heart is about to burst!
He literally goes from surprised pikachu face to love heart eyes emoji
Also coos at you
Tucks your hair behind your ears, so it doesn’t bother you in your sleep because he’s so thoughtful 😩
Manoeuvres your head into the crook of his neck, and put his buff arm around your shoulder to ensure your comfortable BECAUSE ITS THE MANLY THING TO DO <3
Tumblr media
Shinso promised himself not to befriend or catch feelings for anyone in his new class
Yet when you fell asleep on his shoulder, he could feel his promise crumbling away
Watching your face smushed against his broad shoulder had Shinso’s heart beating very fast.
He lets out a dreamy sigh as he looks at you
And although Shinso barely ever slept, right now napping with a cutie like you seemed really appealing
So he leans his messy purple head on top of yours, and slowly falls asleep with you
Tumblr media
Just like Denki, no one was expecting you to fall asleep on the shoulder of the loudest boy in 1B
Monoma is very proud of the fact you fell asleep on his shoulder and not someone else
Will proceed to boast about this the next 2 weeks lol
But when Monoma actually looks down at your sleeping face, his eyes softens a bit, as he quietly cusses himself for finding you so cute
He’ll give you soft head pats because you deserve it
Monoma the secret softie <3
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lucyphurr · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
how they act when they’re horny & just rlly horny sex + denki, kiri, bakugo, & sero
in celebration of basically my first post getting 100 notes, and the second one nearing 100, here’s a rlly long thing I did. at first it was going to be short and sweet but I got carried away and then noticed my posts getting a lot of love! so this is a little thanks, eat it up and feel free to ask me things and messsge me, (honestly idk if my asks work) -L <3
nsfw ! + semi-public sex?, ngl mommy is thrown in there and i won’t take any criticism, degradation (giving & receiving), praise, thigh riding, spitting, daddy kink, cokwarming kind of, intoxicated sex, spanking/as well as pussy smacks, squirting
denki kaminari
— definitely a whiner
— if you’re in public he’ll keep trying to drag you home or somewhere else just so he can at least press up against you
— “please baby, you’re doing this on purpose”
— the most inconvenient place he got horny was when you were visiting your parents house for Christmas
— ended up probably having some of the hottest sex in your childhood room
— he wouldn’t shut up about how hot you looked in your dress and kept grabbing at you ass while no one was looking so you told your parents you’re gonna turn in early
After basically throwing Denki into your childhood room, he starts grabbing at you through your dress even more than he was before. You’d be lying if you said his actions didn’t start to make you horny, but you didn’t want him to start thinking he can get away with this whenever he wants. You decided that you would indulge yourself though, because Denki seemed to be in an extra subby mood today.
“Let me ask you a favor, Kami.”
“anything, just please-“
“I want to ask for a little Christmas gift a bit early,” you tell the boy who is now underneath you, you feel him trying to push up into you for some friction.
He just nods his head quickly before you even say what you want, you love when he gets like this. You pull him into a kiss that makes him squirm even more.
“I just want you to be a good boy for me today, I don’t want anything else from you.” Denki knows what that means, he whines out an “okay”.
“What a good boy, you’re so worked up you’ll probably let me do anything. How dirty.”
He just lets out a pitiful whine as you rut your hips down into him, feeling himself get incredibly hard just from this action and how you talk to him. He places his hands on your hips, right above the curve of your ass. His fingertips probably leaving bruises as he basically used you to try and get himself off. He lets out a protest whine when you remove his hands, quieting when you start undoing his belt. You remove his belt and motion at him for his hands, he tried to protest because he’s so handsy and loves touching you, but your grinding into him at such a slow pase makes him feel dizzy. He’d rather die than have you stop right now. You’re able to wrap his hands together, making sure to do it around a bar on your metal headboard so he’s actually stuck.
“You look so pretty like this, you probably sound even prettier.”
Denki is practically writhing in his skin, you decide to be nice and help him out. You take his pants off, leaving him in only boxers. For a bit you didn’t want to show Denki how wet you are. But the way he is now it would probably work him up more, so you lean back, your ass now pressed onto his dick. His eyes are glued to you as if looking away would be blasphemy, your spread your legs so your dress is bunched up at the top of your thighs. Denki let’s out a moan when he sees the wet patch in your panties, since you’re feeling generous you decide to pull them to the side. You smile when you notice his hands struggling against your headboard.
“Fuck, please...” Denki begs deperstely under you, it’s right in his face and he cant do anything. A smile creeps up your lips.
“Do you want it?” You ask like you don’t know the answer, he nods his head vigorously, lip taught in between his teeth. “Then ask me nicely.”
Denki looks so wound up you’re nervous he might set off his quirk, he’s thinking so hard, obviously trying to see the quickest way for you to help him out. He retorts that asking nicely is begging.
“Please baby, you don’t know how-“
“No, it has to be even nicer. Get creative.” You’re having the time of your life, you thought he’d take time to think, but he didn’t and your head practically exploded.
“Fuck, please, mommy. I want it so bad. mommy please I’ve been such a good boy for you.”
You didn’t know how to react besides giving him what he wanted and more, after all, he was right. He was being such a good boy for you.
eijiro kirishima
— there’s no way this boy isn’t handsy
— holding your thigh while driving but being annoyingly close to the top of your thigh
—he won’t rlly tell you bc he assumes you’ll just know, which you do
— when he’s horny in public he won’t say anything, he kind of likes waiting
— unless he’s horribly worked up, then there might be an exception
— today is one of those days
— slapping your ass, hugging you from behind and grabbing your breasts through your hero costume while no one is looking
— you both made a promise to your childhood friend bakugo that you wouldn’t fool around in his hero agency, and you didn’t want to break that promise because he might blow your asses up
— so kiri has to opt for waiting and getting you as soon as he can
— which so happens to be in the car before you both go home
“Kiri, maybe we should just wait until we get home” you breathe out, he’s kissing all the weak spots he knows. which is in fact getting you wrapped around his finger.
“I’ve been waiting for this all day, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna stop now that I’ve started.” He says into your ear while he plays with your tits through your shirt, it feels like when you were teens fooling around. what would people say if the famous pro hero couple was caught fooling around in their car? the tabloids would eat that up.
you were practically aching for kiri at this point, and he knew that. but one of his favorite things to do was tease you, something about you whining and crying because you just want to cum always makes him go insane. you already know what’s going to happen when kiri takes you out of your sweats and makes you straddle one of his thighs, you always loved his thighs.
“You know what to do, princess.” The nickname makes you whine, his hands guiding your hips at a horribly slow pace.
he chuckles at how he can already feel your wetness on his bare thigh, he pulled his shorts up a bit for you. he loved how you grab his shoulders for support, not even because your unsteady but because he’s going so slow you feel like you might pass out.
“fuck, kiri please go faster.” you whine out, every time you try to quicken the pace his hands slow you down again. “what’s my name?”
you don’t hear him, you’re too focused on looking down at yourself grinding on his thigh. the slow friction making you wetter by the second. you’re brought out of your trance when he smacks your ass, he has a stupid smile at your yelp.
“i said, what’s my name? i don’t have time for you to be a brat.”
he loosens up on your hips a bit, letting you go a bit faster.
“ah- fuck! daddy, please let me go faster.” he helps you quicken the pase, your moans high pitched and breathing fast in his ear.
“good girl, you sound so pretty. acting like a little slut for me, look at you being so desperate to get yourself off on my thigh.”
your cheeks burn red, the embarrassment feeling like a sting. you let out a high pitch whine when he slips his hand into your underwear, feeling at the wetness you smeared around yourself. he groans at the proof of how worked up you are, he pulls his hand out and scissors two fingers, showing the strings of arousal connecting them. He puts one in his mouth, maintaining eye contact with you, then raises his other messy finger to your mouth.
