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#denki x you

Originally posted by hanae-ichihara


Class Trip First Kiss Prologue <Read this shit first)

 You separate yourself from them slowly, opening your eyes to stare into the shocked face of Denki Kaminari, a red hot blush staining his cheeks.  

His eyes watered as the normally jovial electric quirked boy struggled to respond. 

“I- You…”  Electricity thrummed around him, you heard the angry boy with the explosion quirk yell from behind you.

“Kaminari, get your shit together!”  Your eyes widened as Kaminari gripped your shoulders and shoved you back. You landed hard a distance outside of the group before Kaminari lighted the area with a high voltage explosion.  

Luckily he had shoved you far enough away that, outside of static raising your hair on end, you were uninjured. 

Most of your classmates lay in a twitchy haze around your partner, smoke drifting off of their prone bodies like pizza rolls that had been microwaved too long. 


You pushed yourself up, rushing into the fallen group along with the pro heroes to check on everyone.  

“Kaminari!” You shook his shoulders, “Wake up! I’m sorry for surprising you, I didn’t mean to, it just happened-”

He blinked up at you, his eyes vacant, “Aiiiiiii!” he blurted, wobbling to a stand to shoot finger guns in your direction.

“How the hell did he short-circuit? What was he thinking setting his quark off now?”

You blushed hard, this was absolutely your fault.

“Eh, leave the kid alone, it wasn’t really his fault, was it y/n?”  A warm hand smacked your shoulder, you stared up into the eyes of Mr.Yamada, his cheeks puffed out with barely contained laughter.  “I knew you two would be a good match, but maybe warn a boy before you try to swallow his face.” 

Kaminari’ draped his arms around you from behind, his clothes crackling with static as they circle your waist in a firm hug. You sighed contently, relaxing until Kaminari started whispering nonsense softly in your ear as the entire class laughed at his electricity addled antics.  

You wished the earth would open and swallow you whole, but you had always admired the electric quirk user so the situation could be worse.  

You knew you had an hour to think up what you would say to Kaminari before he came back to his senses.

You broke into a smile, laughing alongside your classmates for the first time since being admitted to UA.  Things could certainly be worse, you thought, resting your hands over the warm arms embracing you. 

Class Trip First Kiss

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Sparks Of Love Pt. 2

Alpha Kaminari x Omega Reader

You could have chose not to open the door but, where’s the fun in that? Plus, you could always just lie and say you were into photography…that could work it wasn’t going to work.

Omega, I said open the door,” your panties moistened at Kaminari’s words. You looked at the door, knowing he wouldn’t go away until you let him in. His obnoxious, non-deterrence attitude is what draws you closer to him. “You’ve got another minute till I get Bakugou to blow this door down.”

You had no choice but to open the door; everyone knows that Bakugou would do anything for his Bakusquad. You met Kaminari’s honey yellow eyes. His hair was a bit disheveled, his signature black lightning bolt all scrunched up. He didn’t even wait for you to invite him in.

“You didn’t come to dinner, omega,” you stared at him with wide eyes. You now noticed a bag in his hand that smelled like meat buns.

‘Is he not gonna mention the pictures,’ you closed the door behind him.

“Umm yeah, I wasn’t really feeling up to dinner today. I’m actually not hungry right now.”

“You’re gonna eat,” you gulped. “And, then we’re gonna go play some video games.”

You smiled at the alpha. Maybe, you were overreacting earlier. Ofcourse Kaminari wouldn’t do anything, right? He’s so calm and caring that you can’t really envision him doing anything about what happened earlier.

“And, don’t think Mineta didn’t tell me about the pictures,” it seemed like the air in the room shifted. Kaminari still had his signature smile but, it was off. Even if he smiled, his eyes held a dominance that was foreign to you. “We’ll talk about it while we play our games.”

“By games, you are referring to video games, yeah?” there goes that tension. It makes the room hot and stuffy yet, intimate. Kaminari backs you against the door, his lips hovering over yours as he stares down at you with a smile.

Nope,” you were frozen as Kaminari laughed and it seemed like he got even closer. His nose skimmed the skin on your neck, sniffing in your scent. “Eat and come to the common room. Don’t make me come back to get you. I guarantee we won’t be leaving this room if I do.”

And he left leaving behind a mess in your panties. Needless to say, that was the quickest you’d ever eaten a meal in your life. You spent a few minutes in your room pacing till you eventually walked to the elevator to go to the common floor (something told you he wasn’t joking about coming to get you if you took too long for his taste).

Just as he told you, Kaminari sat on one of the couches in front of the t.v. with a controller in his hand. His tongue was sticking out the side of his mouth as he rolled and moved on the couch, moving the controller with his body.

You took a moment to watch the silly, carefree alpha. He seemed so perfect for you. With your somewhat rough, introverted exterior, Kaminari is a perfect match for you. Even as he notices your presence, he sends a small smile your way and continues to play his game. Kaminari didn’t even know that he was slowly ruining you for other alphas; little did you know that you were ruining him for other omegas.

“C’mere, omega. Let’s play together. But, I should probably tell you the rules,” he patted the cushion next to him. You sat down and he passed you a controller. “It’s basically a battle royale. We both have our own character and we have to try to kill each other. We play 3 rounds. However, whoever wins the round gets to ask the loser a question. The loser has to answer truthfully. And, if the winner thinks they’re lying, they can use their quirk.

“What do you mean by using our quirks?” Kaminari smirked. You just sat there looking at his face. “Well, are you gonna answer or look like a cr-eeeeeeep.”

Kaminari sent about ten watts of voltage through your body. It wasn’t enough to do any real damage but, it was enough to get his point across. You couldn’t help but rub your legs together to try to alleviate some of the burning need the lighting had caused.

“Awww, did my omega like that?” you were pretty sure you were gaping like a fish. Kaminari pulled you even closer to him, your hips connecting. “Now, try your best!”

‘How, in the fuck, am I supposed to focus after that happened?’ Easy question; you weren’t.

Needless to say, you’d be losing in no time. You played the first round and lost miserably; you suspected that Kaminari picked a game he knew he could win at that sneaky bastard.

“Why did you have all those pictures of me on your phone?” he got straight to the point. You felt a bead of sweat fall from your forehead.

“Um uh you see uh photography! It’s a great past time. And, your face. It’s just so photogenic,” you whimpered as another wave of lightning passes through your body. “Kaminari, WHAT THE FUCK!?!”

“It’s not good to lie, princess. Try again.”

“I like your face,” not shock. Good. It’s not a lie. You do like his face. He never said you have to be specific.

“Hm, I do have a nice face. Although, I think your face is nicer,” cue the blush. Leave it to Kaminari to flirt at a time like this. You played another round; you lost. “Damn, Y/N, you suck ass at this game.”

“Just ask your damn question,” you blew at a piece of your hair that fell into your eyes.

There goes my feisty omega,” it seemed like every time he called you his omega, he put an emphasis on the ‘my.’ “Next question, who’s the alpha you’re trying to court?”

The spit felt slimy in your mouth. You could try to lie but, you doubt you’d get away with that unscathed. Even as you look at the alpha, you can tell Kaminari already has you figured out. He just wants to hear you say it. He wants you to admit to him being the one you want. He wants a confession.

“Why is it so important for you to know?” you put the controller down. “I don’t wanna play anymore.”

Kaminari smile kept its place. He just kept smiling as his hand softly wrapped around your neck. He could feel your pulse racing underneath his hand.

“I think you should answer the question. It shouldn’t be so hard for you,” Kaminari rubbed your pulse with his thumb. “Unless, you want to court me.

“You’re really close.”

“Just answer the question.”









BAKUGOU,” you fucked up. The whole time Kaminari was smiling but, as soon as his friend’s name left your lips, a small frown came. You didn’t even have any time as he scooped you in his arms and hoisted you into his shoulder.

Wrong answer, OMEGA.”

@sinclairsamess @sakurashortstack @heartlesscreature

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These last days have been rough on me so I wanted to write something self indulgent. Hope you all like it!

Headcanons of what dating Denki would be like


Originally posted by maplefudge

  • The first kiss the two of you shared was full of electricity, not because it was the first kiss but because well…he electroshocked you.
  • Denki felt really bad and apologized profusely but the situation was really funny to you so you just started laughing.
  • At first he was confused as to why you were laughing but then he joined in as well.
  • He takes you out on surprise dates at least once a week, taking you out to somewhere the two of you have never been before.
  • Even though you grew to expect the surprise dates you still always acted surprised when he came to pick you up, not wanting to ruin it for him.
  • This boy will give you many cheek kisses, it doesn’t matter if you’re alone or around others he will smooch that cheek.
  • Unless you’re uncomfortable with him doing it around others, then of course he won’t do it.
  • Tickle fights are very common between the two of you, the winner always varying.
  • Denki and you have many inside jokes with each other, that often make the two of you laugh in the most impractical moments ever.
  • He is also your charger should any of your electronics need it.
  • The first time he told you that he loved you he accidentally short circuited and now he acts like it never happened due to you teasing him about it.
  • Should you ever need his help, he will drop everything and come to you.
  • In general your relationship with Denki is very teasing, fun but also loving and neither of you want to change a thing.
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Ok hear me out-- Sleepy makeouts in the morning with Kaminari which eventually leads to soft morning sex 馃憖

A/n: Hi hi! so since I’ve done something similar, I’ll just make these make out hcs, so I hope you enjoy!

Slight NSFW//Rating- LIME

NSFW under the cut

It was a lazy weekend morning for the two of you

cuddling, just enjoying each other’s presence, sharing small kisses in the soft, warm light filtering through the curtains

however those soft kisses ended up turning into something a tiny bit more steamy

  • Now, both of you are tired and therefore don’t have much energy to put into your kisses, but that doesn’t make them any less passionate
  • it starts with Denki lazily slipping his tongue into your mouth, the soft muscle massaging yours, his deep breaths mixing with yours
  • his hands trail down your sides as his tongue continues to invade your mouth and he sends (literal) shocks into your body, in hopes of making you a bit more sensitive
  • eventually, with him being the sub he is, he gives you the chance to switch, putting your tongue in his mouth as he happily sighs with you on top of him, trapping him comfortably between your body and the mattress
  • your eyes are barely open, the two of you are breathing into each other’s mouths and your hands are lightly tracing the curves and grooves, mapping out each other’s bodies
  • unlike most make out sessions you guys have, this one is slower, more intimate and soft
  • tongues brushing against one another, but not fighting for dominance, hands feeling each other but not looking for anything more than to memorize your features
  • all-in-all, its a pretty nice start to your Saturday
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what if I sent you a matchup hahah jkjk...unless?

Lily bb, you know I will do anything for you as long as it’s within my ability.


I match you with:


           Denki! (he’s aged up here)



Originally posted by himaeart

Why did I match you two?

Looking from the aspect of personality, you’re an introvert and more soft spoken, while Denki is more outgoing and social, which I think will be a nice buffer for your shyness. Besides that, Denki is pretty chill and easy-going, so he can definitely help you to tone down your anxiousness. Also, he doesn’t hold lasting grudges or get offended easily, so if you snap at him by accident during one of your temperamental moments, he will just brush it off and forgive you when you apologize to him. In addition to that, Denki eats up attention like how the cookie monster eats cookies, so he will be more than happy to give you his love and attention in return for you giving him yours.

Other than that, Denki has a considerably short attention span in his academics during his school years as a result, struggled with them.

So he definitely finds the way that you get bored relatable and will try his best to help you by keeping you occupied by inviting you to game with him or just to have chats about random topics to kill time.

Personality wise aside, Denki will definitely appreciate any poems and works you write about him. His favorite way to relax is to lie his head down on your lap while he listens to your soothing voice read, he feels very at ease during those times and can completely let loose.

I also think that Denki does not focus solely on physical appearances. Plain or pretty, he doesn’t really care for it, just as long as you understand him, care for him and tug at his heartstrings. That is already enough for him.


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hey guys! this is my first one-shot, let me know if you like it please! anyways, onwards to the great unknown!! :3

(Slight nsfw, not the full.. you know… just a lime(ish) but yeah lol)


“Hey, y/n!” Yao-Momo called out from across the circle of 1-A girls that had collected in the common area.

“Hmm?” you replied, lifting your head up from the beige carpet.

After a stressful day in Hero Training, you’d been relieved to find yourself without any homework, leaving the rest of the night off. Usually your socially-challenged self would jump at the chance to cower in your room, surrounded by pocky and books about a prince in shining armor. But, tonight was Yao-momo’s birthday, so you had to suck it up and be happy. 

As hard as that might be.

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Hi can I have a denki x fem reader. Literally can be about anything. Preferably happy and soft because I desperately need it... -shy friend

Comfort from Denki headcannons.

⚡Would know right away when something was wrong

⚡Would draw you an elegant bath, with dimmed lights, flower petals and lit candles.

⚡While you’re soaking and possibly crying he would be in the kitchen on the phone with a yelling Bakugo asking for help on what’s easiest to make but doesn’t look like no effort

⚡ Spends the whole time on facetime while Bakugo shouts curses of praise and disappointments to Denki

⚡ Finally it comes out perfect, he tells Bakugo he owes him but the hot head brushes it off.

⚡ He’ll come and collect you with a fresh towel from the dryer, just slightly warm. Toweling you off gently before dressing you in your favorite comfy clothes.

⚡ You eat a nice meal before he scoops you up placing you on a couch wrapped in a nice blanket.

⚡ Putting on your favorite movie and placing your favorite snack in your hand

⚡ Hell cuddle you all night until he sees his favorite smile once more

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kaminari with an s/o who’s going through a depressive episode mayhaps? thank you, sorry if this is awkward 馃槵

A/n: Of course hun. I hope these help you and that you feel better soon. Also, just a side note, my inbox/dms are always open if any of you need someone to talk to. Stay safe, lovlies 💕

TW: Mentions of depression, negative thoughts and mental illness

[Request under the cut]

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A/N: I’ve been gone for forever because I was putting on a musical but the last show got cancelled and I don’t go to school for a month. So here I am with a prompt I requested from @ikinabi. I hope you like it, Red! (It is NSFW)

Fem!Reader x Denki Kaminari

The winter had seemed to drag on forever for you and your friends from U.A., so the moment sunny and warm weather rolled in all of you were off to the beach! You couldn’t wait to feel the warm sand beneath your toes, the sun shining on your shoulders as you looked out on the warm waters. It made you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

You squealed in delight as you dropped the swimsuit you had bought into your beach bag. You bounced around your room, swiping things that you thought you would need. The entire squad was going, even your crush, Denki Kaminari. The image of him in a swimsuit and nothing else invaded your crowded thoughts. You shook your head, trying to dislodge the image of the buzzy boy from your mind. 