“taste how sweet you are, baby.” he says it like he’s offering you a slice of cake, but you can hear the lust dripping off of his words. you pop his middle finger in your mouth, his dick strains against his shorts even more at you swirling your tongue around.
he pulls his finger out of your mouth and goes back into your panties, making you grip onto his shoulders even harder. he doesn’t waste his time playing with your bud that’s been asking for attention this whole time, you start grinding down impossibly harder. you feel your release on the tip of your tongue, your motions becoming noticeably messy.
“ah- ah fuck, ‘gonna cum.” Is all you’re able to choke out, kiri reminds you of a rule the both of you have, just to make things more fun.
“ask to cum or you’re getting edged for the rest of the night.” your head spins at the thought of only coming once tonight, you manage to choke out something somewhat coherent.
“daddy, please- please let me cum.” his movements become just a bit faster, taking that as a yes the pressure in your stomach sends you over.
you gush on his hand and thigh, kiri loves it when you squirt all over him. he literally can’t think of anything hotter than you squirting on him, and because of him. just because he’s feeling like a dick he sticks his fingers into your tight and spasming entrance, you let out a high pitched yelp.
“daddy no- no, I’m so sensitive~”
you try to squirm away from his hand, but he traps you by wrapping his arm around your waist. pressing you flush against him, curling his fingers into you. your body is twitching with sensitivity, kiri groans at how you’re clamping down on his fingers, only making him want to go faster. you keep letting out increasingly higher pitched moans, you feel the familiar pressure building to again. subconsciously fucking yourself on his fingers, you feel like you’re going to melt from sensitivity, but it’s so good.
“go on baby, show daddy how good he’s making you feel right now. your pussy’s being so good for me, telling me when you’re close. the way you clamp down on my fingers is so dirty.”
you easily cum a second time on kiri’s hand again, he’s so hard it practically hurts now. you give him a thank you and kiss around his face, he chuckles at you.
“you did so good baby, you don’t have to do anything from this point”
he says as he turn you around, back pressed against his chest. pulling your ruined panties to the side. he raises you a bit, feeling his warm head at your entrance.
“daddy, you’re gonna break me.” you choke out while he slowly lowers you down, you tighten when his head pops into you. he gives a kiss to your neck
“yea baby, that’s the point.”
katsuki bakugou
— hes flat out annoyed and angry when he’s horny
— he doesn’t like telling you out of “basic human decency”
— but you’re pretty sure he’s just shy
— will def use his quirk a little bit on you, like smaking your ass and you feel a small sting
— most convos are just him being angry and dismissing you
— “tsuki~” “what.” “why does my baby look so bothered right now?” “i’m not.”
— usually ends convos by fast-walking out of the room
— definitely the same as he was in high school
— sex with him when he’s horny is like angry sex, so, very good
— will degrade you to filth without a second thought
— “the whole apartment could probably hear you. I should just let them watch you get fucked until you drip all over me.”
— “you’re screaming my name like a filthy whore, is this too much for you baby?”
— even if you said yes he probably wouldn’t slow down, if you try to like move up a bit or have him pull out a little bit he’ll literally trap you with his big ass arms
“oh fuck, oh fuck, ‘tsuki it’s too much.”
your boyfriend has you pinned on your kitchen counter, back on the cold marble and looking him in his eyes. looking down where you’re both connected at, the sight is filthy. bakugou is holding your wrists with one hand and the other is lightly holding your neck, periodically squeezing the sides, making your body tingle.
“shut up, waiting for me to come home dressed like this. you were so ready for me, you can take it baby.”
you encouraged bakugou to give you minimal prep today and you were suffering the consequences, but the way you were drooling all over yourself let him know that this hurt was a good one. but, just because he cares a little bit, he slowed his pace. but in the one way you were hoping he wouldn’t, he’s going horribly slow.
“look at you, your pussy is leaking all over me. what? you told me to slow down and I did.” he laughs like he’s taunting you, pulling out until it’s only his head and quickly jamming it back in.
he lets out groans at your tightness, tightening around him at his words. he knows exactly how to wind you up and get you wrapped around his finger. just as you were getting used to his slow brutal pace, you can feel pressure building up in you. as you try to chase your high by grinding down on him, he flips you over. face pressed onto the marble where your back was.
“so impatient, you know what I do to girls that can’t wait?”
your body burns with anticipation for what you know is coming, you let out a yelp when you get a harsh smack to your ass. bakugo palms and grips the flesh, letting out a groan when he spreads you to get a clearer view of your pussy that’s currently clenching around nothing.
“katsuki, please~”
you let out such a needy whine, how could he say no. without another word you feel him easing into you, you expected him to give you a hard time and tell you to beg harder or something. letting out a loud moan as he spreads you apart to watch.
“now, since I gave you something you’re gonna have to be a good girl and count for me.”
you let out another whine, trying to just ignore him and slowly start pushing yourself back on him. he smacks one of his hard hands down on you, getting you to jump. bakugou almost thinks he’s going to lose his mind how you’re clamping down on him.
“good girl.”
katsuki leaves himself buried deep inside you as he gives you your punishment, you never thought 16 was such a big number until you had to count up to it in such an agonizing situation. you know the way your tightening around katsuki is making him sweat and groan, it’s the only type of retaliation you can manage while you’re drooling from him smacking your ass and twitching in you. you have 6 left, the number seems so far away even though it’s so small. there’s a long pause before he brings his hand down on you, the anticipation practically edging you. you can feel your arousal dripping down your thighs. when he brings his hand down you practically scream, you felt his quirk go off on your ass.
“eleven, augh fuck ‘tsuki, don’t do this I’m gonna-“
you’re easily silenced by him thrusting into you, the wet sounds you made just from one thrust are humiliating. now each time he smacks you, you can feel his quirk go off. massaging the spot he hit that is quickly bruising each time you count, your whole body feels hot with excitement. although the remaining 5 pass by agonizingly slow, it passes. hoping to get friction from the blond boy rubbing your ass you tighten around him a bit. you’re quickly pulled from the warm marble by the back of your neck, your back pressed to his sweaty chest.
“are you gonna be a good girl for me, baby?”
after vigorously nodding your head he placed a kiss to your shoulder, setting a steady pace of pumping in and out of you. it feels so good you practically melt in his arms, feeling your wetness run down your legs only makes you more aroused. you already feel sensitive and you haven’t even cum yet, and your heart skips a beat when bakugou’s arm snakes around you and starts rubbing your swollen bud. you let out a high pitched cry and arch your back off of his sweaty body.
“ah~ fuck you’re gonna make me cum.”
he licks up the side of your neck before talking into your ear again, “yea, that’s the point. i want you to cum on daddy’s dick so hard I have to remind you how to walk after.”
sero hanta
— he gets horny every time he smokes
— not because it just happens, he gets horny because he knows how horny you get when you smoke together
— sero is a sucker for pleasing his s/o
— he’ll do anything to make you feel good, seeing you feel good makes him feel even better
— he’s a functioning stoner, so the way he touches you with steady hands always makes your head spin
— always makes sure it’s what you want to do before doing it, so you have to practically beg him, which gets him going too
— a little bit of a king of dirty talk
— “you’re whining so loud the rest of your dorm could probably hear you, start saying my name so they all know who’s doing this to you”
— sero is #1 supporter of your horny tendencies
— when you tease him for being horny he just degrades you to make up for it
“you’re being so good for me, spread your legs more.”
you let out a whine and spread them more for your boyfriend, his apartment was free from his roommates so you took advantage. you didn’t think it’d lead to him looking so pretty in between your legs, you run a hand through his blacks tresses, the long back tied into a low ponytail that you want to yank on so bad. he’s been teasing you by blowing on your slick for what has felt like ages, finally gasping into a moan when he finally licks a stripe up you. The grip on his hair tightens, which makes him let out a grunt against you.