Mina knocked on your door, busting it open before you had the chance to bounce over. Her eyes sparkled as her eyebrows rose, seeing your cheery demeanor. You were usually happy, but not bouncy. A smirk grew on her face as she spotted the bright yellow two piece set peeking out of your bag. She knew about your crush, being one of your best friends. Her eyebrows wiggled on her forehead as she stepped into your room. You stepped in front of her, hands in front of you with your fingers spread.

“Please don’t say anything to embarrass me today. I just want to enjoy a day at the beach with my friends. Please?” You pleaded with your best friend, who simply nodded. The smirk never left her face, but she grabbed your bag and dragged you outside.

“Hi everyone!” Her perky voice greeted everyone as you made your way outside. She was smiling, shielding her eyes from the bright sun. They all waved back as your eyes automatically slid to the bright yellow hair peeking out from the crowd. His eyes met yours as a bright smile grew on his face. A matching one grew on yours as you waved at him. You were about to walk over to him when Mina yanked you backwards. You whipped your head over to her, shooting her a confused look. She shrugged, keeping you close to her. 


“Everyone ready? This match will be boys against girls. Bakugo, Kirishima, Sero and Denki against Mina, {Y/N}, Uraraka and Momo. This match will be fair and square, no cheating. However, taunting is allowed. Begin!”

The call for play went up. You placed yourself right in front of the net, aware you had the best serve on your team. Bakugo scoffed when he saw you walk up to the net, ball under your arm. He crossed his arms, coming to stand before you. You simply raised an eyebrow, craning your neck to look up at him. He was taller than you but almost everyone was. It was probably why he had scoffed.

“Look at this pipsqueak over here. She thinks she can serve, eh? Better to be able to beat Sparky over there.” His voice was gruff as he motioned over to Denki. You looked over at him, watching as his shirt slid up over his chest. You looked away quickly, trying to tamp down the blush blazing across your cheeks. He was serving? Oh no, today just wasn’t going to leave you to relax, huh.

Bakugo walked away, leaving up the serving spot for Denki. He walked right up to the net, leaning down to stare you in the face. You lifted your chin, trying not to let the overwhelming feeling of his eyes on you make you look away. You loved this game, and he knew it. A smirk grew across his face as he noticed the unconscious blush that has spread across your cheeks.

“Hope you’re ready for me to win.” His taunt reached your ears, snapping you out of your reverie. You were never one to back down from a challenge. Your eyes narrowed. You took a step closer.

““Please, I’m sure you couldn’t win at anything! Let alone this game.” The competitiveness in your voice startled him. Your demeanor had changed rapidly, a glint in your eyes. You were dimly aware that this would be considered flirting from any outside source, but you had never actually tried flirting with anyone. This sort of just happened. It was actually how you had developed the crush on Denki in the first place.

You two had been sitting in class together when Denki, who was seated in front of you, turned around and cleared his throat. You looked up at him, your pencil pausing on your paper.

“Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?” You snorted at the line, quickly covering your mouth. A response popped into your head and you quickly blurted it out.

“Wouldn’t a kiss from an angel be better?” You stood up from your seat and gave him a peck on the cheek before sitting back down and returning to your work as normal. The blush that spread across his face was bright red as he gently touched the spot where your lips had met his cheek. A small smile grew on your face as you looked at your work. 

The banter continued on for days afterwards, ending with you always managing to fluster him. You never thought anything of it until one day Mina pulled you aside after class.

“You’ve got to teach me how to do that.” She clutched your arm, starting to walk alongside you. You looked over at her, confusion twisting your face.

“How to do what?” the question was innocent enough. Mina stopped dead in her tracks, mouth agape.

“How to flirt like that! What do you mean, how to do what? You’ve been flirting with Denki for the past month! Have you seen how he looks when you turn away. He has no clue what to do with himself and I need to learn how you do that!” Her outburst was graciously unheard by the rest of your classmates, as they had all gone to lunch.

“That’s not flirting. I’m just saying the first thing that pops into my head. It’s not flirting… I don’t think. Right?” Doubt started creeping into your mind. Maybe you were flirting and just had’t thought about it? You looked up at Mina who slowly shook her head. From then on, you started seeing your interactions with Denki differently and you could suddenly deny your growing feelings for him no longer.

Which was how you ended up here, standing in front of your crush, a competitive gleam in your eye and a volleyball net separating the two of you.

“Bet I could win your heart though.” His voice had dropped as he pressed forward. Your concentration broke as your eyes widened. You took a step back, feeling the heat rise in your body. Your mouth remained closed as Denki smiled, brightly this time. He had finally been able to fluster you. He sauntered away from the net, placing himself the normal few feet away.

You huffed and set yourself up for the game. The ball went up and you slammed it, serving the hardest spike you ever had in your life. None of the boys had a chance of bouncing it back as it slammed into the sand on their side. they all looked up at your small form surprised. You shook out your hand and smiled at them, waving.

The game followed suit, the boys trying every way they could to score pints but the serve you made at the beginning had fired up the girls behind you. Suddenly there were spikes everywhere. It seemed the boys never had a chance. The match ended 50-25. You and your team hopped up into the air, squealing in excitement as the boys huffed, nursing their loss. You gave a yelp as you felt a hand clasp around your wrist, dragging you away from the arena.

You looked up at who your captor was, shocked to see Denki staring back down at you.

“What are you doing?” Your voice was small as you twisted yourself to face him. He simply kept dragging you along until you had reached a cool, shaded alleyway. Once there he pushed you against a wall, trapping you in with an arm beside your head.

“I told you I would win your heart, didn’t I?” His voice was back at that low level, it’s rasp sending a shiver down your spine. You looked up at him innocently, releasing a shaky breath. His eyes snapped down to your lips, pressing himself closer to you. The new sensation had your fists clenching at your sides, his body heat causing your own to rise. You could feel every curve of his body pressing into yours. You could feel his breath on your face, the way his lips slowly came closer. They were soft and warm, a bit dry. His other hand came to wrap around your waist. Your hands came up to rest on his bare chest, fingers splaying. The kiss sent you into a dizzying spiral, your mind overwhelmed. A large part of you wanted to stop so you could catch up with everything that was happening, but the smaller, stronger part of you wanted to keep going.

You wanted to do as much as you could, experience as much as you could with him before you stopped to process. And so you did. You lifted your arms, wrapping them around his neck. You tried to focus on the sensation of your kiss before the burning in your lungs forced you away from him. He continued, taking a deep breath before continuing down your neck.

“This doesn’t seem like winning my heart.” Your voice came out lowly, a seductive lilt designed slowly to bring him back in. You had no idea you were even doing it. He smirked into your skin, the softness of his lips stealing your attention. You ran your fingers through his hair before tugging gently, pulling his head up so he was looking you in the eyes. His face featured a light blush, his eyes half-lidded. You smiled when you heard his whine. 

“I’m winning something, aren’t I?” His response was quick, his voice teasing. You smirked, lowering your head to his neck. You hadn’t thought about what you were doing, you simply followed your instincts. Your lips settled onto his neck, the smell of him invading your nostrils. You closed your eyes before allowing your lips to start moving over his skin. You felt his arms squeeze you, bringing you closer. You gave into the feeling you had, before opening your mouth and biting down gently.

A delicious moan came from his mouth. You smiled against his skin, pulling away to admire the grooves your teeth had left. You went back down, choosing a new spot and biting gently, releasing your teeth from his skin before sucking gently. The spot was red before it slowly started darkening.

“Marking me already, huh?” He smiled down at you, his fingers trailing down your back until his fingertips edged into the waistband of your bikini bottoms. You smiled, releasing your fingers from his hair before bringing him back down to your lips. The kiss you shared was more heated this time, a fight between the two of you. You won.

“Don’t say that, I haven’t even started.” Your voice was both a challenge and a promise. Denki smiled down at you.

“Then maybe we should get started. Somewhere else, hm?” He pulled you off the wall, pulling you out of the alley. The group had rented out a few rooms in the hotel nearby. He was quite fast, forcing you to almost run to keep up with him. He huffed before swinging you into his arms, carrying you bridal style. You giggled before burying your face in his neck, kissing along his chest.


You yelped as he tossed you onto the bed, caging you in his arms as you bounced. He grabbed onto your waist, pulling you closer to his legs. He lifted your legs so your calves rested on his hips. He leaned down, kissing gently along your chest.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice the swimsuit.” His thumbs traced along the lines of your bikini, sliding gently underneath it. You shivered, feeling your skin turn more sensitive as he slid his fingers along skin that had been touched by no one else before. His fingers continued to slide underneath your bathing suit, his kisses becoming rougher, more heated. His fingers traced along sensitive skin, his hot palm landing on the empty space of your hips. 

Your arms came around his head as his kisses traveled down to your breasts, his tongue coming out to swipe a hot strip underneath the line of the top. His fingers left the underneath of your suit before coming around your back and lifting you gently to reach the thin strings that held the bikini top on. The top lost its tension before Denki’s nimble fingers slid the top up and off. His fingers pinched your nipples, your hips lifting as the nip of pain was sent straight to your core. You muffled a moan, bringing a hand up to cover your mouth.

His hands slid back down to untie the strings holding your bottoms on before your hips settled back down on to the bed. He lifted his head, kissing you gently on your neck. You tangle your fingers in his hair when he finds the sweet spot connecting your collarbone to your neck, letting out the moan that rose from your chest.

“Very nice babe. Let me hear more of your cute voice.” His teeth came into play as he bit down on the same sweet spot, your legs coming up to cross behind Denki’s back. Your hips ground up, the warmth of Denki’s body pulling you in. He was very warm, almost hot. The pleasure shooting up your spine clouded your mind as your hips seemed to move by themselves. You wanted more pleasure, no matter what. Your hands slid Denki’s shorts off, allowing Denki’s member to spring free.

Everything suddenly became real as you felt his hardness against your thigh. You felt a constricting feeling in your chest before realizing how far you were about to go. But Denki pulled back to look in your eyes, feeling your mood change. His brow creased as he pulled himself up. You stopped him with hands on his shoulders. His concern warmed your heart, melting the cold feeling of apprehension in your chest. You smiled as you pulled him back down, your heart deciding for you.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure.” Denki maintained eye contact with you as he slid down your body, his mouth capturing a nipple and swirling his tongue around it. You threw your head back, spine arching up into his touch. His mouth was warm and wet, the cold air hardening your nipple once Denki released it.

“Sensitive here. Maybe I should remember that for later.” His taunt didn’t escape you as your mind flashed to the idea that this would happen again. You smirked up at him, a gleam in your eyes. You clenched your legs around him before throwing your weight and flipping the two of you over. You landed with a huff before trapping Denki’s hands on the bed and slowly kissing your way down his chest.

You encircled his nipple with your tongue before biting down gently. A high-pitched whine was released from his throat as his hips bucked. You threw his own words back at him as he sighed, trying to pull his hands from his grasp. You ground yourself down on him, letting him feel the slickness of your core. He groaned in his chest, his fingers flexing on the bed sheets. You lifted your hands from his wrists.

“Keep them down.” You whispered in his ear before placing your hands on his chest. He obeyed, fisting his hands in the sheets as you lifted yourself up, grabbing his member and lining it up with your entrance. You slowly lowered yourself onto him, grateful you were so slick. You gasped as you felt yourself stretch around him, your walls spasming. You dropped your torso onto him, trying to adjust. Your hips started to move on their own, moving in circles as the pain began to fade. You sat up, stilling yourself as your eyes connected with Denki’s.

He whined in his throat, his arms locking in place as he strained to listen to your command.

“Tell me what you want, darling. I’ll give it to you if you ask nicely.” Your voice was smooth, dominating. You had no idea where nay of this came from but it made you feel powerful. You quite liked it.

“Please let me fuck you. Let me fuck this tight cunt of yours, please! It feels too good to stay still. I’ll make you feel good too, I promise!” His voice was pleading, his words fanning the heat in your lower stomach. You continued your grinding, your hips starting to move up and down on top of him. His cock dragged along your walls inside you. He was long, reaching deep points inside you. 

You moaned loudly, feeling Denki’s thrusts start to match your own. His hands finally came up to rest on your hips, bringing you back down onto him. He sat up, pistoning his hips in a way that made sure his member dragged along an especially sensitive point inside of you. You let out a cry when he hit the spot, alerting Denki he had found it. He continued thrusting into you rapidly, bringing you closer to an inevitable edge. You dug your fingers into his shoulders, nails creating crescent shaped indents on his skin.

You regained control of your hips once you felt Denki starting to throb inside of you. You forcibly slowed down the thrusts, stuttering both of your hips. You held both of you on the edge, pulling a guttural moan from Denki.

“Oh shit, holy fuck. Please let me cum. Let me cum, let me cum, let me cum.” He repeated the phrase like a mantra, mumbling it into your skin. You let the high fall a bit before slamming yourself down onto his hips. Denki hunched, his hips picking up speed once more. The feeling of rushing towards the cliffs edge returned. You brought Denki closer, sharing a sloppy kiss as you clenched down sharply onto him. Denki cried into your mouth as he thrust up into you a final time, his teeth biting down on your bottom lip. He brought you down onto him, pressing you as close as he could as he shot ropes and ropes of cum into you.

Your feelings hadn’t reached their peak yet, slowly dropping back down. until Denki bit down on a nipple, pinching your clit and rolling it in his fingers. A small shock traveled up your body as your climax crashed down over you. You tensed up, pressing Denki into your chest. You clenched harshly around him, your walls massaging him for all he was worth before a second orgasm crashed over Denki. His groan was louder as your walls continued massaging around him, thicker ropes of cum painting your walls white. The hot feeling in your stomach grew, spreading past your hips and down your legs as they clenched.

You screamed his name, letting it fall from your lips like a prayer.

“Kami, Kami, Kami, Kaminari.” His name  was drawn out until the shudders wracking your body subsided. You let your head drop onto his shoulder, feeling his hand slowly rub in circles on your back. You slowly fell from your high, feeling the over sensitivity in your core grow. You gently lifted yourself off of him, allowing for Denki to move from underneath you. He walked over to the bathroom, grabbing a washcloth and running warm water over it. He came back over to you, gently cleaning both of you up.

You sighed as Denki pulled the covers up over the both of you, loving the warm feeling in your stomach. He came up to where you were laying, placing himself so he was facing you.

“I didn’t mean to… come inside you.” His voice was bashful as he pulled you closer, settling a hand on your waist.

“It’s okay. I’ve had an I.U.D. since I was 16. It actually felt quite nice.” You didn’t even bother opening your eyes as you flattened a hand on your stomach. a small smile graced your lips as you heard a confused noise from Denki.

“ An… I.U.D?” His voice trailed off into a question. A giggle made its way up your throat at his tone.