“holy shit, hanta you’re doing so good.”
you decide to get your praise in now before it feels like you can’t speak, but you’re being honest. you don’t know how he’s so good at swirlig his tongue around you. you hate how good he looks doing it too, even with your hand making a mess of his hair, it’s like all it does is make him hotter. youre feeling so worked up, in need of more friction.
“hanta, stick your tongue out for me. i wanna see something.”
you look down at him layed on the bed in front of you, the blunts from earlier are really getting to you now. he sticks his tongue out with a smile, wrapping his arms around your thighs when you press yourself up to his tongue and start moving yourself against it. your body feeling fuzzy and incredibly hot with arousal, sero stops you and you protest with a whine. instead he has you sit up, and sits himself behind you so you’re sitting in between his legs.
the smile on his face only grew bigger as he starts trailing his fingers up and down the outside of your slit, the way he’s making you feel right now should be illegal. he slowly starts easing in his middle finger, and saying his fingers are kind of long is an understatement.
“you’re taking one finger so well, last time you were practically shaking. i love when you’re so sensitive.”
you buck your hips up as a response, whining when your action results in his finger going deeper in you. he takes that as a reason to put in another finger in. relishing the way you squirm in his arms, sero can’t believe how pretty you look. your mouth open, gripping at the shoulder that’s controlling his fingers. your eyes red and low, it only makes you sexier. with his free arm he grabs the blunt he abandoned earlier, takes a long pull of it and makes sure to put it out this time. you bite your lip when he directs you to look at him and he blows the smoke in your face.
you open your mouth and stick your tongue out like it’s routine, he smiles at how he feels you tightening on his fingers. he puckers his lips and lets spit fall onto your tongue, sero almost feels you get impossibly wetter. you open your mouth again for him, panting at his quicker pace. whimpers falling out of your mouth as you silently ask you boyfriend to spit in your mouth again. He lets more of his spit fall into your mouth, loving how the dirty acts makes you look like you’re ready to cum.
“you’re such a little slut, gushing around my fingers just because I spit in your mouth.”
you let out a moan at his means words, you feel like you’re practically dripping with arousal. you choke out a high pitched yelp when he scissors his fingers inside of you, he leans down and gives you a kiss on your forehead. your low eyes now focuses on his face, loving how enticed he is with his fingers working in and out of you. you feel the undeniable pressure building up in you, sero can also tell by the way your tightening around his fingers. just as you feel like the pressure is about to let itself go sero pulls his fingers out and gives two slaps your cunt, he expected it to startle you away from your high. but much to his surprise,
“oh- fuck, fuck~”
you start gushing around nothing, which sero can’t stand for. he puts both of his fingers back in you while your release is pouring out of you, curling his fingers up into your spongy spot. making you cry and cum harder while twitching in his arms. he doesn’t give you time to come down from your high, he hooks your knees over his thighs so you’re spread open for him. your hands gripping and clawing at his thighs, you feel like you’re going to cum again. you feel his breath tickle your ear, not deviating your eyes from where sero is abusing you.
“we’re not stopping until you do that again, I want you to ruin the sheets.”
you let out a high pitched whine in response, feeling the pressure coil up in your stomach and your body get increasingly warmer. sero keeping his steady pace as he feels your insides flutter around him, the only thing that changes is that he curls his fingers into your soft spot more, making you throw your head back on his shoulder. the pressure almost feels unbearable and you feel your hips twitching with arousal, finally feeling your release. you gush around him again with a scream. your thighs that are being held open twitch with disparity, trying to force themselves closed. sero is more than pleased with you squirting, literally feeling himself aching to have you do it around his dick.
“you did so good, that was so hot baby.” 
he praises you and kisses your jaw, pulling his fingers out and slapping your mess a few times. getting moans and twitches out of you. sero knows that when he cleans you up he’s just going to make you do it again.
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sluttsumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring: prohero!bakugou, kirishima, denki, sero
warnings: 18+, nsfw, no specific warnings
wc: 0.8 ??? roughly
a/n: i wanted to write some hcs for some of my fav boys, i got this idea from @c0rncheez ! AHHHH i’m finally writing for mha.
Tumblr media
he loves a girl with some attitude.
a brat, a troublemaker, someone that keeps him on his toes.
he has quite the attitude himself so he loves when you can keep up with him
bakugou is not used to people arguing with him because they’re scared, you on the other hand are not. and that turns him on, especially when you’re right and he’s wrong.
you that tiktok where it says “I love the kind of woman that will actually just, kill me” ? THATS HIM.
arguments are actually funny to him, especially when you get very bold.
because he knows he could have you crying, and apologizing while his dick tip mercilessly hits your cervix.
with him being raised by a dominant woman he craves those same qualities in a partner because he knows how to deal with that.
rather than someone muted and passive.
knowing you could go from firey and fiesty, to a whining moaning mess just giving into him, makes him so fucking hard.
Tumblr media
now we all know that he’s attracted to hotheads (bakugou)
but I think he is obsessed with the idea of a well mannered classy woman.
also i’m mostly using this in the context of sugardaddy!kirishima
I feel like he likes golddiggers
he loves a woman who knows how to take care of herself, who wants to be spoiled, who is cocky, but knows how to be polite and well mannered to everybody who deserves it
greedy whores is what i’m saying, basically
 someone who can stay calm and composed during situations where their patience is tested. that’s the definition of a woman to him.
the only person who can break that composure is him, the only person that gets to see just how fucking greedy you are begging for his cock, and for him to fuck you full.
in reward for your class, he’ll spoil you accordingly.
he’ll practically stare at you with heart eyes drooling when the two of you were going out for dinner and he sees you wearing the brand new dress, and diamonds he bought you.
class isn’t just about how you act but how you present yourself, and you look like the biggest gift at the bottom of a fucking christmas tree to him. Beautiful on the outside so hard to unravel and all the good stuff is on the inside.
Tumblr media
i think sero is in love with toxicity
honestly this goes more with the idea of possessiveness, but to know that somebody is addicted to you for the wrong reasons and will always end up coming back to you drives him crazy.
hate sex, makeup sex, breakup sex, ALL OF IT.
he’s a big tease and teasing you about how much you need him (when in reality you don’t he just wants to corrupt you into thinking that) turns him on.
you look so helpless under him, holding back tears because you know how wrong it is that you’re in bed with your ex AGAIN.
“you just cant stay away from me, can you?”
you’re not aloud to date or fuck with anyone else, why? because hanta will know, and if that person ends up sending you a text saying you can’t see each other anymore. you know why.
he knows that he just has to be good to you for a while, before going back to his insensitive ways, then y’all break up, and suddenly his face is stuffed in your cunt at 3am, you guys get back together and the cycle continues.
Tumblr media
denki loves how innocent you act because he knows you’re anything but innocent.
you’re so nice around your family and friends always smiling and so dainty but such a fucking cockwhore behind closed doors. his cockwhore.
he knows better than anyone how much of a greedy slut you are, always begging, and asking for more.
so he finds it confusing sometimes about how coy and naive you act.
kiri says “you’re as sweet as ever” sero says that “the two of you are perfect for each other” bakugou can actually tolerate you.
all of his friends love you, they all love and know the version of you that you let them see.
but are completely unaware of who you really are at night.
it makes his cock stir in his pants just seeing you around others in public, and you just look so pretty, so delicate, so breakable.
he’s tried to fuck all of the innocence out of you but you will never let the act up? no, solely because you know how hard it gets him.
Tumblr media
sluttsumu 2021
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veenxys · a month ago
「How BNHA Boys would react if you ask them if they love you」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
req: hello mel! can i request something like how bnha guys would react if their s/o asked if they love them??
Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
he's aware that you and he already know the answer to that, so he just rolls his eyes and says something like "no, I just put up with you" but then, when you least expect it, he puts his arm around you and says, "You know I'm completely in love with you, idiot." and when you look at him, he just drops a soft kiss to your temple and pulls away.
⤷ Deku
the sudden question makes him a little scared, because the last thing he wants in the world is to make you feel neglected. he says worried “of course!! why? you do not feel?" only when you reassure him with a laugh that you just want to hear him say it does the smile return to his face and he holds you close, whispering against your lips "I love you so much"
⤷ Kirishima
with a cheerful, sweet smile on his face, he says "hell yes, it's impossible not to love you." then this boy starts kissing all over your face while saying things like "I love your eyebrows, your eyes, your nose..." when he finishes he stops for a few seconds to enjoy your smile, then he starts talking all the others things about you that he's completely in love with.
⤷ Todoroki
he is caught off guard because he knows that no matter how many words he uses, or how many gestures he makes: nothing will ever be enough to show all his love for you. but he tries anyway, and he'll never give up on showing you all his love. so he just looks at you with love in his eyes and a small smile on his lips before saying softly "of course dear"
⤷ Denki
he would respond instantly while poking your cheeks, "yes I do, although you're a pain in the ass sometimes..." and when you let a gleeful laugh escape your lips, he smiles back as he caresses your cheek.
⤷ Tamaki
I think Mirio would hear the question and casually answer for Tamaki before he can. “I can't believe you're asking this, Y/n. Tamaki loves you so much it's nauseating,” he says jokingly while Tamaki looks at you with a blush and a shy smile on his lips. he gently takes your hand and intertwines it with his. “it's true”, he pauses, “but…but not the nauseating part”
⤷ Shinsou
he's confused when those words come out of your mouth, he loves you with all his heart, don't you see that? he wouldn't know what to say, so he would just give you a sweet, passionate kiss, then whisper against your lips "does that answer your question?"
⤷ Hawks
he would say as if it were the most obvious thing in the world like "of course I do; I love you so much... sometimes a little too much." he gives you a playful smile and gently pulls you closer to him so he can kiss your cheek and lips.
⤷ Dabi
he'd be a little confused because you've never asked him that before, but then he'd answer something like "well I eat your food without complaining, even though it sucks so I guess it means something" you let out a laugh cheerful echo through the room as he looks at you with a smile on his face. "yes i do. you know that idiot" he says as he looks at you tenderly.
⤷ Shigaraki
he can't tell if you're serious or not because it's obvious and everyone knows you're the only person in the world he loves with all his heart. he knows he's not good at demonstrating it in words or gestures, but you can see the way his eyes sparkle every time he looks at you. so he would just answer something like "don't be stupid, you already know the answer"
Tumblr media
🏷 tags! @1nterbad, @jdwndk, @anarchythedork, @blossominglark, @mhasimp666, @sweetlilhoneybunny, @gluchie, @pasteldaze, @call-an-ambulance-but-not-for-me , @insomniacwreck, @kleeixe, @yesuraloser, @glamuxxbabe, @luluwiie, @drownedbytears, @kitkozume, @onewsblue, @mikaelatp, @crustycashmeresweater, @viper-mxxn,@goldenbby7, @racistareversa, @kitsuji, @deadmansdoctor, @uxavity, @dukina, @artof-apollo, @t3ddyb34r, @escapenightmare, @shiggyscumrag, @hnscherry, @dnarez, @honeyr4ven
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Tumblr media
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lovekyoutani · 9 months ago
Iida, Kirishima, Denki and Tamaki reacting to being asked to cum inside for the first time
Note: finally back! wasn’t feeling the best but i think i got my mojo back now, i’ll try and post more tonight :)
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist || ko-fi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Fuck—Ei! Cum inside me, baby. I want you to fill me up.”
probably stops mid-thrust in surprise and checks to see if he heard you right
he thinks it’s hot as fuck
literally has no complaints about your request
might tease you a bit about it but overall he’s into it
“I didn’t know you were so naughty, baby.”
“Yeah, you want me to fucking stuff you full of my cum, don’t you?”
his pace will quicken and his thrusts are even deeper
the thought of cumming inside you is a huge turn on for him, in his mind he’s claiming you and making you completely his
he likes staying inside you even after he cums, only pulling out when his cock softens
loves watching the cum slowly escape and gush out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Inside, Ah!— Need you to breed me, please sir.”
iida is respectful boy
he always tells you when he’s close and asks you where you want him to finish
but he’s never heard you say that before
his glasses literally fall off his face as he’s pounding into you with much power
“I’m close, my love. I’m going to cum inside and you better not waste a drop.”
you’ve awakened something in him and it’s his new favourite thing to breed you
he’s the type to force you to keep his cum inside you especially after quickies
the first time it happened he was very panicky he literally forced you to go to the bathroom afterwards
he also bought you a morning after pill and a pregnancy test
you were laughing your ass off because he was just being too cute
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I want to feel you cum deep inside me, fucking cum inside me, Kami.”
he’s used to pulling out but this time when he tried to you just started fucking yourself back on his cock
he tries to warn you though
“Off! Off! Babe, M’close.”
but the moment those words left your mouth he was just frozen in shock
he lowkey couldn’t react at all, he just cums on the spot
you just felt his body stiffen and his warm load slowly fill you up
“Ngh—ah, cum- cumming...”
another boy who loves staying inside you
it just feels warm and comfortable so he doesn’t wanna pull out
he loves eating you out right after he creams your insides
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Tama, I’m gonna cum. Do it inside, baby. Cum inside me, cum with me!”
he looks nervous and adorable
constantly asks you if you’re sure
he just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and that it’s not just your horny brain talking
“A-Are you sure, bunny? Y-You want me to let it out inside you?”
you’ve now unlocked: Dom Tamaki and Breeding kink
he’s addicted to the feeling, he loves the way you look when you’re fucked dumb and full of his seed
definitely finds something to plug you up so you don’t “waste” his cum
he won’t stop until his balls are empty and you’re filled to the brim
not just your pussy though, he’ll fill every hole you have
he’ll cum in your mouth, ass and all over your face to make sure you know who you belong to
Tumblr media
@skytressmc @kageybee @lalayy @cathy8taffy @drapetomaniac @cheetoscat @yfneccentric @gwynnmikara @serosmissingtoe @tendostoefetish @starrygoblin @oberynmartell @xphntmhvx @juju-03 @maurrina @thatgirl1782 @youryn @nit-sir-hc @depressedpuppythatneedscoffee @babyangelsposts @moonlitsokka @scentedbailiffbatwinner @miriobaby @softkao @celestair @elephantloser @koutayoomi @jinxqsu @izukutheizuku @awkward-confused @bunniesandvillains @your-local-meme-dealer @suzuki-violin-school @dakusoul @daichisreciever @koifishy9 @mirakeul @angel6786 @blackestpinkworld @we-mentally-unstable @waitforitillwritemywayout @xxjosiexx @mrstomllison @bakugousmrs @duckie97 @fantasycantasy @redsharksimp @waywardbabie @jennammae
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dilf-uc · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings » nsfw. minors dni. possessiveness and unprotected sex. denki cumming inside before you <3
Tumblr media
DENKI is a perverted simp who will be extremely possessive over his girlfriend once he acquires one. and it’s basically confirmed like from the way he acts around pretty things he likes, he desires— that he desperately wants to touch, feel, and become undeniably close with and practically feel his electricity go out of control from it.
it’s only natural that when somebody like you finally becomes his… then you’re his.
and he makes that known from the very start, when he has you completely under him, allowing him to have the upper hand as he practically marks you with his mouth at your neck or collarbone or chest, rutting into you like it’s the last time he’ll ever get to be as close as he is with you: like he’ll never have enough of it. like milking him for all his worth now would only leave room for more and more and you’re all—!
“mine. all of this—“ he’d pull away after leaving a pretty dark hickey on the skin, hands groping your sides of your waist or your ass, teeth gnawing at his bottom lip as he feels himself getting close, head of cock practically throbbing inside you as he just needs to cum. “is fucking mine.”
he puts that huge emphasis on being his because you will never be anybody else’s. nobody is taking you away from him and you’re not leaving him either.
“mhm—! all y-yours, kaminari! ‘m close!” you’d just babble on; going with whatever the hell he’s saying because you’re so close to cumming too— not realizing how much agreeing with being called his takes a toll on him; drives him mad.
you’re completely missing the dark and possessive look in his eyes as he completely cums undone on top of you; not being able to take having someone as hot as you with him and agreeing that you’re all his. fuck— he just wants you all to himself like this every time.
and it wasn’t like you were planning to leave him any time soon— so he doesn’t need to worry. but just be fully aware that he genuinely has no intention of letting you go. ever. and he’d do whatever it takes.
Tumblr media
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doinmybesthere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou x f!reader x denki
summary: bakugou convinces denki to fuck his girlfriend while he's tied up, but what happens when denki pushes him too far? porn w out plot. established relationship.
wc: 3k
a/n: tw daddy kink, anal, domination loss, cucking bondage, d/s relationships, brat vs. good girl discussion, aftercare, mention of choking, impact play. unprotected sex. bakugou's daddy kink is def cringe in this. praise. degradation. dom bakugou, switch denki, sub reader. 
Tumblr media
“You sure about this Bakugou?” Denki grins, checking the rope that fastens the winner of three sports festivals to a chair. “You want me to fuck your girlfriend?”
“I wanna let go for once.” Bakugou shrugs. “So I picked someone non threatening.”
“Ouch,” Denki says, still smiling, “Whatcha think about that princess?” You shiver.
“D-don’t worry,” you give him a weak smile, “I think all pro heroes are a bit threatening, so um, all of you scare me.” Denki nods, pushing to his feet.
“You sweet little thing,” He coos, “Come here,” You go to him, obediently. “I brought something for you,” he says and you look up at him, so soft, so innocent, fuck he was going to-
“What do you have?” You ask, interrupting his thoughts.
“I brought you a Chargebolt t-shirt,” He says brightly and you glance nervously at your boyfriend, still firmly affixed to the chair.
“Oh um, I actually only really wear Bakugou’s merch-”
“Bakugou’s not in charge here sweetheart,” He grins, “And when I tell you to put on this t-shirt, and take off everything else, you better listen.” You take one more look at your boyfriend, who shrugs, and you take the shirt from him, peeling yourself out of your clothes, and pulling the black soft shirt over your head. “You’re so pretty,” he rakes his eyes down your body, “Does Bakugou tell you how pretty you are?” He doesn’t wait for you to answer, just shoves you roughly down on his bed with one hand on your clavicle.
“He uh, ah-” You start to speak but Denki climbs on top of you, kissing you hard.
“Before we start,” He whispers, pulling away. “Hard limits, cutie?”
“Oh um,” You fidget, he’s smaller than Bakugou, but pretty much everyone was smaller than Bakugou, and he still cuts an intimidating silhouette above you. “Vomit, scat, piss, um,” you glance at your boyfriend, “Don’t um, don’t hit me in the face please.” He caresses your face softly.
“You okay if I hit you other places?” He asks, and you nod, “Like your tits, your cunt, your ass?” The word cunt seems strange coming from his lips, his face still alight with youthful vigor despite the undeniable passing of the years. If you squint you can see the lines starting to form on his forehead, but you really have to look.
“That’s fine.” You whisper.
“And can I choke you?” He asks, and you hear the chair Bakugou is attached to creak a little.
“That’s um, that’s fine.”
“You sure?” Denki asks, and you nod. “And you’re cool with like, degradation.” You let out a laugh with a quick glance in Bakugou’s direction.
“That’s sort of his specialty,” You smile again.
“Alright,” Denki shrugs, “Good with the color safewords, red for stop, yellow for slow, green for go?”
“Yep.” You look one more time at Bakugou, whose face is completely unreadable, but you can see the blood start to pool in his cheeks which you know means he’s already started to get hard. “What um, about your quirk?”
“Oh,” Denki winces, “That’s not like, a beginner move, really.”
“I’m not a beginner,” you protest, and Bakugou grunts against the duct tape, Denki climbs off of you and rips it off his face.
“No.” He growls. “No, because I said so.” Bakugou scowls at Denki. “And don’t cum inside my bitch, alright?” Denki frowns and covers Bakugou’s mouth again.
“Hm, but if I want to, I’m going to.” He looks down at you, ignoring Bakugou’s scowl. “That okay with you?” You fidget.
“I don’t want him to be mad at me.” You say softly and Denki laughs, genuinely.
“Aw, Bakugou found himself such a good girl huh,” he glances at his friend, “Not an ounce of brat in ya?” You nod, confirming.
“I like um, I like to be well behaved.”
“Oh honey,” Denki says, getting back on top of you, “Being a brat is so much fun though, come on,” a mischievous grin flits across his face, “What’s a rule he has, give me an example?”
“I only cum with permission.” You say softly, earnestly, and Denki considers.
“No I like that one, definitely don’t cum without asking me.” You nod. “Alright, well, we’ll think of something, you’ll see, pissing him off is fun.” You shiver. “Don’t worry,” he coos, “I’m not gonna let the big bad wolf getcha.”
“Can I,” you squirm shyly, “Can I kiss you?”
“Fuck that’s adorable.” Denki breathes, before crashing his lips against yours. He kisses so differently from Bakugou, deftly trapping your lower lip between his teeth, flicking his tongue against yours as he bears down over you. You feel his hands on your hips, your waist, fingertips burning on your skin, reaching under your t-shirt. It’s not that Bakugou didn’t touch you softly, he did, but he wasn’t always aware of his own strength. Denki handles you like you’re made of glass, ghosting his hands over you skin, soft brushes of your lips, dragging his thigh across your sex, pulling a soft moan from your mouth. “There she is,” he breathes, “Gonna be a good girl for me?” Your face warms as you nod.
“So sweet,” He rolls with you so that you’re on top of him, straddling his hips, “C’mon good girl,” he says, a mocking tone to his voice, “Dontcha wanna take my clothes off?” You nod shyly, and tug his shirt over his head. He’s muscled, in a different way than Bakugou, still built like a pro hero, but lean, the way you’d always imagined your favorite rock stars looked. “Like it?” He asks, a smirk on his face, he knows the answer, but that’s why he asked.
“Yeah,” you say, and the sound is half beautiful sigh, because he’s reaching under your t shirt, palming your breasts, rubbing your nipples before pinching them, a little whimper falling from your lips.
“Did you know you can cum from this alone?” You shake your head and he chuckles, flipping the shirt up and taking one whole beat to stare at your chest. “These,” he marvels, leaning down and closing his mouth around your nipple, pulling another sharp gasp from your lips, “These are fucking perfect,” he says in a low growl, before burning his face between them, “If I had time,” you feel him reach between your legs, he drinks in the way you squirm at his cool touch on your thigh, running his hands up your slit, “I’d tie you to the bed and tease them till you cried for me,” he says, his words cruel but his tone light and flippant. “And then for at least an hour after that.” He goes back to sucking gently at them, using his teeth very sparingly, pulling gasp after gasp from you, until he gets what he’s been waiting for, a low whine.
“What’s up sweetheart,” he says, “Whaddya need?”