“Means I can’t get pregnant silly.” You crack an eye open, watching Denki’s face change into a sheepish ‘o’. He chuckled, moving his head so his chin was resting on top of your head. You giggled again, finally allowing sleep to claim you.

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This is my first MHA X READER!! 😩😅

Head cannons if they have S/O that’s female and that’s black… That wears weave and all that black chocolate goodness

People are

  • Shouto
  • Shinsou
  • Kami (can’t spell that boys name worth my life but Pikachu boy)
  2. I may not NEVER do this again
  3. I’m tired of this x readers writers right good shit but can’t make a SIMPLE HC of a black girl or dark skinned girl BUT I CAN GET A OVER 9000 STORY OF THEM AS SNAKES WITH MF SMUT! 😡

Type shit

Anyway here I go

Kami (aka Pikachu)

  • He never thought that he would liked a black girl
  • Now he down with the swirl!
  • He loves saying how curvy or thicc you are
  • He one of the first people to try to talk to you
  • He keeps talking about how curve you are
  • And he would help you buy your weave
  • And your nails (if you wear them)
  • You know he kinda a perv but you down with it
  • He wants to make Carmel babies with you one day

I can’t do this worth my life 😂😩


  • He the boy that makes you think he dated a black girl before lol
  • At first you thought that boy was high asf when you caught eyes on him
  • But he just like that
  • He can handle your blunt or ghetto ways
  • He loves how you look in your weave LOOOVVVES IT
  • He the boy that say darker the berry the sweeter the juice
  • He knows your maybe move curvy or thicc than the girls and he KNOWS the boys wanna smash but they can’t
  • AAAAAHHHHH they mad 😂🤣
  • He more hood than u think….. Shockingly
  • You can bring him to your black family reunion and he fit in well

This is hard 😩


  • You low key thought this boy wouldn’t touch somone out his race
  • Or somone as blunt and someone ghetto like you can get
  • He have a VERY HIGH CASE of jungle fever
  • He loves your lips hips and face and your thicc curves
  • He loves buying you the best weave and getting your nails done
  • You HIGH Key like calling your shawty
  • Or shorty
  • He wants to put a ring on it
  • Will fight anyone that says it’s wrong for you to to-date

Omfg 😅 this was something I hope I got the gist of what I would LIKE TO see… Hell I do it

Practice make perfect right? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Anyway I’m done

For now 🤨🤔

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Can I request a soft NSFW Denki x kfem)reader where she has a massive scar taking up a lot of area on her torso that she hates and hides it, let's say she messed up a mission real bad and that's the scar from it. But when Denki sees it and asks about it, soft sweet body worship happens afterwards. They can be together prior to this if you want and she's just good at hiding it or not together before this.

I hope you enjoy this anon!

Strong, soft hands begin to explore beneath your shirt, lifting it as he goes causing you to go rigid.

“W..wait.” A blush burns into your cheeks, as you gently grab on to his wrist, gulping down hot embarrassment.

Not because this was your first time, especially not with Denki but it would be your first time since recieving that ghastly gash that started at your clavicle slicing down diagonally across your sternum, breast and then deep into your ribs, before slashing back into the opposite direction across your midsection to your hip.

A nasty reminder in the form of a white fissure making you relive your greatest failure and your closest brush with death. Yet.

“What’s wrong baby?” Golden sun eyes flicker between your own shining in the soft light.

“I…I….” Is all you can get out, biting your bottom lip as your skin crawls beneath your shirt, suddenly hyper aware of every fiber of fabric scraping at your sensitive skin. Where it settles on your scar gives you a ghost of a feeling. Of an asleep foot without the tingle. He squeezes your hip, just above the scar not realizing how close he is.

“Is it because of what happened?” His breath is feather soft, some blonde hair falling into one of his eyes as he leans closer. His free hand caresses your cheek, pushing back a stray hair.

“It’s….it’s just that it’s so fucking ugly.” You sigh, unshed tears weighing heavy on starlit eyes. Large moons again flicker before his mouth sets in a hard line. He kisses your forehead gently.

“Let me show you just how *wrong* you are.” His voice comes out low, borderline deadly as he peppers kisses along your jaw line, neck and tops of your collar bones, carefully avoiding the top of the scar.

For now.

In a quick motion he disrobes you, tossing the cotton fabric away drinking in the tantalizing sight of your soft breasts sheathed in lace. He licks his lips, leaning closer to kiss along your collar bones, making his way into the delectably fatty tissue of your breasts as his hand frees you from the confines of your bra. He leans away as he pulls it off of your arms, looking you over like a cat does a meal.

All the while his smile grows with the lust in his eyes, he eases you closer to the mattress.

He leans down again, hands cupping your ribs keeping you close to him as his lips kiss gently at the apex of your scar.

A shiver runs down your spine as his kisses get a little more greedy. Hands still gently pressing you to him, he nips at your breasts before returning to his mission of kissing along that long slash. The ghostly feeling returns that he unknowingly combats with harsher nips along the sides of it with each direct and gentle kiss. Your heart pounds in your chest the further south he goes, calloused hands moving down your sides making you feel petite.

As if you were made to fit perfectly in the palms of his hands. You had never felt like this before, as if you were art to be admired.

No, as if you were a temple, a goddess to be worshiped, and only this electric blonde could make you feel this way.

His lips finally press to the edge of your hip as your stomach and core flutter.

He notices the slight tremble you have as he brings you up to his face.

“We can stop baby.” His voice is velvet as he squeezes you, “I just wanted to show you that I think you’re the most fierce being that’s walked this Earth. Who else has danced with Death and come back beautiful as ever?”

“I…I don’t want to s..stop.” You breath earning a small smile before he begins again. Kissing you softly from your jaw line to your mound, nipping at nipples and supple skin.

Soon your arousal soaks your underwear, so much so it begins to darken the sheets much to Denki’s liking. He groans when he opens your legs to slowly remove your underwear kissing and biting the insides of your thighs mutter how stunning you are. He kisses the top of you pubic mound before going back to your powerful thighs, pressing his lips to your knees.

Kissing you all the way down to your toes and back up once or twice before his lips find the part of your scar that rests just above your navel. He looks up at you expectedly and loves to see just how turned on you are from his sensual act.

He aligns himself to your core, lifting one leg to rest on his shoulder sliding all the way in, in one gentle push as golden orbs burn into your skin.

Undressing you with his eyes as if you weren’t already naked.

As if he wasn’t fully sheathed inside of you. The look drives you mad as you arch your back towards him. He slowly ruts into you, watching the way your tits bounce from the jarring force. Enjoying the low, lewd voices that escape your ever reddening lips.

“Gorgeous.” He says, watching you squirm for him, adding his thumb to your needy clit going in quick circles as he ups the pace, “I just love the contrast of your flushed skin and the white story of your dance with Death.”

You moan his name loudly, core clenching on his length and girth having you jumping from the feeling of fullness. Egging you on as he whispers sweet nothings, eyes never leaving your body.

Occasionally his free hand will grab onto the sweet meat of your thigh that rests on him or alternate to digging calloused pads into the softest parts of your body lapping you up as if you were a treasure uncovered.

Something so valuable that it was priceless and it was just for him.

“Are you my Goddess baby?” He asks, eyes half lidded as if in a trance as he leans closer, careful not to hyper extend your leg.

“Y..yes Denkiiiii.” You cry out, trying to buck your hips against his so he would go faster. Instead he drags himself across your inner puffed spot leaning ever closer, licking a length of your scar.