“I, ah,” you gasp again as he sinks his teeth into your softness, tears springing to your eyes,
“Crying already,” Denki coos, “That doesn’t bode well, huh?” You swallow, and blink up at him, waiting for instructions. “Tell me what you want baby, come on. Daddy can’t give you what you want if you don’t ask him for it.”
“Please,” you find your voice, “Please um, touch me,” he shrugs,
“Where?” He asks, evil smile on his face as you squirm.
“Between my legs,” you whisper, hiding your shy face as you feel him part your folds with a single finger, “Please Denki, I-” he slaps your thigh.
“I’m daddy right now,” he reminds you, “I’ll let that slide because otherwise you’ve been so good.” A vein throbs in Bakugou’s forehead. “Say it, please.”
“T-touch me, please daddy,” and your soft voice goes straight to his cock, he can’t wait to give you back to Bakugou, legs shaking, covered in his fingerprints and bruises, and that’s the only thing on his mind as he slips a single finger inside you and your eyes shoot open like he’s shocked you.
“Shhh baby,” he says, kissing your forehead, “Don’t worry dummy, daddy’s gonna make you feel good.” You hear a little creak in the chair Bakuogu’s tied to, and go to look but Denki catches your face roughly. “Ignore him,” he purrs, “He doesn’t matter.” You hear another creak but you don’t dare break eye contact with Denki, who starts to circle your clit with expert precision, moving his finger in and of you as little soft sounds spill from your lips.
“I’m gonna fuck you so good,” he coos, “So good baby, is that what you want?” You nod.
“Please,” you mumble, struggling to stay still, you’ve got a fistful of the duvet in each of your hands. Denki turns to Bakugou, grinning like the devil.
“She’s so sweet when she begs for my cock,” He coos, and Bakugou strains at the restraints, muscles bulging against the duct tape. “Should I give it to her?” He asks, deadpan, “Since she wants me so bad?” Bakugou doesn’t respond, he can’t, but the prominent vein in his forehead throbs, cock tenting in his sweatpants. “Ask nicely.” Denki says, grin widening.
“Please fuck me,” you moan, every time he pressed up against the spongey spot inside of you you see stars, “Please, Chargebolt I-”
“Oooh,” he growls, roughly flipping you over and hiking your hips up, forcing your back into a deep arch. “Way to get around the daddy thing, but fuck yeah, I like the fucking sound of that,” You feel his cock teasing at your folds, “Ask me one more fuckin’ time, yeah?”
“Please fuck me,” you beg, raising your voice, “Please I-” He slams into your all at once and you keen, mouth dropping open as he kneads at your ass. He’s big, not bigger than Bakugou but not small by any stretch of the imagination, you can feel it, feel the angle he’s using expertly to wipe the words from your mind. You clamp down on him almost immediately, face buried in the pillow.
“Shit,” He swears, “Shit you’re fuckin’ tight, sweetheart, you wanna cum for me?”
“Yes,” you gasp, “I w-want to cum.” He laughs at you, landing harsh slap on your ass then rubbing at your soft flesh.
“Aw,” Denki takes a fistful of your hair and lifts your head from where he’s pounding into you, “Looks like your boyfriend doesn’t like it when I spank you, huh?” Bakugou writhes against his restraints, eyes wild and angry as his friend bottoms out in you.
“I told him,” Denki continues, “That he wouldn’t like this, that he wouldn’t like being,” he smirks, “A helpless little bitch, that it was gonna feel too good, that you were gonna cum for me,” he laughs genuinely, “And look where we are.” He picks up the pace as tears prick at your eyes, holding back your orgasm is starting to hurt. “Tell him, tell him how good I’m fucking you.”
“S-so good,” you choke out, looking up at Bakugou, whos muscles are rippling as he tries to break free of the restraints, gaining only rope burn for his efforts. “Denki I-”
“Nope,” He cuts you off with another slap to your ass, “Stubborn little bitch, huh? that’s not my fucking name to you.”
“Daddy,” you warble, barely capable of speech, and Bakugou looks positively volcanic. “Daddy please can I cum?”
“Nope.” Denki says with a grin, leaning down and speaking directly into your ear, “If you cum, I swear to god you’ll live to regret it, so just look your boyfriend in the eyes while I fuck you better than he ever did, huh?” You’re both immediately distracted by a ripping sound. You look up and Bakugou stands slowly, brushing the rope off of his form.
“I’m gonna ask both of ya a very important question.” He snarls, and Denki can feel your cunt quivering around his cock as you shiver in fear. “Whose your fuckin’ daddy?” Denki’s hips stutter and Bakugou shakes his head, walking over slowly. “Nah I think you better make my girlfriend cum,” He says in a low growl,
“G-go ahead,” Denki says, and both men watch you fall apart, toes curling as you keen loudly, vaulting over the cliff of your orgasm, losing yourself in the free fall.
“Don’t stop fuckin’ her,” Bakugou chides, “Thought you were gonna cum inside her, thought you were gonna fuck my girlfriend so good she wasn’t gonna remember my goddamn name.” Bakugou moves, standing behind Denki, “What happened to all that macho shit?” He growls in the slightly shorter man’s ear, “You all talk after all?” Denki keeps fucking you, you’re barely aware of what’s happening.
“No,” Denki protests, but all bravado is gone from his voice as he feels Bakugou press against his back.
“Thought you were gonna get rough with her,” Bakugou says, his voice low and threatening, “Go ahead,” he smirks, “You’ve got daddy’s permission.” Denki’s hips stutter again as Bakugou’s arms curl around his body, lightly tweaking his nipples,
“Fuck,” Denki whines, getting harder inside you as you come down from your high. “Fuck, Bakugou, don’t,” he pants, “Don’t stop, I-”
“Don’t worry,” Bakugou says, still speaking directly into the other pro hero’s ear, “I’m not gonna stop till you cum in her pussy,” He presses his cock against Denki’s ass, “Come on big man, weren’tcha gonna fuck her better than I ever did,” Denki whines again, squirming, “Don’t be selfish,” Bakugou releases one of his nipples and guides Denki’s hand around your body, “She’ll lose her shit if you do this,” Denki nods, rubbing your soaking clit gently and immediately youre back to making pretty music for him, gentle sobs of ecstasy. Bakugou runs a thumb down Denki’s back, hovering over the tight ring of muscle,
“Please,” Denki gasps.
“Please what,” Bakugou presses his lips to his neck, “Please what, bitchboy,”
“Want you to, want you to fuck me,” Denki mutters.
“You gonna do as I say?” Bakugou presses his thumb inside of him,
“Yes!” Denki yelps, and you feel him twitch inside you, he picks up the pace on your clit.
“I’m gonna cum,” you choke out, the coil in your stomach getting hot and tight again, “Please daddy, can I,” they look down on you, tears sparkling in your eyes.
“She’s so pretty,” Denki murmurs, shuddering against Bakugou’s chest, “Love the way she looks when she cries like that.”
“Yeah,” Bakugou loosens the muscle a little more, “You wanna see her cry harder?” He doesn’t wait for answer, reaching around Denki and spanking you hard. “No you can’t fuckin’ cum, slut,” he spits the last word at you, “Cummin’ twice before either of us have finished? You greedy little bitch.” You sob and he spanks you again, leaving a warm handprint on your ass. Bakugou unbuckles his belt, and hands it to Denki, who’s fucking you more slowly now,
“You’re gonna loop this around her neck, fuckin’ carefully, alright?” Denki nods, still panting heavily, you twitch underneath him at the loss of sensation when he removes his hand from your clit. Blood pools in Denki’s cheeks, he leans forward to loop the makeshift leash around you and Bakugou drops his sweatpants to the floor, pressing the tip of his cock inside of him. Denki nearly collapses on top of you, legs feeling like jelly at the stimulation of his cock buried in your tight walls, his hands on your ass, your waist, while Bakugou eases inside of him, taking a fistful of his blonde hair and pulling him back so that he can speak quietly in his ear,
“Who’s your fuckin’ daddy, huh,” Bakugou rolls his hips and Denki’s breath hitches in his throat as the thrust buries him inside of you to the hilt and in turn you gasp with pleasure. “I asked you a goddamn question, who’s your fuckin’ daddy,” trembling with overstimulation, Denki barely can get the words out.
“Y-you are,” he slurs, as Bakugou picks up the pace brutally, fucking you both. With every thrust of his hips, Denki slams against you.
“Go ahead and cum now, princess, I’m sure this fuckin’ idiot isn’t far behind ya,” you fall apart underneath him again and both men marvel at the way your body trembles, at your gentle sobs.
“What were you sayin’,” Bakugou is effectively holding Denki upright as he plows into him, “‘Bout teachin’ her how much fun it is to break the rules huh, why dontcha try to brat to me right now, go ahead and fuckin’ try,”
“Can’t,” Denki gasps, as you moan in front of him, “Can’t,” he kneads at your ass, “She’s s-so fuckin’ tight,”
“I know she is,” Bakugou slaps Denki on the thigh, “She’s my good fuckin’ girl, and you know what you are?”
“Nn-nngh,” Bakugou slams his hips against Denki and he loses the ability to speak, loses the ability to think, raking his nails down your back in desperation.
“You’re my good boy,” Bakugou breathes, “Now go ahead, fuckin’ cum for me, like a-” He doesn’t even get to finish his sentence before Denki doubles over, cumming deep inside you, legs finally giving in as bakugou pulls out of him and pumps his cock, cumming all over Denki’s back with a soft stream of expletives. Denki wraps his arms around you, shivering as he comes down from his high, burying his face in your neck.
“I was right,” Denki mumbles, as Bakugou cleans himself up.
“About?” Bakugou can hardly tear his eyes from you, you look absolutely ruined, tendrils of your hair stuck to your face, gaze glossy and faraway, already imagining the end of this I told you so. Denki musters a smirk, his words catching Bakugou off guard.
“Bratting really is the best way to get what you want.” Bakugou swats at him and Denki bats him away, you let out a soft whine. “Oh, sweetheart,” Denki coos, “You did so well, alright,” Bakugou flops on the bed next to you, wrapping an arm around you, drawing your back into his chest.
“C’mere baby.” He presses a kiss to your head, and Denki looks away. “You want one too?” Denki pouts for a second and Bakugou laughs. “Alright brat,” he lifts his head and kisses the top of Denki’s head, “Just fuckin’ ask for me next time, huh stupid?” He shakes his head. “I got rope burn and shit from you provokin’ me.”
“You always like a little pain.” Denki protests and you sigh again, drawing the attention of both men. “She’s somethin’ else,” Denki mumbles, gently caressing your cheek. “What do I have to do for you to let me have her again?” Bakugou rolls his eyes, tucking your head under his chin, running his hand down your silhouette.
“Whaddya think sweetheart,” he coos, the nickname sounding completely different in his mouth, “You wanna watch me put him in his place again sometime?”
“Hey!” Denki yanks you back over to him as you giggle. “Maybe next time I’ll put you in your place.” You glance over your shoulder, your lips quirk into a half smile. 
“I’d love to watch you try.” 
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long-cosmos-overhead · a month ago
MHA Preference: What Makes Them Emotional
(I do not own MHA or it’s characters/ gifs not mine)
Tumblr media
1. When you show up to every one of his events
Even something as small as watching him train or a study session. All his life people have let him down and bullied him, he’s used to people not showing up to birthday parties, cancelling on him or flat out ignoring or beating him. Just you showing up for him and him alone makes him so happy. He was actually surprised when you showed up ready to watch him train on time with some snacks so he wouldn’t run out of energy
2. Kissing his scars
Izuku is insecure about everything especially the scars on his hand, he’s worried to hold your hand or touch your skin purely because he’s afraid you’ll find them ugly. He is a blushing mess for your affection but his heart stops when he feels your lips kissing the scars on his hands. Needless to say he cried no one has ever made him feel more appreciated and strong
3. Fretting over him
Izuku feels guilty for making you worry about him especially since he practically lives in recovery girls office and is constantly pushing and overdoing it but he feels happy knowing that no matter what happens you’ll be by his side. He accepts your scolding with a sheepish apology and smile but it’s nice for him to know that you care about him and his well-being something he didn’t usually get a lot of
Tumblr media
1. Sticking with him during his anger
Bakugou knows he’s not the nicest and he genuinely feels unworthy of anyone to be with him during his moments of pure rage. He doesn’t see it in the moment but you sitting there after everyone has ran away from him helped him more than you know. He didn’t realise how much he needed someone to be there for him before you
2. Standing up for him
He acts like he hates it but he secretly loves when you stand up for him before he can get a word in. He knows you know he can handle it perfectly but yet you still back him up. It’s just further proof of your love for him a factor that shows you’re with him no matter what and he always stands up for you in return
3. Giving him space
Bakugou is a person that needs time alone he can’t be around people when he’s hit a low and he prefers to deal with it himself and he is eternally grateful that you never push or force him to tell you anything when he disappears. He appreciates that you don’t mention it and act like normal asking if he wants to watch a movie or go for a walk instead
Tumblr media
1. When you kiss his scar
Shoto is deeply insecure about his scar and left side, he freezes for a good few minutes after you kiss his scar processing what you just did. He doesn’t smile or cry he leans his head into the crook of your neck and you both stay that way until you hear him say a quiet ‘thank you’
2. The first time you praised his fire quirk
It was after the first time he used his fire quirk against deku. At the time he barely even knew you but after his match you ran over to him gushing over how ‘cool and pretty’ his fire was. You didn’t acknowledge endeavour instead talking about his quirk as HIS and not endeavours. He never told you but he still thinks about it to this day
3. When you came over to his house and his siblings loved you
Shoto wasn’t expecting the best response when you came to his house but you settled right in with Fuyumi offering to help make dinner and cleaning up so she wouldn’t have to. Not to mention the amount many times Natsuo said ‘they’re really cool’ after you left. You made the evening with his family better and he’s forever thankful for making him feel happier in his home
Tumblr media
1. Taking care of him when he short circuits
You were the only person aside from his mother that didn’t laugh at him after he short circuited that in itself would have been enough since he’s always so embarrassed about it but you led him to his dorm and made sure he wasn’t hurt until he came back. Denki has never cried out of happiness so much after you left
2. Always assuring him he’s not annoying or ‘too much’
Denki is secretly insecure of himself after he’s been around people. His smile and energy is genuine but afterwards he always wonders if he’s annoying his friends and that they ‘just put up with him’ but you reassure him for hours that that’s not the case and he’s always wanted by you. It lessens the load of thoughts in his head and he’s super happy that you would go to so much effort to make him know he’s loved
3. Always congratulating him after every exam
No matter if he passed or failed you don’t care, you’re proud of Denki and always take him out for ice cream or treat him to cuddles after an exam. Not only does it make Denki less nervous for exams but he can fall in your arms no matter how he did and you’ll always remind him that he’s amazing and capable of becoming a hero
Tumblr media
1. When you bare his burdens
Kirishima by nature is sunshine. He’s always cheering everyone up but sometimes he’s the one that needs cheering up but he doesn’t want to burden everyone else seeing as he feels it should be him doing the cheering up. When you come along he realises he can come to you, curl up in your arms and share his bad days, insecurities and feelings. You help him in ways you never know
2. Reassuring him about his quirk
Kiri never really liked his quirk as much as he should. He often came to you after days of training looking like a kicked puppy explaining how his quirk was useless and how there’s so many other cooler ones but his words fall short when you take him in your arms and say ‘I think your quirk is the manliest though.’ He fell in love all over again
3. Helping him dye his hair
Kiri used to hate when his roots would show and he’d have to dye his hair again but now he lives for it. He even kind of shows them off so you can both go out and buy red hair dye, come home and for your fingers to run over his scalp. He loves the domestic aspect and cherishes each time you help him dye his hair. He keeps the boxes and writes the date on them so he never forgets
Tumblr media
1. Helping him maintain order
Honestly Iida can go over the top trying to maintain order but his heart is in the right place. Despite his leadership skills sometimes it just doesn’t work. You hate seeing Iida frustrated so even if it’s a minor offence you’ll step in, hand of his shoulder saying ‘come on guys sit properly.’ Or ‘cmon don’t run in the corridors.’ Iida can never stop the smile and blush on his face when you do that
2. Jumping in with Deku and Shoto during the stain incident
He sure as hell didn’t appreciate it then but afterwards he came to realise you’re the reason he’s alive. You were with him all along fighting stain to save him. Where he was extremely grateful he was also terrified, if he lost you because of something he started he would never forgive himself. You came out injured but still carried him to safety and whenever he thinks about it he pulls you into his embrace still unable to repay the favour
3. Helping him care for his engines
Iida is very good at taking care of things but sometimes he doesn’t know when to ask for help. Helping him maintain his engines, checking in on him to see if he can walk okay and didn’t overdo it, carrying deep heat or painkillers for when his legs cramp up or hurt makes him so mushy inside, he feels cared for and relaxed knowing he has a great partner to make sure he’s okay
Tumblr media
1. Interacting with dark shadow
The trouble he has with dark shadow is obvious and Tokoyami constantly stresses that you will leave him because it’s essentially a 2 for 1 deal because of dark shadow. One day while laying in bed reading absentmindedly he notices dark shadow is more manageable then he realises it’s because you’re talking with him, laughing together even. You don’t notice how he relaxes so much neither do you notice him put down his book to admire you. You’ve never make him feel more accepted
2. Buying him books and poetry
When you go out of your way to analyse his bookshelf and figure out which new books he would like and leave them wrapped on his bed, tokoyami feels all sorts of warmth even dark shadow gets excited. He finds you in your dorm wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling his beak into your neck, hopefully asking ‘would you like to read with me darling?’