You shudder, stars blurring your peripheral as you wonder if you could come undone at such a languid pace.

And somehow you do, from the weight of his eyes, from the slither of his tongue and the rhythmed pressure he exerts into you and on your clit.

You spasm beneath him, encouraging a wolfish grin and a twitch of his cock.

“God damn. You’re unbelievably stunning when you fight, when you smile, and when you cum just for me.” His words some how build you again, the huskiness of his voice has the coil in your stomach taunt all over again.

He speeds up now, both his thrusts and his hand as he once again leans away from you to drink you in like the rare aged wine you are.

Flushed and raw beneath his gaze before he locks eyes with you, thrusts turning sloppier, pupils dilating as a hard twitch of his dick and perfect circles on your puffy clit have you screaming.

And screaming his name as you beat him to cumming once again, gripping onto him with your core hoping to get every last drop that he is about to spill. He moves your leg from your shoulder, that you gladly wrap around his waist as he pounding becomes merciless. He leans closer, hands slipping beneath your back, pressing against your ribs to push your plush breasts into his face as his lips press against the scar on your sternum.

He sputters, warm liquid filling into you as he drives deeper, eyes fixated on you. The after quake of your organism and the intensity of his gaze and kiss on your scar have you shuddering.

“You okay baby?” He whispers agaisnt your skin, you nod softly as he rests his head on the pillows of your tits. You hand runs through his electric blonde hair as you wholeheartedly forget that you were EVER embarrassed to show this man your scar.

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Originally posted by nghirgas

Summary: Your sweet boyfriend serenades for you outside your balcony one night at the U.A. dorms.

Author’s note: Inspiration came from Ben E. King’s song “Stand By Me”. 


You tapped your pencil against the open math textbook sitting on your desk.

Your tongue peaked out from the corner of your mouth as you tried, unsuccessfully, to solve the equation racing through your mind. Breathing through your nose, you leaned back against your chair and glanced at your phone charging on your left. When you grabbed it, the dark screen disappeared to show a picture of you and Kaminari huddled together; little snowflakes peppered around you both and your lips curved into a soft smile.  

Denki Kaminari, your wonderful, easygoing boyfriend of almost three years.

You remembered the first time you spoke with him. The ringing bell signal that it was lunchtime so you and your friends left your classroom to head over to the cafeteria. Down the hallway emerged an excited Kaminari from his homeroom. He casually walked out backwards with his arms behind his hand while talking to Kirishima and Sero. As you chatted away with your friends, you didn’t pay close attention to your surroundings and accidentally bumped into the boy.

“Whoa, there,” Kaminari quickly turned around and you mentally gasped. A pair of tuscan sun eyes blessed your field of vision making you go still for a second. He cocked his head to the side like an adorable golden retriever puppy as an embarrassed smile crept on his face. “Sorry about that!”

“It’s okay, I wasn’t looking.”

“Same here,” he replied before coolly running his hand through his spiky hair and throwing you a wink. “But I’m glad I wasn’t since I could have missed my chance crashing into a lovely angel like yourself.”

Keep reading

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Shinso, Shigaraki, Kamanari, Shoji and Ojiro share their first kiss with their SO? I look forward to seeing your blog flourish!

Can I kiss you?

Thank you for being my first request aAaAa!! Hopefully this does you well :) since you didn’t specify, Ima do some head canons. I love you sm for your encouragement 😓


  • Oh boy here we go-
  • There you two were, outside of the movie theater.
  • Shinso had asked you to see some thriller movie with him.
  • let’s just say he had a smol (huge) crush, and was finding ways to spend time with you.
  • Little did he know, the feeling was mutual.
  • His hands folded into one another, resting near his abdomen.
  • “ y/n, what did you think about the movie? ” Toshi asked
  • “ I loved it! What about you? ” you chirped.
  • Shinso nodded with a slight smirk. “ it was cool. . ”
  • In wake of the silence, you decided that tonight was the night to shoot your shot!
  • You tapped on shinso’s shoulder, gaining his attention. You didn’t waste a second to press your soft lips against his. Your hands cupped his cheeks, skimming your thumb across his cheek bones. He tasted fruity- probably from the mountain of skittles he ate during the movie.
  • Shinso was admittedly starstruck for a mere second, but melted into the kiss as his senses kicked in. He moved his hand to your neck pulling you closer. You on the other hand, tasted like butter from the popcorn.
  • You two shared something that was either a lowkey makeout session, or a high key span of kisses. Either way, both of you were delighted.
  • Whew! He just had his first kiss! He looooved it!
  • After the fact, both of you couldn’t wipe smiles off of your faces. His were moreso smug & confident, and yours were bubbly and radiant.
  • Shinso drove you back to the U.A. dorms, the car ride was full of easy going conversations, now that you two were on the same page.
  • After dropping you off he went back to his own dorm.
  • His fingers brushed across his lips, and he couldn’t help but wear a grin by the reminder that he had been kissed- by you.
  • Before heading to bed, you got a text from him.
  • Toshi 🖤 : goodnight kitten, sleep well.


  • Poor shigaraki.
  • He was always so absorbed in his hatred for Hero Society and taking over, he didn’t have the time for a significant other; I mean, before now.
  • Besides the fact that most sane people wouldn’t step within a 50 mile radius of him willingly.
  • Don’t worry shiggy, your fans gotchu 😩
  • You and shigaraki had met during recruitment for the league.
  • You entered the villains bar in style, holding your head up high.
  • The way you upheld yourself was just mMmMn mAgNiFiQuE-
  • Shigaraki began to vigorously scratch at the sentive skin under his jaw, crimson eyes drawn to you.
  • He wanted you on his team.
  • “ Kurogiri, y/n would be a fine addition to the league. . Don'tcha think? ” a sinister smile split his lips.
  • After you settled in, Shigaraki watched your every move. Juuuust to be sure.
  • It was a few days later that shigaraki began to subtly hint at the fact you aren’t absolutely terrible.
  • “ at least y/n can do their job! ” Tomura snapped at Toga.
  • To you, this all seemed like something normal for the league.
  • One night you found Shigaraki drinking by his lonesome at the bar, reluctantly attempting to join him.
  • Shigaraki jumped, his paranoia driving him to almost decay your face from your skull.
  • You chuckled in response, and he was a stool over heaving for dear life.
  • Once he managed to calm his nerves, he took a sip of his drink, turning your direction.
  • “ y/n, you don’t happen to have somebody else in the picture, hmm? ” shigaraki rested his jaw in his fist, his exposed face examining yours. “ that’d be no fun. ”
  • you scoffed, sipping on your own drink. “ no. I don’t. ”
  • That was the stem of the conversation, which went on for a while. You talked about your ideas (which he took note of), hardships, etc..
  • Later, you felt as if you knew shigaraki on a completely new level.
  • You wrapped your arms around the buzzed man’s neck, searching in his eyes. Maybe he could be the one? At least for now?
  • Shigaraki was a tad bit nervous, but that didn’t hold him back from kissing you.
  • Mind you, he hasn’t used chapstick since the minute he set foot on this earth- but you know what? We love crusty lips.
  • You turnt your head to one side, him shifting the opposite direction. His hands lingered around your waist, and the kiss went on for a hasty fifteen seconds or so,
  • he kept coming back for small seconds.
  • Shigaraki full on grinned, displaying his preciously goofy smile.
  • You two had a good night!


  • Did denki know he was gonna have a heart attack today? Psh. No.
  • Denki was head over heels for you, and you knew that.
  • His cheesy flirting 24/7
  • Always smiling and waving
  • You catch his wandering eyes when you’re in the room.
  • Denki sat on the couch located in the lower level of the dorms, working through a sheet of homework. You heard the boy groan of frustration, and plopped yourself onto the couch, right next to him.
  • “ y/n! ” the aggravated boy exclaimed. “ Heyy! ”
  • “ hey yourself- ” You giggled, eyes wandering over to his sheet of notes. “ what’s got you hung up? ”
  • Denki shook his head, pushing the notebook onto the table. Now that you where here, it’s not the time for studying.
  • “ oh, nothin. ” he beamed, placing his hands behind his head. Afterwards, crossed his legs, and wore the coolest face he could think of. “ Why? Was I, on your mind, y/n? ” denki’s eyebrows wiggled, hoping his antics would prove victorious.
  • “ actually. . ” you smirked. You stared at kaminari, the boy just radiating such a sense of silliness. “ let’s say- hypothetically- that I knew somebody who had a crush on you. . What would you want me to do?? ”
  • Denki’s face rose, practically overthrown by joy. “ uh- ” he chuckled cockily. “ send them my way!! ”
  • It was only after the fact that he realized if you were asking. . You probably didn’t feel the same way about him. He hid a frown behind a smile.
  • ‘ let’s just see whos been crushing on me! ’ he thought. ‘ maybe they will be cool too? ’
  • Blush spread across your cheeks, as you leaned towards the Sparky boy, planting a kiss against his lips.
  • Your heart: !!!
  • His heart: *HDISNBSJSKSM*
  • Internally doing backflips^^
  • This dumbass was too surprised to close his eyes and kiss you back. . The first time.
  • After you leaned away, denki pulled himself out of his dazed state. He had to make this memorable for him too! This is his first kiss! seizing the moment, He leaned forward to kiss you passionately.
  • You felt a small shock between your lips and his, probably because he got excited and jumped the gun
  • In the distance, Mina snuck pictures and videos to preserve this beautiful memory.
  • Good job you two.


  • Shoji had viewed you under heart shaped lenses since he set eyes on you, back at the entrance exam.
  • Not only are you beautiful, but incredibly skilled and respected.
  • What’s not to love??
  • Shoji kept to himself though.
  • Time for romance? No. Time to become a pro hero? Yes.
  • He held that logic for so long, just admiring you from afar.
  • That was until you approached him at lunch, sitting with him. You two chatted lunch hour away, everybody else at the table was a little annoyed with the chatiness. Toru even left to go squeeze in with Mina.
  • The boy watched you head back to class, honestly a bit sad you had to go.
  • Why couldn’t there be no class today?
  • He just wanted to talk smh >:[
  • Once Shoji had his priorities in order, his sheepish walls faltered.
  • From that day onward you saw a lot more of the masked boy.
  • At your locker, before class, he would say hi while at the dorms too.
  • When you swallowed the breath hitched in the back of your throat, you invited him to a nearby oriental park.
  • “ the view- it’s beautiful right? ” you chirped.
  • “ not as beautiful as you. ” he shamelessly complimented you.
  • The scenery was complete with cherry blossom trees (& trees of other assortments ) koi ponds, elemental buildings here and there.
  • You pulled Shoji to the bridge that crossed a man-made stream. the two of you watched the water travel down hill for a bit, silence thickening the air.
  • “ Shoji, ” you turned to match his gaze. “ do you want to go to dinner with me tomorrow? ”
  • Shoji agreed immediately. . Looks like this was going down the fast trail to being more than friends.
  • Shoji took the moment to gaze deeply into your eyes, deciding now is the perfect time to kiss you.
  • Shoji hadnt much of a clue as to what particular part of himself to kiss her with, that ended up being the lips along his face.
  • Shoji carefully slid down his mask, planting a soft and sensual kiss against your plush lips.
  • He had two knuckles under your chin to help you look up to him.
  • While you didn’t see this go with the flow type guy to do this, you were glad he did.
  • Lemme just tell you
  • He may be calm and composed on the outside,,, despite the soft look gracing his features.
  • But believe me when I say
  • He. Was. Screaming. Internally.


  • You and Ojiro had been officially going out for a week now
  • This sweet boy was trying to make everything perfect, just for you.
  • You are his first girlfriend, and he wanted to make you happy! Duh!
  • Ojiro had been spending a few hours concealed in his room, and he refused to let anybody else in.
  • He set up a blanket fort, had all of your favorite snacks, amazon on his laptop to rent a movie. Hell, he even strung up christmas lights.
  • Ojiro wore an Innocent smile when locating you, blindfolding you, and taking you back to his decorative room.
  • Some of the other student of class 1-A were receiving a different message, one very vulgar at that.
  • “ whoa there- ” Mineta mumbled, gawking at the sight.
  • Ojiro’s tail shook from side to side, as the two of you entered the room. He pulled you down towards the ground, onto the pallette prepared with a few hefty blankets, and topped off by a fluffy one.
  • “ okay. . Open! ” ojiro exclaimed, holding his arms out to present what he had done.
  • You were left in awe. All of this, just for you? It was so plush and comfortable against your bottom, the light illuminating both of their faces and the fanned out selection of candy. Your face lit up, a beacon for mesmirization.
  • At this moment, Ojiro couldn’t keep his intent behind the night to himself. He wanted to kiss you, and that’s exactly what he did.
  • Ojiro supported a faint blush as he placed his palm on your cheek, inching closer. He laid his lips against yours, drawing them back shortly after.
  • Ojiro couldn’t be more fluster than he was now, but good flustered!
  • You on the other hand
  • You swooned over this boy almost instantly.
  • The rest of the night was enjoyable, you shared the pallette and watched a comedy together.
  • You were the little spoon
  • You took a picture of you two on your phone, which would become both of your home screens.
  • And don’t you worry, you were the best first kiss he could’ve asked for.

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Drunk || Denki Kaminari x Reader

If there was one thing you knew how to do well, it was partying. You were always up for a celebration - whether it be someone’s birthday, or simply the fact that someone’s parents were out of town for the weekend. Parties were totally your thing, and anyone could count on you being the first to arrive, and the last to leave.

Kaminari came to Ashido’s house, knowing this very fact about you. The two of you had argued earlier in the day, and you had left Kaminari’s house in an irritated mood. He wanted to make things right - Kaminari didn’t believe that anyone should sleep on a argument.

It didn’t take him long to find you. You’d always been the center of attention at dance parties. What, with you being a good dancer and all. From where Kaminari was standing, he could tell that you were drunk. So, he’d have to sober you up before you could talk properly.

“[Name].” He called your given name rather loudly, since the music was super loud. You turned around quickly, then frowned.

“Go away, demon.” Kaminari would have been offended, if it weren’t for the fact that you were drunk.

“Come on baby, I need to talk to you.” You swatted your hand, as if Kaminari resembled a fly, before continuing to dance. “Wanna play it this way, huh?” He grabbed your hand, and forced you to follow him out of the living room. Nobody could even hear you screaming or shouting for help.

Damn Ashido and her loud music.

Kaminari took you upstairs, into one of the bedrooms. Both of your wrists were pinned up against the wall, in order to make sure that you didn’t try and escape. You were quiet now, but Kaminari didn’t fail to see the tears in your eyes.

“I’m sorry about what happened this afternoon, okay?” You didn’t reply. “I was out of line. I know I was. I shouldn’t have let you leave without us working things out first.” Still nothing. Kaminari sighed. “Baby please. I’m trying here, okay?”