3. Keeping matches on you incase he needs light
You always keep some form of candle, match or light on you incase dark shadow gets out of hand, you both have torches in your room for any instance and you never once complain about it. Tokoyami honestly saw a life with you in it when you proposed the idea asking if he was comfortable with it. Give him some love
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itsruiblue · 6 months ago
MHA Boys React to You Falling Asleep on Them
Ft. Bakugou, Sero, Todoroki, Denki, Shinso, Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima
Warnings: None
Note: Just a lil something while I work on some bigger stuff. Hope you enjoy :)
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
Surprisingly, he doesn't actually make a big deal out of it.
He's a little taken aback, of course.
After all, he never expected that someone could feel so at ease in his presence that they're able to fall asleep with their head on his shoulder.
When he first notices your weight on him, he has half a mind to shrug you off.
But then he glances down and sees how you're completely out cold and snoring softly against him.
Something inside him just... melts.
He scowls immediately.
"Dumbass. If you'd told me you were tired, I would've let you get more comfortable."
Grumbles about it from the moment you wake up.
But there's no malice in his eyes and you notice him being slightly more cuddly with you, especially after a long day when he can see you're exhausted.
Hanta Sero
Tumblr media
Cheeky boi.
He's so smug about it, especially since you'd been insisting that you weren't tired.
Brushes your hair out of your eyes to see your sleeping face better.
"Aww, I knew you were lying to me, Lovebug."
He can't help but blush a little though.
Juuuuuust a little.
You just look so damn gorgeous while you're sleeping.
And he's internally doing backflips at the way he can feel how you’re slumped against him, your entire body weight resting against his.
For some reason, he feels really proud that you trusted him to support you while you slept.
Even if you hadn't meant to go to sleep in the first place.
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
He freezes up for a second.
You're asleep on him?
He actually gets properly flustered (internally).
You wouldn't know any of this by looking at his face.
The more he stares down at your relaxed form, the more he worries.
Are you comfortable? Is he too cold? Too warm? What does he do with his hands? Should he wake you up?
You'd never expect him to be a massive over-thinker but when he sees you passed out against him, his brain does a double take.
Eventually he makes the executive decision to adjust his position a little, allowing you to rest against his front rather than his shoulder.
Thankfully, this doesn’t wake you up.
Instead, you actually snuggle into him, which makes him even more flustered.
Denki Kaminari
Tumblr media
For a moment he's sure his brain short-circuited.
You’re asleep? Since when?
He immediately becomes very aware of the fact that you're leaning against him.
Carries on with whatever he was doing before you fell asleep, however he's extra conscious not to move around too much, in case it disturbs you.
He might even shift his arm slightly so he can tuck you more comfortably into his side.
He’s a flirt by nature, but he didn't used to this kind of sincere show of trust.
It sparks butterflies in his stomach and he has to contain his big goofy grin.
Won't stop being giddy for hours after you wake up.
Hitoshi Shinso
Tumblr media
He’s actually pretty chill about it.
Well... for the most part.
When he first realises you're asleep on his shoulder, he really doesn't think much of it.
After all, you were tired after training so why shouldn't you go to sleep?
However as more time passes, and he begins to consider the situation more, he starts to overthink.
He knew you (and the rest of the class) weren't afraid of him or his quirk. He also knew that you trusted him a whole lot.
However this particular show of complete subconscious trust - enough that you allowed yourself to sleep on his shoulder - makes his heart flutter.
He doesn't want to make a big deal out of it though, in case you'd be embarrassed when you woke up.
So he just shifts his shoulder a little so your head rests more comfortably against it and carries on with whatever he was doing.
He can't suppress the small smile on his face though.
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
Blushing blushing blushing.
The moment he realises you're asleep, his face turns bright pink.
Normally he wouldn’t mind as much but, like, this is you.
The most gorgeous person he knows.
He almost stresses to the point where he's muttering to himself in sheer panic.
Until Bakugou has to walk past and say, "Shut up, Deku, or else you're gonna wake that idiot up!"
After that, he pulls himself together.
Arranges himself so you're in the most comfortable position possible.
Gently strokes your hair.
He can't help but wonder what you're dreaming about as he looks down at your peaceful face.
Kinda hopes it’s him.
Tenya Iida
Tumblr media
Surprisingly enough, he's relatively calm.
He could see you were tired form the beginning and so he expected you fall asleep eventually.
The fact that it happened on him, however, catches him off guard.
Wouldn't it be better if you went to bed? At this rate, you're probably end up with a crick in your neck.
However when he shifts, preparing to pick you up and take you to bed, you end up latching onto him tighter in your sleep.
The tips of his ears turn red when he realises you genuinely want to be with him.
Well, it couldn't do too much harm to let you rest here for a few more minutes.
Cautiously he wraps an arm around you.
He doesn't want to do anything that may potentially make you uncomfortable if you wake up.
But the feeling of you sleep against him is just so comforting.
Ejirou Kirishima
Tumblr media
He blushes almost as much as Midoriya.
But he’s also a lot more confident.
The moment he realises you've gone to sleep, he moves you so that you're not in any kind of position that may leave you stiff when you wake up.
Once he's got you situated, he takes a break from whatever he was doing to just.. look at you.
He can't help but feel appreciated - after all, out of everyone in the class you could've fallen asleep on, you chose him.
He’s also gonna make an effort to protect you from your classmates
If someone laughs or makes a comment about you, he gets genuinely annoyed and tells them to shut up.
You're in such a vulnerable state when you're asleep.
It’s the manly thing to do, to make sure no one else takes advantage of that.
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