“You know, I heard there were unicorns downstairs!”

And then, Kaminari actually laughed.

“Forgot that I was talking to drunk [Name].” You tipped your head in confusion. “Want me to sober you up?” You didn’t have a chance to respond, before Kaminari’s lips made their way to yours. His tongue slipped in rather quickly, and you let out a soft moan. His tongue swirled around with yours for several moments, before he pulled back, leaving a trail of saliva.

“Y-You said you’d sober me up..”

“Mhm. Just let me work my magic.”



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🎶💛Come with me my love, to the sea, the sea of love~💛🎶

Its 12 am where i am and i kinda regret, but if i stopped drawing i’d lose my art flow and kirikami deserve better, so i pushed through lmao. No hate. You hate, you perish.

Hows everyone’s quarantine going? After this long spell of doing nothing for weeks idk if i’ll be able to go back to work tbh.

Please do not copy/trace/repost/use my art as a public pfp on social media/etc. without my permission AND make sure to credit me or i WILL eat your kneecaps (if you use it as a pfp just credit me pls). Even in like a moodboard or video or smth you need to ask me first!!!

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Kaminari Relationship Headcanons ⚡️


⚡️~Gender Neutral!Reader

⚡️~Warnings: cursing, mentions of weed, whoopsies


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⚡️~ He’s sweet and passionate, and he loves you for you.

⚡️~ Can and will be a perv sometimes, and will praise you and your figure to all hell.

⚡️~ That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t make sure that your comfortable with it though, because he still always makes sure to ask you if your okay or if you feel comfortable in any situation.

⚡️~ He’s a little dumb, so you gotta help him study and go over topics a lot of the time to make sure he doesn’t fail anymore.

⚡️~ Will not hesitate to rush to your side if you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation.

⚡️~ And will PUNT Mineta if he ever bothers you, doesn’t matter if he’s friends with him or not.

⚡️~ Will snap back at Bakugou if he ever snaps at you, or if you don’t beat him to it.

⚡️~ Cuddles galore

⚡️~ Movie and game nights almost every night.

⚡️~ You hell eachother train and get stronger.

⚡️~ If you’re not a fighter he worries about protecting you without hurting you with his quirk.

⚡️~ If you are he praises how strong you are and sometimes challenges you to sparring matches, which you always end up winning.

⚡️~ Gushes over how freaking beautiful you are, and will until the end of time.

⚡️~ He’s just a sweet, fun loving, precious baby boi and deserves all the loves.

⚡️~ Will zap you as a prank every so often and you get onto him for it, but the two of you always end laughing.

⚡️~ If he ever dares to do so, he will find a way to get high, and will ask you if you want to with him.

⚡️~ If you say yes, he’s excited to share it with you and he lets a cute little high giggle.

⚡️~ If you say no, he respects it and won’t ask you again, and if it makes you uncomfortable, he won’t do it anymore around you either.


⚡️~ He’s always there to comfort you when you’re upset and it always ends up with him falling asleep on you with you in his arms.

⚡️~ He likes to call you ‘babe’ or ‘darling’ and you like ‘Kami’ or your personal favorite pet names.

⚡️~ You grow close to the Bakusquad, loving every time you get to hang out and laugh with him.

⚡️~ You like to tease Bakugou sometimes, in which he just gives you a death stare or blunt ‘tch’ in response.

⚡️~ You love him though, even if he’s a handful.

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request: Could I get headcanons for sleeping positions and what they wear to bed? For Izuku, Denki, Mina, and Shouto? (Sleeping without a partner in bed)

a/n: this kind of reminds me about the sleeping patterns HC, so think of this as part 2! since i already did shoto in that one i’m not gonna do it here!

warnings: none



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Izuku Midoriya

  • he definitely sleeps in underwear and some sort of shirt
  • if it’s colder, maybe a long sleeve
  • but more likely than not he’s gonna wear a t-shirt
  • if it’s too hot though, he’ll sleep without a shirt
  • if he’s sleeping alone he’s gonna ball up
  • but when he’s fast asleep he’ll probably spread out
  • it takes a while for him to fall asleep
  • he’s an overthinker
  • and the quiet of the night won’t help his brain from rambling
  • but if he sleeps with you things go a bit different
  • usually he’s the big spoon
  • because he likes to wrap around you and protect you
  • “i’ll always be your hero, day and night”
  • you calm his mind too, so he can fall asleep easier with you in his arms
  • he isn’t always the big spoon though
  • some times he’ll lay in your arms
  • it often happens when he’s worked himself to the bone
  • he’s just too tired to move really
  • so you’d help him get ready for bed and then let him lay in your arms
  • sometimes he’d try to mumble out excuses for why you shouldn’t
  • but you shut him up with some head scratches

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Kaminari Denki

  • he’s gonna try to lie and say he’s always the big spoon
  • but let’s be honest
  • this dude loves being the little spoon
  • whether he’ll admit it or not
  • he’s also definitely the type to just sleep in underwear or in full on pyjamas
  • there’s no inbetween
  • and you know he’s got like weird ass pyjamas too
  • not just like flannel pants and a t-shirt
  • no, you better believe that he’s gonna have ninja turtles and blixten mcqueen on his pyjamas
  • “i cant just throw them away! besides, i don’t have anything else to wear!”
  • when he sleeps alone he spreads out like hell
  • if he has all the space then he’s gonna use all the space
  • but if he sleeps with you he’s gonna take advantage of that too
  • either by pulling you in really close
  • or snuggling up against you, usually with his head resting on your chest
  • more often than not he stayed in that position for the entire night
  • though sometimes he’d move around
  • depending on how you were situated he’d either end up underneath of on top of you
  • again, spreading himself out and taking as much space as possible

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Mina Ashido

  • you thought denki’s pyjamas were cool?
  • the word cool takes material form in mina’s pyjamases
  • she’s either looking like she’s going on the runway then and there
  • or like she just did an all nighter for a paper due the next day
  • either way she looks so good, even if she’s just going to sleep
  • if she feels like impressing you, or if she’s just feeling herself that night she’ll walk around in a silky nightgown
  • even though you’ve told her she looks just as beautiful in her sweatpants
  • but nothing beats the way her eyes glow when she’s really confident and feeling herself
  • when she sleeps alone she hugs a pillow
  • she lies sideways and let’s her legs stretch out as far as they can when relaxed
  • when she sleeps with you neither of you is big spoon or little spoon
  • you usually only spoon when you’re watching a movie
  • and then she’s usually the big spoon except when she wants some extra attention
  • instead the both of you just end up embracing each other
  • either she had her head under your chin or vice versa
  • sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can hear her talking in her sleep
  • and it can be the funniest thing you’ve heard during the entire day
  • “please… no… my cheese… don’t take it…”
  • you’re gonna have to hold in her laughter to not wake her up
  • the next morning you’ll ask her what she dreamed about
  • sometimes she doesn’t remember but when she does it’s a treat
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To Shoot One’s Shot 💥💞

💥💞~part 1;opening night stress levels
💥💞~ Here’s part one! Y/N is stressed about opening night and her peeps try to help her out. What a mess she is 🤧. Let me know what you think! Part two will be out soon!
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To Shoot One’s Shot💥💞

💥💞~part 0;introductions (part one!)
💥💞~In which you are a broke ass college student trying to snag a theatre degree with your crackhead besties from highschool, but what happens when your feelings grow for the flawless, most handsomest dancer ever, Katsuki Bakugou?
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